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A confusing Valentine's Day

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Garnet and Pearl returned to Steven's house, seeing it has some lights on.

"I think we've got company, don't you think?" Said Garnet alluding to the fact that there seemed to be someone at home.

"...but who could it be? Steven is still at the beach and Amethyst, if I remember correctly, is far from Earth visiting the others Amethysts, isn't she? So were we expecting someone?" Pearl used a worried tone to refer to the current situation.

"We'll soon find out, don't worry" Garnet played down the situation, appearing to know who was waiting for them at home.

They both entered the place and went straight to the kitchen, where a shadow could be seen moving energetically. Once in the kitchen, they discovered that the shadow they saw from the entrance was nothing less than another gem, Pearl, the Pink Diamond Pearl or rather Volleyball.

"Pearl! I mean... Volleyball. Yikes!... I'm still not used to that name, but what are you doing here?" She asked somewhat relieved after learning who was breaking into her home.

"Hahaha yes, I'm having a hard time adjusting to it too, but it's fun and I like it too" He said, hiding his laughter by covering his mouth with his fingers.

"That is very good, but do you need anything?" Pearl insisted again.

"Oh yes! The truth is that I was looking for Steven but apparently he is not here and since I didn't see any of you either, I decided to go in and wait for you inside. I hope I didn't disturb you" Said Volleyball politely.

"Don't worry, we're glad to have you here. Right, Pearl?" Garnet looked at Pearl and subtly pushed her from her back so that she would react and answer.

"Huh? Yeah, sure! It's no problem, don't worry. Just answer me one thing. Why are you in our kitchen?" That was something Perla didn't understand yet.

"Sure, well there was light here so I came, then I saw that you left that strange brown liquid in the kitchen along with this instruction book to prepare it, I thought it would be something important on this planet that you would need so I took the liberty of doing it for you. I don't really know how good it looks, although it has the same shape as the drawing, which is funny because it looks a lot like Spinel's gem" Volleyball seemed very excited to relate the facts, while Pearl met with Garnet to talk about this, without alerting Volleyball.

"You planned all this, didn't you? You knew about it" Pearl whispered accusingly to Garnet.

"Truth is I think I had some chocolate left over this morning when I was making mine, I must have 'accidentally' left it in the kitchen along with the book, I admit. But how could I have known all this would happen? Anyway, aren't you happy?" She asked with a smile.

"That's not the point, you know…" Pearl could not continue to whisper because they were interrupted by Volleyball.

"Excuse me? Is something wrong? Maybe I shouldn't have done it, right? I'm sorry" She said quite ashamed.

"No, not at all. We were just talking about all the work you saved us from doing. In fact, Pearl wanted something like this" These words completely renewed Volleyball's face.

"Really! Seriously, Pearl? Well then... Will you accept this gift from me?" For some reason, Volleyball said this very flirtatiously, as she jumped out of joy and applauded energetically.

"Sure! Thanks, that... I'd like that" Said Pearl being a little embarrassed.

"I'm glad this turned out well. Volleyball, how about you show Pearl how to make more, will you? I have to go back to my room now, so you two have fun" Garnet, as an accomplice, decided to leave the two of them alone and not interrupt the moment anymore.
"Wait. What? Don't go…" Pearl was trying to keep Garnet from leaving, but her eyes saw how illusioned Volleyball seemed, violently shaking her heart and convincing her that she should let herself immerse in the moment. "Garnet's right. Volleyball, would you help me make more? I'd also like to give you a chocolate" Pearl asked nicely, as she approached Volleyball.
"I'd love to! No problem. So this is called 'Chocolate' but... What's it for?" She asked curiously.
"Well this is a human candy and precisely on this date, they usually give this to other humans or... gems?" She explained in a simple way without revealing any further details.
"Gift? And for what purpose?" Volleyball's curiosity increased and so did Pearl's nervousness.
"I-I don't know. I-I really don't know. But Steven says it tastes good, even though I haven't tried it yet! Hehehe…" Pearl stuttered, trying to divert the subject.
"Funny, I must say I tasted it and, well... I didn't feel anything" Volleyball's curiosity didn't go away, so he took some chocolate with his index finger and put it sweetly in Pearl's mouth, looking perplexed in return.
"...." Pearl wasn't assimilating what was happening and was in shock while her face was covered with an intense pink blush.
"Exactly! I had the same reaction, you see how it tastes like nothing?" Pearl didn't react and Volleyball started to worry. "Wait... Are you okay?" Volleyball approached at a dangerous distance from Pearl's face while asking, which made Pearl react really nervously.
"Y-yeah! I'm fine, don't worry!" The closeness of Volleyball's face made Pearl's heart race. After that, she quickly pulled her away to take a breath" I'm sorry for treating you like this, I'm here misunderstanding everything, when that was never your intention, just... you're too kind to notice" She said after regaining her composure.
"I've never told you what my intentions are. Besides, I... Of course I am kind, but I would only do this with you" She smiled and took Pearl's hands.
Silence enveloped the room and the two of them looked at each other for a moment then began to laugh, cheerfully and relaxed, so that they could work on the chocolate again. They seemed to be having a lot of fun, so much so that they didn't even notice Garnet, who was still nearby watching from the doorway, making sure everything was happening just as she had seen it. Garnet watched as both gems got closer and closer as they made chocolate, so much so that both of them, in a kind of game and joke, ended up staining mutually each other's faces and laughing constantly.

Garnet returned to her room, offering privacy to the tender moment the gems were enjoying, once there she undid her fusion and with this, Ruby took the chocolate that was in the room.
"My Sapphire, this is for you. I hope we can celebrate this and many more festivities in the future." Said Ruby as she delivered the chocolate.
"I'd say that's a pretty likely future" Said Sapphire sweetly, as she tenderly kissed her.