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Take My Hand

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The room is decorated in white and pale green, plants covering the tables and walls and windows in an abundance of life, just the way he’d envisioned it but better. Better because in his imagination he’d only had one set of eyes to see with and now he has Patton’s and Diego’s as well. They’ve added their touches where they wanted to; Diego planned how the day would go and what they’d eat and Patton sorted out everyone’s clothes. And they’d collaborated on the guest list after Patton got in a bit of a flap about it. 


Logan sighs, leaning into Diego’s side as they watch Patton flit around, social butterfly extraordinaire, doing their hosting duties for them. Diego’s hand is low on his hip, tucking him in close somehow despite the fact that they’re both tall and gangly. 


Well, Logan is. Diego is tall and graceful, but he’d not approve of Logan’s putting himself down so he dismisses that train of thought quickly. 


“What are you thinking about, hm?” Diego asks him, pressing soft kisses to the side of his face to make him smile. “Something nice, I hope.” 


“I don’t think I’ve ever loved someone this much before,” Logan says with a hum, letting the feeling fill him up from the tips of his toes to the top of his head. “I don’t think anyone has ever loved someone this much before.” He thinks about the stunned, amazed expression on his fi- his husbands’ faces when he’d started the first dance, the secret practises all beyond worth it just for that. It had been just as he’d imagined, dressed in his best suit with people cheering and filming from every corner of the room. He thinks about the way Diego had burst into tears when they all stood together in front of the celebrant, and how Patton had soothed them both because Logan was equally teary in the end. 


He thinks about how soft and yet sure their voices had been as they’d read their vows, and how Patton had held tight to them both while they were handfasted. 


He thinks about all the days and nights of loving them he’s enjoyed so far, and how many more are to come. He thinks... that maybe it had been a bit cliche to get married on Valentine’s Day, but that had just been another cherry on top the perfect cake of the day, and they’d all agreed that a little cliche couldn’t hurt.


Patton runs across the room to them, interrupting his beautiful reverie with an even more beautiful smile, kissing him firmly on the lips and then planting an identical one on his other husband. “Hi! I love you!” He says, giddy with the same breathless excitement they all share. 


Logan tugs him in and they stand together, swaying gently to the soft sound of music in the air. 


“I love you two, too.”