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Passion Play

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     A shift in position, the fire-type master rising onto his knees on the plush couch sending the dragon trainer into the pillows on his back. Aquamarine eyes radiated up in admiration to the stealthy maneuver to reverse their usual positions. Kabu was small, being from Hoenn it wasn't surprising. Where he lacked he undoubtedly gained in so much more, like an ember taking that first breeze and engulfing it to set itself ablaze. 


     He resembled a Litten, the way he posied himself over Raihan. A hand resting on the younger man's abdomen while the other stretched to place the palm at the crook of his neck. Stormy eyes of grey glistened triumphantly down at his prey. In unconscious action, the Hammerlocke leader wound his legs around Kabu's lithe waist.


     Skulking downwardly with the intent to kill, the Motostoke gym leader lowered himself to place a heated kiss on Raihan's jaw. Raihan shivered, his head tilting invitingly with a quivering breath.


"Hey" Kabu's throat resounded, still busying his mouth with nips and pecks along the taller man's defined jawline. 


"Y-Yeah?" Raihan stammered, a small whimper escaping him. 


"I'd like to try something new..." 


     Raihan gnawed his bottom lip a shiny fang on display with a smirk, "Gotta little flare to you still, old man? I'm game." 


     Kabu laughed faintly under his breath, pulling away to glance down at the illuminating eyes."mmn, you could say that..."


     His head declined to place a gentle kiss onto the elegant lips smiling playfully up at him. Raihan's eyes fluttered closed with a cooing hum into the other's mouth, hands wandering up into the soft monochromatic tufts of hair.


It was a pleasant deviation as the Fire-type trainer moved one of his hands away, shifting himself to slide it in between them.


     The Dragon trainer yelped, as he was squeezed gingerly, a thumb running up his hardening prick. His body shook anxiously with anticipation when the hand slid down farther between his legs experimentally.


"Hib—"Raihan gasped, kneading thin fingers into Kabu's hair. A chuckle rumbled from the fire-type trainer, his index and middle finger skillfully reached the perineum. The body below him squirmed and bucked, eyes rolling back until their lids closed. It was wonderous seeing the mighty dragon-trainer unfurl underneath Kabu.


     Calloused fingers massaged the sensitive spot through the soft gym shorts, the fire-type master nipping heated bites along Raihan's jawline.


He was so beautiful like this, body writhing, skin warming and panting feverishly all for him.


"You look pretty like this, Kibana..." Kabu purred, silver eyes flashing a dazzling flame of fire behind their pupils.


A moan resonated with the invaluable comment, sensual mouth quivering. Raihan's hands withdrew from the peppered hair they grappled to. They grasped and clawed underneath the Motostoke leaders uniform, nails scraping scars and light furls of hair around the navel traversing southward.


"Patience Kiba" Kabu rumbled flatly, though his body defied his own words as his hips jutted faintly into the greedy touches. A whimper emitted abruptly when he moved his away from Raihan, the dragon trainers protested loudly. The fire-type master smirked smugly down at him, wishing rotom was near to sneak a few pictures. On second thought, no. Raihan seemed to be influencing him too much.


    Hooking a thumb into the indigo-colored gym shorts, piercing eyes bore into the glassy aquamarine pair. Pulling back the digit he snapped the waistband, a silent demand Raihan was eager to comply with. Raihan squirmed in place shimmying off his shorts, briefs, and finally shirt. His neck extending up to pepper kisses under Kabu's chin, his nostrils flaring to his pants. Propelling them off, the dragon trainer settled back down, his head propped on the arm of the chair. He gave the Fire-type trainer a sultry look in his illuminating eyes.


     Kabu went to stand and move for something when Raihan stopped him by wrapping his legs around the Motostoke leader's waist. Pointing over the couches arm flashing an innocent toothy grin he said, "in the side tables drawer"


     Silver eyes narrowed at him suspiciously and Raihan couldn't help but snicker, cheeks colouring. "What? I like to watch your tournaments" 


"Huh, is that so?" He snorted, shaking his head and bending over Raihan to reach the side table. As soon as he did so, the dragon trainer wasted no time in scrunching the scarlet shirt up with his palms and ravenously latching onto a hardened blush nipple.


     A salivating tongue flattened against the bud, running along it at leisure before suctioning to it. The splendid body above him quaked violently, nearly falling on top of him if it wasn't for Kabu white-knuckling the couch arm. The man was cursing breathlessly, hips grinding down against the leaking exposed cock Raihan so proudly loved to dominate him with. 'well not this time.'


A moan sputtered below him, muffled as teeth bit down on Kabu. A thumb and forefinger pinched and carefully rolled the other nipple eagerly, his frame trying it's best to arch up and create advancing friction. Kabu nearly tore the drawer out of the table from the erotic stimulation. Snatching the bottle of clover scented liquids, his free palm slammed down into Raihan's chest, clearing himself from the younger man's intensity for more. 

"Easy, Boy." He growled, brows furrowing as he glared down at Raihan who only looked up with compassionate aquamarine eyes. He could feel a hand palm at his white and red gym shorts. A small whine trickled out of the man below him, neck extending in challenge.


"That's it, lay there just like that Kibana." 


Another whimpering mewl, "Kabu, please..."


"Be a good lad and I'll treat you."


     Kabu sat up, still ensnared by Raihan's long, slender legs. Popping the lid he squeezed a considerable amount of the slick contents on the hand that wasn't pinning the Hammerlocke trainer to the plush cushions. Clover fragrance wafted in the air and he felt the legs around him tense ever so faintly. Metallic orbs glancing admiringly at Raihan, who waited like an ever eager Growilthe; trying it's best to please its master, Kabu quirked a prominent brow but mentioned nothing as he flexed his fingers to coat them.


     Leaning back over Raihan, the Motostoke leader hummed pleasantly. Tenderly kissing the others temple as he moved his experienced hand from the chest it pinned down to the couch arm to keep himself better hoisted up.


"So very pretty Kiba-kun, good on you! I suppose I owe you hm?" 


     Raihan nodded, squirming his ample hips in emphasis before the elder man's lips captured his own. It was a distraction as the lubricated hand massaged the perineum once more to jolt refreshing energy into the dragon trainer. 


     He mewled pathetically onto the affectionate kiss, his hands kneading at the soft scarlet shirt the fire-type master typically wore. His heart thudded loud in his chest, gently coaxing the kiss to deepen. He lapped and nipped begging for more, pleading for the distraction. His body shuddered to feel a thumb rim the ringed muscles teasingly. He sucked in raw air as the thumb slid itself in once...twice...three times.


     Inserted down to the knuckle, gently the appendage ran along the walls, carefully pushing and stretching. It wasn't surprising to discover Raihan so clenched. As far as he had been intimate with the Dragon-type trainer, they had never interchanged their dynamic between the giver and the receiver. The Motostoke leader had always been someone who played versatile roles in previous minglings, All the same, Kabu never minded. He knew Raihan, knew he possessed a reputation that had to be maintained as a near-celebrity.


     Looking down at him now, however, all he had assumed began to unravel. The headband he ordinarily wore slid down over his luminous eyes, his muscles twitching and tauten to the thumb pacifying him from the inside.


     Stooping his head, Kabu forced a kiss hotly into the exposed sternum. The thudding of the Hammerlocke leader's heart could be heard, pounding erratically With every feathery peck he placed. Biting and sucking at the collarbones, the Motostoke leader whispered sweet nothings of the magnificent dragon beneath him. 


“Hibana” Raiahn had drawled out through pants, rocking his hips into the finger before it suddenly vanished. A sharp pang was endured in his chest, empty to the loss of the stinging sensation that oddly left him needing more. Water pricked at the corners of his blindfolded eyes to the negligible loss; pouting mouth baring it's glittery fangs as he wriggled underneath the leader who lazily continued up the swan-like neck teasingly. The sound of Kabu’s deep chuckle resonated, making Raihan whine loudly, bucking up into the clothed man.




“Please!” Raihan cried out, loudly enough that he nearly choked on his own voice when a harsh searing sensation washed over him. He felt like his insides were slowly tearing apart as two appendages thrust into him forcibly. The dragon trainer let out a shaky breath, gasps shortening as he tried his best to relax. The fire-type trainer scissored his fingers, ripping a sob from Raihan who was panting and clinging onto the elder man— trembling. The index and middle finger swirled and with each swirl, the Hammerlocke leader whimpered in both pain and euphoria as he writhed. 


Kabu pulled away murmuring, “I believe I told you to—” 


     He froze, eyes beaming down, pupils darkening a shade at the puddle of a man below him. Though the orange headband concealed his face, Kabu could see the glistening streaks tumbling down the delicate mocha-skinned cheeks. His teeth clenched, jaw quivering as if he was holding something back. Sitting up, Kabu took the hand on the couch and proceeded to caress a cheek tenderly wiping the tears away with his thumb. “Koinu…” He said softly. Raihan didn’t respond right away, instead, he looked like he was trying to meld himself into the couch as his face reddened more. Removing his appendages from the tauten hole caused the dragon trainer to whimper meekly, shrinking.


At that moment it hit him.


“Kibana...come here,” he whispered, helping the younger to sit up and scoot into the shorter man's lap. In other times their size differences would be in jest, humorous. Right now the usual bombastic dragon-trainer made himself as small as possible, face burying into the crook of Kabu’s neck, eyes remaining blindfolded to mask his embarrassment. His arms wrapped around the Motostoke leader to cling to him tightly as the other was now soothingly massaging circles into his back rhythmically. 


“You should have told me, Kiba.” 


“...I know…I...mmmn.”


     Kabu pressed a kiss atop of the disheveled spikes of charcoal-colored hair, murmuring, “You aren’t hurt are you?” he unraveled his arms to cup each damped cheek, prying Raihan off his shoulder to observe him face to face— equal. Gradually one of the hands lifted the headband up, placing it rightly strapped to his head. Glittering eyes cast away from the fire-type masters' steely pair, brows knit as a snivel accidentally escaped him. 


“I— heh, no— well yes...I mean,” He replied. He didn’t know how to explain himself, especially in this situation. Luckily Kabu was quick-witted and could read the young leader like a book. Leaning forward a peck was placed on his flushed cheek murmuring, “As long as I am not hurting you. That’s all that matters to me, Kibana. I wish I would have known sooner, not often you run into cherries still waiting to be picked. Especially being a regional celebrity almost,” the last bit he cast a wink, aquamarine eyes widening before trying to hide his face in the hands that held him dearly. 


“Don’t say it like that! I just...I don’t know. I never had the opportunity.” 


     His arms slung themselves loosely over the fire-type trainers' shoulders, eyes meeting concerned ones. Smiling he added, “I am the ferocious dragon trainer of Hammerlocke!”


Kabu hummed and slid his hands down to the smooth pectoral muscles of said dragon, replying playfully, “Knight’s are pretty skilled at slaying dragons least the folklore I am aware of here.” 


“Was that an attempt to flirt with me, old man?” Raihan laughed as Kabu huffed, the points of his cheekbones dusting pink. “I like it, slay me any day, Daddy~” 


“... ....I will shove you off this couch—”


“No, nono, I yield! Spare me!” He cried out, tilting in to capture Kabu’s lips savoring the weak retaliation before he felt the other ease and give in hungrily. Calloused hands ran along smooth skin, scaping out the curves and dimples along the dragon-trainers back. Raihan hummed happily, wiggling in Kabu’s lap as his own hands began to wander, returning to the warmth of flesh under the Motostokes leader’s shirt. 


A hand plunged lower, a finger toying with the clenched ring of muscles. He pulled away from the kiss, silver gazing into blue earnestly. 




Raihan nodded vigorously, knowing well to the silent question, peppering Kabu’s face in kisses. “Please Hibana~” 


“No more hiding?” 


“No, Mr.Kabu, Sir.” Raihan said curtly, tweaking the hard buds that made the fire trainer squirm a little. “ but I have something to ask,” It was challenging to take him seriously as both palms splayed out on each muscle thickened pectoral under the scarlet shirt. Nevertheless, Kabu did his best and tilted his head curiously. 


“Kabu—” Raihan announced gathering a deep breath, his eyes opened with an illuminating glow to them. A rare gift derived from passion, similar to the Motostoke leaders embers that materialized in small puffs. 


“Will you...will you be my first?” 


The fire-type leader knew the question was coming; it was inevitable, yet all the same his cheeks flushed. After a moment his languid charming smirk appeared across his lips, that very smirk that made Raihan forget how to breathe ever since he was a kid. He rumbled a purr in the back of his throat and cooed, “Kibana…”


“Will you be my last?”