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Cupid's Arrows are Tipped with Poison

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Today was not Bakugou's day. For one thing, it was Valentine's Day, the stupidest of all dumb commercial holidays. For another, he might have just gotten Todoroki killed.

"Breathe, damn it!" he hissed, smacking the unscarred side of his hero partner’s face.

One minute they'd been confronting a villain, and the next Todoroki was jumping in front of him to block some pink laser beam their foe fired from his hands.

"What a shame," a voice echoed across the warehouse. "I was aiming for you."

Bakugou snarled at the man. The fucker was in some sort of pastel, heart pattern spandex with fake wings plastered on the back. If Bakugou wasn't currently trying to ascertain if Todoroki was alive or not, he'd be tearing those wings to shreds and forcing this loser to eat crow. Or dove. Whatever. But right now he needed Todoroki to open his eyes, to fucking say some-


Bakugou looked down into those brilliant, two-toned eyes. Oh. Oh thank fuck. He was alive. His pupils were blown wide, absolutely drowning the rest of his eyes. Maybe he had a concussion. That would also explain the half-lidded gaze and soft grin.

"Hiiiiii, Katsuki," Todoroki drawled, bringing his hands up to cradle Bakugou's face.

Yeah. Definitely a concussion.

"I don't have time for this," Bakugou snarled, shoving him off and rising. Making a series of growls, he rounded on the perp. "Gonna send you home in a body bag!"

He coiled, preparing to rocket headfirst towards his target, but then something collided with him hard and sent him crashing down. It felt like someone had old-school-cartoon piano-bombed him. For a second he feared there was a second villain at the scene. Nope, just Todoroki. He was like a wet blanket that weighed 200 lbs, wrapping around Bakugou's limbs and dragging him down.

"I'll leave you lovebirds alone," the villain called, voice sickly sing-song. "My quirk is called Lovesick, by the way. You might want to look it up. Ta!" 

And then he was gone, leaving Bakugou to grapple with a suddenly very affectionate Shouto. 

Katsuki wasn't stupid. He could put two and two together, and with a name like 'Lovesick' he could hazard a guess as to its effects. Some sort of aphrodisiac, making Todoroki latch onto the first person he saw.

"You smell so good," his current wrestling partner crooned. "Can I lick you? I've always been curious about what you taste like."

"ENOUGH!" A quick blast dislodged Todoroki, and Bakugou shot to his feet. "You disgust me! The last thing I want is some half-and-half barnacle dragging me down."

Todoroki looked at him, his mouth ajar with shock. There was a half second where Bakugou weighed the pros and cons of chasing after the escaping villain, but then Todoroki's face crumpled like tissue paper under rain and he began to cry.


Bakugou didn't do crying. That was one of the reasons he and Todoroki worked so well together: the man was an emotional glacier. He didn't force Bakugou to… to do things like this.

"I-it's okay," Todoroki said between gulps of air. "I u-u-understand if you hate me."

His crying wasn't loud blubbering. It was the breathless gasping of someone who was used to crying in quiet, out of sight.

"Look, you're sick, okay? Just take a few deep breaths, and I'll- I'll call someone."

This did nothing to stem the flow of tears. However, Bakugou was mature enough now to admit when he was in over his head. He pulled out his phone and called his agency.

As soon as the other end picked up, he snapped, "Todoroki got hit with a quirk and it's making him act weird. Weirder than usual. We need backup." The sidekick on the other end of the phone asked for details. The who, the where, the how. Bakugou answered his questions through gritted teeth, trying not to boil over. It didn't help that Todoroki was currently wrapped around his legs, sniffling morosely into his pants.

"Katsuki, you're my best friend," he said. "I'm sorry if I made you mad. Don't leave."

"Excuse me for a moment," Bakugou said politely into the phone. Then he looked down at Todoroki and screamed, "Snap the fuck out of it! You're embarrassing yourself!"

Maybe his rage had made his skin blisteringly hot, because Shouto recoiled. After looking at the other hero for a moment, bottom lip puckered and wobbling, he put his head on his knees and resumed crying into the shelter of his body.

Bakugou resumed his interview with support. They were deciding on whether the agency medics were equipped to deal with the quirk or if they'd need a hospital when they were interrupted by Todoroki loudly puking all over the cement floor.

“Hospital,” Bakugou screeched into the phone, “We’re definitely gonna need the hospital.”


Todoroki did not die. The doctors reassured Bakugou that he was fine, he’d recover, Bakugou could relax. Which was ridiculous, because of course Bakugou was relaxed. It wasn’t like he was worried about what happened to Todoroki. Not his problem.

Except that idiot was in this mess for taking a hit for him, so Bakugou was kinda strong-armed into caring. That was why he demanded answers.

“Your friend will be okay,” the nurse soothed, and Bakugou grimaced at the word ‘friend.’ “We looked up the quirk in the records. ‘Lovesick’ only lasts a day or so. If he gets through tonight he’ll be fine.”

If? ” Bakugou hissed. 

At this the nurse paled, but she pressed on, “I-it should be f-fine. The quirk causes nausea if a person doesn’t feel loved by the object of their affections, but we can mitigate the worst of it with medication.”

So that was it. Of all the people to imprint on, that poor schmuck had wound up with Bakugou, and now he was going to die from puking his guts out because Bakugou was emotionally constipated.

“Can I see him?”

“Um, well, we just got him calmed down, and we’re getting ready to sedate him-”

“Can I see him?” Bakugou asked again through clenched teeth.

The nurse squeaked and nodded. Brushing her aside, Bakugou opened the door to Todoroki’s room. He looked like someone for whom death wasn’t completely out of the question. However, upon seeing Bakugou he brightened up considerably. 

“Are you in the hospital too?” he asked. “The doctors won’t let me leave, even though I told them I really don’t like hospitals. My mother wasn’t allowed to leave either when she got put in.”

He said it so matter-of-factly, the blunt way Todoroki talked about his trauma. Bakugou knew this quirk was messing with his brain and making him say things he wouldn’t normally, but didn’t that make it worse? A Todoroki not in his right mind, locked in a hospital bed by himself all night, sick because he felt unloved?

“All right,” Bakugou sighed, “you’re coming home with me. Come on.”

Todoroki leapt out of the bed, genuinely jumping for joy at the invitation. He threw his arms around Bakugou’s neck, and it was all the other man could do not to collapse to the ground.

“Thank you, Katsuki! We’re gonna have so much fun. We can stay up all night, and I can tell you about how much I like you, and we can make a pillowfort and snuggle, too, if you wanna.”

Katsuki didn’t wanna. However, he had committed to this, so there was nothing for it but to grit his teeth and endure.


Todoroki was clingy. Maybe deep down the man was always this desperate for attention, and the quirk just nuked his impulse control. Whatever the case, Bakugou was biting his tongue so hard he was afraid he’d chomp it in two.

“Did I ever tell you how wonderful you are?” Todoroki crooned.

“Not in the last five minutes,” Bakugou said between clenched teeth. 

They were on the couch. Bakugou had thought maybe some tv could distract the man currently attempting to squirm into his lap. Ever since they got home, Todoroki had insisted on maintaining contact, from holding Bakugou’s hand as he was given a crash tour of the apartment, to standing behind him with his arms wrapped around Bakugou’s waist while the man cooked dinner. He hadn’t even been able to shoo the two-toned leech off long enough to eat. Todoroki declined the meal, claiming his stomach hurt and he didn’t want food. That meant Bakugou wasn’t doing a very good job at this, since ‘Lovesick’ was still making its victim ill.

“You have terrible taste in men, you know that?” Bakugou growled, shifting so his arms weren’t pinned under Todoroki’s embrace. “Anyone else in the world would have been a better choice for this than me.”

Todoroki frowned, and he had the cutest pouty face.

“Don’t say that about yourself, Katsuki. You’re the greatest. You’re so smart, and handsome, and your hair does that spiky thing even when it’s wet. I used to look at it in the UA showers and think about how cool it was and I wanted to run my hands through it and now I can, so this is the best day ever. Also I like your eyes. I like how they make you look angry even when you’re not. It’s sort of like looking at a bulldog, except instead of wrinkles you ha-”

If Bakugou had to sit and listen to Todoroki fawn over him any longer, he was going to lose it. The man just wouldn’t stop going on and on about how much he loved Bakugou. It was suffocating.

Desperate to shut him up, Bakugou smooshed their lips together. It did the trick. It also reduced Todoroki to absolute putty in his arms, melting against him and sighing. When Bakugou forced them apart for air, Shouto looked up at him with a gaze that was positively starstruck. 

It made Bakugou sick. He didn't want this cheap charade of affection. The idea that someone would be enamored with him only because they were compelled to… as if the only time he was worthy of love was when it was forced out of someone…

"Excuse me," Bakugou ground out, "I need to make a phone call."

Shouto whined as he was pushed away, throwing out a hand as if to hold Bakugou back, but Bakugou dodged out of reach. With a whimpering Todoroki in the background, the angry blond dialed up his agency. Who should answer the phone but the person he wanted advice from the least: Deku.

"Kacchan! I heard what happened to Todoroki. Are you two doing all right?"

Bakugou almost hung up the phone on reflex. It was one thing to stooping to help from a grunt, but having to talk to Deku about this…

"My tummy hurts," Todoroki whimpered in the background. "Katsuki, did I do something wrong? Why did you leave?"

"I'm in over my head," Bakugou admitted into the phone. "This quirk has Todoroki… what am I supposed to do with him throwing himself at me?! Especially when I know it's only the quirk talking."

There was a beat of silence on the other end. Bakugou could only imagine how Deku was judging him right now, all the awful things he was thinking. That Bakugou was pathetic, that the only time he was brave enough to be close with his crush was when the man was under the influence of some love spell.

"I'm just the first person he laid eyes on. He wouldn't actually be saying or doing any of this if he was himself," Bakugou bemoaned.

"Kacchan… they told you how the Lovesick quirk works, right?"

"Yeah. He falls in love with the first person he lays eyes on, and then gets sick if that person is shitty to him."

Deku snorted. Laughed! In his ear! Bakugou's hands sizzled at the indignation.

"That's not how it works. I think you jumped to conclusions," Deku explained. "Lovesick makes a person unable to hide their emotions. Todoroki didn't fall in love with you because of the quirk. He already was, and now he just can't hide it."


"He's been crushing on you for months. Honestly, this is kinda a blessing in disguise if it helps you two actually open up to each other."

Bakugou's world ground to a complete stop. Heart pounding in his ears, he turned to look at Todoroki. The man was draped over the back of the couch, staring forlornly at him.

"How come you're so far away?" he murmured. 

The hangdog look in his eyes was the exact same one Bakugou had seen him give the past couple of weeks, pained stares when he thought Bakugou wasn't looking. He had thought the hero was being moody, upset over some minor offense. Now he knew what that look meant.

"I have to go," he said into the phone.

Deku managed to chirp a quick "Go get 'em tiger!" before Bakugou hung up. He tossed the phone over his shoulder, not caring where it landed. 

"You," he said, levelling his gaze at Todoroki. The attention made the man perk up. "You want affection? Here it comes."

Todoroki welcomed him with open arms, pulling Bakugou down onto him.

"Yes yes yes," he chanted. "Katsuki, I love you. Did I ever tell you how wonderful you are?"

"Shut up," Bakugou growled, then crashed their lips together.

Shouto tasted sweet. It had to be a side effect of the quirk, because there was no way he tasted like fairy floss and cloves normally. As they kissed, Todoroki pulled Bakugou across him like a blanket, purring as they rubbed against each other. He opened his mouth, let Bakugou slip inside and explore his soft inner walls. 

Shouto moaned against him. Bakugou felt those hands, hot and cold on either side, sneaking under his shirt. He pulled away, surprised at how ragged his breath had become.

"You sure about this, peppermint?" he panted. "Do you… do you actually want this?"

"Please hurry up," Todoroki begged. "I need you."

He looked so wanton, wrung out already but dying for more, that Bakugou couldn't refuse.

Hands shaking with anticipation, Bakugou wrestled with the buckle on Shouto's pants. His efforts were somewhat frustrated by the man running fingers through his hair and crooning.

"Gonna fuck some sense back into you," Bakugou said, shoving the man's briefs down. His cock was there, nestled in its little crown of bi-coloured hair.  Gently, Bakugou ghosted two fingers down the length, smiling at the way it twitched in response. "You're gonna see stars by the time I'm done with you."

However, Shouto wasn't content with being a pillow princess. He wrapped his hands around Bakugou's shoulders and tugged him down. Like this, the irate hero couldn't get a proper grip around his cock. He growled and squirmed, but Shouto's grip on his shoulders kept him in place.

"Wanna feel you," Shouto said, rocking against him. "Just like this. Stay close to me."

How was Bakugou supposed to ignore a request like that? He couldn't, so instead he rocked back, rubbing his clothed cock against Shouto. They rutted, sliding back and forth and mouthing at each other. A hand ten degrees warmer than normal slid past his waistband, tracing the line of his crack. Bakugou shuddered, the sensation unfamiliar but delicious.

"Gonna make you happy," Todoroki whispered into his ear. "Love you so much."

Bakugou's heart clenched. He opened his mouth, but nothing came out. Why couldn't he say it? What was wrong with him, that he could have the man of his dreams coming undone in front of him and he couldn't say how he felt? He wanted Shouto, wanted to make him his, but the words weren't there.

Seeing his jaw clench, Todoroki moved one hand to his face, stroked that razor sharp line of frustration.

"'S'okay," he said. "You don't have to say it. Show me how you feel."

So Bakugou did. He slid his pants down, let his cock spring free so he could grind his member to Shouto's. The other man moaned, throwing his head back. Together they found a rhythm, sliding across each other like waves against a distant shore. Shouto's hands were everywhere, running the length of Katsuki's body, mapping him with deliberate care. Conversely, Katsuki decided to hone his efforts in on one point, mouth focusing on a spot on Shouto's neck. He sucked at the skin, enjoying the soft give. Every time he nipped, he felt Shouto flex, heard him sigh.

At some point, one of them must have come. The space between them was drenched. Their movements were now accompanied by the soft squish, fluids spread over chiseled abs and taut navels. Katsuki wasn't really keeping track of it, just wanted it to last forever. Eventually Shouto's movements slowed, heavy with exhaustion. Bakugou decided that forcing him to continue would be cruel, that collapsing onto each other was the best end he could imagine.

"Will you be here when I wake up?" Shouto mumbled.

"Yeah, I'm not going anywhere."

Satisfied, Shouto fell asleep with a smile on his face.


Bakugou wasn't the type to go back on a promise, but when he woke up the next morning he was dying for a shower. Everything around his midsection was a crusty disaster.

He could go wash up and come back, right? Shouto would never know.

However, as he tried to pull away Todoroki's arms tightened around him. He whined, yanking Bakugou close so he could bury his face in the crook of his neck.

"Five more minutes," he groaned.

"Still got that Lovesick, huh?" Bakugou murmured, running a hand through a shock of red and white hair.

He felt Shouto stiffen, then slowly say, "I… think I'm better now, actually. But… I still want to be close to you, if you don't mind."

"Still needy, huh?"

Shouto ducked his head, hiding it under Bakugou's chin.

"Sorry for being a pain."

Bakugou looked down at the man beneath him, clinging to him still despite it all. The quirk had worn off, but apparently the sapiness was here to stay.

He could live with that.

"All right. Five more minutes." He laid his head back down, enjoying the feel of Shouto's warm arms around him. He could get used to this.