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Akali stood by the doorway, peering into the shadowy interior of the hut, and the master and protégé locked in their embrace.

She could not remember the last time her mother had given her a hug like that. The first thought that came to her mind was to run away, to tear up, and disappear. That thought was quickly discarded by the young girl, it wouldn’t change a thing, in the end, Faey would still be disabled, her mother wouldn’t even notice her. Her life even though was short, was full of disappointment, she’s the failure that her mother couldn’t stand. Akali was young, but not stupid, there was no place for her in the Order, there was no place for her in the world, so there was no point for her to live anymore. The young girl had only one reason to live throughout her whole life, to please her mother, to be worthy of being called her daughter, to be fit to claim the title of Fist of Shadow one day, be she wouldn’t ever be. It’s the hit that took everything that the girl holds dear in an instant. It’s the moment when she finally knew what she needed to do. There was no other way for her to exist, she’d be just a burden to other members of the Order, she needed to die. The decision was made instantly, she tightened her grip on the kunai she’s holding, and entered the room where the master and protégé were having their moment of intimacy. The weapon was hidden behind her back.

“Akali?!” The risen voice of Mayym sounded. “You were told to leave this place, weren’t you?”

“I’m sorry, master Mayym,” Akali responded in a low voice, lowering her head. “I came to apologize before I’m gone.”

“There is nothing you can do, foolish child,” Faey cried out, her facial expression curved with a grimace caused by the pain. “It’s all your fault, and nothing that you can say wouldn’t change it, you’re the reason why I’m a failure like you now.” The older girl spat venomously.

“I know.” The raven-haired girl responded. “It’s the reason I came here, I want to end it.”

“Care to explain, what are you talking about, acolyte?” The master growled.

“I came here to say my final apologize before I’m gone, no more mistake, no more failures.”

“How would you accomplish it?” The short-haired girl mocked. “The only way is for you not to exist anymore. Otherwise, you’ll always be the failure, you’ll always be the problem.”

“That’s exactly what I’m going to do,” Akali replied sadly, presenting the weapon to both women.

“You don’t have guts to do so, leave us, child. You’ll never grow up.” The protégé spat.

“You’re right. I’ll never be good enough for my mother. I’ll never be good enough for her to notice me, so I choose death to prevent her from the embarrassments that I might cause in the future. For me, there is no future.”

“I’d love to see you fulfill your words, or you’re too afraid to do so?”

“Akali?! What is the meaning of your behavior, you have caused enough problems for a single day.” Her mother snapped at her.

“Master Mayym, forgive me, I won’t be ever a problem again,” Akali cried, pushing the kunai into her flesh.

It cut through the skin, muscles, and fat without an effort, the girl felt instantly immense pain, but she didn’t scream. Her face was covered in tears that were running down her cheeks, she still didn’t avert her gaze from the woman she used to call mother, even as the blade was running down her chest into the stomach. The blood was everywhere, the little girl started to feel the effect of the sudden loss of it, but it didn’t matter. Mayym didn’t even move from the place where she’s sitting, her eyes were widened, showing the pure shock.

“You’re calling it ending with yourself?” The disabled girl mocked. “You better try more, cause there is still the possibility that you’ll survive.”

“I’m sorry,” Akali breathed out slowly. “I’m sorry that I couldn’t be a better daughter, but there is no chance to change it. Goodbye, mother.” The raven-haired girl whispered as she sliced through her throat, silencing herself forever.

It didn’t take long for her to lose her sight, she felt so weak, she’s in so much pain, but it didn’t matter now. It’s the end, the only thing that she ever succeeded in her life, her own death. Soon enough, she fell onto her knees then onto her face. Even before reaching the cold floor, her heart gave up and went silent. The daughter of Mayym, the reckless problem of the Order, the not-meant future Fist of Shadow died before her body collapsed onto the stone.

The silence fell upon the room in an instant, neither of the women knew what to do, what to say. Mayym was at a loss of words, never has she foreseen that the child born from her own blood would commit suicide. She should be broken, but somehow she couldn’t muster any feelings at the given moment. She’s the failure, the real one, her own child killed herself using the only souvenir that she had after her father, the woman let her own daughter kill herself in front of her eyes, and she couldn’t move.

When the Shen came into the room, he screamed and started to shout. The Fist of Shadow couldn’t tell for sure if the anger was directed toward her or not. She still couldn’t move, couldn’t think, couldn’t breathe.

“What have I done?” The lone question was asked into the silence of the night.