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euphoria. - haikyuu!! oneshots.

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His jaw hung open, exasperated and panting heavily as he took in the sight of you on your knees and his cock in your mouth.

Kuroo really didn’t understand how his harmless antics and occasional flirting would lead to you, on your knees, sucking his dick in the gym storage room, but it wasn’t like there were any complaints.

Throwing his head back into the wall, biting his fist and a pale blush crossing his cheeks, you maintained eye contact. Taking him as deep as possible, then withdrawing all the way up to the tip and teasing it— licking the underside of his shaft, with a piercing gaze had him groaning as quietly as his body would allow.

“Oh, fuck…”

Your ministrations on his head continued as swears and moans fell from his thick lips, his knees practically buckling and collapsing from underneath him as his orgasm got closer and closer.

“Shit, [Name]-san! I’m- I’m gonna— fuckkkk~”
He couldn’t even finish his sentence before his hand moved from gripping the cotton fabric of his red t-shirt, to into your hair; grabbing a handful of it before instinctively pushing himself as far down your throat as you would allow and holding you there. You let him ride out his orgasm, although it was hard to breathe with his thick cock shooting ropes of cum down your throat.

You basked in the look of sheer ecstasy that dawned his face— no, his figure. Red, sweaty, panting, eyes closed, head thrown back against the concrete wall, and his hand gripping your hair for dear life? The sight made you dizzy.

You knew your mascara was indefinitely smudged and running from the tears the formed from deep throating him so, but you didn’t mind one bit. The fact that you had Tetsurou Kuroo, Nekoma’s volleyball captain, residential flirt, and “bad boy” with a serious case of 24/7 bedhead, in your hands like putty filled you with a deep satisfaction and longing.

Finally coming down from his high, he withdrew his lighting twitching and slashing cock from your mouths, breathing deeply. You smiled at him and wiped under your eyes to collect the tears that had formed and run down them during your session, and he shot you a grin much lazier, but more mischievous than the usual one he gave you.

“Phew, holy shit.”

You smiled. “Did I do good?”

He nodded a little more excited than he intended to. “Yes.. very, very good.”

You got up, attempting to straighten out your uniform, only to get pulled by the back of your neck into a deep kiss from Tetsu— reveling in the taste of himself on your tongue and feeling the immense amount of heat that your body was radiating and reacting to him with.

Pulling away, a string of saliva connection you two, he grinned.

“I promise, we’ll take care of you later, kitten.”