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Jimin was complete over this party.


When he accepted the invitation he was expecting a wild night with hot guys, grinding all over the place and making out with strangers. Instead, he’s at a boring party with people who are sitting around and talking . He felt like he squeezed his way into those tight, leather pants for absolutely nothing. And he didn’t like that.


Jimin thought the party was getting better when a fairly handsome guy walked up to him; biting on his bottom lip. But instead of heavily making out, he’s listening to a boring monologue about this guy’s awful ex-boyfriend. Jimin can clearly see the stranger is one sentence away from sobbing.


Jimin likes to believe he’s an empathic person; but tonight he isn’t here to be a shoulder to cry on. Tonight he wants something to happen. He feels restless. The exams almost killed him and his fuck-buddy fell in love with some freshman. So now he’s left with nobody to play with. Jimin just wants to relax, go wild and forget about all his problems, no matter how insignificant they might be.


Even though he feels a bit guilty for leaving the guy alone Jimin needs to get out of this conversation immediately before he will get stuck with a sobbing mess of a man.


“Oh!” Jimin fake gasps, taking his phone out of his pocket. “Oh my God,” The guy’s attention is on him. “I’m sorry, my friend texted me he’s sick in the bathroom.” The lie falls effortlessly from his lips. “I have to go check on him.”


“Oh, yeah, sure.” The guy smiles weakly. “Talk to you later?”


“Mhm!” Jimin nods, already rushing out of the living room.


He has no idea where he’s going. The house is old and huge. The light is weak and yellow, making the portraits on the wall look creepy. Jimin hates the way this place feels. He’s almost too scared to move further into the corridor. Jimin’s first associations of this place are that it looks like a horror game one of his roommates made him play.


The truth is, Jimin has no idea if Jackson is even still here. He wishes he could know but Jackson isn’t really keeping in touch with him. He left Jimin on read a while ago, so it means he is either having fun or left with the only hot, not crying, guy available tonight. Still, Jimin can’t go back to the living room just yet. He needs to give this guy time to find somebody else to whine too.


Jimin enters the first ajar door, hoping there is nobody there. The room is dark; the ceiling light isn’t doing much to help. 


It’s an office , Jimin observes quickly as he looks around the room. 


There’s an antique-looking desk in the middle of the room with papers on it. It’s also facing the wardrobe. The desk seems a little weird while strangely suiting the rest of the house. The furniture is definitely different than all the others he saw through the house. 


For some unknown reason, a shiver runs down Jimin’s spine once his gaze stops at the wardrobe standing perfectly lined with the door. The wardrobe is huge. It’s a warm, light tone of wood that looks completely out of place with the rest of the dark furniture. Jimin pulls the chair from the desk and sits down, getting a little spooked at the tired sound the chair makes under his weight.


He goes through all of his social media, texts Jackson but gets no answer. His phone is almost dying and he didn’t think about taking his charger with him since he was hoping he would be too busy to use his phone. Jimin isn’t a man of patience, he always wants to have things as soon as possible, the same goes for everything he has to do. He gets very annoyed when he has to wait for no real reason.


It’s been just three minutes since he left the party and honestly, he doesn’t feel that much more bored than he was in the crowded room. He figures he should leave the party and start watching the series everyone is always recommending to him. The party is a bust and the house itself has a weird, sad atmosphere that’s keeping Jimin’s spirit down. 


Before his phone can die Jimin starts to order an Uber so he can go back home, watch a movie and maybe catch up on his sleep.


Before he can even get up from the chair he hears steps coming closer to the room. Jimin doesn’t know why he feels so uneasy but his mind tells him to run and hide. Jimin quickly and silently rushes to the wardrobe. The door to the wardrobe is heavy but they open without making a sound.


Jimin squeezes himself between old clothes, almost has a heart attack when he steps on a pair of shoes. Jimin closes the door to the wardrobe fully which makes him even more anxious since he can’t tell if someone is coming in the room or not. He has no idea if his brain is playing tricks on him and he moves backward, towards the back wall of the wardrobe on instinct, wanting to hide deeper between what feels like furs.


Instead of hitting the back wall of the wardrobe Jimin feels a cold wind hitting the back of his neck and before his mind fully registers the sensation he falls backward with a tiny scream. Jimin feels the impact on his back, knocking the air out of his lungs. Before he can even groan in pain his brain fully stops, his fingers slowly tightening into a fist.


Cold. Jimin feels cold and wet in his fist and under his body. With wide eyes, he realizes he is looking at a clear blue sky, birds flying over. Jimin keeps his breath in as he slowly turns his head to the side and sees snow, trees trunks, naked bushes. The air feels light, feels much cleaner even than the air in the rural part of South Korea.


“What the fuck?” Jimin whispers.


He jumps up as if he got burned, turning from side to side with his heart hammering in his chest so loudly he can’t even hear the snow crunching under his feet. He blinks away the white spots dancing behind his eyelids once he stands firmly on his legs.


Jimin is scared.


He’s scared and worried, but for some reason his body is calm. His heartbeat just a little bit faster due to his quick movements. 


Jimin feels calm. He knows he shouldn’t be calm, that he should be screaming and trying to find his way out of the woods but he can’t find himself to worry. He feels intrigued and confused.


“Where am I?” He asked himself. 


There is nobody to answer him. There are no footprints on the snow other than his frantic ones and for a moment he wonders if he was laying here for a long time yet, he doesn’t feel cold. Jimin is a person who gets cold easily but somehow he is perfectly fine standing here, in the middle of nowhere with nothing but his fashionable outfit.


Then he slowly realizes another thing, it’s the middle of May in Seoul. He is wearing a pair of tight leather pants, a thin shirt, and a shiny bomber jacket just for the sake of the outfit. This isn’t normal. There shouldn’t be snow in May! 


The situation is ridiculous.


While Jimin remembers the police officers telling them all kinds of stuff about finding a safe place during meetings in school, Jimin’s feet move, leading him deeper into the forest. Slowly he starts making his way through the trees, watching in awe how beautiful the place is even if there is not a single drop of the green other than an occasional pine tree.


It feels really nice to be there, he feels calm and content the further he walks. The place is stunning, with high trees, tick trunks, and small, naked bushes. Jimin sees a squire here and there so he decides to take some photos of those who stop to observe him with curiosity, not quiet minding lack of signal or his battery being on its last percent. They look cute, soft and Jimin is surprised how close he can get to them. Jimin knows he shouldn’t be touching animals in the wild and it takes all in him not to reach out to pet those little fluffy tails. 


Jimin has no idea what time of the day it is, his phone tells him it’s still almost midnight but the way the sun is shining and birds are singing tells him it’s probably early morning. It feels refreshing, like a morning run at Jeju Island he could enjoy during winter break years ago. The snow crunches under his boots loudly, echoing between the trees. 


Jimin almost doesn’t see the huge deer standing calmly between trees on his left, observing him with gentle eyes. He stops in his track immediately, shocked by the beauty of the animal. He has never had an opportunity to see a deer in the wild. 


Jimin takes a tentative step closer and to his surprise, the deer steps closer as well, sniffing the air. The animal keeps their eyes on Jimin and he can’t stop the soft smile from turning his lips upwards. The closer Jimin is the more his heart swells with adoration for the beauty of the deer. Jimin reaches out, letting the deep smell him if he wants to or walk away at any time, staying firmly at his spot.


Yoongi doesn’t like it when people disturb his morning routine by any means. He doesn’t like it even more when people wake him up. Especially when it’s Namjoon, screaming into his ear, talking about the weather. 


“Leave me alone.” Yoongi grunts, rolling on his left side, away from Namjoon.


He hears Namjoon sigh, “Just stop blooming flowers, everyone is confused.” 


Yoongi hums in agreement, hoping that he will be now left alone to sleep into his usual hour but then what Namjoon been saying finally starts to make sense in his brain. Slowly, Yoongi furrows his brows, knowing it’s time to open his eyes way before it’s his time.


“What do you mean by that?” He asks, sitting up. 


“The flowers?” Namjoon says, stopping in his track out of the room, confused and annoyed. “They are blooming.”


Yoongi tilts his head slightly to the side, wets his lips, “Are you playing with me?” 


Namjoon rolls his eyes, “You have a window, see for yourself.” He says, leaving the room before Yoongi can react.


Not wanting to leave his bed but feeling like he probably has too Yoongi kicks off his thick blankets with a whine.


He pads to the window with a scowl on his face, shutting his eyes tight as soon as he pulls the curtains open and the bring morning sun hits his right in the face. As soon as Yoongi’s eyes get used to the brightness outside Yoongi realizes that there is surely something very wrong.


Yoongi stops breathing for a moment as he looks around at the green peeking out from under the thick snow. The sun is much warmer than it was yesterday, birds are louder and the trees look less gray. 


Yoongi rubs his eyes, hoping the next time he will open them there will be nothing but a thick coat of snow everywhere, just like it should be for the next couple months. Yet, when he opens his eyes the green seams to spread even more and Yoongi can’t stop his hopeful heart from picking up.


He didn’t do that, he knows it. Since Yoongi was fifteen he has had full control over his power, keeping everything intact to the seconds. There is no way he would slip up during the night, especially when he can’t feel any changes within himself. Like the flowers outside his hope is blossoming deep in his chest, warming up every ounce of his body with happiness.


Can it be? After all these years of looking out for them? After years of sadness and suppressing the dream about true love, the one person who could make Yoongi think about other things than work? Where are they and do they know how much they mean to Yoongi even though they never met?


No longer thinking Yoongi runs out of the room, calling out for anyone to help him get dressed and get his horse fully ready. If he wants an answer to his questions he should move quickly. This can be his only chance to find this person before they will disappear, leaving Yoongi regretful. 


Yoongi leaves the castle in no time, galloping down the muddy road without any plan, letting his heart lead him, hoping to get just where he should be. He looks around frantically, searching for anyone, rushing past all the sellers slowly making their way to the morning market. Yoongi doesn’t expect to find himself in the forest but it’s where his heart is leading him so he takes a sharp turn away from the main road. 


He knows he needs to slow down with the way he has to bend and sway to the sides to avoid being hit by branches. Branches which are starting to show tiny, green leaves all over them. The forest is much quieter than the city. Yoongi hears more birds the deeper he goes. He jumps here and there when a scared animal takes off, running right in front of his horse, making him restless and annoyed at the small creatures. 


Although Yoongi isn’t calm himself, he keeps a calming hand on his horse’s neck, making sure he stays put. The deeper Yoongi goes and the more time he spends just looking around, the more hopeless and angry he feels. He lost his chance, he knows it even if his heart is still pushing him to go deeper, to keep going and not give up.


Yoongi is about to turn around, go back home, and get started on his day when something catches his attention not so far away between the trees. A figure, a human figure, walking between the trees, their shoulders shining in places as the sun hits parts of their clothes. 


Yoongi climbs off his horse slowly. Gradually and quietly while holding onto the horse’s reins he makes his way over; as to not to scare whoever that is, even if he has a feeling this is the person he is looking for. The said person seems fully absorbed in the forest, not looking out for danger but rather reaching out to animals that don’t run away from them. The woodland creatures move in closer, sniffing the stranger’s hand before they run off once again. 


The closer Yoongi gets the more details he can pick up and the weirder the person seems to him. He has never seen a person with pink hair or wearing clothes such as they are. Their shoes seem like they are made out of leather although the type doesn’t look like anything you could get here or in nearby cities. Their coat is rather short, ending just before their hips and the pants look much tighter to what Yoongi is used. A foreigner? 


It would explain the long wait but how did they manage to walk such a long way like this? They look fresh and there is no horse anywhere near them. Finally, Yoongi is close enough to call out and he doesn’t know why the words he says escape his lips.


“My love?” Yoongi asks, holding onto the reins for dear life as the person turns around quickly, looking scared.


Their long earrings dangle, catching the sun as he looks at Yoongi up and down with his mouth wide open, hand on his heart, “The fuck you just said to me?” The stranger answers with a soft but manly voice.


Yoongi stutters, opening and closing his mouth, unable to find his words. He is taken aback by so many things, starting at the man’s looks, his full lips and bright eyes, full cheeks and sharp jawline. Followed by the man’s clothes, looking even more bizarre from the front, with a white undershirt and shining necklace, to the way he was spoken to. Yoongi isn’t used to people using such words in his presence but also, he wasn’t expecting the man to be speaking the same language since he looks so much different from people around him. 


The young man’s eyes size Yoongi from his head down to his toes, stopping at the sword on his side and Yoongi regrets taking it with him. He doesn’t want to seem like he is a threat to him.


“Are you lost?” Yoongi asks next, wanting to somehow save himself from the awful way they started the conversation.


The man nods slowly, looking at Yoongi suspiciously, “You can say that.” 


Seeing the man’s suspicious look Yoongi bends in half, “I forgot my manners. I am Min Yoongi, the King of this land.”


“Um-” The man says, sounding even more suspicious. “I’m Jimin? Dance major?” 


Yoongi straightens his back, beaming a smile at Jimin, the excitement filling up his whole being, “Let me help you get back to the city.”


Jimin looks around for a moment and shakes his head, “I don’t really know what to do and where to go but I don’t think that going with a stranger dressed up as a king is a solution.” He says sheepishly, taking a few steps back.


“Dressed up?” Yoongi asks, lifting an eyebrow in a question. 


He inspects his clothes, looking for any embarrassing mistakes he has made while rushing to be out of the castle as soon as possible but he doesn’t see any. 


“You know,” Jimin says, pointing at Yoongi. “The sword and all those school theatre clothes. Though, I have to say, it’s nice quality.” 


Yoongi doesn’t know why he finds it so funny, maybe it’s the way Jimin speaks or the way he makes gestures or maybe it’s the assumption that he is, in fact, a theatre actor. He chuckles, shaking his head.


“Are you guys making some inseminations in the forest? Is this how I got here?” Jimin asks, looking around. “Did I get hammered and follow you all to join a theatre? To be honest, that’s kinda my style but I really need to jump in an Uber back to the city and go take a shower and sleep.”


“Oh!” Yoongi perks up. “So you’re living in the city?” He asks.


That’s weird. If he is from the city then why wouldn’t Yoongi feel his presence sooner? Maybe Seokjin will have an answer to that.


Jimin nods, “Yeah, and I need to get there.” 


“Then come with me,” Yoongi says easily. “I will lead the way and if you don’t trust me,” He adds when he sees Jimin isn’t too happy about following Yoongi. “You can stay behind and just follow me.” 


Jimin agrees to that and Yoongi turns around back in the direction of the city he rushed from, believing that Jimin will follow him. Yoongi hopes that they both feel this irrational need to be close and get to know each other because Yoongi already has so many questions. He just needs to find a way to make Jimin stay.


Jimin follows soon after Yoongi, even if he feels unsure, he somehow knows he can trust this man with funny clothes. Maybe it’s Yoongi’s killer look or the way he smiles, it doesn’t really matter. Jimin feels a weird kind of peace and happiness when he sees Yoongi. Like there is nothing in this world that could hurt him. 


With time Jimin comes closer to Yoongi, still staying behind a little bit but not because he doesn’t trust Yoongi or is afraid. Jimin stays behind not to seem too pushy because he wants to walk next to Yoongi. For some weird reason, his mind keeps screaming at him to hold this stranger’s hand. Jimin feels tired and the longer he walks the less he enjoys the beautiful forest that seems to bloom right in front of his eyes, which he realizes with amazement.


Yoongi must have realized because he slows down, looking back at Jimin from time to time, checking on him. It warms Jimin heat and whenever they catch each other’s eyes he blushes, looking away quickly as if he wasn’t staring at the back of Yoongi’s head all this time. 


Jimin isn’t the kind of a guy who gets hooked on somebody quickly but this time he can’t help himself. He already wonders if Yoongi would give him his number once they will make it back to civilization and what their first date will look like. Maybe he can take Yoongi to see a play, that would be thoughtful of him, right? 


Jimin is so deep into his dreamland, where he’s introducing Yoongi to his friends and they all love him right away, how he will fall right into the group that he doesn’t realize he isn’t walking into Seoul by any means. Jimin accepts Yoongi’s invitation to his home right away, eyes stuck on Yoongi and just Yoongi, not minding other people around. 


He comes back to himself once Yoongi leaves him sitting in a nice, big room with silky sheets, a fresh change of clothes and a fancy bathtub built in the room, steaming with hot water. Is he at some kind of fancy hotel? He doesn’t have money to pay for it all! 


Before he can fully panic he hears a soft knock.


“Yes?” He asks softly.


The door opens slightly and Jimin feels at peace as soon as his eyes land on Yoongi.


“Do you want anything to eat?” Yoongi asks, not entering the room.


Jimin shakes his head, “How rich are you?” He asks instead, unable to stop himself. 


Yoongi laughs, leaning on the door frame. “Does it matter?” 


Jimin shrugs, taking off his jacket, which for some reason makes Yoongi blush deeply. With a grunt Jimin bends to take off his shoes, “It doesn’t, really. I’m just curious.”


Yoongi chuckles, “I guess I’m kind of rich.” 


Jimin can see that Yoongi is no longer looking at him and he really wishes he would. There is a spark between them, he knows Yoongi feels it too but he doesn’t want to push it. If he wasn’t so tired his eyes are closing on their own, he would invite Yoongi inside so they can get what they both want. The party would have a nice ending. 


Other than being very tired, Jimin feels like Yoongi is something more special, that he wouldn’t agree to play around with Jimin and disappear. And to be honest, Jimin likes the idea of Yoongi staying, respecting him and maybe even showing him what real love feels like. But in the end, maybe Jimin just wants Yoongi to stay with him, just stay for a little longer than guys use to. 


Jimin knows all of his thoughts are weird, a little creepy but he can’t help them or stop them. And why would he stop? What’s wrong in daydreaming about a handsome guy you want to take out?


“I will leave you so you can get the bath you wanted and rest,” Yoongi says politely, closing the door before Jimin can even do as little as thanking him.


Jimin makes sure to lock the door after Yoongi leaves, feeling uneasy when he isn’t around. He then takes a long bath, getting rid of the lingering smell of the alcohol from his body. He finds a lot of natural scents next to the bath and he uses a little, just a drop. After the bath Jimin changes into the softest pajamas he has ever worn and falls asleep as soon as his head hits the pillow.


Jimin doesn’t remember the last time he slept this peacefully or the last time his dreams were this soft and nice. He wakes up full of energy with a warm spring sun hitting the wooden floor of the room. Jimin is a little confused and feels like he forgot about something very important and it bugs him.


He peaks out of the room and soon he sees a sweet, young girl running in his direction with clothes in her hands. She bows deeply at his peaking head, handing Jimin the clothes and then she is walking away, leaving Jimin a little confused but somehow, deep down very familiar with this action. He puts on the clothes pretty quickly, it’s a simple shirt, similar to the baby blue one Yoongi was wearing that morning and a high waisted pair of pants made out of a very soft material. 


When Jimin is done getting dressed, he combs his hair after trying to style it as much as he can without tools he is used too. Jimin stands in front of a tall mirror, observing himself absently, not really thinking about anything. He doesn’t know what to do now, where to go and if he should even. 


Is Yoongi really a King? Well, the place does look stylish and quite fancy but maybe he just has a weird sense of style, like rich people tend to have. Somehow he didn’t ask too many questions and maybe he should and most importantly of all, he should have looked around where he is going. 


From what he has observed the place from his window this isn’t anything he is familiar with. Does it look like South Korea? Yes, maybe, a little bit. Not the one he knows, more the one he saw in drawings and somehow, he is completely fine with it. It’s weird, the sense of knowing and not knowing. It’s also confusing because he’s somewhere he doesn’t know and isn't freaking out about it. 


Soon, he can hear a knock on the door. This one the knocking is louder so Jimin assumes it’s not Yoongi since the man seems to have a much lighter hand. When Jimin opens the door he is met with a curious pair of doe-like eyes and a bunny smile. The man looks young but he doesn’t seem that much younger than Jimin himself. He has curly, longer, brown hair, a white light shirt which shows probably too many muscles.


“Hi,” the man says with a big smile on his face. “Yoongi is asking if you want to eat with him.” 


At that Jimin’s stomach growls loudly, making Jimin a little bit embarrassed. Especially that he was about to just say he isn’t hungry only because he suddenly felt shy and unprepared to see Yoongi again.


The man chuckles, “Come, I’ll show you where the dining room is.”


Jimin follows him wordlessly, trying his best not to look around too much. The place is beautiful and the decorations are even prettier here. Each corner there is a fresh vase of flowers that smell like a dream. The marble floor is shining like nobody ever stepped over it.


“How are you feeling?” The man asks, not looking at Jimin.


How does he feel? That’s a good question and Jimin takes a long moment to think about it.


“Can I be honest with you?” Jimin asks, even if he knows he probably shouldn’t. This man came for him because of Yoongi, they are in Yoongi’s home. This man is most likely on Yoongi’s side.


“Sure, go ahead.” The man says, shrugging lazily.


Jimin bites on his bottom lip and goes for honesty, “Confused, is how I feel. Also uncomfortable. I just want to go back to my home.”


The man hums, glancing at Jimin, “Do you really?”


Jimin furrows his brows, staying just a few steps behind, “What was that supposed to mean?” He asks, feeling offended.


The man stops just for a second, turning right back to start walking again, “It’s your question to answer.”


Jimin follows after the man, feeling like he doesn’t really have a choice. What does he even mean by that? Why wouldn’t Jimin want to go back home? Is this man assuming that there is something between him and Yoongi? 


There must be a way for him to get back home, it’s not like he is in a different country. - Jimin thinks, looking out of the windows as they walk down the long corridor.


Jimin quickly decides to dismiss the man’s weird comment.


Yet, those words keep him busy. Does he really want to go home? It doesn’t take him very long to find the answer to this question, to realize he doesn’t feel any kind of longing for the place. Jimin doesn’t really have anyone he genuinely trusts or worries about. Somehow he knows nobody is looking for him and nobody cares because he never felt like he should be getting close enough to people to make them care. 


Is Jimin happy there, in his small room with a few classmates that talk to him? No, no he isn’t happy there nor sad. He is just a shell. 


But it’s wrong to stay in this weird place. He can’t just never come back if that’s what this man has implied. Could he stay here? Even if he wanted to, it’s ridiculous! He has a degree to finish and then — he doesn’t know yet what will happen then. 


Jimin almost bumps into the man as he stops in front of a door, nothing special. The door looks almost identical to the door to the room Jimin slept in. He was kind of expecting a grand door that is almost too heavy to open them by yourself. 


“By the way,” the man says, hand on the doorknob. “My name is Jungkook. I thought you should know if you are planning on staying.”


Staying? Before Jimin can ask Jungkook opens the door, inviting himself in. Jimin doesn’t have to walk even a full step into the room before he sees Yoongi, trying to look over Jungkook from his place at the table. 


The room itself is rather small and the table seems more family size than royal. Didn’t Yoongi say he is a King? Not that Jimin has ever seen a place where Kings live but he always imagined them to be full of things unnecessarily big. 


 “Jimin!” Yoongi says, giving him a big smile, showing his gums and Jimin’s legs almost give out on the spot. “Come, sit.” He says, pointing at the chair next to his.


Jimin sits with a shy smile, trying not to stare at Yoongi. Jungkook leaves the room as soon as he takes one of the rolls from the table, waving at Yoongi cutely. Yoongi smiles softly, rolling his eyes at his antics.


Yoongi has his dark hair definitely styled because it looks much fluffier than it did this morning. He is wearing a deep purple shirt and simple black pants which somehow makes him look badass even with his hair is making his look fluffy and cute. 


Jimin has to try really hard not to tell Yoongi just how handsome and cute he thinks Yoongi looks. He tries to busy himself with his meal. Jimin lets his eyes wander around the room whenever he tries to escape Yoongi’s eyes each time he is caught looking at him. 


The place looks familiar, yet completely new to him. The wide windows open at the view of many trees, green and waving lazily at the delicate wind. The room itself isn’t dripping in gold, as Jimin associates royals with. In fact, it’s quite cozy but looking more expensive than anything Jimin has ever seen before.  


“How old are you?” Yoongi asks, stopping the awkward silence.


Jimin chews quickly, not wanting to speak with an open mouth, “I’m 24!” 


Yoongi hums, “You are not so younger than I am. I’m 26.”


“Isn’t that too young for a king?” Jimin asks, observing Yoongi’s reaction.


It’s intense, to be this close to the man. They don’t even know each other well and the only way Jimin can describe how he feels is having a crush but it’s ten times stronger. He can’t hold Yoongi’s gaze for long and he feels the need to sneak glances at Yoongi because he can’t help himself.


Yoongi smiles at him, “It doesn’t have an age limit, unfortunately.”


Something about the way Yoongi says it tells Jimin it’s not a subject for dinner. He wants to say something but he doesn’t know what can bring Yoongi’s mood up. He truly wishes he would already know Yoongi better and know what to say in a situation like this.


“Have you seen the garden?” Yoongi asks to change the subject.


Jimin shakes his head with a sad expression, “I was sleeping pretty deeply and woke up no so long ago.”


Yoongi hums, “I really hope the bed was comfortable, I wasn’t sure what you would like.” 


“Ah, it was amazing! Really!” Jimin rushes to assure him. “I don’t remember the last time I slept this good. Really, thank you for letting me rest.”


“That’s not a problem,” Yoongi says softly. “You seemed very tired. You deserve a restful night.”


Those words make Jimin feel hot all over and he can’t stop the rush of heat coming to his face, probably making him all red. Yoongi seems to also be a little bit shy, dropping his gaze on his food, his ears a little red.


“I was wondering,” Yoongi says after a moment of silence. When he sees that Jimin’s attention is on him, he continues. “If you would like to go for a walk with me, to the garden? Since you haven’t seen it yet.”


Jimin nods quickly, trying to keep his excitement at bay but it doesn’t really work well. Yoongi doesn’t seem to mind, in fact, he seems to enjoy Jimin’s excitement to walk with him. He seems as happy as Jimin, finishing his food quickly.


“I can show you a few of my favorite spots in there,” Yoongi says happily. “I used to go there to read a lot when I was younger.”


Jimin finishes his food, listening to Yoongi’s stories about all of the times he fell asleep in the garden and was found hours later by panicked palace staff. Jimin laughs loudly as Yoongi describes him how he looks like with sunburns, which he was getting often when the shade shifted and he was deep asleep.


Right outside of the door they are met with Jungkook, who stands up from the bench with a smile.


“Where to?” He asks, stretching his arm lazily.


“We are going for a walk, alone,” Yoongi says, getting a hum from Jungkook that sounds a lot like teasing to Jimin.


“Alone between freshly blooming flowers, the sweet blooming lo-” Jungkook says in a soft voice, watching out into the distance, with hands over his heart. He stops when Yoogni wack his upper arm. “Ouch!”


“It was a warning,” Yoongi says coldly, wagging his finger at Jungkook like he is a little child.


“Felt more like an attack,” Jungkook answers with a pout, massaging the place where Yoongi hit him.


“It didn’t hurt,” Yoongi whines, already taking steps to walk away. “Stop acting like it does.”


“It hurts emotionally!” Jungkook whines loudly after them but he doesn’t follow them.


Jimin smiles, watching the exchange between those two men. Now, Jungkook seems a lot more cheerful and youthful than his first impression would suggest. 


“Who’s Jungkook?” Jimin asks as soon as they round the corner and when Yoongi gives him a confused look he corrects his question. “What’s his job?”


Jimin freezes in place when they make another corner and almost walk headfirst into a group of fully armed men. They step aside the second they see them, bowing.


“Oh! He’s my guard.” Yoongi shrugged, moving past armed men like it’s a normal thing.


Jimin rushes behind him, trying not to catch eye contact with any of the men.


“He seems young,” Jimin replies as they step into a garden that seems to be endless. 


Yoongi was right, the place is full of freshly blooming flowers, all kinds of them. There are gardeners walking around, rushing to tend all of them, cutting the bushes and watering. They walk past them calmly and Jimin takes a deep breath in of the sweet smell.


“It smells like summer,” Jimin says, smiling to himself.


Yoongi hums, “And just yesterday it was the middle of the winter,” Yoongi says, looking at Jimin with a soft grin.


“Oh!” Jimin widens his eyes, “You are right!” 


Jimin looks around with his mouth slightly open, recalling how the world became green right in front of his eyes. He slept a whole day away, didn’t he? Somehow, Jimin was sure it’s late afternoon and he slept just a few hours.


What day is it even? He doesn’t dwell on it for a long time, going back to talking with Yoongi.


“How?” He asks, turning back to Yoongi but he is no longer then.


Yoongi is walking backward a few steps ahead of him, smiling at him and shrugging, “Magic.”


Jimin laughs but something in the way Yoongi said it tells him this is not necessarily a joke. Somehow it seems very logical that a sudden bloom would be caused by magic because what else? Nature doesn’t wake up in a matter of hours, it takes weeks.


Instead of overthinking, which never leads him to anything good, Jimin decides to focus on nature. There are so many shades of green all around him, splotches of various colors composed into the greens, drowning in fresh leaves and soft grass. Jimin sees a few birds, tilting their heads from branches as he walks past them.


The place smells amazing, wet soil, fresh grass and flowers mixing together creating smell almost as warm as the bright sun shining at them. 


Yoongi stops deep in the garden, passing a small gazebo made out with white stone and Jimin wishes they would stop there. He wants to sit and enjoy the weather, maybe read a book and enjoy the day. He would leave a small flower inside the book as a bookmark. Maybe he will do this someday. 


They end up sitting down under a huge tree, with the crown so thick with leaves it barely leaves any room for the sun to peek through. The little splotches of the sun that find their way to them cast a beautiful, soft light all over Yoongi, making him look somehow even more otherworldly than Jimin already thought he was.


“I used to come here with Namjoon,” Yoongi says, taking a deep breath in. 


“Who’s that?” Jimin asks without hesitation.


Yoongi closes his eyes, resting his back and head on the tree trunk right behind him, a soft smile on his lips.


“My best friend,” Yoongi answers, mindlessly playing with the end of his sleeve and Jimin can’t help but follow the slow dance of Yoongi’s long fingers. “He used to come here often since his father was my father’s advisor so naturally we became friends.” Yoongi chuckles softly. “Mainly because there were no other children to play with.” 


Jimin hums, soaking in every word Yoongi shares with him, every drop of his voice and breath. Why is he so captivated by him? Jimin doesn’t have the answers for that but there is something in this complete stranger that tells him he should do his best to be close to him. It’s a weird kind of yearning, of hope for the best even if you don’t know what exactly is what you are yearning for.


Jimin wishes he could tell Yoongi all about himself, but he doesn’t know what to say. He wants to make a good impression, he wants Yoongi to see him for who he is and genuinely like him . He wants to have a place in Yoongi’s life, a permanent one. He wants to have a role in it, be somebody irreplaceable, somebody, who stays next to Yoongi for a lifetime. 


“Now,” Yoongi continues slowly, taking his time with words. “He is my advisor and he annoys me daily.” 


Jimin laughs and Yoongi opens his eyes, observing the graceful way Jimin moves even when he is losing control, almost falling onto his back. Jimin looks beautiful when he laughs like this, with his whole body, eyes closed, his melodic voice waking up the last shy flowers around them into full bloom in seconds. 


“You will see when you will meet him,” Yoongi says, waving his finger at Jimin with a fake seriousness in his voice. “He can be a pain in the ass.”


“You sound very fond of him for somebody who’s a pain in the ass,” Jimin comments, laying on the soft grass, eyes focused on tree’s crown, at the soft moves of the leaves. The longer he looks at the branches rustling at the wind the more it looks like a green ocean upside down.


Yoongi keeps quiet but Jimin can feel his eyes on him. He feels too shy to even try looking back at Yoongi, afraid he will drown in his deep, sharp eyes. 


Things are weird here and Jimin is aware of it. Yet, there is something calming, something warm about this place that makes him want to stay. Most of his days here Jimin wakes up with a frantic thought that this is wrong and he needs to go home today. He thinks about it but never does. Somewhere during the day those thoughts always get forgotten.


He is allowed to go wherever he wants and whenever he wants. Jimin can just get up and leave but he doesn’t. Well, he leaves the palace quite often but comes back whenever he comes across something that isn’t real, shouldn’t be real yet everyone around doesn’t seem to realize or care that it’s there.


This happens quite a lot. The city is full of talking animals and half-people, half-animals. Jimin starts to worry he went insane or hit his head so hard he has brain damage. But that can’t be it! He often sees Jungkook out of the palace, just walking around, arms full of different things he bought on the market. He also sees those creatures, he even speaks to a few of them!


This isn’t right and Jimin can’t really find an explanation for all of it other than the one Yoongi has offered him on their first walk through the garden. Magic. Everything about this place seems otherworldly, like fairy tales that became reality. 


This is so wrong, he needs to go home. He needs to go. Why? Because this is what you should do, you should go back to the place you rent! Jimin hasn’t paid his bills yet!


But there are also days where Jimin doesn’t think about going home but just goes on about his day like he was born and raised here, completely forgetting that Seoul exists. Sure, he can get a little weirded out once or twice but on those days his mind accepts new things, whatever it is, pretty easily and he doesn’t think twice about it for the rest of the day. 


There are also days where Jimin just needs to leave the palace, needs to go for a walk down the main road just trying to stop his mind for a second because some days are harder than the others and the nagging thought of “you need to go back home ” gives him anxiety. It’s on one of those hard days when he feels guilty about being here for so long and wanting to stay that he walks past a griffin napping between houses, and finally, he accepts that this completely different world is where he feels good. This is his life now, this is reality.


It’s time to stop fighting it and lying to himself about going back. He doesn’t want to go back.


He isn’t here even that long, just two weeks, yet he never felt more at home. Is the place weird? Sure, it’s very weird but it’s normal for everyone around him. For some reason, he feels like he belongs between those people. Jimin never before made friends so easily, opening up to people as if they are friends his whole life. 


Jimin makes peace with his situation and stops trying to turn on his phone again. He will stay. 


Maybe he belongs here if he never belonged there.


It takes Jimin just a few more days to adjust completely into palace life, it’s way easier once he stops feeling guilty and out of place. He makes friends with Yoongi’s personal guard who’s asked to assist him whenever Yoongi is busy and Jimin wants to explore the place. Soon after Jungkook introduces Jimin to Taehyung who he immediately becomes best friends with.


He and Taehyung click instantly and Jimin feels like he can trust him with anything. The feeling has to be reciprocated because Taehyung doesn’t shy away from sharing his life with Jimin, coming around his room whenever he feels like and dragging Jimin out of it when he wants them to go somewhere.


Taehyung helps Jimin with exploring the city more and realizing just how absolutely out of this world this place is. Taehyung seems to understand Jimin’s distress and anxiety about things and creatures around them. He takes upon him to slowly introduce him to certain concepts . It’s a lot of work and often Jimin’s head is pounding with the amount of information he has to accept.


It was easier to walk around with somebody friendly, who literally held his hand when he got scared of something. Taehyung introduces Jimin to the griffin that was the breaking point and shows him the herbs store that’s actually a magic potion store. 


Still, there were times it was way too much for Jimin to handle but with time and daily walks he starts to warm up and stops being so jumpy whenever he sees something he has never seen before. There isn't a time where Jimin feels unsafe, even if things are new and strange; but sometimes it’s hard not to stare when someone has fairy wings.


There is something about this place that feels like home more than anywhere else. He feels like he found his purpose, his place of belonging and people he has a deeper connection with. There are seconds in which he remembers his old life but he knows he never felt at home there, never found friends who he truly trusted and loved. 


The biggest sense of belonging, an overwhelming one, one that takes his breath away and makes him tear up with happiness, he feels when he looks into Yoongi’s eyes. Sweet, caring Yoongi who makes him feel respected, accepted and strong, even if he isn’t sure of his own actions. 


Jimin knows it’s not love, what he feels for Yoongi right now, but he knows there is something between them, something that could become stronger than anything he has ever felt before. 


Jimin whispers to Taehyung all about it one day, as they sit in the beautiful gazebo. He tells him all about the way Yoongi makes him feel but also all the fears that come with it. He looks in Taehyung eyes as he opens up to him, stopping his voice from wavering from time to time, squeezing Taehyung’s big, soft hand because saying it all out loud feels freeing. Taehyung lets him talk without interrupting, looking at him with some kind of a deeper understanding that gives Jimin hope.


He was expecting to be scolded for thinking such things about the King. But Taehyung just smiles his signature boxy smile, nodding along to Jimin’s shy whispers and then proceeds to encourage Jimin to make a move, to give Yoongi a sign. Jimin is baffled, mouth wide open and it makes Taehyung laugh and hug Jimin close to his chest.


A sign? Jimin never was one to send signs, he is rather straightforward with men but this is different. He knows all his past love interests weren’t even close to being love . What he feels for Yoongi is precious, something he wants to cherish and care for. He wants it to grow slowly but strongly. So after a sleepless night, he decides to not go with Taehyung’s advice. Jimin decides to wait and see where becoming friends with Yoongi could take him.


Jimin is scared he is making a mistake and soon he will be nothing more but a friend and the spark in Yoongi’s eyes will no longer be reserved for him. But he is more terrified to do something wrong or to read into Yoongi’s kindness too much and embarrass himself. 


He gets himself dressed quickly, now much more familiar and comfortable in the light and colorful clothes everyone around him is wearing, and heads for breakfast. Jimin is always excited to eat, curious about what he will be introduced to today. There are days where Jimin just knows what he is eating but also days he spends on asking about everything he has on his plate.


“Are you planning on telling him?” Jimin hears Seokjin’s voice, whose position is for Jimin still a mystery, from the dining hall through the ajar door.


He doesn’t want to interrupt whatever conversation is happening so he stops dead in his tracks. Jimin isn’t one to listen to conversations he ain’t part of but now the curiosity wins.


“Let’s give him more time,” Jimin hears Yoongi answer in his morning mumble.


“More time?” Seokjin asks, sounding baffled. “More time for what, Yoongi?”


There is a tense moment of silence, the sound of a glass being placed on the wooden table.


“I want him to be fully settled down. You told me yourself that I shouldn’t just dump it on him.”


“It was the first day,” Seokjin hisses at Yoongi and Jimin backs away a little bit, feeling guilty for listening to a conversation that clearly sounds very secretive. “Yoongi,” Seokjin says much calmer. “He is fully settled in.”


Another moment of silence and Jimin wonders if he should enter now. Something in the way they speak about this person, or more honestly the way Yoongi speaks about them, make something in Jimin’s chest hurt. He wishes to forget it and enjoy Yoongi’s smile today.


“I want things to come out naturally. I want us to be natural,” Yoongi says almost too quietly for Jimin to hear. “I want real love.”


Oh. This really hurts. Jimin needs to watch his breath, focusing on every breath because it becomes more and more painful. His heart hurts and his eyes feel wet, his vision gets a little blurry.


“Yoongi, this goes beyond the bond,” Seokjin scolds him. “He deserves to know. Besides,” Seokjin stops for a moment. “He is already in love and so you are. This kind of a bond is rare and stronger than you could imagine.”


“It’s been only a month—“


Seokjin interrupts Yoongi, “That’s enough time.”


Jimin turns around, ready to lock himself in his room and probably cry but his eyes meet Jungkook. He is standing just a few steps away from Jimin and even though he probably knows Jimin was being nosy he doesn’t look mad. Instead, he slowly walks up to Jimin, putting his hands on Jimin’s shoulders.


“You see, listening to others’ conversation has some cons,” Jungkook days, making sure Jimin is looking at him. “People tend to try to fill in gaps in the information with their own theories.”


Jimin feels ashamed. He brings his eyes down, paying close attention to his shiny shoes rather than looking at Jungkook.


“I know what you think,” Jungkook says quietly.


Jimin shakes his head, biting on his bottom lip, “No, you don’t.”


Jungkook hums, “So you are not standing here thinking about how Yoongi is in love with somebody that isn’t you?”


Jimin’s head snaps upwards, eyes wide open and face quickly becoming red, “No.”


Jungkook rolls his eyes, “Go eat with him.” He says, turning Jimin back to the door. “And pay attention to how he looks at you.” He says next to Jimin’s ear before he pushes him slightly.


Jimin doesn’t want to, he doesn’t feel like he will be able to do so but Jungkook knows Yoongi better than he does. With that in mind, he walks into the dining room with a weak smile on his lips, trying his best to act like he hasn’t heard a thing. 


Yoongi welcomes him with a big smile, almost hitting his leg on the table as he rushes to stand up, “Good morning Jimin! Come, sit next to me.”


Jimin nods, this time smiling honestly. He glances at Seokjin, who has his eyes on Yoongi, giving him a knowing look. 


“You are a little bit late today, Jimin,” Seokjin says casually, taking a bite off his breakfast muffin.


“No, he isn’t,” Yoongi says, squinting at his friend.


Seokjin shrugs his shoulders, raising his hands up, “It was just an observation, we are almost done eating.”


“Maybe you,” Yoongi says to Seokjin then turns around to Jimin to push a plate of butter and a basket of fresh rolls. “I’m just beginning and I’m so happy you could join me today.”


Jimin scratches his ear, feeling how hot they become. This is making him shy.


He is aware that he is a little bit late and that Yoongi surely didn’t just start eating. This must mean he wants to spend a lot of time with Jimin, right? This thought makes butterflies in his stomach go crazy and his skin tingles with warmth. 


Now, that Jungkook told him to pay attention he can’t help but see just how much Yoongi is dotting on him, asking him so many questions and sharing things back like they know each other since forever, like Jimin is somebody important. He really hopes he isn’t imagining things because even if they don’t know each other since they were born Jimin can’t help his feelings. He was keeping them at bay for some time now.


But Taehyung couldn’t be right. Yoongi is just nice.  Yoongi is lovely, handsome, smart and soft but he is just being nice. Jimin is Jimin, even if Yoongi likes him there isn’t more to it.




By the end of the breakfast, he feels like he has more questions than answers about their situation but he won’t push anything. He will let things happen at its own pace if they will ever happen and he isn’t just forever stuck at loving somebody who is simply being friendly. 


Jungkook got his hopes up and now Jimin is scared he will get hurt by rushing his happy ending.


The next few days Jimin spends way too much time over-analyzing every single thing Yoongi has ever said to him and looking at the way he acts with other people. Things are starting to look up to Jimin but the more he lets himself believe that Yoongi feels something for him the more awkward and shy he gets around Yoongi.


Whenever Jimin thinks Yoongi is trying to flirt with him he freezes, unable to answer and just chuckles dryly. Later, he will scream into his pillow while Taehyung and Jungkook laugh-cry at his misery. 


They are supportive but they are also the first ones to laugh at him. Jimin loves it but also hates it so much. 


Yoongi is acting like he doesn’t see Jimin’s fading pink head peeking at him from the gazebo and tries his best to focus on the practice. He also knows Taehyung and Jungkook are with him because other than Jungkook none of them knows how to be sneaky, and Jungkook isn’t even trying to hide.


Knowing Jimin is watching is making him more motivated to win with Hoseok, who puts into practice all his combat skills, almost cutting off Yoongi’s hand more than one time in their lives.


“How are you two?” Hoseok asks, loud enough for Yoongi to hear but quiet enough for the sound of swords crashing to drown it out.


Yoongi grunts, swinging his sword at Hoseok, “I have no idea.” 


Hoseok dodges his attack, striking at Yoongi with a smile, “Why? Did something happen?” 


Yoongi shakes his head, focusing on Hoseok’s movement, taking a few steps back, “It’s- It’s been weird lately.”


“And why is that?” Hoseok asks again, knowing well how annoying it gets for Yoongi when people keep on digging deeper.


Yoongi raises his hand, asking for a break. He sighs, walking up to Hoseok and dropping his sword on the ground, “Each time I try something he gets all stiff and awkward then he runs away at first opportunity. I’m beginning to think he doesn’t like me.” 


“Ha! He wouldn’t be dying over there whenever your muscles tense if he didn’t like you.” Hoseok teases him, glancing over the gazebo lazily while wiping off sweat from his neck. 


Yoongi almost whines, sitting down at the wooden bench and hiding his face in his fists, “This is why I’m so frustrated. Seokjin and Namjoon keep telling me to be straightforward and Jungkook tells me to be romantic but then I try to test the waters and he is trying his best to get away from me.” 


Hoseok hums, sitting next to Yoongi and patting his back, “I’m sorry to tell you this but you are a mess.”


“I am a mess,” Yoongi repeats without any fight.


“And you need to make the move,” Yoongi whines. “I’m so sorry but I get why he is like this.” 


“But why me?” Yoongi asks, peeking at Hoseok between his fingers.


Hoseok laughs, “Really? Why you?” He shakes his head. “Yoongi, you are literally the King! He has all the right to be freaked out, he probably thinks his imagination is just playing with him.” 


Yoongi sighs, getting up and picks up his sword, “Let’s keep going.”


“Maybe take off your shirt, I’m sure he will love to see those musc-” Hoseok doesn’t have time to finish before Yoongi swings his sword at his defenseless friend.


“Stop it!” Hoseok cries out, running away. “I just want my allergies to stop, I’m helping you!” 


“You are dead once I get you!” Yoongi screams after him, face red.


He turns around and catches Jimin looking at him. Yoongi laughs quietly, his shoulders shaking as Jimin hides with a small squick. So cute.


Hoseok, Namjoon, and Seokjin are unfortunately very right. Yoongi needs to be the one who makes the move and this needs to happen soon. The spring is still going strong, there are almost no cold days and that’s not really good for the environment.


Yes, it’s all because he is worried about plants! It has nothing to do with the fact each night he is imagining scenarios in which he is cuddling with Jimin in his bed and they hold hands and kiss a lot while talking about their days. It’s nothing like that! 


Yoongi gives Jimin a lot more of his time to Jimin that he would have expected King to have. Each time Yoongi comes around to Jimin he feels surprised that he is really back to spend more time with him. They spend a lot of time together but Jimin never expects it to happen again, or at least he tells it to himself but deep down he hopes to see Yoongi daily.


Yoongi is very thoughtful of him, always makes sure Jimin is comfortable and even bringing him books for no occasion and Jimin is loving it. Each book has a very sweet dedication that makes Jimin’s heart melt, even if it’s a simple “Hope you will like this book”. In no time Jimin has more books in his room than he can fit on the small bookshelf he has so books start to pill up on the window and his vanity. 


Every book Yoongi gifts him is better than the last one. Jimin dives in headfirst into this beautiful, romantic world where people are destined to be together. Sometimes, when he is reading he feels like the author describes exactly what he feels for Yoongi and it leaves him a little confused. Could it be? How can a fictional world understand what he feels so well? 


They spend a lot of their time talking about nothing specific, just chatting because they simply enjoy doing that. With months they both take small steps to get closer to each other but never to close. For example, what started as warm evenings spent on reading together in one of the living room areas, on separate couches, is now reading while sitting on the small carpet close to the fireplace, one blanket draped over the two of them, hot chocolate in front of them. 


Jimin loves those calm evenings, not only because he can feel the heat coming of Yoongi’s body in the small space between them, but also because it makes him more comfortable next to Yoongi and a little less shy. The palace is completely silent at this hour and there are no people walking around, disturbing them and constantly asking Yoongi about something. It’s time just for both of them.


They spend a lot of the time giggling and smiling at each other whenever they catch each other sneaking glances. Yoongi shares his favorite parts of his book and Jimin shares his favorites. Sometimes when Jimin is softly reading to Yoongi a beautiful paragraph Yoongi would put his hand on top of Jimin’s one that’s guiding him through the words on the page. Somehow, Jimin knows he doesn’t do it to read with Jimin but rather to hold his hand. 


A few times Jimin braved himself to lay his head on Yoongi’s leg and relax, enjoying his hushed, deep voice as he read something he found interesting. Yoongi never tells him to stop doing it, he seems to encourage Jimin with the way he sits and the soft patting of Jimin’s hair whenever he ends up doing it. 


But most of all days Jimin likes the days that Yoongi takes him away from the palace, into the woods. Sometimes, they walk mindlessly, their hands brushing past each other, fingers reaching out but trackback at the last moment before the other braves himself to link their hands together. Sometimes Yoongi takes a full basket of the best food and they have a picnic in a meadow, chasing each other and laughing out loud. 


It’s all amazing, beautiful, it’s like a dream. And yet, Jimin gets more and more frustrated with every week as it keeps on going. He is confused, scared that he let himself believe there is more between them that there truly is.


“Really, Jimin? Really?” Taehyung asks him, mouth full of grapes, once he spills to him about an amazing day he had with Yoongi and his frustration about their situation.


Jimin groans, pulling a blanket over his head, “He’s so- God!” He kicks his feet in the air. 


He huffs, throwing the blanket off of him. It’s evening but it’s still very warm and the open window doesn’t give much relief. 


“Each time I think that he will kiss me he suddenly has a fun fact for me.” He whines, looking at Taehyung with begging eyes.


Taehyung stares at him for a moment, wordlessly chewing before he sighs, visibly deflating, “I can’t take both of you anymore.” 


“I don’t do anything! It’s him.” Jimin glares at his friend. “I’m delusional, he doesn’t like me.” 


Taehyung rolls his eyes, “Yeah, right. So delusional Yoongi is probably doing the same whining session to Namjoon right now.”


Jimin rolls around the bed, feeling more and more frustrated, “Stop saying things like that, it’s not true.”


“I’m leaving,” Taehyung says loudly when Jimin finally deflates, stopping moving. “Think about a way to do something before we will all go deaf with all of this whining.”


Jimin nods sadly, pouting at the ceiling. He sighs loudly, watching out for Taehyung’s reaction. Once, twice and finally after the third one, Taehyung turns around, pointing a finger at him.


“Man up.” He says before he is out of the room.


Jimin grunts, turning to his side with a scowl on his face. Man up? What if he does and he makes an idiot out of himself?


The longer Jimin is here the more control Yoongi gets over the weather. With some time and effort he manages to stop the spring and start summer. It’s still too early for that but they will have to deal with it in some other way. Seokjin keeps on repeating that he is working on the solution and so Yoongi leaves him to that.


Yoongi is happy but also stressed and frustrated. He has a flock of idiots walking behind him, basically begging him to finally get himself together and ask Jimin on a date. But that’s not as easy as they make it to be. Jimin is perfect in every way possible and even if he isn’t perfect, Yoongi is gone for him! He is sweating just thinking about asking Jimin on a date.


Yoongi is in love and he hopes that what he sees in Jimin’s eyes is also love. But he doesn’t want to push, he doesn’t want to rush things and he knows that if Jimin will want something he will tell him. Jimin is a straightforward man, always speaking up his mind. Why wouldn’t he just tell Yoongi he wants to be with him? 


This is the decision he should leave up to Jimin - is a sentence he says way too often that makes all his friends almost scream. 


He will do anything for Jimin, including waiting for years until he will decide to give Yoongi a chance. All he does to show Jimin his interest is giving him books that he picks very carefully. He loves their warm evenings and his heart blooms with happiness whenever he sees the way Jimin smiles while reading a book he gave him. Are most of those books romance books that he hopes are a good hint and he spends sometimes hours trying to find a good dedication? Yes. 


Yoongi wakes up hours before he used to only to be ahead of his work and have the rest of the day for Jimin. It’s hard to be away from him and if he stays away from Jimin for too long he feels like his chest starts to hurt. Now, Seokjin told him that it’s impossible and Yoongi is dramatic. It is a possibility but it can also be that his heart hurts for Jimin. 


No palace doctor-magician can tell Yoongi what he can and can’t feel.


Today Yoongi is especially busy. He wants to surprise Jimin with a picnic, not the usual one when he takes a full day off and they go far from the palace. No, tonight they are having a full moon and it’s a special kind of night here. By now Jimin is most likely aware of the festival that’s happening every once in a while during the full moon and Yoongi wants to be the one who takes him around.


This requires a lot of organizations because he doesn’t usually just walk around the festival with no guards. This time, he wants it to be just them in the crowd, no full armor men following their every step. He wants the feeling of freedom, plus he knows the guards make Jimin feel uneasy.


Yoongi spoke to Taehyung a week prior and made him swear he won’t make any plans with Jimin for that night. Then it took Yoongi way too long to make Taehyung swear he won’t spoil Jimin the surprise because Yoongi could see the excitement beaming for his eyes.


Now, everything is almost perfect. He just needs to make sure nobody will steal his basket, get a nice bouquet and dress in something casual yet still looking like he cares. 


It wasn’t an easy secret to keep away from Jimin. On multiple occasions, Yoongi almost spilled everything because it’s not only Taehyung who's excited for tonight. Especially today, as Jimin was obviously expecting somebody to ask him if he wants to go for the festival but none of his friends asked. The chatter during the supper was louder than usual, everyone was talking about all kinds of things they want to eat and the performances they want to see. 


Yoongi wasted no time running to his room as soon as he was out of the dining hall, dressing up in a hurry and carefully taking the flowers with him. He has a box of chocolates with him and is ready to go. Or maybe he isn’t because he freezes in front of Jimin’s door, suddenly very nervous.


He swallows it, looks around hoping to have this moment just for the two of them and softly knocks on Jimin’s door. 


The few seconds he has to wait for Jimin to open the door feel like hours. He can hear Jimin walking up to the door and the doorknob turning and then they are finally standing face to face.


“Hi,” Yoongi says breathlessly, smiling widely.


Jimin’s cheeks turn slightly pink when his eyes land on the flowers and the chocolates, “Hi.” He responds, much quieter than Yoongi.


Yoongi takes a deep breath, cheers himself up in his mind and asks, “Would you like to go to the festival with me?” 


Jimin’s eyes go wide and he nods happily, “Yes!” He exclaimed. “Just-” He looks at his clothes, “Give me a second, okay?”


Yoongi nods, unable to say anything, scared that he will scream with happiness when he will open his mouth. The door closes in front of Yoongi’s face and he stares at the wood with a stupid smile on his face.


Flowers! He looks at his hands, still full. Jimin opens the door soon after and Yoongi thrust the flowers in his direction, “This is for you.” 


Jimin giggles, taking the flowers and the chocolates, “Thank you.” 


Yoongi sees him quickly taking out flowers Jimin collected a few days back out of a vase and softly putting in the flowers Yoongi gave him. 


“Those are beautiful,” Jimin says, closing the door to his room behind himself.


“Thank you,” Yoongi says, feeling a little shy. “I was hoping you would like them.” 


The festival happens down the main road, stretching out through the whole city. Everyone comes to enjoy it, many people prepare their own market spots and every bigger square is used for art performances. The road is lit by thousands of colorful lanterns, making the road look like a rainbow. 


The music is loud, coming from all kinds of places from pubs to squares. People talk and laugh loudly, slowly walking and absorbing the atmosphere of the night. Yoongi makes sure to stay close to Jimin, stopping at every spot Jimin seems to stop his eyes on, explaining to him different foods and trinkets Jimin hasn't seen before.  


“Look,” Jimin says to Yoongi loudly, pointing at two necklaces that come in together. One is the sun, the other is the moon. “That’s so cute.” 


Yoongi nods and doesn’t stop eyeing the necklaces for a while, even as they are a few steps away from it. Finally, he snaps and goes back, leaving Jimin to munch on a sweet muffin and chat with the baker.


“Smitten, aren’t we?” The old woman asks as he points at the necklaces and asks for a velvet box with it. 


Yoongi keeps on looking back, making sure Jimin isn’t coming and isn’t walking away. His eyes go wide when he registers what she said, his head snapping back to her.


“Don’t act so surprised.” She chuckles. “Good luck.”


She pats his hand softly as he hands her the payment. “Thank you.” He mumbles.


Yoongi hides the box in his coat, throws the old lady one last smile and rushes back to Jimin, who seemingly hasn't realized Yoongi was away at all. 


“So good,” Jimin says, making the baker smile. “Right, Yoonie?” 


Yoongi thinks he will have a heart attack. That nickname will be the death of him but it’s his own fault. When Jimin first called him that Yoongi couldn’t speak over the panicked apologies Jimin was giving him. When he was able to get to Jimin he allowed him to use it but it happens rarely, usually when Jimin is sleepy.


Mindlessly, Yoongi opens his mouth and takes a bite of the muffin, his body still in full shock. He nods, hoping that Jimin is asking for an agreement about the muffin. 


By the time they make it to the middle of the festival, Yoongi leads them off the main road. His heart and stomach are full. They have a full basket of food waiting for them and yet, Jimin already fed him full from all kinds of stands. 


If Jimin is confused, he doesn’t ask anything, just follows Yoongi, talking with excitement about the performance they just saw. 


It’s not a long walk before they are at the shore of the lake Jimin hasn’t been to before. Here, the loud noises of the festival are much quieter, the music and laughter muffed with the buildings separating them from all of it.


Now, when they come closer to the spot and he can see the candles and fireflies are flying over the water Yoongi starts to panic that he overdid it. This is romantic, he doesn’t want Jimin to panic and think this has to mean something. This can be a very friendly gesture. 


The moment Yoongi realizes Jimin is no longer walking next to him, he panics fully. He turns around to see Jimin standing just a few steps away, eyes stuck on the romantic scene, the blanket, candles, the basket Yoongi always takes for a picnic.


“Jimin?” He asks softly, wiping his sweaty hands into the back of his coat. Jimin doesn’t respond and the longer there is a silence between them the more Yoongi fears he ruined it all. “It’s too much, is it? I went too far?” He asks, chuckling dryly, observing Jimin’s reaction.


Jimin stays quiet and Yoongi nods, giving him a tight smile. “Yeah, it’s dumb…” He walks up to Jimin, “Let’s just go back and keep on going ” He tried to laugh but it came out choked, pulling on Jimin’s wrist softly. “There is this amazing violinist, she performs pretty late so we should be able to catch her.”


Jimin pulls back, stopping Yoongi, “No, wait!” He says loudly, the sound echoing over the water.


Yoongi looks back at Jimin, trying his best to look like it doesn’t hurt. Jimin’s eyes look beautiful but Yoongi can’t look at them for long before he feels guilty.


“You really did this all just for me?” Jimin asks, voice full of desperation, grabbing Yoongi’s hand in both of his much smaller ones.


“Yes,” Yoongi says, much quieter than he wishes to say it. “I’m sorry if it made you uncomfortable.”


“No, no, no!” Jimin rushes to say, stepping closer and cupping Yoongi’s cheeks to finally make him look him in the eyes. “I love it, really.” 


Yoongi’s heart is hammering in his chest so hard he thinks his ribs will break, “You don’t have to say that.”


Jimin rolls his eyes, giggling, “And you don’t have to pout.” He says, rubbing Yoongi’s cheeks with his thumbs. “You know I’m always honest with you.”


Yoongi smiles, for real this time, “True.” 


Yoongi looks deep into Jimin’s eyes, at the shine in them, at Jimin’s beautiful smile, at his cheeks dusted pink. His own cheeks feel hot under Jimin’s hands but he doesn’t want him to pull away just yet. Somehow, they start swaying from side to side. 


Jimin bites on his bottom lip and Yoongi can’t help but follow the movement, his knees almost giving up as Jimin’s plump bottom lip glistens with saliva. He looks back at Jimin’s eyes right as he comes closer, pulling him in.


Yoongi closes his eyes, enjoying the feeling of Jimin’s lips pressed to his cheeks, so close to his lips. His breath stutters and so does Jimin’s. There is a moment of complete silence as if the whole city went quiet just for them. Yoongi can feel Jimin’s warm breath on his cheek, on his lips. 


Another kiss, this one much lighter and so much closer to his lips. Yoongi turns his head softly, giving Jimin a chance to back away. Jimin captures his lips instantly, not wasting any time for hesitation.


They both take a deep breath. The warmth that spreads through Yoongi’s body makes his heart race, his hands and legs shake. He holds onto Jimin’s wrists, needing something to help him stand. Their lips slipe together softly, slowly savoring the taste of one another. 


Jimin is the first one to pull away, giggling shyly, “Sorry, this is overwhelming.” He says, pressing his forehead into Yoongi’s.


Yoongi wraps his arms around Jimin’s waist, humming in agreement. He keeps his eyes closed, enjoying the warm evening. This wasn’t what he planned but he is so thankful that he decided to do it. Jimin presses closer, rubbing their noses together and making Yoongi giggle.


“God,” Jimin grunts, hiding his face in Yoongi’s shoulder, hugging him tightly. “I thought this would never happen.”


Yoongi agrees with that. But it happened and he wishes to never forget this feeling.


They end up eating almost everything out of the basket while spending the night talking, laughing and sharing shy kisses. Yoongi doesn’t know if it’s possible for a more perfect night to happen but he is sure that if it is possible, it surely would be full of Jimin. He can’t stop smiling and Jimin smiles back at him the whole night. At the end of the night, as the sun starts to rise he gifts Jimin the sun necklace, shyly mumbling that Jimin is his sun.


It’s perfect and Yoongi could spend even longer with Jimin on this blanket but his eyes are slowly starting to give up. They hold hands all the way to the palace and finally, everything feels alright. 


After that night not much changes but also it feels like everything has changed. Yoongi makes it his duty to walk Jimin to breakfast almost every day and hold his hand at every possible occasion. He drops everything every afternoon to eat dinner with Jimin and takes walks to the garden just to ask Jimin what is he reading today. 


The first day after their night by the lake is the most shocking to everyone in the palace. Nobody was expecting this night to bring anything else than more whining so for Seokjin to walk on them making out in the empty dining room, while he just wanted to eat his dinner and go back to the books, is a shock he doesn’t wish upon his worst enemies.


“What’s going on here?!” He screams, back turned to both of them.


Jimin laughs, trying to kiss Yoongi again, not minding anyone seeing them. Yoongi gives him a quick peck and calls for Seokjin to turn around.


“Are you okay?” He asks when Seokjin turns around, his face an unnatural shade of red.


Seokjin nods, giving them a tight smile, “Yeah, I’m fine!” He laughs fakely, taking a seat as far from them as possible. “Are you guys okay?” He asks, each word getting quieter. “Did you eat something weird yesterday?” 


Jimin nods happily, eyes glued on Yoongi, “We are okay.”.


Seokjin has a really hard time eating while the two dot on each other and keep on kissing when they think he can’t see. As soon as he leaves the dining hall he goes to find a person that Jimin trusts the most and would tell them everything if something happened.


“Taehyung,” Seokjin says as soon as he sees the man. Taehyung throws him a confused look, “What’s happening with Jimin and Yoongi?”


Taehyung furrows his brows, “With Jimin and Yoongi?” He repeats. “I haven’t seen them today. I saw Jimin go into his room shortly before breakfast as I was doing my morning duties so I just let him rest.”


Seokjin hides his face in his hands and lets out a muffled.


“Seokjin? Are you okay?” Taehyung asks, putting a hand on his shoulder, concern in his eyes.


“They were kissing at dinner!” Seokjin hisses, face becoming red all over again, eyes growing wide.


Taehyung looks at him like he just told him that they are living on a flat disc, “How much time have you spent on the sun today?” 


Seokjin wiggles his finger in front of Taehyung’s face with an angry scowl, “I’m not crazy nor dehydrated. I think somebody casted a spell on them.”


Taehyung gives him a tight smile, patting his shoulder, “Of course.”


And with that, he leaves Seokjin, still confused and now a little scared that he lost his mind. Yoongi and Jimin kissing? Yes, that sounds like his mind is playing with him. Those two can barely hold each other’s gaze for a moment. Maybe he needs a nap.


Taehyung runs into his bedroom an hour later, shaking him awake violently, “I believe you!” 


And from there, the news of King Yoongi finally getting his soulmate spreads like a wildfire.


That is also the night Jimin finds out he is Yoongi’s soulmate. Somehow, it’s easy to believe but he wants Yoongi to tell him this himself so he doesn’t ask much.


For them both, everything seems normal, just a little bit more but that’s exactly what they were both waiting for. They laugh a lot while telling each other about the times they were trying to drop some hints but the other one was completely deaf and blind to them. Now, it all seems funny. How could Yoongi not see that Jimin is trying to hold his hand? 


But it’s nothing lost, now he can hold Jimin’s hand and kiss his cheeks and get his own cheeks kissed daily. 


The main change is for everyone around them. On one hand, their friends are happy and relieved that the pinning is finally over. On the other hand, they quickly become the most annoying couple in the whole universe. If you can’t find Yoongi you can be sure he is somewhere with Jimin. More and more often you can find them both just sitting next to each other but refusing to separate to do something. 


Finally, Jimin starts to sit in Yoongi’s office so the King can actually do some work. It takes a lot of convincing because they both want to spend their days outside, which is cute but Jungkook refuses to carry tons of paperwork to the garden and chase every piece of paper Yoongi loses because he gets and he quotes “lost in Jimin’s eyes”. 


Things are weird for a while until leaves start to fall off the trees and everyone finally gets used to Yoongi not pinning for Jimin but talking about him for hours with no end. And with time also they both calm down a tiny bit. Still crazy in love, they will always be, but a little bit more discreet about showing it. 


They start to spend a little more time separately, enjoying conversations with friends and random activities. Jimin always comes back from the market with something for Yoongi and Yoongi always has a fun story to tell him from his day. 


As the nights get colder they spend more and more time in Yoongi’s room, on his fluffy carpet, warming up next to the fireplace. Sometimes, they are just making out lazily, enjoying each other’s touch and sometimes Jimin asks Yoongi to lock the door. It took him awhile to get to this point, both of them not feeling the need to rush, even if the fire in the pit of their stomachs was pushing them to do it. They slowly got more and more comfortable with each other’s skin.


There is a need for that, for this warm-up. Jimin gets easily overwhelmed with emotions he would never feel in other circumstances. It’s nothing like how it felt before and there is nothing that could prepare him for the amount of pure love that shoots through his veins whenever they touch. Yoongi is patient, letting Jimin feel, cry and talk through his emotions. It’s not easy for him as well, in the end, he is close with his soulmate . It’s meant to feel powerful. 


Yoongi tells Jimin about their connection one of those evenings. They are laying in Yoongi’s bed, almost naked with just Jimin’s deep breaths and fire cracking piercing the silence. Yoongi holds Jimin’s hand, giving him enough space for the bond to calm down.


“You know why this is happening?” He asks softly, putting Jimin’s hand to his cheek. “It’s because we are soulmates.” He says quietly, his voice deep.


He waits for Jimin to react in any way. Finally, Jimin opens his eyes, looking deep into Yoongi’s and he smiles.


“We are meant to be?” Jimin asks, his voice still a little breathy. “Like in those books?”


Yoongi nods, smiling softly, “We are.” He chuckles. “It will take a while to get used to it but I promise, it won’t be this overwhelming forever.”


Jimin closes his eyes, taking a deep breath and nodding, “I believe you.” 


It’s all Yoongi needs to hear to feel tears coming up to his eyes. He feels truly happy, with Jimin next to him, accepting him fully. He doesn’t know how to thank the universe for bringing Jimin to him, for Jimin to trust him and staying with him. For letting Yoongi love him endlessly. 



Jimin didn’t think that moving to another floor would be such a hustle. Since when did he have so many things? Just a year ago he had just his clothes and phone and now he has to make multiple trips up and down the stairs because he refuses to throw this work on some poor maid.


After many months of sleeping in Yoongi’s room instead of his own, he finally decided to take another step and move into Yoongi’s room. It took him a few days to find the courage to ask Yoongi about his opinion, even if Taehyung said he should just surprise him and move in while Yoongi is busy. That would be very Taehyung’s style but Jimin is a little bit more shy about those things.


Yoongi agreed right away, wanting to call for a whole flock of people immediately, in the late evening, so Jimin can move in now . It was funny to see Yoongi extremely excited about Jimin moving his things. Theoretically, he was already living there and you could find Jimin’s things between Yoongi’s. Everyone knew to not knock on Jimin’s doors in the morning because he simply isn’t there. Taehyung and Jungkook learned how to knock when they want to visit Jimin after walking in on them making out in the huge bathtub in Yoongi’s room.


Yoongi wants to help, but Jimin doesn’t want to let him do it. Those are his things, he will handle them. So Yoongi ends up walking behind him, almost stepping on Jimin’s heels and carrying small stuff while whining that he wants to carry heavy stuff.


“Go work out, if you wish so much to carry something heavy,” Jimin answers sassily as he struggles the few last steps.


He should also work out more. The dancing, which he started with Taehyung as a friendly activity after he told him he used to be almost a professional dancer, helps but his arms became softer with time and lack of exercises and so did his stomach over the past few months but he doesn’t pay too much attention to it. He doesn’t feel the pressure to look in a certain way and frank, he loves himself like this. But not dying by falling down the stairs sounds great.


He enters Yoongi’s huge bedroom with the last bit of strength and almost drops the basket full of clothes right at the entrance. The room that usually feels weirdly empty now looks like storage. Jimin hasn’t started unpacking just yet but he already can feel that this room is about to change more than they assumed it would.


“Do we need a bigger room?” Yoongi asks with a grin, leaning on the doorframe and looking since he can’t help even with this, as Jimin pushes the baskets and piles of books to make a corridor between them.


Jimin blows the hair out of his eyes, “I promise it just looks like a lot of stuff.”


“Jimin!” Seokjin screams, pushing his way past a startled Yoongi. “I need to tell you something because nobody will!” 


Jimin looks at him with a raised eyebrow, throwing a question glance towards Yoongi but he just shrugs. Seokjin looks crazy, his shirt a little crumbled, his hair looks like he ran a mile to get here. He is panting, his cheeks slightly red.


“What is it?” Jimin asks with curiosity, going back to pushing books out of his way.


“You are from another world!” Seokjin screams on the top of his lungs, his voice going higher.


Jimin gets on his thinking pout, nodding along, “Yeah, I figured.” 


Yoongi laughs, hiding his smile behind his hand, avoiding Seokjin’s shocked expression. Seokjin looks like he is about to explode, eyes wide open, mouth opening and closing, his neck red.


“And you took it in so calmly?!” He screams, running his hand through his hair.


Jimin stops what he is doing to look at Seojin fully, locking their eyes, “I was freaked out but this place always somehow felt like home.”


“I wish I would have told you sooner, I wanted to do it but Yoongi wanted you to settle in,” Seokjin rambles. “You were born in the wrong universe but you somehow found a portal and you are Yoongi’s-”


“Soulmate?” Jimin finishes, making Seokjin choke on his rapid breath.


Seokjin faces falls and he just stares at Jimin who finally can’t stop and joins Yoongi in laughter, “He told me.” Jimin says, nodding in Yoongi’s direction.


“Long time ago,” Yoongi adds, winking at Jimin.


“This is unbelievable,” Seokjin says, leaving the room.


“Don’t you want to help me?” Jimin screams after him, chuckling.


Yoongi stands right in front of him, “I could help.”


Sometimes Jimin wakes up in this huge, comfortable bed with Yoongi, his husband and King next to him and he can’t believe this is real. It feels like a dream. Of course, there are bad days because nothing is perfect but still, it’s like a dream.


The life Jimin has here is better than anything he would ever be able to dream of, to be honest. His fantasy was never going this far. All Jimin could dream of in his old life was finding a drop of happiness, he never asked for much. And yet, he found a whole existence of pure happiness, true love in the form of not one but two humans.


Right as he thinks of her, a small head of crazy black hair peeks into the room.


“Good morning, Yoonji,” Jimin says softly, getting out of the bed, yearning to hold his little happiness in his hands.


“Hi,” Yoonji answers quietly, hugging her father, eyes glued to Yoongi. “When will papa wake up?”


Jimin chuckles, putting on the soft slippers Yoongi gave him for no reason, “Soon, okay?”


She nods, still a little sleepy. Jimin leaves the room quietly, making his way back to her room, right next to theirs to get her ready for the day.


“We’re going for a walk today, you know, baby?” He asks her, hopefully keeping her awake.


She nods slowly, rubbing on her eyes.


In the end, Jimin has to let Yoonji loose on their bed, letting her jump all over it to wake up Yoongi. They rarely have time for family activity so days like this are truly precious. 


They were talking about adoption for a long time before they both felt ready to go with it. Jimin was hesitant because he already knew how hard it is for Yoongi to find time for anything other than work. Still, he did his best to prove to Jimin that he can handle having a child. Finally agreeing for a child was more nerve-wracking than holding her for the first time. In fact, both of them cried tears of joy once they were alone with their little happiness.


Yoongi wakes up with a grunt and wine, catching Yoonji and hugging her close to himself, restraining her movements.


“Papa, let me go,” She whines, trying to get out of Yoongi’s hold.


It doesn’t get that much of asking to get Yoongi to finally get out of bed and get ready. He comes down to join Jimin and Yoonji at breakfast, where Seokjin and Namjoon are chatting away. Jimin lets Yoonji eat on her own, she likes to be independent, even if she struggles a little. 


Yoongi is still a little out of it, zoning in and out of the conversation while he drinks his coffee and eats his rice. Yoonji, who was very talkative just a few seconds before Yoongi joined them, now tries his best to mimic her father. She does it a lot, observing them and then repeating the exact same thing. It’s funny, Jimin coos at her a lot when she does it but they also had to teach her to not repeat a few words she overheard them say.


“Yoongi,” Jimin says after side-eyeing their daughter trying to hunch over the table just like her father does. “Please, she’s copying you.”


Yoongi strengthens his back, petting Yoongi’s head, “Sorry.”


“She’s so cute,” Namjoon says with a wide smile on his face, dimples on display. 


“Of course she is,” Yoongi says with a smug smile. “How couldn’t she? She’s my daughter.” 


Both Namjoon and Seokjin roll their eyes, finishing eating and leaving the room. Jimin laughs at his husband, wiping the jam off Yoonhi’s face.


“You are something else, Min Yoongi.” He says, chuckling.


Yoonji nods along, “Something else, Min Yoongi.” She repeats with a disappointed expression, making both of them laugh.


They leave the palace soon after they are done with changing Yoonji’s clothes because there was no way she could finish eating and not leaving a huge red stain on her dress. 


The city is calm at this hour, most people are busy with their morning tasks and jobs and will come out to the market in the afternoon. They walk slowly, enjoying the fresh, early spring air and birds singing above their heads. 


Yoonji wants to walk on her own, holding their hands and almost ripping off their arms whenever she hangs on them, trying to swing. It doesn’t take that long before she’s tired of walking on her own and wants one of them to carry her around. She’s only four years old but she’s heavier with each day so they take turns.


“I think we are getting old.” Jimin grunts, giving Yoonji back to Yoongi.


She goes in willingly, holding onto Yoongi’s neck for dear life before she settles in on his hip, “Probably.” Yoongi chuckles. 


The forest smells and looks beautiful. The early flowers and leaves are already blooming in places. The birds sing much louder here and the animals peak at them with curiosity. Yoonji demands to be put back on the ground, which Yoongi does without putting on a fight, and she runs off a little ahead of them to look at everything she can.


Jimin keeps his eyes on her, making sure she’s not trying any fruits but lets her pick a few flowers which she handles them both proudly. Yoongi joins her, his knees snapping loudly when he squats to pick up a few purple snowdrops. 


They walk around calmly, going deeper and deeper into the forest. The sun warms up every inch of Jimin’s skin it can reach between the branches. He looks around with a small smile on his face, feeling completely at peace when surrounded by nature. 


He doesn’t realize when the voices of Yoongi and Yoonji become more distant as he walks mindlessly, eyes following the soft-looking patches of moss. There is still a little bit of snow here and there, melting slowly, making the ground around it a little bit muddier than the rest of the forest. Old trees whisper to Jimin, calming him down, cleaning his brain from any thoughts whatsoever. 


A loud crunch of a dry branch snaps Jimin out of his trance, his eyes opening up widely. He looks around, looking for any sign of Yoongi and Yoonji but instead of the two people he loves the most he spots something that’s very out of place. Curiosity takes the best of him and Jimin takes a few tentative steps closer.


Just a few meters away from him, standing firmly, is a wardrobe. A light wood wardrobe that Jimin feels like he knows from somewhere. Right here the forest is a little thicker, the trees standing closer to each other and Jimin can’t see clearly so he decides to move closer. 


The furniture is big and Jimin looks around, hoping to see the person who brought it here. It looks heavy. Could it be some young magicians playing around? That seems like the most logical answer but he can’t hear any of them nearby and those little rascals are usually very loud and easy to spot. 


Jimin walks around it and finally, he touches the handle. There is a quiet murmur in the back of his head and he whips his head, thinking it’s someone behind him but there is nobody. The forest looks empty, like there is nobody else but Jimin. The birds are still singing, the sunbeams shine through the branches at the muddy soil. Jimin traces his eyes back to the wardrobe and grips on the wooden handle.


Hesitantly, Jimin dares to open the wardrobe, just a tiny bit but it’s completely dark inside like the sun doesn’t reach there. So he opens the door wider, his heart hammering for some reason, and gets just a little bit disappointed with the view. Clothes, it’s just clothes and a pair of old looking pair of leather shoes.


Jimin furrows his brows when the murmur is back, a little louder this time and it seems like it’s coming from deep in the wardrobe. Jimin looks around and with a bite on his bottom lip, he pushes the clothes to the side, getting him a full view of what should be the back wall of the wardrobe. Jimin’s eyes almost pop out of his eyes and he takes a few steps back until his back hits a tree.


Inside Jimin can see a room, a weakly lit room full of books and a desk standing in the middle of it. Jimin knows this place, he has been there. His heart is hammering and suddenly everything clicks. This is the portal that led Jimin here.


“Dad!” Suddenly pierces through the forest, startling birds and making them pick up from the branches nearby.


“Yoonji,” Jimin can hear Yoongi’s voice, coming closer and closer. “We don’t scream in the forest.”


Jimin doesn’t have to think about it. He is home, this is the place he belongs to and there is no power that would make him go back. He closes the wardrobe door and walks away into the direction of his husband’s and daughter’s voices.


Jimin doesn’t look back, making sure to get as far from the wardrobe as possible.


“I’m here,” He says once he sees them looking around for him. “Sorry, I got lost in thoughts and wandered away.”


“Dad!” Yoonji screams happily, running up to him, not minding low branches almost hitting her face.


Jimin picks her up, placing a big kiss on the top of her head, hugging her tightly. Yoongi seems to realize something is off but he doesn’t say anything, just hugs them both.


“Yoonji made you a beautiful bouquet,” Yoongi says, giving Jimin a small bouquet of early spring flowers.


Jimin coos, his eyes watering a little, “Thank you, sweetheart.”


They spend some more time in the forest before they go back home for a nap. All the way Jimin stays as close to both Yoonji and Yoongi, unable to take his eyes off of them. They are his happiness, this place is happiness. Before he met Yoongi and his friends he was scared he wasn't able to love or to feel happiness. 


Yet, the universe gave him Yoongi, a man that swept him off his feet, his soulmate and husband. Together, they are able to handle every obstacle in their way. They are each other’s support and a shoulder to cry on. And with Yoongi he created a family he loves with everything in him.


This is where he should be, this is his place of belonging. Next to Yoongi, wherever that might be.