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A Fool Such as I

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“Hey Katsuki! It’s me! Open up!” Bakugou hears a familiar voice coming from in front of his door, and he grunts, rolling his eyes in mock desperation. Letting a sigh escape him, he pushes himself from his chair, shunting his desk while doing so. Fighting the light smirk from his face and instead replacing it with a scowl, he walks towards the entrance to his dorm room. He opens the door swiftly, revealing a very pleased looking Kirishima, who’s holding the Spanish guitar he recently got as a present.

The redhead lifts a finger up and warmly smiles at him before he starts strumming the cords.

“Pardon me, if I’m sentimental when we say goodbye,” he sings softly, making his way into the blond’s room. He eyes him carefully as he takes small steps inside of his dormitory, as if asking for permission. “Don’t be angry with me should I cry.”

Bakugou clicks his tongue and rolls his eyes again, pretending to not find it adorable and instead annoying. He closes the door behind them and watches intently as the redhead sways, guitar in hand, to his soft music.

“When you’re gone, yet I’ll dream a little dream as years go by. Now and then there’s a fool such as I.” He pauses just slightly to give the blond his cute puppy dog look before he goes back to singing.

“Now and then there’s a fool such as I am over you. You taught me how to love and now, now you say we’re through.”

Bakugou can tell Kirishima’s hands are still clumsy when they strum the cords, and he makes a few mistakes, but the blond is more than willing to overlook them because he is very deeply touched by the sweet gesture – and very much in love with the boy behind it. He doesn’t want to admit it, but he can feel his ears burning. He tries to hide it with a scowl, but the knowing look his lover gives him tells him the redhead’s seen through him.

Kirishima’s eyes burn with an intensity that Bakugou can’t take, and that makes him turn his head away. He can now feel the blush crawling into his cheeks.

“I’m a fool but I love you dear, until the day that I die.” He stops strumming the cords, slowly, his eyes on Bakugou’s. A soft smile on his face appears on one corner of his mouth, twitching slightly. His eyes seem wet and he blinks quickly.

“Now and then, there’s a fool such as I.” He ends up whispering, dropping his guitar gently on the floor and leaning it against the bed. He closes the gap between them in two swift strides and lets their gazes interlock.

Kirishima leans in first, his head tilting to the right just slightly. His hands lovingly cup Bakugou’s face as his eyes roam all over his beautiful features before their lips interlock.

The blond closes his eyes, his heart hammering in his chest and his own hands shaking. He can’t describe what he’s feeling, but it’s amazing.

Kirishima pulls back, a smile still on his face as they lock gazes again. For a second the stay silent, until Bakugou notices something’s wrong.

“Why are you crying!?” He snaps, his fingers quickly rushing over to brush the droplets away.

“I’m sorry!” Kirishima starts laughing, more tears dropping down his face. “I’m just so grateful for everything you give me. I love you so much, Katsuki.”

“You are a fool!” The blond clicks his tongue, seemingly annoyed, but he smiles widely before leaning down and peppering kisses all over his lover’s mouth. “But I love you too.”