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Just Like You

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Fresh from the shower, Kirishima was caught off-guard as his energetic friend bounced into his room with a tray full of eggs, bacon, and toast in his hands. He nearly forgot about toweling off his hair as he saw the giant glass of orange juice tethering precariously on the edge of the tray. His boyfriend, Kaminari, was clueless about the disaster waiting to happen and only smiled his way.

Kirishima, fortunately, rushed to his aid and steadied the tray. “One of these days,” he muttered as Kaminari only giggled as if all was right in the world.

“Aw come on, it’s not like you’d ever let that happen,” he said as he elbowed him. “Considering it’s your bed and all.”

“Really?” Kirishima smirked. “Then next time I stay over, I’ll do the same to you.”

“Don’t you even dare-uhm.” Kaminari’s lips curled upwards as he leaned towards him. “Wait, does that mean you’ll surprise me with breakfast like you used to?”

Kirishima tilted his head in surprise. “You care more about the breakfast part than about the wet-bed part?”

“Of course I do! I love your cooking,” Kaminari spoke fondly. “Ever since you showed me how to cook breakfast, it’s like you’ve stepped back and let me do it all, not that I mind or anything, but I really miss eating your breakfasts, they had so much variety and they tasted so good, so good that I’d eat them for the rest of my life.”

“The rest of your life?” Kirishima wore a blush that matched the color of his hair as Kaminari nodded with the seriousness and intensity of making a sacred oath. A brief thought of such a future crossed his mind and made him grin, but he pushed it aside as he teased him. “That still has nothing to do with either of our bed’s being soaked with orange juice!”

“What’s a little orange juice? It’s like spilled milk man, nothing to worry about.” Kaminari chuckled as he waved his concern aside. “It’s not like we don’t already wash the sheets enough as it is.” It was like cursed yet embarrassing words were spoken as they blushed while eyeing the hamper full of the previous nights sheets. Still at the point in their relationship where intimate things of this sort were still tethering on the too lewd too mention point, they looked at one another and tore their glances away in search of anything else to talk about.

“S’umm the food.” Kirishima chuckled nervously as he slowly relaxed. “You’re getting better at this, don’t you think?”

“I dunno,” Kaminari didn’t look convinced. “It doesn’t even taste close to what yours tastes like? I don’t think I’ll ever be as good as you.”

“Dude, don’t say that.” Kirishima poked him in the soft spot above his hip, making him giggle and look his way. “You’re doing well. See here, the toast looks perfectly gold, the bacon isn’t too crispy, and the eggs. These eggs man.” Kirishima hummed almost teasingly.

“What?” Worried, Kaminari looked at the eggs with hesitation. “Did I do something wrong?”

“Nah man, you made ‘em exactly how I like ‘em, sunny and bright, just like you.” Kirishima gave him a toothy grin.

Kaminari blushed as he lightly pushed him away. “Dude, it’s too early to be this cheesy,” he mumbled under his breath.

“You say that but we both know how much you love cheese,” Kirishima sing-songed.

Kaminari’s blush remained strong as he spoke in incredulous denial. “Yeah cheesy cheese not whatever that was.”

Kirishima was all smiles as he pointed at the tray. “You even prepared the orange juice just the way I like it, sweet and tangy, just like you.”

“Dude, I don’t even think tangy is a compliment.” Kaminari tried to look and sound peeved but he couldn’t. His smile betrayed him.

“Doesn’t matter.” Kirishima maintained his same happy-go-lucky voice as he hummed in delight. “A compliment is a compliment. Take it or leave it.”

“How you gonna take a compliment?”

“I don’t know.” Kirishima shrugged. “But what I do know is you shouldn’t underestimate yourself. The breakfast looks really good and smells really good-”

“Just like you.” Kaminari interrupted almost breathlessly as he leaned close to him. “Cause wow, you smell good, really, really good!” The smell of fresh berries and lavender lured him close, so close in fact, that he was practically sniffing his chest, neck, and even hair too.

While Kaminari had kissed him in all those places and more, having him sniff him like an overly affectionate dog got him feeling a little hot, so hot that he had to pull the towel over his head lest Kaminari realize this was some new kink or something. Hiding his feelings, he only spoke plainly and simply. “I don’t know, I think it’s too strong and flowery for my tastes. It’s like I rolled in a field of flowers.”

“Your tastes?” Kaminari’s look of adoration fell as he squinted in suspicion. “Or your friend’s?”

Kirishima scratched his head and he turned the other way. “I mean, both?”

“Come on, you can endure smelling nice for just this weekend?” Kaminari begged. “I love you and all, I really do, but you can do without smelling like every other buff gym dude for once.”

“But it’s manly Denki,” Kirishima flexed to show off. “You never had a problem with my body wash before.”

Kaminari groaned and rolled his eyes. “Cause it’s you, but this weekend’s kind of special.” He pouted.

Not wanting to see him sad, Kirishima relented, and sighed. “Fine man, I'll endure it, just for you, okay?”

“Great!” Kaminari beamed as he hugged him. “It’s nice to smell like something other than a sweaty gym sock for once.”

“It’s not that bad.” Kirishima denied as he chuckled, but Kaminari jabbed him in the side, giving him pause. “Fine, fine. But just tell me, why not, why this weekend? Something special?”

“You gotta ask?” Kaminari pointed to the only thing he was wearing, his skimpy heart themed almost translucent briefs, as well as to the sheets Kirishima only know just noticed had the same hearts on them. Actually as he looked around his entire room, hearts, ruby red and glittery, were decorating just about everything. Velvety scarlet throw pillows embroidered with cutesy romantic messages like Be Mine, XOXOX, My Guy were on his bed, and the TV, though muted, was also playing some romantic themed Saturday morning cartoon episodes. “Don’t tell me, you forgot?”

Kaminari's voice had a certain edge to it that sent Kirishima regretting asking the question. He pulled the towel closer as he lowered his gaze.  “Of course, I didn’t forget.” He chuckled. “I’d never forget something so important.”

“Something so important? Really, what’s important, hmm?” Kaminari let his question linger in the air, the way he usually did when he knew his friend was hiding something.

“Oh you know.” He cringed as he realized he hadn’t thought his lie through. He rubbed his hair and smiled lopsidedly as he looked all around the room for a hint or something. Kaminari only got like this when there was some sort of dating milestone afoot.

“What do I know?” Kaminari remained just as suspicious as ever. His gaze was intense. “I don’t know, you haven’t given me much to go off of Ei. It’s a weekend that’s important, but you don’t know why? Doesn’t that seem a bit strange?” The edge in his voice grew stronger.

Unwilling to arouse any more suspicions, Kirishima pulled the towel tighter, letting it drape over him and obscure his view like his long red hair did. He peered through the cracks as he searched for the calendar his friend put up to celebrate their dating milestones. With the recent cutesy makeover of his room, the calendar was no longer in its usual place, the bed stand. He almost panicked but then he caught sight of it, hanging underneath a newly installed framed collage of their finest dates. The red frames with all its hearts was garish yet at the same time sweet enough to make him grin with fond remembrance as he peered at each and every one of their photos. Each was an important dateversary; the first week, month, three months, Halloween, Christmas, so on. Though, what kept him from walking down memory lane, as he so often did when Kaminari wasn’t there, was the calendar and a date stamped with hearts and their names in ruby and gold. He didn’t need to be a genius to know what date in February that was.

“It’s going to be our first Valentine’s Day,” he said as if he knew all along—a skill honed from years of friendship. “And I was hoping to make it special, really, really special.” His eyes gleamed with hope and anticipation as he eyed his friend, hoping he averted stepping on a land mine. Kaminari could be quite particular about dating milestones enough so that he was willing to give him the silent treatment for days if he ever forgot, which he did for their 180th day anniversary.

The suspicious aura vanished as Kaminari blushed, grinned, and bounced up to him like a puppy in love. “Huh, so you’re gonna make it special? Really?”

“Of course.” Kirishima’s expression softened as he spoke with a voice as sweet as honey. “I’d make any day special for you, man, any day.”

Kaminari hugged him as he laughed. “Stop it you tease.”

“It’s true.” Kirishima reiterated with a smile that didn’t falter. “Didn’t I make each and every one of those days special, just for you?” His eye sparkled as he pointed at the collage.

Kaminari squeezed him with all the warmth and affection that he could muster. “You did, you really did.”

“I know.” Kirishima answered as he wondered how he'd figure out what to do for Valentine’s Day. He only had Sunday to plan since it was on Monday.

“Hey lets take Valentine’s Day easy.” Kaminari suggested. “We don’t have to go anywhere or buy anything, none of that. We’ll just treat it like a normal day for once, where we just sit here do our usual.”

Kirishima considered it for a moment but wondered if he’d walked into a trap. Considering how the room was decorated and all, there was no way he’d want to just do nothing. “Really? Just us two and this room. No gifts or the like?”

Kaminari rest his head against his shoulder and spoke with a whisper, like he was voicing thoughts he’d kept buried in the depth of his heart. “You’re the best gift a guy could ever ask for dude. Having you is all I’ve ever needed.”

With a statement like that, said with the utmost of tender-hearted feelings, Kirishima couldn’t help but push his skeptical thoughts aside and place a gentle kiss atop his head. He only briefly caught sight of Kaminari’s ears that turned pink with embarrassment as he realized the words he just said. His cheeks that matched the same color, no, his entire face in fact, was soon obscured by the towel he pulled right off of Kirishima’s shower moistened hair. He spoke through it, muffling his voice to hide his feelings.

Unfortunately, it betrayed him, as he only sounded whiny, needy, and gosh darn adorable Kirishima thought. “I didn’t mean to sound so cliché and cheesy, it just, it just came out that way.”

Kirishima giggled teasingly. “Remember when you were single and you used to throw these lines around to everyone that crossed your path that you thought was pretty? You would say them with such seriousness that it was both cringe but also kind of adorable in a weird sort of way. You would smile and look at them like you-”

“Don’t remind me!” Kaminari marched to the bed and tossed a pillow as he frowned or tried to. He was so embarrassed that he couldn’t. And I wasn’t trying to be adorable or cute or something. I was being serious, totally and genuinely about you, and all I ever need-don’t make me repeat it!”

“It sounded so lame and cheesy, I couldn’t help but tease you about it,” Kirishima confessed as he finally dropped his towel to put on a pair of Valentine’s Day themed briefs left out for him, XOXOXO and hearts were all over it. He nearly rolled his eyes but stopped when he felt Kaminari’s eyes on him. He craned his head ever so slightly and noticed the smallest of smiles on his face as his eyes took all of him in totally and completely. He was captivated and in awe as his mouth hung agape.

Kirishima found himself suddenly drawn into whatever aura had bewitched Kaminari and spoke honestly and without jokes, straight from the heart. “Though, I think all these lame and cheesy lines are the best, considering they’re all true, don’t you think?”

“How so?” Kaminari said as he slowly moved to the edge of the bed.

“You know?” Kirishima lowered his voice and scratched his head as he heard the tip tapping of Kaminari’s feet shuffling across the carpet. It took every part of his being to not look at him. “It’s just each and every one of them has this way of making me fall in love with you all over again.”

“Really?” Kaminari said as he grabbed his hand, tugged him, and practically nonverbally begged him to turn around and face him as he opened his heart to him as he so occasionally did when they were alone.

Bashful, Kirishima remained as he was. As much as he loved voicing his love for Kaminari, he still found it embarrassing to say it aloud. The dopey yet teasing grin Kaminari wore each and every time he voiced these thoughts didn’t help. It was like he knew he had this effect on him and was willing to look at him like that until he finally got them out. And so Kirishima did as he looked at his toes and now, Kaminari’s, who was right up on him. “You make my heart race when you look at me like that, you make me smile like the sun when you say things like that, and you send me head over heels for you when I feel your love for.”

His words were cut short as he tasted that sweat, savory, saccharine love right on his lips. He felt it on his hips and chest as those soft, warm, lithe arms and hands were now around him, embracing him. And he heard it as the hums of affection, of adoration, of love were vibrating from his lover right before him.

As bashful as he was about voicing his thoughts, he was certainly not apprehensive about partaking in the love he shared with Kaminari immediately afterwards. The expressions of love through physical intimacy was always so strong and always made him relish the time he had with him. No one, no one at all had ever made him feel like this, and no one afterwards could ever make him feel like this.

So now, in the midst of their kissing he returned to the question at hand. Did Kaminari really want to enjoy each other san gifts or special activities for Valentine’s Day or not? He thought of asking him as they pulled away but as Kaminari breathlessly looked at him and fished for his hands, he had second thoughts. His lover looked so pleased, so amazing, and so mesmerized by what just happened that perhaps, spending time together, alone in the room and away from all the other festivities they partook in on dates and the like, could be forgone for once.