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Unlike All The Rest

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Evening was coming faster than usual as Alice walked down the beautiful corridors of Volturi Palace, her new home. From outside of the windows, she could see the sun setting over Volterra. Her transformation from high school student to guard to royal was strange to her. No longer was she living in the drab and demure little town of Forks, Washington. She was now Queen Alice Volturi, wife of Aro Volturi, one of the 3 vampire kings. Alice's new position presented her with every luxury and refinement a person could wish for. As was his wish, Aro granted her a seat on the council. That is where she was headed now. Queen Alice strutted towards the throne room in a gown of black satin. Upon her arms were black diamond bracelets covering each of her wrists. Resting her head was a coronet of blood-red rubies that shone brightly in the late evening sun. She looked more like a Roman empress than a girl from an American small town. As Alice got a glimpse of herself in the mirror, she saw that she was the very example of perfect grace and beauty. Her ladies-in-waiting, Luisa, Francesca, and Julia following close behind her, holding the train of her exquisite gown. As she passed, the other vampires and servants would bow or curtsy to their queen. Normally, all this power would go to a person's head, but beneath the regal appearance, Alice had the same kind spirit she had back home in Forks. Contrary to the other vampires, Alice still kept to her diet of animal blood, a habit her new husband could never understand, but respected nonetheless. New husband. She had only been married to Aro for a few years now, since Jasper's slaying in the battle. Alice, did the only thing she knew to do. She didn't love Aro at first, but as time passed, she began to see a different side to him. He was loving and compassionate, at least to her.

"I wonder why I'm being called in at this time of the day." she said to her ladies. "I'm usually out and about in the city at this time. Do the three of you know anything about this?"

"Not at all, Your Majesty." said Luisa.

"Sua Maesta la regina (Her Majesty, the queen!)

The doors opened and there seated in the middle of the room, were the three Volturi kings, Aro, Marcus, and Caius. "Dearest!" said Aro. "So nice of you to join us." Alice took her seat beside him.

"You look beautiful this evening." Aro said as he placed a kiss on the back of her hand.

"Thank you, sweetheart." she said. "I've had the strangest vision."

Aro was stunned. "What did you see?" "In it I saw a woman wrapped in chains carrying a child."

The younger king's remark was rewarded with a snarl from Aro. "You would do well to respect your queen!"

"Now, now," Alice replied. "Let's not start a fight this evening."

Now, why have you called us in here?"

"The sentence must be carried out." Marcus said in his usual hushed tone. Confused, Alice turned to her husband. "Sentence?"

"You will see, my dear." Aro replied. The doors suddenly opened without warning.

The guards Felix and Demetri dragged in a woman. The woman was wearing chains around her dirty, torn dress just like the one in Alice's vision. She struggled and screamed as her captors pushed and pulled her into the throne room. She seemed to be holding a small bundle of something in her arms while struggling to fight off her offenders. At once, Alice knew that the bundle contained a small child. The queen knew where this was going. This was similar to the conflict that happened between Bella and Edward. Luckily, the family produced enough evidence to save her niece's life from total annihilation. This child, the most beautiful baby boy Alice has ever seen, may not be so fortunate.

"Mirella," Aro said as he shook his head. "You know what our laws say about creating immortal children." "

Save your breath, Aro!" Mirella spat. Her red glowered angrily at them. "You didn't enforce that law in the war brought on by the queen's bastard niece!"

"The Cullens were too powerful!" Caius replied, but his remark brought Mirella no ease.

"Too powerful?" she mocked. "You let a tiny North American coven rule over you? You are the most pitiful and sorry excuse of rulers. You sit here, you pretenders to the crown, and let one of the lesser covens defeat you! What are you saying to the others? That the Volturi is easily swayed?"

Queen Alice was feeling her own anger rise. "Take care of what you say!" she warned.

"Never, you traitorous bitch!" she exclaimed. "If your family can create an immortal child, then so can I!" The babe in Mirella's arms began to wail once the woman's fang sunk into the soft, tender flesh of his thigh. With remarkable speed, Alice took the child and ran down the hall to her room. Behind her, she can hear Mirella's horrible screams as she was being torn apart, limb from limb, by Demetri and Felix. Once safe in her quarters, Alice called for her ladies. The blood dripping down the boy's leg was too inticing, and Alice, as disciplined as she was, tried everything not to bring further harm to the baby. Her ladies-in-waiting, however, weren't so disciplined. The queen saw the hungry look in their eyes as they inched slowly toward the child.

"Stai indietro (Stay back)!" she exclaimed.

"Get me a clean towel to wrap him in!" she ordered. Luisa looked at the boy and stepped back in horror.

"Sua Maesta (Your Majesty), this is a human child!"

"I know," Alice said. "I saved him from being turned."

"Grazi, Luisa. Grazi, Francesca. That will be all."

"But, Your Majesty," began Francesca.

"I said go!" The queen's ladies curtsied, then left.

The child soon stopped crying as Alice rocked him against her chest. She immediately became attached to the baby, smiling as he played with the diamond necklace hanging around her neck. Soon, those little hands slowly lowered as the boy retreated to a peaceful sleep.

"Alice, explain yourself this instant!" Aro shouted when he entered the room.

"Shh!" she exclaimed. "The child's asleep."

"Do you have any idea what you've done?!" he whispered fiercely. "Do you have any idea what's at stake here?!"

"I couldn't allow this child to be killed, Aro." Alice said. "If you can show mercy to my niece and to my family, then why not to him?"

"Because that would make us look weak in the eyes of our kind!" Aro exclaimed.

"I cannot seem to go against every law this coven has established. We cannot be seen as hypocrites, Alice!" The king had a point. Alice look at the sleeping child through teary eyes. In the year of her marriage and time as reigning monarch of the vampires, she so wanted a child of her own. She grew a little jealous whenever she saw Bella playing with Renesmee. Even more than Roselie or Esme. She would relinquish all the power in the world just for the pleasure of holding that sleeping babe. "My love, I understand you're hurt, but we must abide by our laws." The pain in his wife's eyes was enough to rip Aro's heart.

"We can't keep him."

"What if he were to remain human?" the queen said. "If we raised him just as he is, then the Immortal Child law remains intact."

"I'm not sure if that will work, my love." he said. "In time, he will become suspicious and start to question our very nature. And we will answer them honestly when that moment arrives." Queen Alice replied.

Aro tried to detour his wife from making the final decision, but nothing else came to mind.

"Have you decided on a name for him?"


That night the council room was in an uproar. Aro sat silently on his throne, his head resting in his hands, while Caius bickered non-stop.

"You can't seriously take this child in!" Caius exclaimed. "Do you know what this will mean? We will appear intemperate to those we rule! That child will tear down what we have spent centuries building!"

"The queen has made it clear that the child will remain human throughout its natural life." Aro added.

"Then there is no harm in it." Marcus replied. "No laws have been broken."

Caius scoffed. "You have always taken her word over ours. She should be the one standing here begging for our forgiveness."

"Had Alice seen anything so far?" Marcus asked.

"The queen has retired for the night," Aro replied. "And so should we. Good Night, brothers." Aro walked back to his royal apartments. By this time, night had covered all of Volterra. The corridors of the palace were lit up with dozens of candles. When he open the door to the bedroom, he saw Alice laying beside the baby, singing a quiet lullaby to his sleeping form. What a sight it was to behold. They looked the perfect mother and child. "Oh, hello." she said, discerningly. "Have you and the others come to some sort of decision?

"The child stays."