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Magic Into the Hills

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Vampire Diaries

Season 1:Lexi doesn't get killed and Bonnie creates a daylight ring for her. Lexi calls Bree and she comes to help Shelia and Bonnie with the tomb. They all open it and before letting it any of the vampires, Bree uses her magic to sense if Katherine was there and told everyone she wasn't. Damon was upset and Bonnie hugged him, That was the first time Shelia saw Damon look at Bonnie that way. 

Annabelle and Pearl escape with Harper efore John kills them. They decided to move to France. There, they built a home and Harper gained a lover who became a vampire, her name was Marie. 

Some events in Season 2 are changed. Mason wasn't killed because Sheila stopped Damon from killing him and Mason became Tyler's werewolf mentor and moved into Lockwood mansion. Jules came and tried to kill Mason for being in love with Katherine. Jules lost her pack and left into the woods. Elijah and Freya came to mystic falls. 

jules was captured by Klaus and Katherina as well. To save their siblings, Freya breaks his curse with Elena, Jules, and Katherine. Elijah was heartbroken but before Katherine died, she wrote him a note. He read it and understand why she wasn't scared of dying. She was tired of running and joining her family on the other side would be better but being Katherine, she killed Jenna to taunt Elena. 

After burying Jenna, Alaric went into his depressive state and Klaus turns Tyler into a hybrid. Mason was upset and almost was killed by Klaus. Stefan left with him to keep them safe and for his blood after Damon was bitten by Tyler. 

Season 3:

Esther does come back and turns Alaric into a Enhanced Original. Freya and Bonnie work together to restore Alaric's humanity before he gets to Klaus. Bonnie doesn't delve into dark magic and Caroline realizes she and Tyler would never work, because of his vengeance. Klaus restores Stefan's humanity and he breaks up with Elena. The originals leave town after Rumors of Jane-Anne trying to bring back Esther. Rebekah causes Elena and Matt to go off the bridge for daggering her.

Season 4: Elena becomes a vampire and Damon teaches her, they become a couple,Shane comes to Mystic Falls and Bonnie finds Shane, he teaches her expression to poison her mind until her grams snaps some sense in her. Damon finds out what Shane tried to do and kills him for it. He finds his notes about The Travelers.

The Other Side wasn't destroyed by the travelers, and Amara is still the Anchor because the Qetysiah /Silas storyline doesn't happen. Stefan is living his life away from Mystic Falls.

Season 5

Caroline and Alaric talk about building the Salvatore school, to help young supernaturals 

Bonnie leaves Mystic Falls with Damon after Elena realizes she loves Stefan still and leaves to find him.

Bonnie and Damon become a couple and they meet Enzo . Damon realizes he's bi , and loves both of them

After coming back to Mystic Falls, They meet Tyler's girlfriend Liv and they help her free Kai. This Kai is different, because Kai realized he shouldn't have done those things and decides to be a better person while in the prison world.

The Gemini coven comes to put him back and almost kills him, Damon feeds him his blood and Kai dies, becoming a witch/vampire. The Gemini coven reveal that Damon's mother is in a Prison World.

Bonnie, Kai, Liv and Luke perform the spell and unknowingly free the Heretics along with Lily. Lily tires to kill her son after he told her that her children need to stop and Kai almost kill her. The Heretics are pissed and Lily frees Julian from his coffin with the Phoenix Stone.

Tyler and Kai kidnapped Julian and Lily comes to collect him but Bonnie and Kai use a spell to reveal that Julian killed Stefan's son and wanted the Heretics to be his army not family. Lily watches as Valerie kill him and feels nothing except disgust with him and herself.

Lily decides to heal with both her sons and becomes a better person. Malcolm, Nora, Mary-Louise , Beau,Valerie, and Oscar stay in Mystic Falls. Caroline and Valerie end up together. Kai heals Beau, so he can speak again and tells Malcolm that he loves him, Malcolm knew already but didn't say anything because of the racism back then and didn't want Beau even more stressed for loving a white man, Beau told Malcolm that times has changed and their immortal now, none of those people can hurt them. Nora and Mary-Louise helped them adjust to the period.


After that, the entire heretic coven siphon the Phoenix Stone while Bonnie, Liv and Luke destroy it, sending the vampire souls to the other side. Bonnie also found a spell that allows a vampire to be human for 24 hours and uses it on Alaric and destroys the spell right after, but the spell restarted Alaric to a regular vampire of one year. 

Rayna Cruz comes to Mystic Falls and tries to kill the Heretics but she dies because Bonnie uses Expression to undo her spell. Bonnie also learned to control it with Nora and Beau. Stefan comes back with his girlfriend Ivy and meets everyone

Season 6

Stefan tells them that Elena tired to kill Ivy after turning off her humanity and Stefan had to kill her, he had to turn Ivy. The others weren't surprised but grieved in their own way. Jeremy buried his sister, and understood what happened. He decides to stay in Mystic falls

Jeremy and Luke end up together after they were drunk. Jeremy realized he was Bi , and took Luke out on formal dates. Bonnie and Liv threatened him if he hurt Luke.

Jo tells everyone she's pregnant with twins and Alaric is happy. They decided to get married. The Gemini Coven come and during the wedding, a witch who hated Kai, stabbed Jo in the back, Kai quickly killed him. The Gemini Coven used a spell to transport the twins to Caroline.

Alaric turns Jo to save her, Lily and Caroline teach her to control herself.

The Gemini Coven and the Heretics forgive each other. Kai joins the Heretics, Bonnie, Liv and Luke decided to form a coven of their own.

After that, Alaric opened the doors to the school, The Heretics and The Mystic Falls Gang become the Protectors of Mystic Falls. That's the end of Vampire Diaries.

The Originals


Freya was never taken, Esther grew in her magic and cloaked Freya from Dahila . They left to the West with Ayanna .

Everything was same but because, Freya grew up with them, She and Kol were powerful witches together, well Freya had more raw power.

Klaus and Henrik went out to see the wolves and they killed Henrik. They change their kids into vampires, well only Finn,Elijah, Klaus, Kol , Rebekah, Freya became a immortal witch.

Luicen , Aurora, and Tristan are still the first vampires of Klaus, Elijah and Rebekah's bloodlines, Sage is the first vampire of Finn's.

Sage and Finn were accepted into the family so Finn was never daggered and became Klaus's consul if Elijah wasn't around.

When the family came to Mystic Falls, Klaus met Katherine again, and kidnapped her breaking Elijah's heart. Freya casts the spell to undo Klaus's Hybrid curse with Jules, Katherine and Elena as the sacrifice. Before Katherine dies, she reveals that she killed Jenna. Klaus kills her for everything that happened.

Hayley and Klaus have the one night stand and Hayley leaves to New Orleans.

Originals Season 1

The Mikaelson Family finds out about the harvest. Marcel saved Davina from the Harvest a year before. After completing the Harvest with Esther's power, Celeste hijacks it and brings back Papa Tunde , Bastianna , Genevieve. Papa Tunde , Bastianna , and Celeste are killed bringing back Monique, Abigail and Davina.

Esther manipulates the coven to kill Hope as she is born, Abigail tries to help Hope but stopped. The Mikaelsons kill Genevieve, and Monique. Cassie comes back but Esther is possessing her. Francesca gets the pack to split apart and Cassie brings back Mikael.

Season 2
Hayley kills Francesca and her family after they killed multiple members of the crescent pack.

Jackson and her get married, finishing the ritual, so the pack could control their transformations. Davina and Abigail find out about Cassie and she almost kills them but Freya de possesses her, sending Esther to the Other Side Again.

Vincent meets the Mikaelson after Finn saves him from their mother. Mikael kidnaps Camille and kills her but with Klaus's blood in her veins, becomes a vampire. Mikael leaves New Orleans after fleeing his children.

Vincent becomes the Regent, Hayley is the Alpha, and Marcel rules the Vampires. The Mikaelsons decided to live in peace with each other. Davina, Abigail, Cassie become Elders for the French Quarter Coven.

Season 3

Davina almost kills Kara after she tries to kill her in front of the elders. Vincent stopped them and shunned Kara. Kara and the ninth ward coven teamed up with Ancestors who wanted the Mikaelsons dead. Lucien came to the city with Aurora and Tristan in tow.

Aurora and Cami fight, Cami kills Aurora in front of Lucien.  The Strix capture the originals but only unlink Klaus and Elijah from their sirelines . Elijah kills Tristan and Hayley kills Aya for Jackson. Lucien kidnapped Freya and Vincent, he creates the beast serum and almost kills Cami but kills Finn, killing his entire line. The Ancestors cursed Kol with madness and he kills Davina. Freya uses her soul to take power from the ancestors, she used Elijah's power and the ancestors power to bring Davina to life.

Davina was weak though and Freya leaves to strip Lucien of his power.

Everyone was happy but Marcel and Vincent were angry at Freya's and Elijah's almost betrayal because Freya could have killed Davina. Marcel becomes the Beast, biting Kol , and Elijah, Cami, Davina and Rebekah stop him, from hurting others. Marcel puts Klaus in prison with papa tunde's blade in him. Freya links her family to him. Hayley, Davina and Cami leave New Orleans with Mikaelsons in coffins

Vincent, Davina, Cassie and Abigail unlink the ancestors from the living for the part they played with Van and Lucien. 

Season 4

Hope is 10 now and Hayley frees the Mikaelsons . She meets Keelin and Keelin agrees to help her and gives her venom to cure them(instead of that canon bull) Klaus has alot to catch up on but happy to see Cami. Freya and Keelin start to become friends then become lovers. The Nazi Vampires come into New Orleans, and kidnap Hayley by using Roman. Hope and Roman "find" Hayley and Greta wants Hope to bind herself along with Hayley. Elijah and Klaus save them but Hayley was cursed. Elijah throws Greta out of the house and into direct sunlight, killing her

The Nazi Vampires were starting trouble for both Marcel and Klaus. The Mikaelsons and Marcel become family again but The Nazi Vampires kidnapped Marcel and make serums that can kill a original. They get him back but at the cost of Elijah when he threw himself in front of Hope.

Hayley was devastated by the event. Hope blamed herself and her magic started to react in that way. She found Roman and Antoinette and tortured them for Elijah's death and Hayley's curse. She couldn't kill them though, she freed them and after all of that, they all teamed up and Hope used her magic to kill all the Nazi vampires(like canon).

Klaus sees Caroline, so she can get her daughters to siphon off Hayley's curse. They did and after returning to New Orleans, A huge funeral was thrown for people who lost their lives to the Nazi Vampires.


During the season, Vincent used the Harvest to bring the ancestors back and at the end, he locked the dimension away from the living again. When Hope killed the Nazi vampires at the same time,it released a Nexus Vorti.Freya used that power and brought back Jackson, Aiden, and Finn and Sage from the other side.

Hayley gave the title of Alpha to Lisanna , and Jackson became a werewolf elder. Josh and Aiden were reunited. Josh lived(Canon disappointed me so much) and became the leader of New Orleans Vampires.

Marcel, Rebekah, Cami and Klaus, Kol , Davina along with Freya and Keelin had four weddings.

Also Roman and Hope became friends again and she sees him like a older brother.

Teen Wolf

Season 3

Erica and Boyd survived season 3, Erica was almost killed by Kali but Deucalion stopped her.

Boyd wasn't killed by Derek, because Isaac fought off Ethan,freeing Boyd from his grip.

Season 5

Tracy lives, she almost got killed but survived Theo's attack

Derek moved back to Beacon Hills,and rebuild the Hale House

Season 6

The Nazi Lion was the villain of the Season 6

Derek's Pack consists of Erica, Boyd, Peter, Theo joins the pack after coming back from the prison that the Skin walkers put him in. The Nazi kidnapped Stiles and was injured by him. Derek fought the Nazi and killed him. He quickly bit Stiles to save him. During the turning, Stiles told him his feelings and Derek told him he loved him.

After that, Melissa and John got engaged and married, making Scott and Stiles step brothers.

Parrish and Lydia ended up together after they realized they had a connection. Kira gained control of her fox spirit and came back to Beacon Hills. She told Scott that she loved Malia and Malia broke up with him for her.

Theo and Liam got together after Liam almost lost Theo. Hayden and Tracy got together and became part of Scott's pack.

A few years later

Hayley fell in love with a guy named Declan who was Cami's cousin. Declan was turned by Cami after a vampire tried to kill them. Vincent also was the father of Freya's and Keelin's twins and Ivy married him.


Season 1

Hope didn't put the knife on the window. She saved Landon and snapped Clarke's neck. She and Landon made it back to the school and turned Rafael back into human. 



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