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The Great (Kitkat) War

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Everyone was alert and running the moment a piercing shriek ruined the peaceful day everyone was having.

Everyone who heard it dashed towards the kitchen only to sweatdrop at the ridiculous scene in front of them. They watched in mild confusion (and amusement) as Iida avoided Aoyama's punches.

"You monster!! How could you!?" Aoyama shrieked, eyes glaring at the befuddled class representative.

"What's going on here?" Aizawa asked as he sighed helplessly (he had rushed from where he was )Aoyama's shriek can be heard from Class 1-B's dorm where he had just finished a meeting with Vlad.

Aoyama started speaking in French as he pointed at Iida with an accusing finger. Mina tackled Aoyama and patted his head to calm him down.

Iida, ever the responsible child that he is, bowed even though he's still clueless.

"I'm sorry for the disturbance everyone!" He fixed his glasses while frowning. "Although, I also did not know the reason why he screamed so suddenly."

"What's this all about?"

Aoyama uncharacteristically glared at Iida. He huffed and crossed his arms. "YOU EAT KITKATS LIKE A SAVAGE!"

He pointed at the Kitkat bar that had fallen on the table where there was a definite uneven bite mark.

Hearing the ridiculous reason and somehow not even surprised by his children's antics, Aizawa sighed once again when he heard the other pro-heroes-to-be-if-they're-not-expelled-yet gasp in horror while some just groaned and got out the kitchen. Some though, laughed hysterically.

Iida blinked in confusion and picked up the treat, he was hungry and do not understand why they were being like this. He bit into the Kitkat bar while shrugging but let out a confused sound as others gasped in horror again.

"What is the matter, everyone? I do eat snacks, sometimes. It's not that surprising."

"No, you fucking extra. The way you eat it just sets them off." Bakugou Katsuki shrugged, rummaging the snack pantry for his very own snack before leaving the escalating scene in the kitchen.

"I don't see the problem." Shinsou drawled as he slumped down the dining table, flipping through his phone gallery. "Just eat it however you want."

"No way! It's designed to be eaten piece by piece, you barbarian!" Kaminari said, shaking Shinsou. "And don't ignore me because you're browsing your cat folder!"

"I don't get why, it's all being digested anyway." Todoroki muttered, Ochako gaped at him and puffed her cheeks.

"I can't believe both my friends!" She exclaimed, looking at Todoroki and Iida who had finished his Kitkat bar and threw it in the proper trash unaware of his glaring classmates.

"Let's put an end to this." 


Whoever muttered that, should not have said that.




And thus, a week of Kitkar war began in Class A thats somehow got Class B involved by the fourth day that somehow led other sections then departments in the fray THAT SOMEHOW ESCALATED TO FULL-BLOWN BATTLE. 

It started from hour long verbal debates to U.A-wide research surveys on which way to eat Kitkat better, to a U.A wide interview on how to eat Kitkats, and led to a showdown on who can eat the most Kitkat in which the winner will determine which is the better way to eat one.

There were too many strained relationships staked on this battle, everyone was determined to win.

(On the side of Ground Beta, chosen to accommodate such a large number of people just for the sake of the proper way to eat a snack, Recovery Girl had already set up a table filled with floss, toothbrushes and toothpaste as well as gallons filled with water as she made herself comfortable)

Up towards the monitoring room where most neutrals gathered, one Present Mic stared at the glaring teenagers divided by a table filled with Kitkats, you could even see fire dancing in the background if you looked hard enough. Oh wait, no. That was Todoroki and Bakugou. Nevermind then. 

Upon further inspection, even some of the staff are there. Nezu was apparently called to referee for peace in U.A.

"Y'know, they're getting carried away, right? It's just a Kitkat."

Eraserhead, who was begrudgingly deprived of his yellow sleeping bag because Class A filled it with Kitkats, regarded Present Mic for a second before handing him a green tea flavored kitkat. "Here, eat this."

Present Mic thanked him for the treat and bit down on three bars unevenly, munching on it with a hum. Eraserhead froze, stared at him for a minute then turned and started walking away.

"I'm breaking up with you."

"Huh? WHAT? SHOUTA!! I was just messing with you, you know I don't always eat it like this. SHOUTTAAAA! WAI-"


Lunch Rush won. He said the best way to eat Kitkats is to melt it and crush the wafer and put it as an ingredient for another dessert for ultimate flavor.

Thus started another Kitkat war. It escalated to Fatgum and other pro heroes joining the fray. There were reports of villain alliances separating and starting an alliance with others because of it. 

It never seemed to end.

It has been said, that The Great (Kitkat) War, is still continuing up to this day.


Kitkat had gifted the U.A heroics class five large boxes filled with Kitkats of different flavors each in thanks for starting such a phenomenon, everyone was also given 12 coupons each to avail one large box each month, valid for two years.

Aizawa-sensei, who does not get paid enough for this ™,  had to enforce a rule that their Kitkats could only be eaten inside their rooms to avoid another war. (It didn't stop the Kitkat party that happened.)

The next school year, there was a line in the student handbook that had first years squinting in confusion.

"Respect how everyone eats their food, especially snacks. I.e Kitkats"