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Happy Valentine's Day, Gus

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Gus smiled looking at Robbie, his best friend who happened to also be his boyfriend of six months. The day that Robbie had came into his life when he was only six. It had been the first day of school for the year. He had moved to West Virginia to live with his dads full time. Robbie had shown him around the school and classroom. They had instantly hit it off and became friends. Robbie practically lived there with them half the time. His mom was a doctor so if she'd had to go in when they were little she'd bring Robbie to him; well his dads.

Though since he'd been ten he'd kept saying that Robbie was his. Robbie had taken a little longer to realize he was into guys though. Gus had waited though not pushing him, but he'd seen it in everything about Robbie. He hadn't kissed him once until Robbie had been ready. It had been so hard waiting the year for Robbie. However, it had been worth it and now they were perfect he thought. No one besides Jenny knew that they were officially together. She had promised not to say a word because they wanted to be private. They knew how bad their families could be. It wasn't a bad thing since they loved them, it could be annoying though.

Robbie's mom had been saying he was her other son since he'd been seven. If his dads had to go somewhere then he'd stay with Robbie like Robbie had them. Robbie had his own horse at Britin and when they had offered him a room of his own he'd said he'd rather share a room with Gus. Robbie's dad had been gone since he had been five; just ran off one day. So Gus knew that Willow, Robbie's mom thought of his dads like dads to Robbie too. She kept teasing at times when were they going to make it official.

It was also funny because they were only seventeen, got together on their birthdays. They shared a birthday and it had been so freaky because Robbie had been born in Pittsburgh, but lived in West Virginia back then too. He had only been born in Pittsburgh because his mom had been staying with her parents at the time. Though they didn't share the same times. Gus had been born at night, Robbie had been born during the day which he picked at Gus about saying he was older at times. Gus would only roll his eyes saying whatever. A few times they might have gotten into a fun wrestling match leading to lots of kissing lately.


Today was special though because it was Valentine's Day. Robbie had stayed over the night before so they would wake up together. It had been nice going to bed and waking up with Robbie. It had been happening a lot lately though which Gus liked. They hadn't had sex yet not wanting to only be after each other for that. They had made out a plenty times and kissed so much that Jenny joked their lips would fall off. Gus had another reason to wait like they had. He didn't want to be like his dads. He loved them so much, but he didn't want Robbie to ever think that he was only a good fuck.

The day that he had found out the way his dad used to treat his dad Justin he'd been heart broken. He had thought they had always been this wonderful married couple. It had been a long three weeks because he hadn't been able to talk to his dad. He had looked up to Brian so much for how good he was with Justin. He couldn't see them being any other way besides wonderful, loving, and so devoted to each other. It had taken time even if he'd been told by someone he was being stupid about it. Except for one person, he'd been the one that spilled those beans. It hadn't mattered a part of him had been shattered finding out those things. He had been terrified he'd end up doing that to Robbie if he gave in to what they wanted.

Justin had finally had the long conversation with him about things though. Brian had been just as heart broken he wouldn't talk to him so Justin had helped fixed their relationship. Gus had been shocked for days that Justin had also left for a while. He had understood that though because of what he'd found out about his dad Brian. He had been sure he would have left if Robbie had done that to him too. It had taken a few days, but he had finally started talking to his dad again. His dad Justin had promised him they hadn't been in a bad place since before the bombing. It was the only time he hadn't talked to his dad and even when he hadn't wanted to do that he still loved him so much. The one person he wasn't talking to anymore was the one that told him a few lies in all that so called truth about his dads.

Now he wasn't so scared about letting things go farther if Robbie wanted to. He wasn't sure if it would, but he did hope so. The night before they'd slept without their clothes altogether. Usually it was everything off, but their boxer briefs when Robbie stayed over or vise versa. Robbie and he had done some exploring before bed, but they'd only given each other a hand job in the end. It hadn't been the first time he'd gotten off though, he'd been jacking off since he'd been fifteen. Robbie hadn't been helping him that long though. He'd actually been nervous the first time they had showed each other their cocks.


Robbie slipped back into the bed with Gus giving him a kiss as he let his hand move over Gus' side. Some times he wondered how he had gotten so lucky to be able to say his best friend was his boyfriend. He had come to the conclusion that if Gus wanted to he'd tell the world now. He'd been scared at first of change, but now knowing that Jenny hadn't freaked three weeks back he felt better.

He had loved Gus since he had become his best friend. He'd wanted to be with him for life since they were ten. He had wanted to do so many things since they were fifteen. The only thing that had worried him was what people might think He wasn't talking about their parents, it was others. Then there was also that he might destroy what he had with Gus. Their friendship had been almost like brothers til he had realized he loved him. Anything brother like had vanished after that. On their seventeenth birthday they'd had a double party. He'd waited until that night to give Gus his real present.

He had taken Gus out horseback riding at sunset where he had kissed him for the first time. It had gotten extremely heated, but they hadn't given into their desires. He knew Gus' fears since it had been only three days since he'd started talking to his dad again. He hadn't wanted to worry his boyfriend that was all he was after. It had been hard though resisting Gus so many times. He'd had to take a cold showers many times after being around Gus. His boyfriend was gorgeous and he could see why since he was almost a carbon copy of his dad Brian when he had been that age. He had teased Gus once about maybe a threesome, but Gus had glared at him daring him to mention it again. There had also been a promise of cutting an item off as well to fed it to him.

Gus let out a moan deepening the kiss as he opened his mouth up. His moan turned to a whimper as Robbie's cock brushed against his. He had woken up hard as steal tangled up in Robbie's arms. Instead of slipping away to take care of his cock he'd laid there. Robbie had gotten up locking the bedroom door before coming back to him. Once they broke the kiss Robbie brushed his nose against Gus' before looking into the beautiful eyes he loved. He wanted to do more than kiss him and the night before it had taken everything in him not to do more than the hand job.


"Happy Valentine's Day, Gus. You think I could give you something special?" Robbie asked biting down on his bottom lip. "It's more than a hand job I want to do." He added looking to see if there was any doubts there in Gus' eyes.

Gus swallowed, but nodded his head giving Robbie a smile. "Happy Valentine's Day to you too Robbie. Yeah, you can do whatever you'd like with me. I was kind of going to give you me for today anyway. I wasn't sure if you'd want to though." He said in a nervous voice.

He wasn't sure why he was nervous though since he'd been looking forward to this day for ages. He guessed it might be the worry that he'd be told no or Robbie wouldn't be ready. He could feel his heart pounding in his chest at the moment which was from a mixture of things. He brought his hand up to Robbie's face cupping it looking into the deep blue eyes that were showing so much right now. They were the bluest eyes he had ever seen in his life. It had been one of the things that had drawn him into Robbie when they were little. He had told Jenny he wanted to look at them for the rest of his life weeks ago. He was glad he had her to confide in about things.

"Oh Gus, I want you always. You got no clue how much I am into you. I love you, Gus have for years." Robbie answered. "You are the most loving person I know. I don't know how I got so lucky to find a boyfriend like you. I know it sucked what happened years ago with your moms, but I got you in my life." He said.

Gus pulled Robbie down to him kissing him putting every ounce of love into it that he had. He'd always miss his moms', but having Robbie in his life had felt like the answer to it at times. He opened his mouth up letting Robbie have access to it as the kiss deepened. He had done something else that he had hoped Robbie wouldn't panic about once he told him. He'd never been with anyone else and didn't want to be. Didn't care if he'd been told once that there would be plenty of fishes in the sea for him. Robbie was that guy for him which was why he had waited until he was ready.

"I have one other thing for you besides what's sitting in my closet. I got it yesterday in hopes maybe you'd want to." Gus said once they broke the kiss. He pointed at the envelope that he'd put on the bed when Robbie had gotten up. "It's for you."


Robbie looked down after sharing another quick kiss with Gus. He picked the envelope up that was blank. He opened it up after sitting down with Gus moving beside him. He pulled out a Valentine's Day card that Gus had made by hand. Gus was an excellent artist like his mom had been and his dad Justin was too. On the front of the card it was a rainbow with there being a little pot at the end. However, instead of gold being in it Gus had drawn his head poking out of the pot. As if saying that at the end of the rainbow Robbie would find him there.

There were more rainbows over the card and one was actually coming from a unicorn's eyes. Robbie moved his hand over the card loving it so much. Everything that Gus drew he loved so much. He hadn't posed naked for Gus yet, but he'd done it with only his boxer briefs on a few times. One of his favorite ones was when Gus had drawn them looking into the mirror. It was how Jenny had found out they were together. The drawing had accidentally gotten into something Gus had made for her.

After a moment Robbie opened up the card where a piece of paper fell out. It was folded up, but Robbie looked at the card first. The inside was just as beautiful with so much detail he knew Gus had spent a lot of time on the card. There were animals on the one side that was blank of words. On the word side though that Robbie knew Gus had written out by hand he almost teared up reading it. He wasn't big on crying, but Gus could be so sweet and the words were so beautiful. If he didn't love him so much right now he would have asked him right then to be his boyfriend.

It was the last two lines that got him the most though. 'I don't want anyone else because my heart's been yours since we met. Might not have known it then, but I do now; so will you be mine today and evermore?' Robbie looked up at Gus seeing a worried look on his face. He wasn't sure if Gus was actually asking him to be his husband at seventeen or something else. He'd say yes right now to marrying Gus though even if they'd been together for six months officially, unofficially it had been longer.

Gus handed him the piece of paper that fell out without saying a word though. Robbie sat the card down looking at the paper after he unfolded it. It took him a moment to realize what it was; test results. Robbie took in a breath because he had done the same thing. He was probably going to be thought of as crazy the way he all at once scrambled off the bed going to his book bag and pulling out the card he had for Gus. He couldn't wait for Gus to open the envelope so he did that for him then handed it over.

It had the answer to Gus' question inside of it and it about made him scream at how Gus went slow reading it. He'd done his best to draw the card out as well, but his skills weren't anywhere near Gus'. He got back on the bed with Gus, but he couldn't sit still. Gus finally opened the card up and the paper fell out of it. Robbie smiled seeing that Gus went for the paper first instead of the card. A moment later he was tackled backwards onto the bed with a sound coming from Gus that they would never talk about again. Their mouths crashed together kissing putting all they felt into it.


"I bought some in case, but I hoped maybe..." Gus said trailing off with so much happiness in his voice. "Thank you for this and I promise you that I won't be looking for anyone else. If either of us even think about that some time in the future we have to be honest though. Please know that I love you to the bottom of my heart, soul, and every fiber of my being. I only ask that we not do what happened with my dads. I'd never do that to you and doubt you would to me."

"I promise if I ever get tired of looking into those eyes of yours I'll have you knock me out and send me into some other world. I don't want to spend a day without you Gus, but if it happens I do promise that I'll be honest. I know how much it hurt you when you found that out. You are my one even if we are seventeen I know that I'm going to love you as long as I'm alive and then in the after life I'll find you." Robbie said not wanting Gus to worry.

He'd been the one that Gus had come to when he found out. He hadn't even known what was wrong. His best friend had just held onto him and cried. He'd done the same because when Gus was hurting he was too. He might have been the one that told Justin why Gus wouldn't talk to Brian. They hadn't known what had happened, but he had seen exactly what they had done and said to the ass that told Gus more lies than the truth. Michael had been pissy cause of old stuff deciding to hurt Gus' image of his dads. He would have loved to taken a swung as well.

The day that Gus had accidentally broken his arm when they were kids he'd been as upset too. They'd been nine and thought they'd get into so much trouble. He'd taken the fall even if both Justin and Brian had known it wasn't his fault. It hadn't been Gus' either since they hadn't known that a snake would come out of no where spooking Gus' horse. He'd been glad it was only Gus' arm that had been broken and nothing more. Midnight had barely missed Gus' head when he'd been stomping the second time after Gus was on the ground.

"To officially answer your question though yes I want to be yours and we can if you want to." Robbie said. "I bought us the biggest bottle of lube I could find. I didn't know how much we'd need and I wasn't going to hurt you. Unless you want to top me, I don't care which." He said the last part in a rush feeling his face heat up.

He hadn't been with anyone, but he had tried at times to see what it would feel like. He'd used his fingers and one really small vibrator. That was one conversation he never wanted to have with his mom again either. She didn't know he was with Gus, but she'd kept saying that when him and Gus did go there she wanted him prepared. Even if he hadn't wanted to ever repeat that again he was so grateful that she had taken the time to talk to him. He'd been scared as crap from a website he'd gone to once.

"I want to and my dads are gone for the weekend. As you know they left Thursday for Paris, which I'm sure they will make a week." Gus said with a smile. "I got us a bottle too, well Jenny got it when I was too nervous to buy it myself. She also bought the condoms in case."

"Your sister is the best in the world." Robbie said before he kissed Gus.

He knew she could also be a little 'don't know how to knock.' It was why he had locked the bedroom door since she was home. That was the last thought of Jenny though as he didn't want her in his mind while they had sex.