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It was a chilly valentines night, Gabb and Sela were at an empty park sitting on a bench while gazing up to the stars above. Gabb looked at the girl next to her and smiles softly, she was so happy that she met Sela. Gabb looked back at the stars, and pointed to the brightest star and smiled. Gabb reached out to hold Sela's hand, she brought it closer to her and kissed it which made Sela blush a little red. Sela let go of her hand, she stood up and gazed back at the stars with a little smile adorning her beautiful face, Gabb stood up and hugged Sela from behind.

“Are you okay love? Is something bothering you?” Gabb asked softly.

“Nothing's bothering me, just looking at the stars reminds me of how beautiful you are.” Sela said with a soft smile

Gabb nodded and kept hugging Sela from behind. After awhile she broke off the hug, Gabb turned around to get her phone, she looked back at Sela and grinned. She put on some music and looked at Sela with a bashful grin.

“May I have this dance my love?”

Sela nods. She took Gabb's hand, both of them started to dance to the beat of the music. Gabb smiled as she kept dancing with the love of her life. She slowly starts to tear up which made Sela a little confused.

“Love are you alright?” Sela asked softly.

“I’m okay, I’m just so happy that I’m with you. And I realized that sometimes we are like stars- we fall to make someone's wish come true. You're my wish come true” Gabb said as she wipes her tears away.

“I’m happy I’m with you too love. Happy Valentines Day Gabb. I love you so much.”

“I love you so much more my love .” Gabb said as she kisses her.