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Naruto Senju

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It was the 3rd of July 3 years after the second shinobi war.

Today was an important day for Tsunade Senju today is her wedding day.

I can't believe Orochimaru asked me to marry him back when we were trapped in that cave.
I thought he was just being a jerk when he sounded happy that Dan was dead. But this whole time he just is jealous of Dan for winning my heart.

Tsunade will you please marry me I know I can be a heartless jerk at times. But it only because I love you so much that it hurts when you ignore me are acting like you don't care about me.

Knock on the door disturbs her from thinking anymore of everything he said to me while trapped in that cave.

Come in!

The door opens to reveal Mito and Shizune

Obachan! And Shizune Tsunade smiled

What wrong honey your makeup ruin Mito said.

Nothing I’m just a little nervous about the wedding.

Well, that normal but there nothing to worry about your about to marry a kind and very handsome ma,n granddaughter.

Of course, after getting married you we have to think about the feelings of both partners in the marriage. But marriage makes the love between partners stronger.

Your about to marry a man who loves you a lot and would do anything to make you happy. So there nothing to be scared about your going to be fine.

You look wonderful in your wedding dress dear.

Thanks, obachan it thanks to you and Shizune.

Of course, milady glad to help.

Tsunade walks down the aisle cover in beautiful purple rose flower petals. That was tossed by the cute little flower girl.

Hiruzen Sarutobi wife Biwako in the front playing beautiful music on the piano.

Orochimaru was waiting at the altar standing there with a very handsome smile on his face.

Once Tsunade got to the alter Orochimaru put his hand out to help Tsunade get onto the alter.

Hi hime Orochimaru said in a silky voice

Hi Tsunade says smiling

After the wedding, Mito walks up to the newlyweds.

Congrats Tsuna- Chan your grow up and married to a very handsome looking man.

Hi Mito- Sama Orochimaru says

Come Obachan my grandson now.

Ok, Mito obachan Orochimaru says with a smile on his face.

Congratulations say a very loud voice

The newlyweds turn to the speaker

Hey Jiraiya. Tsunade said.

Yeah hey, dobe thanks for my best man.

Jiraiya at first was very upset. That Tsunade decided to go out with Orochimaru a couple of weeks after Dan died. He was very jealous because he been trying to her to go out with her when they were genin. But he soon got over his jealousy when he saw how happy his two best friends are together. Eventually, he decided to accept to be Orochimaru best man.

Oh, no problem teme anything for my best friend.

So, when your guy's honeymoon going to be Jiraiya asked.

Also, how many babies are you two going to have?

That none of your business Tsunade then punches Jiraiya

That is not your business shut up you pervert!

Everyone starts laughing like crazy.

Orochimaru is blushing like crazy while standing behind Tsunade