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Stuck in the dark

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A tall pale man with dark hair ang glowing red eyes sat in a throne like chair reading the daily profet a cruel smirk sitting on his lips.

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It was a dark night with no stars in sight. A man, with a pale snake-like face with no nose to speak of and only slits for nostrils, was sitting on a high throne-like chair before hundreds if not thousands of his followers all cloaked in black. The ministry was weak and had underestimated him, they thought his followers were few and far between but even this group plenty enough to topple the ministry was only a small fraction of his people spread all around the world. He had just finished speaking of the plan it was quite simple, tomorrow night they would concur the ministry and he would be the new minister seeing as the current one was a nincompoop. Then they would take Hogwarts and kill Albus Dumbledore, on second thought he would rather they just break him an example to those who would dare to oppose him. The real question would be what to do with Harry Potter if he killed or imprisoned the boy the public would see him as a heartless monster and revolt. But wait he had an idea a wonderful idea, it would take place the moment he came back to school. But first, he had a meeting to close and a ritual to do., oh the busy life of a dark lord.

Standing up he cleared his voice and loudly stated "You are dismissed." going back to his chambers he pulled out a potion and swolled it all in one chug. going to bed he drifted of to sleep.