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ACT 7: Rebellion Revolution Double Reacharound

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SUBJ: RE: FW: RE: RE: RE: FW: RE: Advice Thread.

TO: CC:  RWoolsey@LantisExp.ORG; OkuLei@Purrsonal.ALT; MikariAi@UnwritCMD.ORG; LdElMelloi2@LantisExp.ORG; EGHarley@TokraHC.ORG; GenJOneill@SGC.ORG; ColCCaldwell@SGC.ORG; ProudJaffaPapa@Personal.MAIL; DrRichardWatson@DRC.ORG; DougSharper@DRC.ORG; 


I think you've all got the gist of it down. It's a solid plan, and the only thing holding it back is how the IOA reacts during their upcoming visit. That's the sticking point to wait for.

Now get out there and do your jobs, people. Some of us are retired, you know. :P

_George Hammond


Hey, George, it's Jack. 

Sorry to loop you in on this, but we could use a fresh set of eyes. What do you think of our plans?



Go ahead and bring Hammond in, yeah. I don't think any of us mind.


Well, I don't have any objections to us cutting the IOA out of the loop, or having Atlantis ditch Earth. But I'd like to bring Hammond in on this just in case- fresh set of eyes and all.



I can't think of any more changes or suggestions. It's as best laid as we can get.

I think I don't need to reiterate the fact that this could possibly be counted as Treason from Earth's perspective. If we pull the trigger on this, there's no going back. 

If anyone has any objections, i think now is the time to speak up.


Egeria and I have gone over everything and we're both in agreement. Mikaris plan is THE PLAN in its best stage right now.

If anyone has any other suggestions for changes, now would be the time.

-Joey Harley, Host to Egeria


Alright, baring enemy action causing chaos, this... this should be the best thing for us to do. 

Now, step one is to wait for the upcoming IOA Visit to come and pass. If we can make it through that, we should have all the breathing room we need to

[Email Chain has been automatically truncated due to length. To see older messages, please view earlier messages within the chain.]


DIASPORA DATE: 10/01/0007.

Your name is Richard Woolsey, and you exhale in disbelief as you read George's last email. 

He's giving the go-ahead for this.


That's not at all what you were expecting, if you're being honest.

You forward it to Argo, who laughs. "Awesome news to clock the night out on." Then they stand and stretch with a yawn. "Goodnight, Director." They say with a faint smirk.

"Goodnight, Assistant," you reply.

As Argo heads out, they nearly run into Ronon Dex, on his way in.

"Night, Ronon!" Argo says.

"Night, Argo," Ronon answers, then enters the office. "You wanted to see me?"

"Yes," you nod. "May I ask why you have not filed a single mission report since I assumed command of this base?"

"'Caaause, I haven't given you any?" Ronon offers with a hapless half shrug, resulting in his hands sort of flopping against the sides of his jacket.

"As you know, one of the changes I made around here is to require every team member to file mission reports, as opposed to only team leaders and science officers," you remind him.

"Really?" Ronon says rather dryly. "I didn't know that."

"I announced it my fourth day here," you tell him. "At an away team orientation regarding changes to Mission Protocol."

"Was I there?" Ronon asks.

"Yes, it was mandatory," you say, trying not to let this ruin the anxious mood you have from the email from General Hammond.

"Because, i don't really remember being there," Ronon says.

You give him a searching look, and say, "I saw you there."

"I'm kinda easy to miss sometimes. You sure it wasn't, like, Freeman?"

"You're actually very hard to miss."

"Still don't think it was me," Ronon says. "Maybe it was Replicator me?"

"No, I'm sure it wasn't him either," you tell him. "Especially because I know the topic came up with several mission briefings you were around for."

"Don't remember that."

"Look-" you raise a hand, trying not to lose your temper. "My point is, I want you to file a report every mission from now on."

Ronon winces, painfully. "I'm not good at writing reports. Or have the time, really."

"Who is or does these days?" You ask, retrieving a small data recorder from your sylladex and handing it to him. "Use this. Practically everyone does, anymore. It's a digital voice recorder. Speak your report, we'll plug it in, and the report's automatically transcribed and filed. Simple, easy, and quick on everyone's time."

Ronon takes the device, eyes it, then says, "I'm not good at talking either."

You sigh, closing your eyes and massaging at the bridge of your nose.

"Oh! Hey, Gray," you are Argo Lalonde and you run into the girl on your way to the Transporter. "What brings you out here at this time of night?"

"Just, anxious," she answers, smiling. "Lloyd and I are going on a real date tomorrow that's- not just a lunch? So. I'm trying to get the jitters out now so I can sleep."

"Ah, good luck with that," you smile and give her a thumbs up. "Happy anxiety pacing, and have a good night!"

"I'll try!" Gray smiles, and you two go your different ways.

Somewhere in the East Pier, a trio of radio controlled race cars ran down a hallway.

"Oh, I'm sorry! Too fast for you, John?" Mckay asks, mocking.

"Nursing home just called, Rodney, and they want their scooter back!" John counters.

"Scooter? That is a Tri-cell lipo pack under my hood, I'll have you know!" Mckay counters the counter.

You are Rose Lalonde, and you cackle savagely as you ram your car into the rear of Mckay's, sending it spiraling briefly into John's, giving you the advantage. 

"Hey!" Mckay and John protest.

"Sorry! My bad!" You say, totally not sorry.

You circle the barrel first, and their cars follow suit.

"Oh, I will Trample You!" Mckay smack talks.

"Or trip on your shoelaces!" John retorts.

The cars come around the corner and then-


With a flash of green aura, they sort of stop in place.

"Wait, what?" Mckay checks his remote. 

That's when Jade and Teyla come wandering down the hallway, carrying kids in arm.

"Red Light!" Jade grins, stepping over your frozen car.

Race over for the moment, you shut the thing down.

"Kids fussing again?" John asks, shutting down his remote. 

"Yes," Teyla sighs. "Torren is in another one of his moods where walking him is the only thing that gets him to sleep."

"And if Torren's awake then so's Casey," Jade rolls her eyes. "They're going to be thick as thieves one of these days, I tell you."

"Lizzy asleep?" John asks.

"Yeah," Jade nods. "I've got mini-me watching the place just incase she wakes up before Argo gets back from her shift, though."

"Handy to have a mini-me to help with that," Mckay says, then, to Teyla. "You know I used to be a colicky baby too. Mom just let me cry myself to sleep, and I'm no worse for it."

"Ah, anyways," Teyla shakes her head. "We usually take turns walking him, but Kanaan is away dealing with a trade dispute back with our people, and it's expected to take a few days."

"Trade disputes suck," you say. "Isn't that what the whole Coalition is for now anyways?"

"It helps when the trade partner is a part of it, yes," Teyla shakes her head. "Not so much when they're people who find the idea of organizing in such a manner to be... Confusing, is putting it politely."

"Ow," you wince. "That's gotta suck."

"It is what it is," Teyla says, then checks on Torren. "Ah, and now it looks like he's asleep finally." She looks to Jade, who checks on Casey, and nods.

"Same here," Jade says.

"Now to get back to our rooms without waking them," Teyla smiles, hopefully.

"Good luck with that," John says. "We'll just finish up our race here."

"See you in a bit then," Jade smiles.

"Goodnight," Teyla gives a curt bow, and then the two of them head off.

You all immediately get your radio controllers back in position and wait for...

"Green light!" Jade says before exiting the hallway.

The cars zip forwards at speed yet again.

"Gogogogogogo!" you and Mckay both urge your cars to go faster!!

The sharp crack of wooden rods crash against eachother in the Gym, followed sharply by--


Your name is Maka Albarn, and you wince as Soul hits the ground.

"Ow." Soul gripes from the floor.

"Sorry," Lloyd offers his hand, and pulls him to his feet. "You okay?"

"Yeah, just a bruised ego," Soul grumbles. 

"That's probably enough for tonight," Lloyd says.

"Yeah, for sure," you say as you grab some fresh towels, and head over to hand them to them. "I was already worn out from the last bout anyways."

In her room, Teyla lays down Torren in his crib, and then sets about getting ready for bed.

Jade smiles quietly at her younger self snoozing away in the reading chair next to Lizzy's bed, a book held limply to her chest, eyes closed, and glasses askew. Lizzy lays curled up near her just the same.

Jade finishes putting Casey into her crib and heads over to help move little Harley to her own bed.

However, as she does so, she frowns, and checks the new apartment over.

"Argo?" She calls out.


Strange, Argo should've been back by now. Maybe they got lost?

"I think Jade's stopping trick put strain on the motor," Mckay says, glancing at his car's underbelly. "Shaft needs a bushing lube."

You (Still Rose) and John glance at Mckay as if he doesn't realize what the hell he just said.

"What?" Mckay asks, noticing the looks.

Before you can explain, the lights go out.

"Hey!" John protests. "Who turned out the lights?"

"Beats me," Mckay taps his radio. "Radek? Come in." Pause. "Control Room, it's Doctor Mckay. We just lost power on the East Pier. What's going on?"

No response.

You all exchange concerned looks in the dark, and head for the nearest open hallway or balcony or whatever.

In the end, you step out onto Atlantis' east Pier itself. The city is dark all over save for the Control Room.

"That's strange," Mckay says. "Lights are out except for the-" he stops stating the obvious. "That can't be good." He tries the radio again, to no avail.

"Something's definitely not right," you scowl. 




Teyla tries the door mechanism to her room. "Rodney? John? Are you there?" She radios. Nothing. Frowning, she moves to light candles to make it easier to see, only to find that her ability to spark flames from nothing fails to trigger.

"NNNGHH! The hell?" Jade Jackson scowls as her attempt to draw upon her powers fails at opening the door mechanism. 

On a hunch, she carefully checks her other self's Sylladex for the Relto book, and opens to check the panel.

The image of the island is scrambled to hell with static.

"Fuck." Jade swore quietly, and then moved to the door itself. "Okay, time to see if wolf strength can get this open the old fashioned way."

Ruby Branwen slumbered, unaware of anything, and thus the tiny mech-orb A.M. found the easy exit of going through the open window and rolled along a balcony until it found where the cat Ezabi sat waiting, casually licking at the fur on the back of her front right paw.

"Is this what I think it is?" A.M. spoke with Weiss' voice.

"Ezabi believes it is, yes," The Cat spoke, staring up at the Control Room. "We may have to make haste if we are to keep Rule Breaker out of her hands."

She clapped her front paws together and thrust them outwards towards the central tower.

...Nothing happened.

She tried the trick again, and swore something a cute cat should never even say, and tried again. And then again.

"Ahaha... This one is quite embarrassed to say... but she is powerless at the moment."

"Of course you are," The orb sighed with Weiss' voice.

"I can't teleport," Rose swore as you- one John Sheppard- exit the supply room, sylladex loaded with walkie-talkies and flashlights. "What the hell is going on?"

"Go check with Kanaya and Minori in the Infirmary," you say, handing her a walkie. "Let me know if Minori's able to cast magic or not."

"Do you think it's a Magic thing?" Rose asks. "Medea?"

"Maybe," you say.

"Everything's dead," Mckay says as the three of you head up a stairwell, and into a more major corridor where people are sort of idling, unsure of what to do. "There's no way of knowing what the hell's going on until we get some kind of power going on."

"Okay, I'm going to find my wife," Rose says, giving you a smirk, and then vanishing off into the darkness, powers or not, just like a cheshire cat.

"Right," you glance around- AH! "Hey, Rivers!" you speak to a Marine. "Fan out, find as many Marines as you can, and work your way up to the Central Tower," you hand him a walkie. "If you run into Woolsey, let me know. City Com's are down, so it's Walkies only."

The Marine bites back a smirk at your unintentional pun as he takes the walkie talkie and heads off.

"Radek!" Mckay's exclamation draws your attention. 

"Rodney, what the hell is going on?" Radek Zelenka walks over to you.

"You don't know either?" You ask.

"I was on my way to the control room, I tried to radio," Zelenka reports.

"Powers out except for central tower," you say, handing him a walkie. "Here."

"Look, I need you to go to the main power room instead," Mckay says. "Sheppard and I are heading up to Control. See if you can reboot the system for us."

"I'll give it a try," Zelenka says.

"And if you run into any Fae, ask them if they can cast magic right now," you tell him. "Our powers are being suppressed somehow."

"Oh, good," Zelenka scoffs. "Let me guess, Medea?"

"Probably," you glance around. "But let's not jump to conclusions just yet."

"Well, that Transporter's down too," Soul reports fruitlessly.

"Everything's down, Soul," Maka counters. "No power, entire city. We're stuck dead in the water."

Your name is Lloyd Armadn, and you sigh as your trio makes their way through the hallways. Man, of all the nights for Akita to decide to ditch gym practice for target practice at the shooting ran-

You literally crash into Akita and Maka crashes into Karren as both sets of you round the corner in the hallway at the same time.

"Ooof!"/"Ow!"/"Oh come on!"

Soul just laughs because he didn't wind up flat on his back for the second time tonight.

"Stop laughing and help us back up, Soul!" Maka protests.

After getting to your feet, and everyone taking a moment to get their barrings and check stories.

"Mind link's down somehow," Karren reports. "I mean, I can sense it there, but it's like someone poured a ton of molasses into the lines. It's sluggish and I can't really get a message through to the others."

"My Magic's down too," Akita adds to the report. "I can't even summon my wings right now."

"How the hell does something like that happen? Medea, maybe?" you ask, then, wince as everyone gives you the 'thanks captain obvious' look. "Right. Obviously."

Your name is Rodney Mckay, and climbing the stairs is a lot more annoying when you're doing it because its an emergency.

Your walkie buzzes. "Rodney, do you read me?" Zelenka.

Sheppard and you stop- Of course he's at least a landing above you already- and you reply. "Yeah. Radek. Go ahead." You huff.

God, you need more exercise.

"I've tried to restart power, but so far, absolutely no success," Zelenka says.

"What about-" you take in a deep breath. "What about the ZPM?"

"I've checked it and the Naquadah Generators. None are functioning- they have to have been disabled from the Control Room," Zelenka says.

"If that was the case then they wouldn't-" you huff, and Zelenka finishes the sentence.

"They wouldn't have any power, I know. But I think they're using an external power source." 


Of course.

"Okay. Radek, you're going to need to do the same thing. One of the auxiliary batteries," you say.

"Yes, of course, but it won't be enough to power the entire city, not by a long shot," he answers.

"Don't worry about that, we just need enough juice to access the Mainframe," you say. "Then we can... figure out what the hell is going on up there."

"Alright," Zelenka asks. "Whereabouts are you right now?"

You glance up at Sheppard. "I think it's Level Thirty-Six?"

"Thirty-Five," he corrects.

"Oh, great, 35. Perfect," you lament, laden with sarcasm. "Just another 28 floors to go! And that's just this stairwell. Then we get to level 63, cross over to an ancillary stairwell, climb ANOTHER four levels and that's just access to the Gate Room..." OH. "Oh! You know what, Radek? if you can, try to get some power to the transporters while you're at it."

"I'll try, but no promises," Zelenka replies.

Your name is Keiko Ayano, and you growl as you manage to pull open the door to Teyla's room.

Teyla seems nearly startled by your wolfish appearance, but she doesn't scream in shock, not even as you revert back to normal and huff in annoyance.

"Stupid, locked doors," you mutter.

"Thank you for coming to my rescue," Teyla smiles.

"Any time," you say, waving it off. "It's a miracle the wolf transformation is still working, though. Weird, isn't it? Magic and Genetic Powers are out across the city, but the wolfy folk can still fur up?"

"Seems like an intentional design choice to me," Teyla says.

"Yeah, probably a loophole Medea worked into whatever spell she cast on us," you huff. "Alright. Time to go find anyone else trapped in their rooms and brute force their doors open."

"Thank you again," Teyla smiles. "And good luck."

"Thanks. I'll need it," you say, and head on down the hallways, sniffing for people panicking behind their locked doors.

Sigh. Of all the days for ALL of the ships currently assigned to Atlantis to be out in the field blowing up Wraith Hiveships and outposts, it had to be today? 

You could use some good old fashioned beaming tech right about now.

Your name is Daraya Jonjet, and you're trying to pry open the doors to access the stairwell into the Control Room when John Sheppard and a very sweaty and tired looking Rodney Mckay slink up to you.

"Door to the gateroom stairwell, right?" Sheppard asks, without hesitation or introduction or even greeting.

"Yeah!" you huff, and stop prying the door apart. "Unfortunately, it's locked. I can tell by trying. It's sealed and locked, unlike the other doors that were just closed when the power cut out. Rest of the tower's like this too."

"Well that can't be a coincidence," Mckay says. "Magic Powers down, Power itself is down, and the Control room is locked tight with the only power left in the city?"

"Not all Magic," you say, holding up your hand and flexing your claws. "Wolf-shift is still functioning."

Before either of them can process that information, Zelenka's voice barks out of a Walkie Talkie. "Rodney?"

"Talk to me?" Mckay replies.

"I've initiated a temporary patch. I was able to route partial power to your lab."

"What about transporters?" Mckay asks, looking exhausted.

"Still working on it."

"Yeah, well, let me know when you've got one." Mckay hangs his head. 

"Alright if the doors are sealed, let's head to your lab and see what we can do," Sheppard starts- and you groan in realization. "What?"

"Tyzias was catching up on paperwork in her lab," you say. "She's probably still in there if she left the door closed. I'll tag along and go let her out."

"Alright," Sheppard nods. "I'll go around real quick and check the other doors, see who else is trying to get in, then meet you all down at the lab."

"Got it," you nod.

"Oh, joy, more Hiking!" Mckay groans.

Your name is Tyzias Entykk, and you nearly jump in the dark as you and Daraya run into John Sheppard and Keiko Ayano.

"Look who I ran into opening bedroom doors for trapped people," John jabs a thumb at Keiko.

"It was me," Keiko bows quickly for all of three seconds.

"Great," you say. "I just got rescued myself."

"That would be me," Daraya smirks.

"Nice," Keiko says.

It takes you a few more minutes of wandering the darkened hallways with just a flash light before you arrive at Mckay's Lab.

Mckay's working on a laptop, casting most of the light into the room.

"Any luck?" John asks.

"Not much," Mckay says. "But we're right. Someone's taken Atlantis. Hacked into the mainframe. I'm having a hard time accessing several of the critical systems. And the ones I can access, you know, are read-only."

That's when Zelenka enters the room, looking just fine compared to Mckay, who definitely is still disheveled. 

"What?" Mckay stares at Zelenka, incredulous. "How did you- how're you here so fast??"

"Oh, I was able to get a few transporters online," Zelenka says.

"Gate Room?" John asks.

"What? Oh, no, unfortuantely," Zelenka shakes his head. "There's a lockout code in place on that one."

"What about surveillance cameras?" You ask. 

"We've got closed circuit feeds on the control room and the gate room," Mckay snaps his fingers and moves to another computer terminal.

"Well, that is if we're not locked out of those as well," Zelenka says.

"They're not critical systems and are on their own closed circuit, so I should be able to access..." Mckay trails off as an image of the gate room fills a monitor.

"A Puddle Jumper?" Zelenka asks.

"Not just any Jumper," Keiko points at the front of it. "Look at the windshield. it's blown in."

"The Jumper Medea stole," you realize. 

"And that I shot open!" Keiko swears. 

"Pan the cameras, see where everyone is," John orders.

Mckay does so, tilting views around...

The entire Control Room area is empty, and Woolsey's office is...

"Is that Gray?" You ask, seeing the girl lying knocked out on a couch. 

"Looks like," John frowns. "Where is everyone though?"

"Not sure," Mckay says. "I'm not picking up any movement anywhere. Let's see now, though..."

"Rewind the security footage, we gotta see what they did." You say.

"Right, rewinding to just before the power outage," Mckay taps a few buttons and...

The footage jumps.

You see Argo leaving the Admin office, speaking to Ronon as he passes by, heading in, and then heading out of the control room.

Woolsey and Ronon talk, with Woolsey looking a bit exasperated...

Then the Stargate activates, shield raised. Woolsey and Ronon head to the control room.

"Unscheduled Activation," you say. "Who was off world?"

"Major Nelson's team," John says. "They're not due back until tomorrow."

Woolsey gives the clear, and the shield lowers.

That's when the damaged Jumper emerges through and parks on the floor.

Woolsey and Ronon seem visibly confused.

"Nelson didn't leave in a Jumper," Keiko says. 

That's when there was a shimmer of the start of a cloaking field around the Jumper, and then- it suddenly passes by, the camera feed frizzing with static for a second. When it passes, everyone in the control room colapses to the floor.

"Stun bomb?" Zelenka asks. 

"Maybe," John says.

Then, the back of the jumper opens up, and out strolls a familiar Fae woman in dark blue robes, flanked on either side by a pair of burly looking Werewolves wearing some oddly tech-like collars around their necks.

"That explains the wolf-out loophole," Daraya makes the connection.

Mckay plays it at double speed from then on, the Werewolves moving the knocked out people to somewhere else, and then dragging in a knocked out Gray from somewhere unknown, depositing her in the office. Meanwhile, Medea stands at a computer terminal, typing away at it and- the feed statics for several moments, before coming back.

"That's time," Mckay says. "Power went out then, and then got switched to whatever power source they're using to run it."

You proceed to watch as Medea and her werewolves step out of the Control Room and head upwards for the Jumper Bay.

Mckay forwards the footage to present, but they never return.

"Why would they go to the Jumper Bay?" Zelenka asks. "Surely the Jumper would be a better move to take it there?"

"Maybe it could only fly so far while powering the Tower?" Keiko offers.

"Maybe," you frown. "But we also gotta realize she's probably also broadcasting whatever's suppressing magic from the Jumper too. We lost that at the same time as the power outage."

"So that Jumper has to go," John decides. "Only question is how."

"It's parked infront of the Gate," Daraya says. "We could just Kawoosh it."

"Gate shield is raised," Mckay points at the live feed. "We'd have to shut it off to make that work."

"I can start hacking into that, but it could take some time, and even then, there's no telling if we could hack into the DHD remotely from here," Zelenka says.

"What about the Jumpers in the under-water bay?" John asks. "We could take one of those, fly it up to the tower, and dial the gate remotely."

"Yes yes yes, that could work!" Zelenka gets excited, and moves over to start hacking into the Gate computer.

"It would if the Jumpers worked," Mckay says.

Daraya takes a step back as You, Keiko, and John all wheel on Mckay and yell- with remarkable synergy- "YOU HAVEN'T FIXED THEM YET!?"

"I've been Busy! Alright!?" Mckay defends himself.

"It's been almost Two Years, Rodney!" John says.

"Two years!" you repeat. "Two years I could've done that work in already!!"

"You said you had it done!" Keiko growled.

"Look, can we forget about the Puddle Jumpers not working and move on to solving the problem or what??" Mckay asks.

"I'll go start work on fixing a Jumper," you decide. "You guys figure out the rest!"

You head off, Daraya trailing behind.


Ronon Dex awoke suddenly- years of trained instinct keeping his body stock still until his mind fully got in gear, and he risked cracking an eye open.

He was in the Control Tower Lounge area- not a place Ronon himself visted very often, but was one that currently had been sealed off on all exits, and filled with everyone who'd been in the Control Room and probably the next two floors down.

Ronon sat up, and took stock of everyone else- some people were just waking up, and a few others were already up.

"Hi, Ronon," Argo gave a tired wave from where they sat against a door. 

Next to Argo, Amelia Banks was trying to short circuit the door controls.

"Well," Ronon griped, "this is not how I expected tonight to go."

"What happened anyways?" Argo asks. "Banks and I weren't in the Control Room when it happened."

"Jumper came through the Gate and fired off some kind of Stun Wave," Ronon answered. 

"Who'd do something like that for?" Banks asks.

"Who knows," Ronon answers. "But that Jumper was pretty beat up on the front. Looked blasted apart, actually."

"Yay," Argo laments. "Someone stole a busted Jumper. That narrows it down."

SPARK! Bweep! Fooosh.

The doors slide open.

Ronon peers out from around the corner, then sees nothing in his way.

He turns to Banks, "Alright, let's find a better place to hide everyone when they wake up. I'll scout ahead."

She nods. "Got it."

Your name is Artoria Gray, and you awaken with a groan.

...The...The Admin office? Why the hell are you here?

You get to your feet and look around when you hear a whoosh of a doorframe opening, and in steps Medea. "Medea!" You step back and try to decaptchalogue-- anything!! -- But alas, you've been stripped of your Sylladex.

"Hello," Medea begins. "I don't believe we've had the pleasure of being introduced yet.Though I suppose the question is should I say this is the first time, or second time we've met?"

"...You figured out what we did," you realize.

"Oh, it took me some time to figure out what you did with my spell- cutting me out of the memory loop? Clever. Very clever." She smiles. "However any sense of betrayal I felt was mollified by realizing that the only way that any of you could have gotten your hands on Rule Breaker was if I'd given it to you first. Stabbing me with my own weapon? Tsk. How rude. But even so... I didn't realize who was directly involved until one of my wovles saw you in a hallway and smelled my magic on you."

"...Rule Breaker," you realize.

"Exactly," Medea's smile widens, somehow too large for her face. "Now, I can sense it through you that it's somewhere in Atlantis. But where? Oh, well, that is the tricky question, isn't it?"

"I won't tell you where it is," you say, standing your ground, hoping to buy some time to solve this situation.

"Oh, I don't doubt that you will eventually," Medea sits down in Woolsey's chair, and crosses her right leg over her left. "But, I am a patient woman. I waited so kindly for you to wake up, after all. I can continue to be patient as I extract a price from you for every minute you delay."

"What are you going to do?" you ask, fearing the worst.

"Once the other prisoners awaken in their holding cells, I'm going to have one of my body guards start clawing and mauling them to death. One. At. A. Time." Medea continues to smile, almost serenely. "I may despise the wolves Hircine forced me to work for, but I will admit, some of the stock here in Pegasus are so much easier to work with. Just a few small accessories, and they fell perfectly in line."

You swallow.

"You have ten minutes to make a decision as to whether or not you'll tell me where Rule Breaker is," Medea stands, and heads for the door she exited from. "In the mean time, I'll go check on our... fellow guests. And if they're awake...and in Ten Minutes you haven't told me what I want to hear? Well. Then they start dying." She leaves with a wave of her hand and a "Toodles!"

...What the fuck is wrong with this woman.

Your name is Akita Red, and just about everyone that's able bodied and ready to fight is gathered here in Mckay's Lab as Sheppard lays out the plan.

"We're going to blow the doors, and make a charge," Sheppard starts. "Lorne, take Rivers, Karren, and  Keiko, to the east stairwell. AR-9, you're with me and Mckay in this stairwell to the west. Zelenka, you're hacking into the systems. Get the Shield down and the Gate dialed if you can manage it."

And with the missions accepted, you head for the transporters and warp to your assigned locations.

C-4 was planted, locations confirmed on both entry points, and-

"Fire in the hole!" Shepard yelled.


The tower shook from several doors being blown open.

Honestly, hasn't Atlantis seen ENOUGH Explosions for one year??

It's not even APRIL yet!

You enter the stairwell and begin heading up.

"Woah woah woah woah!" Rodney cried out, and everyone held position as he checked a scanner. "I've got a majorly large energy reading ahead of us."

Sheppard radioed, "Major Lorne, Hold up, we've got-"

Then there was a wince inducing tumbling sound over the line, and Rivers replied:

"Uh, Colonel Sheppard, Major Lorne is down."

"What happened?" Sheppard asked, glancing at Mckay, who got a worried expression on his face.

"Not sure. I saw a flash of light and it looked like he ran into something, but... he's out cold, sir. Like he got hit with a stunner," Rivers answered.

"Get him out of there and fall back," Sheppard says, then, shutting off the Walkie, looks to Mckay. "How much do you want to bet that the Stun Pulse Medea hit the Control Room with has a fixed radius and didn't collapse when it was done?"

"Sucker's bet. It makes perfect sense," Mckay says, "the whole city didn't get knocked out, after all."

"Just another reason we gotta take out that Jumper," Sheppard says. "Everyone, fall back."

You retreat to Mckay's Lab, by the time you arrive, Mckay has concluded his tests of the energy field he scanned.

"It's definitely a modification of the Wraith Stun-pulse technology, tied into the Puddle Jumper cloaking mechanism," Mckay reports.

"Oh, so he made a Stun Bubble," Zelenka observes.

"No, it's more of a force field with passive stunning effects," Mckay says. "It looks like it's got more in common with our modified Jumper Cloak-to-Shield conversion than with an actual stun field."

"We can name it later, how are we going to turn it off?" Sheppard asks. 

"The problem is essentially the same," Zelenka says. "Jumper must have something Magic inside of it that's supressing our, well, Magic, and at the same time, it's powering a Stun Bubble-"

"Force field!"

"-and the Control Room at the same time," Zelenka adjusts his glasses without pausing for Mckay's interuption. "So if we take out the Jumper, we take out both. The problem is that the code work used to lock us out of the Mainframe is considerably higher on the DHD Lockout than the Gate Shield. Even if we can manage to shut down the shield, re-enabling the DHD isn't going to work from here. It's a case of I think the Jumper is taking priority so the only thing that could stop it-"

"Is another Jumper," you say.

"So we're back to fixing the Jumpers," Sheppard says.

"Tyzias is already reporting moderate success cannibalizing parts from one Jumper to repair another, and Keiko detoured on her way back to join her," Zelenka reports.

"I was wondering where she went," Soul muses.

"Sssh," Maka hisses at him.

You roll your eyes, Lloyd holds back a laugh.

"Yeah, good job on them going ahead," Sheppard grouches. "Especially since Rodney said he fixed them already!"

"It was practically the next thing on my list!" Mckay protests.

"Two Years, Rodney!"

"Need I remind you we were all extremely busy!?"

"And you're going to go down there and help Tyzias fix the job you should've already done!" 

"Why not Radek?"

"Radek's going to stay here and keep hacking the Gate Shields," Sheppard concludes. "We need those down if we're going to punch a hole through that Jumper with the Gate Kawoosh!"

"Fiiiine." Mckay turns to Zelenka. "At least tell me there's a transporter?"

"Yes, well, not one by the Puddle Jumper Bay, but there's one two floors down," Zelenka answers.

"That'll do," Sheppard says, and motions for Mckay to head that way.

"Bluh Bluh, fine!" Mckay storms for the door, and Lloyd finally laughs. "What?"

"Rodney!" Sheppard warns.

"But he's laughing at me!"

"Get going, Rodney!"


You can't help it, you laugh too.

Oh, to have some levity in this situation.

Medea huffed, holding back her anger, as she gazed into the emptied lounge where everyone had been stowed away in.

"Guard the Control Room; do NOT let them take it," She ordered, and her two Werewolf thrawls ran off to do just that.

Medea turned on her heels, and stormed away, seeking to confront Gray.

Her ten minutes were UP.

Medea arrived, storming into the Director's office with a firm gaze fixed on Gray.

Best to play this to card.

"Made a decision yet?" Medea asked.

"Yeah," Gray sighed. "I'll take you to Rule Breaker, but it requires an unlock mechanism elsewhere in the city to get its access point open."

"I'm not letting you out of my sight," Medea warned.

"You don't have to," Gray says. "Just let up on your magic suppression field long enough for me to use my telepathy to contact someone who can pull the lever for us."

Your name is Kohiru Karren, and you try again to reach Gray, who you know is up there in the control room...

But you just... can't break through this molasses feeling.


So slow!

It's like server lag on a cheap MMO server!

There's got to be something- okay, you know there is. Rule Breaker- but you can't reach it! Gray's the only one who could break it out of its fancy golden brick at this point.

Cmon... Cmon...

And then suddenly- Fizzle, pop. There's an opening!

[Karren, Listen closely because there's not much time,] Gray's voice cut through the silence into your mind.

Your name is Kanaya Maryam, and you shine a pen light into Lorne's eyes. He doesn't even react.

"Typical Wraith Stunner response," you state. "He should be out of it sooner than later."

"That's good," Rose says. "Still... all of this is really concern-"

"EXCUSE ME!" Karren suddenly shot up from the bed she'd been lying on and ran out the room with a burst of speed.

"Good Grief, what was that about?" You ask.

Rose shrugged. "When you gotta go, you gotta go?"

You fix her with a look. "The restrooms are on the other end of the infirmary, Rose."

"Doesn't mean she doesn't have somewhere urgent to go, though."

"...Fair enough."

Your name is Rodney Mckay, and you feel a strange ripple through the air as, once again, your powers seem to flicker on and off again.

The hissing of your forceshield appearing and disappearing is just annoying.

"That's REALLY getting old," you gripe, before returning to trying to restore power to the Jumper's rear section through one of the ceiling mounted crystal trays.

"Well, atleast we know that whatever's blocking Magic in Atlantis, it's got a somewhat fixed radius and out here on the edge of the city it's kinda weak?" Keiko offered without even pulling her head and shoulders out of the inside of the Jumper DHD console.

Tyzias and Daraya return with armfulls of crystals from the other Jumper when your walkie buzzes for attention with Sheppard's voice.

"Rodney, how's it going?" 

You pause your work, and step aside as Tyzias nudges you away from the crystal tray to start swapping parts.

"Well, it's going slow and steady, we've got power to the front section of the Jumper, but we're-"

"Can it Fly?" Sheppard cuts you off.

"...Well not exa-" You're interrupted as the back section of the Jumper lights up with power.

"Yes it can!" Tyzias calls out with satisfaction.

"Okay, we can fly, yes," you answer.

"Inertial Dampeners might still be shot, though," Tyzias continues.

"Well, there's a possibility that-"

"What about Dialing the Gate?" Sheppard asks.

"Uh, Keiko?" You turn to the DHD console.

There's a spark, and then the dash lights up.

Keiko rolls herself out from the bottom of the console and gives a thumbs up.

"That'd be a confirmation," you answer.

"Good," Sheppard says. "If it can fly, get that Jumper in the air and as close to the Central Tower as you can. NOW."

"Uh, why?" You ask.

"Because Karren just got in contact with Gray and she wants her to fetch Rule Breaker while Gray's leading Medea to the fake ontop of the central tower." Sheppard reports. "So. NOW. Rodney!"

Two Werewolves guarded the Control Room as Ronon and Banks sneaked into the Gateroom from below. 

One stood at the stairs from below and up to the Jumper Bay, the other stood at the stars leading from the Gate Room to the Control Room.

Ronon squinted in annoyance as he took cover behind the Jumper that was still parked in the center of the room.

He had no idea, of course, that the Jumper was anything but an idle piece of scenery. 

The Werewolves seemed eager to tear anything that got in their way to pieces.

Ronon looked to Banks, and she shrugged.

There wasn't a good way to go about this.

You are still Gray, and you watch as Medea peers out at the overhang where the fake box is hidden.

"And you're SURE I have to climb out there to get it?" Medea asks, unsure.

"Look, I'd go do it myself, but we both know you don't want me anywhere near Rule Breaker incase it lets me break your stupid magic spell." You remind her.

"...You do have a point there. Oh, a shame I didn't bring more help for this one." She shakes her head. "Not that I'd trust them anymore than I trust you. I suppose I'll just have to do it myself then."

The Puddle Jumper slowly raised out of the water and immediately cloaked from sight.

You are Keiko Ayano, and you breathe slowly and steadily as you carefully accelerate towards the tower.

Tyzias was right, there weren't any inertial dampneners active on this Jumper. Fortunately... you don't need that.

"Mckay? On my signal, dial the gate," Sheppard radios.

"Roger that," he says.

Daraya looms over your shoulders while Tyzias waits in the back, preparing to leap into action in case any of the fixes don't hold.

"Is that who I think it is?" Daraya asks, pointing at the top of the tower.

You bring up the HUD and magnify the view. Naturally, Gray and Medea have exited the doorway at the top of the tower, and stand on the small balcony there.

Gray is pointing out towards a small extension of an outcropping where a strong box lay attached.

Karren's voice radios, "She's stalling for time. Says I have to get to the lever still. I've already got the Package, though. So... On your Mark, Colonel."

Medea steps out onto the post and begins walking along towards the end.

"We're not in position yet," you radio.

Come on, come on....

"Radek?" Sheppard asks.

"I've got the Gate Shield Controls so we're- [Oh Slaughtered Lambs!] Ronon and Lieutenant Banks are in the way. What do they think they're doing?" Zelenka answers with an annoyed question.

"Teams are in position, Colonel," Lorne radios. 

"Keiko?" Sheppard asks.

The jumper DHD lights up as you enter range. "We're in range, John."

"DIAL!" Sheppard orders, and Mckay punches the DHD buttons. "AND SHIELD!"

> [S] Oath Sign

The Stargate lights up with a dialing sequence, and the shield lowers suddenly. 

The werewolves look to attention- but aren't able to do much as Ronon runs to tackle the one by the Gateroom stairs, and the other by the Jumper Bay stairs gets assaulted when it turns its back on the stairs, as Banks launches herself at its back and drags it bodily down the stairs- trying to grapple the control collar off.


The Vortex consumes the back half of the Puddle Jumper, and power cuts out to the entire Control Room- including the Stargate, whose vortex colapses without any power to sustain it.

[Once again, I reach my hand into a world repeating on end.]

The two assault teams rush upwards through the stair well as the stun bubble visibly colapses infront of them- Sheppard's team quickly pushing through into the darkened GateRoom, and laser sighting in towards their targets.

[Though it's dark, could my tears carve a path- And lead me right to your heart?]

"Ronon!" John yells, and the man throws himself away before he gets hit with a well aimed Zat shot.

PCH-ZYU! A wolf goes down.

[Like a rose/ that blooms and grows inside my chest, your name's all it knows.]

PCH-ZYU! Lloyd does the same Zat shot against the one Banks was tussling with, and then charges on ahead up the stairs, Akita behind him by only a few steps.

[Is this fate? Cause every day, I pray that right here by your side I can stay!]

Up above, as Medea grabs at the fake Rule Breaker in its box-

[I'll gather these fallen flowers-]

-Karren yelps as the golden Nara Brick in her hand suddenly disolves away-

[The hope discarded and broken-]

-Gray summons Rule Breaker into her hand, and she takes a running dive- discarding her cloak and spreading her wings to soar free as Medea turns to face her with a triumphant smirk-.

[And I'll Join them where they can meet-]

-That shifts to disbelief as they nearly collide. Meda instictively spreads her wings to leap away a moment too soon.

[A wish together, I'll set them free!]

Medea narrows her eyes as Gray holds up Rule Breaker, and sends golden energy along its length- transforming it somehow...

[Holding up the light within, and with no hesitation, To give you a future is all I've wanted!]

And with a suddenly SWORD LENGTH blade, Gray rushes in with a roar- which Medea is forced to block with the fake Rule Breaker before dodging aside.

[Hold me tight, through the dark endless nights, Screaming 'til the morning light!]

Medea drops her faked blade towards the city below, and summons a real sword out of magic to use instead- clashing blades and locking them tight as a deadly dance plays out in the night sky above Atlantis.

[All my broken-down ideals, I know one day they will heal!]

Keiko yells for Drones- but Tyzias hasn't gotten the weapons system for that Jumper online yet.

[With every step they will form The Future!]

Lloyd and Akita enter the Jumper Bay Roof-Access Stairwell and climb at speed.

[I'll hold tightly to this special bond that we share! I'll follow you anywhere.]

Lloyd and Akita exit soon after, arriving on the balcony, and not even pausing to take stock of the ongoing fight before leaping off the edge and into the air.

[Carrying onward, bearing this Miracle!]

A Green light-form flashes into life, casting a brilliant glow across the night sky as Lloyd activates his power, accompanied by a flash of gold as Akita spreads her wings.

[Once again, I hope I can regain the warmth I know that's ahead.]

Medea leverages a blocked swing into an opening for her to kick at Gray and sending her spiraling away with a startled yelp.

[And I pray these fake feelings will fade as the world starts to blur away.]

But she doesn't go far- she lands firmly on the back of Lloyd's Wyvern-Dragon, and rolls to a stop.

"Gotcha!" Lloyd grins.

[Even if I lose my grip, and set this question free from my lips-]

"Damn it," Medea snarls, about to throw herself against them- only to find Akita intercepting inbetween with a sword of her own.

"Not a chance!" Akita snarls.

[I know I won't be surprised to hear that no answer will come to the light!]

They swing at eachother, clashing blades above Atlantis- a dueling dance of a gold and a blue star, when seen at distance.

[This wish that was born from our tears-]

Gray takes up a stance, holding Rule Breaker above her head, and channeling the powers of the Spear that was once Excaliber through it as Mordred and Artoria had taught her to do.

[I know that it will never waver-]

Golden light began to rise from all around Atlantis-

[Though we try to forge on ahead-]

And it began to condense into a giant golden beam centered around Rule Breaker's transformed state, turning it even further into something it normally wasn't.

[The pain is something I won't forget!]

Seeing this, Medea yelled- "NO YOU DON'T!" -and inbetween sword strikes, she launched a burning purple fireball at Gray--

[Only knowing of sadness, never thought I could feel this, But now I know what is pure happiness!]

-But it was intercepted by a flashing wall of green energy, followed by the cloaked Jumper decloaking and revealing its presence in the fight.

"Take That!" Mckay yelled out.

[Time stops taking your breath away- So rip from weakness and escape!]

Medea and Keiko glared at eachother- and then Medea was forced back into combat by Akita.

[I'm screaming out to you, but I May never reach you!]

The Cu Sidhe girl kept Medea on the ropes- distracting her with furious sword strikes combined with magic stunner spells. 

[Still I can picture the light in your eyes!]

And all the while, Gray gathered the hopes and wishes and dreams of everyone in Atlantis...

[Tell me what makes you feel so afraid, that you try~~ to hide your heart away?]

And Lloyd smiled as he provided the solid ground for her to stand on as she performed this stunt.

[If you'd only turn to me and say~~]

From the apartment Balcony, Jade Jackson stared upwards in awe.

[The words that give my life meaning!]

From a random window a few floors down, Argo stared on with a wide grin on their face.

[Then I could always be, Forever be, strong enough!]

From off the Control Room Balcony, John shielded his eyes from the golden light.

The beam of light continued on upwards- growing and widening with power, even as Lloyd lowered downwards, and Akita drew Medea upwards, ensuring that the resulting strike that was to follow would be at an upwards angle and wouldn't damage the city itself.


"NO WAY IN HELL!" Everyone except for Gray yelled out.

Akita roared- speeding up to become a rocketing blur of red and gold in the sky that Medea struggled to keep pace with lest she suffer a critical strike that wasn't from the soon to be expected blast of golden light.

Somewhere, deep in her heart, Medea knew she wasn't getting out of this alive, but damn it if she wasn't going to try anyways.

[Holding up the light within, and with no hesitation, To give you a future is all I've wanted!]

"EX..." Gray slid her right foot into a different stance, and began to twist the angle of her sword strike."CALIBEEEEEEEEEEEEER!"

[Hold me tight, through the dark endless nights, Screaming 'til the morning light!]

The Jumper dove out of the way as Gray swung the beam of light- and Akita seemed to vanish in that instant as well-

Medea was consumed by the beam in its upwards swinging angle.

[All my broken-down ideals, I know one day they will heal!]

The explosion of golden light shone across all of Atlantis like night had turned to day.

[With every step they will form ~The ~Future!]

All eyes who were awake for it stared on, feeling this as the dawn of not just a new day, but the dawn of a new era as well.

[I'll hold tightly to this special bond that we share! I'll follow you anywhere.]

And as Gray lowered the now restored to normal Rule Breaker at her side, eyes closed as she panted for breath, Akita landed at her side to support her before she lost her balance.

[No hesitating, I'll open my eyes!]

Gray opened her eyes and gave a thanking smile to Akita..

[Though my heart's breaking, I'll reach out my hand!]

Lloyd grinned from within the Dragon form and gave a thumbs up.

[Carrying onward, bearing this Miracle!]

Akita could only smile quietly as she closed her eyes, and provided support until they could get onboard the Jumper that was quite carefully backing up towards them with its back bay door open.


DIASPORA DATE: 10/02/0007.

The Sun rose over Atlantis, signalling a proper new day.

Your name is Teyla Emmagan, and you head through the city with a renewed sense of... something, lurking within your heart. Though despite the tumultuous events of last night that brought fear and concern, you feel...

It's not optimistic, but it's a sense of closure, perhaps. The end of one fight, and the start of another.

The closing of an act with the opening of another- a sub act, perhaps?

More than anything, you feel exhonorated over the fact that you were not targeted last night, for some strange reason.

Out of everything that happened, you escaped through it all unscathed, and Torren slept through the entire thing without waking up once.

You pause in your walk as you come to the Atlantis Gate Room- a half melted Puddle Jumper is being shoved manually through the active Stargate.

"What exactly is that accomplishing?" You ask of Mallek Adalov, standing nearby and supervising.

"The Alpha Site is dialed in right now, rather than us dialing out to it," Mallek answers. "That jumper is just being deconstructed with nowhere to go."

"Ah," you nod in understanding, and move past the workers up to the Control Room. "Good morning, everyone," you greet.

You receive many positive replies in turn, and head to the Administration officce, where you find Argo working at their desk, with Woolsey nowhere to be seen.

"Good Morning, Teyla," Argo stands up to greet you. 

"Good Morning," you greet in turn. "How is everything going?" 

"Well, we've got two very confused people down in Containment right now," Argo answers. "And we've got the city's computer systems purged of whatever weird ass virus Medea put on it, so power's active through the City again." They sigh, linking their fingers, and stretching their arms out. "But damn if my sleep schedule isn't off-center. I'm probably going to take a half day, honestly."

"Perfectly understandable," you nod. "Is everything back to normal beyond that?"

"Yeah. Some good news came out of all of this, though. We found a notebook inside the Jumper showing the spell rune Medea used to turn off magic, and we're planning on applying it on a limited scale to the holding cells and interrogation rooms for future use," Argo answers. "And Other than that... we fished enough of Medea's body out of the sea to confirm the death."

"'Enough of'?" You ask, not sure if you want to know.

"Let's just say that if Medea didn't instantly die from the shock, everything from the shoulders up would have had just long enough to process the fact that she was dead before she actually died." Argo says before glances out the window, and you follow their gaze to see the last of the ruined Jumper shoved through the Stargate.

"Yes, I think I get it," you say as the Gate shuts down. "I thought the Excaliber Blast was meant to be instant vaporization?"

"I already fired off an email to Mordred about it," Argo answers. "But Fraiser's best guess was she tried shielding herself at the last second and it barely worked."

"Which would explain the prolonged explosion," you muse. "A shield at the last second would have taken the full brunt of the sustained blast until it shattered."

"We're hoping that she didn't pull some soul jump trick," Argo says. "But Aradia said she and her fellow Soul Reapers are runing a thorough sweep around Atlantis to ensure she's really dead and moved on. So even if she did separate her soul out somehow, she'll be gone again soon enough."

Your name is Richard Woolsey, and you pause as you enter the Infirmary to the sight of Artoria Gray and Lloyd Armadn lying together on a bed- with Artoria's wings folded up around the both of them. That in and of itself isn't a startling sight. 

What IS startling is the rather fluffy looking white wolf lying across their laps.

You open your mouth to ask, only for Keller to give you a silencing look from across the room before beckoning you over.

"Akita," Keller answers your unspoken question. "Minori told me she shfted to wolf form after she dragged them in here and just turned into a living blanket for 'em. They've been out cold all night since they came back in."

"I'll leave them be, then," you say. "How's our other patients?"

Keller rolls her eyes and motions over at a lounge chair with her thumb. There, you see Ronon Dex and Amelia Banks just sitting next to eachother, shoulder to shoulder, heads sort of leaning against eachother as they doze. There's a blanket covering them from there.

"They crashed like that just after tests confirmed they weren't infected with whatever Lycanthropy those Werewolves of Medea were carrying," Keller explains. "I haven't dared wake 'em yet."

"Who would, after tackling werewolves without weapons?" You shake your head. "So, what did you call me up here for?"

"Here," Keller offers you a recording device- the one you gave Ronon, infact. "Minori said that Ronon asked to give you this. Apparently he said 'It wasn't a mission, but he did a report anyways.'"

You take it, and give a smile. "Well, I'll give that a listen then," you give a questioning look towards the door. "Unless there's anything else?"

"Nope!" Keller shakes her head.

"Alright then." You nod. "Have a good day, Doctor Keller."

"You too, Mr. Woolsey," she answers.

You head out the infirmary, and once safely far away, you click on the playback of the recording device.

"Mission Report. Medea invated Atlantis. Tried to get Rule Breaker. We blew her up. End of report."



You can't help but chuckle. Short as it is, you'll take it. 

"Oooh! I see how that works!" Jade Harley gasps as Rose shows her the ropes of the art of the Remote Controlled Car.

Your name is Jade Jackson, and you glance to Argo as they do the same for little Lizzy with John's remote controled car.

Casey fusses in your arms, and you'd half-guess she may be annoyed she's still too small to play with the fancy cars.

Or she's just trying to get someone's attention. Babies can be fussy like that.

You turn your attention to Casey for a moment and see she's fussing trying to reach out towards Torren, who, likewise, is reaching out and trying to grab out from within Teyla's arms.

Teyla gives you a roll of her eyes in response. 

Thick as Thieves indeed.

"Alright, is everyone ready to go?" Mckay asks, readying his own car's remote.

"Yes'sir!" Harley salutes.

"Uhhuh!" Lizzy nods.

"Alright then, John? Would you do the honors of counting down?" Mckay asks.

"Sure thing," He stands, and starts pretending to be an announcer. "May the First of many Atlantis' remote controlled Kiddy Cup car races begin in Three... Two... One... GO!"

And then the cars are off, Mckay starting in the lead but slowing down once he realized Lizzy had a false start and took a moment to get her car going. 

Harley, in the mean time, took the lead.  "Hahah!" She grins.

"Oh! What! No fair!" Mckay prostests, and starts his car up once he's sure Lizzy's moving at speed.

Rose grins at you. "Ain't it great to be a kid at heart?"

"Oh, for sure," you grin in return.

Chapter Text


DIASPORA DATE: 10/04/0007.

"Major Vantas, may I ask you a Question?" Your name is General Jack O'neill, and as you and the Major stand on the bridge of the Odyssey as it's being prepared for its next mission.

"Yes, Sir, General O'neill. What may that question be?" Vantas glances at you, a glint in his eyes suggesting he knows damn well what you're about to ask.

"We all know you've got looped around a bunch a times," you say. "And that you claimed your main mission was to ensure that the Replicator Fight went smoothly-- don't think I didn't notice how you never specified HOW MANY Replicator Fights, by the way."

"Perish the thought," Vantas scoffs.

"But It's always bugged me," you say. "Why would the SGC- neigh, why would *I* authorize such a crazy ass mission beyond the fact that it already happened? But now I'm starting to get an idea of certain... pieces of the puzzle a lot better." 

"How's that, Sir?" Vantas asks.

"Well, for starters, how few of the Odyssey's crew the kids saw on their exit of the Aschen Timeline while you were in Alternia Galaxy specifically," you say. "Or how you and Carter were really the only ones they interacted with. Or the whole 'Past me was an idiot and didn't pay attention' gimmick. How the kids had letters from their future selves and alternate selves advising them to do things or not do things, but nobody else? How come *I* didn't leave a message for them? Or Cassie for that matter? Plus, they'd just lost *A* Jack and Sam, so why was only Carter there to greet them? And more than that, don't think I missed out on the fact that Sam was wearing an Alternian uniform in the modern Atlantis Uniform colors in 2010 despite the fact she'd likely have long since moved on from Atlantis."

"Are you going somewhere with this, Sir?" Vantas asks, dryly. "Because I do have places to be. A lunch date, even. You know how Davis gets when we skip our dates."

Ha ha. Very funny.

"Yeah, I'm going somewhere with this," you eye him. "Tell me something simple, Vantas. You've got another mission, don't you? One that's about to become extremely relevant, isn't it?"

"I can neither confirm or deny that sir," Vantas says. "Rewriting Memories from the Rift and all."

"Oh, sure," you say, "but how much of those have really changed, beyond surface details? Like, Medea just stepped into Ford's shoes there at the end, and HE was stepping into someone else's shoes, too. So I gotta ask. What's NOT changed in your memories so far? Because I don't care what kind of time shenanigans happened, or how much your memories may still be in flux- Something like THAT is going to stick out in your mind like a bent nail!"

"Maybe there is something, maybe there isn't, it's hard to say, really," Vantas says, gazing out the window. "You're going to have to be a bit more specific, Sir."

"Alright, fine," you say. "Have you Gotten any interesting Emails lately?"

"Of course not, Sir." Vantas gives you a pointed look, and then he simply asks, "Have You?"

And there's all the confirmation you need.

You smirk. "Maybe I have, maybe I haven't."

"You know how it is, Sir," Vantas says. "Sometimes we just don't know what's infront of us until it lands."

"I've got one more question for you, Vantas," you say. "Then you're dismissed."

"And what's that, Sir?" Vantas asks.

"Is it going to Work?" You ask.

"No idea what you're talking about but... Probably, although almost certainly not in the way any of us expects," Vantas answers. "After all, changing memories are still in flux. And that's not counting the potential for wrong turns where we wind up in doomed offshoots."

"Riiight..." you push your lips together tightly for a moment. "Alright then. Dismissed, Major Vantas."

"I'll send you an email if I remember anything, General O'neill," Vantas says, and starts to leave... before pausing and saying. "It's quite a view though, isn't it, Sir?"

You gaze out the window of the Odyssey's bridge towards Earth. The blue orb turns beneath you, presently showing the North American Continent half shaded in light, half in darkness. The city lights fill in the void of outlining the continent where civilization rests, and darkness in the voids where it doesn't. 

An ominous feeling shudders down your spine.

"Yeah," you say. "It really is."

Vantas leaves without another word, and you manage to put that ominous feeling into words.

You get the strangest impression that you're not going to be seeing this specific view many more times after this. 

You're really starting to hate Time Travel.

"So, how'd it go?" Davis asks as you- one Karkat Vantas of the third time through this god forsaken loop-  get in one of the SGC elevators with him so you can both head to the surface for lunch.

"Genreal O'neill asked me all the expected questions," you answer. "You heard back on Rose's little quest yet?"

"Yeah, I got those assholes fired," Davis answers. "School's a little safer for now, but... I hear they're arguing up for a Lawsuit. Though, it probably won't actually get filed until the end of the year."

"Probably a bit too late for that," you grumble. "How's your side of things going?"

"Jake and Chixie are onboard, and didn't take too much convincing, really. Roxy and Alec are considering it for now," he answers. "They've all heard the rumors. Hard not to with Alya Cesare broadcasting the IOA's every ill-thought out monetary grab for power on the Internet."

"And they just don't care," you answer. "Or they cover it up. Fucking politicians." 

"Yeah," Davis scoffs. "Honestly wasn't expecting Cesare to pick up the slack Donovan's dropped. But that's Time for you. Completely unpredicatable."

"Tell me about it," you glance at him, and then ask. "Hey. You're still cool with this, right? Me telling you the whole plan and shit? Keeping it quiet from everyone?"

"Yeah, I'm still cool with this," Davis looks to you. "Been keeping the whole SGC thing a secret for longer than I care to think about, disclosure aside. That's just the nature of the Military. Some shit gets classified from everyone and you gotta be able to do it, comfortable or not. Besides, we all know how these stable loops work out. I'm just glad you took the risk and told me when we started dating instead of... You know. Keeping it from me? I think I'd be more offended on that front than anything."

"Glad I haven't offended then," you smirk at him.

"Like you could," Davis smirks in turn.  

Soon, you exit the first elevator and transition to the other, continuing your ascent towards the surface.

"God, I think I'm actually gonna miss this place when we finally move," Davis sighs half way up the ride. "Even if these fuckin' Elevators still take fuckin' forever."

"It won't be long now," you say, frowning. "Just another couple of months, really. We're nearing the endgame. Only question is how big of an endgame it'll be because of that rift Amplifying shit."

"Are you SURE we can't just pop over to this trouble spot dimension and kick over a few cans before coming back?" Davis asks.

"It'd wreck the shit of so many goddamned dimensions I can't even count, Davis," you remind him. "That one dimension affects so many worlds, it's like a goddamned fixed point."

"Yeah, Vegas tends to be like that," Davis scowls. "Why couldn't what happened in Vegas just STAY in Vegas for once?"

"'Memes do not dictate reality,'" you quote somebody you can't even remember the name of. 

"Yeah, I dunno, our reality seems pretty meme-tastic, if you ask me, Vantas," Davis counters.

"Be that as it may, Strider," you change subjects mid sentence as the elevator reaches the surface and the doors start to open. "You have an extremely kissable face."

"Now then, Major Kiss-ass," Davis says in serious deadpan as you both exit the elevator, "This is not the time or place for us to be having this discussion."

"Ah, you're right," you say, equally deadpan. "The SGC elevators on our way to lunch is definitely not the place for such a conversation."

"Glad we're on the same page," Davis says, deadpan.

You both head for Davis' car, deadpan expressions matching on your faces, and completely confusing the other Air Force personelle who stare after you in an unsure way.

When you both get into the car- a pause is taken to break out laughing.

"Did you SEE Airman Reeve's face!?" You ask between laughs.

"Holy shit she had no idea what to make of any of that!" Davis agrees. 

The rest of the lunch break is spent getting cheap as fuck SONICS burgers and tater tots and trying not to think about the impending disasters to be brought on by one Wraith set loose in the city of Las Vegas in some random ass CSI-Knockoff version of your own dimension.

Chapter Text




Audio-to-Text Transcript for Video Post:

In a vast majority of worlds, some concepts are universal. Such as the oddity such as what people of Earth call the Swedish Meatball, which seems to be a dish that exists almost identically across almost every single inhabited planet across three whole galaxies despite having vastly different culinary origins. 

Food is one of those things that tends to have similar formulas and recipes appear time and time again, but there are other things, as well.

On Earth, among the media empires, there's a saying that goes "Sex Sells." Sex sells what? Anything, really. From clothing (Ironically enough) to food to even pieces of technology. Cars can be designed with what some designers refer to as a "sex appeal" in how sleek or elegant a design can be made. The whole concept could be applied to so many things all for one goal: Making Money. The more 'sexy' the advertisements were made, the more likely certain groups of people would fork over their cash to get that product- whatever it may be.

On the now destroyed planet of Alternia before the rebellion, Sex had been something that everyone had to consider due to the Empire's demands for a constant influx of new troops. In this case, the saying was "War sells Sex" among the top tier propagandists. The more people who hooked up with their matesprits and kismesises and had enough sex to provide genetic material for the Mother Grubs, the better it was for everyone because more Grubs were being hatched, raised, trained, and sent to war for the glory of the Empire.

For Earth, this practice was subtle. A flash of skin here, a flirtatious wink here- intentionally used, it draws the eye, and it makes people think about that product in relation to the appeal. Even the accidetnal chemistry on screen between two actors playing siblings in a certain holiday coffee commercial could and would no doubt earn the company more cash than they may have expected from a certain audience who was into that sort of thing, even as it earned them no end of mockery over the decades that would follow.

On Alternia, this practice was in your face. It was a blatant threat laying beneath all the exposed skin and the various media products that darted back and forth over a line that some Earth media would definitely slap an NC-17 rating onto. If you don't have a Matesprit or Kismesis when the time comes, the Drones will Cull You Dead. Do your part, Contribute to the Slurry, or DIE. 

One thing that was in direct contrast between Earth and Alternia-that-Was, however, was what these focuses on sex appeal actually focused ON.

I don't think I need to spell it out for you, really. Atleast, not for most of you. I'm pretty sure you get it. But for those who don't...

Earth has had something of an unhealthy fixation on the reproductive pairing of sex appeal. Even Alternia, with it's focus towards keeping the war population going strong, still saw the need of the other non reproductive romantic quadrants of Moirailgence and Auspiticism. Still produced the media without scorn. Still equally pushed those ideals into their population. And the simple fact of the matter was that Pale and Ashen porn was very much a thing that was just as popular as Flushed and Pitched porn.

In contrast, Earth seemed to treat anything that wasn't reproductive as inferior, and niche, and not really worth its time. 

As people watched from Earth as the people of Atlantis mingled and experimented and accepted some of the Alternian cultural norms that were being held firm as tentpole anchors even after the Diaspora and the transition from Wartime Sex Selling to Peacetime Sex Selling- among others from their various allies- and the acceptance of these things began to spread among the general populations...

Trends began to shift.

People began seeking out media from Earth's allies, instead of directly consuming everything they'd had before. And why shouldn't they? It was becoming remarkably obvious that Earth's media empires were slowly adapting to the times. Hesitantly pushing forwards with small bits here and there while these other people, with these other cultures and these other ideals were doing things that really seemed to resonate with larger audiences... 

The head honchos at the top of Earth's media empires began to panic as their revenue streams began to dip. They began to worry as they saw people turning away from the ideal of just a man and a woman being the ideal romantic goal to chase after and began branching out and accepting other ideals as things they could RELATE to. 

And worst of all, even with Alternia as a planet DEAD and gone? It was still a planet that had racked up THOUSANDS of years of Film History. Alternate versions of Earth films existed with sequels upon sequels and reboot upon reboot that they just simply couldn't keep pace with.

The real root of the problem was Atlantis, they decided.

It showed and promoted a blending of cultures that Earth's media giants just weren't ready to accept yet.

They didn't WANT to accept it. What was wrong with the old ways? Why shouldn't people stubbornly stick to how things used to be and--


They simply hated that something that should be considered Sci-Fi Adventure of the Week Spectacle Drama was actually, somehow, their reality.

And Reality in this case was selling better than fiction.

And so they reached through the IOA and tried to cancel the contract Atlantis had with Emmett Bregman.

For the record, it didn't work, and neither Earth's Media Giants NOR the IOA are happy with that.

This brings us to the next point on my post here.

What sells better than Sex? Scandal.

I've made quite a bit of a name for myself writing scripts like these, and stating them proudly on air without thinking about the consequences. I'll admit, I was a bit of an idiot in that regard. Too blinded by the fame. By the fortune. The prestige. The Pride. I let a Co-Worker's horrid actions slide by because he was famous and had a great smile and brought in the ratings. 

I ignored my best friend's honest emotions because I thought i KNEW better and was trying to force Earth's cultural norms onto her again.

I got a pair of innocent people murdered by a jealous husband because he thought they were having an affair because of MY WORDS, and that weighs heavily on me.

And I decided I had enough.

That's why I started this vlog. That's why I've been doing video essays like this in addition to the usual text posts warning people about the International "Oversight" Advisory's actions. 

Shortly after I posted this morning's notice about the Impending IOA Visit to Atlantis, my brain got to thinking. Why are they sending Shen Xiaoyi to perform this "evaluation?" Why, when she's been hired and fired and hired and fired and hired again due to all the corruption inherent in the current IOA structure?

At first, I thought, surely it's got to be the sex appeal factor, right? Atlantis has had female commanders almost exclusively since its inception, and the IOA must be seeing Woolsey in command polling low after they shoved him into power and kicking Col. Carter and Jolinar of Malkshur out of power. Restore the pattern, have someone that people will find conventionally attractive, and people'll not complain about blatant power grabs, right?

Except, Richard Woolsey hasn't been blatantly pushing for power like some in the IOA Support Circles have been claiming he has. He's done no more than any of the previous commanders have. The bare minimum, infact! So it can't be monetary. Which tells me that the reason they're actually doing this has to be because he's NOT doing the job they wanted him to be doing. 

So, they're going to try to change that, I'll bet you. And they're going to keep trying as they've already tried. Given the recent upswing in attempts to stifle Atlantis' funding? Expect them to keep trying. Expect them to try to sabotage and do whatever the hell they can to get even more power over Atlantis.

They're going to be getting desperate, if the pattern of escalation follows through, and when they get desperate, they're going to try and do things they don't want their home countries knowing they're doing. We've seen it before with Mikari's replacement with Carter. We'll see it again. 

The tension is rising, and it's going to reach a breaking point sooner or later. The only question is who breaks first? Atlantis making a stand, The IOA doing something bonehead stupid, or the home front telling the IOA to stuff it?

This is Alya Cesare, signing out.





DIASPORA DATE: 10/10/0007.

Shen Xiaoyi sat in the Atlantis Cafeteria, idly picking away at some basic salad.

"Well?" Richard Woolsey asks quietly as he steps into line.

"Well," you are Boldir Lamati, and you say quietly in response, "she's doing almost exactly what we expected of her to. Plans on trying to install herself as the head of Atlantis, and has the IOA mostly convinced that she should do it instead of the other choice."

"Mostly, meaning not as well convinced as she'd hoped," Woolsey frowns. "Who's the other contender?"

"James Coolidge," you answer, tapping away at the order of keys for the order Woolsey has in mind for his lunch. "And she does NOT want him getting the job. Apparently she thinks the male Commanders of Atlantis have never done a good Job and she's the best suited for replacing you. Up to a point."

"Hmm. How's that?" Woolsey asks.

"She's already made the internal decision that if she knows Coolidge is chosen over her ahead of time, before she submits her report, she'll give you a glowing review instead," you answer. "Out of sheer spite, if nothing else."

"Well, I suppose that's good to know," Woolsey shakes his head. "Now to figure out how to get that to happen."

You glance at a flickering shadow of silver standing within a sunbeam, but not casting a shadow itself. 

"Somehow, I get the impression we won't have to deal with that ourselves, actually," you state for the record.

"Any reason why?" Woolsey asks.

"Not especially, no," you answer, turning back towards him. "Just a hunch."

"So, what are we looking at, exactly?" your name is Keiko Ayano, and you gaze at a scan of Atlantis' ocean surface.

"Some strange energy anomaly near the ocean floor," Mckay points at a dot. "I checked back on scanners and it appeared shortly after we blew up Medea in the air, so..."

"Possible something she had on her survived the blast and sunk down there," you nod. "Alright. Let's get a Jumper down there and fish it up."

"My thoughts exactly," Mckay says.

"What made you start scanning the ocean floor anyways?" You ask.

"Oh, Zelenka suggested it," Mckay answers.

"Huh," you blink. "Yeah, that tracks."

"Anyways, you should get on this and get whatever it is brought up to Atlantis to study," Mckay says, and then moves to leave.

"Where are you going?" you ask, raising an eyebrow.

"I've got a lunch date with Keller," he answers.

"Yeah, that tracks," you sigh, and wave him off. "I can manage it with Cridea's help. Go enjoy lunch."

"Will do!" He grins and heads off.

...Something seems weird, but you're not going to complain considering the whole thing with him and Keller. If being happy makes Rodney Mckay kinda goofy, then power to him, you guess.

Still, Cridea... yeah, you'll need her help. But you were also tasked with making sure that Joey was brought in on the loop so with any luck... 

You are Cridea Seawav, and you look to Joey Claire as the Jumper Keiko's piloting heads down into the oceans depths. 

"Sooo... how's things back home?" You ask.

"It was good to get back for a few days," Joey answers. "Toko misses us a lot, and I'm eager to get back to staying home full time, but... we're not done yet." She frowns. "Okurii and I had a talk. Apparently there's a lot of political stuff moving sorta behind the scenes, and sorta peeking out from behind the curtains. And just blatantly doing shit that shouldn't be done."

"IOA, right?" You ask.

Joey nods. 

Keiko glances back into your part of the compartment, and says, "Honestly, I'll just be glad once the current visit's over. You wouldn't believe the crazy amount of rumors flying around. Can you believe there's talk about Atlantis declaring Independence from Earth?"

"Yeah, I've heard of it," you say. "And I think it's about as risky as rebelling against the Condesce."

Joey snorts, and replies with something that sounds like a code phrase, "Death to the Queen, and all that jazz."

You see Keiko get a strange look in her eyes, then she nods, and turns her attention back to the ocean before you with a "Aye, May her reign be short with a Jazzy finish."

You glance between them. "I'm sorry, but did something just happen there? Cause that sounded like a code-word exchange."

Joey looks to you, then... "Keiko?" 

"I've already cut off this Jumper from the City's communication's array," she answers. "We're clear." She then says, "Also, glad to have you onboard, Joey."

"Glad to be onboard," Joey says, then gets a serious look on her face. "Cridea, we're about to let you in on the biggest secret going on since the Stargate was still classified on Earth."

"What... exactly are we talking about here?" You ask.

"After the IOA visit, I'm going to be 'recalled'," Joey says it with obvious double meaning. "Okurii will say stuff like 'oh, it's about time you got back to having a vacation,' but the truth is I'm going to head to Releeshan and the D'ni cavern to check in on things and ensure the plan is still on track."

"Plans on track for what?" You ask.

"Those rumors I mentioned aren't just rumors," Keiko answers. "If things go as we expect them to, we're going to be pulling Atlantis out from under the IOA- and possibly Earth-'s influence, and the rest of the Atlantis Charter Council is going to be cutting the IOA out of the loop of THEIR affairs permanently regardless. If that involves cutting off Earth, then the question will remain for the people 'just what did our politicians do to so badly annoy our long standing allies?'"

You stare at Joey for a moment. "Seriously?" You ask, and Joey nods. You whirl around to look at Keiko. "Seriously!?" 

"Seriously," Keiko answers.

"But... Why?" you ask.

"It's a combination of things," Keiko answers. "A bit of the subterfuge Woolsey pulled with Bribing the Pegasus Coalition to a Not Guilty Verdict implied we'd wanted to separate from the people keeping us from finishing what we started."

"That's given us a bit more leeway to actually do that and take the fight to the Wraith in a serious way," Joey continues. "Astro, Delta, Daedalus? We've been blasting Wraith Hives out of the sky since then with a growing frequency, and the Wraith can't do a thing about it between us, and Todd's forces squeezing them tighter."

"And we KNOW the Magnums are Todd's now for sure, too," Keiko says. "They keep halting and distracting, but fighting nowhere near to their lethal potential against any of our ships. We got Boldir near one the other day and she got a snipit of an Order from Todd telling them not to kill our ships. Just distract and escape if we ran into each other."

"So... the Charter Council's involved in this?" You ask. "This is really happening? People are getting onboard with this?"

"We've been gauging interest among the City's Earth-born population by spreading Rumors about it," Keiko answers. "There's serious support for it, whether or not people are saying it or not- and a lot of people ARE saying it. Push comes to shove, we're expecting little to no push back from the City's Earth-born populations when the time comes."

"The IOA's going too far," Joey says. "They have been for years now. And Earth's politics have been a nagging, sticking point for all of us since all of this began. First the NID, then the Trust, now the IOA? And it's not just Atlantis they're coming down hard on either. Our Allies are getting stone walled on things they didn't used to be, and The SGC's coming under fire, cause the IOAs been pissed after the whole Unwritten Conference and is taking it out on them. "

"I heard about that," you wince. "Didn't they get played hard there?"

"They did," Joey nods. "It's... Honestly, this has been a thing that's been brewing for years. Woolsey stumbled into a solution that everyone's been secretly hoping would happen all this time."

"Funny how that works out," Keiko says. "Once we got that one piece of the puzzle, everything just started accelerating on this end."

She goes to say something more when an alarm sounds.

"Alright, we're nearing the object. Suit up and get ready to retrieve it," Keiko orders. "I'm sealing the back hatch... now."

The middle doors of the jumper slide shut, and you look to Joey. She nods, and dons a spacesuit with a flick of a captchalogue card swap. 

"We're ready," you say.

"We're landing..." The jumper rattles with a small thud. "Shield activated, and opening back hatch," Keiko says over the radio. "Good luck."

The back hatch opens, and you gaze out into the water.

You can FEEL the pressure from here, despite not being in it yet.

"Alright," Joey says. "Let's find our mysterious what-ever-it-is."

Your name is Richard Woolsey, and you're prepared to face the IOA representative SHEN, who's kept to herself most of the day, observing the expedition work, but not saying anything.

Now, she's called for a meeting, alone, in your own damned office.

"Hello, Richard," Shen greets, tracing her fingers along the edge of your desk. 

"Miss Xiyaoi, how has your-?" You don't get to go any further from that.

"You can save the pleasantries," Shen says, narrowing her eyes at you. "We both know that by the end of this, things are going to be far different around here."

"I see..." You frown. "So, I take it you've made  a decision?"

"You've availed yourself nicely, Richard, and you've survived admirably these past Nine Months," She says.

"Well," you say, "I'd like to think I've accomplished a little more than survival. Once you read through some of the reports I've prepared for you to-"

"That won't be necessary." Shen is a bit harsher than you'd expected with her current tone of voice. "You're receiving your graduation papers."

"Excuse me?" you ask, not needing to fake some of the shock involved in such a statement.

"In recognition of the great job you've done here, the IOA appointing you as the chair of Earth's new Environmental initiative." Shen smiles, and it doesn't come off entirely as pleasant. "Congratulations, Richard, you're going home."

There's a long pause- from your end. You're trying to process this. An environmental Initiative? Of all the short sighted...

"...Did you hear me, Richard? You're going home," Shen states again, as if you didn't hear her the first time.

"I heard you. I just... I wasn't aware there was a new Environmental Initiative being worked on," you finally say. "Or for that matter where in my qualifications you all think I would be a good fit for such a thing?"

"You've run Atlantis outside of your qualifications, Richard, you can handle a few plants," Shen says, narrowing her eyes. "You should be more grateful, Richard. Don't tell me you've grown attached to this place!?"

"I was under the impression that my assignment here was a punishment, not an exam," you say. "And that is to say, it wasn't much of either a punishment or an exam, honestly. Yes, I have grown attached to this City."

"A punishment? What are you talking about, Richard?" Shen's tone of voice has a small undertone of astonishment, confusion. 

"Let's cut the pleasantries, Shen," you say, putting on the role of the defense attorney once more. "We both know that your goals here are neither beneficial to my own personal end. From a sheer standpoint of Hazard Pay, I suspect if I take this offer of yours, I'll be taking a hefty pay cut. And for that matter... I haven't heard of anything involving the IOA's new Environmental Initiative as of this morning, which means that its either a position you've created to shove me into a box and forget about me, or it means you're making it up on the spot to get me to resign out of a misguided idea that I hate it here."

Shen scowls.  "I don't understand. Nine Months ago, you were protesting your assignment here."

"A lot changes in nine months," you say. "My opposition to being placed here was due to the sense that you were trying to out a damn talented leader of this Expedition after your last attempt at ousting another fine and talented leader out of her position. I may not be up to that level of leadership on some days, lord knows I've made mistakes, but I've started something, and I've done good work. And I don't like the idea of leaving a Job Unfinished. What is really going on?"

Shen sighs, shaking her head. "The IOA is concerned about some of the decisions you've made that run counter to protocol, and quite frankly, common sense! They... We Feel that the demands of this position have compromised your moral integrity, and it's time for a change."

You scoff at that. "I'm sorry, Shen, but my record hasn't changed one bit. By the IOA's own actions, protocol ends up changing more often than the Stargate dials a new address. And some of those protocols fly in the face of common sense and expert opinion. Not weeks into this job, I was faced with a conundrum of whether to follow protocol, or violate my own morals. And months after that, I've been faced with times where Protocol should exist but is vacant to create cases of ambiguity where you could come after me with a burning pitchfork if I didn't dance how you expected. So, I'll ask again. What is this Really about?"

"You're claiming you haven't changed, Richard?" Shen scoffed in turn, and starts walking towards you from your right. "I walked through this city. I've heard the talk and the rumors. The questions people have about their future here. You violated our orders and made deals with the Wraith. You never would have done that back in the day! Not when you were really Anti-Corruption!"

"I think you'll find once again that my stance has never changed, Shen," you counter, narrowing your eyes at her as you circle the room to your left. "I've been against abuse of power and I haven't changed that once. I joined the IOA to ensure corruption wouldn't take root in the SGC and in Atlantis. But look at what it's become now. Us. Posturing. Like enemies at the gate of a future endeavor."

You settle at your desk, and Shen stands where you started.

"You don't scare me, Shen," you say. "You or the IOA. None of us are Scared of you. Now." You reach onto your desk, retrieve the report stack from where it's laid undisturbed, and hold them out in the air for as long as you talk. "Here's the reports I was told I should have prepared for your visit. I do hope you read them, because I've also prepared them to email to the rest of the IOA. I'd rather hope that we don't run into any problems because of miscommunication, after all. We both know that you weren't sent here to fire me. You were sent here to evaluate my performance and make a recommendation based on your findings." 

Shen hesitates, her body language stiffening. She doesn't move, so you cross the room towards her.

You continue to speak, "The IOA may be leaning a certain way, but they've yet to make a decision on my fate. Yet you, their representative, clearly have. Which leads me to assume something else is going on here. Someone in the IOA wants me gone, and is having you do it. So what is it? My Job? Who else is in the running for the position, I wonder? Is it Addams? What about Dubernic or Dovelock? Coolidge?"

"T...This will go a lot easier if you just accept where this is going," Shen starts. "I hold all the cards."

"The hell I'll just roll over and let you walk over me," you say, finally standing beside her, face to face. "I've never been one to back down from a fight, and you know that.

You offer her the reports as you look her in the eyes. "So what will it be, Xiao'? Do you really hold all of the cards when I'm offering some to you right now? Can you truthfully believe that even for yourself?"

Shen takes your offered reports, and exits your office without another word.

And then you sigh in relief.

Oh thank God that worked.

"So, what do we have?" Zelenka asks, entering the lab.

Your name is Keiko Ayano, and you glance to him with a small smile. "Hey. Looks like a device that's emitting a low level energy signature in some mildly pulsating pattern."

"Is it dangerous?" Zelenka asks.

"No, radiation's minimal, but it's... strange. Familiar, almost." You gaze at the pale colored, cylindrical device on the table before you. "I can't quite place it."

"I wonder how long it's been down there?" Zelenka wonders. 

"No idea," you say. "We'd never have found it if Mckay hadn't brought it up to me."

"Yes, strange that he's not here to see the results of that labor," Zelenka muses.

"Eh, he's probably snogging with Keller in a closet or something," you answer. 

Zelenka snorts. "I can imagine that far too easily." He shakes his head. "Putting aside the Radiation for a moment, I've run every kind of decryption sweep that you asked me to," he hands you a tablet. "Absolutely nothing. I don't know what it is we're dealing with here."

You gaze at the data.

"Urgh." your eyes sort of glaze over for a moment- like you're having trouble focusing. "What the fuck...?"

"Something wrong?" Zelenka asks.

"Probably just the proximity to this thing giving me a headache," you answer.

Wait. Hold on.

"Proximity..." you check the City's internal sensors and... "Huh. The Radiation this thing's giving off is covering the entire city, and beyond it. Probably well out towards the continent, too."

"Isn't there a botany team out there?" Zelenka asks.

"Something like that," you frown. "Anyways. I don't think it's dangerous at this frequency, but I can seriously see a lot of people getting headaches or having trouble sleeping."

"Well, we'll shut it off before bedtime then, I suppose," Zelenka muses. "If we can shut it off. This thing has been active the entire time we've been examining it, and yet, no off button on the outside. Almost like it's powered by its own internal computer."

"...Software off button, right," you gaze at the Data on the terminal Zelenka gave you again. "Hold on. What if this thing's like a Laptop?"

"What, do you think it's asking for a password?" Zelenka asks. "[Damn it, of all the things I didn't think to check on...]"

"Yeah," you point at the screen. "This script isn't anywhere near as complicated as something like the Wraith, or what we've seen here on Atlantis. But... look. It's basically just twelve symbols in an endlessly repeating, varying sequence."

"...That is rather simple, yes," Zelenka nods. "Reminds me of one of Janus' less complex brain teasers, even."

"Exactly. It's too simple. It's Kadish Tolesa Infuriatingly Simple Stupid," you say, typing into the tablet and then sending the feed to your laptop. You check a few things and... "Here. Look. There's a pattern that isn't IN the text, but in the gaps between it."

"Oh, how did I miss that?" Zelenka asks.

"The spaces are exactly twleve characters in length," you point at them. "Each section of text is a multiple of twelve, separated by a twelve symbol gap, almost like-"

"Like a Password Prompt," Zelenka realizes. "If we run a pattern recognition software-"

"We can come up with a twelve symbol permutation that we can feed directly into the device, and if we're right-" you continue, before both of you summarize at once:

"We unlock the Laptop!"

The sun is slowly setting as you, one Richard Woolsey, find your way to your THINKING BALCONY- only to find a woman near straight out of your dreams standing there, gazing out over the ocean.

Her hair is curly and bouncy, dark brown like the sweetest of chocolates, and her eyes are... Indescribable. 

And the smile on her face. Oh. That SMILE. 

"Oh, um, hello," you greet.

"Oh, hello," She greets in turn with- is that an Austrailian accent? Or a New Zealand accent? You've never been too great at telling them apart. "I wasn't expecting company." She offers her hand. "Doctor Vanessa Conrad."

"Richard Woolsey," you shake her hand. "And, ah, not to be rude, but you've poached my private spot."

"Ah, did I now?" She gives you a coy smile.

"What I mean to say, is, you've discovered the personal area I come to to be alone with my thoughts," you elaborate.

"I see," she then coyly asks, "Do you mind sharing it?"

"Not at all," you say, approaching the railing and gazing out over the ocean. 

"It's quite the view," Conrad... no, Vanessa says. "I wish I could stay here forever, but I'm only here for as long as the Apollo is."

"Shame that," you say. "Atlantis is quite the home."

"It really is," Vanessa gives you a look. "You know, I wasn't expecting to like it here."

"Really?" You ask.

"Mmh," She hums in agreement. "Just some unfortunate circumstances. Strange how a crashed Life Boat can lead you to the most unimaginable places."

"I can imagine," you say. "It's always a bittersweet feeling, about leaving someplace you've grown fond, even if you weren't sure you'd like it there at first. Truthfully, I'm not sure if I'm going to be long for Atlantis either."

"Troubles up in Administration?" Vanessa asks, reaching out and nudging her hand against the splash of red on your left shoulder, strangely near to your heart.

"You could say that," you answer. "I'm doing my best to make this situation work out in my favor, but... there's always a chance that it won't."

"You're a good man, Richard," Vanessa says. "I can see it in your eyes, even if others might not see it."

"Well, thanks," you say, cheeks feeling red. God, are you blushing? You barely know this woman... "Maybe if things don't work out," you continue, "maybe we could meet up again some day for lunch or dinner, perhaps?"

"If things don't work out, I do wonder," Vanessa muses.

And then the door to the balcony opens, and Lieutenant Banks calls out for you.

"Mister Woolsey, you've been off radio. Doctor Ayano needs to show you something."

Vanessa gives you a smile and a "Another time then."

You nod and say, "Of course."

You feel a headache coming on as you head to Keiko's office, and when you arrive, she explains the device to you.

"This device is a Time Capsule," Keiko begins. "It contains the historical, scientific, and technological records for an extinct civilization. One that's pretty advanced if this device is anything to go by. It should contain medical breakthroughs, specifications for advanced weaponry..." She trails off.

"This is incredible," you say, awed. "But I'm sensing a 'but.'"

"It's more of a 'by the way'?" Keiko's ears flatten. "It also contains the records and chemical building blocks for a silicon based life-form. And it's designed to... seed planets with organisms that would, in time, theoretically evolve into a sentient race. And once that race reached a certain level of intellectual maturity, they could open this Time Capsule and reap the benefits of its information."


Dear God.

"So why was it in our ocean?" You ask.

"I'm not sure," Keiko shrugs. "Obviously it didn't complete its journey as intended, but... with the Apollo or Daedalus- any ship, really- we could get it to where it needs to go."

"So, we copy the data and send it on its way?" you offer.

"That's where the 'by the way' comes in," Keiko winces. "This thing is designed in such a way that accessing the data would do permanent, irreparable damage to the bio-samples."

"So it's an Either/Or situation," you summarize. "Either we take the data, or send it on its way."

"We can't do both," Keiko shakes her head.

"I'll need some time to think on this," you decide.

"There's one other by the way I feel I should mention," Keiko says. "It's, uh... Emitting a low level of radiation that we've encountered before."

"We have?" You ask.

"It's a form of electromagnetic radiation that, in high quantities, leads to hallucinations," Keiko answers. "A Genii team encountered a Wraith fear device and turned it on, and the teams went after them started seeing things. For now it's- uh- it's safe? We haven't had any reports of hallucinations yet, but... people are starting to get noticeable headaches."


"I should probably see Doctor Keller in the infirmary, then," you say. "I've started feeling one the last little while."

As you head to the Infirmary to do just that, your headache starts to worsen just a bit, and then- you're leaning against the wall.

Vanessa Conrad is there, and she's looking at you with a concerned look on her face.

You're quite certain she wasn't there a moment ago.

"We need to talk," she says. "About the device."

You blink, and ask, "The Radiation... It's making me see you, isn't it?"

"It's designed as a means of communication," she answers. "I drew this form based on the physical manifestation of your subconscious romantic and sexual ideals."


"When you put it like that, it sounds like I'm putting myself through this," you grouch.

"I'm sorry I had to deceive you, but I had to speak with you first to get a sense of your character," she said. "The survival of an entire civilization is at stake."

"And then we got interrupted before we had a chance to talk further," you sigh. "Maybe we should take this somewhere private?"

"Of course."

You head to your... no, the Office isn't private enough. Your room, however, is.

"Bye Bye, Babylon..." You are Joey Claire, and you whisper-hum some lyrics to a new song in the shadows of the setting sun as you carefully write said lyrics down into a notebook. "Was reaching for the sun..."

The wind blows by, rustling your hair, and you gaze downwards upon the city. From up here at the rooftop balcony, you can see almost all of Atlantis. All of it glistens in the fading sunlight, and you're struck once more by how it looks.

The orange-red light casts an ominous light against the blades of every city spire knifing into the air.

You're reminded once more of Giza. Of the sun gleaming against the Ha'tak and the flashes of fire from staff weapons cleaving through the air.

You wonder how the timing of this song's going to come out.

Jude had mentioned something about a signal being sent out to prompt everything, but not what it was. You wonder if he meant that in a sense of double speak. That your signal- this song that you're writing now- for the plan that's about to go forwards... If that also doesn't serve to trigger that time loop entirely?

Everything's falling into place now. Penny's loop is wrapped up. All that's left, really, is Giza.


Giza and everything on this side of history that prompts it.

You didn't know why Egeria started trouble the way she did back then, save that it was just for the stability of the timeline...

But all of this is giving you context that... it's giving you context for things you weren't ready to know about then, you think.

It shocks you to think that for all the time you've had this melody bouncing around your skull, you haven't had this song written out yet.

You heard some kid humming it back in Giza. You heard this melody, and it stuck in your head until... Well. Until now. And it wasn't until just recently that you started putting words to it. It wasn't anyone from the future who was humming it, but it was their recognizing it that got your attention. 

Hushed whispers tend to do that, after all.

"Was Reaching for the sun?" you frown. "Was... once... Was, once... Was.... Once Reaching For The Sun." You scratch in the correction.

You are once again Richard Woolsey, and you listen to everything that Vanessa Conrad- an A.I. for the Data Ark- explains to you with no little amount of surprise.

"Tens of thousands of years ago, a civilization foresaw its extinction. After millions of years of evolution, a race known as the Sekkari faced their end. Knowing they couldn't save themselves, they spent their final years creating seeds- the means of starting over- each with different worlds programmed into their navigation systems. Worlds that would provide them with the chemical compounds necessary to produce, sustain, and develop life. Each seed also held a repository containing the history of the Sekkari people."

That much you can understand, though the plot sounds something out of that one Alternian Bio-Mecha Anime they've been playing in movie nights. Evangelion or something like that.

"The seed carriers were outfitted with subspace communicators, designed to alert the group once a seeding was successful. Over fifty were launched. None achieved their goal." Vanessa pauses. "This unit malfunctioned. I guided it to the nearest planet—this world, in the hope that it would prove suitable to the life-forming process."

"But it wasn't?" You ask.

"No," she shakes her head. "This device survived reentry relatively unscathed, then spent the next two thousand years at the ocean's bottom, idling, waiting... Until recently, when its dormant systems were awakened by its sensors picking up trace readings from one of your submerged puddle jumpers... and then the ensuing explosion of energy above the city itself."

"Naturally that more than anything would make you curious," you suppose.

"Indeed," Vanessa nods. "And so I scanned the city, and began investigating you all. Seeing if you were worthy to help complete my mission. I... did not go undiscovered long. The one called Boldir Lamati noticed my presence and inquired to my goals."

"...Of course she would," you shake your head. "And she didn't tell me?"

"I asked her not to, until I could ascertain and make first contact for myself," Vanessa answers. "I had to find out what kind of people you were personally. I would have taken more time to study before hand, but... Shen's arrival made this City change. I can tell that if I did not act sooner than later, I may not ever get another chance at this. And the Sekkari people may be lost forever if we cannot find a way to save them."

It's a lot to take in.

And honestly, you're severely inclined to just send the Ark on its way without-

Your thoughts are interrupted as Shen barges into your room despite- wait just a second!

"Richard! You seriously need to-"

"GET. OUT." You order.

"What!?" Shen stares at you, shocked.

"I locked my door. I don't know how you bypassed it, but you severely need the common decency to at least knock first!  Get out of my Room." You state.

"Who cares about that! There's an entire data capsule full of advanced technology sitting in a lab and-" Shen doesn't seem to get it.

"I care!" You tab your radio, and speak, "This is Woolsey, I need head of Security,"

"Woah! Richard, Wait, that's not nece-!" Shen starts, only to be cut off by a response from the Radio.

"This is Major Lorne, Mr. Woolsey, what's the problem?"

"I need a team to my room right now to escort Miss Shen off the premises. Somehow she's circumvented my door lock," you answer the radio- Shen leaves before you've even finished the sentence. "Correction, I need someone to find her and detain her. And further more, I need to know how she became aware of the classified project Miss Ayano was working on."

"Well, I didn't tell her," your name is Keiko Ayano, and you stand across from Woolsey from his office desk. "I didn't tell anyone except you and Zelenka about what we had, and neither of us committed that info to the database."

"Which means she had some way of finding that info out without our knowing. A data tap or a hidden microphone- something like that," Woolsey grumbles. "Which, combined with her breaking into my Locked Room, paints a disturbing picture."

"I checked the security logs," Zelenka says, entering the room. "Your door's lock was Hacked Open from a remote device emulating the City's OS. The Door thought it was ordered unlocked from the Control Room, but no such order was sent that way."

"So I guess that means we'll have to track her down somehow," you frown.

Woolsey looks to say something, then stops, and glances towards his right, where nothing was there to look at. "Okay. You know what. Can't you make yourself visible to them? This will be easier for all of us if-"

And then suddenly you feel a slight headache as a woman appears where Woolsey was looking.

"Keiko, Radek," Woolsey motions to the woman. "Meet the A.I. Guardian of the Life Ark you discovered."

Zelenka mutters something. "[Oh, hello! Suddenly appearing magic woman. Why am I not surprised?]"

"Hello, Raddek, Keiko," she gives a wave.

"Oh my god," you massage at your temples. "It's a Communication Field, not a Hallucination Field."

"Yes, and as such, I can tell you exactly where Shen Xiaoyi is hiding," the A.I. states. "And I can also tell you she intends to try forcing you to extracting the data from the Ark, whether you decide to or not."

"Well we're not letting that happen," you say. 

"No," Woolsey shakes his head. "If she's going to force the matter on us, then it's not a choice at all. We won't consign billions of potential lives to oblivion just to let the IOA get a leg up on the technological arms race."

"Especially not with the plan in motion," The A.I. states.

"You know about that?" You look to the A.I., then to Woolsey and he looks just as startled.

"Wasn't me," he says.

"I've spoken with your chief chef, Boldir Lamati," the A.I. says. "She vouched for your people here in Atlantis to be trustworthy. But I cannot trust blindly, given the Role I Play in restoring the Sekkari race to life. She informed me of the events transpiring."

"Of course she did," you and Woolsey both remark.

Zelenka seems wryly amused. "[I have no idea what plans you're all talking about, but I suspect it's above my pay grade to begin with.]"

The A.I. smiles at him, and replies, "Yes, it very much is, Radek. Mine too, if I weren't in this precarious situation."

"Huh?" you blink. "Nevermind. You can tell us where Shen is?"

"More than that," the A.I. says, "I believe I can smoke her out of her hiding place without needing to use excessive force."

Shen, hiding away in a small, isolated, and emptied lab somewhere in the City, suddenly jerked to alert awareness when the City's Intercom's buzzed in that room.

"Shen?" Woolsey begins. "We aren't sure where in Atlantis you're hiding, but you've just received a message from the IOA on Earth. Luthor Dovelock wants to speak to you. He says its urgent."

Shen scowls, and decaptchalogues a laptop, opening it and seeing the IOA Communications App *IS* Blinking with an alert icon.

She opens it, and sees the IOA Rep on screen.

"Ah, Shen," the man began. "I hear you've gotten yourself into quite a predicament."

"Woolsey's enraged because I used that device you gave me to enter his room because he KNEW for sure that he'd locked it! He's stuck Security on me!" Shen tells him.

"Yes, well, I don't know what device you're talking about," Luthor Dovelock said, "but you'd be best off not telling anyone else about your little... misuse of technology. You really should have knocked first."

"You didn't have Earth Dial Atlantis just to tell me off for a little corporate espionage, Luthor!" Shen tells him. "What do you want?"

"Recent events on Atlantis aside, your... position in the race for taking over Atlantis' leadership had already fallen in the rankings," Luthor answers. "I was asked to inform you that the council has decided that if you decide Woolsey is deserving of removal, James Coolidge is the one who will be taking over Atlantis."

"Coolidge?!" Shen shouts- outraged. 

"Don't worry," Luthor smiles. "I've already secured you a reward for facilitating the transition. You'll be chairing the IOA's new Environmental-"

Shen threw the laptop to the floor with a shout of rage.

Shen Xiaoyi took the next Dialout to Earth not in handcuffs, but with a promise from Woolsey that she would be put in them if she ever returned to Atlantis while he was still commander.

She didn't protest, but just said, "I hope you get comfortable, Richard. With this 'glowing' report I wrote, you'll be leading Atlantis for a lot longer than you might be expecting."

And then she was through the Gate and was gone.

"The Apollo is ready to beam," your name is Amelia Banks, and you can't help but feel weird as you watch Woolsey nod, and then talk to thin air.

"The ship will take you to your target planet," Woolsey says. There's a long pause, then he nods, saying, "Well, if that day is anytime within my lifespan, make sure to have someone dial Atlantis up and send a message. I'd be glad to talk again." another pause, then. "Good luck."

He tabs his radio, "Apollo, the device is ready to beam out."

You hear a distant "PVVVM, SHING" from down in the gate room, accompanied by a beam of light going upwards, and then...

Woolsey sighs. "Well, that was an interesting day."

You give him a strained smile, "Yes, Sir, that it was."


DIASPORA DATE: 10/11/0007.

"Mister Woolsey," your name is Teyla Emmagan, and you smile as you see the Director  passing by the table you, Jade, Argo, John, and Keiko are sitting at. "Would you care to join us?"

Woolsey considers it for a moment, then nods. "Thank you, I'd like that."

He sets his tray down at the table, and grabs a nearby empty chair.

"So, you had no idea what you were seeing wasn't there?" John asks.

"Trust me, the manifestations were very convincing," Woolsey says. 

"That's probably why they didn't come after me or Jade or anyone else with extra senses," John says. "We'd have known."

"Yeah," Keiko nods. "I mean, seriously. I woulda smelled something was off!" she taps her nose.

"You know what I don't get?" Argo asks. "This AI shows up and starts looking around, then starts trying to rush the introductions because Shen shows up, but that same afternoon, you find its device in the ocean."

"That is kinda weird," Jade nods.

"I know what you're implying here, alright?" Keiko huffs. "But I got the idea from Mckay that morning. He suggested we scan the ocean floors."

There's a very long pause. 

Then Keiko asks, "Did anyone see Rodney Mckay yesterday at all? Even with Doctor Keller??"

A chorus of "no"s and shaken heads.

"I'm sorry," You inform her, "But Rodney's been on Earth since Friday because his niece broke her arm."

Keiko groans, "Awww, Fucking hell! I got played!!"

"Guess it wasn't so much of a coincidence after all," John says, then, he holds an arm up and calls for Ronon and Banks to join them at the table as they walk by.

You can only shake your head and wonder how things work out, some times.

Chapter Text


DIASPORA DATE: 10/25/0007.

On a lazy Sunday morning, Keiko Ayano and Mallek Adalov lay together in bed, front to front, with Keiko nuzzling her head in between Mallek's jaw and shoulder along his neck.

From her roosting perch, the feather drake Pina watched them with a content purr.

'Atleast they were sleeping the morning through rather than 'sleeping' the morning through as they'd one yesterday,' so the thoughts within Pina's mind roughly went.

A slight tap on the window had Pina glance up, and spotted her Alfheim twin perched on the window frame outside.

Pina descended from her perch, hopped over to the window, nudged the automated opening button, and let her twin in.

Pina entered the room, and chirped a thanks to Pina.

Pina chirped a 'you're welcome' to Pina, and further asked why the early morning visit.

Pina answered that Silica and Minori were being loud with their 'sleeping in' this morning and had decided to go for a flight around the city.

Pina chirped that it would be an excellent idea to go flying and that her wings were itching for a stretch and a run.

And so the feather drakes took off for the skies.

From her bed, Keiko tiredly mumbled, "Should pro'lly close the win'ow..."

"Later," Mallek mumbled. "The breeze feels nice."

"Mmh... it kinda does, yea..." Keiko agreed.

O)<-Stargate Alternia->(O

Your name is Akita, and you glance up from the novel you're reading to see two near identical feather drakes come in for a landing on a table beneath one of the table umbrellas in the outdoors cafeteria yard.

It doesn't take long before Boldir comes over with two prepared bowls of chopped up meat- places them on the table with the drakes, and gives them a "Enjoy your meal," before returning back to work.

The two blue feathered, red eyed twined mini-dragons get to work immediately chowing down on their meal.

You're about to turn back to your book when there's a roar and a rush of wind.

You glance up and see Lloyd's green energy dragon projection swooping through the city, giving chase to a tiny speck of golden light weaving through the spires and buildings.

Lloyd and Gray were on one of their early morning "Flight Dates" - which, really was just born out of them taking a day neither AR-9 or the Lancer Pilots went out to do flight training around the City, and just did it together.

They're still awkwardly flustered as hell in the talking department, but at least it's transitioned to the good kind of flustered, and looks to be on course to shift out of flustered into a bit more of a firm confidence in where they stand with each other.

You think things like this help out a lot.

Just the- whole idea of hanging out and flying around and just enjoying life. 

You return to your book and find your place again.

Huh, funny, you were near ready to turn the page. So you do.

Meanwhile, in another galaxy...

Your name is Jake Harley, and you're quite dizzy from getting your jacket pocket caught on a hook on a pole in the attic and getting spun around it from your own forwards momentum.

"Bluuuh..." You moan out. "Stupid waist-height hooks..."

Roxy giggles a bit as she helps disconnect your jacket from the hook. "I know! Why is everything at waist height? Door knobs, weird hooks- I tell you I get my pants pockets caught on the little dresser knobs on the kitchen cabinet doors like nothing else if I'm not paying attention!"

"Yeah," you scowl at the random ass pole running from floor to ceiling. "Why the heck is this thing even here for?"

"Dunno, it's not structural, but it was here when we got the place and it's bolted in pretty well." Roxy shrugs. "Mostly I've used it for hanging christmas decorations out of season, but since I already got those packed away..."

"Speaking of packing," you glance around the attic. "Where do we want to start with today? I know there's only so much time we've got today before the kids come back from Atlantis."

Roxy hums, right hand fingers tapping against her jaw as she thinks. "I think we oughta start with the heavy stuff we put off yesterday. The Trunks and desks. Sooner we get that packed up in Captchacards the better."

"Moving sure is a lot easier with Sylladexes," you laugh with a small smile before heading over towards that part of the attic. 

"It sure is," Roxy sighs. "I'm gonna miss this house, but you know what?"

"What?" You ask.

"I think I'm going to like the new one much better. Less of a commute to visit family, y'know?"

You laugh.

"Yeah, much closer to Joey's place, that's for sure," you say, and then wonder. "Huh. I wonder what Joey's up to right now?"

Your name is Joey Claire, and you stand before the Tokotah Plaza Building in the City of Ae'gura in the Cavern of D'ni, miles beneath the surface of the New Mexico Desert somewhere on the planet called Earth.

The crowd of explorers, restoration engineers, scientists, and even the occasional Bahro mill about you without much care in the world beyond a sharp, startled gaze, and a few hushed whispers.

Of course, you were wearing a jacket with the Tag line "Anonymous Crowdling" embroidered on the back of it. People were wisely pretending you weren't anything but a background character in their ordinary lives due to it. You aren't sure where the idea of "incognito jackets" like this came from, or why they became popular in D'ni, but it strikes you as something of a paper thin disguise. Like being an undercover agent only to throw on a fedora and be recognized as said agent despite not looking any different besides that. Still, you can appreciate the idea of an Anonymous Crowd Bystander Jacket better than anyone. Shame that it seems to just be a Restoration Culture thing more than anything else from the Surface. Maybe you should export the idea elsewhere?

You enter the building, make your way up the stairs, and enter the DRC meeting office.

Dr. Richard Watson, Douglas Sharper, and Marie Sutherland are there, conversing over the idle topic of lunch when you enter the room.

"Ah, Colonel Claire, welcome," Watson gives you a nod. "We've been expecting you."

You give a nod in return. "Let's get down to business."

Marie retrieve a Linking book from a shelf, and soon, the four of you head through.

You are Lord Waver El Melloi The Second, and you glance up from your work as a series of linking sounds echo from your home's foyer.

Atleast it's not your office, you think with a wry smile as you head out that way to meet them.

Officially, this meeting isn't happening. Officially, you're still on Atlantis. Officially, you're to claim no knowledge of the events to transpire.

Unofficially, you're nervous as hell and excited as a newborn kitten.

"Doctor Watson, Mr, Sharper, Miss Sutherland, Colonel Claire," you greet to the four arrivals. "Glad you could join us. Please, follow me," you say, leading them to a private room through your mansion's hallways. "How are things going on the home lives front? I know it's been a while since we last conversed."

"Every day's Just another day," Sharper remarks. "Teledahn's a right pain in the ass this season, though. You'd not believe the trouble we get into when the Shroomies get into their mating cycles. So many fallen shrooms. I've had to keep the gates up, but someone keeps lowering the things and shutting down the equipment."

"Things are... Ah, Progressing," Watson says with a slight cough. "Though, not as smoothly as we'd hoped, or what we had before the Surface became fully aware of what was going on."

"Our mutual annoyance of a pest, I presume?" You ask.

"If you mean the IOA? Yeah," Marie scoffs. "And here we thought OSHA was bad. They're pissed we're independently solvent and don't need outside funding."

"I'd imagine a part of that comes from the unlimited source of gold flowing into the economy," Sharper remarks.

"It's not that bad," Claire says. "I mean, what's a few gold mining dictatorial land barons out of business going to do but improve the world? S'not like they weren't already doing nasty shit to try and keep a hold on the regions."

"You mean besides the resulting power vacuum and the destabilization of exploitative regimes that a lot of really rich people seem oddly upset over?" Marie asks.

"Honestly, destabilizing the economy was not something we had in mind when we started self funding," Watson says. "Even when we did things responsibly, just the sheer fact we had an untapped source of income... It's done wonders to keep us a standing power, but nothing to keep the hawks off of our backs."

"Like that Alexander chick the IOA's had running around," Sharper grunts. "We're doing something about that today, right?"

"Indeed, we are," you say, finally arriving at your destination.

It's a small broom closet with a desk chair and a Bahro made lining stone resting upon it.

In sequence, they link through, and you seal the door with a key before kneeling and using the stone itself.


You arrive with the others in a place far away from the prying eyes of modern civilization.

It's the workshop of the madman Kadish within the age of Ahnonay- far, far outside of the massive revolving carousel of giant spheres that he used for his insane deception of the masses.

"It always amazes me," Yeesha is here already, along with the rest of the DRC Council members, Mikari Aiikho,  and a pair of Link Wea-

Wait, no. Their clothing is far too simple for the Link Weavers of the Unwritten. Simple tunics of a minty white background with silver wings painted over the hearts?

Ah, these must be the branch of the Bahro who have started taking to call themselves "Rescuers." Apparently there isn't a consensus yet as to whether that's what their whole species name should be yet. You've heard that some still want to stick with "Bahro" as a species name and go with other things as political identifiers, which sounds like a grounds for more splintering among the whole group, if anyone were to ask you.

Or something like that, at any rate.

"The sheer scale to which some of us will go for a deception," Yeesha continues despite your inner monologue. "Kadish made something massive, and here we are, about to try something similar."

"I'll say," Victor Laxman remarks. "They're both elaborate ball-in-cups games. What we're planning is... Insane."

"If it'll get Alexander off our backs, the sooner the better," Michael Engberg said with a grunt. "She's become a real pest."

"We can't rush it," Claire says. "When we do this, it's... got to be at the right time."

"It'll be like Atlantis did against the Wraith," Mikari says. "We perform a grand act of destruction, and then hide away in the aftermath. But it requires precise timing to ensure nobody notices."

"I'm less concerned about the timing and more the actual physicality of it," Yeesha says. "I'm sure we can get the timing down easily enough, but... Physically removing the Caverns of D'ni, and all the ground above it. Transitioning it with a parcel of land from Lopan..."

One of the Rescuers chirps, and something in the room automatically translates it for all to hear. This one speaks in a feminine voice:  "It is a feat, but it is one we believe we can pull off without destabilizing either planet."

The other speaks- and you recognize his voice as belonging to Add, somehow. "For the most part. There'll be some tremors and earthquakes as the ground settles with the swap, but it shouldn't set off any mass explosions." 

The first clarifies, "We've been practicing the removal on uninhabited instances of the planets to decent success. We're getting competent at doing it at our own pace. It's mainly the timing of it that I am worried about."

"That's what today's for though," Claire says. "We trial run this with everything in place, and we get the timing down, and the only difference is we're not using our Earth, and we're not using Lopan."

"The Odyssey's in position," Mikari says. "We should get going."

And with several nods from that- Yeesha raises her hands to the air, and whispers something into the air.

Then- with a slight warping of space time, everyone links away at once.

Your name is Major Karkat Vantas, and you stand on the Odyssey's bridge as Lord El Melloi the Second, Mikari Aiikho, and Colonel Claire link onto the bridge.

"Welcome aboard the Odyssey," you greet, "and welcome to P4C-997, the most barren, uninhabited piece of rock we could find."

"Major Vantas," Mikari smiles. "It's been a while."

"Indeed it has, Ma'am," you say. "Although, this is a surprise. I was expecting General Leijon to be here."

"Something of an emergency came up at the last minute," Mikari answered. "She asked me to fill in. Given the potential that we could use this technique to relocate D'ni to the Unwritten as well, I wanted to witness it with my own eyes."

"Fair enough," you say, then radio. "Test site, this is Odyssey. Have VIPs arrived?"

"Odyssey, Test Site. Yes sir," a Tok'ra replies in turn. "VIPs are getting in position as we speak."

"Good," you say. "Have Laxman contact me as soon as he's ready to begin."

"Understood, Odyssey."

"So...." Claire begins, glancing out the window. "That's our test planet, huh?"

"Yep," you stare out at it all. "We linked a 302 armed with a test warhead over to the Empty Instance of Earth a little under an hour ago- let me tell you, Corinth's Earth being a dead wasteland is one thing, but that Earth is just creepy as fuck. It just... was everything that was there save for any humans on it. Like they were all just gone. Buildings, houses, roads- everything but the people."

"Yeesha explained it to me once," Lord El Melloi spoke. "Instancing is taking a world in a moment in time, and diverging it ever so slightly into a new version of reality, but only the world. Wildlife may carry over, but anyone sentient is willingly excluded from the rift. It's an odd varriation of Link Theory that I wish our ancestors had known about. It could have prevented tragedys like that Shomat's story."

"I think Marie mentioned that once during one of our email exchanges," Mikari says. "Something about a King wishing to have a Garden Age that was uninhabited, and hiring his brothers to murder the inhabitants?"

"Yes, that's the one," Lord El Melloi nodded. "In the end many lives were lost to that blunder of pure greed. The Brothers, trapped in an Age as its only link in was burned; the natives of the garden age, slain. But not without word getting out. That the story was known to the masses enough for the DRC to become aware of it... It's treated as a warning among our children's stories, these days." 

You can't help but chuckle, a bit darkly. "Something tells me we're about to get something else to add to that warning story collection."

Then, Claire can't help but wonder aloud, "Speaking of Moving Day, I wonder how everything's going for Roxy's move?"

Meanwhile, in yet another galaxy- on the planet Diaspora, in a recently purchased house that was near identical in layout to the Egbert residence back on Earth.

"Okay, let's get this stuff settled in here," Alec Egbert says, motioning at the place where you're all to be dumping stuff.

Your name is Chixie Roixmr, and despite being quite the talented singer, you're no stranger for moving a lot of heavy stuff around through Sylladexes. 

You've skipped towns, houses, venues, motels, hotels... and carried a lot of your own equipment through all on your own!

Still, helping Jake's family relocate after the decision got made and the plans currently in motion...

You're not entirely sure what those plans are, exactly, but talk among the town is that everyone in the Atlantis Alliance is preparing for the IOA to do some shit that'll put them in violation of the Charter and result in Earth getting booted out of the alliance.

Everyone that's aware of the building tension is making plans to bail off-world before that happens.

You're pretty sure it's going to be temporary in nature. You mean, the IOA doesn't represent everyone on Earth, and they're technically subservient to their various governments. Right? Whatever stunt the IOA pulls is only going to be temporary until they get forced to reverse course.

It... it can't be permanent, right?

But you've heard talk from Okurii that the Midway Gate Bridge access-codes are being prepared to be rewritten to cut out Earth as its end goal destination in Milky Way. Instead, replacing it with the Tok'ra home world or the Jaffa Council headquarters as the final stop for that Galaxy instead.

It's bizarre. It's strange. 

This tension that just seemed to crop out of nowhere, but doesn't surprise anyone in the slightest.

You were even talking with Joey Claire back on Christmas about that one time she'd told Kinsey off with a fake bracelet made out of foam and... And honestly, with all this talk, you've gotten to doing research and... Earth's politics have caused a lot of trouble for everyone, haven't they?

There's talk recently that the IOA's trying to get the Stargate out of the SGC and place it somewhere public on Earth, too, rather than just... emulating Alternia and running the planet with two Stargates.

It doesn't make sense why any of this is going on, but...

What else is there to focus on besides preparing for the worst?

And in this case, it's setting up bedrooms for June and Rose in the new Egbert House on Diaspora to get things ready for that worst case scenario.

You hope the kids are having fun with their weekend long sleepover.

Back in Atlantis...

Your name is John Sheppard, and you gaze into the guest room where six kids are all piled about on the floor across various sleeping bags.

There's Harley, one arm wrapped around a large white furred wolf plush, and the other sort of haphazardly sort of lying at an odd angle across Rose's waist. Rose has her arms wrapped firmly around June, who is spread out almost in a mirror of Harley, except with no plush in arm. Equius lays leaning against a support beam, because apparently that's comfortable to him, and Nepeta is lying curled up against his left leg on her right side.  

And then, connecting the two groups together is Nepp, spread out on her back, snow angel style, with her right hand snaking up and grabbing onto Nepeta's left ankle, and her left reaching out the other way to snag onto the edge of Rose's sleeping bag.

All in all, it makes for quite the tangled pile of kids. 

And to think that all this is happening because of the soon to be massive upheaval in galactic events.

The IOA's reassessment of Woolsey has left you all some breathing room to work with. But it's just that. Breathing room. The noose isn't so tight, but it's still there.

It's only a matter of time before they react negatively to something again. It's only a matter of time before shit goes off the rails in a way nobody can plan for.

Terezi Pyrope had given a vision to Okurii during the planning phase of everything, and while nobody knew when it was that her vision was going to come true... it was expected that it would. Major Vantas had been vague about his memories citing "Rift Ripples" so he was of no help there, save that he once again cited Terezi's importance in future affairs due to how powerful her visions were.

And you're not doubting that- Her visions have been slowly gaining distance over time to see further and further ahead- but deciphering them was the hard part.

"Thieves freeze hell over and the frozen wolves howl into the desert wind, marching upon the chilled dirt like a cat stalks its prey. Snag the Laser Pointer from her cauldron of stars, and shine it to direct her claws fury."

What are you supposed to do with a prophecy like that for anyways? 

The only part that made any sense was 'laser' and That was thanks to Cassandra getting vibes and needing starcharts and hitching a ride on the Daedalus on a resupply run out of Pegasus back to Earth.

Something was out in the void between Galaxies, that made sense, but a Laser Pointer?

You don't see how a laser pointer will be of any use to anybody, honestly, but if its a LASER, well... maybe some kind of weapon to use?

Who knows. You're not involved in figuring that part of things out yet.

You work your jaw for a moment.

Their future is a seed that's been planted, and is starting to grow. 

You don't know what their future holds, but you're really, really just hoping that it doesn't backlash badly and result in these kids losing what stability they've had so far in life.

You don't want them repeating what your group went through. Not one bit. You want to shield them from that outcome as best as you can.

Back in Milky Way...

Your name is Marie Sutherland, and you stare at the seed that's been planted in the dirt. It's the focal point for this ritual you're testing. It's large, and gigantic, and looks vaguely like some kind of space pinecone.

You don't know what it is, but it gives you a sense of unending dread and hope all at the same time.

"Marie? We're ready to begin the test," Yeesha says, and you nod, heading over to the designated position.

There's a brief burst of linking, and then you're well outside the edge of where the demarcation line is.

You're about to Link-swap two gigantic pieces of solid rock across dimensions.

That in and of itself is a complication that won't be happening in the live fire test.

Yeesha moves to stand into position, and begins chanting.

A siren begins to blare, and then you hear Laxman speaking through a radio, "Beginning operation test fire in Five..."

You steel yourself, already feeling the energy rising in the atmosphere.

"Four... Three..."

Lightning sparks from where the seed lay buried, arcing upwards into the atmosphere.

"Holy shit!" you yelp.

"Woah!" Sharper exclaims.

Watson and Kodama stare on, not saying anything.


A spark of light runs along the edges of the zone- marking it out, a perfect, spherical circle.

You hear the chant of the Bahro- of the Rescuers- from their position points at the other ritual placements, rising in time with Yeesha's own near singing like chanting.


Energy starts to rise upwards, slowly, raising into what seems to barely be a knee high wall. Energy races across its surface.

"Triggering Bomb Detonation!" Laxman's commanding voice can barely be heard over the sudden ROAR of energy and the powered cry of the chanters across the wall as the energy surges upward, climbing, climbing, climbing, like a wall into the air- no, a Dome.

You've seen Atlantis' Shield raise on video, and you're reminded of it in visuals only.

There's a hissing sound, rather than a whining keen. Lightning sparks as it climbs, rapidly, and then forming the dome before FLASHING.

Reality trembles- the ground beneath your feet rocks and rolls and then when the domed wall of light recedes... where once there was barren desert, there's now a perfect instanced copy of the town of Catherine and the Volcano, and the Cleft, and the other places where D'ni is accessed from the surface resting in the distance before you.

Yeesha falls to her knees, and throws her arms into the air, yelling in triumph.

"Radiation cloud is clearing on the other side..." Laxman reports. "Not a trace of it on our side. The timing worked."

You can only laugh.

Holy shit. This might actually work!!

Back in Atlantis...

"No, no way, this is NOT going to work," your name is Rodney Mckay, and you gaze, annoyed, at the malfunctioning device on the table.

"And you're sure you can't fix it?" Keller asks.

"I'm sorry, Jennifer, but this cassette player's done for," you poke at the tangled spool of tape wound around too many delicate internal parts for either to be salvaged.

"Damn it, and I was really looking forwards to finishing that book too," Keller huffs, picking up the case for the audio book cassette tape that got hopelessly tangled up on the internals.

"I'd recommend picking up the CD version next time you're on earth," you advise. "I didn't even know they still made Cassette tape Audio Books. I thought they phased that out back in 2000."

"It's still a thriving market!" Keller defended. "It's just a smaller one than it used to, and I..." She frowned. "My parents gave me that player as a going away gift before I came to Atlantis so it's got sentimental value."

You sigh. "Well, let me take another look and see if I can get it untangled. I might be able to salvage the player, but I don't think the tape's recoverable."

"I'll just buy a new one eventually," Keller says. "But... if you could fix the player, I'd be really happy!"

You give her a smile, and say, "I'll see what I can do. But be warned, we may have to perform surgery on it."

Keller balked. "Is it really that bad, Doctor?" She asked, and you felt sort of weird in that moment because you're pretty sure she just did some kind of role play role reversal on you. 

Admittedly, you started it first with the surgery comment but...

"Hey, if Gina's team can spend a Saturday goofing off and performing surgery on various fruit, veggies, and berries, then we can sure as hell perform surgery on a cassette player in a Sunday!" you say.

"Okay, I have to admit," your name is Gina Kae, and you grimace as the refrigerator door you're holding tight behind your back rocks with something slamming into it. "Combining the DNA of a Grape with the DNA of a Giraffe and a Pig may not have been the smartest idea!"

"Gee? Ya think?" Ziggy asks, hurriedly wheeling over a table to shove in front of the fridge door to replace your weight holding it shut. 

"But in my defense!" you say. "I was absolutely certain that it was never going to grow into some kind of green, mutant, long bodied hissing pig within the span of a few hours!"

"You used an Ancient Gene Sequencer!!" Ziggy sends you a pointed look. "We have it on FILM! I was there!!"

There's a loud hissing sound from within the fridge- followed by another jolting ram.


"Some days, it pays to ask whether you should over whether you *could*," Your name is Gordon Freeman, and you stand atop a pile of stacked, empty food crates as you try and reach the freaking air duct that someone managed to get themselves stuck in.

"Sorrryyyy!" Rhubee Xaolon's feet kicked out helplessly in the air. 

Distantly, from somewhere inside that vent you hear Karren say. "We really just thought an airduct race would've been easy enough to do! We're both small enough so we thought we'd fit..."

"Except you realized far too late that this vent was high up over the ground and you got stuck trying to turn around?" You offer.

"Yeeeahh..." Both girls answered. 

"Lemme just tell you girls something," you say. "Atlantis' airducts are WAY tighter than the ones back in Black Mesa. And even then, racing through airducts is NOT something you wanna be doing unless you know exactly where you're going and how you're going to get there. Now..." You climb off of the boxes onto the top of some large metal locker box's cabinet. "Let's see about getting you safely out of there..."

You sigh.

"And me without my Gravity Gun."

How do you get into these messes?


Your name is Emmett Bregman, and you look up from your talk with Richard Woolsey in his office to see Dr. Kae and your own cameraman Ziggy Grover hurriedly wheeling in a rather beaten up and hastily welded together refrigerator towards the Stargate, and leaving it just almost perfectly centered to get kawooshed.

They dive away for cover, yelling, "DIAL NOW!"

Someone in the Control Room listens to the panicked shouting and dials a random address just as the welded door bursts open and some weird, square headed creature with a sickly green skin starts to raise out of its depths--


The vortex obliterates the refrigerator and the creature, and leaves nothing behind.

"Do I even want to ask what that was about?" Richard Woolsey asks, having not even gotten up to look.

"I don't think you do, no," you answer as the gate shuts down.

Woolsey sips at his coffee, swallows, and then says, "Then I heard and saw nothing except for a training exercise."

Back in Milky Way...

"I think that was a successful training exercise," Major Vantas says with a nod.

"Agreed," Mikari says.

You're once again Joey Claire, and you nod, gazing down at the planet below with its own copy of D'ni resting on it.

Man, it's a good thing this mission was: A: Top Secret. B: set on a planet that now no longer had a Stargate on it. And C: Going to be erased from the Odyssey's navigational computer before returning to earth. 

Otherwise the IOA'd just turn their attention to this dust ball of a planet once the real plan's put into motion.

"I just was hoping it didn't have to come down to this," you say. "Bubbling an entire chunk of planet, swapping it with another bubble of planet? It's extreme. It's really, really extreme. But..."

"The IOA's leaving us with no choice," Mikari shakes her head. "All of this is unfortunate, but with the way they've shifted their attention back towards D'ni after they failed to remove Woolsey from Atlantis..."

"Predictable, but unfortunate, yes," Lord El Melloi says. "We figured that it might happen after the fact enough to build up precautions into our plan. To see them start trying it so soon..."

"Well, now that we know the evac works, let's see about giving D'ni some breathing room," you say, turning back to them. "When's the next link back to Earth?"

Back in Atlantis...

The sound of screaming kids at the pool is not one most people find comforting...

But you are Jade Jackson, and you can't help but smile fondly because those are your kids out there swimming, shrieking, playing in the pool.

Sure, technically Casey is here in your arms, and Lizzy's with Argo, Rose, and Kanaya over by the shallow end of the pool just relaxing. But li'l Harley and her friends? While technically not YOUR kids, they're still your kids to watch over right now.

Okay, technically John and Aradia are directly watching over them since theyre the ones getting swarmed with kids playing around, but you're still enjoying watching them playing around and just having fun.

LOOK! Point is, after taking over as li'l Harley's primary guardian you're basically feeling all sorts of parental pride over these kids in general, alright??

You're just. So glad to see them happy and having fun and not having to worry about Earth's nonsense and-

It's just so nice and refreshing and relaxing and.

Yeah, okay, it's loud. And it kinda hurts your ears. But it's nowhere near as bad as those stupid harmonic sconces locking Janus' lab were.

Talk about driving a nail straight through your skull and shocking it with cold ice. 

That's what it felt like. 

You'll take some screaming kids any day over that.

The Atlantis Nursery School And Daycare was a place generally shrouded in Mystery to most of the non parent members of the Expedition.

Nobody really had the time or reason to go there most days. Hell, you, Tyzias Entykk, despite knowing about it, never had a reason to come down here even though Barzum had started working here part-time sometime after the Siege.

Still. Things change.

Daraya has a sleeping grub in arm, and you've got a conversation to have with the person who runs the Nursery and Daycare. 

You open the door, and head inside.

It's a quiet Sunday, most everyone's at the pool you'd bet- and so the room looks like a larger version of the Atlantis Gym room, except with the walls covered in a lot more foam mats.

Naturally, Barzum is there, and talking with Doctor Fraiser as she checks on some poor kid who scraped his knee. 

But where's...?

"Huh, was wondering when you two would show up." A stark voice makes you jump slightly. 

You turn and look, and find... some sort of character you've never met before today. He looks familiar, but like, in passing in the cafeteria. Sort of tall, lanky, pale skin, dark hair with white streaks running through it. His eyes seem a strange paradox of pitch black and amber yellow- a power?? Probably. There's a flag on his shoulder that identifies him as coming from Japan, on Earth. That said, his American accent is solid.

"Uh, Hi," you offer your hand. "I'm Tyzias, this is Daraya."

"Right," he shakes your hand. "Name's Kid. Kid Shinigami. Or as my Father, and later my friends back in high school, called me, 'Death the Kid.'"

You blink. 

Daraya snickers, "Heh. That's quite a nickname."

"Yeah, well, my father had quite the weird sense of humor," Kid says, shaking his head as the handshake breaks. He eyes the sleeping grub. "So... You finally got yours, huh? Whats their name?"

"Yeah," you nod. "Prediction on the physical gender after molt is a girl, so we're calling her Kagura for the time being."

"Kagura, huh?" Kid muses. "Interesting. Not what I was expecting from you two."

"It's still just a temporary thing," Daraya answers. "But she wasn't responding to "Sakura" at first, but she is to this. Either way, we're still not sure if that's going to be her first name or not once she molts or not."

"We might stick it as a middle name, to be honest," you say. "But... for now."

"Right, right," Kid nods. "So, you want to sign her up for day care now, or later?"

"Right now we just want to get her in the system in case we have to leave her here during an emergency," you say. 

"Which hopefully won't happen," Daraya says. "But, given this city's Track Reccord for being invaded the last year..."

"Say no more, I get the point," Kid raises his hands and gives a placating smile. "Well, if you'll follow me over to my 'office,' we can get started on the paperwork."

His office is just a desk hidden behind a cutout of Cardboard boxes shaped and painted to look like a castle with "DAETH CITY" written on it with an intentionally goofy font on some overhanging banner.

"'Daeth' City?" Daraya asks.

"My assistant, Patty, suggested it," Kid answers. "Death the Kid's office gets called Death City, but make it funny by misspelling Death as 'Daeth' in a way that sort of references the Daedalus's ship name. Unfortunately it's stuck despite how the intentional typo annoys me."

"Ah," Daraya nods. "Gotcha. I'll say nothing more."

You just shake your head and take a brightly colored plastic chair to sit in.

"Alright, basic questions to fill out," Kid says, bringing up paperwork and offering the top sheet. "Just fill in your names at the top under 'Legal Guardian', then fill in the kid's name and blood type- though, though you can check mark the 'nickname' tag on the name- and put down wriggling-slash-birth day, and that's it. Basic File generated."

You handle doing that while Daraya holds your grub. 

All of this feels so surreal, somehow.

"Daraya Jonjet, Tyzias Entykk," you mutter, writing them in. "'Kagura', Nickname, Bloodtype Jade..." You scribble in the hatching date as it was- April First of Earth's calendar, and October 14th of Diaspora's calendar. "Alright, that's it?" You offer the paperwork over.

"Yep," Kid takes that, files it in a tray, and then shifts out another piece of paperwork. "This is the basic price sheet for emergency drop offs- payments are due within a week after the conclusion of the emergency. And-" He separates a second piece. "This is the sheet for recurring daycare should you choose to enroll Kagura here more permanently. To keep for your records."

You take them and gaze over the two pages. The rates seem just as reasonable as Jade, Argo, and Teyla all vouched for it. Frankly, you'd expect them to charge much higher. But you suspect that this is the bare minimum they request from parents to ensure legal culpability and likely get the rest of their funding through the usual means of Atlantis's monetary payment channels.

"Finally," Kid offers you a business card. "The Personal Radio Frequencies, and Email Addresses of everyone who works here should you need to contact anyone specifically. Mine is at the top, and I'm sure you already know Barzum's."

You take the card and captchalogue it with a 'thanks.'

"Well, now that we've gotten that out of the way," Kid gives a warm smile. "I know it's a bit backwards, but would you care for a tour?"

Back in D'ni...

"Miss Alexander!" you are Marie Sutherland, and you give a forced smile as you greet the equally fake smiling IOA Millionaire Hedge Fund woman standing at the door to the Tokotah Plaza Building. "You're a bit early for the tour! I didn't realize you were coming so soon!"

"Oh, it's fine, Miss Sutherland," Cate Alexander said. "I heard the most fascinating rumor that you were entertaining a celebrity and I just had to come and see if I could catch her before she left."

"Oh? Did you now?" You ask. "Who might I ask who we were entertaining?"

"Colonel Joey Claire," Alexander says, eyes twinkling.

Well, shit.

"And who spilled those beans, I wonder?" You sigh, dramatically. 

"Oh, just a cute little translator boy I met in one of the Bevins-" Neighborhoods. Bevin is just one Neighborhood you little, money thirsty snake!! "I think his name was Nick?"

"Nick White?" You ask, frowning. Nick was neither little nor a boy, but he was a rather easily distracted and super hormornal translator. You've been having security issues with him every now and then, but this could be one of the big ones.

"Yes, that was it!" Alexander snaps her fingers. "So, is what he said true? Is Colonel Claire here?"

Well, Joey anted to speak with her anyways. "Yes, actually," you say. "But do keep it a secret. We're preparing for a big festival for..." Uh. "The D'ni New Year, and we want to surprise everyone."

"Naturally, naturally," Alexander nods. "Can I see her?"

"Sure, I think she'd love to speak with you," you say, and lead the woman up the stairs towards the Meeting room.

You let Alexander into the office, and close the door behind her, making sure to quietly lock it.

Whatever spiel Alexander had prepared stopped in the back of her throat as she saw that Yeesha and Lord El Melloi the Second were ALSO present in the office along with all the other DRC members. Sharper had gone off to 'secretly record' everything for 'posterity.' You don't know where he went to, but you feel like you can sort of hear his laughter echoing from outside the open window somewhere.

Dramatically, at the head of the table opposite you both, Colonel Claire spins in the office chair she carried in her Sylladex for some reason, fingers laced into a pyramid, and obscuring her jaw and mouth from sight. A pair of fancy sunglasses gleamed orange across her eyes.

"Hello, Cate Alexander," Colonel Claire began. "We've been expecting you."

You are now Joey Claire once again.

There's a tension in the air. The tension of two prime predators gazing across from each other, challenging at a distance before further attempts begin.

You are one of those prime predators, and Cate Alexander is the other. Rather, she thinks she is. Whether she is one remains to be seen.

"You... were expecting me?" She asks.

"Yes," you say. "We have been. After all, it's not every day the IOA sends a millionaire not from their inner circle to play," you say, decaptchalogueing a folder and throwing it out onto the table before you.

It took a few tries to practice that right, but file documents linking Cate Alexander distantly to a few recent IOA pushes in unsavory corners of the world's black markets stared back up at her.

Honestly, what was more impressive was that Alya Cesare had managed to uncover that all quietly, and decided to take it straight to the DRC Rather than post it on her blog. The amount of potential scandal here could ruin a lot of political careers.

"But then again, considering that you've been hovering around in the background after the whole self funding thing came about, that's not all too surprising," you continue. "So. While we can make educated guesses that fall close enough to the mark, let's not waste our time. The real question here is a simple one. What do you really intend to do here in D'ni, Miss Alexander?"

The woman's friendly smile faltered to a neutral gaze. "Hrm.. So you really were expecting me? Well. I must say this is different from the stone walling I've faced from the DRC and D'ni so far." She looked to Waver. "Aren't you supposed to be on Atlantis, Sir El Melloi?"

"Lord," he corrected. "Lord El Melloi the Second. And I go wherever my people need me to go. So I am here."

"And Yeesha, too," Alexander glances at the woman. "You're quite the surprise as well. I wasn't expecting the Failed Grower to be here either."

You glance at Yeesha and see her managing to keep her cool despite the anger flaring in her eyes.

"We're not here to throw idle threats and insults, Miss Alexander," Watson spoke then. "We all wish to have this conversation end civilly."

"As opposed to what?" Alexander asks.

Through the Arai Beetle you have tagged on Sharper, you can tell he's set up on a rooftop with a sniper rifle- just in case- scope trained on Alexander's head. 

"As opposed to any number of messy ends," you say. "Let's talk business. That's why you're here, aren't you? So let's talk. Or are you too scared to say what it is you want with people you weren't expecting here?"

"Very well," Alexander says, and then her eyes flash and her voice suddenly changes- "I expect you all TO DIE!" There's a flare of a Sylladex's impact upon reality, and then she has something fancy on her right hand- raising into the air--


There's a bang- but that's a regular gun, though. Sharper's gun. A force shield flares around Alexander, but it shatters from the impact of just a single high velocity round. The fuck? Must be a shitty hand device.

She stumbles backwards- you're leaping forwards as everyone else dives for cover. 

Your laser sword emerges from your cane from your Sylladex and you lash out before the force shield can restart.

SLASH- the right hand and the silver hand device goes flying away with a shriek. The other hand is already motioning for the Sylladex again- you carry your slash overhead and down and- SLICE!

It's all over in the matter of seconds. Cate Alexander- or whoever she is- lying on the floor sans hands, gazing up at the end of your sword pointed at her face. You, standing on the end of the table like some kind of swashbuckler, glaring down at her.

"Let me clarify," you state, nearly growling. "Who the FUCK are you and WHO are you working for?"

Alexander snarls- her eyes flash again - and she states with the stereotypical modulated voice, "I am Klorel, and Hecate sends her regards."

...Wait. What!?

This is bad.

This is VERY bad.

Oh god what the goddamned fucking bullshit. How the FUCK are they still alive!?

In your shocked distraction, Klorel-exander bites down suddenly and you hear a crack in her jaw and-


Suddely, she's gone in a red colored burst of Asgard teleportation- Anubis' knockoff brand of teleporting.

"Fuck," you swear. "Transponder in a tooth. Who came up with that idea!?"

"Hecate?" Your name is Jack O'neill, and you gaze at the report Joey Claire sent your way from D'ni via Dr. Watson's email. "I don't think we've ever heard of a Hecate before in our timeline."

"The fact that she claims to be Klorel is something of a concern," Jolinar says through Sam, gazing at the same report you are. "Klorel is the Goa'uld symbiote that went into Daniel and got overwritten into Atum. So for there to be another wandering around..."

"Oi," you grimace. "I was trying to ignore that part."

Sam speaks then. "There's a pretty high chance we're dealing with aftermath from the alternate timeline Ba'al created. I think Ka'turnal's report was that the alternate Skaara and Sha're were Klorel and Hecate, respectively. And if Gray's team's memories are to be believed, they never killed them off, only distracted."

"I was trying to ignore that part too," you tell her.

"Sorry," She apologizes with a slight wince.

"Gah. Just... Why is it never easy?" You ask. "Now we have to wonder if the IOA's been infiltrated like the Trust were, or not."

Jolinar speaks another concern you were DEFINITELY trying to avoid thinking about, "It's possible that Hecate has taken over the remnants of the Trust with Ba'al's death and is running both organizations."

"....Nope. Nope. Nope. Too much. Too much too soon. I don't want to think about this." You bury your head in your arms.

This was a complication to the plans that NOBODY needed.

Your name is Xefros Tritoh, and you look up from penning out the guitar solo for the song the Grubbels are working on when you hear a knock at your hive's door.

You head out past Salazl in the living room, tuning away some weirdly shaped piece of equipment as a personal project, and open the door to the hive.

Surprisingly, there's Joey, standing there, a tense look in her eyes.

"Hecate and Klorel survived Giza somehow," are the first words out of her mouth.

You groan, hanging your head. "Fucking hell. That's what we get for not taking the bodies and burning them."

Chapter Text

Chapter Text


DIASPORA DATE: 11/06/0007.

"Are you sure you don't want to spend what could be the last leave anyone could go back to Earth with the others?" Ronon Dex asks as you and he select prepared food from the Atlantis Cafetera's Pre-made Lunch line. 

Your name is John Sheppard, and you shake your head. "Nah. Terezi's latest vision says things are going to go down hill soon. I'd rather be here if and when it happens sooner rather than later."

"So we're going camping instead?" Ronon asked.

"Hey, when you have a family, and your oldest kid is demanding to go to a beach- you choose the beach that nobody's surfed on or even touched yet! There's something really special about that," you say.

"Uh huh, sure I will," Ronon doesn't sound like he gets it, so you change subjects byyyy...

Ah! Perfect. Mckay and Keller, sitting at a table.

"Hey, check that out," you motion that way. 

"What?" Ronon asks.

"Mckay and Keller. You think either of them are heading back to Earth this trip?"

Ronon glances around the cafeteria, and settles his eyes on something. He nudges you to look and you see Shinohara dragging a complaining Freeman towards Mckay and Keller's table.

"Sucker's bet," Ronon says, and heads off.

You frown, feeling pensive, and shrug it off before heading after Ronon to try and convince him to bring his best surfboard.

"Mckay! Keller!" Shinohara cries out.

Your name is Rodney Mckay, and just when you were about to build up the nerve to ask Jennifer out on a very important date, here come these two.

"Oh, hey, Miyu, Gordon!" Jennifer smiles. "What's up?"

"Gordon here just told me he got an invitation to some fancy shindig back on Earth and he was going to turn it down without even asking me out on a date! Can you believe that?" Shinohara asks.

"Look, I don't even know the guy," Freeman protests. "It's some kind of clout chasing and I'd have to Link back to Earth to deal with it and what's even the point!?"

"Wait," you look at Freeman. "Did you get an invite to Tunney's thing out in the desert with the formal dress code too?" 

"You got an invite to something fancy?" Jennifer asks, looking to you, and then good naturedly nudges your arm from across the table. "When were you going to bring that up?"

"Well, I was going to bring it up right this minute, actually," you say, "Before this convenient interjection, at any rate."

"Well I wanna go to a fancy party!" Shinohara says. "And I asked around and Gina Kae got an invite too! She's going!"

"Yeah, because her field of science might actually benefit whatever the hell this thing is," Freeman says.

"Is it some big secret or something?" Jennifer asks.

"It's this guy I knew who was doing his Doctorate at the same time as me," you explain. "He's giving this big secret presentation about some new thing that he says he's been working on and apparently anyone and everyone in the physics community is going to be there. And he usually only ever invites me to these things because he's got this mistaken perception that I'm a shut in."

"Well," Freeman says. "That about tracks. But I don't get why he invited ME. I'm a nobody!"

"You featured heavily on at least three of Bregman's Atlantis Episodes so far," Shinohara reminds him.

Freeman grumbles something under his breath you don't catch.

"Anyways given my reputation on working on Atlantis has recovered my standing somewhat from the, ah, myriad of classified work that made people think I'm a shut in," you say. "I do actually try to make an appearance at these things when I get invited, but it's not, like mandatory." You look to Jennifer and say, "Look, if you'd rather go home and visit your family, I'm all for the meeting the parents thing instead. But if you'd actually-"

Before you can get the words out, Shinohara squeals, and Freeman groans. 

"Uh... do you mind?" You ask. "Trying to ask my Girlfriend out on a fancy date here?"

"Yeah, we'll go!" Shinohara grins. "Gordy and I need to go get Fa~ancy Clothes!" 

And then she drags him off with a protested "Don't I get a say in whether I want to go or not!?"

"Nope!" she answers.

"Ahhem," you cough once they're out of range. "So, uh, if you'd like to come with me to some probably really boring fancy ass science shindig, would you-?"

"I'd be glad to be your Date, Rodney," Jennifer smiles. "How long is it anyways?"

"Oh, only supposed to be one day, so you know. First night we were there, then we're off back to Chippewa Falls so you could see your family. And, uh... if you're up to it maybe going to see my sister and her family after? I mean, if there's still time."

"Now that sounds like a whirlwind kind of plan," Jennifer says. "This should be fun!"

"Yeah, I sure hope so," you say. "But with Gordon Freeman AND Gina Kae going too? Hoo. This is going to be super crazy."

"...Isn't Gina's department Bio-tech anyways? What's that got to do with Physics?" Jennifer asks, frowning. "I get Gordon. I mean. He's Theoretical Physics with an Application in Gravity Applied Ass Kicking and the star of his own Video Game. But..."

You idly wonder, not for the first time, if Gordon gets any royalties off of that old Valve game or not.

"But what the hell crazy science project have they whipped up that covers both fields?" you shrug. "Honestly, the way I see it, Freeman's probably got the right idea. Clout Chasing. Get some big famous names from Atlantis to come see the fireworks and ooh and aaah and all that jazz." You frown. "Still... Knowing Malcolm, there's also the chance he might have stolen someone's work and is parading it around as his own. Like he did with me a few half-dozen times."

"Yikes," Jennifer winces. "And you're friends with this guy?"

"Acquaintances, really," you wave it off. "Most of the time I just accept the invites to prove I'm not, as he claims in every single invite I've gotten from him, a 'shut in.'"

On Earth, in a KRAMER INNOVATIONS LAB Facility (Seriously, the name's branded on just about every wall and piece of technology in the place. All caps, all obnoxious bold face font. Just the Works), Doctor Malcolm Tunney worked away, typing at a program on his laptop, going over data.

In walks the owner of the facility, Mister Terrence Kramer himself. 

"Malcolm! Have you read this?" Kramer asks, holding a report in hand. "Your staff thinks it's reckless to turn this thing on tomorrow."

"It's not even HALF the Staff," Malcolm says, rolling his eyes.

"Malcolm!" Kramer begins.

Malcolm turns in his chair, and says, exasperated, "They're just getting cold feet, that's all. Do you remember all that stuff that came out before CERN turned on the LHC? You know, miniature black holes, exotic particles, strangelets, the instantaneous destruction of the planet? All unfounded histrionics. We are going to be just fine."

"So you're saying that none of these potential catastrophes are going to happen?" Kramer asks. "Not the 'Freeze Lightning' or the 'Resonance Cascade'?"

"Freeze Lightning?" Malcolm 'oohs' over the term. "I'm using that. Also. Resonance Cascade? Come on. They stole that from a Video Game, Terrence! There's always a non zero chance of any of these things happening, but it's so slight that it might as well be zero. They never happen. The amount of ridiculous rolls of the dice of fate to cause Freeze Lightning, Resonance Cascades-" He grabbed at the report and called out, at random, "'The Creation of Wild, Unpredictable Exotic Particles' and-- what is this nonsense? Triggering Ragnarok?! Seriously? Who writes this stuff?" He throws the folder on the table.

"The Cause has a lot riding on this," Kramer reminds him.

"Don't worry about it. Your precious "cause" will come out of this squeaky clean tomorrow," Malcolm appeases.

"Some of these worst-case scenarios are terrifying-"

Kramer gets cut off by Malcolm insisting: "Of COURSE they're terrifying! They're the WORST. CASE. SCENARIOS.  They are the worst possible thing that could ever happen, ever!" He sighs. "Look. Tomorrow's going to go off without a hitch. We've done hundreds of tests and there's Zero Possibility for failure."

Kramer doesn't look like he believes the man at all.

"Just. Trust me," Malcolm says, smiling as confidently as a Icarus himself. "It'll work! Nothing can POSSIBLY go wrong."

Your name is Cassandra Fraiser, and a chill runs down your spine with the warning on an oncoming bad vibe.

"Cassie?" Jude asks, glancing at you. "What's up?"

"Someone just taunted Murphy's Law," you answer.



DIASPORA DATE: 11/07/0007.

"Okay, let's get shopping, kiddos!" Roxy Egbert calls out, leading the group into the Target built into the Colorado Mills mall. "Now's the best time to get all our summer shopping done!!"

Your name is Davis Strider, and despite all the odd looks everyone else in the Target gives your group on this early Saturday morning, you know what Roxy's really saying to June, Rose, Jade, and Nepp here.

"Get all the stuff from Earth you wanna get, because you might not get a chance to get it again later."

June and Rose chat happily over the whole ass display of overstocked Easter candy that's near the entrance and Roxy doesn't dissuade them from loading up baskets full of said candy.

If anyone were really paying attention to the cautious glances you and Roxy are both casting about, they'd realize the under current of tension going on underneath all of this otherwise happy shopping trip.

Your groups actions are the actions of people preparing to hit the ground running.

Cassandra's warning vibe said things went better if you carried on with today's plans anyways, but even so...

You're anxious for when things go wrong.

A private jet races across the desert countryside. Inside, Doctors Keller, Mckay, Freeman, Kae, and you, Miyu Shinohara, and Gina's date Ziggy, rest inside the thing with a mixture of energies.

"Do I Have to wear the damned morpher?" Gordon asks of Gina.

"Yes, you do," Gina answers, tapping at a tablet. "I don't get invites to these things very often and if the opportunity arises I'd like to show off."

"Siiiigh," Gordon states, then actually sighs. 

"Have you tried these strawberries?" Keller asks of Ziggy, regarding a bowl of strawberries that had been provided.

"Oh! Yes! Love strawberries! Great things, those fancy little red fruity...uh... berry like things?" Ziggy grins and forces himself to eat one.

...None of you are actually taking to your actual dates for some absurd reason. It's almost like this whole thing got arranged to get people who wouldn't talk together to, well, talk together!

"So, how'd this guy afford a private jet?" You ask. "I thought this Atturney guy was just a physicist?"

"Tunney," Mckay corrects. "And back in the day, he was always able to dupe the guys with deep pockets into backing his research. Before magic was a thing, I always said that his PowerPoint Presentations and his Smile were actual magic. It's amazing what he got away with."

"Well, I'm impressed," you say. "A jet like this is quiiiite a flex."

"Yeah, it's a flex alright," Gordon grouches. "Stupid smarmy ass private jets." He tugs at his suit's tie. "I feel like a Monkey dressed up like this! Scientists aren't meant to dress fancy!!!" Then, he jabs a finger at a hanging portrait over one of the doors. "There's a Picture of this guy with the freaking DALAI LAMA FOR CRYING OUT LOUD! What's that doing there except BUT to flex!?"

"Hrm," Ziggy gets up, leans in close to the picture, breathes on the glass and wipes at it with his sleeve. "Looks photo-shopped, if you ask me."

"Do we really need three sets of Dino Thunder Morphers?" your name is Jade Harley, and you frown as your friends idle over the Power Rangers section of the toy aisle.

"Of course we do!" June says, grinning, and raising her left wrist with a Triceratops Blue plated Morpher on her wrist. "I already got one for my birthday so the rest of you need matching ones so we can be a team!"

"But they only come with three face plates," you point out. "One of us is going to end up repeating."

"Not if one of us uses one of the plates from one of the auxiliary zords!" Rose smirks. "Or we go color matching, in fact."

"Besides, Dad's paying for it, so we might as well go for it," Nepp says. 

"...I mean, fair enough," you shrug. "I can't fault the logic there... But I really liked the Ninja Storm morpher better anyways. It's spinny! Can't I keep using that?"

"I mean, I guess?" Rose frowns. "But then we aren't keeping thematic with each other! And... well... You know how things are going. I don't want us drifting apart that much."

...You can't argue with that.

The Jet swoops in for a landing beside the Kramer Facility's private airstrip. It stands alone in the middle of the desert, and there's nothing for miles around in any direction.

As you- Jennifer Keller- and the others exit the jet and get into line, there's a vibe of intense energy in the air.

"Plasma based Force shield Generators," Mckay says without prompting. "I just felt them react weird with my own shield."

"What could they possibly need force shields for?" Gina asks. "It's not like they expect this place to be raided from outside forces or anything!"

"You never know when it comes to outside invasions. But in my experience? Force shields mean Nothing Good," Gordon grouches. "Can we leave? I feel like I'm about to get run through a dozen PTSD triggers tonight."

"If that happens, I've got some relaxants in my sylladex," Shinohara whispers to him. 

"Oooh. Nice!" Freeman grins. "Never mind then! I might just suffer through tonight anyways if that's what's waiting at the end of this for me."

You have the striking suspicion you suddenly know why your last supply check of the infirmary stocks came up short on certain drugs last night. But you don't say anything.

Your group arrives at the head of the checkin line.

"Atlantis Party," Mckay says. "Doctors Rodney Mckay, Jennifer Keller, Gordon Freeman, and Gina Kae, Plus Ziggy Grover and Lieutenant Miyu Shinohara."

"Of course," the security officer checks your names off a list. "Welcome aboard. I'll just need you all to sign this Non-Disclosure Agreement."

He then decaptchalogues several stacks of very tall paper.

"Oh you are KIDDING me," Freeman stares. "That's gotta be a whole tree right there between the six of us!"

"This whole thing is a confidentiality agreement?" Mckay asks, eyeballing the page count. 

"Yes, sir."

"What the hell is Malcolm doing back there that needs two hundred pages to keep it secret?" Mckay asks.

"If you want to go inside and know, Sir, you need to sign the agreement," the security guard says, firmly.

"Is it Dinosaurs?" Ziggy asks.

"I'm sorry?" The security guard asks.

"Do you- Do they have living dinosaurs back there? Because I'll sign this if he's brought dinosaurs back to life!" Ziggy says.

"Dinosaurs aren't that impressive," Mckay says, moving to sign the agreement. "But now you've got me curious what he actually needs two hundred pieces of paper for, Grover."

You move to sign yours as well, and the others follow suit, with only Freeman complaining- "Just so it's clear, I am NOT signing over my soul to any devils or eldritch gods, no matter what the hell this thing says, and if I had the time to read all 200 pages I WOULD make sure I know what I'm agreeing to. I and the rest of us are signing this ONLY to find out what the hell this whole shindig is about."

"Duly noted," The guard says.

Your party enters the, well, PARTY.

It's a fancy reception party.

People are milling around, sipping cocktails and making small talk and...

Oh God, is that man over there not wearing any pants just to show off some kind of leg augmentation??

"Oh Fuck, I know that guy," Freeman grouches, staring at the same man you are. "He ran Black Mesa's Rival Company back on my Earth."

"Who's that?" Gina asks.

You don't have to have Gordon answer, cause the brawny, sort of ready-to-brawl looking kinda man yells out, "I'm Cave Johnson!" as if it's the punchline to something.

"Aperture Science's CEO," Gordon grumbles. "Cave Motherfucking Johnson. Who the fuck knew HE was a Multiversal Constant?"

A rather embarrassed woman tells Cave Johnson to put his pants back on, and he does so, rather reluctantly, apologizing to miss "Caroline" apparently.

"So, where do you think we are?" Ziggy asks as your group meanders through the party towards a snack table.

"Arizona or Nevada," Gina answers.

"I didn't think anybody built secret facilities anymore," you say. "It seems so... 1950s."

"Going by the decor, I'd say we're at least pulling from the 1960s," Gordon remarks, eyeing the carpet and scuffing at it lightly with his foot.

Mckay goes to grab a plate of tiny sandwiches and is just about to snatch it when someone calls out his name.

You turn around and see two sciencey looking fellows approaching. You recognize the one of them, but can't place his name.

"Rodney Mckay, it is you!" the one you vaguely recognize starts. "I thought you were dead!"

"Haha, no, uh," Mckay laughs it off, nervously. "That was a pretty close call but, nah. You know how they always edit those documentaries. Making it more dramatic than it really is." He has the look on his face that says he has no idea what he's being accused of, so he's playing it off.

"And these are your... colleagues from Atlantis?" the other man asks.

"Yes, this is Jennifer Keller, my date," Mckay pointedly does the introductions. "And, uh..."

"Doctor Gina Kae," introduces herself.

"Doctor Gordon Freeman," introduces himself as well.

"Miyu Shinohara," and "Ziggy Grover" likewise introduce themselves.

Handshakes go around.

"Bill Nye," the man you recognized introduces himself.

"Neil Degrasse Tyson," the man you didn't recognize says and- OH.

It clicks. And you come up with a believable lie that isn't "I just don't watch TV in Pegasus" because that's really embarrassing.

"Ah! It's nice to meet you! I thought I recognized you both from somewhere," you say, shaking their hands. "I was just listening to some audio books the other day and you were on the covers! Gotta keep track with Rodney here when he gets on a rant!"

There's some good-natured laughs from the two popular scientists that you really should have recognized on sight, 

Strangely though, most of the attention from these two doesn't fixate on Rodney, much to his visible relief as he lets his "Doctor Mckay" mask slip for a moment.

Instead, those two focus on Gordon and speak to him about stuff that makes him very awkward looking.

Gina seems a bit frustrated with their fixation on, what Tyson calls "A real Celebrity come to Life" over even focusing on her for the moment. Ziggy puts a hand on her shoulder to keep her from reacting.

Shinohara glances over at Mckay, and he finally relents, interjecting himself into the conversation, "So, anyone taking bets on who Malcolm stole from this time?"

"What, setting yourself up for being stolen from again?" Nye smirks. "After all, who hasn't stolen from 'The Great Rodney Mckay'?"

"Yeah, but who hasn't stolen from Rodney before from time to time?" Tyson asks.

"Oh, admitting it this time, are we?" Mckay asks, a slight smirk to his lips.

Nye glances to you and says,  "See, back in the day, whenever any one of these people came up with a new idea or published an new paper, Dr. McKay here would swear that he was already working on something very similar- he just hadn't gotten around to publishing it yet."

"Oh, yeah," Tyson says, "He'd say things like, 'I was about to say that very same thing!' Or, 'I was just about to have that same idea.'"

"Yes, well, I'm working on the 'ego' thing," Mckay says. "Accidentally blowing up five sixths of a solar system tents to poke quite the hole in it."

There's a bit of uneasy tension between the other two scientists there.

"We, ah, saw that episode, yeah," Nye coughs. "That was, uh, quite the explosion, to be sure."

"Just so long as the math behind that incident stays classified," Tyson says, "the safer we'll all be."

"Well, look at it this way," Mckay says, "at least I didn't declassify Pluto from Planet Status. You know one of my sister's kids cried over that?"

(Idly, in the background chatter, you hear someone immediately jump on the rumor mill and state aloud for anyone to hear, "You hear about Pluto? Now that's messed up.")

Nye takes it from there, explaining for those who don't get it (you) "See, thanks to Dr. Tyson, Pluto is now the first of the Plutoids—a new class of celestial object. It's cool!"

"Yeah, but now they gotta rewrite that one Blues Clues Song," Ziggy chimes in. "You know, the one that goes 'the Suns a hot star, and Mercury's hot too'?"

"I'm sorry, I don't think I caught what you did again?" Tyson asks.

"Ziggy Grover, cameraman for Bregman's ongoing Atlantis Documentary," Ziggy says, grabbing at one of the tiny sandwiches from the plate Rodney had been going for earlier. "Also occasional branding and marketing suggestioneer!"

"Suggestioneer?" Gina asked, glancing at him. "Is that even a word, Ziggy?"

"It is now if Plutoid's a word," Ziggy says.

Before the conversation can continue, you chime in with, "Well, it's been great talking with you guys, but we should get our seats first, I think."

"Oh, yeah," Gordon says. "Gotta get those prime seats!"

Your group moves on, and you pointedly ignore any further dialogue from the rest of the crowd as you go take your seats in the auditorium.

"Okay, thank you!" Ruby Branwen thanks a DRC worker, and heads over towards where the rest of her 'expedition team' is. "Alright! So! We've got clearance to go outside of the Negilahn Pod!"

"Awesome," Kohiru Karren pumps a fist into the air. "One last awesome adventure before things go crazy!"

"Let's go hunting!" Rhubee Xaolon throws a fist into the air as well.

"Remember," Akita reminds them. "It's about mapping the forest, not hunting things."

"Awwwh..." Rhubee pouted

Meanwhile, you are Lloyd Armadn, and you look over to Gray as she giggles at their enthusiasm. "You sure you're not going to go with them?"

"Spending a few hours in a hot, sweaty jungle is not my idea of a fun afternoon," Gray shakes her head. "Besides, we've got other things to do. Remember?"

"Ah, right," you nod. "Meeting the parents."

"Have fun you three!" Gray waves to her teammates. "And call me if you need an immediate evac!"

"Will do!" The quartet exclaim, and then run off for what the DRC are calling a Museum.

"So," you start. "I'm completely lost here. Lead the way to where-ever we're meeting up at?"

"Of course," Gray smiles, and starts leading you away from the Tokotah Plaza towards where-ever the "Concert Hall Foyer" is.

"Who's Carl Binder and why does he have a memorial auditorium?" Your name is Gordon Freeman, and you glance at the sign on the door as your "Atlantis Party" enters the auditorium.

"I never did get any sandwiches. Gimme, Grover," Mckay demands.

"No way! Mine fair and square!" Ziggy countered with a mouth full of sandwich.

"No idea," Gina answers. "Strange for that to be the sign they put on this room for this building out in the middle of nowhere. Maybe a deceased co-worker?"

"I'm getting bad vibes," you say. "You sure we can't bail out yet?"

"Not until we find out what kind of mad science they're doing here," Miyu says. "I wanna see if they've got dinosaurs too."

"I dunno, we can go see Dinosaurs just by dialing the Stargate," you say. "If this is some legit Jurassic Park Bullshit, I'm seriously going to get the fuck out of here."
As you take your seats, a small swirling feeling in your stomach grows.

It might be indigestion from some of those strawberries you swiped on the plane ride over, to be honest, because you don't eat strawberries all that often.

Then, the presentation begins to play- lights dimming, and some kind of music starts playing. 

You get the feeling he ripped it from somewhere, though, as the narration kicks in and a revolving Earth appears on the screen before you.

"Earth. Our home. Our planet. The very vessel of life. Our world—unique, irreplaceable. And yet, at times, it seems like we are unrelenting in our quest o drive our ecosystem into catastrophic failure."

Pictures of global warming images and pollution shit shows up super imposed, and this narrator, the Malcolm guy you'd bet, continues talking.

"Gone unchecked, global warming will transform this lush world we know today into a lifeless and arid rock."

As the image of the earth "dries out," beside you, Mckay scoffs, and mutters something like "People drowned researching this stuff you know?"

The Earth Picture dissolves away, replaced with the name "TUNNEY" appearing on screen as the narrator steps out on stage, talking, "Friends, the stakes couldn't be higher. The situation, no more dire. It's time... to act! Hello. I'm Malcolm Tunney."

The audience applauds very politely as the music drops off, and Gina remarks, "If he's so worried about global warming, why'd he fly us here in a private jet? Or what about the massive stacks of paperwork we were given to sign?"

Malcolm Tunney raises his hands. "Thank you very much. You're very kind. As many of you know, I am *not* an environmental scientist. Nor do I pretend to be one. For instance, I shower regularly!"

There's a bit of laughter in the audience.

Tunney looks to someone in the front row and says, "No offense, Larry."

Whoever Larry is, you can't see him, but he doesn't react.

Tunney continues on- "I'm just a concerned citizen, one who realizes that the Earth has carried for us so long, maybe it's time that we..." He pauses, the image of the earth appears again, shrunken to the size of appearing to appear in the size of a similarly projected image of Tunney's hand. "Carried her!"

"That ratio would be accurate if his body was the size of his ego," Mckay quips.

"Yeeeah," Keller winces. "That's a little bit much."

You don't pay attention to the slideshow stuff as Malcolm Tunney goes on about how Global Warming may seem an impossible problem- Please, you know it's all a matter of money and politics- but what can Old Simple and Plain and HUMBLE Malcolm Tunney do to solve it?

Keller actually asks, "And people thought You were the arrogant one, Rodney?"

Tunney continues, "I've been working on a number of projects over the last decade, and I realized that if I were to combine them, I just may be able to achieve something unexpected. So, ladies and gentlemen, with major funding from my friends at Kramer Innovations, I have been able to device a means to cool our planet in a safe and controlled way."

KRAMER INNOVATIONS logo appears on the screen, replacing whatever he'd been showing before. You weren't really paying attention.

"Now, the science behind this is immensely complex," he continues, "But, there will be full documentation given out as you leave the lecture hall. For right now, let's focus on the Cliff Notes. It begins with a massive Heat-sink, one of my own design, that draws heat from the surrounding environment."

Well where's the heat go? You wonder, your mind racing for implications.

"Where does the heat go?" Keller and Mckay mutter.

"Uhoh," Ziggy mutters.

"Now, where does the heat go, you may ask? Well. My Friends, that is the hard part. And so I present to you..." A diagram appears on the screen and your heart skips a beat. "The Tunney Space-Time Matter Bridge!"

It's not just a diagram. It's a whole fucking road map of equations and diagrams and-- and---


"The What?" Mckay asks.

"Now, this isn't just some theoretical math proof. This is a functioning piece of technology—one that literally moves heat from our space-time and vents it out into another space-time."

"I recognize that math," you stare at it. "That's Eli and Kleiner's Xen Teleport Math!"

"Oh Fucking hell!" Gina mutters. "Isn't that my other self's-?"

"Part of that's- Oh my God! That's the Matter Bridge!" Mckay sounds shocked. "That's the Matter Bridge the Ancients designed!"

"And... I can say with extreme certainty," Malcolm continues. "It. Just. Works. We've been testing the system for a few months now, and it's Remarkably Stable!"

Tunney continues, "For the purposes of the demonstration today, I have surrounded this facility with an electrified plasma grid that will contain the reach of the heat-sink. It will draw heat only from this facility and only this facility! Proof of concept and all that."

"They're going to turn it on here with us inside?" Gina asked. "Oh fucking hell-!"

"This is bad," you start panicking. "They shouldn't have that math here! The G-Man has to have given it to them somehow!"

"And to prove the effectiveness of this system, I will lower the temperature within this facility by ten degrees. Oh, and don't worry, I've turned off the air conditioning, so there'll be no cheating. I promise."

"I have to stop him," Mckay starts.

"Rodney, wait-!" Keller starts.

"But we can't let him-" Mckay doesn't get a chance to be the loud mouth, because lo and behold...

"NOW HOLD ON JUST A MINUTE!" Cave Fucking Johnson stands from his seat, yelling so loud he doesn't even need a microphone to be heard. "Hi! Cave Johnson here. I'm not selling any products." He points dramatically up at the stage. "But You! Tunney! You've got some explaining to do!"

"I'm sorry, Mr. Johnson?" Tunney asks. "What seems to be the problem?"

"I recognize some of that physics work you've got on the screen there! My boys in the lab have been messing around with Quantum Tunneling for the last half a year ever since that Atlantis Documentary Episode on Project Arcturus or whatever it was called! And some of that MATH up there looks nearly line for line some of the stuff we've been cooking up at Aperture Innovators!"

"We're not ready for the Q.N.A. section yet, so-" Tunney tries.

Mckay stands. "It's not just math either." Eyes turn to him.

Tunney grins, "Doctor Mckay! Glad you could make it!"

"Yes, Hi. I'm Rodney Mckay," Mckay says, "and I blew up five sixths of a solar system with math like that. This is a BAD IDEA, Malcolm!"

"Respectfully, I disagree," Malcolm says. 

"You can't do something like this without our consent!" Johnson protests. "Let alone steal the work of mine, and probably half the people in this room! You cannot turn on a device like this without our consent!"

"You DID sign the document when you entered, didn't you?" Tunney asks rather blandly.

"Well, yes, But I thought that was just a disclosure agreement!" Johnson protests.

"Well, you also gave me your consent," Tunney says.

"You Can't Do That! You didn't inform us that was in the agreement!" Johnson yells. "That's illegal!"

"Teeechically, no?" Tunney shrugs. "No, I really don't think it is. Now, don't worry everyone. This is completely safe, and, by the way-" he motions at an assistant, who gives a nod and raises a single finger. "We've been up and running since I started the presentation. And we've already dropped a whole degree!"

The whole room turns into mumbles.

"Now," Tunney says, "I'll be happy to answer all your questions once you've had a chance to read the brief. But for now, let's just head back out to the lobby where hot cocoa is waiting! 'Cause believe you me, it's about to get very cold in here. Thank you!" Tunney waves and gets off stage.

"The Cheyenne Mountain Zoo, Cassie?" your name is Cameron Mitchel, and you glance around the zoo as SG-1 performs 'escort duty' for Penny Harley, who genuinely did want to go to the zoo sometime this month...

Just, Cassie pushed it to today because of Vibes.

"Yes, Cam," she glances at you. "This is where we need to be."

"I dunno, it just seems... kinda weird?" You offer with a shrug. "Why do we need to be at a Zoo for?"

Vala yells something at a Giraffe, and Jonas has to drag her away from the fence lest she jump the rails and try to climb the danged thing.

Good Grief. Did she forget why you were here for?"

"Just, trust me, Cam," Cassie says. "We need to be here for this."

"Alright, but I'm just saying, this has got to be one of your weirdest vibes yet," you state for the record.

All of you gather in a quiet corner of the reception area and look fully over the whole brief.

"This is bad," Gina says. "This is the Ranger Series Bio-Field he's tapping into for Power Generation, somehow!"

"This math got stolen from my world, too!" Freeman growls. "I recognize Eli and Kleiner's work in this! How the hell did he get his hands on this?"

"That's what I'm asking myself," your name is Rodney Mckay, and you growl. "He's working off of the Original math for the matter bridge from the original Ancient Power Generator Facility- it's nowhere near even REMOTELY safe. It's not including any of the safeguards I wrote in during my attempts, and it doesn't include nearly ANY of the safeguards my alt-verse Sister wrote in on her version of Atlantis either!"

"And you're sure this is all your work?" Keller asks.

You, Freeman, and Gina all look at her with the same look- and speak with the same tone of voice, "Yes. We're Sure."

"If I'm reading this right," Shinohara starts, "he's taken at least four, possibly more, versions of inter-dimensional wormhole math, and shoved them together into some frankenstien math problem that's probably not very stable at all?"

"That sounds like a pretty, uh, bad problem?" Grover states the obvious. "I mean, if the original version of the solar system exploding weapon generated a metric ton of unpredictable space time particles-"

"There's a chance we'll run into a Resonance Cascade if this thing runs long enough," Freeman says. "Like. Seriously."

"I'm more concerned with the potential for sudden temperature drops as power is drawn from the Bio-Field irregularly," Gina states her concerns. "It could generate some kind of unforeseen phenomenon in random sections of the facility."

"What," you ask, "like some kind of Freeze Lightning?"

That's when there's a loud shriek, and a zap of energy from somewhere in the room.

All eyes turn to face into the room, and you see that poor Cave Johnson has been turned into a literal statue of ice.

"...Yes," Gina says as she watches the man literally crumble to pieces. "Exactly like that."

"Alright, you kids can go ride the merry-go-round while we wait on food," Davis says, and the four kids rush off for the colorful merry-go-round in the middle of the tree themed food court. 

"Any update from Cassie yet?" You ask, glancing at Davis as he sneakily checks his phone.

"Just a 'It's almost time,' text," Davis frowns. "Hopefully it'll wait 'til after lunch."

"Yeah," you grimace. 

It doesn't take long before your whole group is brought in for "your own safety" but what's really "questioning" by Kramer and Tunney both.

Naturally, you, Ziggy Grover, were left out of the entire thing, and locked in someone's office adjacent to the whole, you know, interrogation thing.

So you... ah, do what you're most inclined to do and you open a laptop and...

Oh, hello. It's Tunney's computer. Wow. 

Wow, the idiot left the thing turned on and everything. You didn't even need to bother hacking a password.

You browse through the files.

Sure enough, you find saved copies of CLASSIFIED SGC Internal Memo Documents detailing the same math you just read- The "DO NOT ATTEMPT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES" Matter Bridge and the "Ranger Series Bio Field" Connection Math. Tunney must have just been looking at these to have them up and about. There's other documents too. 

Oooh, that looks like photo copies of handwritten math notes and... is that a BLACK MESA LETTERHEAD on one of those papers? That's Gordon's world, check...

Oh, and hello, APERTURE INNOVATORS "CONFIDENTIAL" DOCUMENTS detailing some kind of PORTAL GUN. Neat, but definitely espionage worthy.

You... take the liberty of forwarding those documents to your own cleverly disguised KI DEVICE by way of using its camera function. (You disguised it by wearing it like a watch instead of a KI. They didn't even ask for it when you got on the private jet.)

Snip. Snap. Click. Clack. Photos taken.

You dig through a bit more and then-


What the Fuck?

You find a live camera feed of "Power Generator X" which looks like a giant glowing blue crystal sparking off lightning within its containment field and some concerned scientists clearly trying to shut it down.

You take several more KI Photos of it.

You start idling around the office until you hear through an air vent.

"Okay," you hear Mckay's voice. "Here's how I think it went down. You were working with the Government, and someone trusted you and either let you see something you shouldn't have, or were sent something by accident. Who knows! Doesn't matter because you came across a bunch of classified research from Atlantis, thought you'd be clever by combining it all together, and figured if you used the matter bridge to ONLY siphon heat into another universe rather than drawing power from it, you wouldn't get the exotic particles to happen. Except you didn't get the full math and you couldn't figure out how to get it to self sustain so you plug in math from other things and try and get it to work and in the process of trying to one up the original authors, you ignored the vital warning about the inherent instabilities of everything involved when mishandled- but especially ignored the warning about the instability of time-space bridges Of This Nature. Now, I don't know HOW you got your hands on math from Freeman's world, but you did, somehow, and that means bigger problems for ALL of us because Here We Are with Freeze Lightning and people dying and Now you Can't Shut Off Your Own Damned Machine. Am I Close?"

There's  along pause.

"Th-That's preposterous. Dr. Tunney's been working on this for years!" Kramer says.

"That was our work, Malcolm," Mckay counters, ignoring him.

"Terrence, these people may be able to help." Tunney says, and you back away from the vent and go pretend to be casual on a couch.

A minute later, and Gina comes into the office, enraged. 

"Can you BELIEVE they accused us of sabotaging the project when we had no opportunity to do such!? Damnable Capitalistic Money Mongers!" She huffs, and then extends her hand out. "Come on, Ziggy. We've got a Planet to save from sheer and utter stupidity!"

"Let me guess," you say, "They're using a Xen power crystal in addition to drawing power from the Bio Field?"

"Got it in one!" Gina says- pauses, then asks- "Wait, how did you know about that?"

You open your Ki's Hologram, and show the photos you took.

"Oh, it's BLUE," You are once again Gordon Freeman, and you stare at what's undoubtedly a ZERO ENERGY CHARGED XEN CRYSTAL powering this entire thing. "That takes me back. And NOT in pleasant ways."

"It started doing this shortly after the presentation ended," Tunney says, looking concerned. "Then the Freeze Lightning started blasting whole chunks of the facility- we lost our only link to the outside world when it took out our land lines in the initial salvo."

"What about cell reception?" Mckay asks.

"Repeater's are down while the force shield's up," Tunney continues. "Fuck. I don't know where it went wrong! The math was solid!"

"No, it wasn't," you, Mckay, and Gina state at once. 

"I don't know much of this kind of inter-dimensional math, but no, I really don't think it was," Miyu says with a strained smile. 

"Where'd you get the crystal, Tunney?" Gina asks.

"I was shopping for a power source, and this nice man in a suit with a briefcase gave me two options so I... used them both?" Tunney shrugs, haplessly.

"Pale skin, snake like accent, creepy eyes?" You ask. Tunney nods. "Yeah, you got scammed, dude. That CIA wannabe bastard fucked over Black Mesa with one of those crystals. You're lucky the Resonance Cascade is contained in that chamber for the moment. I don't wanna think about what happens if it breaks."

"But we couldn't possibly start a Resonance Cascade!" Tunney says. "I did the math! There was only a 1.68% chance of one starting at all! Out of a Million simulations!!"

"That's what they Told ME," you say. "And they told me not to worry, and everything went KABOOM RIGHT IN MY FACE!" you point at your face for emphasis.

"I told you not to turn it on, and what do you do?" Mckay huffs. "Turn it on before you even tell anyone what it is we're here for."

"Can you fix the sabotage?" Kramer asks.

"If it were something any one of us had done? Sure," Mckay motions at the crystal. "But THAT? That's Sabotage on a level none of us can fix with any measure of confidence. I have no idea how to shut this thing down until I look more in depth at your code. What say the rest of you?"

"We need to look at everything," Gina agrees with a nod.

"We gotta stop this shit before it gets worse," you say.

...That's when an alarm sounds.

"...Now what?" Tunney asks, turning to ask an assistant.

"Uh... Sir? The system is generating additional Time-Space bridges outside of the facility," The assistant answers.

"What?" Tunney asks. "No. NoNoNoNoNoNoNo, that can't be right! The force shield should be containing it!"

"I don't know what to tell you, sir, but it's not." 

"Where?" You ask. "Where are these portals opening and how far away?"

"Better question," Ziggy raises his hand. "What Dimension did you open these portals To?"

"That's a Sucker's bet, Ziggy," Miyu answers. 

Somewhere in the middle of the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo, a blue tear in space time ripped itself open, and someone's loud invocation could be heard through it, forcing people to flee from it, screaming for their lives.

"Mighty Lord Hircine, Noble Lord Hircine, we come before you in all obeisance and humility, acknowledging your divine authority over the forest and all the lawful prey therein!"

SG-1 captcha-swapped their causal clothes for mission Gear, and Cassie handed Penny off to Vala to keep her kid safe.

Atop the Great Stairs in the D'ni City of Ae'gura, another rift opened.

"We invoke you, O Master of the Chase, in your aspect of Alrabeg the Hunter, to look kindly upon the endeavors of these, your worshipers, as we praise you by engaging in the hallowed tradition of the Hunt!"

A rift tore itself open in the middle of a busy highway leading into the city of Denver.

"Ever do we respect the law of Fair Hunt, never taking a quarry that had no chance of escape."

At a certain mall's food court, another rift opened.

"Ever do we respect the Prey, thanking it for its sacrifice in our worship of you."

Roxy Egbert stood to attention, and near by, Davis Strider muttered an "Aw, Fuck," before going for his cellphone to call it in.

"Ever do we respect the Huntsman, beseeching your permission even as we loose the arrow."

In the forest of the Hunting Grounds, more and more rifts opened in space time, and they opened, and opened, and the army of Werewolves growled, waiting for the conduction of the war chant- the Invocation of Hircine- spoken by the new right hand of Hircine- replacing the fallen OZMA.

"Bless us as we hunt, O Hircine!" an amazonian type woman with long, crimson hair and green eyes as vibrant as a forest finished leading the chant as she readied her HUNTERS SPEAR and her GOLDEN SHIELD. "Help us to hunt with honor, and bring in prey both lawful and bountiful!"

Standing overhead, watching it all, The DAEDRIC PRINCE HIRCINE gave his nod, and his armies did rush forth through the portals to invade what he thought was the Pegasus Galaxy on the other side of those many rifts.

"It's gotta be the Hunting Grounds," Miyu finished.


Chapter Text


DIASPORA DATE: 11/07/0007.

"It's freezing in here," Bill Nye shuddered, working his hands over his arms despite the cold.

Next to him, Stephen Hawking sat in his chair, and declared, "We Get It. It Works. Shut it Down. I'm Starting to Freeze to My Chair."

That's when there was a bolt of energy that shot through the room- clipping some poor woman in the leg and freezing it solid. She shrieks in pain as her leg shatters beneath her own weight.

"What the hell was that!?" Nye asked in terror, eyeing the woman as a medic rushes over to check on her leg.

"I would say it's Freeze Lightning," Hawking remarked.

You are Gordon Freeman- "We gotta stop this shit before it gets worse," you declare right when an alarm sounds.

"...Now what?" Tunney asks, turning to ask an assistant.

"Uh... Sir? The system is generating additional Time-Space bridges outside of the facility," The assistant answers.

"What?" Tunney asks. "No, that can't be right. The force shield should be containing it!"

"I don't know what to tell you, sir, but it's not." 

"Where?" You ask. "Where are these portals opening and how far away?"

"Better question," Ziggy raises his hand. "What Dimension did you open these portals To?"

"Sucker's bet, Ziggy," Miyu answers. "It's gotta be the Hunting Grounds."

"Ah, as to where..." The assistant paused. "Uh...  Too many portals to count, but there's atleast one opening up in the Memorial Hall right this second."

You're running, palming the Engine Cell for your Morpher into the slot before he's even finished saying the words "Memorial Hall."

You burst out of the back doors of the facility, looping around through the very concerned room full of Scientists as you activate the Morpher.


You don't even bother telling people to get out of the way as you run past them into the "Memorial Hall" - because the flash of orange light does the trick and they get the fuck out of your way. 

You arrive in the emptied amphitheater to see a glowing blue rift on the stage that Tunney had been standing on before...

And pouring through it are a bunch of frosty looking Werewolves.

"Alright... Time to go old school on these pups," you grab the #6 Engine Cell and place it into Nitro Blaster, and taking aim. "HEY! WET DOGS!!" You yell, gaining their attention. "YEAH! YOU! YOU SMELL LIKE WET DOGS! GET OUT OF HERE WITH THAT STINK!"

Okay, it's not the BEST taunt you could come up with, but it'll do.

The werewolves roar- and leap towards you.

You open fire instead.

GOD. You Miss Your Gravity Gun!


Werewolves pour through the rift in the Zoo- only to get hit with a wide spread barrage of zat fire. 

"Keep them bottlenecked!" Mordred yells out. "Don't Let Them Get Past Us!"

"This would be easier if we had P-90s!" Mitchel growls, zatting a few more of the invading Werewolves.

"I Couldn't get the clearance from the IOA for live fire guns!" Cassie answers. "I barely got us clearance for Open Zat Fire in a Zoo!"

"Oh! Lovely!" Jonas quips. "We warn them there's something bad coming today that we need weapons to fight it off and what do they give us?"

"Zats!" Jude snipes a particularly clever werewolf in mid air- striking it twice straight between the eyes.

Restoration Engineers and Explorers Alike ran and screamed- linking away to safety as Werewolves funneled into Ae'gura through the rift atop the stairs.

Your name is Artoria Gray, and you bite back a snarl as you catch a glimpse of the rift's other side.

"The Hunting Grounds?" Lloyd asks, rhetorically.

"Yeah," you answer, watching as an amazonian woman with blood red hair and forest green eyes steps through the portal. She's wearing a combat skirt and a vest- but that's it. The Vest is lined with tiny golden rods that look like miniature versions of the spear she's carrying. And there's a shield too...

"Search the city!" the woman orders. "Secure the leaders and the technology! FOR LORD HIRCINE!"

[Fuck! Ruby, do you recognize this woman?] you sent a warning signal back to your teammates along with a visual of the woman in question.

[Oh FUCK!] Ruby answers. [Pyrrha!? But She- No! Of course if Weiss survived to Ascend then Pyrrha could've gotten stuck in Hircine's realm too! SHIT! We're on our way back!]

Most parents grabbed their kids and fled the merry-go-round the moment the rift opened.

But not you- Rose Egbert- or any of your friends/family ran.

No, Uncle Davis and your mother are opening fire on the werewolves with very large guns that your mother summoned out of the void, and Uncle Davis is time  traveling in loops to ensure an even coverage of ground.

You foresee other problems, however. Such as another tear in space-time opening outside of the foodcourt even as the fight is happening. 

"June," you begin as quietly as you can. "Please tell me you brought that Pogo Hammer with you?"

"It's in my Sylladex, but I don't think it'll do us any good, Rose. It's just a toy!" your sister reminds you.

"Not exactly just a toy," you hold out your hand. "Gimme."

June hands over the card, and you decaptchalogue the toy Pogohammer.

You perform the SPECIAL TRICK and the thing transforms into a real, legitimate, and potentially very deadly weapon.

At the very least, it's going to be very good at keeping wolves away.

"Oh wow!" June gasps. "That's amazing!"

"Jade, marbles?" You ask.

"I got them," Jade nods. 

"Nepp, get ready to go zappy," you say, weighing the bulk of the hammer in hand. It's much too big for you still, and it's nowhere near as elegant as you'd like, but you know what, you'll work with it. You've got more of the ENHANCED STRENGTH that runs in your dad's side of the family than June's got, so...

You'll work with it.

"What about me?" June asks. "It's my hammer anyways!"

"Can you lift it?" You offer the hammer, and June winces even imagining trying to lift it. 

"If it were smaller again, maybe??" June answers. "I'd have to get pretty big pretty quick to lift that though."

"Then get ready to mask our scent and sounds with the breeze," you say. 

"Got it," June nods.

Alright then.

You steel yourself, weigh the tension in the weight of this thing and...

Okay, that rift's open, and wolves are pouring through, time to think's over and now it's time to act.

Boing! Boing! BoingBoingBoingBoinBoinBoiBoiBoBoBoBoBBBBBBBBOOOOOOOOING!!!

Suddenly, and without any realization about what's going on, you are Roxy Egbert, and you nearly yelp out some startled exclamation of surprise as one of your daughters goes flinging through the air with that fucking toy Pogo Hammer and arcs overhead before-


The ground rocks beneath your feet, and you feel a brief backwash of warmth against your bhack. Everything sort of stalls as you all turn to look at the damage wrought.

Resting in a kneeling pose in the center of a small crater in the floor with a horde of newly arrived Werewolves looking all stunned and somewhat squashed flat is your little Rosey- eyes glowing gold and sort of... glimmering whisps of yellow energy radiating off of her.

"Alright," she starts. "Who's the next clown to volunteer to get smashed?"

A Badass one liner that may be, hearing it come from your Nine Year Old Daughter is just an incongruity you just... can't quite reconcile in that moment.

Then another wave of Werewolves try to get through BOTH Rifts and you've got more pressing issues to contend with.

Green marbles flash through the air- Pink lightning singes fur into the air- mini tornadoes rocket across the food court, tearing tables and chairs from the floor.

Bullets fly from your own weapon in between your summoning a few guns and tossing them to various time looped Davises as he loops around.

This is NOT how you expected today to go, if you're going to be totally honest, and it's KINDA STRESSING YOU OUT.

"Gordon's holding them off at the rift but we can't count on him holding them off for long," your name is Gina Kae, and you rapidly type at a keyboard. "We NEED to shut this thing down!"

"I'm seeing power surges from the Bio Field contacts every time Gordon fires," Mckay reports. "Think we can strain the system and force it to power down?"

"Maybe! But doing that might strain the force field keeping the cold air inside and not interacting with everything outside!" You answer.

"Oh this is bad, this is very bad," Tunney paces without contributing.

"With Gordon holding this off we're a man short," Mckay says. "I don't know if we can reprogram a fix fast enough with just the two of us."

"Well, it's not JUST the two of you, right?" Keller offers.

You glance at Mckay, and his eyes light up. "No, we're not! Whole room of scientists out there! Go Get Nye and anyone else who's willing to help code ourselves out of this mess!"

A pet Kisosk full of lizards sat unattended as its owner was chased away by a Werewolf- said Werewolf growled at the glass walls holding the lizards in, raising a claw in an attempt to smash them all flat--

And then got swiftly Pogo-Hammered to the side and went flying wide and backwards through the portal rift it had come from.

Rose smiled at the lizards for a moment, and said, "No innocent lizards are getting hurt on my watch."

Then, she ran off to smash more werewolves with a giant pogo spring hammer.


The woman leading the Werewolves in D'ni froze as she marched towards the City Library, and turned on her heels, astonished and unable to believe it.

"It is you, isn't it?" Ruby Branwen accused, with a sniper rifle in arm, and glaring firmly at her.

"Ruby Branwen," Pyrrah stared at Ruby and smiled a kind smile that slowly turned twisted. "You know, I'd heard you'd betrayed our Colonel Ozma. How could you set him up to die like that? Twice!" She leveled her spear, and demanded, "I wanna know who shot him in the Daedalus. Riddled his body with holes so perfectly! Was it you? No, it wasn't was it? Is it one of the aliens running around killing my soldiers?"

Ruby tensed, and the other Werewolves in the area ran for cover, cowering as an aura of intense death began to eminate off of the red haired woman..

"Ah. It is, isn't it?" Pyrrah laughed, as if being proven right. "And was it them who destroyed the Daedalus after? The explosion that killed My Jaune!?"  She sniffed. 

"You... you were there with him?" Ruby asks. "In that place!? Do you even know what he was DOING to people when you were gone!? And what about after!?"

Pyrrah's answer was to fing her spear without a word- Ruby shot it out of the air, and the damned thing exploded into magic between the two of them.

Pyrrah grabbed another tiny spear from her vest and flung it- the thing expanding in size mid flight.

Ruby couldn't line up a shot and was forced to dodge.

Unfortunately for her, the Spear had a HOMING FUNCTION.

It curved in mid air and twisted after her.

Ruby never had a chance to see it coming.

A.M., on the other hand, did.

The tiny orb launched out of Ruby's Sylladex and rammed into the thing mid flight.

The explosion that followed stunned everyone because of the sheer fact that it wasn't just a burst of magic this time.


There was an explosion of blinding white light that reformed and condensed into the shape of a human woman.

"What the-?!" Pyrrah yelped in shock, shielding her eyes.

"No way..." Ruby's eyes watered in a mixture of shock, relief, and disbelief. "Weiss?"

When the light show faded, Weiss Schnee stood between Ruby and Pyrrah, her rapier sword at the ready, wearing a dress made out of bright white light that was kind of uncomfortable to look at- quite a distracting idea against an opponent.

"Weiss!?" Pyrrah stared on, shocked, and wincing slightly as she tried to focus on the parts of Weiss that weren't glowing brightly. "But how-?? I killed you!"

"Next time," Weiss countered, narrowing her eyes. "Finish the Damned Job. Just like I'm going to."

And then she rocketed forwards towards Pyrrah with a roar and a flash of bright white light.

"What's the situation?" Your name is JACK O'NEILL, and you're in full on GENERAL MODE as you exit the elevator and head towards the SGC Conference Room- Homeworld Security's offices currently overrun by werewolves of all the irony making it unsafe for occupation.

"We've got twenty rifts open in Colorado so far and growing, current estimate is about 100 total rifts in a vaguely circular shape centered roughly over the Four Corners States," Vantas answers, stepping up alongside you and giving you the brief. "Carter's working on figuring out the solution and SG-1's managed to contain the Cheynne Mountain Zoo Rift until we got reinforcements up there. We're relocating Jude and Vala down here to work with Carter, and Cassie's helping to coordinate the national response."

"Mitchel and Mordred?" You ask.

"We're fielding them to the nearest Megapla Ship Yard," Vantas says. "There are some behemoth sized werewolves coming through the older rifts now, armored and armed to the teeth."

"How big are we talking here?" You frown. "And what kind of armor?"

"Big enough that even a combination of six zat shots to exposed flesh aren't killing them, and enough armor that even a C-4 warhead RPG didn't even so much as slow it down," Vantas answers.

"Oi! That's too big!" You exclaim. "Also, if we kill any of those bastards and get their armor and weapons off of them, I want research teams melting it down to find out what they're made out of."

That sounds like it could be one hell of an armor, to say the least.

"Roger that," Vantas nods.

"So you said these portals are acting out in a circle?" you ask.

You and he enter the conference room, and Vantas points you towards a map of the United States' South-Western quadrant. That's one big hell of a circle alright.

"It's thicker around the edges and lighter in the center," Vantas says, pointing at the screen. "We think it's the epicenter of whatever this Portal Storm is."

"Search teams?" You ask.

"Already scouring the area," Vantas answers.

"Is it just the surface, or-?" You don't have to ask the rest of the question.

"We've had reports from evacuees of the D'ni Restoration, they're being flooded with wolves too," Vantas pauses. "Fortunately, the good news there is we've got Gray's team on the ground fighting back."

"What? Seriously?" You ask. "What are the chacnes of that?"

"Shockingly high, considering that there are reports of rift-incursions being handled at Colorado Mills by Davis and Roxy and our quartet of pintsized power house kids." Vantas says rather flatly.

You eye him, and raise an eyebrow. "Please tell me you saw any of this coming?"

"Rift Paradox, unfortunately," he answers. 

"Damn it," you swear.

This is one hell of a mess, and that means whatever Vantas has been preparing for is still on the horizon.

A massive werewolf easily as tall as a two story house loomed over a random ass grocery store parking lot, people screaming as it roared at them, keeping them all at bay.

A glowing portal framed it in shadow, and in forest that shouldn't be there.

And then a cloaked Mega-PLA landed on the grocery store rooftop. Yes, it was a Mecha wearing a large brown tarp as a cloak.

What should have been a pair of glowing, golden eyes was instead just the left eye, peering out from behind the hood, gazing over a pair of crimson red pincers forming some kind of face guard.

The Werewolf Behemoth snarled at the mecha.

And then Mordred's voice barked out in turn- "Don't you snarl at me, Pup!"

With a sudden grasp of the right shoulder clasp, the Mecha threw the cloak away, revealing a Mech whose basic frame had been completed, but only half of it had been armored. Even then, it was quite clear that armor was just barely attached, with visible welding marks, and cut off nub points that had not been filed away. There was also some, weird, strange, antenna array mounted onto its left shoulder armor.

The Mech also at first seemed to only have a left hand, its right arm instead terminating into some weird, boxed in gauntlet with only a single horizontal slit on the end that was pointing straight at---


A vibrant green blade of flattened plasma shot out from that arm at the same time the face guard mandibles spun backwards, creating a rather funky looking V Fin along the sides of its skull.

Before anyone could react- the mecha leaped off of the building, laser-sword arm aimed straight in a thrust for the Werewolf Behemoth's head and neck area.

The Werewolf Behemoth started to dodge- too slow, and not recognizing a feint for what it was. The Unfinished Mecha spun around in mid air and sliced instead of thrust.


There was a pause, and then the Behemoth fell to the ground, head first, then body second.

"You know what?" Mordred asked aloud.

"No, what?" Mitchel answered over the internal radio.

"I always wanted to fly one of these things!" Mordred answered with a savage grin as another Behemoth was directed through the portal.

"Was it worth the wait?" Mitchel asked.

"Damn straight!" And thus, the Unfinished, Unnamed "Astray" model of Mecha roared onwards into battle.

Your name is Lloyd Armadn, and you stare in horror as a Mech-sized Werewolf stumbles through the portal at the top of the Great Stairs.

"Oh Fuck! They brought in the big guns!" Rhubee yelps.

"Gray! We need bigger guns to counter!" Karren calls out, trying to shoot the beast's eyes out with her P-90 to no effect.

"Right!" Gray leaped into the air on her wings, and soared upwards out of claw range. "[Rule Breaker!]" The knife appeared in her hand. "[SUMMON MODE!]" She thrust the knife forwards with a burst of golden light, and twisted it like a key in a lock.

There was the sound of something massive linking in, and then the Ruby Lancer appeared in its combined form...

Almost a mile up in the air above the City of Ae'gura itself.

"Too High!" You yelled out.

Gray corrected her oversight immediately and swished Rule Breaker through the air.

Karren and Rhubee linked away, and almost certainly reappeared in the control seats for their respective halves of the Mech, because its eyes lit up and the speakers barked out:


Anti Gravity Jets fired as the synchronization triggered, and what would have been a devastating meteoric impact as the Lancer landed uncontrolled in the Tokotah Plaza only had the end result of Lightly Crushing a poor unoccupied tent beneath a foot instead along with some minor trembling to the city itself.

The Behemoth Werewolf charged at the Lancer, who spun the lance out ahead of it and fired off like a rocket, speeding ahead and ramming into the Werewolf, carrying it upwards and out of Ae'gura, before dropping the thing out in the middle of the lake itself.

Much to everyone's surprise, the lake algae seemed to really like the sudden inclusion, and lit up like a burst of orange light in a circle around where the Werewolf had landed.

"Eesh," Akita mutters next to you as she ruthlessly kicks a normal sized Werewolf down the stairs. "They weren't kidding when they said not to drink the lake water."

"Or to go swimming, for that matter," you grimace.

The Cat who called herself Ezabi sat and watched from up upon a fake tree branch as destruction was wrought upon an innocent shopping mall food court.

Ezabi remembered a day similar to this one- years later down the line than it was happening now- only this battle was in a different place, during a different siege that had long since ended in this reality.

And yet deep in her heart, this one knew that the day was the same- just with the order shuffled around precariously as time itself had been rent asunder from two very different paradoxes.

The young ones were doing wonderfully, but Ezabi could tell they weren't ready. No doubt they'd be having nightmares of this day for years to come, as she herself had. 

She climbed down with an unnatural ease towards her other self- towards that Jade Harley, frantically throwing marbles everywhere and teleporting Werewolves higher into the air than they could survive falling without being stun locked.

"Do not react, but Listen Closely, Five Claw," she whispered to Harley, "there is not much time and there is much Ezabi must say."

Harley's eyes glanced at the cat for a moment, before returning to the battle.

"This is where we part our ways, and it is where this one leaves to you her most precious possession," with a suspicious ease, Ezabi's Relto Book was transferred into Jade's Sylladex. "There is much this one wished she could have said and done to help ease your burdens, but it is not her place to do such. Save for this case. Save for today."

Harley yelled out- "What-!?" And then forced herself to continue to deceive the others. "Where do they all keep coming from!?"

"Heh, a wise question, Five Claw. The answer you did not know you need is where Ezabi must now go. In a time separated from here, Ba'al survived to the ends of time, possessing a woman named Adria. Our dear niece Penny stopped them, and went on to end our reality, thinking herself the only survivor. She did not know that this one survived in the Hunting Grounds, and more, when reality upended itself in paradox, would not know that Ezabi would be dropped in a time and place where she could borrow your Relto Book. Haven. The future-in-the-past you have before you. I return it to you now in apology, though that theft hasn't happened yet."

Harley glances at the Cat in surprise, but says nothing more.

"Ezabi must go now, but she departs telling you this," The cat watched for an opening in the thick crowd of Werewolves. "Today, this one spares you from the fate she earned in her reality. Make the most of it, Walker! May your claws be ever sharp!"

And with that, the cat ran across the floor- weaving between the battle, and then leaping into the oldest of the Hunting Ground Portals.

Harley watched in astonishment as the cat warped mid transit, becoming humanoid- becoming a Jade Harley once again. She had the wolf ears and tail that Harley knew awaited her, but there was something stranger. The ears and tail of a cat were upon that Jade's head, extraneously.

That one called Ezabi gave a pained smile and a wave, then, determinedly, ran off into the Hunting Grounds, never to be seen again.

"What the fuck was that?" Harley asked herself very quietly, and then was forced to put the question aside to throw more marbles at an oncoming Werewolf.

Your name is Ruby Branwen and Weiss Schnee was alive.

You knew she was sorta alive, as in, the Ascended state alive. But...


The tiny shell of a robotic construct lay in pieces where the first impact had happened, and was slowly, somehow, piecing itself back together.

Weiss had been hiding inside A.M. the entire time!?

You look up and watch as Pyrrah and Weiss duel it out in front of the Library.

Weiss was alive, had been hiding inside of A.M., and- and- AND DIDN'T TELL YOU!?

"Weiss! What the Fuck!?" you yell out.

Weiss deftly blocks a spear thrust, and replies- "We'll talk later, Ruby!"

"No! Seriously! What the FUCK!?" you yell out.

"I know it comes as a surprise that I'm alive, but-"


Pyrrah laughs- evading several sword thrusts from Weiss. "Ohho! A lover's quarrel!?"

"I didn't have a choice!" Weiss declares, not even looking away from the fight. "I couldn't know for sure if that bastard was still watching or not! I couldn't let him know where I was before it was the right time!"

"So You Lied to me!?" You ask, getting to your feet. "Pretended to be some cute little toy and- and- You LIED!?"

"I'm sorry! But we really need to focus on something more important right now!" Weiss states. "Like- Uh! WEREWOLVES!?"

"UGH! FINE!" you huff, raising your sniper rifle from the ground. "We'll talk about this later but we are SO TALKING ABOUT THIS LATER!" you take aim and start taking pot shots at Pyrrah- even somehow passing a few through Weiss because GO FIGURE, SHE'S MADE OF ENERGY AND BULLETS PASS RIGHT THROUGH HER!!

Seriously, why's Weiss even bothering to dodge the spear thrusts- is it a magic vs. energy thing??

UGH. Whatever. WHATEVER!!!

Just focus on taking Pyrrah down and THEN you can deal with Weiss apparently Gas lighting you for god knows how many months!!

There was a crack- and then suddenly a chill shot through the air.

Your name is Miyu Shinohara, and you swallow as the glass case holding the cascading Xen Crystal suddenly freezes solid. "Uhh... Guys??"

"Ah, shit," Mckay swears, glancing up from his own terminal. "Someone take over my station!"

Sure enough, someone takes over his station. Then, Mckay stands over by the crystal and generates a force shield around it just as the glass case finally dusts away and the energies get released directly into Mckay's shield.

"OWWWW! I don't know how much longer I can keep this up for because it already hurts a metric ton!" he shouts.

"We've got bigger problems!" Nye enters the conversation from his own workstation. "One of the shield emitters just got frozen and taken out! The rest are struggling to compensate! We're going to burn them out!"

"Don't tell me, super cooled air plus hot desert air equals sudden storm?" Gina asks.

"Got it in one!" Nye answers.

"Well, that's just Groovy," Gina rolls her shoulders. "Rodney! Keep shielding the Xen Crystal!"

"Wouldn't I be better shielding the facility so we don't super storm the planet to death?" Mckay asks.

"If that Xen Crystal goes full Resonance Cascade, we've got a whole different kind of storm ready to ravage the planet more than we already have," Gina says. "As it is, the only thing keeping more portals from opening on a global scale is your shield!"


Keller steps up and casts a spell on Rodney, green energy flaring across his body, and- Hoo. Boy. Now that's a lot of magic she's pouring into him. Pain resistance or a healing spell- something like that.

"Oh! Thanks, Jen'!" Mckay smiles.

"Just keep shielding the exploding crystal, Rod'!" Keller smiles back. "I've got your back!"

Daw, how cute.

Now if only you had something else to do that could help in this whole situation.

An alarm sounds before you can mull it over.

"The Shield's collapsing!" Nye reports.

"I'm really starting to hate that sentence!" Mckay gripes through grit teeth.

The protective force field surrounding the Kramer facility fails, and then all the super cooled air that had been kept inside of it is unleashed into the world as a whole.
Immediately, desert cyclones begin spinning up in and around the Kramer facility.

You are June Egbert, and you gasp as you feel a sudden shift in the world's pressure fronts.

"Oh, no," you whisper. "That's very very bad." You yell for your sister- "ROSE! COVER ME! I GOT A STORM TO STOP!"

"Wait! I think I've got it!" Tunney suddenly exclaims. "If we can disconnect the Bio-Field as a power source and shunt all the energy in the Xen Crystal back through the dimensional rifts towards the universe we're connected to, the time space bridge generators won't be able to sustain the rifts and it'll shut down!"

Nobody listens to him, except for Ziggy, who pats him on the shoulder and says, "They thought of that five minutes into the whole 'room full of scientists talk together to solve the problem' thing, bud."

"But... nobody said anything?" Tunney sulks.

"You were crying in the bathroom when they figured it out," Ziggy answers.


Oh indeed, Malcolm Tunney. Oh Indeed.

"Sir," Walter reports to General O'neill, "We've just got reports of a massive storm front brewing in the exact center of the Portal Storms."

"Send whatever ships are available to investigate," O'neill orders.

Clash- Clang- SMASH!

A recently closed down, standalone Target Building that wouldn't have been demolished for another ten years after sitting idle all that time was brought collapsing to its knees as the Astray Mech Mitchel and Mordred was piloting cut through the last support pillar, bringing the entire thing down on a horde of werewoles and behemoths that had tried dog piling (Pun intended) the half-armored Mech.

Needless to say, the half-armored state of the thing gave it a speed advantage most other Mechs of its size and weight class wouldn't be getting- such as allowing it to fly upwards through the ceiling as a hole opened and get away from the werewolves about to be crushed.

With a gravity drive enhanced twirl of momentum gliding them to a stop, the Mech's pilots huffed, synchronized, as they took stock of everything that was going on.

"Looks like the wolves are giving up on this portal," Mitchel reported his observations.

"Agreed," Mordred huffed. "Either that, or they've run out of able bodies to send through."

"I'm a mite uneasy with that portal staying open though," Mitchel grimaced.

"Same," Mordred nodded. "Not much we can do about it for now, though."

That's when they heard a loud crack of lightning- and for some inexplicable reason, several abandoned cars in the grocery store parking lot were frozen solid and snow was falling towards the ground in places.

But the rift? The rift itself was gone now.

"What the hell was that!?" Both pilots yelled at once.

"That's it! We've disconnected the Bio Field and are channeling energy backwards through the dimensional rift!" Gina reported. "The heat sink is powering down!"

"The Xen Crystal's not flaring up as much!" Keller reported.

"The bolts-" ZAP! "OW! Still hurt though!" Mckay added with a grimace as the glowing blue crystal began to start powering down very rapidly.

The building shook and trembled, as the weather outside continued to grow in intensity.

"That did NOT stop the sudden storm front forming right on top of us, though," Nye observed.

"Damn it," Gina swore. "We probably didn't stop it fast enough. The storm front might be self sustaining now."

"At least it won't get any colder though, right?" Shinohara asked.

"Well, there's that, yes," Gina agreed.

You are June Egbert, and you reach out across the vast distances of space between your physical location and the actual storm front.

You ignore the bursts of freezing ice zapping through the air from the portals just around the corner- because the ice blasts were hitting pretty much the rampaging werewolves that hadn't been brought to heel yet like strange lightning rods- and you focus. FOCUS. On reaching out to that storm that's forming- the one that's threatening to grow so large it'll wreck the entire country if left unchecked.

How the heck did something like this form to begin with?

Apparently by flash-freezing a large section of air in the middle of a very hot section of desert. Who would even do anything like that? 

You put those questions aside, though, and grasp onto the very raw strength of the storm that's brewing.

Your 'uncle' John talked about the storm that had hit Atlantis once. Described the raw fury and energy that two hurricanes merging could be. How even that was too much for his powers.

You don't know how something like this scales in comparison to his personal scale, but you'd imagine it's like...

Less like two colliding, mature storm fronts, and more like a nascent storm front trying to build up steam in a place it really shouldn't be forming. Still, it's rapidly growing into something you might not be able to stop at this distance. It's a miracle your powers picked up on the pressure changes anyways!

You grab hold of the cold air generating that front- it's all you can really get a grasp onto right now- and you WILL the temperature to rise. You make the cold air warm and you cut the literal wind right out from under the storm's metaphorical sails.

And.... And....!!!

...And it bursts. The storm fades away like it never should have been to begin with.

And then you promptly pass out.

Your name is Gordon Freeman, and you take a brief break to catch your breath. There's a growing pile of dead werewolves on the ground, and they've taken a moment to stop going through the rift.

Maybe the smart ones got the idea and decided zerg rushing this portal was a bad idea?

Nope. That's a giant foot that just stepped through the portal.

"Oh for crying out loud!" you gripe.

The Werewolf Behemoth starts to poke its head and claws through and then--

Suddenly the portal collapses on it, and the cutting edge does the predictable to the massive werewolf.

You exhale in relief as the beast gets slain.

Your Morpher chooses then to buzz like a radio- and then Gina asks- "Gordon? You alright?"

You tap at it, and speak, "Yeah, I'm alright. Pretty exhausted, though. I take it the portal cut just now means you stopped the Xen Crystal dead in its tracks?"

"Yes, we managed to shut everything down. The fact that I'm even talking to you now means the Cell Repeaters are back online," Gina says. "We're going to contact the SGC and find out what the hell's going on."

"Good," you say. "I'm going to pass out now."

And then you demorph and slump against a wall to promptly pass the fuck out.

The rift snapped closed atop the Great Stairs, and Lloyd, Akita, and Gray slumped to the ground together as the last of the werewolf behemoths was deposited to the lake and never surfaced again.

The Lancer hovered overhead, and Rhubee radio'd out: "We're going to check on Ruby! Be back in a flash!" And then the crimson mecha flew off towards the Library.

"Maaan," Lloyd said, tiredly. "What a weird day."

"Tell me about it," Akita sighed, exhausted.

"We didn't even find my Parents in all of this," Gray lamented, concerned. "I hope they're okay."

Pyrrah panted for breath as she stood opposite of Weiss and Ruby. "Well. You managed to make me run out of spears." She said, discarding her now empty vest to the floor. "I guess now it's time for me to wolf up and show you what the power of my Lord Hircine, and the power of REVENGE can get you!!!"

And then her body started bulking up- growing, growing, growing- wildly out of proportion for a human body, fur rapidly covered everything- crimson and bloody, just like the woman's hair.

"Aaah... Crap, is she turning into a giant werewolf?" Ruby asked, head and eyes panning upwards to follow Pyrrah's transformation.

"That does seem to be the case," Weiss answered, wincing slightly at the loud snap of metal as the war-skirt came apart from the transformation. 

"How do we fight something like that?" Ruby asked, wincing as the Behemoth grew about as tall as the Library building itself.

"Uh... Truth be told I wasn't expecting her to get nearly That Big and I have no idea what to do," Weiss answered. "Also, I've kind of been playing this fight out on impulse the entire time so??"

"Oh, great." Ruby's eyes caught onto something large and red circling around the library. "Oh! Great!"

"What's so great about my lack of planning?" Weiss asks.

"Not that!" Ruby then yells out- "HEY, PYRRAH! ON YOUR LEFT!"

The werewolf giant glared down from on high, but actually turned to look to her left.

Thus, she missed the Ruby Lancer impacting her from her right at considerable speeds, force-shoving her towards the long colapsed waterfront facing edge of the Library Plaza and straight over the edge of it.

Pyrrha vanished from sight- and only the loud, resounding CRACK of flesh on stone before a SPLASH of something sliding into the lake told the tale of her fate.

When Ruby and Weiss peered over the edge of the plaza, they saw that a large section of plaza rock had been broken further by a recent impact, and the water rippled out in a circle from the point of Pyrrah's body going underwater.

"Well," Ruby started. "That was anti-climatic."

Hircine glared down at the small interloper with an incredible power aura who had burst through his portals into his realm and began slaughtering the enemies at the gate before marching forwards on a slow and steady march towards him.

"Who are you, Whelp?" Hircine inquired, not even caring as the portals were forcibly shut down with a snap chill that froze the surrounding areas solid.

"This one has gone by many names," The girl's voice was low, and growling, like an enraged Khajiit from Tamriel. 

"Ezabi, Jade Harley..." But she strolled with purpose, with the finite tick of a clock reaching its final moments.

The Midnight Hunt faded in the Hunting Grounds, the stars fading from view, and a sun starting to rise on the horizon.

Hircine startled, realizing his control over the realm was changing, fading, slipping away.

"But you may call her, 'Your Inevitable Fate in Zero Sum.'"

"Impossible, how do you have My Powers!?" Hircine demanded of the impossible being before him, as he began to fade away with the light of the sun radiating down upon his massive form. "You shouldn't exist! I should be the superior! I should be-! I... Who am I...?"

"Your question is Easy to answer," The small creature radiated so much power as she spoke, meeting her impossibly tiny-large eyes with his own large-tiny ones. "This one Mantled You in a time that no longer exists. But she is still Hircine just as you are but her shadow."

And then the massive beast known as Hircine vanished, leaving only the one called Hircine standing in her Forest.


She stomped her foot and snarled- "This Hunt is Revoked."

Across the circular section of the South-Western United States that Werewolves had been causing havoc, and had not yet been slain in battle, suddenly vanished into thin air- like shadows being erased by a spotlight.

As reports of this flooded into the SGC, Jack O'neill could only blink in confusion and ask, "What the hell just happened?"

Your name is Kohiru Karren, and as you land the Lancer on the Library Plaza, you see Ruby arguing with a glowing white figure...

"Wait a sec, I think that's Weiss!" Rhubee exclaimed.

"Holy shit, I think it is!" you stare, and start the desynch process before exiting the mech.

Whatever quiet discussion they're having turns heated as you finally climb out of the hatch and start climbing down towards the ground.

"Please forgive me for what I've done."

"WHAT?! NO!! Fucking hell, Weiss! You messed with my memories and then lied to me! How can I possibly forgive you for doing that!?" Ruby is demanding to know. "Do you know how much that hurts!?"

"I'm not asking you to forgive the me of the now," Weiss counters. "I'm asking you to forgive the me who will remain."

"Wait. No- you aren't getting out of it that easily, Weiss!!" Ruby shouts.

But it's too late- there's a flash of blinding light that makes you wrench your eyes shut for as long as it takes to pass, and when you open them again, Weiss lay on the ground, not wreathed in clothes made of white light, but rather...

Just naked, on the ground, unconscious.


She falls to her knees and starts sobbing. You wince in sympathy. Damn it. What a rip off of a cathartic moment. 

"Fucking... You can't even... Just... You can't ask me to do that! You can't ask me to forgive her like she's somebody completely different from you..." Ruby starts crying in earnest.

You can feel her pain and anger radiating across the Link now- she's opened her mental gates up enough to allow that.

You and Rhubee finish climbing down and head over to her. Rhubee's already decaptchaloging a large red cloak as she heads over to give the unconscious girl some modesty back.

"Ruby?" You ask, hesitantly, walking up to her, and kneeling down. "Are you okay?"

"No. I'm not," Ruby answers. "She... She was inside that stupid orb the entire time and lied to me about it. And- and- then when I confront her about it she fucking runs away like a coward and Descends and acts like she's someone different from who gets left behind and---!!"

She roars in rage and slams a fist into the ground. Broken tiles crack further under her no doubt angry!wolf!enhanced strength.

There's not much of anything you can really say or do on the matter but offer her a hug, and look to Rhubee for support  and/or guidance.

Rhubee shrugs, looking just as confused as you are.

"That's IT!" Roxy Egbert yelled out suddenly as the last of the werewolves vanished.

"What's it?" your name is Davis Strider, and you glance tiredly at her as the last of your time loops times out and it's just you left alone with four kids, an irrate mother, and one hell of a mess.

"Even if we weren't already moving off of Earth, Davis, THIS IS IT." Roxy shakes her head. "Fucking hell! We just fought off an invading army of WEREWOLVES! Werewolves, Davis!! We just fought off an army of fucking Werewolves and that's IT!" She stomps her foot. "I've HAD IT with this fucking constant state of being harassed by people day in and day out who think we're easy, soft targets and I just want my kids to LIVE A NICE QUIET LIFE and NOT! HAVE! TO DEAL! WITH ALL OF THIS!!" She waves her arms around at the wrecked food court. 

"Well," you start, but don't get far.

"The Trust shot up my HOUSE! Joey went to a whole fucking Galaxy because of West shooting up a wake! Anubis attacked our whole planet! And that's not even counting all the TERRESTRIAL threats! Do you know how many times I have to deal with random people coming up and asking me shit when I'm alone shopping??" Roxy huffs. "Just... Fuck. We should've moved to Diaspora years ago. It's been so much safer and quieter over there in comparison."

You don't have anything to say. You glance to the kids, and see Rose helping June back to her feet after doing some kind of Windy Thing, and Nepp and Jade just look... relieved. Jade has a twinge more confused than relieved, but mostly relieved.

"Yeah," you say. "I can't argue with any of that."


DIASPORA DATE: 11/08/0007.

"Soooo... any idea if it'll work?" Freeman asks.

Your name is Jude Harley, and you gaze at the Xen Crystal residing in the containment box before you as you ponder the answer to that question.

"Well, it's definitely got an extra-dimensional signature that matches yours," you start. "In theory if we calibrated our Quantum Mirror to match it..." you wince. Ah, the Mirror. That's something you almost forgot about. "We could connect to your dimension and begin an evacuation project. But... really, the only question of feasability of it is whether or not there's an intact Mirror on your world line or not. And if we target the signature on you and the crystal, there's no telling if we'd get your Earth, or if we'd get your Xen."

"So we wouldn't know for sure until we tried," Freeman frowns.

"Keiko, Silica, and Rodney have more experience than I do with this sort of thing," you say. "But the Unwritten project showed we could in theory target a specific dimension through specific portaly means..." You look to him, see the hope in his eyes. "So. While I'd say we could probably pull it off. Getting the permission and time to make it work is going to have to wait. Our best chance of success would be after the Giza Loopn finishes."

Freeman sighs. "Alright. So we wait for Giza. How long do we wait on that?"

"Dunno," you answer. "I don't think the first move is one of ours, unfortunately."

"Shame, that," Freeman grouches.

You're very much inclined to agree.

"Please, keep an eye on her for us?" Your name is Cassandra Fraiser, and as you offload Penny into Joey's arms, you say, "Just for a little while, alright?"

Joey nods. "Alright. Though, I've got the Music Video filming to do so..." She pauses, as if realizing something, and shakes her head. "I'll keep her safe until you get back."

You pause, hearing that.

"...Giza?" you ask.

Joey shrugs with the shoulder not supporting Penny, who, to her credit, is remaining silent while Momma and Aunt Joey are talking. "Probably. But who knows for sure. I'll make sure she stays out of harms way."

"Anywhere but Earth," you make her promise.

Joey nods. "Anywhere but Earth it is."


"-meworld Security and Kramer Industries released a joint statement today, stating that the events of Yesterdays "Wolf Storm" were the result of Doctor Malcolm Tunney stealing the classified work of multiple scientists and science organizations across the world, combining unsteady, classified mathematical formulas into a single, devastating whole." Julia Donovan of !NSIDE ACCESS reports, "Doctor Tunney has since been arrested and-"

You Click to the next station, playing a shakey, handheld camera recorded footage of a certain fight.

"-ottlenecked!" Mordred yells out. "Don't Let Them Get Past Us!"

"This would be easier if we had P-90s!" Mitchel growls, Zat shots fire, werewolves fall off screen.

"I Couldn't get the clearance from the IOA for live fire guns for this!" Cassie answers. "I barely got us clearance for Open Zat Fire in a Zoo!"

"Oh! Lovely!" Jonas quips. "We warn them there's something bad coming today that we need weapons to fight it off and what do they give us?"

"Zats!" Jude snipes a particularly clever werewolf in mid air- striking it twice straight between the eyes.

The Werewolf hits the ground and the footage cuts away to a different news anchor, a man, who starts talking, "This footage that has gone viral on the internet over the last several hours, has started many a person to call into question the competency in the management of the International Oversight Advisory council. Recent trends in their management styles have shown a startling amount of disrespect for those with Psychic, Future Vision type abilities that have proven time and time again their effectiveness. With me here to discuss today, is Jonas Quinn. Jonas, what are your thoughts on the matter?"

"Honestly, the fact that the IOA continues to brush off seer warnings across the board tells me they don't have anyone's best interests in mind save their own," Jonas starts. "The amount of meddling they've been trying with the SGC, and the Atlantis Expedition... It's insane. Here we are, busting our asses, tracing down leads, and stopping problems before they become an issue, and we get less and less support for it. And then things like yesterday happen and it's all shrugs and finger pointing. The simple fact of the matter is, we had forewarning that this was going to happen, and the IOA intervened with Homeworld Security's standard procedure to say we weren't cleared to fight at our fullest potential. It's infuriating! How many disasters across the world are stopped ahead of time because of forewarning? What happens when they're ignored?"

"Indeed, those are some-"

Click. Next channel.

"-DRC issued a statement today stating that they are simply glad that there were no major injuries, infections, or deaths, and that the Atlantis Expedition was able to field-dispatch the Ruby Lancer as quickly as it did to preserve the Cavern as a Historical Site," another random news anchor is saying.

Click. Off goes the TV.

You are Ruby Branwen, and you sigh tiredly.

You're in the SGC infirmary, not because you took any long term hits that aren't already healing over, but because Weiss is still out cold from her sudden Descension.

You need to know what state she's in when she wakes up.

You're still pissed off at her Ascended self for pulling this shit, but... damn it, if she really did erase her own memories in descending like that... then where does she last remember? Will she remember anything at all? Will it be like Doctor Jackson's amnesia?

You have to know.

You HAVE to know.

And so you sit and wait in the otherwise empty SGC infirmary, and wait. And wait. And wait.

"Maybe you should go get some food in the cafeteria?" Doctor Lam suggests.

"Meh," you grumble. "Not hungry."

Your stomach whines a counterpoint.

Lam gives you a look.

You cross your arms, and double down. "I said I'm not hungry!"

Your stomach whines again, in contrast.

"Look, I'm not leaving until Weiss wakes up," you state for the record. 

Lam sighs. "Lunch. Go. Now. Doctors Orders. I'll call you if she wakes up."

You sigh in defeat. "Fiiineeee."

As you get up from your chair and move to walk away- a hand reaches out and grabs your left arm by the wrist.

You jerk to a stop, and glance down- Weiss' arm, Weiss' hand. She's-

A groan, a slight tension to the eyes.

Then Doctor Lam's up from her seat... And Weiss opens her eyes with a weary blink and- and---


In the town of Catherine, near the various entrances to the D'ni Cavern, at a small diner, Lloyd Armadn and Artoria Gray sat, pecking away at their lunch when Gray flinched suddenly.

"Something wrong?" Lloyd asked.

"...Ruby just found out Weiss doesn't remember Anything at all." Gray answered, sadly. "It looks like she chose Complete and total amnesia when she descended."

"Damn," Lloyd sighed. 

Unfortunately, they both knew from the moment they'd learned Weiss had returned to a corporeal form that this particular story was unlikely to end well at all.

Neither said a word as they each grabbed their soda glasses- clinked the rims together in a silent toast, and then drank away their worries.

Your name is Karkat Vantas, and you gaze out over the emptied living room that was once the heart of the Egbert Household up until now.

"That's everything?" You ask. 

"Yeah," Davis answers, entering from the bedroom area. "Just double checked everything, Everyone's been pretty thorough."

"At least they got an excuse to get out of dodge early," you say, twirling the keys Roxy had given you to lock the place up once you both were sure that everything was packed away. She hadn't wanted to come home at all right after the sure fire wave of publicity coming from the mall fight, and you couldn't blame her.

The Egberts had officially moved off of Earth to Diaspora discretely in the middle of the night. Now all that was left was to sell off this place to the SGC in terms of paperwork. 

"Yeah," Davis sighs. "Lucky them. Unlucky us who've gotta stick around and see this shit through to the bitter end."

"Plan doesn't work without us providing cover fire," you remind him. "At least Nepp's out of the way for that too, right now. Thank god for Missy Fraiser volunteering to take her in for a while."

"At least there's that," Davis nods. "Feels a bit final, you know? Like we're closing the door on our grand adventure once and for all. Had so many great memories here over the years and all that. It's like Friends! You know it's ending next month, right? You Just Know they're going to make a big deal about leaving that apartment behind in the last episode."

"Okay, first of all, the adventure's not over yet," you say. "Second of all, dude. It's not even our house we're closing up here and there's an almost exact duplicate that they're moving into! At best it's like they just decided to change the static images out the window on the set and that's it."

"...Okay, fair enough," Davis relents. Then, he gives you a look. "But why would the change the buildings outside of the Friends Apartment for? It's New York! It's iconic!!"

"Dave, we're not talking anything off of TV," you remind him. "We came here to literally close up the house for Roxy so she and her family didn't get harassed by the news vans outside!"

Davis glances outside. "Okay, yeah, forgot about those. But still. I mean. This is totally one of those sitcom moments!"

"Dave, I swear to whatever actual gods exist in this dimension-" You don't get that far because Dave is time looping already, each one with growing grins on their faces. "You know what. Fine! Whatever stunt you've got in mind. Play it out."

And so a quartet of Dave Striders marches out the front door of the Egbert house and starts singing some random ass Barbershop Quartet melody as intentionally off key and out of synch as he can manage. 

You don't recognize the lyrics at all, so you're pretty sure he's just making them up off the top of his head. It's some melancholic melody about saying goodbye to the actual literal TV show FRIENDS, and nobody's sure how to react to that. He's literally name dropping the characters by name, except for that one guy who Dave intentionally calls "FLOSS" instead of whatever his real character name is.

You're able to lock up the house and get the car ready to go and by the time Dave's done singing and his time clones start popping away to maintain the loop, the mob of news casters outside the house are either moved to tears or stuck trying to figure out what the hell just happened.

Davis hops in the car, and you drive off without a word being exchanged either way.

Chapter Text


DIASPORA DATE: 11/10/0007.

You are Marinette Dupain Cheng, and you groggily wake up as your phone buzzes in text alert.

Quietly, you retrieve the phone from off your nightstand, flip it open, and retrieve the text.

"So, uh... hey, Marinette? It's me. Alya. Chariots Chariots. So. No easy way to say this but-- Do you think I could come crash with you for the next few days? I need to lay low for a while."

...First of, why is she using that stupid "So you know it's really me in case of emergency" chariots pass code from when you were kids? Second of all..

You fight the oncoming headache, and text back- "Why can't you stay at your own place, Alya?"

Circle, Circle, Circle, Sent!

You lie back down in bed eyeing your phone...

It buzzes about half a minute later- Gotta love that D'ni Tech Instant Text Transmission- and you read the reply.

"My House Burned Down. Also. Someone tried to kill me? Soooo... Uh. Yeah. Can I come crash?"


"Someone tried to kill you!?!?! And how the fuck did your house burn down!!?? Also, yes, you can come crash with me if you're pretty sure Atlantis is the only safe place to lay low. I'm going to talk to Dirctor Woolsey right now."

(Dirctor? Hah. Too tired to fix that typo of Tirector... Tir.. DIRECTOR. Fuck. You're tired. Ugh. Tis too early for this shit.)

You get out of bed and start getting dressed. What the fuck- what the FUCK- what the actual flying fuck!?

You get a reply a minute after you exit your room and are on your way towards the nearest transporter. And BOY is it a doozy of a message.

"See, those are actually kind of one in the same? This guy broke into my house while I was asleep- in the LOUDEST manner possible, by the way, given that I had a buttload of dirty dishes in the sink soaking. Dude climbed in the window over the sink as if it'd be quiet! Didn't even look before he got one of my best soup pans wedged around his foot! anyways point is. he made a LOT of noise and it woke me up and by the time he was actually trying to set the place on fire I had my emergency shotgun in hand and I went down to investigate and. Uh. basically I shot him and accidentally lit the fire?? in the same stroke. So. Uh. Burned my own place down because the guy i shot was trying to set it on fire. who knew shaving cream was so flammable? I sure didn't. Learn something new every day."

...Shaving Cream???

What the fuck...???

You text out a single reply: "Why the hell was an arsonist trying to burn your house down with shaving cream?"

The Reply you get is damning.

"Apparently because it's a really good propellant. Try to keep up, Mari!"

That's... Not what you were asking at all, but you'll let it slide because you are too tired for this shit.

Chapter Text


"Aunt Gina! Aunt Gina!!!"

Dr. Gina Kae looked up from her workstation as a chorus of voices cried out into the air.

One of the eldest of them was Lizzy Sheppard, and Tokoha Claire, both age 9. Beside them were four others of various ages around her age. 

"Yes, kids?" Gina asked, eyeing them with suspicion. 

"Can we play with the trains again?" the one Panda-ear horned Alternian girl wearing an absurd amount of fluffy pink, and her hair tied up into twin tails- name of Kagura Entykk- asked with a wide eyed glee.

Gina sighed, putting on a front of 'I'm actually considering this seriously,' before relenting and saying, "Of course. Just remember the rules."

As almost one whole, the group chorused, "Don't touch the Line Changers!" There was a "Honk!" thrown in for good measure at the end. 

"Aaand?" Gina offered.

"Call for you if something starts glowing?" Offered the girl in a yellow jacket- by the name of Kaylee- who was Rodney Mckay and Jennifer Keller's child.

"That's good enough for now," Gina nodded, then motioned them over towards a wall. "Make sure to bring them back when you're done."

The six kids hurried over to the wall, and opened a briefcase they knew all too well.

Inside were five identical wrist brace devices themed after train crossings, along with an orange looking cellphone. Beside each one were six small toy train models in various colors of the Rainbow, though not in that order. Red, Blue, Yellow, Green, Pink, and Orange.

Of the kids identified with color so far, they snatched the obvious ones. Lizzy herself took the Orange train, and Tokoha took Blue. Red and Green were taken by the other two- Casey Sheppard and Karako Ursama. 

Trains collected, the group of kids ran out of the room, to play across the City's Hallways.

Gina shook her head, and sighed, remorsefully, before observing, "With as much of a bizarre draw those kids have towards those Trains, I wouldn't be surprised if when the day comes to activate that Team, they're the ones chosen." 

It was bizarre in that Atlantis didn't even have trains running across it, and the lines on Diaspora weren't exactly the most impressive as of yet. 

She could just imagine them now, years later down the line...

"Hey! There they are!" a voice cried out in the middle of one of the settlements on Lopan.

"Oh, no, not those kids again," a robotic sort of monster lamented to some burglar themed henchmen as a group of six teens came running up from around a hallway.

"Everyone ready!?" The girl in red called out, raising the brace on her left arm.

"READY!" The other five agreed verbally, or with a single nod in one specific case, readying their own transformation device, by either raising a crossing bar, or by sliding open a certain orange smart phone to reveal a hidden set of train tracks.

_"NOW TRANSFORMING! PLEASE STAND BEHIND THE WHITE LINE!"_ The devices cried out- projecting on the ground a dotted white line for some absurd reason. One of the mooks were caught inside of it and didn't heed the others motioning it to step back over the line.

The model trans were slotted into position on the braces, and held in place on the tracks on the phone.

"TO-Q CHANGE!" They cried out- snapping the crossing bars down and thrusting their left arms out- as well as gliding the orange train across the tracks.

Six bursts of energy shot out of the Morphers in the shape of model trains as their bodies were engulfed in bursts of light. Those six bursts of train shaped energy flew around wildly- and smashed into the unfortunate mook that didn't heed the white line- before circling around the transforming Power Ranger's heads, and completing their train themed helmets.

_"TOQ #1! TOQ #1!"_ The morpher roll called, as an energy train rushed by- Red's train.

"Ready!" Red cried out striking a pose.

_"TOQ #2! TOQ #2!"_ Blue's train roared past.

"Don't forget to wear a jacket, it's cold today!" Blue said with a bow.

_"TOQ #3! TOQ #3!"_ Yellow's train glided ahead.

"You're gonna pay for stealing those strawberries!!" Yellow struck a pose as well.

_"TOQ #4! TOQ #4!"_ The Morpher continued to call out with Green's train going past.

Silently, Green struck a pose. 

_"TOQ #5!! TOQ #5!!"_ Pinks' train rushed past.

"Hi!!" Pink gave a cute wave that ended in a salute.

_"TOQ #6! TOQ #6!"_ Orange's train charged on by.

"Ready!" Orange struck her own pose as well.

The six of them lined up, crying out- "Victorious Imagination!" Then, then spun out into a circle from that line, each with their own poses.




"...Strawberries?" Gina blinked, and shook away her daydream. "Still, I suppose it wouldn't be the worst outcome for those lot. Might give them an outlet for that boundless energy they seem to have, at any rate."

It might be worth giving them access to the Morphers and training them to use everything eventually anyways...

Even so, she was definitely cutting down on the rolecall repetition on the Morphers in the final product. Her daydream had shown how annoying that was prime and center and why she thought it was a good idea eluded her at the moment. Something Ziggy had brought up about branding, perhaps?

...Also, hrm. She would have to figure out a way to make an alternate transformation security code other than a vocal call out. If Karako really did ever did end up bonding to the Green Train's powers...

Well, it was something to puzzle over for now.

Chapter Text


DIASPORA DATE: 11/09/0007.

"So. Werewolves attacked Earth, huh?" Your name is Aradia Megido, and you can't help but ask the obviously rhetorical question as you help John Sheppard in filling out a boat load of requisition paperwork the IOA threw up at the last minute for the Mega-Plas that Atlantis was supposed to be getting already.

Why? Apparently because Earth getting attacked by Werewolves meant that Atlantis shouldn't get the supplies it was already supposed to be getting, especially when those supplies weren't coming from Earth to begin with.

It was weird, obstructionist, and generally felt like the IOA was just trying something stupid to cause everyone trouble out of spite.

"Yeah, it's a mess," John shakes his head. "'Parently Mom Roxy had a freakout during the wind down, and it scared Harley badly enough that she came right back here after it was all said and done and was crying to Jade the rest of the night about it."

"That bad, huh?" you wince.

"I asked our Roxy about it, and he said he understood where Mom Roxy was coming from, but," John winces. "Definitely agreed that freaking out right then and there in the food court was probably not a good sign for anyone."

"Yeah," you agree. "Shit happens, and you gotta vent sometimes, but... doing it in the right place at the right time is better than the opposite."

"Wrong place at the wrong time, right?" John asks.

"Yep," you nod. 

Paperwork continues to get worked on silently. You, tapping at keys on the keyboard for the digital paperwork, and John going at it with a pen and paper for the physical paperwork.

John starts a few minutes later, "So, I talked with Cassie this morning. Apparently they've filed a request to transfer SG-1 in its current entirety to Atlantis through Alternia's Military rather than the SGC itself."

"Oh?" You ask. "I keep forgetting they're technically Alternian Military like you are. But all of SG-1? That's... kinda crazy."

"Yeah, they're just waiting for the Giza Loop to solve itself before heading over this way," John continues. "The IOA apparently got real prissy that Jonas went on the news and did an interview, and Cassie's vibes say if they don't bail ship after Giza, then, well... bad things are gonna happen."

You look up from your paperwork, and stare for a moment. "How bad are we talking about?"

"Bad enough that Cassie looked pissed off on everyone's behalf despite it not happening yet," John answered.

"Good grief. What the fuck is even happening over there anymore?" You ask. "It's like Earth's tearing itself apart at the seams. No offense, or anything, but how the fuck does the IOA get that much power to mess with people?"

"None taken," John answers, looking up and meeting your eyes. "It's... Earth hasn't been my home since the first time around. As for how? I'd be willing to put good money on the Trust, The IOA, and some Goa'uld having a frisky corruption orgy and collapsing into a black hole of utter malevolent discontent."

You laugh. "You've been talking with Rose lately, haven't you?"

"She's my sister, of course I have," John rolls his eyes.

"Of course, of course," you scoff. "Anyways... Giza, huh?"

"Yeah, gotta be coming up soon if Cassie's getting some warning vibes about getting out of dodge," John answers. "But honestly? I'll be glad once that loop's over with. All that's left from then on is sending my, Rose, Argo, and Jade's past selves back in time, and sending someone even further back to catch Penny and set her loop right after burying some stone tablet under a tree."

"It'd be nice to not have to deal with stable time loops," you agree. "Things are just... so much more Interesting when you don't know where you're going!"

Chapter Text

Mom, Dad.

Despite the name on the shipping label, It's me, Cam, who's sending this. Your son, not the time displaced other me who set all of this up. Just, gotta clarify that.

First things first.

So, uh, if you're reading this letter it means this box got to you alright. Inside is a buncha stuff that you'd need to set up a buncha stuff that I don't really understand, but I asked if there was a way to move the entire farm at once and this is what they gave me. Instructions are somewhere in the mess.

Second of all, if you ARE reading this, then that means that certain events have transpired such that a certain Time Loop involving Ancient Giza has fired off. And if you're reading this now, there is one thing you need to do immediately.

Tear out the bottom of this page along the dotted lines, and follow the instructions. Then you can come back and read the rest of this.

Alright? Done? I'd send it myself, but chances are I had to send this package through an intermediary and had to lay low so nobody noticed there was *Another* Cameron Mitchel running around where he shouldn't be.

The long and short of it is, if you're reading this letter, something dangerous is about to happen. Something big and frightening and it's going to do a LOT of crazy stuff. Don't tell the me running around right now. He'll get the word some other way. 

Look, I know there's a lot of crazy stuff going on and the world seems super scary, but, the simple fact of the matter is. This is our Get Out Of Dodge plan. It's like Woodstock all over again, I guess, and this is me coming to take care of my own in a way that's different from how the other me did it. 

I love you both so much and I'll see you on the other side of this.

_Cameron Mitchel

[Paper is cut crisply and sharply, likely by scissors.]

Chapter Text


DIASPORA DATE: 11/12/0007.

Your name is Akita Red, and you pause in the hallways of Atlantis as two women walk past you in the other direction.

"Okay, Alya, seriously. Why the FUCK did someone try to set your house on fire? And not just with Shaving Cream. I get that part. But WHY?" Marinette Dupain-Cheng asks.

"Hell if I know!" Alya Cesare answered. "The guy was probably some assassin for hire. I didn't exactly get a chance to play 20 Questions what with him being gut shot and then subsequently on fire and screaming to death??"

"Okay, first off, we are so getting you to talk with either Rose or Doctor Heightmeyer," Marinette continued from that, "second off, no. Seriously. You can't think of anything anybody would do to want to burn you to death in your own house??"

"I dunno, Mari! It's-" Alya stopped cold. "Oh. Fuck. Nooo. I did post a draft article the night before, but it can't be that! It was JUST a draft! And- no. it can't be that. I'm sure it can't."

"Why not?" Marinette asked.

"Well, It wasn't even meant to go live until the next day! For starters. How would anyone see it?" Alya swallowed. "But if it was that? The article was about my using an inside source to expose the IOA for interceding on classified documents that were outside of their loop-in requirements, which either meant that they had an inside man feeding them things they shouldn't be responding or involving themselves with, or--"

"Or they were illegally data tapping people?" Marinette offered.

"And fuck, if they're doing THAT then of course they'd have an eye on my website and- Shit! I never posted the article cause my webserver burned down with all my other stuff!" She groaned, and then muttered several swears in what you believe are french but translated out to "Fuck me with a spoon!" which you're not sure translated out properly at all. "No wonder they went with something like shaving cream! This wasn't just about killing me! This was about stopping that article from going out!"

"Okay, we're taking this to Director Woolsey now," Marinette dragged her suddenly very scared friend away to the nearest transporter.

You stand there silently for a few moments, then...

"...Shaving Cream?" You ask, quietly. "Since when was Shaving Cream Explosive and-or Flammable?" 

...Apparently since recently enough to burn somebody's house down with shaving cream.

You're feeling a bit apprehensive about the future all of a sudden.

Chapter Text

The camera, fading in from black, focused in on an Alternian Stargate- with the Alternia Point of Origin front and center- a pyramid, and three moons.

There's a click of Static, accompanied by the sudden presence of a burst of feedback and the sound of blowing wind being recorded. 

And then the Startgate begins to spin as the guitar begins to play.

The camera pulls away, focusing on THE GRUBBELS, one at a time in turn as they begin to play, standing front and center before the rotating Stargate as they play- Xefros on Guitar, Dammek on Drums, and Callie on Violin.

Standing front and center on vocals is Joey. They all are wearing battered clothes that look like they'd gone through a battlefield and come out the other side just shy of alive.

[Release,] Joey begins to sing as the visuals fade away towards a cartoon rendering of a lone star in a sea of black.

[Let me take on eternity.]

A rendition of The Destiny appears with a sudden jolt and a flare of blue.

[Taking one more step-] 

The very real Stargate spins on, tracking on the Point of Origin glyph.

[-and let it rip through me.]

-A rendition of a laser sword ignites- splashes of red covering the screen.

[I'm building up my nerve...]

Joey sings on, the camera focusing in on her eyes, and the emotion she shows.

[So you can wish me well,]

A rendition of a much younger Joey stands, surrounded by a glowing aura flickering between red, blue, green, and purple.

[Or you can wish me Hell!]

A rendition of the Condesce is framed infront of an activating stargate, with Joey's Shadow looming over her.

[From pride we'll fall!]

A rendition of Joey shouts at the Condesce-

[Bye Bye, Babylon!]

And the real Joey Claire sings on with a brief shake of her head, as if dismissing those memories.

[Once reaching for the sun-]

She reaches for the sky, presumably at the sun itself.

[Depraving everyone-]

A Rendition showing the Condese falling through a Stargate Wormhole towards earth.

[So don't you know?]

Joey clenches her hand into a fist.

[You don't belong.]

She glares at the camera- a target unseen on the other side not earning her ire, but rather her determination.

[Bye Bye, Babylon!]

Joey throws an accusatory finger out at the camera.

[Now scattered, you will run!]

The camera lens focuses past her hand towards her face as she sings that line.

[Left burning in the sun-]

A rendition of the Destiny crashing into the sun plays out.

[Prepare to be-] Joey's eyes flicker with an edited effect- the green explosion of a super novaing star. [Bye Bye, Babylon, Be gone!]

The camera sways past Callie as she strings along to the melody, and past Dammek as he drums away at the beat, and settles on Xefros for the final strums of the bridge before Joey resumes singing.

[Unseen, The prime obstruction is facing me.] 

As Joey continues on, the scene fading once more to a rendition of a man in a blue business suit in a void, his face obscured from shadow save for his glinting eyes.

[I wanted to retreat,]

An artistic rendition of Medea appears on screen, sitting cross legged on a chair in a forest, surrounded by Werewolves.

[But you won't let me be.]

The scene flickers, and Medea instead stands in Atlantis' control room, flanked instead by only two Werwolves.

[I'm calling for belief...]

Joey looks to the camera, a pleading look in her eyes.

[Be sure I will be there-]

A rendition of Gray appears, her sword raised high, ready to strike.

[And You Will Fall!]

A rendition of Medea shielding herself from the oncoming blast follows.

[Bye Bye, Babylon!!]

Joey seems to yell in the footage.

[Once reaching for the sun!]

A backwards angle of the set from behind the Stargate focuses past the band towards Joey as she reaches outwards and upwards for the sky again.

[Depraving everyone-]

The Stargate spins on- the Camera still tracking the Point of Origin Glyph.

[So don't you know? You don't belong!]

Joey shakes her head again, even as a brief storm of newspapers blows by in the wind. The headlines unreadable, save for one that was specifically edited to place the phrase "IOA Under Fire From Base!" on screen subliminally, serving as a transition to-

[Bye Bye, Babylon!]

An Artists rendition of the Ruby Lancer fighting atop the Great Stairs-

[Now scattered, you will run-]

-a rendition of the Astray spinning magnificantly in mid air, green laser blade glinting in the sunlight-

[Left burning in the sun-]

-And a rendition of a glowing blue Xen Crystal shooting lightning everywhere.

[Prepare to be- Bye Bye, Babylon, Be gone!]

The camera pulls away and into the Air as Joey sings this line, and then cuts briefly to the Stargate spinning, before focusing entirely on Xefros as he plays away at the Epic Guitar Solo backed by Dammek's light drumming.

And MAN. What an Epic Guitar Solo it is. Xefros is even wearing a pair of sunglasses he wasn't in the earlier scenes, and there's a dust filter edging the corners of the screen that cycles through Red, Lime and Bronze.

[Be sure I will be there, And you will fall!]

Joey sings briefly, seemingly in an unrelated shot in the SGC Gate Room, kneeling atop the ramp as the Gate spins behind her. She looks at the camera with a very hard to read look on her face.

And then the camera continues on with Xefros' guitaring skills, this time with Dammek more prominently and Callie fully joining in, wearing the awesome sunglasses they weren't before- Dammek's signature shades were upgraded to some absurd five pointed semi-transparent crimson star, even, giving a rare glimpse at his eyes- narrowed in a focus rarely seen in these videos.

[Bye Bye, Babylon!]

Joey now wearing sunglasses of her own, continues to sing at the front of the group as a now Active Stargate stands behind them.

[Now scattered, you will run!]

Through the gate comes a swarm of Arai Beetles, circling around the band in orbit as they emerge.

[Left burning in the sun!]

Joey sings on even as a camera edit makes the sky seem to flash red.

[Prepare to be-]

The camera focuses in on its own reflection in Joey's sunglasses.

[Bye Bye, Babylon, Be gone!]

The trippy recursion effect transitions to an animated rendition of a swirling Stargate wormhole.

[Bye Bye, Babylon, Be gone!]

Green shifts to Red in the middle, and when the effect fades...

[Bye Bye, Babylon, Be gooooo~ne!]

The gate is shut down, and the scene has shifted to night as Callie, Xefros, and Dammek perform the closing section of the song.

Chapter Text


DIASPORA DATE: 11/21/0007.

Your name is Joey Harley, and you smile faintly as you watch the Grubbel's latest Music Video.

It's a great song, and it honestly works exactly as you were hoping it would. The subtle digs at the IOA, the visual imagery...

Even if you only understood half of the pieces of artwork in the piece itself, it's still-

[A signal flare,] Egeria says suddenly.

'Huh?' you ask. 'What do you mean by a signal flare?'

[That song. It's a flare. It's a signal we've all been waiting for,] Egeria answers.

'How do you know that?' you ask. 

[Beyond the fact that the melody was something we heard in Giza back then?] And then Egeria shares with you a memory. 


Yeah. That would certainly be how, alright. An interesting, odd way of doing it. But that would certainly be how it'd work out, alright.


O)<-Stargate Alternia->(O


DIASPORA DATE: 11/26/0007.

"All I'm saying is that there's a fundamental difference between a Were-Wolf invasion, and a Space-Wolf invasion," your name is Hal Strider and you're arguing with your pretty-much-still-your-brother on your way into work on this fine... Uh. Whatever day of the week it is morning. You're tired as shit and don't give a fuck about what day it actually is.

Thursday? You think it might be Thursday.

"They're both human-wolf form changers, and they're both going to use space magic to go and do shitty invasions," Davis counters.

You're also stuck in an elevator at the moment, and also also, you're hungry. Did you eat breakfast yet? You can't remember. Maybe you'll slip into the cafeteria and sneak a small slice of pie before the day starts.

You have a mission that's unrelated to any actual work.

What mission is that?

Playing distraction so someone (Read: Karkat) can steal the Quantum Mirror and replace it with a PERFECTLY SERVICEABLE FAKE. 

Honestly, you don't get the need for secrecy. Mirror World Exploration Ops got shelved by the IOA after the Unwritten became a thing and it's just been gathering dust in the lab.

There's the telltale ring of the alarm sirens of an offworld activation. You ignore it.

"Look, it's pretty clear to me that Space-Wolves wear spacesuits," you say. "Did a Single Solitary ONE of those invading Werewolves actually wear anything but weird ass, impenetrable Roman Armor?"

"Okay, you may have a point there-" Davis shakes his head. The elevator doors open, and you both step out- nearly running into Dr. Carolyn Lam.

"Morning, Striders," she greets, marching on without pausing towards the Gate Room.

"Morning," you and Davis echo. 

"Where's the fire?" Davis asks.

"Medical Emergency, A pair of Tok'ra were caught in a construction accident and Egeria sent them over here," She answers.

You and Davis share uncertain looks. 

"...Gotta be a bad emergency for Egeria to send her kids here," Davis mutters. "'Specially with the IOA shit going down lately."

"I know," you scoff. "Can you believe they're going after the Antarctica Chair now? Seriously, what a bunch of power grabbing politicians."

"Let's just hope O'neill pulls off a hail marry and gets us the rights to host it in Area 51," Davis shakes his head.

You are now General Hank Landry, and you gaze down into the Gate Room as your daughter performs a cursory medical examination of the two bloodied and dazed Tok'ra that had come through the Gate. 

Something smells off.

Ever since the IOA's latest stunts with Atlantis, the alliance worlds in the Charter Council have started growing distant with Earth- more specifically, the IOA. And with how they'd gone and started grabbing for power immediately after a near nationwide, nearly planetwide invasion of howling angry Werewolves? You're surprised that Egeria would send two of hers here to Earth for recovery.

They don't SEEM that injured from your perspective.

Still, Carolyn nods in agreement, and says to take the two Tok'ra to the infirmary. She has to have seen something you didn't.

She escorts them, alone, out of the Gate Room to the Infirmary, and you return to your office, expecting a call on their status within the hour.

You start to work on paperwork... 

That's when your phone buzzes, and you hear head of security telling you that Major Davis's Brother is having some kind of "Unending" flashback in the middle of a hallway for some goddamned reason. Right outside the Mirror Lab of all places?

You sigh, shaking your head. What a day today's turned out to be.

A security team rushes by down the hallways, making your progression to the Infirmary stop for a moment.

You are Carolyn Lam, and once you're sure there isn't another squad of security rushing down the hallways, you turn back to the two Tok'ra and start to say that it's Okay to move on now.

The Tok'ra, however, have Zat guns raised at you. Zats they didn't have moments ago, and are now both looking very, very less hurt.

"You will take us one level above the Gate Room. The Jumper Bay," The female One states with the normal voice echo. 

"You will Fly Us one of those Ships," The other one, the male, states, voice normal.

"...What?" You ask. "But I can't-"

"You have the latent ATA Gene," the host speaker says. "You can fly one of the Jumpers. Now. Move! And don't say a word to anyone else."

And thus you're forced by zat point to lead them up a floor rather than to the infirmary. Up a stairwell and past a remarkably empty guard station.

You swipe your card into the access door next to the bay above the Gate Room, and into it you go.

Several Puddle Jumpers reside in it, with a trio of them under tarps, signifying their intent to never be used.

"That one," The Tok'ra speaking one says, motioning at the last of those tarp covered Jumpers in the line.

"Why that one?" You ask, heading towards it.

"Because it's the newest yet," The other said as he yanks the cloth tarp marked with a "3" off of the Jumper. 

Indeed, it is one of the newest.

It's a Time Jumper, not any regular Puddle Jumper, and it was the only one of the three present in the SGC's bay that hadn't been recovered from a dig in Giza along with a...

A video Tape.

A video tape from a time travel mission gone so horribly wrong it hadn't even happened in this timeline at all, not exactly, at any rate.

You're forced into the back of the Jumper, and lead to the front.

"Sit, and begin power up tests," The Tok'ra speaking one demands, standing guard even as the other one goes to the other two Jumpers in sequence, darts under the tarps, and fires off his Zat into something on the inside of each one before returning.

You focus on powering on the Jumper, and it surprisingly comes to life.

"Where to?" You ask, glancing, nervously, at the Tok'ra holding the Zat.

The other one arrives in the Jumper, raising the ramp behind him, stating the answer to your question: "Dial P4X-639."

...You're honestly not familiar with that address, in all honesty, so you say as much.

The Tok'ra grumbles something and starts punching in gate symbols on her own.

"And so then I said-" Your name is Walter Harriman, and you're cut off as the Dialing Computer suddenly buzzes up an error- Controller Disconnected- and the Stargate itself begins spinning to life. "What the fuck?" You turn in your chair to see the Gate... Dialing out?? Yes, it's dialing out, and much faster than usual, which means a different Dialing Device is handling the movement exchanges and--

You try to shut it down, but another Error Message reads "Jumper Bay Override."

Before you know it- the jumper bay doors are opening and the Stargate goes KAWOOOSH!

A jumper lowers itself into view, and rockets through the Stargate before you even think about closing the Iris.

"...Ah, crap," you stare at the gate as it shuts down. "I am so getting yelled at for this."

You're still Carolyn Lam, and you're not sure where P4X-639 is, but you're QUITE CERTAIN by how confused and alarmed the two Tok'ra are that it was NOT inside of a Goa'uld Ha'tak Mothership cargobay, with canons trained on you from all angles.

There's a familiar woman standing before you though. You've read Col. Claire's report. 

Cate Alexander, with both of her hands replaced with large metal gauntlets- replacements for the ones she'd lost in a brawl.

The Goa'uld Klorel's eyes flash at you through Miss Alexanders, and she demands, "Land the Time Machine and Exit it. Slowly. With your hands up. No weapons."

Then there's a subtle jolt and the Jumper throws up an error message. You can't read Ancient, but the handy diagram of a Stargate with a line through it indicates the Ha'tak just entered Hyperspace, and the Stargate has become inoperable.

"What do we do?" the Tok'ra asks.

"I was hoping we'd get further than this," the human answers. "But... It looks like we'll have to play along if we are to have any hope of fixing this paradox."

"I was afraid you were going to say that," you state, and then land the Jumper and easily and as softly as you can.

"Can you believe the IOA?" Your name is Cameron Mitchel and you chuck a rock through the air as your team marches through a field of tall grass towards the Stargate after the latest moderate success of a first contact mission. "It's so dumb! Moving the Chair from Antarctica. Violating a treaty my ass! They didn't throw a fuss up over it before!"

"Agreed, it's pretty stupid," Jonas shakes his head. "And it's pretty blatantly a power grab considering that the fight isn't over that it should be moved, but to Where it's moved."

"Completely ignoring the fact we don't know if the chair itself Can safely be removed or not," Jude grumbles. "Disconnecting it from the entire facility could disconnect everything and shut it down entirely, and there's no telling if moving the Drone reserve with it will even do anything or reconnect after."

"Politics, is what it is," Vala remarks from ahead of the group, twirling around to face you all as she walks confidently backwards- her hair, done up in twintails today, swishes around with the motion. "Many a world have I visited, and none have ever been entirely free of the scourge that is Politics. Be it the On High ever changing whims of Goa'uld System Lords to the petty squabbles of a pair of farmers, Politics stick around and be a pain in everyone's asses and keeps certain folk blissfully distracted. Well, blissfully for me at any rate." 

"Let me guess," Mordred cracked a smirk, and asked, "And that's why you became a thief?"

"If Politics are going to make everyone distracted to the point I can steal a few valuable artifacts from under their noses, then so be it!" Vala agreed with a nod.

Cassie snorted. "Yeah, there's a lot of that going on today."

"You mean Davis and Karkat and Hal stealing the Quantum Mirror?" Jude asks.

"I think so," Cassie answers with a nod, frowning.

"Vibes again?" You ask.

"Something like that," she answers. "It's not bad, and it's not good either. Which is rare to get, y'know? It just Is."

"Yeah, that's ominous all in its own right," you grimace. "Anybody got any sneaking suspicions we're about to get caught up in one of those Interesting Days, in the Chinese Saying Sense?"

And that's when you hear the distant kawoosh of the stargate, and your radios buzz with an incoming message.

"SG-1, this is General Landry," the General speaks over the line. "Please respond if you're in the clear."

SG-1's movements stall to a halt.

"Me and my big mouth," you lament, then reply: "This is SG-1, you're clear to speak, sir."

"Less than an hour ago Two Tok'ra agents entered the SGC under pretense of medical aid, and during an..." Landry paused. "Shall we say, distracting incident in the hallways, they kidnapped Doctor Lam by Zat Point, and forced her to fly a Jumper through the Stargate."

Everyone shares odd looks, then... You ask, "Did you say they took a Puddle Jumper, sir? Any idea where they went that they'd need to steal one rather than just, y'know, ask?"

"We're trying to figure out where they went, but considering that they took one of the Time Jumpers instead of a regular ass Puddle Jumper, well... Our hopes of finding them are severely limited." Landry answers.

"Repeat that, General. Did you say they took a Time Jumper?" You ask for clarification.

"They did. Jumper 3, infact. The relatively 'newest' one in comparison to the ancient ones from the Giza dig." Landry pauses, then adds, "They also disabled those Jumpers with some well aimed Zat Shots into the Time Drives. We're effectively cut off from following them through time. Needless to say, I think it's pretty obvious we're short on time."

"Roger that, General," you say. "We'll make our way back to the Gate and head home to try and coordinate. SG-1 out."

"SGC out." The line goes silent, and you hear the Gate shut down.

"Carolyn had the ATA Gene?" Jonas asked, surprised.

"I'm not surprised there," Mordred shakes his head. "That one Andromeda bitch looked just like her, after all."

"Well, we know that, but how did the Tok'ra know about that?" Jonas asks.

"Egeria?" Jude offers.

"Oh god," Cassie whispers, realization dawning on her face. "They took out the other two Jumpers. This is the set up for Giza."

"Wait," you start, realizing something too. "Didn't The Grubbels just release some music video featuring their end of the start of this thing?"

"You mean the one showing them Exiling Khepri?" Jonas asks. "Yeah, they did." 

Jude groans, "And I'll bet you Egeria saw it too. Her and Harley-Joey. And they realized this is where they set off that loop."

"Sorry, I'm a bit behind on my mission reports, what exactly are we talking about here?" Vala asks. "I mean, it sounds familiar but could someone give me a refresher? Please?"

"Several years ago," Cassie begins, "Joey Claire's team assaulted the Royal Battleship, Her Imperial Cruiser, and they engaged a prototype time drive that launched them about five thousand years into the past, around 3,000 B.C. on Earth. Onboard it was a Stargate, which they used to connect to Earth and exile the Alternian Empress through. She killed the Goa'uld Ra, and became his replacement, Khepri."

"Ohhh! Right. Right, okay, gotcha," Vala nods. "Now I remember. Wasn't that the whole thing where they also went through the gate after her to ensure the timeline went as planned and ran into some Future SG-1?"

"Who they never disclosed the full roster of," you say. "But they did mention you, Vala, and they also mentioned-"

"Me," Jonas finishes. "So the timing's right in that regard."

"So obviously there's another way for us to get back in time," Mordred says. "Right? We're not just... stalling and waiting around for someone to figure out HOW we can go back in time again?"

There's a moment's pause...

"Ba'als time machine," Jude realizes, and decaptchalogues the USLESS MACGUFFIN from the doomed timelime Ba'al had created. "Older Cassie said we used this to reach Ba'als time machine planet. So... It should work for that for us, too. I think."

"Let's give it a try," you say. "The sooner we head out the better."

The Ha'tak emerged from Hyperspace well outside of any known solar system or planet, and continued moving at a fast enough pace to prevent the Stargate from gaining a spatial coordinate lock.

Held within a force field in the cargo bay, the two Tok'ra and Doctor Lam sat and watched, much the same as the Goa'uld Klorel within the body of Cate Alexander stood overseeing the work being done to connect the Puddle Jumper into the Ha'tak's other primary drive device- A Quantum Mirror.

It was near identical to the one that was normally held in the SGC save for one tiny deviation.

It had a large crack running down its silvered surface.

Unusable for its primary function, and yet...

Still perfectly serviceable for what was about to be done.

The clack of boots down the hallway resounded- armored Jaffa plate and a pair of Other Material.

Klorel turned to look as Hecate and her guards entered the room. Hecate's face was obscured by an animated wolf helmet for the moment, but the rest of her armor was obviously a variation of the Kull Warrior Suits Anubis and English had designed, and later, Ba'al had co-opted for his own.

"My Queen," Klorel nodded. "Progress continues as expected."

"Good," the voice coming out of the helmet made Carolyn Lam flinch at its familiarity for some reason. "What of our temporal messengers?"

"They provide no fuss," Klorel stated. 

"Good," Hecate says. "Inform me of when we are ready to begin."

And with that, she marches over towards the force fielded area holding the three captives.

"Well, well, well well well," Hecate purred, practically. "Doctor Carolyn Lam, Marik, Sal'tor. I'd say it was a pleasure seeing you again, but I'm quite pleased to understand that this is the first time we're meeting, from your perspective."

The human speaking one states the obvious- "Time travel. You want us to time travel for you."

"Exactly, Marik. I've but a simple request and then you three are free to go on your own mission to do whatever it is you were going to do," Hecate states. "When we activate the time jumper , we will not be transitioning to another time within this reality- but rather, to another time within another reality. The Mirror will provide to that aspect. From there, you will take the cloaked Jumper down and retrieve my and Klorel's past selves, and return to this ship. We will then return to our reality, and, well. From there what happens is up to you."

"It's a paradox,"  The Tok'ra, Sal'Tor, realizes. "You only knew to intercept us because you already had intercepted us and used us to rescue your past selves."

"Exactly," Hecate sounds like she's smiling- and infact, reveals such by retracting her helmet, revealing the face of Sha're of Abydos. She looks the same as anyone had ever seen her, save for the critical difference of a large scar running along the skin over her right eye socket. Her eye seemed to be working fine, however.

Carolyn Lam takes in a sharp breath. "That's impossible. You should be dead."

"Mmhm!" Hecate nods. "Oh, in this reality my host is very much dead. But in the reality I came from? My Lord Ba'al retrieved this host for me, and put me to work as his troubleshooter. Well. My Lord Ba'al is dead, and that's firmly in the past. Now? Now I aim to secure my own goals, and take over- well! I don't want to spoil the Surprise." She replaces her helmet, and stands. "Now, as we're already well aware, the future is the past and already written in stone. Deviating from my simple requests will cause you all more harm than good." She points a finger at Marik, and says, pointedly, "Don't try anything Stupid. Either you, Marik, or Leymac."

And then she leaves.

"...Please tell me you were expecting this?" Carolyn asks of the two Tok'ra.

Sal'tor grimaces, "Our lady Egeria didn't tell us any more than that we were to take you and the Time Jumper, and dial to P4X-639 to meet with her. I... Suspect she may have been aware of this detour and left our free will up to our own to complete events."

"You know," Carolyn frowns, "you could have mentioned something about the whole 'time loop' thing earlier?"

"That wasn't our mission," Marik shakes his head, then, he pauses.

And when he speaks again, it is the Tok'ra within, Leymac, speaking. "It is as Sal'tor said. Egeria was to give us further details on the other side."

"No, but seriously, you could have mentioned something other than kidnapping me," Carolyn frowns.

"Lady Egeria told us that she had tried requesting the use of the Time Machine already," Sal'tor frowned. "She'd said it'd been denied by the IOA, and that a kidnapping was the last resort."

Carolyn hung her head backwards in annoyance and groaned. "Damn it. If the IOA seriously blocked a Time Loop to the point I got Kidnapped to fulfill it...!"

"What do you Mean You Had No Other Choice?" Your name is Jack O'neill, and you're playing the part of the angry General to a T because General Landry's glaring at the live camera feed from the Tok'ra homeworld.

On screen, Joey Harley as the Tok'ra Queen Egeria stands near the Stargate- pyramid and fancy crystal buildings shining in the background.

"It is as I said," Egeria states. "I filed the proper requests many times, and each were rejected immediately and without review by the IOA."

And you know that to be true. Hell, Egeria ran this whole stunt by you in the first place partially because of her frustration over the IOA, and partially because you both knew that there was *A* Stolen Time Machine involved in this whole loop. 

You just didn't expect that you'd have to engineer it yourselves. 

"So you're telling me-" Landry starts to huff. "That because the IOA rejected your requests to use a Time Jumper, you had to Kidnap my Daughter to fly it?!"

"This Time Loop is time sensitive," Egeria states. "I received the Signal and it had to be put into motion. This Loop has been a known factor since January of 1998. That the IOA refused to allow it to proceed is annoyingly unfathomable to me."

Landry storms off immediately, no doubt going to accost the IOA for this. 

Good, the more trouble they're seen to be causing with Earth's Allies the better. It gives a major push towards kicking them off of the Atlantis Charter...

Whether or not that still winds up with Earth being kicked out of everything remains to be seen.

"For what it's worth," Joey speaks this time. "We're sorry it had to come to this."

"Yeah," you agree. "You'd think given the whole 'head of Homeworld Security' thing, I'd've had better strings to pull."

Speaking of strings to pull... SG-1 is way overdue for a check in.

You have a sneaking suspicion they're going to be way overdue for a *very* long time to come.


There was a warping of space time, and then with a jarring flash of light, a Ha'tak appeared in orbit behind one of Jupiter's moons. 

From there, one of its cargobay doors opened, and a Puddle Jumper emerged- cloaking from sight before rocketing towards the planet Earth.

As it approached, scanners indicated a lone Ha'tak resided in orbit, and was fielding Al'kesh down to the planets surface.

This was a doomed timeline created by Ba'al's meddling. And that is to say, we're coming in here at around Act 6 Act 5 Act 5 Act 2: Reunited and it Feels So Good, Bad, and Ugly.

Our perspective cuts into the inside of the Jumper, where Carolyn Lam focuses on piloting the Jumper through Earth's Atmosphere towards the set of coordinates that Klorel and Hecate had forced upon her.

Sal'tor sits in the co-pilot's seat, and behind Carolyn sits Marik.

Behind THEM stand three Jaffa wearing the mark of Ba'al on their foreheads.

Nobody says a word as Carolyn approaches the coordinates- a lonely stretch of desert highway where, in the distance, an Al'kesh is raising into the air and cloaking, vanishing from sight, leaving behind two heavily suited Elites facing three girls who suddenly vanish from sight entirely as if they were never there.

"Take us down now," one of the Jaffa ordered.

Carolyn did so, bringing the Jumper to land on the ground.

The ramp lowered, and two of the Jaffa exited while the third stood guard with the Tok'ra and Carolyn. One of the Jaffa stopped at the end of the ramp, and the other went to intercept Hecate and Klorel's past selves as they marched along the highway in the general direction of the Time Jumper.

Carolyn thus had a perfect line of sight to watch as the Jaffa conversed with the two Kull Warrior suited Goa'uld, and lead them back to the Jumper.

"--and you say our future selves had something to do with this timely rescue?" Hecate's voice could be heard once they entered hearing range.

"Indeed, my Lord," the Jaffa said. "We have come to secure your passage into the correct place and time as you yourself have instructed."

Klorel entered visual range- looking like Skaara, which Carolyn wasn't surprised by at this point.

He looked... unnerved.

"I see," Hecate mused. "That is... quite the surprising turn of events. This timeline is to collapse, you say? How strange... how..."

They entered the Jumper's rear compartment, and the guarding Jaffa remained guarding for the moment.

"...Impossible." Hecate gasped, starting at the inside of the ship that had been cloaked to her vision until she stepped inside.

"This is the vessel Lord Ba'al had us hunt down and destroy off of that forest planet," Klorel realized. "But how?"

"There are always others," Hecate realized. "This device has the means of Time Travel? How... Oh. This is perfect. Yes." She turned to the Jaffa and grinned. "You three are all my servants, yes? And what of the other three?"

"We are, My Lord, and they are the pilot and her escorts whom we captured during their attempt to use this machine to travel elsewhere," The jaffa explained.

"I see." Hecate practically purred. "That... That's good news."

And then she and Klorel produced Zat Guns and stunned the jaffa in the rear compartment as well as the guard outside.

The one in the front turned to raise his own Zat gun in shock and was too slow.

He, too, was stunned, and then Klorel turned his Zat on the Tok'ra and demanded- "Take these two Jaffa and throw them outside."

Sal'tor and Marik did as requested, and as they moved out of the way, Hecate moved in and slid into the co-Pilot's seat next to Carolyn.

"Well, hello, I suppose this isn't the first time we've met from your perspective, is it?" She asked.

"No," Carolyn frowned. "Is it from yours?"

"Oh, yes. Definitely. I'm new to this whole 'time travel' thing, but if it's real I suspect my other self knew that I was about to do what we're about to do. But, see, I literally just survived a Kidnapping-Murder that almost got *reversed* on Klorel and I. A turn around that could ONLY have come about because of Time Travel. And see, I don't trust my apparent 'future' self to not have arranged two traps. So.... I'm going to ask you two specific questions. No penalty for answering honestly or not. Just answer them however you see fit. Feel free to keep things quiet. I don't rightly care at the moment, but I need ideas."

"Alright," Carolyn frowned.

"If this device really travels through time, where were you originally going?" Hecate asks.

"We hadn't been told that part yet," Carolyn answers honestly, eyeing Klorel as he keeps his zat trained on Sal'tor and Marik. "But if I had to guess? It's due to an unfinished stable time loop that wasn't related to this. We were intercepted by your future self before we could learn more." 

"I see, I see..." Hecate muses. "And where is future me now?"

Carolyn answers. "Her ship's waiting in orbit behind Jupiter, for us to return to after collecting you."

"Interesting..." Hecate muses. "But we won't be going there. If she really is my future self... Well. She'll know I won't trust her not to kill me. So she'll know we won't even be going back to her ship at all." She smirked. "In fact, I'll be willing to bet she left the moment you exited sensor range."

"What do you intend for us to do, then?" Klorel asked.

"It's simple," Hecate smirks at him, then looks to Carolyn. "If this really is a Time Machine we'll do the one thing I've always wanted to do." Her eyes flash. "Witness the execution of Ra at the hands of the usurper Khepri."

On the Ha'tak, Hecate waited for Klorel to report that the Time Jumper had departed for giving the order to hyperspace jump away. They had a small time loop to complete, involving a Quantum Mirror they already had a future copy of, before this timeline utterly collapsed around them and ejected them back into the reality they'd just came from.

Chapter Text


DIASPORA DATE: 11/26/0007.

"Sooo... you doin' okay there, Hal?" Your name is Davis Strider, and you glance at your cloned brother in concern as you situate him into the passenger seat of your car. "That was, uh, quiet the freakout? I mean, it did the job in distracting everyone but it sure had me worried."

Hal sighs, tiredly, and massages at the bridge of his nose- "Besides the butt load of tranq's they jabbed in me? I'm not entirely sure, Dave."

You move around to the driver's seat and get everything set up and ready to go.

It's not until you're out of the SGC Parking lot and heading out past the security checkpoint that Hal elaborates.

"I wasn't meaning to go for the whole flashback route," he says. "I know that for sure. I just thought us arguing over something stupid would've been enough. Right? But... Then..."

"But then?" You ask when he doesn't say anything further.

"I dunno what it was, but the next thing I know, I'm reliving this memory of running from The End in the Unending and it chasing me and... shit, man, I dunno what happened. I think it was a legit PTSD flashback or some shit like that, but it felt... I dunno. More real than that? Like... like De Ja Vu but worse. I dunno, it sounds stupid when I say that. Maybe more like..."

"Like what?" You ask. "Like you briefly ghosted between here and there maybe?"

"...Yeah, actually," Hal nods. 

"Well, shit, that's gotta suck," you say. "Makes it hard to tell what's legit trauma we gotta deal with and what's mystic mumbojumbo tryin' to edge in on our already overly complicated narrative."

"At this point I just wanna forget I was ever there, but fucking hell, I was stuck for years in that place, Dave. I don't think I'll ever forget that even if I had someone muck with my memories." Hal then proceeds to mumble some swears under his breath in language tongues that the Stargate translation shit fumbles at the yard line with and makes it sound even more alien inside your skull than the actual words he's saying, and that's saying something, if you do say so yourself.

You're lucky a streetlight turns red, giving you an excuse to slam on the breaks. Holy shit, what the fuck?

"Dude, language!" you scold him, a little bit shocked.

"Sorry," Hal apologizes. 

The rest of the drive home is blissfully, yet worryingly, silent. 

You decide: you're shipping Hal off to Diaspora first thing in the morning and getting him enrolled in some kind of therapy course just to be on the safe side. 

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DIASPORA DATE: 11/26/0007.

Mishelle Janeway was the kind of woman who played nice with her favorites, and was subtly antagonistic towards people she had a grudge against. Some people claimed she had an axe to grind due to a shitty childhood, her family would disagree with that and cite they had no idea how such a peaceful childhood could turn out someone who would go straight for the teeth when wronged. (She generally was actually in the wrong more times than not.)

As it was, everyone was surprised that she went into Politics and joined the United States branch office of the IOA. (Nobody was surprised.)

Her days were simple, wake up, eat a breakfast of champions (Sugary cereals of a tooth rotting consistency), and head into work with a smile on her face. She would then serve as the Office Assistant fielding Phone Calls. They said she had had the sweet voice of an angel on her interview. (She was rather more of a sour note all things considered.)

Lately, the IOA's phones had been ringing off the hooks with US Domestic complaints. People calling the office at all hours complaining about the IOA's practices and Mishelle Janeway would promise she'd forward the complaints to higher management. (She didn't.) 

When she wasn't answering phone calls, she was reviewing paperwork and document requests that the IOA were read in on (That is in addition to their acts of illegally Intercepting a vast majority of classified, professional mail and secured document request forms from no less than fifteen Military departments across the world, not that Mishelle was aware of that fact) with the utmost respect (That is to say, to check if it was marked Priority or not), and then decide the appropriate response- whether or not to forwards it along to higher management. (Nine times out of Ten she rejected everything that wasn't marked Priority, and Six times out of Twenty she rejected those that were marked Priority.)

Today, the phone rang with a tone that indicated the call was coming from Stargate Command.

Mishelle replied to the call with a sweet-toned "Hello, IOA USA Offices, how may I direct your call today?"

"This is General Landry of the SGC," came the growling voice over the line. "I need to talk to you about a request that was put in to access a Time Traveling Device by the Tok'ra queen Egeria regarding an established time loop."

Mishelle gave a "just one moment please" and reviewed the paperwork given those search terms and...

It appeared she'd done it. Repeatedly. And now she remembered respectfully (scornfully) dismissing the repeat filings without even considering the "URGENT PRIORITY" tag as anything serious.

"Oh, that appears to be me, General," Mishelle said, a slight feeling of concern welling up inside her stomach. (She ignored it as a bad batch of cereal this morning.) "What seems to be the-"

She never got to finish her request, because General Hank Landry unloaded into her in that instant.

Did she know what kind of diplomatic incident she was creating by denying this request. Did she know that by repeatedly discouraging a legal and allowed by trade agreement request that she had provoked a THEFT of the Time Machine itself along with the kidnapping of the SGC's Chief Medical Officer and Also he very much would LIKE TO SPEAK TO HER MANAGER.

Mishelle Janeway swallowed at the end of the tirade that lasted for the better part of a minute, and then calmly (rather, terrified) said "I'll just forwards you to my manager now."

And then she did so, and proceeded to stare blankly (Terrified!) ahead at the office wall.

Not half an hour later, she was being reamed out by several higher ups in the IOA (Including the BOSSES BOSS Dr. Storm), who- while they personally didn't see any issue with her doing this (No, really, they didn't see an issue at all) they were being forced to fire her because the President of the United States was being read in on the situation SHE had caused and because SHE HAD CAUSED IT, there was no other scape-goat to blame. (Really, sorry to see you go, they said. But we'll hire you back in a month and you'll get full severance pay in the mean time so think of it more like a vacation!) 

It was in that moment that Mishelle Janeway learned the hard way that one does not just casually prevent the progress of a Stable Time Loop for there are consequences that may result in being the crunchy, ketchup covered fry about to be consumed by the roaring maw of a Dragon that dealt exclusively in maintaining timeline stability.

She promptly forgot about this lesson during the drive home and deliberately rear-ended the car in front of her on the traffic locked freeway because the car in front of her was a DeLorean with the license plate "T1M3-L00P," resulting in her being arrested for Road Rage by police officers who also happened to be locked in traffic and had seen the whole thing happen right in front of them. (Because they'd been driving the clearly marked Police Cruiser right behind her that she'd ignored entirely.)

Needless to say, she would not be getting her job back in a month. (She would be having a hard time finding any employment at that time at all due to, among other reasons, being in Jail for assaulting those officers when they tried to arrest her.)

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DIASPORA DATE: 11/11/0007.

Your name is Penny Polendina (Harley), and you are a time displaced refugee from a timeline that you accidentally paradoxed out of existence rather than merely 'doomed timeline'ing it out of existence.

Some days, you wake up, wondering just what the hell were you thinking when you arranged to kill Adria in that fashion. Some days, you wonder just how it went so wrong. Today had NOT been one of those days until your Aunt Claire showed up at your newly rebuilt book-shop's front door with the current iteration of you in arm.

"Do you know how hard it is to track you down, sometimes, Penny?" Aunt Claire asked. 

"Sorry," you answer, giving her a wary smile. Why is there another you present here right now? Shit- wait, what even month is it back on Earth? "I, uh, got caught up working on things."

"Like rebuilding an entire bookstore by hand from scratch without requesting any magic assistance?" Aunt Claire asks, raising an eyebrow.

"Ahaha... yeah." Okay, admittedly that was just your inner desire wanting to remodel beating out your attachment to the old shop anyways. "So, uh, what brings you by?"

"Well, I'm guessing since you didn't check your emails, you didn't know," Aunt Claire shifts other you in her arms. "Li'l Harley here went on her own Haven Loop."

Haven Loop-? But---???


No. What???

"...What," you ask, as flatly as you can. "How does that work out?" You frown. "I mean... that was My Thing. How does that even--?"

You stop, close your eyes, and nurse a growing headache between your eyes and temples.

God. What the FUCK did you even do when you accidentally got Aunt Morgan killed??

Aunt Claire asks: "Penny, why don't you go to the kids corner and play around on the Computer for a bit?"

What? You're not a little kid any- You look up, and stop your interjection before it even finishes forming as a thought, because.

"Okay," little you meanders off towards that part of the store. 

"Sorry, I could tell you were a little uncomfortable," Aunt Claire puts a hand on your shoulder and gives a faint smile. "I would've warned you before coming but, again. You're kinda hard to track down these days. I tried looking for you under your last alias but..."

"Yeah, I changed it again," you admit. "Sorry. I should've let you know."

"It's hard getting used to this sort of thing, isn't it?" she asks.

"Yeah," you sigh. "Fuck. Just what did I do when I arranged to kill Adria? Aunt Morgan wasn't meant to be collateral and now mini-me went through the same loop I already did except- she shouldn't have?? Because that series of events got Paradox'd. How does that work out?"

"Best as Jude and I have figured, it's possible there were two yous super-imposed on each other in that moment in the past," Aunt Claire answers. "Considering that both of you were coming in at the same Stargate from two different wormholes from two different times..."

"Wait, what?" You ask. "No, that can't be right. There's only one wormhole from this end of things that went back to then."

"Ka'turnal fucked up and sent mini you a week ahead on the wrong flare."




"Ka'turnal?? Isn't she dead?" You frown.

"No, she survived the weird, alternate timeline Ba'al created by diving into an alternate version of your mom," Aunt Claire answers. "They're both the only ones left of that alternate SG-1 who survived everything." What. What?? No, that's not- "Also, go figure, apparently Mordred was part of that loop too."

"M-Mordred!?" You stare."...What?" you ask. "That... What? No, that can't be right! Either of that! I don't- What the fuck??" you groan. "God, I've got such a headache!"

It burns at the front of your head like something fierce. Hrm. Did you get enough sleep last night? Drink enough water? What is it that front of head-headaches mean again? Whatever it is, you suspect Time Travel Paradoxes make it worse.

"Let's start slow and simple," Aunt Claire frowns. "Did the older Cassandra survive into your timeline?"

"I don't know! She never showed up if she did!" you answer. "I think I'd remember my mom suddenly gaining an older twin!"

"Well, we know the rift never formed in your timeline either," Aunt Claire sighs. "So this timeline of ours is really off course comparatively speaking to what was- mostly by design."

"Tell me about it," you sigh. 

"Okay, well." She proceeds to tell you about it in response to your rhetoric question. "Shortly after Ganos died, we wound up with a whole bunch of Time-Bound people reporting temporal deviations as a result of the paradox, some reaching back far into the past. I think it's pretty safe to say that our timeline nearly got hit with... hrm... You know what. Divide By Zero Error sounds accurate enough. So we got hit with a Divide by Zero and reality just sort of... nearly tore itself apart before coming back together almost entirely intact? Except, not quite exactly the same way."

"Uh.... yeah, I heard something about that," you frown. "Something about some Bartender guy having his entire name change or shit?"

"Stuff like that, yeah," Aunt Claire nodded. "I think that Paradox must have upended things enough that it wound up swapping your input with hers, even if the actions we saw and remember happening went exactly the same..."

You and Aunt Claire glance over at the other you examining the computer terminals at a distance.

"And..." Aunt Claire says, "Since everyone who observed differences and was aware of the information the looping Penny gave didn't report any changes in that information, I think that those events ended up a fixed point helping keep everything stable."

"Really?" You ask. "It just seems like a headache to me."

"Honestly, the motives behind the loop could change every iteration, and as long as there's a Penny Harley giving the same information every time, it shouldn't... eh. It shouldn't wind up too drastic of a difference overall."

"Right." You sigh again. "So. Basically we oughta count our blessings that a Penny went back at all?"

"It could have been worse," Aunt Claire answers. "Especially considering Giza..." She shudders.

"The you of my timeline never did tell me about it," you tell her. "Nobody did, really."

"Well, considering that you wound up resetting things..." Aunt Claire smiles. "It won't matter one way or the other if I tell you how I remember them going now, will it?"

And then she proceeds to tell you, and you listen.

And then a completely different Audience begins to read, in the following chapters, not entirely from Joey's perspective at all.

Chapter Text


DIASPORA DATE: 11/26/0007.

The single flash of a Stargate Chevron lit up the darkened room.

Then another, and another, and another- other lights in the facility began to power on- the next chevron, and the sixth- 

The Solar Observation Outpost on the planet Praxyon powered on fully as the seventh chevron lit up and the Gate cried out the standard WAAA WAAA! KAWOOOOOOSH!

After a moment, Cameron Mitchel and Mordred Pendragon stepped through the gate- P-90s raised cautiously. 

"It's clear," Mitchel radioed, lowering his gun as he realized the area was secure- and empty.

Schlorp-Schlorp- Jonas and Vala stepped through the gate- Schlo-schlorp- And then Jude and Cassie followed suit.

The Gate shut down as Jude was captchaloging the Remote Dialing device again.

"This... is pretty small," Vala mused. "Not much here. Just a giant tower, a terminal, annnd... nothing much else."

"Ring Platform," Mordred motioned over at the one platform.

SG-1 spread out through the facility.

"This has to be the control Device," Jude said, heading over towards the primary dialing computer and data terminal.

"Anyone else feel like they just stepped over their own Grave?" Jonas asked, peering over the edge of one platform into the abyss below.

"Little bit, yeah," Vala shuddered.

"Woah," Cassie stares as Jude brings up a star map- left where Ba'al had last set them to for Earth, 1939. (No Solar Flare was available at that moment.) "Talk about flashy technology."

She and Jude begin shuffling through solar flares.

"This place is half Ancient, half Goa'uld," Mordred says, observing some of the tech in the central pillar. "Looks like Ba'al patched in a ton of shit in our version of events."

"He probably had to perform repairs on the place," Jonas says, shining a flashlight up on the distant wall behind the stargate. "I see structural fissures. Probably earthquakes."

"Ain't that a lovely thought," Mitchel muttered, glancing at it, then down into the abyss. "I really don't like how high up we are."

"Question is, who built this place?" Jonas asks. "I mean, it's clearly Ancient to some degree, but we know how they were about time travel so-"

Jonas shut up and then said, with near perfect synch with the rest of SG-1- "Janus."

"Probably was used in conjunction with the Time Jumper," Mitchel guessed. "Use this place to get a rough idea of where he's landing, use the Time Jumper to nudge forwards and backwards along the line..." 

"Makes sense," Vala says. "Though, you'd think he'd just build this place to travel through time on its own."

"Eh, given P4X-639, he probably thought it best to limit it to a Jumper and Solar Flares," Mitchel said.

"Speaking of 639," Cassie interjects. "That's our destination. We've got a solar flare forming just about now that'll take us back 5,000 Years or so."

The Stargate started Dialing out, and a red buzzer light started flaring. SG-1 moved to stand out of the way.

"So when are we going exactly?" Mordred asked.

"2995 BC," Jude answered. "That's the only real piece of information Joey ever told me, and to keep it quiet until the time came. Given we've got a flare to just about then right now? Well..."

"Time's come?" Jonas offers.

"Pretty much," Jude nods. "Let's just hope that everything works out alright."


"Wait for the green light," Cassie warns.

They wait.

And then the light flares green.

SG-1 rushes through the Stargate.

The wormhole flares outwards- spiraling green through time before intersecting with a solar flare- shifting the wormhole with a brief purple twinge to that of a pure blue color- looping around and then cascading past the planet they just left and instead hurtling towards a different destination.


O)<-Stargate Alternia->(O


The Alternian Galaxy was quiet in the present moment.

An Empress unrelated to the causality strain of events known to the far future resides on the throne, and, sure, the tyrant God Lord English exists, and parades around his little planets like the child he is... But he is blissfully unaware of the events transpiring around a tiny, virtually unimportant star around which some as-of-yet un-mined planets orbit.

And as for the Seed Ship that would bring Stargates to this Galaxy? One had only just recently arrived, but as to whether or not it had deployed any Stargates, that was a certain fact, but if they were in range? More of a mystery. 

And so, if, say, it were so happen that we were to observe our past selves already observing this point in time- this one very specific start- we would politely, and very firmly, ignore their presence as the DESTINY appeared suddenly above the surface of the star, and begun to crash, dipping into its surface as part of some long winded Solar Voyage.

As the past reader observes with a musical sequence as time slowly began to speed up within the Destiny as it exited its temporal jump, we instead breeze past those familiar moments and instead settle our perspective into Ashler Dering.

That is to say.

You are Now Ashler Dering/Vriska Serket.

And you. Are. Frozen. Well. Not entirely frozen. Time is slowly inching forwards at an UN8EARA8LE R8. 

But damn it all, you did not join this mission to witness some alternate, human version of Joey Claire activating her Laser sword in slow motion.

You focus your attention elsewhere because you know what's coming.

You glance to the side, and you see Dammek punching a button on a console.

The Alternian Stargate starts to dial- its chevrons pulse with light for a second of what you'd perceive as normal time, and somehow not drawn out to the strange eternity you're suffering before the inner ring starts to spin, faster than it had any right to be spinning. Glubbing damn it.

You pick yourself up off the floor, slowly, unbearably slowly.

Trizza's bracing herself against her stolen trident, Cridea's rolling over onto her side.

Time's unevenly progressing. The Condesce up there is moving slower than the rest- her eyes aren't even tracking the motions right yet.
Sucks to be her, you guess.

Chevron One locks normally- and you side eye the Gate as it spins at a normal rate to your perspective.

But shit is still moving slowly- too slowly- elsewhere. What the hell is going on with all of this?

You see a flash of green coming from Harley's direction.

Chevron Two locks- you glance back her way, managing to get a slow and steady balance on your feet.

The Condesce is starting to realize now- horror is starting to form on her face and she can't do anything about it.

Chevron Three locks in the mean time.

You don't look at Joey Harley- you look to Joey Claire, and Claire sees what's happening and isn't looking away. You don't want to see this. You know what's about to happen.

There's a flare of blue light before you hear the SNAP, slow, before racing ahead like a rocket and glubbing damn it, the HISS hits your ears with all the force of Spidermom's Hungry demands for food. You flinch, bracing for a PSYCHIC COMMAND that never lands.

Chevron Four Locks, and is punctuated with a final, gasped breath-

"Check... Mate!"

Time reaches nearly its full momentum, and you look as Harley's body hits the floor at more of a normal rate.

"NOOO!" Claire yells- finally on her feet, and- HOLY SHIT- sparks are flying off of her. Her eyes are BURNING WITH RAGE, and there's a literal fucking green fire inferno surrounding her.

"YOU!" Claire yells- stomping her foot, and holy shit the room shakes in time with Chevron Five Locking. "ARE GOING TO BURN!!"

Condy can't parse that before Claire throws a burst of fire into her face. And then another, and another, and another. 

You see red and blue flickering in the green of Claire's eyes- and it's overhwelming it entirely.

What the fuck IS Claire anyway?? It's horrifying, terrifying, the sheer amount of power radiating from her body as the green flames become red and blue and then merge into purple.

Chevron Six locks into place without affair.

Her Imperial Condescension back stepped over Harley's body, and it made Claire even more pissed off.

"YOU'RE NO EMPRESS!" She yells, and you barely notice Chevron Seven Locking from underneath how LOUD she is.  "YOU'RE NOTHING MORE THAN A DUNG BEETLE ROLLING SHIT IN THE DIRT!!!"

"W-WHat!?" Condy cries out and OH. GOD. The terror in her voice makes all of this worth it- because, hey, atleast you're not the only one pants-wettingly terrified of the light show right now.

"I NAME YOU KHEPRI! AND BANISH YOU FOR YOUR CRIMES!" Joey Claire roars as Chevron Eight Locks.

Condy backs away with each step forward Claire takes- fireball after fireball after fireball- closer and closer to the Destiny's original 'Gate. 

You glance and watch as the Alternian Gate far behind the Destiny Gate spins its final Chevron into place.

WAA WAA! KAWOOOSH! The Alternian Stargate activated in the back of the room, framed perfectly behind the Destiny's Stargate as a targeting ring.

And then Claire did something LOUD and you feel the force vibrating against you by happenstance- just a tiny glancing breeze as Condy is HURLED off her feet- past the Destiny Gate, and through the Alternian gate a second later.

Empress no more, Khepri is gone.

Why do you get the feeling this isn't the end of this?

The Camera follows the jumpcut- through the swirling wormhole of crimson red, shifting purple in the middle as it transitions to BLUE, and then, right near the end, becomes GREEN.

With a flash of energy- Khepri is flung through the Giza Stargate- tumbling to a stop in the sands far away from the end of the Stargate's ramp.

There is silence for several long moments, as observers stare on, horrified at what just transpired. Within moments, a Death Glider is dispatched from the Ha'tak adorning one of the Pyramids, gliding its way towards the Gate area.

Khepri climbs to her feet- stumbling for a moment as the Stargate shuts down. The Pyramids of Ancient Giza stand tall around her, as well as the various tents and other settlement structures around her.

Exiled into a Desert, Khepri almost wants to laugh.

"Dung Beetle," she mutters instead. "So that's what she meant."

The Death Glider comes to a hovering stop nearby- and its bottom end transforms- releasing a series of Transportation Rings towards the ground.

There's the standard flash of light, and Khepri straightens herself up, dusting off the sand from her rough landing as the Rings retract, revealing a series of armored men guarding one very important fellow.

"I am the Supreme System Lord of the Goa'uld Empire, your God, RA," The man announces with a booming voice, speaking in Goa'uld, though it translated to Khepri's ears as pure Alternian. "And just who might you be?"

"...Khepri," she answers, for lack of a better name, and then spoke without realizing in flawless Goa'uld thanks in part to the Stargate's translation abilities. "And I am very far from home. It is a long story."

"I see..." Ra muses. "Then we will have to discuss this story over Dinner."

Yes, Khepri smiled. Dinner would be nice, wouldn't it?


Your name is Mallek Adalov, and you wince as several light bulbs burst within the engine room, dimming the overall lighting in here to a barely tolerable level. Fuck. That ain't good at all.

Callie's Radio squeaks, and Dammek reports, "Khepri's been exiled. I repeat, Khepri's been exiled. Get us the fuck out of here."

"Right," Callie says, moving to press buttons, "going to engage the Time Drive again."

The Time Device's system buzzes back with an angry red error screen.  "System Cooldown required."

Oh Fucking Shit.

"Oh, shit," you whine. This is SO NOT GOOD.

Callie tries the system again. It buzzes more, angrily, and reports something about the Core System Temperatures being too high.

Callie goes to the radio immediately, "Xefros, pull us out of the fucking sun right now." To no response. "Xefros?"

No reply again. Fuuuuck.

"Dammek," she begins, "Xefros isn't-"

"I'm on it," Dammek says. "Disconnect the time drive and head back to the Gate room; we're going to have to try something else to get out of here."

"Like what?" She asks.

Damnit, Dammek doesn't reply. Because of COURSE he doesn't. This is really really, REALLY not good.

"Alright," she looks to you, a sort of hopeless smile on her face. "Let's just disconnect this thing and get out of here."

"Bluuuh," you gripe. "Didn't we just get it connected, though?"

Callie gives you a NO NONSENSE look this time. "Yes, unfortunately. Now we need to do as ordered because Plan A isn't working."

"Right, right," you sigh. "No matter the fact we don't know what Plan B even is."

You're really kind of regretting coming along on this mission. Why exactly was that again? You... honestly you can't really remember much of anything at the moment. Hahaha. Oh Mother Grub, this is so fucking stressful--

Your name is Baizli Soleli, and you and Xefros had to silence your Radios and duck for cover beneath a console when one of the doors opened and some behemoth of a Troll Brooded his way into the Destiny's Bridge.

"The fuck happened here?" The Behemoth of a Troll growls, storming around the room and pressing buttons and- 

The gravity shifts slightly. The Destiny must be beginning the to rise out of the Star.

Already, you can feel the temperature start to decrease, just a little bit, but that might just be your imagination.

"How could the entire crew just faint!?" The Troll asks, growling as he kicks at some unconscious person. "...An attack perhaps? But...?" He growls, and you guess activates the ship-wide radio. "This is General Naihte to Her Imperial Condescension." 

He waits. And he waits. And oh does he wait. 

Good grief, this is some of the most tense waiting you're doing here. Xefros has his eyes narrowed on at the Troll's feet where-ever they've stalled on the Bridge's floor. 

"General Naihte to the Engine room." 

A pause.... and a wait, and a pause, and another wait. 

Gluuubing Hell, this waiting is killing you.

"General Naihte to ANYONE??"

"This is Ardata Carmia from Bio-engineering," a female voice filters over the radio, "what's going on?"

"Marvus Xoloto from Psychterror Research," answers a male voice, "checking in."

There's a long pause, and nobody else checks in.

"I assume you both are aware of the sudden shift in course we suffered mere moments ago?" General Naihte asks.

"Yeah, my guys got banged around a lot," Xoloto reports.

"My lab is a utter mess, yes," Carmia says.

"The Bridge Crew is unconscious, and we seem to have been shunted into the nearest star for some reason." Naihte pauses. "I suspect sabotage."

"You think someone on the ship did this?" Xoloto asks.

"Yes and No," Naihte says. "I believe we have intruders on board." OH. CRAP. "The Empress may be incapacitated... or worse."

You see Xefros glance at you, concerned- wait, no. Hopeful? Why the fuck is he grinning? What a complete and total bastard!! He's grinning at the fact you might just get caught!?

"The hell?" Xoloto asks. "How could the Empress be 'incapacitated or worse'?"


"She failed to respond to my attempts to contact her," Naihte says. "I want you to gather as many of your people as possible and search this ship for intruders or the Empress. I will maintain hold of the bridge until the crew can awaken to hold it again, and tell me what happened."


"Understood," the two voices say, and then go silent.

This General Naihte Jerk stomps around the bridge, absently kicking or nudging at the unconscious Bridge Crew as he tried to figure out what was going on.

You glance at Xefros again, and lock eyes with him. Okay, you've got the most experience here, Rust Blood, what's the game plan?

He looks confused, frowning for a moment. What? Your look is not that hard to decipher, boy! Then he tries to convey something with-- what the hell is that look supposed to mean!? You have no idea what the fuck he's even trying to TELL YOU with that look!

FUCKING HELL! What did you have to do to get stuck with the- admittedly kinda cute in a frustrating way- Rust Blood who doesn't get facial expressions!?!?

Guh. Fucking... Why the fuck doesn't he-? Wait, is it time travel? Is it because you're from a bygone era compared to his future? Is that it? Have facial expressions just drifted all that much?? What the hell??

"Hey!" Naihte growls, kicking at someone. "Wake Up! Wake up you lazy helmsman!"

Xefros suddenly glances that way- and there's a spark in his eyes. A familiar spark. A heart racing spark.

He reaches out with his Psionics and-- and...

Is that a fucking key ring with a little tiny plush bear attached to it??

The damned keyring lifts off the floor and darts around the General's head, rattling the keys just out of his range of sight.

"What now?" He whirls around, trying to find the source of the rattling keys, but you keep it focused behind his head. "What- Where!? Come ON! Stop playing games with me you little-!" He suddenly whirls around and manages to grab onto the Key ring part- but not the little toy.

The toy somehow breaks free, and continues darting around.

"What in...?" He stares at the tiny little stuffed toy. "Is it a ghost? Am I really being haunted by a GHOST!?"

Xefros makes the toy bob up and down in mockery of a nod, a savage grin on his face. 

Holy Shit! Rust Blood's got GUTS!!

"Of all the-" The General groans, leaning back his head to glare at the ceiling. "How does something like this even happen?!"

"Gee, I dunno," and suddenly, Dammek is standing there in the entry way, "Maybe it's Karma for trying to blast us out of the sky?"

General Naihte's eyes widen- "The Taurcer! But then that means you've-!?"

"Exiled the Empress?" Dammek smirks and then he raises his stun rifle in hand and fires off a head shot that takes the General down.

"Nice timing, Dammek!" Xefros says, climbing out from under the console. You follow him a moment later. "Did it work?"

"Khepri's exiled," Dammek says, glancing at General Naihte. "That's the hard part done. Now we need to get back to our own time."

"Can't we just reverse this thing?" You ask.

"Something went wrong," Dammek shakes his head as he goes over to a control console and types in a navigation request. "I think the ship's over heated from two trips through a star, but hell if I know what went wrong." He pauses, then takes out a normal gun and shoots the damned console screen up with a few well placed shots.


"The fuck did you do that for!?" you demand.

"Insurance. We're packing it up and heading back to the Stargates, and then we dial out to somewhere else," Dammek says, leading the way out of the ship's bridge, and making sure to lock it from the outside once you and Xefros are out.

"Where?" You ask. "Are there even any Stargates in the Galaxy at this point?"

"I told Cridea to try a bunch of our usual addresses," Dammek says, "but who knows which ones work or not given stellar drift. Honestly, if any of them WORK, we're going through it regardless."

Oh. Lovely. A shot in the dark. Just Great.

Xefros seems just as enthused, "And then what? We wait for the Astro Megaship to come pick us up on some planet they have no way of finding us on yet?"

"We'll worry about that once we're off of this fucking ship, Xefros!" Dammek growls.

"...Okay, fair point," Xefros concedes.

Yeah, alright, you can't argue with that either.

It's a silent march through the ship's hallways, save for the moments of brief gun fire exchanged when the three of you come across a patrol and Dammek snipes them onto the floor.

"You realize, of course, that if we leave the Destiny here in the past we're going to probably alter the very course of history," Xefros points out.

"I know that, Xefros," Dammek says, eyeing you over his shades. "That's why I shot out the navigation console after directing it to crash us back into the fucking sun!"

"You did WHAT!?" You don't have to yell, and neither does Xefros, because that's when Callie and Mallek rejoin your group, and they do it for you both. Nice timing, dorks.

"Our last resort dial out if we can't get a local lock will be an address for a Gate in the Milky Way Galaxy," Dammek says. "Not Earth, but a place that we're all intimately familiar with and it shouldn't take Carter too long to think of to check if we miss our return date. P4X-639."


"The Time Loop planet?" Xefros asks. "But- wait, how do we even know that planet's Nine Symbol Address for this time period?"


"It was on the DHD's extra special control crystal, actually," Callie chimes in. "I see where you're going with this Dammek! If we get stuck there in the past we could append a note onto the control crystal with a time-delayed release for the date we came back and if Carter thinks to check it-!"


"The only problem I'm seeing with THAT plan," Xefros interjects, "is how the hell are they going to get the Astro Megaship back to the Milky Way and bring us back on time?"


"You're forgetting the obvious," Mallek says, snapping his fingers. "They already have everything they need in the FUTURE to get us back!"

"What?" You are so confused right now. "I don't get it."

"The kids from the future!" Xefros gets it, though. His eyes widen like a fucking grub on a sugar rush. "Of course! They build a ship with a time engine on it in the future, jump back in time to pick us up, and then return to the future, and solar flare us through Haven like they already did!"

The ship shakes and rumbles, and you feel the heat starting to rise again. The lot of you hurry back to the Gate room even faster than you were before.

Fuck it, you don't know what's going on, but atleast somebody does.

"Uh... I'll just... trust you guys on this," You allow. "'Cause I've got no idea what the fuck is going on at this point."

You make it to the Gate room, and find it a bloody mess.

"Damn it!" Cirdea swears as you enter. "Another failed lock! That was the last one I memorized too."

"Forget Local, then," Dammek says. "We need P4X-639."

"Uh, okay, I'll let you dial that one then," Cridea says, stepping away from the DHD panel, letting Dammek step up to it and start typing in an address.

While Callie and Mallek sort of idle next to Ashler as hallway guards, You head over to Trizza and get the rundown of events.

"Claire's human-sona went and offed herself to keep the Empress from reading her mind," Trizza summarizes, motioning over at the Corpse Party.

You wince. "Geeze, that's gotta suck."

And Xefros is doing his damn Moirailgic best to help Claire get her own version of events out. You can just about hear Claire's breakdown despite how quiet she's trying to be. You try to tune her out out of respect.

"Yeah, it's a lousy way to go, but atleast it was on her terms," Trizza allows. "Can't say that for most people." She frowns. "Man, why the fuck am I getting all nostalgic over losing someone in the line of duty like this?"

"Eh?" you ask. "What'd'ya mean?"

"I mean, why the fuck do I feel like it's my fault as a leader when I wasn't even leading this fight?" Trizza asked, scowling more at herself than anything else, you guess. "Shit, I did NOT sign up for this shit to gain Emotions and Leadership Points."

The room starts to shake, and Dammek calls out- "Oi! "IF we're gonna get rid of the body, best we move her infront of the Alternian Gate now."

Xefros and Claire move her other self's body infront of the stargate, and Xefros lifts it with psionics. 

Man, it'd look so stupid if that gate didn't lock right now, wouldn't it?

But it locks anyways.


And then the body's gone.

"Connection established! Let's move it before it fails!" Dammek orders.

And with that, you all head through the Stargate.

Your name is Cameron Mitchel, and you check your watch. "Sooo... How long before Joey's band of misfits show up, again?"

"Dunno," Cassie shrugs. "We never got a firm time on how long we were waiting."

"Well, atleast Jude and Jonas are having a fun time looking at the Time Loop machine," you grimace, glancing up and away from the stargate towards the small temple with the control device. "

"Well, there's that," Cassie agrees. 

"I'm bored," Vala remarks, tossing a small coin into the air and catching it again. "Can't we eat lunch yet?"

"We already ate lunch back at the village before we got caught up in this," Mordred reminds her. 

"Well can we eat Second Lunch then?" Vala asks.

That's when the Stargate lights up with a THWUMP.

"Positions!" You call out, and everyone gets ready, Jude and Jonas rushing down from examining the Time Loop Machine as the Stargate dials in all nine chevrons and-


After a few moments of waiting, Joey Claire and Xefros Tritoh exited the Gate- looking far younger than anyone had seen them in years. Baizil- rather, Baizli Soleli at this time- and Trizza Tethis exited following them. Callie and Dammek, then Mallek, Cridea, and Ashler stepped through the Gate.

As the gate shut down behind them, you watch as they stop and stare, blinking.

"Hey, kids," you greet. "Welcome to 2995 BC!"

"Who are you?" Joey asks, eyeing the lot of you, before settling on- "Jude? Cassie??"

"Yep," Jude steps forwards, smiling.

"It's us," Cassie nods.

Joey cautiously walks over, eyes Jude for a few moments, then... "You got Old!"

Then she hugs him and starts crying.

...The hell? You feel like you're missing-and-or-forgetting something,

You are Jude Harley, and you can't help but smile as you and Cassie, with Jonas' help of being picture bearer, helps show off some safe bits of future information.

Things like the dialer device and pictures of Penny and other various things. Tiny bits like Jade's future self taking in her younger self as a pseudo daughter, and things of that nature. Nothing too big. Nothing... really spoilery. Things that just feel right like they were already brought up somewhere in some small way before.

Cassie deftly avoids pictures of Joey's future kid, though. There are somethings best not spoiled.

"You guys must be really far in the future if you have a kid," Joey summarizes with a happy, and sort of sad smile.

"It's a bit far off, yeah," you say. 

"About five thousand years I'd say," Jonas says.

"Oh shoosh!" Cassie elbows him. 

Joey laughs, and smiles. "I'm glad you guys are doing alright. And... and I'm doing alright too, right?"

You nod. "You're watching Penny for us right now."

Left unsaid is that you sent Penny to her because of a Werewolf invasion and you wanted her safe and sound and out of harms way as everything else on Earth wrapped up.

Cassie then chimes in with- "Oh! But it's so much fun for her right now though! You got to take her to see a music video get filmed!"

Joey blinks, and then laughs. "Yeah, that sounds like future me, alright. Somehow. Dunno how, but it tracks!" 

"So, Six people?" You are now DAMMEK, and you eye this future SG-1 with suspect. "That's a lot of people to dispatch to catch some wayward time travelers."

"Yeeah, well, we're not here explicitly because of you guys," Colonel Cameron Mitchel says to you, grimacing. "We, ah, are kinda chasing after a stolen time machine and we know from your end of finishing it where they went."

"And you want us to help?" you ask.

"We've gotta make sure that we finish the job of exiling Khepri off of Earth while retrieving the Time Machine," Mitchel explains. "Things are... kinda delicate in the timing of it, so we should move onto Earth sooner rather than later, but... once Cassie's sure we can go on ahead safely."

"Right, because of course it is." You frown. "So, just, to summarize all of this. Someone stole a time machine, and took it back to this time where we just exiled Khepri through the Gate to Earth, and might cause shit in the way necessitating two different sides of the same time loop to work together to tying the knott in the rolled up towel that is the blanket of stupidity?"

"...That's a pretty good summary of it, yeah," Mitchel nods with a wince. "But, ah, it's not just two time loops we're dealing with here. You, well- when you returned you said there was an Alternate SG-1 team on the ground. Sooo. Yeah."

You get the impression he's avoiding talking about heavy shit beyond that prediction of ANOTHER SG-1 being involved. You can get behind that, though. It's been a long enough day as it is.

"Oh, boy, more time loops than I care to give a shit about," you say. "Just give us the signal and we'll move out."

You are Joey Claire very briefly. And you...

You're not quite sure what to make of the fact that there's even more time travel woven into all of this.


You aren't sure if you like the fact that it just doesn't end. That you have to get involved further.

You've... got a job to do so you'll squish those feelings down tight and pretend they aren't there for the moment. Plenty of time to decompress after the fighting's over with, right?

The cloaked Jumper hovered outside of the dining room plaza at a distance- not that the Ha'tak would sense their presence at any distance thanks to that cloak- but for Carolyn Lam, it was the thought that mattered.

Carolyn felt nervous as she watched as Khepri was brought in alongside Ra and his guards.

"And there she is," Hecate smiled. "The bitch who's going to kill Ra."

"And we're just... going to watch?" Carolyn asked.

"Indeed we are," Hecate smiled. "I don't need to hear what they're saying. I just need to sit and watch the show."

Carolyn looked to Marik and Sal'tor, and they seemed just as uncomfortable with all of this as she herself did.

Klorel laughed as Ra offered Khepri a seat at his right hand side. "Oh, he'll regret that. That he will..."

And so the five of them sat, and watched.

And so too did we.

"Now then, Khepri, tell me more about this Galaxy you come from," Ra began as dinner meals were brought, freshly prepared from the Kitchen.

"Oh, it's a lovely place. I ruled it as any kind and just ruler would," Khepri said. "It's just a shame that insurgents and rebels attacked me on my own ship and banished me through the Stargate. I fear they have no idea where they sent me."

It was a lie, she knew damn well where she'd been sent. The symbol on the girl's shirt was the same as the one on the Stargate she'd exited.

Ra retracted his helmet- and he gave a smile. "Yes, I'm quite sure they know not what they have brought upon their doorstep. With your local knowledge and my expertise in warfare, eliminating their pitiful resistance will be easy enough."

Khepri's nose sniffed the delectable scents... and then she eyed Ra with a slowly grinning smile. "Oh, yes, those guppies won't know what's hit them. Though, I have to ask. What IS that delectable smell? Eel?"

"Yes," Ra said, "Something like that."

A large tray was placed on a table, and the lid was removed by a scantily clad servant girl to reveal a plate of steaming, freshly cooked Goa'uld Symbiotes.
Khepri glanced between the plate, and Ra, and then asked, "May I?"

"Of course," Ra nodded, and Khepri took one of the fried Goa'uld with relish and bit into its side.

"Ew," Sal'tor grimaced.

"Agreed," Klorel spat in disgust. "A barbaric practice, if ever there was one."

"A handy means to cull over population, however," Hecate argued.

As Khepri and Ra ate their dinner, Ra subtly poked and prodded for details, before eventually asking the one question that would seal fate firmly with an unbreakable stitch of thread...

"So, tell me, Khepri. How exactly did your Galaxy come to have Stargates in it, again?"

Khepri froze mid meal, and eyed Ra. She frowned, and then answered, "The Heiress before me captured a ship that seeded the devices, and repurposed them to her own ends."

"And the ones that exiled you... they used the Stargate onboard your own ship to send you here?"

"It is as I said," Khepri acknowledged.

"A ship with Stargates, you say..." Ra mused, then stood from the table, a signal that brought in guards from the far corners of the room. "Interesting. So very interesting. However, I am afraid that I will have to call your bluff."

"...Excusi-fucking me??" Khepri asked, standing as she saw the staff weapons priming open and being aimed at her. "What is the meaning of this!?"

"You see, I've heard rumors of Rebellion among my people for some years now," Ra explained, his eyes flashing dangerously. "Talk of... over-throwing me. And just tonight when I prepare my forces to finally go and root out those who are talking this dangerous talk, you happen to show up with talk of a fantastic tale of another Galaxy rich and ready to conquer?" He scoffed, and then said, "No, I think this ploy has failed, Rebel Scum."

"Rebel-" Khepri didn't exclaim further, as several staff blasts flew across the room and impacted her body with a cacophonious resonance of PCHOOOOOOes.

She hit the floor, and Ra scoffed. "Pick up her body and have it delivered to Nirrti for thorough examination and deconstruction." He turned his back on the body and began to walk away. "I wish to know what makes this fascinating creature exist."

And then there was a flash of rainbow light, and Ra stopped in his tracks, slowly turning to watch with confusion as Khepri's body righted itself onto its feet, and the many staff blasts healed over nigh instantly.

"What...?" Ra stared on. "What is this-?"

And then a shockwave ran through the room- Jaffa were separated from their weapons, and flung into walls or out open windows.

Ra himself was forced to grab onto a chair to prevent being thrown about. He snarled as he watched Khepri's eyes flicker red and blue, and then-

She reached out, and Ra suddenly found himself dragged bodily through the air through fantastical means.

He was gripped by the collar by Khepri, and she snarled at him.

"Y'know, Ra?? I Reel-ly was hopin' we could get along like a school of fish. Maybe even be a couple of mattin' guppies rulin' two ponds! Happy as clams... But now?" Khepri drew him in close and sniffed at his neck. "Now I'm just mad. And hungry. And ANGRY. And you wouldn't like me when I'm Angry, you Raw little Snake. I can smell you in there, hiding away." 

Ra's eyes flashed as he tried to bring up his kara kesh to use against her but- he couldn't move. His arm refused to--

And then suddenly Ra was spun around and a slimy, chilling hand dug into the back of his- the Host's neck. The screams of pain were not Ra's as Ra himself was ripped bodily out of his nesting place and exposed into the hot desert air.

Khepri and Ra's eyes met as she held him high into the air.

"Y'reely shouldn't have shown me how you look cooked, Raw Eel," she hissed. "Because I eat snakes like you RAW FOR DINNER AND DESSERT!"

And then she did exactly that, and bit Ra's head off, ripping it loose with a snapping of bones and tendons and a small spray of blood.


The Giza stargate activated with a KAWOOSH, and nobody was around to see it.

SG-1 and the Exile Team exited the gate rapidly, and ducked out of sight into an abandoned alleyway.

They peered out into the city, and Jonas asked, "Wonder where everyone is?"

"Knowing the vibes, we just missed Khepri offing Ra," Cassie says.

"You mean eating him raw," Vala quips.

"Yeah, that," Cassie waves it off.

"First things first we gotta make contact with the local resistance," Mitchel says. "Get disguises. We're a bit inconspicuous."

"I can handle that part," Vala says. 

While the Exile team shared dubious looks, Mordred smiled at Mitchel and said, "Well, when in Giza?"

"Alright," Mitchel nodded. "Vala, go do your thing. Jonas, go with her and make sure she gets only what we need."

"Yes!" She pumped a fist, and said, "Back before two shakes of a Goa'uld slimy rear!"

"Sir yes Sir," Jonas gives a roll of his eyes and heads off after Vala as she races off.

It doesn't take long before Vala returns alone to the group with a basket in arm, already dressed up in desert garb over her mission uniform.

"Suit up, everyone, you'll never guess who I ran into," Vala grins.

Your name is Daniel Jackson and you stare at the gathered menagerie of humans adults and alien teens before you.

When you caught Jonas Quinn and Vala Mal Doran of all people stealing your laundry off of the line, well, you had Vala bring the rest of them to you, and from there, you brought them into the MISSION BUNKER that's part of the small tunnel network you've carved out over the last five years.

You... Weren't quite expecting THIS many people. Let alone Aliens, as they're introduced. SG-1 alone is two people too many for the usual you're used to.

Cameron Mitchel- a 302 Pilot who got himself a year's stay in the hospital following a Glider crash in Antarctica- is one thing, but Vala and Jonas? Okay. Sure. But then...

Cassandra Fraiser!? Cassandra Fraiser. Little Cassie Fraiser??? Cassie. Cassie on SG-1??

You don't even know who Jude Harley and Mordred Pendragon (What the Fuck, cry your mythology senses) are but you're already at the bottom of the barrel here.

"Okay, so I'm just going to summarize my feelings of confusion out first and then we can talk properly," you start. "What the hell? I mean-" you motion at the SG-1 members. "I get SG-1! I get you! But the kids? Alien kids??" You motion at them. "You're telling me that not only did we modify time twice already, we've got a whole other *stack* of atleast two more time loops involved in all of this??" 

There's a few looks of reluctance before acknowledging such with nods.

Then, you look to Jonas. Jonas Quinn. "And you! Jonas! Don't get me wrong I never thought I'd see you again and I'm glad to see you but- I never thought I was going to SEE you again! Like. Wow. Okay. A Jonas Quinn permanently on SG-1? That's. Not something I ever expected to happen. Things on Langara must have gone pretty well and truly to shit if you're still with SG-1. I guess, but still. Wow. Okay."

Vala next. "Vala. How the Hell did you worm your way onto SG-1?"

"I take it we've met?" She preens.

"You tried to steal the Prometheus while I was on it," you answer. "So yeah, that makes a pretty striking first impression."

"Oooh! He replaced you in his timeline, Fishy!" Vala slaps Joans on the arm. "How about that!"

"I think it's probably more something the other way around," Jonas answers.

"Okay, moving along from that," you say, looking at Mitchel. "I met you in a hospital bed and gave you the generic 'thank you for your service' message. So either you're years after that or you never crashed in Antarctica and I'm not sure which is the better outcome."

"Yeeah. I had a lucky break and didn't crash," Mitchel answers.

Then, finally, you look to Cassandra.

"Why, Cassie?" You ask. "Why are you on SG-1?"

"Uh, it's a long story of unfortunate events and bad vibes," Cassie answers, "but the long and short of it is I can sorta predict the future and things work out best for everyone if I'm in the thick of it?"

You put your head in your hands, and groan. "God, damn it. What would Janet say about this?"

"Oh, mom's fine with it," Cassie answers. "Heck, she's even gone off to work on the, ah, Atlantis Project."

You look up suddenly, eyeing her. "Janet's alive?"

"...Yeah? Last I checked anyways," Cassie answers.

You're not the only one who looks interested at that tidbit of information, either. The alien Girl named Joey Claire seemed to be making note of that fact too.

"Janet's alive and she's working on Atlantis?" You ask, shocked. Cassie nods.

Holy Fucking Shit. If there was ever one butterfly of a doomed timeline offshoot you're happy to hear about--

"Okay, I officially love your timeline more than mine at this stage," you say. "But we can talk more about that later." You turn to the unknowns. "So... Jude Harely. Never met you. What's your role in this?"

"Not surprising," he adjusts his glasses. "I'm the Sam of the team."

"Right, okay," you nod, getting to understand him a bit. He certainly looks the sciency type. "And what about you... Mordred Pendragon?"

"It's a loooooooong story," the fair faced man says, clearly nervous about how you're eyeing him. 

"To too long don't read it," Vala interjects, "Newbie here can swing one HELL of a sword strike when the situation calls for it." 

"A swordsman?" you blink. "Well, I guess that fits the namesake at any rate."

Now then.

"Alright," you turn to the alien teens. "So. This is really uncharted territory for me. Give me a feat I can compare my experiences with."

"Well," Joey Claire starts. "Uh. We've fought Replicators, and wiped them out of our galaxy with a Vast Glub."

"...I don't know what a Vast Glub is but that sounds pretty impressive," you say. "Replicators can be pretty hard to take out."

"Tell me about it," Cassie scoffs.

Scoffs! God what a brooding Teen she's- wait, no, she's definitely older than a Teen. Uh. Crap. That metaphor fell apart quickly.

"We've also figured out time travel via solar flares," Claire continues to list off. "Callie and Mallek managed to turn a Time Loop Machine into a portable plug-n-play time travel drive powered by crashing ships into suns!"

"Impressive," you say.

"Callie also figured out how the Mofang were turning stars into bombs and figured out how to do it on demand if we need to," the one in glasses named Dammek states coldly. 

"...Ah, the whole blowing up a sun thing," you say. "Don't mention that to Sam, by the way, she doesn't know her other self did that yet and I'd like to keep it that way."

"We also pulled off a raid and executed a plan to exile an Alien Fish Empress to Earth to complete a stable timeloop where she killed Ra and took over as him," Claire continues. "Which, uh, is pretty relevant to now."

"Riiiight," you say. "And I'm guessing that means that the crazy grey skinned lady with the absurd mane of hair that came tumbling through the Stargate earlier today was you guys then?"

"Yep," the one named Xefros says. 

"Thanks for that curveball, by the way. We were going to launch our rebellion plans today and kick Ra off the planet before that happened," you say. "Now everyone's scrambling to try and figure out what the hell just happened."

"If we didn't do it, our timeline would've unraveled," Claire says, crossing her arms, a bit stubbornly. "SG-1 already killed her on Abydos while she was pretending to be Ra."


"Also, General West was a Goa'uld working for her."

No, wait, what?? Although, that would explain a few things...

"O...kay, that's a divergence," you say. "And I guess you're stuck in the same boat my SG-1 was when we first arrived here."

"Yeah, we never did get the full story on that," Mitchel says. "What exactly happened?"

"Well, that's... a bit of a long story," you say, checking your watch. "But we've got time before the checkin time and everyone gets back here, so I'll tell you about what happened."

And so he proceeded to tell them, and we proceeded to read the summary in the next chapter.

Chapter Text

It happened suddenly.

The Daedalus was being prepared to go to Atlantis when I received a phone call. Catherine Langford had died. At the funereal, I was told by her Niece, Sabrina, of the list of possessions I was supposed to receive in the event of her death.

I'd basically been given her entire collection of Egyptian artifacts, and through that... I discovered the existence of a ZPM.

Among the items Catherine left me, one in particular caught my attention. An original 1889 edition of The Eye Of The Sun, within which it details the customs and rituals observed by the ancient worshipers of the Sun God, Ra. Inside, I saw an image of a man holding an object depicted as a ZPM.

Worshipers of Ra referred to it as the "Heart of Light" and, while we had Sam do an entire extensive satellite sweep of the Giza Plateau, we couldn't find a ZPM at all.

So it was either dead, or Ra had taken it with him somewhere when he left Egypt.

So, not knowing where it was now... SG-1 made the call to go back in time to ancient Giza using the time machine we had. 

And so, we did. Jack piloted the Time Ship, and we went back to Giza, 3000 B.C. We arrived just a day before a public ceremony, and with help from travelers named Katep and Silatis- a pair of brothers- we got our In. The next day, we went into the Temple of Ra with Pilgrims and --

And Ra was not pleased with the offering Silatus and Katep offered. Silatus was killed, and Jack wanted to stop Ra right then and there, but we knew we couldn't upset the timeline. We had to save its integrity.

So, we split away from the group, and we ambushed a Jaffa with a Zat we'd brought with us. Teal'c dressed up as that Jaffa, and went into the Treasure room. And...

And he got it out. Our mission was a success.

Except. It wasn't.

By the time we returned to the Time ship, we'd found that it's cloak had... uh... failed to take into account sandstorms.

The ship was half buried in sand, and someone had noticed the incongruity of a pile of sand marking off an invisible shape. Ra's Jaffa were investigating it and...

We were stuck.

We made a plan- bury the ZPM with a message in a bottle for our future selves, and wait out for the Rebellion. And if it worked, then our future selves would never have to take on the time mission to begin with, even if we never DID recover the Time Ship.

...But we couldn't wait. Teal'c was going to run low on Tretonin sooner rather than later, and Jack was antsy and figured if we were stuck here, we'd have to go ahead and fire the rebellion anyways...

So we built up to it too fast- tried to pull it off within the year- and.... And we failed. We exposed ourselves to Ra loyalists and the others got executed and... And I was the only survivor. 

That is... Until another SG-1 arrived.

That's when another SG-1 arrived through the hidden entrance to the meeting space.

A grumpy Teal'c entered first, followed by an Egyptian Woman at his side, holding his hand. Then, there was Jack O'neill and Sam Carter and- and in Sam's arms was a very young, tiny, infant girl.

"...Daniel," Jack began.

"Jack," Daniel greeted.

"You didn't say we'd be entertaining guests?" Jack offered. "Let alone... Alien guests??"

"Yeah," Daniel began, "it turns out we're Not quite done with all the Time Loop shenanigans." He motioned to those who came from the future still. "Jack, Sam, Teal'c, meet SG-1 and... uh. Sorry, I never got any team names."

"That's fine," a girl stepped forwards. "Hi. I'm Joey Claire, leader of Alternia Field Team One- or ALT-1 for short. This is my team. Xefros, Dammek, Callie, Mallek, Ashler, and Cridea. Working with us on special assignment for this mission is Trizza and Baizli. We're, uh... trying to keep our timeline from collapsing, apparently."

"Cameron Mitchel, SG-1," Mitchel began. "This is Jonas, Vala, Cassie, Jude, and Mordred. We're, uh, chasing after some thieves who kidnapped a doctor who could fly the Time Jumper and took it back in time to Giza."

"...So how'd you get back in time if they took one of the Time ships?" Sam asked- then- frowned. "Wait, no, dumb question, of course you'd have two copies of it from our part of the time loop already."

"You didn't happen to bring it with you, did you?" Jack asked. "Because we really could use another ship to help out with the plan what with all the stirring chaos up in ye' old beehive."

"Let me guess," Jonas began. "Ra's dead?"

"The woman who emerged from the Stargate claims to now be Ra himself, reborn," Teal'c intoned. "Many of the Goa'uld among his staff find it hard to believe given the rumors circling through the ranks and even into the common masses."

"Lemme guess," Vala smirks, "she ate Ra Raw?"

"Pretty much," Jack winces. "So, uh... What's the plan?"

"Well, we still got time before the full meeting is scheduled so, uh," Daniel scratched at his nose. "Right, okay, well, first things first, introductions need to finish." He motioned to the woman with Teal'c. "This is Aset, Teal'c's wife, and-" he motioned to the child in Sam's arms, "Eleanor O'neill." The girl eyed everyone with a bit of awe. "Jack and Sam's kid."

"Ellie for short," Jack said. 

"It is a pleasure to meet you all," Aset nodded. 

"Anyways, so... I was just telling them about my timeline." Daniel says. "Do you guys want to talk about yours or should I...?"

"Sure," Sam says, offering her daughter to Jack, who took her into his arms. "So, where to begin... Right..."

When the first SG-1 failed, it created a splinter timeline.

Things changed. The other Daniel ended up just being a language teacher. I worked as an assistant for some douche bag Aerospace research Doctor in Washington, and Jack... 

"I fished. On my boat. The Homer! In Minnesota."

Right. That. Anyways. We each were approached by the Air Force, and were brought in to Cheyenne Mountain under command of General Hammond to view a video tape they'd recovered in a dig in Giza. Jack... Didn't come along at first.

"I didn't buy it. I just wanted to fish." 

Anyways. From there, well. We watched as this tape of Daniel, and the rest of his SG-1, explained what had happened, and all the major points of his timeline. Except for what happened to the end of the timeline. The camera's battery died at the last minute.

The other Daniel would translate a tablet left behind by this Daniel- or, rather, an alternate of him- that explained that about five years after the team on this tape arrived in the past, there was an uprising. The Ancient Egyptians rebelled against the Sun God Ra, or at least someone they believed to be an imposter. Now apparently, whoever this imposter was, he left in a great flying ship and took the Stargate with him.

Or. Her. Oh My God. What if they ran into THIS scenario there and---?

"Sam. Breathe," Daniel said.

Right. Right. Okay. Right. 

So...Right. Where was I?

Right. The other Daniel hadn't translated where the Second Stargate was buried yet, but we knew the Air Force was going to cut me and him out. So, we brought Jack in on the loop. We told him about everything and...

"Still didn't want in, but it did get me curious. Just a little."

The Air Force showed us the Time Machine after that. Leading the research on it was Doctor Rodney Mckay-

Mitchel snorted. All eyes focused on him for a moment.

"Sorry, just. Found it funny how that worked out," he apologized. "Continue?"

Sam nodded. "Well, there's not much else to say from that point on except that... we figured out how to Dial the Stargate, located it thanks to the seismic activity, and... And then the Air Force cut me and Daniel out. We weren't going to be allowed to go through it at all."

"But that changed," Vala guessed. "Otherwise... you all wouldn't be here, right?"

"That's where I came in," Jack said, transferring Ellie back to Sam.

I was retired before that day. And then, I was Colonel Jack O'neill again.

Major Kawalski was assigned to create the team that went through the Gate, and I couldn't say no to my friend.

Sam and Daniel were on the verge of being escorted out by some very polite Airmen, but Sam managed to sweet talk them into staying on long enough for me to try powering on the Gateship thing.

"Gateship?" Jonas asked.

"Doctor Mckay's name for it." Sam answered.

"Ah. Right," Jonas nodded as Mitchel scoffed again.

I turned it on, and they begged me to let them stay on. So I pulled a few strings. I'll... admit I found Sam to be a very convincing argumentatorialist.

"I don't think that's a word, Jack," Daniel offered.


So, anyways. First mission. Chulak. Reconisance.

We got to use the Gateship because it flies. But we didn't know it cloaked. We got spotted and when we parked the Gateship and went out into the forests to try and find a simple way of getting to city of Chulak...

We got stunbomb'd, and woke up in a cell.

That's where we met Teal'c, and uh, we tried to convince him to help us out, but... Well. Daniel spilled FAR too much info on the first round aaaand. Uh.

He got interrogated by Apophis. Aaaand he got Snake'd. We were allowed to escape, and Teal'c warned us by shooting the other Daniel dead and told us Apophis was sending Ha'taks to Earth to wipe us out.

On our running fight back to the Gateship, we came under fire, and it came down to just me, Sam, and Teal'c. We had to fly for the Gate with the ship. But we weren't going to make it in time, being shot at by Gliders.

So... We jumped back in time, and Gated to Earth from Chulak's unguarded Gate. 

But again, no cloak, and damage we took meant it wouldn't fire off anyways even if we had it. We probably got spotted, but nobody chased us. So... We kept going on.

Landed out of town, and made our way in...

Then, we met Katep, and he took us to Daniel, and that's... about the end of that, I guess?

As Jack offered the table of discussion back to Daniel he seemed about ready to not talk more again.

"They came in just about a few years after my Jack, Sam, and Teal'c died," Daniel said. "That was, uh, about a year ago. We've been planning a new rebellion using the Time Jumper we have in the mean time, but... we had to play it safe and careful. We couldn't do it right away because Ra HAD seen the Jumper exit and sent Jaffa to investigate, and we had to quickly disappear those Jaffa and prevent the Jumper falling into Ra's hands... But because of that, we've had to play it safe the last year. But, well..."

"We are running out of time again," Teal'c says, motioning his free hand towards his stomach. "My Symbiote reaches maturity, and if I do not retrieve a new Symbiote from Ra's brood mother while he is on Earth, I may never survive the fight."

"Okay," Jude suddenly says. "I think I see how this plays out now."

"Jonas?" Mitchel asked, glancing at him.

"It's Egeria," Jude says, eyeing Teal'c. 

"Ooooh," Mitchel's eyes widened. "Right! Shit. I forgot about that!"

"I'm sorry, what?" Daniel asked. "Are you Implying that Teal'c's symbiote is THE Egeria??"

"Who's Egeria?" Jack asked.

"The name is Unfamiliar to me," Teal'c says.

"...I dunno who Egeria is either," Joey began, "but that sounds like an important time loop fact."

"Egeria is the name of the Queen of the Tok'ra," Vala begins. "Literally, their name means 'Against Ra.' They're... They're Symbiotes without the Goa'uldy personality bits. Their whole philosophy is to never take an unwilling host unless forced to. It's all about partnership and equal time between host and symbiote."

"And Egeria, from everything we've learned about this time loop," Jude motions at Teal'c. "Is right there. Waiting for a host."

"By the way, in case anyone has any doubts, our good friend Jolinar's a Tok'ra," Mitchel says, eyeing Daniel.

"Jolinar lived too?" Daniel seems astonished. "Okay, for sure, I'm seriously loving your timeline more than mine."

"So ditching Junior to the sands isn't an option, I take it?" Jack asks, eyeing Teal'c's stomach.

"We'll have to find a host for her," Daniel decides. "A Queen Symbiote is rare... Extremely so. The Goa'uld keep them on lock down and... Shit, Teal'c, it's a good thing you did ditch Apophis when you did. If he found out about this-"

"Indeed," Teal'c rumbles, uncertainty gracing his face. "It would have been bad."

"You do not need to search far for a willing host," Aset says. "If this... Tok'ra. Egeria... Is as you claim she is... I will be willing to take her in."

"My love, are you sure-?" Teal'c begins.

"I have given it much thought before now," Aset said, smiling at him. "Something told me... deep in the back of my mind... It may be a possibility. And knowing what an important role she plays in the future... If your partner is as they say, I will be more than willing to work with her, if you will be our First Prime?"

Teal'c's eyes watered, and he nodded.

Then, they kissed.

"Okay, sweet as that is," Vala says. "Are there ANY other surprises we need to hash out about this time loop before we actually start fixing the plan that's already derailed?"

And so they discussed everything that came to mind.

It was a pretty long and kinda boring conversation.

So let's just skip to the good part.

Chapter Text

GIZA, 2995 B.C.

Hecate had ordered the Time Jumper to be brought over a patrolling pair of Jaffa out of the city limits, and zatted them quickly.

She and Klorel took their armor, and then...

"Well, you three can just go on and do whatever else it was you wanted to do. This is our stop!" And then she and Klorel left to infiltrate Ra's Honor Guard... Now transitioning to become Khepri's Honor Guard.

"This... is okay that we can just... let them go, right?" Sal'tor asked, frowning.

"It's not like we can murder them," Marik growled. "They survived to the future to kidnap us and start this blasted loop anyways."

"SG-1 will be here," Carolyn said, decisively. "If I'm remembering my time loops right, they're here, and so is Colonel Claire's team. We... just have to find them. And work ourselves into the plan. Whatever their plan is."

"Well, how do we go about doing that?" Sal'tor asked.

That's when there was a ping from the Jumper Console, and a text message appeared on screen.

It wasn't written in Ancient, but in English text.

"Carolyn, are you there? -Mitchel"

"...It seems we just merely have to wait for them to message us," Marik said, wittily.

Carolyn immediately focused on sending a reply message- 

"Yes, I'm here. And we have trouble. Where can we talk? -Dr. Lam."

It didn't take long for the Youngest Time Jumper to find the hidden cave where another Time Jumper lay hidden away- battle damaged in the rear- and decloaked on landing.

SG-1 twice over stood by the time machine's exit, and Carolyn ran out of the back of her Jumper to hug those she knew were from her timeline, blabbering on about how scared she was after the Tok'ra's time jacking got time jacked by two surviving Goa'uld wannabe System Lords.

Needless to say, the SG-1 of the future was very much concerned over the fact that those two had surfaced again.

O)<-Stargate Alternia->(O

Hecate forced herself to act as a mere Jaffa as she and Klorel entered the Ha'tak that was Ra's palace fortress. Scantily clad servants of both genders flitted this way and that, and Hecate scowled beneath her helmet.

"Ra sure had a thing for far too much exposed skin among his servants, didn't he?" Klorel muttered in the English dialect that Ba'al had them learn during the build up towards his conquest of Earth, as well as ditching the voice echo for appearances sake.

"What I find more creepy is that Khepri kept the trend going," Hecate answered in turn, likewise ditching the echo. "I thought that was all on her, but no... She kept it going. Was it just to maintain the facade that she was still Ra, I wonder, or was she just that perverted?"

"Considering both she and Ra shared in the delight of eating our kind even before this day," Klorel grimaced beneath his helmet, "I would be more inclined to believe that they were both equally perverted in their choice of servant garb."

"Until I learn more about how she ruled her galaxy, I'm inclined to believe that," Hecate muttered. 

They passed an incineration room, where the former host of Ra was being burned away to preserve causality. Khepri was already trying to cover her tracks, it seemed.

"So, what's the plan here anyways?" Klorel asked. "I've followed you through this because of how absurd this entire situation is, but... what is your Game Plan?"

"Our Lord Ba'al clearly knew of the Tau'ri, and if the future that Carolyn woman was speaking the truth, then Ba'al died during that conquest and the time we came from is likely no longer in existence save from certain perspectives." Hecate mused, allowing a rare frown to grace her lips as she considered the situation. "Which means we are now free agents, of a sort. I'll admit I've been playing it fast and loose... but..."

"But?" Klorel asked.

"It's quite clear to me that time travel is far too prevalent for this section of time and space," Hecate surmised. "Events are happening because they've already happened and will always happen. And so... we simply must endure to a point where our ultimate goal is to evade notice. Entirely. Fake our deaths if we must. We cannot be seen as we learn everything we can about the future as it happens."

"And then?" Klorel asked.

Hecate allowed a burst of worry across her masked face, hidden away by the helmet as it was, and then said, "Beyond setting our own survival into motion? I have no plans yet. Surviving this bygone era is what we need to focus on first."

"So basically, we might as well still be running from the Tau'ri after having our ship stolen," Klorel summarized.

"That's essentially what we're doing, yes," Hecate says. "Khepri will be forced to flee in exile soon. We will just have to survive until that happens, and work our way through the ranks afterwards."

"I suppose we do have a leg up on anyone else," Klorel mused, glancing into another room as he watched a chef drag a symbiote tank for mature specimens to dump into a very different water filled tank, one soon set to be boiling. "As long as we avoid her reading our minds, she shouldn't notice that we replaced two of Ra's random Jaffa."

"Indeed," Hecate hummed in agreement. 

As they walk on, our camera view hesitates with the Symbiote tank room for about half a minute. As the chef finishes loading up the tank full of mature symbiotes, and starts to wheel it out of the room- he fails to notice the rather large Arai Beetle crawling along the ceiling through the open door before he closes it behind him.

The Arai Beetle takes the moment to detach from the ceiling, spreading its wings, and hovering down towards the Symbiote tank.

"Alright," You are now Joey Claire, and you announce to the group, "I've got eyes on the Symbiote tank. I can see a bunch of fresh hatchlings in there, as well as a few more mature ones. Not fully mature, though. I think those just got wheeled out of the room."

"Okay, then," Jude says with a nod, priming a handgun. "As long as that beetle stays in the room, we've got a living map pin."

"Right," you look to Ashler- Vriska, bearer of a Regent Crystal Fragment- and ask her the most important question. "Think you can make us blend in?"

"Yeah," she nods, focusing and....

And you don't feel different, but visually speaking, you watch as the skin on the back of your hand reverts from grey to the bronzed tone it was when you were human. Shit, that's... that's disconcerting. Fuck. You try VERY HARD not to think about your other self. As for the other trolls on your infiltration and recovery team- they all get Egyptian makeovers and seem to look human enough.

It's a disguise, but it's a fragile one. You can literally see how it sort of bends and breaks around the edges where you're looking for them- specifically around the Horns. 

"Stick. Close." Ashler demands. "I'm not sure how far away you can get before I lose cohesion. This is pretty big."

As long as history doesn't remember any other Alternians but Khepri being here, you'll be happiest. But then again... what would it matter if it DID remember more than her? Hell, what would it matter if--? No. Best not go down that route.

"Alright then," you nod. "Team? Let's go heist us a Symbiote."

And thus, your group exits from your hiding place and makes your way towards the Pyramid Ra's Ha'tak is resting on.

Your infiltration team consists of you, Ashler, Cridea, Teal'c, Aset, and Jude, and you're all posing as locals wanting to see the new Ra in person. You'll say one thing about Khepri, she's moving fast to assure people that all she's "done" is change appearances. It'd probably convince the Goa'uld elsewhere in the Galaxy, but right now, Giza isn't buying it one bit.

Still. It's an IN for getting into the Ha'tak.

Good grief, this would've been easier if the other you hadn't- if she'd-- 

This would've been less of a risk if you weren't relying 100% on someone who was very new to mass illusion projections and had a fragment of the Regent Crystal power base lobbed into her skull.

You trust Ashler in as much as her future self trusted the other you. She's helped out so far when she hasn't had to, and you appreciate that. But you don't think she quite believes that you just don't care about whatever crimes she's committed or not committed or whatever. Not yet, at any rate.

Still, you've got a mission to do and you can talk particulars of trust later. 

You lead the group into the Pyramid, and as instructed, Ashler changes the illusion once you're clear security.

For a few precious moments, the real group is invisible, and fakes are moving along in the crowd.

Once you enter a quiet hallway of the Ha'tak, Ashler collapses both illusions and pants for breath. Your hand visibly returns to being gray.

"Glubbing Hell! That's intense!" She huffs.

"We must hurry," Teal'c says. "They are sure to notice our disappearance sooner rather than later."

"Right," you nod. "Follow me."

And you lead the group down the hallways. Cridea glancing around on edge, laser sword in hand, and ready to fight.

"You okay, Re'?" You ask.

"Yeah," she answers. "Just hoping we don't run into a fight before we can escape this place. If we get spotted..."

"Yeah, Khepri's probably going to want start shit if she knows we're here," you grimace.

Hopefully it won't come to that, but if it does... Well... If it comes down to a fight then... Heheh...

"If it comes to that," Jude says, "then we trigger the Revolt a few minutes sooner rather than later."

"What I'm more worried about is this Hecate chick over Khepri," Cridea continues. "Do we kill her, or-?"

"Jude?" You look to your temporally displaced "older" brother.

He shakes his head in the 'i dunno' way. "It never came up before, so I assume we kill her and Klorel and get away with it."

You frown, looking Jude's face over for a moment. You swear he's lying to you somehow but...

Damn it, you can't tell if that's just because he's older, or acting on orders from yourself to not say anything.

Or maybe you're just loosing it to the stress. That's also a possibility.

"Jaffa! Kree! [You two! Over here!]"

Hecate and Klorel stopped in their idle meandering, and turned to look at a Jaffa heading their way- armed with a small accompaniment of Jaffa.

"[Yes?]" Klorel asked. "[What is it?]"

"[Fill out the rear ranks,]" The lead Jaffa ordered. "[We have meandering peasants to collect, one of them wearing the face of someone I personally executed.]"

Hecate bit back the obvious remark about him clearly not doing a good job of it, and fell in line with Klorel.

Your name is Jude Harley, and you're sweating metaphorical bullets here.

Fucking hell. This Hecate situation is a bloody mess. Joey's sure to yell at you when you get back from Giza. You KNOW she gave you a sour, considering look when you saw her shortly after her run in with Klorel-Alexander in D'ni, and the fact that the Klorel that kidnapped Carolyne had her hands cut off from that encounter already meant that there was no way that the Giza situation was in any way happening before that point in time.

Mini and chibi as she may be at the moment, Joey still has her "I can't tell if you're lying" stare down pat. You just lied to her now in the name of a stable time loop.

You're sure YOUR Joey will perfectly understand, but...


You just know you're going to get yelled at. 

Still, nothing much to do about it, you guess. But putting that out of your mind--

"The hallways are fairly quiet," Joey frowns. "Quieter than when I had that Arai go through here. Something's off."

You arrive at the locked room, and Joey opens it from the inside thanks to the Arai Beetle already in the room.

You head inside, and lock the door behind you.

Immediately Teal'c heads towards the Symbiote chamber, and Aset moves with him. You trail behind just by a bit while Joey, Ashler, and Cridea guard the door.

You're going to have to help things along in this tricky situation if things take too long.

Teal'c undoes the armor over his stomach, revealing the Symbiote pouch. Aset kneels down and starts talking to the Symbiote within.

"They say your name is Egeria, that you'll willingly help us in the fights to come..." Aset pauses- then says. "I offer myself to you so that you may walk among us, Tok'ra Queen."

Oh, well there's a whole bundle of messy implications about data and time loops and all kinds of information paradoxes.

The Symbiote emerges from Teal'c stomach pouch, eyes glistening with light... but not a pulse, a steady glow.

The mouth flaps open and close, as if wishing to speak.

Aset opens her mouth and closes her eyes, and Egeria leaps forth.

As that transition happens, you swipe your arm into the Symbiote tank, grab a youngling and deliver it in turn to Teal'c's stomach.

The transfer is over in a matter of moments- and then there's knocking at the the door.

Pounding- "KREE! JAFFA!"- Oh, there's familiar shouting. 

"Teal'c? Aset?" You ask.

"Give me a moment," Teal'c says. "My strength returns..."

Aset then speaks- "We are fine. Both Adjusting." No voice echo is a good sign you got it right after all.

"Joey?" You turn to your sister.

"Didn't even have to ask," she answers, igniting her classic blue laser sword. "Ashler, cloak us for a moment!"

Ashler nods- and then there's a flicker, and you can't see anyone or even yourself. That's disturbing.

"Cridea, now!"

There's another snap hiss and the door opens.

You hold your Breath as the Jaffa standing on the other side gaze into the room in surprise.

"What the-?" He doesn't get a chance to react further because Joey leaps into action with a decisive sword stab through the Jaffa's chest and then--

Holy shit she moves. She moves fast with glowing wings and then Cridea's moving through the rest of the Jaffa in the hallway with a green blade and there's screaming out in the hallway and-

You rush towards the doorway and glance outside to see a running trail of carnage leading both ways down the hallway.

Alarms begin to sound, and you take to your radio- "Egeria's Secure but we alerted the Guards. GO NOW!"

"M-My Lord, Ra??"

Khepri snapped her head over her shoulder with an annoyed gaze at the Jaffa who dared enter her new private chambers. She made her eyes flash with that new trick she absorbed off the Snake and used the voice trick- "Yes? What is it?"

"There... there are insurgents massacring our security forces in the hallway- they were raiding the Symbiote chamber."

Khepri snarled. "Massacring How? With WHAT?"

"With... Uh.... Swords made of Blue and Green Light."


You are once more Joey Claire, and you work off some bloody rage on these Jaffa working for RA.

You've got a bit of a temper right now, towards Khepri and all of the whole SHIT SHOW that came with fighting Doc Scratch and- GOD. JUST- GAAAAAAAAH!

You have a lot of repressed issues that are un-repressing themselves right now and it kinda feels good to just rage and let it out against a temporally acceptable target.

The more Jaffa you stop here and now, the better it'll be for the Rebellion that's sure to be starting right now and- 

A small part of you wants to just say:

'Stop. Lets just stop that nonsense right there.' Say that you're not stopping these Jaffa. You're wholesale slaughtering them with an out of context weapon. Nothing they have against you can stop you.

Purple Flames lick around your body and around your eyes and you tear through these Jaffa like nothing else.

Your sword cuts through their armor and weapons with ease.

But... you're not really killing them all personally?? Like. Uh. You're pretty sure you're only fatally wounding one in out of every five- er- make that three? 

Okay, this is getting to be a dangerous subject to think about.

What's a safer subject?

Oh- this is a nice dining room you wound up in-- and oh, is that a blood stain on the floor? Gross!

Okay, not so nice of a dining room after all- you slash off a Jaffa's staff at the head and follow it through with a strike to the knees.

There are only two left- cowering in the corner.

You should probably let them--

Their helmets retract.

"So- you came after us after all," the spitting image of Sha're says with a flash of Goa'uld eyes and voice modulation. Hecate.

"So much for any assumed temporal immunity on our part," says a Goa'ulded Skaara. Klorel.

The flames around you turn red with rage, and you roar as you throw yourself against those two not for the reason that they're Time Traveling Goa'uld- and OH. TIME TRAVEL. Are you REALLY Starting to get SICK of TIME TRAVEL!- but because Klorel there provides a perfectly acceptable target for you to let out some rage against SKAARA.

How DARE that boy abandon his niece like he did! Daniel got Snaked! That's PERFECTLY understandable. But SKAARA!? Turning away the opportunity to raise FAMILY!? TO NOT TAKE CARE OF HIS SISTERS ONLY CHILD!?!?!?!?!?!




You cross the room faster than Klorel can fumble for his staff weapon's trigger.

Hecate dodges to the side away from your trajectory. That's fine. You'll GET To HER in JUST a MINUTE.

You roar- slash slice slash slice- and wind up with Klorel on his knees, sans arms just below his shoulders, and a glowing green plasma blade pointed at his throat.

"This is for JADE you fucking Bastard!!"

And then you slice his head clean off- no idea if you got the Symbiote or not, you'll check the body later after you've dealt with Hecate.

It would not occur to Joey until after her second encounter with Klorel that she had very unintentionally replicated this scene in a cinematic parallel. And that she would also realize that No, she did NOT get the Symbiote.

Your name is Cridea Seawav, and you're escorting Teal'c, Jude, and Aset/Egeria out of the Ha'tak before it goes into full lock down with a full gauntlet of quick, cheap, and dirty debilitating sword slices against anyone who gets in your way.

You're not in this battle to play it nice and easy- you know how to be ruthless when you have to be.

You just hope that Joey's not getting in over her head- and that if she is, that Ashler can keep her from going over the edge and LOSING her head. That'd be pretty bad.

Your name is Ashler Dering, and you arrive in the open air exposed dining hall just in time to witness a head hit the floor, and Joey Claire, coated in a crimson aura of bloody red flames, turning towards a woman in Jaffa Armor who's unsteadily pointing a staff weapon at Joey.

"Woah!" You yell. "What the hell happened here!?"

"Ashler- not the time!" Joey Claire doesn't even take her eyes off of the woman with a weapon pointing at her.

"Yes, Ashler," the woman speaks with a Goa'uld's voice- so... Not jaffa? Who cares. "This is definitely not the time or place."

"Well, I dunno," you say, wincing as an explosion sounds from outside. "I'm pretty sure this IS the time and place that we're having this conversation unless that boom just now was a time machine warping us all a thousand years in a random direction."

Another explosion- you see more than hear a Death Glider crashing into something in the distance and exploding. You hear the sound of a P-90 firing off, as well as some distant music playing. Wow. Music, really? Well, you can't blame 'em for showing off.

Yeah, it sounds and looks like the Rebellion is happening now, alright.

Wait. Why haven't you heard anything from your radio? Doesn't matter just yet.

"You realize this is the wrong direction, right?" You offer. "We gotta get out of here before Khepri finds us."

"Fuck Khepri!!" Claire snaps. "If she shows up, fuck her and fuck the time loops! I don't give a shit anymore! I just want this all OVER with!"

"Well, that's a dangerous attitude to have," the Goa'uld starts-

"OH SHUT UP, HECATE!" Claire glares at her- voice echoing loudly and the crimson flames flickering briefly with blue.

"Shutting up," Hecate wisely closes her mouth.

"You... can't seriously be saying that, are you?" you ask. "All of the shit that's happened and hasn't yet happened... and... you're seriously thinking of upending it all?"

"I just watched another me DIE to maintain this stupid fucking time loop, Ashler!" Claire answers. "I watched her KILL HERSELF AND I FUCKING HATE IT!" The aura flares brighter- flickering orange and yellow- and then slightly blue again.

You get a hue of green in there too.

Shit. What the fuck is even going on with her powers right now!?

"I hate all of this!" Claire continues on, hissing. "I- I fucking hate how every damn move of my life from here until GOD KNOWS WHEN is mapped out because of DESTINY and FUCK! I literally went from being the older sister to the younger sister today because my STUPID LITTLE BROTHER WENT AND GREW UP WHEN I WASN'T LOOKING!" 

The sword wavers a little- you see some tears brimming in her eyes.

The only thing that's keeping Hecate and Claire from trying to kill each other right now is you.

"What about his daughter?" You ask. "I... I saw those photos too, you know. Over your shoulder a bit? You'd seriously just upend everything and risk her not existing?"

"Maybe it'd be kinder," Claire answers. "Maybe it'd be kinder to not fucking have to live in this goddamned timeline. We kill Khepri now, she doesn't make my Pa or aunt Jane. Me and Jude don't get born- maybe Jade won't be either and then she won't have to go through a life where her fucking mother DIED and her brother ABANDONED her and- and---!!!"

She sniffs.

Hecate's fingers twitch.

You ACT with an ILLUSION before the intended act is finished.

PCHOOO!!! Goes the Staff weapon- it fires slightly (okay, VERY) wide to the side.

VRRRRM-SWISH!!! Joey Claire leaps across the distance and slashes upwards- but she, too misses the mark ever so slightly.

"YAGH!" Hecate yells out as the laser sword gashes across her face rather than from her stomach to chest.

She falls to the floor- dead or not you don't care. 

Claire stands over the body either way, huffing, glaring down at the woman. 

"And Sha're... Sha're never got a fucking chance. Maybe if I end things now... she won't wind up like this. She won't... She won't..."

Her laser sword shuts off, and the flame aura fades to blue, settling down to a light dusting of flames across her body rather than the inferno it was before.

"What. A. MESS."

And then in walks ol' Condy herself- Khepri- Ra- Whatever the fuck her name is- with the fancy echoing voice. She must really love that thing. New toy and all- wait.

No. That's not the thought you should be thinking.


She's pissed off.

Double Shit!!

...She's also grinning like a PISSED OFF MONSTER who just WON A GAME OF CHANCE.

Triple Shit!!!

"Khepri!" Claire ignited her sword again- aura flaring red- and pointed it at the empress. "Give me one good reason I shouldn't cut you into tiny pieces and throw them into an opening Stargate RIGHT NOW!!"

"Oh, that's Exactly what I'm doing." Khepri laughed as the entire building began to tremble.

Quadruple Shit!!!!

"You see, I had this fancy ship- a Ha'tak I believe it's called- set to take off into low orbit so I can start bombing all of you to oblivion!" Khepri begins- she makes her eyes pulse.

Shit to the Fifth!!!!!

"So, you've got a choice, whoever the fuck you are, girl," Khepri says. "Stay here and on the off chance you do off me and stuff me in some tuna can, you lose the ENTIRE PLANET and then get shot off into the unknown so you can never survive. Orr..." 

Shit Sixth'd!!!!!!

She motioned at the window to the outside world. "You can leave my Ship RIGHT. NOW. And I'll leave this planet alone save for a mild bombing run of Giza here. Take it or leave it."

Claire snarls- her aura flashing between red and green and blue and purple and yellow and-

Seven Shits Ascending, what the fuck do you do about this??????? 

Okay, fuck it. You're just going to have to give a FLYING FUCK AND GET OUT OF DODGE!!!!!!!!

You really hate how you're being the reasonable one here right now, by the way.

Time Rewinds backwards by several minutes- zipty zipity vrrrrrooooop rewindy effects- and we change perspectives in the process.

You are now TRIZZA TETHIS, and you're about to fucking steal back a time machine.

Oh, sure, you've got TWO copies of the thing already, but timeline stability demands a third.

Ra had the first time ship impounded in a fucking Impound yard outside of the 'city.' It's mainly just a yard for Death Gliders to be built and maintained, but there's a small section for 'illegal items.'

Such as a mysteriously invisible ship lying inside of a marked line, and lightly covered in sand to make sure it's still visible at all times.

Baizli kneels next to you, readying a "P-90." Of the two of you, you're pretty sure you're both immortal, but it's not something you're keen to test unless it absolutely comes down to it.

Mitchel, Mallek, Callie, and Mordred kneel a bit further back, away and out of sight.

Apparently Mordred has the Gene whatever that lets him fly Ancient tech- whether that's natural or 'gifted' is left intentionally up in the air because that Vala chick thought it'd be funny to play it coy. It doesn't matter either way. He proved he can fly the other ships already, so he can fly this one out of harms way too.

Gotta prevent Khepri from taking the damned Stargate with her when she goes.

And then your radio buzzes- "Egeria's Secure but we alerted the Guards. GO NOW!"

Wait one. Wait two. Wait three--


The Radio buzzes again, and O'neill reports: "Strafe Run is a Go!" 

Then Vala: "Temple Run is a Go!"

Gliders start taking to the air as explosions rock distantly in the city- thinning out the amount of people you have to fight through. Mitchel radios: "Gliders departing."

Once it's clear that nobody else is leaving and everyone that will leave has left...

Carolyn speaks:  "Stargate Active and Cloaked."

You and Baizli charge the remaining Jaffa guarding the glider lot as the nearly indestructible behemoths of death dealing non receiving that you are.

You fire off a staff weapon- and Baizli fires off the P-90.

Jaffa start going down easy and quick--

And then one of them gets off a lucky shot that hist Baizli. You don't worry about her and just blast that Jaffa dead.

That's when the others exit cover and lay down suppressing fire.

Once the brief skirmish is over, you check on Baizli and see a staff blast to the shoulder healing up.

"Ow," she groans. "That fucking hurt."

"Next time block it with something!" You advise her. "Like that gun of yours!"

"Yeah yeah, sure thing, like I'm ever getting shot TWICE," Baizli grumbles.

You head through the yard lot, reach the jumper, and with the click of a remote- the cloak deactivates and the time ship reveals itself.

The ramp lowers, and you head inside.

"Okay, Mordred, power it up while we check the internal systems for damage," Callie orders.

"On it!" Mordred heads to the front. You take cover position with Baizli at the back of the ramp, just waiting to see if reinforcements show up.

You hear power fluctuating through the Jumper, then-- a spark.

"Shit!" Mallek yelps. 

"Keep it down!" Mitchel warns. 

After a few tense moments of the sounds of fighting coming from outside, you see them- a small squad of Jaffa heading your way.

"We got company!" You warn.

"Just a minute..." Callie answers.

There's a spark- and then SHE Yelps this time.

The Jaffa double time it, opening their staff weapons and taking aim-


Blasts fly out and you return fire.


Baizli throws herself wide for a moment and uses her P-90 as a shield for a staff blast- taking the hit for someone else.

The weapon miraculously absorbs the blast and all thats imparted is a little kinetic force that makes the girl stumble backwards.

"Fucking hell that was close!" Mallek yelps- you guess he almost got shot there.

"GOT IT!" The Jumper lights up, and the Jumper rises into the air.

You fire off some return shots and climb onto the ramp before the whole thing gets out of your jumping range.

"Raising Ramp and Triggering Shields!" Callie yells.

"What shields!?" Baizli asks. "I thought these things didn't have any!"

"They do now!!" Callie answers- and you hear a whining keen before the staff blasts hit solid air--

Then the ramp's closed and you don't see any more. But you sure hear it.

"Mordred, take out the rest of those gliders, then take us to the fight!" Mitchel orders.

"On it!" Mordred answers, and you hear Drone fire from the Jumper, followed by explosions from the ground.

Then, you radio, "This is Jumper One, inbound from glider yard."

Zipppty Zippty, rewindy rewind!!

You are now Jonas Quinn- and you're standing by Daniel's side as your group waits for the signal.

"So... An Alternate Sha're from a doomed version of your timeline, thanks to Ba'al, is out there somewhere," Daniel suddenly mutters, "and she's possessed by a Goa'uld. History has to be taunting me somehow."

"Well, you got snaked in our time line," you say, "and Sha're died in child birth, so..."

"Yeah, the appeal of your timeline is starting to wear off," Daniel grimaces. "Atleast tell me you got the snake out of me without killing me?"

"You've been alive and working in Atlantis since the project started," you tell him.

"Well, at least there's that," Daniel sighs.

"Yeah, there's not a lot of that situation that's ideal," you say. "Honestly, some of us are still quietly pissed at Skaara for not taking more of an active role in raising Jade, but..."

"And to think there's a perfectly acceptable Goa'uld'ed target out there for some people to take revenge on," Daniel adds.

"...You don't think Joey'll go rouge and go after them, do you?" You ask.

"I don't know her well enough to say, given we only just met today," Daniel answered.

"Fair enough." you muse.

"I notice you guys say that alot," Daniel observes.

"What?" You ask.

"Fair Enough. You all from this future alternate timeline say that a lot," Daniel says.

"You know, you're not the first person to observe that," you say.

"Really, now?" Daniel asks.

"I mean, I guess you could say our timeline's the Fair Enough timeline," you offer. "It's fair, and trying, but it's only just fair enough to pull out victories."

"Now you're just talking crazy," Daniel smirks.

"I don't know what you're talking about," you answer.

"Come on, Jonas, you seriously don't think my timeline didn't go anywhere remotely similar to yours?" He asks. "It sounds like there were some major changes, but enough's been the same from what I understand.

"I honestly try not to give it much thought," you answer. "Time travel's hard enough when it's just one timeline."

"...You know what, that's fair enough," Daniel answers.

You laugh.

Then, the Radio buzzes: "Egeria's Secure but we alerted the Guards. GO NOW!"

You hear an explosion not a few moments later, and then there's more radio chatter:

"Strafe Run is a Go!" 

"Temple Run is a Go!"

"Gliders departing."

"Stargate Active and Cloaked."

"I think that's our cue?" you offer.

"Yeah, that's our cue," Daniel nods. He then turns towards the gathered army forces and yells, in Egyptian, "[Now is the time! We Rise like the Sun and depose the false god Ra!!!]"

The roar of thousands of people rises into the air, even as the opening beats of some strange musical melody starts distantly playing from every Goa'uld installed loudspeaker.

"Egeria's Secure but we alerted the Guards. GO NOW!"

You are Vala Mal Doran, and you give the nod to the small group of you pretending to be merchants wheeling in a cart of offerings.

The plan begins by you decaptchaloging everything stored on one card into everyone's hands.

The Jaffa guarding the Temple of Ra never see the magic trick coming, because they get gunned down via Staff Blasts moments later.

"Strafe Run is a Go!" The radio buzzes, and you return with:

"Temple Run is a Go!"

There's but a few moment's of pause before you hear the whining keen of Glider engines.

"Gliders departing."

"Stargate Active and Cloaked."

They soar over head, but not towards you, oh, no, they're heading to the place that just got directly bombed.

"[Secure the Temple Treasures!]" you yell out.

"Egeria's Secure but we alerted the Guards. GO NOW!"

"That's our cue!" you are Jack O'neill, and you decloak what's ostensibly the Third Time Jumper, and begin firing a drone run on one of Ra's central force encampments.

They're exploding and calling for reinforcements by the time you successfully recloak and begin racing for the next location.

You radio in turn, "Strafe Run is a Go!"

"Temple Run is a Go!"

You spot the Gliders taking off and heading your way before you get the radio reply of "Gliders departing."

Yeah, you see 'em.

You decloak and unleash a quick short bursts of Drone Fire.

The closest gliders try to dodge, but find they're being smart-tracked. A few others are too slow and get blown the hell up. Another glider gets clipped by a chasing drone and collides in a spiraling fall towards the ground.

Oh, you could get USED to this.

You are once again Carolyn Lam, and you breathe very slowly as you maneuver the Second of the three Time Jumpers into position, cloaked above the Giza Stargate.

"And you're sure this will let us transmit through the city's speakers for the announcement?" Xefros is asking in the back.

"Yes, Ra's security was not as tight in these days," Sal'tor says. "We can easily transmit once we're ready to begin."

"Sweet," Dammek says, and then there's a twinge of synthetic drum beats.

You glance back into the rear of the Jumper. Dammek's got a lap-sized keyboard resting ontop of the time drive, and Xefros has a guitar in arm. Why they brought portable music equipment with them is beyond you, but- Kids will be kids, you guess.

"Egeria's Secure but we alerted the Guards. GO NOW!"

While in the back, they prepare, you punch in the Gate Address for Abydos.

"Strafe Run is a Go!" 

"Temple Run is a Go!"

WAAA WAA! KAWOOOSH! The Stargate activates beneath you, and then you extend the Jumper's cloak over the Gate itself.

"Gliders departing."

"Stargate Active and Cloaked," you report.

And then Xefros strums his guitar, and you glance back to see him grinning.

"Transmission Database... Jammed."

> [S] Database

"[Soooo....]" A Jaffa guard began as he and his fellow guard stared out into the desert. "[Why exactly did Lord Ra order us to stand guard and stare at a desert for a few hours?]"

"[Beats me,]" the other Jaffa answered. The sun gleamed brightly off of the beak of his bird helmet. "[It's not like he didn't just take over that weird lady's body or something and needed to secure the perimeter incase another System Lord decides to take advantage of the potential weakness.]"

"[Eh?]" The first Jaffa turned- his bird like helmet head's animatronic feathers adjusting in surprise. "[But what the hell are we supposed to do if that happens?]"

"[I Dunno. Sound the alarm?]" The Second Jaffa answered with a shrug.

There was a distant explosion.

"[Uh- should we-]" 

"[Not our problem.]"

Death Gliders took off and flew over head.

"[They're scrambling the Gliders, man!]"

"[Still not our problem!]" The first said, readying his staff. "[Our Job is to stand here and watch this horizon for any hostiles!]"

"[It's the middle of the desert and clearly if-]"

That's when the music began to play out of the nearest radio device.

"[...Uh, what's that?]"

"[Oh by Anubis' skeletal muzzle-]"

Shadows began to rise over a distant sand dune- making their way closer and closer- hard to see due to the heat shimmers.

"[That? That's what we're supposed to be reporting right?]" The first asked.

"[Yeah it is,]" The second went to the radio, but tuned in right as Xefros' voice began to sing out with the music...

["Counteraction Rising-] 

The shadows grew close enough through the distant sand swirls to become visible as to what they were.

["Yeah we are ready for the Punchline!]

It was an army of near thousands, charging towards the Giza Settlement with a determined roar.

["There's no use with all your gimmicks!]

The two Jaffa readied their weapons-


And then a Puddle Jumper soared over head from the Glider Yard and flew off into the settlement.

["Log in you Damned ones, Crust the Want To Compromise!]

The two Jaffa were blown over from the shock wave of how fast the Jumper was moving- hitting the ground and tumbling head over heels.

["The Noise comes, we are Ready to Bow!]

Then the REBELLION roared past them and into Giza proper.

["What about the Antidote for the Jammed and Hypnotized?]

Cridea's group blew their way out of an opening in the Ha'tak's side from a small distance up, and leaped out of it- 

["Rend the Lie that covers- Who's the Real Sucker Now!?]

They landed as a group on a large tent structure that had conveniently (Read, intentionally) been placed for such a catching maneuver.

["Just like a flower blooming in a fight-"] Xefros sang on from within the Jumper while strumming along to his guitar.

["We will embrace this pain with all our might-]

Dammek cracked a grin, and swapped his normal shades for something far more star shaped and spikier.

["Leaving our Broken City left Behind-]

Vala's group breached the Temple of Ra's walls, and the Jaffa within were without orders as their radio frequencies were jammed with music.

["Ignoring all the doubts inside our minds-]

O'neill's jumper spun through the air- avoiding Glider blasts- and traded fire in turn, knocking more Gliders out of the air.

["Let out a voice we know will not return-]

From the coordination station in the base of operations, Cassandra smiled as she directed movements all around.

["We Say "Woah Woah Woah Woah!"]

Xefros took a brief pause at the end of the line to toss on Dammek's normal sunglasses.

["Database, Database, Just living in the Database, Woah-oh!]

Teal'c took command over a fighting force near Ra's temple as Jude and Cridea escorted Aset/Egeria away from the battle to a secure location.

["The wall of pure fiction's cracking in my head-]

Mordred flew his group's jumper into the ongoing Glider fight-

["And the addiction of my world still spreads-]

-Blasting away more Gliders with ease, and moving on towards whatever else got in the way.

["In the Database, Database, I'm Struggling in the Database, Woah-oh!]

Jonas and Daniel gave orders to their respective groups as they pushed onward towards other important areas controlled by Ra's Jaffa.

["It doesn't even matter if there is no hope-]

On her way from her personal quarters, Khepri glanced out a window, and snarled at all the fighting.

["As the madness of the system grows!]

She changed course to the control room and ordered the ha'tak to take to the air.

["Crack in the KEY for the REAL CLUE!"] Xefros sang-rapped on. 

["Mass Redemption reigning on, but we know we've been longing for this!]

Vala's forces burst into the treasury room of Ra's temple.

["Cut it out; the Plot that Deceived you!]

Several gliders exploded- and the two Time Jumpers blew through the explosions dramatically.

["Drop the Rebel Sound,]

Teal'c's group forced several Jaffa to surrender.

["Shut the System Down,]

Daniel's group likewise took over a control station that was fighting to take back the airwaves.

["Reveal what we have not found!]

Jonas's group came upon a group of Jaffa that were about to attack Jude, Cridea, and Aset's escape into a hidden tunnel and-

["If we are torn apart before we're free-]

The Jaffa went down quickly, before they could fire.

["Imagination or Reality-]

Cassie smiled in relief at Sam as Jonas' report came in.

["Then it will only fuel the will to fight-]

The Ha'tak's outer armor plating began to retract as lightning zipped across its armored surface.

["Within the ruins that are in our sight!"] Xefros pointed dramatically out the window at the Ha'tak in question, not that most people would see it.

["Get damn all from big air heads! Yeah you get damn all from big air heads!]

The fighting stalled on all sides as the Ha'tak Engine's roar howled through the air, and it was definitely taking off from the Great Pyramid of Giza.

["We light the fire that is deep down inside us 'til our worlds begin to combine!]

Khepri snarled as she made her way towards the dining hall where ship sensors reported one of the intruders was still present.

["Database, Database, Just living in the Database, Woah-oh!]

Carolyn decloaked her Jumper as this part of the plan was in motion, and unfolded the weapon trays to dissuade attackers- then took off.

["The wall of pure fiction's cracking in my head-]

The Gliders were dispatched finally, and O'neill and Mordred directed their Jumpers to fly towards the Ha'tak.

["And the addiction of my world still spreads-]

Khepri burst into the dining hall just in time to watch one of those damnable exiling teens slash open the face of a random Jaffa woman.

["In the Database, Database, I'm Struggling in the Database, Woah-oh!]

Joey Claire and Ashler Dering turned when Khepri spoke- silently to us in this revisit of events- and delivered her ultimatum.

["It doesn't even matter if there is no hope-]

The Ha'tak hovered firmly in the sky over Giza, and its weapons arrays began to charge up dramatically.

["Just Say "Woah Woah Woah Woah!"]

Caroyln's Jumper rocketed forwards towards the Ha'tak's Dining room window at Cassie's sudden request.

"HEY! Wait a minute!" Dammek interjected- pausing the music for a moment.

"What?" Xefros asked.

"THE DATA'S ALL GONE!" Dammek roared, and then they resumed with their Rockin Guitar and Drumming duet.

Ashler made the decision for Joey, rushing forwards, grabbing her by her free hand, and throwing the both of them out of the open Ha'tak window onto its side.

They slid down along the side of the Ha'tak, aiming to leap off of the bottom edge.

Ashler navigated, leaning left and right across various obstacles- her shoes flaring up with sparks as she provided the leading edge in her and Joey's race for the bottom.

And then they flew off the end of the Ha'tak's flaring out edge.

Their trajectory took them through the air on a curving arc, and Claire screamed at what was sure to be a near death crash- forgetting that she had wings in that moment-


And then they landed on the rear ramp of a Jumper that had maneuvored itself into position at the last moment.

Joey glanced inside, and saw Xefros and Dammek glancing back at her with warm smiles.

They stepped into the back of the Jumper and Marik raised the ramp again.

With his teammates secure, Xefros began the next verse:

["Look's like there's something going wrong on our calculator-]

Khepri stormed into the control room of the Ha'tak, and gazed at the trio of unfamiliar ships flying into formation, standing between her and Giza.

["Right before it disappears, the data's going haywire!]

Then- they opened fire before Khepri could order Giza be bombed.

["Got a problem? Then instead of just the database-]

The Ha'tak's shields flared with massive explosions from the weakest and oldest of the drones, and were outright punctured in other places by newer drones.

["Then go get started polishing our Operation base!]

The Ha'tak's bridge flared with sparks as the weapons systems were taken out of commission.

["No. No, No, Noo... (No. No, No, Noo...)]

Khepri, in that moment, genuinely feared for her life, and ordered a retreat.

["Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeaah! (Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeaah!)]

And thus the Ha'tak began to turn tail and run for the upper atmosphere.

["Get damn all from big air heads! Yeah you get damn all from big air heads!]

The trio of Jumpers followed- taking pot shots every now and then that smashed against the shields- making them flare up brightly.

["Get damn all from big air heads! Yeah you get damn all from big air heads!]

Eventually, though, the Ha'tak took itself out of their weapon's range fast enough and opened, and escaped through a Hyperspace window.

["Database, Database, Just living in the Database, Woah-oh!]

The people of Giza cheered in celebration as the remnants of Ra's Jaffa forces left behind knelt in surrender.

["The wall of pure fiction's cracking in my head-]

Vala laughed brightly as she threw herself into a pile of gold coins and treasure.

["And the addiction of my world still spreads-]

Teal'c smiled as he stared at the visual effects fading away from earth's upper atmosphere.

["In the Database, Database, I'm Struggling in the Database, Woah-oh!]

Daniel congratulated his people on achieving their freedom, and Jonas just knelt down on the ground and started laughing.

["It doesn't even matter if there is no hope-]

Mordred glanced back at everyone in his Jumper as they cheered in celebration.

["As the madness of the system grows!]

O'neill slumped back in his chair in relief.

["Database, Database, Just living in the Database~!"] Xefros sang on as they wrapped up the song.  He glanced over at Joey, and grinned. 

["Database, Database,]

She stared back at Xefros for a moment...

["Just Say "Woah Woah Woah Woah!""]

Then, she grinned back at him and gave a thumbs up.

That night, as the sun set upon Giza, bonfires burned as many signs of Goa'uld occupation were burned away. 

Loud and boisterous music played on, one of which seemed to be a celebratory tune whose melody would strike familiar to the reader's ears as an Instrumental version of Bye Bye Babylon. 

Aset and Teal'c sat arm in arm next to eachother as Xefros stood proud and tall next to Dammek- still wearing the red star shades- and Callie- wearing Dammek's sunglasses for the fun of it, while he continued to boast on to the gathered children who wanted to hear all about his many epic battles.

Before he could get too far along that track, though, Baizli grabbed him by the arm and dragged him off towards an unoccupied tent, much to everyone's laughter, and Xefros' confusion for the moment.

Joey shook her head as Xefros sent her a pleading look, and shouted to him, "You're on your own, Cassanova!" at him.

Joey leaned back in her seat as the people physically closest around her- Jude, Cassie, Ashler, and Cridea- laughed at her remark. 

"Gee," Cassie sarcastically remarked, "I wonder how Tonight's going to turn out for them?"

"Best just to let it play out," Jude replied, smiling a knowing smile.

Cridea shook her head at the exchange and chugged back a small clay mug of Egyptian alcohol. 

Jack and Sam sat a bit further away, chatting with Jonas as he held their daughter in arm with a warm smile on his face. 

Mitchel and Mordred returned from one of the tent stalls that had been converted into a quick and dirty kitchen to provide food for everyone in the wake of celebration that followed- arms laiden with plates of food for everyone to enjoy.

Mallek was over by the Stargate DHD, climbed up deep inside doing something to it that was sure to keep the Goa'uld from dialing back in any time soon.

Off in the distance, one could see Daniel standing on a torn off Glider Wing, and gazing out into the distance as the moon began to rise like some kind of Star Wars protagonist. 

He wasn't alone for long, though, as Marik and Sal'tor of the Tok'ra approached him to discuss something.

Tonight was a night for celebration...

You are now Trizza Tethis, and you sit ontop of another piece of burnt up- Glider Wreck, watching it all, and feeling very much like an outsider to it all.

"Well, isn't this a fun little shindig?" Vala asked, suddenly sitting down next to you. A rattle of metal makes you take her in.

She's decked out from head to toe in shiny golden bits of jewlery and such. She's not the only one, mind you. Just about everyone in her group who raided Ra's treasury is decked out in the stuff too.

"Ah, yeah, I guess it is," you answer, eyeing her. "That's a heck of a lot of gold bling on ya, thief."

"They let me wear it tonight as long as I make sure to give it all back by morning," Vala says with a grin. "Fun fact. We found another box full of ZPMs hidden among Ra's treasure. Not just the one SG-1 was after in the first place."

"Well, that's just about useless, isn't it?" you ask.

"Pretty much!" Vala agreed. 

You purse your lips. "Soooo.... Do you know who I am in the future?"

"Hmm..." Vala looks you over. "I think..." She trails off. "Not a clue. I honestly and truthfully have no clue. I don't think we've actually met in the 'future.' Like. I think I've heard your name but... Uh... Truth be told? I've had more pressing matters than whatever you wound up involved in."

"Yeah, it was worth a shot," you shrug in response.

Your name is Xefros Tritoh, and you stare unsteadily at Baizli as she ensures that the tent's entrance is sealed tight. 

"Sooo..." You begin, awkwardly.

"Okay, look, I'm just going to come right out and say this," Baizli begins, glaring at you in a certain way that... you're pretty sure is meant to be Pitched. "I... Am admitting. That I have a small problem with you."

"Small, huh?"  You ask.

"Yeah," she answers, cheeks darkening.

"And what's that?" you ask.

"You sing way too good and it makes me pissed off!" 

...That old Cliche!? 


You can't help but laugh- out of sheer disbelief. Is that it!? You Sing Too Good!? 

"Quit laughing! Your stupid laugh is too cute for you! It doesn't match at all!!" Baizli continues. "All- all--! Big and muscly and-- AND YOU CHOOSE TO BE A MUSICIAN!? NO! That's not right! That's stupid! That's dumb!! I shouldn't be fucking attracted to that kind of fucking paradox!!"

You can't help but laugh more- not even out of trying to exasperate her because- WOW. She's actually kind of hot when she's pissed off- for a former Clown, you mean. 

Oh, good grief. Do you actually Hate-Like her too? She's... definitely flirting Pitch so-- is that really what you're feeling here?? 

This is all so cliche that you have no idea if she's being serious here or not. Like. What the hell do you do now?? And you can't stop laughing. Oh shit, what if you suffocate because you can't stop? You try to stop laughing but everything she keeps saying just kicks your metaphorical funny bone to the point of breaking. 

"And you're way too tall too! I should be the tall one! I was born centuries before you were!! But NOOO! Time Travel had to get me squashed beneath a runaway ferris wheel and stuck in a Soul Gem and then stuck inside Trizza's skull and then when I get a body of my own there's YOU and you're all- all! SO STUPID AND TALL AND WHY ARE YOU STILL LAUGHING!?? THAT LAUGH PISSES ME OFF BECAUSE OF HOW CUTE IT EVEN IS--! GAAAAH!!"

And then she throws herself at you and-- oof, you hit the ground because she's got a lot of force behind that.

...Well, alright, that's one way to get you to stop laughing. Limit reached, you guess.

"Alright. Sorry." you say.

"Don't apologize!" She says in a tone of voice that is... honestly kind of telling you the opposite? Bluh, this is starting to get confusing. "That just pisses me off more! You shouldn't be apologizing to me! God! This isn't how I wanted things to go! Stop flustering me! I'm way off script now." She pouts, going quiet and...

It may be because she literally just somehow threw you off your feet onto the ground, it may be because how she's clinging to you...

But yeah. Damn it. You're definitely feeling a rush of pitched attraction towards her right now. You're falling firmly into the SPADES QUADRANT HERE. Hoo.

"Sorry," you offer again. "You were saying?"

"NNnnnghhh..." She squints her eyes shut and-- SO. FUCKING. CUTE. DAMN IT.

"You know you're really cute when you're upset, right?"

"NNNoooo! Stoppit!!" She kisses you- then abruptly pulls away as if physically touching you scalded her. "Shit! Sorry! I shouldn't have done that! I Just- NAAAAH! STOPPIT! Stop making me so flustered! I don't like this! I really don't!!"

"Well, you could get off of me then and we could never speak again about tonight ever again," you offer. If you're making her that uncomfortable, you sure hope you're really not misreading all of this sudden attention she's giving you. "You don't have to ever look at or speak to me again once we get back to the future." You try to sit up--

"NO! I don't want that either!" She snaps- legs squeezing tighter around your waist and then uses her hands to push you back to the ground. O-kayyyy. You are NOT getting back up onto your feet any time soon.

Baizli Soleli, everyone. Which is really, uh, just you and her, at the moment.

"Okay, then. Serious talk time with nothing else implied," You state, trying to calm your mind and heart down as best as you can. "What are we doing here then?" You ask.

"I..." She hesitates. "I just... fuck. I'm so out of place with everything now I don't know where I stand with anybody or anything and..." She takes a deep breath, trying to calm herself down. "I'm a stupid fish out of water and I don't know what I'm doing. I kept thinking you were flirting with me earlier and- shit- I don't know if you were getting my signals in reply or if I was misreading everything and--- And--- UGH!" She puts her hands into her hair and grips tightly, eyes wrenching shut. "I hate this! I don't know what you want from me or if I even know what I want from you!!"

"I mean," you begin, "that's pretty fair enough. This whole situation is kind of a mess as it is, honestly."

"Tell me about it," she sighs. 

"So... even if you don't know exactly what you want, you did bring me here leading to something, right?" You ask.

"Yeah, I..." her face flushes purple.  "I- I want to know if you hate me like I hate you right now? Except, I don't even know if what each of us feel about that is even... Comparable?? Like. Here I am giving you my feelings and you start laughing!!"

"I'm really sorry about that," you say. "But, like... 'I hate how good you sing' is like, one of the most Cliched Kismesisitude Confessions in the history of all cliched confessions."

"It is??" She asked, frowning. "But... Damn it! I hate this!" The tension spirals out of her body and she slumps against you. "I hate being so out of the loop that I just..."

She trails off, staring at you kind of at a weird angle that's really hard to process visually, let alone describe if you were pressed to.

"...Can I sit up?" you ask.

She gets off of you, and you sit up across from her.

"Genuinely, I'm sorry for laughing." You tell her. "Everything you were saying just... it was so cliched and it made me laugh so much I couldn't stop. It was just too much and I couldn't take it." 

"...Sorry," she apologized too. "I didn't realize... I thought you were making fun of me..."

"Guess time-zone hopping leads to some weird cultural dissonance then, huh?" You ask.

"Yeah..." She nods.

"So..." You take a deep breath and exhale. "I have to ask. What really brought this on? Beyond, I mean, the whole... I inadvertently piss you off just by existing thing."

"...Honestly?" Baizli's eyes lock onto yours- the diamond shapes inside them gleam green for a moment. "I got shot in the shoulder today, and I was afraid I wasn't going to heal from it for a moment. I was scared all of that power stayed with Trizza. But it didn't. I regenerated from it. Then we were flying, and fighting, and... and I heard you singing and... I dunno. I just..." She closes her eyes for a moment and sighs.

When her eyes open again, they lock with yours again.

"I remembered that we were on the Destiny, crashing into a sun. Both me and Trizza. If we'd both died, burnt to an atomic crisp... I don't think either of us would've come back from that, but beyond that..." She swallowed. "...I realized that I'm going to probably outlive everyone ever unless I find a way to get rid of this stupid power first."

Man, how exactly does someone do that?

"And I'm scared of being alone. Scared of being lost every time history moves on without me. I... I had enough of that stuck inside of a stupid crystal for who knows how long. I was barely aware of it, but I was just aware enough of it that it... it sucked. Majorly. And I..." She takes a deep breath, and exhales. "I just... I realized I misesd having Barzum in my head all the time, and I've been so alone and I- I don't want to be alone, Xefros."


What a heavy hitting dose of Mortality. 

You take a deep breath, and exhale. 

What are you willing to give here? What do you take in exchange?

The sounds of the party- the celebration- RAGE ON outside, like a muted soundtrack.

"Hey," you begin with a non sequiter, "you know what I don't like about you?"

"What's that?" She asks, sniffing.

"I know we've basically just met, really. And I don't like seeing you scared," you say, reaching a hand out and grasping one of hers. "I think you're kinda cute when you're pissed off, though. I'd rather see you mad than sad, honestly."

"S...Seriously?" She looks torn between laughing and scoffing in disbelief- which is good considering the state she was in a few moments ago.  "That's... kinda weird."

"Yeah, well, so are relationships," you say. "I don't think any relationship- romantic or platonic- works without honest and truthful communication. So... Look. If you wanna start something up between us, we take it slow and talk things out when get get chances to, alright? We make sure we're atleast operating on the same page when it comes to, like, romance and shit, before we seriously do anything. 'Cause, well..."

"It's... not exactly a no, but not a yes either," Baizli frowns. "I mean, I get it. I probably... came on way too strong there. Didn't I? But that's just...Okay, maybe it's not exactly how things were back in my day for the most part." She sighs. "But it's how the media in my time played things. Hard and agressive and just get it done. Mate or die."

"Well, we're not living in that kind of world anymore," you say. "So..."


"All things considered, whatever we do going forwards is up to future us to figure out in the future," you say. "If... If you wanted to spend tonight just relishing in the now, I... I don't think I'd mind that too terribly."

She blinks. 

"Well," she says. "It is a celebration after all."

"So, uh... is this the part where I kiss you or do you kiss me?" You ask.

"...I already stole one off of you tonight as it is, so it's your turn. I think," she answers.

"Well, okay then," you say.

And with that, you reach across the way and kiss Baizli Soleli.

It becomes far more than kissing not too much longer after that.

Chapter Text


Your name is Kohiru Karren, also known on the online circles as LLENN, and you're eager and excited.

The Daedalus hovers in orbit over the planet known as CORINTH EARTH after traversing through the rift between dimensions here.

You can't help but fidget and double check that your faithful P-90 has been properly loaded and modified for the TRAINING SCENARIO for the hundredth time as Colonel Caldwell reiterates the rules for everyone else.

Yep, INTAR ROUNDS LOADED. Fancy red jewel indicating such? Humming along happily. Sure. Training scenario. Suuuure. That's exactly what it's meant to be but after the tenth time one of these things came around, it became pretty obvious to everyone involved that this was really just a fancy excuse to have people running around shooting each other non-lethally to work out stress and frustration.

It's like paintball! Except you don't get paint anywhere on you.

Even the KNIVES are modified to be safe. You check your "knife" and it's just a hilt with a ghost-like projection of an actual knife blade. It'll sting a bit if you cut someone, but that's it. They've made these fake war games pretty safe and non lethal while still maintaining the impression of death.

When you take enough 'damage' from the Intar rounds, a special counter on your vest will hit zero, and trigger an automated beam out to the Daedalus. 

You've heard these rules a dozen times already, you're ready for action! You're ready for the fight!!!

"Yo! Karren!" Miyu Shinohara claps a hand on your shoulder. A grin is wide and beaming on her face as bright as the red lights on the bottoms of the RPG launchers she's sure to be dual wielding. "Ready to tear these suckers up?"

"Hell yeah!" You agree, grinning.

Later, you would reflect that you really had no idea that, just a mere half an hour later, you'd be embroiled in an actual murder case because some whacko sneaked a bunch of real guns into this play fight and shot someone dead because of a stupid vengeance plot.

Chapter Text

GIZA, 2995 B.C.

Your name is Joey Claire, and, hangover headaches aside, you're kind of glad that you were the first one to wake up as you spot your Moirail as he exits the tent he and Baizli went into the night before dressed only in a pair of pants.

Most everybody fell asleep around the fires last night rather than going home, and you really didn't go anywhere special after plopping down in the sand and trying not to think about the fact that you let your emotions run wild yesterday and nearly derailed the entire stable time loop.

Still, nobody's likely to want to leave for another time for another few hours, you wave to Xefros, and motion over towards one of the wells.

Quietly, Xefros nods, and he quietly makes his way around everyone that's still asleep.

Once you're sure you're both out of hearing range, you quietly whisper to him, "Morning, Xef."

"Mornin', Joey," he replies in turn.

"Sleep well?" You tease.

"Dunno," he shrugs. "Think I wore Baizli out, though. She was snoozing pretty soundly still when I woke up."

You snort. "Nice."

"I guess it is, maybe," he frowns. "How about you?"

"Lemme get some water in my body to get rid of this hangover headache, and then I'll see how I'm feeling," you answer.

So you both retrieve a bucket of water from the well, and fill up some mostly clean party cups from last night. (Just gotta dump the sand out first.)

After a few refreshing gulps of water, you answer: "I almost fucked up, Xef."

"Mmh?" he answers, raising an eyebrow.

"I... I almost fought Khepri. She was right there. I was seriously tempted to just cut her up into pieces and throw her through an opening stargate and-" You stop, shaking your head and clearing the thoughts away. "I almost fucked everything up, and if Ashler hadn't dragged me out the window like she did... God. I just nearly paradoxed us all out of existence because I was angry at the world."

"We really should've had a chance to talk before we got into everything," Xefros grimaces. "Let alone the morning after finishing everything."

"Yeeeah," you sigh. "We really just didn't get a chance to stop and take stock of everything like we usually do, did we?"

"Getting thrust right into Giza minutes after exiling an evil fish empress will do that," Xefros sighs. "Sorry for getting caught up in the rush of everything. I should've checked in with you sooner than this."

"I would've brushed it off anyways," you admit. "I... think I was lying to myself pretty heavily ever since we landed on 639. 'Deal with it later.' 'Decompress later.' 'Mission now, act normal.' And... That wasn't the right call."

You look at Xefros as he remains silent... is... is that a hickey on his neck?

"Sooo..." you change subjects with all the subtlety of a toddler in a china shop. "You got down with the ex-clown, eh?"

"Thaaaaat's a subject for future me to deal with," Xefros says. "Once we get to the Future, again. I Mean."

"Fair enough," you answer. "I want details from future Xefros, though."

"Nah, Joey," Xefros quips in turn. "Don't you know, what happens in Giza stays in Giza?"

"Is that a clever play on the thing they say about Las Vegas?" You ask.

"If it's the same thing they say about Troll Vegas, then yes," Xefros answers. "Yes it is."

"...So she's a good kisser then?" You ask.

The embarrassed red flush across Xefros' face is answer enough for you.

O)<-Stargate Alternia->(O


DIASPORA DATE: 11/11/0007.

"So..." Penny began, staring at you with shock in her eyes. "You nearly upended the entired fucking paradox maintaining everything because you watched your alt-self die to see the loop through?"

"Yeah," you answer. "Not my brightest moment."

Your name is Joey Claire, and you work your jaw for a moment as you try to process your words. "It... it was crazy, all things considered. What I'd just been through. What we'd all just been through. Here I was, staring at the impossible amount of futures, and... For a moment, I just wanted nothing more than to end it all. And then... it happened anyways, as it was meant to happen."

"That's... that's horrible," Penny swallows. "I just... after everything that happened with my Paradox, I don't even want to know about what might've happened if... if..."

"If I'd fucked it all up?" you offer.

"...Yeah," she nods.

"Honestly, I think we'd have gotten a reality unlike anything we'd ever seen. Ra's human host was already dead," you say. "It's entirely possible we'd get a whole splintered timeline or set of reality that... That just nothing worked out the way it was meant to. It's terrifying, to think about all of that. And some nights, I still wonder. What would have happened if I'd gone through with it? If Ashler hadn't stopped me?"

You shake your head. 

"It doesn't matter now. So. With that story done. Is there anything else you want to ask about?"

Penny nods. "What happened to everyone else? How long did you stay?"

"We stayed about a week to get everything in order. Daniel went to Abydos through the Stargate," you answer. "Left after saying his goodbyes and that he needed to prepare everyone on Abydos for Khepri's inevitable arrival. We're pretty sure he ended up being the sage who wrote down everything that happened for us to know about in the first place after the revolt failed."

"Nice," Penny chuckled. "Another Information Paradox."

"I had a chat with Egeria while Jonas and Teal'c oversaw the construction of the Gate Coverstones," you continue on. "Then, when the Gate was ready to be buried, Egeria and Teal'c, and a few of Ra's former Jaffa that they managed to convince to switch sides went on set up the Tok'ra as we know them now. I don't know what happened to Teal'c, but I'm guessing he either died in battle or of Old Age. I haven't dared ask yet."

"I suppose that makes sense," Penny nods.

"Jack and Sam and their daughter took a Gate ride with us to P4X-639 once the Gate was ready to be burried, too," you continue on. "They stayed on 639 though, with a list of Gate Addresses of known worlds that could either do with a revolt, or would be peaceful until the Goa'uld came along centuries later. I think I overheard Jonas insisting they try settling on Langara, though. But who knows where they went after we time jumped back to the future- rather, the past now, I guess."

"So, SG-1 dialed the gate, and everyone from your group went back to the SGC, right?" Penny asked. "So what happened to SG-1 after? They're going right back to when they left, aren't they?"

"That's..." You give a dry smile. "Not quite what they had in mind, actually."


DIASPORA DATE: 11/28/0007.

The SGC Stargate dialed in rapid fire, and the alarms sounded off.

WAA WAA! KAWOOOSH! The vortex splashed against the Iris.

"Receiving IDC," Walter reported to General Landry as he arrived from the upper level. "It's... SG-1's IDC."

"Radio," Landry said, and then started speaking. "SG-1! You're days overdue!"

"Sorry, Dad," Carolyn replied, "it's just me. Only me. SG-1 isn't here."

Landry sighed in relief. "Open the Iris."

Landry hugged his daughter as she met him in the briefing room. "What the hell happened? I could have sworn you left in a ship!"

"SG-1 still has it, Dad," Carolyn answered. 

"They- What?!" He stares. "They took the time machine!?"

Carolyn clarifies: "They dropped me off here first before they dropped off the Alternian Exile team into the past."

"...Why would they do that for?" Landry frowned.

Carolyn shrugged, lying by omission by not stating that Egeria had been waiting on 639 for their return from Giza to give SG-1 further instructions, and that the Tok'ra who ostensibly had kidnapped her had stayed behind with Egeria, no doubt to head back to their homeworld once the Jumper had left the current plane of time.


SUBJ: Be Secure with Looping Jumper Bumpers!

TO: GenJOneill@SGC.ORG

FROM: EGR314@Throwaway.ALT

Secure yor fishing lynes And Safe Time wit our mew Looping Jumper bUmper!!

Don't Blow any gasketz over Unstable Loops in your fishing Lines, wheel save them for you!!

By u Now!!

Your name is Jack O'neill, and you exhale in relief as you finally get the email you've been waiting for.

Sure, on the surface it looks like your average spam mail that somehow slipped the net of the spam filter, but it's not and it's not. 

You do the so-called reasonable thing and mark it as "Spam" as you mull over the implications of the plan.

Giza's loop is finished.

Now? Now all that's left is waiting on the thing Vantas really came here for to finish, and to figure out whatever crazy ass details in the plan SG-1'll play in it now.


DIASPORA DATE: 7/3/0001.

The Time Jumper manifested in the air over P4X-639 and made to land on the ground next to the Stargate. The ramp lowered, and SG-1 and the Alternian Exile Squad exited.

"So, this is goodbye for now," Jude says, hugging his sister. "We'll see you again in about half a decade, give or take."

"Heh. See you in half a decade, give or take," Joey replied with a faint smile.

She turned back to her team, even as Jonas went to dial the Stargate.

"So... this is it, huh?" Jude asks, glancing at Cassandra as she steps in and grabs his left hand with her right hand. 

"Yeah," she nods. "Not long now. We just have to wait out a couple of weeks in the relatively recent past until the Tok'ra steal the Jumper in the first place."

Jude sighs. "I think I'm starting to get a taste of what your older other self went through here."

"Yeah," Cassie nods. "Me too."


Jonas sends the IDC, and once the confirmation is gotten, Joey's team heads through the Stargate.

"Alright, that's that!" Jonas says once the last of them are through, and he's heading back to the Jumper from the DHD. "Let's get out of here before they think to send anyone to check on us."

The Jumper soon took to the air, and turned around.

Mitchel punched in the gate address Egeria had given them in the actual present, and then they gated through to a different planet entirely- P4C-997.

Once they exited the gate in the desert environment, Mordred focused his attention on the time and place they should be next.


DIASPORA DATE: 10/25/0007.

The Odyssey floated over a certain test sight on the planet P4C-997 as a glowing dome of light flared into existence over a certain expanse of terrain, and when it faded away, a copy of the area above the Cavern of D'ni could be seen in its place.

Unseen by anyone, the cloaked Time Jumper slipped into the strangely open 302 Bay on the right hand side of the Odyssey, and parked in a corner framed in by boxes with a gap perfectly sized for the Jumper itself. 

They waited in silence for the jump of the Odyssey's Hyperdrive to kick in, and then...

Knock. Knock. Knock.

Mitchel lowered the ramp. A moment later, in stepped Major Karkat Vantas, grinning like only a smug time looper could.

"SG-1," he greeted, "welcome to the Odyssey."


DIASPORA DATE: 11/06/0007.

"I know... there's a lot... of crazy stuff... going on," Cameron Mitchel mutters as he writes a letter. "and the world... seems super scarry, but, the simple fact... of the matter is. This is... our Get Out Of Dodge... plan. It's like Woodstock... all over again, I guess, and this... is me coming to... take care of my own... in a way that's different... from how the other me did it." He paused, stared at the letter, then finished, "I love you both... so much... and I'll see you... on the other side of this."

With a small flourish, he signed his name, exhaled, and placed the letter into its envelope, and placed it into the box, and then captchalogued the box.

With that done, he exited his room on the Odyssey, still painfully understaffed for the time being to only those in the loop and SG-1 themselves, and headed towards the bridge.

He paused to glance out a window at the Earth below.

"I'm gonna miss this view," he muttered, then carried on.

A non-descript Air Force airman beamed down from the Odyssey wearing perfectly average and normal clothes for someone to wear when going to a rural county post office.

She walked out of the blind spot, entered the building, and paid postage for the package to be delivered to the address of the Mitchel Family Farm.

It took less than two days to get there, and when it did, and was opened, and Mitchel's parents cut off the bottom half of the instructions and planted a small pine cone looking seed thing in the exact middle of their property...

Everything was in place for one extra swap. 

That said, the sudden appearance of Werewolves across the south-western United States was a shocking surprise to everyone except for six temporally displaced people: SG-1.

"You could have mentioned the werewolves?" Major Vantas asked, glancing at Cassandra.

"I had to say nothing otherwise things wouldn't have turned out as I remembered them," she shrugged. "That's just how the vibes shook out. Everyone else had to be left unaware, even you. I'm sorry, but that's how it was."

"Do you KNOW how awkard it was telling O'neill I had no clue it was coming when I could very well have HAD a clue that it was coming?" Vantas asked.

"Yes, and that's exactly why you couldn't know it was coming this time," Cassie answered.

"Damn it, I hate time travel."

"Don't we all."


DIASPORA DATE: 11/10/0007.

Your name is Major Karkat Vantas, and you scowl as you see the report that landed on your desk.

Davis says nothing as you take it all in.

A French Reporter's house burned down due to arson?

Said reporter being Alya Cesare?

Said reporter already being in SGC custody and pending a hasty transport to Midway and then onwards to Atlantis?

Yeah. there's no way this is a coincidence.

The IOA made a risky move today. You just gotta get the proof that they're the ones behind it, now.


DIASPORA DATE: 11/12/0007.

Your name is Xefros Tritoh, and you can feel it in your bones.

GIZA is about to happen. Or. Well. HAS Already Happened? UGH. Time Travel. It's a cornucopia of disturbing concepts.

There's no reason Klorel and Hecate would resurface again after fifty thousand years of pretending to be dead.

The only real question is... What do you do about it?

...Or maybe instead... IS there anything you CAN do about it?

As you lie in bed next to Baizil after a rather rousing revisit of that night in Giza, reviewing all your memories of everything that had happened in an attempt to parse it all...

A certain nagging detail had surfaced in your memory.

Carolyn had said something about a Mirror being used. A Quantum Mirror had been used to jump timelines. So where did that come from?

The obvious answer is that it came from the Ba'al timeline's version of the planet Earth's Quantum Mirror had come from. Hecate likely had gone to that planet and retrieved the Mirror, and then...

Then what?

So, the time drive was clearly used to travel through time in ADDITION to the MIrror existing. They were back in time, retrieved the mirror they already were using, and then jumped back to this reality to give the mirror to their past selves to incorporate into a Ha'tak's hyperdrive and then...

Then what?

They clearly must have gone somewhere after the fact, right? The fact that two Hecates and Klorels weren't wandering around visible is...


Okay, the fact that ONE PAIR alone wasn't wandering around visibly for all this time is enough to imply those two know how to remain hidden well enough. So the question is... what does their plan involve regarding dimension travel?

What are they waiting for?


The Symbiote was shoved down an unsuspecting servant's throat, and after a few moments, the young lad's eyes flashed, and he looked up to Hecate- who had the right side of her face covered in large, poofy, blood soaked bandages.

"That. Was unpleasant." Klorel said simply enough without the voice modulation.

"We're just lucky you burrowed deep enough into the host's brain that you didn't get any burn damage when she cut your head off," Hecate answered in turn. "Damn bitch. What was her problem anyways? Who even is Jade and what did this timeline's version of your old host do to them to make her so pissed off at you anyways?"

"Hell if I know," Klorel muttered, surveying his new body. "Damn it. Was this youngling really the only one you could manage to steal away?"

"I'm sorry it's not as grown up to your tastes, but we only have so much time to prepare ourselves before we reach Abydos and can use the Stargate to escape," Hecate sighed. "Damn it all. This was not how I expected things to go."

"Maybe we should have just stayed with the plan your other self laid out for us," Klorel said, crossing his arms. "It might have been easier for us if we'd done that."

"There's no need for that, actually," Hecate smirked- then winced at the pain it caused her face. "owowowow...Shit. Okay. So. Listen. I have a plan."

"What's that?" Klorel asked.

"Khepri ordered a list of every treasure that was left on Earth that's now lost to us, and I... intercepted a copy." Hecate removed a small hologram projector and enabled it- displaying a fancy, round, battery like, orange crystalline--

"Oh my word, isn't that the Ancient power source that Ba'al had us scouring the Galaxy for at one point?" Klorel asked, eyes gleaming with surprise.

"It is, and apparently Ra had four of the things On Earth at any given time. Didn't know what they were. Just some fancy ceremonial religious artifact. Get this. One of them was STOLEN about five local years ago. Nobody knew who, but..."

"Time Travelers would know what that was, and how valuable it could be," Klorel agreed. "And if there were three more left on Earth...?"

"I heard chatter that the temple of Ra was raided for it's treasury, where the remaining three were kept..." Hecate chuckled. "We just have to bide our time and find a way to get to when they'll return in the future. And once we find them, we can take them and use them for our own ends."

"And then what?" Klorel asked. "What are those ends anyways?"

"Do you remember the experiments Lord Ba'al performed on that insufferable Aries's homeworld?" Hecate asked. "Because I do, and I was there to watch it happen in person."

"The.... No. You're telling me a single one of those ancient power sources obliterated an entire city?" Klorel asked, shocked. 

"More than obliterated it, my dear friend," Hecate's voice was pleased sounding, a faint smile quirking on her lips. "It overwrote the very fabric of space time it resided in! There was nothing left behind because the very space that remained after the explosion was the space-time that had been within that power source! And if my memories are correct, it had barely even been charged! Imagine the full power of one, going off over any planet of our choosing?"

"And we'd have three shots at it," Klorel smirked. "If we can find where those power sources are being hidden in the future..."

"We can get our revenge on those who no doubt killed Lord Ba'al in our time by destroying their worlds in THIS Time," Hecate finished.

"I love this plan. I love it a lot," Klorel laughed. 

"Yes, I do too," Hecate dismissed the hologram. "The only downside is now we have to wait fifty thousand years to get through to the other side."

"Do you have any plans on how to do that?" Klorel asked.

"Just one. We steal a sarcophagus, set it to stasis mode, and lock ourselves inside," Hecate answers. "We wait out the next fifty thousand years in stasis, and when we emerge, we kick over the beehive."

Chapter Text


DIASPORA DATE: 12/02/0007.

Your name is CAMILE WRAY, and in some ways, you feel as if you've cheated DESTINY.

It's been the strangest thing. You've felt it now for almost the last six years, but it's a feeling that's only gotten stronger in the days since there was that shakeup with the agent who was denying requests to use a TIME MACHINE that was subsequently stolen to maintain timeline stability.

As a HUMAN RESOURCES OFFICER within the INTERNATIONAL OVERSIGHT ADVISORY, you were brought into the loop rather quickly of just what a huge mess that Mishelle Janeway had created for the IOA. And while THAT brought you to investigating all of her decisions, as well as EVERY single one of the denied requests the IOA had made during her tenure because if it wasn't just her...

You realized just again how you definitely cheated DESTINY somehow. You just knew, reading the mission report about the team who EXILED KHEPRI into the past, that in some other dimension, some other timeline...

You would have been stranded upon the Destiny.

It's a sobering realization to come to. To stare at a diagram of a space ship and realize...

You were almost stuck there. 

There's no other doubt in your mind. No other feeling surfaces. You just KNOW that you would have been stuck onboard that ship, somehow.

It's one of those facts that made you start sifting through things you shouldn't have been sifting through, and that was when you found a money payment to an unknown address hidden away inside someone's business account...

And that was a lot of zeroes. The kind of money that should have been caught by financing. So why hadn't it?

A chill ran down your spine in that moment.

This was hush money of some kind. Whether it was to silence someone directly, or... it was to hire someone to silence someone else.

You took the data you had, and left the IOA offices for the only place you felt safe investigating it further...

And that was how you found yourself standing at the front door of General Jack O'neill's house, staring hopefully at his wife, Dr. Samantha Carter, when she opened said door.

"Hi." You begin. "I think I just found proof the IOA's done something very, very bad."

O)<-Stargate Alternia->(O

Your name is Jolinar of Malkshur, and you gaze through Sam's eyes as she tracks the routing number of the absurdly large payment to...

"Shit," Sam swore. "We're not getting any answers out of him."

"Why not?" The IOA Human Resources Officer- Camile Wray- asked, leaning forwards in her chair.

"Because dental records confirmed him to be the same Assassin for Hire who died trying to set fire to the house of one Alya Cesare late last month," Sam answers. "Kanamoto Atsushi, known infamously as 'Johnny Black.'" 

You can't help but look at the rap sheet as Sam brings up linked documents for Camile to look at. 

It's a damning thing. Shortly after the Zillyum Rift Energy hit Earth, he gained an unknown, but suspected power that allowed him to escape from the scene of many crimes without being detected. In the years since then, his rapsheet had grown to include multiple in-home invasions resulting in stabbing and brutal assaults. 

He'd apparently been dabbling in Arson every now and then, which seems to be why he was chosen for this job in particular, and it also looks to be the critical part of his downfall. Apparently fire related crimes did not play well with whatever power he had been using to escape previous, and he'd been nearly caught more times on the arson incidents than he had been in any other incident.

That Alya Cesare managed to kill him in self defense by lighting him on fire with his own kit of flammable explosives via a shotgun blast was less a miracle of chance, and more an inevitable certainty, in your eyes. 

"That's who actually went after Cesare?? The- Someone in the IOA tried to kill a reporter with THAT kind of assassin?" Camile asked, surprised. "I was told she was making things up. Why would- No. She wasn't making things up, was she?"

"I'm afraid not," Sam shakes her head. "A lot of the things she was reporting on were very well informed. If someone within the IOA wanted her dead..."

"They could certainly arrange for the funds to be spent to make it happen," the woman before you sighed, dejected. "Politics. Damn it. What do I do now?"

'Little help, Jol'?' Sam asks.

You answer, "I'd start by quitting your day job and trying to lay low. Maybe go on a vacation off world for some time? I hear Chulak is nice this time of year."

"Do you think I could arrange that with my-?" Camile trails off as Sam nods rapidly.

"Of course. We can arrange for you to take any family or friends you want to protect with you, yes," Sam says. 

"Oh, thank you, thank you so very much," Camile visibly relaxed with relief.

As Sam talks to Camile and gets names, you can't help but glance back at the rap sheet.

"Suspected ties: Assassin Group 'Laughing Coffin,'" it reads near the top.

Some Powers go straight to some people's heads, it seems. You can't help but wonder why the IOA hired someone so unskilled with Arson when that same assassin was so much more skilled at brutal murders? Something doesn't track in all of this. It's almost like they wanted to get found out.

"So, the IOA's finally got their wish," Your name is Davis Strider, and you enter Karkat's office without even knocking. "Guess where the Antarctic Chair's being moved to?"

"Area 51," Karkat answers, not even looking up from his paperwork.

"...Wow. Unsurprising Development much?" You ask.

"It always goes to Area 51," Karkat glances up at you then. "Believe me, we've checked and will continue to check who knows how many parallel dimensions over this. It's almost ALWAYS Area 51."

"...Okay, a lot more info I was expecting there, but I was honestly referring to the whole 'lived it already' thing?" You offer.

"Oh. Right." Karkat shakes his head. "Sorry. Just. Finishing the last of the paperwork here. Making sure my metaphorical ducks are all quacking in line and not flapping off somewhere else because of rift ripple and chowing down on bread like idiots."

"Riiight," you say. "So. What's the plan exactly?"

Your name is Jack O'neill, and you lay down the incriminating documents at the dead center of the SGC conference table. 

Gathered around you are a few of the heads of the Atlantis Charter, or their representatives where applicably compressed multiple roles into one person.

Bra'tac is filling in for Teal'c today given the last minute nature of this meeting, and the Tok'ra are absent entirely for obvious reasons, so he's filling in for them too.

Present fully, representing themselves and the rest of the council, however, are Mikari Aiikho, and Okurii Leijon.

"So we've got the proof now," you say, simply. "The IOA tried to have a reporter killed in her own home for reporting on their illegal activities."

"I vote fully that we move to remove the IOA from the Atlantis Charter Council," Bra'tac began the motion.

"Agreed, voting fully with the rights of the total and unified Unwritten population groups," Mikari nods. "We remove them. Post haste."

"Thirding the vote," Okurii says. "We cannot let this stand."

"Earth agrees," you say. "Is that unanimous then?"

"It is," Mikari says. 

"Then the IOA is hereby removed from the Atlantis Charter Council," you say.


DIASPORA DATE: 12/03/0007.

"What do you MEAN, we've been removed from the Atlantis council?" Dr. Carl Storm was the head of the IOA council base in Washington D.C. 

"They're taking the recent Time Machine Theft personally," James Coolidge said, frowning. "Plus, there's... there's talk that the real reason the vote was made was because they found out about the Assassin."

"What Assassin?" Carl Storm asked, frowning.

"The... You know. The one that tried to murder that reporter. Johnny Black."

"Johnny Bla-- Oh my God-- Who Authorized That!?!"

"Well, I was told that you di--- Wait- You didn't know??"

"You DID!?"

"I was told you approved it!"

"I didn't do that! Who told you that!?"

"I don't know, that guy you have working as your secretary."

"What. Guy??"

"You... you don't have a secretary do you?"

"Not even a FEMALE one!"

"Shit. Well who the fuck told me you approved it, then?"

"Did you get a name? Describe him to me. NOW."

"Uh... About Six feet tall, loose blonde hair, blue eyes? I think he said his name was Victor?"

"Fucking, goddamned, blasted- We have a Mole sabotaging us! We have to! That's the only explanation!"

From within her Ha'tak, hidden from Earth's mighty scanner arrays by Jupiter's atmosphere- The Goa'uld HECATE laughed as she watched a recording of the argument going on in the IOA's Washington office.

"Oh, how easy it is to manipulate events when you have your spies in the IOA hire your own assassins for hire to commit a crime," Hecate couldn't help but smile at her own cleverness. 

"My Lady," Klorel entered the room, wearing the form of Cate Alexander still, "we've finally tracked down the energy signatures of the ZPMs stolen from Ra back in Giza."

Hecate spun in her pilfered office chair, and grinned. "Good! Where are they?"

"Onboard the Odyssey, My Lady."

"Is the situation as ideal as we tried to set it up to be?"

"Yes, My Lady."

"Good. Set a course for Earth. And radio Mister Miller. Tell him and that accomplice of his to be prepared to strike at the other targets in the mean time. I want to see the Earth SQUIRM with terror before we wipe it off the face of the galactic map."

"By your command."

The six foot tall, blonde haired, blue eyed man, Gabriel Miller, tossed a faked IOA Security Pass into a burning fireplace. His own face along with the false name "Vector Subtilizer" began charring into ash as his burner phone rang.

He answered it, "This is Miller."

Klorel's voice echoed over the line, "Our lady Hecate says that the time is now."

"Understood," he hung up the phone, and immediately redialed a new number. A pause followed. "Casals? It's Miller. Your Laughing Coffins have a go."

And with nothing but a "understood" uttered in a giggling tone, Gabriel Miller hung up the Burner Phone and tossed it, too, into the fire. 

He got up and left the living room he'd been waiting in, stepping over the dead body of IOA Agent Luthor Dovelock before heading out the front door.

The murder-framed-as-suicide would be found in but a few short minutes, as Miller retrieved a second burner phone and dialed emergency services.

"Yes, hello," he spoke with a false accent making him sound twenty years older than he was. "I just think I saw a man shoot himself in his own home! My location? It's..." He glanced at the address of the house he was leaving and rattled it off. "No! I'm getting out of here. I don't want to sit around and wait!" He then threw the burner to the ground outside the house and headed for his car.

A Galaxy away, traveling through a Hyperspace tunnel from Pegasus to Alternia was the Astro Megaship, battered, and somewhat beaten, but not too badly damaged.

Definitely in need of some repairs, however.

Your name is Ardata Carmia, and you gaze out a window into the wooshing light of Hyperspace outside the ship.

"Well, that was certainly one hell of a fight," says one Ashler Dering as she slumps against a wall next to you.

"Yes, it was," you muse. "The surviving Wraith not on Todd's side are growing desperate. That ramming technique was inspired."

"From Even number eyed cerulean to an Odd number eyed cerulean," Ashler begins, "what do you think the chances are we're nearing the point that we've squashed all the Wraith that aren't hunkering down and hiding away for countless generations, and that we're about to fight Todd's forces sooner rather than later?"

"Who knows," you answer. "I'm more concerned about this whole vote to kick the IOA out of Atlantis' affairs thing."

"Eh? What vote?" Ashler asks.

"Didn't you hear?" You ask her. "The Council Met this morning to vote The IOA out of the Atlantis Charter Council. And they did."

"No freaking way- Seriously?" Ashler asks. "Just like that?"

You nod. "Just like that."

"Shit, man... now the IOA's going to start kicking up a fuss, aren't they?" Ashler stares out the window.

"Probably," you nod. "The only question is if they take their lumps and sulk away, or if they're going to force the issue and make Atlantis declare independence from Earth?"

"Daaaamn," Ashler sighs. An in and out breath over so fast you barely even noticed it. "What the fuck.  Suddenly it feels like we're in the endgame."

Your name is Jude Harley, and you're currently serving as the Odyssey's longrange scanner technician. You're a bit more than bored, but also anxious. Cassie warned you that something was coming today... And with the news that the IOA is getting booted from Atlantis' Charter Council...


You don't know what's going to happen, but it's feeling like it's nearing the end of an era. Karkat looped you all in on the plan for Atlantis to be prepared to sever ties with Earth, and you're honestly feeling the pressure of that from Earth's side of things. Tensions are rising, as well as Counteractions and Punchlines and stuff like that.

Then, the ship's tracking system beeps in alarm-- a Ha'tak is moving out of cover at a rapid pace from behind Jupiter towards Earth.

"Ah. Crap." You swear.

Your name is Jack O'neill, and you stare incredulously at the phone in your hand for a moment.

"Care to repeat that?" You ask. "What do you mean The Antarctic Weapons Platform is OFFLINE!?"

On the phone, Sam answers, "I mean, it's not intact right now. We only just resolved where the Chair was getting moved to and half of the systems are already dismantled and shipped to Area 51 as it is. We wouldn't get any of it put back together in time even if we started ten minutes ago."

Well. THAT Can't be a coincidence.

"What ships do we have?" You ask.

"The Sun Tzu isn't battle ready yet, and the Phoenix is even more unfinished. The Apollo is en-route back from Pegasus while the Daedalus is en-route to Pegasus," Sam answers. "All we have is the Odyssey."



Someone planned this VERY well, didn't they?

"Alright," you say. "What are our options?"

"Hope the Ha'tak has weak enough shielding we can blast it with the Odyssey's Hyperbeam weaponry?" Sam offers.

Deep breath in.

Hold Hold Hold Hold...

You exhale.

"Carter," you order, "beam to the Odyssey. Make sure we can handle this."

"...Alright," she answers. "I'll do that."

You've got a sinking feeling Major Vantas' 'Get D'ni off Earth' Plan might be happening sooner rather than later.

Your name is FLYNN MCALLISTER, chief engineer for the ODYSSEY, and you're staring at the box of ZERO POINT ENERGY MODULES with something akin to horror.

"You want me to plug in ALL THREE of these into the ship's systems at ONCE!?" You ask.

"Yes," Cassandra Fraiser- not that you're supposed to know that it's her but come ON who doesn't recognize SG-1 meandering around your own ship for days and weeks at a time?- says with a nod. "We have to. Otherwise we're not going to have the energy required to do what we need to do."

"And what is it we're needing to be doing exactly?" You ask, astonished.

"Flying around the Earth at near light-speed speeds as if gravity didn't mean a thing?" Cassandra offers, and you nearly feel your heart stop.

Okay. Yeah. You can see why there'd need to be that much of a power draw.

That's when Doctor Samantha Carter shows up and just stalls, staring at the ZPMs.

"...Are we plugging those into the Odyssey's power supply to supercharge the Anti-Gravity shields?" she asks.

"Yep," Cassandra nods.

Some days, you wonder why you stayed on with this damned ship and didn't transfer to Atlantis or something.

Vassago Casals kept a fake look of shock on his face as he watched the results of his handiwork be carried out the front door of the IOA headquarters.

Poor, poor, unsuspecting Doctor Carl Storm. Attempting to clean up shop at the last possible second only to be foiled by his supposedly sealed water bottle being injected with a syringe full of succinylcholine. 

It paid to have friends whose father worked in a hospital, after all.

As he turned away from the scene, he smirked, and muttered, "It's Show Time."


You're once again Jack O'neill and you stop mid stride down an SGC hallway to turn around and see General Landry heading your way.

"Yes, Hank?" You ask.

"Remind me exactly- Why are we not sending the Odyssey to intercept the Ha'tak before it reaches Earth?" He asks.

"Oh, you know. A bit of this, a bit of that, mostly just modifying the ship's engines to make sure it can move to intercept, you know." You say. "If we need to intercept."

"IF we need to intercept?" Landry asks. "IF? I think we're passing the point of what ifs, Jack! That Ha'tak matches the description of the one Carolyn saw Hecate using! And with SG-1 still awol with the time ship, we are VERY short on options."

The pointed reminder of SG-1's 'absence' comes with a pointed look of "I can tell you're up to something. Let me in on the loop, please."

Yeah, you don't know if he's ready for that or not.

"Hank. Trust me when I say this Ha'tak is the least of our worries right now," you say. "We'll handle it. Hell, tell you what." You put a hand on his shoulder. "I'll beam over to the Odyssey right now and lead a personal charge to attack just as soon as the modifications are done."

"You'd better." Landry says, not looking very appeased, but he lets you go on your way.

You head to Vantas' office, where he and Davis are waiting.

"Alright, please tell me this is the end-all-be-all worst case scenario we've been preparing for?" You ask.

"Sorry, not quiet," Vantas answers. "This, uh... Did not happen the last time that I remember so far."

"Well, that's just great-" Before you can say another word, though, your cellphone rings from your sylladex with THAT DO NOT IGNORE IT RINGTONE, and you decaptchalogue it. "O'neill!"

"General O'neill? This is Major Samuels from the Pentagon. We've got a problem you need to be looped in on," says an unfamiliar voice.

"What kind of problem?" You ask.

"The kind of problem that comes with five attempted assassination attempts on high priority targets within the same amount of minutes across the globe?" The hapless Major answers. 

"...Who?" You ask. 

"Attempts were made on the President of the United States, two high ranking members of the IOA, and two Homeworld Security executives. Three of these attempts were successful, and we fear there may be more," Major Samuels answers. "Sir, we need to know where you are so we can-"

"I'm somewhere safe, Major," you answer. "Or rather, I'm about to be. Don't worry about me." You hang up and ditch the phone into a nearby trashbin. No sense taking it with you.

"Ominous Rift Ripples be Spreadin' like a boulder tossed in a lake," Davis muses.

"Let's get out of here. Now," you order.

"That is to say," Vantas tabs his radio, "Odyssey, three to beam up."


The office vanishes away, and you're all onboard the Odyssey, standing in it's bridge. 

"Assassination attempts?" You ask.

"Ah... that's new too," Vantas answers.

"Well, shit." You gaze out the nearest window.

Earth hangs before you... this view, for what's probably the last time.

Well, you were thinking about retiring anyways. Might as well fake your death along with it.

"Can we get Hammond and his family onboard?" You ask, turning to Vantas and Davis.

"Already arranged for that, Sir," Davis answers. "As far as Hammond and his family know, the SGC gave them an all-expenses paid vacation to Diaspora for the week in honor of all his service."

"Good," you say. "And sneaky, getting that by me without my noticing."

"We take care of our own, sir," Davis says with no hesitation.

"Damn straight," Vantas agrees with a nod.

Your name is Douglas Sharper, and somehow, you're handling the BUNKER DOWN PROTOCOLS.

Major Vantas gave the signal. Plan GET OUT OF DODGE is a GO.

A Ha'tak is on its way to Earth.

So much for faking the Odyssey getting hijacked and exploded over D'ni to cover the teleport. It sounds like they're going to try to instead mask the teleport with an exploding Ha'tak!

This is crazy. Absolutely crazy.

You just hope it works.

Hecate smiled as her Ha'tak came just shy of lunar orbit.

The Odyssey was slowly making its way towards them.

"Scans indicate the ZPMs are onboard- four of them, infact. One is likely the standard issue one left onboard." Klorel reported.

"Good," Hecate said. "Then if they're smart they'll give us the extras. Hail the Odyssey, now."


Klorel did such, and a hologram appeared on the Bridge's front screen- the image of a ringing phone. Hecate was not without her sense of humor, after living thousands of years playing it safe and hiding away. She took the simple enjoyments out of life when she could.

General Jack O'neill's face appeared on screen, and he immediately grimaced. "Well. They weren't kidding when they said you were using Sha're's body."

"Yes, it was hard to maintain this host's physical form for as long as I had to, but I see the effort was worth it for that face," Hecate smirked. "Well then, let's make this simple then, General. I want the ZPMs you have onboard your ship. Give them to me, and I'll leave Earth alone-" For now. "-Refuse, and I will continue the rash of assassinations that have begun, as well as set off several Naquadah Bombs in major city centers."

The Odyssey came to a stop just inside the ship to ship weapons range for both vessels.

"Now, y'see, a crazy paranoid person might notice you didn't say you'd STOP the assassinations included with the 'leave earth alone' thing," O'neill starts. "As for the bomb thing... Yeah. I doubt you've got the resources to pull that off."

"You'd be surprised what one can scrounge together after planning a revenge party for fifty thousand years," Hecate said, not letting the smirk fall from her face. She WAS actually bluffing about the Naquadah bombs. "Now then. Sure, sure, of course I'll cancel the assassinations-" She wasn't, however, going to do that- "in exchange for the ZPMs. You have three minutes to hand them over or not. One for each ZPM you carry spare onboard your ship."

"Ah, can I think about that for a minute before we start that time?" O'neill asks.

Hecate scoffed. "Sure. Why not? It's not like you have any choice in the matter." The line went silent, and Hecate added, "Let me know the second they power on weapons."

"Of course," Klorel nodded.

"Sam? Jude? What's our status on the ZPM integration?" O'neill asked over the radio.

"We've just about finished, Jack," Sam answers.

"Good," Jack nods, then, turning towards Cassandra in the Odyssey's pilot seat, he nodded. "Let's give 'em a merry chase, shall we?"

"Aye aye, General," Cassandra stretched out her arms, rolled her shoulders and neck, and then took control of the Odyssey- flicking on the full power of a four-ZPM Fed Sublight Engine and Anti-Gravity Shield system. 

O'neill turned to Mitchel next and said, "Fire off the following message to them, text only."

>[S] Glitter And Gold

[I am Flesh and I am Bone, Rise up, Ting Ting, like Glitter and Gold.]

"Huh, strange energy readings are building up in the engines," Klorel began. "I think they're preparing to-" She never finished the sentence because the Odyssey suddenly rocketed forwards on a U turn path and absconded down towards Earth once more.

[I've got Fire in my soul-]

Hecate blinked as the message "Catch Us If You Can" appeared on screen.

[Rise up, Ting Ting, like Glitter...]

"GET THEM!" She roared.

[(Yeeeaaah...) Like Glitter and Gold]

The Ha'tak took off at speed, chasing after the much more slippery Odyssey, which had a far more impressive head start, and was already roaring down towards the northern United States.

[(Yeeeaaah...) Like Glitter...]

All eyes in South Dakota looked upwards as two bright balls of re-entrying ships made their presence known.

[Do you walk in the Valley of Kings?]

The Odyssey rocketed past overhead of the National Monument Mount Rushmore- the wind blowing past from their momentum startling every tourist there.

[Do you walk in the shadow of men who sold their lives to a dream?]

The Ha'tak blew past them moments later at a slightly slower pace, with much more force behind it, causing the whole of everything to tremble as the Ha'tak's gravity well caused everything to tremble.

[Do you ponder the manner of things...]

"They're doing WHAT?!" General Landry asked in shock as Walter informed him of what was going on as the chase blew over Colorado's state borders.

[In the Daaaark? The Dark, The Dark, The Dark?]

Cassie's tongue stuck out of the side of her mouth for but a moment as she flicked the controls and prepared a sequence. Faint sparks of electricity danced across her fingers into the ship's computer directly at times.

[I am Flesh and I am Bone- Arise, Ting Ting, like Glitter and Gold.]

The Ha'tak opened fire- and the Odyssey spun around on its axis in a way that should have been impossible in atmosphere. The shots went wide and collided with an abandoned radio-logical building-- BOOM!

[I've got Fire in my soul- Rise up, Ting Ting, like Glitter...]

Needless to say that very rocky area had been leveled in about three seconds flat.

[(Yeeeaaah...) Like Glitter and Gold]

The Odyssey merrily avoided crossing paths with the SGC, however, and continued on its way southward towards New Mexico.

[(Yeeeaaah...) Like Glitter...]

They crossed the state border there without much hassle, though several people on the highway threw on the breaks to stare outwards after the chase sequence.

[Do you walk in the Meadow of Spring?]

At the center point of it all, in another galaxy, on the planet LOPAN...

[Do you talk to the animals? Do you hold their lives from a string?]

Yeesha and the Rescuers who were planning their end of the stunt prepared rapidly for the surgical swap of two chunks of land.

[Do you ponder the manner of things...]

Back on Earth, The Odyssey came into view over the town of Catherine rapidly.

[In the Daaaark? The Dark, The Dark, The Dark?]

The ship pulled another U-Turn and then held its ground at the GPS Coordinates marking the exact top of the time-space bubble that was about to form and swap around.

[I am Flesh and I am Bone- Arise, Ting Ting, like Glitter and Gold.]

Hecate laughed at what she saw as a foolish display of bravado.

"Take us over them, and threaten to wipe out the City," she ordered.

[I've got Fire in my soul-]

"Charge up Hyperbeam!" O'neill ordered.

[Rise up, Ting Ting, like Glitter...]

"Charging!" Jude replied, throwing a switch, and funneling four ZPM's worth of power into the Laser beam array.

[I am Flesh and I am Bone-]

A spark from a buried seed on Lopan cast a wide red circle on the ground.

[Arise, Ting Ting, like Glitter and Gold.]

A matching orange circle marked itself on the ground around Catherine and the entire D'ni Cavern itself.

[I've got Fire in my soul-]

Klorel never noticed that particular rise in energy due to the rapid buildup from the Odyssey's Hyperbeam cannon.

[Rise up, Ting Ting, like Glitter...]

Sparks flew upwards from the ground in Lopan's desert, and Yeesha and the Rescuers began their chant.

[(Aooo) 'Cause everybody's in the backroom's spinnin' out-]

The front of the Odyssey was barely visible as the hyberbeam took shape as a glowing sphere at its nose.

[(Aooo) Don't remember what you're asking for?]

Hecate laughed- and then stopped laughing as an alarm sounded off about a spatial anomally.

[(Aooo) And everybody's in the front room trippin' out-]

A wall of white light began to rise from the orange line, raising upwards.

[(Aooo) You left your bottle at the door.]

Sparks flew from the walls in the Odyssey's Power room as four ZPM's flared brightly.

[(Aooo) 'Cause everybody's in the backroom's spinnin' out-]

Hecate ordered an immediate halt--

[(Aooo) You Don't remember what you're asking for?]

And her Ha'tak stopped moving in just the right place to be in a perfect line with the Odyssey's Hyperbeam canon.

[(Aooo) And everybody's in the front room trippin' out-]

Cassandra licked her lips, and inched a finger over the fire button.

[(Aooo) You left your bottle at the door.]

The dome of light formed in two planets- racing upwards, and upwards, but before it could cover top over the Odyssey...

Cassandra tapped her finger--

[I am Flesh and I am Bone- Arise, Ting Ting, like Glitter and Gold.]

--And a golden laser of light shot forth and speared through the Ha'tak's engine core.

[I've got Fire in my soul- Rise up, Ting Ting, like Glitter...]

Hecate could only stare on with confusion and mild horror as the dome encapsulated the Odyssey and the town and D'ni entirely, and then with a flash of light-

[(Yeeeaaah...) Like Glitter and Gold]

All Of It Was Gone.

[(Yeeeaaah...) Like Glitter...]

And then the Ha'tak exploded with a bright blue fireball, covering over the dimensional transference that had happened with a massive vitrification crater and a decently sized fireball.

[(Yeeeaaah...) Like Glitter and Gold]

As the light show faded on Lopan, Yeesha sighed in relief as the familiar terrain of the ground above the cavern of D'ni, including the town of Catherine, appeared before her.

[(Yeeeaaah...) Like Glitter...]

Onboard the Odyssey above it all, O'neill could only close his eyes and sigh in sad relief of a job well done.


DIASPORA DATE: 12/04/0007.

Your name is General Hank Landry, and you swallow dryly as you gaze at the report on your table.

All that remained of the Odyssey's grandstanding over Catherine and D'ni was a massive black crater of glassed rock. 

There was no way to tell what the hell went through General O'neill's mind in those last few moments, but whatever it was he'd done had destroyed the Ha'tak in a decidedly mostly safe way...

Safe for the Earth, save for everything directly beneath the explosion, which just so happened to be the Cavern of D'ni and the town of Catherine.

The Odyssey, and everyone onboard was being written off as Killed In Action, officially.

There'd been no mass broad wave of information from the attacking Ha'tak, only a direct line to the Odyssey... so all that could be presumed was that Hecate, if she had really been the one behind this attack, had wanted something from D'ni and would have gone directly to the site to get it if the Odyssey hadn't gotten there first.

Several would-be assassins had turned themselves in after news of the failed assault had gotten out. Some informed of Naquadah bombs spread around the world, which were being taken care of.

Others had gone to the wind. There was no telling where some of them would be in the future going forwards.

It was a scary thought, in all honesty.

But nothing so scary as the loss of life and the loss of such an important Historical Site.

D'ni, if it were still intact beneath the surface, had most assuredly been cut off from the surface in all the ways that mattered- by foot and by air ventilation.

Mass Suffocation was the assumed end result if people didn't make it out in time. Being vaporized by an exploding Ha'tak seemed peaceful in comparison.

And you all but pushed Jack into being on that ship.

No SG-1. No General O'neill. And No Time Machines to undo any of it. 

...It's a story that writes itself, really. And it writes itself far more easily than it surely was to plan out to such a perfect T. 

Sure, you doubt Hecate was a planned factor, but the simple fact of the matter was, the Odyssey bee-lined it towards D'ni after Jack had it out who knows where in the vast expanse of Milky Way performing god knows what kind of secret mission.

Major Vantas could answer it- but he was now 'dead.'

But there in lies the rub.

The man was involved in a gods forsaken TIME LOOP with the VERY SHIP that was now presumed DESTROYED.

Most people weren't aware of that fact. Hell, the IOA wasn't even throwing a fuss up about it (But then again, maybe they would be if their leader hadn't been murdered by his own sealed water bottle).

But YOU?

You're FAR, FAR too aware of something fishy being up with ALL of this.

Jake Harley? Moved Offworld.

Roxy Egbert's family? Moved Offworld.

Jane Egbert? Gone missing.

Major Strider's brother? Offworld seeking therapy. 

Major Strider's DAUGHTER? Being taken care of by friends who live OFF WORLD.

General Hammond's entire family? Offworld because of a VACATION that MAJOR STRIDER put through the gears.

Not entirely suspicious things due to how slowly they'd built up. The sheer coincidence factors...

But then you take into account other things. You quietly checked in on things and found a suspicious pattern.

Doctor Mckay's Sister, her Husband and Children, were currently on ATLANTIS taking an EXTENDED Vacation visiting with Mckay and they'd tagged along on his Return Trip following that shit storm with the Werewolves that had ALSO sent Roxy Egbert's family off world. 

And there was something else too. You'd quietly inquired about Doctor Keller's parents and found they were 'on a vacation' that had suddenly started not long after the Werewolf thing too. And speaking of estranged family members...

You did a check in on Colonel Mitchel's parents, and instead of a Farm, there was a perfectly circular lot covered in pink-hued sand.

You've done similar checks on the family members of Atlantis' expedition.

A very suspiciously large chunk of family members are either on sudden, unexplained vacations after the latest Earth-Leave, or they've suddenly decided to move offworld, using the Atlantis Expedition connections to leverage it all. And that's not counting others who left BEFORE all of that happened. 

It's strange. It's crazy. You can't track acquaintances or friends either, really. But surely if this were a large, organized operation, there HAD To be some kind of leak somewhere. Right?

It bodes ominous for Earth.

The IOA was voted out of the Charter Council not YESTERDAY and all of this...

Suddenly, it makes you wonder how the hell you missed this.

The pattern reads clear as fucking day.

Earth's defenders have gone AWOL. Earth's allies are enraged over the IOA, and Atlantis' expedition members are securing the most important thing to them off world- their family and no doubt their friends.

And now D'ni is seemingly gone.

It's all a smidgen too perfect in its chaotic disaster pattern.

It's almost like they had a Seer controlling the strings... or even better...

God knows how many Time Travelers who had some idea of how things went down and could perfect the loop if given enough attempts.

At this point, you're not expecting anything less than Atlantis to start throwing its weight around the minute the IOA gets its feet back under it and tries something stupid with them again.

...But you're not going to say anything.

There was a reason Jack didn't clue you in when you asked.

Plausible Deniability.

At this point, all you have is some well founded conjecture, but no proof.

Nothing at all save a glassed crater, a blown up former nuclear research facility, and a crumbling monument that's started to crack down the seams because a Ha'tak buzzed it too closely with its gravity well.

And so you'll mourn the friends you've lost, and pray that the future that lies ahead of you isn't going to be too terrible.

What's the worst that could happen at this point anyways? The Wraith attack Earth? Nah. Earth's far more likely to blow itself up, all things considered.

Chapter Text


DIASPORA DATE: 12/14/0007

The Odyssey sat parked in the desert outside of the Town Catherine on the Planet Lopan- several miles out of visual range of any of the other pre-established settlements.

Your name is Jack O'neill, and you close the book on your after-action report. It's been a while since you worked on one of these, but, it's one hell of a report.

"General O'neill," Major Vantas' voice interjects over the ship's intercom. "General Leijon is here to see you."

"Send her in," you reply, and start making yourself look presentable.

Your new 'office' isn't anything grand, but it is what it is. Temporary. Until the heat dies down from your latest stunt at any rate. It doesn't need cleaning. 


You make sure the wastebasket is properly filled at any rate, and by the time you've finished, General Okurii Leijon is knocking at your office door.

"General Leijon," you greet as you open the door.

"General O'neiil," she smiles as she enters. "How's the life of a dead General?" 

"There's a lot of Paperwork," you answer. "A lot more than I expected."

"There's one constant in life and death," Okurii muses. "Paperwork."

"Yeah," you motion for her to take a seat on the sofa Sam insisted you bring from home.

Thank the Asgard for a fly-by beam-up on your race over Colorado.

Both of you sit down, and you make idle chit-chat.

"So, how's the kid?"

"Oh, Nepeta's doing fine. She's started taking up an interest in painting."

"That's good."

"The walls of her bedroom beg to differ, but as long as she's happy with it, I'm happy," Okurii answers.

"Fair enough," you say. "So. What brings you by?"

Business time, if you can keep the tone casual.

"We're at a point where we're sure Earth isn't coming looking in our neck of the woods for you guys," Okurii begins. "As far as everyone's concerned, D'ni and the Odyssey perished in the fight against a lone, rogue Goa'uld with delusions of grandeur."

"Always gotta love those delusions," you quip.

"Yes," Okurii smiles faintly, "well, anyways. All of that said, the IOA's restructuring now that their Council Head got murdered by his own poisoned water bottle."

"What about President Hayes?" You ask. "He alright?"

Okurii sighs. "He's still off the grid for the moment, but he has put out a few statements stating that he's still alive and kicking. Not that anyone can prove that they weren't prerecorded, mind you, but..."

"Chances are he's alive," you finish with a small nod. "This whole thing became quite the mess, didn't it?"

"Landry's requested Alternia send a small fleet of ships to guard Earth," Okurii adds to her report.

"Did he now? Wonder what brought that on," you muse.

"We'll be sending a small squadron, nothing major. Just a few of the old battle cruiser models," Okurii continues on. "I'll talk with Cassandra later and see if she recommends the Astro and Delta go too. Might reassure some people to know those're there."

"Reassuring the people, huh?" You ask. "Doesn't that just get so tiring?"

"Well, for now Earth is still Allied with many worlds. So... Yeah. Can't slack on those responsibilities just because we're prepared to cut ties in the worst case scenario." Okurii sighs. "I'm just sad that it's come to this after all these years. Those stupid politicians just couldn't hold their ambitions in check and NOT been giant assholes about everything." 

"The IOA pushed us to this point, and I'm sure Hecate had some hand in it too, annoyingly," you huff. "Atleast she's dead now."

"Kind of hard to come back from a Ha'tak exploding around you," Okurii nods.

"How's the fallout from that, anyways?" You ask. "The, uh, radio-logical fallout, I mean."

"By taking out the engine room first, aaaaaaall the energy that could have gone into the explosion and made it bad for the Earth just wasn't there," Okurii answers. "The rest of the explosion was a pretty big bang- big enough to make a giant glass crater- but it was nowhere near as radio-logical as most Nukes are. It was a surprisingly clean bang, all things considered. Projections showed it could have been a lot worse, though. You got lucky with the aiming."

"Nah, Cassie was the one doing that," you remind her. "Luck had nothing to do with it."

"...Fair enough," she agrees. "Shame the IOA won't have access to someone as powerful as Cassie from now on."

"Oh, yes, real shame that," you say. "I'm positively quivering at the thought of the IOA not having their own Chance Dancer."

"Mama! Papa!" Penny cried out as she saw her parents, and ran up to them.

"Penny!" Cassie hugged her tight.

Your name is Joey Claire, and you smile fondly as you watch that half of the Reunion. Jude... though...

He's a happy, kneeling next to Cassie and Penny and talking to his little girl about everything that went down, but...

You see him side-eyeing you occasionally with nervous glances.

You wonder what that's about?

As Cassie takes Penny for a tour of the town of Catherine, Jude hangs back with you.

"So, uh," He begins. "I'd like to apologize for lying to kid you back in Giza about Hecate and Klorel."

"It's fine, Jude," you wave it off. "Honestly, I mean, I cut the guy's head off and busted open the other one's skull! They should've died, but I just never confirmed the actual kills like I should have. I was too focused on everything else."

"But-" Jude goes to say something, but you raise a finger, and interject:

"If anything, I'm the one who should be apologizing. If Ashler hadn't been there... I might have overturned the table entirely by trying to kill Khepri." You sigh. "I... I was not in a good headspace during that mission, and it almost ruined everything we've built up since then. I wasn't thinking right and I'm sorry I almost made everything cease to exist in a temporal paradox."

"...I mean," Jude frowns. "I don't want to say 'fair enough' because I happen to like how my life's turned out. But also... I get it. You'd just watched a version of yourself die right infront of you for the sake of timeline stability. That'd mess anyone up, honestly. Are you okay, after all of that? God, it feels weird asking that so late after the fact."

"I'm good, now. Xefros and I had a LOT of private talks about it after it was all said and done," you tell him. "We were in Giza for about a Week, after all."

"Ah, yeah, that's true," Jude nods. "A lot of time to have a lot of private talks in that time without other people being too aware."

"Yep," you nod. "Egeria was quite the chatterbox back then, can you believe it?"

"It's like she was a completely different person!" Jude laughed. "I mean, of course she still had some of the same mannerisms, but... You know what I mean, right?"

"Amazing how people grow up over time, isn't it?" you ask, elbowing your brother in the arm.

"Seeing you now after seeing you then is really quite the grow up," Jude says, elbowing right back. "I can only imagine it was just as weird from your end!"

"Jude, you have NO IDEA How hard it was for me to keep quiet just how TALL you got!" you laugh. 

"That's a spoiler now?" Jude asks. "My height?"

"More that you and Cassie were on SG-1. I couldn't even tell anyone that Mordred was on SG-1!" You say. "Of course, I didn't realize that the Mordred on SG-1 was the same Mordred who showed up all 'rawr' and 'smashy' and 'imma steal your megaship!' until pretty recently, though. Just look at how photogenic that family line of theirs is! I seriously thought he could have been any of Artoria's descendants for a while there."

"That is true," Jude muses. "Miss Gray over on Atlantis is quite the spitting image, if you discount the hair color."

"Mmmhm," you nod. "Oh! Speaking of Artoria..."

You fish around in your sylladex, and then pull out a small box of medals.

"She wanted me to hand these out to SG-1 when you guys got back from Giza," you explain.

Jude takes the box, opens it, and removes a rater large round, bronze disk with a centered engraving reading "I survived Giza in 2995 BC and All I got was this fancy Medal!" on it.

"...Did.... Did she make this?" Jude asked, astonished.

"Apparently she's taken up Engraving as a hobby and when she found out Mordred got caught up in the Giza loop, she went and made these," you answer. "She'd be here herself to hand them out, but there was a disturbance on the Unwritten in a museum wing dedicated to the Avalon Vault and she went to check it out."

"How weird," Jude shakes his head, captchalogues the medal he took out, and closes the box. "I'll make sure the rest of SG-1 gets these."

"Thanks," you nod.

There's a bit of a pause, then Jude asks... "So... we're cool?"

"The Coolest," you put an arm around your little bro in an one-armed shoulder hug, which he returns with a laugh.

Chapter Text


DIASPORA DATE: 12/31/0007.

The RUBY LANCER and the ASTRAEA SABER stood back to back atop the deck of a Wraith Hiveship that was very well aware that they were there and had dispatched a multitude of Darts to knock them loose.

"How do you LOSE a LANCE?!" Ruby Branwen cried out in annoyance as the ASTRAEA shield bashed a Dart into spiraling into another.

"It got stuck and then the hive ship darted off with it!!" Rhubee Xaolon countered, aiming the Lancer's remaining blaster weapon over their shield and firing off a few quick bursts that took out some Wraith Darts, the rest diverted to the side.

"Girls! Please!" Karren remarked. "The lance will come back. It always does!"

"It's been over five minutes now!" Ruby wanted to snap. "And for another thing! Not only how did you lose the Lance, HOW DO YOU LOSE AN ENTIRE THRUSTER ASSEMBLY!?" Ruby continued on, as the Astraea lashed out with a kick that knocked a Dart nose over rear into the two Darts behind it.

"I DON'T KNOW!" Rhubee whined.

"Good grief," Artoria Gray sighed, lashing out with a sword strike that clotheslined a Dart and sent two halves of it spiraling off into different directions. Something distant exploded off to Astraea's right a moment later.

The Lancer's back was bare, save two sparking ports where an entire booster jetpack should have resided. 

Needless to say, the situation was far from ideal, but still, the team worked as a team despite their exasperation towards it.

"Gaaaaah!!" Karren shot at more darts. "They won't stop coming!"

"We ARE on top of a Hive ship!" Gray reminded her. "Not exactly the best place to be!"

"We need the lance! Where the heck is it!?" Ruby snapped. "It should have come back here by now!"

And then Rhubee spotted it- a gleaming arrow of crimson rocketing towards them. "There it is!"

"Uhoh!" Karren gulped as a target alert popped up. "It's navigation's not responding. We can't recall it to our hand. It's targeting the space where we're standing instead and it won't stop!"

"What's that mean for us?" Gray asked.

"At the speeds it's traveling-"  Karren started.

"It's gonna ram the Hive in Gae Bolg Mode!" Rhubee yelped.

"This would be a lot easier if you hadn't lost either the lance or the boosters!" Ruby reminded.

"WE KNOW!" The other three girls exclaimed in synch.

"Gray!" Karren started. "On my mark, Link us to the other side of the Hiveship! Both mechs! We'll grab the lance and ride it out!"

"Got it!" Within her cockpit, Gray decaptchalogued Rule Breaker- manifesting it with a flash of golden light. From beneath her cloak- her wings expanded out with a flare.

"Annnd...! Aaaannnnd...!" Karren timed it- "NOW!"

Both Mechas warped onto the clear polar opposite side of the Hiveship moments before the glowing spear of doom rammed into the Hiveship and pierced through its hull like a drill.

Both Mechs leaped off of the Hiveship as the lance spared its way out the other end of the Hiveship.

The Lancer grabbed hold of the lance's pole with one hand, and grabbed onto Astraea's free hand with the other- and the two mechs rode the rocketing spear out and away from the hiveship as it exploded dramatically from the last second plan.

"WOOOOO!" Rhubee cried out with glee.

"HAAHAH! DEEP THROAT THAT ONE, WRAITH!" Karren yelled with a savage tone.

"Karren," Gray sighed. "They're already dead. The inappropriateness of that statement is going completely unappreciated by them."

"I know, I know!" Karren had the Lancer tighten its grip on the pole and the Lance''s thrusting effects slowed down to a more controllable speed. And with a further adjustment, they diverted course towards the OTHER Hiveship that was currently duking it out with the Daedalus. "But these guys aren't dead yet! Maybe they'll--"


And then the Daedalus blased the Hiveship one final time and the thing exploded.

"You were saying?" Ruby asked.

"Awwh." Karren pouted.



DIASPORA DATE: 01/01/0008.

Atlantis was a bustling City of activity on any given day. Mission teams heading this way and that, exploring the Galaxy, making friends, getting trade deals- such and the like. Scientists bustling between labs, researching this piece or that thing. Military folk undergoing training drills. The Cafeteria a bustling nexus point of a melting pot of culture- representing the entire city in mirco-scale.

But now there's more than that. Family members who uprooted at the request of those who work here. Civilians taking over positions so that the Military and Scientists can be a bit more free to do their own jobs. Things are changing.

And as the Daedalus arrives out of Hyperspace, and makes its way down to land at its usual pier... You know today is going to be a busier one.

Your name is Keiko Ayano, and you exhale briefly as you take it all in.

Your last day as just Keiko Ayano, random scientist.

Your last day as just Keiko Ayano, wolf-girl with an Administrator tier ATA Gene. 

Your last day as just Keiko Ayano, girl who got in way in over her head.

"You ready to go?" Daraya asked, placing a hand on your shoulder.

You take in a deep breath, and exhale slowly.

Your last day is just about over.

"Yeah," you nod. "I think I am."

You two head along the hallways, passing by various people.

Tyzias and Mallek join you on your march towards the Conference Room- AR-2, reunited once again.

"You really don't want to tell me about Giza, huh?" Tyzias was asking during the point of joining.

"I barely even remember what the hell I did back then," Mallek said. "I think I almost got shot at by a Jaffa at some point? I dunno what you expect from me, Tyzias. Shit was crazy and fast paced and I think I was kind of dissociating for half of it, honestly."

"Yeah, sure, whatever. I'll get the story from Joey when she drops by next," Tyzias waves it off. 

"You do that," Mallek says.

You can't help but to laugh. Oh, you needed that mood boost.

"Hey, Boldir, who's the blue haired woman over there? Is she new?" Marinette asked.

You are Boldir Lamati, and you glance over the way that your teammate is looking. "Ah, that's Kagami Tsurugi. A Jaffa whose mother used to be a First Prime to one of the 'Ancient Japanese Gods' Themed Goa'uld. Yes, she is new. Showed up about a week ago. Why'd you ask?"

"Dunno, just wondered why she looked familiar," Marinette frowned. "I think I knew a girl like her back on Earth, but..." She shakes her head. "It's probably nothing."

"Earth did have a fairly limited gene pool all things considered," Shirou remarked. "The chances of someone from Earth sharing the same appearance as someone from elsewhere in the Galaxy is staggeringly high, really."

"Speaking of Earth Relations," you look to Marinette, "How're your parents settling in?"

"Pretty well despite the fact they'll basically have to rebuild the entire bakery from scratch," Marinette answers. "But Dad said they were 'looking to Remodel anyways, an what better way to remodel than from the ground up?'"

You hum in agreement.

Your name is Argo Nepeta Lalonde, and you blink as you process exactly what your mini-alt-self just said.

"You want to change your name?" You ask.

Nepeta Argo Strider nods. "Yeah. Don't get me wrong, I like my name, but... I share both of the easy parts with other people. You-" she points at you, "And her!" Her being Nepeta Leijon, Okurii's kid, currently sipping away at a juice box next to Harley, who's psychic-playing with that Rubix cube again. (June and Rose are currently still at home on Diaspora because Mom-Roxy is being a bit paranoid and still doesn't want them out of her sight for the time being.)

 "It does get a little confusing even for me, sometimes," Nepeta agrees, stopping her trip through juice-town for the moment. "We've been brainstorming new names! We've got a List!"

"Well, I'm not offended by it any, given that I changed my name's order around to help with the confusion," you say. "And I hate to be the 'responsible one', but I gotta ask, have you talked with Dad about it yet?"

"Eh," Nepp glances aside, her wings flare a little, and her ears wriggle. "I think he'd be cool with it, but I haven't really talked to him about it. Y'know. Cause I haven't been on Earth?"

"Hmm," you muse. "Well, yeah, That's a pretty good reason not to. So, run this list by me!"

So they run it all by you ordered from least favored to most favored. They put a surprising amount of thought into figuring this stuff out. Atleast, that's what it seems at first. Most of the stuff they don't like seems to be the most heavily researched.

Harley gives a few comments here and there about her thoughts on things, too, but eventually the topic comes around to Nepp's top most 'would like to use as my name' name.

"Tomo?" You repeat- feeling an odd sense of narrative cohesion to that simple word.

"Yeah, it's weird," Nepeta says, "we were just talking about Tokoha and then I fumbled and said "Tomo" instead of "Toko" and-"

"And I just gasped!" Nepp takes the story from there. "Like it just fit! Out of nowhere!"

It's strange in how it does sort of fit- not just the her sitting there but the you-who-was. Before you'd gone on the run. Before you'd had Jolinar in your head. Before the Aschen.

In another time and another place, you could see yourself using the name "Tomo" happily.

But that time has since passed, and you are 100% Argo through and through. Your own sort of unique, nonbinary sort of bird.

And Nepp here... well... maybe Tomo is really the name she's been waiting for this entire time. Maybe that name was really meant for her this entire time.

"Well, I like it," Harley smiles. 

"Yeah," you say with a nod. "It's a good fit." You reach a hand out and ruffle the hair between her ears. "I like it."

You are now Jade Jackson...

"Do you ever wonder about the problems with time loops?"

...And you're talk philosophy with your sort-of-sister-in-law Aradia Megido on your way towards a transporter to get on with your jobs for the day. (Also, man, your family tree is just. SO. FUCKING. MESSED UP. It's gotta look like a tangled web of lines at this point.) 

"I try not to," you answer. "It brings up uncomfortable questions about inevitability and free will."

"Huh? No, not that," Aradia cracks a grin. "The problem is that we just don't have knitting needles big enough to let us fix loose threads!"

You stand corrected.

Apparently you're talking PUNS now, rather than philosophy. 

You are now Colonel Stephen Caldwell, and you're gazing at the map of Pegasus with a strange sensation in your heart.

"It looks like we've cleared most of the Galaxy of the Wraith save for a few stubborn cells and Todd's faction," you summarize.

"Yeah, we're pretty certain there are a few other Wraith cells that went to ground and started hibernating again after culling some worlds," Mckay says, motioning at the chart. "But as long as they're keeping low and not causing any trouble, we can't really track them down until they cause trouble. Ideally we'll never see them again, but practically, we'll probably run into a few scattered Wraith Cullings every now and then for the next few years."

"I never thought this day would come," Teyla says, sounding wistful and nostalgic. "A day when our Galaxy would be free of the Wraith."

Ronon just grunts something akin to acknowledgement, you suspect because he can't think of anything to add to the conversation.

"Speaking of Todd's group," Keiko starts from the Director's chair at the head of the table- her position going forwards after today. "After they damaged the Astro and Delta, we haven't seen any sign of Magnums popping up anywhere, or any other signs of Todd's group harassing the Wraith."

"Todd's probably figured he's got the time to consolidate his forces," Sheppard starts, "but there's also the chance he got betrayed. None of our attempts at reaching out have gotten a response."

"Either way, I think we can safely say that the Wraith as they were are on the back foot," you say. "And I'm guessing now's a good of time as any to talk about the other elephant in the room?"

Woolsey, sitting across from Argo at their usual spot, nodded. "The IOA officially put forth a 'request' to withdraw the Daeadlus back to Earth without waiting for another ship to come here and take defensive positions or assault any further Wraith hiveships."

"I wouldn't call what I got in my email inbox last night a 'request,' Woolsey," you state for the reccord. "More an aggravated demand coupled with veiled threats of my entire crew being labeled traitors if I didn't co-operate. I've already told my crew that anyone who wants to Return to Earth can do so now while we're docked. Anyone who wants to stay can stay."

And you, personally, are staying. You're not putting yourself under the IOA's thumb after their latest power grab and restructuring. You can tell when people fancy to make themselves dictators, and you'll have nothing to do with bowing to their every whim.

"The IOA just gets scummier by the day," Tyzias muses.

"Yeah, well, that'll happen when one of the few reasonable people in power gets murdered," Mallek remarks.

"Regardless, the IOA doesn't have the authority to make such a demand," Woolsey says. "Not since they were voted out from the Charter Council. That said, I've heard they've tried to nominate one of their own to replace General O'neill's seat on the Council."

"It's not going to work," Keiko declares. "I already spoke with Mikari and Okurii over email this morning. They'll gladly accept Atlantis itself into the Charter Council to replace Earth when... When we make the Declaration."

A shot of tension rises and relaxes through the room.

This is really it.

Hypothetical and double talk for months, secretly checking the opinions and thoughts of everyone involved in Expedition one way or another, secretly bringing people from Earth to Pegasus or to Alternia...

Atlantis is prepared to make a declaration to cut ties with Earth.

Before anyone can say anything else, the Gate alarm sounds off.

"...Nobody's offworld right now, right?" Keiko asks, glancing to Sheppard.

"No," he answers. "Which means it's either Earth, or-"

The Intercom in the room buzzes, and Banks speaks, "Uh, Sirs? I know you all didn't want to be disturbed. But we've got Todd the Wraith requesting permission to cross through the gate?"

"Speak of the Devil," Woolsey mutters.

You are John Sheppard, and you step into the Control Room with everyone from the Conference Room on your tail. "What've we got?"

"Video feed from M1R-N01," Banks reports. "Todd found the MALP we couldn't dig out of the mud."

"On screen," you say, and look to the nearest screen.

Todd appears on screen, looking a bit battered as he kneels next to a MALP camera.

"Well," he begins, "it took you long enough. Can I come through the gate now?"

"Gimme one reason why we should after we found you you were behind the Magnums?" You ask. 

"Ah. So you did realize that after all. I suppose my deception could only last for so long." Todd steps away from the camera, and gestures at a distant smoke cloud. "That is what remains of my shuttle after I was betrayed and left to die in the hard cold vacuum of space! I was fortunate enough to be able to guide a crash landing near enough to the Stargate, and I've been hiking for it every since."

"Nice landing," you say, sarcastic. 

"Don't be critical, Sheppard! I'd like to see YOU try landing with half an engine and barely functional life support!" Todd sniffs as he steps back into frame. "Can we talk in person?"

"We'll pass for the moment," you say. "Care to tell us what you want to talk about and why we should care?"

Though, you are a bit worried. Todd stayed on top as long as he did because he could read EVERYONE'S thoughts without them realizing it, completely evading the usual Wraith Hivemind in the process.

"Fine," Todd grunts. "One of my men gained the ability to cloak his thoughts from my own powers and I failed to realize it. He... ah. Well. He acquired a Rare and Powerful piece of technology at the same time I had done the same."

"...Don't tell me," Mckay interjects. "A Zed-PM?"

"...Iiiiinnn a Manner of Speaking," Todd waffles. "It was less... A Single ZPM and more... a device capable of Manufacturing them?"

"Oh Good Lord!" Woolsey exclaims. "I Thought we'd accounted for that?"

"Can't account for what we assumed was lost when we put a giant crater in the ground," Tyzias remarks. 

"So. Working on the assumption that Todd is telling the truth? And we can't Confirm That unless we get him near Boldir and that's not going to happen unless we let him come to Atlantis... How bad of a thing are we dealing with here?" You are Rodney Mckay, and you are a little bit exhausted after everyone came to your lab for an impromptu math session. "If the ZedPM Generators here on Atlantis, and the one we recovered from Asuras, plus what was used on the Aincrad style castle ships are anything to go by? Very. Very. Bad."

"I don't buy it," Ronon says. "He got betrayed by one of his people, now he's escalating the situation so we can clean up his mess."

Telya agrees, "It is possible that he mentioned the potential for zero point module production simply to get our attention."

"Yes, well, even if that's the case, we can't take the risk," you say. "Inefficient Power Generation is the Achilles Heel of Wraith Technology. It's basially the reason for every technological advantage we have. If this- what did Todd call him again?"

"Kenny, apparently," Sheppard says dryly.

"Yes, well, if this Kenny really has his hands on a device that can Manufacture ZedPMs? Well, that's it. Game over. Even a Single ZedPM would be bad- and let's just assume for a moment that even if Todd's lying about this ZedPM Maker he might not be lying about the potential for them to have their hands on more ZedPMs than Todd told us he stole from Asuras to begin with- because a super powered ZedPM Hiveship would be able to power Hull Regeneration, Weapons, Hyperdrive, you Name It, they can probably double the output of it."

"You think it's a Hiveship they'd be powering?" Keiko asks.

"Let's be real here," you lay it out. "Todd's faction were developing Cruiser sized Transforming Mechs. The size and energy requirements for that alone would be at about the peak of what they could manage. All the energy efficiency of a Hiveship dumped into something the size of a Cruiser instead. Replace power generation with a ZPM? You'd get a Hiveship that could do that, easily. Maybe something even larger than the standard Hives. And if they have the means to make Multiple ZedPMs? Like I said. Game Over. I don't think we'd be able to handle dealing with an armada of Hiveship sized Magnums when just ONE of the normal sized ones put up enough of a fight to damage the Astro-Delta pair enough to force them back to Alternia for repairs."

"So our options are bring in Todd and get Boldir to pick his mind and see if he's telling the truth," Woolsey says, "or ignore the potential of this threat at our own detriment."

"We can't ignore this," Keiko shakes her head. "We bring Todd in."

Nods from the room, nobody argues that she made the decision.

It's her job from tomorrow onwards, afterall. You don't envy the girl one bit.

It's a bit strange, you think, watching as everyone leaves your lab. You first met her and Silica all those years ago when she came through a Quantum Mirror, and now here she is, serving as your boss.

You don't envy that position. What it does to people, how fast it chews through leaders and spits them out somewhere else.

A part of you wishes Elizabeth was still here, another part wishes Mikari were still incharge. And yet another wishes for Samantha and Jolinar. Stranger still, a part doesn't want to see Woolsey step down either. 

But he's got his own role to play going forwards, and so do you.

"Well, here we are again," you are once again Boldir Lamati, and you enter the Atlantis Interrogation Room across from Todd the Wraith.

"Miss Lamati," Todd bows his head. "It's always such a pleasure." He smiles. "You know, this city has become quite familiar to me... Almost as if it's a refuge from my daily life. It would be a shame to see it destroyed."

A thought flashes across his mind-- an armada of Hiveships blasting down upon Atlantis from above-- and strangely enough he's *Afraid* of that image.

"Alright," you say. "Let's take it from the top, Todd. This ZPM Maker... It came from Asuras, right?"

He nods- his memories, annoyed as they are, confirms it. He walked into a lab, saw one of his Scientists- "Kenny"- working on it and not what Todd had him working on assignment-wise. 

And then shit hit the fan as Todd realized he couldn't read his ally's mind.

"Indeed," Todd says. "As you know, I managed to acquire a few ZPMs from Asuras during the raid. My Chief Scientist saw fit to aim higher. Manufacturing! Industrious. I had him working on the potential to increase power output on the Magnums, as you call them- ideally with implementing the transforming ability into a proper Hiveship. I thought he was working with ZPMs stolen from Asuras. When I discovered he was Manufacturing them! And that he was blocking my mind reading somehow... Well. That's when things got... dicey."

Dicey is underselling it. His memories come up unbidden, and squished flat instantly. It was not a pleasant fight for escape that he went through.

Almost a month of drifting through space before he managed to land on a planet with a Stargate. It's a miracle he landed on one at all, really, seeing what he went through.

You don't pity him, but at the same time, you're impressed with his ability to survive.

"How many ZPMs did you steal anyways?" You ask.

"...Enough," he offers, and your mind nearly blanks with the visual of several crates full of ZPMs. "But that is not the main issue. How many I had is now irrelevant. How many Kenny-" He spits the name with venom- "now has, now that's the problem, and one I cannot answer."

"So... why now? Why betray you now after you were working your Alliance through so many victories?" You ask.

"I can only guess that he saw my future plans for the Wraith- engineering the Retrovirus to remove our ability to Feed and replace it with a more human digestive track- and decided that he'd rather not do that," Todd shrugged. "Alternatively, he may have been... offered incentives by someone else."

He shows you a memory very proudly then. The G-Man, being fed upon, and turned to bones and dust.

Todd grins as you feel a little faint. "Yes. He was quite the annoyance, that one. Thought to betray me with a faulty gene therapy. It's not a bad idea, one I'd steal for myself, really, but... Let's just say that I had it thoroughly tested before we implemented it live in anyone. Did you know he was trying to make a super plague that was sure to wipe out all Wraith AND Humans in Pegasus? Nasty nasty piece of work, that one."

"I'll agree with you there," you say. "But it's just conjecture, right? For all you know, he just wanted to keep his tech advances to himself and thought to kick you to the curb."

"Indeed," Todd leans forwards, a serious look on his face. "What you need to know at this stage is that before I discovered his deception, he reported success with empowering a Magnum with a ZPM and encouraged it to grow from Cruiser Size into Hiveship size. I now believe instead of powering it with a ZPM directly, he found a means to siphon the energy directly into the Hiveship with this ZPM Generator device. If that conversion process is not yet complete, you have a chance to stop it. Destroy it. If that ship reaches its full potential... it will be too late, and it will become unstoppable, to say nothing of what he intends to do with every other ship in my Alliance!"

The Daedalus takes off, and launches into Hyperspace once at a safe distance away from the city of Atlantis- not even bothering of breaking to orbit first.

Your name is Rose Lalonde, and you stare out over the ocean as it settles from the subspace disturbance. Your hands grip tightly against the railing with unease coiling through your body.

"And woe, I have become Death, Destroyer of Worlds," you paraphrase several quotes. "For once I was Ozymandias, King of Kings. Gaze upon the works I have wrought and despair."

"That's a bit ominous," Kanaya says, leaning against you, gazing out over the ocean as well. 

"We're dealing with a potential for the Wraith to have the ability of infinite ZPM power production," Rose says. "I think a little ominousness is appropriate."

"I still don't understand how the ZPM Generator could work exactly?" Your name is Daraya Jonjet, and you and Keiko are hurrying down the hallway from one set of labs to another. "I know we HAVE one, but why haven't we ever used it?"

"Basically, it's a matter of efficiency," Keiko explains. "On Aincrad, ours were powered by a device in orbit around the Sun, somehow being able to tap into pocket dimensions and feed that pocket dimension energy directly into our manufacturing units. On Asuras, we don't know how they Started making them, but once they had a decent supply of them on hand, they started using the things to power their own generators in a recurring moebius strip kind of situation. Spend a few ZPMs to power the thing, get a dozen ZPMs out, a few of which go right back to powering it to get more ZPMs."

"But here on Atlantis?" You ask.

"Honestly, we just haven't ever needed to turn it on," Keiko answers. "The Unwritten was able to upload the Crystal Walls from Alfheim that grew their ZPMs, and it's inherited the solar-collection-furnace tech that Aincrad used. We haven't needed to turn on the ZPM factory here on Atlantis."

"But if we did?" You ask.

"It'd function similarly to what the Replicators did on Asuras. Use a ZPM to generate pocket dimensions, and stuff 'em into ZPM cases."

"Gotcha," you nod. "I think I've got it now."

"Let's hope we never need to use it," Keiko says, "but it's nice to have the ability if we ever do need it."

You can't argue with that logic.

Something occurs to you though.

"What if it explodes?"

Keiko stops in the hallway, and so do you, because she's got a thousand yard stare on her face.

And then she exclaims a single, solitary: "Fuck!"

"What do you MEAN the Daedalus isn't there?" General Landry asked over the active Gate Connection from Earth to Atlantis.

"I mean it as I said, General," You are now Richard Woolsey, and you've got the most unenviable position in the world. "We received credible intel that we couldn't ignore regarding the Wraith and it was time sensitive to the point we needed to move immediately."

"What could possibly be that time sensitive?" Landry asks.

"Try a Wraith Hiveship powered by a ZPM," you offer the most simplistic explanation. "We've sent the Daedalus to destroy it before it gains the potential to either Attack Atlantis or move on to Earth."

"...I'll relay that to the IOA, maybe that'll cool the fire they've lit under me to try and get the Daedalus to come home," Landry says, and then cuts the connection. The Gate shuts down moments later.

You exhale in slow disbelief.

"That should buy us enough time," you say, turning towards Argo. "Is the message prepared?"

"The Declaration is ready to send out once we're sure the Hiveship's destroyed," they nod. There's a pause, then they ask, "Are you sure we should be delaying this?"

"It's Keiko's call now, not mine," you say. "But if she's right and A ZPM Manufacturing Device has the same potential of spatial overwriting on detonation as a regular ZPM does? We might need to delay the Declaration until this situation is stabilized. But even so..." You pause. "Well. It's not my call anymore. And quite frankly? I've had enough of second guessing everyone's decisions, including my own. The course is locked in no matter what we do at this point."

"Fair enough," Argo nods, then- "Should we give the speech to the City now, or wait until we hear back from the Daedalus?"

"You should ask Keiko too, but personally, I'd prefer it if we wait until we hear back," you say.

"Alright then," Argo nods, then heads off.

Banks gives you a strange look, then passes a twenty over to Chuck, who has a grim smile on his face.

Oh well. So much for keeping up appearances.

Your name is John Sheppard, and you gaze at Todd as he sits there in the Daedalus' holding cell, wearing plain grey coveralls. 

"Colonel," he greets. "Was it really necessary to remove my subspace transmitter and force me to wear this Ridiculous Outfit?" 

"You lied to us," you say. "Either after the fact or intentionally, you lied to us when you told us the Magnums weren't yours."

"That may be true, but what would you have done? Asked me to stop developing technology that could help us win the war?" Todd offers. "I killed more enemy Wraith who refused to conform to my plans using those tactics than you ever could imagine."

"I can imagine a whole lot," you say. "Boldir's read your mind. We should have had her with us on every encounter, but we didn't, and that was our mistake."

"I take it that this means my request to be on the bridge when we make contact is-?"

"Denied," you finish for him.

"Understandable," Todd nods.

"Look," you start. "The problem's pretty simple. Ever since you and I first met, I've had this... feeling in the back of my mind that I couldn't quite place, but now I know what it is. It's the feeling that I'm walking around with a Live Grenade in my Pocket, just waiting for it to explode in case of a 'one last thing.' You've been pretty good at keeping those hidden from us, but there's Always a One last Thing. So. I could have Boldir come in and read your mind, or I could ask you to be honest for once in your life and just come out with it." You pause, and then stress. "What is it you've neglected to mention this time?"

"I assure you, I've been nothing but honest with you this entire time," Todd says.

"You were dealing with the G-Man behind our backs. Sure, you killed him for us. Thanks For That. But we're dealing with something else entirely now," you look Todd in the eyes. "If I find out you're playing us, keeping something even from Boldir? I'm not going to waith for Authorization or file any paperwork. I'm just gonna kill you."

Todd just smiles.

And so you leave.

You've got time to spare, so you head to the 302 Bay.

There's a Jumper sitting in place and-- "What the hell, Rodney!?"

He's got one of the drive pods open and is retrofitting some weird machine into where a drone tray should be.

"Oh! John! You'll never guess what the Daedalus found drifting in between Milky Way and Pegasus on their trip in!" Rodney stands up, grinning. "It's a Laser Beam Array! And not just that, a potentially Recursive one!"

"So?" You ask. "It's a laser. Why are you Adding It To The Jumper!?"

"Because, I was doing some tests, because, bored, but get this!" He smirks. "It operates on a Subspace level and creates basically a solid wall of distortion in the line it fires in! If we fire it in front of the Hiveship and it tries to jump into Hyperspace...!"

"We could possibly Attero it," you realize. "Okay. Cool. What was it doing out between galaxies?"

"I think it was probably, ah, what the Vanir used to keep the Attero Device from hitting other Galaxies," Mckay summarizes.

"Oh, great, Rogue Asgard Tech!" You facepalm. "Take it out, Rodney. I'm not flying with that onboard."

"But we could-" Rodney starts.

"I Don't Trust That Tech, Rodney!" you tell him firmly. "Not unless you can rig it to explode and we can get it onboard that Hiveship."

"Oh, well, I could pretty much do that too," Mckay starts. "It wouldn't be that hard, really. The, ah, Exploding part. Not so much about the getting it onboard the Hiveship thing." 

"Either way, Take it Out of the Jumper," you tell him.

"Alright, alright," Mckay sighs. "Atleast you got me before I reconnected it to its power supply. That'd be the tricky part of taking it out again."

"I'm not even going to ask what it is it runs on, Rodney," you say, shaking your head, and turning away.

Damn it. What the hell is today even doing. It was supposed to be simple. Make an announcement across the city, send a few emails to Earth and the Atlantis Charter Council... That's it.

Now you're stuck dealing with... with...

With this crazy nonsense! 


Your name is Lloyd Armadn, and you wince as Akita lays Maka out flat on the ground. 

"Okay, I think that's enough for today," you say, clapping your hands.

With a groan, Maka accepts Akita's offered hand and gets pulled to her feet. "Damn it. I'm way too nervous about today."

"You mean the announcement that everyone's been waiting for?" Akita asks.

"Yeah," Maka sighs. "I got my little sib' out of staying with the parents by offering 'em a place here, but... We've gotten emails. Medusa keeps asking when 'little Chrona will be done visiting with big sis Maka' and 'come home'! Ugh. The sooner the announcement comes in and we can officially cut ties the better."

"As one of my teachers back on Alternia told me," you begin, "Time is what it is. It flows on its own course. Sometimes as expected, sometimes not. But regardless, it flows like tea flows from a kettle." You frown. "Honestly, she just had a weird fixation with tea so it seeped into every metaphor she made, but it still makes enough sense, I think."

"Teachers?" Soul asked, raising an eyebrow from where he sat. "What kind of teacher did you find on Alternia who talks like that?"

You glance at your fellow Alternian Ex-pat and give a shrug. "Honestly, I couldn't tell you how the others met her, but all I know was that it was before I joined up." You frown. "Poor Dareth, though. She made him drink a whole vase of tea once and he was hogging up the nearest bathroom for a whole afternoon. I think it was some kind of strength training? I dunno. Honestly, the further away from all of that I get, the weirder it seems in retrospect."

"Your last group of friends sound like the crazy anime-protag sorta people, Lloyd," Maka says, grasping at her left shoulder with her right hand as she rolled the joint around. "And if Pyxxal is anything to go by, I really don't fancy meeting the rest of 'em."

"Me either, to be honest," Akita agreed with a curt nod. "The more I hear, the less I like."

"That's Alternia for you," Soul said with the motion of raising a nonexistent drink into the- Wait, no, his sylladex deposits a soda bottle into hand. "May it Rest in gloriously smashed up pieces!"

He opened the bottle and took a hefty, and long, swig of soda. You pointedly ignore the mixed up feelings in your own heart regarding the long destroyed planet.

"Amen to that," you agree.

"Sooo! Lloyd!" Maka changes the subject with all the subtlety of a giant metal death scythe cleaving through the air. "How's things with Gray been going?"

"We're taking it slow," you shrug. "We did the meet the parents thing, and that worked out alright. We're planning on taking a visit you-know-where once the whole Announcement thing is over with."

"Well, hopefully that'll go alright, then," Maka huffs. "Still. I just wish they'd get it over with already. What's the hold up?"

"Didn't you hear?" Akita asked, casually adjusting the bracelet around her wrist to a more comfortable position from where it'd gotten lodged further up her arm during the training fight.

"Hear what?" Maka asked in turn.

"The Daedalus launched on a sudden mission this morning. Something so urgent they entered hyperspace just off the city over the ocean," Akita explained. 

"Well that's..." Maka frowned. "I guess I can see why they'd delay things in that case. I just wonder what was so important?" 

Soul takes another drink from his soda bottle, and Akita gives you a "I don't know anything more, do you?" look.

"No idea," you say. "But I guess we could go ask Gray if she didn't stick with the ship?"

Your name is Artoria Gray, and you stuck with the ship.

The Daedalus drops out of Hyperspace early, and you can feel the tension across the Bridge as the fleet of Wraith Hiveships enters range.

Tiny pinpricks of light that's sure to be Hives, Lots of Cruisers, Magnums... And...

One. Very. VERY. Large Wraith Hiveship dominates the field, You almost mistake it for a Normal hiveship very close up, except for the fact that it's the wrong shape.

It looks like a supersized Magnum, except more shaped like a Hiveship and less a spiky Dart. 

There's no doubt in your mind that the thing transforms into a robot mode.

"That thing's a lot bigger than we thought," Caldwell remarks.

"Tell me about it," Mckay says as he observes a sensor panel. "Massive Energy Spikes from the various ships. They're definitely being powered by ZedPMs. Even Larger energy spike in the Banshee over there."

"Banshee?" Sheppard asks.

"What? It sounds better than "Super Hive" and you got to name the small ones as a Magnum! So I get to name this one!"

"We'll worry about naming it later," Sheppard says. "Are we out of sensor range of the fleet like we wanted?"

"Uhhh... I would say..." Mckay pauses as he reads something.

You, meanwhile, see a flare of blue light along the side of the 'Banshee'-- OH. 

"Definitely not!" Mckay yells. "They're firing weapons at us!"

"Evasive maneuvers!" Caldwell orders. "Charge all weapons, and bring us in close!"

You feel the Daedalus moving beneath your feet regardless of the inertial dampeners, and---


The burst of blue Wraith Ship Fire blasts past the Daedalus- holy fucking shit that thing was nearly as big as the ship itself!

"Hyperbeam is charged!" Major Hailey reported from the weapons array. "Entering weapons range!" 

Everything starts shooting at you- including another side swipe burst from the Banshee. The Daedalus dodges it expertly.

"Fire at will! Blast as many ships out of our path as possible!" Caldwell orders. "Get us as close to that Super Hive as we can get. We NEED to take it out!"

PCHZYOOOM! PCHZYOOOM! Goes the Hyperbeam Cannons. Some ships go boom.

The railguns and other missiles launch off. You see shields flare.

"Sir," you turn to face the Colonel, "Permission to take the Astraea Saber out to-?"

"Uhoh!" Mckay swallowed as all the other ships went silent in their firing. "Major energy surge from along the Banshee! I think it's about to fire!"

And then it does. A series of blue flashes from all along its side.

"Brace for Impact!" Caldwell yells, and then-

The Daedalus rocks as a blue flash crashes against the shield again and again and you hit the floor- or, you would if Teyla hadn't caught you.

Sparks fly from the bridge as things slow to a halt.

"SHIT!!" Caldwell yells, "Hailey! Status!"

"Shields are down!! Sublight to thirty percent!" She answers.

"Only thirty!?" Sheppard asks.

"Hyperdrive is offline! Multiple hull breaches along Deck Four, and rail guns are out!" Hailey continues. "Hyperbeam cannon is online at 70%!"

"Never mind!" Sheppard grouches. 

"Put everything we've got into the Hyperbeam and take out the Hive!" Caldwell orders.

"Firing!" Major Hailey yells, and-


-another beam of light spears out and splashes against the Banshee's hull.

Yes. You said that right.


It didn't even hit the shields. There aren't any shields active. The Armor just TANKED a Hyperbeam Blast! The armor isn't even MOLTEN where it was hit!

"Oh that's just cheating!" Mckay swore. "They absorbed it!"

And then every single Hiveship and Cruiser in the area began jumping to Hyperspace. 

"What the-?" Sheppard asked moments before the Banshee turned in place and leaped away as well. "They... They left us be?"

"Well, it's not like they have any reason to kill us when we just proved our best weapon couldn't do shit to their new ship's fancy armor," Mckay grouched.

"No, there's something else," Teyla said. "I sensed something from the fleet. A sudden sense of anticipation. Hunger. Moments before they departed." She looked over the bridge crew as sparks flew from the ceiling. "I think they received a message."

"Check subspace transmissions," Caldwell orders. "I want to know IMMEDIATELY what the hell just happened."

"What's the prognosis on the Hyperdrive?" you're once again John Sheppard, and you're miffed. You got beaten, hard, by a cheating Wraith fleet, and not one of them saw you fit to even take as snacks.

"Unfortunately the Control Systems are completely shot," Caldwell answers. "My guys are working on a patch, but it could be days, even weeks before we're back online. For the moment, we're not going anywhere."

"And during that time the Wraith Fleet can carry on to who knows where to do who knows what," Teyla swallows. 

"What about long range to Atlantis?" You ask.

"Communications got fried, but fortunately we had spare transmitters," Caldwell answers. "Didn't expect to be using them so soon, but here we are. We should be able to contact Atlantis shortly."

You are Major Jennifer Hailey. You've spent a vast majority of your Military Carrier following in the footsteps of Lt. Colonel Samantha Carter- now Doctor Samantha Carter-O'neill- and the ONLY reason you weren't on the Odyssey with her was because she told you that Atlantis was going to need you on the Daedalus more in the immediate future.

Well. You can certainly see that now.

Between you and Doctor Mckay, you both manage to cull the subspace transmission that the Daedalus just BARELY managed to pick up on through sheer luck during that entire encounter. 

"Oh, that's not fair at all," you say, gazing at the string of strange data. "It's masked by a strange layer of radiation. I've never seen this before."

"I have," Mckay swallows. "Once when I went to another dimension, and another time when we encountered an Alternate Daedalus. This signal got sent from another reality."

"What? How's that possible?" You ask.

"Clearly, some Wraith, somewhere, in another reality unrelated to our own, sent a coded message- only whatever means they used to access subspace created a Rift- big surprise- allowing that signal to cross through to multiple realities, including our own." Mckay scowls.

"That's... not good," you say.

"No, it's not," Mckay starts work translating it and filtering out the radiation... "Oh... This is really not good.  I wouldn't be surprised if there was an off kilter temporal component tied to this too! Who knows how many other dimensions have Wraith getting this message back when the SGC was still in diapers and just edging their toes into the waters back home in Milky Way."

"What?" You ask. "What's that got to do with anything?"

"It's a set of coordinates," Mckay states. "To a specific planet within a specific part of a specific Galaxy."

"...No. You can't be serious?" You stare at the message with a growing sense of horror.

"A Wraith Fleet just got a roadmap to Earth," Mckay finishes by sitting down in a chair and exhaling sharply. "Fuck."

You're very much inclined to agree.

You're now Teyla Emmagan, and you're tailing along with Mckay, Sheppard, and Caldwell through the hallways of the Daedalus.

"Earth Alone could feed that entire fleet of Wraith for years," Sheppard is saying at that exact moment. "And if they start spreading out into the rest of Milky Way?"

"It's no wonder they up and left like that," Mckay says, "The Wraith know that Earth is a much richer feeding ground than anything in the Pegasus Galaxy, and they've been looking for those coordinates for years. Once they're finished with Earth and decide to move on? They're going to ravage the rest of Milky Way, and once they discover the Supergate, they're going to try moving on to the Ori Galaxy, and then Alternia-"

"It's all our worst fears come together," you say. "If we cannot stop this, then everything we've worked for will be for nothing. The Wraith will spread and plague even more Galaxies than our own."

"As soon as communications are back up," Caldwell says, "We'll contact Atlantis, have them relay a message to Stargate Command and Alternia Command. We have to intercept those Hiveships and the fleet before they get to Earth."

"There's got to be something we can do to stop this," Sheppard starts. 

"I think I've got the kernel of an idea," Mckay says. "How many ships does Earth have finished?"

"By now? The Sun Tzu should be operational, and they'll still have the Apollo," Caldwell says.

"Odyssey?" Sheppard offers.

"No, it'd blow the cover that D'ni survived if they show up, even if they could get there in time," Mckay waves his hand. "What about Astro and Delta?"

"They're still undergoing repairs last I heard," Caldwell says.

"Damn. What about the regular Alternian Battle Cruiser fleet?" Mckay asks.

"No idea," Caldwell answers.

"We're going to need to throw everything we can at that fleet to destroy as many ships as possible before they hit Earth," Mckay says. "And those ships may be all super-powerful and all, but I'll be they'll STILL need to drop out of hyperspace somewhere along the way for hull regeneration. If I can extrapolate from the ship's sensors to where that'll be-"

"Sounds pretty risky," Caldwell begins, skeptical. "If you're wrong, it-"

Mckay interrupts, "I Can't Be Wrong On This." He states. "I can't be. We can't afford it. And anyways, we can't wait until they get all the way to Earth. At that point, I'll wager they'll be fully adapted to the ZedPM technology if they aren't already and have their hulls as fully grown as can be. This is going to be our only chance."

Caldwell nods, "Alright. Get it done." 

Mckay storms off, and you look to Sheppard. "This could be bad. I feel awful that we're stuck out here with no way to directly aid in the battle."

"Why do you think Ronon went to help spot-weld things?" he shakes his head.

"...Fair enough," you grimace. "I just feel useless at the moment. Like we could have done more."

"Same here," Caldwell starts. "I get the feeling, if we fail and Earth falls to the Wraith? Atleast we won't have to worry about the IOA anymore, at least."

"That's a pretty grim way of looking at it," Sheppard says.

"I made my peace with leaving Earth when I first got looped into the Email Chain," Caldwell says. "I just didn't think it'd be through something like this."

"Atlantis? This is Daedalus."

"Daedalus, what's your status?"

"Mission Failure in near the worst way possible."

You are Argo Lalonde, and you swallow as you relay the news to Keiko in the Admin office.

"...Fuck," she mutters. "Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck!" A sharp inhale and exhale. "Okay. That's it then. We're making the announcement now."

"If you say so," you nod, and head out into the control room, where Woolsey's waiting. "Keiko wants to make the announcement now."

"Now?" Woolsey asks.

"I want to improvise," Keiko says, exiting the office behind you.

"Fair enough," Woolsey turns to Chuck, who puts the City on full Intercom mode.

"Attention, Atlantis," he begins. "This is Richard Woolsey speaking, probably for the last time. Let me avail any concerns. No, I'm not getting fired. I'm transitioning to a new role as Atlantis' representative on the Coalition of Planets, here in Pegasus. Taking over for me as Administrator of Atlantis will be Keiko Ayano. But... Before I hand her over to you to speak. I'd like to say it's been a honor serving as your leader the past few months, and it's been... eye opening, to say the least." 

There's a pause, then he says:

"On that note. I'll still be around. But... I am stepping down. That.... is about where my planned speech ended, but this is where I'll improvise a little. I'd like to reassure you that this plan, this change, was in motion before today's events transpired. Which, makes Keiko's job all the harder going forwards. For that, I apologize." He then motions for Keiko to speak.

And so she does.

"I am Keiko Ayano, and I'll admit, I'm scared," she starts. "I'm very scared. There's doubts and fears telling me I shouldn't be doing this. That I'm not qualified to run an Expedition of this size when... when we have so many other pressures hanging overhead." She swallows. "But I have to push past that because... because things are bad."

She looks to Tyzias at her control console for support, and Tyzias smiles.

"So. Yeah. Uh. You've probably heard the rumors? The talk. That. We're all not happy with Earth, with the IOA, and you've probably... Well. If you're from Earth, you got a little email poll a while back asking for your opinions. If you're not from Earth, well, the question was basically. Should Atlantis cut ties with the IOA, or with Earth Entirely?" 

Keiko takes a deep breath. 

"The simple fact of the matter is, that doesn't matter now. As of a half hour ago, a transmission from another dimension crossed into ours, and a fleet of Wraith Hiveships intercepted it. We wouldn't have known if the Daedalus wasn't trying to destroy them at the time. They failed, and that fleet took off to Hyperspace following the coordinates in that message. They're going to Earth."

She lets that sink in, and you can practically feel the tension and weight of those words settling onto your shoulders.

"We've passed the warning along already to Earth, and to Alternia, and from there, to Tok'ra, and the Jaffa, and those on the Unwritten." Keiko continues on, "But the simple fact of the matter is... if they can't stop that Wraith Fleet before it reaches earth, we won't have to worry about declaring independence from Earth, or becoming a major power within this council or that coalition... All our plans go out the window if the Wraith take Earth. So, we'll do what we can stop that from here... but... there's every chance that we won't be able to do anything about it. So one way or the other..."

She mouths a few words before speaking them.

"One way or another, you all need to prepare to face the fact that we might not be severing ties with Earth intentionally," Keiko says. "This isn't just the problem of one world now. It's the problem of many. I'm open to suggestions of things we can do to help, though, so...." She swallows. "Come find me in my Office if you have anything. You know the one. It's just off of the Control Room and the Stargate." And with that, she signs off. "This is Keiko Ayano, signing off."

And with that, Chuck cuts the city intercom.


Chapter Text


DIASPORA DATE: 01/02/0008.

"HOW MANY Wraith Hiveships are heading for Earth?" Your name is Mikari Aiikho, and you hear the report with shock. "That's... Okay. No. Just no. We're doing something about that before the Wraith decide to come knocking on our door." You narrow your eyes. "Get me the best ATA Gene Pilot we have, and have City One prep for takeoff."

Your name is Okurii Leijon, and you swear as you reread the report that came in. 

Forget appeasing allies, this is an all hands on deck situation.

You grab a phone, and dial. "This is General Leijon. I need to speak with the heads of the Galactic Patrol Fleet ASAP."

"I see," you are now Teal'c, and you nod in grim agreement. "We shall dispatch any ships we have available."

It all came full circle in the most obvious way possible. As you keep hearing it, Giza wasn't just the beginning, and it was never the end, either. However, it always revolved around Earth. The idea, the concept, the dream of Rebellion- it always was revolving around Earth. 

Earth Earth Earth Earth Earth Earth Earth Earth!!!!!!!! Such a source of drama!!!!!!!!

Quite frankly, you're sick of hearing about it. If you ever have to hear about Earth again you'll probably Scream! 

That's when Tegiri enters the Astro's Bridge and tells you, Oh, Yeah, Earth is Under Attack. Again. Under attack by who? You don't care.

Your name is Ashler Dering, and you SCREAM. 

You scream loud, and angry, and annoyed.

When finished, Tegiri just looks at you blankly and asks, "Are you finished with whatever freakout you were having just now?"

"Yeah," you answer with a nod.

"Good," Tegiri says. "Because Okurii's sending Astro and Delta to Earth early just incase the intercept mission doesn't go well."

"When do the intercept missions not go well?" You ask.

Hyperspace windows opened, unleashing a deluge of ships upon the idle Wraith Fleet.

Leading the Charge was the Apollo and the Sun Tzu- flanked on the sides by several Ha'tak to their right, and several Alternian Battle Cruisers to their left.

The battle opened without hesitation, and was over within minutes.


DIASPORA DATE: 01/03/0008.

A Hyperspace window opened, and a Battered Daedalus emerged from Hyperspace over New Lantea, limping its way through to a steady orbit..

Atlantis' scanners track it through the motions, and then, Chuck reports, "Ma'am? They're ready to beam."

You are Keiko Ayano, and you do a quick inhale exhale.

"Tell them we're ready to receive," you say.

There's a pause, then-


AR-1 arrives on the off balcony commonly used for beam downs.

"Welcome back, AR-1," you say. "It's good to have you back."

"Glad to be back," John Sheppard says, stepping forwards. "What've we missed?"

"The good news is, the rest of the Wraith in the Galaxy seem to not have picked up the transmission," you say.

"Figured as much," Rodney Mckay mutters. "That signal was too short and too weak for anything but a ZPM enhanced Sensor array to pick up."

"What's the bad news?" John asks.

"Show 'em," you tell Chuck.

He types, and a video, paused, of Colonel Ellis onboard the Apollo appears on a screen. The bridge behind him is visibly damaged.

"This is part of a subspace message sent by Colonel Ellis after they attacked the Hives at their last stop point before they entered Milky Way," you say, and then the video plays, static covering the screen around the edges.

"We've engaged the fleet," Ellis reports, "unfortunately without total success. Together we managed to whittle down most of the smaller, non ZPM powered ships to zero, but the rest... their Armor just tanked everything we through at them. Most of the fleet took severe damage as well. We lost one Ha'tak and two Alternian Cruisers to structural damage and leaking engine cores. The Sun Tzu was crippled, and she's venting atmosphere. We're in the process of ferrying crew and personnel to the more stable ships, but we all took hits to our Hyperdrive Engines- we think they were targeting them specifically, actually. None of us are going to be getting online again anytime soon, and predictions show us even at max sublight under ideal conditions not even reaching the Nearest Stargate for at least a Month. As for the enemy, all indications of the remaining ships as they fled back into Hyperspace were of minimal damage, and seem to be continuing on their previous course."

The video ends, and you look to AR-1, all of them sharing uneasy looks.

"With that intercept fleet out of the picture, nothing stands between the Wraith and Earth except for a fleet of Mega-Plas, and the still somewhat damaged Astro and Delta Megaships. There's talk the rest of the Ultrazord formation Megaships are on their way, and that the Unwritten is preparing to field one of their City Ships, but..."

"But it's not looking good, is what you're saying," Mckay says.

"No," you shake your head. "It's not."


"Radek!" You are now Rodney Mckay, and you chase after the man down the hallways. "Just the person I was looking for!"

Radek Zelenka glances to you and asks, "What now, Rodney? I'm busy!"

"Your idea to launch the City and take us to Earth, I think that's our best idea-" you start, but Zelenka waves it off.

"We can't. The City's Stardrive took damage we didn't notice during the Storm back in December," he says. "Gordon's little Morph-Splosion in the hallways fried some critical juncture box and we've been working on the repairs to it, but even at the speed we're working on it, we're not going to be able to lift off the planet, let alone enter hyperspace."

"What? No. I know we're not meeting THAT deadline, but I read the proposal and what we can do about it," you say. "And it gave me an idea, and that Idea is Exactly what I wanted to talk about!"

"Really, Rodney?" He asks. "What then? Shall we summon a miracle up from nowhere?"

"Better," you crack a grin. "The Daedalus has a few 302s equipped with Hyperdrives, right? We cannibalized one of them to fix the Daedalus' Hyperdrive to get us back here."

"Yes...?" Zelenka frowns. "What of it?"

"What if we did the same, and put a Hyperdrive into a Puddle Jumper?" you ask.

"...A cloak-able jumper that can enter hyperspace?" Zelenka muses. "Convert the Cloak to a Shield, it might work... But... Why? What good would it do us?"

"There's a laser device the Daedalus collected outside of Pegasus on their way into the Galaxy," you say. "Sheppard asked me to figure out a way to make the thing explode when we shove it down a Wraith Hiveship's throat."

"You do realize that if we explode the Hiveship with the ZPM generator on it, the resulting explosion-"

"Could cause a dimensional cascading overlap like we've seen with other ZPM explosions that could overwrite the space Earth resides in entirely, yes," you interrupt. "I know that. But if we don't rig it to explode, we can use it for its intended purpose- generating a beam across a wide distance that creates a wall of distorted Subspace that should act almost exactly like the Attero Device against Wraith Hiveship Hyperdrives!"

"...At the very least it could thin the fleet down," Zelenka says. "But why equip the Jumper with a Hyperdrive?"

"We have no idea if the Wraith's new sensors can see through a cloak or not," you tell him. "If we equip a Jumper with a Hyperdrive-"

"That doesn't matter because if they open fire on it, they can just jump to Hyperspace and avoid the shot," Zelenka nods. 

"Or worst comes to worst- we hyperspace jump ram the thing down the Banshee's throat and make it explode," you finish.

"Alright, I see where you're going with this. I'm onboard!"

"They want me on the Antarctic Chair?" your name is Jimmyy O'neill, and you're staring at Keiko with an exasperated look.

"Look, with other you 'dead', you're their next call on to sit in the thing and fire the weapons platform," Keiko shakes her head. "I think they want to try and 'resurrect' ol' Jack, to be honest, in the minds of the people. Which is why they didn't ask me, or John."

"Where's the Chair exactly again?" You ask.

"Area 51," Keiko answers.

"Morgan?" you turn to your girlfriend/Tok'ra Partner's Mate, and ask, "Tell me again what fascinating piece of information the Wraith Transmission contained within it about Earth's defenses?"

"The Antarctic Chair was moved to Area 51, and it's reported as being in that location," she answers.

[Hell no,] Lantash says firmly. [We are NOT going near that death trap waiting to happen.]

You turn back to Keiko, and say, "Hell. No. I'm not going anywhere near that thing. It's a sitting duck with a big fat 'Wraith, shoot here!' neon billboard and bullseye sitting on its head. I'm not going."

"I figured you'd say that," Keiko nods. "I told them off as such. The IOA, and General Landry, were not pleased to say the least."

"I can't imagine anyone would be!" You say.

From one of the Unwritten's many piers, bursts of steam released from the edges of a City Ship that took off, raising upwards and upwards. 

Mikari, from the control room of that City ship, gave the order. "Take us out, Mister Kirigaya."

And with a nod of the pilot in the chair room, hyperspace window opened, and the City through it into hyperspace.

The Astro and Delta sat over Earth as the Riftbane Megaship and the Kyoretsu trio of train zords exited hyperspace and entered formation alongside them.

The Modified Jumper emerged through the Stargate in the SGC, and immediately raised up into the Jumper Bay.

You are now Callie Ohphee, and you grimace as you work on finishing the Hyperdrive modifications along side Dr. Mckay. This whole thing brings back unpleasant memories about the Destiny mission- and Giza. 

Sheppard gets out of the chair, and lowers the Jumper ramp.

"Colonel Sheppard," General Landry greets once its down. "Welcome back to Earth. I hope this crazy plan of yours works."

"Yeah, me too," Sheppard says. "But if it doesn't, what are our options?"

"Besides getting you in the Chair in Area 51 and blasting the fleet out of the sky?" Landry scoffs. "Our only option is arming a bunch of 302s with Nukes and flying them at the Wraith as they come for Earth."

"I was just about to suggest that, actually," Sheppard says, no doubt trying to put on a brave face. 

How Lovely. 

Your stomach grumbles. "What even time is it?" You'd check your KI- but the time of day adjusted to Earth Local Time rather than Atlantis Standard Time.

"Late enough. Hey, Sheppard!" Mckay calls out. "Do us a favor and grab us some sandwiches from the cafeteria? We might be working over lunch!"

"Yes, please!" you say.

"Work work work," Sheppard remarks.

"I'll let you get to it, then," Landry says, and heads off.

You are John Sheppard, and you're waiting in line in the SGC Cafeteria when Carson Beckett walks into line behind you.

"Colonel Sheppard! What a surprise!" he exclaims.

"Carson? What are you doing here?" you ask. "I thought you were back in Pegasus already?"

"Aye, Ah was. But I was also tryin' to convince my mum to come with me back t' Pegasus and figured I'd do a better job in peson, but she's as delicate as a snow lilly and doesn't want to leave," Carson explains. "I was trying to figure out what to do next when the IOA all but demanded I control the Weapons chair! I'm not looking forwards to a flight to Antarctica, mind you, but I'd wish we'd get a move on soon. The Wraith'll be here any day now!"

"Carson," you start, "The chair's been relocated to Area 51."

"Oh, well, I suppose that'd explain that," Carson frowns. "I don't get why they didn't ask you to do it, though, since you're here."

"Different jobs," you explain. "I've got a plan to throw something explosive down the Wraith's throats when they get here. Cloaked Jumper plus laser generating device, equals big boom."

"Ah, well, that sounds like a fascinatingly fun thing to try," Carson starts. "Good luck with you on that one."

"Thanks," you say, but before you can say more, the Base Intercom activates-

"Colonel Sheppard, Doctor Mckay, Doctor Ohphee, to the Briefing room."

You sigh. "I think we're going to need it."

"A fleet of Wraith Hiveships just emerged out past Pluto, and are slowly making their way towards Earth," Walter explains, showing a series of subspace scans of the distant edges of the Solar System. One of them looks... web like? Why would the fleet be connected like that?

You are now Rodney Mckay, and you frown as Callie sighs, and Sheppard remarks:

"Well they got here a few weeks early. So much for finishing the laser assembly in time to stop them exiting hyperspace."

"Not that we'd have any way of knowing if an Attero wavelength would affect them the same exiting hyperspace as going in," Callie remarks.

"You mean this could've all been for nothing?" Sheppard begins- but you wave him off.

"Ssshsh!" You shoosh. "What's that weird web of lines between the ship echoes?"

"We're not entirely sure," Walter explains. "But it's some kind of strange, subspace distortion on our long range scanners."

"What wavelength are you scanning on that's showing it?" You ask. "And who's doing the scanning, even?"

"Uh..." Walter checks his notes. "Delta Megaship reports that it's Setting 618?"

"Oh!" Callie gasps. "That's the same kind of subspace energy link we use based on the D'ni tech the Great Zero runs on to ensure intra-age communication!"

"Weird," you frown. "Why would something...?"

A thought occurs to you.

"Hey," you snap your fingers. "I need to contact the Delta, now."

It doesn't take long for a radio to be given to you, and you hear Pilot Stelsa's voice over the line replying to your question to set the scanners based off of 618 to have some different parameters, and...

Soon, a new visual appears on screen, showing what you're fearing and hoping all at the same time.

"Look at that!" you point at the center of the web- a much brighter nexus point compared to everything else. "Ol' Banshee is screaming out to us."

"What exactly are we looking at here?" Sheppard asks.

"Oh my word," Callie whispers. "It's the ZPM generator!"

"I think we just figured out the Wraith's trick," you say. "They DIDN'T build a ton of ZedPMs- the technology differences were too great for them to easily overcome on every ship fast enough I'll bet. Because why bother making Batteries when you can just direct tap the Power Grid itself?"

"Are you telling me the Wraith Wirelessly Networked their Fleet to the ZPM Generator?" Sheppard asks.

"That's exactly what we're telling you," Callie nods.

"Okay, so they basically plugged all their fleet into ZPM power land at once," Sheppard frowns. "This could be good. Or bad, depending on how we go about it."

Walter asks, "What good does that do us?"

"It means instead of having to carefully target several dozen points of failure to blow up their network safely, all we have to do is get onboard the Banshee and take out ONE power source to cripple the entire fleet!" You say. "Once we do that, they'll all shut down, and all that mass restriction stuff I was talking about before? That comes into play."

"You mean if we cut off the power from the network-" Sheppard starts. "The whole fleet will start tearing itself apart because they don't have the power to move properly?"

"Pretty much," Callie nods.

The Jumper flew away from Earth and cloaked from sight before your eyes.

You are once again Ashler Dering, and you sit and stare out the window of the Astro megaship as you wait for the signal to combine into the Ultrazord.

All around you, holographic windows connected to the other Zords and their pilots float aimlessly.

Well, save for Polypa's window which is remaining pretty focused around Tegiri, who sits in a meditating pose on the control platform floor. They're wrapped up in some private conversation.

"So, things are going pretty well on our end," Joey Claire says from Kishamoth. "I think we can probably overcompensate for the battle damage to the Astro-Delta that hasn't been repaired yet with the Ultrazord's armor formation. Emergency beaming protocols are already in place just in case of shit hitting the fan, though."

"Beaming what again?" Cridea asked from K-Line, clearly confused.

"So, worst case and the fight begins and Mikari doesn't get here with a City Ship in time. We're beaming all crew members off of Astro and Delta onto the trains and the Rift Bane," Karkat Vantas the Middle says from the Riftbane. "Astro Delta will then be remote-piloted into a self-destruct charge if the damage is great enough."

"I don't like it," Dammek remarks from the Delta, "but fuck it, I've got some upgrades to the designs in mind that would work better in a flat out rebuild than a retrofit and repair."

"Delta's absorptive armor native to the Astro would be nice," you remark.

"Yeah," Dammek nods. "That's one of the things I have in mind."

Claire gives you a look from one of her panels, and then states to everyone, "I'm giving an order here today. No Sacrificial Heroics. Got it? If we get out of this, we're all getting out of this together, and alive."

The hell was that look for again, Claire? It's not like you've ever been one for-




There was that one time you did grab Claire and drag her out the side of a flying Ha'tak back in Giza. 

...If you were still just plain old Vriska Serket, you might be tempted to reject that command and go and do something stupid anyways. But... You're not. Hell, the only reason YOU did that something stupid back in Giza was because CLAIRE was about to do something stupid. So fuck that noise. You'll stay consistent to this new character you've built for yourself!!!!!!!!

"Yeah, alright, fair enough," you say, "i'll try my hardest to not do anything of that sort of stupid unless it's to stop someone else from doing that kind of stupid."

Claire gives you strange sort of confused look, then sighs in acceptance. "Alright. Fine. Fair enough. Hear that, everyone? Do something stupidly self-sacrificial and Ashler's going to stop you, and none of us want that."

There are nods of agreement from everyone except for Dammek, who yells out an annoyed, "Oh COME ON! That was going to be MY LINE, Dering!"

"You snooze you looze, Deer-ling," you quip in turn with the play on your own damned name.

Back in Pegasus, a fusebox blew, spraying sparks over the power room, and Raddek swore as she shielded himself from it.

Your grubtop shows Power across Atlantis flickered and flashed for several seconds before stabilizing out.

"Damn it," your name is Mallek Adalov, and you scowl at the fuses as you go onto the radio. "Keiko? Mallek. We found another issue with the power regulation."

"What's that?" Keiko asks.

"Even if we can finish repairing the main power conduits in time, it looks like one of the fuse boxes for the Stardrive is crapping out on us. It couldn't even contain the tiny might of the test load properly." You report. "Atlantis isn't going anywhere any time soon."

"Fuck," Keiko swore.

You are Argo Lalonde, and you receive the order from Keiko and promptly relay it to Banks.

"Dial Earth, we need to inform them that we're not getting into the air any time soon," you say.

As the eight symbol  dialing sequence began, Teyla and Ronon stepped into the Control Room.

"How are things going?" Teyla asked.

"Well, we're not taking flight any time soon, so we're informing Earth that we can't take off," you say. "Hopefully the Laser Wall plan will go off without a hitch and we won't have to worry about any of it."


"Connection established," Banks reports.

You take to the radio, "SGC, this is Atlantis."

A pause.



"SGC, this is Atlantis, requesting General Landry, please respond."

Pause. Pause...


"The fuck?" You ask. "Are we receiving any radio signals from the SGC?"

"No," Banks replies. "But there is a background energy reading that the system is identifying as a match for..." She trailes off. "Oh God. The Inside of a Wraith Hiveship."

You, Teyla and Ronon gaze at the screen, and Ronon asks, "How did the SGC's Stargate get inside a Wraith Hiveship?"

"It didn't," Teyla says. 

You swallow in realization.

The Stargate failed to lock for the third time in a row.

Your name is Walter Harriman, and you frown and mutter, "This isn't good."

The IOA reps in the Gate room check their watches and glance up at you.

You give them a hapless shrug.

They're not getting to the Alpha Site any time soon.

"Ultrazord Fleet be advised, the Stargate is non functioning for no discernible reason. Evacuation through that front is non operational," Landry's voice reports over the radio.

You are Joey Claire, and you swear upon hearing the news. "Fuck, they must have a Pegasus Stargate onboard one of those ships."

The Fleet has just reached Mars, so it's technically at the maximum range for any Pegasus Gate onboard to be doing its Security override and blocking out the Earth Gate's access as a "Security" feature. 

Why the Ancients designed it that way, you'll never know. 

"I guess Earth never did do the whole Gate Swapout to avoid that lockout issue, did they?" Polypa asked over the line as your Zords enter a pre-combination formation.

"We'll just have to start the fight then," Tegiri said. "Everyone, Begin Combination Sequence!"

Your name is Tyzias Entykk, and you gaze at the idle Stargate as a plan starts to form in your mind.

"We don't have to fly Atlantis to Earth to help," you realize. "If we can get inside one of those Hiveships, set a bomb up to go off, and get out the way we came in...?"

"We could sneak attack one of their Ships from the inside," Keiko agrees. "It's risky, but... The Wraith wouldn't see it coming, would they?"

"Not if they're focused on invading earth," you say. "I'll have Daraya source me some explosives."

"And I'll ask for volunteers," Keiko nods, and you two go your separate ways.

The jumper held orbit by Mars, waiting as the looming fleet of Wraith Hives and Magnums drew closer and closer...

You are now John Sheppard once again, and you are feeling quite apprehensive about all of this.

"Rodney," You ask, "Are we going to be able to do what we want to do once we're inside?"

"Mmmaaaybe?" He frowns, gazing as a technical readout scan. "There's some funky residual energy interference going on that I'm not sure I'll be able to break through until we're inside the Banshee itself."

You glance into the back of the Jumper, where Callie sits, working on the laser device. 

The thing still gives you the creeps. Like it's a bad idea just waiting to go off.

"And the rest of it?" You ask. "It's not going to block Linking Books, is it?"

"It shouldn't," Callie says after a moment.

"Doesn't mean it won't, though," you frown.

"We won't know until someone tries to link, I suppose." Callie sighs, then, stands up from the device as it lights up. "Either way, It's on and active." She hurriedly enters the front half of the Jumper, sealing the back doors in the process. "Dump it when ready!"

"Here's hoping they'll go for the big shiny bait over the cloaked jumper," you say, and depressurize the rear half of the Jumper and shut off its artificial gravity.

You ease forwards, and wait for the telltale scrape-thunk of something leaving the back end of the Jumper before darting away from it.

After a few moments of repositioning, you can watch as the Wraith Fleet grinds to a halt, and the stupid laser device drifts towards them lazily.

It's flaring and flashing like a bomb about to go off.

"And you're sure that it'll be safe for us if it gets shot at?" You ask, probably far too late.

"Oh, for sure it'll be safe for us. But safe for the Wraith? Either way, their scanners should be scrambled," Callie says. 

"I'm glad you're confident about that," you say...

And then the Wraith begin to move towards Mars- a single Magnum transforms into robot mode and collects the laser device.

You trail after it as the predicted safe distance.

So far, the Wraith aren't shooting at you, so hopefully they aren't seeing you period. 

"Looks like the Subspace interference is messing with their scanners pretty badly," Mckay says. "We should head towards the Banshee before-"

"Yeah, I know," you change course and hopefully you're still within the stupid bubble of subspace static making your cloak actually still work like a cloak.

You don't want to take the risk their sensors would pick you up otherwise.

"Aaannnd... Banshee is opening its dart bay doors," Mckay reports.

"Suckers," Callie smirks.

"It was solid logic that the scientist in charge of the whole ZedPM generator Project would be onboard the root of it all," Mckay sort-of-repeated himself from the slapdash re-planning session. "Glad to see this Kenny guy is dumb enough to bring a Trojan Horse onboard to study it."

"Isn't it more that we're the Trojans and the Jumper is our Horse, and the Laser device is more of a Convenient Ruse of a Distraction?" Callie asks.

"Something like that," you say, bringing the Jumper into the Gigantic Hive's Dart bay at a small distance ahead of the Magnum carrying the Laser Device.

You hold the Jumper in the air for a while as you watch the Magnum leave the Laser device on an empty platform, and then return to its formation position outside.

A group of Wraith Guards and a Scientist looking fellow march into view, silently examine the thing, and then...

Dr. Kenny there throws his arm to the side, ordering, "Take it to my Lab for analysis!"

"They bought it," Mckay smirks. "I can't believe that actually worked!"

"Todd's profile on this guy was pretty accurate after all," you say, moving the jumper in to land on the platform once the Wraith have evacuated it of the laser device. "You know, besides the whole 'Blocking mind reading' thing."

"Let's just hope they don't notice the Cloaked Puddle Jumper INSIDE their ship," Callie says. "OR us, for that matter."


The Giant Ultrazord stood as the silent guardian of Earth as the Wraith Fleet emerged from around the moon.

Around the Ultrazord stood the entire planet's guardian fleet of MEGA-PLAs- tiny in comparison, but ready to brawl.

You are Ardata Carmia, and you sit in the cockpit of your own Lacer-type Mega-Pla in its shotgun mode, resting strapped to the Ultrazord's right thigh like a secondary weapon ready to be spot-drawn and fired.

Truth be told, you doubt the Ultrazord itself will ever fire you. Ashler asked you to hang back incase the Astro-Delta needs your firepower.

Darts begin to emerge from the various parts of the fleet, and begin their rapid charge towards Earth.

You wait for Area 51 to fire off the weapon.

The Darts dive for Earth, to be met by a fleet of Rising 302s...

Any second now.

The rest of the Wraith's fleet begin their transformations. Magnums shift into robot forms- and that giant Wraith Hiveship everyone's taken to calling a BANSHEE  begins to shift in some strange way as well. 

C'mon... C'mon... Where are those Drones!?

The rest of everything else- the large Hives and large Cruisers- they remain as is.

...Why isn't Area 51 firing off the Weapons Platform??

It's incredibly obvious that Something's Gone Wrong. But what? You can't focus on that now.

The BANSHEE's transformation takes precedence. There are flipping, shifting, and sliding panels all along- the organic look seems to fold away for flattened pannels. 

There's definitely something vaguely PHYSICS BENDING going on here. It's like some of the entire transforming ship's Mass is being folded away into a Pocket Dimension.

Legs formed out of the front of the ship's bow, and then extended- growing- lengthening- glowing burst of ORANGE LIGHT radiating out from within the core of the Transforming ship. 

The very top of the entire thing split forth, and then shifted into something that was grabbed by the left arm in the shape of a massive shield. From somewhere else a massive, utterly MASSIVE rifle emerged, grasped by a right hand. 

More parts shifted- shifted- shifted- a massive spread of golden wing like protrusions spread over the back of the shoulders, and a glistening, singular horn spread forth from where a head was emerging- then split, and split, and split into an Antler like V-Fin formation.

The end result was a massive thing about as big, if not bigger than the Ultrazord itself.

The BANSHEE had formed in what you can only call its DESTROY MODE.

And then you can't focus on anything else because it RUSHES the Ultrazord at speeds you find ridiculous.

"I can't get a connection to the drones!" Carson reported from the Chair. "Something's not connected right!"

"We rebuilt everything exactly as it was, though!" one of the Area 51 scientists protested.

"Evidently ya didn't!" Carson told them. "And if y'couldn't even rebuild it, why take it apart in the first place!?"

The Banshee swung its shield arm forwards blocking the immediate onslaught of FINISHER MOVE LASERS from the Ultrazord.

Meanwhile, a small portion of Wraith Darts broke formation and began a nosedive towards a certain part of Earth. Several 302s break off to chase them- to shoot them down faster than they can shoot at Area 51.

"We've got Darts incoming!" A frenzied Lieutenant calls out. "We need the Weapons Platform running! NOW!"

"And it won't run, I'm telling you!" Carson said. "This isn't a matter of willingness on my part!"

The Scientists fought, the Lieutenant reported that the Darts were on a Ballistic course.

"Ballistic!? Damn it all!" Carson swore, and threw himself out of the Control Chair.

"Doctor Beckett, where are you-!?"

Carson had his hands on a decaptchalogued Linking Book within moments, and vanished away. 

The book hit the floor, and some people wisely dove for it as well. Others, could only look upwards in horror as they heard the whining keen of Wraith Dart Engines overhead.

The 302s couldn't catch them in time, the Wraith Darts crashed into the exact Area 51 building where the Ancient Weapons Chair Platform had been moved to.

The explosion forced the 302s to return to the battle of keeping the Wraith Darts from moving to cull the rest of the planet.

The Banshee lashed out with its laser canon blaster- and while the Ultrazord's absorptive armor did tank several hits and absorb them readily- internally, warning systems cried out.

"Fucking Hell!" Dammek yelled. "The Damned thing's using ZPM power to directly fuel its blasters!"

"That's Bad, Right?" Cridea asked.

"It means we're going to have to draw more on the Naquadria core than could be safe!" Dammek scowled.

Then, the Ultrazord lashed out with a punch that the Banshee tried to shield block.

The entire interior shook on impact.

You are John Sheppard, and you swear something you'd never say around your kids. "They totally transformed the Banshee into whatever robot form it has, didn't they?"

"Suckers Bet," Callie and Mckay echo.

"Let's find that ZPM hook up and get the fuck out of here," you say.

MEGA-PLA VS MAGNUM fights broke out across Earth's upper atmosphere.

Only the ones armored with the same type of absorptive armor on the Delta Megaship seemed to be handling the battle very well. Others seemed to get blown up with startling ease.

Atlantis' Stargate dialed out to Earth once more.

You are Akita Red, and you fidget with your vest straps and your other loose items- like your bracelet- as your team- AR-9, plus Ronon Dex and Teyla Emmagan, stand at the ready.

Volunteer work only. No clue what ship you're about to land on, but it'll be a thing anyways.

"You sure about this?" Keiko is asking Teyla and Ronon. "I know it's not your fight, but..."

"You asked for Volunteers, I'm volunteering," Ronon says simply, readying his blaster.

"This fight is as much ours as it is yours, Keiko," Teyla appeases her. "The Wraith are a threat to all, regardless of what world it is. And it would be extremely hypocritical of me to decide to sit this fight out after all the many years Atlantis has helped the people of Pegasus despite it originally not being their fight either."

"Fair enough," Keiko says, prepping a small round, Goa'uld designed device in her hands- apparently she got it from some Jaffa Princess and-- Wait, are Jaffa Princesses even a thing? Apparently they are.


"If you'll let me do the honors?" Keiko asks.

"Of course," Maka nods.

Keiko rears back, presses a button and starting some kind of "wycka" sounding counting noise, and then hurls the orb through the stargate.

"Tick Tock, Tick Tock, Tick Tock," Keiko counts down. "Bang."

"AR-9! Let's go," Soul orders, readying his gun.

All six of you march for the stargate, and cross over its event horizon.

The wormhole flares out teal- racing across space and time, swirling, swirling, swirling, and then FLASH! It shifts to green and then spirals in towards a familiar solar system.

You're briefly aware of two massive robots fighting it out above the Planet Earth before the wormhole crashes in through the side of one of them and-


You step out into the middle of a Wraith Hiveship cargo room. There's a Pegasus Gate behind you, a Pegasus DHD in front of you, and a whole bunch of unconscious Wraith Guards on the floor.

You snatch up the Goa'uld stun grenade and captchalogue it. Thank you, to the Jaffa Princess who donated her smuggled in Stun Bomb to this mission. You'll make sure to return it in one piece.

Ronon quickly puts the Wraith out of their misery as Teyla radios, "Atlantis, we've arrived and are engaging on our mission."

"Roger that," Keiko's voice echoes through. "Stay safe out there, team."

And then the wormhole shuts down.

"Let's move!" Soul says.

"Once more into the breach?" You look to Lloyd, adjusting your bracelet one last time, and he nods. 

"Once more," he nods, readying his gun.

Maka takes out the ancient scanner, looks around, and then says, "Got it. Follow me." She leads the way down the hallways.

"Do my ears deceive me," Mckay starts, "Or was that just Teyla and Keiko on the radio just now?"

"I think that was very much Teyla and Keiko on the Radio," you're still John Sheppard, and you're a little impressed. "No idea how they got onboard, but I'll take one guess where they're going."

It doesn't take long for your two teams to run into each other in a hallway leading towards the largest power source on the ship.

"Ronon, Teyla," you greet.

"John," Teyla nods in greeting. Ronon just grunts in acknowledgement. 

"What are you guys doing here?" Mckay asks. 

"We tried Gating to earth to warn them Atlantis couldn't fly, got a Wraith Hiveship instead," Ehvans answers. "Decided we'd come in and deal some damage and then get the hell out of dodge. What are YOU guys doing here?"

"We figured out the Wraith Fleet are all interconnected," Callie reports. "If we take out the main ship's power supply, we can cripple the entire fleet!"

"Oh, great!" Maka grins. "I love a two for one mission!"

Your much larger group carries on in the same direction without another word.

The Banshee's entire body glowed a brilliant orange- nearly making its dark blue armor shine gold in the light before it unleashed a devastating series of blows upon the Ultrazord- pounding, pounding, pounding away faster than could be seen, let alone described.

There was an explosion of light, and the Ultrazord went tumbling backwards- some of its smaller, more fragile parts clearly broken away in the tussle- such as the laser blasters from the Delta's head armor- one of which had snapped cleanly in two.

"FUCK!" Karkat swore. "Massive damage across the entire Structure! How the HELL did they hit us so fast!?"

"Infinite ZPM energy has to go somewhere, I guess," Dammek swore.

"We've got bigger problems!" Tegiri called out as the Banshee leveled its massive laser rifle at them. "Massive energy build up within their primary cannon! I think they're going to try to finish us off!"

And try the Wraith's Banshee did.

A brilliant golden beam of fuck off light shot rapid fire out of the barrel of its cannon- and time slowed to a crawl as those lasers bent towards the Ultrazord....

And then a Hyperspace window opened- and a City Ship emerged- its shields tanking the blows mid flight as it rocketed towards the Banshee and gave it a quick ramming shield bash of its own against the Wraith UberMech.

The Banshee spiraled backwards before thrusters began to fire and it attempted to regain balance.

Inside City One's control room, Mikari Aiikho called out- "The Unwritten's Vanguard is here. City One, OPEN FIRE NOW!"

In the chair Room, Kazuto Kirigaya got a savage grin on his face before stating, "WITH PLEASURE!"

The City Ship opened fire- rocketing out a salvo of drones from the various weapon ports that flew out and began flying through the entire battlefield.

The Banshee tanked several drone shots to its massive shield, but some of the other Wraith ships were unprepared for the sudden Drone fire and began taking hits that THEY Couldn't tank.

Everything shook within the Banshee's interior as the above ramming happened, but the ship's internal gravity and inertial dampeners held true and firm.

"What the fuck was that!?" Mckay asked.

"If I had to guess?" Lloyd offered, "Someone just pulled a big damned heroes moment."

They approached the power room, one that was heavily guarded, in the seconds that followed.

And no orders had to be given on either side.

The Wraith Guards fired upon the Atlantean Incursion team, and intruder alert sirens blared out inside the overgrown Hiveship.

"So Much for Stealth!" Mckay yelled.

"Mikari, you are one godsend of a sight for sore eyes!" you are now Joey Claire, and you'll take what blessings and miracles you can get. 

"I'm just glad we made it in time," Mikari answered via a video transmission. "Our shields were able to take the brunt of that blast, but I don't want to try it again. What's your situation?"

"Major structural damage to the Kyoretsu and Bane zords," Dammek reported. "I think we're going to have to evacuate our crews over and prep the Astro-Delta for a remote suicide run."

"Roger that," Mikari nodded. "Get as many people onto your zords as you can and break them up out of formation so we can get you out of here."

You start the beaming process- funneling Astro and Delta's crews over onto the Kyoretsu and Riftbane Zords... 

Gunfire silences in the hallways as the last of the Wraith fall, and then Ronon blasts a hole in the door to the power room.

More Wraith wait inside, startled by the intrusion, but are quickly dispatched as well by several well aimed Air-blades. AR-9 takes a guarding position at the door as AR-1 + Callie enters the power generation room.

Mckay and Callie immediately head for the giant glowing, clearly Ancient-tech device in the center of the room and then fall short as they spot something familiar attached to the side of it.

"Oh, Fuck," they swear in near unison.

"What is it?" Teyla asks.

"They hooked up the fucking Laser device into the ZPM Generator!" Mckay points at the clearly alien and non Ancient or Wraith tech device in the room. "Because why use ONE near infinite power source when you can also add in a SECOND battery for extra oomph!?"

"Did they remove our remote self-destruct?" Sheppard asks.

"I don't know! Probably?" Mckay shakes his head. "Point is our job just got one hell of a lot harder!"

"More Wraith!" Akita yells from outside as another group of Wraith Warriors begin to round a corner hallway.

Gunfire erupts.

"Get to work shutting it all down!" Sheppard orders as he, Teyla, and Ronon take up rear guard firing positions inside the room.

"Yeah! On it!" Mckay hurries to a console and starts on the ZPM Generator Shutdown while Callie heads to the Laser device and starts working on it.

The Banshee took potshots at the City ship guarding the Ultrazord as it began disassembly and broke apart into several smaller ships.

The city shields flared with each burst smashing against it.

Sparks flared within the control room.

"Shield status?" Mikari asked.

"Holding at 60%!" A fae girl technician called out.

"Shit," Mikari swore. "Could really use a miracle of our own right about now..."

"Self Destruct is intact!" Callie reported. 

"And I think I can shut down power to the fleet once she's disconnected it!" Mckay reports.

"Good! Do it both!" Sheppard calls out. "Don't wait for my orders!"

Ammo was running short on the Atlantis team's side, save for Ronon who was blasting away despite already having run out, and so AR-9 had broken out into melee fighting with some of the Wraith who, likewise, were approaching without weapons.

That's when one of the Wraith pulled a sword, and jammed the thing straight into Lloyd's gut during a momentary distraction.

Time seemed to slow as Akita watched her friend fall towards the ground with a sword through his entire torso- light rapidly fading from his eyes.

"NO!!!!!" She yelled- and the bracelet on her wrist lit up with a burst of rainbow light.

The Entire Wraith Fleet suddenly stopped doing everything- moving, firing, you name it, they stopped it- and the Banshee's golden-orange glowing innards faded to a dull, barely powered pulse, leaving the thing struggling to move for no damn apparent reason.

Mikari chuckled. "Okay. I'll take it! Open the shields enough for boarding from the damaged zords!"

"What the...?" Mckay watched as a burst of golden light burst forth from the ZPM Generator and flew across the room, out the door, and flew directly into the bracelet around Akita's wrist.

She SCREAMED, and then there was a shock wave of force and Mckay stumbled because the ship's GRAVITY HAD JUST CUT OFF.

Everyone could only stare and watch as the Wraith fighting them suddenly were flung into the walls and Pinned There with red and blue aura flickers- and Akita flew towards Lloyd, yanked the sword out of him, and pressed her hands against his stomach.

Then, there was a flare of green and pink light from the bracelet, and Lloyd gasped for breath, brought back from the brink of death.

"Bloody hell!" Callie exclaimed. "The Bracelet must have tapped into the ZPM Generator's power distribution and siphoned everything it could into it!"

"I don't care how or why, what does that mean for shutting down the power?" Sheppard turned back to the power room.

"Uhhh!" Mckay hurried to grab onto the nearest stable surface and gazed at a screen. "It means that I can't shut it down when all the power's being drawn into the Bracelet. Shit. I think we're holding the fleet hostage as long as we stay onboard the ship!"

The Banshee shook with an impact. 

"Staying isn't an option, Rodney!" Teyla says. "We must get out of here before our friends destroy this Hiveship with us on it!"

"Callie?" Mckay turns to her.

"I should be able to safely destroy the ZPM generator with the Laser Device's self destruct if we trigger its detonation before we gate off," Callie answers.

"Good enough for me!" Mckay says.

The team then began low-gravity hopping their way back through the ship's hallways towards the Stargate.

You are now Ashler Dering, and you swear as an alert comes up on screen- "Stupid error! Go away!" You dismiss it and try again to set a Self-destruct suicide charge for the Astro-Delta once everyone's off of it...


"Tegiri! We've got a situation!" you call out. 

"What now?" he turns to face you- face half lit up dramatically as a nearby panel sparks away.

"The Auto Pilot's down," you report. "The only way the Astro-Delta's flying anywhere is if someone's Piloting it."

"Well, shit," Tegiri swore. "What are our options? Can we break it down and retreat with the rest of them?"

"Uhh..." you check the systems and- ERROR. "Nope! The Delta's locks are fused onto the Astro in places. We can't separate."

Stupid Fucking Faulty Incomplete Repairs!!!!!!!!

And then Tegiri gets this stupid ass look of self sacrifice on his face and OH HELL NO.

"Then I guess I'll have to fly this thing to it's-" PCH-ZYU!!

You Zat him before he can even FINISH that sentence, and beam the stupid idiot over to Polypa's Zord cockpit.

Joey radios you moments later- "Ashler? Why the fuck did Poly's matesprit just land unconscious in her lap?"

"Because Tegiri was literally a few words away from volunteering to suicide mission this shit!" You answer, running a scan over everything and- Ah, Ardata's still in her ship. You beam her out too and grab her Shotgun Mech and strap it onto the Astro-Delta's back.

"...So you're following my orders and taking the glory instead," Joey sighs. "Fuck. I didn't mean for you to do that."

"Yeah, well, If it's any consolation I don't want to die here today, so I'm going to fucking blow up this Stupid, Oversized, Copycat Ultrazord and come home alive after!" you report. "Just about the only thing that I still have proper separation locks on is the Astro Shuttle Head. So. Last Ditch, Half Hearted plan. I ram a shotgun barrel right up against that Banshee's chest, rig it to overload, and jettison the Head from the Megazord in the moments before it explodes. Hopefully I ride the shock wave out to safety!"

"That's IF you survive piloting an entire Megazord on your own!" Joey counters. "Dammek went comatose from that when HE tried it!"

"Yeah, well, I'm not Dammek," you say, looking up at the hologram of Joey's face, and lock your eyes with her. "I'm fucking Ashler Dering, and I didn't survive a lifetime of psychic abuse from my Lusus as Vriska Serket just to wimp out now at the finish line!"

"Fair enough, but if you're going to do this," she pauses, you hear her tap at something, and then--

Oh, Kishamoth ejects its Naquadria core box. You snatch it as well.

"Do this right." She says, no doubt nodding. "You better not die, or I'll find a way to bring you back to life."

"Roger that, Colonel," you answer, and prepare to Solo-Synch to the Astro-Delta Megazord.

...Good grief. Stupid Moirial. He just HAD to try and pull the self sacrifice thing for no damn good reason. God, fucking, Damn it. You are SURVIVING THIS SHIT and you are SO sitting him down to have a serious heart to heart talk about this shit later.

NOT COOL springing this on you out of nowhere, Tegiri!

AR-1 and AR-9 arrived at the Gate Room, and Callie hurried to the DHD, citing that it needed to be re-calibrated to local coordinates and would be just a minute.

Everyone took up guarding positions... except for you, Lloyd Armadn, and your friend who's holding you up by the shoulder, Akita Red.

"You let your guard down!" She scolds.

"I didn't realize that Wraith had a Sword!" you grouch. 

"You're lucky you didn't bleed out before I stopped and reversed the damage as best as I could," Akita admonishes.

"You couldn't finish the job any?" you ask, wincing in pain. 

"This-" She holds up her bracelet, each gemstone gleaming. "Is currently trying to drain as much power out of the ZPM generator as it CAN so it can repair the faulty construction work done when it was made. I only had enough free energy able to keep you from dying and barely stitch your wounds together! Once we leave, THEN I'll fix the rest of the damage."

"You could stand to have some better bedside manner, Akita," you joke.

"I am not a medic, and I am not your Matesprit, and I am Not Your Moirail, Lloyd," she looks you in the eyes. "I am your friend and I will be as rude in my bedside manner as I feel is appropriate for the situation. And this situation involves us getting off of this fucking Hive Ship before you wind up dead for a SECOND time."

"Okay, okay, fine, fine," you grimace. "Just... Don't tell Gray I fucked up?"

"I make no promises," Akita says.

Lovely. You want to laugh, but it hurts a bit too much for that.


The Gate activates, and then Callie sets some kind of remote timer onto the DHD.

"P4X-639 is open!" She calls out. "Let's GO!"

And thus, you're carried through the Stargate and-

Laden with Zords across its piers, City One changed angle, and began to ascend out of the Solar System- taking Drone shots at various Wraith ships in the fleet along the way.

Secondary Explosions ensue as power starts to flow through damaged areas again, causing more problems all around.

The timer counts down on the Laser Array's self destruct...


>[S] Papermoon


And then the ZPM Generator kicks in properly and the stupid Laser device doesn't explode. Because of course it wouldn't.

The Banshee's inner frame begins to glow golden-orange once more as power is restored to IT and the REST of the entire Wraith Fleet.

The Fight Resumes as the Banshee rights itself, and the various other Wraith ships begin firing at whatever they can target- most aiming at the planet below.

[I'm Falling Down into my Shadow] 

The Astro-Delta gazed up at the Banshee, and readied its sword and shield. 

[Struggling to Hold my Breath, While I await the Deadly Night.]

It rocketed forwards on the boosters- even as the Banshee opened fire with its laser gun. One of the shots clipped the left shoulder cannon- breaking the thing off- the rest were deflected against the shield.

["I know you're scared, but do not show it in your eyes,-"] Ashler sang to herself as she piloted around the next wave of attacks. 

["Near these Pumpkin Carriages,"] She twirled her sword arm and slashed at some large shots, and continued her reckless charge forwards. ["'Cause all the witches see through all your lies!"]

[See You In Your Dreams, Yeah, Baby.]

The Banshee continued to fire off blasts as the Astro-Delta rocketed forwards, trying to close the distance.

[In nightmares too, I'll stay beside you!]

A deflected shot against the Astro's shield rebounded and smashed into a nearby Wraith Magnum- destroying it with an explosion.

[Fairy Blue, for you I'd crush the stars, and put them on display-]

With a spinning twirl, the Astro-Delta dove around several shots, and then did a side kick at a Magnum that sent it hurtling into a Wraith Hiveship.

[There's nothing I won't do, Black Paper Moon.]

The Hiveship's engines exploded on an unfortunate impact, stalling it in place.

[Put your faith in me, and you'll go far!]

Ashler's seven-fold eye seemed to flare with cerulean light as she cast an illusion across the Battlefield-

[When You're Lost, Here I am, Forever With Your Soul.]

Suddenly, several Astro-Detals appeared from the same spot, rocketing in various directions. The Banshee had a split second reaction time- and shot the wrong illusion.

[Lift your head and look up to the sky, see the moon shine bright.]

From below on Earth, all eyes gazed upwards as the fight carried on, many people wondering if this was the end of it all.

Explosions lit up the day's sky, even as the moon hovered in place, a white orb amongst explosions all framing two giants battling in the heavens.

[Look Closely, as symbol rising to the top,]

The Astro-Delta flung its sword across the field- and Ashler cast an illusion of it being several units to the right more than it was.

[See it on the tarot card I dropped into the crimson jam.]

The Banshee tried to deflect, only to miss due to that illusion, and the Sword impaled itself into one of the Banshee's glowing orange rift areas in the chest.

[Your Destiny- if your heart desires it-]

The blade's tip pierced through several folded dimensions, and emerged on the inside by tearing through the entire Hiveship's power core room...

[Any world that you can dream is yours to take if you believe you can!]

The tip just barely grazed the Laser Generator, which THEN exploded- damaging the ZPM Making device next to it.

A power Hiccup flared across the entire Wraith Fleet, and various ships fumbled to a stop as energy flow was suddenly REVERSED- 

["Don't try to play me for a fool! Not anyone could ever Break Me!"]

Ashler grinned as she observed that the fleet suddenly was losing power rather than gaining it. She had no way of knowing it, but the ZPM Generator began a critical overload.

["Fairy Blue, you gave me hope again! A reason to live on!"]

Ashler dropped her shield as she retrieved the Shotgun and the Naquadria core from their places and jammed the two objects together in a way that caused some superficial damage to both.

["Been chained down for so long, an Eternity!"]

She roared, flying forwards- unaware as cerulean blood leaked from her nose- aiming the weapon right at the place where her sword now impaled the Banshee.

[Call my name, no matter where I am.]

Onboard the T-Line, Tegiri gazed out in reverse towards the fight- gripping Polypa's hand tightly as they both watched the final charge.

[I Will Find You, My Dear! Wherever you may be.]

Mikari glanced at a blaring alarm and swore as the City's sensors picked up two rapidly climbing Energy Overload Signatures.

[I will break the curse and set you free, if you just call on me.]

The business end of the shotgun weapon was glowing a brilliant Naquadria Blue as Ashler jammed it right up against the sword's impalement point.

Inside the cockpit, Ashler flung her hands across the hologram controls to begin separation of the Astro's head.

["My whole life, I never have been believed in-"]

The front armor plate burst loose- and the Astro Megazord's head gazed forwards at the Banshee's own twisted, armored face.

["The times I've been used have been humiliating-"]

Asheler eyed the overload of the Naquadria Core, and prayed that the imminent explosion would be funneled directly into the Power Core of the Wraith Mech..

["But now I can remember the words that you said."]

Ashler hovered her hand over the holographic eject button with her left hand, and gripped the laser trigger with her right hand-

["They will stay with me, in my heart, they echo!"]

She pulled the trigger and then slammed the eject button.

The Shotgun fired off a deadly blue laser beam point blank into the Banshee- causing its formerly orange glowing rift points to flare Naquadria blue all over.

[Fairy Blue, for you I'd crush the stars, and put them on display-]

The Astro Mega Shuttle ejected forth from the neck of the Astro-Delta in that moment- and rocketed away from the battle.

[Arrange them in a sign To Guide Your Way-]

Then- there was a massive explosion of energy as the ZPM Generator overloaded at the same time the Naquadria core dumped all of its energy into the blast.

[If you ever forget who you are-]

Ashler watched in awe, then yelled out in shock as the flash of light pierced through the control bridge's windows and temporarily blinded her.

[And lose sight of your dreams- Remember to Look Up!]

City One was rocketed by the sudden shock wave as the blast perpetrated through every Wraith Hiveship left around Earth.

[Fairy Blue, you gave me hope again! A reason to live on!]

Explosion after explosion after explosion- Wraith ship was destroyed. 

[Been shackled to this place, been blind to faith.]

The City's Sensors cried out in alarm as the very fabric of space time around Earth and its moon was rent asunder with naquadria hued lightning and brilliant-orange-blue flashes of light.

[Know that you will never be alone,]

From Earth's perspective, it was as if the sky itself had ceased being blue, but instead a brilliant, glowing orange-

[When You're Lost, Here I am, Forever With Your Soul.]

And then when the light show faded, there was no trace of the Wraith anywhere... But so too was there no trace of Earth and its Moon either.

[We can make it through, just you and me, If you can just believe.]

However, sensors picked up on the Astro Megashuttle drifting at the furthest edge of what had been perceived as the blast radius, sans a clipped wing that looked like it had been utterly melted at the cut off point.

The City Ship made its way to collect the shuttle, all the while running scans to try and figure out what the hell just happened.


DIASPORA DATE: 01/07/0008.

Your name is Joey Claire, and you're peeling an apple when Ashler finally wakes up in the Atlantis Infirmary.

"Nngh... what happened?" She asked, eyes creaking open.

"You blew up the Wraith so hard, you nearly burned out your eyes watching the explosion," you relate to her. "Also, you lost your left arm in the blast."

Ashler raises her left arm, and gazes at her hand. "Bwuh? You fuckin' with me?"

"Akita grew it back and healed the rest of the damage," you tell her. "So next time you go to Atlantis, make sure to say thank you."

"Yeah. I will," she frowns. "Wait. How the FUCK did some Werewolf chick grow my arm back!?"

"Apparently, the lemon of a Bracelet she got from disarming other me decided it was tired of being a lemon, and gorged itself on the ZPM generator." You shrug. "From what Callie and Mckay have told me, the dimensional blast that happened after would have been a lot bigger without that happening. Thank goodness for small miracles, I guess."

"I fucking even forgot she had the thing," Ashler closes her eyes, groaning. "Bluh. How long was I out for?'

"Couple of days," you answer. "Psychic Backlash from solo piloting is a nasty thing to deal with and even magic healing doesn't cover that sometimes. At any rate, you're lucky that you didn't wind up in a state like Dammek did."

"Shit," she swears. "Tegiri's gonna be pissed."

"Poly's been keeping him occupied," you tell her. "Apparently my Kismesis didn't take too kindly to the idea that her Matesprit wanted to solo fly that fight himself!"

Ashler chokes out a small laugh. "Yeah. And here I go doing..." She stops. "Wait. Waiiiiiiiit." She sits up, turns and looks at you. "Colonel Claire, did you just say that explosion was a Dimensional Blast!? What happened to Earth??"

You knew this was coming. "Ash', there's no easy way to say this. But Earth's..."

The Atlantis Stargate spun its point of origin glyph to the ninth chevron, and stalled out without locking.

"Aaand that confirms it," Rodney states for the record. "Earth's Gate is still inaccessible even with a full nine chevron address, AND with additional subspace calculations which should have made it work... Which means the Gate on the other end is either completely destroyed..."

"Or your theory about the Dimensional Folding is correct, and Earth has been over-layered with so many parallel Dimensions that we simply cannot access it through conventional means," you are Richard Woolsey, and you grimace in acceptance of that fact. 

"So basically, so much for Atlantis declaring Independence," Mckay shakes his head. "Earth got cut off anyways."

"Well," you say. "Atleast we know for sure that we've given it every last try that we could save for introducing that subspace cleanup particle into it."

"Yeah, well, if my calculations are correct?" Mckay grouches. "Even if we introduced it right the second after it all finished, it'd still take us near about twenty years before the particle would eat through enough layered dimension space to even let us TRY dialing Earth again, let alone linking to it, or even trying to get a ship through." 

"And thus, we're well and truly on our own," you say, gazing at the stargate. The uncertainty eats at your stomach. You'd been preparing for Atlantis to declare independence from Earth anyways, but... to have the choice taken out of your hands like this...

Somehow, it feels like you've been cheated out of a proper resolution.

Your name is Lloyd Armadn, and you sigh in relief as Doctor Fraiser finally releases you from the Atlantis infirmary.

Admittedly, Akita now having access to a fully powered magic bracelet full of crystals with several forms of healing powers is a godsend towards recovery time and helped towards your speedy release, but still... She held you for observation for FAR too long, in your opinion.

"Bye Lloyd, don't come again any time soon!" Minori waves at you from her desk as you head for the door.

"I don't plan on making a habit of it," you say, before exiting the infirmary and-


Good grief.

Gray and Akita both are sitting on a bench across from the door, waiting for you. And they've clearly been talking a LOT while you were in the infirmary.

"Well," Akita claps Gray on the leg, and moves to stand. "I'll let you deal with the rest." She eyes you, and says, "Lloyd. Don't go straining anything now."

"Yeah, yeah," you wave her remark off, and move to sit down next to Gray as Akita wanders into the Infirmary.

"Sooo..." Gray begins.

"Sooo..." you echo.

"You let yourself get stabbed, huh?" Gray asks.

"Less 'let' and more 'he got a lucky shot in,'" you try to play it down.

"Mmh..." Gray nodded. "So Akita tells me."

"Yeah. I know. Maka and Soul already promised to make me pay for my lapse in judgement with several weeks of extended training," you grimace. "And now that Akita's got a working Bracelet, well. Healing up scrapes means things might get a bit intense."

Gray giggles. "Well. Intense is something I can get used to," and then she leans over and kisses you. On the lips.

You don't object, and kiss her back.

"I'm just glad we got most of our families off world when we did," your name is Jennifer Keller, and you and Rodney are walking down a hallway towards a balcony. "I mean, I thought we were just preparing for independence being a crazy thing, but then there's the Wraith!? And Dimensional Layer Stuff!? God, it's a miracle we didn't lose more people important to us."

"Tell me about it," Rodney shakes his head. "Jeanie was just telling me this morning that as MUCH as she's eager to get to work helping me with the Science stuff? She's going to miss the house she spent thousands of dollars on, and lamented very angrily that it's basically as good as blown up right now."

"Yeah. But sad as all of this is, it IS kinda funny in its own, sad, ironic way," you say.

"How's that?" Rodney asks.

"Well, Alternia had its moons crash into it. Then it Blew Up," you count it off on your fingers. "The Jaffa had Dakara, and then it got Blown Up. The Tok'ra had SG-1 intentionally blowing up Vorash's sun! Alfheim was a whole continent and then they Intentionally Blew It Up after evacuating everyone because of that whole radiation curse shit. And don't get me started on the fact that they blew it up by converting Another Earth into a giant Naquadria bomb!"

"And I'm seeing where you're going with this," Rodney says, snapping his fingers. "And then there was Corinth Earth which was basically Our Earth except invated by Apophis, and then Blown Up by an angry A.I. with Nukes!"

"Yep," you nod. "So, basically. Now our Earth falls under that criteria. Sorta. No clue if it's really blown up or not, but hidden away by dimensional layering caused by a massive explosion? I'll count it."

"And thus, Atlantis becomes a true melting pot of survivors from worlds that are basically all but destroyed physically, leaving their cultures to diaspora and change under new circumstances," Rodney finishes. "I guess it is kinda sadly, ironically, funny."

Your name is John Sheppard, and you gaze at Todd as he sits idly in his chair behind the table in the interrogation room. 

"Aaah, so it didn't go so well, did it?" He asks.

"Didn't take a mind reader to figure that out," you say, keeping your eyes on him.

"I'm sorry for your homeworld's loss," Todd says. "Truly, truly, such a-"

He doesn't get to finish the sentence because you imagine taking out a nine mil and place two rounds in his head before he can say another word.

Todd hisses. "Well, there's no need for that kind of violence!" he protests. "Why, if you killed me now, what would happen the next time you need my help?"

"Maybe there is, maybe there isn't," you begin. "Tell me, Todd. Should there be a next time between us?"

He frowns. "What do you mean, exactly?"

"I mean," you start, "Should we let you live? Give me one good reason I shouldn't end you right here and now?"

Todd frowns, clearly wracking his brains and trying to sort through your own surface thoughts to try and piece together an answer.

And then there's a flash of an Asgard Teleport as the Daedalus yanks him out of his chair to who knows where. You weren't told that part, because confronting a mind reader. But if you had to guess, and were personally in charge of such relocation?

Well, you hear that the third moon from the left is particularly cold this time of year.

Your name is Karkat Vantas, and you knock on the office door of one MAJOR KARKAT VANTAS within the ODYSSEY.

Wait. Wait. Wait.

The door opens, and your future self stands before you.

"So," you begin. "Were you going to Tell Me that Earth was going to get eaten by a dimension rift caused by an exploding Wraith Hive-fleet, or was I just supposed to find that out on my own?"

Your elder self gives a grim smile, and says, "I think you already know the answer to that."

He steps aside, and motions for you to enter his office.

You cross the threshold with a deliberate step, and a pair of raised middle fingers in his direction.

He doesn't laugh. He's uncharacteristically silent, in fact.

You get the feeling that you're about to sell your soul to the devil. And the Devil is You.


Chapter Text


I'm not someone who likes the trope of destroying the Zords at the end of the season.

Let it sink in that I did it anyways.

I hate destroying the Zords, and I swore to myself I was NEVER going to do it with the Astro-Delta pair given their canonical fates in Power Rangers and yet... I went and did it anyways! WELP. I was seriously torn on whether or not I was going to JUST blow off an arm or actually off the zords entirely.

In the end, I just couldn't justify the Astro-Detla Megazord surviving that massive explosion at point blank range.

Background image is a flipped and stretched screenshot from the actual episode of Atlantis "Enemy at the Gate." I was lazy and didn't want to draw it by hand.

Chapter Text


"We are gathered here today to celebrate the life of our dear friend, commander, and confidant, General George Hammond..." Jack O'neill began the funeral.

"Grandpa George was always so happy, even after the Earth..." One of George's Granddaughters was saying. "After the Earth disappeared."

"Hammond of Texas was a fine warrior," Master Bra'tac spoke. "I hope that in whatever life he finds himself in next, it is as just as strong, if not even stronger of a warrior than this."

"I first met General Hammond in a Burger King of all places," Joey Claire began her speach, conversationally. "And of course, it was all part of a Time Loop..."

"General Hammond lead us through many trials," Teal'c spoke next. "I shall forever remember his Wisdom in the years that follow, and strive to emulate his skills in leadership...."

"I didn't know Hammond all that well compared to everyone else, who knew him for years and years before i ever stepped foot through a Stargate," Jonas Quinn spoke. "And I think I'm always going to regret that a bit. Feels a bit like a Missed Opportunity. But... I'm grateful for the time I had, getting to know him even as little as I did."

"Hammond was hard to work with sometimes," Janet Fraiser started. "But he was fair about it. You could tell that when he was being tough on you, it was because he cared about you and everyone else."

"Hammond once told me," Richard Woolsey was saying, "I would one day find myself in his shoes. Stuck in an impossible situation as a leader, and forced to make a choice many would argue over. I didn't believe him at the time, but when that day finally did come, I sent him an email to ask for advice. Frankly, I'm still shocked to this day that he wrote back with anything more than an 'I told you so.'"

"I was speaking with George just a few days before the heart attack," Jake Harley was saying. "He asked me about how I was finding my second chance at life. I told him..." Jake sniffed. "I told him I was glad to have a second chance to fix everything that I'd done wrong. And he got this look in his eyes like... like he knew something was wrong." Jake gazed out at the audience. "And then he said to me, 'I think, somehow, I've beaten the odds and been fortunate enough to not need a second chance.'"

"I'd thought, now and then, just, in the back of my mind sometimes, that George Hammond was like a father to me when my own father wasn't necessarily at his best," Samantha Carter continued from there. "And after losing him, and now losing George, I can honestly say... yeah. It's a lot of the same hurt."

"General Hammond gave me a lot of leniency when he really didn't have to," Jude Harley frowns. "I was just a kid at the time, and he let me, and later Cassie, just, hang around the SGC some days for no real reason other than I think he wanted to keep us out of trouble. Our lives were chaotic and frantic and... And Hammond did his best to keep us all in line while not keeping the leash so tight that we were suffocating under the rules."

"Rest in Peace, George," Cassandra Fraiser finished her own speech. "We're going to miss you out here. All of us."

O)<-Stargate Alternia->(O


"Rose! June! Could you keep an eye on Harry while I'm out at the store? K, T H X, Bye!"

The front door to the house closed suddenly, and some picture frames rattle from the noise.

You are Rose Egbert, and you sigh in disbelief. "Did Mom seriously just say 'T H X' in place of Thanks?"

"Yeeeah," June sighs as well. "Mom's really taking on the internet lingo these days, isn't she?"

Both of you put down your game controllers, get up off the floor of your Living Room (It STILL throws you for a loop with how damn near identical this place is to the old house on earth) and head for your LITTLE BROTHER'S ROOM to check in on him.

Little HARRY ANDERSON EGBERT lays curled up on his bed, still napping away, unaware of the loud door closing thwack that had just occurred.

Three years old, that one. You can remember when PENNY was that age. Hell, you can remember LIZZY and CASEY being that age, and that wasn't even that long ago! 

You are Rose Egbert, and you are Twelve Years Old.

Things have changed in both big and small ways since the Wraith Fleet Attacked Earth. For starters, everyone still uses Earth's Calendar as a means of keeping track of what year it would be there on the off chance that communications can be restored with the planet. 

The Unwritten has taken off on a grand, inter dimensional voyage both in the spirit of its original mission, as well as on the slim, off chance that this world's Earth instead of being buried under layers of subspace instead got shunted into another dimension entirely.

Alternia as a Galaxy has become a huge hotbed of intergalactic trade across multiple other Galaxies. All of the scattered settlement towns have really started booming in size, scale, and impressiveness. 

With Midway as a bridge between Milky Way, Alternia, and Pegasus, people are traveling from all over and mingling something fierce. Given that the Ori Galaxy has also recovered enough from English's tyrannical rule to start edging their toes out into intergalactic politics, they're keeping it close to home and really only mainly dealing with Alternia for now.

But, you expect that will change eventually. 

Without galactic spanning empires like the Goa'uld, the Wraith, or English's forces controlling whole galaxies under their grasp and seeking more, it's become something incredibly hard to describe in terms of sheer scale, especially given the plans to expand.

The Cla'dian shipyards were commissioned to create new DESTINY CLASS and GATE SEEDER spaceships based off of the old blueprints of the Ancient Exploration Vessels, with plans to launch whole expeditions into various directions of the universe, creating bridge paths from which whole crews and other explorers could follow along out into the unknown.

Some people think its tempting fate, because who the hell knows what could be found out there in the unknown reaches of this Universe. But... You're pretty sure you'll be ready for anything at this point. The new ships aren't being built exactly to the old spec- but instead are being modified and upgraded with all kinds of fancy technical upgrades.

And that's just all the BIG stuff YOU'RE personally aware of and can think of off of the top of your head!

Closer to home? Your Mom and Dad went and had another kid. Yours and June's little brother. You're not quite sure where the "Anderson" part of the name came from, though, but you're quite positive the "Harry" part came from the Harry Potter Books.

...And boy, isn't there a sour note your mom's complained about over the years. She has to finish reading the series based on ALTERNIA'S version of the story rather than Earth's version of the story. 

You're not going to touch the rest of that subject at all.

"Man," June whispers, "i sure miss being able to nap all day like that."

You snort as you're jarred out of your suddenly introspective mood. "Yeah, same here. Sure would be nice, that's for sure."

Out in the desert outside old Corinth City, a gun fight was running on.

Intar rounds flashed red on impact, and bodies hit the dirt to be beamed away moments later.

And then a sound that shouldn't be heard rang out like a gunshot. Because it was a gunshot. 

A cease fire was quickly called, everyone outside the city stopped firing on each other, and they began looking.

Eventually, a few figured that the shot came from within Corinth's ruins, and they went to investigate.

Those who found the body were Shino Asada, Kohiru Karren, and Miyu Shinohara, and they found a poor, unfortunate Fae man with blue hair whose blood was staining the ground red. Had they looked nearby, they might have found other signs of collateral damage.

Needless to say, it was quite clear that someone had broken the rules of the game and brought a live fire gun onto the game grounds.

Miyu quickly went to a bush to throw up in, and you are now...

You're Kohiru Karren. You're from Alternia. You've seen dead bodies before. You've made them, too.  

This is... Bad. Very bad. 

"Shigemura Tamotsu," Shino quoted as she checked the dead Fae's ID badge. "I met him a few times during these things before. He's quite the overconfident jerk, and I could see why someone would kill him, but..." She shook her head. "Damn. This was cold blooded."

"This was personal," you say. "They used his blood to write "Fraud" and "Liar" over his face. That's..."

"Yeah," Shino sighed. "We ought to call this in to Daedalus and report it."

"We should," you say, "but there's no telling if the person behind this is going to stop at just Tamotsu here. There could be other targets. Recalling everyone to the Daedalus might just give the killer more closed quarters to work in."

"That's assuming the killer's even got a transponder on them," Shino said.

"Ah, yeah," you frowned. "That'd... be a bad thing, wouldn't it, if we let them get by around here without notice."

"We should call the Daedalus, but we should also advise caution," Shino suggested.

"Good idea," you nod, and go for your radio. "Daedalus, this is Kohiru Karren, Emergency Code 4."

...A pause. A pause...

And nothing but static.

You frown, and try again, "Daedalus, I repeat Emergency Code Four."


"Emergency Code 1?"


"Daedalus," Shino tries next, "Emergency Code 8?"


And again, she tries: "Emergency Code Zero??"


"Uhoh," Shino frowned.

"What uhoh?" Miyu asked, having recovered.

"We can't radio Daedalus," you answer.

"Oh. Great!" Miyu facepalmed.

"So, Teal'c, tell me something..." Your name is Jack O'neill, and you and Teal'c are heading down the trail to hit one of the less popular of Diaspora's Lakes and go fishing. "This whole Parenting Thing. Does it ever get easier?"

Teal'c raises an eyebrow in your direction, question implied... 

"Yes, I know I had a kid already, but... Charlie... you know how that wound up. I keep second guessing myself and everything. I already made sure that the only guns we're keeping in the house are Stunners only, but... I still feel like it's not enough."

Teal'c nods, and says, "Like you, my own situation was not handled as well as it could have been. I missed much of my son's growing years due to the fight to free our people from the Goa'uld. However, as Rya'c has confided with me in the years since, he now can appreciate the struggles I went through as a new parent himself. The desire to create a new world for the next generation that is better than the last." He places a hand on your shoulder and gives a comforting squeeze. "I am sure you will do fine once yours and Samantha Carter's child is born, O'neill. The lessons of the past are here for us to learn from and do better by."

"Thanks, Teal'c," you say.

"You are most welcome, O'neill." Teal'c says. Then, after a moment's pause, "Have you given much thoughts to names?"

"Sam says if it's a girl, we're naming her after her Mom, Eleanor, and we both agreed if it's a boy, we're naming him George," you say.

Teal'c nods, humming in agreement. "Both wise name choices."

Your name is Joey Claire, and you're wrists deep in the process of making the meatballs for dinner when you hear a certain alarm go off. "Toko! Could you do me a favor and get the laundry out of the dryer?" 

"Haaaai!" Your little girl calls out in response, and you hear her feet tapping across the floor.

At seven, she's not quite old enough or tall enough to get clothes out of the washer and into the dryer, but she is tall enough and responsible enough to get things out of the dryer when they're done.

You work at pressing the chunks of meat, cheese, and breadcrumbs together into a spherical shape, and then drop it onto the tray.

You use your Arai beetles to keep an eye on everything. Toko's prying open the Dryer door and grabbing a blanket out of it- nuzzling her face into the warm fabric.

Heh. Polypa's over in her office working on paperwork and Mierfa's in the living room playing chess with Okurii. 

Sitting at the TV and the paused videogame is Nepeta and Equius, waiting for Toko to get back from retrieving the laundry.

It's all so very domestic, and despite the funeral yesterday, nothing big seems to have changed on that front. 

Next Meatball finished, you move onto the next one.

Okurii makes a move on the Chessboard. "So did you hear the latest report from the Unwritten?"

Mierfa scowls at the chess move, and gazes at the board as she answers, "No, I haven't, what's up?"

Meatball done, onto the tray.

Okurii explains, "Apparently, Jude's old thought experiment worked, and they ran into Freeman's old home dimension using that Xen Crystal as a focusing point."
Mierfa moved her next chess piece. "What? Seriously? Man. What crazy luck. What happened?" 

Okurii answers by countering that move. "Well, obviously they sent someone to get Freeman off Atlantis, first and foremost. Then they made contact with the Resistance that'd been left behind after the Borealis explosion. Get this- They arrived just HOURS after the Borealis literally vanished off of the ice."

You focus on finishing another meatball and place it on the tray as you and Mierfa think along the same thoughts: "Wow. So for them it was like Freeman vanished on some crazy mission with Alex Vance for a few minutes, and then when he returns, he's aged like six years?"

"Pretty much," Okurii nods. 

Mierfa makes her next move, and asks, "How'd they take That?"

"Pretty well, all things considered. Freeman just told them that the G-Man showed up, and sent them all on a suicide mission that Alex didn't make it out from," Okurii continues, gazing at the board. "Last I heard from Mikari, they were in the process of evacuating every remaining Human Settlement off of that version of Earth onto a quarantine floor."

Meatball made, it's then be-tray'd.

"Quarantine?" Mierfa asks.

"Yeah," Okurii nods, and makes a move. "That planet's been invaded by aliens from other dimensions twice over. Quarantine's to ensure nobody's sick or carrying diseases that could badly affect the Unwritten's population. Also, Check."

Mierfa winces both at being put in Check, and at the disease thing. "Yeeah. That's gotta suck, but better safe than sorry."

Okurii smiles as Mierfa makes a hasty move to escape Check. "Yeah, that's Mikari's logic at any rate. Evacuation process is going to take a while, though. They'll be making a return trip to visit Alternia Galaxy once they're done with that."

Toko calls out- "Done with Laundry!" She's dumped the dryer's contents onto your bed and is hurrying back to the paused game.

"Thank you!" You call out in turn.

Mierfa says, "So... we're going to be setting up a new settlement for them here, I take it?"

Okurii nods, and makes another chess move. "Check again." 


"Also, yeah, we're going to be setting them up on Vanberg. It's the closest Earth Like Planet that nobody's settled on yet that doesn't have dangerous wildlife on it. Well, no more dangerous than what they were already dealing with the Xen wildlife that transplanted to Earth."

Mierfa makes another move to escape check. "Isn't Vanberg that planet that had the giant Kaiju monsters on it? PD5-555, wasn't it?"

"Hah, No! P5S-52S is Vanberg, and it's home to a large Purrbeast Lusus Population. Perfectly harmless, and perfectly safe for any recovering, traumatized population of survivors. PD5-555 is Namdirg," Okurii laughs. "It's in the same system, though, so we'll be advising them not to travel to it once we have them set up. I even asked Vala and Marsti  to go help the survey team look for a good settlement site."

Mierfa simply replies with a "Huh. Guess it's been a while since I paid attention to the whole Gate address library system. We really gotta stop naming them when they're still uninhabited."

You make one last meatball with a bit of excessive compression force, and place it on the tray just as the oven preheat finishes.

You wash your hands, then set the oven timer- 

Okurii shrugs. "I suppose so." She makes another chess move. "Also, Checkmate. You left your King exposed."

Cover the tray with foil- 

Mierfa exclaims, "NOooo! Damn it! How long was it like that!?"

Shove it in the oven, and slam the door. Then you start the 45 Minute cook time. 

Okurii laughs. "I have no idea. I only just noticed it."

With another wash of your hands, you rejoin the conversation in the living room proper.

"Fuuuck," Mierfa laments as she and Okurii start resetting the chess board.

"How's it going out here?" You ask.

"Okurii's a savage in chess, Claire!" Mierfa looks up at you, holding a pair of Black and White Knights in hand with a friendly grin on her face. "You should play her next!"

"No way, I'd much rather sit here and enjoy your reactions," you say, moving to set next to her.

"Oh- well- I guess-" Mierfa's face went flush with color, and Okurii laughed.

"I'll gladly play you both if you want to team up," Okurii offered.

Chapter Text

"Shit! Fuck! Damn it!" Your name is Shino Asada, and you're dodging another sniper's fire by running.

A real sniper's fire. Not the Intar rounds your HECATE has been modded with. Actual. Live Fire. Rounds. Hitting the ground.

If your enhanced hearing hadn't picked up the click of the trigger and your enhanced reflexes hadn't had you moving before the bullet even left the chamber, you'd be dead already. No doubts about it.

"Give me a second to triangulate!!" Karren cried out, ducking behind a wall for cover- no doubt to gaze out through a scope and try to find the bastard shooting at you.

"I don't know if I HAVE a second!" you call back, jumping over a ruined car as another high velocity round blows by you.

"Miyu," Karren suddenly switches to whispers which you barely pick up over the sound of constant gun fire. There's too much echo, you can't get a good lock on the direction. But what you do get sounds vaguely like angles and coordinates for-


Grenade Launchers.

The double tap of an stun grenade explosion rockets out, deafens your own hearing for a moment, and then Karren rushes by you, grabs your hand, and drags you along at speed down the streets until you find cover. Shinohara is launching another salvo of grenades.


She's not letting up, that's for sure.

Once you're in a hidden away area, Karren zips away, and then returns with Shinohara at her side. Then, the three of you continue running away.

"Tall man, wrapped in black cloak and white bandages, skull like metal mask with red eyes," Karren gives a description of the man she say through a telescope. 

"Shit," you swear. "Nobody was supposed to wear masks in this!"

Which means whoever this lunatic is, he's been planning on intimidating people with a freaky guise like that.

Red Eyes though...?

You feel on some level like that should be an important detail to you. 

The thought escapes you, though, as an enraged howl cuts through the night.

What the fuck kind of stun resistance does a guy have to have to tank four stun grenades in the face??

No. Maybe... The Mask? Skull Like...

"Was he wearing armor under the cloak?" you ask.

"Couldn't tell!" Karren answers. Then- "Wait! You don't think someone's wearing a suit of Kull Warrior Armor, do you!?"

"You said it, not me," you answer, grimly.

And then you run into two other contestants who clearly came running at the sound of real gunfire. One Mordred Pendragon and-

"Oh! Colonel Mitchel!" Shinohara exclaims. "Fancy meeting you here!"

"Shinohara, Karren, Asada," Colonel Cameron Mitchel nods. "We heard the shout and the gunfire just now. What the hell's going on?"

You relay the info best as you can- "Some bastard killed one of the competitors, has our Radios blocked somehow, and then just took a bunch of shots at me with a sniper rifle."

Karren retells the visual intel as the now five of you continue running away from the guy with the gun and an apparent grudge, and Mordred growls, "Not another one of those fucking Skull mask suits!"

"You've run into 'em before?" Shinohara asks.

"Repurposed Kull Warrior outfits," Mitchel relays some vital info. "We figured out that Hecate had manufacturing powers for it somehow, and had been planning on fielding them to her operatives after she made her move on Earth. But considering she got blown up before that could happen..."

"Over the last few months, the things have been surfacing in Milky Way. Random skirmishes and shit," Mordred continues from there. "A few of them were this same guy doing hit-and-run attempted assassinations like this. Sometimes he got scared off, others he pulled off a public execution and then paraded himself around before running off."

"Bastard's calling himself 'Death Gun' if you can believe it," Mitchel said- holding up a sign to pause. You all halt, he glances across an intersection, and then chooses a direction for you all to keep going down. 

"Fascinating as this all is, any idea what the guy wants with me?" You ask.

Neither of the SG-1 team members before you had any idea.

Ah, that's just great. Really. Really great.

Your name is Wanshi Adyata, and you like to think that you've lived a pretty great life up until now.

But it's over. it's finished. Oh, to die of this sheer embarrassment! It's mortifying!!

You got caught fooling around with your girl frend by your fellow brood cavern worker and surrogate brother figure Lanque Bombyx, and he's just had this stupid smug smile on his face all day because he FiNALLY got an equal and measurable amount of sibling-rivalry tier blackmail to counter your knowledge of how he *really* died and came back as a Rainbow Drinker and not that fanciful story that he keeps embellishing when he goes out on dates as a genuine Rainbow Drinker.

Your melodrama aside, he's been at least pretty understanding of the whole thing. It's been... uh. At least SIX EARTH YEARS since you were anything resembling a young kid? He dropped the overprotective big brother role a long time ago. And also, if what he said this morning was anything to go by, at least he's happy you've got the time to form a relationship and level it to such an intimate level.

...You'll refrain from exposition-ing to him that you've only got that time now because Bronya and Sumara came back to the Caverns to help train the next generation of Jades.

Sure, you and Lanque have done all you've could to train the next generation on your own, and even little Kanaya's helped out here and there, but...

If anyone were to ask, you'd ask them, "You wanna know the most annoying thing about the Matrons being leaders of the whole settlements thing?" And then when they invariably give a response one way or the other, you say anyways, "It's that they're too busy leading the villages and towns to work in the caverns."

One day you'll be old enough to qualify as a MATRON and you'll... well.

Honestly you're hoping the old Matrons will still be young enough to keep doing THEIR jobs so you don't graduate up to leading a town. You can barely lead a bunch of grubs to water, let alone manage a whole TOWN! Too much work there, thank you very much!!

You're glad to have had the help again. You can't blame Daraya for not returning. Her eyesight's not what it used to be. And Lynera? Hoo. Lynera's a kettle of fish, alright. Last you heard, Lynera had gotten out of Cryptarium on a clean bill of mental health (Or as clean as could be given in her situation) and promptly went Mountain Top Monk off in Pegasus somewhere. 

You'd imagine she's got some kind of shake down thing going on with tourists at this point. She asks for some coin, gives 'em a little weird ass saying or some shit, and sends them on their way. You can't imagine how else she makes a living out in the middle of nowhere away from civilization. 

...Where were you going with this again?

You shake down the train of thought out of the tree it crashed in and revisit it backwards until you get to the derailment point.

Ah. Right. Lanque caught you making out with your girlfriend, and thereeeere's the embarassment resurfacing again. Gosh, it's like a wild herd of purrbeasts has gotten loose and is meowing the shit up out of your future. Never again will Lanque see you as the unassailable unblackmailable fan of certain cat-based litterat---


Why the fuck do you hear a thousand meowing cats?

Your name is Xefros Tritoh, and you gaze upwards at your floating house with some mild annoyance. "You know he gets this after you, right?"

Salazl Captor side-eyed you, then remarked, "The Psiioniics? Sure. To This Scale? Heck no, Tritoh, he gets this from your Moirail's janky magic bracelet."

And to think it wasn't even Joey owning the danged thing at the root of this. Nope. Just some bad timing when Salazl wanted to take a tour of the Odyssey and little Sollux got loose from the both of you and started chewing on the power core for the ship's Hyperbeam weapons- an artificial Hyperbeam Crystal, from which he bit off a small shard, and swallowed.

And now your little kid is up there all alone in the house that he's literally ripped up from the foundation and is holding up of his own accord.

"I'd beg to differ, considering he was already starting to show signs of this sort of shit before we took him on that danged tour," you remind your Matesprit.

"My powers were nowhere NEAR this strong at his age, let alone now, so clearly it's gotta be that crystal he broke," Salazl counters.

"Boys," Baizil Soleli interrupts as she finishes searching her Sylladex and decaptchaloges a large rope. "Stop arguing over the obvious. Clearly the Crystal Fragment Triggered whatever latent powers he already had brewing." She attaches a grappling hook to one end, and starts whirling, twirling, and- "HUP!"

Up, up, and away the grapple is flung.


It secures as if by magnetic force to the railing around the front steps. 

You and Salazl share a look, and your Matesprit gives a shrug. "I'll take it if you do?"

"Yeah, might as well," you nod.

Baizil starts climbing the rope without preamble, and honestly, you can't help but watch out of concern of what would happen if she falls, ready to catch her incase she lost her grip.

You've become a lot more concerned over her safety after Akita was able to safely absorb the Regeneration Crystal powers out of your Kismesis' body a few years back. No more dangerous stunts that she could miraculously survive from.

Honestly, having a working Bracelet around again has been a miracle for problems like that. Sure, almost everyone who got powers from the Bracelet Crystals are happy with what they got... with Baizil being the only real exception making it an 'almost everyone' rather than just 'everyone.' 

You and her have kept it quiet since Giza, never mentioning it to anyone, really, that you've been searching for some way to remove her completely unconditional immortality. Achieving that goal was an unexpected side-benefit to Earth getting wiped out of existence (Basically).

Baizil gets up onto the porch, and then takes out the guest key you gave her ages ago just incase the front door is- "Yep! Little smug tyke locked the door on us too!" Baizil shouts down. She starts unlocking the door, and then slips inside.

"Sollux, I swear," Salazl mutters. "We are going to be having words about what being 'Grounded' means."

After a few moments, the house starts to lower back down to the ground.

You'll have to admit, she's got a way with getting through to the unruly type kids after spending a few years raising her alternate self and sister from kids again.

Speaking of... You think those two are hanging out with their friend Amisia. You hope they're staying out of trouble today.

"What do you think would happen if we microwaved a chicken egg?" The younger Barzum asked, gazing at the microwave in Chahut and Amisia's kitchen after she looked up from reading from a book of RANDOM IDEAS.

"Hmm..." the younger Baizli tapped at his chin. "I betcha it'll explode!"

"If you wanna microwave an egg I wanna microwave a Watermelon!" Amisia decided with a grin.

Needless to say, after they retrieved a chicken egg, chucked it into the microwave without preamble, and then set it to cook for five minutes...

It didn't get to the grand total of five minutes, because thirty seconds in, the Egg exploded with a loud POP, and the inside was just... totally covered with cooked egg yolk.

"That was fun!" all three agreed, and then...

"Let's do more!!"

About half an hour later, Chahut would realize that the microwave had been running near constantly and would return to find the cooking instrument an egg covered mess with three laughing kids gathered around it.

Where they got a large Purrbeast of a Lusus, or why it was gnawing on the cooked remains of a watermelon was much more of a mystery.

Your name is Jonas Quinn, and you can't help but feel like you're herding cats.

Part of that is because you're actually helping to herd wild cat-like Lusus creatures.

Another part of it is because you're helping to herd them away from the Diaspora Brooding Cavern. As for why you're helping with this? Well.

Honestly, sometimes you're just leaving a library and run into the aforementioned gathering of cat-like Lusii as they're charging down the street like a flood of white hued furballs. You're vaguely reminded of a Star Trek episode, as a matter of fact, except these Lusii don't breed just by eating and breathing like those Tribbles did.

"Oh my goodness, I just can't believe this!" An Alternian waitress from that one cafe, Mayuri, gushed over the mass cat migration. "So! Many! Cats! They're so fluffy I just want to hug them all!"

"Just mind the claws," you advise. 

Some days, life really is just unpredictable.

Now a days, your life is pretty boring and predictable, except for these curve balls. You travel library to library, D'ni, Alternian, Tok'ra, Jaffa- you name it you've visted it. All in the name of working on compiling a single, comprehensible series of Intergalactic History, aiming to genuinely compose events across whole galaxies by juxtaposing when and where they happened with other known events.

It's like how learning that certain people in different parts of ancient Earth culture actually were temporal contemporaries, despite the history books dividing things by country or nation and not by era or circumstantially simultaneous events.

You tend to see things like that during Wars, sure, but for other, every day sort of events?

You're quite certain that today of all days, someone will be remembering this Cat Stampede and Subsequent Herding as juxtaposed with something else entirely. What that is? You can't say yet. But it'll be something you'll put in your book series for sure.

You think you'll call this volume...

The Day of the Great Cat Diaspora.

Vala, Cam, and Mordred are going to get a laugh out of it atleast, you're pretty sure.

"Noooo! Nonononono!" You are once again Wanshi, and you're freaking out over the literal thousand meowing cats that you were so SURE you were being metaphorical over just a few minutes ago. "Why!? Why cats!? Why now!?"

"Well," Lanque says, even though he's just staring blankly at the swarm of cats as Bronya and Sumara help corral the flowing stream of purrbeasts away. "When I made that joke this morning about 'someone getting pussy,' I didn't imagine the universe would pay me back ten fold with this."

"Gaaaaaah!" You run your hands through your hair. "Just because I'm dating a cat Fae doesn't mean you get to make jokes like that without consequences!" Wait. "No! Besides that! HOW THE FUCK did this many Purrbeasts get loose in the city!?"

Your name is Skylla Koriga, and you scratch your head as you look at the utter flood of meowing cat lusii flowing forth from the Stargate. "Now how in tarnation do I stop this without cutting something fluffy in half?"

Just where the heck are they all coming from anyhow??

"Uhhhh..." Your name is Vala Mal Doran, and you gaze at the flood of meowing giant white cats running for the Stargate. "I sure hope that wasn't a populated world that idiot dialed before he got trampled."

"I'm just wondering," Marsti asked, gazing at the loud source of perpetual meowing before you, "how did Kyouji manage to anger ALL of those Cats at once? They're pretty docile from what I'm aware of this world."

"Some people just aren't cat people, I guess," you guess, checking your watch. "That said, want to make a bet on whether or not we'll be stuck here for the full 38 Minutes or not? It's already been five."

Good grief. Five minutes of nonstop cat rampage. How many cats are even ON this planet anyways?

...You wonder what the rest of SG-1 is up to today? Surely it can't be any more exciting than a flood of rambunctious, rampaging cats!

Chapter Text

You are now Cameron Mitchel and the old RPM Ranger Base makes for a good hide away place, and you'll take it any day.

"So, chances are that, given this guy shot at us like, five different times on the way here," you summarize the situation, "he's going to be trying to break in here any minute now trying to take us out."

"Must be one hell of a grudge to risk taking on five people," Mordred grunted.

"The Kull Warrior Suits... they don't normally have red eyes, do they?" Asada asks.

"No, it's usually a piercing blue," you say. "Which means whoever this is modified the helmet to have different eye colors. Why? Is that important?"

"Something's been nagging me about this," Asada explains. "With Tamotsu, it was clearly personal. And to carry after us still... There's clearly a vendetta against the people he's targeting, and a list is there... Red Eyes... Red Eyes... It comes back to the Red Eyes for me." She starts pacing across the garage floor. 

"So what's happened with people with Red Eyes?" Karren asks. "Something's gotta give, right? Does anyone know why Tamotsu wound up on anyone's bad side for lying and fraud?"

"Tamotsu... Undine Fae, right?" Mordred asks.

Nods from those three. 

"This might be a long shot, and I may be misremembering, but my I remember my Mom telling me about this incident back on Lopan about a year after Earth got zapped away. Catherine. It was in Catherine, and she was visiting Gray's family and there was this guy fighting an Undine man in town, accusing him of lying about something."

"Yeah, I think I heard about that," you say, gears turning in your head. "Wasn't the guy accusing the Fae getting mad about some spell he got sold not working?"

"Oh, Shit," Asada swore. "I think I figured out the connection."

"What?" Shinohara asks, suddenly, "Were you there that day?"

"Yes, actually," Asada nods. "I stepped in and broke up the fight. Tamotsu had his hair different and he was wearing sunglasses. I didn't recognized him earlier because of that- But the guy he was fighting with. His eyes flashed Red- a power of some kind."

"Okay, do you remember what Tamotsu sold him that was bad?" You ask.

"It wasn't him, not directly," Asada shakes her head. "The man Tamotsu was fighting with was angry over a spell he'd sold his Brother. A... A familiar taming Spell, I think he said it was. Tamotsu apparently claimed it could tame anything by any caster of any level, and this guy said that his younger brother had tried it on a Cat type Lusus and the spell didn't so much as fail as it did do the exact opposite- angered the creature instead of pacified it- and the kid was in the hospital."

You get out a pen and some paper- "Name? Do you remember a name?"

"Uh.... Shinkawa," Asada answers. "Kyouji Shinkawa."

You write it down, and rack your memory. Shinkawa, Shinkawa... 



"Which would make whoever's hunting us down Shouichi Shinkawa," You say, the gears locking into place.

You remember him.

"You got that look, Cam," Mordred starts. "You know this guy?"

"We met on the Daedalus," you say. "His hair was dyed red, and his eyes were brown then, but he gave me the creeps. He was looking around at everyone like he was... Like he was Casing the Place. Fucking Shit, he was stalking us!"

"Did he look like he was wearing Kull Warrior armor?" Karren asks.

"No, but he had this creepy ass tattoo on his wrist," you say, a sinking feeling forming in your stomach. "It was upside down and kind of hard to get a read on behind his watch, but... I remember seeing lips and a skeletal arm." You sketch it out on paper from your sylladex, and show it to them. "Anybody recognize this?"

"Shit, i saw that there too," Asada says. "I definitely remember it." She takes the paper and the pen and finishes drawing out the shape of a coffin and a pair of eyes over it. 

"The bastards had a Logo and we never knew it!" Mordred cried out, anger showing clear as day in his voice.

"Logo? Whose logo is that?" Shinohara asks.

"The Assassin Group that started showing up on Earth in the months before Hecate launched her attack on Earth," you say. "We were starting to investigate them from the Odyssey but we never got a chance to finish it before things got uprooted."

"Oh my God," Karren whispered. "The Assassin who tried to burn down Alya Cesare in her own home. I talked with Sam and Jolinar after they finished relocating an IOA rep's family to Atlantis after Earth went poof. They suspected he was tied to that group too!"

"You guys are avoiding the name!" Shinohara complained. "I don't keep track of this shit! What the hell does a Smiling Coffin have to do with anything!?"

"It's not a Smiling Coffin," you correct. "It's a Laughing Coffin."

Shinohara blinks, and then her head tilts, "...Huh? I don't get it?"

And then a bullet cracked against a bulletproof window, and- "GET DOWN!" -you five ducked for cover to avoid the next shot that definitely shattered through it.

Your name is Samantha Carter, and you're gazing at the sizeably large gathering of large white cat Lusii right outside the Diaspora stargate.

"Shinkawa, Kyouji, caused all of this?" You ask.

Vala gives a grim nod. "Yeah. Dunno what he did, but it wound up with him trying to dial the Stargate out and the poor kid got trampled underfoot. The strange thing is, it's like the Cats didn't even notice he was there when it happened."

"Power gone wrong, maybe?" You ask.

"Maybe," Vala frowns, "but it doesn't quite sit right to me. If it were a native power you'd think whatever he was trying to do would've worked in his favor. You don't see powers winding up with their users hurt like that very often."

"So... magic spell then?" You offer.

Vala shrugs. "Seems pretty likely to me."

Jolinar nudges you, and you let her speak, "I have to agree. This seems more like a failed attempt at a Taming spell... or maybe a successful mass Aggression spell."

"Taming a herd of giant cats?" Vala nods. "I can see that happening. But... a Mass Agro spell? Why would anyone want to set that off while standing right in front of their target?"

Jolinar shrugs. "Don't know. Can't think of any reason other than testing out the potency of a spell like that. But it seems stupid to test it so close to oneself."

"Agreed," Vala nods. "You cast Hate at range, Love at Proximity. It's basic rules for RPGs three galaxies over."


You nudge, and swap back. "What if Kyouji thought he was casting a Taming Spell and cast the other spell instead?"

"Oh." Vala's eyes go wide. "That poor boy."

Jolinar agrees with the sentiment, and you can feel her sorrow radiating out.

Your hands fall to your stomach, and you can't help but wonder what could drive a situation like this to happen?

[No,] Jolinar suggests, [A better question is why didn't Cassie or Terezi warn up that something was happening today like this?]

Terezi Pyrope would later give Samantha Carter an utterly flat look through her blinded red eyes, and remarked, in a genuinely surprised tone, "Huh. I literally told Okurii there was going to be a herd of meowing furballs flooding through Diaspora at least a week ago. Even I thought that one was a metaphor for something! Go figure."

You are Jude Harley, and you sit on a bench out in the back yard of your house on Diaspora, watching your wife and daughter play catch with a small metal ball they're controlling with their electro-magnetisim powers. 

There's never really been a lot of good places or times for them to let loose with those abilities. Cassie held back during your time on Earth because apparently revealing to most people that she's came out the other side of the Hanka Family Lineage with powers intact would draw very unwanted attention.

You're sure there were a few times they could have come in handy, but...

Given Earth is a non issue now, there's a lot less trouble on that front. Everyone else, when they found out, just accepted that the Vibes said they weren't needed. Still, even then, Cassie hasn't used them much- mostly out of not being comfortable with the powers.

Still, with Penny having those powers, and not much of an incentive to not use them, training with those powers has become something more of a priority as of the last four years. Even then, you're not entirely sure that Cassie wasn't tapping into them on occasion.

The times when Cassie has flown a 304 come readily to mind, for example. You almost immediately backed up and checked the data logs from the Odyssey, and then kept checking over and over again. Some of those minute direction adjustments seemed to have been made directly on the electrical input level without any direct physical input. If the Daedalus had any data backups of that flight through the Black Hole left, you're pretty certain you'd have found similar.

Your daughter is eleven now, factoring in for time shenanigans as best as you can, and you've come to enjoy watching these training sessions between her and her mother. It's clear Cassie has an edge up with her vibes- able to stop things before they get out of hand- but it makes you a bit remorseful for the other Penny you never got to see grow up.

Said other Penny rarely visits, and not just because she lives on the Unwritten. You can see the grief in her eyes when she does come around. You don't ask what happened to the you and Cassie of her version of events, but you can tell it was bad. 

Somehow, Joey was the one to convince her to start visiting once the whole Earth-Got-Captchalogued thing happened. (Okay, it wasn't a Captchalogue, but it's the closest dimensional fluctuation phenomenon you can equate it to.)

Today, bizarrely, was one of the days she came to visit. Apparently the Unwritten had needed someone to come to this neck of the woods to fetch Freeman for something, and that had been Penny. Then, once her job was done, she came back to visit.

Right now she's sorting your own private library of books after another late night design session left it in shambles. You'd have gotten to it eventually, but she took one look at it and demanded to clean it up or else her 'Book Store Librarian's Pride' would be offended. 

That said, you also saw how shaken up she was when she showed up and for once you could tell it wasn't anything to do with your family situation. Just what the hell did the Unwritten come across that needed Freeman so suddenly? It was a strange question with a no doubt concerning answer, so you figured she could use a chance to do something to unwind for a bit before diving in head long to more family interactions that probably would have been worse than usual.

The only thing you asked before she started working on the book sorting was whether or not there was anyone she wanted to talk to about it, and she said she'd be fine in a bit.

There'd been a genuine smile on her face then, so you've let her work it out in peace.

Still... that doesn't leave you much to do except sit and watch a metal ball get flung around with electromagnetic force.

That's when you hear the meowing of cats, and...

Cassie catches the orb, turns and looks, and you hear her exclaim, "What the hell--?"

That's when a small cluster of about six or ten white furred cat lusii wander into your yard. 

"Cassie?" You ask. "Vibe Check?"

"Nothing bad or good, just... confounding," she answers. 

"Kitties!" Penny exclaims. "Can I go pet them, Momma?"

"No, just let them be, Penny," Cassie answers with a shake of her head and a tone that says- 'Oh, there's the Bad Vibes. Let's just get away from those now why don't we?' "They've had a really long day. Apparently. Somehow. What the fudge? Seriously? Fudge? What?"

You see her nose scrunch up in thought that means she has no idea what to make of any of this. 

Man, whatever must be going on must be pretty confounding if it involves fudge of all things.

Wait. No. You SMELL FUDGE.

That's not a vibe thing. That's a real freaking thing out of nowhere.

What the hell is even--?

"Oh!" Cassie waves her hand- and a metal pan comes floating out of the herd of cats, dragging one's head up mildly in the way before it lets go of the treat. 

It's a tray of fudge- half eaten.

How did a bunch of cats get their mouths on that??

"Sorry, Ma'am," An attendant apologized. "But some of the Purrbeasts took off with our entire stock of Fudge trays."

"Somehow, I'm not surprised," your name is Roxy Egbert, and you gaze at the ransacked and cat-overrun sweets shop you had at the end of your shopping list.  You shake your head, and then ask the poor cheff, "Do you have any unmolested cakes or cookies?"

"I'll check in the back," The attendant slipped past the gaggle of purring cats.

Man. It's been a while since you've had to deal with a crazy situation like this. But that just goes to show it was a good idea to move off of Earth when you did. Four-ish years of peace and quiet and a simple, ordinary life?

Yeah, that's a good track record. You can accept this kind of feline catastrophe without feeling overwhelmed or shit.

This is pretty innocent and harmless all things considered. Even if the cats DID pilfer your planned Fudge Purchase.

Don't get you wrong, you'll still bake shit most of the time, but you've NEVER come close to replicating the GOOEY, FRESH TASTING GOODNESS that comes from this specialty sweets shop when it comes to their Fudge. 

You came all this way and they're probably in need of customers given the whole, uh, purring cat-festation, so you'll take whatever you can get.

But man.


That takes you back to when you were little. Why didn't you get a couple of cats for Rose and June when they were littler, again?

...Speaking of Cats, and something that completely slipped your mind until now. What ever did happen to that Jayni chick who Ka'turnal turned into a Born-Clawless Kitten? You don't even remember paying attention beyond the whole 'Turned into a Cat' thing?? Did she get given away or adopted by someone at the SGC?

Oh well, it's probably four years too late now to even ask about that, let alone think about it. 

Honestly, you're not sure why you're even thinking about this now except that... Cats.

Cats everywhere and why didn't you get a cat for Rose and June when--




By the time they were old enough you were a little put off on the idea of adopting a cat given, uh... the whole Jayni got turned into one thing.


It's been long enough that doesn't bug you anymore so why the hell not?

Yeah! That settles it! Tonight when you get home you're going to talk with Rose and June and Alec and see about getting a Cat!!

You are now MISSY FRAISER, and you lightly scritch between the ears of Hank the Dog, who you ended up basically taking care of full time after Your OTHER SELF went to Atlantis and then later Cassie basically went awol thanks to Time Loop Duties, then you got the bug out message, took Hank with you to Diaspora, and then, well...

You've grown fond of the pup and have basically been his defacto guardian ever since.

Hank's a good boy though. Not even so much as barking at the myriad flood of cats everywhere. 

You and Hank sit on your apartment building's balcony, watching the cats meander around like, well, very large cats.

"All I gotta say, Hank," you muse, "is that I'm so glad I'm not cleaning any of this up."

Hank gives a light "Ruuf" of agreement.

Chapter Text

Man, it's been a long interlude sequence, hasn't it? 

Yeah, alright, let's check back in with the people caught up in the middle of a firefight.

You are now Mordred Pendragon, and- "You know what?" You're a little ticked off. "I am SICK AND TIRED OF GETTING SHOT AT!"

You're ticked off cause this bastard Shinkawa that's shooting at you now pulled out a machine gun out of nowhere and is blasting rapid fire through the window he blew open with sniper rounds.

You guess he's conserving that ammo for something special? Either that or eh ran out.

"Tell me about it!" Cam griped. "How many guns does this guy have!?"

"Only one way to find out!" Shinohara then yells out- "HEY! SHINKAWA! HOW MANY GUNS YOU GOT!?"

The gunfire stops.

"...Do you think he's surprised we figured it out?" Shinohara asks. "Because if we weren't sure of it before, I think we're pretty sure of it now."

That's when a voice booms through the air via a loud speaker- A single word, "Enough."

"Do you think he meant enough guns or enough as in he's coming to finish the job?" Shinohara then asks.

There's no gun fire that resumes, but you hear something lightly thudding against the ground outside, followed by footsteps, growing closer.

"Coming to finish the job, never mind," Shinohara winces. "Sorry I asked."

"Don't be sorry, that just changed the whole encounter into something we might be able to win," you say, checking your Sylladex. No guns reside in it but... You always carry Excaliber's Hilt with you.

What to do what to do... Oh! HELLO! Bag of random ass cooking flour you forgot to clean out of your Sylladex after your last Grocery trip. (You were wondering where that went!) Decaptcha'd! You use Excaliber to pry open a small hole in the bag, and get ready to toss it.

The footsteps come to just outside the garage door, and then it's forced up and open...

But you see nobody there.

"Well," a voice echoes out into the air, footsteps echo into the room. "I wasn't expecting you all to figure it out so soon. But I suppose that just means I have all the more reason to take you all out."

More steps follow, and your choice of improvised weapon seems all the more appropriate for its use. This Shinkawa guy clearly has some kind of cloaking magic available. 

You chuck the bag into the air from behind your cover, and flower spills forth from the hole.

The motion catches the idiot's attention and he shoots at the bag of flour- With a Shotgun it sounds like from the blast noise- sending more of it out and about into the room.

Flour fills the air, and you spot the outline of a cloaked figure, who has the common sense to yell "Shit!" and immediately captchalogues whatever weapon he used to fire with to trade it with a sword-- an Estoc, you think. 

Good, no flour explosions today.



Oh well, you're probably only going to get one chance at this.

You ignite Excaliber's holo-blade modded extension, gaining a flickering blade of light to the hilt as you roar forwards and swing Shinkawa.

He throws his blade to block- CLASH! No sparks, thank god.

"EVERYONE CLEAR OUT!" Mitchel yells as you engage Shinkawa with your own blade.

"Run if you can!" Shinkawa's mask expels some steam from the sides of it dramatically- the red eyes flare, making the highlights to the skull like mold of the helmet reflect brightly. "I'll still catch you!"

"Maybe!" You snarl, deflecting several of his next thrusts with dodges and parries. "But that's only if you make it out of this room alive!"

It didn't take long for your slapdash team to escape the room- and you land a kick to Shinkawa's groin area. Armored or not- he grunts and stumbles away as you dodge roll out of the garage, switching Excaliber to a more... Physical Manifestation of the blade- and spark it along the floor.

There's a brief burst of flames racing away from you as you hit the dirt, and then a moment later- 


Flames burst out through the Garage's many openings- shattering what few windows hadn't been burst already. Shinkawa's voice cries out, modulated and shocked, from within the short-lived inferno.

"Run run run!" Mitchel yells, grabbing you off the ground and dragging you away from the now burning building.

You spare a glance back and watch as the armored figure of Shinkawa throws himself out of the recently exploded garage. 

His cloak's been set ablaze, though, and he throws it aside with a yell.

"YOU BASTARD!" his voice carries down the street as the lot of you run away. "DO YOU KNOW HOW MUCH THAT CLOAKING COAT EVEN COST!?"

Cloaking Coat? Well, that explains the invisibility, you guess.

He doesn't swap out for his rifle though- he just starts running after you, carrying that sword.

"I'm pretty sure you just pissed him off royally," Asada remarks.

"Yeah! No duh!" you say in response.

You round a corner into a plaza and- Shit, there's a group of other people dueling it out here, and it's ALSO a dead end plaza too. No other roads in or out that aren't blocked up. A perfect kill box.

"OUTTA THE WAY!" Karren yells.

"CEASE FIRE!" Mitchel yells as well.

The battle stops for a moment- eyes turning, and then out comes stupid ass Shinkawa running out the way you came-

"DIE!!!" he roars- lunging with his sword towards Asada.

You swing to intercept.


But, it's not your sword that blocks that strike.

One of the other contestants of this little supposed game ALSO brought a really big ass sword to this party. 

A girl wearing a blue hued black cloak with a white star over the heart. Wait, no, hold on a second. She was NOT in this group just a minute ago.

"What the-" Shinkawa's eyes must be widening under that mask of his, no doubt.

Then, with a roar- the girl carries through the swing and sends the bastard rolling away as if he didn't understand what just happened.

With a huff, the girl pulls down her hood and reveals a bloody gash along the right side of her head, along with the fact that the very long twintails she has are mismatched. The right one looks like it got blown apart in something.

"Hey! Bastard!" The interloper snarls, pointing her sword tip first at her opponent. "I got a few words for you!"

"And what's that?" Shinkawa asks, his mask's eyes flaring, and steam billowing from the side.

A blue flame suddenly erupts from the girl's left eye, and her sword suddenly erupts with- with--

Fucking hell, are those nanomachines??

Whatever the hell they are, they transform her sword into a fucking BEAST of a cannon that's glowing bright blue all over.

"Line of Sight, And Collateral Damage! LEARN IT, ASSHOLE!" Then, the cannon fires- and Shinkawa gets overwhelmed by it.

He screams, and then those screams cut short.

Then the light flash ends, there's nothing but a small, molten crater where the armored man stood.

The girl huffs- dismisses her sword-canon thing, and then falls to her knees, huffing. Karren rushes over to check on her with a "Hey! Are you alright?"

"What the hell was that just now?" asks none of the other contestants who just observed all of that- Oh! Hey! You know that cowboy hat wearing guy! Dyne! He challenge you to an arm wrestling match back on the Daedalus last night! 

"That?" Mitchel asks, pointing at the crater, "or that?" he motions at the girl. 

"Uh... either, both?" Dyne asks.

"Well the guy who's now a puddle cheated and brought live ammo onto the game course," Shinohara explains. "As for the girl? Uh. I dunno!"

"If I had to guess?" Asada offers. "She's the Collateral Damage of something else Shinkawa did today."

"Karma's a bitch like that," you muse, captchaloging Excaliber again. 

"Holy shit, guys! She's worse than she looks!" Karren calls out, then she tries her radio, "Daedalus? Daedalus come in?? Medical Emergency Code Two! I repeat Medical Emergency Code Two!"

Then, the radio activates, and a reply is given with a "Roger that. Locking onto transponders in the area and-"


Every single last one of you from the Plaza leave Corinth Earth behind and land in the Infirmary.

The girl gets taken in by the on-staff medics, and then Colonel Caldwell rushes into the room.

"What the hell happened down there?" he asked. "We lost radio contact from the transponders until we saw a couple of explosions down there."

"It's a long story, Sir," Mitchel says. "But, uh... Too Long Don't Read the Mission Report? Wannabe Assassin made it onto the game course and got the Wicked Witch treatment."

"...They melted?" Caldwell asked, blinking in confusion.

"Pretty much," you nod.


The clock had just barely turned over to the new day if you followed Earth-That-Was' calender, and you are once again Shino Asada, and you feel a strong sense of relation to the girl who just helped save your life yesterday, having just gotten the story straight from the girl's mouth.

Like many in Corinth, you and this girl- Mato Kuroi- had been exposed to the Venjix Virus's internal mechanizing upgrades as well as been affected by the Replicator Nanomachine swarm that had blown through, and ALSO been affected by stray Zillyum radiation, causing atleast three gigantification incidents that you can recall off the top of your head. One of them being that poor girl who'd grown into a giant with twin wrecking arms. 

You'd gotten lucky. Your hair and eyes had turned Cyan-Teal, and you'd gained an incredible sharp shooting ability. Mato had ALSO gotten lucky in that regard, and had been able to restrain herself from growing to a giant size. In exchange, she came about with a power to generate swords and cannons of absurd strength and size.

And like you, Mato had taken this recent public shootout game as a reason to go back to Corinth for reasons she couldn't really explain. 

("A sense of wanting to fight maybe?" She'd shrugged as she rested in bed.)

Mato had been in a stand off with Tamotsu in the city when suddenly a barrage of real bullets shot through the area and clipped her, knocking her down flat. 

Mato had played dead, dazed as she was from the very real damage she'd taken, and watched as Shinkawa showed up and wrote those messages on Tamotsu's face before leaving elsewhere.

She'd gotten up, reinforced her body with her inner nanomachines, and started following Shinkawa as he went to hunt his next target- you, Shino Asada.

Mato hadn't been able to move fast enough to do much but keep pace with him at range until he suddenly vanished into his stupid cloaking cloak, but she had managed to predict how the fight in the garage would go once he moved in for the kill.

("I knew I couldn't do much against his armor as I was, so I had to wait for something to overwhelm his defenses first," Mato had answered when you asked why she'd waited to act.)

And so she's made her way towards her own idea of a kill box. You figure she must have had some mild battle-based precognitive ability as well because she showed up at just the right time to fight off Shinkawa from stabbing you with a fucking sword and then vaporized him.

And thus, she'd done that. And nearly collapsed from relocating every single nanite holding her body together into the canon she'd blasted Shinkawa with.

Needless to say, the fake shooting games had been called off for the time being until it could be ferreted out how Shinkawa had gotten his weapons through the event security.

You just hope that's the end of the troubles.

Your name is Jake Harley, and you frown as there's a knock at yours and Chixie's hive's front door.

You head to the thing and open it, but there's nobody there. Not really...


...There IS however a small basket off to the side of the door that, within which, is a young infant human boy.

"Oh for crying out loud," you mutter, kneeling down and checking for a note.

Yep, there is one.

"Jake," it reads in a familiar cyan ink color and penmanship. "Sorry to dump this responsibility on you suddenly but I promised this boy's family that he'd be safe and I can't manage that on my own. Please take care of him, his name is ROHS. I owe you one!" And, naturally, signed JANE.

Good grief.

"Jake?" Chixie comes up to the door. "What is- Oh Mother Grub! Is that a Baby!!?"

"Jane just pulled a drop-off on us," you say, frowning. Something feels naggingly familiar about all of this. "Stops by just to drop off a kid she apparnetly said to someone she'd keep safe."

You lift the basket off of the ground, and look at the tiny boy inside. Lavender hued eyes gaze up at you, with tiny flecks of green in them.

Rohs, huh? Something seems off about that.

You sigh. You're going to have to ask around and see if anyone even saw Jane lately after another one of her disappearing acts. Figure out where the heck she got this kid from and WHY you of all people to give him to?


...Ah, that's it. That's the familiar nagging sensation you're feeling, just on the other foot. Your sister has taken this second chance at life both of you got to go ahead and be the adventurous one this time. 

Jane Egbert watched as Jude and Chixie return to the inside of their house, and can't help but sigh in relief.

"Mrrooow." The angry, clawless cat at Jane's side hisses from within her cage. 

"Oh shoosh, you," she says. "I went to a great deal of trouble tracking down that lab where you were holding Jake's past-alternate self!"

"Mrrrooow!" the cat protested.

"I don't Care if you're upset I upended your plans because they clearly changed the moment those kids came back in the first place!" Jane countered counter. "Deaging that clone and properly ensuring his memory was wiped was the least I could do to ensure that we didn't have Yet Another Mind controlled and Super powered Jake running around!"

"Mrrrroooooowwww!!" The cat insisted on being heard, but nobody in the surrounding settlement would make note of the angry cat noises due to the plethora of other Cat Lusii that were still meandering around on Diaspora and hadn't been properly relocated back home yet.

"Oh, you're just jealous you're not the one he's dating, aren't you?" Jane knelt down, and gazed into the carrier. "Now listen here, Jayni, you are a CAT. You don't get to make demands of other people's love lives anymore! Not. One. Bit."

"Mrrrooow," the Cat, Jayni, countered grumpily.

"You had your chance and you blew it. Multiple times," Jane scolded. "Now Be Glad that Lady Nirrti and Queen Egeria want you alive, and have ordered me to Not throw you off the nearest cliff. If I hear one more word out of you about how you somehow 'deserve' to sexually exploit a clone you made of Jake- why I'll suffer the consequences and throw you into an opening Stargate instead! They didn't order me not to do THAT, after all."

The cat hissed in displeasure, likely a misguided "But I *AM* Nirrti!!" or something like that, but... otherwise, said nothing else.

"Glad we could come to an arrangement, then," Jane smiled and picked up the carrier, gave one last casting glance back at Jake and Chixie's place, and then started walking into the forest, where she disappeared into the early evening fog that was just starting to roll in.

Your name is Joey Harley, host to the Tok'ra Queen Egeria, and you stand, idle, hidden by cloak near the Diaspora Stargate as another cloaked woman approaches from the forest, carrying a cat carrier cage in hand.

"Mission accomplished?" you ask.

"Yes, it has been," Jane nods.

[That's such a relief,] Egeria sighs in relief internally. You convey the sentiments, if a little more wordy.

"It's a relief that that boy will now have a proper second chance," you say. "Maybe now the Page of Hope will enjoy a chance at being a Page of Breath instead."

"One can hope," Jane says, and with that, you dial the Stargate for Kaptar. 

From there, you travel to the towering spire of rock that is Joey Claire's Relto, and find her there, waiting for you, much to your surprise, at the small set of steps leading into the Hut with the Linking Library.

"Isn't it near your bed time?" You ask.

"Mierfa and Polypa can handle it for tonight," Claire says, eyeing you and Jane. "You'll never guess who I just got a call from."

"Jake?" Jane asked. "Oh, he doesn't waste much time these days, does he?"

"Not when you dropped off a kid on his doorstep," Claire says. "Want to go explain to him what that's about, or should I tell him I couldn't find you out in the forest anywhere?"

"It's a long story," you tell your other self. "We don't have much time to explain it right now."

"Fair enough. You'll have to explain it to me once the time sensitivity issue's dealt with, though," Claire answers, and steps aside. "As promised, one untraceable one way ticket back to the Tok'ra homeworld."

Egeria wishes to speak, and so you let her, "We will. I promise you that much. The situation is very dire right now, but it's not one you need to worry about."

"I wish I could believe that," Claire says as Jane enters the hut and links out.

"I wish we could offer more to let you believe it," Egeria says, and then motions you into the hut.

Claire offers no protest as you use her linking book to home.

You are now Joey Claire, and you sigh in disbelief as you link back home, pick up the phone, dial Jake's place, and inform him, "Sorry, Jake, I couldn't find a trace of Jane anywhere."

Getting an email out of nowhere from your other self requesting some off the books use of your Linking Book collection was certainly a sobering surprise to get not long after Okurii got a phone call about wild Cat Lusii everywhere. Surprising, but not out of nowhere. There have been days her and Egeria have wanted to get away from the hustle and bustle of ruling a whole civilization. 

That Jane was involved was... not as surprising, given that she's gone basically to work with Egeria and the Tok'ra all clandestine spy like not too long before Earth vanished. Sure, you didn't know it at the time, but hey, it all worked out for the best, right?


Except now they're dumping mysterious babies off on Jake's doorstep. Except now Jane's carrying around a fucking cat carrier and isn't THAT suspicious?

Honestly, you can put the pieces together.

Clearly, just because the whole Aschen Timeline got burped out of whack thanks to the kids traveling around through time, doesn't mean that there wasn't another version of Jake Harley's teenified clone hanging around.

Given what you know of Jane's powers, reverting that kid to a younger age and potentially wiping his memories entirely along with whatever other genetic modifications they decided to throw in at the last second...

Well, it's not out of the reach of possibility.

You'd imagine that's what they needed Jayni's catified self for.

...Time sensitive. Oh, you're a dummy. Of COURSE it had something to do with the Time Jumper. They probably got a time loop dumped on them or something like that.

You just hope this is the last of all of Jayni's genetic kerfudgery.

Heh. Kerfudgery. Now there's a probably nonsense word that sounds fun to say. Kerfudgery. Ker-Fudge-ery.

You just gotta wonder what the hell happened to make today such a chaotic day, though?

Sure seems like a bunch of shit happened for no apparent reason. 

You just KNOW you're getting an earfull from Xefros later once he gets all the power and water turned back on to his and Salazl's place. He'll probably say something weird about how the 'meta narrative was putting its eye on everyone today' or something funky like that.

Heheh. Ah well, even if it wasn't a time loop situation, you're going to get answers one way or another. You can live with the mystery for now.

Chapter Text


DIASPORA DATE: 12/03/0007.

As the Wraith Fleet did battle over Earth, power suddenly cut to their enitre fleet's systems.

One of the Wraith Commanders of a Hiveship snarled. "Damn it all. I knew this was a bad idea! Begin disconnecting us from that infernal power grid!"

Several of his workers went to do just that, hard as it was with the Artificial Gravity disabled.

By the time power was restored from the main ship, it was clear the Humans were planning something suicidal with their remaining mech. It was driving forwards towards the Flagship with a SWORD of all things.

The Commander snarled. "Disconnect us now!"

They were just barely disconnected from the ZPM power the main ship when that sword plunged through the chest and power cut to the rest of the fleet.

"Engage the Hyperdrive!" The commander ordered.

Their Hiveship began to turn for an open area of space, sluggish, carefully, accounting for everything around them as well as trying to appear as if they were listing aimlessly.

Then, an opening.

A hyperspace window opened.

And then everything exploded orange.

When the Wraith Commander's eyes opened, the stars were wrong. 

No, not just wrong. 

Instead of stars, there were swords, and other kinds of mystical glowing objects floating within a golden void.

All of them were pointed straight at his Hiveship, and what was stranger was that he could see all of them. Every single one. Despite the fact that he could also see the Hiveship around him. 

Everything in all directions was visible to him.

And most importantly of all, there was a CARD.

It floated before him specifically, glowing brightly with the image of some man wielding a bow, and there was alien text that he could still somehow read as the word "ARCHER" printed upon its bottom edge.

"Well now," a voice echoed through the Treasury of Babylon from the CARD. "Isn't this a curious twist of Fate, Mongrel?"

And then the Wraith Commander SCREAMED as the card suddenly errupted into light and flowed into his very body, consuming and overwriting everything about the Wraith himself.

Many of the various objects held within the Trans-dimensional void similarly errupted into light and began to invade the minds of every other Wraith still onboard that Hiveship. And even the Hiveship itself was taken over and transformed.

It was a process that was at once instantaneous, and yet, paradoxically, took nearly a decade to complete.

But when it finished...

The Wraith Commander's body stood to its newly transformed height, and discarded most of his current clothes for armor that formed out of golden particles of light. 

The Heroic Spirit known to many, across several parallel worlds, as the ARCHER, GILGAMESH stood with a smile on his face. "Now then," he began. "Let's back trace that little hole you punched into my Treasury, and see where you all came from..."



The sun rises over the City of Atlantis, piercing sideways through the windows facing it, and scattering into the bedrooms of those attached to said windows.

Soon, Jumpers flew formation, a certain Dragon projection and Bahro winged girl played their usual game of early morning fly-chase, and the Ruby Lancer mech-ships would be joining them soon.

Atlantis was also NOT the only city ship on the oceans of M35-117 on this fine morning.

Somewhat adjacent to it was City One, of the Unwritten. 

If Atlantis were the silver-green colored big sister, City One was the bronze-gold colored younger sibling- a bit smaller, a bit more simplified and symmetrical in design, a few piers here and there not so inter connected.

And speaking of big sisters and little sisters...

Our camera pulls into view a certain bedroom as the morning sun pierced through the curtains framing the window.

Here, we find Fifteen year old Harley Jade Sheppard, sleeping soundly in her own personal room.

Posters decorate the walls- Puddle Jumpers with racing stripes marking Atlantis 3rd Anual Jumper Relay Race; a poster with alien space ships on it signifying some other yearly race held in Milky Way; and most importantly of all...

A Monthly Racing Calendar, whose current month's poster featured the Red RPM Ranger's Eagle Zord. The calendar page beneath it had the day's date circled in green around the words "Liz's EDay BDay!" There was also a notification- "PR Class Selection!!" added beneath it in rainbow glitter ink.

And speaking of the Birthday girl herself- the bedroom door glid silently open, and in stepped Eleven year old Elizabeth Quinn Sheppard.

A pair of cat ears twitched atop her skull- framed in with light blue fur. A singular cat tail of the same hue twitched as a cat like grin began to form on the young girls face.

She sneaked, sneaked, sneaked, footstep by sneaky footstep into her big sister's room, and...

She glanced at a rather battered Alarm clock- its poor translucent green frame having been patched over in places with bright green electrical tape.

Any second now.

The digital readout flicked over, and the alarm clock began to play a chipper tune from an Alternian Anime, ring out with an unrepentant, excited: 

[Joujou Yuujou Banji Maji Kaichou!]

As her big sister groggily woke up and fished a hand out from beneath her sheets to reach for either the snooze or alarm button-


Lizzy leaped with cat-like agility into the air, where she then came down upon an unsuspecting Harley with all the over-excitable glee that a birthday girl could muster. 

"HOOOF!" Harley cried out in surprise as Lizzy then launched a surprise tickle attack.

In the next room over, Jade Jackson glanced to John Sheppard and Argo Lalonde and remarked, "Well, they're up already."

[[Ok, let's say it! You're my] Best Best Freind!]

The others gave quaint smiles in response. One would think Lizzy would be over the excitement given that she technically got TWO birthdays given slightly different calendar differences, but, no. It was not to be.

[(Bright!) [If you start joking around,]]

Not too much later, Harley was scarfing down breakfast-

[(Shine!) [I'll joke around in return!!]]

Then with a quick wave to her family, she was darting out the front door.

[(Lan Lan Lan!) [This happiness cannot be greater!]]

While Lizzy pouted, nearby a groggy Casey was only just getting up.

[(Why!) [They say that bad things happen.]]

Harley ran down the hallways of Atlantis, passing by others getting on with their early morning work.

[(Fine!) [Suddenly I forget all about that!]]

She passed by the Linking room where Nepeta and Equius were just linking in.

[(Lan Lan Lan!) [Let the Good times Roll!]] 

They quickly joined up with her and together, the three continued running on for their destination.

[[Being together 24-7 isn't a problem!]]

Rodney and Jennifer both stopped crossing a hallway when those three ran by with surprised, yet knowing looks on their faces.

[[Just like Twins, parent-child, or cloned cells.]]

As they passed by a Transporter, Tomo Strider joined them on the run- their wings flashing away with a small burst of magic so they didn't over crowd them in the hallways.

[[Like this, isn't there no need to be in love?]]

Tomo and Harley shared grins-

[[No, this and that are two completely different things!]]

And as the four passed by a junction where Radek Zelenka was working on repairing something, they exchanged a group fist bump.

[(Fight) [Even when we argue,]]

Daraya and Mallek were arguing over something nonsensical.

[(Down) [Even when I'm feeling down,]]

Tyzias was giving some encouraging words to Kagura, who was upset over something.

[(Shy) [Even when I want to be alone,]]

Keiko exhaled a deep breath before she walked into the Atlantis Control Room.

[[Before you realize it, I'll be there with you, Until Death Do Us Part!]]

Rose Lalonde, sipping at her coffee, and Kanaya Maryam, watched from their balcony as the sun continued to rise.

[[Why, I wanna be by your side!]]

Gordon swatted at some annoying birds with a broom out of a window.

[[If I'm with you the clock runs a hundred times faster!]]

Gina Kae glanced at a wall clock as students filtered into her classroom.

[[It's fun isn't it? It's so much fun!]]

Gray and Lloyd were laughing to themselves as they walked hand in hand down a hallway.

[[As expected from my Best Friend! HEY!] Nanananananana!]

Akita gave them a wave as they passed, and they detoured off course to catch up with their friend.

[[What's this? I feel out of synch!]]

June and Rose Egbert glanced at their own watch, or out at the classroom door, concern on their faces.

[[If we're always so loud, the neighbors will complain!]]

Harley's group rushed past some D'ni workers carrying a large pane of glass- causing them to shout in shock.

[[What time is it? Well,] YOROREIHIIII!]

Nepeta pointed dramatically at the Classroom doors as they came in sight.

[[I don't understand at all!]]

The four of them pushed it double time to accelerate...!


They took a running leap and dove through the doors!!

[[More than I can imagine! It's the best!]]

The four of them tumbled into the classroom, much to everyone's attention staring right at them.

[[[No matter what happens we're still friends, HOORAY!]]

Gina could only crack a smile as the four of them quickly disentangled and took their seats next to June and Rose.

[[Best Best Friend! Everythings in Harmony!]]

She glanced up to the clock on the wall--

[Cha Chara Chara Cha Chaaaa~~~n!!!]

And it rang with the alarm.

"Alright, Class," Gina began, clicking her pen as the classroom doors automatically closed. "Let's begin."

You are now Davis Strider, and you yawn and stretch as you let your own internal alarm clock sound off.

You get up out of bed, and lazily scratch at an itch on the side of your head before you open the curtains and gaze out into ocean outside- rather, the other City sitting opposite Atlantis.

"Man, I still can't get used to this view either," you mutter.

It was hard enough getting used to just the ocean. Now there's a whole other CITY out there.


You hear noises from the apartment's kitchen, and get as lightly dressed as you feel apropriate- Which is just to say pants and a shirt- before heading out and finding Karkat working away at doing dishes.

"Tomo head out already?" You ask. 

"Yep," Karkat nods. "They're doing element affinity today, apparently."

"Shit's weird," you say. "Used to be Power Rangers was just some TV show, now we got people actually training to defend whole worlds and shit. Got my own kid trying to train to be one too."

"Funny how that works out, huh?" Karkat glances over his shoulder at you. "Leftovers are in the fridge, by the way."

You mumble your way over to the fridge, open it and- "Score!" -hello beautiful stack of pancakes ready to reheat.

You plop on some small bits of butter between the cakes and throw the tray into the microwave.

After a minute at high power, you get your reheated fluffy pancakes of Karkat-baked-with-love gooey goodness and proceed to dig in. 

Once you've got food in your stomach and your brain can think properly, you sigh in defeat and lean back to gaze up at the ceiling.

"Man. Retirement's Boring as Fuck," you lament.

"What, does building handmade clocks for everyone in Atlantis and beyond not scratch that itch anymore?" Karkat asks as he finishes with the dishes in the sink and retrieves you emptied plate. It's dumped unceremoniously into the sink. 

"I mean... Don't get me wrong the clocks are DOPE as fuck, but..." you frown. "I'm Bored. Atlantis has its own military shit going on and don't need me micromanaging shit. Argo's happier that I'm just here to help support the whole family web thing, Tomo's happier that I'm not out there risking my life all the time, and- fucking hell, I dunno, Kar'. I guess I'm happy we don't have to deal with time travel and shit anymore, but we've been leading such crazy, adventurous lives up until now and now it's just... Blah. Done. Finished. I'm happy but I'm bored."

"And a Bored Davis Strider tends to have too much time think way too fuckin' much about stuff like this?" Karkat asks, not even bothering to clean that plate, and instead sitting down with you.

"Yeah, basically," you sigh. "I just... Fuck. I have no idea what to even do with my life. Is this what they call a Midlife Crisis? Cause I think this is a fuckin' Midlife crisis."

"Well," Karkat gives you a warm smile, "Maybe now's the time you get to do all the shit you wanted to do as a kid that you never got a chance to. Got anything specific in mind?"

You think on it.

And the first thing that jumps to the forefront?

"I wanna dig up a bunch of old bones," you say.

Karkat laughs. "I think I know who you gotta talk to, then."

"I swear to god, Karkat, if you say Daniel Jackson I'm gonna throw a classic vintage Karkles style Shitfit," you say.

"Good thing I wasn't then," he says. "I was gonna say Aradia Megido."

"...Fuckin' hell, that should've been my first thought," you lament, because it's so goddamned obvious.

"That said," Karkat says, "if it turns out your midlife crisis jinxes us to having some brand spanking new shit-life crisis drop down on our heads, I'll be the one throwing a vintage shit fit instead."

"Fair enough," you say, and deliberately, "Take that as a warning, Murphy. The worst that better happen is me not getting pudding at the birthday party today!"

"Today we're confirming the alignments of your Power, Animal, or Elemental affinities," you are Doctor Gina Kae, and you pace the floor between your desk and the rest of the classroom. "After today, we will be grouping you up into your individual teams, and giving you the training needed to get used to your new powers. I know many of you have hopes and dreams to stick with your friends as teammates, but be aware that some of you will wind up spread to other teams with complete strangers. That's simply how the powers work, and no, there is no do-over except in extreme situations such as death or loss of powers."

A nervous energy ripples through the classroom, and you eye everyone before you. Jaffa, Humans, Alternians, Mofang, Carapacians... And that's not even counting the varied physical differences between them. 

You lock eyes onto Tomo Strider- and you make note of their conspicuously absent wings. You're glad to see they managed to get that basic bio-morph spell down. It's likely to help wonders when they finally get to Morph and the potential situation of if the power set didn't automatically perform that task during the suit-up sequence. ...Wait. As you watch them you swear their hair is shifting colors.

Did... Did Tomo modify the Biomorph spell to make their normally Green Hair shift between different colors?? Because there's red and orange and yellow flickering through in waves near the tips. What the hell?

...Oh, you're going to give them extra credit for this later if it's at all intentional.

A few other students with more... dramatic feature differences don't look nearly so ready. A few Cu Sidhe students seem nervous to the point of partially shifting their facial structures into more wolf-like forms. If that keeps up come the actual suit up sequence they're likely to panic when their faces seem to get squished into an impossible space- especially if their ears remain wolf form regardless of emotional stability.

...Perhaps you should quickly modify the initial suit up routines to leave the helmets off... No, you'll just tell them to take them off tomorrow after the initial morph.

Okay, that's enough idling dramatically.

"Now then, when I call your names, you will approach the desk," you continue. "There are three groupings of objects, Power, Animal, and Element. You will choose one of each, and return to your desk. Be warned, however, that trying to game the system by selecting identical objects will not guarantee you that you will be on the same team," you advise them. "Now then... Let's begin, Starting at the top.... Avril Aysha...?"

You are Keiko Ayano, and you smile quietly as you gaze out over the ocean from the gate-room balcony.

The door opens with a quiet glide, and...

"Thought I'd find you out here," says Mikari Aiikho as she heads over to join you at the railing.

"It's a very quiet place to think, these days," you say.

"Mmh," Mikari nods. "I can imagine. It's been a while since Pegasus has seen any heavy troubles, hasn't it?"

"Pegasus? I suppose you could look at it that way, given how infrequent the Vanir attacking has been," you allow. "Doesn't stop someone from nearly causing an explosion every other week, though."

"Ancient Tech is as finickey as always?" Mikari asks.

"Yeeep," you answer. 

"So-" she starts. "Have you been talking with Dr. Heightmeyer like I asked?"

"Yeah," you nod. "And Argo and I have been swapping roles every three years like you suggested, too."

"That's good."

"You know I'm not going to give a different answer just because we're talking in person instead of over email, right?"

"I know," Mikari answers. "But I worry about you, alright?"

"Is that part of why you brought City One back to Pegasus?" You ask, a little bit curious on that front. "Did you want to check in on me?"

"Nah, I brought City One back here because I missed Pegasus, and it's the anniversary of the Siege," Mikari answers with an elbow nudge to your shoulder. "Also because we needed repairs after encountering those Aschen, sure. But I can and have come to visit at any time when I'm worried. It may not be as often as I'd LIKE to, but... I won't lie and I'll admit that it is nice being able to just come check in every now and then."

"Speaking of those wild trans-dimensional Aschen," you start, "you're SURE that you and the Unwritten both ditched them, right? Nobody got followed?"

"Not to change the subject, but yes, for the fiftieth time, we ditched them," Mikari rolls her eyes. "Geeze. You'd think you're jinxing the future saying stuff like that, Keiko!"

"I've gained a healthy appreciation for disasters appearing out of nowhere despite our best efforts, Mikari," you say. "Now then, let's get ready for the morning announcement!"

"Oh, fun!"

In another Galaxy...

A satellite hovered over a glowing rift in space time where a certain energetic particle was slowly consuming the multi-layered Gordian Knot of space time where a certain ZPM Generator Overload had made Earth vanish from sight nearly eight years ago.

That's when it detected a surge of energy, and a glowing golden circle of light appeared.

The Satellite detected this and sent a warning message across subspace instantly across the D'ni Rezeero Communication Network.

Back in Pegasus, in Mckay's Lab in Atlantis, an alarm chimed out as one of the computers received the alarm.

But Rodney was not present in his lab, so the Computer forwarded the Alarm to his personal communication KI device.

And boy, did it ring, startling the two adults out of bed as they enjoyed some quality time together while their daughter was attending an early morning self-defense class being taught by Ronon Dex and Amelia Banks. 

Chapter Text

Inside a dark hangar...

A giant red shape glowed as it talked aloud, "THE TENSION IS MAXING OUT! I can't wait! Who do you think we're going to get as our partners!?"

A pink glow to the red object's right shoulder direction spoke next. "I hope it's a cute one! I really hope it's a cute one!"

Beneath pink, Yellow spoke next, "Heave Ho! As long as we can smash through the enemy! Anyone will do!"

Blue was across from Pink, "I hope I get a really cool big brother! That'd be awesome!!"

Finishing the lot, beneath Blue, spoke Green, "Whoever our new Young Masters will be, I am sure they will have the courage to fight valliantly."

Silence filled the hangar for a few moments.

Then, Red asked, "...So... when do they turn the lights on in here again?"

You are now Nepeta Leijon, and you bite back your breath as Dr. Kae calls out--

"Equius Okimaw."

--And your Moirail stands from his seat, and makes his way towards the front.

"Oh man, I can't believe this," June is practically vibrating in her seat. "Today's finally the day! Today's finally the day!"

"I know, right?" You ask, glancing towards her. "This is so freakin' cool!"

Equius soon returns, and places three small objects onto the table. A... A tiny toy jet plane, a Blue gemstone, and a... 

"Equius," Rose starts, "Is that a Tire?"

"I don't know why, but these felt like the right ones to take," Equius answered. "Blue for my Blood Color, the Jet because it reminded me of an Archer's bow, and the Tire... because it reminded me of this off-road camping trip Dad and Mom took me on last summer."

"Fargo Kelsei." 

A blonde haired girl with fox ears and a fox tail heads up to the front. As she passes, Tomo tracks her movements and- and Tomo's hair shifts entirely into a matching shade of golden yellow. It's an especially eye catching transition to watch, because Tomo's nervous habit has kicked in again and she has a small section of loose hair held between their lips- so the color darts around in a strange pattern before vanishing under their lips and back out again. 

What a showoff! You wish you could do that.

"Oh hey!" Harley starts. "She almost has the same name as Argo does!"

"Yeah," Tomo nods, the strand of hair falling from her mouth as she speaks. "Today's the first time I've ever heard her first name. How weird is that?"

"I think she's from Alfheim," you supply. "But I didn't think they had Fox-types!"

"Learn something new every day, I guess," June muses.

"Next is..." Gina Kae sighs as she checks her list. "Oh for crying out loud- Ginny Grover, I don't know how you got your name onto my list, but if you're in the room you might as well come on up." 

Unsurprisingly, her and Ziggy's daughter darts up to the front of the room, slipping out from an Air vent and gingerly approaching the desk. She and her mother started talking in harsh whispers as Fargo Kelsei finishes picking her items and heads back to her seat.

Looks like a yellow Moon charm, a wooden stick, and a figurine of... your brain wants to call it a Gryphon but somehow your HEART declares it a GARUDA instead. 

"So... ten bucks says Ginny hacked her mom's class list before class began," Rose whispers.

"Suckers bet," Harley answers. "We know she's got her dad's penchant for breaking into things."

"How old is she even now? Six?" June asks.

"Seven," Tomo answers. "Dave-dad and Kar-dad watch after her sometimes."

Unsurprisingly, Ginny moves to sit in the office chair behind the desk holding a blank, silver faced CD, an Orca figure, and a motorcycle toy. You're having trouble figuring out what kind of element a Motorcycle represents, honestly.

"Let's see now..." Gina parses over the list again. "Baring any more hacking attempts... Harley Sheppard."

You look to Harley and give her a thumbs up, "Go get a good draw!"

You are now Harley Jade Sheppard, and you stand from your seat with a strange sensation of pressure whirling around in your chest. 

Anticipation? Fear? Something of a mix along those lines.

You head for the desk.

Your throat and mouth feel dry as everyone's eyes fall upon you, as you hear their whispers of conversation.

You reach the desk.

This is it. Defining moment of your life. Time to make a CHOICE. Time to decide how things turn out.

Before you lay three boxes of random things. 

The "Powers" box is straight forwards enough. All sorts of brightly colored objects. You grab the first thing that catches your attention- a rubix cube that looks like it had all of its normal faces peeled loose and replaced on every side with a glittery green... what even... Did Dr. Kae BEDAZZLE this rubix cube!?

The "Animals" box is... uh. It's certainly different alright. Why are there vehicles in here too? How are Vehicles an Animal?

That doesn't...

Whatever. You grab the RACE CAR that grabs your eye and move on to the final box.

The third and final box has random junk in it, as best as you can tell. How does any of this stuff align with an Elemental affinity? Like, seriously, there's literally a bunch of small round tires in here. You grab one that looks similar to Equius's. "Why?" You mutter. 

Thus, with objects collected, you return to your seat.

"Izumi Orimoto," Dr. Kae calls out, and you pass by a girl with long blonde hair, and wearing a lot of lavender and purple. 

You sit down at the table with the rest of your friends, who eye the objects you collected.

"I'm... starting to get the feeling that there's no consistent theme between any of these objects," June mutters.

"It's probably one of those psychology exam things," Rose muses. "You choose some random shit that's basically an ink blob test, and then place it into a new context by association."

"June Egbert."

June gets up with a "Wish me luck," and scampers down to the desk.

"So... why a tire?" Rose asks of you.

"Hm? OH, I just grabbed one cause Eq' grabbed one and I was wondering why they were even there," you answer. "How does a Tire represent an element? How do Race Cars make Animals? Honestly, I think Doctor Kae just dropped random stuff in the bins without sorting it."

"Hmm, that's very possible," Rose muses.

"Junpei Shibayama."

As June returns to the table, you all eye what she collected.

A rubber squeaky toy hammer cast in- in pink? Oh, it's even branded with "My Little Alternian Horse Princess' Construction Toolbox!" Dr. Kae really just bought a bunch of random shit to put into the boxes didn't she?

"It was the only hammer I could find," June laments. "I hope this doesn't mean I'm a Pink Ranger. They don't usually get hammers! I tried to balance that out with my other choices."

"What else did you get?" Tomo asked.

June shows off a yellow lion keychain and a small ripcord and top launcher-sans-top that's clearly been modified so that the ripcord doesn't come out of the launcher, both in blue.

"Koichi Kimura."

"It's going a lot faster now," Nepeta says.

"They're running low on stuff to grab now, I think," you say.

"That makes sense," Nepeta says.

"We're also nearing the end of the first quarter of the class period," Equius points out. "I'd imagine Doctor Kae has a lot she wants to cover and needs to hurry the pace up with."

"Kouji Minamoto."

"That too," you agree.

"L...? No Ls... M... Madison Miller." Said girl gets up from her seat and heads to the front next. 

"Oh hey, Maddie's going next," Rose watches the girl choosing her selection. "I thought she got pulled out of these classes?"

"Guess she convinced Uncle Rodney to talk Aunt Jeanie into letting her come back," Tomo muses.

You hum in agreement. 

"Miko Kubota."

"YES! FINALLY!" An over excited Fae girl with uneven purple hair splattered with blue dyed highlights gets up and practically leaps down the stairs to the desk.

"Aaaand there goes Miko," Rose remarks.

"I'm surprised Hector didn't make it," You say.

"Didn't you hear?" June asks. "His grandparents called him back home to Catherine last night. Something about-"

"Whaaat!? You're sure I can't take two sets?!" Miko asked, very very loudly for all to hear, interjecting into the conversation.

"This is for your power selection, not Hector's," Dr. Kae says. "When he comes back to this class, he can take the test just the same as anyone else who missed it today."

"Laaaaaame!" Miko stuck her tongue out, and then snatched up a plain white bracelet, a red fire-bird figure, and a translucent-purple plastic cased game controller before returning to her seat.

"Lame it may be, but it's how I'm running the tests," Gina says. "Next on the list... Nepeta Leijon."

Nepeta grins and skips down the stairs, only to return with a pink gemstone, a toy helicopter, and... Another freaking Tire? Oh, it's not a tire. Not entirely. It's a small round rubber wheel with a cat figurine inside it.

She rolls the wheel around on the table and demonstrates that no matter how the wheel itself is oriented, the cat inside will always stay with its feet planted towards the ground.

"So, you were saying about Hector?" Nepeta asks.

"Apparently his Parents got caught in some kind of accident," June answers, very quickly, and very quietly. "I didn't hear much, but..." She hisses in pained sympathy.

"Ouch, poor Hector," Nepeta winces.

"Rose Egbert."

"My turn now," Rose stands, and heads to collect her items.

"Serara Meiiko."

An Alternian girl with ram horns and dyed red hair heads on down towards the desk as Rose returns with whatever she returned with.

Serara Meiiko down there looks like a distant relation to Aunt Aradia. You wonder, not for the first time, if she's related to the family line in this dimension? As always, she seems Impossibly Young to be here in this class, though. But it's a little hard to tell her age entirely, given her height seems to come and go depending on the day. Some days she seems on average, but on days like today she definitely seems a lot smaller than anyone other than Ginny from earlier, who is definitely smaller than her even now. 

Something screams MAGIC to you, in regard to her situation, but she's such a sweet girl that nobody dares ask her about it. 

She takes a large wooden stick, a mermaid figure, and a blue wave medallion from the table, and you turn back to Rose who seems... kinda distressed.

"I don't think I'm going to be on the same team as the rest of you," Rose says, judging her selection of a Pink Butterfly figure, a small handheld electronic fan, and a...


"Is that a single lone knitting needle?" June asks.

"I think it's supposed to be a wand," Rose answers.

"Like, Magic wand?" You ask.

"Apparently," Rose sighs. 

"Takuya Kanbara."

"Should be me next," Tomo smiles. "I'm so nervous!" That part was obvious from the hair chewing earlier, though. 

"You'll do great," you say, weaving your hand with theirs and giving a squeeze.

"Heck yeah! I can already tell!" Takuya yells, holding up a red painted action figure. "Fire Baby!"

It DOES look like it's a man with fire for hair, to say the least.

"Just shut up and finish picking your items, Takuya!" Izumi teases out with a laugh.

"Next... Tomo Strider," Gina calls out, and Tomo gets from their seat and heads down.

You all watch with baited breath as Tomo shuffles through the bins, and then returns with a Yellow Plastic Diamond Ring, an oldfashioned metal toy shovel crane of the ye-old Earth brand "CATERPILLAR" fame, and...

Another Tire.

"Something tells me Gina put the tires in for a specific reason," Tomo frowns. "That's what, four different tires across the six of us?"

You look across your friends, and swallow as you realize... June and Rose are the odd ones out.

You don't even think they're going to be on the same team, given how different their choices are.

Four out of six... isn't bad. But... You were kind of hoping that the six of you would stick together as a team.

The rest of the selection goes by in a blur, and then Gina puts away the bins, and starts pacing down the aisles, silently observing everyone's choices, and handing you all blank business cards before returning to her desk, and stating the obvious.

"Seems several of you have lucked out and stayed together in teams. Others were not so lucky. Given that I know many of you have plans for this afternoon, I'll be ending class early today to pour over the results and make my final decisions. Please leave your selections on your desks, write your names onto the cards I gave you, and leave them with your selections. Tomorrow, when you return to class, your seating arrangements will be shuffled to adjust your new team status, and I will be giving out your Team Morphers then."

She taps at her remote, and the door to the room opens. 

"You're all dismissed."

Chapter Text

"Attention everyone. This is your Administrator, Keiko Ayano, talking."

"And this is your former, former, former Administrator, Mikari Aiikho talking."

From The Sheppard's apartment where they were all preparing for a birthday party, to the Cafeteria where Boldir and Diemen were whipping up desert cakes, everyone Across Atlantis, looked up to attention from whatever they were working on for just a moment.

"Eleven years ago today, Atlantis was besieged by the Wraith," Mikari continued. "We know you're all planning on celebrating that victory in one way or another, but as a reminder, we are having a fireworks display tonight after sunset, once again provided by the spectacular Polypa Goezee."

From where she and Tegiri were setting things up at one of Atlantis' piers, both glanced upwards towards the central spire. 

"While I'd rather not be the kill joy," Keiko sighed dramatically. "I do have to remind people that we're Primarily celebrating our survival, and while mourning the losses we took during the Siege fighting the Wraith off is a part of it, I'm begging you: Please drink responsibly, and Do NOT interact with any untested or dangerous Ancient Technology while you're not sober. And after last year's incident, I have to remind you all- that goes for the Puddle Jumpers as well. We do NOT want another Jumper crashing into Any of the city spires, let alone a repeat of the North-West Pier Accident that cost two people their lives from last year's incident." 

She paused, so as to let that sink in for everyone, then added, "Anyone caught violating these very simple rules will be tossed into a Holding Cell over night to sober up. Colonel Lorne and his men are everyone's designated sober guardians today and tonight and they will be patrolling the labs and guarding the Jumper Bay entrances at all times."

Colonel Evan Lorne scoffed slightly as he retrieved a Wraith Stunner Rifle off of the weapons rack in the armory. "Coulda just called us the Designated Drivers," he remarked to himself.

"All that said," Mikari concluded, "We hope you all have a fantastic day, and to one Lizzy Sheppard- Happy Birthday!"

Said little girl squealed as she heard her name be called out.

You are now Tyzias Entykk, and you swear as you review the satellite footage Rodney brought you.

"Fucking hell- that's one mutated Wraith Hiveship," you gaze at the still image of the thing taken between exiting one hell of a strange hyperspace window into entering another of the same strange golden window. 

"Figures that at least one of the bastards survived," Rodney says. "We wiped out almost every Wraith left in Pegasus except for the ones still in hibernation. And today of all days to come back..."

"Do we have any idea where they're going?" you ask.

"No idea," Rodney answers. "I forwarded the alert to the Jaffa and Tok'ra back in Milky Way, so if the Wraith are striking out there, They're on the lookout."

"And what if they're on their way here?" You ask. "Back to Pegasus?"

"I alerted the Apollo and the Odyssey," Rodney answers. "They'll be patrolling the edge of the Galaxies just in case."

"Daedalus?" You ask.

"Playing Duck Duck Attack-Goose with the Beltus over that weird alternate Earth that popped up where Alternia used to be," Rodney answers. 

"Shit, still?" You ask. "I thought they were done with that?"

"Yeah, well, apparently those 'non fiction only' idiots got their hands on a few spaceships and are trying to escape out into the Galaxy at large," Rodney gripes. "We'd relocate them to Milky Way if they'd just stop claiming we're all actors trying to trick them."

"And here I thought we were done with that nonsense with the IOA getting obliterated," you gripe. 

"There's always going to be that special kind of idiot who doesn't realize their whole planet was literally moved into a parallel dimension," Rodney then sighs. "Wouldn't it just be great if the Wraith went to the Alt-Earth and caused trouble?"

You crack a faint grin. "It's sure solve a few problems to say the least."

Still, a thought occurs to you...

"I got a worry, though," you say.

"What's that?" he asks.

"What if they're not leaving?" You ask. "What if... what if they're searching for Earth among the dimensional wreckage?"

"Oh, hell," Rodney swore.

You are now John Sheppard, and you use the breeze to trigger the door mechanism to open the apartment door when a knock sounds out.

In walks Teyla, Kanaan, and their son, Torren like it's some kind of sitcom situation.

"Torren!" Casey immediately runs over to her friend, who beams widly in turn.

After a few moments of whispered, conspiratorial conversation that you pretend you didn't hear a word of, Casey drags Torren off towards her bedroom where no-doubt the two of them are going to finish off whatever insane present they've got in mind for Lizzy's birthday.

"Thick, as, thieves, those two," Jade shakes her head, repeating the often-said phrase regarding those two. 

"Indeed," Teyla chuckles. 

Kanaan grimaces, "I shudder to think of what they might get up to when they're older, some nights."

"Don't we all," you say with a shake of your head. "How're things on Old Athos going?"

"Well," Teyla says. "Endeavors to recover our old and ancient history has gone well. Aradia's excavation team's efforts have been much appreciated. We learn more and more about our past and our ancestors by the day."

"For example," Kanaan interjects, "Did you know that some five thousand years ago, our Ancient Athosian Ancestors designed a ship design comparable to the Puddle Jumpers? It never made it out of the design phase due to a Culling that happened soon after, but the plans survived intact! Etched into stone tablets and hidden away in a pocket inside of a building foundation."

"Wow," you say, astonished. "Clever hiding place, burry the plans for a flying ship beneath a building." Though... "Just make sure you have a name for it before you tell Rodney, or else he'll try calling it a Gateship again."

Teyla laughs, then says, "Fortunately, the plans came with a name already."

"Don't tell me now, I'll wait to see Rodney's reaction when he finds out," you say.

"Of course," She nods.

While the Athosians have made a new home for themselves on New Athos permanently, they've finally started venturing back to Old Athos to examine the remains of what was left behind after the Wraith razed the place to the ground all those years ago.

It's amazing how far down the ruins go, buried again and again as cities rise and fall... and it's saddening all at the same time. The Wraith really did a number in on Pegasus. Only now that they're driven to the brink of extinction has the Galaxy been able to even start to recover.

Of course that "Only Now" Was about six years ago, so it's been some steady progress all things considered.

"How are things going back in Alternia and Milky Way?" Teyla asks, changing topics.

"Eh. Milky Way's the same as always. Bandits, smugglers, pirates- but pretty peaceful otherwise. Alternia... well. The weird other-Earth that showed up in Alternia's Orbit's been causing quite a lot of chaos, but it's working out alright for now. Last I heard the Isolationists who don't want to integrate into a preexisting inter-galactic alliance network stole a couple of space ships and were trying to break the blockade around the planet."

"I can't imagine that going well for them," Teyla frowned. "Much the same as it hasn't gone well for the small number of local holdouts around the Coalition."

"Yeah," you agree, a little tiredly. "It's a good thing we didn't wind up on their bad side."

And man, wasn't getting on THEIR good side a good thing. They weren't kidding when they said that as they grew in size, the chances of standing alone diminished. It wasn't even a matter of force, really. The whole Trade Network and a unified trade currency was just too damned efficient for most people to hold out on for long. 

Of course, most of the worlds that were still refusing to join up are suspected to be Wraith Worshipers and probably weren't buying into the whole "Wraith are all but Extinct" thing yet. And given precedent with those that HAD given up and joined up with the Coalition and told their own reasons for holding back on joining? Fear that the Wraith would strike them all down for their defiance... it's a powerful thing, even with the Wraith pretty much gone.

"The Wraith left their marks on this Galaxy," Teyla nods. "It's--"

"Aunt Teyla!" And then Lizzy came running up to get hugs, and with a few smiles and a 'we'll catch up more later,' you take the excuse in the conversation interruption to grab Kanaan and get his help hanging up a banner. 

You are now Daraya Jonjet, and you grin as Argo opens the door to their apartment where the party was being held. "Yo!" you give a salute.

"Hey, Daraya," Argo says, letting you in, before kneeling down to eye level of your little girl clinging to your leg. "Hey, Kagura."

"Hi," she answers, a little glumly.

"Everything okay?" Argo asks, glancing at you.

"Just some nightmares she hasn't shaken yet," you answer. 

"WarGreymon tried to eat me," Kagura supplies.

"Ouch!" Argo winces. "Yeah, that's a nasty one, alright."

Yep. A realy nasty dream, alright.

It doesn't take long for Casey to come and grab Kagura to help with something in her room, and you settle in withe everyone else.

"So where's Tyzias?" Jade asks.

"Rodney wanted her opinion on something that came up," you shrug it off. "No idea what, though. Mallek's going to pick up Keiko when her shift's over though."

"Mmh," Argo nods. "I was going to go check on her myself if she didn't show up on time."

"Baring an end of a world situation, I think we're clear on that front," you say.

"Ronon, Amelia," you are Jennifer Keller, and you smile as you meet up with your longtime friends and- "Kaylee, how'd class go?" -Your daughter as you all meet up half way to the Sheppard's apartment.

Your daughter gives a sunshine smile. "It went great! I learned how to throw men ten times my size across the room!"

"She's exaggerating," Ronon said with a grunt, rolling a shoulder. "But she did manage to toss me to the floor. Felt like I got run over by a train, though."

"Wait, what?" You do a quick height comparison between your daughter and Ronon. "How did--? Wait- Run over by a Train?" 

"Mom, it's fine!" Kaylee says, pouting slightly. "I didn't do anything super-powery besides the whole super strength thing!"

Well, that was the reason you and Rodney put her into self-defense courses anyways. It had been five hells of annoying when all six of those silly stupid toy trains that Gina let the kids play with started glowing and basically bonded to them all. That powers had started manifesting afterwards- all tied to the powers of IMAGINATION at that...

Anything those six could imagine, it happened. For example, Karako had been the first of the lot to display powers, managing to convey whole paragraphs worth of text and deep thought within a single expressed "Honk!" It was like listening to Rose when she talked Psychotherapy out of the office.

Kagura, as another example, had narrowed in on an absurd super strength power whenever she wished and deemed necessary for a situation. After that all of them had started getting super strength too, Kaylee especially had been hit hard enough by it to be able to lift that absurdly heavy Pogo Hammer that June always carried around now.

Kaylee's powers, though...

If she imagined something, it would physically manifest before her. As long as she literally wasn't summoning trains to run over her teachers, then that was perfectly fine.

(As an aside to finish off the list of powers because your brain is racking itself trying to remember now: Casey has some kind of precognitive ability that verges on reality warping within certain contexts. Lizzy doesn't... have a power that you remember? Unless it was shape shifting. No, maybe it was shape shifting? Yes, you think it MIGHT be a self-limited shape shifting with a potential retroactive effect. And Tokoha has something, but you can't remember it and it's driving you nuts. Maybe if she drops by the party today you'll ask.)

"Well, alright," you say. "Just as long as you didn't literally run anyone over with a train."

And then you immediately regret it because Kaylee's imagining it and gosh dang it now there's a glowing yellow train jammed through the intersection up ahead.

"Oops," Kaylee winced, and tried to dismiss it.

Who the hell ties Power Ranger power sets into the literal ability to imagine anything? That's so over powered...

"So, uh... Rodney have any idea how that works yet?" Ronon asks, gazing at the train.

"Nope," you say. "And it's driving him nuts because it's literally not made of any existing particles he's aware of."

"Hey, Kids, how'd class go?" you are Jade Jackson, and you greet the six kids as they return to the apartment. "Get any fancy new powers yet?"

"Not yet," Harley answers for the others. "We only grabbed a bunch of things out of boxes. Dr. Kae's giving us our powers tomorrow, apparently."

"Which is Lame if you ask me," June gripes, kicking her shoes off and captchaloging them. "I wanna know what team I'm on!"

"Hopefully we get something shiny!" Tomo says and- 

"Tomo Strider!" you gasp. "What did you do to your hair!?" No, more than that- "And WHERE are your Wings!?"

Tomo looks up at you from behind VERY golden-blonde locks of hair. "Biomorph spell," they answer simply- and with a flash of magic, the hair returns to its normal green, and their wings reform for all of a few moments before flashing again and returning to the state they were in before. 

You can only stare for a moment and say, "Man. Argo's gonna be so jealous when they see that."

"What am I gonna be jealous over-?" Argo asks, before catching sight of their younger sibling and gasping- "TOMO STRIDER! Just what did you do to your Hair and Where can I get that Hair Dye!?"

"It's not hair dye!" Tomo repeats, repeating the same magic stunt as before, and Argo claps their hands in response.

"That's AMAZING! I love it! You've got to show me that trick!" Argo starts, as everyone funnels into the rest of the apartment... Save for Little Rose, who's looking a bit upset compared to everyone else who just came from class.

"What's up, Li'l Rose?" You ask.

"...I think I'm going to be on a completely different team from everyone else," she answers. "June might be on a different team too."

"Well," you smile, a bit sadly. "Nothing you can do about that if it's what's meant to be."

"But what is meant to be, exactly?" Rose asks, glancing up at you. "Clearly Destiny isn't a thing, given it's utter violation by time travel, and Fate suffers a similar course. Yet at the same time, there are inevitable fixed points. What does any of it mean?"

You can't help but sigh, place a hand on her shoulder, and say, "Sorry, I didn't think about it like that."

"It's okay," Rose answers, and then heads off to hang out with the rest of the kids.

You are Rose Lalonde, and you and your darling wife Kanaya Maryam arrive at Lizzy's Birthday Party with your five year old daughter, RHYS, in tow. You perform the usual niceties and the greetings and such and so forth. 

You managed to beat Joey, Mierfa, and Tokoha for once- no doubt they're off catching up with Polypa and Tegiri already before heading here. You wonder if Ashler will tag along? Probably not, though.

As you settle in and take stock of everything, you can't help but reminisce a little as Rhys tries to climb onto the snack table from a chair. (You're only allowing it because there's nothing on the table at the moment that's edible.)

When you and Kanaya had gone to the Diaspora Caverns to see about adoption, finding a young grub who looked shockingly like an old friend of Kanaya's in another reality. Needless to say it had been an instant adoption, but when it came to the naming...

Well, Ashler had been around and overheard the suggestion of using the exact same name of that friend, only to interject herself into the conversation and shoot down an exact reuse of it, saying, "The name Vriska needs to be retired. Change it or whatever, but don't use it exactly."

And thus You dropped the "V" and the "ka," and changed the "i" to a "hy," leaving you with RHYS. 

Knowing Ashler's history, what you've found interesting is that Ashler doesn't look a thing like the Rhys who's grown, and who you can see her turn into. Something to do with the eyes, you think. You suppose it makes sense, though, otherwise, surely Kanaya would have said something about the resemblance?

(If she did, though, you can't recall it coming up.)

Still, you don't tend to see Ashler at these get-togethers very frequently. Not one for large groups of people, you guess.

You'd like to talk to her about that, but considering the close family connections and such, that'd make your current occupation as one of Atlantis' rotating Therapists a bit of a conflict of interest.

Your musings are cut off as Tyzias, Rodney, Jennifer, Kaylee, Ronon, and Amelia arrive and there's a lot more ramp up for party prep.

You get handed a box of streamer ribbon decorations and you don't quite know what to do with them...



You take a Jade Green one and wrap it around Kanaya's horns like it's tinsel.

"Rose, dear, what are you doing?" Kanaya asks, half confused, half amused.

"Indulging in my oft suppressed inner Kid," you answer.

"Ah, indulge away then," Kanaya smiles, and then gives you a kiss.

Chapter Text

Somewhere in the tangled mess of parallel dimensions left layered over the space-time coordinates of the planet Earth in Milky Way, the transformed Wraith Hiveship emerged from another golden portal.

Wreckage of Wraith Hivehsips floated around, as did the severed left arm of the old Mark 1 Astro-Delta Megazord, and the severed head of the Banshee that had caused so much trouble.

Onboard his ship, Gilgamesh ordered collection crew to retrieve resources for repairs and upgrades.

You are Marinette Dupain-Cheng, and you kneel before a small memorial placed next to a large round window about the size of a Puddle Jumper.

Last year some idiot drunk drove a Jumper through a wall and hit a few people- instant death for a few due to the speed being traveled at. And one of the people hit happened to be your Moirail.

Chloe was one of the lucky ones- stuck in a coma afterwards for a few days. Though, it could be hard to argue that the resulting amnesia was a lucky outcome either way. She did eventually recover most of her post-abandoning-the-Trust memories, but there's still a lot she doesn't remember of who she was anymore.

It's a blessing and a curse, you've come to find. A mixed bag on any given day.

Even so, it's easy to argue that the Chloe who once was did die that day, and so you visit the memorial anyways. 

You lay some flowers out, and rise to your feet.

Time to get back to work.

You head back to the transporter, teleport to the Cafeteria, and make your way past Polypa and Tegiri as they head to use that transporter. You exchange brief pleasantries of greeting, and then you arrive at the place you've called your work-home for a very, very long time.

Shirou, your Kismesis, is working away grilling fish for tonight's feasting masses. Diemen and Boldier are working away on the sweets, and you're about to slide into join them when you spot your Matesprit sitting at a table, waiting for you patiently.

"Oh, hey Kagami," you smile, and move to sit next to her.

"Greetings, Marinette," she answers, giving you a smile in turn. "How was your trip to the North tower?"

"It was alright," you say. "Didn't run into any trouble on my way back, at any rate."

"That's good," Kagami gives a nod. 

"Though, there was a train that blocked up a hallway on my way over," you continue, frowning as you remember the danged thing clogging up the hallway for a good two minutes before evaporating.

Some people's powers are crazy, to say the least.

"So how'd training go yesterday?" Your name is Polypa Goezee, and you can't help but idle chitchat as you wait at the Linking Chamber with Tegiri.

"Eh, Dammek got pissed off one of the Recruits accidentally broke off one of the Astro's redfins," Tegiri shrugs. "No idea how they managed that by trying to parallel park, but they managed it."

"Probably hit a disengage clamp?" You offer.

"No, no, it broke off above the clamps," Tegiri shakes his head. "And they weren't even pulling into that narrow of a space either."

"Ouch," you wince. "That's gotta suck. For Dammek, I mean."

"Dude's obsessed with figuring it out," Tegiri shakes his head. "Ah, but at least Ashler's got a grip on the lower tiers of training while he works on figuring that out."


And then in links in Joey, followed by Mierfa and Tokoha-- who's wearing new glasses and... and has her hair much shorter than usual and looks miserable for it.

"Sorry we're late," Joey apologizes. "We had to make a quick stop to pick up Toko's new glasses before we made our way over and then this kid threw a tantrum when they did an eye test and the whole place just went crazy." She shakes her head. "Anyways, the T.L.D.R. is Toko got a lot of gum in her hair and we had to give it a trim."

"Please tell me you didn't use the laser sword," you grimace at the tale.

"What!? No! Of course not!" Joey answers. "Burnt hair smells awful! I learned my lesson when I tried that on my own!"

"We used one of my hidden-blade nunchucks," Mierfa answered with a grin.

"Can we just get to the party already?" Tokoha asked, sounding resigned.

Yeah... you can see how a simple trip to pick up new glasses would wind up wearing on the girl after such an event.

Your name is Akita Red, and you smile fondly as you part ways with Lloyd and Gray to head to your own daily chores to get things done.

Mainly? You're dropping by the infirmary to lend your Bracelet's magical healing aid to the most severe cases around before having the rest of the day off.

You're about to give your standard greeting when you hear conversations going on.

Dr. Beckett is around, and talking excitedly about something to do with... A Fungus of some kind? Apparently medicinal, you guess. Though it sounds like he's talking recreational. You'll just roll with your feigned lack of medical knowledge and pretend you don't know what he's talking about. It's saved you a vast multitude of painfully extended conversations otherwise. 

Dr. Fraiser looks like she's itching to get off the clock and get out of her desk chair.

"Good Afternoon, Doctors," you greet.

"Ah, Akita, great timing," Dr. Fraiser gives you a smile, standing and smiling to Dr. Beckett. "Another time, Carson?"

"Oh, of course!" Beckett nods. "I really ought to be on my way too. Have a nice day! Janet, Akita," he gives a quick curtsey bow, and heads on out.

"Good grief," Dr. Fraiser sighs once he's left.

"What was that about?" You ask.

"Oh, apparently Carson's latest girlfriend is into experimenting with cooking with ingredients sourced from ancient D'ni ages," Fraiser shakes her head. "Carson was just preaching the amazing medicinal powers of the Teledahn Mushroom Spores."

"...Aren't those-?"

"Hallucinogenic? Yes. Very," Fraiser frowns. "But so were several true medicinal plants back on Earth, and on Alternia, so it's not without it's historical precedent. Even so... At least it wasn't an aphrodisiac. I'm not sure I could have handled listening to THAT kind of detail for very long."

"So, is there anyone who needs a quick heal or should we close shop for the day?" You ask, changing subjects.

"Amy Monroe twisted her ankle this morning after Self Defense Class," Fraiser explains. "And we've got a few Botanists back from their visit from M2L-1H9 that got exposed to a strange plant currently in isolation and requesting they stay there to see how the regular course of events plays out before they request healing, so... Unfortunately I can't leave until they decide they want to be healed or not, but I won't hold you here to the same standard. I'll call if I need you for them."

"I'll go fix the Amy's ankle then," you say. 

"Thanks, I'd have asked Minori or Kanaya, but-"

"Maternity leave and Day off respectively?"

"Yes," Fraiser nods. "Exactly that."

While you two had given it a lot of thought as to whether or not one of you would use MAGICAL MEANS to assist in having a kid the biological way... The fickle thing some called "Fate" had wound up pre-empting such a decision by landing you and your partner firmly in an ADOPTION SCENARIO.

That is to say, after one of the recent Aschen fights that happened on the Unwritten a few months ago, during which a whole lot of people got hurt, Yuuki and Touya volunteered to help with search, rescue, and cleanup. They'd found a tiny Cait Syth girl in the wreckage who survived thanks to her parents sacrificing themselves to save her. With Yuuki and Touya having just started their own family not too recently, and knowing that they were stretched thin with just ONE KID, and knowing that you two were looking to start your own family, well...

That was how you, SILICA, and your wife, MINORI, wound up adopting a very young kitten as little as two weeks ago.

Ayako was barely half a year old when City One came to anchor port at Atlantis, and Yuuki and Touya dropped her off on your doorstep. Not literally, of course they came in, stayed for a while, decompressed and such. They even made sure you two were cool with it and everything, given the fact that, as far as they could tell, that little Ayako's only family had been her parents and had died in the fight.

Sometimes, life just isn't fair and tragedy abounds, even when everyone does everything they can as perfectly as possible.

It can't be helped.

Just as taking care of a young infant basically out of nowhere without atleast half a year's worth of prep time involves an absurd amount of running all over Atlantis and visiting Allied worlds hunting down needed supplies.

You'll probably have run a dozen marathons by the time you've gotten everything. And that's honestly pretty exhausting.

And also mind numbingly boring- the running part that is. Where are you even? Doesn't matter, you have to take a left down this hallway and then follow it for... Uh...

You check your KI's GPS and find you took a wrong turn somewhere back around the words "MAGICAL MEANS" and you need to backtrace your route. FUCK!

"Tomo," you are Teyla Emmagan, and you smile in greeting. "Did you do something with your hair?" You ask, knowing full well that the teen before you HAS done something magical in nature.

"Yep!" Tomo demonstrates a flicker of hair color- blonde to green to red to orange to blond again. "I think I'm gonna leave it as goldish though."

"Why's that?" You ask.

"Preeetty sure my selection choice means I'm gonna get Yellow Ranger powers," Tomo answers. "Might as well be thematically consistent."

"Ah, yes, that was today, wasn't it?" You ask. "Jinto was lamenting that he couldn't come join you all-"

"But his dad wants him helping out with all the archaeology stuff, yeah, I know," Tomo nods. "It sucks, but that's what it is."

Roxy and Callie Lalonde had showed up not too long after Joey's group did, and Mallek and Keiko arrived shortly there after as well. And SG-1 texted saying they were on their way not too much longer after- then Karkat and Davis arrived, and then SG-1 ACTUALLY arrived-- Jude and Cassie with Penny, and Cam, and Vala, and Jonas, and Mordred after. 

And then once both of the O'neill-Carter pairs both arrived, the birthday party could begin. 

Conversations were had, people commiserated over this and that, and all sorts of things happened. Cake was cut... 

And Presents were opened.

"Here! Open mine next!" Casey declared, offering a thin, captchalogue card stack shaped package to her bigger sister.

"Sure!" Lizzy nodded, and then unwrapped a stack of cards. "OOoh!" The first thing that was opened was an orange plastic construction grade hard hat with a stylized "6" on it. "Nice!" She placed the hat on her head and emptied the next card. "Woah! Orange Jacket!!"

Moments later, an orange colored, fake-leather jacket was donned.

You are John Sheppard, and you blink. "Casey, where did you get those from?"

"We made 'em!" Casey answered, answering nothing. "Open the last one!"

Lizzy did so, and out came... a small black plastic case reminiscent of a glasses case, except narrower. It popped open and out came a harmonica.

"You got me a new harmonica?" Lizzy asked, in a silent, shocked tone.

Honestly, you're a little shocked too. That looks almost exactly like the old one that Lizzy lost on a fishing trip last month. Once again, you have to ask... How!?

"Go on! Try it!" Casey insisted with a nod.

And so Lizzy did...

...The short but sad melody that came out in those few moments of playing filled the air, and then Lizzy carefully put the harmonica back in its case, captchalogued it safely, and then gave her little sister a tight hug.

"Thank you!"

"Y'rwelc'm!" Casey says in turn.

Later, you would find out that however the hell your youngest had pulled this stunt off, she'd had everything tested for durability- including Equius's own absurd strength.

Somehow, everything, but most importantly that harmonica, was unbreakable.

You are Harley Jade Sheppard once more, and you find yourself separated from it all for a few moments as you search the fridge for SODA.

Soda, Soda... C'mon Soda...

Ew, Orange Juice WITH Pulp? Who bought- Wait, no, you know who bought that. Lizzy pranked you with it a couple days ago. Swapped out your regular, pulp-less orange juice for the stuff you see before you. 

Okay, let's see... Where where where are you soda....?

"'Sup, Harley?" And then there's Uncle Cameron popping open a soda can.

You pull your head away from the fridge, and slowly turn towards your Uncle. "Uncle Cam?"

"Yeah?" He asks, moving to take a sip from the soda can in his hand.

"That wouldn't happen to be the last can of root beer from the fridge, would it?" You ask.

"Uhhh..." He glances at the soda can in his hand, then turns it around. "Nope. Good Ol' Fashioned Alternian TAB."

Ah, yep, pink and white gazes back at you.

"Okay then," you say, and turn back to the fridge. "As for what's up? I'm trying to find my gosh danged soda!"

Where where where where-- Oh, sure you could CHEAT and teleport it to you, but the last time you tried that without knowing exactly where the item you were grabbing was, you wound up getting one of the cans out of the sealed box in the pantry, and not a chilled one from the fridge.

"Ah, yeah, soda hunts, the perils of a crowded fridge," Uncle Cam says. "Mordred, Vala, Jonas and I divided up our fridge just to make sure our stuff wasn't getting mingled."

Ah! "Soda acquired!" you fetch your Root Beer, and pop open the can's lid before pouring yourself some into a plastic cup.

"Nice," Uncle Cam grins, and sips at his own soda.

For a moment, it's just silence. Then, as you sip at your own soda, you have to ask a question. "Hey, Uncle Cam? Can I ask you a question? Or two? Maybe?"

"Uhh... depends on the type of questions, I guess," he answers.

"Okay, so... Question one," you take a breath. "How do you know when someone's the right person for you? Romantically, I mean."

"Geeze, asking me for a hard one there," your Uncle winces. "Maybe... give me a moment to think about that and ask the other question while I do that?"

"Sure," you nod. "...How did you know you and Mordred and Vala and Jonas would, uh... y'know? Work out together?"

"Eeesh, really hitting hard with the questions today, Harley," he winces once again. "Shouldn't you be asking your parents that kind of question?"

"I have," you answer. "It all comes down to the Aschen stuff for them. There just simply wasn't anyone else for them that could relate." You then point out the obvious of, "And 'cause clearly my life has gone very differently from Mom's, I've got a whole slew of other options, potentially." You then say, "But... is the whole Poly thing something unique to them because of their experiences, or is it something more soul bound? I dunno. I just..."

"You feel like you need a second opinion?" Uncle Cam asks. You nod. "Well, all of us were pretty great as a team, right? SG-1 through and through! But Cassie and Jude were already basically together from the start, and so the rest of us kind of... orbited each other? Even if we didn't realize it. Vala and Jonas had this weird dance thing going on 'cause of the whole Prometheus thing- and once that whole Quadrant Vacillation thing started up with them after Earth basically evaporated, I mean... Geeze, that whole thing was a mess after that."

"I think I remember that," you say, frowning, and vaguely remembering something some seven years back where Vala and Jonas were arguing and then were suddenly making out on a desk and Daniel shooed them off with a broom? 

Your memory's probably embellishing, to be honest. There's no way Daniel would've used a broom in the City Library. Like, he cleaned books, not floors. It was probably... eh... a feather duster? Who knows for sure, save Daniel, and you're not gonna ask him.

Mainly because your Bio-Dad went, and through no fault of his own, got himself squished beneath a Puddle Jumper and Ascended last year. You've all been a little miffed that he hasn't Descended again, so he doesn't technically count for the kill-count from last year's little incident. He's come by to visit to inform everyone of the situation, but man, you really hate how much of a running joke it is with him. Dying and Ascending and coming back for cameo appearances and the like. 

Still, helping a buttload of non hostile Replicators who managed to Ascend themselves into a tricky situation seems noble enough a cause that nobody really wants him to leave things in the state they are up there until it's stabilized.

Replicators. Who the fuck knew their few surviving numbers went on to try and Ascend in peace and actually managed it? You sure didn't suspect a thing. And now they're, like, caught between edges of existence or something?

It's a mess and you really don't want to deal with it.

"But all that aside, figuring out me and Mordred was easier, I guess? I mean, we had alt-selves to show there was a potential for something there," Uncle Cam continues on, unaware of your internal digression. "We kinda, figured ourselves out in pairs, basically? But there was still this kind of sense like... something was missing. So we tried seeing how everyone fit together as a whole- keeping the team a team and not breaking things up further. That's basically how it worked out?"

You hum in consideration. "I think I get it. Thanks, Uncle Cam."

"Glad to dispense advice at any time," he answers, raising his soda can in a toast motion.

You mirror it with your cup.

"As for your first question," Uncle Cam says after taking a sip of his soda. "...It's really just... asking if being with this person makes me happy. Would it make any difference if they were my friend or my lover? Would..." He pauses. "Would it make me happy to wake up with these people at my side every day of my life? For me, that answer ended up being yes."


A few more scattered pieces of the Astro-Detla Megazord and the Wraith Banshee mech floated over a stationary orb of blue and green within a void of orange.

Earth sat in a state of paradox, it did not move, yet day and night and all kinds of other important things still worked as if it did. 

The people who lived on Earth were aware that something was wrong from the lack of stars, but they could not place why it was wrong. 

Years flowed by in seconds, and seconds passed in years.

Genetic lineage meant nothing, as wives gave birth to their own grandparents, or whole hospitals could be locked in nasty swirls of paradoxes where whole days repeated on end. 

Multiple men could claim the office of leadership in every country, exclusively, without knowing of the others, and yet paradoxically, all happened the same regardless of the fact that it should be impossible.

Time held no meaning, pocketed away in a place where time itself did not flow.

In an anniversary Episode of Doctor Who that would not be made and yet had already been made, this kind of Phenomenon was similar enough to what had happened to the planet Gallifrey. A whole planet locked away in a pocket dimension away from the rest of the known universe.

But it was wrong. It was not exact enough.

On the planet Nirn in another dimension far, far away from this story's narrative focus, such a paradoxical state of being was called a Dragon Break. And generally, these sorts of situations only resolved themselves in the presence of a Hero who could resolve the state of paradox at all.

Enter, Gilgamesh.

Chapter Text

"Hey, Tomo, can I borrow your ears for a minute?"

You are now Tomo Strider, and you take a slow breath to steady your nerves.

You nod, smile, and say, "Sure, Harley."

And thus, you escape the confines of the winding down birthday party and head to Harley's bedroom. A bit of hair finds its way into your mouth regardless of how much you try to keep your nerves steady. The door's locked behind you with an audible beep. Privacy. Whoo. You try not to think too much about it because-

She sits down on the edge of her bed and pats the sheets next to her left side. 

--Nevermind. There it goes! Your heart races like mad and you're so glad you have your wings morph-folded away because you're pretty sure they'd be extending wildly right now and it's all you can do to keep your ears steady.

You sit down next to her. 

"So--" Harley reaches out and plucks the hair out of your mouth- your heart nearly skips a beat from how close her hand gets to your face. "--That's, like, the fifth time I've seen you chewing your hair today. Let alone this week. What's up?"

"I-I-I-" Shit shit shit shit what's a plausible excuse? "I'm worried about if we'll all stay friends if we get broken up onto different teams?"

Okay, that works.

"I mean, sure," Harley says. "I could accept that flat out, buuut. I know you and I know that you don't start chewing on your hair unless it's got something to do with me."


"What? No, that's not-" you try and fail to play it off, but-

"C'mooon, Tomo. I know you didn't start chewing on your hair like that until after- yknow. That Day at the Beach?" Harley reminds you. 

That day at the beach on the mainland where Harley saw a small, distant island and thought it'd be neat to explore and then teleported the both of you to it and she wound up fucking it up and getting the distance wrong and broke her damned leg when you both wound up a few feet higher up than the ground actually was and you'd worried and fretted because it was your fault for not gripping onto her hands tighter and arresting her fall when the wind caught your wings and--

And you damn near gave yourself a lopsided haircut chewing through one side of your hair the entire time from stress.

It had been about the most tense fifteen minutes of your life before Colonel Sheppard flew the Jumper overhead and spotted you both. Then Miss Jackson went and teleported you all back to Atlantis and Aunt Minori went and healed up Harley's leg and everything was fine except.

It wasn't. 

Because you realized you really really REALLY liked Harley and were worried about her way more than felt normal?? And in the years since then, well. Uh.

Those feelings haven't gone away any. 

"Oh." You swallow. " noticed that?"

"Mmmh," Harley nods. "And... That's kinda what I wanted to talk about. You're not just worried about everyone else, right? You're worried if... we- specifically- will still be friends after if we get separated?"

You shake your head, not trusting your mouth. Your heart feels like its racing so hard right now. 

"So, I'll promise you right here and now, it won't matter if we're on the same team or not-" Harley grabs both of your hands, squeezes tight, and leans in close- forehead to forehead. "We'll still be best of friends! Or..." She pauses, wincing her eyes closed. "More. I mean. if you want?"

"M-More?" You ask, sputtering, and so very glad she's not looking at you directly. "But... I mean..." OH GLUB YOU WEREN'T READY FOR THIS TONIGHT. QUICK. DEFLECT!!! "Wouldn't June be annoyed we're repeating history??"

Uh. Crap. That was probably a weird one to draw up on the spot. You'll apologize to June later. 

"Pft-" Harley snorts, and opens her eyes and gosh dang they're so close and green and glittery and- and- your mind tries to default to 'wait, when did she stop wearing glasses?' but you know when she stopped wearing glasses. (The same day your hair chewing habit started.) "Tomo, I've given this a lot of thought and I've come to the conslusion that if we did... go more-" your heart flutters at those words- "We're not repeating history like what happened with Jade, Argo, and John."

Your heart feels like it skips a beat again. It's rare that Harley doesn't call them her Parents these days. It's rare any of you acknowledge that timeline altering shit so directly. 

Harley continues on- "It's like Our Rose said, we're different people from them. We grew up different. 'The last thirteen years of our lives exist in a total vacuum of altered potential because of time travel.'" She's quoting Rose directly there. 

You've heard the sentiment come up exactly once when Rose and June argued about it over the sheer paradoxical timing of Both Roses giving their respective Kanayas nearly identical gifts- hand knit scarves whose only difference was an "RL" on one and an "RE" on the other.

It had not been an accident, but a deliberate choice between the two Roses.

June had protested- "What's the point of doing the same thing twice like that? What's the point of this second chance if we just do the same things over again?"

Rose had answered, "What's the point of restarting an RPG with a new character and just redoing all the same quests the same way despite intending to do things differently?"

It had gone on a lot more back and forth for a lot longer than two lines, but by the end of it, Rose had said the above line, and June couldn't argue with that, let alone with what Rose had finished with:

"It's alright if we repeat a few things our other selves did. It doesn't mean anything bad. It just means those choices resonate strongly with who we are at our core regardless of everything else."

Then June had gone on about Universal Constants, and the argument had shifted drastically into something you didn't pretend to understand.

"And... Besides," Harley smiles- you can see it by how the corners of her eyes crinkle and HOO. Your foreheads are still pressed together and geeze aren't your noses awfully close?? "I... I don't know if I have it in this version of me yet to be Poly with anyone anyways. So..."

She trails off.

"So?" You ask, filling the gap. Your heart begs to know- wants to know- so what? So So So So So What?? What Next??

"So.... If I ask you if you wanna be my Matesprit, exclusively, it's not really 'repeating history', is it?"

Your mind blanks out for a few moments. You feel warm and flush all over and your gut churns warm and gooey and--

And when your mind reboots, you're presently lip locked with Harley and she's kissing you back and oh, hey, the fireworks are going off outside aren't they?

The kiss ends as you hear Aunt Polypa yelling from the other room- "WHO SET THEM OFF EARLY!?" and there's scrambling and yelling from outside along with a lot of doors opening and there's stomping and...


You and Harley sit there for a few moments, and then Harley asks, "Is... that a yes?"

"Yes," you say, quietly, gazing into her eyes. Orange to Green and Green to Orange. "Yes it is."

"Cool," and then Harley kisses you again as more fireworks go off outside.

Tomorrow's going to be a really interesting day, isn't it?

You are Tegiri Kalbur, and you sit on the side next to Tokoha as Joey and Polypa work over the fireworks to make sure that they weren't tampered with.

"So..." You begin. "Train Rangers, huh?"

Tokoha snorts. "It's 'ToQGer', Uncle Tegiri. Not Train Rangers."

"Toe Cue Gear?" You deliberately mispronounce. "Sounds Eastern Alternian."

"I think it's meant to be Earth Japanese," Tokoha says.

"Ah, right," you sigh, in remorse. "Shame that Earth's anime will never catch up with Alternia's at this point."

"As if it could ever compete with a planet with several thousand years of film history?" Tokoha offers.

"I mean, Sure," you say. "But man, I'll tell you, Tokoha, I was wanting to see how Earth and Alternia kinda merged over time, culture wise. But that dream's long past."

Sure, you basically got three whole Galaxies of mingling cultures now, but, Earth was pretty similar to Alternia when it came to the media department. You were really interested to see how things changed.

"Oh well," she answers with a shrug. "Not much to do about it now, huh?"

"Nope," you'll agree with a sigh.

"Well! Our fireworks are okay!" Polypa stands, and dusts her hands off. "Looks like whoever set things off was setting off their own. Idiots."

"Hey, Tomo," Davis knocks at Harley's bedroom door. "Karkles, Callie, Roxy, and Me are gonna bounce for the observation deck. You stayin' here or comin' with us to go see fireworks?"

A pause, then, "Uh- Staying the night! G'night, Dad!"

"Alright then. Text me when you get to class tomorrow." 

"Will do!"

And then with that, he heads over to where you, Callie, and Karkat are waiting at the door, an amused grin on his face, and then the four of you head out.

"Well," you are Roxy Lalonde, and you give a wry grin once you're on your way for the Transporter, "They're certainly Jumping right into it, aren't they?"

"It's About time is what it is," Karkat grunts. "Maybe now we'll only have one quiet, sighing, and utterly decision-stuck Strider around the house for a change instead of two."

"Hey, way to call me out there, Karkles," Davis gripes.  

"What's this about you being mopey?" Callie asks.

"Dave's stuck in a midlife crisis," Karkat answers.

"Oooh! Those suck!" you say at the same time Davis groans out a "Just tell them all everything then huh??"

"Look, it's not even that much of a crisis," Davis says. "I've got an idea of where I'm going with life, I just gotta talk to people and get things going. And that'll wait 'til tomorrow."

"Well! Good for that," you say, "But, on the subject of the midlife crisis, they happen," you continue on. "Sometimes not even at the mid life itself! Kinda went through something like that myself back in the day. Cloning Blues be real, bruh."

"Mid life crisis-es shouldn't even be called that," Davis grips. "They're just things that happen without care for how old or young you are."

"As I understand it," Callie starts, "it's more about when you reach a point in your life where you aren't happy with what you've been doing. The "mid" in Mid-life is less about referencing an exact middle point, but more along the lines of "In the midst of living" instead." She nods, then says, "Yes, I think that as long as any crisis of faith in your life direction is happening, it doesn't matter at what age it is, it's still a Mid Life Crisis."

"Woooow," you say, putting an arm around your wife's shoulders. "I love it when you get all philosophical on us, Callie!"

"Daww, thanks, Rox," Callie giggles. 

Your name is Keiko Ayano, and you groan, head in hands, as you finally receive word from detention cell-- Lorne's team had brought in a very drunken pair of Maka Albarn and Soul Ehvans along with a box of custom, bootleg'd fireworks that they'd decided to set off so early the sun hadn't even properly set yet. 

It's a miracle they haven't decided to adopt yet. You don't want to see what kind of kid those two troublemakers could raise together.

"One year," you lament. "We couldn't go One Anniversary Year without someone doing something drunk-ass stupid!"

Mallek places a hand on your shoulder with a 'there there' pat and says, "Nah. There's always someone doing stupid drunken shenanigans."

"That doesn't help," you say.

"Sorry," he apologizes.

"Just take me home to our apartment and keep my mind off of it for the rest of the night," you request.

"Aye aye, Captain," Mallek cracks a smile. "I think I can do that."

"Sooo..." Your name is June Egbert, and you glance at Harley's bedroom door with a slight scowl. "Do they realize they've been in there for almost an hour now?"

There's CAKE to be eaten and they're not out here doing their part!! 

"Probably not," Rose answers, tapping away at her phone's keyboard as she texts Kanaya. "But then again, they've been interrupted once, maybe twice already. I hesitate to make it a third."

"Bluhhh," you grouch, and stick your spoon into your slice of cake, shove the bite into your mouth and mumble as you chew,"And Nep and Eq' bailed already, too. This does not bode well for our group's team cohesion."

"Honestly we need to expand our social circle anyways," Rose says, clicking away at her phone. "When's the last time any of us hung out with someone who doesn't fall on our vast web of interconnected personal and familial relations?"

You swallow, and raise an eyebrow at your sister. "Are you saying we're shut ins?"

"I'm saying that for as big and as wide as our expansive web happens to be, it's also rather insulated," Rose glances at you, raising an eyebrow of her own. "Let's be real, have either of us talked to any of our classmates this semester?"

"Not really," you admit. Today DID kind of feel like introductions all over again. And again, and again, and... Uh...

Honestly, has it ever stopped? You know rumors and hearsay and all the class gossip, but... have you ever really stopped to talk and get to know your fellow classmates?

"...Dr. Kae's gonna split us up intentionally, isn't she?" you ask, hanging your head.

"If our item selections didn't prove that already, I would say yes," Rose hums, glancing back at her cellphone. "That said, Kanaya says hi from her Chainsaw Log Carving Camp."

"...What?" you ask, and Rose shows you her phone's texts- er, photos and texts?

Either way there's a photograph of Kanaya standing on the back of a stray-angled totem pole that's in the process of being carved away at by a bunch of teens in protective gear. All of them are wielding chainsaws. You can only recognize Kanaya because she's got her sign embroidered on her protective apron. Otherwise, she's a faceless masked individual among faceless masked chainsaw enthusiasts.

"...Man," you mutter as Rose pulls the phone away from your face. "You think you know a girl..."

"Apparently tomorrow they're learning how to build log cabins," Rose states and you have no idea if she's serious or joking.

"...Well," you say, "Tell her I hope she has fun with that."

Rose nods and clacks away at her phone.

You are Mallek Adalov, and as you and Keiko fall into bed together, your mind is pretty blissfully blank for the most part- atleast, until Keiko calls for a pause for a moment.

She looks you in the eyes, her ears flicking sideways in consideration, then...

"Hey, Mallek?" She asks.

"Yeah?" You answer.

"When my current term's up and I switch with Argo again... do you wanna try to have a kid?" 

Your brain's hard drive stalls out for a moment.

Then, it restarts, skipping along the data track tangents of "Working Shaper Bracelet Crystal" and-or "Magic is also a thing" plus "Joey could shift from Human to Alternian" equals "You could temporarily become human to be genetically compatible with Keiko."

And then you nod, and say, "Sure, I think we could do that."

"Cool," she smiles. And then, "You can start ravishing me again, by the way."

So you do.

At their scheduled time, the real Fireworks bloomed over the city of Atlantis, showering everything in sparkling glows and radiant light.

You are Gordon Freeman, and you watch it all with a detached sense of remorse, as you always do.

Earth- Your Earth- the one you were born and raised on and got exiled from thanks to a madman in a business suit and an ally turned enemy agent- is long gone. Abandoned for greener pastures by those who survived the Combine. 

And those Combine? Who knows what they did next. Took over an empty corpse of a planet? Cowered in fear over who could possibly construct a planet sized spaceship? 

They're certainly avoiding your corner of the Galaxy to say the least.

Sometimes, after that day you were called in to contact your people, you have had dreams of other potential scenarios. The what ifs. The what could have beens. The other possible ways things could have gone.

Even now nearly almost a decade later, you're still pondering how badly things went for you on the Borealis. And also... how even worse they could have gone. If the G-Man had come for Alex sooner- taken her from the hangar bay, or- fucking hell, who even knows what. What couild have even be the aftermath of such a thing?

You can't even predict it all, though lately you've been having a dream. Alex throwing green lightning at the Combine Advisor and frying the thing's brain before it could kill Eli. 

And then she just vanished after, and Eli would be yelling, shouting, afraid and scared and... And you wake up with no idea of what happens next.

You can't help but wonder if there's something more to that, out there in the multiverse. It seems kind of random and out of nowhere. Are there other yous who just had their Alexs (Alyxii?) taken from them by the G-man's meddling? 

Knowing Parallel timelines? Alternate dimensions?  That those are things that exist?

Honestly, you can't help but wonder how those other Gordon Freemans are going to deal with the aftermath. 

You wish them good luck, though. All the good luck. Whatever happens next in their stories, you hope it's happier than your version's ending ended up being. 


As much as it pains you to know that there are always versions of events happening fresh over and over again, somewhere in the multiverse... It's not YOUR PROBLEM anymore.

The nightmares may never go away, but you're resigned to that fact. It's time to look forwards to your own future...

And as Miyu joins you at the window you're at, you're content to leave the past in the past as long as it doesn't hound you into the future. And if it DOES hound you into the future, you're just gonna deal with it like you always do.

One swing of the crowbar at a time.

Rhubee Xaolon and Kohiru Karren sat together, shoulder to shoulder, hands linked together tightly, on a balcony as they watched fireworks go off. Neither needed say anything- nor did they wish to, instead focusing on the fireworks and trying to drown out the subtle background emotions from their link with Artoria Gray, who was presently occupied with her Matesprit Lloyd in the privacy of their own room.

You are Ruby Branwen, and despite the fact that the mental network is at the lowest amount of suppression any of you could manage, you're still vaguely aware of all of your teammate's locations and current actions.

After Weiss's whole descending and memory wipe thing, it got ... Hard. To suffer through the romance everyone else was going through. For a little while there you were kind of insufferable to everybody around you because your inner wolf was angry at the world and the betrayal.

And then it turned out Weiss was still on Earth, trying to recover her memories, when it went and vanished, so... Yeah. That route pretty much evaporated instantly. 

Shit like that is near enough to make someone almost swear off romance entirely. 

So. You did.

No romance, not dating, not even going into any of those Quadrants or whatever.

It's been a surprisingly fulfilling past eight years as you've adapted to that. And honestly? You've kind of thrived not worrying about it. You certainly wore down that sharp edge back down to something that wasn't making people tense up every time you opened your mouth fairly quickly, too.

Your motto in life has become "Why need someone else to hold your hand when you can hold your own?" 

Forever Single! WOO!

You are Harley Sheppard, and as the fireworks explode outside, sending flashes of colored light into your room... You can't help but giggle as Tomo cuddles up against you, and their hair likewise shifts through a rainbow of colors- in bio-luminescent mode, naturally.

Tomorrow's going to be a really interesting day.

As fireworks went off, in Atlantis' Book room, a spatial warp began to form over the Link In spot.

Chapter Text

A golden rip in space time opened up in the space where Earth once occupied, and when it receded.... Earth and its moon had returned.

The Observation Satellite sounded off the alarm- and then was silenced as a plasma bolt from the modified Hiveship struck it.

It would be another hour before anyone got the message due to spatial disturbances around the planet that had just miraculously reappeared.


Your name is Harley Sheppard, and you yawn a bit as you wake up not to the sound of your alarm, but of the shower starting up to run in the bathroom just adjacent to yours.

You groggily stretch out your limbs beneath the sheets before glancing around your room.

Bed's empty save for you, but your closet door's open, which it wasn't last night... Looks like your towel stack's shorter by one too. 

You sit up, carefully keeping your bed sheet around you just in case of flying little sister tackles like yesterday, and glance around your room. Yep, there's yours and Tomo's clothes scattered around everywhere. 

A flush returns in full force to your face as you remember, well... 

Yeah. Okay. That happened.

Tomo's probably borrowing the shower, and you'll... Yeah, you'll go take one when they're done. 

You start to get up out of bed when you see something move at the window--


One of Aunt Claire's Arai Beetles is resting on the window ledge outside, turning its back towards you. Was she waiting for when you woke up or something?

There's a knock at the door before you can process that thought further.

"Yo, Harley," Aunt Claire begins, "If you're up, get ready to take a shower when Tomo finishes. I'll have breakfast ready for the both of you when you're done."

...Gee, it's not like you weren't going to do that already but-- Wait. Something's off.

"Um, Aunt Claire?" You start. "Not that I don't mind the surprise, but why are you still here?"

"Something came up last night, and your parents had to head to work early this morning. So they asked me to come in and keep an eye on you kids until you had to head to class," Aunt Claire answers.

...That's... Not good.

No, that's really not good. There hasn't been an emergency like THAT since...

...Since the Earth vanished.

"To say 'that's not good' would be an understatement, John," Rodney says.

You are John Sheppard, and you gaze at the sight you never thought you'd see.

On one screen, Earth, returned. And with a golden Wraith Hiveship parked in orbit. 

On another, a pair of shadowy figures sort of flickering in and out of reality down in the Book Room.

The Conference Room is packed with critical staff only. Keiko, Argo, You, Mckay, Teyla, Ronon, Jade, Tyzias, Mallek, and Daraya. Mikari's tele-conferencing from City One, and Lorne's doing the same from down in Atlantis' Book Room.

"Yeah," you say, "I get that. But I meant it. It's not good."

"Earth Returning should be a good thing, though," Tyzias frowns. "But... this really isn't."

"Given that this Modified Wraith Hiveship somehow beat us to the punch, apparently circumnavigating dimensions within the bubble until it found earth and dragged it out kicking and screaming?" Rodney shakes his head. "Honestly, it's more terrifying than not. We're not sure HOW they managed it, except that whatever dimensional rift they tapped into, it's powerful. Really powerful. Longer range scanners from elsewhere in the Sol system are detecting MASSIVE changes to the sub-spatial distortions, starting with completely obliterating the particles we were using to try to disentangle it."

"What kind of changes?" Ronon asked. 

"The kind that makes what we had before a bunch of stacked pieces of paper sewn together with iron staples, and what we're getting looking more like a fancy maze made out of Raw Naquadah." Rodney answers.

"That sounds explosive," Argo remarks.

"It's a metaphor, but yes, this could be potentially very bad in an explosive way," Rodney says. "It's keeping the Stargates from getting locks on Earth's Coordinates while still letting things through."

"As evidenced by the situation in the linking room," Mikari starts, gazing off screen at one of her own monitors. "Lorne, what do we have?"

"As far as Radek can tell it's a black hole stargate wormhole equivalent of linking?" Lorne shakes his head. "He also swore a bunch and I didn't get half of it, so I'm guessing he's not even sure on that. Gray's supposed to come down and check on it in a few minutes."

"And the Rescuers?" Mikari asked.

"Silver Wing took one look at it, shrieked in fear, and linked away," Lorne answered. "About a minute later, Gordon told me she popped up in his bedroom and has been hiding in his supply locker ever since." He pauses, then adds, "Gordon also asked me to tell you that she was stress eating his emergency stash of thin mints."

"So it's bad," you say, glancing to Rodney. He catches your meaning.

"Without further study? Best I can figure is that someone on Earth, probably from the SGC, was trying to link through to Atlantis when everything got dimensionally scrambled and then basically got held in stasis until Earth got pulled out of where-ever it was and the Link started Rubber Banding," Rodney pauses, then shakes his head. "It should be instant, but if whatever happened caused a delay? Yeah, I can imagine the Rescuers would be pretty terrified of that."

"You mentioned the Stargate would not connect?" Teyla asked.

"Yeah, locally in Milky Way and here in Atlantis, we've tried dialing," Keiko nods. "System rejected it just like it has since all this began."

"We're hoping that it's just the subspace interference, but if it's not?" Rodney shakes his head. "Then we might have a bigger problem if the SGC's compromised."

"So basically, we have to treat this as a combo beachhead foothold situation," you summarize.

"Basically," Keiko nods.

"We should be establishing a rapid response network among our allies just incase invasion forces start to spread out," Tyzias speaks up.

"Agreed," Daraya nods. "Shit's going to hit the fan sooner rather than later."

"Only question is," you start, "who are we sending to respond, and what are we responding against?"

"No way to know until it hits, but if I had to guess based on previous experience?" Daraya scoffs. "We're lookin' at Corinth's history on an Intergalactic Scale."

"So basically the hypothetical response taskforce Gina's been running isn't so hypothetical anymore?" Jade frowns. "I'm not sure if I like that."

"Well, it's not as if we're all dead and useless," you remind her, and everyone else. "This is still as much our fight as it'll be theirs. If the Ranger Project has to wind up fighting on multiple fronts to keep this contained like a virus, then we'll be the ones working on delivering the final blow."

You are Tomo Strider, and you feel all kinds of emotions as you sit at the breakfast table wearing some of Harley's clothes that you borrowed from her closet. Harley herself is sitting next to you with a worried look on her face, and you know it's not because Aunt Claire's given you both the expected Relationship Speech. (TL:DR: "Just make sure you two communicate through any problems you've got.") No, instead it's the information she just relayed to you.

"You're sure things are that bad?" Harley asks.

"I've had an Arai beetle listening in," Aunt Claire nods. "You might be needing to use those powers you'll be getting today sooner rather than later." She takes a breath, and looks both of you in the eyes. "I don't like it, but I'd be a hypocrite if I didn't let you get those powers today because A: considering I was about your age when I went to Alternia? Major Hypocrite move. B: My own daughter has powers and a morpher already. And C: Your class might be some of the safest people in the universe wearing those magi-tech suits." 

You swallow, not really liking where this is going.

Aunt Claire continues, "You're gonna face tough situations, and you're gonna need a lot of emotional support some days. You're both lucky you've had a good life up until now. Some of us didn't. I didn't, not really. That's why I want you to do the smart thing and if you run into trouble and you're not sure you can handle it, you CALL. ME. You may be a team, but you will NOT be alone in that role. So help me I will fly a Megazord solo if I have to help you kids out."

She reaches out with both hands and grabs you and Harley both by a shoulder. Squeeze, warmth, and a determined look fill her eyes. 

"So promise me. If you ever hit a situation you feel overwhelmed and if you think for even a moment you don't have the support you need to finish things..."

"We'll call you," Harley nods.

"Good," Aunt Claire smiles, releases your shoulders, and then hands you two lunch boxes. "Now go on out there and get some cool powers, alright? I wanna see what suits you get."

And thus with that downer of a weight crushing down on the remnants of your good mood from last night, you and Harley head to class, meeting up with Nepeta and Equius along the way at a Transporter.

"We stayed the night at your place's Guest room," Equius tells Tomo. "The Linking Room was off limits last night for some reason."

"Ah, yeah, that's probably got something to do with why Mom and everyone went to work early this morning," Harley winces.

"Wonder where Rose and June stayed?" Nepeta asks. "If we couldn't link out neither could they."

"Probably with Rose and Kanaya," You offer. 

"Ah, yeah, that's probably it," Nepeta nods.

Silence follows as the four of you walk to class. Thank goodness Dr. Kae schedule'd today's meeting for later than usual, otherwise you'd be rushing again.

"Soooo... you two kinda disappeared on us last night," Nepeta began, with a teasing tone of voice. "Anything fun happen?"

Your face no doubt goes as red as your hair shifts thanks to the biomorph spell you honestly forgot you had active. 

You are Harley Sheppard, and you arrive in the classroom to find it's been heavily re-arranged. Tables have replaced desks and they're broken up into groups of five to seven chairs a piece- each one is marked with specific logos and have named place cards on each.

You look around and... Rose and June are at different tables on other sides of the room. June looks a little uncomfortable around her presumed new teammates, and Rose looks like she's socializing. One of the kids at her table is singing some oddly appropriate song to the times.

You find your name at a five seat table with only four name cards, alongside Tomo, Nepeta, and Equius. There's a weird crown like logo with five sections to it, one piece each colored Pink, Blue, Red, Yellow, Green. 

As you sit at your table, you wait for others to arrive, sitting at their tables, and soon...

Dr. Kae enters the room, a stormy expression on her face as she... does not seal the doors behind her. The singing from Rose's table cuts short as your teacher passes by them.

"Alright Class, today, we bond you to your Morphers. Before we do, this is your first chance to back out." Dr. Kae says, glancing around. 

Nobody moves, but nobody laughs either. 

Her tone of voice is deathly serious.

"So, I'm not going to mince words. This was meant to be a fun training exercise that would get you some nifty powers that you could show off to your friends. The training was meant to be for hypotheticals only, as real as it would be. However, as of this morning I've received word there may be a legitimate threat on the horizon. A legitimate threat that would require Power Rangers to fight against not just on one world, but several. And so I'll reiterate. This is your second chance to back out of this class."

There's quiet murmuring from the class, but nobody moves.

"I'll reiterate again," Dr. Kae says, "There may be a very real chance you will be going into life or death situations beyond the scope of what this Class was meant to provide. If you have any doubts or fears- Back. Out. Now."

And for the third time, nothing changes about the room save for Miko standing from her table and declaring, "Dr. Kae. I came to this class to learn how to be a Power Ranger! I think I speak for all of us when I say we came here to learn how to kick butt, and save lives, no matter the risk to ourselves."

Nobody objects. 

"Very well then," Dr. Kae grabs a remote, and clicks it, sealing the room. "Then we'll begin."

The lights click off as well, surprisingly, plunging everything into darkness.

Dr. Kae narrates to the class: "The Bio-Field that powers the Ranger abilities flows through everything. It's not unlike Zillyum, in its raw, untapped form, but there's one basic difference that must be abided by... Zillyum is random, chaotic, without purpose and highly energetic. Uncontrolled, it is explosive, uncontrollably so. Zillyum might as well be Naquadria. In contrast, the Bio-field is stable, malleable, but stable. It is Naquadah, shapen into form. A Stargate, for example, is inherently stable and very, VERY hard to destroy under most circumstances."

She pauses, and then states,

"But even Stargates require direction to function. The user input. The demand for connection."

Another click.

PVVVMMMM--- Light fills the room, dancing across every table's surface. ---SHING!

And when it disappears, as you blink the spots out of your eyes, you can tell a large box has been added.

Specially placed spotlights lights begin clicking on as Dr. Kae speaks, highlighting specific tables.

"There are those who chose powers based on the Dinosaurs. Those who chose powers based on mamals and those based on vehicles." She pauses, "And there are those whose powers might as well be sourced from what we've come to call Magic, or Imagination."

Lights turn on all around... save for your table.

"Finally, it must be said. Each and every one of you will serve as beacons of light, Glittering, Shimmering, and Bright."

With the word 'Glittering,' the light above you clicks on, revealing the box before you to contain... Four tires?


That's clearly vehicle themed! Why are you being called out on 'glitter'??

"You will be the guiding forces that drive forth and protect those who need it most from the forces of Darkness." Dr. Kae says. "And with that said, please select the Morpher infront of you that has your name written on the pull tab, and equip where applicable. For handheld morphers, please hold them in your dominant hand."

You retrieve the Morpher before you- it's a tire watch, basically- and strap it on via the silver band.

It's a strange weight, but it's there never the less, and it...

It feels right.

"Everyone ready?" Dr. Kae asks. "Grab onto the pull tabs... and on my mark, remove them."

The spotlights click off.

"In Three. Two. One."

You rip out the paper tab with your name on it, and energy surges down and along your arm- green light. You stare in awe for a moment before looking around the room to watch the same happen.

Like the fireworks you missed last night, the room lights up like a rainbow as glowing energy ripples across everybody's forms.

You spot June on one side of the room, glowing yellow and grinning at their-- Oh come on! That's a Ninja Storm morpher! Really? Man. June sure lucked out on that one. 

Rose, elsewhere, glowing pink and examining a strange cellphone like morpher. It almost looks like... a Cellphone mixed with a Magic Wand?? Huh. How thematic.

You look over your own table. Nepeta has pink flowing around her whole body- swirling over her heart in places much like the Alternian Aspect symbol for the same. Equius is blue, and Tomo is yellow.

The inner ring of the tire morpher on your arm flashes GREEN, drawing your attention to it.

You can almost hear it beeping at you like one of those stock-car racing lights. 

Three. Two. One.

Ki. Ra. Mei!

You stand and extend your left arm out- the Morpher held out on that arm. The others do the same- all of them wearing the weird tire wheels on their left wrist just like you did on instinct.

Ki. Ra! Mei!

Your right hand moves of to the side of the wheel. 

Ki! Ra! Mei!

You don't need your birth-given powers to tell you that it's going to SPIN.


As one, the four of you call out words that come to mind without even needing to be told it.


Your left arm pulls backwards, and your right hand spins the wheel as it pulls past.

For all the flashing lights across the rest of the room fill it with light as other teams Morph... You don't care one ounce about it.

You watch as white crystals vaguely hued with their colors race up your teammate's bodies from their feet, up to their shoulders and necks. The same happens to you.

You feel your clothes, not necessarily vanish, but more... overwritten as they're replaced by the suit the Crystals leave behind as they vanish.

A helmet suddenly encapsulates your head- and it's weird how you can tell your wolf ears should definitely be clipping through the damned thing but you don't feel any conflict at all.

Energy encircles your torso, driving from the back of your heart towards the front, and when it stills, there's a gemstone residing over your heart, pulsing with light in time with the beat of it.

"Good," Dr. Kae smiles as the lights click on properly. "You've all morphed properly."

Your team sits before you, four out of five ready to go.

And you're not the only ones either- all around your classroom, Power Rangers of various themes and compositions exist. Some of them are clearly missing team mates like your group is, though.

"Now, you'll all notice that your teams are missing some members in places," Dr. Kae continues. "My plan, had anyone backed out, was to shuffle remaining team members to fill in the gaps. Seems we won't be going with that yet, though. So, today we'll be discussing the backup plan for that, as well as making a field trip to the Zordship Harbor tower, where each of your team's Zords have been slowly been moved to as they've finished construction over the last few months, courtesy of Cla'dia's Shipyards. Before we go visit that, however, I am legally required to sit you through the Cla'dian Ship Yard Mecha-Synchronization User Manual."

She then motions for you all to sit down, and recommends you remove your helmets.

You get the feeling you'll be in this for a good while.