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ACT 7: Rebellion Revolution Double Reacharound

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SUBJ: RE: FW: RE: RE: RE: FW: RE: Advice Thread.

TO: CC:  RWoolsey@LantisExp.ORG; OkuLei@Purrsonal.ALT; MikariAi@UnwritCMD.ORG; LdElMelloi2@LantisExp.ORG; EGHarley@TokraHC.ORG; GenJOneill@SGC.ORG; ColCCaldwell@SGC.ORG; ProudJaffaPapa@Personal.MAIL; DrRichardWatson@DRC.ORG; DougSharper@DRC.ORG; 


I think you've all got the gist of it down. It's a solid plan, and the only thing holding it back is how the IOA reacts during their upcoming visit. That's the sticking point to wait for.

Now get out there and do your jobs, people. Some of us are retired, you know. :P

_George Hammond


Hey, George, it's Jack. 

Sorry to loop you in on this, but we could use a fresh set of eyes. What do you think of our plans?



Go ahead and bring Hammond in, yeah. I don't think any of us mind.


Well, I don't have any objections to us cutting the IOA out of the loop, or having Atlantis ditch Earth. But I'd like to bring Hammond in on this just in case- fresh set of eyes and all.



I can't think of any more changes or suggestions. It's as best laid as we can get.

I think I don't need to reiterate the fact that this could possibly be counted as Treason from Earth's perspective. If we pull the trigger on this, there's no going back. 

If anyone has any objections, i think now is the time to speak up.


Egeria and I have gone over everything and we're both in agreement. Mikaris plan is THE PLAN in its best stage right now.

If anyone has any other suggestions for changes, now would be the time.

-Joey Harley, Host to Egeria


Alright, baring enemy action causing chaos, this... this should be the best thing for us to do. 

Now, step one is to wait for the upcoming IOA Visit to come and pass. If we can make it through that, we should have all the breathing room we need to

[Email Chain has been automatically truncated due to length. To see older messages, please view earlier messages within the chain.]


DIASPORA DATE: 10/01/0007.

Your name is Richard Woolsey, and you exhale in disbelief as you read George's last email. 

He's giving the go-ahead for this.


That's not at all what you were expecting, if you're being honest.

You forward it to Argo, who laughs. "Awesome news to clock the night out on." Then they stand and stretch with a yawn. "Goodnight, Director." They say with a faint smirk.

"Goodnight, Assistant," you reply.

As Argo heads out, they nearly run into Ronon Dex, on his way in.

"Night, Ronon!" Argo says.

"Night, Argo," Ronon answers, then enters the office. "You wanted to see me?"

"Yes," you nod. "May I ask why you have not filed a single mission report since I assumed command of this base?"

"'Caaause, I haven't given you any?" Ronon offers with a hapless half shrug, resulting in his hands sort of flopping against the sides of his jacket.

"As you know, one of the changes I made around here is to require every team member to file mission reports, as opposed to only team leaders and science officers," you remind him.

"Really?" Ronon says rather dryly. "I didn't know that."

"I announced it my fourth day here," you tell him. "At an away team orientation regarding changes to Mission Protocol."

"Was I there?" Ronon asks.

"Yes, it was mandatory," you say, trying not to let this ruin the anxious mood you have from the email from General Hammond.

"Because, i don't really remember being there," Ronon says.

You give him a searching look, and say, "I saw you there."

"I'm kinda easy to miss sometimes. You sure it wasn't, like, Freeman?"

"You're actually very hard to miss."

"Still don't think it was me," Ronon says. "Maybe it was Replicator me?"

"No, I'm sure it wasn't him either," you tell him. "Especially because I know the topic came up with several mission briefings you were around for."

"Don't remember that."

"Look-" you raise a hand, trying not to lose your temper. "My point is, I want you to file a report every mission from now on."

Ronon winces, painfully. "I'm not good at writing reports. Or have the time, really."

"Who is or does these days?" You ask, retrieving a small data recorder from your sylladex and handing it to him. "Use this. Practically everyone does, anymore. It's a digital voice recorder. Speak your report, we'll plug it in, and the report's automatically transcribed and filed. Simple, easy, and quick on everyone's time."

Ronon takes the device, eyes it, then says, "I'm not good at talking either."

You sigh, closing your eyes and massaging at the bridge of your nose.

"Oh! Hey, Gray," you are Argo Lalonde and you run into the girl on your way to the Transporter. "What brings you out here at this time of night?"

"Just, anxious," she answers, smiling. "Lloyd and I are going on a real date tomorrow that's- not just a lunch? So. I'm trying to get the jitters out now so I can sleep."

"Ah, good luck with that," you smile and give her a thumbs up. "Happy anxiety pacing, and have a good night!"

"I'll try!" Gray smiles, and you two go your different ways.

Somewhere in the East Pier, a trio of radio controlled race cars ran down a hallway.

"Oh, I'm sorry! Too fast for you, John?" Mckay asks, mocking.

"Nursing home just called, Rodney, and they want their scooter back!" John counters.

"Scooter? That is a Tri-cell lipo pack under my hood, I'll have you know!" Mckay counters the counter.

You are Rose Lalonde, and you cackle savagely as you ram your car into the rear of Mckay's, sending it spiraling briefly into John's, giving you the advantage. 

"Hey!" Mckay and John protest.

"Sorry! My bad!" You say, totally not sorry.

You circle the barrel first, and their cars follow suit.

"Oh, I will Trample You!" Mckay smack talks.

"Or trip on your shoelaces!" John retorts.

The cars come around the corner and then-


With a flash of green aura, they sort of stop in place.

"Wait, what?" Mckay checks his remote. 

That's when Jade and Teyla come wandering down the hallway, carrying kids in arm.

"Red Light!" Jade grins, stepping over your frozen car.

Race over for the moment, you shut the thing down.

"Kids fussing again?" John asks, shutting down his remote. 

"Yes," Teyla sighs. "Torren is in another one of his moods where walking him is the only thing that gets him to sleep."

"And if Torren's awake then so's Casey," Jade rolls her eyes. "They're going to be thick as thieves one of these days, I tell you."

"Lizzy asleep?" John asks.

"Yeah," Jade nods. "I've got mini-me watching the place just incase she wakes up before Argo gets back from her shift, though."

"Handy to have a mini-me to help with that," Mckay says, then, to Teyla. "You know I used to be a colicky baby too. Mom just let me cry myself to sleep, and I'm no worse for it."

"Ah, anyways," Teyla shakes her head. "We usually take turns walking him, but Kanaan is away dealing with a trade dispute back with our people, and it's expected to take a few days."

"Trade disputes suck," you say. "Isn't that what the whole Coalition is for now anyways?"

"It helps when the trade partner is a part of it, yes," Teyla shakes her head. "Not so much when they're people who find the idea of organizing in such a manner to be... Confusing, is putting it politely."

"Ow," you wince. "That's gotta suck."

"It is what it is," Teyla says, then checks on Torren. "Ah, and now it looks like he's asleep finally." She looks to Jade, who checks on Casey, and nods.

"Same here," Jade says.

"Now to get back to our rooms without waking them," Teyla smiles, hopefully.

"Good luck with that," John says. "We'll just finish up our race here."

"See you in a bit then," Jade smiles.

"Goodnight," Teyla gives a curt bow, and then the two of them head off.

You all immediately get your radio controllers back in position and wait for...

"Green light!" Jade says before exiting the hallway.

The cars zip forwards at speed yet again.

"Gogogogogogo!" you and Mckay both urge your cars to go faster!!

The sharp crack of wooden rods crash against eachother in the Gym, followed sharply by--


Your name is Maka Albarn, and you wince as Soul hits the ground.

"Ow." Soul gripes from the floor.

"Sorry," Lloyd offers his hand, and pulls him to his feet. "You okay?"

"Yeah, just a bruised ego," Soul grumbles. 

"That's probably enough for tonight," Lloyd says.

"Yeah, for sure," you say as you grab some fresh towels, and head over to hand them to them. "I was already worn out from the last bout anyways."

In her room, Teyla lays down Torren in his crib, and then sets about getting ready for bed.

Jade smiles quietly at her younger self snoozing away in the reading chair next to Lizzy's bed, a book held limply to her chest, eyes closed, and glasses askew. Lizzy lays curled up near her just the same.

Jade finishes putting Casey into her crib and heads over to help move little Harley to her own bed.

However, as she does so, she frowns, and checks the new apartment over.

"Argo?" She calls out.


Strange, Argo should've been back by now. Maybe they got lost?

"I think Jade's stopping trick put strain on the motor," Mckay says, glancing at his car's underbelly. "Shaft needs a bushing lube."

You (Still Rose) and John glance at Mckay as if he doesn't realize what the hell he just said.

"What?" Mckay asks, noticing the looks.

Before you can explain, the lights go out.

"Hey!" John protests. "Who turned out the lights?"

"Beats me," Mckay taps his radio. "Radek? Come in." Pause. "Control Room, it's Doctor Mckay. We just lost power on the East Pier. What's going on?"

No response.

You all exchange concerned looks in the dark, and head for the nearest open hallway or balcony or whatever.

In the end, you step out onto Atlantis' east Pier itself. The city is dark all over save for the Control Room.

"That's strange," Mckay says. "Lights are out except for the-" he stops stating the obvious. "That can't be good." He tries the radio again, to no avail.

"Something's definitely not right," you scowl. 




Teyla tries the door mechanism to her room. "Rodney? John? Are you there?" She radios. Nothing. Frowning, she moves to light candles to make it easier to see, only to find that her ability to spark flames from nothing fails to trigger.

"NNNGHH! The hell?" Jade Jackson scowls as her attempt to draw upon her powers fails at opening the door mechanism. 

On a hunch, she carefully checks her other self's Sylladex for the Relto book, and opens to check the panel.

The image of the island is scrambled to hell with static.

"Fuck." Jade swore quietly, and then moved to the door itself. "Okay, time to see if wolf strength can get this open the old fashioned way."

Ruby Branwen slumbered, unaware of anything, and thus the tiny mech-orb A.M. found the easy exit of going through the open window and rolled along a balcony until it found where the cat Ezabi sat waiting, casually licking at the fur on the back of her front right paw.

"Is this what I think it is?" A.M. spoke with Weiss' voice.

"Ezabi believes it is, yes," The Cat spoke, staring up at the Control Room. "We may have to make haste if we are to keep Rule Breaker out of her hands."

She clapped her front paws together and thrust them outwards towards the central tower.

...Nothing happened.

She tried the trick again, and swore something a cute cat should never even say, and tried again. And then again.

"Ahaha... This one is quite embarrassed to say... but she is powerless at the moment."

"Of course you are," The orb sighed with Weiss' voice.

"I can't teleport," Rose swore as you- one John Sheppard- exit the supply room, sylladex loaded with walkie-talkies and flashlights. "What the hell is going on?"

"Go check with Kanaya and Minori in the Infirmary," you say, handing her a walkie. "Let me know if Minori's able to cast magic or not."

"Do you think it's a Magic thing?" Rose asks. "Medea?"

"Maybe," you say.

"Everything's dead," Mckay says as the three of you head up a stairwell, and into a more major corridor where people are sort of idling, unsure of what to do. "There's no way of knowing what the hell's going on until we get some kind of power going on."

"Okay, I'm going to find my wife," Rose says, giving you a smirk, and then vanishing off into the darkness, powers or not, just like a cheshire cat.

"Right," you glance around- AH! "Hey, Rivers!" you speak to a Marine. "Fan out, find as many Marines as you can, and work your way up to the Central Tower," you hand him a walkie. "If you run into Woolsey, let me know. City Com's are down, so it's Walkies only."

The Marine bites back a smirk at your unintentional pun as he takes the walkie talkie and heads off.

"Radek!" Mckay's exclamation draws your attention. 

"Rodney, what the hell is going on?" Radek Zelenka walks over to you.

"You don't know either?" You ask.

"I was on my way to the control room, I tried to radio," Zelenka reports.

"Powers out except for central tower," you say, handing him a walkie. "Here."

"Look, I need you to go to the main power room instead," Mckay says. "Sheppard and I are heading up to Control. See if you can reboot the system for us."

"I'll give it a try," Zelenka says.

"And if you run into any Fae, ask them if they can cast magic right now," you tell him. "Our powers are being suppressed somehow."

"Oh, good," Zelenka scoffs. "Let me guess, Medea?"

"Probably," you glance around. "But let's not jump to conclusions just yet."

"Well, that Transporter's down too," Soul reports fruitlessly.

"Everything's down, Soul," Maka counters. "No power, entire city. We're stuck dead in the water."

Your name is Lloyd Armadn, and you sigh as your trio makes their way through the hallways. Man, of all the nights for Akita to decide to ditch gym practice for target practice at the shooting ran-

You literally crash into Akita and Maka crashes into Karren as both sets of you round the corner in the hallway at the same time.

"Ooof!"/"Ow!"/"Oh come on!"

Soul just laughs because he didn't wind up flat on his back for the second time tonight.

"Stop laughing and help us back up, Soul!" Maka protests.

After getting to your feet, and everyone taking a moment to get their barrings and check stories.

"Mind link's down somehow," Karren reports. "I mean, I can sense it there, but it's like someone poured a ton of molasses into the lines. It's sluggish and I can't really get a message through to the others."

"My Magic's down too," Akita adds to the report. "I can't even summon my wings right now."

"How the hell does something like that happen? Medea, maybe?" you ask, then, wince as everyone gives you the 'thanks captain obvious' look. "Right. Obviously."

Your name is Rodney Mckay, and climbing the stairs is a lot more annoying when you're doing it because its an emergency.

Your walkie buzzes. "Rodney, do you read me?" Zelenka.

Sheppard and you stop- Of course he's at least a landing above you already- and you reply. "Yeah. Radek. Go ahead." You huff.

God, you need more exercise.

"I've tried to restart power, but so far, absolutely no success," Zelenka says.

"What about-" you take in a deep breath. "What about the ZPM?"

"I've checked it and the Naquadah Generators. None are functioning- they have to have been disabled from the Control Room," Zelenka says.

"If that was the case then they wouldn't-" you huff, and Zelenka finishes the sentence.

"They wouldn't have any power, I know. But I think they're using an external power source." 


Of course.

"Okay. Radek, you're going to need to do the same thing. One of the auxiliary batteries," you say.

"Yes, of course, but it won't be enough to power the entire city, not by a long shot," he answers.

"Don't worry about that, we just need enough juice to access the Mainframe," you say. "Then we can... figure out what the hell is going on up there."

"Alright," Zelenka asks. "Whereabouts are you right now?"

You glance up at Sheppard. "I think it's Level Thirty-Six?"

"Thirty-Five," he corrects.

"Oh, great, 35. Perfect," you lament, laden with sarcasm. "Just another 28 floors to go! And that's just this stairwell. Then we get to level 63, cross over to an ancillary stairwell, climb ANOTHER four levels and that's just access to the Gate Room..." OH. "Oh! You know what, Radek? if you can, try to get some power to the transporters while you're at it."

"I'll try, but no promises," Zelenka replies.

Your name is Keiko Ayano, and you growl as you manage to pull open the door to Teyla's room.

Teyla seems nearly startled by your wolfish appearance, but she doesn't scream in shock, not even as you revert back to normal and huff in annoyance.

"Stupid, locked doors," you mutter.

"Thank you for coming to my rescue," Teyla smiles.

"Any time," you say, waving it off. "It's a miracle the wolf transformation is still working, though. Weird, isn't it? Magic and Genetic Powers are out across the city, but the wolfy folk can still fur up?"

"Seems like an intentional design choice to me," Teyla says.

"Yeah, probably a loophole Medea worked into whatever spell she cast on us," you huff. "Alright. Time to go find anyone else trapped in their rooms and brute force their doors open."

"Thank you again," Teyla smiles. "And good luck."

"Thanks. I'll need it," you say, and head on down the hallways, sniffing for people panicking behind their locked doors.

Sigh. Of all the days for ALL of the ships currently assigned to Atlantis to be out in the field blowing up Wraith Hiveships and outposts, it had to be today? 

You could use some good old fashioned beaming tech right about now.

Your name is Daraya Jonjet, and you're trying to pry open the doors to access the stairwell into the Control Room when John Sheppard and a very sweaty and tired looking Rodney Mckay slink up to you.

"Door to the gateroom stairwell, right?" Sheppard asks, without hesitation or introduction or even greeting.

"Yeah!" you huff, and stop prying the door apart. "Unfortunately, it's locked. I can tell by trying. It's sealed and locked, unlike the other doors that were just closed when the power cut out. Rest of the tower's like this too."

"Well that can't be a coincidence," Mckay says. "Magic Powers down, Power itself is down, and the Control room is locked tight with the only power left in the city?"

"Not all Magic," you say, holding up your hand and flexing your claws. "Wolf-shift is still functioning."

Before either of them can process that information, Zelenka's voice barks out of a Walkie Talkie. "Rodney?"

"Talk to me?" Mckay replies.

"I've initiated a temporary patch. I was able to route partial power to your lab."

"What about transporters?" Mckay asks, looking exhausted.

"Still working on it."

"Yeah, well, let me know when you've got one." Mckay hangs his head. 

"Alright if the doors are sealed, let's head to your lab and see what we can do," Sheppard starts- and you groan in realization. "What?"

"Tyzias was catching up on paperwork in her lab," you say. "She's probably still in there if she left the door closed. I'll tag along and go let her out."

"Alright," Sheppard nods. "I'll go around real quick and check the other doors, see who else is trying to get in, then meet you all down at the lab."

"Got it," you nod.

"Oh, joy, more Hiking!" Mckay groans.

Your name is Tyzias Entykk, and you nearly jump in the dark as you and Daraya run into John Sheppard and Keiko Ayano.

"Look who I ran into opening bedroom doors for trapped people," John jabs a thumb at Keiko.

"It was me," Keiko bows quickly for all of three seconds.

"Great," you say. "I just got rescued myself."

"That would be me," Daraya smirks.

"Nice," Keiko says.

It takes you a few more minutes of wandering the darkened hallways with just a flash light before you arrive at Mckay's Lab.

Mckay's working on a laptop, casting most of the light into the room.

"Any luck?" John asks.

"Not much," Mckay says. "But we're right. Someone's taken Atlantis. Hacked into the mainframe. I'm having a hard time accessing several of the critical systems. And the ones I can access, you know, are read-only."

That's when Zelenka enters the room, looking just fine compared to Mckay, who definitely is still disheveled. 

"What?" Mckay stares at Zelenka, incredulous. "How did you- how're you here so fast??"

"Oh, I was able to get a few transporters online," Zelenka says.

"Gate Room?" John asks.

"What? Oh, no, unfortuantely," Zelenka shakes his head. "There's a lockout code in place on that one."

"What about surveillance cameras?" You ask. 

"We've got closed circuit feeds on the control room and the gate room," Mckay snaps his fingers and moves to another computer terminal.

"Well, that is if we're not locked out of those as well," Zelenka says.

"They're not critical systems and are on their own closed circuit, so I should be able to access..." Mckay trails off as an image of the gate room fills a monitor.

"A Puddle Jumper?" Zelenka asks.

"Not just any Jumper," Keiko points at the front of it. "Look at the windshield. it's blown in."

"The Jumper Medea stole," you realize. 

"And that I shot open!" Keiko swears. 

"Pan the cameras, see where everyone is," John orders.

Mckay does so, tilting views around...

The entire Control Room area is empty, and Woolsey's office is...

"Is that Gray?" You ask, seeing the girl lying knocked out on a couch. 

"Looks like," John frowns. "Where is everyone though?"

"Not sure," Mckay says. "I'm not picking up any movement anywhere. Let's see now, though..."

"Rewind the security footage, we gotta see what they did." You say.

"Right, rewinding to just before the power outage," Mckay taps a few buttons and...

The footage jumps.

You see Argo leaving the Admin office, speaking to Ronon as he passes by, heading in, and then heading out of the control room.

Woolsey and Ronon talk, with Woolsey looking a bit exasperated...

Then the Stargate activates, shield raised. Woolsey and Ronon head to the control room.

"Unscheduled Activation," you say. "Who was off world?"

"Major Nelson's team," John says. "They're not due back until tomorrow."

Woolsey gives the clear, and the shield lowers.

That's when the damaged Jumper emerges through and parks on the floor.

Woolsey and Ronon seem visibly confused.

"Nelson didn't leave in a Jumper," Keiko says. 

That's when there was a shimmer of the start of a cloaking field around the Jumper, and then- it suddenly passes by, the camera feed frizzing with static for a second. When it passes, everyone in the control room colapses to the floor.

"Stun bomb?" Zelenka asks. 

"Maybe," John says.

Then, the back of the jumper opens up, and out strolls a familiar Fae woman in dark blue robes, flanked on either side by a pair of burly looking Werewolves wearing some oddly tech-like collars around their necks.

"That explains the wolf-out loophole," Daraya makes the connection.

Mckay plays it at double speed from then on, the Werewolves moving the knocked out people to somewhere else, and then dragging in a knocked out Gray from somewhere unknown, depositing her in the office. Meanwhile, Medea stands at a computer terminal, typing away at it and- the feed statics for several moments, before coming back.

"That's time," Mckay says. "Power went out then, and then got switched to whatever power source they're using to run it."

You proceed to watch as Medea and her werewolves step out of the Control Room and head upwards for the Jumper Bay.

Mckay forwards the footage to present, but they never return.

"Why would they go to the Jumper Bay?" Zelenka asks. "Surely the Jumper would be a better move to take it there?"

"Maybe it could only fly so far while powering the Tower?" Keiko offers.

"Maybe," you frown. "But we also gotta realize she's probably also broadcasting whatever's suppressing magic from the Jumper too. We lost that at the same time as the power outage."

"So that Jumper has to go," John decides. "Only question is how."

"It's parked infront of the Gate," Daraya says. "We could just Kawoosh it."

"Gate shield is raised," Mckay points at the live feed. "We'd have to shut it off to make that work."

"I can start hacking into that, but it could take some time, and even then, there's no telling if we could hack into the DHD remotely from here," Zelenka says.

"What about the Jumpers in the under-water bay?" John asks. "We could take one of those, fly it up to the tower, and dial the gate remotely."

"Yes yes yes, that could work!" Zelenka gets excited, and moves over to start hacking into the Gate computer.

"It would if the Jumpers worked," Mckay says.

Daraya takes a step back as You, Keiko, and John all wheel on Mckay and yell- with remarkable synergy- "YOU HAVEN'T FIXED THEM YET!?"

"I've been Busy! Alright!?" Mckay defends himself.

"It's been almost Two Years, Rodney!" John says.

"Two years!" you repeat. "Two years I could've done that work in already!!"

"You said you had it done!" Keiko growled.

"Look, can we forget about the Puddle Jumpers not working and move on to solving the problem or what??" Mckay asks.

"I'll go start work on fixing a Jumper," you decide. "You guys figure out the rest!"

You head off, Daraya trailing behind.


Ronon Dex awoke suddenly- years of trained instinct keeping his body stock still until his mind fully got in gear, and he risked cracking an eye open.

He was in the Control Tower Lounge area- not a place Ronon himself visted very often, but was one that currently had been sealed off on all exits, and filled with everyone who'd been in the Control Room and probably the next two floors down.

Ronon sat up, and took stock of everyone else- some people were just waking up, and a few others were already up.

"Hi, Ronon," Argo gave a tired wave from where they sat against a door. 

Next to Argo, Amelia Banks was trying to short circuit the door controls.

"Well," Ronon griped, "this is not how I expected tonight to go."

"What happened anyways?" Argo asks. "Banks and I weren't in the Control Room when it happened."

"Jumper came through the Gate and fired off some kind of Stun Wave," Ronon answered. 

"Who'd do something like that for?" Banks asks.

"Who knows," Ronon answers. "But that Jumper was pretty beat up on the front. Looked blasted apart, actually."

"Yay," Argo laments. "Someone stole a busted Jumper. That narrows it down."

SPARK! Bweep! Fooosh.

The doors slide open.

Ronon peers out from around the corner, then sees nothing in his way.

He turns to Banks, "Alright, let's find a better place to hide everyone when they wake up. I'll scout ahead."

She nods. "Got it."

Your name is Artoria Gray, and you awaken with a groan.

...The...The Admin office? Why the hell are you here?

You get to your feet and look around when you hear a whoosh of a doorframe opening, and in steps Medea. "Medea!" You step back and try to decaptchalogue-- anything!! -- But alas, you've been stripped of your Sylladex.

"Hello," Medea begins. "I don't believe we've had the pleasure of being introduced yet.Though I suppose the question is should I say this is the first time, or second time we've met?"

"...You figured out what we did," you realize.

"Oh, it took me some time to figure out what you did with my spell- cutting me out of the memory loop? Clever. Very clever." She smiles. "However any sense of betrayal I felt was mollified by realizing that the only way that any of you could have gotten your hands on Rule Breaker was if I'd given it to you first. Stabbing me with my own weapon? Tsk. How rude. But even so... I didn't realize who was directly involved until one of my wovles saw you in a hallway and smelled my magic on you."

"...Rule Breaker," you realize.

"Exactly," Medea's smile widens, somehow too large for her face. "Now, I can sense it through you that it's somewhere in Atlantis. But where? Oh, well, that is the tricky question, isn't it?"

"I won't tell you where it is," you say, standing your ground, hoping to buy some time to solve this situation.

"Oh, I don't doubt that you will eventually," Medea sits down in Woolsey's chair, and crosses her right leg over her left. "But, I am a patient woman. I waited so kindly for you to wake up, after all. I can continue to be patient as I extract a price from you for every minute you delay."

"What are you going to do?" you ask, fearing the worst.

"Once the other prisoners awaken in their holding cells, I'm going to have one of my body guards start clawing and mauling them to death. One. At. A. Time." Medea continues to smile, almost serenely. "I may despise the wolves Hircine forced me to work for, but I will admit, some of the stock here in Pegasus are so much easier to work with. Just a few small accessories, and they fell perfectly in line."

You swallow.

"You have ten minutes to make a decision as to whether or not you'll tell me where Rule Breaker is," Medea stands, and heads for the door she exited from. "In the mean time, I'll go check on our... fellow guests. And if they're awake...and in Ten Minutes you haven't told me what I want to hear? Well. Then they start dying." She leaves with a wave of her hand and a "Toodles!"

...What the fuck is wrong with this woman.

Your name is Akita Red, and just about everyone that's able bodied and ready to fight is gathered here in Mckay's Lab as Sheppard lays out the plan.

"We're going to blow the doors, and make a charge," Sheppard starts. "Lorne, take Rivers, Karren, and  Keiko, to the east stairwell. AR-9, you're with me and Mckay in this stairwell to the west. Zelenka, you're hacking into the systems. Get the Shield down and the Gate dialed if you can manage it."

And with the missions accepted, you head for the transporters and warp to your assigned locations.

C-4 was planted, locations confirmed on both entry points, and-

"Fire in the hole!" Shepard yelled.


The tower shook from several doors being blown open.

Honestly, hasn't Atlantis seen ENOUGH Explosions for one year??

It's not even APRIL yet!

You enter the stairwell and begin heading up.

"Woah woah woah woah!" Rodney cried out, and everyone held position as he checked a scanner. "I've got a majorly large energy reading ahead of us."

Sheppard radioed, "Major Lorne, Hold up, we've got-"

Then there was a wince inducing tumbling sound over the line, and Rivers replied:

"Uh, Colonel Sheppard, Major Lorne is down."

"What happened?" Sheppard asked, glancing at Mckay, who got a worried expression on his face.

"Not sure. I saw a flash of light and it looked like he ran into something, but... he's out cold, sir. Like he got hit with a stunner," Rivers answered.

"Get him out of there and fall back," Sheppard says, then, shutting off the Walkie, looks to Mckay. "How much do you want to bet that the Stun Pulse Medea hit the Control Room with has a fixed radius and didn't collapse when it was done?"

"Sucker's bet. It makes perfect sense," Mckay says, "the whole city didn't get knocked out, after all."

"Just another reason we gotta take out that Jumper," Sheppard says. "Everyone, fall back."

You retreat to Mckay's Lab, by the time you arrive, Mckay has concluded his tests of the energy field he scanned.

"It's definitely a modification of the Wraith Stun-pulse technology, tied into the Puddle Jumper cloaking mechanism," Mckay reports.

"Oh, so he made a Stun Bubble," Zelenka observes.

"No, it's more of a force field with passive stunning effects," Mckay says. "It looks like it's got more in common with our modified Jumper Cloak-to-Shield conversion than with an actual stun field."

"We can name it later, how are we going to turn it off?" Sheppard asks. 

"The problem is essentially the same," Zelenka says. "Jumper must have something Magic inside of it that's supressing our, well, Magic, and at the same time, it's powering a Stun Bubble-"

"Force field!"

"-and the Control Room at the same time," Zelenka adjusts his glasses without pausing for Mckay's interuption. "So if we take out the Jumper, we take out both. The problem is that the code work used to lock us out of the Mainframe is considerably higher on the DHD Lockout than the Gate Shield. Even if we can manage to shut down the shield, re-enabling the DHD isn't going to work from here. It's a case of I think the Jumper is taking priority so the only thing that could stop it-"

"Is another Jumper," you say.

"So we're back to fixing the Jumpers," Sheppard says.

"Tyzias is already reporting moderate success cannibalizing parts from one Jumper to repair another, and Keiko detoured on her way back to join her," Zelenka reports.

"I was wondering where she went," Soul muses.

"Sssh," Maka hisses at him.

You roll your eyes, Lloyd holds back a laugh.

"Yeah, good job on them going ahead," Sheppard grouches. "Especially since Rodney said he fixed them already!"

"It was practically the next thing on my list!" Mckay protests.

"Two Years, Rodney!"

"Need I remind you we were all extremely busy!?"

"And you're going to go down there and help Tyzias fix the job you should've already done!" 

"Why not Radek?"

"Radek's going to stay here and keep hacking the Gate Shields," Sheppard concludes. "We need those down if we're going to punch a hole through that Jumper with the Gate Kawoosh!"

"Fiiiine." Mckay turns to Zelenka. "At least tell me there's a transporter?"

"Yes, well, not one by the Puddle Jumper Bay, but there's one two floors down," Zelenka answers.

"That'll do," Sheppard says, and motions for Mckay to head that way.

"Bluh Bluh, fine!" Mckay storms for the door, and Lloyd finally laughs. "What?"

"Rodney!" Sheppard warns.

"But he's laughing at me!"

"Get going, Rodney!"


You can't help it, you laugh too.

Oh, to have some levity in this situation.

Medea huffed, holding back her anger, as she gazed into the emptied lounge where everyone had been stowed away in.

"Guard the Control Room; do NOT let them take it," She ordered, and her two Werewolf thrawls ran off to do just that.

Medea turned on her heels, and stormed away, seeking to confront Gray.

Her ten minutes were UP.

Medea arrived, storming into the Director's office with a firm gaze fixed on Gray.

Best to play this to card.

"Made a decision yet?" Medea asked.

"Yeah," Gray sighed. "I'll take you to Rule Breaker, but it requires an unlock mechanism elsewhere in the city to get its access point open."

"I'm not letting you out of my sight," Medea warned.

"You don't have to," Gray says. "Just let up on your magic suppression field long enough for me to use my telepathy to contact someone who can pull the lever for us."

Your name is Kohiru Karren, and you try again to reach Gray, who you know is up there in the control room...

But you just... can't break through this molasses feeling.


So slow!

It's like server lag on a cheap MMO server!

There's got to be something- okay, you know there is. Rule Breaker- but you can't reach it! Gray's the only one who could break it out of its fancy golden brick at this point.

Cmon... Cmon...

And then suddenly- Fizzle, pop. There's an opening!

[Karren, Listen closely because there's not much time,] Gray's voice cut through the silence into your mind.

Your name is Kanaya Maryam, and you shine a pen light into Lorne's eyes. He doesn't even react.

"Typical Wraith Stunner response," you state. "He should be out of it sooner than later."

"That's good," Rose says. "Still... all of this is really concern-"

"EXCUSE ME!" Karren suddenly shot up from the bed she'd been lying on and ran out the room with a burst of speed.

"Good Grief, what was that about?" You ask.

Rose shrugged. "When you gotta go, you gotta go?"

You fix her with a look. "The restrooms are on the other end of the infirmary, Rose."

"Doesn't mean she doesn't have somewhere urgent to go, though."

"...Fair enough."

Your name is Rodney Mckay, and you feel a strange ripple through the air as, once again, your powers seem to flicker on and off again.

The hissing of your forceshield appearing and disappearing is just annoying.

"That's REALLY getting old," you gripe, before returning to trying to restore power to the Jumper's rear section through one of the ceiling mounted crystal trays.

"Well, atleast we know that whatever's blocking Magic in Atlantis, it's got a somewhat fixed radius and out here on the edge of the city it's kinda weak?" Keiko offered without even pulling her head and shoulders out of the inside of the Jumper DHD console.

Tyzias and Daraya return with armfulls of crystals from the other Jumper when your walkie buzzes for attention with Sheppard's voice.

"Rodney, how's it going?" 

You pause your work, and step aside as Tyzias nudges you away from the crystal tray to start swapping parts.

"Well, it's going slow and steady, we've got power to the front section of the Jumper, but we're-"

"Can it Fly?" Sheppard cuts you off.

"...Well not exa-" You're interrupted as the back section of the Jumper lights up with power.

"Yes it can!" Tyzias calls out with satisfaction.

"Okay, we can fly, yes," you answer.

"Inertial Dampeners might still be shot, though," Tyzias continues.

"Well, there's a possibility that-"

"What about Dialing the Gate?" Sheppard asks.

"Uh, Keiko?" You turn to the DHD console.

There's a spark, and then the dash lights up.

Keiko rolls herself out from the bottom of the console and gives a thumbs up.

"That'd be a confirmation," you answer.

"Good," Sheppard says. "If it can fly, get that Jumper in the air and as close to the Central Tower as you can. NOW."

"Uh, why?" You ask.

"Because Karren just got in contact with Gray and she wants her to fetch Rule Breaker while Gray's leading Medea to the fake ontop of the central tower." Sheppard reports. "So. NOW. Rodney!"

Two Werewolves guarded the Control Room as Ronon and Banks sneaked into the Gateroom from below. 

One stood at the stairs from below and up to the Jumper Bay, the other stood at the stars leading from the Gate Room to the Control Room.

Ronon squinted in annoyance as he took cover behind the Jumper that was still parked in the center of the room.

He had no idea, of course, that the Jumper was anything but an idle piece of scenery. 

The Werewolves seemed eager to tear anything that got in their way to pieces.

Ronon looked to Banks, and she shrugged.

There wasn't a good way to go about this.

You are still Gray, and you watch as Medea peers out at the overhang where the fake box is hidden.

"And you're SURE I have to climb out there to get it?" Medea asks, unsure.

"Look, I'd go do it myself, but we both know you don't want me anywhere near Rule Breaker incase it lets me break your stupid magic spell." You remind her.

"...You do have a point there. Oh, a shame I didn't bring more help for this one." She shakes her head. "Not that I'd trust them anymore than I trust you. I suppose I'll just have to do it myself then."

The Puddle Jumper slowly raised out of the water and immediately cloaked from sight.

You are Keiko Ayano, and you breathe slowly and steadily as you carefully accelerate towards the tower.

Tyzias was right, there weren't any inertial dampneners active on this Jumper. Fortunately... you don't need that.

"Mckay? On my signal, dial the gate," Sheppard radios.

"Roger that," he says.

Daraya looms over your shoulders while Tyzias waits in the back, preparing to leap into action in case any of the fixes don't hold.

"Is that who I think it is?" Daraya asks, pointing at the top of the tower.

You bring up the HUD and magnify the view. Naturally, Gray and Medea have exited the doorway at the top of the tower, and stand on the small balcony there.

Gray is pointing out towards a small extension of an outcropping where a strong box lay attached.

Karren's voice radios, "She's stalling for time. Says I have to get to the lever still. I've already got the Package, though. So... On your Mark, Colonel."

Medea steps out onto the post and begins walking along towards the end.

"We're not in position yet," you radio.

Come on, come on....

"Radek?" Sheppard asks.

"I've got the Gate Shield Controls so we're- [Oh Slaughtered Lambs!] Ronon and Lieutenant Banks are in the way. What do they think they're doing?" Zelenka answers with an annoyed question.

"Teams are in position, Colonel," Lorne radios. 

"Keiko?" Sheppard asks.

The jumper DHD lights up as you enter range. "We're in range, John."

"DIAL!" Sheppard orders, and Mckay punches the DHD buttons. "AND SHIELD!"

> [S] Oath Sign

The Stargate lights up with a dialing sequence, and the shield lowers suddenly. 

The werewolves look to attention- but aren't able to do much as Ronon runs to tackle the one by the Gateroom stairs, and the other by the Jumper Bay stairs gets assaulted when it turns its back on the stairs, as Banks launches herself at its back and drags it bodily down the stairs- trying to grapple the control collar off.


The Vortex consumes the back half of the Puddle Jumper, and power cuts out to the entire Control Room- including the Stargate, whose vortex colapses without any power to sustain it.

[Once again, I reach my hand into a world repeating on end.]

The two assault teams rush upwards through the stair well as the stun bubble visibly colapses infront of them- Sheppard's team quickly pushing through into the darkened GateRoom, and laser sighting in towards their targets.

[Though it's dark, could my tears carve a path- And lead me right to your heart?]

"Ronon!" John yells, and the man throws himself away before he gets hit with a well aimed Zat shot.

PCH-ZYU! A wolf goes down.

[Like a rose/ that blooms and grows inside my chest, your name's all it knows.]

PCH-ZYU! Lloyd does the same Zat shot against the one Banks was tussling with, and then charges on ahead up the stairs, Akita behind him by only a few steps.

[Is this fate? Cause every day, I pray that right here by your side I can stay!]

Up above, as Medea grabs at the fake Rule Breaker in its box-

[I'll gather these fallen flowers-]

-Karren yelps as the golden Nara Brick in her hand suddenly disolves away-

[The hope discarded and broken-]

-Gray summons Rule Breaker into her hand, and she takes a running dive- discarding her cloak and spreading her wings to soar free as Medea turns to face her with a triumphant smirk-.

[And I'll Join them where they can meet-]

-That shifts to disbelief as they nearly collide. Meda instictively spreads her wings to leap away a moment too soon.

[A wish together, I'll set them free!]

Medea narrows her eyes as Gray holds up Rule Breaker, and sends golden energy along its length- transforming it somehow...

[Holding up the light within, and with no hesitation, To give you a future is all I've wanted!]

And with a suddenly SWORD LENGTH blade, Gray rushes in with a roar- which Medea is forced to block with the fake Rule Breaker before dodging aside.

[Hold me tight, through the dark endless nights, Screaming 'til the morning light!]

Medea drops her faked blade towards the city below, and summons a real sword out of magic to use instead- clashing blades and locking them tight as a deadly dance plays out in the night sky above Atlantis.

[All my broken-down ideals, I know one day they will heal!]

Keiko yells for Drones- but Tyzias hasn't gotten the weapons system for that Jumper online yet.

[With every step they will form The Future!]

Lloyd and Akita enter the Jumper Bay Roof-Access Stairwell and climb at speed.

[I'll hold tightly to this special bond that we share! I'll follow you anywhere.]

Lloyd and Akita exit soon after, arriving on the balcony, and not even pausing to take stock of the ongoing fight before leaping off the edge and into the air.

[Carrying onward, bearing this Miracle!]

A Green light-form flashes into life, casting a brilliant glow across the night sky as Lloyd activates his power, accompanied by a flash of gold as Akita spreads her wings.

[Once again, I hope I can regain the warmth I know that's ahead.]

Medea leverages a blocked swing into an opening for her to kick at Gray and sending her spiraling away with a startled yelp.

[And I pray these fake feelings will fade as the world starts to blur away.]

But she doesn't go far- she lands firmly on the back of Lloyd's Wyvern-Dragon, and rolls to a stop.

"Gotcha!" Lloyd grins.

[Even if I lose my grip, and set this question free from my lips-]

"Damn it," Medea snarls, about to throw herself against them- only to find Akita intercepting inbetween with a sword of her own.

"Not a chance!" Akita snarls.

[I know I won't be surprised to hear that no answer will come to the light!]

They swing at eachother, clashing blades above Atlantis- a dueling dance of a gold and a blue star, when seen at distance.

[This wish that was born from our tears-]

Gray takes up a stance, holding Rule Breaker above her head, and channeling the powers of the Spear that was once Excaliber through it as Mordred and Artoria had taught her to do.

[I know that it will never waver-]

Golden light began to rise from all around Atlantis-

[Though we try to forge on ahead-]

And it began to condense into a giant golden beam centered around Rule Breaker's transformed state, turning it even further into something it normally wasn't.

[The pain is something I won't forget!]

Seeing this, Medea yelled- "NO YOU DON'T!" -and inbetween sword strikes, she launched a burning purple fireball at Gray--

[Only knowing of sadness, never thought I could feel this, But now I know what is pure happiness!]

-But it was intercepted by a flashing wall of green energy, followed by the cloaked Jumper decloaking and revealing its presence in the fight.

"Take That!" Mckay yelled out.

[Time stops taking your breath away- So rip from weakness and escape!]

Medea and Keiko glared at eachother- and then Medea was forced back into combat by Akita.

[I'm screaming out to you, but I May never reach you!]

The Cu Sidhe girl kept Medea on the ropes- distracting her with furious sword strikes combined with magic stunner spells. 

[Still I can picture the light in your eyes!]

And all the while, Gray gathered the hopes and wishes and dreams of everyone in Atlantis...

[Tell me what makes you feel so afraid, that you try~~ to hide your heart away?]

And Lloyd smiled as he provided the solid ground for her to stand on as she performed this stunt.

[If you'd only turn to me and say~~]

From the apartment Balcony, Jade Jackson stared upwards in awe.

[The words that give my life meaning!]

From a random window a few floors down, Argo stared on with a wide grin on their face.

[Then I could always be, Forever be, strong enough!]

From off the Control Room Balcony, John shielded his eyes from the golden light.

The beam of light continued on upwards- growing and widening with power, even as Lloyd lowered downwards, and Akita drew Medea upwards, ensuring that the resulting strike that was to follow would be at an upwards angle and wouldn't damage the city itself.


"NO WAY IN HELL!" Everyone except for Gray yelled out.

Akita roared- speeding up to become a rocketing blur of red and gold in the sky that Medea struggled to keep pace with lest she suffer a critical strike that wasn't from the soon to be expected blast of golden light.

Somewhere, deep in her heart, Medea knew she wasn't getting out of this alive, but damn it if she wasn't going to try anyways.

[Holding up the light within, and with no hesitation, To give you a future is all I've wanted!]

"EX..." Gray slid her right foot into a different stance, and began to twist the angle of her sword strike."CALIBEEEEEEEEEEEEER!"

[Hold me tight, through the dark endless nights, Screaming 'til the morning light!]

The Jumper dove out of the way as Gray swung the beam of light- and Akita seemed to vanish in that instant as well-

Medea was consumed by the beam in its upwards swinging angle.

[All my broken-down ideals, I know one day they will heal!]

The explosion of golden light shone across all of Atlantis like night had turned to day.

[With every step they will form ~The ~Future!]

All eyes who were awake for it stared on, feeling this as the dawn of not just a new day, but the dawn of a new era as well.

[I'll hold tightly to this special bond that we share! I'll follow you anywhere.]

And as Gray lowered the now restored to normal Rule Breaker at her side, eyes closed as she panted for breath, Akita landed at her side to support her before she lost her balance.

[No hesitating, I'll open my eyes!]

Gray opened her eyes and gave a thanking smile to Akita..

[Though my heart's breaking, I'll reach out my hand!]

Lloyd grinned from within the Dragon form and gave a thumbs up.

[Carrying onward, bearing this Miracle!]

Akita could only smile quietly as she closed her eyes, and provided support until they could get onboard the Jumper that was quite carefully backing up towards them with its back bay door open.


DIASPORA DATE: 10/02/0007.

The Sun rose over Atlantis, signalling a proper new day.

Your name is Teyla Emmagan, and you head through the city with a renewed sense of... something, lurking within your heart. Though despite the tumultuous events of last night that brought fear and concern, you feel...

It's not optimistic, but it's a sense of closure, perhaps. The end of one fight, and the start of another.

The closing of an act with the opening of another- a sub act, perhaps?

More than anything, you feel exhonorated over the fact that you were not targeted last night, for some strange reason.

Out of everything that happened, you escaped through it all unscathed, and Torren slept through the entire thing without waking up once.

You pause in your walk as you come to the Atlantis Gate Room- a half melted Puddle Jumper is being shoved manually through the active Stargate.

"What exactly is that accomplishing?" You ask of Mallek Adalov, standing nearby and supervising.

"The Alpha Site is dialed in right now, rather than us dialing out to it," Mallek answers. "That jumper is just being deconstructed with nowhere to go."

"Ah," you nod in understanding, and move past the workers up to the Control Room. "Good morning, everyone," you greet.

You receive many positive replies in turn, and head to the Administration officce, where you find Argo working at their desk, with Woolsey nowhere to be seen.

"Good Morning, Teyla," Argo stands up to greet you. 

"Good Morning," you greet in turn. "How is everything going?" 

"Well, we've got two very confused people down in Containment right now," Argo answers. "And we've got the city's computer systems purged of whatever weird ass virus Medea put on it, so power's active through the City again." They sigh, linking their fingers, and stretching their arms out. "But damn if my sleep schedule isn't off-center. I'm probably going to take a half day, honestly."

"Perfectly understandable," you nod. "Is everything back to normal beyond that?"

"Yeah. Some good news came out of all of this, though. We found a notebook inside the Jumper showing the spell rune Medea used to turn off magic, and we're planning on applying it on a limited scale to the holding cells and interrogation rooms for future use," Argo answers. "And Other than that... we fished enough of Medea's body out of the sea to confirm the death."

"'Enough of'?" You ask, not sure if you want to know.

"Let's just say that if Medea didn't instantly die from the shock, everything from the shoulders up would have had just long enough to process the fact that she was dead before she actually died." Argo says before glances out the window, and you follow their gaze to see the last of the ruined Jumper shoved through the Stargate.

"Yes, I think I get it," you say as the Gate shuts down. "I thought the Excaliber Blast was meant to be instant vaporization?"

"I already fired off an email to Mordred about it," Argo answers. "But Fraiser's best guess was she tried shielding herself at the last second and it barely worked."

"Which would explain the prolonged explosion," you muse. "A shield at the last second would have taken the full brunt of the sustained blast until it shattered."

"We're hoping that she didn't pull some soul jump trick," Argo says. "But Aradia said she and her fellow Soul Reapers are runing a thorough sweep around Atlantis to ensure she's really dead and moved on. So even if she did separate her soul out somehow, she'll be gone again soon enough."

Your name is Richard Woolsey, and you pause as you enter the Infirmary to the sight of Artoria Gray and Lloyd Armadn lying together on a bed- with Artoria's wings folded up around the both of them. That in and of itself isn't a startling sight. 

What IS startling is the rather fluffy looking white wolf lying across their laps.

You open your mouth to ask, only for Keller to give you a silencing look from across the room before beckoning you over.

"Akita," Keller answers your unspoken question. "Minori told me she shfted to wolf form after she dragged them in here and just turned into a living blanket for 'em. They've been out cold all night since they came back in."

"I'll leave them be, then," you say. "How's our other patients?"

Keller rolls her eyes and motions over at a lounge chair with her thumb. There, you see Ronon Dex and Amelia Banks just sitting next to eachother, shoulder to shoulder, heads sort of leaning against eachother as they doze. There's a blanket covering them from there.

"They crashed like that just after tests confirmed they weren't infected with whatever Lycanthropy those Werewolves of Medea were carrying," Keller explains. "I haven't dared wake 'em yet."

"Who would, after tackling werewolves without weapons?" You shake your head. "So, what did you call me up here for?"

"Here," Keller offers you a recording device- the one you gave Ronon, infact. "Minori said that Ronon asked to give you this. Apparently he said 'It wasn't a mission, but he did a report anyways.'"

You take it, and give a smile. "Well, I'll give that a listen then," you give a questioning look towards the door. "Unless there's anything else?"

"Nope!" Keller shakes her head.

"Alright then." You nod. "Have a good day, Doctor Keller."

"You too, Mr. Woolsey," she answers.

You head out the infirmary, and once safely far away, you click on the playback of the recording device.

"Mission Report. Medea invated Atlantis. Tried to get Rule Breaker. We blew her up. End of report."



You can't help but chuckle. Short as it is, you'll take it. 

"Oooh! I see how that works!" Jade Harley gasps as Rose shows her the ropes of the art of the Remote Controlled Car.

Your name is Jade Jackson, and you glance to Argo as they do the same for little Lizzy with John's remote controled car.

Casey fusses in your arms, and you'd half-guess she may be annoyed she's still too small to play with the fancy cars.

Or she's just trying to get someone's attention. Babies can be fussy like that.

You turn your attention to Casey for a moment and see she's fussing trying to reach out towards Torren, who, likewise, is reaching out and trying to grab out from within Teyla's arms.

Teyla gives you a roll of her eyes in response. 

Thick as Thieves indeed.

"Alright, is everyone ready to go?" Mckay asks, readying his own car's remote.

"Yes'sir!" Harley salutes.

"Uhhuh!" Lizzy nods.

"Alright then, John? Would you do the honors of counting down?" Mckay asks.

"Sure thing," He stands, and starts pretending to be an announcer. "May the First of many Atlantis' remote controlled Kiddy Cup car races begin in Three... Two... One... GO!"

And then the cars are off, Mckay starting in the lead but slowing down once he realized Lizzy had a false start and took a moment to get her car going. 

Harley, in the mean time, took the lead.  "Hahah!" She grins.

"Oh! What! No fair!" Mckay prostests, and starts his car up once he's sure Lizzy's moving at speed.

Rose grins at you. "Ain't it great to be a kid at heart?"

"Oh, for sure," you grin in return.