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A Meeting by Moonlight

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It was late at night, the sun had long since given over guardianship of the sky to Argus’ moon. The night was quiet in the small tranquil temple resting at the edge of a forest in the middle of nowhere. It had been built to be a tranquil refuge for those who wished to dedicate their lives to becoming an Anchorite.

There was a chill in the air, it wasn’t freezing but it was clear to anyone who stepped outside that winter would soon be upon them. The better indicator was perhaps the ancient tree standing in the centre of that tranquil garden, its verdant leaves having changed color to a mixture of yellows, browns, and reds.

All was quiet and peaceful in that tranquil garden, and no one witnessed the flash of pale blue light that illuminated the central gazebo. There was no one to hear the distinct swoosh of magic, nor did anyone but the moon witness the shape of a tall Eredar woman fade into existence at the centre of the gazebo.

Averia took a single moment to inspect herself mumbling off a quick checklist of body parts and sighing in relief that she hadn't just lost them after her blind teleport. After realizing that she was still in one piece she quickly cast a glance around the area she ensured that she was in fact alone. 

A wicked sort of grin crept onto her features as she admired the long flowing white robes that clung to her curvey form. Feeling confident that she did a good job on looking the  part of a novice priestess, or more importantly looking identical to her twin sister. Pulling up her hood she bowed her head keeping her eyes on the ground as she followed the cobblestone path out of the garden and into one of the candle lit hallways.

She knew that the person she wanted would be in the shrine for her nightly prayers, at least she really hoped that she would be, it was a somewhat frightening thought to think that her twin sister would have changed her routine, or light forbid that someone mistook her for her sister and she needed to actually pretend to be her sister.

It amazed her that she passed no security measures in the hallways. Averia was used to vast hallways being patrolled by arcane constructs that would enforce a young magus’ curfew, rather severely. When she came across no such thing she allowed herself to relax just a little. Sure she passed the occasional acolyte and even sister superior who greeted her politely. Each one she returned and occasionally she looked over her shoulder to admire their behinds. 

That is until she suddenly and quite literally bumped into a much larger draenei.

Averia gulped a little as she looked up slowly, her mind already reaching for a spell to get her out of the situation, when she noticed that the tall muscular woman was smiling kindly at her. The woman was pale of skin, at first Averia thought she had wandered into one of the marble statues, but to her surprise the woman spoke up. “Sister Isha, it is good to see you out of the chapel.” The woman reached out and started petting her head very gently. “One should not be cooped up in prayer for six hours.”

It took her a moment but Averia recalled Isha mentioning her combat trainer had a fondness for petting others. Her name is… Kassandre, I think. She thought to herself as her cheeks felt warm from the gentle head petting. “H-hey… Kassandre” She mumbled softly her eyes moving down to the other woman’s hooves. 

“What’s that response? Where is that brazen loud mouth I have in combat practice, huh?” Kassandre asked her eyebrow perking up. “Don’t tell me that was an act, sister?”

“N-no, sorry you just caught me off guard.” Averia mumbled softly.

“Off guard? Light help me… you need more training then, Sister.” Kassandre commented with a grin so wicked that even Averia felt nervous about what she had just done to her own twin. “You can’t become a hospitaller if you are not prepared for the unexpected!” The huge draenei chuckled lowly. “Get some rest. Tomorrow is going to be a long day.”

Gulping Averia nodded her head slowly to show she understood, and feeling somewhat bad about screwing over her sister like that. “Yes, ma’m.” She said before continuing on quickly, a small smirk crossing her lips as she realized that Isha was probably still in the chapel praying.

Quickly rounding the corner to get out of the woman’s line of sight she let out a soft sigh. That woman is huge… I don’t think I would have beat her if she saw through that. She sighed softly under her breath.

The chapel was a longer walk than Averia had anticipated, the temple was circular in nature and the actual chapel was at the very heart of the building. Averia smiled a little as she saw the marbled stone doors, they were as ancient as the settlement around it.

Reverently she opened the door and stepped into the ornate sandstone halls. It was ostentatiously decorated even though she had to admit that, the central altar was adorned with silken cloth gold thread woven through it. Her eyes didn’t appreciate the chapel as much though, no her eyes were set on the kneeling draenei before the altar. She was a perfect specimen of Eredarkind. Leaning against one of the pews she watched her own twin sister with a small adoring smile. Letting her eyes roam over the woman’s body slowly.

Isha looked radiant in her virgin white robes trimmed with golden adornments, something that made Averia feel proud, her sister had already made it to novice first class. Aside from that Isha looked exactly as she remembered, Silver white hair kept in a long braid that reached her lower back, a dark blue skin, and gently curled horns that swept back.

Averia let her eyes linger on her sister’s tail. Happy to note that she was wearing the ornamental tail ring that each of them had been gifted by their parents on the day when they came of age. For a long moment she eyed the ornamental ring set with its cross shapes rubies.

Then for a moment she looked over her shoulder at her own, it was the exact same, but her gems were sapphires.

Returning her gaze toward Isha she smiled a little, she almost felt bad for what she was about to do, it was rude to interrupt someone’s prayer, and by the movements of her sister’s lips she was still very much praying.

“Sister, you look radiant to night.” Averia kept her voice loud enough to be heard across the room, but she barely lifted it above a whisper. “Would you care for some company on this radiant knight?”

Isha let out a loud gasp of shock. She had clearly been expecting to be alone, her eyes were wide as she watched Averia push back the hood to reveal her face. “Averia! Y-you can’t be here.” She hissed through clenched teeth.

Averia simply chuckled and stepped closer, each gentle tap of her hoof on the stone floor echoing through the room. “But, I missed you, Isha.” She whispered in a low sultry purr.

“That doesn’t change the fact that you can’t be here!” Isha protested, marching toward Averia to embrace her as they met halfway. “But… I am flattered that you came to see me.”

Leaning in Averia kissed her sister on the forehead with a small smile. “We’re twins Isha, it hurts to be apart, surely you feel that too.” Averia whispered gently, shocked at how emotional her own tone sounds.

“I do, it has been hard to spend all this time without you.” Isha admitted with a heavy sigh. “But, that doesn’t change the fact that you would be in so much trouble… I have heard rumors of what Lord Archimonde does with students who break curfew.”

“A price worth paying to see my other half, at the risk of sounding like one of your trashy romance novels, I feel incomplete without you at my side.” Averia pulled her sister tightly against herself. “Well, that and I wanted to give you this.” Reaching into her robe Averia pulled out a small, obsidian orb. She pressed it into Isha’s palm with a small grin.

“What is this?” Isha asked, turning the object in her palm while looking puzzled.

Averia said nothing for a long time allowing Isha to inspect it. “It’s an obsidian mind orb.” Averia said simply, before realizing that her sister would have no idea what it does. Blushing lightly she shook her head. “Sorry, it allows us to communicate telepathically when we sleep, we can use it to shape our own dream world together. It works over vast distances.”

Isha smirked a little. “So… we could see each other every night?”

Averia simply nodded in response, looking into her sister’s eyes. “I have to warn you… there is a chance that our souls will be permanently linked after long exposure.”

Isha rolled her eyes for a moment. “You say that as if they aren’t already.”

“Well, that is fair I guess.” Averia said with a small smile. She let her tail wrap slowly around her sister’s waist. “Still, I do wish you would let me study the bond between twins.”

“Maybe when I am done with my training, sister.” Isha said with a soft giggle, gently taking a grip on the collar of her sister’s robes. “Now come along before anyone sees you… I know the perfect place.”

“Lead the way, Isha.”

A small grin crossed Averia’s lips as she followed her sister, in companionable silence. She felt more at ease when around her, as cliche as it was she did feel like being near her completed her.

Isha led her down one of the many side passages leading away from the central chapel. She let Isha lead the way in the cramped hallway which she supposed was meant for maintenance access behind the organ, and perhaps it might have been to ogle her own sister’s behind. There was something profoundly hypnotic about her tail swishing back and forth, occasionally swishing down, pulling the virgin white robes taut and framing her behind perfectly.

Watching the unintentional show her sister was putting on amused Averia. It amused her more to notice that Isha wasn’t even conscious of the fact that she was doing it. Idly she wondered how many of the prudes her sister had so cruelly taunted without even realizing it.

“So, where are you luring me?” Averia asked, finally breaking the silence between them.

“You’ll see, I think you will approve.” Isha cooed playfully.

Averia shook her head a little. “Well, as long as your prioress doesn’t catch me I am fine with anywhere.” She cooed softly stepping forward to catch Isha in her arm while holding up her right hand and conjuring up a bottle of spiced wine. “And we can share this in some privacy.”

She felt Isha pressing back in to the embrace, and she heard the pout in her voice so clearly.

“Sister, you know I am not allowed to partake” Isha mumbles softly, letting her voice drop into a coy little murmur.

For her part Averia simply chuckled at her sister. “But why not? It’s not as if the light forbids it.” She kept her voice barely above a whisper, her tone a soft velvety purr. The same tone she knew made her sister shiver with excitement. “What the prioress does not know, will not harm you, Sister.”

Isha sighed out softly. Averia knew she was only in part play acting the unwillingness. Her sister had always been the one to follow the rules. Tempting her into naughty behavior was as fun a game as ever. “You’re making it really hard, Averia…”

Averia simply kissed her twin on the nape of her neck, electing a soft coo from her sister. “But… I thought you enjoyed these games we play, sister.” The eredar cooed tenderly into her twin’s ear.

“Averia, we shouldn’t.” Isha whispered, hiding her face behind her hair to hide the blush Averia knew was there. “Everything is a game to you, I… what we did when we were kids is not allowed.”

“According to who?” Averia whispered softly, slowly letting her fangs brush against her twin’s smooth skin, eliciting a soft, reluctant, moan. “Which law prohibits a woman from laying with another woman?” 

“That is not the issue!” Isha suddenly exclaimed, pulling away from Averia. It pleased Averia to note that her sister was wrapping her tail around her own thigh. It was one of the ticks her sister had that she was actually enjoying the way Averia pushed her.

“Then what is the issue?” Averia asked, resting one hand on her hip while the other one was holding the bottle of wine by her side. She couldn’t help but smirk at her sister, eyeing her up and down shamelessly.

“We’re sisters!” Isha declared loudly, annoyance written clearly on her face along with a deeply embarrassed blush.

“Well, it’s not like I can get you pregnant with my tail.” Averia said with a casual shrug. “Besides you have never complained in the p- Oh. You took the oath, didn’t you!?” Averia demanded her tone more annoyed than she meant it to be.

Isha opened her mouth a few times without saying a word, her eyes went wide and her cheeks turned a bright shade of red. Her sister looked so shocked and caught off guard by the comments.

Averia took that moment to lunge at her sister, assisted by a moderate application of magic to teleport forward until she felt the familiar softness of her sister’s lips against her own, their breasts pressing firmly together. To her amusement instead of struggling Isha kissed her back submissively. 

Averia pulled her tightly to herself, the arm holding the bottle wrapped around the small of Isha’s back, the other cupped her cheek tenderly. “You're too easy, you want it just as much as me. But you like playing hard to get, don't you?”

Isha just nodded dumbly as Averia traced her thumb along her lips, surprising her sister by suddenly pressing her thumb into Isha’s mouth as she parted her lips to speak. “You want to be made to break that oath, you did it to mess with me, like you always try to resist me… like you try to resist your own needs. But in the end you think with that cunt of yours.”

Isha shook her head lightly trying to argue no, but the lie was made pretty obvious as her tongue caressed Averia’s thumb gently.

“Yes, You really are a wanton slut, dearest sister.” Averia murmurs softly, pressing her thumb past Isha’s lips and into her eager mouth. “Look at you, suckling on my thumb as though it was a delicious cock.”

Blushing deeply Isha looked away from her sister, suddenly finding the ground very interesting. “It's not my fault… you're a vile temptress.” She muttered softly. “Y-you’re the reason I even feel these things!”

“Really? Because you're the one shaking her ass at others begging to be spanked.” Averia growled, grabbing her sister's chin and forcing her to look up. “Look at me, it's not like you can hide your feelings by not looking at me dear, look at me with those pleading eyes.”

Slowly and obediently, Isha raised her eyes to meet her sister’s. There was a  look in those soft blue eyes that told Averia more than the deep blush on her sister's cheek. It was a look of pure desperate need mixed with a healthy dose of shame. “Yes, the same old slut I grew up with. You want me to push you against the wall and fuck you, don't you?”

Isha simply nodded dumbly to the question, too ashamed to utter a word.

“Use your words, slut.” Averia commented sternly.

“Yes, big sister…” Isha mumbled softly. Closing her eyes as she shamefully admitted her desires.

“Yes, what?” Averia demanded.

Biting her bottom lip Isha stared at her sister for a long moment. “I… want you to press me against the wall, right here, and fuck me with your tail until I am nothing more than a pleading, mewling slut! Y-you’re right, now please just fuck me!”

Smirking viciously Averia finally shoved her twin against the wall with a low threatening growl. She didn't even let her sister speak before shoving both fingers into Isha’s mouth, while her other hand thrust between her thighs.

Isha struggled playfully against her sister, trying to shove herself away from the wall. Averia was confident that her sister was enjoying herself, not just by the fact that she was lapping at her fingers, but also by the lack of their long upheld safety sign.

“Good girl… you remember that you can stop this with just a single motion, yes?” Averia whispered kindly into Isha’s ear, watching her sister slowly nod in understanding and then tapping Averia’s thigh three distinct times with her tail.

“Good… let's have some fun.” Averia growled lustfully into her twin’s ear.

Not wanting to allow Isha a response Averia violently shoved her sister against the wall, her lips greedily meeting her twin’s pillowy lips in a passionate and fiery kiss. Pinning down her sister’s tongue occasionally to show dominance.

Her sister reciprocated greedily, pressing her body closer, mashing her lips into Averia’s with low lust filled moans.

Averia enjoyed feeling Isha’s soft supple body pressing against hers, they might have been twins but Averia took great pleasure in letting her hands run all along her sister’s behind and those thick thighs.

As their lips parted Isha spoke up, or rather mumbled very timidly to her sister. “Y-you’re so rough all the time, can we… for once do this my way?” The words actually made Averia pause in the way she was groping her sister, lush behind, it had been a long time since she had seen her and she wanted to ravish her sister

Sighing softly Averia looked down into her sister’s eyes, taking a step back for a moment. “I guess we can, I just really enjoy your sweet mewling when I am rough… Alright… let’s take it nice and gentle then. This one time.”

“T-thank you, sis.” Isha whispered very softly in that moment, her head tilting to the side to give Averia access to her neck, moaning softly as she felt her older sister suckling on a patch of skin, it was if she had to be honest a quite sensual experience.

Averia mureed softly as her lips trailed little bites and kisses down her sisters neck, along the smooth skin of her chest, as she went lower she started to pull down Isha’s robes without really unbuttoning them, leaving the priestess half stripped so she could tenderly run her hands across her twin’s breasts.

“Hmm… they’ve gotten bigger, haven’t they?” She asked softly, grinning as her sister nodded confirmation. “Are they sensitive, Isha?” she asked, cooing her sister’s name in that sexual way that made her shiver.

“Yes, they are v-very sensitive.” She practically moaned out, watching her sister slowly licking little circles around each of her nipples, her blue tongue giving each hardening nipple a sensual flick, drawing out yet another little moan of pleasure.

“Good, it makes you much more responsive.” Averia murmured softly, taking one of Isha’s nipples between her lips, letting her teeth graze the sensitive flesh, she watched almost fascinated as her sister threw back her head and gasped in pleasure. “Yes, so much better than before.” Averia whispered sweetly, keeping the nipple in her mouth to suckle and nibble on it just to enjoy the variety of small lustful noises her prim and proper sister was making.

Averia smiled contently to herself as she watched her sister panting and mewling, being kind and gentle wasn’t normally her thing but she had to admit that it was fun to watch her sister. And it was perhaps a little bit of vanity on her part, it was her alchemy that had created her sister’s sexy body, or rather her alchemy had. While her sister was distracted Averia very slowly trailed her tail up along Isha’s inner thigh.

Without warning she plunged her tail deeply into Isha’s drooling womanhood, letting the tail bottom out in a single, gentle thrust and keeping the her wide tail pushed deeply inside of her sister so she could get used to its size. “Yes… I forgot how tight you feel around my tail.” She whispered while her sister squirmed and mewled out like a bitch in heat, it was music to her ears.

“S-sis… it’s so big…” Isha muttered softly, her hips giving a light little rock against her sister’s tail. She leaned back against the wall. “P-please m-more.” She heard herself whisper.

With a lascivious grin Averia continued to trail soft bites and kisses down her sister’s trembling form. “I will tell you when you get more, sister.”

“P-please! PLEASE Mistress… d-don’t be mean to me!” Isha crooned loudly, her body pressing towards averia making it easier for the woman to keep biting her.

“Mistress? I thought you wanted to take it slow, and make it loving.” Averia pouted at her sister, giving her a very sly look moments after. “You always break this easily, Isha, can’t even stick to your own request.”

Isha blushed and looked away from her sister with an embarrassed little whine of protest.

“What? You don’t like how I’m taking my time with you today?” Averia asked in a mocking tone. Her hand reaching down to Isha’s behind landing a firm and painful spank that elected a deep sultry moan from her twin. The sound was a rush to Averia.

“I’m going to have to punish you, slut.” She crooned lightly at her sister standing up to her full height again and forcefully turning her sister around.

For her part Isha offered no resistance instead doing as she was bidden, her hands against the wall and her behind presented for the spanking. “P-please punish me, mistress.” She half moaned.

Averia was quick to slap a hand across Isha’s ass, leaving a bright blue imprint on her sister’s pale ass. “Bad deceptive little slut..” She followed it up by another series of blows each lashing Isha across her slowly brightening behind. Each lash ended with her nails raking along Isha’s skin.

“YES, I lied! I wanted this from the start, mistress!” Isha cried in between firm lashes to her ass, each making her hip rock against the take forcing her to ride it while Averia did nothing.

“I know, you dumb slut, I remember that you can only think with your greedy cunt.” She hissed at Isha putting on a facade of contempt for her own sister’s benefit. Reaching around with one hand she pinched one of her sister’s nipples, letting the nails dig into it.

The pain to her nipple coaxed a beautifully painted moan from her sister that sent shivers down Averia’s spine. Her sister was beautiful at that moment, looking utterly blissed out of her mind, desperately riding Averia’s like her life depended on it.

“Yeeeeeees more, more!” Isha demanded that at that moment her voice was rising louder than it probably should.

Grinning ear to ear Averia pressed herself against Isha’s back, her breasts rubbing against her sister’s supple skin. “I’m going to fuck you now, sister, you better be ready.” She growled her hands at Isha’s hips her own dripping pussy pressed against the base of her sister’s tail, with a soft moan of pleasure.

As Averia started grinding herself against the base of her sister’s tail she moved her own roughly thrusting it into her tight snatch, stuffing as much of her long tail into her dearest pet as she could, relishing in Isha’s delighted squeals. Her nails firmly gripping and raking along her sister’s hip and up to her breasts which she once more took in her hands to roughly fondle.

“C-close, am close…” Isha mewled out under her breath, each time Averia hilted her tail inside of her she squealed in pleasure.

“Good girl, cum for me, cum those stupid brains out.” Averia growled growing rougher and rougher, her nails leaving painful marks on her sister’s sensitive breasts, her tail savagely rutting the girl as she herself wildly grinds down on the base of her sister’s cock, chasing the relief she had been craving for days.

“FUCK, FUCK, LIGHT YES, SISTER!” Isha screamed at the top of her lunges, her climax taking her after weeks of not cumming due to her oath, her now very broken oath.

“YES! G-goooood girl~” Averia praised as her thrusts grew more and more erratic, she was grinding her clit firmly against Isha, as her entire body felt like it was being wound up like a spring only for suddenly and intensely find release her entire body locking up for a good few seconds as she was submerged in an ocean of bliss.

Averia allowed herself a satisfied smile as she held her sister pressed tightly against herself and lowered the woman down onto their discarded clothing. She felt truly happy at that moment. Isha was still very lost in her post climax bliss. She had curled up so cutely next to Averia on the small pile of discarded robes and clothing. 

Averia decided at that moment that her sister looked so cute when curled up against her while lost in an ocean of bliss. Leaning down she kissed her sister on the cheek, slowly running her tongue along her lips. She used her tail to pull a small bit of purple ointment from her robes, the container was marked Restoring Salve, in an elegant cursive script.

Isha moaned softly into the kiss. She leaned up to press her lips tightly against Averia’s, her eyes half lidded as she looked up at her sister. “You’re such a meany, sister, but I very much enjoyed that.” She mumbled softly her voice sounded shaky and more than a little raw.

Averia couldn’t help but admire the distant look in her sister’s silver eyes. To her amazement they looked almost clouded over now that they were so unfocused. “Mean? Maybe, although I wouldn’t call what I did very mean though.” Averia whispered softly, while running her fingers all along Isha’s clawed up side electing a reluctant little moan. “It does please me that you enjoyed it, you do know that I meant none of the mean things I said to you, right?” 

Isha giggled softly, shaking her head lazily. “I know, Mistress, you only say those things because they excite this little slut.” Her words were soft and slurred, but it was clear to Averia that her younger sister had thoroughly enjoyed her ravishment.

Averia rolled her eyes just a little. “Indeed, but playtime is over now, Isha. Time to come back to reality.” Averia whispered softly. “I know you want more and were we anywhere else I would give you that coveted round three and four, but we already risked getting caught, little screamer.”

Scooping up two fingers worth of salve from the pot she was holding with her tail, running the cold minty smelling ointment over the claw marks and her sister’s thoroughly spanked bottom. “You’re lucky I came prepared… imagine the prioress seeing those teeth marks on your neck.”

“Do we really need to?” Isha pouted, her voice dreamy and distant, her tail curling around Averia’s inner thigh, slowly trying to snake the tip up to her sister’s womanhood. Averia let out a gentle sigh as she reached between her thighs and pinched her sister’s tail tip rather roughly, earning a low slutty moan from her precious masochist.

“Yes, I’m afraid that it is time for us to stop my love. You have to get to bed, and I have to get back to the academy, but do not worry we will have much more fun soon enough.” Averia whispered while watching the marks on her sister’s body vanish almost as soon as the ointment was applied to them.

Isha let out a heavy sigh and started to sit up slowly. “Will I see you soon, sister?” she whispered softly, her tone slowly going back to its normal cadance as she reluctantly pulled herself from her playful mood.

“I will be seeing you in your dreams sister dearest.” Averia whispered softly, her hands slowly running up and down her sister’s body. “And I will be sure to send you another supply of potion, I’m not changing anything, you seem to be doing better now.”

Isha nodded slowly at her sister. “I do, I don’t feel as weak as I did.”

Smiling lovingly averia nodded, reaching out to pet Isha. “I’m happy, oh, I might have also run into your combat trainer and she might be plotting something. GOOD NIGHT!” Averia said and then in the blink of an eye she was gone.

Isha sitting there staring into space. “FUCK YOU!” She shouted after her twin sister, pulling her robe close to her chest.