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Pacts and Demonic Revelations

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Mammon, Avatar of Greed
Late for Human Pick Up Duty



Shit, shit shit.

My human was gonna be pissed. I had managed to get everything I'd meant to [my bag full of gems and grimm could attest to that]. They'd sent me several texts, asking if I was coming to walk with them back, and a couple phone calls, too. No voicemails, so they must just be pissed. If my human had magic, they probably would've have just summoned me. But they couldn't, and judging from all the calls, they were probably going to just start thinking of me like my brothers did... Scummy demon who can't even remember when to pick them up at the right time.

Maybe if I bought them something they'd forgive me? I didn't like the idea of them being mad at me. But that should fix it, right? They'd said they needed some grimm and they'd gone out of their way to cover for me in this and--

And I felt the summons. It wasn't as strong as when the witches called me. It wasn't the same type of magic. There was the familiar pull, targeted towards me, and I felt a swell of pride that they were calling me with their magic. Except since when did they know magic? Or how to do that? But I could feel greed. Not exactly for money or things, my human was very rarely greedy for those kinds of things I'd quickly found out. But for.

For me.

It was the same feeling as the other day when they'd kissed me. Except more demanding. My human wanted me there to just take them home and carry them and hold them and... I hurried my steps, already grinning. Of course they wanted me there. Stupid of me to think the other day was just a fluke. When I got there, I was gonna pick 'em up and take 'em home and I'd get to show them what I got and we could just curl up in their bed and watch one of their stupid human shows until we fell asleep. I should definitely get them something though, even if they weren't pissed. They didn't wear jewelry much, but they'd wear something from me, surely. Some gold earrings maybe? Ones that would shine and catch the light when they looked over me and smiled and--

Something was wrong.

The summoning was laced with a fear and a panic that was so intense I could feel the bitter taste of bile at the back of my throat. And then. Pain. It tore through me. Through my side, through the pact mark that was on my shoulder. Ice cold and burning. Taste of blood in my mouth from the sudden shock of it. And I needed to find them. My D.D.D. was already in my hand and I was dialing before I even realized what I was doing, running towards Hell's Kitchen.  I had to get to them--

Where the fuck was Chris?

Their phone went to voicemail and I panicked. Not bothering to leave a voicemail. I was starting to run by that point, because I knew something was wrong. I could feel the pain moving through my body. Knew it meant that it was moving through theirs. Other pacts when shit like this happened were easier to ignore, distance made it lessen. But here? In Devildom?

And it got worse the closer I got. I could practically feel where the demon's claws had tore into my human. I could feel the rawness of their fear and-- Fuck, I was feeling this way more intensely than I should be. Was it because of-- Because I lo-- My phone ringing shook that train of thought out of my mind.

"Chris?! Where the fuck are you? What happened? Who attacked you? Are they still there?" Their answers were mumbled into the phone. Confused. Fuck, humans didn't do well with blood loss. Something about Purgatory Hall? 

I had to get there before things became worse.