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It's a wonderful life, Luthor!

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“God if your there I am not a praying woman but if your up there please hear me now, don’t let my mother win, help me to be the good Luthor, Please, show me the way to stop this” - Lena Luthor


“God, I may have seen glimpses, the others are worried, I see, the path is split, her choice is not made yet, help her choose, give her the strength not to do what she is thinking and find her way home” - Nia Nall


“Help her Rao, she is more than she realises she is worth love she is a hero, Rao please have mercy on me for my mistakes and help her” - Kara Zor-El Danvers


“I am not much for praying, I am a woman of science, but God please, if you exist, God, Lena she is in trouble, we didn't mean for this, help her see she is worth saving that she means so much to us all” - Alexandra Danvers


“Rao I know that I was created in darkness, but I walk in your light and tonight i ask you, please bless her and keep her safe, she saved me from the darkness and she is worth your time” - Samantha Arias


“God please listen and help her, she is a member of our family even if she doesn't see it, protect her tonight stop her doing something that can not be undone” - Eliza Danvers


“I don't know how it happened, but mom is worried, there is something wrong with my aunt Lena, she has never shouted at me before, Rao, God whoever is out there please. Please don't let anything happen to her” - Ruby Arias


“H'ronmeer, Lena’s thoughts were dark, desperate, I fear for her, we are all looking I can not find her Psychically, and we are having no luck with our search, help guide us, help us find her she saved me more times than i care to admit, help me to save her” - Jonn Jonz


“I don't understand this concept but my friends say that it will help, there is a 95.342% chance that they are trying to help me feel better, but they say asking works. My friend Lena her boxes they are broken and she is going to do something she will regret please help her god, make her see that she is too precious to be lost” - Brainy


“I’m new to this group, but I can see the pain, all of them are hurting and she is alone in her pain please protect her, keep her safe give them time to find her, please watch over her tonight” - Kelly Olsen


As the friends look for Lena, more and more people who have seen her, or the superfriends begin to pray for the safety of Lena Luthor. Something unexpected to her, but for those that she had touched, they knew better they knew that her heart was pure, that she deserved better, that she deserved to be saved. The prayers become a cacophony of rhythmic chanting building to a crescendo of please to save Lena Luthor. Rushing into find the almighty Michael sword ablaze charges forward. Into the chamber where god awaited her messengers word.


“My Lord, I fear there is a problem on earth, National City and other places now all calling for help, help for Lena Luthor”


“That's right, the Luthor, tonight is her special night, she is going to throw away my most precious gift, because even after she chose forgiveness, to be good over her family's legacy and the desire for revenge, she feels she was betrayed again and she is going to lose everything. Unwilling to put the burden on a child she would rather end it all than suffer alone. We must send someone to her, call for our next Angel trying to earn their wings”


“My Lord that is part of the problem, it is the turn of the clock maker, Clarence. He has not been able to win his wings, he is not the sharpest knife in the drawer ”


“Ah yes, Clarence he hasn't got his Wings yet, but he has a faith that is unyielding, Call for him Michael, for this woman, the innocence of a child is just what we need.”


Joining the Angel and his Lord in the chamber a small older gentleman arrived eagerly at their side. His smile was bright and his excitement overflowing, he was already finding it hard to contain himself.


“You sent for me my Lord?”


Michael looked at Clarence, he wished that it was anyone else, if this evening was going to work out well Lena needed their best angel, not this cobbler, Michael nudged him forward towards the Lord.


“Clarence I have a job for you, tonight, in just a hour, Lena Luthor is going to throw away my most precious gift and I need you to go and help her.”


“Oh my, not her life but why would she do that? You want me to go down there? What is the world like now I haven't had a chance in over 200 years, what are they wearing, what is popular, i need to get ready”


Excited Clarence moved around, frantically looking left and right wondering where to go, Michael placed his hand over his face and shook his head.


“You need to get to know Lena, she is a complicated character, and it is more than her life that needs saving, she also has a choice to make that will change everything, you need to know everything you can, you need to know Lena if you are going to help her, look see the city”


Clarence looked up at Michael and took a breath to steady himself. Looking down at the clouds.


“um , I am sorry but I can't see anything”


Michael realising the problem put his hand on the shoulder of the man lending him his power to see through the clouds. Back through time, back to a small town outside of Metropolis, where a young woman was carrying a baby into a small stone house.


“Ah yes that is better. I can see now, what a lovely house, but surely it is not her? Not the woman with the baby, she looks so happy.”


The Lord chuckles at the innocence and sweet nature and shook his head lightly.


“No Clarence, it is the baby, that is Lena and her mother Kieran, I want to show you her life so that you can understand her and just how complicated her life has been”