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Constellations in our Hearts

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The four auspicious beasts, as well as the fifth beast, are some of the most powerful creatures of China. When people found out about the legend of five people of different sects having them as their spirit animals, they were envious but also looked forward to the day the five people would be revealed. The legend does not mention any names, but there are clear descriptions of the people.

The Azure Dragon, QingLong, would be a generous, harmonious, calm, intelligent, sincere, faithful, wise, timid, melancholic, patient, understanding, passive and jealous person.
The Black Tortoise, XuanWu, would be a wise, serious, powerful, strong, disciplined, pessimistic, aloof, strong-willed, formal, persistent, indecisive and protective person.
The White Tiger, Baihu, would be a strong, majestic, fearless, fierce, peaceful, cold, hopeful, inhospitable, distant, indecisive, stubborn, judging, competitive and ambitious person.
The Vermilion Bird, ZhuQue, would be a determined, optimistic, courageous, ambitious, impulsive, impatient, charismatic, loving, strong, obsessive and passionate person.
And the Yellow Dragon, HuangLong, would be a cowardly, loyal, fearful, sad, caring, fragile, cautious, friendly, compassionate, honest, overprotective, responsible and enduring person.

The descriptions are very specific, but since nobody is allowed to say the name of their spirit animal until they find their mates, it is impossible for people to know who they are. But when one by one, each of the alphas meets their omega, they start announcing who they are. All but one, their omega himself. Because while their omega is very powerful, he is extremely oblivious and he also isn't aware of his spirit animal, which makes finding his mate way harder.