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“I don’t wanna do something that ruins our friendship,” Jimin whispered into the crown of Jeongguk’s head. 


“We won’t. He’s...understanding like that,” Jeongguk replied. “He’s had threesomes before, I think.”


Jimin moved away from Jeongguk enough to look down at him, left eyebrow raised,” You think ?” 


Jeongguk chuckled, that particular sound Jimin had fallen for. It was hard to stay stern and serious when Jeongguk’s laugh sounded like wind-chimes to him. “C’mon, I’m serious, Gguk!”


“I’m being serious too!” Jeongguk said, laughing now. He snuggled further into Jimin’s chest, his soft beige sweater substituting a cushion, ear against his heart. It was Jeongguk's favourite lullaby. Jimin tightened his arms around Jeongguk’s neck, a hand scratching lightly at his scalp. There was a sigh from Jimin, Jeongguk felt it vibrate in himself too. 


“This is hard. Falling for your best friend,” Jimin muttered. “It’s even harder when your boyfriend falls for him too.” Jimin squeezed Jeongguk for a second, never being content with them literally molding into each other; Jimin wanted Jeongguk as close to him as he humanly could. Till there was no peace between them. 


“As if we aren’t enough of a headache to each other,” Jeongguk huffed, earning a giggle from the older boy. Jimin sighed once again.


“This is hard.”


“Go to sleep, Jimin. Worry about it tomorrow.”


“We have to see Taehyung tomorrow.”


“I know, that’s why I said worry about it tomorrow. Okay?”


Jimin answered after a heartbeat, “Okay.”




“How was the exhibition, Tae?” Jimin asked, watching with unconcealable fondness as Taehyung picked the frosting off the sundae he had ordered, a large wide rectangle smile on his face, his eyes twinkling with yesterday’s beauty still swimming in them. 


They were sitting in the cafeteria a few minutes away from the art gallery Taehyung worked at. Jimin found it the closest from his own office too, a pharmaceutical company that was on the opposite side of where Taehyung worked, but the same distance. Taehyung and Jimin had gotten lucky, working so close to each other. Jeongguk had to slug to the more urban side of the city (the desginer hell, as Jeongguk called it), where he worked as a trainer in one of the posh, more uppity gyms. It paid well, so Jeongguk didn’t complain as much; except when the 60+ grandmas hit on him. 


“It was amazing ! Almost got an art boner, it was that good.” Jimin grinned at the comparison. Taehyung always used out-of-the-box ways to describe his emotions, because normal words were never enough to relate his feelings. So he resorted to stitching up different experiences into one cohesive sentence. Jimin loved that about Taehyung. “This is gonna be so much help for the exhibition I’m organising.” Jimin hoped his exhibition is a hit.


“Sometimes, I think you don’t need me and Jeongguk. Just you and your art is enough,” Jimin joked. It’s an instant later that he felt Taehyung’s body next to his, squishing in, his arms circling around Jimin’s biceps and chin coming to rest on his shoulder. 


“Why would you say something like that?” Taehyung whined, high pitched. “You and Jeongguk are art too, in fact,” the weight of Taehyung’s chin vanished and Jimin turned to look at him. His eyes were shining, a kind of innocent determination painted across his face, “You both are my favourite art in the world. Your parents are the real Picasso, and Salvador Dali, and Vincent Van Gogh, and Danvinci, and -” 


“Oh my god,” Jimin stopped him, putting his hand over Taehyung’s endless stream of compliments that would, no doubt, have gone all the way to their great grandparents. “I get it, I get it.” He’s laughing nevertheless. Jimin realized somewhere in the back of his mind that he’s never really been sad because Taehyung. Even when he was going through his love pains with Jeongguk, Taehyung always made him smile. All Taehyung had to do was be there and that’s it. The room was instantly bright. 


Jimin was really fucked. 


“I and Jeongguk should be in an art gallery, then,” Jimin continued, playing along. 


“Yes! Definitely, but...that art gallery will be owned by me. And you both aren’t gonna be on public display.”


“Then where would be?” Jimin asked, suddenly scared to hear the answer. Was he digging his own grave like this?


“In my private collection,” Taehyung replied, voice dropping lower, "only for my eyes to see," to a whisper that no one except Jimin could hear. 


Something feral crawled up Jimin’s throat at the statement. He gulped, trying to tamp it down, but it was hard. It was hard because Taehyung was looking at him like he meant more beyond the metaphor they were discussing. 


"And we’d collect dust there, right?” Jimin quipped, still playing along, trying not to think about Taehyung might be implying since he didn't want to wish, to want. Taehyung didn’t answer right away. But when he did, so quietly, what Jimin recognized as hope did bubble to life in his heart: 


“Not if all I did was take good care of both of you everyday.”


Jimin inhaled sharply, loud enough for Taehyung to hear. He needed to leave; needed to leave for a minute and report his findings to Jeongguk (though he wasn’t actually looking for anything) -  who was snoozing at his apartment since he had a day off from work - so he can also share his excitement, and Jimin’s not all by himself, dying of anxiety. 


“I have to go,” Jimin voiced, his speech wavering with the barely held anxiety. Taehyung's smile vanished for a second, eyes filled with confusion and hurt, Jimin quickled tacked on," to the bathroom! I need to pee, baby." Taehyung rolled his eyes, grinning slightly, as he moved out, enough for Jimin to shuffle out of the seat. 


"I'll be right back, okay," Jimin reassured, pocketing his phone stealthily into his jacket as he weaved his way through the cafe towards the bathroom in the back. 


Once inside, he locked the door and sat down in the closed toilet lid, fishing his phone out to call his sleeping beauty of a boyfriend. Jeongguk picked up on the tenth ring, groggy voice sounding like music to Jimin's ears. Every sound Jeongguk made sounded like a pleasant orchestra to him. 


"Yeah, hyungie. What's up?" 


"Wake up, babe. I gotta tell you something."




“He said that?” Jeongguk asked, his own excitement muffled through the speaker of the phone. 


“I’m not kidding, Gguk. I needed a breather so I'm in the bathroom right now,” Jimin grumbled. “I almost - almost - kissed him.” Jeongguk snickered when he heard a thump, no doubt Jimin letting his head fall against the wall next to him out of uncertainty. 


“It’s still pretty hazy though, to go off of one thing Tae said that sounded moderately sexual,” Jeongguk rationalised. He snorted at Jimin’s pained groan. “But it’s not that far-fetched, I guess.”


“That’s what I’ve been saying!” Jeongguk laughed at how Jimin agreed to the latter sentence, and barely acknowledged the former one. 


“What do we do? How do we know?” Jimin droned on, sounding lost. Jeongguk seemed to be one the line for this, believing it but denying it at the same time; the same thing he’d done when himself and Jimin were still pining after each other. 


“There’s no sure-fire way, hyungie. We just have to…” he trailed off, Jimin lifting his head from the wall, waiting for his boyfriend to continue with something uplifting and hopeful. “Take a leap of faith.”


Jeongguk heard another louder, more annoyed groan, followed by a thump. He snickered again. “It’ll be fine, hyungie.”


“I’d really like you to go through what I’ve been through,” Jimin cursed him before they cut the call.




“Y’know, Tae hyungie, you didn’t need to come all the way out here,” Jeongguk stated, sitting next to Taehyung on the couch. Taehyung had really gone out of his way to deliver the letter inviting them to the exhibition he was organizing, rather than sending them an email about it. “Could’ve just sent an email to me and Jiminie hyung. We’d be there either way, invite or no invite.”


“I know that, silly. But you guys deserve this. I wouldn’t be working where I want to had it not been for both of you, so. It’s the least I can do.”


Jeongguk shook his head; Taehyung was too soft for them. He took the envelope out of his hand, examining the wax seal over the opening, the symbol of the art gallery engraved into it. “I’ll open this at home with Jimin,” Jeongguk said, pocketing it. 


Immediately, Taehyung shot across Jeongguk’s lap, trying to take the envelope out. Jeongguk’s face went on fire; he’s always admired Taehyung’s lithe figure and this here - Taehyung stretched out like this on his lap - doesn’t help at all. Taehyung emerged with the letter in his hand, a frown across his brows. “Don’t put this in your sweaty pants, Ggukie.”


The accusation was clear. Was Jeongguk’s sweat not welcomed by Taehyung? How was that possible? Jimin loved Jeongguk sweaty, said it all the time when he riled Jeongguk up so much that Jimin’s hands were slipping over his thighs. How could Taehyung not?


“Are you saying my sweat is bad ?” Jeongguk asked, hurt clear on his face. Taehyung didn't know whether to laugh or coo at him, or actually make him feel better. 


“I’m not saying it’s bad, the letter is gonna get soggy,” Taehyung explained. He straightened the letter out, and gave it back to Jeongguk. 


“My legs don’t sweat that much,” Jeongguk announced, holding the crimson envelope in his hand. 


“Sweetie, I don’t believe you for a second,” Taehyung snorted, giving the younger boy a healthy eye-roll. 


"I really don't, though," Jeongguk pushed on. "My upper body does, not my legs, not so much."


"Don't believe it till I don't see it myself, hun," Taehyung said, grinning at Jeongguk like the devil had possessed him. The younger boy gulped. He looked around, almost considering showing it to Taehyung, but all the 60+ aunties kept him at bay. They ogled at him enough, even though Jeongguk had gotten Jimin here once and made out with him in front of everyone. They had only seemed to lap it up, as if they were depraved. 


"I'll sh-show you one day, hyungie," Jeongguk stuttered, halting his movements for a millisecond when Taehyung looked at him through his lashes. "But right now, I need to go back to work." Jeongguk stood up, holding the envelope in his hand, his face as red as the paper itself. He didn't put it in the pocket of his sweats. 


"Yes, good boy. Work is very important!" The hard but not painful slap landed on the swell of Jeongguk's ass, stunning him into silence for the shortest of moments. Jeongguk stood there, quiet, watching Taehyung stand up and wave goodbye, obviously off to do more busy things than stand there and tease Jeongguk to no end. 


Jeongguk ran to the locker room immediately, putting the envelope safely in his bag before he picked up his phone to call Jimin. 


The older man picked up on the first ring. 


"You won't believe what the fuck just happened, hyungie!" Jeongguk burst out, unable to control the adrenaline. "Taehyung said something...I can't believe he said it!"


Jimin - who had just finished putting away the leftovers from dinner in the refrigerator - raised his eyebrows at that. "Wow, what did he say that's got you like this?" 


"Oh my god, hyungie. It's probably nothing 'cause ya know how Tae is, right? He's flirty and charming and beautiful and lovely and teasing and-"


"-I get it, JK," Jimin giggled on the other end. "Get to the point, baby." 


Usually, Jeongguk was a shy man. But when it was story time, he really let go of every inhibition in favour of a great rendition of the events. 


"Okay, okay! So, he gave us the invitation for the art exhibition he's holding - it's pretty as fuck, by the way. Very Taehyung. So anyways, I took the envelope and I put it in my sweats pocket 'cause I was busy and I wanted to talk to him more. But he literally stretched across my lap - STRETCHED! ACROSS MY LAP! - you know how much I love his waist - to get the fucking letter out, and when I asked why, he said cause my sweat will make it soggy. Like, that's bullshit, hyungie. You know my legs don't sweat."


"Debatable," Jimin sneered. 


"Fuck off. Anyway, so I got super defensive like my legs? They don't sweat? Like, at all?! Not that much at least. And he said I'll need to see it for myself honey. And you best believe, hyungie, there was steam - motherfucking STEAM - coming out of my ears when he said that. And he was looking at me like I was a damn meal that he was gonna have next! I almost lost it -"


"But did you show him then?" Jimin asked, curious now (also superbly endeared).


"Nah, I got shy and seized up. But! He did slap my butt." There was a smug little tone to his voice, as if he had achieved an award for this. . 


"Oh darling, I and Taehyung practiced kissing on each other in college," Jimin bragged, clearly enjoying the little annoyed huff Jeongguk made on the other end. "And then you came and I didn't need to practice anymore."


"Was I that good?" Jeongguk teased. 


"No baby, you were horrible. I taught you and learnt more in the process."


Jeongguk cursed at him and Jimin only laughed harder. 


"The point is," Jeongguk tried coming back to the topic at hand, "Taehyung tried to flirt with me - I think? And I didn't really show him that I like him back any how - 'cause I was in shock. And I feel bummed about that."


Jimin cooed. "Don't worry, bub. Taehyung knows you. He knows you get shy. Hell, he was the one telling you to just confess to me when you started liking me. He won't think anything weird about you."


Jeongguk nodded, realized Jimin can't see him, so he said the same. "I just hope we don't get too late, hyungie."


It was hard, when both of you were in love with your best friend who probably had no idea. It was hard when you both felt so strongly for him that it rolled in waves over you, drowning and pulling both under. And it was especially hard when, when with two people, you could lose him so easily.


"It won't be later. Don't worry. We'll let him know."




"Tae? Taehyung. Hey, Taehyung. Tae, you with me? Hey-"


Taehyung jerked at the contact on his shoulder, reeling back as if he'd touched fire. 


"W-what happened?" he stuttered, eyes wide and slightly scared.


"I was asking you where you want this painting? It's not fitting in the normal installations. Maybe it'll fit on the bigger ones at the back?" 


Taehyung glanced at the painting in Minho's hand. It was one of the bigger pieces, an abstract modern painting that showed the pressure of studies and it's monetary debts. He wanted to keep this somewhere where it would be visible from the entrance, but Minho was right; it's too big. 


"Yeah, I don't have a choice now. It'll have to go back. But not too back. Keep it somewhere where people can see it once they enter the gallery," Taehyung advised. Minho looked at the back installations, and nodded. 


"Yeah, I'll figure."


"Thanks, buddy." Minho left promptly, leaving Taehyung to his thoughts again. His mind didn't wander much these past few months. They only ever went to three places: Jimin, Jeongguk and how it would be like to kiss both of them together. Even right now, Taehyung scoffed. Such a wild thought. Both his friends have never shown any signs of being into a poly relationship. Why would they make a compromise for him? In fact, why does Taehyung's mind think that it's okay for them to make the compromise because they love him enough, right? 


These were the only things that ate his head up of recent. It was evident to him and most people around him that he wasn't present with them mentally sometimes. And the guilt weighed down on him, because this was his exhibition, it was his idea and his execution. And he wasn't completely there. 


Even now, he flinched when he saw a pair of pristine black Oxford shoes fill his vision (he didn't even know he had his head down the entire time), and he knew who it was immediately. 


"Yoongi hyung," Taehyung greeted, bowing his head slightly. 


"Tae, I called you like, five times. You okay?" Yoongi was always concerned, a slight crease resting between his brows at all times. It was endearing but Taehyung had developed a habit of smoothing it out with his finger. He didn't do that right now. 


"I'm...I'm okay. I'm fine, boss," Taehyung tried for a smile, but it looked like a grimace for sure, so he left it all together. 


Yoongi studied his face for a few more seconds, before turning on his heels and walking towards where his office was. "Tae, follow me." Taehyung was rushing after his boss in a second. 


Min Yoongi was the director of the art gallery he worked at. He was a well known musician, a producer, and had landed the job due to his exuberant exhibition on how music and art can be correlated and influence each other. For this very reason, when Yoongi said yes to Taehyung's exhibition idea, the younger boy was shocked. He had another plan figured out had this one not made it. But Yoongi was more than happy. He had been supportive and happy about everything; from costing to equipment, Taehyung had had everything. 


So getting called like this to his office was frightening.


"Sit down, Tae," Yoongi said. At least he was still addressing Taehyung by his nickname. Once Taehyung had taken a seat in Yoongi's plush chair across from his desk, Yoongi folded his hands over the polished wood and asked, "Is something wrong? I can't be the only one noticing your presence kind of declining the past few days." Yoongi spoke softly, with concern. It eased Taehyung's anxiety. 


Taehyung shook his head. "It's nothing important, boss." He wanted to avoid telling anyone else about this odd dilemma. But obviously, trying to solve it on his own was working swell.  


"It's important enough that your exhibition is suffering. C'mon, fess up. What's the problem?" 


Yoongi seemed adamant. Taehyung didn't want to involve anyone else in this mess, because it wasn't common, and he also didn't know Yoongi's thoughts on polyamory. But his boss was homosexual (his boyfriend was way too beautiful to be true), and at least that made Taehyung's worries a little lighter. Still, he couldn't possibly tell his boss that he wanted to be sandwiched between his best friends in a very sexual, very romantic way. Could he? 


"It''s kinda stupid. I mean, it's a problem, no doubt. But it's not worth telling anyone." Taehyung smiled bashfully, his hand unconsciously rubbing at his nape to calm him down. 


"It's okay. I won't think it's stupid. Nothing you say is stupid, Tae." 


If Yoongi wasn't already dating, Taehyung would've definitely made a move on this man. He looked at Yoongi with wide eyes, as if asking permission that he didn't need. He watched the small smile grace Yoongi's face, and he took a deep breath. 


"Okay, so. Whew! This is hard," Taehyung chuckled, unsure and uneasy, no matter how welcoming Yoongi's aura was. "Okay, so. The thing is that...y'know my two friends, right? They visit quite often. Jimin and Jeongguk?" 


Yoongi nodded, an encouraging smile on his face. "Yeah, I know them. One's the cute bunny kid and the other looks like he owns him."


Taehyung sputtered, failing at not laughing because that statement was very, very true. Once he regained his composure, he continued on with a straight face. "Yes, uh, yea that's true. That's, true. So, the thing is that they're both a thing, right?" Yoongi nodded. Taehyung took a deep breath. "So the thing is-"


"Tae, stop beating around the bush," Yoongi reprimanded softly. Taehyung knew better than to weave around the problem. He knew Yoongi was a no-nonsense man, no wonder he called Taehyung out. 


Another deep breath. He was just going to say it. Yeah, that works. 


"I really like them and I wanna date them both but I don't know if they're okay with it but they keep giving me mixed signals and I don't know if I'm giving them enough signs and it just confuses me because I don't know anything anymore and I feel like it's futile trying to pursue them when they're obviously happy with each other alone."


Taehyung inhaled loudly, courtesy of literally speaking on a single breath. He pursed his lips thereafter, eyes slightly downcast, looking at Yoongi's nose rather than his eyes, waiting for anything at all from his director. Several moments passed before Yoongi shuffled in his seat, adjusting to pull his jacket in front of him. He unlatched his fingers and latched them again, maybe trying to figure out what he had to say. 


And then he simpered. It was a slight laugh, a mixture between a short and a snicker. He itched the bridge of his nose as he spoke, "I can't believe I and Seokjin missed our chance."


Taehyung was bemused by the reply. "I'm sorry?"


Yoongi shook his head, his hands falling flat on the table. "Taehyung, don't fret over this so much. Your exhibition is tonight, right. They're gonna come?" Taehyung nodded. "So just take them to the club next door. Say it's like a treat; an after party. Make a move. If you go with them, the bouncers won't ask anything, they'll let you in. Just…" Yoongi stretched an uncertain hand towards Taehyung's on the table, and hesitated before taking it in his own. "Don't be scared of going after what you want. They're not gonna eat you."


Taehyung saw his point. He knew Yoongi was making sense. The after party was the easiest way for Taehyung to make a very obvious move. And he had to take the opportunity, lest he lose it again, and then he might not get another one. But the fear was still ever present. Fear that all this was just one-sided and neither Jimin nor Jeongguk felt anything similar; they were only the way they were because they were his best friends. Maybe they really didn't want anything, maybe Taehyung was reading too much into nothing, maybe he was so desperate for touch, he was chasing after the first sign of affection. Maybe-


"Shut up, Tae. I can hear you going off the rail," Yoongi's voice cut in, snapping Taehyung out of his spiral. His hand was still in the older man's and he squeezed it to reassure him. "Don't be scared. Really. Do something about it. If they don't like it, I'm sure they'll let you know before you do something stupid."


Taehyung hoped to all the gods he didn't believe in that Yoongi was right and that he wouldn't end up doing something that's irreversible. He agreed, very hesitantly, like he was second guessing even as he was saying yes. Taehyung knew his face had hardened from the way Yoongi's smile softened. "I'm gonna do it. I'll do it, hyung." 


Yoongi grinned at the informal honorific; Taehyung only used it when he was seeking comfort of familiarity. Yoongi nodded, and added his other hand to the one he was already holding. "You'll be fine. Everything will be fine."


With his breath snagging in his chest, Taehyung hoped for the same, that everything will be fine too.




Jimin and Jeongguk arrived on time, when most of the place was still only filling up. 


Jimin didn't know much about art, but he knew the premises of Taehyung's exhibition. It was about contemporary art styles and how they can be used to depict the struggles of the youth. And Taehyung had gotten really modern art styles for this particular one. Jimin remembered being worried sick about Taehyung when he went following a graffiti artist in the dead of the night, only for the girl to agree and then kiss Taehyung breathless as she'd left. Jimin was unnecessarily jealous of that, but couldn't really do anything about it. 


Taehyung hadn't only used artists who drew and used paint, but he'd also curated graphic designers for their visual representations as well. Jimin couldn't believe his eyes at the many different paintings and large installations he saw around, all of them different from the rest and showing a story of their own. There was a large art display in the centre, behind the main wall, which was dancers painted in white and gold against a black background, with flowers dripping from the gold into the white, and doing a style of dance that Jimin wasn't sure of, but it showcased pain and praise.  


Jimin grabbed Jeongguk's hand tightly when he saw something bright that caught his eye, and dragged the younger towards it, the younger boy's drink almost slushing out of the cup. 


It was a huge painting, as big as Jeongguk, neon pink and yellow and green, showing a basketball player being eaten by the very basketball that he loves. Jimin stared at the bright piece for quite some time, trying to figure out why the painting had such a pull to it. Maybe, he realized somewhere in his head, that's what it felt like to understand a piece of art right off the bat, and then find even more details and to let the painting evolve. 


"When the thing you love the most, becomes a burden for you," Taehyung's honey-smooth voice echoed behind them, and Jimin turned around with a bright grin on his face. He was going to tell Taehyung how amazing the painting was, how detailed and effortless the message came through. But Jimin lost all train of thought when his eyes landed on Taehyung. He was wearing a V-neck with a formal jacket on top, paired with wide black pants and Taehyung's favourite, and only pair, of Gucci shoes. His neck was adorned in silver chains and charms of different lengths, and his sleeves were rolled up a bit, showing off his delicate wrists and the accessories on them. His hair was tousled, artistically messy, and his mullet was combed to cover the nape of his neck.


Jimin felt Jeongguk squeeze his hand, an indication that yeah, he'd seen the outfit too. And yeah, they both were slightly turned on in a public place. 


"Are you guys enjoying the exhibition?" Taehyung asked without missing a beat, very much in his element. He looked every bit the artist that he was. Jimin was a confused mix of very proud and increasingly-getting-there horny. 


"Yeah, totally! Though, I don't know about Jeongguk. He seems lost." Jimin replied, earning a snack from Jeongguk on his arm. "It's really creative and colourful for the theme." 


Taehyung giggled. "It's not supposed to be dark, Jiminie. It's supposed to invoke the artist's story in whatever way they seem fit."


Jimin glanced around, at the many stories and struggles painted and visualised all over the walls, and his heart filled to the brim with nothing but love for Taehyung. To think he'd given such a large platform to some artists who would otherwise never be heard, some artists who weren't allowed to show their own work, some artists who couldn't keep up art as a job, filled Jimin with such pride, it hurt his cheeks and he realized he's smiling wide at Taehyung. 


"What?" Taehyung asked, confused. 


Jimin shook his head, fond. "No, no. You're've done such a wonderful job here." 


"Yeah, hyung. This is crazy. The scale of this is massive to me," Jeongguk chimed in, smiling at Taehyung with his bunny teeth on display. .


Taehyung looked away, shy and bashful, and it was the most opportune moment for Jimin and Jeongguk to tackle him into a hug, teasing him about how red he gets and how he needs to learn to take a compliment and say thank you back. 


They were rough housing just a little bit, when they bumped into someone hard, and all three moved back, still holding onto each other. 


"So these are your friends, Tae," Seokjin giggled. Taehyung gasped because he wasn't expecting Seokjin to be there. Yoongi had mentioned some wine tasting event that Seokjin had been invited to, but it looked like he'd passed on that.  And from the sound that Jimin and Jeongguk made behind him, they weren't expecting it at all .


"Oh my god, you're THE Kim Seokjin? Like, the beauty guru with one of the best selling beauty brands, and the man who owns the best restaurants in Seoul, and the man who has the best travel vlogs in the world. That Kim Seokjin?" Jimin blurted out over one single breath. 


Seokjin, a little bit awestruck at being recognized, didn't waste any time in nodding his head. "Yes, I'm all that of course. But you forget one thing…" 


Seokjin turned around and slipped his hand around a man's waist, effectively turning Yoongi around, mid conversation, with a tiny yelp from the younger man. "I'm also the best art music producer's boyfriend." Taehyung chuckled at Yoongi's flaming cheeks. Trying to hide his face behind a champagne glass didn't really work.


"Yah, hyung. We're in public," Yoongi scolded the older man, but it didn't seem to have any effect on him. In fact, he tightened his grip around Yoongi's waist, earning a cat-like hiss from Yoongi.


Jimin smacked Taehyung across the shoulder. "Ow, what was that for?" 


"You knew Kim Seokjin and you didn't bother telling us?" Jimin accused. 


Taehyung looked behind at Jeongguk for any help, but the boy held a hand up in surrender, the other holding the glass up for him to finish his drink from. 


"Listen, he doesn't come by often. It totally slipped my mind," Taehyung defended. 


"I come by quite often, though," Seokjin whispered on the side, audible enough for Jimin to hear. He opened his mouth to say something again, but Yoongi spoke up faster, beetred in the face "That's after hours , hyung. You come by after hours ."


Taehyung gestured toward them, as if to say see, that's why I didn't tell you 'cause they're fucking half the time . Jimin huffed, but didn't push it further. This was obviously no reason to get mad at Taehyung for


"It's nice meeting you, though. Even if Taehyung forgot to tell us," Jimin put his hand out, and Seokjin took it gingerly. Jeongguk followed suit.


"Don't be mad at Taehyungie. He's been stressed enough for this exhibition as it is. I'm sure I irritated him enough to never mention my face to anyone." Taehyung whined and punched Seokjin on his shoulder lightly, the older man cackled at the younger boy's pouty lips. 


There was the static of a mic and someone tapping it. Taehyung whipped around to look at the tiny makeshift stage in the centre of the hall where a man (Minho) was standing, adjusting his tie. Taehyung's eyes fell to his watch. It was nine. 


Oh no. Speech time. 


"Hello everyone!" Minho started, getting a soft and modest hello back from the crowd. "I hope you're all having a great time. As you can see, there's many things here to keep your interest piqued. But there's something - more like someone - who'll give you more insight into what you're seeing. He's the reason this exhibition even exists, it's his child and his hard work, blood, sweat and tears. Please welcome on stage, none other than Kim Taehyung, the reason you're seeing so many artists here tonight. Please, give him a round of applause!" 


Taehyung's entire body broke out into a cold sweat. He'd specifically mentioned to Minho that he didn't do speeches. He had crippling stage fright; the other man knew this. In Minho's defense, he had informed Taehyung that there's no way he can't not do a speech since it's kind of compulsory. He had said that he'd cut the time short; what would've been 6-7 minutes, would only be 1-2 minutes, and Taehyung was banking on that, as he quietly made his way to the stage, fixing in his jacket. 


Stepping up to the mic, he cleared his throat, adjusted the stand to his height, and took a deep breath. 


"Good evening. I hope you're all having a good time." He paused, his eyes scanning the the crowd. Every single gaze was on him. It wasn't the greatest feeling in the world, he hated being the center of attention. So many expectant eyes on him, waiting for him to say something more, waiting for the insight they were promised. "I'm sorry if I delay a bit, I'm not very good at speeches; I have a problem with being on stage." The crowd awed at him, which is...good. It's good, they'll understand if he cuts it short.


He continued straight to the theme of the exhibition. "Um, the very first time I went with this idea to my director, he didn't brush me away. In fact, he got so interested, he was asking me questions about things I didn't have an answer to yet." The crowd laughed along with his cute joke, which was also a good thing. He searched the crowd for Yoongi, locking eyes with where the elder man was standing at the back, Seokjin, Jimin and Jeongguk next to him.


Jimin and Jeongguk were cheering him quietly, and that calmed Taehyung's racing heart. Maybe it was better to just make the whole speech looking at them. "I'm glad that Yoongi-ssi took my idea and helped me with everything you're seeing here today. I was tasked with finding the artists myself, of course. But he gave me a lot of mental support for this." Taehyung scratched his eyebrow, "It was required to have a mental crutch for this, because looking at so much pain, and anguish that you can relate to, it takes a toll on your heart. All of these pieces are a look into the artist's psyche; what pains them about our generation, what pains them about themselves. I wanted to show how modern art styles, and modern technology, can still convey meaning and help people connect through mutual suffering." Okay, using suffering in the end there wasn't the best idea, but Taehyung was running on autopilot and there was no he was filtering anything when he was trying not to panic. 


He had to end the speech soon, because Taehyung's hands were shaking and sweaty, his heart about ready to jump out of his chest. The only reason he didn't just walk away was because Jimin was smiling at him, beautiful and encouraging, and Jeongguk was sending him thumbs ups from the side, his eyes shining. He stared at them, tongue tying up, voice restricted because his throat was closing in on itself. But he needed to end this properly. He needed to say something


"I'm sure you all should be able to make conclusions of the paintings yourself, I know everyone here can relate to these art pieces as much as I can. Please, don't let me hold you back from having a good time. Thank you so much for your presence. Enjoy the evening!" 


Taehyung stepped down from the small stage and tried to beeline towards his friends in the back, but didn't succeed completely since a lot of people held him back to shake his hand and give their compliments. As a result, Taehyung almost fell into Jimin's waiting arms. 


"You did well!" Jimin said, rubbing Taehyung's back as the younger boy clung to Jimin like he was his lifeline. 


"I thought I was gonna die, Jimin," Taehyung whispered. 


Jimin giggled, sweet and short. "So dramatic."


Yoongi came forward when Taehyung finally left Jimin, Seokjin smirking next to him. Yoongi engulfed him in a hug, and Seokjin ruffled his hair. Something seemed off to Taehyung, but he kept his mouth shut. "Hey, Jimin. Jeongguk," Yoongi addressed, letting go of Taehyung. "You guys should stay for the after party." 


Taehyung's eyes widened at the statement, but Jimin and Jeongguk couldn't see him since his back was facing them.


Jimin's face lit up considerably, the mention of an after party ringing with glee in his head. "There's an after party?" he asked. 


Yoongi nodded, eyes glued to Taehyung's confused ones. "Didn't Taehyung tell you? Well, it's not really an after party as such, but we were gonna celebrate. Taehyung knows the bouncer so you guys won't have a problem." 


"Oh is that so?" Jeongguk questioned, amused at how Yoongi was informing them, and not Taehyung himself. 


"Yes. I'm not surprised Teahyung forgot, he was really busy," Yoongi looked pointedly at Taehyung, the older glaring at his boss for beating him to it. He would've asked Jimin and Jeongguk, of course he would've. But in a way, this seemed better. Jimin turned Taehyung around to face him, the latter's eyes snapping to Jimin's, his eyebrows raised. "You never told us about an after party." 


"It slipped my mind," Taehyung said once again, sheepish in his demeanour. Jimin smiled anyway, punching Taehyung lightly on his bicep. "Idiot."


"In the meantime, please look around," Seokjin added, gesturing to the rest of the exhibition that was yet to be explored by Jimin and Jeongguk. "I'm sure Taehyungie can show you both around just fine." 


The boyfriends nodded enthusiastically, looking at Taehyung like puppies who were being given treats. Taehyung waved them over as he started to move away, Jimin and Jeongguk following behind him as he lead them towards the first piece, right at the entrance of the gallery. 




"Everything was super fucking awesome, hyungie!" Jeongguk cheered, coming to stop where Yoongi and Seokjin were, near the entrance. They were putting their coats on, car keys jangling in Seokjin's fingers. It was quite late, almost 10:30pm, and most of the gallery was empty. The exhibition was open only till 10, and as the organiser and the director, Taehyung and Yoongi couldn't leave before anyone else. Jimin, Jeongguk and Seokjin decided to stay behind for the other two. 


"I'm glad you liked it," Taehyung cooed, grabbing a pinch full of Jeongguk's cheek and pulling it. Jeongguk only blushed redder, smiled wider, bunny teeth on full display. Taehyung spoke to Yoongi next, "Where you guys going?" 


"Home," Yoongi deadpanned.


"To the club, don't listen to him," Seokjin corrected. Yoongi whined. Seokjin flipped on Yoongi, hands at his waist and everything, brows furrowed. "You can't not come, Yoongi. It's Taehyung's first and successful exhibition. Don’t be like this.” He was stern in his scolding, but soft nevertheless. Yoongi glared at him, the kind of glare that Taehyung would’ve definitely shrunk under, but not Seokjin. The man raised his chin at Yoongi, keeping constant eye contact, until Yoongi sighed and looked away. “Yay!” Seokjin cheered. 


“Perfect, so we’re all going together then,” Jeongguk clapped his hands together. Yoongi sighed once again, rather excessively. 


The club was starting to get hot by the time the group reached, Minho having taken the liberty of informing too many people about the club next door and how he knew the owners well. When Yoongi and Taehyung walked up to the bouncer, the man let them all through immediately, but stopped Jeongguk. 


“Hyung!” Taehyung turned around to see why Jeongguk had called him, when he heard the bouncer say, “I gotta see some ID, man.”


Taehyung snorted, walking back to the entrance. “Sang, he’s older than 18, I can assure you that.” The bouncer seemed to be considering Taehyung, but shook his head and put a hand out towards Jeongguk. “ID, bro.”


Jeongguk rolled his eyes, and then rummaged into his wallet to produce his driver’s license. “There, bro ,” Jeongguk sneered. He was well above the age limit, a good 23 years old. The bouncer looked at the photo, and back at Jeongguk. He handed the card over after some internal debate that Jeongguk won. Jeongguk shook his head as he took the card, muttering a thanks to the bouncer and meeting Taehyung. 


“Sangook is younger than you,” Taehyung informed Jeongguk offhandedly. The younger boy whipped to look at him, pointing his thumb over his shoulder, “The bouncer? He’s younger than me?” Taehyung nodded yes. Jeongguk could do nothing but scoff. “The way he stopped me, I thought he’d be older.”


“In his defense,” Taehyung hadn’t even finished the sentence and Jeongguk was already glaring at him. “You do look much younger than your age. Which is a good thing!” Taehyung nearly got hit by Jeongguk’s palm as it missed his head, Taehyung ducking out of the way. The older boy snickered, quite happy that he’d gotten under Jeongguk’s skin. “Ya don’t understand, hyungie. The amount of times Jimin’s been called to question by random staff of hotel and clubs 'cause they thought I was a minor,” Jeongguk related, which made Taehyung laugh even more. He patted Jeongguk on the back as he cackled at him, saying, “It’s okay. They’re only doing their job. You should be happy about that.”


Jeongguk didn’t get the chance to answer that because they’d already reached the other three, who were sitting at the bar and getting their orders sorted. Jimin smirked when he saw Taehyung and Jeongguk approach them. “The bouncer think you’re thirteen again?” Jimin snickered. Jeongguk flipped his boyfriend off, Jimin howling louder at Jeongguk’s misery. 


“I can’t believe that happens to this boy,” Seokjin replied, getting comfortable next to Yoongi, one elbow resting on the glass table top. Taehyung noticed the way Yoongi kept his hand so close to Seokjin’s crotch, his large hands covering the width of the beautiful man’s thigh. Almost like a claim. Taehyung wouldn’t be surprised if more than one person hit on Seokjin today; he was just that perfect. 


Wish Taehyung could keep a hand like that on Jimin’s or Jeongguk’s thigh...or vice versa. Would be a one of a kind feeling that Taehyung would remember till his dying breath. 


“You guys gonna order anything?” Jimin asked, passing the menu over to the two latecomers. Taehyung took the menu from Jimin and skimmed through the options, not really wanting to get drunk or get smashed or anything that would make it impossible for him to think clearly. Taehyung didn’t like alcohol a lot anyway, he was only drinking because he was with company that did. So he opted for a Sex on the Beach, just because no other name seemed to catch his fancy. 


Jeongguk took a whiskey, and Jimin gleamed at him, somewhat proud that Jeongguk hadn’t gone for the beer for once. 


The drinks arrived when the group was deep in conversation. In between the time of ordering and time of receiving, Seokjin had already gotten three offers for a free drink (which he declined while leaning all over Yoongi), Yoongi had made a man angry when he said he wasn’t interested in dancing with him, Jimin had glared at someone when they tried to ask Jeongguk to scoot over so he could sit next to Jimin (Jimin grabbed Jeongguk’s hand and entwined their fingers, hissed a, “He’s my boyfriend, please find somewhere else to sit,” before turning away altogether), and Jeongguk had managed to get an offer that Jimin declined for him.


Taehyung…well. Taehyung didn’t usually get people coming up to him at clubs or parties. He didn’t really know why, but he hadn’t had a problem with that since he’d started going to parties in college, so he wasn’t expecting anyone to come up to him at all.  


But someone did. 


“Hi Taehyung-ssi,” he heard next to him, and when he turned around, he was met by none other than graffiti artist girl. The same girl who’d kissed him when he first asked her to join his exhibition. 


“Oh, Eunjung-ssi,” Taehyung replied, smiling at her as she sat down next him. Yoongi watched interaction from the other side with a raised eyebrow, shaking his scotch idly. Seokjin, too, joined the watching game. Jimin and Jeongguk were burning on the other side. The older man was aware of who this girl was, and he was jealous to no end right now. Jeongguk next to him didn’t know the full story because he never bothered to hear the whole thing when Taehyung relaid it to them, but he knew she was someone Taehyung had been intimate with. He’d heard as much when Taehyung had introduced her to them at the exhibition a while back. 


“I didn’t think I’d see you here,” Taehyung said, sipping from his fresh cocktail. Eunjung leaned her back over the bar, staring right at Taehyung. 


“I wouldn’t have come here had you not,” Eunjung answered, a fresh wave of jealousy boiling up within the boyfriends. 


“Oh my god, please don’t step out of your comfort zone for me, Eunjung-ssi,” Taehyung answered, sheepish at her confession. 


Eunjung shook her head. “No big deal. It’s a night of firsts, right? First time my art got acknowledged and all, without just being brushed aside as vandalism, so. It’s good night to try firsts.”


Taehyung beamed at be compliment, because that's exactly what he'd hoped for when he did this exhibition. A place for free expression. He was more than happy that Eunjung had had fun. He replied, "I'm glad I could be of service then." Eunjung smiled, looking away from Taehyung toward the dance floor. Jimin saw the spark, he saw the spark in Eunjung's eyes as a wild thought hit her head. "Hey, speaking if service," she started. "Would you like to be of service and teach some dance moves?" She smirked, a beautiful thing on her beautiful face. "Minho-ssi said you're very good ."


Taehyung blushed, blushed , at the offer, knowing fully well that this woman was flirting with him, and also embarrassed of being well aware that he couldn't possibly be able to reciprocate because he didn't like her in that manner. 


"That's sweet of you, Eunjung-ssi, but I can't. I'm way too tired today," Taehyung responded, trying to be as sweet and firm as possible. He had a hunch that Eunjung was not going to back down. 


"Aww, c'mon. Just one dance," Eunjung whined a little, pouty at Taehyung and trying to convince him to come. Taehyung shook his head, adamant to stay right there with Jimin and Jeongguk. He looked at the two of them then…


And if looks could kill, Jimin would've killed, burned and thrown the ashes in a nearby water body by now. Jimin was giving the dirtiest (and kind of the sexiest) look he'd ever seen on the man. And Jeongguk...oh god, Jeongguk looked nothing like his age. In fact, he looked like he'd age considerably, gone from 23 to 33 in a matter of minutes with the stare he was leveling at-


Eunjung. They were glowering at Eunjung. But why? Why were they looking at Eunjung like she had committed the gravest sin on earth? 


"Taehyung-ssi, please come with me. Come and dance with me," Eunjung repeated again, this time a little slower, a little lower in pitch, something meant only for Taehyung's ears. She reached her hand out and gently took hold of Taehyung's, pulling at his pinkie. Taehyung shook his head, declined the offer, yet she still persisted. "It'll just be the two of us. Nobody else. Please consider." 


Jimin's rage meter had risen above the boiling temperature now. It climbed higher and higher the more Eunjung tried to make Taehyung go out and do something he didn't want. Not to mention Jimin and Jeongguk were annoyingly jealous. They both were possessive by nature, and in their heads, Taehyung was already a part of their relationship. So it was crazy for them to see someone make Taehyung so uncomfortable. 


"Excuse me," Jeongguk started, not being able to bear it any longer. "Tae hyungie only dances with people he's comfortable with. I'm sure you can un-"


Eunjung raised an eyebrow at him, clearly unamused and unbothered by the information - that was dearly important to Taehyung, cutting Jeongguk off, "I didn't ask you, did I?" she snarled. "If he had a problem, he'd say it." That took Taehyung by complete surprise.


"What do you think I've been doing till now?" he asked softly, feeling incredulous at Eunjung's words. They made it seem like he had to spell it out to Eunjung, like a child, that he wasn't interested.


"You haven't said no to me," Eunjung tried, turning to look at Taehyung's clearly pissed off face. She gulped. "If you didn't want to, you could've said no."


Taehyung's eyes widened at the blatant ignorance, his eyes right about ready to bulge out of his face. "Eunjung-ssi, I've been saying no since you asked the first time. What part of 'I don't wanna dance' do you not understand as being no?" 


Eunjung leaned away from the bar immediately, straightening her form out incredibly straight, looking taller than she actually was. "If you didn't want my company so much, you should've said something." 


Taehyung narrowed his eyes at her, his lips downturned in confusion, "Umm I don't not want your company. I just don't wanna dance with you." 


Eunjung's face looked about ready to burst from the dual onslaught of embarrassment and the anger that she was probably going through. "Oh so would you dance with him, then?" She pointed, very childlike, at Yoongi. Taehyung didn't even turn around when he nodded, adding fuel to the woman's rage. "He's one of the best people I know, and has helped me through a lot. Of course I would."


"And what about these two?" Eunjung immediately pointed at Jimin and Jeongguk over her shoulder. 


" These two are my best friends, Eunjung-ssi," Taehyung hissed at her, forgoing all pretense of being a gentleman. It was one thing to completely ignore what he was saying, but it was another thing when someone disrespected his best friends like that. He'd had enough. "I think it's best if you leave. I clearly don't want to dance. You clearly don't know how to extend basic courtesy to my colleagues and friends. Please, leave us alone." 


Eunjung seethed, frowned at Taehyung - who frowned right back - before huffing away from there, head held high in wake of mortification. Taehyung shook his head in defeat, even though he'd won. "And she's actually a good artist. I wonder how this will affect my ratings. Hyung?" He questioned Yoongi. Yoongi's face broke out into a grin, and he said, "Don't worry. I'm in charge of the ratings. You'll get a five star from everyone." 


Taehyung chuckled, so did Jeongguk and Jimin. Seokjin poked his finger in Yoongi's cheeks where they had bunched up. "Isn't that against the system, babe?" Seokjin asked, smiling lazily at Yoongi. 


"I am the system, hyung. Especially in this case."


"Hot," Seokjin whispered, eyeing Yoongi like he was a meal, and Yoongi's cheeks coloured red. 


Taehyung's drink was all but forgotten, and he pulled it back to himself to have a sip of it. They did resume their conversation, albeit it was a new topic; "She couldn't have been more entitled," Jimin taunted, feeling his anger calm down, but the annoyance remain. "I mean, are you a child that needs to spoon-fed simple yes and no etiquettes?" He did a little head jerk of disbelief and took a large gulp from his own drink. 


"Forget it, Jimin-ah. She left, right? Didn't bother me further. That's better than anything."


"You're too nice, hyungie," Jeongguk provided, drinking his whiskey. 


"You like that, don't you, Kookie?" Taehyung sent a little finger gun with a wink towards the younger. Jeongguk, as cheeky as he was, caught it in his hand and gulped it down. 


"You never do that with me," Jimin complained. 


"But you don't really throw kisses at me," Jeongguk countered. Jimin regarded him for a few seconds, before agreeing with a jerk of his head. Taehyung tried to not think about it. He didn't want to think about Jimin and Jeongguk kissing just yet, especially when they were sitting right next to him. 


The music changed in their moment of silence, to something more dance-friendly, and all of them noticed. Jimin forgot all about his fury in favour of gulping his drink down, grabbing Jeongguk by the collar of his jacket and dragging him into the crowd on the dancefloor, already grooving to the music. They didn't venture further onto the dancefloor, but stayed on the outskirts of it, getting into the rhythm without being rushed into it. 


It didn't take long for Taehyung's face to heat up; Jimin and Jeongguk had found the rhythm and were moving to the music as if they were one with it. Their bodies so close, grinding on the other. Jimin wasn't even trying to hide his wandering hands, letting it be a show for all as his fingers slid under Jeongguk's T-Shirt, vanishing under the jacket. He pulled Jeongguk closer, close enough for the younger boy to wrap his arms around Jimin's neck, partially hiding his face with how big Jeongguk's arms were. It was like they were in their one little world, unbothered by the people around, eyes only for each other.  


It's when Jimin leaned up to Jeongguk's neck to do the only thing that Taehyung's brain could manage to think of, with the alcohol he'd consumed, that he turned away, shaking his glass in little circles to take his mind off of that image.


"You should join them," Yoongi said a few seconds later, pointing his glass at the couple. "They seem to be having fun."


"By themselves, yeah," Taehyung countered, clearly not convinced, even now. Yoongi tsked loudly then, gently but very suddenly taking Taehyung's drink out of his hand. He lifted the glass behind him as Taehyung moved to take it back, Seokjin gracefully picking the glass out of Yoongi's hand and tucking it next to him on the bar. He wagged his finger in a no at Taehyung, clearly turning against him. 


"I had faith in you, Jin hyung," Taehyung lamented. 


"He's my boyfriend. You shouldn't have had faith to begin with," Yoongi replied, giggling at Taehyung's misery. 


"Just give the drink back, hyung," Taehyung cried, trying to take the drink away because it was right there . But Yoongi was fast, and he blocked Taehyung's hand. Taehyung blustered, "Hyung, c'mon!" 


"Not until you go there and dance with them!" 


"Dance with who?" 


Taehyung spun around to see Jeongguk at the bar, taking a sip from his whiskey. He put it down, wiped his mouth with his sleeve, and asked once again, "Who were you gonna dance with, hyungie?" He was so flushed, red staining his cheeks and neck so beautifully. He had purple on the side of his neck, nothing too dark, but it was evident. Even now, all sweaty and obviously flustered, Jeongguk looked like a god. A god that Taehyung could worship day and night. 


"With you guys!" Yoongi smirked for Taehyung, when it got obvious that Taehyung's lips weren't going to do the job for him. "There's no way he's dancing with anyone else, obviously." 


Jeongguk's pink face lit up even pinker. "That's what I'd come to ask! Good thing you already want it!" Jeongguk grasped Taehyung's hand, entwining their fingers together, as he led them to where Jimin was waiting, shaking to the beat. When he saw Taehyung approach, he almost squealed. "Oh my god! You're dancing!" Taehyung thumped Jimin over his arm, not missing the saccharine giggle that left Jimin's lips. 


"I hope Eunjung isn't still here," Taehyung whispered, to himself but Jeongguk managed to listen. 


"If she's here, she'll know who the fuck we are," Jeongguk exclaimed proudly, not worried that Eunjung might actually hear him if she's close by. Which Taehyung thinks she wasn't. 


"Dance with us and forget about her," Jimin continued, taking Taehyung's hands and moving them back and forth, just to get Taehyung moving to the music, to get a feel of it. 


It didn't take much time for Taehyung to start dancing with Jimin, though quite modestly. He didn't have the flexibility that the boyfriends possessed, so he made do with what he knew he could do - hip rolls. He could whine like nobody else - a superpower he'd realized in college whilst dancing with a cheerleader. 


Whatever Taehyung was trying to do with his hips on the cramped dancefloor, it was working wonders on the two men. Jimin's hands went from holding his palms to holding his elbows, subtly pulling him closer, the grinding getting urgent by the second - but Taehyung didn't notice that.  


Taehyung didn't even really realize when Jeongguk squeezed himself between Taehyung and Jimin; Taehyung only knew that the younger was in front of him when he opened his eyes, giving him a coquettish smile, a myriad of colours flashing over his face. It made Jeongguk, in all his muscled and tattooed glory, look like the most delicate flower in the whole world. Taehyung wondered how many poems he could write on Jeongguk's cute bunny face. 


Jeongguk didn't waste much time grabbing onto Taehyung's waist, drawing him closer to himself, till there wasn't much distance left. It was more swaying than grinding, at least not on Taehyung's side. Taehyung was more than aware of Jeongguk's back being arched, his butt sitting on Jimin's hip, snug and grinding, chasing friction that made Jimin throw his head back. Taehyung was aware of this, but he couldn't bring himself to take the step either. He was so scared of it backfiring and losing his best-friends, he was so close and wasn't even ready to try it. 


He needed just the right motivation to do what he wanted to. And that motivation came in the form of an actual push; someone behind Taehyung bumped into him hard and in turn, it shifted him further into Jeongguk's space. It gave Taehyung a HD look at the younger's face, at how his lashes fluttered against his cheeks, his lovely lips parted to take in as much breath as he could. Jeongguk's hands had climbed up from feeling Taehyung's waist to his neck, where he was now cupping it from either side. 


Taehyung hesitantly held onto Jeongguk's hips then. Jeongguk didn't flinch or move away, in fact, Taehyung thinks Jeongguk's movements got bolder with that. So the elder held on even more tightly, cutting the gap out altogether. 


Jeongguk all but sagged in Taehyung's arms at the contact, his body singing into Taehyung's conducting. There was a second of doubt, where Jeongguk flinched, and Taehyung thought he might've done something wrong, but he felt hands over his own later - Jimin's. It was a pleasant shock when Jimin slowly moved Taehyung's hands where his own were a while back - under Jeongguk's t-shirt. 


Jeongguk's grip on Taehyung's neck tightened when Taehyung felt his smooth skin, his cold hands sending shivers across his body. He did shiver, very evidently, and it made Taehyung chuckle. 


He gained some confidence from this, what with Jimin holding his hands and Jeongguk losing himself to the music. Taehyung knew how to turn someone on, he'd had many one night stands since college, and experiences with different people. These two were much more important and precious, and he had to put almost all his sexy club dancing knowledge to use right now. 


Taehyung's hands were just below Jeongguk's chest, and Jimin had mentioned at some point in his life that Jeongguk's sides were sensitive. So Taehyung squeezed the muscles there, the younger boy keening from the contact. Jimin's face appeared on Jeongguk's shoulder a second later, his hands moving away from Taehyung's and wrapping around Jeongguk's chest. "You liked that?" he asked, right into Jeongguk's ear. Taehyung was so close at this point, he could hear Jimin, feel Jimin's hands through Jeongguk's shirt on his own chest, and feel Jeongguk's crotch lightly poke his thigh. 


This was surreal. Was Taehyung in Dreamland? Taehyung couldn't even hear the music at this point, all he could think of was the two of them in front of him and everything happening with him in that moment. 


Jeongguk nodded, head lolling back when onto Jimin's shoulder. Their bodies were still moving to whatever the beat was, but their hearts and minds could care less. 


Taehyung licked his lip unknowingly at all the skin Jeongguk had exposed to him, eyeing it hungrily because it was essentially unmarked, save for the tiny purple one flourishing on the side. 


Taehyung didn't come to know when Jimin extracted one hand and clamped it onto Taehyung's jacket collar, pulling him near. 


"You wanna kiss?" 


It was so low and dirty and, despite the music, so clear and going straight south for Taehyung. He nodded, since speaking would be useless, and leaned over to Jeongguk's neck. He kissed lightly first, just to have Jeongguk make the prettiest whine ever, and then left more in his wake. To his jaw, down to the base, under his chin, it was like Taehyung had never kissed anyone in his life before and he was being given a chance tonight. 


Jeongguk's hands clung onto the back of Taehyung's own jacket like a prayer in a storm, keeping him close to the younger boy as Taehyung got brave enough to suck very gingerly, right behind Jeongguk's ear. "Ngh…" Jeongguk whimpered, his fingers digging into Taehyung's back even through the thick material of the jacket . 


Taehyung's head was being pulled back by his hair, and lips - soft and pillowy, tasting like scotch and peaches - molded against his. He knew it was Jimin without even looking at him, eyes still closed. Jimin didn't waste any time in introducing his tongue to the mix, Taehyung letting him in the second he felt the muscle poking at his lips. 


Taehyung barely registered Jeongguk's hands climbing up into his hair, holding on there, keeping his head in place as Jimin kissed him. 


It was hard, so hard for Taehyung to break out from this trance. He felt like he could submerge into this fantasy, never come up for air. But Jeongguk's incessant bulge - that was hard by now - kept poking at his thigh, and he knew they couldn't possibly do this here.


Jimin's face had the cutest bewildered pout on it when Taehyung pulled away, Jeongguk's hands latched in Taehyung's making him unable to go back any further. 


"Let's get out of here, please." The urgency in Taehyung's eyes must've conveyed to the other two, because soon enough, they were untangling from their vine-like grips and postures, rushing to say goodbye to Yoongi and Seokjin. 


"Please go," Seokjin said just as they tumbled to the bar, sipping his drink calmly, a slight look of disgust evident on his face. "I've seen enough for tonight. I need to cleanse my eyes now." Yoongi only silently patted Taehyung on his shoulder, the younger of the two beaming up at him as if to show that yes, he'd done the job.


(Once they left, Yoongi addressed Seokjin, "Do we tell Taehyung that we were gonna ask him out?" Seokjin instantly shook his head. "No need," he said. "This is the happiest I've seen him." Yoongi agreed, snuggling closer to Seokjin as a way of seeking comfort.)


They were a giggling mess as they exited the club, falling over one another, Jimin somehow unable to keep his hands to himself, constantly touching Taehyung and Jeongguk in any way he could. 


Taehyung took his car, since he did invite Jimin and Jeongguk to his house (his house was also the closest). 


The heat of the club had made them drunk on more than the alcohol - the music, the feelings, the intense emotion accompanied had made them heady - but the air outside, their hassle to get to the car, sitting inside with the AC on, sobered them up enough to actually think about what was going to happen. 


Taehyung didn't speak first, too focused on the road and ignoring his heart beating in his ears. The silence was like a thick knitted blanket on them, suffocating and hot. 


It was Jimin's delicate voice that broke the mirror of silence, shattering it to pieces, when he asked, "Tae, do you like us?" 


Taehyung watched his knuckles tighten on the steering wheel, the white of his bone showing through. He gulped, contemplating his reply. He decided to just come through; he'd already kissed Jeongguk on his neck - possibly left a hickey there - and Jimin on his lips, had invited them to his house for something more , there was nothing else to hide at this point. 


So Taehyung nodded. Slowly at first, but he gave a firmer nod a second later. Jeongguk shifted in the back, coming forward to lean between the passenger seats. "You really do?" he asked, and Taehyung knew that Jeongguk's eyes were probably as wide the moon in the sky right now, even sparkling like it. 


"Yeah, yes. I like you both. I really do. But…" the moment of truth, it would seem. "Do you guys…?" He let the question trail off, to scared to really complete it, not wanting to hear the answer he was so afraid to know of. 


"Of course, hyungie!" Jeongguk responded, without a single beat of hesitation. His voice sounded so eager, like he'd been waiting to say this, which warmed Taehyung's heart. "Of course we do. We've been thinking about this for months." That made Taehyung's heart melt. 


Taehyung stopped at a red light and turned to Jimin, who was sitting next to him. He smiled at him, nodding and very slowly and tentatively, placing his hand on Taehyung's thigh. He said softly, "We didn't know you felt the same way."


Taehyung snorted. "I don't think I would've been able to open my mouth had it not been for Yoongi hyung. He's the real hero of this story." Jimin and Jeongguk laughed at that, Taehyung suddenly feeling like he could breath better, now that the mood was lighter. He wouldn't be surprised if someone told him he was holding his breath in. 


"You're still the best kisser I know," Jimin mumbled, but it was way too audible in the silence of the car. And Jeongguk's offended gasp was even more absolute in the silence, right in Taehyung's ears in fact. "Ow, Ggukie!" he laughed, one hand coming up to stroke the side of Jeongguk's face. 


"I'll teach you, don't worry," Taehyung reassured him, glancing at a grumpy Jeongguk in his rear view mirror. 


"You'll love his kissing so much, you'll forget mine," Jimin added, Taehyung cackling at the completely untrue information. The red light turned green and Taehyung started, way too excited to reach home and show Jeongguk how good he really was, riding high on the atmosphere the conversation had created. He was actually looking forward to the next few hours, even if it meant he wouldn't really be able to walk in the morning. 


Taehyung had to write a lengthy message to Yoongi tomorrow morning for his services. 




Taehyung was the first to get up in the morning, every bone and muscle creaking and aching in response to every movement Taehyung made. The front of his thighs, the back of thighs, his slower back, his asshole, his shins, everything hurt. It was a dull, but sweet ache. 


He didn't expect to have Jeongguk be so pliant under him, having always seen him as the bratty little youngest. Conversely, he wasn't really surprised to see him take Taehyung's increasingly brutal pace so well, he did have amazing stamina (and his thighs did sweat, too). Jeongguk being the first one to get really get railed last night, Taehyung used up all his energy in marking the younger up, kissing him, scratching him, making sure he was bitten red on his nipples until he was crying (what a surprise that was), and completely buzzed out and sated. When it was his own turn, which he somehow completely forgot about Jimin sitting right there next to them, stroking Jeongguk's cock and praising Taehyung's skills, he was out of it. 


Taehyung only remembers Jimin all over him, wet kisses, sweet nothings whispered, dirty little things here and there. He remembers vividly how Jimin had chomped down on his collar bone, eliciting the highest whines Taehyung has ever made, even shocking himself. Taehyung remembers his figers curled up in Jimin's hair, pulling and giggling when Jimin hissed. He remembers how Jeongguk had crawled back to kiss him, to kiss Jimin, and how Jimin had put him to work sucking marks on Taehyung's body. He remembers holding onto Jimin as he rammed into him, over and over, until Jimin plopped down on him, coming inside him with the deepest groan. (Taehyung thinks it's the most beautiful sound he's ever heard.)


"Fuck," he whispered. They didn't really wash up, opting to clean themselves with wet clothes instead. Jeongguk didn't move, which Taehyung expected, and Jimin almost didn't let Taehyunng do anything either. Maybe he should've let Jimin do everything, seeing how much he hurt at the moment. 


When he started to get off the bed, a hand wrapped around his waist, keeping him down. Taehyung looked down to find a bleary-eyed Jeongguk looking up at him, eyes crumpled against the morning sun filtering through his window


"Where you going, boyfriend?" he teased, smirking at the end of the sentence. 


Maybe Taehyung can get up later.  


"Nowhere, just stretching."


Yeah, he really didn't need to be anywhere anyway, when his everything was right next to him.