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Steve's got new toys

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Kelly Severide was already at the old building when Jay Halstead's car arrived, the two men were meeting to check a few suspicious things Kelly had noticed about the fire that had burned it down. He was hoping this could help with Jay's investigation, he greeted the man who smiled at him, he handed him an protection helmet and they both went inside the building armed with torches. They went straight to the few things that had caught the fireman's eyes and Jay took photos for his team, the separated for a while because Kelly wanted to check something in the basement whilst Jay took some more photos and called Hank to give him a few updates.

Kelly was following a strange burning mark when he heard a noise coming from a room further back, it sounded like someone breathing, he went to check but found no one as he turned around he found himself face to face with a tall dark haired man, he jumped back, startled and asked:

"Who are you? This is a restricted area, you shouldn't be here." The man chuckled and Kelly thought he saw canines longer than normal. The stranger said :

"My name is Steve, I'm just here to collect a couple of things..." He tilted his head. "...that I want to take with me as I Leave." He licked his upper lip and moved closer to Kelly who stepped back, feeling more and more uncomfortable.

"Well, there's a police investigation going on, you can't take anything from here." The man was still walking slowly towards him and Kelly felt slightly worried, the man had a strange vibe. "Alright man, let's get back upstairs, you can discuss this with one of the detectives in charge." The fireman tried to move towards the door but Steve was blocking his way, still walking closer to him he said:

"You're wrong, I'm not a man." He chuckled. "Well, I'm a male, but no longer a man." Feeling his heartbeat go faster with the strange answer, Kelly listened to his guts and decided to make a run for it, Jay was upstairs and he had a gun. He flashed his light directly to the man's face and started running past him. Before he could reach the door, the man who had moved faster than light was on its threshold, blocking the way again. In panic Kelly shouted :

"Jay! There's someone here!" Steve chuckled again.

"So his name is Jay? Cute, it suits him..." He nodded. "Yeah, but Jay won't be of any help you know." He tilted his head. "Oh, you thought his gun could help?" He raised his brows and smirked. "It won't." Kelly was breathing faster by now, his guts telling him to get away from this man.

"What do you want then? Just take it and go." He could not understand why he was feeling so afraid when the man in front of him had no weapons, finally he heard Jay's footsteps coming down the stairs, he looked behind Steve and suddenly the tall man wasn't there any more. Kelly searched the room with his light, somewhat worried. His fear level rose when a cold hand landed on his and turned the light off, he just had time to shout before another cold hand landed on his mouth. The man behind him grabbed him in an iron grip and he felt fangs piercing his neck, painfully, he muffled through the hand gagging him and tried to move, he heard Jay call :

"Kelly?" The detective was searching the  numerous basement rooms with his light, everything was pitch dark. "Kelly? I heard you call but didn't hear what you said... where are you? Kelly?" The fireman could feel his legs turning into marshmallow, his head getting dizzier by the second, he could hear the blood being sucked out of his body, he tried to mumble something to his assailant, tried to beg for his life, he felt tears run down his cheeks. After years of firefighting he was going to die like this? In a dark basement sucked dry by an mythical creature he did not believe existed? He was about to lose consciousness when the biting stopped. He took a shaky breath, feeling somewhat relieved he was not dead. The man holding him whispered in his ear "You be quiet now, rest, I'll come back for you." He kissed him on the cheek and laid his limp body on the cold concrete floor.

Kelly wanted to warn Jay, but he was too weak to shout, he tried to speak but even that proved to be harder than it should, his voice was low and croaky :

"J... Jay... run... get... help..." He was feeling so weak, he sobbed silently, then a flash-light hit his face, Jay was at the room's entrance.

"Shit, Kelly! What happened?" The man ran to him and stopped mid-way turning his light up, then searching quickly all around the room, he had seen something move in the darkness. Kelly tried to warn him :

"Your gun... danger..." Jay could not hear him but instinctively went for his gun, before he could grab it a cold hand landed on his hand and stopped him, he dropped his light and turned around to hit his assailant. Kelly could hear the struggle echoing in the dark room, he hoped Jay's fighting skills were better than the tall man's, but when he heard a groan followed by a painful cry he realised the vampire had taken a bite in his friend too, when Jay begged for his life he knew it was all over and sobbed quietly at their bad luck. No one was coming for them, they had no reason to. He was only supposed to be back at the station in the afternoon.

He heard something being dragged on the floor coming his way, he could not see a thing, he jumped when a cold hand grabbed him by the collar of his sweater, then he was pulled backwards and dragged alongside what he supposed was Jay's body by the vampire, they went up the stairs and the dim light of the ground floor allowed Kelly to see that Jay was unconscious next to him, he looked up, all he could see was the back of the tall figure dragging them like they weighted nothing, he quickly wondered what he could do to leave a sign if someone came looking for them, he tried to take off his watch unsuccessfully, tried to reach his radio and call for help, but could not raise his hand to his shoulder, feeling too weak. Before he could do anything the man stopped and dropped their bodies on the floor, opened the back door and took Kelly in his arms, smiling at him he said :

"You're still conscious? I'm impressed, you're a real fighter, I like that!" He nodded, looking happy. Kelly felt a nod in his guts and groaned in disapproval as the man laid his body on the floor of a van with no windows, it felt soft on his back, the tall man had put some blankets down. So this was all anticipated thought Kelly, feeling nauseous and scared, still unable to make a move or a sound. The man took his radio and patted him until he found his cell phone, he dropped them on the ground outside the building, then he went back to pick up Jay's body and laid him next to Kelly, found his cell phone and threw it too, then he moved his body on top of the fireman, riding him with a grin he added:

"I think I made an excellent choice, you're both very tasty and good looking." He bent down and kissed Kelly on the lips, the latter was surprised and tried to move his head away but the strong hands holding his head prevented him from doing so, a cold tongue invaded his mouth and he moaned, unable to do anything else. When the kissing stopped, he was very ill a ease, looking at Steve, feeling wary about the whole turn of events. The vampire grinned again and whispered in his ear: "You're making me fucking hot with those pleading green eyes... if we had time, I'd fuck you right here right now." Kelly could not hold back the whine that escaped him, looking afraid and desperate he tried to move the tall body pinning him down, tried to make his treacherous body obey him and help him get away. Steve chuckled and watched him struggle for a few seconds, then got up. He closed the van's back doors and went to the driving seat, looking back he told Kelly : "You should get some rest now, it's gonna be a long drive." He started the engine and drove off.

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After a while Kelly fell unconscious too, he jerked awake feeling someone grab him by the ankles and pull him out of the van, his body was still too weak to move and he grumbled unable to get away from the tall man's grip, he was moved and pulled up onto Steve's shoulder like a light bag of sand, carried trough a garden alley, he could tell he was in the countryside from the sounds surrounding them and the fresh air blowing in his hair, he even heard a cow in the distance and wondered how far from Chicago they were, it was almost night, the man had kidnapped them quite early in the morning so he estimated far away and felt troubled. They entered a house, it felt warm and smelled like someone had cooked something tasty, Steve laid him on a couch in what he discovered was a normal looking living-room, he wondered if this was the vampire's house, it looked rather feminine with its old fashioned flowered wallpaper. Steve looked at him straight in the eyes with and undecipherable face and slid a hand on his neck, Kelly stiffened in apprehension, he thought he was right to do so when what felt like a needle pierced his skin and something was injected in him, he whimpered and clenched his teeth. Steve removed his hand and said :

"You'll feel better in a few minutes but don't try anything stupid. I'll be right back." He turned around and left, probably to get Jay, Kelly sort of hoped he would not end up alone with the vampire. After only a few minutes he did feel better, he could move his hands and feel his body react again, he slowly moved himself upwards to look at his surroundings and because he was feeling sick of being in an horizontal position.

Steve walked back in the room with Jay on his shoulder and laid him on the couch facing Kelly, he saw Halstead frowning, he was awake too and obviously feeling like shit too, the vampire put his hand on the man's neck and to Kelly's surprise he wasn't holding any needle, he used his fingernail to puncture his friend's neck and judging by his reaction, inject him with what he supposed was the same substance he had previously injected him, he told him the same thing too and left the room again.

Kelly was feeling much better and looking at Jay said :

"We're hours away from Chicago man, somewhere in the countryside..." He must have looked worried because Jay made a face that looked like he was sorry, seemingly unable to talk for the moment being. Kelly continued : "Did you call for backup before you came down in the basement?" When Jay shook his head no, the fireman felt despair slowly build up inside his chest. "What the fuck are we gonna do man?" Tears were gathering at the back of his throat so he just swallowed and took a deep breath to calm himself down and stopped talking. Jay was apparently upset too, making a face between rage and deep fear, his body slightly shaking from his efforts to move.

The door to the kitchen opened and an old woman stepped in the room, she looked at the two men and nodded at them before she said a warm:

"Welcome children, dinner is almost ready!" Then she walked to the front door. The two men looked at each other unsettled, probably both wondering if she was a vampire too. They heard her voice again, greeting Steve from the front door, hurrying him inside because it was getting cold outside, Kelly who could see the door from his couch looked at her giving a warm hug to a stiff Vampire who seemed happy nonetheless, they exchanged a few words and walked pass them directly to the kitchen, leaving its door open this time.

Kelly tried to move his legs to see if he could stand, but that wasn't happening anytime soon apparently, he clenched his teeth in annoyance and looked at Jay who was observing him before looking behind his couch as Steve came back in the room.

"You boys must be hungry now, Grandma has prepared some rabbit stew for you, you will eat and then get some rest." The two men looked at each other and did not say a word. Steve went back to the kitchen and came back with a plate in his hand, he walked to Kelly and handed him the food. "Can you eat by yourself? Do you feel strong enough now?" Kelly looked at him blank and replied a firm:

"I'm not hungry." Steve titled his head to the side, looking annoyed but then he took a sharp breath in and turned around to face Jay and offered him the plate, Jay just shook his head no, looking grumpy.

"Fine." Said the tall man. "If you're not hungry, that means I can feed. But first you boys need a lesson." He put the plate on the coffee table and walked back to Kelly, grabbed him by the wrist and pulled him up violently, the fireman hissed in pain, teeth clenched, looking warily at him, Steve didn't seem to mind any of it and when he realised Kelly couldn't stand on his feet his chuckled and bend down to put him on his shoulder again. Kelly tried to move away unsuccessfully and was carried away pleading in a trembling voice:

"Wait, what are you doing? Where are you taking me?" He looked at Jay who was visibly trying to move from his couch with no success. The man took him upstairs, he tried to grab any door, corner or furniture he could reach to stop the man but was to weak to hold on to anything. "Stop, please, let me down..." his voice faltered, he realised he probably should have eaten like the vampire wanted him to, now all he had managed to do was upset him apparently. "I'll eat, please, let me go back downstairs, I'll eat...please?" He was harshly thrown on the floor of a bedroom, before a strong hand made him kneel. He opened his mouth to plead his cause but was slapped violently in the cheek.

"Stay quiet." Said the man towering over him with a rough voice. Kelly gapped silently, he could not remember the last time someone had slapped him. "Grandma made a meal for you and you don't even have the decency to eat some, you ungrateful brat, I'll teach you some manners." He received another slap, and that one sent him to meet the floor. He whimpered and looked at the vampire, before he got hit again he quickly called upon his diplomatic side and said :

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to upset you or your grandma, I'll eat some food if it pleases you, I'm sorry. Please." He raised a hand to protect himself from the next blow, but it never came.

"You're sorry are you?" Kelly looked up wary and nodded.

"Yeah, yeah I am." Steve's face was unreadable.

"Get on your knees." The fireman obeyed. "Hands behind your back." The order was followed again. The vampire bend down and moved his face too close for Kelly's comfort. "Now kiss me properly, with your tongue, make me want to forgive your behaviour." Kelly's brows raised themselves up and with a shaky breath he moved forward and kissed the man, after all this was just kissing, even if it was a man, no, a vampire, he could live with it. He did his best to give the tall man a good kiss, he needed to be forgiven, needed this to stop. When Steve's tongue started duelling with his he wanted to move back but a cold hand held him in place, he felt something like arousal grow inside him and he might have moaned of pleasure and it all stopped, the vampire stood up, leaving Kelly panting on his knees and looking a bit more red than before.

"Now get up." It took a few seconds for Kelly to follow the order. "Now put your pants down." Steve was looking dead serious and staring at him coldly, face still unreadable.

"What?" Asked the younger man with a quivering voice.

"You heard. Pants down, and because you made me repeat myself, boxers too." His voice was low and cold, Kelly shivered and it took him a few more seconds before he obeyed, he had been naked in front of men before, but somehow this was very very different. He hid his crotch with his hands, his legs were shaking underneath him and he wasn't sure why exactly.

Steve sat on the bed and coldly said "Time for your spanking." As he tapped on his knees inviting Kelly to move. The latter felt his face flush and gapped, he was about to protest but realised that every time he opened his mouth it just made things worst for him, he struggled with himself instead, torn between his pride and fear of what would happen if he refused. "Don't make me repeat myself Kelly." He flinched, it was the first time the tall man had said his name and it made him shiver, but he could not move to follow the order, instead he fell to his knees and whimpered at his inability to do anything else, lowering his head in shame and guilt and yes, fear of what was to come. "Kelly, Kelly, Kelly, beautiful and strong Kelly, do you need some help with that order?" The fireman raised his head, body slightly shaking, and without thinking he said in a low voice:


Steve picked him up gently and placed him on his knees, Kelly could not believe he was about to be spanked, butt naked, by a man, no, a vampire...HE wanted to protest and kick him, punch him, do something but just could not. He was paralysed. When the first slap hit him he jumped in surprise, when the second hit him he felt the burning sensation on his ass as well as on his face, Steve took his time hitting one cheek then the other in turns, at first Kelly had clenched his teeth and was silent, but soon he started whimpering quietly and Steve stopped shortly after that, he slowly caressed the reddened cheeks until he felt the man on his laps relax and sob silently and then he said in a calm and soothing voice:

"You may kneel now." And he helped Kelly slide from his laps to his side and kneel. He gently took his chin and made him look up. "I believe you understood the lesson, correct?" Kelly sobbed, feeling exhausted and like a child, he nodded. "You will speak up when I ask you a question, and answer looking at me. Those are my rules. So did you understand the lesson?" said calmly Steve.

"Yes." Replied Kelly in a hoarse voice, shyly looking at the vampire.

"That's very good Kelly, you just need to call me sir and it will be perfect. Understood?" The condescending tone he used was hard to swallow but Kelly really had no fight left in him at that point so he just said:

"Yes sir." And Steve smiled at him. Somewhere deep inside him, Kelly felt relieved at that sight.

"Now that's perfect, you deserve a reward for your efforts, come here." Steve took Kelly's chin and made him raise his head to kiss him, but this time his saliva tasted different, sweeter and a bit tingly, Kelly suddenly felt warm and relaxed and a bit aroused but mostly very very nice and in a daze, it reminded him of the meds he had taken after his accident but much nicer, he moaned of pleasure in the kiss and Steve tousled his hair gently as he stopped kissing him. The human was panting, mouth gapped and eyes fluttering looking at him a bit confused but with a small smile on the corner of his lips. Steve got up and helped Kelly get in the bed he had been sitting on. He finished taking his pants and boxers off, as well as his shoes and sweater, leaving him with only a tee-shirt on and then he pulled the sheets and covers on him before softly caressing his head.

"You get some sleep now big guy, you've been good, I'm proud of you." Kelly frowned a little, it was strange having this grown up guy telling him those things, but at the same time it felt nice and comforting. He looked at him leaving the room, turning the lights off and closing the door behind him and fell asleep in no time.


Downstairs, Jay had watched helplessly as Kelly was taken upstairs like a naughty child by the dark haired vampire, the anguish of not knowing what was being done to him was horrible and Jay cursed his body for not responding to him, he could not move an inch despite all his efforts. He heard a door upstairs and the sound of something hitting the floor, he clenched his teeth and tried to listen, he was startled by the old lady's voice:

"Steve doesn't like when people don't do as he tells them... He can be harsh but he can also be a sweetheart if you know how to deal with him." She nodded and closed the kitchen door behind her. "You boys should be careful not to make him angry though, he hasn't surrounded himself with feeders for a long time, I think he's forgotten how fragile humans can be..." She moved to the couch in front of him and sat down with a cup of tea in her hands and continued. "At first he just wanted to bring one of yous you know, but I told him : Stevee, you might be okay with no talking and not seeing anyone for days but believe me, most people will go mad with that treatment and the silence of this place, you should bring two of them, that way they can keep each other company. And he's a smart boy this one, he knew I was right. But then two of yous is more work I suppose, so he probably thinks he has to be harder on you to make you... compliant... I don't know." She took a sip of her tea. "Because I'm not always here you know, I mean I can talk plenty and be of good company, but he mostly employs me to cook for his feeders, and I've got a life beside all this you know? I've got friends and bingo and my children to visit and my husband's grave bless his soul to keep clean, a whole lot of things to do." She took another sip of her tea and kept on talking about her life and her house and a lot of other things that Jay's detective mind mostly noted as useless and insignificant. Upstairs everything was quiet and that worried him.

After what seemed like an eternity Steve finally came back downstairs, alone, as he entered the living-room the old lady stopped talking, Jay finally managed to find his voice and asked him :

"Where's Kelly? What have you done to him?" Steve looked at him with a cold stare and Jay added in a lower voice filled with concern: "Is he okay?" He dreaded the answer. The vampire walked his way and calmly replied:

"Kelly has learned his lesson, he's sleeping it off. Now it's your turn." Jay felt a shiver run down his spine and frowned but replied:

"I don't even know what we've done wrong. Is it because we weren't hungry? How can you punish us for that?" The old lady made a worried face and shook her head looking at Jay before looking warily at the vampire. The latter tilted his head to the side and leaned forward towering above Jay with his hands on his hips.

"I know you were and still are hungry. So don't fuck with me. You know as well as I do that you just said no to contradict me." His face was cold as ice and his tone was harsh, Jay felt more scared than ever, more than he had felt for years, decades, he could not stop the whine that escaped him as he tried to move away from the vampire's deadly stare, unsuccessfully. And when a cold hand grabbed his throat and strangled him he just shivered in terror, eyes wide opened, paralysed.

"Oh Stevee, you're gonna kill him... look at him he's so scared now, don't you think that's enough?" Pleaded the old lady. Steve scowled, took a deep breath and released the human who coughed and struggled to catch his breath under his gaze.

"You're right Grandma, he does look scared, I hope he his enough to stop that bullshit right away." He looked at Jay intently and the detective nodded very obviously, unable to talk. "Good, now you'll get some sleep because I'm hungry, you'll both eat tomorrow." He moved towards Jay again and the latter flinched a little. He picked him up bride's style and carried him upstairs too, Jay hoped he would end up in the same room as Kelly so he could check on him, but Steve took him to another bedroom an threw him on the double bed before jumping on top of him, effectively riding him.

Jay had no time to wonder what was going to happen, fangs pierced his neck and he opened his mouth to shout but his voice was gone again, he just had the pain, the agonising pain, his hands moved to the man's back uselessly, he tried to move uselessly, there was only pain until he felt numb and as his head went dizzier he regretted not eating grandma's deliciously smelling meal before loosing consciousness.

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Kelly woke up being tenderly caressed on his back, a cool breath was tickling his neck, he slowly opened his eyes and jerked awake when everything came back to him as he recognised the room he was in, he tried to get out of the bed but the strong hand on his back pressed down, effectively pinning him down on his belly.

"What the fuck?!" He shouted as he turned his head around to see his assailant, he calmed down as soon as his eyes met Steve's cold stare, feeling paralysed by fear again. He made a soft whine and his breath became shaky immediately. That aura was just terrifying sometimes.

"Shhht, calm down Kelly." Said the vampire in a husky voice as he started rubbing the human's back again. "Turn around, on your back." Kelly looked at him wary and did as he was told, as soon as he was on his back Steve picked up his caressing again, the fireman gulped and finally found the courage to say in a hoarse stammering voice :

"I... I'm sorry but... I'm... I'm not... gay... sir." Steve smiled at him and pinched his nipple, Kelly hissed and his body jerked.

"Don't worry Kelly, nobody's perfect." Replied Steve, he chuckled and continued: "Good news for you though : I'm a good teacher, literally years of experience." He pinched Kelly's nipple again before rubbing it gently, then his hand ventured down on the man's belly and Kelly whined, shaking his head no.

"Please don't do this... I'm..." He did not get the time to finish his sentence, Steve's mouth was on his and his tongue was already invading his mouth, the sweet flavour of the vampire's saliva was stronger than the last kiss and Kelly felt desire grow in him, his cock hardening, his pupils dilating, his breath fastening and his heart bolted with the feelings. He moaned loudly when Steve broke the kiss and took his hardened member in his hand to jerk him off slowly.

"Wha... what... how did you... god, fuck! Aaah... fuck." Kelly could not say anything that made any sense, the vampire made him cum all over himself with a few more strokes, his back arched and he moaned loudly, the hand on his cock slid on his belly and spread his cum, fingers rolling in it before the hand went between his legs and two fingers made their way inside him, the sensation was new, he had tried a dildo once with a girlfriend when he was in his teens but that was it, these two fingers were moving slowly in and out and scissoring inside him and that felt a bit painful, very strange but good at the same time, he was still riding his orgasm and probably Steve's saliva, he was not sure what was doing what to him at that point but when the vampire told him to put his legs up and spread them, he just did as he was told. He had always loved morning sex, maybe this could be just as good? His cum was making the fingers slide easily in and out of him and he started moaning at the sensation, panting a little faster.

"That feels good? You like feeling my fingers inside you don't you?" Whispered Steve in his ear before licking it, a ripple of shivers spread through Kelly's entire body and made his breath shake along with them, he wasn't sure what had caused it, the questions or the licking, he tried to answer but Steve licked his ear again and he could just moan in pleasure and mumble something that sounded a bit like a yes.

The fingers penetrated him deeper in a hard movement making him gasp and open his eyes widely.

"Remember the rules Kelly!"

"Yes sir!" He almost shouted his reply, looking into Steve's eyes with a wary but aroused face. The fingers slowly slid out and came back to his belly for more cum slick, Kelly thought it was rather sexy that someone would do this and looked at Steve, the latter must have sensed his growing arousal because he kissed him straight away, whilst slowly pushing three fingers in his hole, Kelly moaned in their kiss, the added finger being quite a stretch, but soon the drugged saliva made him feel just fine, even better than that, he moaned louder filled with pleasure and Steve asked him:

"Do you want to feel my cock inside you Kelly? Do you want me to fill you with my semen?" Kelly's eyes were almost completely black by now, his arousal at his maximum, he moaned more and practically begged Steve :

"Yes, yes, I want to feel your cock, please fuck me... fill me... sir!" He could hear the words coming out of his mouth but could not believe he was saying them, when Steve moved his body on top of his he realised what was happening and whimpered because he wanted this so badly it was insane, he wasn't attracted by guys, he just wanted this one to fuck him, right now.

Steve used Kelly's cum as lube again and the human whimpered at the sight of the man on top of him lubing himself with his cum, he had a long and large cock and was stroking it slowly, enjoying the view of Kelly's pleading eyes watching his hard member, the latter sobbed a little when he felt the tip of the vampire's cock pressing at his entrance.

You want this Kelly?" Teased Steve.

"Yes, sir, yes I want it...please..." Steve ran his fingers on Kelly's lips and made him open his mouth and suck on his thumb, making him taste his own cum, then he slowly penetrated him. The human's mouth opened in a silent ah that became a louder one quite rapidly, Steve played with his thumb in Kelly's mouth and Kelly tried his best to suck it or lick it between two moans and 'ah' while the big cock inside him kept on making its way in slowly but surely. Steve did not stop until he was buried to the hilt, then he stopped to savour the moment and let Kelly adjust, he knew his saliva was helping with the pain, but he also knew he was well built and could tear the man's insides if he went to fast and that wasn't the plan.

He started moving slowly in and out of Kelly's warm arsehole, he was tight and looking at him with those eyes, almost like a puppy, so desperate, so cute, so sexy. Steve smiled widely, the predator in him feeling almighty and powerful, making the strong and muscular man beneath him moan and beg for more. He moved faster and faster, until he could not hold himself back any more, he dug his hands in Kelly's hips, knowing there would be bruises there later, not really caring about it for the moment and started slamming into him harder and faster, he made him raise his legs a bit more to go deeper, hitting his sweet spot in the process, Kelly gasped and made a deep and low moan of pleasure, followed by many others.

The room was filled with the sounds of flesh hitting flesh at a rapid rhythm, Kelly's loud moans and gasps, their heavy breathing, the smell of sweat and sex and Steve could hear Kelly's fast heartbeat in his chest, it was all intoxicating to his sense, especially Kelly's scent, the smell of his sweat, of his cum. Soon he wanted more of the man and bent down to bit his neck as he fucked him hard because that was the best feeling in the world : blood and sex.

Kelly shouted a loud 'Fuck' when the fangs pierced his skin and then his body arched as he came again, making sounds between sobs and moans, both his hands holding onto the vampire's back for dear life until the last drop of his semen left his body, covering them both. The smell of his cum made Steve cum too, he stopped biting in the man's neck to make a feral and loud roaring sound as he emptied his cock deep inside Kelly, his body shivering of pleasure until he was finished.

Kelly was panting like he had climbed the Everest, feeling out of breath and light headed, he could feel Steve's cum dripping from his hole, the big cock twitching inside him, making him feel so full, so good, he looked at Steve who was still enjoying his climax, his head craned back, his mouth open wide, showing his still bloodied fangs, his breath still heavy. The vampire felt the man's gaze and looked down at him, knowing the effect of his saliva had most probably already worn off he asked :

"Did you like my cock inside you Kelly?" The man blushed at the question and shyly looked down only to have his eyes land on said cock still buried inside him, he blushed harder and replied with a slightly cocky smile:

"You're still inside me... sir." Steve chuckled and slid his cock out looking at Kelly with attention until his cock exited the man's hole with an audible 'pop', Kelly looked embarrassed and the vampire smirked.

"My cock's out now, but you still haven't answered my question though." He moved his face closer to Kelly's, enjoying his pinked cheeks.

"Yes, I think I have sir, but you drugged me right?" Said Kelly with a more serious face.

"Would you prefer to try without me drugging you next time?" Asked Steve, looking very serious too, his face still very close to Kelly's, making him feel more and more ill at ease.

"Next time? Wha..." Kelly suddenly realised this was not going to be a one-off and felt awkward about it. "I don't know... I... maybe not..." The idea of feeling 'sober' and being fully conscious about it all scared him a little, he was confused and suddenly felt anger rise inside him and snapped: "That wouldn't change the fact that this is a rape."

Steve moved his body and sat on the bed next to him, he simply replied in a calm voice:

"Maybe you're right, maybe not, I believe it's up to you to see it that way or another way. Think about that for a while." He looked at Kelly, obviously waiting for an answer and Kelly reluctantly replied :

"Yes sir." Just to avoid any reprimand. Steve got up and said :

"Now get up, go take a shower." He pointed at a door "Everything you need is in the bathroom, clean clothes included. When you're done come downstairs for breakfast. Understood?"

"Yes sir."

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Steve left Kelly and went to check on Jay, the young man was still fast asleep in his bed, Steve realised he might have taken a bit too much blood from him, it had been a while since the last time he took feeders of his own. Working with Five-o on an island had forced him to be extremely discreet and turn to blood bags from the hospital, thanks to the vampire community’s support it had proved to be quite easy.

But feeding from plastic bags was very different from feeding from a human being, you can’t kill a blood bag! But humans are all different, they never react quite the same to being bitten, some have weak hearts and collapse within minutes, some can handle being left with only a few drops of blood in their systems, even if it’s only for a short time, since the human body does need a minimum of blood to function properly… somehow Steve had kind of forgotten about that.

He decided to wake him up, the human needed to eat if he was to get better, he shook him but the man did not wake up, he called his name and tapped his face gently but that did not work either, so he decided to use one of his vampire’s ability and compelled him to wake up, but when that did not work either he actually worried a little, he cursed the fact that he had developed human feelings from being so close to the Five-o team for so long, mimicking their behaviour and feelings, pretending to feel things at the beginning to end up actually feeling emotions of his own…

He had one last thing he could try : injecting the man with one of his nail venoms, but that worried him a little too, because just as drinking blood from a human without killing him depended on the human, injecting the right amount of adrenalin-like venom without making the heart stop proved to be quite delicate. He took a deep breath, told himself to stop being such a pussy and stabbed the young man’s carotid, injected just a small amount and hoped it would be enough but not too much, thinking he could always inject a bit more if needed.

That proved to be quite enough, Jay jerked awake, his body suddenly moving upwards, almost screaming only to be stopped from falling off the bed in his frantic move by strong arms and a concerned look.

“What the fuck?! What… wha… where am I? Who… ” Jay stammered before blinking and remembering where he was and who was the man before him, his heart was running like an Afghan hound on a racetrack and he was out of breath, his head was dizzy and everything felt terribly wrong. “What did you do to me?” He finally asked looking at Steve with wide eyes.

“I had to make you wake up, you were in a much too deep sleep.” Replied calmly the vampire. Jay looked at him frowning.

“Because you... fed on me.” That was not a question, more like a verification, Steve simply nodded.

“Now you need to eat, then you’ll get some more rest.” Jay tilted his head, he wanted to argue but suddenly remembered that he was not alone when he was kidnapped.

“Where is Kelly?” He asked with a dreadful look in his eye.

“Kelly’s fine, don’t worry about him. You’ll see him shortly.” Jay did not look convinced. “He’s taking a shower right now.” Steve pointed at the noise of running water that could be heard through the bedroom’s wall to prove his point and Jay nodded, looking a bit less worried. “Can you get up?” Jay moved his legs to check and nodded.

“Yeah I think so.” He felt very tired despite the current adrenalin rush that was boosting him and wasn’t sure how much strength he actually had in him, but he needed to see Kelly and would make every effort possible to go downstairs.

“Alright.” Said Steve, not looking completely convinced. “I’ll help you.” He got up and waited for Jay to move.

He did and it proved to be quite tiring and went rather slowly, his head started spinning when he moved his upper body and when he moved his legs to sit he almost fell backwards without realising it. Steve caught him before that happened.

“You’re in no condition to get up, lay back down.” Jay groaned and frowned.

“No I’m alright, just give me a minute.” He said, Steve chuckled.

“Stay here. I’ll get Kelly to bring you something to eat.” Steve knew the human wanted to see his friend and gently pushed him back in the bed. Jay nodded and did as told, feeling unable to do otherwise.

Steve left and went back to Kelly’s room, he entered without knocking and to his pleasure, surprised Kelly with only a towel around his waist, the firefighter looked annoyed and frowned, Steve just ignored it.

“You’ll come downstairs join me in the kitchen and bring some food back upstairs for Jay, he’s too weak to get up for the moment.” The human looked a bit surprised but he nodded. Steve waited for a proper reply, enjoying the view of the muscular body with droplets of water shining in the morning sun coming through the window. Kelly felt a bit embarrassed about the staring and tried to sound casual when he asked:

“Anything else?” Steve tilted his head to the side and took a deep breath wondering how hard it was to understand simple rules and answered in a more or less annoyed tone:

“No, nothing else, I was just waiting for you to answer me properly Kelly.” He raised his brows to emphasise, just in case, and the human suddenly seemed to remember and looked a bit wary as he said:

“Oh, yeah... I mean yes sir, I’ll do that… bring the food to Jay. Sir.” He tucked the side of his towel and looked at the clean clothes he was supposed to wear and then back at Steve, visibly waiting for him to leave the room to get dressed. Steve found that cute and chuckled a little before he said:

“Alright. Please do remember those rules for now as you’ll have more rules to learn later. And don’t make me wait too long before you come downstairs.” He nodded with a smile on the corner of his mouth, took a last and very obvious look at the man’s body and left the room even if he was feeling like teasing the human a bit more.

Kelly got dressed and opened the door of his room, once in the corridor he looked at the other doors and wondered which one was Jay’s but found himself worried about taking too much time to join the vampire and went to the stairs. Once he arrived in the kitchen Grandma welcomed him with a:

“Good morning to you young man! You’re a loud one aren’t you?” She winked at him and Kelly felt his cheeks turn red, he looked at her with eyes wide unable to say a word… she was talking a bout the morning sex wasn’t she?! Steve just laughed out loud before he told her:

“Jesus Christ Grandma! He’s only been here for a day, go easy on him will you?!” And he laughed some more looking at Kelly’s face. She turned to Steve and hit him with her napkin:

“Stevee! Watch your mouth! And there’s nothing wrong about being loud... or with talking about sex, and morning sex is nice, we used to love it back in the days...” She smiled as she pointed at an old photo of a young couple and continued: “You young people shouldn’t be so prude, that’s just silly!” She shook her head mumbling to herself as she turned back to cooking her bacon and eggs. Kelly was ill at ease and Steve was still laughing, preparing a tray for him to bring to Jay.

Kelly suddenly felt sick about the fact that if the grandma had heard him, Jay had most probably heard him too… and his mind went on a very bad trip about how in hell he was going to explain to his friend what had happened, why he had heard him moan so loudly, how and why he had actually enjoyed it, not being raped because it was a rape wasn’t it? But the sex with a man, or was it just because of the drugs? Because he had been drugged, but he had also asked for it to continue, he had even begged for more… And he knew that sometimes when he looked at some men he actually felt attracted to them, men like Jay, but he had never acted, fearing rejection or maybe just being a coward… He was quickly giving himself a headache and his face must have turned into something quite different because Steve suddenly stopped laughing and looked at him with concern, before eventually walking to him and putting a hand on his shoulder and whispering to him :

“Hey hey hey… Kelly? Look at me.” And the man did. “Jay was nearly in a coma when I went to his room, it took me forever to wake him up, he hasn’t heard anything, trust me.” The look in his eyes was sincere and Kelly felt relieved and thankful about it, an uncontrolled sob escaped him and he quickly raised a hand to his face to rub it and take his mind off all this.

“Thank you sir.” He said quietly after taking a deep breath. Steve felt something stir his belly and patted the human’s back to comfort him, he had made no bond with him yet but could already understand him so well, read his feelings as if he had, it seemed quite strange to him and he shook his head feeling a bit confused.

“Grandma’s right though…” He said in a normal voice this time. “… we’re gonna have a talk about sex, the three of us.” He turned towards the old lady who had turned around and was smirking. “And by that I mean Kelly, Jay and I, not you Grandma!” He smirked at her and she laughed.

“You smart ass!” She said shrugging her shoulders. “The bacon and eggs are ready, pass me a plate will you.” Steve did and then put it on the tray already filled with orange juice, toasts, a cup of coffee and some pills. He handed it all to Kelly and told him:

“Third room on the right. These pills are iron supplements and vitamins, make sure he swallows them all, it’s for his sake, I took a lot of blood from him.” He raised his brows to make sure Kelly followed him and the man answered:

“Yes sir.”

“You may talk with him while he eats, but then he has to rest and you have to come back to eat too, don’t make me call for you. Alright?” Steve’s tone was calm but firm and Kelly weirdly felt okay about it being slightly condescending. His lashes fluttered a few seconds as he realised it, before he answered:

“Yes sir.” And turned around to go upstairs, Steve’s voice interrupted him in his haste:

“Oh, one last thing Kelly!” He stopped and turned around. “He’s weaker than he wants to admit, maybe you can help him sit and eat… just do as you feel about it. Alright?” Kelly felt strange about feeding Jay, and he felt himself slightly blushing at the idea, of course Steve noticed it and Kelly saw that, so he quickly answered:

“Yes sir.” And turned back to the stairs to hide his face from the vampire only to hear him chuckle in his back.


In his bed, Jay was finding it harder and harder to stay awake, his whole body seemed to get heavier by the minute, his eyelids kept on closing themselves and he kept on jerking himself awake wondering how long it would take for Kelly to come. At some point he even wondered if he would actually come, maybe it was all a lie, maybe he was already dead. No matter how hard he tried to listen, he could not hear anything coming from downstairs, time seemed to pass very slowly and he kept on fighting sleep. At some point he heard a loud laughter and wondered if it was real or if he was imagining it, could they have fun downstairs? For what reason?

After what seemed like ages, the door to his room opened and a familiar face appeared, he felt relieved and smiled, even if the whole situation was far from happy, Kelly shyly smiled back and said :

“Hey, glad to see you man…” And he was so very glad to see him, even if he looked terribly pale and weak. “I’ve got some food for you, are you hungry?” Jay nodded and replied:

“Yeah, I’m starving!” He tried to move his upper body to sit but his arms were shaking and would just not do the job. Kelly realised Steve had not been lying about Jay’s state, he put the tray on the night stand and simply told his friend:

“Let me help, I’m a firefighter remember, used to moving people’s bodies!” He tried to make it casual, tried to forget why the man was in such a poor condition, smiling. Jay nodded so he grabbed him under his arms and moved his body upward, took the extra pillow on the bed and tucked it behind his back to keep him straight. Jay looked at him and thanked him, something in his eyes seemed different but Kelly could not say what. He took the tray and placed it on Jay’s legs before he asked:

“Want me to help you with that too?” And he felt his heart beat a little faster, even if he tried to argue with himself that it was just a friendly thing to do for a friend, nothing more. He looked at Jay who was silently watching him and felt awkward, but the the detective said:

“Yeah please.” With a little smile and quite sad look on his face, he added: “Sorry.” Kelly immediately replied:

“No man, don’t be sorry.” He shook his head no. “It’s nothing, don’t worry about it… It’ll get me prepared for when I have kids!” He smirked, trying to make Jay feel better and the latter smirked back and told him:

“You? Kids? It’s more likely you’ll end up being fed in a nursing home!” Kelly laughed.

“Shit... you’re probably right!” They both laughed before it all came back crushing down on them and they looked at each other silently. Jay broke the silence and said to Kelly:

“Thank you.” Kelly nodded and shrugged his shoulders.

“My pleasure.” Jay looked at him with that strange look again and said:

“I’m glad you’re here with me… I’m…” He paused and finally continued: “I’m so tired… I feel better knowing you’re okay though.” And it seemed like he had wanted to say something else but Kelly did not push him instead he pointed at the food.

“Talking about feeling better, you should eat and get some rest ‘till you are better too.” He took the knife and fork and started cutting the eggs and bacon, he noticed the napkin under the plate and placed it on Jay’s chest before he started feeding him.

Jay asked him what had happened the day before when the vampire had taken him upstairs and he hesitated about telling him he had been spanked, feeling too ill at ease about the whole thing, he ended up telling him he had been punished ‘like a kid’ and this time Jay was the one who did not push for details, instinctively knowing Kelly could not say what had happened and maybe he did not really needed to know.

They talked about what to do about their situation, how to escape because they had to escape at some point, it was obvious that in Jay’s condition they would not go far and Kelly would absolutely not leave without him, despite Jay’s insistence. They decided to wait for him to feel stronger, he swallowed his pills, drank and ate everything, Kelly told him he had to go back downstairs before being called and Jay told him he was already feeling sleepy anyway, they awkwardly told each other a ‘see you tomorrow’ before Kelly left the room with the tray and went back downstairs.


Down in the kitchen, Steve had listened to everything, his vampiric super-hearing allowed him do do that and to be honest with himself, he was curious to hear what his two humans would talk about in his absence. They had no idea he could hear them for the moment, which was an obvious advantage and he wasn’t about to waste it.

He had a smirk on his face when Kelly entered the kitchen.

Chapter Text

Kelly entered the kitchen and found Steve sitting on a chair next the one in front of an empty plate with its cutlery and napkin, an orange juice and a coffee mug all waiting for him, the grandma looked up from her morning paper, put it down and told him to sit while she prepared his bacon and eggs, he replied:

"Okay, thank you madam." And received a :

"Good boy. Very polite. I like that." With a wink from Steve that made his belly feel a bit awkward. He sat down and Steve pulled his chair towards him to get him closer, Kelly looked at him, there was a ray of light coming from outside hitting his face and he looked handsome as hell up close like this, with that little smirk on his face and his eyes slightly squinting because of the sun, marking the few wrinkles he had on theirs corners, Kelly felt unsettled by the thought and found himself looking at Steve's lips wantonly, his heartbeat fastening a little. Obviously Steve noticed all of it and he teased him:

"Why don't you kiss me now Kelly?" And the firefighter felt his heart bolt, his eyes going from Steve's mouth to his eyes back and forth, eyelids fluttering, he looked at the grandma who was turned with her back to them, cooking and Steve chuckled. "Alright, I'll make it easy for you: this is not a question, just do it. Now." Kelly obeyed, since it was an order, he had an excuse to give himself, because he could not admit to himself that he wanted it, not yet.

He put his lips on Steve's and closed his eyes when his tongue made its way into the vampire's mouth, his breath fastened when Steve's hand slid behind his nape to deepen the kiss, it felt nice, tender and he might even have moaned a little before they broke the kiss as Grandma said:

"It's ready and warm boys. You'll have time to kiss later." With a lovely smile on her face. Kelly blushed a little, Steve rubbed his back smiling at him, and that felt nice too, he thanked the old lady as she handed him his plate filled with food. His chair was so close to Steve's that their legs were touching and that might have aroused something in him too, he was about to take his fork but Steve was faster than him and took it.

"How about I feed you this morning?" And Kelly blushed a shade deeper, looking at Steve incredulous, mouth gaping, making the vampire chuckle.

"I... I can eat by myself...sir." Stammered the man, Steve smiled and handed him his fork.

"Oh, I know you can big boy!" He smiled widely nodding his head, happy about his teasing and the reaction it had provoked. "Go on, eat while it's warm. I'm done teasing you, promised!" Kelly took the fork and started eating, shaking his head at the vampire's apparent joy, a smile on the corner of his mouth as he chewed his food. He would never had thought feeling like this being a kidnap victim, because he felt happy, even if it was probably not normal. He could not stop looking at the tall black haired man next to him, it almost felt surreal how fine he felt about being so close to him, he just wanted to smile at him without knowing why. He wondered if Steve had drugged him again as they had kissed, but the vampire seemed to be just lost in his thoughts for the moment so he tried to get his mind off of this and concentrate on his food instead, he looked at the grandma who was back on her chair reading her paper.

Next to him, Steve was really happy too, it had been a long time since he last had laughed and felt so good, it reminded him of some great times he spent with the Five-o team, even if it was quite different, he had never felt so comfortable with a man before, so much at ease and truly himself, he missed the Five-o team but they never had been more than good friends to him, even his relationship with Danny was nothing compared to this feeling, to this man... for this human was quickly growing on him, too quickly maybe, he couldn't say why, he just wanted to have him by his side, smell his odour, look into his eyes, make him blush, yes, he really like that blushing, Kelly was a big and muscular guy, seemed confident enough but was also so cute and easily unsettled and could be shy, it actually made Steve feel kind of unsettled too.

The three of them sat in silence while Kelly ate his breakfast, from time to time he would look at Steve and he would look back at him and the corner of their mouths would turn slightly up before they would look elsewhere. When Kelly finished his plate he got up and said:

"Thank you for this food madam, it was delicious." to what Grandma replied:

"My pleasure dear." Kelly went for the sink to wash his dishes but the old lady told him to leave it there, he argued that he could do it but she insisted and got up to physically take the plate from his hands and push him out of the kitchen, Steve chuckled and told him:

"No point in trying to argue with this old bat, believe me!" Grandma looked at him frowned and then smirked and replied:

"If I'm an old bat, what does that make you? A mummy?" Steve put a hand to his heart.

"Ouch! I guess you win this battle Grandma!" They both laughed and Kelly smiled looking at them interacting, he wondered if she was really his grandma or if the term was just amicable since she suggested that he actually was older than her, he wondered if that was really what she meant, he was a vampire after all, maybe like in the tales about them he could live forever and was older than her, if that was the case, how old was he? He looked at him and realised that his assertiveness and self-confidence might be due to a long life, maybe even a very very long one. He might have stared a little, lost in his thoughts because Steve looked at him intently and said with a smirk:

"What's the matter Kelly? Am I so handsome you just can't take your eyes off of me?" Kelly chuckled, he was about to answer yes, like it was obviously the case but he just shook his head no and said:

"How old are you then?" Steve put a hand to the man's cheek, moved his body closer and said in a husky voice:

"Older than you, that's for sure. Does that bother you big guy? Or maybe it arouses you? Huh? Which is it?" He tilted his head, waiting for Kelly to start blushing, he did not but Steve heard his heartbeat go faster and watched him lower his gaze a bit embarrassed and that was enough of a reward for him, he chuckled.

"No, I mean... I'm just curious. Since you're the first vampire I meet... you know..." He looked at him and they looked at each other for a long moment, it felt intimate and comfortable at the same time, Kelly was the first to lower his eyes, feeling too unsettled by the fact that he was actually feeling comfortable about it. He wondered what could be wrong with him, thought about Stockholm syndrome and wondered if he had caught it in just a day, and if it was even possible. Steve made him raise his head and said:

"I'm roughly 200 years old. Now you know why the 'mummy' name... But I like to think I don't look my age." He chuckled. "I mean, you tell me..." He gestured at his body raising his brows to incite Kelly to give him an answer. Kelly chuckled, he liked the vampire's body if he was to be honest, he looked thin, muscular and around 40 maybe 45 years old because of his confidence, but definitely fit for his age whatever it was.

"Yeah, you look fine, definitely not 200!" He nodded.

"Yeah, right?!" Added Steve smirking.

"So, do you look like what you looked when you were... made or is it turned into a vampire then?"

"Pretty much, I do age a little..." He frowned and smirked again. "Very little really." Kelly wondered what it must be like to live for so long, what it would be like to loose all the people you know and love, unless they are vampires like you?

"And do you have a family? I mean being so old, do you have people you care about that are still around, maybe vampires like you?" He suddenly felt a bit nosy asking that and quickly added: "You don't have to answer me if that's too personal... obviously." And then he remembered to say: "Sir." Steve smiled and thought a moment about his answer.

"I had a family before I was turned into a vampire, but they all died. I do know a few vampires, yes but I don't really spend time with them. And then in 200 years, you get to try different things you know, experiment different formulas so to speak. I do have a few people I care about yes, but not many that actually know what I am, that's... complicated to say the least, quite dangerous sometimes." He looked at the man who was listening with attention, they had walked to the living-room and were both standing in the middle of it, Steve gestured towards the couch inviting Kelly to sit as he did. "But 200 or so years is too long a story to tell and quite frankly I don't feel like talking about the past." He looked at the firefighter nodding at him.

"Yeah, I understand sir."

"I'd rather talk about us..." He smirked and to his pleasure Kelly reddened a little. "I mean, now that I have you here, and I have to admit I'm particularly happy about it, I intend on keeping you with me for a while... so I guess maybe we should talk about it, you know, about how to make your stay as comfortable as possible..." He looked at the human to see his reactions to the declarations. To his surprise, he seemed to be taking it rather well, looking at him straight in the eyes, nodding and he appeared to be thinking about it.

"What do you mean by that?" Asked Kelly, forgetting the sir in his sentence. Steve was about to answer but felt like he had to be adamant for the rules to be followed and just said with a cold stare:

"You meant: What do you mean by that Sir. Right?" Kelly's eyes widened a little and he swiftly replied:

"Yes sir, sorry sir." Feeling a cold shiver run down his spine, the vampire could change from friendly and nice to cold and downright scary within a few seconds, thus putting him on edge quite fast. Steve noticed the smell of cold sweat and the change of heartbeat that meant fear emanating from Kelly and immediately changed his tone back to a friendly one, he kept on forgetting how his aura could affect humans, he wanted to be firm but not scary.

"That's okay. And what I meant was that I need you to tell me what you need to be able to do, for example I need to get out and get some fresh air, I'd go nuts if I had to stay indoors all the time. So what about you? You don't have to tell me right now, obviously, you can think about it." He looked at Kelly who seemed to be stuck in his fear and Steve felt annoyed at himself, he wondered if maybe he could change his state of mind by making him understand that he truly wanted him to be comfortable and said: "I really like you Kelly, more than I thought I would when I took you, I want you to feel happy here, I hope that's possible... I don't want to just feed on you, I..." He swallowed and got lost in what he wanted to say next, wondering how and why in hell he had said that, he wasn't even sure why he felt that way yet and that wasn't what he had wanted to say. Then he realised that the man was staring at him now, his heartbeat was a bit faster but it wasn't from fear... it smelled more like... arousal?

"Getting some fresh air would be nice yeah... I'll think about the rest. Sir." Kelly found himself looking at Steve's lips again and turned his head away. "This is all weird, I don't know how I feel about it really... I mean you've kidnapped me, us, and I should..." He looked at the vampire confused. "You drugged me and f..." He blushed a little and looked at his hands. "I should hate you. Sir." He shook his head frowning. "I should try to escape but I..." He clenched his teeth. "I don't know what's wrong with me really... do your drugs last for this long? Are you using some kind of... spell or something? I... I just need to know... please... sir." He raised his head and looked at Steve, he had tears in his eyes and Steve felt sorry for him, he calmly answered:

"I did drug you to force myself on you, and left you with no choice, yes, but these drugs don't last for long... so no, you're not under influence any more and about spells, no I can't do spells but I can try and compel someone to do what I want. But... it doesn't always work and that's something you would remember because... how can I say... you would have been fully conscious that you were compelled and you would have felt it physically too." Steve stood silent, realising what Kelly meant to say between the lines, feeling something warm grow inside him and some old and long lost feeling of butterflies come back to his belly. "I understand how confusing this must all be for you and I'm sorry about it... I truly am Kelly. I wish I had met you under different circumstances..." Kelly was looking at him, and looking confused still, but the beginning of a smile was forming itself on the corner of his mouth.

"Thank you sir." He looked back at his hands and resembled a child, Steve wanted to comfort him, he asked:

"Can I kiss you, not drug you, just kiss you... and hug you?" Kelly looked at him and his eyelids fluttered, that was exactly what he wanted right now, but he could not say a word, his throat was too tight from the tears he was holding back so he nodded and Steve felt relieved and happy about it because he had suddenly feared being rejected and that would have been hard. He leaned and took Kelly's chin to make him raise his head and kissed him gently, wrapping a hand around his back and another behind his neck, softly rubbing his nape and playing with his hair. Kelly sobbed with relief in their kiss and moaned quietly, a tear ran down his cheek and he raised his arms to hold Steve as he kissed him back, deepening the kiss, wanting more, needing more, even if he knew there were no drugs involved this time and that he had no excuses to tell himself, he moved his body to get more friction and Steve got the message, he slipped his hand under Kelly's tee-shirt and caressed him more sensually, the man shivered and stopped the kiss to say in a hoarse voice:

"I need more, I need to feel... to feel what it's like without the drugs... please sir. I need to know..." Steve looked at him and nodded, then he said:

"Okay, let's go upstairs then, I'll gladly help you on this task Kelly." Steve could not help himself, feeling too happy about it, he grinned and that made Kelly chuckle shyly, he liked Steve's kind of childish behaviour.