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Family Confidential Episode II: Attack Of The Hormones

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Family Confidential II:
Attack Of The Hormones





Endless. Unrelenting. Traffic.


Willow dropped her head against the steering wheel, careful not to hit against the horn in case she added even more noise to the cacophony of traffic noises surrounding her on all sides.


It was hard to love even her beloved car on evenings like this when she hit rush hour and the long minutes ticked by with her sitting enclosed in it.


She was sure Tara and the kids had eaten by now.


She’d be lucky to even make story-time, with the thoughts of bath-time and pre-bed snuggles well and truly abandoned.


It had been a long day, a long week, and a long few months. She hated to miss some of the little pleasures that got her through it all. She picked up her phone to check in with Tara but put it down quickly when there was a surge of movement.


Thirty-seven arduous minutes later, she put her key in the front door of the place she called home and opened it, hoping to hear the rush of little feet that usually greeted her. Alas, there was silence and she glumly shut the door behind her.


When she turned back around, Tara was standing in the doorway to the living room, wearing a dress Willow loved on her; purple with elbow-length sleeves, just enough fabric to keep her warm on the mid-Spring evening with its soft fabric hugging her soft curves.


Willow was happy to see her but was lamenting the silence.


“Did I completely miss bedtime?” she whispered as she set her purse down and hung her key on the rack, “I was hoping to snag a cuddle or two.”


Tara shook her head.


“They’re with your Dad and Michelle.”


Willow straightened back up and spoke in her regular volume.


“Oh. Is everything okay? Were they being unruly again? I swear I think those kids have finally listened and turned on their angel side and then they go and ruin the ruliness all over again!”


“I don’t think that’s a word, sweetie,” Tara replied softly.


“Well it should be,” Willow grumbled.


Tara walked forward and took both of Willow’s hands.


“I know you’ve been so stressed out lately. I wanted to give you a night off and you know your Dad and Michelle, they jump at the chance to have the kids.”


“They do now that Robyn sleeps all night,” Willow replied wryly, “Only took twenty months.”


Tara squeezed Willow’s hands.


“Well, you don’t have to worry about that tonight. You can just relax.”


Willow’s face softened, not at the prospect of some much-needed sleep but by the lines on Tara’s face she decidedly couldn’t see. None of the pain or worry that had immersed itself so fully on her wife’s features for the past few months.


“You haven’t been having the easiest time yourself.”


“Well, we can share all of the good things tonight,” Tara replied with a crooked smile that shot right to Willow’s heart.


Willow almost melted on the spot. She stepped forward to drape herself across her wife in a warm hug.


“Good things?”


Tara just smiled again and silently led Willow through the kitchen and out to the back yard, where the small table that lived on their patio was set intimately for two, complete with candles and flowers in a jug to brighten up the dark tablecloth. Two roses, entwined, free of thorns.


“I made your favorite dinner.”


Willow thought she smelled the fresh bread to accompany Tara’s special slow-cooked chicken pot pie and was glad her stomach didn’t give away her sudden intense hunger. Her turkey sandwich — scoffed at lunchtime in her office while she tried to finish off some paperwork that never actually had an end — seemed like a lifetime ago.


Tara picked up an open but full bottle of red wine and poured Willow a glass.


“I got you wine for now…and chocolate strawberries for later.”


Willow was surprised; they hadn’t had much alcohol in the house lately but was grateful Tara had picked that day to get it. She took a slow slip, savoring how she could feel it relaxing her already, and put the glass back on the table.


“Both are much needed.”


She hugged Tara again, and saw over her shoulder that behind the table a blanket had been laid out with pillows in a perfect spot to do some stargazing; an activity they didn’t get to engage in often these days. In fact, she couldn’t even remember the last time.


She pulled back from the hug, hands caressing Tara’s shoulder blade and fingers caressing the nape of her neck.


“Tara…this is so sweet. It’s just what I needed.”


She went in for a kiss, which Tara returned, but only for a moment.


“One other quick thing.”


“I’ll tell you now, nothing will top cuddling with you on that blanket,” Willow replied, then raised an eyebrow alluringly, “Except maybe if we have an early night after…”


Her hands were creeping down toward Tara's breasts, but Tara plucked them before contact and held them between their bodies. She interlinked their fingers.


“This might,” she said softly.


Willow waited with a soft, expectant smile and Tara took a moment to fall in love with her all over again.


“You’re so beautiful,” she intoned with an adoring look and pressed their hands against each other so their palms squeezed together.


She inhaled a gentle breath, which exhaled through a blooming smile.


“You’re gonna be a Momma again.”