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Shriek The Lips, Across Ragged Tongue

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Seonghwa smirks across the table at his opponent, "You know you have a terrible poker face."

Hongjoong scowls, "If you're going to cheat, why even play?" He puts his cards down and gets up, heading to his drink cart, pouring himself another glass of whiskey, sliding the bottle to Seonghwa.

Seonghwa takes it and pours himself a glass, looking up at him, "Who says I cheated?"

"You can read minds, you dick," he sighs. "I should really learn one day that you can't be trusted."

His smirk only widens, "You'd think you would." He stands and walks over, backing Hongjoong to the wall, "My naive little incubus," he hums and tilts his chin up.

"I hate you," Hongjoong hisses.

"No you don't," Seonghwa chuckles. "If you did, you wouldn't be playing me in cards right now. Or letting me, do this," he leans forward, sealing their lips together.

Hongjoong growls against his lips, arms wrapping around his neck and forked tongue licking at his lips. He whines when Seonghwa pulls back, then glares, "You're just gonna tease me like that? Really?"

"Who says I was tea-" But then, he's gone and Hongjoong is left hard and confused, "Hwa? Hwa?!"

Seonghwa, however, had found himself stuck in a Devil's trap being stared at by a hooded figure, "Are you kidding me?! I've been summoned?!"


Jun was bored and since it was a slow day at work, he locks up the bookstore doors and decides to try something he'd wanted to for months. He gathers his book and box of tools he needs before heading downstairs into the basement of the shop. "Okay, so," he sets the tools down and grabs his chalk, taking out the paper with his reference on it, tracing a Devil's trap onto the floor. "Perfect."

He puts on his black cloak then sets out his candles and lights them before opening the book and reciting the words he was supposed to. Some Latin verse invoking an all powerful prince of Hell. He watches the flames of the candles light up more, filling the room with a white glow. He shields his eyes and hides under his hooded cloak, waiting for the glow to die down to look.

He watches as the figure glares at him, "Are you kidding me?! I've been summoned?!"

Jun clears his throat and stands his ground, "Yes. I've summoned you."

"Who are you, then? What do you want?" Hwa growls. "Answer me!" He surges forward only to get knocked back due to the Devil's trap on the floor. "Oh, so you've learned tricks, have you? Well, so have I." He flicks his wrist and the chalk smears enough for him to leave the circle advancing on Jun.

Jun backs up and lowers his hood, "Please! Don't hurt me!"

Seonghwa stops and starts to laugh, "A child? A child summoned me? How dare you."

"I'm not a child!" Jun glares.

"Oh, but you are. Compared to me, you're still just a speck of your farther's seed." He rolls his eyes, "Now, if you're quite done wasting my time."

"Wait." Jun bites his lip, "Are you Seonghwa?"

"And if I was?"

"Then it worked! I did it!"

"What worked?"

"My summoning spell."

"Yes. You summoned me. We went over that already. Now, are you quite finished? I'm positively famished and you look delicious."

"You're going to eat me?!" Jun shrieks, shrinking in fear.

"But, of course. A tasty morsel like you? A meal for any of us. Now, hold still. This won't hurt a bit."

Jun screams and uncorks his holy water, throwing it in Seonghwa's face and running upstairs, then out of the bookstore, booking it home.

Seonghwa groans and hold his face as it burns, "That little..." He stalks upstairs and looks around, figuring he's left and looks at the employee of the month photo on the wall. "Junhee, huh? Well, Junhee, prepare yourself for the wrath of Hell. Literally." He growls and teleports himself back to where he'd left Hongjoong.

"Oh! What happened to your face?!" Hongjoong yelps, running over.

"A human," he grunts.


Jun runs into his apartment, "Byeongkwan! Byeongkwan! Holy shit!" He runs into the boy's bedroom and jumps on him, "Wake up!"

Byeongkwan groans as he wakes, blinking at him, "What?"

"It worked!"

"What worked?" He yawns.

"It worked, Kwan."

Byeongkwan sits up, eyes wide, "Holy shit...tell me everything."