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will never be broken

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Shukaku has never felt so embarrassed in his life.

And that includes the time when he accidentally drank all the sake that Matatabi received as an offering and started to sing about his father’s sex life. And the time that he’s been beaten by a tiny blond child, who was Naruto. With Kurama. His otouto beat him, of all things.

Needless to say, that’s not the point.

Put me down!” he shrieks at the tiny blond human who has picked him up and cradled him like a baby. The last time he remembers being held like this was before otou-sama died (before he lost everything-). “Did you not hear me, you little shit? I said put me down!

“Sorry,” the human apologies, pats him on the head as the very tiny child holds him carefully. “But you got injured. Watto doesn’t like animals in his shop anyways, so I don’t know what he was thinking when he decided to try and train you.”

So that’s the name of the flying blue thing that picked him up. There’s unusual feelings in that creature’s weird chakra, feelings of warmth and slight kindness even if the creature’s rough with the tiny human. The tiny human’s own weird chakra is radiating with concern for him.

He can’t remember what happened before he woke up here before the creature decided to pick him up. There’s sand all around them, and he can feel the gentle hum of chakra in the air, but it’s different, emotional, alive. It’s like Suna, the gentle humming of his father’s remaining chakra threading with his when he starts connecting with the land.

The human’s strange chakra reminds him of Naruto, though.

Really, all of the human’s personality reminds him of Naruto. The jinchuuriki of Kurama, his otouto, was the only one who restored the peace to the shinobi, and his chakra glowed as bright as the human’s right now. Smiling in cheer, even in suffering, when he’s in suffering. It’s obvious to see Naruto in the human.

Bright blue chakra ripples in the human, shines brightly at him like the sun, spreads unnecessary warmth around him. But there’s something lurking deeper inside, reminds him of Kurama’s chakra, and he tries to touch it-

Sand suddenly roars, and Shukaku can hear his own chakra roar in response. Dammit, for Sennin’s sake, he’s been so close! The human looks up warily at the sudden weird chakra spike, and says worriedly, “There’s a sandstorm coming!”

The kid senses that?

“We gotta hurry,” the human mutters, hurries along as sand begins to blow. Shukaku relishes in the tiny human’s suffering before taking pity on him, his chakra sliding out to cover them both from the sandstorm’s buffer. The human gapes at him. “Wizard,” he breathes.

Just shut the fuck up and go, kid,” he growls, gives up trying to escape and the human grins happily before skipping along to one of those weird shelters he’s seen in Suna before. He hasn’t seen anyone be this happy from a sandstorm. Of all things, it’s a sandstorm.

Gaara had liked sandstorms, too, because that fucking brat can manipulate sand as well as him.

He loves despises those times when Gaara comes to visit him.

“Mom!” the human shouts as he enters through an automatic sliding door (Shukaku’s slightly amazed, he’s never seen anything like that-) with him. “Look at who I found!”

Oh no,” he says when an older human looks out from the doorway of a kitchen. She raises an eyebrow at both him and the tiny human, before she shakes her head with a sigh. “Fuck no, human, I don’t want to deal with this, fuck this shit-

“Ani,” the older human says warily. “Who is this?”

Fuck, fuck, fuck-

“My new friend!” ‘Ani’ says proudly, his weird chakra glowing impossibly bright and warm and giving him all of these fuzzy feelings. Shukaku groans.

Fuck. He’s so screwed.