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The Wrong Altean

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Keith adjusted himself in his seat for what seemed like the tenth time in the past five minutes, he was too anxious. It would be a while before he would be close to Earth, but each time he would think about it the more anxious he would get. He had left the blades three days ago with his course set for the Garrison where Shiro is waiting for him.

The last time he spoke with him, Shiro said that Hunk and Pidge had already arrived and Allura and Coran were scheduled to arrive a few days before him. Keith would be the last to arrive before they make the road trip to Lance’s house to surprise him for his birthday.

Keith had been planning this with the others since his last visit to Earth, last year. Lance was so happy to have him for the holidays and he was overjoyed to get together with everyone as well. When it was time for Keith to return to the blades, Keith promised to come to visit him again soon.

Soon couldn’t have come at a better time. Work with the Blades was pretty slow, nothing new or urgent was coming in so he left after getting the okay from Krolia, which was a bit earlier than planned. He ended up using the extra time to stop on a planet to find a present for Lance. He ended up finding a set of rings.

He and Lance had been talking about getting married in the future and Keith was liking the sound of it every minute that they were together and apart. They were going to get rings together and had made several trips to different stores, but they never ended up buying anything. Lance said he would ask around and Keith had said the same thing. Neither had any success though. So when Keith stumbled upon these rings, he asked the shopkeeper about them. The creature smiled and said, “These are special, very special. The gem embedded in the band is one of a kind, you’ll be able to speak to whoever has the other ring and they will be able to speak to you. Keith bought them instantly.

Shifting in his seat once again, he sighed from the mix of nerves and anxiousness, what would he say?

How would he say it?

Should he make it a surprise?

Should he make it romantic?

Does he need to prepare a speech?

Will Lance like the rings?

Will he say yes?

Would he get rejected?

Keith groaned and slumped back in his seat, this was more nerve-wracking than he thought. How did Shiro do it? Shiro had asked Allura to marry him and he made it look easy. Keith made a mental note to ask him when he arrived.

A faint purple light blinked from his control panel, signaling a comm. He sat up and answered the call. “Hey Keith, can you hear me?” It was Pidge, she was tinkering with the comm device she had built, she wanted to make them for the Garrison in case communications were cut off. Keith had a prototype built into his ship, from the looks of what Pidge was using, she made a portable one. “I can hear you, Pidge.” She smiled victoriously, “Yes! Now we can talk to you without you being near Earth’s Solar System.”

Pidge was constantly doing something, if she wasn’t making something for Shiro, then she would be working with Matt on something else. She was rarely in her office, either. She taught classes at the Garrison, she even made a few trips out to the Blades to help install the new comms in their ships. “How long until you reach Earth?” She asked, leaning back in her chair. Keith thought for a moment, “I should be there within a few days if all goes smoothly.” Pidge snorted, “It better, Hunk has kicked out all of the Garrison’s kitchen staff to make the best food ever for Lance. He made the head chef cry at one point when he tried to help. I’ve never seen Hunk so fired up before.” Keith wasn’t surprised in the slightest. Hunk had been working in a kitchen on another planet for some years and after working endless hours in the kitchen and then coming back to Earth and stepping into a kitchen he needed the entire place to himself so he could freely move and work.

“Pidge, are you even surprised? This is Hunk we’re talking about.” Keith said as he put his ship on autopilot before pulling out the small box to show Pidge the rings. Pidge practically leaped out of her seat, “Oh my god, Keith is that what I think it is?” Pidge screamed. Keith felt his face flush as he nodded. Pidge squealed in excitement, “Oh my god! Wait, I have to get the others! Give me a few ticks don’t go anywhere!” She ran out of her lab screaming for the others that had arrived to come to her lab. When they arrived, they greeted Keith and then started promptly freaking out about the rings.

“Are you going to do it?” Hunk asked his eyes tearing up. Keith nodded, “Yeah, we’ve been thinking about it for a while, but never found the right ring or the right time. I saw these and I bought them.” Hunk wiped his eyes with his apron and he was suddenly reminded of the food he was making, “Oh quiznak! I have to get back to the kitchen! I’ll see you soon Keith!” Keith said his good-bye to Hunk who ran out of the lab before answering questions and talking to the others.

He missed them. Working with the Blades was great, but he missed the home that he and the other paladins created together. Shiro being the dad on the ship, Hunk cooking in the kitchen, Pidge tinkering with things and playing video games, Allura and Coran working on the next plan of action. Lance’s teasing and affection that came later. He was happy that he found and was reunited with his mother, but he was at ease and happiest with his paladin family.

They had talked for hours, catching up on what was happening on Earth. They filled Keith in on how Lance was doing and anything else they could think of. They had laughed and talked until it was time for them to head to bed. After hanging up, Keith smiled a content smile and continued his course for Earth.

Every moment that he was a little closer to Earth the butterflies in his stomach would get a little more restless.