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Spirit of Love

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Bai Qi was invited at one event because he was so well renowned because he is Doctor Bai Qi.
And he was in the main room when he saw one person arriving. It's was Jing Ran who was a big designer who comes back into the country.
He was also considered as one Alpha when Bai Qi was considered as one Omega even if people thought he was one Alpha.

Then Jing Ran begun to arrive near Bai Qi and present himself "Hello I'm Jing Ran, I suppose you are the Doctor Bai Qi I have learn a lot about you"

Bai Qi raised one eye brown and say "Oh?"

Then Jing Ran says "I would need one doctor for same me for all the bad spirit, I have terrible bad luck with love and people, maybe you would help me Doctor Bai Qi" he said all of this with puppy eyes and one wink.

Jing Ran was also scenting him and Bai Qi didn't know how he would feel about this but all he do was rolling his eyes and thinking at himself "I will not do it, you are handsome but you are kidding"

After this event little by little they couldn't stop seeing each other or bump against each other, it' s was so strange.
Bai Qi didn't know the feelings he was having.

One morning when Bai Qi open his door he saw Jing Ran with flowers "It's for you, I hope you will considérer my offer"

They have see each other in the restaurant, coffee and even during his shopping.
It's was bother him because he doesn't know if Jing Ran was living near him or he was just stalking him.

So one day when he was at his door Bai Qi say "I don't know what you want from me, but I'm busy"

Jing Ran answer him "It's the last time I will saw you"

BAI Qi was thinking finally he will be in peace, with tranquility where he can help some people but after some days he was missing Jing Ran because his presence was calming him, like feeling safe and secure.

Some weeks later, Bai Qi was returning from one client he was walking with his umbrella and he thought he was dreaming but he saw Jing Ran, he was thinking it's was one hallucination because he missed him and because maybe he would be near to heat and he wanted this alpha.

Jing Ran was walking near him and say "How you have been?"

Jing Ran try to keep it cool and say "I'm okay, lots of case"

Jing Ran touched his cheek, with one little caress and say "I'm here now if you want me I'm still bad luck with love I think one spirit is inside me, could you heal me" with a little laugh

Bai Qi was laughing and say "I think that can be arranged"

Jing Ran asked "Are you free tonight"

Bai Qi nods and they were walking together under the rain where they touched a little each other, he really missed him because now he was a little later.

Bai Qi was a little impatient so he was waiting for Jing Ran and he found that he was living near him, which explained why they have bump each other.

They had one wonderful night where at the end of the date Jing Ran have kissed him and say "I talk to you later, I had one wonderful date and hope we can have another one"

Bai Qi was a little frustrated because he really wanted him.
So he was a little angry and upset during some of his consultations, smashed some stuff in his home.
His hormones and phenomenon were on fire, he was so frustrated that he decided to kiss Jing Ran when he have searched him for one date.

Their kiss become more hotter where they didn't go out they were in the house of Jing Ran where they kissed until they were in the bed, Jing Ran caressing him and say "My wonderful Omega, I will take care of you, I'm gonna spoil you and never let you down"

After their first night together, Jing Ran started to spoilt Bai Qi and kissed his neck while they cooked together, they had a date where they had shopping for new suit even if they have fought a little because they were both rich but Jing Ran wanted to take care of Bai Qi for be more possessive

They agree to move together after some month they were dating.
Bai Qi have showed him one of his project who was the big mansion for them and their future family.

Bai Qi asked the question "Why so many rooms? We have not so much friends or family except your mom"

Jing Ran was doing something for not heard it, because when he planned the house it's was because he wanted to have a big family with his Omega.
He was in search of every food and stuff for have one Omega be pregnant quickly.

Bai Qi was not stupid so he totally understands why so many rooms, he knew his alpha that he couldn't stop his stomach.

"You think I'm stupid to know what you have in your mind, you think you can win with your innocent and puppy eyes" accuse BAI Qi by pointing his finger at Jing Ran

Jing Ran was still doing puppy eyes and kissed him

It's true that they have incredible sex, that when he is on heat Jing Ran is just awesome with him and he had say to Bai Qi "I would do anything for you, you know, I would gift you the world"

Little by little Bai Qi was feeling a little tired, he knew he would rest a little, have not a lot of consultation especially since his Alpha is here with him.
And he doesn't know why he was acting weird around him and especially touches his stomach.
He even arrived with one beautiful tree who was one cherry blossom and it's was beautiful but all could say Bai Qi was "What are you doing? What are you trying to make you forgiven?"

Some days later Bai Qi finally understands why Jing Ran was acting like this, he have found that his body changed he was pregnant.
So he goes to the office of Jing Ran and closes the door and say "What did you to me?"

"What's happen darling?" with one sweet smile

"You have breed me, I'm pregnant"

Jing Ran goes hug him and say "I know, I know, don't worry everything gonna be okay and I will take care of you and our little one"

Bai Qi have a little breakdown after this and say "Do you think I can be a good dad, I'm scared and worried. I fight against spirit, I deal with spirit .... I don't know how to deal with children and how to be a dad"

Jing Ran hug him and take him on the couch, he rub his hand and kiss him "You will be great, I will help you, it's will be a big change for us, I don't know either but I have a feeling we will do a great job, we will learn together"

They begun by decorate the room and lots of things, then Jing Ran have totally take care of his omega.
And now that Bai Qi was pregnant, Jing Ran was fussing but also the mom of Jing Ran who was overprotective.
She was over the moon, because her son is so happy, finally have found love.

When the baby was born, the mom have decided to babysit him so she said "Son you can have date with your hubby, I will take care of this little one"

And When Jing Ran have heard this, all he was thinking was to plan something with his hubby, like having more kids, he have said he wanted more kids.
And Bai Qi wasn't against it, he doesn't take suppressant.

"I want one big family," say Jing Ran

"I know, maybe we will stop at ⅔" say Bai Qi

"You really think that would be great, because you told me you don't plan to use suppressant because you hate it because you want to be able to feel me all the time"

"I know but how come I have agree to all of this? You sure I wasn't drunk"

"Maybe drunk on love" say Jing Ran while laughing.

So 1 years after Jing Ran announce to his mom "Guess you will have one another grandkids"