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Making You Mine

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Morningstar Nightclub

"Jensen, good to see you son." Jeffery Dean Morgan greeted the new arrival with a welcoming smile and a firm handshake.

Jensen Ackles took the offered hand of the of the Morningstar’s owner; Jeff was one of the few people that he actually liked and he found himself easily returning the other man's smile as he slipped into the other side of their usual booth. "You're in an even more chipper mood than usual; could it be that you’ve finally settled down with the lovely Genevieve?" Jensen drawled out his words with a knowing grin; he was thoroughly enjoying the sight of the normally gruff and stern man looking a little moon-eye at the thought of his not so-secret crush.

His ears bright red with embarrassment, Jeff shook his head. "Afraid not. No, tonight I have a new boy debuting on my dance floor and I have a good feeling about him."

Jensen raised an eyebrow, to him strippers were a dime a dozen and the odds of finding one who stood out from the herd were slim to none, so he wasn't sure what could possibly be distinctive about the newbie. "He must really be something special to get you this giddy."

"Well…” Jeffery smirked, “…when all your waitresses fall over themselves in order to serve him and Danneel nicknames him ‘The Greek God’ I should be allowed to feel smug, very smug indeed. Trust me, this boy will knock your socks off," Jeff promised. “And I promise you, he will make us a fortune once world of his… attributes, shall we say, gets out.”

Intrigued by Jeff’s description of and obvious lust for the new dancer as well as his own love of the money someone like ‘The Greek God’ would bring in, Jensen settled back into his seat. He knew Danneel Harris well; they’d had a fling back when Jensen had been still lying to himself that he liked women, that he wasn't more interested in getting into the pants of the nearest and hottest guy. "Well then, old friend, I'm looking forward to having my socks knocked off," Jensen drawled and then he smirked broadly as he heard the long-suffering sigh coming from his second, standing as always at his side and one step behind.

Rubbing the back of his neck, Chris Kane could feel the beginnings of a familiar headache beginning to form. He was well acquainted with that particular tone of voice; it meant that his best friend was already plotting his seduction and 'He hasn't even seen this guy yet. You know, I almost feel sorry for the poor sod!' Chris knew that if Jensen liked what he saw enough then he would unleash the full and overwhelming power of his quite considerable charm. His boss was use to getting what he wanted when he wanted it and if that failed…

Well, there was a very good reason why Jensen Ackles ruled a major portion of Chicago's underbelly; he was a dangerous son of a bitch who refused to take the word ‘no’ all that well.

Sipping the 24-year-old Glen Garioch whiskey that had been waiting for him Jensen let the sweet, mellow heat of the single malt slide down his throat as he pinned Jeff with an inquisitive look. "So what's this Greek God's name?"

The nightclub’s owner chuckled; he knew that beneath Jensen’s casual question and attitude beat a heart filled with primal lust. "Jared, Jared Padalecki."


Doing his best to ignore his shaking hands and sweaty brow, Jared Padalecki straightened his shoulders resolutely. 'You can do this! You need to do this!' hetold himself firmly as he looked in the mirror and tried yet again to adjust the so-called costume he was wearing so that it covered just a little bit more of his privates. He still wasn't sure how a skimpy sheet counted as a dancer’s costume but the scary lady – Katie, he thought her name was – had called it a toga when she shoved in it in his hands and pushed him into the dressing room a few minutes ago.

"Alright, Jared, time to get that hot ass out on the stage!" the scary lady called through the door and Jared took a shuddering breath.

"You can do this," Jared repeated softly knowing that there was little choice but for him to walk out on the stage and ‘shake what the good lord gave me,’ and he smiled briefly at the thought. At twenty years of age, he had no real skills to offer an employer; his parents had disowned him just a few weeks ago, saying that being gay made him a disgusting freak and that they never wanted to see or hear from him again. As far as they were concerned he was dead to them, that he’d never even been born. To emphasise their point, his father had thrown all their pictures of him into the fireplace, making Jared watch while they burned. Then they told him “you have one hour to pack your shit and get out of our house!”

It had actually taken only forty-five minutes for Jared to stuff his clothing, a pillow and a blanket into an over-sized duffel bag, to pack his books and a few treasured belongings into a backpack and then Jared was out the door and completely on his own, for all intents and purposes just one more homeless gay living rough on the street. Other than the two hundred dollars he’d saved up over the summer he only had his school funding to get by on. However, that wasn’t nearly enough to cover the rent on the ‘single-room-with-shared-bath’ at the flea-bitten hotel he’d found within walking distance to his school or pay the rest of his bills or for food.

Tired of eating Ramen noodles (29 cents each or 4/$1.00 at the PennyMart on the corner) for every meal, and unable to find a job that could be worked around his class schedule, he’d finally accepted the advice of a fellow classmate and had answered an advert looking for male employees at a local nightclub. Thinking he would be working as a waiter or busboy, Jared had been shocked to find out that the club was hiring male strippers to entertain the ladies. Despite his extreme dismay at the way the scary woman had eyed him – honestly, he’d felt like a piece of meat and had desperately wanted a shower after the way she’d looked at him – but with no other options available to him, Jared reluctantly accepted that he had little choice but to become an exotic male dancer.

Straightening his shoulders and tugging at his toga one last time, Jared was pleased to see that he finally looked far more confident than he actually felt. "Let's do this." Ignoring the niggle of apprehension that tickled the back of his neck, Jared marched decisively out the door and towards his mark behind the curtain.


Nursing his whiskey, Jensen had barely paid any attention to the previous performers; a few of them had made the crowd go wild but to as far as he was concerned they hadn't been all that great. He refused to believe that his disinterest might have been that he was more interested in seeing this mysterious Jared that Jeff was so thrilled about.

After verifying that her latest find was ready and waiting to perform, Katie Cassidy took the stage with a mischievous smirk on her face. Shielding her eyes from the bright lights, she looked out over the room full of amorous, cash-laden women – and a quite a few men as well – then raised the mic and said, "All right folks, now here’s someone I know you’ll really enjoy; straight from the lofty heights of Mount Olympus please welcome our very own Greek God, Jared!”

As the strains of ‘Closer’ by Nine Inch Nails filled the air the lights were lowered within the club making the stage lights seem that much brighter, creating the perfect setting in which to highlight the sheer beauty of the Greek God who now stood before them.

Jensen found himself sitting up straighter and leaning forward in his seat as his eyes trailed over the enticing expanses of golden bare skin revealed by the skimpy toga costume. Starting with lean muscular legs that Jensen immediately wanted to see wrapped around his waist, the crime boss let his gaze travel upwards. His perusal paused momentarily at the man’s groin as he pictured the treasure that lay behind the draped fabric and then continued upwards. When he saw one nipple exposed by the costume, Jensen licked his lips in anticipation; he could already taste salty skin as he sucked that nipple into a hard nub.

Then, when he watched Jared turn a slow pirouette before his adoring audience and Jensen saw two round globes peeking out from beneath the toga, his libido kicked into overdrive and his trousers suddenly became far too restrictive for comfort. In his mind’s eye, Jensen could already picture himself thrusting up into the most prefect ass he’d ever seen.

Suddenly aware that there were over one hundred hooting, screaming, sex-crazed women and men behind him, all looking at and getting off on his man, Jensen pinned Jeff with a dark look. "Why is he only wearing a toga?" he growled dangerously.

Hearing the implied threat in his boss’ voice, Chris groaned and hung his head in resignation; Jensen was even farther gone than he’d thought.

Seeing the intensely possessive glint in Jensen's eyes, Jeffery raised an eyebrow; he darted a glance between the fuming man next to him and then at Jared. The young man had his own eyes closed and he was moving his body in a sensuous rhythm with the beat of the music and even Jeff found himself swallowing hard at the vision of sex up on his stage. Jared threw his head back as he trailed his hands down his chest and over his stomach and then he used his long, slender fingers to teasingly lift the edge of his toga. The volume of screams in the room rose to a nearly deafening level.

Tearing his gaze away from Jared, Jeff had to lean in lose to Jensen in order to be heard. "Because the kid’s being billed as a Greek God, because that toga looks damn hot on him and because it’s gonna look a damn sight better on the floor." Jeffery had his sights set on winning the heart of Genevieve but he wasn’t blind; Jared was a beautiful man, one that even he wouldn't mind seeing spread out in his bed. Fortunately, before Jeff could let his imagination get the better of him, the glare that Jensen sent his way made him keep those thoughts to himself.

"Damn right it will, on my floor," Jensen growled as his eyes were once again drawn to the young man.

Up on the stage Jared realised that letting himself get lost in the beat of the music was the easiest way to block out all the hungry eyes on him.

Unfortunately, it didn’t work on one set of eyes.

Peeking out from beneath his long, thick lashes, Jared found himself being devoured alive by a pair of emerald eyes that glowed with lust, desire and the need to absolutely possess him forever.

Jared couldn't help but lick his suddenly dry lips as he lost himself in those eyes and within seconds the rest of the world had faded away and Jared began performing for this man and this man only.

Jensen drank in the sight of the Greek God and unconsciously mimicked his action of slowly licking his lips. ‘That mouth is definitely made to suck cock, preferably mine!’ Jensen shifted in his seat, trying to ease the tightness of his trousers, as he imagined his boy dropping that toga to the floor before falling to his knees and wrapping those sweet lips around his cock. He couldn't wait to run his fingers through the long dark locks of hair that swept across the boy’s forehead and tickled the back of his neck; Jared wanted to find out if they were as soft as to the touch as they seemed from a distance.

‘I want that boy spread out beneath me; I want to feast on him before he wraps those long legs around my waist as I thrust into that perfect ass.’ Jensen was mesmerised by the sight of Jared’s lithe body undulating before him.

Jensen's hunger only grew as Jared dropped the gold-coloured belt from around his waist, unfastened the clasp at his shoulder and began to ever-so-slowly lower his toga. As he heard the line, "I want to fuck you like an animal, I want to feel you from the inside" blare from the club’s speaker system, Jensen grinned wolfishly. 'Soon, very soon, I will do that to you, baby boy,' Jensen promised silently even as his eyes burned across every inch of revealed skin.

As the song grew closer to its end, Jared felt his nervousness return. Those green eyes hadn’t left him for even a second and they seemed to devour him, growing hotter as the song finished. Jared had been briefed beforehand on what was expected of him when he was onstage, so he knew that he owed the audience a good show. Never breaking the hold those green eyes had on him Jared dropped his toga to the floor with a final flourish, leaving him dressed only in a pair of ridiculously tight and sinfully small silk shorts that highlighted more of his anatomy than they covered. 

Jensen let his eyes trail languorously over the beautiful bare flesh being offered to him, paying close attention to what the black silk didn't hide before focussing his attention on the delicious bit that was hidden and he liked what he saw.

"I want to meet him." The words were spoken softly but there was no mistaking their intensity.

Jeff choked on his drink while silently cursing himself; ‘I should have seen this coming!’ He’d known Jensen for well over a decade and Jared Padalecki was exactly the kind of man that Jensen went for: a rare beauty. “That won't be easy, my friend; from what I’ve seen of him so far, during orientation and rehearsals Jared keeps mostly to himself," Jeff warned.

Not taking his eyes off of the sight of Jared’s tightly-clad bottom leaving the stage, Jensen growled, "I don't care! Make it happen, Jeff. I want him tonight!” Jensen Ackles was a powerful man, what his looks and charms can't get him his power and money can and right now he wants the beauty standing before him.

Although he knew that his second was standing just a few feet away, Jensen still barked out his name, "Chris!"

Chris heaved a heartfelt albeit silent groan; the moment he’d seen the desire flashing in his boss’ eyes he‘d known that it would be his job to get the boy. "Really, Jensen, can't I have one night off without you hunting down some poor unsuspecting soul?” A thought occurred to him, one he felt he really the need to point out. “How do you know he’s not already taken?” Chris crossed his mental fingers; ‘I am so tired of this shit!’ he prayed. ‘Please let this little twink belong to someone else!’

Jensen growled deeply and low in his chest, the need to possess rising in his blood as he saw all the eyes in the room hungering for what was going to belong to him and him alone. "I don’t care if he’s taken or not, that boy is mine!" Jensen's voice dropped to a low purr full of lust and desire as he continued, "Do you really think that I can't destroy any competition without breaking a sweat and then walk away the victor with the spoils? You forget I always get what I want,” Jensen reminded his friend.

With a sigh Chris acknowledged the truth of Jensen’s words. He was well used to his boss and friend's occasionally mercurial demands but he'd never seen Jensen look at anyone the way he’d been looking at the new dancer. For a moment Chris pitied the poor boy; he had no idea what his future held. Chris on the other hand knew that even if he was involved with someone else that  minor detail definitely wasn’t going to stop Jensen Ackles from claiming what he wanted. “Alright already!” Chris gave in to the inevitable. “Keep your pants on while I go find out what I can about your new boy."

"Well don’t just stand there, hurry up!” Jensen barked. “You know I don't like to be kept waiting when I want something and make no mistake I want him."

Over the crime boss’ head, Jeff and Chris shared a look of both resignation and concern. They both pitied Jared; they knew he was a just naïve kid with absolutely no clue that his entire world was about to be turned upside down.


"Great show, man! You had them eating out of the palm of your hand!” Chad Michael Murray, an eager patron of the Morningstar Nightclub, greeted his friend backstage with an enthusiastic slap on his back and a robe that Jared quickly pulled on.

Flushed and sweaty from his endeavours, Jared blinked wide-eyed at Chad. "I can't believe that I let you talk me into this!” Jared still couldn't understand how he’d let Chad convince him that stripping for money was a good idea. In fact, Jared felt a little like a prostitute even though he’d been assured over and over again that the club’s patrons were not allowed to fondle the merchandise, so to speak.

“Oh don’t give me that, those women were wild for you!” Chad snorted. “Come on, man, you need the money and this is the best way to get it without resorting to selling yourself for sex,” he pointed out.

"But that's exactly what it felt like I was doing!" Jared pointed out with a frustrated wave of his arms. He might not have been actually having sex but he had been selling his body all the same and given the way those powerful green eyes had been watching his every move, he might as well have offered himself on a plate.

On the one hand, Jared was slightly flattered by the attention however unnerving it might have been; even someone as inexperienced as he was knew that the man wanted him in every way possible. His admirer was handsome, well-dressed and had an aura of raw power about him that Jared had felt even on the stage. All in all, becoming involved with the man – ‘I wish I knew his name!’ – probably wouldn’t be the worst thing Jared had ever done.

On the other hand however, Jared had to admit that he was actually quite inexperienced in matters of love and sex; his first and only boyfriend, Robert Brown, had been five years older than Jared and had ended up cruelly breaking his heart. With his homosexuality callously revealed to his disapproving family and friends, and because Robert told vicious lies about Jared, including numerous alleged sexual perversions, Jared lost the love and support of everyone he’d ever cared about all in the same short period of time.

Everyone deserted him but Chad, that is. Chad Michael Murray had been his best friend since they’d been assigned as each other’s fieldtrip buddies in second grade. After his ugly breakup with Robert, Jared appeared on Chad’s doorstep and it was impossible to tell the difference between Jared’s tears and the rain pouring down on him. Chad had dried his best friend off and poured copious amounts of hot sweet tea down his throat while listening patiently to his story, and then he’d made him a bed on the couch and waited until he’d cried himself to sleep.

Once he was sure Jared was sound asleep, Chad had slipped out of the door and driven over to Robert’s apartment, intent on giving the bastard a piece of his mind. The former boyfriend been completely obnoxious, bragging that he’d been the one who’d outed Jared to his family and then laughing about the way everyone had turned their backs on him. Before Chad could properly process that news and respond, the older man had begun making derogatory comments about Jared and the time they’d spent together.

Having gathered his wits about him, Chad had realised that Robert felt no guilt or remorse over the way he’d ruined Jared’s life and after the two men exchanged heated words, Robert had thrown a wild punch which Chad had easily ducked. Then he’d punched Jared’s ex, breaking his oh-so-smug, surgically-perfected nose, leaving Robert on his knees, bleeding profusely and crying like a baby.

Two weeks later, after seeing how truly broken Jared was that his world had been so cruelly destroyed, Chad had lambasted Jared’s family and their former friends, telling them exactly what he thought of them – that they were all callous, weak, lily-livered bastards who had no idea what a wonderful person they were losing. His heart-felt words had no effect and so Chad spent almost an hour driving around aimlessly around town trying to figure out a way to breaking the news to his best friend.

Telling Jared that there wasn’t going to be any reconciliation with his parents had been the hardest thing Chad had ever had to do in his young life. Surprisingly, Jared had actually taken the news rather stoically. After sitting in companionable silence for a bit, they’d ordered pizza and had sat around the kitchen table talking and by the wee hours of the morning they’d come up with a plan. Within three days the boys were packed and on their way to Chicago and a brand new life.

So yes, Jared knew very well that he was pretty damn lucky to have such a good friend as Chad, even if said friend had dragged him down to his newest discovery, the Morningstar Nightclub. The always-on-the-lookout-for-his-next-hook-up man had come up with the brilliant idea that if Jared were a stripper then Chad would have the perfect excuse to hang out in the club for hours on end with the hope of meeting willing girls while not looking like a sex-crazed pervert.

A thought occurred to Jared as he rubbed a towel through his hair and he paused, narrowing his eyes in suspicion. "How did you get backstage in the first place?" The area was supposed to be for performers only.

Chad waggled his eyebrows with a cheesy leer on his face. "Just because you don't want the Chad-man doesn't mean that there  aren’t others willing to let the Chad-man show them a good time." He performed a little bump and grind motion in Jared’s direction.

A groan of dismay escaped Jared's lips as he hung his head; he should have known that Chad would end up sleeping with one of the strippers sooner or later. "These are my co-workers, Chad! Couldn't you have kept it in your pants until I’ve been working here for a week or so?"

Naturally, Jared’s words went right over his friend’s head because whenever Chad had his eyes on a possible female conquest, the rest of the world ceased to exist. This time, Chad's attention was completely taken up by a smoking hot woman dressed as a slutty nurse who was walking past them on her way to the stage.

Ignoring Chad as just one more perv who liked to ogle her, the voluptuous dancer paused next to Jared. "Nice show out there, Tex; if you're looking for some real fun I'm more than willing to come play with you," the blond said with a lascivious wink and then she laid a playful slap to Jared's behind, a move he clearly wasn't expecting judging by the way he yelped sharply. The handsy dancer chuckled as she disappeared from sight.

Tilting his head Chad studied Jared who was blushing furiously as he stared at now empty space. "Damn, dude!” he exclaimed with honest admiration. “It's a good thing you only like dicks, otherwise there would be no hot chicks left for the rest of us. It's either those innocent looks or those puppy-dog eyes that drive the women wild. Come on, let me buy you a drink while I figure out a way to use this new job of yours to help me score with the ladies," Chad finished with an exaggerated leer.

Once again Jared was questioning his sanity in being friends with one Chad Michael Murray, but on the other hand, having just survived his first strip tease ever, a good stiff drink did sound nice. "Can I at least get dressed first?" he questioned half pleadingly, half impatiently; in his dressing room Jared had a pair of well-worn jeans and a comfy sweater waiting for him.

Caught off-guard by the question, Chad furrowed his eyebrows together. "Don't you have to work the room or something like that?"

With his blush growing so deep that even his ears were bright red, Jared shook his head and recalled the conversation he’d had with his new boss during his orientation. Thinking back, he had to admit that Jeffery was very handsome and he had actually enjoyed having Jeff flirt with him until he realised that Genevieve was sending death glares at him from across the room. If it hadn't been for her, Jared might have taken his new employer up on what he was offering. After all, it had been a long time since he'd gotten laid.

But then common sense and the desire to continue living took over and Jared had simply smiled at Jeff, shrugging his shoulders and pretending he didn’t get his boss’ blatant message. Grinning at Chad, he shook his head; "No, Mr. Morgan said that I wouldn't need to do that, something about keeping them wanting more." Truthfully, he wasn't completely sure what the man had meant by that but he had a pretty good idea and if it meant he got to keep his clothes on, then he was all for it.

For a moment Chad could only stare at his friend; it both amazed and confused him how Jared could be so blind about his good looks but then when he thought about it, he blamed a lot of that on Jared's total asshole of an ex. "Yeah, Jay, why don't you get changed, those beers aren't going anywhere just yet." Chad waited until Jared ducked into his dressing room before he let out a breath. "That's it, man; we have got to get you a boyfriend or at least get you laid. I wonder if the girls would help?" In Chad’s mind it would be a win-win for everyone: Jared would get to see how desirable he was and Chad would get to show his softer side to the ladies. Everybody knew that girls loved a sensitive man, one in touch with his feelings, and Chad could be as touchy-feely as the next guy which meant that he would no doubt have his pick of anyone there.

'Oh yeah! Operation ‘Get Jared Laid’ is a go!’ Chad quickly punched the air with excitement.


'Someone is going to die and I'm pretty sure it's going to be Blondie,' Chris thought with a groan and he fought the overwhelming urge to bang his head against the table. Sitting next to him in the booth, Jensen was glaring red-hot daggers at the fair-haired man he believed was being far too touchy with Jensen's future boytoy. From past experience Chris knew who exactly would be the one forced to clean up the mess should Jensen act on his emotional impulses, although thankfully, they had yet to extend to actual murder.

Jeff looked over the rim of his beer glass, glancing between his old friend and the guys seated at the bar. Not even bothering to hide his broad smirk, he said, "The guy you’re attempting to kill with your stare is Chad Michael Murray. He's Jared's best friend and as straight as they come, considering that he's already managed to get numbers from three of my girls."

'Thank you, God, for Jeffery Dean Morgan!’ Chris sent up a silent prayer of gratitude at Jeff's words, hoping that they would be enough to cool Jensen’s temper before it got out of hand.

"You better not be lying to me, Jeff, you know how I hate liars,” Jensen warned as he took a long sip of his whiskey enjoying the burn as it went down.

Jeff knew full well that crossing Jensen was a sure-fire death sentence, if the wild rumours were true. "Trust me, Jensen,” he hurriedly reassured the irate man. “I saw Chad getting it on backstage with one of my girls while Jared was getting ready, that boy is as straight as they come." From what Jeff had seen Chad could come off as a bit airhead but he had also seen the highly protective gleam in the blonde’s eye when it came to Jared. ‘Getting into that boy’s pants might not be as easy as you think, Jensen. I have a feeling that Jared isn’t going to be easily bought.' However accurate they were, Jeff kept his thoughts to himself; he liked breathing far too much. Besides, he’d rather enjoy watching Jensen being forced to fight for something he wanted for the first time in his life.

Jensen was a man known for getting what he wanted with a snap of his fingers and who didn’t accept the word ‘no’. At the moment the only thing on his mind was the absolute possession of Jared Padalecki, a naïve young man with no idea that he belonged solely to Jensen Ackles as soon as he stepped foot on the Morningstar’s stage.


For the umpteenth time, Jared shifted uncomfortably on the barstool; from the moment he and Chad had stepped out into the main bar he’d felt eyes on him as dozens of women recognised him despite his being fully dressed but none of them really bothered him.

No, the eyes that left Jared unable to relax were gorgeous, piercing, mesmerising emerald green eyes and they hadn’t left him once since he’d reappeared. No one else so openly broadcasting their overwhelming need to possessive him like that particular man did and Jared knew that he would feel his stare anywhere, anytime. Despite Chad’s earlier insistence that they stay until he found a willing female to go home with, Jared simply wanted to finish his drink and get out of there; he realised that he couldn't think with unwavering gaze locked on him.

"Dude, chill out!” Chad spoke up, “You look like…” he paused for second to acknowledge the busty redhead waving at him, “…someone is about to jump you." He watched Jared shift on his seat for at least the tenth time since they’d sat down.

"It's nothing, I'm just a little tired and I still have to finish my psych paper," Jared lied through his teeth; he’d finished his paper yesterday but right now it seemed like the perfect excuse to get him out of there.

Chad stared at his friend through narrowed eyes. He didn’t believe Jared for a moment; he was usually right on top of all his studies. 'It's probably nerves,” he concluded. “Jay’s just not used to being up on the stage.' Deciding to humour his friend, Chad drained his beer and waved the bartender away when the man approached to see if he wanted a refill. "Sure, man, we can call it an early night; I've got to get some beauty sleep anyway.” Chad waggled his eyebrows suggestively. “I have a very promising date tomorrow night."

Grateful for his cooperation, Jared rolled his eyes with mock exasperation; Chad would never change and truth be told, he didn't want him to. "Riiiight… can't have you scaring off your date before she gets to know you. Better to let your pervy ways scare her off instead!" Jared joked back, gently nudging Chad in the ribs which resulted in Chad nudging him back and nearly knocking him off his stool as they both burst into laughter.



Jeff and Chris jumped slightly as they heard the glass in Jensen’s hand shatter into pieces as the lust-struck crime boss watched Jared and Chad playfully nudging one another.

"Don't do anything stupid," Chris warned Jensen as he saw his boss’ lips curl into a snarl as he glared at Chad for daring to touch his Jared.

"I wasn't planning to! But I am not willing to wait very long, so you better have something for me and soon. I want my boy!" Jensen growled as he pulled his handkerchief out of his pocket and casually dabbed at the blood dripping from numerous cuts in his hand.

"Don't worry; I'll out everything you need to know about your boy from his shoe sizes to when he got his first tooth," Chris promised. It wouldn’t be hard to do; he’d done the same research on half a dozen pretty boys since he’d become Jensen’s second.