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Little light

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You sat on your sofa, laptop on your lap as you emailed work back to your boss that really, he should be doing, but yet again you were doing something for someone else. Your boyfriend, and your rock in life, had told you to be more selfish and stand up against your boss and do more things for yourself but it was hard. You weren’t naturally selfish, and when you were forced to be you pretended you were being when in fact you were doing what others wanted. So, that’s why on a day off you were stuck doing paperwork all day.

You picked up your phone to see if your boyfriend had texted you back, but still nothing. It didn’t bother you too much, he was a busy business man and you were just an office worker who faded into the background. You didn’t have anyone but your boyfriend Scott, your parents weren’t around anymore and you lacked friends since moving to this city with Scott. He was your only social connection, but when you moved to the city, he wasn’t ready for you to move in with him so you were stuck with a small apartment. Your place wasn’t that bad, well the taps leaked a little and the neighbours were really loud, and you were in a bad area. Apart from all that it was okay, you could deal with it.

You looked up as the power went off, the only light in the room was from your laptop. You got up and grabbed your lighter, then you lit the candles that were ready and waiting. It was normal for the power to go out in the block, as well as the water to go cold. So, you were prepared for anything. You even had blankets at the ready for when the heating gave up. You lit a few candles and smiled, it looked kind of nice like this. Then you turned on your fairy lights, all powered by battery of course. It was perfect for what you had.

You gasped and shivered as a cold air rushed through your apartment, you closed your eyes at how strong it was behind you. You blinked when it stopped, all your candles had been blown out. You pouted at them and went back to lighting them again.

“It’s pointless human.” You jumped at the deep soothing voice behind you, you eyed your side as a hand reached over. Their long fingers pressed on the wick of the candle putting the flame out. “Now I’m here, everything you do is pointless. Turn around and face me so I don’t have to stand around in this disgusting place like I can’t shit for weeks.”

You turned around to face a steel blue eyed man with raven hair and horns on his head, you weren’t scared, in fact you were in awe of his beauty. “Sorry my home is not hospitable.”

The man frowned. “Tch, you’re an odd one brat.” He pulled a face allowing you to see canine teeth. “Most fear me or yell at me.”

You hummed. “That’s odd.” You pointed to your kitchen. “Do you want a cup of tea?”

He tilted his head. “Do I?” He shook his head. “I guess so, we are going to be here a while.”

You trotted over to the kitchen and began making tea. “How do you take it?”

“Black.” He walked over, crossed his arms and leaned his side on the counter to look at you. “Tch, oi brat? Aren’t you afraid? Or do you offer everyone tea who comes into your house?”

You smiled and shrugged. “You appeared in my home with a massive gust of wind, plus you called me human so you must be something none human.” You handed him his tea. “I’ve always been a believer in a lot of things, plus most say I’m pretty calm.”

He stared at you as you giggled, he thought you were weird but really damn cute for a human. In fact, he felt a hunger like never before stir in him. He had never liked anyone before, in fact his fellow kind all slept with different things and people and yet he didn’t. He’d never been in love before either, and yet when he looked at you as you giggled, he felt a weird foreign feeling in his chest that scared him. His kind were not meant to be scared; he was meant to scare others but what you did to him was scary.

You gulped your tea. “Do you want to sit?”


You walked over to your sofa, you closed your laptop and offered him a seat. When he sat, you joined him. “So…”

He sighed. “I am the demon known as Levi and I’ve been offered your soul.”

You put your cup on the coffee table and sat facing Levi. “Okaaay…so…umm…”

“Would you like to know the deal?”

“Do I have to know?”

“I like to inform people why they are being dragged to hell.”

You bit your lip. “Sure, okay.”

“Your situation is…odd. You see most offer me their own souls, then I collect them later.” He elegantly put his empty cup down on the table allowing you to see his nails were black. He pulled at his back blazer of his finely pressed suit, he sat back on the sofa, arm over the back and legs crossed. You looked at his smart shoes as he spoke. “But you are an odd case, but then again it matches you as a person. I’ve never been treated so nicely by a human, especially considering the circumstances of the deal.”

You smiled. “Well, what’s the point in being mean to someone? You’re just doing your job, there’s no point in shooting the messenger right?”

“Right…” He tapped his foot a little. “I suppose you’d want to kill the person who sold your soul.”

You shook your head. “No, why would I do that?”

“Most people want to, even when it’s their own boyfriend who sold their soul.” He licked his lips waiting for you to react like all humans would, with rage.

“Scott sold my soul?”

He tilted his head; he felt the hunger for your sinful wrath to appear in him. “He did, he gave me your soul so he could have another woman as his lover. This woman rejected him because he was with you, so he got rid of you for her.” He hummed. “After everything you’ve done for him…you moved to a new city, you gave up a good job and a home for him and yet he did this to you. He gave your soul up for eternal damnation for another woman.”

You felt a sting in your heart, you were crushed, hurt even because Scott didn’t love you. Levi was right, you really did give up everything just for this man, and he goes ahead and sells your soul for another woman. “May I see the other woman?”

Levi clicked his fingers making a photo appear, then he handed it over. “This is her.”

You took it from him and looked at the woman, she was model level of beauty and clearly had some work done. However, in your mind, if she made him happy then that was good. You smiled at her. “She’s pretty.”

Levi snatched the picture back, he looked at the woman and visibly recoiled. “What picture are you looking at? Tch, she’s not pretty at all. Hell, you are far cuter, prettier and sexier than her. The man is an idiot to trade you in for her. Doesn’t it make you mad? Tch, it disgusts me.”

You shook your head surprising Levi again. “No, not at all. I mean, if she makes him happy then that’s good. All I ever want is for others to be happy, that’s why I work as hard as I do.” You smiled brightly at him, but Levi’s dark demon heart broke at your smile. He could see the real pain and suffering being pushed deep down inside you, it hurt him that someone would hurt such a kind and sweet girl like you. “So, this is okay. I’m fine.”

“Tch, I hate that human phase.” He held his hands up and used them to quote the phrase. “I’m fine.” He looked disgusted. “You never are when you say that.”

You laughed at Levi as you got up and took the cups. “I suppose you’re right, but with me I really am okay.” You washed the cups and put them on the drying rack, you dried your hands and walked back over. “So, what happens now?”

“I take you down to hell or the underworld, whatever you want to call it, your soul gets processed and they determine where you spend all of eternity. So, you either get punished, or you work.” He shrugged. “It depends on your soul.”

“Okay.” You sighed. “I’m ready.”

Levi got up and walked over to you, he put one arm around you and pulled you against his body. You gulped and blushed a little, he was perfectly solid against you. His scent was divine, his heat even better. He just had this soothing and calming effect on you. “Hold onto me, the journey there is a little cold and you can easily get lost as well.”

You hugged Levi. “Okay.”

Levi blushed a little, he usually hated people touching him but he rather liked what you were doing to him. “Let’s get this over with.” He clicked his fingers, you felt a rush of cold air, you gasped then pressed your face against Levi’s chest as the world rushed past you. Levi put a protective arm around you. He looked down at you, all he could feel was this overwhelming need to protect you. “We’re here human.”

You pulled away from him and blushed. “Sorry.”

He stared at you for a moment, then pointed to the desks with ques in front of them. “Simply join a que and your soul will be assessed by a demon, then they’ll tell you what happens.”

You looked at the ques then up to Levi. “Thank you, Levi for getting me here.”

He ruffled the back of his hair. “I’ve never been thanked for this before, it’s odd.”

You laughed and straightened his blazer, then your soothed your hands over it causing him to blush. “Sorry, it needed straightening.” You patted his chest. “So, I guess this is goodbye for good then?”

He placed his hand on yours on his chest. “It is human.” He looked around to make sure no one was around, then he leaned closer to whisper to you. “Take care of yourself.”

You smiled at him and nodded, then you turned and walked to the que. You looked back at Levi and waved to him, he waved back at you. You stood and waited for a while, then it was your turn. You smiled at the demon behind the desk. “Hello, how are you?”

They stopped typing at their computer, frowned and looked at you smiling at them. “I’m alright…how are you?”

“I’m good.”

He referred to the seat in front of his desk. “Umm please sit.”

You sat. “Thank you.”

He stared at you for a while then typed of the computer. “Oookay, so let’s have a look at your souls file.”

“Oh cool.”

He smiled a little at you. “You’re a fun one huh? In all my years I’ve never met anyone as positive as you.”

You giggled. “Really?”


“How long have you been working here?”

He shrugged. “Couple of hundred years.”


“Huh? Oh yeah, well I guess that’s a lot to humans.”

You shuffled in your seat. “So, you like this job?”

He nodded. “Since I was little, I’ve always wanted this post, I mean my father did it. I just like humans.” His smile dropped and he bit his lip in thought. “Okay, so I need to have a look at your soul.”

“Is something wrong?”

He smiled and moved a machine in front of you, it looked like the ones at opticians where you look at a hot air balloon and they look at your eye. “No, no, it’s just I can’t make a choice on your report so, I’m going to look at your current soul instead of your soul report.” He tapped the chin rest. “Just put your chin here and I’ll have a look, okay?”

“Sure.” You put your chin on the rest and looked ahead. “This good?”

He adjusted the machine. “Perfect.” He clicked and twisted a few things. “Hmm…odd, hang on a moment okay? I’m going to get my supervisor. You can sit back and relax.”

You sat back and rubbed your eyes. “Okay, sorry I’m causing trouble.”

He laughed. “No, it’s no trouble at all. Just stay right here.”

You sat there and waited, everyone around you went past and people in your que were moved to others and your line shut down. You looked back when you saw the demon come back with another male demon in a nice suit, you smiled at him. “Hello, sorry for causing trouble.”

He paused and laughed. “Well, my colleague here was right you are an odd one. You are no trouble at all, just different my dear.” He sat down and typed on the computer. “Let’s have a look…” He frowned. “Odd.”

The worked nodded. “Yeah, and take a look at the recording I made of her soul.”

The supervisor did, he watched the screen and his eyes lit up like he’d seen the most beautiful thing in the world. “Beautiful…”

“I know right? Which is why I don’t know what to do.”

The supervisor smiled up at you. “Do you mind coming with me? We’re just going to an office of the demon who runs all these desks, he’ll help us out.” He stood up. “Follow me Miss.”

You got up and followed him, you paused and waved to the man at his desk again. “Sorry and thank you for your time.”

He smiled and waved. “Bye Miss.”

You ran after the supervisor, then slowed down when you’d caught up. He smiled down at you, then opened the office door. “After you.”

“Thank you.” You stepped in and saw a large muscular man with chiselled features, he looked up at you with his red eyes when you walked in. “Hello, sorry for the intrusion.”

He frowned at you with a little smile. “It’s no problem at all.” He stood up and offered his hand, you shook it. “My names Al.”

You introduced yourself. “Pleased to meet you.”

He smirked. “Please sit miss and I’ll explain everything to you.”

You sat down. “Thank you.”

He leaned forward and smiled. “So, we’ve had a look at your soul and well…you’re too good for here.”

You opened and closed your mouth a few times. “So…what does that mean?”

“Well, we have to assess your soul and speak to our higher ups. However, we cannot have you working or punished so, you have to stay somewhere.” He looked up and smiled. “Ah, hello Erwin and Levi, welcome.”

You turned in your seat and smiled at Levi. “Hello again.”

Levi looked at you. “Causing trouble already, I only just let you go.”

You blushed. “Sorry.”

Erwin walked up to you, he crouched and looked into your eyes. “You’re right Al, she is a bright soul, like a little sprite.” He smiled at you. “My name is Erwin, I’m the head of the demon collectors. Basically, my demons are the ones who make deals and collect them when times up, we also are the front line in fights. Now, because we brought you here it means that you are our responsibility.”

“So, what happens to me?”

“You’ll have to live with one of us until we find out what we need to do with you. So, I’m.”

Levi put his hand on your shoulder. “I’ll take her.”

Erwin stood up and looked down at Levi. “I was going to, seeing as I’m the boss and I have to take responsibility for my soldiers.”

“I was the one who made the deal that involved her, and I was also the one who brought her down here. So, I’m responsible for her. I will take her.”

You pulled a face. “Sorry I’m causing trouble.”

Levi brushed some of your hair back delicately. “You’re not at all, do not worry too much brat.” He looked back up to Erwin. “Can I take her?”

Erwin shrugged. “Sure, why not. You know, you rarely if ever volunteer to take people in. You dislike the cadets as well.”

Levi clicked his tongue. “Tch, so what?”

“Alright, take her then. I will bring Hange over someday just to check her, we need to see if her soul is affected being here or there’s any changes.”

Levi nodded. “Got it.” Levi grabbed your arm, he pulled you to your feet and dragged you along. “Come on brat.”

You blushed and looked back at everyone. “Bye! Thank you for your time.”

“Tch, oi brat? Don’t be nice to anyone but me, got it?”

You blushed at him as you walked together. “Oh sorry, is it because they don’t like it?”

He pulled you against and pouted a little. “No, it’s because I don’t like it if you’re nice to everyone. I want you to be this cute, nice and sweet person to me and me alone.”

You gulped and blushed. “Really?”

He leaned closer and growled. “I’m a demon, so I’m possessive and selfish with things that belong to me.”

“I…belong to you?”

He held your body against his. “Yes, Scott sold you to me, therefore I own you. Now hold on.”

You held onto him, he clicked his fingers causing a rush of air, then you appeared in a very large and modern apartment. You stepped away from Levi and marvelled at how sleek and clean the place was, it was like a show apartment. His bathroom was to die for, it was huge and probably never ran out of hot water. The kitchen was dark but modern, it had every useful household goods in there and no junk. The living room was open to the kitchen, but it too was huge and cold in feeling. You walked over to see the view out the window, it wasn’t the best. It showed the underworld so, the sky and flowers you loved so much were no more. He did have a nice view down onto the city where souls, and demons lived.

Levi crossed his arms and stood next to you as he looked out. “The TV I have allows you to have access to any human entertainment created.”

You smiled at him. “Thank you.” You looked around and noticed only one bedroom door. You wandered over, opened it and stared at the massive bed inside. “Umm.”

“I’ve always lived alone, so we’ll share.” He leaned over behind you to whisper in your ear making you shiver. “It means I can keep a close eye on you and hold you tightly.”

You stepped away from him and sat on the bed, then you pressed it down with your hands. “It’s soft, really soft.” You flopped back and giggled. “Much softer than my bed at home...well it’s not my home anymore...”

Levi seemed to glide over to you as he walked, he was a strong man that demanded attention. He sat on the bed next to you at your side with his leg slightly on the bed, his front facing you. He reached out and played with your hair making you pull your hands to your chest. “You really didn’t have much in your world, did you?”

You smiled. “I had enough.”

He traced his fingers down your body and rested it on your waist, he looked back at your cute face and beautiful bright eyes that held secret pain. “Is there anything at all that you desire?”

You gasped then closed your mouth. “I umm.”

“Do not lie to me, I know when humans lie. Now tell me, is there anything you desire?” His eyes searched yours, but found no selfishness just pure kindness and pain. He sighed. “No matter, another time.”

You looked away from him and almost whispered your reply. “Sorry.”

He sighed. “Don’t be sorry, from now on I don’t want you to use that word in this house.”

You looked at him. “Okay.”

“As to regards to your clothes, I’ll get you anything you want. If you can’t choose, then I’ll pick nice clothes for you. I’ll cook and clean for you as well, all I ask for you to do is make that nice tea you made in the human world, it was the best I’ve ever had. Agreed?”

You nodded. “Yes.”

“Good, now you need to rest. I collected you at night time in your world, so sleep.”

You looked down at yourself. “I’m not really dressed for.” He clicked his fingers causing you to be only wearing a long shirt of his and lace underwear, you blushed a little and looked up at him with parted lips. “Thank you.”

Levi felt his black wings want to burst as he shivered in delight, he just wanted to have you then and there, his demon instincts were telling him to ravage you. He growled a little causing his eyes to change into his demon red ones. He turned on the bed to kneel in front of you, you crawled backwards causing the top to drop off your shoulder and reveal more of your thighs. He crawled after you, you gasped at him. Your back pressed against the headboard; you squeaked a little as Levi pressed his long hand onto it right by your head. He leaned closer as he growled more, his lips dragged across your cheek to your ear. He enjoyed your little gasp moan. Levi’s voice was deep as he whispered. “You should go to bed, now, or I’ll end up eating you and not the soul eating kind.” His hand trailed up the inside of your thigh, then he stopped and squeezed. “But the fun kind.”

“Y-yes! I’ll go to bed.”

“Good girl.” He pulled away and grabbed the quilt with him. He sat back and nodded to the bed as you stayed there frozen. “Get in then.”

You blushed. “Sorry! Oh, I’m not supposed say that sorry...oh crap...” You covered your face with your hands and flopped into bed. “Uggh I’m an idiot.”

Levi tucked you in then ran his hand through your hair as you whined a little. “You’re not an idiot, far from it. Now sleep brat, you’ve been through a lot.”

“Okay... thank you, Levi.”

“You don’t need to thank me so much, but you’re welcome.”






Levi stared at Hange, he really didn’t like coming to her for help because she wouldn’t shut up. He liked Hange, he even regarded her as a close friend but she really went off on one. However, he had no choice because he was worried about you. Hange had a massive obsession with humans, so she was the knowledge centre.

He stared at her messy suit; her shirt untucked. He was just irritated by looking at it, he didn’t get why he was friends with such a messy person. He didn’t like that grin she gets either, the kind where she’s expecting something. “Tch, get that shit eating grin off your face, it’s annoying.”

She laughed. “Sorry, it’s just rare you come to me for help. So, what’s wrong?”

He clenched his jaw then sighed as he said your name. “She’s bothering me.”

“If you wanna fuck her, then do it.”

“Tch, fuck no, she deserves more...” He rubbed the back of his head. “That’s the problem though, I keep thinking about her and I get all riled up and want to make her feel I dunno...”

“Loved?” He didn’t answer her, because he didn’t want to admit it. So, she had to come up with something. “When you’re with her, are you trying to make her happy?”


“Do you watch her a lot?”


She leaned forward. “When you’re together, like close to each other do you feel your wings wanting to appear, your eyes change and a weird burning in your chest but it’s addictive?”

He nodded. “Yes.”

“You’re in love then.”

He clenched his jaw and looked down at his lap. “Love huh? What am I supposed to do with that?”

She shrugged. “Act on it, our kind can’t hold back that emotion for very long.”

He sighed. “I can’t do that; I mean I brought her here a few days ago because of her boyfriend selling her. I can imagine it’s still an open wound, well I thought it would be, she’s very calm about it all. I’d love to indulge in her, but I’m concerned about her well-being.”

She tilted her head. “How so?”

“She sleeps a lot, doesn’t eat much and barely smiles or laughs now. She’s quiet and keeps to herself and doesn’t talk much. She also gets this cold distant look in her eyes.”

Hange knew what was wrong, it was a sad illness that affected a few humans. The problem was, you couldn’t die here, so you’d have to suffer with your illness for eternity. “I hate to say it Levi, but she’s depressed.”

He looked up at Hange. “Depressed?”

“Yeah, everything you described are symptoms of it. She probably knows she is as well because of how she’s acting. I’m not surprised really; her life was cut short and the man she gave everything up for sold her soul for another woman.” She tapped on her computer. “No parents, no friends, all she had was him. She gave up a good job, a home and friends for him. He made her live in a shitty apartment all alone and have a crap job only to have him screw her over.” She shrugged. “I’m impressed she’s managed to hold it all in for as long as she has.”

Levi sat forward. “It’s shit what he’s done, I hate it so much and I wanted her to make a deal with me so I can rip him apart.”

“She won’t though, because she’s a good person.”

Levi sighed. “So, how can I make her better?”

Hange grinned. “Talk to her, let her know you are there for her. Comfort her, so plenty of hugs and make sure she eats. Be patient with her, it’s hard for a selfless person to talk about themselves.”

Levi got up and nodded. “Got it.” He paused a moment. “Thank you.”

She smiled at him. “Anytime.”

He clicked his fingers and appeared in his room, he looked around then spotted you sat on the sofa with your legs stretched across it and a blanket around you. You had your head resting on the side, the tv on in the background and you were sweetly napping. He made you a cup of tea, then slice some cake for you. He wandered over to the U square shaped sofa, he placed your things down then sat next to you. He played with your hair, then leaned closer and kissed your forehead.

You hummed and woke up, you smiled at Levi. “Hello.”

“Hello, how are you?”

“I’m fine.”

He pinched your cheek. “You’re lying.” He let go of your cheek allowing you to rub it. “You can talk to me you know. I mean we are spending a long time together. So, talk.” You pulled a little face, you really wanted to talk to Levi, or anyone. You had these strange emotions bottled up and you wanted to let them out, but you were scared. “It’s okay, I won’t judge you, I want to help you and it’s a very rare thing to find a soul as sweet and pure as yours. You don’t have to pour your heart out, maybe a little thing at a time.”

You nodded and looked at your hands on your lap, you brought your knees up and thought. You wanted to talk, you really did and maybe talking to the demon who’d helped you and showed actual concern for you would help. Levi was the only person who’d ever shown concern for you, ever. You couldn’t believe it took you technically dying to find someone. You welled up at that thought, you bit your lip as you tried to fight the tears. “You know, you’re the first person in a long time to care for me. I mean, I don’t care if it turns out fake and a lie, but it’s still…it means so much.”

“Good.” He reached and grabbed your tea. “I made you tea, and I have cake.”

You looked at him with tired eyes and hummed a laugh, you took the cup from him and hugged it with both hands. “Thank you.” You sipped and hummed at it. Levi idly played with your hair and made sure the side of your body was nicely pressed against him. “He never really loved me, did he?” Levi flinched and looked down at you, you were focused on the tv. “I did so much for him and he never loved me…” Levi saw you were shaking. “I’m unlovable.”

Levi watched you cry and fall apart in front of his eyes, he always thought humans were weak, it amused him, but on you it hurt to see. “That man did not deserve your love at all…I can’t wait for him to come down here, because I’m going to personally rip his soul apart over and over.”

You shook your head. “Don’t hurt him, no one deserves to be hurt at all. He just wanted love and he found it with another woman, I just wasn’t her, I wasn’t good enough for him.”

Levi held your upper arms, he snarled as he felt anger. “Why won’t you get mad?”


“Why won’t you hate him?” His canines became sharper, his demon eyes appeared. “Just hate him!”

You gulped. “I can’t.”

He slammed you down onto the sofa, he leaned over you and got closer as he growled. “Curse him, wish him death, say something against him!”

You welled up. “Don’t make me, I can’t.” You voice squeaked at the end, because of the emotion and pain you were in internally.

“He took everything from you, even your own damn life! Just tell me you hate him!”

You cried and covered your face with your hands. “I’m sorry, I’m so, so sorry.”

Levi’s anger slowly ebbed away with each desperate sob that came from you, he did the exact opposite of what Hange had told him to do. “Stop, stop crying please.” You didn’t. “Oi brat? I said stop!” He let go of you and sat up, he arms leaning on his legs as he looked at his hands. “I’m sorry I shouted, but it pains me to see him still hurting you even though you are free of him.”

Your voice was so quiet. “Why do you care so much? Is it because we have to live together?”

“No, you won’t understand, you couldn’t possibly…even I don’t fully.” He sighed and ran his hands through his hair.

You sat up and rubbed your eyes. “Okay.”

He sighed and sat up, then looked to you. “I need to put my demon seal on you, just to make sure no one tries to steal you away.”

“A seal?”

“Yes.” He eyed your body. “Where would you like it? I have an idea of where I want to place it.”

You gulped. “I…I…I…don’t know…”

“You really can’t be selfish, can you?”

“I umm…no…I dunno how to.”

He traced his finger down and between your boobs. “I’ll teach you, after all us demons are very skilled in the ways of being selfish.” He sighed when he saw exactly where he wanted his seal. “How about I give you two choices, just to make it easy on you?”


He tapped your right boob. “Right.” He tapped your left. “Or left?”

You blushed. “I umm…okay…um…left?”

“You sure?”

“Y-yes, if you’re okay with that?”

He licked one of his sharp teeth then growled, he leaned closer to the top of your left breast. “I would have loved either, I just want you to choose a bit more.” You eyed his ears becoming pointed, then long wings grew from his back. You looked to Levi’s black nailed hand as it pulled back your top to reveal your chest more. He licked your skin first, then blew on it. You shivered at how cold his breath was, but when he first appeared, he was cold then.

He nipped the skin then bit down, you gasped and moaned as you felt a cold burning sensation. You felt a rush of energy from yourself surge to where Levi was biting, you felt your head become light. You leaned your head back, your back arched up as your hands trailed to lightly grab some of his hair.

Levi glanced up at you as he felt your tug, he smiled into the bite and began kissing and nibbling the skin more. The mark was on your skin, but he wanted this moment to last a little more. He moved one of his hands to your thigh, he ran his hand up it and pushed your leg up slightly as he nipped hard. He licked a line up towards your collarbone, he dragged his pelvis against yours as he went earning him a little whimpered moan from you.

He kept his demon eyes on you, he also made sure not to push you too far or to be too rough in his touch either. He knew he had to be delicate, he had to be careful and show you how much he loved you. He leaned up and kissed under your jawline, then to your ear. He whispered your name to you and waited.

You opened your eyes and turned your head to him, you gazed into his eyes, tears spilled down your cheeks. You felt like a cheater, like you were betraying Scott by being like this with Levi, but it felt so good and so right. You looked at Levi, blushed, then looked away. “Is this part of marking the seal?

“Yes, I was making sure it was strong enough.”


He tapped his mark on the top of your breast. “The marks done.”

You blushed as you stared at it, it was so bold. “Wow.”

“I’m a strong demon, what did you expect? Plus, I may have indulged a little bit.”

You pouted. “Ass.”

“Now that’s more like it, let that anger out a little more. Plus, I like this pout, it’s very cute.” You pushed your hand against his face, he hummed in amusement.

You bit your lip as you felt your body throb for him, a heat like no other pooled between your legs. You were embarrassed and a little ashamed, but a tiny part of you wanted to throw it all away and just let this demon take you. However, your head won over your body. “Umm, could you?”


You laughed. “I mean could you possibly move? I’m a little squished here under you.”

He pulled back from you, his wings disappeared and his ears were back to normal then finally his canine teeth had retracted a little. “Of course, whatever you like.”

You sat up and adjusted your outfit. “Thank you.” You paused and looked at the mark on your boob more, it was two wings crossed, one over the other. “Wow, that’s not hard to miss. Did it have to be this strong and big?”

Levi hummed. “I must have put too much of my feelings into it, but I won’t apologise if you’re wanting me to because I don’t regret it.” He leaned closer and blew on your ear making you jump at how cold it was.

You looked at him. “H-How come your breath is so cold?”

He pulled away and tilted his head. “All demons have something they use for their power, for me it’s the cold and ice. I could freeze a whole human country within a blink of an eye with minimal effort.”

You blushed at him. “Wow, that’s really strong and beautiful.”


You nodded. “Yes, well minus the killing of people.”

He hummed. “Well, I’m a demon so it’s my job to kill, so I can’t minus that.” He held his hand out causing ice to form a little bunny, it hopped around his hand leaving a trail of ice-cold air and snow. You gasped as you watching it, it was magical and pretty. “I have never had anyone call it beautiful before, but as part of my courting ritual I’m supposed to show my love interest more of my power.”

You giggled and leaned closer to look at the tiny rabbit, it sat back and wiggled its nose. “This is wonderful, I wish I could make things like this. The lady you get with is very lucky.”

He closed his hand getting rid of the bunny, you locked eyes with him and held your breath. “You look so tasty right now.” His hand ran along your cheek. “So tasty.”

Your head became foggy. “L…Levi…”

He looked up just as you passed out, he called your name but you didn’t respond, he called again then sighed. “I think I over did it with the seal.” He picked you up and carried you to the bed, he lay you down then tucked you in. He went back into the living room just as someone knocked, he opened it to reveal Erwin and Hange. “What?”

Erwin smiled. “We need to talk about your little sprite.”

“Fine, come in and keep your voices down, she’s sleeping.”

Hange sniffed the air. “You perv, you marked her didn’t you and pushed her too much, she passed out.”

“Tch, shut up shitty glasses. I marked her because some demons can’t keep their hands off of people.”

“Well, I think you can’t keep your hands off her either.”

“What the hell do you two want?”

Erwin sighed. “Her soul can’t wait around and do nothing, it has to stay active here like all souls. So, we’ve arranged for her to work in a bar, it’s a pretty safe one so don’t worry. It’s with Vince, and before you say she will not be a dancer, she’ll be behind the bar where there’s a protective spell. Vince has assured me she’ll be perfectly safe.”

Levi clenched his jaw in annoyance, he was not happy at all because he knew Vince, he was a tall darkly handsome man. He had muscles, ice cold blue eyes, slicked back blonde hair and a charming voice that made any man or woman want him. He was worried you’d like Vince instead of him. “She’ll be safe?”

“Yes, and if she doesn’t work, she’ll get sick here and barely want to move or do anything.” He smiled at Levi, and folded his arms. “She wouldn’t be able to keep up with any fooling around with you.”

Levi sighed. “Fine, fine, I’ll take her to work with Ivan. When does she start?”


Levi growled. “You two owe me.”

Hange threw him a big tin. “Tea from the human world, your favourite kind as well.”

Levi studied it and sighed. “I’m gonna need more than this.”

Erwin smiled and nodded. “We’ll get you more, just make sure her soul stays active or her light will dim.”

“I got it, that all?”

“I was hoping we could stay for tea.”

“Sit.” He walked into the kitchen. “It’s a good job I’m in a good mood.”

Chapter Text

You walked with Levi through the busy city streets, every demon you walked past eyed you up with a grin. Levi put his arm around you, his hand on your shoulder to assert his dominance. You could tell Levi had some authority here, so the act wasn’t needed, but he wanted to. You whined a little, then pressed your fists to your chest. “Umm, Levi?”

He glanced down at you. “What?”

You bit your lip. “Why are you mad?”

He gritted his teeth. “Tch, I’m not mad.”

You flinched a little at his deep and harsh tone. “Sorry.”

He sighed. “I told you, no saying sorry.”

“S…okay…are you sure you’re not mad? I mean, it’s okay if you are and if it is my fault, which it usually is I’m.”

You gasped as you were slammed against a wall. “Tch, oi brat, I told you no saying that word.”

You made yourself smaller. “I didn’t mean to…I just…it’s all my fault, all of this and I’m causing you trouble.”

He snarled making his canine teeth go sharp, then he punched the wall by your head. He wasn’t mad at you, far from it. Levi was mad at what had happened to you, about Scott and how you were taking all the blame for something that was not your fault. He was mad he couldn’t help you, that he couldn’t save you and make you better. He was mad that you were going to meet Vince, and he was a lady killer. Levi knew, he just knew Vince would want you and try anything to have you. Vince wasn’t one for love, but he liked sex a lot.

You stared at Levi, you saw the conflict going on inside him and all that anger. You gulped, then hugged him. He sighed, then hugged you back with one arm. “How are you not scared of me?”

You pressed your face against his chest. “Because you’ve always been so nice to me, you’re the only nice person I’ve met in years. You do things for me; you always think about me and you get mad for me. So, I’m not scared. Plus, you’re a demon, you can’t help it sometimes, right?”

He sighed. “Right.”

You let go of him and pressed your back to the wall. “So, are you going to tell me why you were mad?” You saw him clenched his jaw. “It’s about Scott still, isn’t it?”

Levi nodded. “It is, but there’s other things.” He pointed at you. “Vince is dangerous, very dangerous. Us demons enjoy sinful things and for him, he is full of pride and he loves lust. So, he will try and get into your pants, but you’re too good for that, you deserve better than one-night stands.”

You heard a soothing chuckle. “True, but everyone knows what night with me, is as euphoric as eating the forbidden fruit.” Vince walked closer and smiled at you. “My word.” He practically purred his words. “Excuse me, but the forbidden fruit here is you.” He held your hand and pulled you from Levi. He danced a little with you. “You are a delight my little kitten.” He stopped. “Tell me kitten, what makes your purr?”

You blinked a few times, then smiled. “You have pretty eyes.”

Vince frowned. “I’m sorry?”

“Your eyes, they’re really pretty.”

He stood up straight and let you go, then ruffled the back of his neck. “I have never had anyone say that to me, usually I get more sexual things said to me.”

You frowned. “Well that’s not nice for you, people just seeing you as an object all the time.”

He grinned at you, then looked at Levi. “I like this girl.” He looked at you. “I like you. We’re going to get on just fine kitten.” He put his arm around you and led you into his bar with Levi behind. “You don’t mind me calling you kitten, do you? You see names hold power, especially with our kind so, it’s best not to use your name for safety reasons.”

You smiled up at him. “I like kitten, but I don’t look like a cat.”

Vince let you go, then walked around you and hummed. “Well, you need uniform so…ah!” He clicked his fingers putting you in little ankle boot heels, tights, high waisted shorts, tight top with puffy sleeves and a cute bow. You looked at your hands to see gloves on them, your nails painted black. He smiled at you. “Now for the final touch!” He put two hands on your head, then pulled up to make two cat ears to appear, then he patted your bum, so a long tail appeared. “There, kitten is alive.”

You pouted at him. “These better be fake.”

He grabbed one of the ears, then fussed it. “They are, don’t worry. Plus, they’ll be gone when your shift ends.”

You sighed. “Okay.”

He grinned and fussed both. “Oh, you are so fucking cute!”

Levi pulled the back of your shirt. “Hands off perv.”

“Oh, but look Levi, she’s adorable! I just want to eat her.”

Levi turned you around, then looked at you. He felt something stir within him, he wasn’t sure what the hell he was feeling, but it was the same feeling Hange had told him about, attraction and maybe demon love. He gazed at your sparkling eyes, your hands together in front of you waiting for Levi’s approval. He lifted his hand up and watched you close your eyes, and lean closer with a tiny whine, you wanted him in some way, and you weren’t even aware of it. He loved this knowledge. He placed his hand on your head between the cat ears. “You look good.” He moved his hand, then held your chin and lifted your head up. He ran his thumb over your bottom lip making a nice red lipstick to appear. He felt his hunger build up at the sight of you, you’d just gone from cute and adorable, to just plain sexy. “Really good.”

You smiled. “Really?” He nodded. “Cool.”

“This is your first shift here, so I’m going to be at the end of the bar watching you. Alright?”

You nodded. “Got it.”

He looked up. “Vince, tell her what she’s doing. I’ll be helping myself to a drink behind your bar.”

Vince grinned. “Sure, sure Levi.” He put his arm around you and walked you into his bar more. You could see a massive stage lit up with drapes, there were poles on stage meaning this was one of those kinds of bars. You saw there were private rooms too. There were small round tables for two people to sit at, as well as booths for people to relax in the dark. The colours in the bar were neon purple light, black and some neon white. You saw the bar lit up with neon lighting, but there seemed to be a shimmer like wall around it, you were guessing that was for protection for you and Vince. You saw the nice drinks, then you noticed Levi sat at the end of the U-shaped bar with a cup of tea. “So, this is my place. I handle the punishment of souls who used people for sexual gain, the lustful ones. So, rapists, sex traffickers, pedos, all them. We force them to work in a dance bar like this for demon’s sexual gratification, they do private dances as well and they never have breaks, it’s a constant thing.”

You looked to the stage and saw humans walking about getting things ready, they looked tired and sad, but this was their punishment for being bad people. “Do they get any forgiveness?”

Vince nodded. “Yes, but they have to show genuine remorse for what they did, not just a sorry now let me move on kind of shit.”

You nodded. “I get it.”

He brought you to the bar. “Look kitten, I know you’re a kind-hearted sweet person, but don’t feel sorry for the human souls here, they really are awful people. All of them up there ruined lives of others, took innocence from children and caused the deaths of many. They loved what they did, enjoyed every moment of hurting others.”

You smiled. “I understand.”

He sighed. “Good, because those assholes will try and trick you into helping them, they’re worse than us demons.” He lifted the flap on the bar next to Levi, then walked in and let you in before closing it. “There’s a bathroom behind this bar for me and you, alright? It’s safe for us. Always stay behind this bar, if you leave it make sure either me or Levi are with you. Once the demons and souls start pouring into here, they’re all riled up with emotions and need. So, they will want to fuck you.”

Levi clicked his tongue. “Tch, oi, you could have put it nicely.”

Vince shook his head. “Don’t want to sugar coat it. There a barrier up, a magical one so you will be safe back here if someone intends to hurt you, or do anything bad to you, it’ll hurt them.”

Levi reached for you. “I mean no harm, so I can reach for you.”

You held Levi’s hand. “Oh, okay I get it.”

Vince nodded. “You’re safe here, trust me. All I need you to do is make drinks for me, and be a cute little host, sound good?”

You nodded. “Yeah.”

He smiled. “Wonderful, I think you’ll be fine, you have mixing drinks experience, right?” You nodded. “Good, I can teach you as we go, it’s not too hard and I’m sure demons will love having you make their drinks.” He leaned closer and sniffed. “You know, you’re lucky Levi marked you because you smell really sweet and delicious, but his scent is on you too, so it does mask your natural smell a little. I’d be better if he fully marked and claimed you.”

You frowned. “What’s that involve?”

Vince laughed as Levi blushed and growled a little as he pulled from your touch. Vince ruffled your hair. “It involves a massive bite on the crook of the neck while having great sex.”

You blushed. “O-Oh.”

He winked at you. “Don’t worry, kitten, you’ll be just fine behind the bar. The sex with Levi is optional though.” He walked to the bar and made preparations, then he clicked his fingers opening the doors. “Let the night begin!”






You gave a drink to a demon and smiled at her. “I like your earrings.”

She touched her earrings and smiled. “Oh, how sweet of you. Thank you kitten.”

You smiled at her. “It’s nothing, really.”

She looked up at Vince. “I like this one a lot, she’s only been here three days and she’s the talk of the city.”

Vince ruffled your hair. “She’s the best.”

She nibbled her lip. “She available?”

He shook his head. “This one is not; she’s been mark by a demon already.”

She pouted. “So what? I can replace it. So, who have I got to fight?”

“Me.” She looked to Levi as he leaned on the bar. “Oi brat? Another drink please.”

You smiled. “Coming right up.” You made him a cup of tea, then placed it in front of him. You leaned on the bar as he took it. “Hey Levi? I just want to say thank you for getting me this job, I’m really happy here.”

He looked up at you. “Good. I didn’t like you moping around my place anymore, so I had to do something.”

Your shoulders dropped as you felt sad. “Oh…I didn’t know I was…”

He sighed and rubbed the back of his neck. “I didn’t mean…tch, I’m an ass. What I meant to say was, I was worried about you, still am.” He waved your closer, so you did. He tapped your forehead with his finger. “The health of this part of you is just as important as the health here.” He tapped your chest. “You understand me?”

You nodded and smiled at him. “Yes Levi.”

He fussed your head. “Good girl.”

You giggled and enjoyed the pet. “Hey Levi?”

He hummed. “What is it?”

You blushed. “So, umm…could I maybe cook you a thank you dinner as well as a dessert?”

He stared at you, then gulped as he felt the hunger come back. His teeth were dying to appear, his horn wanting to grow from his head and wings burst from his back. You were so sweet, so perfect, so adorable. He just wanted to eat you up, he wanted to have you whimpering and begging under his body. He looked away from you, his sane side fighting his demon side of wanting everything you had to offer. “Tch, fine.”

You smiled and clapped your hands. “Wonderful!”

“Oh, Kitteeeeen?” You turned to Vince. “Come here for a second.” You ran over to him and smiled up at him. He ruffled your hair. “Good girl. Could you do me a favour?”

You nodded. “Sure, what do you need?”

He placed his hands on your shoulders and turned you to face some demons, then he leaned down and spoke to you. “Now, hold your hands up near your face and meow like a kitty, they said they’d pay us big if you did.”

You held up your hands, wiggled a little, then pawed at them “Meow.”

They all gasped and squealed at you, then gave Vince a ton of money. Vince put one arm under your bum, then lifted you up as if you were a little kid. “Isn’t she the cutest?” He looked up at you. “My little kitten.”

You hummed a laugh, then hugged his head. “Thanks, but could you put me down now? You’re really tall and this is high up.”

He put you down and affectionately rubbed your cheek. “Go have a break kitten, we’re closing soon and the dancer I have on next is a man, a very bad man and if he saw you, I know he’d stalk and hurt you. He’s a very bad soul.”

You smiled. “Okay.”

Levi watched you. “Where you going?”

You pointed. “Staff room, well mine and Vince’s for a break.”

He stood up. “Tch, oi Vince?” Vince looked over. “Let me behind the barrier, I’ll keep her company on her break.”

Vince smiled, then walked over to the little door and lifted it up. “Come on in.”

Levi walked in, then sighed. “Thanks.” Levi looked at you. “Lead the way.”

You smiled, then walked to a door and went into a very nice comfy staff area. You got a drink, then another for Levi and handed it to him. You grabbed some food, then sat down and took your heels off. “So, you’re an ice demon, what kind is Vince?”

“He specialises in barriers and locking people up, so he can create chains, or he can tie people up.”

You hummed. “Interesting.”

“He uses it on his partners.”

You blushed. “Figures.”

Levi stared at you for a moment, he saw you seemed very tired and down. So, he opened his palm up and created an ice fox. “Tch, oi brat?”

You looked over, then down at his hand and gasped. “Fox.” His gazed softened as you scooted over, then watched the fox jump around in his hand. “Cute.”

He closed his hand on it, then squeezed a moment and opened it back open to form a ring. He put his tea down, then picked up the ring and offered it to you. “It’s yours.”

You smiled at how it glistened in the light, it was so delicate and beautiful. “Is it cold?”

He nodded. “Only a little, but it won’t hurt at all. I promise. I’d never hurt you; I just want to protect you.” He offered the ring again to you. “So, do you want it, or did I make a mistake?”

You took it from him and smiled at how perfect it was, then you slipped it on your ring hand. “I love it, thank you.” You held your right hand up. “It looks so good...ah, I shouldn’t be wearing things, it looks too good for me.”

Levi ruffled your hair. “Don’t say things like, it looks wonderful on you brat. No, you make it look wonderful.”

You smiled at him, then leaned against him with your head on his shoulder. “You’re so nice Levi.”

“No, I’m not. I’m a horrible and selfish demon that just wants to use anyone, it’s in my nature.”

You pulled a face. “Well if that was all true, then you wouldn’t be making a ring for me, or letting me stay in your place. You’re a nice person.”

Levi pounced on your and pinned you to the sofa. “Has it ever occurred to you, that maybe I’m doing all that for a selfish reason? I’m a demon, I’m not to be trusted at all brat.”

You held your breath as you gazed up at him, you just thought he was so beautiful. You reached up and lightly touched his cheek, then smiled. “You’re so…pretty.”

He held his breath a moment, then felt that burning feeling inside him again. His wings wanted to burst from his back, his teeth appear, horns grow, and ears point. Hange’s voice, what she’d told him kept playing around in his head. Levi couldn’t believe that you, some weak little human rendered him a mess. He leaned closer, you let out a little noise, it was just too adorable. “I’m trying to be scary, to be the big bad wolf and yet, you’re not afraid at all, you’re being sweet and cute.” He sighed. “I don’t get it; how could that asshole Scott give you up for that whore? Tch, makes no fucking sense.” He hummed. “You know, both of them are destined for here for punishment.”

You frowned. “What, why?”

“Well, he sold your soul, so that’s instant sentence and her…well, she’s a selfish and cruel woman who uses others for her own gain.” He narrowed his eyes at you. “Does it bring you joy, that they’re coming here?”

You opened then closed your mouth, then you felt a weight on your heart. You shook your head. “No, it makes me sad that because of me, they’re going to be coming here for punishment. I want them to be happy.” You welled up. “That’s all I want is for people to be happy.”

“What about you?” You looked up at him. “What about your happiness?”

You bit your lip in thought. “Mine?”

He nodded. “Yes, yours. I told you brat; you have to be more selfish.” He leaned closer; his lips brushed over your neck. You didn’t know if it was his cold breath making you shiver, or the thought of him kissing your neck. “Tell me what you want, and I will give it to you, I’ll give you anything your heart desires.” His lips brushed your ear, then he whispered. “Tell me all your secrets.”

You gulped hard, you knew now why Levi was a demon of deals, he could get anyone to do anything for him and you were about to sing to him. You gripped his shirt in your hands, then pressed your face against his chest as well as you could. “I don’t know. I just don’t know Levi.”

He sighed then kissed your neck making you flinch. “Baby steps then.” He pulled away and sat on the sofa as you lay there. “How about this…the dinner tonight? You choose what we’re having, I will have no say in it.”

You sat up. “Do you have any allergies?” You frowned. “What am I saying, you’re a demon of course you don’t.” You knelt up on the sofa. “Ah! I could make the things I really like! I want to show you all the things I love, the human things.” You jumped off the sofa, but your tights covered foot slipped on the tiled floor. You fell forwards, Levi caught you, but it meant your face was very close to his lap and crotch. “S-sorry.”

He lifted you up with ease, then sat you on sideways on his lap. “I told you, no saying sorry.”

You blushed. “A-ah, y-yes…I forget sometimes because I used to say it so often because, well everything was…” You looked to Levi, then away when you saw his look. “I mean, I was made to believe it was all my fault.” You sighed, then looked right at Levi. “Do you like me?” You frowned. “What I mean is…for the longest time, people said they liked me, but they didn’t really. I was used a lot for my kindness, and I let it happen.” You smiled. “I liked helping people even if they didn’t like me.” You touched your chest as you felt your heart breaking. “I feel like an idiot, a fool for letting it happen over and over. Internally I screamed at myself to stop it, but if I did, I thought I was selfish.” You rubbed your eyes to try and stop tears. “I was never loved, never really, but that’s not what I’m asking.” You smiled. “I went on a tangent, huh? What I mean is, do you like me? Like a friend you know? Or is this just charity you looking after me?”

He cupped the side of your cheek and ran his thumb on your skin, he leaned closer and tapped your forehead against his. “I like you brat, I really do. I wouldn’t do what I’ve done for you for just anyone.”

You smiled and hugged him, your cheek against his. “Yay, I have a friend.”

“You do.”

“Oh.” You leaned over to the floor, making Levi grabbed your waist tightly so you didn’t fall. “Shoes, I need to go back in and clean up.” You sat up and slipped your shoes on. “That dancers done, and they always finish the night off.” You stood up, then turned to Levi with a smile. “Hey, so…thank you for this, for being my friend as well.”

Levi tilted his head as he studied you, the demon love within him was bubbling away. “Tch, you’re an odd one.” You smiled with a blush, then walked out the staff room. He really liked a smile on you, your smile was just too pretty. He still hated Scott, it kind of ate away at him. He really wanted to see Scott again, then rip him apart over and over. He couldn’t stand that someone could sell you, it made no sense to him.





Levi licked his spoon and hummed in delight. Demons didn’t need to eat or drink, they just lived without anything needing to keep them going. Levi liked to have tea, because it was enjoyable and other demons like to indulge in the delights of gluttony. However, Levi tonight was rather enjoying himself because of your food. You’d made him a starter, main course and now he was finishing off his dessert. He licked his lips, then pointed at the pot. “What is this?”

You smiled. “Coconut, mango, passion fruit and a bit of lemon.”

He tilted his head and hummed. “Human food is…interesting.”

“You like it?”

You nodded. “I loved all the food you made tonight. Explain to me what each were.”

You put your spoon down. “Well, the starter was goats’ cheese and caramelised onion filo pastry cups. Main course was a dry salmon curry, then the last you know.”

“Could you make dinner again? This was really good.”

You giggled. “Sure, I’d be happy to make dinner again, but I can’t keep doing three courses otherwise I’ll get fat.”

He frowned at your comment. “Scott?”

You opened your mouth then closed. “Yeah…”

“Well, you shouldn’t worry here. You cannot gain weight here, it’s death here, remember?”

You stared at your drink. “Right…right…I forget.” You frowned, then welled up and let the tears flow.

Levi shot up from his seat, then hurried over to you. “Hey, hey, hey.” He knelt and placed his hand on your lap. “Talk to me.”

You rubbed your eyes. “I know I had nothing back on earth, no parents, no friends, no love but…I’m sad because my chance of having a future, having a great job, a wonderful apartment I worked hard to get is gone.  I’ll never get married or have kids…it’s gone, all gone.” You sniffed. “I know it seems silly, that it’s just a stupid human thing, but…but…but…”

He pulled you close and held you, then he scooped you up like a bride and carried you to bed. He sat down with you on his lap, then he rubbed your back and leaned back against the wall. “You can have that still, you really can. Vince is paying you to work at the bar, you could save up for a…oh, you can’t it’d not safe. Umm…well, you can work your way up in Vince’s place, get a pay rise or something.”

You sniffed and rubbed your eyes. “Really?”


You smiled sadly. “Okay.”

He gulped. “As for the umm family thing, you can still find someone to love you here and to have children with, that’s if you don’t mind having demon children.”

You giggled a little. “People usually say that children are little demons, but I guess here they’re actual demons.”

Levi hugged you close. “Exactly, but I mean it when I say you’ll find someone here. When a demon falls in love with someone, he or she gets this strong burning desire or yearning within them for the person they love. The love controls them, it consumes them to the point where they only think of that person and no one else. They will do anything and everything they can to make that person happy, to make them feel good. Demon love in eternal.”

You smiled and yawned. “I love the sound of that.” You closed your eyes. “To be actually loved by someone and to love them back, it’s perfect.”

Levi looked down at you as you fell asleep. “It is, isn’t it? Demon love is dangerous though, so you should be careful of whoever falls for you.” You were gone, completely out of it and in a deep sleep due to worry and exhaustion. “I’m dangerous.” He whispered your name to you. “Mainly because I adore you, I’m afraid that maybe the feelings I have for you is demonic love.” He lifted you up, then put you under the covers and clicked his fingers so you were changed into night things and him as well. “For now, though, you need to heal brat.” He got into bed, then lay there and sighed. He looked at you one last time, then closed his eyes and drifted off to sleep.

Levi woke up in the night with a strong hunger and desire, it wasn’t for food, but for something physical with only one person in mind. His eyes flew open, he panted a moment and felt his eyes were his demon ones. He looked over to you and saw you sleeping of your side so sweetly. He rolled onto his side and watched you. You wiggled a little, then let out a little moan. His eyes slowly moved down your body. Your lips were nice and plump, your neck long, your skin so soft and warm. His eyes locked out your chest, your body at this angle caused cleavage. Normally in a bra you had a very nice large chest with great cleavage, but like this it was even worse for Levi’s demonic hunger.

He growled at you; his canine teeth appeared as he let the desire take over. He leaned closer, his horns grew on his head, his ears became pointed. He could feel his wings wanting to break free, but the restrictions of how he was lying meant they simply cause an arousing buzzing under his skin. He was close, so close to kissing you. He froze, then pulled back when you hummed and rolled onto your back, head facing up He studied you a moment, then he sat up and pressed his hands either side of you. His black wings grew from his back, a light snow dancing in the air in the room, but it wasn’t too cold. His eyes scanned your face, then your lips. He leaned down ever so slowly, his body in overdrive for you. He was close, so close, but you turned your head to the other side and rolled onto your side and let out a happy sigh.

Levi watched a snowflake land on your cheek, then felt the realisation hit him of what he was doing. He flew backwards and skidded back on the floor on his feet, then covered his mouth with his hand. He reached up and felt his horns, then he moved his wings. He knew what being in this state around you meant, he was either in his rut, or his demonic need and love was consuming him. He needed to do something, anything to protect you from himself. He paced the room, then tried to get rid of his wings and horns, but they wouldn’t go. He tried everything he could, even spoke and angel’s blessing, but nothing worked.

You shivered slightly at the lack of Levi’s warmth, you sat up slightly in your sleepy state and rubbed your eyes. “Levi?”

He gulped. “I’m here.”

“Everything okay?”

“Fine…fine just…” He hid in the dark. “Tch, I have to go out, work reasons. Stay here and sleep, I’ll see you in the morning, okay?”

You sniffed and hummed. “Okay, be safe.” You flopped down onto the bed. “Miss you.”

Levi fought everything in his body not to pounce on you then and there. “Tch, yeah.” He clicked his fingers so he was in normal clothes, then he hurried out the house and went to the one person he knew who could help, but he also knew she’d tease the fuck out of him. He was standing outside Hange’s house quickly, he seemed to have a surge of power, so it didn’t take too long to be there. He banged on her door hard.

Hange opened the door and pouted. “You know, it’s a good job I don’t sleep and spend most of my time studying.” She looked at Levi and grinned at seeing him in his demon form. “Well, this is worth the sudden intrusion. How can I help.”

“Tch, I’m not going to fight with you shitty glasses because this is important, but I need to come in and I need your help.”

She opened her door. “Sure, come on in.” She watched him walk past and admired how beautiful he was in his demon form; she even saw some ice decorating his wings and horns. “So, can I get you a cup of tea?”

He shook his head and began pacing, his body throbbed and burned. With every beat of his heart, it said your name over and over. “No!” He winced at his tone. “No tea, I just…do you have anything to help me?” He turned to her allowing her to see his breathing was different, the look in his eyes was something she’d never seen before in him. “I’m heating up and…and…well these things won’t go.”

She nodded. “I have a drink for it, bear with me a moment.” She ran around and got just what he needed, then handed it over. “Drink.”

He grabbed the drink from her and avoided physical contact, not because he thought he was going to jump her, but because his body didn’t want it. All Levi could think about was you, your body touching his, it’s all he wanted was you and only you. If anyone else touched him, he was afraid he might rip them apart with his bare hands. He downed the drink, then grimaced at the taste. “Fuck, you trying to kill me?”

She took the glass. “No, but it’ll stop all the feelings going on.”

“How long?” He clenched his shirt tightly. “How long will it take?”

“Few seconds.”

Levi clenched his jaw, then felt his urges, his need becoming numb. He sighed and felt relief. “Thank you.”

She giggled. “You’re still in demon form, this is very interesting. I’ve never seen it this bad before.”

“What do you mean?”

She placed the glass in the sink and left it annoying Levi internally. “Well, after that drink people usually turn back to normal for a bit, you haven’t.” She walked to the sofa with Levi, then sat down in a single seat as he dropped and sat on the sofa. “Tell me, what happened?”

He sighed and placed his head in his hands. “We were at the bar, we talked in the back and she got upset about things, which makes sense because she’s healing, and I may have teased her a bit. I had what you told me I had, these urges to make her happy and to please her. I controlled myself, we talked things out and she asked if I liked her, of course in her stupidly sweet and innocent way.” He looked up at Hange. “She wanted to know if I liked her, if I was her friend and I said yes. She got all…adorable.” He groaned and looked away. “Tch, then she cooks me a three-course meal to die for and gets all happy I love it and I want more.” He went to sit back, but his wings got in the way. “We then talked again, and I made a small comment I shouldn’t have, and she cried, big time. She was sad she couldn’t work hard in a job and earn a house of her own or work her way up in a job. She was sad that she would never have kids or a husband. Tch, silly human stuff.”

Hange nodded. “Well, we live for forever and their life is so short…humans are told from a young age that marriage, a job, a house and kids are great goals to achieve. I think they’re lovely too.”

He nodded. “I do too…tch, but the way she puts it is so…” He sighed and felt the feelings before fighting with whatever drink Hange gave him. “I told her not to give up on love, she’ll find someone here to have kids with if she doesn’t mind demon children.” He blushed. “The whole love thing I was thinking of me, but I don’t care if she doesn’t pick me, as long as she’s happy.”

She hummed. “Right, right…so then what?” She was so excited to hear this part, not that the other stuff was juicy, but she loved the more biological side of things a little more.

He rubbed his mouth with his hand. “We went to sleep, then I woke up randomly in the night with my demon eyes and just had one thing on my mind, her. I rolled over to look at her, that’s when my fucking horns appear, and my ears pointed. I was eyeing her up in her sleep, she looked so tasty.” He balled his fists up and put them over his eyes. “I tried to kiss her Hange, she was doing nothing at all, just being sweet and innocent and I wanted to kiss her, ravage her in any way possible.” He sighed and moved his hands away from his face and stared at the floor. “Then she moved onto her back, but that didn’t stop me. He leaned over her and that’s when my wings could finally appear, they couldn’t on my side and just buzzed under my skin. I went to kiss her again, but she rolled onto her side. I tired again and…well if it weren’t for me seeing some of my snow land and melt on her cheek, I don’t know what I would have done.”


He ruffled the back of his head. “I flew away from her, hid in the dark and she woke up a little. She looked so cute all sleepy and missing my body and warmth next to her. I wanted to pounce on her, but I knew I shouldn’t. I told her I had work and she said that was fine and well, she said she’d miss me and I just…” He growled, then he caught himself and covered his mouth with his hand. “What the fuck is wrong with me?”

She got up, then gave him another medicated drink. “I know you are feeling demonic love for her, that’s very clear.” She grabbed some things from her med room. “Since you first came to me, I knew you felt for her.”

Levi downed the drink again and felt the numbing happen. “Tch, she’s still healing from her ex, she doesn’t need me pouncing on her all the fucking time.”

She shrugged. “What’s wrong with a good fuck?” He looked away from her making her grin. “Aaah…you don’t want to.”

He shook his head. “I want her in that way, but more…”

“You want to make love to her.”

He nodded and imagined you under him moaning away. “All night and day, for as long as her body can stand it.”

She knelt in front of him. “Hand please.” She took his offered hand, then pricked his finger and dropped his blood into a tester. “I think that’s really sweet, nothing wrong with that, but I get your point that you want to protect her for a little longer, that she’s not ready to experience these feelings of yours.”

He nodded and watched the little hole on his finger heal up. “Besides, if it is demon love like you say, I want to properly demon court her and human court her, so I need lessons shitty glasses.”

She grinned. “Happy to give you those lessons.” She stood up and checked the results. “Oh dear, well this is not a good combo and a fascinating thing.”

Levi frowned. “What?”

She turned to him. “You’re in a demon rut.”

He shook his head and stood up. “No, not possible. My ruts are very small, barely anything. Hell, I go to work on my ruts unlike others, I can deal with it.”

She grinned. “Well, maybe you were due for a big one.”

“I’ve never had a rut like this, ever.”

She hummed and nodded. “Well, it seems because you are in demon love, it’s fuelled your rut.” She walked around and cleared her medical things. “Not only do you want to love her and make her happy, but you also want to bond and mate with her.” She tilted her head. “And by the looks of things, really, really badly.” She clapped her hands. “What a fun little study this will be.”

Levi began pacing. “No, no, this isn’t good at all. I can’t like this around her right now, she needs support as she heals. I can’t be like this; I can’t be my demon self. Is there anything you can do?”

She sighed. “Well there’s a few options. You could go to the red-light district and work your rut out there with someone.”

Levi shook his head. “No, the thought of someone else touching me like that, it makes my flesh crawl.”

“Well, you could go see her and ravage her and tell her you lover her.”

“No, she needs time.”

Hange shrugged. “Last option is, you lock yourself up for a few days and wait this whole thing out.”

He stopped pacing. “That’s the best option…but what about looking after her? I can’t leave her alone. The mark on her allows me to know if she’s okay, but I can’t come to her aid in this state.”

She smiled at him. “You can stay here with me; I have a med ward here and you can bunk up there and I can medicate you. I can talk to Mike and Erwin; they can take turns looking after her while the other goes to work.” She hummed. “She has time off work, right?”

Levi nodded. “Yeah, she does.”

“That’s nice of Vince…anyway, we can do that and simply tell her you’re sick.”

He shook his head. “No, no don’t tell her that.”

“Why not?”

He sighed. “Because she’s so nice, she’ll beg you to bring her to me and see if I’m well and if you say I’m fine, she’ll want to come and see me anyway. Just…just tell her I’m working.”

She walked with him to her med bit, glass screen doors open to the four beds ready for patients. “Alright, I’ll tell her you’re working.”

Levi got on a bed and sighed. “Thank you.”

“You should rest, suppressing your urges is trying for the body.”

He flopped down onto it on his side. “Just make sure she’s okay while I’m gone.”

“Promise. Now sleep, I have to make multiple medical drinks for you.” She walked out, then began her work. She couldn’t help but grin, seeing Levi like this was new and interesting. Levi had never had a rut this bad before, nor had he bene in demon love either. The best of it all was it was all for a human, a cute human girl too with a pure heart and soul. She did promise not to let you know and to keep you away, but her interests were peaked. After all, Hange was a demon scientist, and scientists observed and experimented, she had to try something. Maybe she could get you into the room with Levi, just for a second to see your affect on him. Or maybe she could get you to stand on the other side of the screen doors, just for your protection and see what would happen. Yes, she was going to do just that because one little experiment wouldn’t hurt a fly.

Chapter Text

You hadn’t seen Levi in two days and you really missed him, it was weird not having him around. However, with him gone you managed to make new friends. Your first day without him you got close to his boss Erwin, he was sweet and kind, but seemed to be work focused a lot. When he finally stopped working and fought his nerves of being around you, the two of you talked for hours about all sorts. Erwin was fascinated by human leaders, wars and philosophy. So, you told him everything you knew, and he loved every second as you drank tea together. You liked Erwin, he was someone who could talk to and he’d give you a level-headed answer.

Today though, you had Mike. Mike was a quiet guy, he didn’t talk loads like Erwin, but he did sniff you and seemed very happy at your smell. He spent the first couple of hours just watching you, observing you like you were a little bunny and he was a wolf. He only said a few words, all answers to your questions. You wanted to be closer to him, more of a friend so you did what you thought would work. You brought out a video game and offered him the other controller, he was very delighted and interested, but he only showed it in his face and didn’t say anything.

However, now you were playing a fighting game and he was totally relaxed with you. The two of you were laughing, joking and play fighting a little. Mike was like the brother you always wanted. Mike chuckled at you. “I must say, these human time passers are interesting.”

You tapped a can of diet coke on his head. “Yep.” You handed it to him, then sat down next to him. “I used to love playing games.”


You hummed and shrugged. “Dunno, maybe because when I was at school I was bullied and others told me I was never good enough, but video games…” You smiled. “They let you escape your crap life, they tell you are great, you’re a winner and to keep going. They make you feel valued, even if it’s just words on a screen or someone’s recorded voice.”

Mike smiled. “I love them.”

You smiled up at him. “They’re great right?”

He nodded. “It’s an interesting yet perfect combination of human ingenuity and imagination. The arts meet science.” He chose a single player game, the started playing. “They involve ethics and philosophy; they give you a chance to be a good or bad person in another world.” He glanced over at you as you just enjoyed watching someone else play a game, someone else enjoy something you love. “May I come over here and play games with you, even when I’m not scheduled to take care of you?”

You smiled brightly at him. “Yes! I’d love that.” You hummed a laugh. “I can’t believe it; it took my soul being sold for me to make friends.” You gasped. “You are my friend, right? Sorry if you don’t.”

He ruffled your hair. “We’re friends, I don’t act like this with just anyone.”

You smiled. “Cool.”

“Hange is going to love you.”

You frowned. “Hange?”

He nodded. “She’s a doctor here and one of mine, Erwin’s and Levi’s closet of friends. She’s a little nuts, but that’s because she gets so excited.”

You smiled. “I look forward to meeting her.”

You and Mike jumped as Levi’s front door burst open to reveal Hange, she locked eyes with you and grinned. “Well, well, well, we finally meet.”

You gulped. “Mike?”

He smirked and got back to his game. “That’s Hange. Oh, little word of warning, she’s loves cuddling.”

You got up and walked over. “Hello Hange.” You introduced yourself. “Everyone calls me kitten though, it’s my name here because I’m not supposed to use my name…I just gave you my real name like an idiot…oh Levi’s gonna kill me.”

She squeaked, then hugged you hard. “Oh, you are just as cute as pie! I love you and I want to take you home with me. I’ll pet you, feed you, love you and give you anything you want.”

You giggled and hugged her back. “I like you.”

She kissed your temple. “Good! Because if you didn’t my little demon heart would break. Now! I’m here for something super important.”

Mike paused the game and looked over. “What are you planning?”

Mike knew what was going on with Levi, so did Erwin and all of them were fascinated and interested. Which is why all of them had watched you so closely when they looked after you, because they wanted to see more of the girl that made Levi lose his composure and himself. She grinned at Mike and hugged you with one arm. “Come on Mike, aren’t you a little bit curious about what would happen?”

He hummed, he’d really loved to know actually how one of their strongest would react to the object of his love, as well as his rut. He sighed and got up. “If he asks, it was all your idea and I didn’t know.”

She jumped up and down. “Thank you! Oh, this is going to be fun!”

You looked up at Hange as she led you out the front door, Mike behind. “Umm…what’s going on?”

Hange looked down at you as you walked the streets. “We’re going to my place dear; I have a patient there so I can’t leave them alone for too long. All we’re doing is going there so I can ask you a few questions, give you a little check up and see how your body is coping to being here. Sound good?”

You smiled and nodded. “Okay.” Hange began her evil giggle, Mike was amused by it, but you were just confused at why she was so giddy about giving you a medical check-up. She pushed you through her front door, you saw the place wasn’t super messy, but it was still a little, like organised chaos. You walked around and saw the glass slide doors for the med bay. “So, where do you need me?”

“Just wait there, I’ll get you and Mike a drink!”

You nodded with a smile, then looked around the place. You stood with your back to the slide doors unaware Levi was sleeping in a bed back there. As you stood, your scent seemed to roll off you. Hange and Mike could cope with it, to them it was like walking into a bakery and smelling freshly baked sweet things. However, to Levi it was something more. He woke up from his rest and felt a hunger in him burning strongly. He sat up, his demon form had relaxed over the two days, but now it was back to how he first was when he got here. He sniffed the air and moaned at the wonderful scent. He got up and felt his body sing for you, his heart beat your name. He climbed off the bed, then walked around and sniffed the air, he was so hungry. He turned his head to the slide doors; there you were back to him in a cute skirt and top taking a drink from Hange and giggling at a joke of hers. He growled, heat pooled below, he wanted, no needed you.

You sipped your fresh juice and hummed. “So good, I can’t believe it took me dying to taste the best food and drink ever.”

Hange smiled. “We always have the best, it’s a form of punishment for the bad. We eat and drink good things, while they have nothing but bad things.”

You smiled. “I wish I could be happier about that, but you know me. I feel bad people are being punished, I like helping people but.” You sighed. “Vince told me at his bar, the souls there were terrible people.” You gulped. “It’s just hard you know?”

Mike ruffled your hair and smiled. “That’s because you’re a good person to the core.”

You shivered at a warm body behind you, but the breath on your neck was cold. Both Mike and Hange were staring at something. Your frowned. “What’s wrong?”

You gasped as arms wrapped around you, then lips run up your cheek and the deep voice of Levi say your name. “Mine.” You squealed as you flew backwards, then in a blink of an eye you were pressed against a hospital bed. You gazed up at Levi as he leaned over you, your legs perfectly parted for him so he could press his pelvis against yours. “All mine.” He leaned closer; his canine teeth dragged over your skin making you shiver. “So beautiful, so sweet.” He lightly nipped the crook of your neck, right where a demon would mark another to confirm their love. You let out a little choked moan as he did, you felt bad for liking this because of Scott, but it felt so good.

Levi rested his weight on you’re a little, his body enjoyed and reeled in delight at the warmth from your heat on him. He licked your skin and loved how sweet you were, like tasting a strawberry. You leaned into his touch and moaned a little at him, your hands gripping his shirt tightly. You gasped as his hand dragged up the outside of your thigh and up under your skirt. You felt heat burning below, you were ashamed of yourself for being so turned on by this man. “Levi…” He growled at you only making things worse, the sound of his name on your lips was perfection, he wanted more. His hand reached your bum cheek, then he squeezed it making you let out a little moan you were so desperately trying not to get out. “L-Levi.”

Hange and Mike hand watched you get taken, then the doors ice over. Hange hummed. “We need to get in there or he’s screwing her brains out in my nice clean med bay.”

Mike sighed. “You really didn’t think this through, did you?”


He clicked his neck, then allowed his hand to turn into a beast’s. Mike’s demon ability was to be a wolf like beast. He slashed at the ice, then slammed his shoulder into the doors breaking them down. The both ran towards you just as Levi had grabbed your bum. You turned your head away from Levi giving him more access to your neck. He was just about to bite down, but he was grabbed and yanked back by Mike. “Keep it in your pants you short grump.”

You had your eyes tightly shut; you still lay there on the bed. Hange walked over, then ran her hand over your hair. “Hey kitten, you can open your eyes now.”

You did, then sat up on the bed. “What just happened?”

“Well, Levi is not working, he’s just going through something.”

“Is he okay?” You looked at Levi being held back by Mike; his eyes hadn’t left you. “Are you okay Levi? Is there anything I can do?”

Levi growled at you, then threw Mike off him and appeared right behind you. You squeaked at him, but he didn’t pin you down this time, instead he just wrapped his arms around you and held you from behind and buried his nose in your neck and inhaled. You gulped as he moaned a little, his hands squeezing you. You jumped when your felt his canine teeth on your earlobe. He hummed. “I’m perfect brat now you’re here, all I need is you.”

Hange smiled. “Well, at least he’s not grinding on you.”

You blushed. “He was…oh…”

She laughed. “I’ll explain everything in the living room, Levi needs his medical tea and you look like you could do with a cold drink.”

You whined and nodded. “Y-yes please, but umm I can’t move.”

“Don’t worry, I have this under control.” She looked up at Levi. “Levi? Could you carry this cute thing into the living room?”

Levi scooped you up like a bride, then nuzzled against you as he carried you. “Happy to do anything for this one.”

You held his shirt, then looked up at him. “Are you okay?”

The glaze over his eyes faded away a little, he wasn’t consumed by his need for you. “I will be in a few days, but right now…” He groaned a little as he fought himself. “I’m fighting myself so I can be human for you, I don’t want to scare you. So, I’m sorry if I touch you a lot, it just…it sooths me.”

You smiled. “Well, if touching me makes you feel better, then you can touch me as much as you like.”

“Dangerous words brat.” He growled at you. “Human hunger is not so strong, but demon hunger is very, very intense.”

You hummed and smiled at him. “Well, I trust you Levi. You’ve done so much for me and you care about me as a friend, so I know you’d never do anything to hurt me.”

He felt his heart throb for you, he couldn’t believe how sweet and kind you were even though he was being very selfish with you. “Tch, you’re too kind for your own good.” He sat you on the sofa. “I’ll get her drink, I need to please her and if getting her a drink is it, then let me.”

Hange smiled. “Sure, but I’ll make your med drink.”

You watched Levi, then looked to Mike. “Am I too kind for my own good?”

Mike smiled. “You’re perfect just the way you are kitten, he’s just experiencing very selfish thoughts and you’re letting him act on them because you want him to be happy. It’s sweet of you, but he views it as bad because he thinks he’s taking advantage of you.” He saw you look sad. “But as I said, just keep being you, don’t change at all, okay? He likes you just the way you are.”

You smiled. “Okay.” You watched Levi down his medical drink, then he shuddered and sighed. You smiled at him as he eyed you, you were just admiring the way he looked. “Is this your demon form?”

He walked over with your drink. “Yes.”

You held the glass with two hands. “It’s really beautiful.”

He growled at you, then turned away. “Tch, this is why I said to keep her away from me.”

You looked to Mike. “Did I say or do something bad?”

Hange giggled and sat down. “No far from it, you said very good things to him. How about we all sit, get comfy and then I’ll tell you everything.” She looked to Levi. “Sit.”

You looked up at Levi and smiled. “I can move if you want me to?” Levi climbed up on the sofa, then sat behind you and hugged you to his chest. You just held your glass in your hands as Levi’s pelvis pressed against your bum, his thighs squeezed you and his arms hugged you tightly. He reached up and played with your hair, then pulled you back so your back was against his chest. You blushed. “Umm…so Hange?”

She smiled. “Sorry, this is just wonderful to watch…” She clapped her hands together. “Right! Well, I guess I should explain for everyone here to understand. You seem my cute little kitten, demons experience what we call a rut. You might have heard the term before, but basically, they go into full sinful mode, it happens every couple of months for a few days. Problem is, since meeting you Levi has developed these feelings for you, which has turned into something known as demon love. Do you know what that is?”

You nodded. “Levi told me.”

She smiled. “Great, back to the rut. A rut is they want to indulge in sins as I said, but mainly the sin of lust. So, most demons find their partner, or anyway willing and just work it out physically. Now, combine his demon love with his rut and you see his issue. Instead of just wanting anyone for his rut, he wants you because of his demon love. Which is why he’s kissing, nipping you as much as he is. Being near you, touching you or anything like that brings him comfort, it soothes the burning need in him, but it doesn’t fix it.”

You frowned. “Well, I want to help him get better, he’s clearly in some discomfort.”

Mike sighed. “Yeah, if nothings done it’s really uncomfortable and the med drink is horrible.”

“What can I do to help to fix this? I really want to help.”

Hange giggled and had a wicked grin on her face. “Well, if you reaaaaally want to help him, there’s one thing you can do. It involves the removal of clothes, being in a bed, or anywhere really and him being naked. Get my drift?”

You blushed hard and nodded. “Y-yeah, I get it.”

Levi pressed his face against your back. “Don’t worry brat, I came here so I wouldn’t do that to you. You’re healing, you need time, you don’t need some horny demon trying to feel you up and get you naked and moaning for hours.”

Your eyes widened. “Wait, hours?”

Hange laughed. “Yeah, us demons can last a long time.”

“Well…that’s umm…wow.” You drank a lot of your juice. “So umm, what do we do with Levi then?”

She sighed. “He’s in his last days of the rut, so he could go home with you. He might be a little touchy feely, but you’re safe.”

You nodded. “Okay, sure if he wants to come home with me.”

Levi ran his lips up the edge of your ear. “I want to go home with you, now.”

Mike glanced at Hange. “I dunno if this is a good idea, he should stay away from her for one more day, just to be sure.”

Hange nodded. “Even though I am enjoying myself, I think it is for the best that he has one more day away from her.”

Levi growled and hugged you. “I’m not letting her go.”

You hummed. “One day?”

Hange nodded. “Just one more day.”

You shifted and sat sideways to look at Levi, you took a moment to admire his eyes, horns and ears. “Levi?”

He hummed. “What is it?”

You nibbled your lip. “I’m umm…I have a…a selfish request.”

His eyes widened a little, he was so proud. “Yeah?”

You nodded. “Yeah, could umm…could you stay here with Hange for one more day? Just for your health. I’d worry about you if you came home because, well I know how to deal with sick humans, but not sick demons.”

He sighed. “Sure, I’ll stay here.”

You smiled. “Great. Thank you.”

“Well done for asking something and being selfish, it was very good of you.”

You blushed and smiled. “I tried my best.”

“You’ll get better, little steps.”

Mike got up when he heard Levi growl, then saw his hand wander on you. “Alright, time for the kitten to go home.” He pulled you to your feet. “Let’s get you back, I have a video game to finish.”

You smiled. “Yeah! Oh, do you want pizza? I can make pizza from scratch.”

“I’d love that.” He walked to the door, then stopped and pointed at Levi who’d followed you to the door. “You should say goodbye.”

You smiled at Levi, then hurried over to him and hugged him tightly. “Get better soon, I miss having you around.”

Levi hugged you back. “Tch, thanks brat.”




Vince smiled at you as you spun around on the stage and was singing a little song for him. Today you had some training with him, as well as cleaning up of the bar, so for once there were no dancers, which meant you both had free reign of the place until night and you were just messing about. He walked closer to the stage, then opened his arms out so you jumped, and he caught you, then spun you around. You giggled at him. “This is fun.”

He carried you to the bar. “I’m happy to see you smiling finally, you’ve been here for two months now, right?”

You nodded. “Right.”

He sat you on the bar, then patted your legs. “Didn’t Levi go through a rut a few days ago?”

You hummed. “He did, but he’s home now and back to normal.”

“Good, I’m glad. He didn’t hurt you, did he?”

You shook your head. “No, he just wanted to touch me loads.”

Vince grinned. “Lucky you.” You blushed and crossed your legs, Vince eyed you and thought you were truly beautiful and stunning. Vince could imagine you in a long red dress, a slit on the leg as well the dress being off the shoulder that squeezed your boobs. You were too good for silk, so a nice felt style cloth that added texture to a touch would be divine. “He control himself?”

“He did.” You fiddled with your hands. “He’s been so nice to me, keeping his distance and being so lovely and caring.” You sighed. “I miss him at the moment.”

He tilted his head. “Oh?”

“He’s been working a lot. Apparently, a lot of people want to sell their souls.”

Vince leaned on your lap and looked up at you. “Kitten, humans are not as good as you think they are.”

You gave him a tiny smile. “Yeah, it seems so…but demons are really nice, all of you are.”

He smirked. “We’re nice only to you because you’re nice to us, you wouldn’t be saying that if you were being punished by us, that’s when we’re nasty.”

You hummed and played with his almost white hair. “So, what are angels like?”


You laughed. “You’re not saying that because you’re a demon, are you?”

He laughed and leaned into your touch. “I mean it though, angels are assholes. They’re stuck up and pretentious. Us lot here? We’re more real and down to earth sort of speak.”

You nodded. “Got it.”

He sighed. “Just hope and pray you don’t meet one.”


He reached up and touched your cheek. “Because they’ll take one look at your pretty soul, then they’ll want to have you as their own. I don’t want to lose you, you’re my best worker.”

You smacked him in the arm with the back of your hand and laughed. “Ass.”

He chuckled. “You’re my friend too.” He took your hands in his. “My very dear and good friend.” He smiled at you. “So, I have a great idea for tonight. How about elegance night? I’ll be in a three-piece suit, you in a nice long dress. You know that kind of thing.”

You nodded. “I’d love that!”

“Great.” He stepped back, ran his hands through his hair so it was slicked back, then he spun around on his heel and bit his lip. You gasped as a perfect three-piece suit appeared on his body. He smirked at you, pulled on his lapels. “What do you think?”

You clapped your hands. “Perfection! Ten out of ten!”

He laughed. “Thank you.” He grabbed your hips and lifted you off the bar. “Now my little kitten, we just have to make you look purrrfect.”

You rolled your eyes. “I swear you get worse and worse.”

He held one of your hands, then twirled you around as the red dress he imagined appeared on you. Your hair was down and perfect, your makeup dark and lips red and nails black. He stepped back from you. “Wow, you are…well…if there was a visual representation for temptation? You would be it.”

You blushed. “I don’t think I would be but thank you.”

“Tch, fuck.” You looked over to Levi, he had a bag in his hand. He walked closer, then cleared his throat. “Hey brat.”

You smiled. “Hi, welcome back. Was work okay?”

He nodded and reached out and played with your earring. “Lots of deals being made, lots of souls to collect. All done now.” He sighed and held both earrings in his hands. “These will look better.” He pulled away to reveal ice earrings. He leaned closer, then blew air on your neck to create a necklace. “And this.”

You touched the necklace and smiled. “Thank you.”

He lifted up a bag. “I got you something from the human world, it’s some junk food and drink you talked about to me that you love.”

You gasped, then bounced up and down and looked inside. “Sweet! Thank you so much. What’s the occasion?”

He sighed. “Well, I was away for a while and I wanted to say thank you for being there for me through the rut. I’m…sorry if I did anything to offend you then or pushed you too much.”

You smiled and shook your head. “It was fine, you were fine.”

He pinched your cheek. “Tch, oi stop with the it’s fine stuff.”

You giggled at him. “Levi, really it’s fine because you didn’t mean to be the way you were, but thank you for all this, I can’t wait to eat it all.”

He reached in the bag, then pulled out a cuddly black bear with blue eyes and a grumpy look. He handed it to you. “I also got you this.”

You gasped, then smiled brightly and hugged the bear as tight as possible. He was as big as your torso, so he was perfect for hugs. “Oh, he’s perfect and so soft!” You leaned up and kissed Levi’s cheek. “Thank you.”

He blushed a little. “You’re welcome.”

You looked at the bear, then wiggled his arms. You ran over to Vince, then held up the bear. “Look how cute he is.”

Vince was a little confused, demons didn’t do buying gifts for others, you just used your powers to show off. It was possible that this was a human dating thing, or a human courting thing. Levi was going to try two types of courting with you, human and demon because he knew he wanted you to be his forever. He wanted to do things right, because you were worth everything. Vince could tell this, he thought it was amusing and cute. “He’s very cute.”

You smiled and hugged your new bear. “Oh, can Levi stay?” You turned to Levi. “Can you stay and help?”

Levi sighed. “I could, if you want me to.”

You smiled at Vince and bounced up and down. “Please, please, please, please, please.”

Vince smiled as he watched you. “Alright you crazy kitten, Levi can stay and help out if he gets changed.” He looked up at Levi. “I’m doing some hosting tonight; I could do with the backup behind the bar. Can you mix a drink?”

Levi nodded. “I can. I’ll get changed.” He clicked his fingers to appear in a three-piece suit with a red cravat to match you, his hair slicked back to show off his handsome face. “How about this?”

You blushed. “You look good.”

Vince smiled. “You had to get one up on me, huh?”

You gasped, then ran behind the bar and into the staff room. You placed your bear next to your bag, then petted his head. “Be good Mr bear.” You stood up and smiled at Levi as he walked in. “Thank you again for the gifts.”

He walked over to you, placed the bag down, then pulled you into a hug. He wanted to tell you more about this demon love he had for you, but he was scared at your reaction. He wanted to say he couldn’t help himself but love you, but he was scared you’d run away or reject him. So, instead he just held you for a moment. “Sorry, I just missed your pretty face a lot today.”

You hummed and rubbed his back. “Bad deals?”

He pulled away and nodded. “Sometimes I can’t stand it, but I have no choice but to say yes to the deals.”

“Could you ever say no?”

He nodded. “We are allowed to reject the deals, but it’s very rare we do.”

You hummed. “Any more people like me?”

He shook his head and cupped the side of your face. “You’re the first and last deal I’ve ever made were someone has sold another’s soul for their own gain.” He sighed and shook his head, then looked down. “It was bad of me to accept a deal like that, I shouldn’t have, but I’m glad I did because we met.”

You smiled. “You know, even though my own boyfriend sold me for him to have love and I lost my life, part of me is kind of glad he did. For the first time in my life, I have friends and people who care about me. I have a job I love; I live in a nice place and I laugh and smile a lot more than I used to.” You frowned. “I’m still torn about it all, but when I think about the times, I’ve had here I’m happy, but then I feel guilty about being happy here.”

Levi felt his heart hurt, then he gulped. “If you had the chance to go back, would you?”

You stared at Levi for a while, then looked away. “I…I don’t know…I haven’t really thought about that.”

“Tch, I shouldn’t have asked. Let’s get out there and make drinks and have a good night, alright?”

You smiled and nodded. “Okay.”






Levi was cleaning his apartment today while you were left to your own devices. He walked out the bedroom after cleaning it and frowned, he couldn’t see you anywhere. He listened with his demon ears and heard a sweet humming, he followed it and found you behind the sofa. You were lying on your tummy with your legs kicking in the air, you were eating some sweeties, sipping some pop and you were drawing away. Levi loved the booty shorts you were wearing, it allowed him to admire your bum. “What you up to?”

You looked behind you at Levi, then smiled. “I’m just drawing.”

He walked around to your side, then crouched. “Didn’t know you liked drawing.”

You shrugged. “It’s something to keep me busy.”

“Thought you liked gaming?”

You smiled. “I do, but I don’t fancy single player and I messaged Mike to come over and play, but he can’t because of work.”

Levi was annoyed, he hated that you wanted Mike and not him. He took a moment to collect himself, to push down his demon love for you, then he spoke. “I could play with you.”

You looked at him and grinned. “That’d be cool, but umm aren’t you cleaning?”

“Done it all.”

You smiled. “You’re really good at that, huh?”

He shrugged. “I guess, so you want to play?”

You nodded and got up, you went to go to the tv, but you turned to your things. “Sorry, I should clean this up.” You gathered your food and drink, then hurried to the table and put them on, then you ran back and picked up your drawings.

Levi hummed. “You look like a little kid.”

You stopped and pouted at him. “I’m not a kid.”

“Now you are.”

You walked over to the table. “Fine, I’m a big kid.”

“It’s not a bad thing, it’s rather sweet.”

You sat down on the sofa. “If you say so.”

He sat next to you, then leaned over and kissed the shell of your ear. “Proud of you for biting back.”

You blushed, you liked how his lips felt against your skin. You still felt this sting of guilt, but you knew you shouldn’t feel that way. The bad voice in your head was eating away at you as always, but you were trying to fight it. You were dead now, Scott didn’t want you anymore, he made that clear when he sold you. You couldn’t help but think that it was your fault, he sold you because you weren’t good enough, you didn’t try hard enough. You yelped when you felt a bite on your earlobe. “Ow, what was that for Levi?”

He lightly kissed the wound. “You were in your head again and blaming yourself, I could tell.”

“I…I wasn’t…”

He peaked at your face. “Trying to lie to a demon is a bad idea.”

You glanced at him, then sighed. “You’re right, but I don’t want you to worry about me as much as you do.”

“I can’t help but worry, remember I have this connection to you.”

You frowned. “Demon love, right? The want and need to protect someone, to be around them.”

He nodded. “Yes.” There was a lot more to it, he wanted to tell you just how deep the emotions went and the love, or how possessive and dangerous a demon in love could be. Thankfully though, Levi could control himself around you, so he could ease himself into your heart. “So, talk.”

You sighed. “It’s stupid stuff again. Like, maybe it was my fault my soul was sold. I didn’t do a good enough job being Scott’s girlfriend, maybe if I tried better and worked harder, he wouldn’t have…” You turned and hugged Levi’s arm to your chest, then tapped your forehead against his shoulder. “I don’t want it to sound like I don’t want…that I’m not happy…that being around you is bad…I just.” You squeezed him. “You make me so happy; you really do. I don’t want you to think that I think I…I’m sorry I can’t get my words out.”

Levi turned to you, he cupped your face and lifted your head up. “That’s okay, because I have a very special trick, I can use to read you. That’s if you don’t mind?”

You shook your head. “No, I don’t mind. It’ll make it easier I guess for you to know what’s going on in my head and heart.”

He nodded and smiled. “It won’t hurt, it’s all harmless.” He looked you in the eyes, after one of his blinks his eyes became his demon ones. “Just open yourself up to me.” You took a few deep breaths, then you relaxed yourself. You felt all your emotions, everything buzzing around in your head and hurt swimming around in you, then it felt like they were being pulled from you. You saw Levi well up, then a tear rolled down his cheek. He yanked you close and held you against him, his hand on the back of your head, the other on your lower back. He had just watched and experienced everything that had happened to you when you were alive, all the loss and pain, then he felt everything that you were going through now. “I’m sorry. I’m so sorry.”

You welled up as the side effects of the connection washed over you, you experienced and remembered all the pain of being bullied for years at school, the pain of losing your mum and dad. You felt the struggle to survive the world by having shitty jobs, living from paycheck to paycheck, along with crap apartments. You remembered the exes who broke you, the unsatisfied nights that lacked passion with your exes. The way you loved people, but never got anything back. You felt the betrayal of friends using you for their gain, but you kept helping them because you couldn’t be selfish. Then you felt the raw pain of what Scott did to you, there was no guilt or blame that it was your fault, you just were overwhelmed with loss.

You felt Levi squeeze you again, you gulped and felt feelings in you he didn’t see. All the pain and sadness had masked some deep feelings, feelings you wanted Levi to see. “Again.”

Levi pulled from you. “What?”

“Look again, you missed some things.”

He cupped your face. “Are you sure?”

You nodded. “I’m sure, because when you did it just now, I re-felt everything I went through and it cleared my thoughts a little.” You gulped and looked to Levi. “It also pushed some deep feelings to the surface; things I think you need to see and feel to help me understand what they are and to feel them again and stronger.”

“Okay.” His eyes changed, then he looked into your eyes again. He felt his heart flutter as he experienced how you felt, he could feel that there was attraction and love. He understood that you loved him, but you were building up that love slowly because you were afraid, you were so afraid of being hurt again and losing at love yet again. You were afraid of opening up to someone again and them not wanting you anymore. You were afraid of being left alone, but you so desperately wanted to love. You wanted to give in to how you felt and love Levi, you just didn’t know how to. He stopped looking, then leaned closer as he felt his need and desire for you eat away at him. His lips tingled as they got close, so close to yours. He could feel you leaning in, which just sent his heart racing with happiness, you wanted to kiss him as much as he wanted to kiss you. He winced when his phone went off. “Sorry.”

You smiled at him. “That’s okay, I need to process all these feelings that have just been brought up.”

He kissed your temple, then got up with his phone and sighed. “I understand how you feel, I felt it all. Though human feelings are different to demon feelings, experiencing them like I did just now…I want to help you more than ever.”

You blushed and hugged yourself. “Thank you.”

“A human shouldn’t experience that much emotional pain and suffering, it’s not good. We can talk about it, or whatever you want to do.”

You smiled at him. “Thank you again, but you should really get your phone.”

He looked at his phone ringing in his hand, Erwin’s name on it. “But you’re more important right now. I just made you relive all your life’s emotions.”

You laughed. “I’m fine Levi, I lived through those emotions, I can do it again. Besides, you’re a demon and that is probably a job. I don’t want your boss to be mad at you because of me.”

Levi nodded and sighed. “Okay, I’ll be right back though.”

You smiled. “I know.”

He answered the call and went into the bedroom. “Hello?”

Erwin sighed. “You took your time.”

“I was busy with the brat.”

“I hope you’re not pushing her.”

Levi looked to the door. “No, I’m not I used demon eyes as per her request to look at how she felt, mainly because she was confused about how to feel and how to put her emotions into words. So, now I know everything about her, and she says her emotions have been shifted and set in place instead of bouncing about.”

Erwin hummed. “Well, that’s good news. She can work on getting better now thanks to you, plus you can help her right and eventually tell her what your demon love for her really means.”


Erwin let out a long sigh. “So, about this call, it’s work but…you’re not going to be happy.”

Levi frowned. “Why?”

He could hear Erwin gulp. “It’s Scott.” Levi felt his heart drop and his rage boil, he sat down on the bed. “He wants to make another deal.”

“Tch, that little shit want another woman?”

“Actually, it’s um…it’s.” He said your name making Levi’s blood run cold. “He wants to make a deal involving her again.”

“What…what are the details?”

You walked into the bedroom and frowned. “Hey Levi? Can we go shopping for food or something? I want to bake and cook, but we don’t have much in.” You stared at Levi and saw the dark look on his face. “Sorry, did I interrupt an important call? I should have stayed in the other room, sorry.”

Levi gulped. “I’ll call you back Erwin.” He ended the call and clenched his jaw, then unclenched. “There’s a job.”

You walked over, then reached out and played with his hair. “Okay.”

“It’s Scott.” You froze at his words, the two of you gazed at each other. “He wants to make another deal and it involves you.”

Chapter Text

Erwin stood up when he saw you enter the room with Levi, he smiled at you and said your name. “Lovely to see you.”

You gave him a sad smile. “You two.”

He walked over and ruffled your hair. “You look good, that dress is really cute. Oh, we need to do another meet up right? I have a few questions about some leaders.”

You nodded. “Sure.”

He looked up to Levi. “I’m guessing we’re talking about the deal later.”

You moved to Levi and held his hand, then cuddled up to his arm. Levi looked down at you and smiled a little. “She knows, I told her.”

Erwin sighed. “Okay, alright…I’m sorry.”

You shook your head. “It’s okay, I just want to know.”

He nodded. “Alright, well Eren was the one who went to the summoning. So, he can tell you everything. Eren?”

Eren walked in, you smiled at the long-haired kid with some facial hair. He locked eyes with you and smiled. “Hi I’m Eren.”

Levi pulled you close to him. “Tch, just talk Eren.”

He nodded. “Sorry, well Scott wanted to make a deal and I arrived. When he met me, he demanded to be seen by the demon he had before. I said that you get what demon you get, he either wants a deal or not. He said that he wanted to see the demon before, because the deal involves the woman he sold. He promised he’d make a deal and gave us an offering too.” He shrugged. “I didn’t know he was the soul who sold this one.”

“He waiting for me?”


You squeezed Levi. “I want to go.” Everyone looked at you. “If I can.”

Levi pulled from you, then stood in front of you. “Are you sure? It might not be pleasant.”

You nodded. “I’m sure, I have to know, I need to know what he wants with me.”

He sighed. “Alright, Erwin I’m taking her up.”

Erwin smiled. “Sure, just be careful and keep an eye on her. If you let her out of your sight, her soul could fall apart.”

Levi ruffled your hair. “Promise. Now brat, I need you to hold onto me tightly like you did when I brought you down here, okay?”

You blushed a little and nodded. “Okay.” You hugged him tightly. “I’m ready.”

He wrapped one protective arm around you, then focused on Scott and clicked his fingers. You gasped as you felt a rush of air, then you shivered at a strange feeling. Coming back to earth was strange on your body, especially after being away for so long. The place made you feel wrong, very wrong, like the place itself was bad. All the anxiety you had, the nerves came rushing back, it was like life and earth was just bad. Levi pulled you away from, then held your shoulders. “Are you okay? Coming back here will make you feel unwell.”

You gulped and nodded. “I’m fine. I mean, I’ll be fine.”

He played with your hair. “It’s okay not to be fine.” You looked up at him with tears in your eyes. “You ready to face him?”

You nodded. “Yes.”

He kissed your forehead, then pulled you along, then hid you a little behind him. He walked into the living room, then came to a stop. “You summoned me?”

You flinched when you heard Scott’s voice. “You, you’re the one from before. Good…good.” You stepped from behind Levi and stood at his side. Scott’s eyes widened as he stared at you, then he smiled as he said your name. “You’re…you look beautiful.”

Scott walked towards you, but Levi put his arm out in front of you. “Do not touch her.”

Scott froze. “But I just want to hold her, I missed her.”

“Do not touch something that belongs to a demon.” Levi placed his hand on your shoulder and squeezed. “You sold her to me remember? And demons are very possessive of what is there’s.”

He dragged his eyes from you, then looked at Levi. “I want to make a deal.”

“I know, and I was told it involves this one.” Levi let your shoulder go, then stepped closer to Scott as his eyes changed, ears pointed, and his horns appeared. “What is this deal you want?”

Scott looked to you and smiled. “I want her back.” You stepped back a bit, your heart hurting. “I miss you so much.”

You hugged yourself. Levi could see you weren’t sure what to say or do, she he spoke for you. “What do you miss about her?”

He smiled at you. “I miss her cooking, or how she cleaned everything.  That she was always there when I got home with a drink, a bath and food ready for me. She always helped me with my paperwork from work, she made sure I was organised too. She always wore things for me I’d like, things that’d turn me on. She’d do everything and anything for me.”

“Really?” You looked up at Levi. “Tch, are you fucking serious right now? You’re talking about her like she’s a maid, or your damn assistant. What about the other things?”

“I don’t understand.”

“What you should like about her, or miss about her is her smile, or the way she laughs so sweetly and when she laughs hard, she snorts and she gets embarrassed about it, but it’s cute. How about how she bites her lip when she gets all flustered and nervous when she’s turned on. How about how she whines a little when she’s sad or feeling guilty. The way she takes care and loves anyone she meets because she loves to make others smile. Did you know that when her game gets serious, she sits forwards and clenches her jaw? What about that beautiful little pout she gets when she gets annoyed? The little smile she has when she sleeps. That she sings in the shower but hides the fact she does even though its perfect. That she dances when she’s happy. She cooks and bakes because she wants others to smile. She loves to cuddle but is shy about the fact she loves it because she doesn’t want to see clingy. There’s so much more about her, but if I said it all we’d be here for hours.”

You smiled at Levi. “You noticed all that?”

Levi looked down at you and nodded. “I enjoy every moment with you, all the things you do, all the things you say.”

You welled up and sniffed. “Scott, what’s my favourite snack?”

Scott shook his head. “I umm…I dunno.”

“Levi?” He answered correctly. “How about the country I’ve always wanted to go to on holiday?” Scott got it wrong, but Levi was right again. You went through a list of things and Levi knew everything, but Scott knew nothing. You laughed a little. “We were together for over a year, and yet you know nothing about me.”

Scott shook his head. “I’m sorry baby, I was a fool and an asshole, but I promise you I want to change, and I will. I miss you; I really do. Please.”

Levi sighed. “What’s the deal?”

“I will give you Scarlets soul to have my girlfriend back.”

“You want to give up the soul of the very woman you sold this one’s soul for, in order to have this one back?”

“Yes! I’ll change, I promise I’ll change. I made a mistake; I threw away something good and real.” He stepped closer. “I need you back, I love you.”

Levi looked down at you. “What do you want?”

You gasped and looked up at Levi. “What?”

“It’s your choice. I’m giving you the opportunity to choose. Do you want to go back to him?”

You welled up and felt your heart throb. “You want me to choose?”

He nodded. “The control and choice are in your hands.”

You looked to Scott, then to Levi. You looked down at the ground and frowned, your mind was racing and your heart pounding. You walked up to Levi, then hugged him with your face in his chest. “I want to go home.”

Levi felt his heart break. “Okay, if that’s what you want.”

You nodded. “I know this is I want, without a doubt in my mind. I want to go home. I want to go back to work at Vince’s bar.” Levi’s eyes widened, home for you meant his place. “I want to play video games with Mike. I want to talk about history with Erwin. I want to run around and play games with Hange.” You sniffed back tears and looked up at Levi. “But most of all I want to be at home with you.”

Levi smiled making your heart almost explode. “No deal Scott.”

Scott screamed. “WHY NOT!? I want her!”

Levi pulled you into a hug, then kissed your temple. “Because you sold her soul to me it means I own her and I don’t like parting with things that are mine, especially this one. I’m very, very fond of this soul right here.” He looked to Scott. “We have no deal. Now I can tell, you’re not going to quit with this, so I’ll make it clear to you. If you want to make a deal that involves her, you will always get me because her soul is mine and I am never letting this one go. Goodbye Scott. Oh, and if you even think about killing yourself so you’ll go to the underworld, I will personally be in charge of your punishment.” Levi cuddled you close. “Let’s go home brat.”

You hugged him. “Please.” You felt a rush of air, but you just couldn’t stop smiling and hugging Levi.

Levi cupped your face, then made you look up at him. “I’m proud of you, so proud.”

You linked your arms around his neck, then squeezed him. You pulled away a bit, then played with the back of Levi’s hair. You smiled at Levi as you both gazed at each other. You giggled a little as he growled and purred at you. You leaned closer, then kissed him taking him by surprise. You hugged him after the little kiss. “Thank you.”

He hugged you tightly. “There’s no need to thank me, it was all you.”

You sighed. “But you gave me the courage.” You hummed. “Hey Levi?”


“Is it normal I feel exhausted?”

He picked you up and walked with you to the bedroom. “Yes.” He lay you on the bed. “Sleep, I’ll be right here when you wake up.”

You smiled at Levi, then held his hand. “Thank you.”







You let out a long sigh, then rolled onto your side and opened your eyes to see Levi asleep next to you. You smiled at him, then shifted closer to his warm body. You reached out, then lightly touched his face. You jumped a little at his voice. “I thought I was the demon.”

You blushed as he opened his eyes. “Wh-what do you mean?”

He moved closer and grabbed your hand. “Praying on someone as they sleep, it’s a very demon move.”

“I’m didn’t mean to…”

He cupped your cheek and squeezed. “You get even cuter when you’re flustered. Besides, I was just teasing you.”

You sighed. “That’s mean.”

“What did you expect? I’m a demon.”

You giggled. “Yeah, I guess you are.”

“How are you feeling?”

You shrugged and hummed. “Better, still kind of tired.”

“It’s expected, you were sent to earth then brought back. It’s a lot for a human body and soul to take.”

You sat up and rubbed your eyes. “So, when can I go back to work?”

“Few days.” He grabbed the back of your neck and pulled you down onto his chest. “You need some rest; I’ll make sure you get the right foods and drink to build up your strength and energy again.”

You blushed as you half lay on Levi. “S-sure. So, umm.”

“I’m going to make you breakfast, just stay in bed.” Levi slipped out and left you on his side of the bed. “Don’t move.”

You bit your lip. “But umm.”

“You arguing with me?”

You blushed hard. “N-no.”

He walked over to you. “Well.” He pressed his hands on the bed either side of you, then glided his lips across your cheek. “If you were, it’d make me happy, means you’re learning to say no and stand up for yourself.” You turned your head to face Levi, he eyed your lips then leaned closer. You held your breath and saw him stop, like something was holding him back. You gulped, then kissed him. Levi let out a sigh through his nose, as if this was everything he’s always wanted, and it was. He cupped your neck, then sat on the bed and leaned more into the kiss. He pulled away a little, his cold breath on your warm lips made you shiver. “May I have more?” You nodded. He leaned closer to you, then used his thumb to pull down your chin. He parted his lips, then captured yours. You felt his tongue lightly explore yours, as if he was worried, you’d reject him. So, you took the lead with the kiss, but you flinched when you felt his canine teeth. You pulled away from him. He blushed. “Sorry.”

You pushed his lip up a bit and saw a sharp tooth. “Sharp.”

He hummed. “I can’t help it sometimes; I just get so excited with you.”

You smiled and cupped his face. “I like them.”

“Why’s that?”

“Because it’s who you are.” You blushed and let his face go, then looked down at your lap. “I like you.” You smiled and looked up at him. “I’ve liked you for a while now, but it was Scott and what happened to me made me feel guilty whenever I wanted you, whenever I had feelings for you I felt bad that I had them because of Scott. After facing him, I know now that he never felt a damn thing towards me. Why should I waste my time or emotions on someone who never cared? I want to move on and it’s clear by things in me that a large part of me wants to, I just needed to let him go and I’ve done that.”

He hummed. “Well, you know very well that I like you a lot.” You leaned forwards to kiss him, but he stopped you. “But I want to take things slow, you need to heal still and I want to do things properly.”


He nodded. “Demon courting.”

You blushed, then looked away. “A-Ah, well what am I supposed to do? I don’t know how it works.”

He played with your hair. “Well, it’s usually one-sided anyway. The male or female demon shows their powers to their chosen love, they make them things and those things get bigger and better each time and eventually they ask for a soul union and a mating marking.”

You fiddled with your hands and nibbled your lip. “C-Cute…b-but I want to do something.”

He kissed your forehead. “You can, if you need help getting things, Hange, Mike, Vince or Erwin can do so.”

You smiled. “Thank you.”

He got up and walked to the bedroom door. “The courtship starts now. So, go for a bath, relax, get change and come into the living room.”

You nodded and hugged yourself, once Levi was gone you got up and did as he said, but you decided to have a shower instead. You walked past the mirror, then paused when you saw bruises on your body. You pulled on some soft silk like trousers, then a summer top. “Hey Levi?”

He walked into the bedroom with an apron on and hair tied back. “Yeah?”

You smiled at him. “Cute.”

He looked down at himself. “Thanks, so what’s wrong brat?”

“I umm…I have these bruises on my skin.” You lifted your shirt up. “What do they mean?”

He walked over and touched your bruise, you shivered as his hands glided across your skin. “They’re from going to the human world then coming back here, it’s normal. If they get worse though, let me know.”

You nodded. “Promise.”

He pulled your shirt down. “You look nice.”

You smiled. “Thanks, though I still haven’t gotten used to wear summer things all the time, it’s so warm down here. I miss winter, the thick jumpers, hot chocolates, roaring fires and the cuddles.”

“Sounds nice, I’d like to try this winter thing, but first come with me.” He held your hand, then pulled you along. He stopped in the living room, then pulled you forwards. You went to speak, then gasped as your heart fluttered. There on the dinning table was a big bunch of ice flowers, they even had colour in them. Levi let you go and walked to them; he adjusted a flower to make it perfect. “They’ll never melt.”

You pulled out a rose and admired it, it was only cool to the touch and not freezing. You bit your lip and twirled it between your fingers. “It’s perfect, they’re all perfect, thank you.”

“Well, this is going well for me.”

You giggled. “Yeah? Does it normal not go so well?”

He put the breakfast on the table. “Well, you’re the first and last person I’ll ever court, but from what I’ve seen of others, the first gift always gets broken or rejected in some way so the demon trying to court the other works harder.”

You gasped and hugged the rose. “I’d never break these, you made them for me and every single one of them is perfect.”

He took the rose from you, then leaned down and kissed you. “Thank you.” He put the rose in the vase. “Now sit and eat.”

You sat down and began eating. “Mmm, so good. I think I’ll give up cooking and baking and make you do it all.”

“No, I like your cooking too much for that to happen.”

You giggled. “Alright, well we can take it in turns.”

He nodded. “Deal.” He licked his lips. “Would you like to go shopping today?”

You smiled. “I can go, really?”

“Yeah, but you’ll need to stick with me and not let go.”

You nodded and sipped your tea. “I promise.”

“I’m not being possessive or anything, it’s just some demons can’t control themselves and will grab you if they could.” He tapped under your eye. “You have a good soul, one that’s too good for people like us down here. So, they’ll want to have that goodness and light.”

You took his hand and looked at his black nails. “You sure that’s not what you’re doing?”

“Tch, I’m a higher demon, it’s below me to think and act that way.” He saw your smiling. “Teasing now huh? You are slowly coming out of your shell.”

You smiled and nodded. “Yeah, well trying to.”

“Good.” He cleaned up after you’d finished, then got changed while you admired the flowers. Levi walked over to you, then hugged you from behind. “You coming shopping or are you going to sit there and look at the flowers?”

You blushed. “Sorry, it’s just this is the first time I’ve ever gotten flowers from anyone, so I just can’t believe it.”

He kissed your cheek. “I’m sorry all the humans you met were idiots.” He pulled away, then grabbed you hand and tugged. “Come on, we’re going shopping.”

You hurried to the door with him, he snapped his fingers, so you had nice little ice shows on. You smiled and admired your feet. “Pretty, is this another courting thing?”

He hummed as he walked out the door, then down the street. “No, I just thought you’d appreciate some cold shoes on a hot day.”

“I love them.”

He squeezed your hand. “Good.”

You sighed. “You know, I find it strange how there’s shops here.”

He walked into a shop with you. “How so?”

“Well, this is where people are punished, right?”

He picked up something and looked at it. “The people that work in these are souls who were wicked and cruel to those who worked in them in the human world, they constantly hurt others and enjoyed their pain and suffering. They were also full of people who stole from others, then spent everything they earned. Liars, fraudsters and selfish people.” He put a hat on your head. “This looks nice on you.”

You hummed a laugh. “Thanks.” You took the hat off. “So, umm…how do I pay for things? I know I’ve worked and earned money, but I don’t know how to pay.”

Levi clicked his fingers, then handed you a card. “This connects to your soul earning from Vince, but I’d rather you not pay for anything.”

You held the card, but he wouldn’t let go. “Levi.”


You smiled and leaned up and kissed him. “Damn demons.”

“We’re the worst.”

You took the card and smiled at it. “I’m guessing money exists here because of the sin greed?”

He nodded. “You’re right.”

You smiled and bounced a little. “Oh, I know what I want to buy.”


You nodded and took the lead in the shop with Levi behind you, you looked around and saw just what you wanted to get. You bit your lip, then turned to Levi. “Umm, you can’t look.”

He frowned. “Why not? If it’s underwear, I’ve seen plenty before.”

You giggled and placed your hands over his eyes. “It’s not that, it’s something else.”

“Oh, you getting something for the bedroom? Trust me as a demon I’ve seen all sorts.”

You laughed. “Pervert. It’s something else.”

He pulled from your hands. “Alright, I won’t look.”

You smiled. “Good.” You turned back around, then picked up a beautiful leather jacket for Levi. “I’m just going to pay for it, then I’ll be back.”

“Mmm, sure.”

You hurried over to the till, then payed for the jacket and ignored the sinner’s stares. He grabbed your wrist. “You’re a human.”

You nodded. “Yeah.”

He squeezed and grinned at you. “Cute one too, why are you not being punished?” He looked into your eyes. “Oooh, you’re a good girl.” He pulled you closer and smirked at you, his face seemed to change into something terrifying. His skin was sickly grey, his teeth all sharp and his eyes looked like a shark’s. “I want a bite.”

You squeaked. “Levi!”

You gasped at the rush of air, then you saw Levi had the man pinned to the wall by his throat in his demon appearance. You stared at Levi’s arm as a shard off ice formed, then he pointed it at the man’s gut. “I saw that nasty side of you showing sinner. You know what happens when you don’t follow our rules.”

You hugged your shopping bag with Levi’s jacket in to your chest. “Levi?”

He glanced over at you. “Brat? Be a good girl and go wait outside the shop for me, I don’t want you to see this side of me.”

You nodded. “Okay.” You hurried out the building, then pressed your back against the wall and sighed. You looked around the street and saw Vince walking with two pretty women, he was laughing and joking with them and clearly flirting, then he noticed you. You smiled and waved at him. He grinned big and hurried over to you leaving the two women. “Hi Vince, you didn’t need to leave your friends.”

He glanced over at the women. “Oh, them? I was just going to f…sleep with them. You’re important though, more important because you’re my friend. So, why you out there?”

You smiled at him. “Well, me and Levi were shopping.”

“Like a date?”

You blushed and nodded. “He’s demon courting me he says, he made me ice flowers this morning.”

He grinned at you. “Cute, but why are you out here?”

You pouted. “I was getting to that.”

“Ooow, kitten has bite. Alright, what happened?”

You sighed and hugged your bag. “Well, I wanted to buy Levi a gift because he’s courting me, and I wanted to buy him gifts too. So, I got him this nice jacket, but umm as I paid for it the soul that served me got really scary.”

He played with your hair. “Scary how?”

“His skin was grey.”

Vince clenched his jaw. “Sharp teeth and dark eyes?” You nodded. “Shit…stay here a moment, I’m going in to see Levi.”

You nodded. “Sure.”

“I’ll take over and he can come out here. After all, he has a date to continue.” He winked at you. “Be right back kitten.”

You smiled and watched him go in, then you looked back at the street and sighed. You looked down at your bag and smiled, you looked forward to giving his gift. You jumped when you heard your name, you turned and smiled at Levi. “Levi, you’re back.”

He cupped your face, then kissed your forehead. “Well Vince took over my job, plus I could feel by the little mark I gave you that you missed me.”

You nodded. “I did.”

He offered his hand. “Shall we get going?”

You whined a little. “Sure, but umm…”

“What’s wrong? If it’s to do with back there, I had to punish that soul.”

You shook your head and offered the bag to Levi. “N-no, it’s umm…I…I bought you a gift.”

He took the bag from you. “So, this is why you didn’t want me to look.” He opened the bag and pulled out the leather jacket. “Wow. You got me this?”

You smiled and nodded. “I thought you’d look really good in it.”

He put it on, then adjusted it. “How do I look?”

You pulled at it a bit, then smiled. “Like a handsome bad boy.”

“Well, thank you.”

You smiled. “Do you like it?”

“I love it. Consider me courted.”

You giggled as he pulled you close and kissed your neck and jawline. “Levi.”

He pulled away. “We have to carry on shopping, right?”

You nodded and held his hand, then walked with him. “So, um…is this a date?”

He looked down at you. “Date?”

You blushed. “It’s a human thing, we go on dates with people we like and want to be with romantically. We take them out shopping, or I dunno, out to dinner, or for drinks or somewhere fun like an aquarium, theme park…” You lowered your head. “Sorry, it’s just silly human things.”

“No, it’s not silly. You’re right though, this is a date.”

You smiled. “Really?”







You walked around Levi’s apartment making him something while he was out at work. You had been having meetups with Vince after work regarding the club, he wanted to mix things up at work because your fancy night before you went to see Scott went really well. So, you were both thinking of maybe doing another themed night or something. You wanted to get Levi and the others involved, just to make it fun, which Vincent told you it was odd for someone to make punishing souls’ fun, but he was very interested.

You smiled when your phone rang, you ran over to it and picked it up. “Hey!”

“Heeeey! It’s Hange.”

You leaned on the counter, bum in booty shorts in the air. “Hi Hange, you okay?”

She sighed. “I am because I went to earth and I got you exactly what you asked for.”

You gasped and kicked your legs in the air and squealed. “Yay! Thank you.”

“It should be in front of yoooou. Now!” You gasped as a present appeared in front of you. “Is it?”

You touched it lightly. “Demon powers are so cool. Thank you so much.”

“Aww you’re welcome, you know I’d do anything for you and Levi.” She giggled. “I can’t believe you are trying to court him.”

You blushed hard. “Well, he’s courting me, and I wanted to try.”

“So fucking cute! Uggh I just want to eat you both up!”

You laughed. “Please don’t.”

“Ah don’t worry, demons don’t actually eat humans.” She hummed. “Well, Levi does want to eat a human…that human is you, catch my drift?”

You bit your lip. “You’re a pervert.”

“Yeah, but it’s totally true! If you gave him the word, he’d go down on you so quickly.” She gasped. “Oh, on a serious note you need to let me know when you two are going to have your first time, because I need to give you some meds so your body can cope.”

You blushed. “O-Okay.”

“Don’t worry kitten, he won’t break you if you don’t, you’ll just be super exhausted.”

You nodded. “Sure, I get it. I’ll come see you.” You gasped when you felt a light touch on your bum. “I have to go; I’ll call you back another time.”

You hummed when you felt kisses up your back. “Who were you talking to?”


You felt his pelvis press against your bum as he kissed all the way up to the back of your neck. “Oh yeah? What is she plotting this time?”


“She’s a demon, she plots all the time.”

You pushed up on the counter, then turned and sat on it. “She was just letting me know I need to get some meds from her.”

He parted your legs, which you happily allowed him to, then he stepped forwards and placed his hands on your bum. “Meds? Are you sick?”

You shook your head. “No, I’m just fine, she was just worried for me.”

“Something wrong?”

You gulped and placed your hands on his shoulders, then moved them down a little to his chest. “I can tell you anything, right?”

He nodded. “Of course.”

“Hange said I need to see her to get some meds to help me when we umm…well she said that.” You hugged Levi close so he couldn’t see your face. “She said that if we were to be physical, it’d exhaust me, so I need meds to help me. I think it’s because humans and demons are just two different beings and well, humans have a lot of limits and demons don’t.”

He rubbed your back. “You got all shy because of that?” You nodded. “Tch, cute brat.” He tuned his head and kissed the side of your head. “Don’t worry, I’ll protect you and look after you. I’d never hurt you.” He pulled away a little and looked down at you. “You’re safe. I can pick up the meds anytime your want me to, okay? Even months before we do anything.” He played with your hair. “I know I’m a demon and I have this hunger and you’re worried about it but trust me when I say I only think about you and your happiness. My next rut, I’ll stay with Hange again, so I don’t hurt you or exhaust you. Okay?”

You nodded. “Okay.”

“I’m always, always here for you.”

You smiled. “I know…thank you.” You gasped, then turned and grabbed the present behind you. “I have a gift for you.”

“You didn’t have to.”

You smiled and offered it to him. “I wanted to as part of the courtship.”

“Thank you.” He put it on the side next to you, then unwrapped it to reveal a box. He frowned, then opened it to reveal a nice teacup and some tea. His heart stopped when he stared at the cup, it was the same cup he drank from when he first met you in your crap apartment, when he told you your soul was his. “This cup…”

You blushed. “I asked Hange to go to the human world to find it for me, it was the cup you drank from when you were at my place when you collected my soul.” You rubbed the back of your neck. “It’s silly I know and sentimental, but it means something to me, I mean it was the start of us.”

He smiled at the cup, then put it down and cupped your face. “Can I kiss you?”

You blushed and nodded. “Please.”

He leaned closer, his lips lightly brushed yours, then he kissed you. You hummed at how perfect the kiss was, you squeezed your thighs around him and opened your mouth more. Levi cupped the back of your neck and deepened the kiss more. You clung to Levi as you felt yourself melting, you’d never been kissed like this before. When you and Levi had kissed before it felt amazing, but this was divine. He moved his hands down your body, he squeezed your hips and pulled you close against him. You pushed your hands up to his hair, but your felt his horns. You pulled from Levi’s lips, then looked up at them as he kissed your neck. You pulled a little on one, just to see how hard they were and if they were sensitive.

Levi pulled from you, then reached up and put his hand on yours touching his horn. “Do they offend you?”

You shook your head. “No, no, they’re nice.”

“Thank you.”

You smiled and licked your bottom lip. “So, I guess this means you liked your present.”

“I do.” He let you go. “Tch, I annoyed though because I’m suppose to be courting you and yet you’re doing a better job than me.”

You giggled. “Sorry.” You gasped and covered your mouth with your hands as Levi stared at you. “Oops, I’m sorry I didn’t mean to use it.”

He growled at you, then launched at your neck and bit making you squeal. “Tch, going to have to punish you brat.” He pulled from your neck. “No, I can do that later because I have something very important to show you.”

You frowned. “What’s that?”

He lifted you off the counter, then held your hand and pulled you along to the slide doors. He opened them up to a nice big balcony of his that wrapped around the building a little, he was on the top floor, so his place was like a penthouse of sorts. He stopped you. “I need you to close your eyes.”

You smirked. “What are you planning?”

“Something special, now close your eyes. I want it to be a surprise for you, that’s the whole part of the courtship.”

You placed your hands on your eyes. “Okay.” You hummed to yourself, then you shivered a little as you felt a cold breeze. You smiled when you felt Levi’s warm hands slide up your hands. You giggled. “Hi Levi.”

He pulled your hands away, then kissed you. “You can open your eyes now.”

You opened your eyes and smiled at Levi. “You my gift?”

“No.” He stepped to the side. “This is.”

You gasped, the whole of the balcony had been turned into a garden made of ice and snow. There was a pathway, flowers, trees, fruit, a river and even a living ice doe. You walked around it, your bare feet making footprint in the snow, but it wasn’t freezing. You looked up to see snow lightly falling. You held out your hand, then watched one land and melt into your palm. You stopped by the tree, then pulled an apple off. “Can I eat this?”

He nodded. “It’s apple flavoured soft ice.”

You smiled and bit down onto the apple, then hummed in delight. “Delicious.”

Levi walked over to you; he plucked an ice rose as he went. “I’m glad.”

You turned to Levi and smiled at him. “This is beautiful, all of this is beautiful.” You welled up. “Thank you. I’ve never…no one’s ever given me something so beautiful and breath taking before. I’m touched.” You rubbed your tears away. “I’m so happy.” You sniffed. “So very happy. Thank you, Levi. Thank you.”

He smiled at you, then tapped his forehead against yours. “Don’t cry, please don’t.”

You sniffed. “I can’t help it; I’m just so overwhelmed with happiness.”

“Tch, normally I’d find this annoying about humans.” He sighed and kissed your cheek. “But with you, it’s the cutest and sweetest thing I’ve ever seen.”

You giggled. “I’m glad I could change your mind.”

“Anything you do is sweet and perfect.” He leaned closer and kissed you. “Smile for me beautiful.” He placed his hands on your cheeks, then pulled away. “I’ll take all your sadness and tears.” He cupped his hands together and squeezed. “Then turned them into something good.” He opened his hands to reveal a bracelet made from your tears. “Just so you can smile and be happy, because that’s all I want, I want you to be happy.”

You smiled. “I am happy, you make me very happy.”

He put the bracelet on your wrist, then kissed your hand. “I’m glad, but the courting is not over yet.”

You giggled. “There’s more?” You let go of his hand then spun around slowly in your winter garden. “This is perfect, better than anything I could have dreamed of. This is just…I mean I can’t top this and you’re saying you have more for me?”

He nodded and walked up to you; his hands slid over your hips. “So much more, because I want you to know just how much I care about you.”

You smiled at him. “I better work hard too; in fact, I’m working on something as we speak because I want you to know just how much I care about you.”

“I look forward to it.”

You bit your lip, then pulled him close. “Sooo…could we maybe have a picnic here in the garden?”

He kissed you and hummed. “Look at you asking for things, very proud brat and of course.” He clicked his fingers causing a blanket, food and drink to be laid out. “Anything for you.”

Chapter Text

“Kitten!” You squealed as Vince grabbed you from behind, then lifted you up. “Why is it every time you come into work you have new things? Levi must be really serious about this courting business.”

“Put me down you goofball.” He sat you on the bar. “Thank you. So, what’s this idea you have?”

He spun around, then danced in front of you. “I was thinking we host a little fun shoooow!”

You giggled. “You are getting worse by the day, I swear.”

He danced up to you, then patted your legs. “Maybe a little, but I think a show would be fun for us and hell for the sinners. They’ll all have to learn an act and perform to the best of their ability.”

You nodded. “Okaaay, so are you going to be a clown?”

He pinched your cheek. “Funny little shit aren’t we?”

You laughed. “Yeah, so what’s the outfit going to be like.”

He spun around on his heels revealing a ring master’s outfit on him. “Ta da!”

You clapped your hands. “Handsome as ever.” You pointed to your head where his horns were. “Like that these are out.”

“Thanks.” He put his hands up like he was getting the right camera shoot. “Now for you. I was thinking.” He clapped his hands and you were in a black cat outfit with cute ears, tail and everything. “A cute little kitty cat.”

You pouted. “Really Vince.”

“You look cute, don’t be mad.” He grinned, then jumped around and pointed at Levi as he walked into the bar. “Levi!”

Levi frowned. “Tch, what?”

He clicked his fingers, so Levi was in a lion tamers outfit. “Perfect!”

“Why am I in this shit?”

Vince stepped out the way, then pointed to you. “Well I need a lion tamer for this wild panther here.”

You smiled and waved to Levi. “Hi Levi.”

He walked over to you. “Hi.” He slid his hand up your thigh. “So, you a wild panther that needs taming?”

You blushed and nodded. “Meow.”

Levi titled his head and hummed. “I think I could stay for Vince’s weirdness. If and only if it means you and I are together all night.”

Vince twirled around past you and Levi. “Of course, the panther needs her tamer.” He danced a little. “So excited for our talent and circus night! I should invite Erwin, Hange and Mike. I love them three.”

You lay on your tummy on the bar and hummed, your feet kicking in the air. “So, you glad you came?”

Levi nodded as Vince ran around making the place look good, as well as shouted about a load of things and sang and dance. Levi’s eyes dragged over your body, the perfect curves. He pulled at your tail a little, then ran his hand along your body up and pulled at your cat ear. “I am.”

You smiled and rested your cheek on your hand. “I had no part in all this, just so you know.”

“You should tell him no. Remember? We’ve been working on his together, it’s okay to say no.”

You sighed and lay your arms out, then tapped your forehead on the bar. “I know, but it’s hard.”

He placed his hand on your head. “You’ll get there someday, after all you do have eternity.”

You lifted your head up. “I guess.” You rolled onto your back; Levi’s eyes glanced to your chest. “I’m trying, I really am. Even joked that Vince is a clown.”

He looked back up at you. “Well, he is one.”

You looked at Levi. “I think you’re rubbing off on me.”

He put his arm across you and leaned down. “Good.” He kissed you lightly and hummed. “Now because we have to help the clown out, I won’t be able to do anything courting wise tonight, so you can relax.”

You giggled. “Okay.” You sat up and stretched, then you noticed the whole bar had changed into some kind of circus style fun show. “I’ll never get used to that.”


You jumped off the bar and walked around. “How you demons can change things so easily.”

Vince slid up to you. “Magic kitten is a fun thing.” He kissed your forehead. “Now I have to think of things for the three amigos! Hello Hange, Erwin and Mike! Come in, come in!”

Levi hugged you to his chest and hummed. You smiled and looked up at Levi. “What’s this for?”

He snuggled against you. “Just wanted to hold you.”


He sighed. “I got a little possessive seeing the others, it happens during courting, sorry.”

You hugged Levi back. “It’s okay, I like the hugs.”

“Careful brat, you’re feeding my possessiveness.”

“But I’m yours, aren’t I?” You heard Levi growl, then you pulled from him when Hange sang your name. You ran over to her and hugged her. “Hi.”

She squealed. “You look so cute!”

“Thank you.”

She clicked her fingers, then grinned in her skin-tight clown outfit. “What you think?”

You clapped your hands. “Perfect.” You looked to Erwin as he changed into a strong man outfit. “Nice choice.”

He grinned. “Thank you.”

You smiled at Mike as he became a knife throwing. “Cool outfit.”

Mike walked over and pulled at your cat ears. “Cute kitty.”

You giggled. “I’m a panther.”

He titled his head. “Don’t you need a lion tamer or something? I could be.”

You went to speak, but Levi hugged you from behind. “I’m the lion tamer, she doesn’t need you.”

Mike smirked. “Demon courting is interesting.”

Vince clapped his hands. “Right! I have different areas for each person, my souls will be handling the drinks. Kitten and Levi come with me please.” He walked ahead and pointed to a beautiful old-fashioned red sofa with gold decoration around the outside of the cushioned bits on top of a high small stage. “This is for you two, there’s a barrier around it to protect the kitten. So, cuddle, have fun and do whatever you want for the night.”

Levi nodded. “Thanks.” He picked you up and put you on the high stage on your bum, then he leaped up onto it. “Drink?”

You sat on the floor and looked up at Levi and smiled. “Sure.”

He petted your head, then called out to a soul starting work and gave them his order. He sat on the sofa, then sighed. “You going to sit on the floor?”

You shrugged. “I’m a panther right, I’m supposed to behave.”

He crossed his legs. “Well, I let animals on the sofa, so get here.”

You crawled over, you weren’t intending it to be a turn on at all, but the sight of you was driving Levi nuts. You sat by his feet, then leaned your arms on the seat of the sofa next to him. You nibbled your lip and fiddled with your hands. “So, umm I want you to know that I’m okay. I know we haven’t talked about what happened with Scott a couple of days ago, but I’ve been thinking about it in my spare time. I know for sure that I do not love him anymore, my feelings for him are gone for good.” You smiled. “I’m also a little flustered over the fact you knew so much about me, it made he very happy that you…” You looked up at him and saw his horns were there, his ears pointed and his eyes his demon ones. “You okay?”

He held your upper arm, then cupped the back of your neck and pulled you closer. He eyed your lips, then kissed you, he sighed and hummed in happiness. “Perfect.”

You smiled and wrapped your arms around his neck, he dragged you up and onto the sofa. “Really?”

“Really.” He kissed your cheek, then your temple. “Thank you for telling me what’s going on in your head and heart.”

“I do mean it when I say I’m okay, I know a lot of times I’m not but, I am.” You lay down, you head on Levi’s lap and your fake tail hanging off the sofa. You smiled up at Levi. “I’m still a little tired, but I feel better each day. I’m also very happy here, with everyone, this job and most importantly you. I never want to go back, so, if that ass of an ex asks for another deal, say no for me.”

Levi played with your hair and hummed. “You called him an ass.”

You blushed. “I know, it was really cruel of me to do say.”

“Don’t even think about taking it back.”

You sighed. “Okay.”

He tilted his head. “You finally mad at him?”

You shook your head and curled up a little. “No, I’m not mad and I’m trying to get mad, but I can’t.” You sighed and played with Levi’s outfit. “I just feel sorry for him and Scarlet. I mean, what happened to me was going to happen to her if I said yes, he didn’t care about what she felt, and I feel bad for her.” Levi reached down and gave you his hand to play with. “Then there’s Scott. He’s so desperate to find love, to find happiness he’s madly searching to the point where he’s losing his mind and others. He thought love was with Scarlet, but then he wasn’t sure and thought it was back with me. I feel sad and sorry for him that he can’t find love and happiness, I get it, because I know what that’s like, I know what that feels like.” You blushed then hugged Levi’s stomach and pressed your face against him. “But then I met you and the others and I’m so, so happy and full of love.”

“You are so sweet and cute brat, let me see your face.” You shook your head. “Come on, let me see.” You shook your head again. “Don’t be shy.” He looked over to the little table you had, the soul put your drinks down on there then bowed and walked away. “Drinks are here.”

You sat up, then gasped as you and Levi locked eyes with each other. He grabbed your lower back, then cupped the side of your face and pulled you into a kiss. You turned your head causing him to kiss and nip your neck. “L-Levi, people are watching.”

He nipped your neck. “Let them watch, I want them to know you chose me, that you’re mine.”

You gripped his shirt, then lowered your head. “You’re mine too.”

“You’re saying all the right things brat.”

You gulped, then glanced at the drinks. “Drink.” You pulled from him and crawled on the sofa, then sat and picked up both drinks, then handed Levi his.

Levi held his drink, then hummed. “Why you over there?”

You blushed. “A-ah, no reason.”

He put his drink on the floor, then grabbed your waist and dragged you across the sofa to him. “Better.” He picked up his drink, then wrapped one arm around you. “There’s no need to run from me. I won’t hurt you, I’m very good at controlling myself. However, if you want, me to be naughty and bite you, you only have to ask.”

You downed your drink, then curled up against Levi and hid your face. “You’re going to make me dizzy.”

He kissed the top of your head. “Sorry, but you’re so delicious.”

You whined a little and felt tired, being charmed by a demon was exhausting. “Levi…I’m tired.”

He put his glass down, then hugged you. “Then sleep, I pushed you a little with my courting.”

You looked up at him. “You’re not upset?”

He shook his head. “Not at all, it’s very cute. Now please, rest and I’ll hold you.” You smiled, then snuggled up to Levi and rested.





You held Levi’s hand as he pulled you along and out of the underworld city to the outskirts, it was where demons went when they needed to rest, heal or have time off. It was a nice part of the underworld, less darkness and brimstone. He brought you to a stop, then looked around and hummed. “We should be able to get there from here.”

“How come we’re here?”

He pointed to a nice modern one floor house with a pool. “We’re staying there for a break.”

You pulled at your bag and smiled a little, inside it were the meds Hange gave you in order to be physical with Levi and a gift for Levi too. You were a little nervous, mainly because Levi had informed you and Hange that this was the last courting gift, then he’d finish the courting. You smiled at him. “Nice place.”

He nodded. “It is, but we are off to somewhere very special.”

You smiled. “Alright.”

He pulled you close. “Hold onto me.”

You hugged him tight, then felt the rush of air, then you felt warmth. You pulled from Levi when you heard birds singing and the rushing of water. You opened your eyes and felt a rush of emotions, the garden you were in was full of life, but it had this pleasant hum about it that just made your soul feel lifted. All your pain, troubles and self-doubt washed away. You walked over to some strawberries, crouched down and lightly touched them. “It’s…” You looked up to see a small waterfall. “Where are we?”

Levi was in his full demon look, mainly because Eden had that effect on demons and the same on angels, it made people into who they really are. You to Levi appeared just the same, the sweet and kind girl he fell for. He walked over to you, crouched and pulled a strawberry off for you. “Eden.” He offered you the strawberry. “Eat.”

You looked at him, eyes wide. “I’m in the garden of Eden?”

He nodded. “Yes, before you ask, I got permission to bring you here.”

You stared at the strawberry in his hand. “You brought me to Eden…Eden.”

He frowned. “You…you okay?”

You nodded and hugged him tightly. “Thank you, I’m just…” You pulled away. “I’m overwhelmed, this is amazing, no it’s more than that. I have no words, just thank you so much.”

He smiled. “You don’t need to say anything, I can see it in your eyes.” He touched his mark on you. “And I can feel it. Now eat.”

You bit the strawberry and hummed; it was a burst of flavour in your mouth. “So good.” You blushed a little. “Am I allowed to kiss you here? Or is it not allowed?”

He cupped your cheek, then pulled you close. “Yes.” He kissed you and hummed, then licked his lips. “Strawberry.”

You smiled and licked your lips. “Yeah.” You looked to the waterfall. “Can I?”

He nodded. “Sure.”

You got up and walked to it, you slipped your shoes off and stepped into the crystal-clear water. “Ah, it’s not cold, it’s cool. It’s nice.”

Levi walked up behind you, then hugged you. “You look right at home here.”

You giggled. “I’m not good enough for Eden but thank you.”

He kissed your neck. “Eden’s not good enough for you.”

You turned to him and smiled. “You’re so nice.” You stepped back into the water and held his hands, then you kissed his hands. “Will we really be like this? Together for forever?”

He squeezed your hands. “Forever and ever.”

You blushed. “You won’t get sick of me?”

He shook his head. “Demon love is only for one person, rare if it’s for another love to happen. I’m bonded to you for life in my heart, all I need to do is seal the courtship, but that’s for later. Right now, I want you to enjoy this place.”

You smiled and bit your lip, then you nodded and pulled him along. You ate fruit whenever you saw it, then you came to a nice little opening and sat on the soft grass. You lay back with Levi and talked about all sorts, mainly you getting to know his likes and dislikes. He opened up more about his mother he’d lost and his demon uncle who loved torturing human souls. He told you about his two friends he lost, the things they used to get up to. You just loved listening to Levi talk, about his life and how it is tough for demons, but he was glad he found you.

You sat up and opened your bag, then pulled out your gift for Levi. “I umm…I can’t compete with being let into Eden, but I do have something for you.”

He sat up. “Anything from you is perfect, after all I’m being courted by you and that’s perfect enough. I think I might be the only demon ever to be courted while courting.”

You giggled. “Well, you know how much of a silly girl I am.”

He kissed you. “You’re not silly, you’re sweet.” He took the tissue wrapped gift, then opened it to reveal a hand-woven thread bracelet. “Did you make this?”

You nodded. “By hand yeah, I know it’s not much, but I thought you’d like something made by me you could wear.” You picked it up, then tied it around his wrist. “I know it’s not an ice garden or Eden, but I still made it.”

“How long did you spend on this?”

You blushed. “Few days, I messed up a bit, so this is the umm…fifth one? But yeah, it took a few days.”

He hugged you tightly and kissed you. “I can’t believe how sweet and perfect you are to spend days to make this, as well as this being the fifth one. I adore you so much. Thank you.”

You smiled. “I’m glad you like it.”

He played with the bracelet, then looked up at you. “Are you okay to go back? I would like to finish the courting now before I do something very sinful in a blessed place.”

You blushed and nodded. “O-Okay.”

He stood up, his wings flapped a little, then he pulled you close and held you. The air rushed around you both, then you were at the little getaway home. You looked up at him to see he was still in his demon form. You gulped and walked backwards from him, the nerves and excitement creeping in. “I want to bond with you for eternity, it’s not a light thing to ask, so you have to be sure you want me.” He placed his hand on your lower back, then other cupped the back of your neck. “Once you’re marked, there’s no turning back. This mark is a declaration that you are mine and I am yours, that I Levi Ackerman and madly, hopelessly and completely in love with you.”

You gulped and blushed more, your heart was racing, and your legs felt weak. “I love you too, I love you so much.”

He smiled at you. “I’ve loved you for the longest time, but I’m only allowed to declare my love for the first time at this moment. So, do you want me? Do you accept my courtship?”

You nodded and smiled. “Yes, Levi, yes. I want you.”

He growled at you. “Then I’ll mark you, word of warning beautiful this will hurt at first, then you’ll feel very overwhelmed with a certain feeling.”

You placed your hands on his chest. “What kind of feeling?”

“To put it lightly, you’ll be very, very turned on.” You gulped. “However, because you’re human there’s a chance you’ll pass out or get sleepy before you act on any feelings. I’ll hold back too, even though I’ll want you badly.”

“Thank you.”


You nodded. “Yes.”

He leaned closer and ran his hands up your back, he pulled your dress and bra strap down on your left side. You shivered as his lips ran along your shoulder to the crook of your neck, he lightly kissed it, then gave it a little nip. He licked the patch he needed to mark; it was here he would be connected to you for forever. He opened his mouth, then bit down hard. You pushed at his chest because of the sharp pain, but he held you closer against him, his arms tightly wrapped around you. You closed your eyes tightly and hummed as the pain throbbed slowly into pure bliss. You relaxed against Levi, then moaned in delight. Your heart flutter in your chest, your soul buzzed as you felt yourself connecting with Levi. You shivered as his tongue lapped at the wound, then he bit down hard again. You pressed your body against his, then you felt what he warned you about, there was a fire burning in you, a need and want overflowed within you.

He pulled from your neck, then lightly kissed the bite. He kissed up your neck and to your ear. “Mine.” You moaned a little at him as your legs shook with need. He kissed your jawline, then he captured your lips. You slid your hands over his body, one grabbed his bum and yanked him against you, then other in the back of his hair. Levi grunted a little at your actions, he was a bit surprised that the sweet and innocent girl he loved got like this when she was consumed by love for him. That’s what the mark does, it charges the love you both have and makes them very clear to you both, so you never question your feelings again. “All mine.” He nipped your lip, then deepened the kiss making you slip in his arms. He hoisted you up and made you wrap your legs around him, he carried you to the bedroom, then lay you down. “Mine forever.”

You panted and gasped as he kissed and nipped at your neck. “Levi. My meds.”

He pulled from you, opened your bag and gave you three meds, one was for your health, one to make you strong and another to prevent you having a kid. He gave you a glass of water, he sat on the bed then read the meds. “Says you don’t need to wait; they should take effect straight away.”

You shuffled up behind him, then pushed your hands up his back and between his wings. He hummed and moaned at your delicate touch. You kissed the back of his neck. “So, you’re saying I’ll be just fine.”

He got up, turned to you and crawled after you up the bed. You crawled up and giggled as he got closer. He hummed which turned into a growl. “You will, but are you sure you’re not tired?”

You bit your lip and felt a little dizziness. “I’m a little dizzy.”

He captured your lips. “That’s expected. You can rest if you need.”

You whined a little. “But my body is on fire, it’s, I dunno what to do.”

He kissed you again. “Because the marking has forced you into a slight heat.” He knelt between your legs, then pushed his hands up the outside of your thighs. Your skin tingled at his touch, like it was burning for him to do more. Your heat ached for his touch, his mouth or his length. You wanted him badly. He could see your body was shaking, he couldn’t help but smile at how desperately you desired him. “There are a few options to cool you down, you could have a cold shower, then sleep. We could give you a sleeping pill and a suppressant or…” He pushed your dress up so he could see your underwear. “I could give you exactly what your body is craving. Your choice.”

You gulped and whined a little, you didn’t know what you wanted or what was best for you. You shivered at your need, but your normal old self was fighting with you. “I…I don’t know what I want.”

He massaged his thumbs into your hips. “Instead of thinking it as want.” He leaned closer to you making you hold your breath as you gazed into his demon eyes. “What do you need? Just don’t think about it, okay? So, let me ask again. What. Do. You. Need.”

“You.” You gasped and covered your mouth with your hands, you couldn’t believe you said that so quickly.

Levi chuckled making you blush even more. “Well then, I’ll give you exactly what you need. No need to be shy.” He pulled your hands from your face. “I’ll be gentle, I promise.” He kissed the mark on your neck making you moan and shiver. “If it’s too much, let me know and I’ll stop. Okay?” You nodded making him smile at you. He shivered his wings and made them disappear, he wanted to be close to human as he could for you, but with his need and desire his horns and teeth wouldn’t go. “I have an idea, so you don’t feel so shy and nervous. I’ll take something off, then we’ll take something off you. Okay?”

You nodded. “Okay.”

He pulled his shirt off to reveal all his muscles and scars. He took your hand, then placed it on his abs. “You can touch me, you’re allowed to. In fact, I want you to touch me.”

You sat up and moved both your hands over his skin, you’d trace his scars and muscle and just heard him purr in response. You nibbled your lip, then looked up at him. “Soft.”

He stroked your cheek. “You’re softer.” He pulled away. “Now because you’re in a dress, it only seems fair if I take more off.” He undid his trousers, got off the bed and pulled his trousers off. He gazed at you. “You okay still?”

You nodded and felt so hungry and dizzy for Levi, but you didn’t want to pass out, you wanted to stay awake and be with Levi. “Y-Yes.”

“Are you sure?”

You pulled your dress off you, you blushed when you saw Levi’s eyes widen, then him blush a little and his eyes cloud with need. This was the first time you’d ever been in your underwear in front of Levi, as well as it being your first time naked too. You smiled at Levi shyly. “I’m sure.”

Levi crawled up the bed, you moved away, then lay back on the bed and looked up at him with your arms to your chest. You panted and shivered at the thought of him touching you again. He eyed you, then looked down at you lips parted perfectly for him. He leaned down and kissed you, you hummed and felt the fire in your burn right up again, the shyness and doubt were burned away. He slid his hand up your side, then pressed his pelvis against yours. You whimpered a little into the kiss, it felt good to feel his length against your heat, really good but your body wanted more. You bucked against him making him growl at you.

He pulled from your lips, then began kissed along your cheek, then down your neck. His lips traced your mark, you felt a strong tingle in your heat just by a light touch on the bonding mark. He kissed it making you buck, then he sucked and kissed it making you go while. You gripped at Levi and moaned at him. He growled against it, then began grinding against you as he continued his assault onto his bonding mark on you. Your legs shook as he pushed you closer to the edge. You arched your back a little as Levi got rougher with you, he nipped a little hard on your mark causing you to feel a release. You moaned and gripped onto Levi, you hummed as warmth flowed through you and your body throbbed with pleasure with each beat of your heart.

Levi pulled from your next, then blew his freeing cold breath onto your skin. He kissed down your body and stopped at your heaving chest. He kissed between your breasts and felt your heart hammering against his lips, it just made him smile. He pushed his hands up your sides, then under your back. “May I?”

You looked down at Levi and nodded. “P-Please.”

He unclasped your bra, then pulled it off and threw it to the floor. He looked down at your soft mounds and appreciate how beautiful they were. Levi loved you, he loved all of you. He leaned down and licked the peak of your right breast, then he blew cold air onto you and watched you react so perfectly. He snarled at your chest, then bit down making you hum in pain and pleasure. His other lightly played with your other, as his mouth nipped and sucked on your right. He looked up at you as he let your breast go. He moved to your left, as his hand soothed your right from his attacks. He repeated his actions on your left leaving two large marks on both your breasts. He smiled at his work, then let out a long sigh, he was happy, very happy.

He ran his hands down your sides and to your hips, he squeezed as he used his thumbs to massage your hips. Just his simple movements sent a pooling fire to burn in your heat again, you wanted him badly again, like your hunger was unending. He kissed your skin just above your underwear, he rested his lips there and hummed. He inhaled and was overwhelmed by your scent, he knew that in his next rut he’d have to lock himself away again even though you were a couple because just your smell alone now, it was driving him crazy with want. He licked you skin a little making you jump. You wiggled a little, you wanted him to do something, anything to your burning need.

He gripped your underwear, then slowly slipped it off you. He lay on his stomach, then leaned up a little as he ran his hands up and down your legs. “Are you okay still?”

You nodded. “Y-Yes.”

He licked your thigh making you shiver. “Are you comfortable with me tasting you?”

You covered your face with your hands. “A small part of me is tired and nervous about it, you know, I’m worried if I’m good enough for my perfect demon. However, the rest of me is craving you like crazy. I want you to touch me, to love me and do everything you can to me. So, please Levi.”

H crawled up your body, then pulled your hands from your face and kissed you. “You are so adorable, beautiful, sweet, cute and sexy. I’ll do anything and everything to you. I love you, remember that okay? I love you so, so much.”

You smiled. “I love you too.”

He kissed your again, then moved down your body slowly. You felt a burn in you as he got closer and closer to your heat, you were shaking in delight and need. His sharp teeth grazed your sensitive thigh causing you to flinch. He lapped at your skin, kissed a spot, then bit down on it. You gripped the sheets and moaned, your body still couldn’t decide on if this was pleasure or pain, but after a few seconds you wanted more. The bonding mark was influencing your body and mind, you were wanting him to mark your body all over, you wanted him to claim you over and over and show off to others you were his and only his. You loved this, you loved him, you felt so much love that your heart felt like it could break. You’d never felt like this before, for once, you were in love and loved back.

Levi licked up to your heat, then squeezed your thighs to let you know he was going to start. You gasped when he licked all the way up your heat to your bundle of nerves. He moved his hand onto your pelvis bone, then ran his thumb over your bud. He licked the little bud, then blew his cold breath onto it make you shudder. His tongue flicked your bud, then he traced patterns and letters on you and listened to your change in moans. He looked up at you and read you with his demon eyes, your body gave up every little bit of information he wanted. He now knew how to make your body sing in pleasure. He was going to do everything and anything he could to make you feel heaven. He was fighting his possessive and lustful demon side and focused on his love.

He took your bud into his mouth; he sucked and rolled his tongue over it. You cried out and gripped the sheets hard. Your body and mark were repeating the same words over and over, yes and more. You weren’t surprised why humans made deals with demons, or there were ancient stories of people having sex with them, because Levi had only grinded against you and now he was licking and sucking you and it was driving you into pure euphoria. You were getting giddy over the thought of what it’d be like to have sex with him, but part of you worried at that it’d taint your soul, which would mean you couldn’t live with him and have to work in the underworld and be punished. You didn’t want that, because you wanted to be with Levi for as long as possible.

Levi let go of your bud, the licked up. He moved up your body and kissed as he went. You flinched, then bucked as you felt his fingers on your heat. He kissed his bonding mark on your neck, then pushed one finger into your heat slowly. You let out a long moan, then friction and feel of him within you was exactly what your body wanted, but you knew it was only a matter of time before it demanded more. He pressed within you, then pulled from your neck to watch your face. He moved his finger and pressed right on the right spot. He smiled as you grabbed his upper arms, then squeezed hard in delight. He pulled his finger from you, then pressed two into your heat. He pressed the spot over and over as he moved his fingers, his thumb rubbed your buddle of nerves.

You curled your toes, then held onto Levi tightly. You could barely get any words out, just mumbled noises, whimpers and moans. You couldn’t think straight, but mostly you couldn’t keep control of your body. You wiggled and moved under Levi, you wanted to get away from the intense pleasure, but you also wanted to feel more. You leaned your head back, then felt the snap. You panted and moaned with a smile on your face as you felt pure bliss. You’d never felt anything this good before, you didn’t know if it was because your exes sucked, Levi was a demon, he knew exactly what he was doing, or because you loved him so much. Either way, you revelled in the perfect feeling.

Levi licked his fingers clean and hummed in delight, he loved the taste, mainly because it was the sinful demon side of him that wanted all of you for as long as possible. He leaned down and kissed your face all over. “You okay?” You nodded and panted. “Lost for words?” You nodded again. “Was it too much?” You shook your head. “Good?” You really nodded making him chuckle. “Good. Do you want to leave it there for now?”

You gulped and shook your head. “N-No…please Levi…need…you.”

“Okay, whatever you want beautiful.”

You blushed. “Umm…do you want to?”

He growled at you. “Fuck yes. I want you so badly.” You could hear the strain in his voice. “But I’m holding back, demons can be rather rough and hungry. I don’t want to hurt you; I want you to feel good. So, I’m taking it nice and slow because you’re so sweet and innocent.”

You bit your lip, then rolled over onto him making him grunt. You pulled his boxers off, then gulped at his hardened length, the man was perfect, every inch of him was perfect. You sat up and blushed. “You know I’m not as innocent as you think I am.” You lifted your hips up, then sat so his length was pressed against your heat. “I have wants and thoughts that I think are bad and selfish, but you’ve enlightened me that it’s not bad.” You smiled, then bit your lip. “I just can’t help but worry sometimes, you know?”

Levi reached up and cupped your cheek, you leaned into his touch. “I know, because you’re such a good and kind person. You have nothing to worry about, your soul is just as pure as the day I met you.” He rubbed his thumb on your cheek. “In fact, it’s gotten purer if that’s even possible, maybe because the weight of a lot of things is gone.”

You smiled and placed your hands on his stomach. “Or maybe because I’m helplessly in love.”

He smiled at you. “That too. Fuck you are so cute.”

You giggled. “Well, I’m about to change your mind on me being cute.”

“Oh?” He held his breath as you rocked your hips against his length, then he groaned and bucked up a little in need. He grabbed your hips, then lifted you up off him. He rasped your name. “Please.” You nodded as you bit your lip, then knelt up for him. He held his length, lined himself with your heat, then lowered you down. You hummed and gripped his wrists. He squeezed your waist. “It’s okay, we’ll be slow.”

You shook your head, then lowered more onto him. It didn’t hurt, far from it. The mark on your neck was vibrating and throbbing in delight at the fact you were finally joining, you were just as excited and thrilled at being with Levi. You sat up him and hummed in delight at how he stretched you, how he pressed all the right places within you. “Good.” You rocked your hips slowly and felt a surge of pleasure. “So good.” You shifted your legs, then began rocking a little faster against him, with every thrust your legs shuddered. Levi growled at you, he was fighting himself so badly, but he wanted you to stay in control so you could get comfortable with being with him, he didn’t want to scare you. Levi was a demon, every inch of him was a demon and they had strong needs and desires, controlling it was something he had to do for his job to make deals with humans and to interact with them, but right now he had to hold back so much. He wanted you, he wanted you so badly.

You pushed your hands up to his pecs, then began to move up and down on him. You whimpered and cried at the intensity; you weren’t sure if your body was going to be able to take this much pleasure, but you wanted it as much as possible. You dug your nails into his pecs, then hummed as you kept moving. Your legs were shaking from the overpowering sensations in your body. You titled your head to the side a little and exposed your neck, you wanted and needed the mark to be bitten. You were hungry for Levi, you wanted him to ravage you, bite you and claim you as his all night long. If this was what a slight heat was like, you couldn’t imagine what Levi went through with his rut. You just hoped that you didn’t have heats, because the feelings were so overwhelming, and your body was overly sensitive to Levi’s touch and his thrusts.

Levi sat up and ran his hands up your body, his eyes locked onto yours and read what you wanted. You couldn’t get your words out a lot of the time, so Levi would simply read you with his eyes. He knew what you wanted him to do, he was happy to do it all for you. He shifted his legs so he was sat back on his legs, which meant he could thrust a lot easier. He licked his mark on the crook of your neck and felt you shiver and enjoyed the little whimper from you. He wrapped his arms around your back as you tangled your fingers in his hair, one hand held one of his horns. He grunted and growled as you tugged at his horn, then he bit down hard on your mark and thrusted up into you. You cried out Levi’s name as you felt your pleasure increase. Your heard was swimming in Levi, your body vibrating for him and your heart throbbing his name. You were drunk of the demon, hopelessly and fully drunk on your love for him.

Levi thrust into you a little faster, he also brought you down on him hard. You couldn’t comprehend what was happening to your body, especially when he was biting so hard onto his mark. He bit a little harder causing your falls to come crashing down again. You cried out and shuddered as the bliss of your climax surged through you. You gripped onto Levi hard and pulled at his horn. He growled at you more, then let go of the mark and licked the wound of some blood. He held you closer and kissed your face all over. You smiled and hummed, then kissed along his ear and nipped the pointed part. You heard a little sweet moan from Levi, like his ears were sensitive. You licked it again and nibbled more making him whimper at you. It seemed that Levi’s demon ears were a little bit of a weak spot for him.

He couldn’t take it anymore, he couldn’t take the teasing and wanted more, so much more. He held you and turn around, then lay you on the bed. You panted and hummed as you looked up at the love of your life. You both smiled at each other, you could both feel such strong love coming from the other. He leaned down and kissed you lightly as he rocked his hips slowly, with each rock you let out a tiny little moan. He adored every little noise that came from you, because it was all his and you were making those noises for him. You were perfect in his eyes and mind; you were everything to him. He couldn’t believe that he courted someone, that he marked someone, and he loved someone. If anyone told him before he met you that all this would happen, he’d clicked his tongue and call them an annoying liar, yet here he was making love to the most perfect person he’d ever met. You were so sweet, funny, smart, kind, caring, loving, wise and sexy. He felt he was the luckiest person in the underworld, earth and the upperworld.

He tangled his fingers in your hair, as his other hand held your waist. He rocked into you a little faster. He kissed your face all over, as you hummed in happiness. You ran your hands over his back, your fingers lightly touched where his wings come from. He moaned and shivered at the feeling, his wings were buzzing and vibrating for him to let them be released, but if he did, he would be in his full demon form. He wanted to be with you as close to a human as possible, even though it was hard to fight him from being what he really was. He wanted you to have some sense of normal, to be loved the way you’re supposed to be loved. However, he couldn’t help the way you were making him feel, you were making him feel so loved and desired he was close to losing control of himself.

You cupped Levi’s face, you could feel he was holding back on you, like something was bothering him. You brought his face close, you kissed him, then tapped his forehead against yours. You whimpered a little at him. “Levi.” He thrust a little hard at hearing his name on your lips. “Let go.” You hummed as he gripped you a little harder. “Be yourself with me, please. I love you Levi for who you are, don’t be afraid.” Levi panted as he gazed into your beautiful bright eyes, he looked into your soul behind them and saw just how pure it was, it was so mesmerising. He sighed and nodded at you, then allowed his wings to burst from his back. Ice patterns decorated the sides of his face, like war paint. Ice wrapped around his horns in a stunning decoration. The man looked so handsome and gorgeous beyond belief, he was truly breath-taking, you didn’t understand why he was so ashamed of this version of him during such an intimate time. You smiled. “Perfectly handsome.”

He kissed the palm of your hand. “Thank you.” He felt proud of who he was for the first time in forever, he felt loved and he was no longer ashamed of who he was. He moved his arms from your, then pushed his forearms up to lean either side of your head. He growled at you making you shiver, then he moved a little faster. You gripped at his hips, then bucked and rocked with him. Levi moaned your name, then eyed your bonding mark again. He pounced at your mark, then bit down hard. You whimpered and cried out as you felt intense bliss run through your body. The mark was like a hot line to your heat, like another spot within you to cause you pleasure. It felt even better that you knew the mark meant you were his, there was no way to get rid of the mark, it was there for eternity. You and Levi were linked forever and knowing that made him biting it while rocking into you even more blissful.

You squeezed your toes and gripped his waist. “Levi.” Your sensitivity was high, it was close to becoming too much for your body to take. “Levi…please.” He pulled from the mark, then kissed your roughly. You hummed in delight, everything this man did to you was perfect. You loved the kiss, but you wanted to experience euphoria, you wanted him to push you over the edge one last time for your first time together. Levi gripped the bed sheets tighter into his fist, then moved as fast and as hard as your body could take. You whimpered at him so perfectly, you squeezed around him too only sending him closer to his end. He knew that after this, after being with you he’d be far more protective, possessive and hungry for you. He’d have to get something or see someone to tone it down so he wouldn’t push you away, but for now he revelled in the feeling of you being his, all his and no one else’s.

He moved one hand to your hip, angled them, then rocked into you and made sure his body rubbed against your bundle of nerves. Your legs shook as your body was beginning to lose control. Levi’s movements were getting a little roughly as he chased yours and his end, he was no longer consistent with his trusts, one minute they were really hard, the next they where a little softer. You felt the coil within you tighten up so much, it was just waiting for the right moment. He slammed his hips into you hard, you squeezed him as you felt the surge of pure mind and body melting euphoria. You moaned into the kiss, dug your nails into Levi, your toes curled as your body spasmed. You lost some of your hearing, spots prickled into your vision and everywhere felt hot.

Levi growled and grunted as he felt your body squeeze him loads. He enjoyed the long and pleasure filled moan you gave into the kiss. He kept moving, gripped the sheets, then pulled from your lips. He bit your bonding mark hard, then felt his release wash over him. He growled, grabbed your hips and pressed hard into you. He panted a moment as he felt his pleasure slowly throb. He pulled from your neck, then licked the wound delicately as he enjoyed the last bit of his bliss in him buzz away. He smiled as he felt your fingers lightly dance over his skin. He kissed your jawline, then felt his wings, horns, teeth, eyes and earns return back to normal. He was just so happy you were his, that you gave yourself fully to him.

He leaned on his forearms, then played with your hair. “You okay?”

You nodded. “Fantastic, ah but my neck hurts a bit.”

“My fault, I bit you really hard a few times. I can heal it with my ice.” He lightly blew on it. “There, that should sooth it and heal it in a few minutes.”

You smiled. “Thank you.”

“Anything else that hurts?”

You shook your head and giggled. “I feel perfect.” You lightly touched his cheek. “I love you.”

He kissed your hand. “Love you too.”

You touched the bonding mark on your neck. “So, you’ve marked me.”

He leaned down and kissed your temple and cheek. “Hmm?”

“Well, can I mark you? I know I’m not a demon, so it won’t be a bonding mark, but I kind of want to mark you as well.”

He smiled at how cute you were, he pulled from you, then rolled onto his back and sighed. “Sure, but it’ll just be a normal bite, but if it fades, I’ll just get you to make another, right?”

You sat up and giggled. “Right.”

He tapped his neck. “Go ahead, it’s all yours. I’m excited.” You smiled and leaned down with your hands on his chest. You kissed his neck lightly, then you licked where you were going to bite. Levi cupped the back of your head, then brought you closer. “Don’t be afraid, bite hard. I want you to.” You bit down on the crook of his neck where he’d placed yours on you. You hummed as Levi moaned at the sensation, you felt bad you couldn’t properly mark him, but he seemed happy enough with this. You bit a little harder, then sucked on his skin. You pulled away, then licked the mark.

You smiled at it. “Done.”

Levi hummed. “Thank you.”

You pouted. “It’s not great, but I mean.”

Levi sat up and cupped your face, he kissed you and hummed. “It’s perfect because it was made by you.” He got off the bed, the dragged you off and into his arms. “Everything you do is perfect and wonderful. Now let’s have a soothing bath, your body and soul has been through a lot.”

You smiled and linked your arms around his neck. “Perfect…so, do you really love me?”

He nodded and gave you a squeeze. “More than anything. I love you so much, I’d do anything and everything for you. I’d fall again from the upperworld for you.”

Your eyes widened. “Wow, that’s…you…” You hugged him tightly and welled up. “I’m so lucky to have you, I love you so, so much. I really do.”

He hummed and smiled. “I know you do, you cute and adorable thing.” He clicked his fingers, so the bath was filled and smelt of lavender, then he sat in the water with you sat across his lap. “Rest sweetheart, I’ll take good care of you and I’ll be here when you wake. Promise.”

Chapter Text

You giggled at Levi as he looked a little confused at the card game, both of you wearing only a few things. You were in a t-shirt, bra and underwear while Levi wore just boxers and his bottoms. When you’d woken up after a sleep, Levi had been very affectionate, the two of you were no longer shy with each other. Right now, you were playing a game of go fish while you rested and got your energy back from multiple fun sessions, Hange’s meds were great, but they couldn’t fully keep up with Levi. You were currently winning at your card game, mainly because Levi didn’t fully know what he was doing, and he was very distracted by your thighs with his bites on.

You smiled at Levi. “You know, we can play something else.”

He sighed. “No, I have to do this.”

“It’s okay you know, we’re not all good at everything.”

He grabbed your ankle, then yanked your close making you flop back on the bed. He leaned over you and growled. “You’re getting mean like a demon.”

You giggled. “I’m not.”

He leaned down and kissed the bonding mark making you shiver. “You’re right, you’re too sweet and kind. Plus, I can see your soul and it’s purer than ever.”

You hummed and played with his hair. “I was a little worried about my soul, mainly because if it became too bad then we wouldn’t be together because I’d have to be punished…I don’t want to lose you, or leave you all alone after everything you’ve done for me.”

He kissed you and hummed. “It’s the fact you thought all that is why your soul is so pure. You are so adorable. I love you so much.”

You smiled then felt hunger. “Food.”

Levi sighed. “I’m on top of you saying sweet things, and you’re thinking of food.”

You giggled. “I’m hungry sorry, but you have to remember I’m not strong like you and food gives me fuel.”

“Blame it on me why don’t you.”

You lightly hit his arm as he laughed. “You’re so mean.”

“I’m a demon, what did you expect?”

You pushed him off you, then jumped off the bed. “For you to be nicer to me. Anyway, I’m going to get some food, I’m starving.” You walked into the kitchen, then began making a sandwich for you and Levi.

Levi hugged you from behind and kissed your shoulder. “How you feeling?”

You hummed. “I feel okay, still tired.”

“Well, let’s get you well fed, then we can play more games and you can have a nice nap.” He squeezed you. “All of course involving me showering you with love.”

“I look forward to it all.” You patted his hands. “Come on, we have lunch to eat.”

He took yours and his plate as you grabbed drinks. “You take such good care of me, even though I could get you anything you wanted by the click of my fingers.”

You sat on the sofa and bit your sandwich in thought. “Anything?”

He nodded. “Anything.”

You hummed in thought. “Might have a plan for that. Oh, so I have a question about sex.”

He choked a little on his food, then coughed. “Umm, sure. What do you want to know?”

You licked your lips and held back a smile when you noticed Levi had watched you do that and enjoy it. “So, all the times we’ve had sex.”


“We’ve not used a condom.”

He nodded. “They don’t work on demons.”

You frowned. “Meaning?”

“Our swimmers are determined bastards when it comes to humans, we’re magical beings too. The meds you take are the only thing to stop it, they are part magic and to stop us, they are fused with upperworld magic. Upperworld stuff makes us weak. Demons have taken human lovers before, but every time they sleep with them there’s a baby, so they had to come up with something to stop it. So, the non-demon takes the meds. Meaning, if I was female and you male, you’d still have to take them.”

You hummed. “Makes sense. So, do you have to take meds if you slept with a fellow demon?”

He shook his head. “Not the ones you have, different ones, but if you took them…well you’d be very, very sick and it might hurt your soul.”

You sipped your drink. “It’s so different here.”

He nodded and played with your hair. “It is, but the nice thing is your meds won’t hurt your body like human meds, they don’t mess with chemicals in your body. Our meds make you better and stronger.”

You hummed a laugh. “Yeah, so I have another question.”


You pulled a face and got a little shy. “Little embarrassing to say and all but knowing you you’ll help me and talk to me.”


You sighed. “So, since coming to the underworld I’ve not had my umm…my…”


You nodded and blushed. “Y-yes, so does that mean it’s o-over for me?”

He shook his head, then put yours and his plate and drinks on the table, then he pulled you close. “No, no, it’s just your normal human functions have stopped or slowed down. To be honest, you only eat and drink because it’s what you’re used to and it’s to give you energy, you could probably stop, and you’d be okay.”

You gasped. “Oh…but I like eating.”

“It is a pleasure that I enjoy as well, us demons don’t need to but, we like eating and drinking. You humans make fun things. Like this lovely lunch.” He kissed your cheek loads making you giggle. “Now, you don’t have anything to worry about regarding your cycle and period.”

“So, what does it mean?”

He nipped your earlobe. “You’re always fertile.”

You blushed hard. “Wh-What?”

“I said you, my beautiful girlfriend, are always fertile.”

You cleared your throat. “Well, I better make sure I always take my meds, huh?”

He bit your neck and licked the mark. “Yes, until we decided to have little demons.”

You giggled as he blew cold air onto your neck. “Yeah. So, you know I have this mark on me?”


“Well, will it mean I’ll have a heat? Because you have ruts, right?”

He shook his head. “You won’t have a heat, the only one you had and ever had was when I placed my mark on you. It was only a little heat, but for a demon there a lot stronger and worse.”

You hugged your legs as Levi kissed and doted on your cheek and neck still. “Feel sorry for them, must be tough. So, will you still have ruts?”

“I will.” He slid his hand over your tummy, then pulled you against him. “Before I met you, they were so small and minor. That one you saw me have when I was at Hange’s, that’s the worst I’ve ever been with on. So, I will have them every few months and I will have to hide myself away for a few days, so I don’t wear you out.”

You turned your head and smiled at him, then you kissed him. “You don’t need to lock yourself away.”

He nuzzled against you. “I do, I don’t want you to pass out.”

You blushed. “You’d really be that hungry?”

He nodded. “I’d be unstoppable, so for your safety and wellbeing, I will lock myself up.”

You hugged Levi. “I love you.”

He hugged your back. “Love you too.”

You smiled and kissed his cheek, then you pulled away. “So, you know you can get me anything?”

He nodded. “Yeah? Oh, you wanting to ask for something? Good girl.”

You nodded and blushed. “I was going to ask if you could bring my gaming things from our home here, I wanted to play some video games with you.”

He smiled and clicked his fingers. “Yet again asking for things that involve others.”

You giggled. “Yeah, but you being happy makes me happy.”

He sighed. “Alright. You set up whatever game you want, and I’ll clean our things up.”

You launched out your seat, then ran over to the controllers and turned on the system and sat back and put on little big planet 3, because you thought it was cute and fun for Levi. You were going to ease him into gaming, then you were going to go to a shooter game. You gave Levi his controller, then went through the tutorial with him so he knew what he was doing. Levi was determined to help your little character in every way possible, it was just adorable how helpful he was. Soon after, you decided to change it to a shooter game. Levi was very good at it, but he was mostly impressed with you and how good you were.

He leaned over and kissed your jawline. “You’re really good.”

You smiled. “I spent a lot of lonely nights gaming, so I guess I got my practice in then.”

“Well, now I’m here so you’re not alone anymore.” He kissed your cheek loads. “Can I watch you as you play games?”

You nodded. “Sure, I do get a bit nervous when people watch me play games, but I’m sure I’ll relax.”

He kissed your bonding mark making you moan a little. “Do you want to carry on gaming? I am having a lot of fun, but.” He dragged his hand up the inside of your thigh to your heat. “Half of me wants to eat you so badly right now while the other half wants to keep gaming.”

You blushed a little, then placed your hand on his and moved it closer and onto your heat. You hummed and put your controller down and kissed Levi, he nipped your lip then deepened the kiss. You tangled your fingers in his hair, then held his bum and pulled him close and on top of you on the sofa. You moved your fingers and felt his horns grow from his head. You smiled at him as he pulled from your lips, his hand on your heat. “We’ll game later Levi, right now 60% of me wants you.”

“Hmm, I must be special for you to stop gaming, I’m touched.”

You laughed. “Shut up and just kiss me.”

He growled at you. “Happy to.”






You lay in the pool and just floated, your body relaxing. It was nice and warm for you, so you felt like you could just fall asleep. You heard Levi walk about on his phone, he was talking to someone and seemed to be very respectful and professional with them, which meant they were a boss of some sorts. You stood up, then swam over to Levi as he finished. You leaned on the side and smiled at him. “Everything okay?”

He nodded. “Yeah, I was just talking to the big boss Lu.”

Your eyes widened. “As in Lucifer?”

“Yeah.” He threw his phone onto the sunbed, then jumped into the pool. He swam up to you and pushed his hair back. “He’s having a party and we’re invited; he wants to meet you because he’s heard so much about you from everyone. He’s also the one I got permission from to take you to Eden for the last of my courting.”

You smiled and swam backwards as Levi followed. “I look forward to meeting him, I mean he basically allowed us to be together, right? I want to thank him.”

He sighed. “He’s a good man, but I worry about you two meeting.”


“Tch, because you two have so much in common. You both were hurt by people you cared about, both were thinking of others and both suffered for it. Lu is a good man, a very good man but a bit of a perv.”

You giggled and linked your arms around Levi’s neck. “And you’re not?”

“I am a little.” He lifted you up and spun you around. “So, do you want to go?”

You nodded. “I’d love to, when is it?”


“I don’t have anything to wear.”

He kissed you and hummed. “I’ll make you something, don’t worry.”

You smiled. “Thank you. So, will everyone be there?”

He nodded. “Yeah. Tch, no doubt they’ll tease me.”

You frowned. “Why?”

He lightly traced the bonding mark on you. “This is why, it’s rather strong and it’s clear I’ve bitten it multiple times. Hange will be the worst about it, plus your scent is much more intense than before. It’s what happens when a demon bonds another, the scent increases to attract their partners attention more.” He sighed and kissed your temple. “But I wanted you badly before I marked you.” He tapped his forehead against yours. “Screw the forbidden fruit in Eden, I wouldn’t want to touch that if I was the first human there and I saw you in Eden. My full attention would be on you always.”

You blushed and smiled. “You flatter me.”

“Well I’m just telling you the truth; I want you to feel loved because everyone else you’d ever been with failed at that.” He squeezed you close. “You’re so precious and perfect that you deserve all the love in the world.”

You hugged him tightly. “You’re making me blush.”

“Let me see, you look cute when you do.” He pulled you away, then smiled at your cute face. “Perfect.”

You jumped up, then shoved Levi’s head under the water. You swam away from him, you heard Levi pop out the water and growl. You squealed and swam as fast as you could. You turned around; your back hit the wall just as Levi slammed his hands either side of you on the wall. He leaned closer as you squeaked. “I was just playing Levi.”

“You attacked me.”

“I was just fooling around.”

“You attacked me.” He leaned closer, his horns and ears grew. “You’re very brave to attack a demon.”

You whimpered as you felt excitement burn in you. “Levi.”

“I’ll have to punish you.” He attacked your neck making you cry out in bliss, pleasure fired from it all the way down to your heat. You hummed and moaned in delight, then pulled at his horns. He lapped at your mark, then pulled away and bit your earlobe.

You gasped as he pressed himself against you. “L-Levi, slow down. The party.” You hummed and bit your lip. “If we start something now, we won’t be able to stop and go.”

He pulled from you. “Spoil sport.”

You patted his cheeks. “I’m the worst. I’m going to go shower, then do my hair.” He grabbed your hips, then hoisted you out the pool. “Thanks.” He grabbed your bum and slid his lips up the inside of your thigh, so you flicked his nose. “Bad Levi.”

He growled at you. “Mean.”

You got up and walked to the home. “Am I really mean?”

He climbed out and chased after you, he picked you up and spun you around. “No, I should stop teasing you as much as I do. Let’s get you in that shower, okay? Can I clean you?”

You giggled. “Sure, but no fooling around.” He put you on your feet, then turned on the shower. He took off your bikini, then admired your body. You bopped his nose. “Levi, control.”

He sighed. “Yeah, yeah.” He pulled his swim shorts off himself then tackled you into the shower making you laugh. “Doesn’t mean I can’t cuddle up to you, right?”

“Right.” You started to wash your body, but Levi took over and washed you himself. You hummed and sighed as he got to work, then you noticed his hands were beginning to focus on sensitive areas. He lightly nipped your mark, then placed the soap on the side and pushed his hand down your body to your heat. You grabbed his hand and stopped him. “Levi.”

He sighed. “Sorry, I couldn’t help myself.”

You stepped from him, then faced him as you washed your hair. “Such a perv.”

He cleaned himself and hummed. “No, it’s because I’m a demon and I love you so much.”

You smiled and gave him a quick kiss, then you stepped out and wrapped your towel around you. “I love you too, but we have a nice party to go to and I can’t mess up. What if when I meet Lu, he tells me we can’t be together? Or I get taken away, or I get sent away.”

Levi walked over and cupped your face, then kissed your forehead. “I’m never letting you go. Wherever you’re sent, I’ll go with you. I promise.”

You smiled. “You won’t sell me?”

He shook his head. “Never, I’m not some asshole who’d sell you for someone else. You’re stuck with me for eternity.”

You blushed. “Sounds perfect.”

He dried you off, then hummed and clicked his fingers. “Better.”

You were dry and so was he, your makeup was nice and hair. Your underwear was good, really good. “Thanks.”

He held your hand, then pulled you along to the bedroom. He came to a stop, then walked around you and eyed you. “I think I know what to put you in, you see my colour is dark green, always been a fan of the colour. So…” He spun you around causing a beautiful long dark green flowing dress that hugged you perfectly and showed off your figure. “Perfect, now for me.” He clicked his fingers putting him in a nice dark green suit, his lapels were black, his tie back and his smart shoes. You smiled at his slicked back hair, his horns on show. “How do I look?”

You smiled. “Great. Really handsome.”

He pulled you close and kissed you. “Thank you. Now would you like a drink before we go?”

You nodded. “I would like a drink, sure.”

He held your hand and pulled you into the kitchen, then gave you a glass. “Promise me one thing, do not take a drink from anyone tonight except me. Some of the demons there are not trustworthy, plus demon alcohol is very strong and will knock you out.”

You sipped your drink. “Okay.” You smiled at Levi. “What?”

He downed his drink, then walked up to you and kissed your neck. “You just look so yummy.”

You giggled. “Thank you.”

“Can we stay here please?”

You shook your head. “No, we have to go. I want to meet your boss.”

He sighed. “Fine, drink up.”

You downed your drink, then licked your lips. “Ready.” He pulled you close and seemed in a little mood. “Hey, if we get there early, we can leave early, and you can spend the night taking my dress off.”

He kissed your neck. “Good.”






You stared at the food on your plate at the party, it was not something you were into. It was over the top and demon food, so you couldn’t eat it anyway. So, you just nursed your drink and stayed close to Levi. Levi reached over and held your hand. “Sorry you can’t eat anything; I’ll get you something.”

You shook your head. “No, that’s okay. People are already staring at me; I don’t want more stares.”

“Tch, I don’t give a shit.” He clicked his fingers, then gave you a steamed bun with chocolate in. “You matter more to me than what others. Eat up, it’s warm.”

You held it, then smiled as it was shaped like a heart. “A heart, so cute.”

You smiled and nibbled on it as Levi pulled your chair a little closer. “Anything for you, you know you’ve only got to ask.”

You hummed and gulped. “I know, but I don’t want to be a bother.”

“You’re not.” He played with your hair. “You’d never be.”

You smiled, then offered Levi your bun. “Want some? It’s had my lips on it.”

He growled and bit down on the bun, then licked his lips. “It’s good.”

You nodded. “It’s the best.”

He kissed your cheek. “That’s because you’ve taken a bite, that’s why I like it.”

You giggled and pinched his cheek. “So cute.”

“How amusing.” You looked over to a woman and a guy. The woman smirked at you. “She thinks he loves her.”

The man nodded and smiled. “He’s just using her for sex clearly and her soul. Must be fun having a human to play with.”

“Do you think he’ll let us play with her?”

He hummed. “She does smell so fucking good. You think Levi will let us borrow her? Just for a bit.”

Your shoulders dropped a little, then you slowly ate your bun as their talking continued about you. Levi felt his heart hurt at seeing at how sad you looked, those two demons were pissing him off so much. He glared at the demons, both gasped as ice ran up their arms and turn into two shards pointing at their necks. “Tch, oi you shits, show my bonded mate some fucking respect.”

The woman’s eyes widened. “Bonded mate? We didn’t know.”

You grabbed Levi’s arm. “Levi, don’t hurt them, please.”

He looked to you and snarled. “But they disrespected my bonded mate, they were offensive about you.”

You squeezed him. “Levi, please. You want me to ask more things of you, right? To be honest and a little selfish.” He nodded. “Then please don’t hurt them.”

“That’s not selfish, that’s you thinking about them.”

You hugged his arm. “Please Levi.”

Levi could feel how you felt because of the bonding mark, he couldn’t hurt these people because he knew it’d hurt you. It was normal for demons to fight others who mocked or said anything bad against their bonded mate, or if they tried to get with them. Demons were very protective of their life partners, which was why no one was batting and eye to Levi attacking these demons, but now they were because you got him to stop. He sighed and retracted his ice, then he cuddled you. “Alright, I won’t hurt them.”

You clung to him. “Thank you.”

Levi ran his lips across your temple to your ear. “I want to bond with you so badly my beautiful perfect mate.”

You blushed hard. “L-Levi, we’re in public.”

“Let’s go to a private room.”

“Levi.” He froze at the sound of Lucifer’s voice, he pulled from your neck and looked up at his boss. Lu smiled. “Mind if we three have a chat?”

Levi glanced to you. “Sure.” He stood up, then pulled you to your feet and put his arm around you. You looked to the back of Lu, he was tall, lean and seemed almost perfect. His hair was a little messy and almost down to the base of his neck, it was jet black. He hands his hands in his pockets and his horns were beautiful long and white. You liked the little crown on his head. He seemed to carry himself really well in his smart shoes and red suit. Levi leaned down to you. “Don’t worry, he’s a really nice man. I’m just a little funny because he interrupted me when I really wanted you.”

You blushed and giggled. “It’s okay.”

Lu opened a door and held it open allowing you to see the front of him, he was charming and clean shaven. His hair was a bit messy at the front, but he’d tried to tame it. His eyes were strong green, and he had the sweetest smile. The man was handsome, charming and welcoming. Lu looked and seemed like nothing you were told about on earth. He winked at you making you blush. You let Levi push you into the room, then pull you to sit, but you stayed standing. Levi frowned at you. “You can sit.”

You shook your head, then offered your hand to Lu and introduced yourself. “Nice to meet you.”

Lu smiled and shook your hand. “Charmed, I’m Lucifer, but I’m sure Levi has told you I prefer Lu.”

You nodded. “Yes, you know you’re really handsome.”

He blushed a little. “You little charmer.” He pulled you closer by your hands. “Come sit next to me, I want to chat with you and have a look at your soul.”

You smiled. “Sure.”

You sat with Lu on the sofa, he shuffled up close to you, then looked over to Levi. “Oh, stop it Levi with those eyes, I’m not going to steal her away from you.” He tilted your head to the side and looked at Levi’s bonding mark. He hummed, then smiled. “Well, that is a really strong. There’s a lot of love between you two, it’s rather beautiful. How much do you love that man?”

You blushed and smiled. “More than anything, I didn’t want to go back to earth because I wanted to be around him and with him.”

Lu looked into your eyes, then smiled. “Wow…” He welled up and rubbed his tears. “Sorry but seeing how you love him is so beautiful, so pure. You’re a lucky man Levi.” He cupped your face softly, then ran his thumb under your eye. “Please be careful with her though Levi, she’s looking a little tired and warn out. Remember, even though you are in love and you are bonded for life, she is a human and she is weaker than you. So, slow down a bit, let her rest.” He smirked at you. “I bet his hunger is intense sometimes.”

You giggled. “It’s a wonderful lover.”

“I can imagine.” He winked at you and you both giggled. “Now let’s have a look at that soul.”

You smiled. “All yours.”

He looked closer, then gasped. His eyes widened, then he cried. “Beautiful…so much pain and sorrow yet…you are so strong.” He smiled and nuzzled against you making you giggle. “You are so, so wonderful. Too good for this world.” He let you go, then hugged you. “You’re stronger than me.” He let you go. “We both loved people who hurt us, we both fell and we both suffered, but you…you stayed strong, you fought, and you kept a good heart throughout it all. It took me years and years to overcome what happened to me, but you did it in a few months. Maybe you should have my job.”

You giggled. “I couldn’t do what you do, I’d worry all the time that people are not happy and I’m not doing a good job.”

He ruffled your hair. “Too cute. Levi is a very lucky man.” He hummed. “Oh! How was Eden?”

You gasped and sat sideways on the sofa and shuffled closer to Lu. “It was amazing, the most beautiful place I’ve ever been to. But for me, the best part was being with Levi.” You blushed. “He made me an ice garden you know?”

“That so?”

You nodded. “Uh huh, it was so pretty, and I ate this ice apple that tasted so good. He made me lots of ice flowers, he made it snow for me too and he’d made me other ice things.” You placed your hands on your cheeks. “Even though the courting is over, he said he was going to ice over the pool at the holiday home and take me ice skating. He does so much for me.” You got quiet and whined a little. “I try and do a lot for him; I just love him so much and I worry I’m not enough.” You pulled at your dress. “I made a few things for him, but it’s not good.”

Levi clicked his tongue. “Tch, oi brat stop being mean to yourself. I love my leather jacket, the sentimental teacup and this amazing bracelet.”

Lu leaned over and grabbed Levi’s wrist, then looked at the bracelet. “Oh, I want one! This is so cute!”

Levi yanked his hand back. “Tch, no, it’s mine and she can only make things for me.”

Lu pouted. “Meanie.”

You gasped. “I can make you one.”

Lu hugged you. “So, kind.”

Levi growled. “No.”

“Don’t be mean to her Levi, she’s just being kind and cute.”

“You’re just trying to get me to be aggressive and possessive of her. Stop it.”

You got up. “Excuse me Lu.” You walked over to Levi, then sat next to him then played with his hair a little. “It’s okay Levi, relax.”

He leaned over and buried his face in the crook of your neck, then inhaled and relaxed. “I’m okay.”

You hugged him and smiled. “Good, I promise I’ll only make things for you.”

He squeezed your thigh. “Thank you, sorry for being possessive.”

“It’s okay.”

Lu sighed with a smile on his face. “You two are beyond cute. Sorry I teased Levi, but I wanted to test him and his bond with you is rather strong.” He sat back and sighed. “How’s your job? You’ve been working with Vince, right? I hope he hasn’t been bouncing off the walls too much.”

You laughed. “He’s a wild one, full of energy all the time, but he’s a wonderful boss and friend. We have a lot of fun together.”

“Good, I’m glad to hear.” He flicked his wrist and caused a drink to appear in his hand. “You seen any signs of angels around you?”

You shook your head. “No, I mean I don’t know what they look like, should I be worried?”

Lu sighed. “Well, you have such a pure and bright soul, I thought some angel would come sniffing around looking for you. If you haven’t seen one, then that’s good. I hate angels anyway, even though I used to be one, they are a pain in the ass.”

Levi hummed and kissed your neck. “They’re stuck up and full of themselves. They believe they’re better than everyone else.”

You smiled. “Well, I’m sure they’re just being helpful and nice.”

Lu shook his head. “No, they’re assholes.” He downed his drink. “Dancing starts now, you two should go enjoy yourselves while the night is still young.” He smiled. “Plus, I enjoy seeing two people madly in love. So, please, please go. If anyone causes any issues, I’ll stop them so no more freezing guests and getting this one all upset. The more she stops you from hurting others, the more the others want her.”

Levi stood up and pulled you along. “Sure. See you later Lu, thanks for this chat.”

You pulled from Levi and ran up to Lu, you gave him a big hug. “Thanks, it was lovely meeting you. I hope we can have a cup of tea and baked good some time.”

Lu hugged you back. “I’d love that.”

You pulled away. “Come over anytime.”

“I will.”

Levi grabbed you from behind and lifted you up making you squeal. “Come on you, stop being so nice and kind to everyone.”

You giggled and waved to Lu. “Bye Lu!”

He waved. “Bye.”

Levi dropped you onto your feet, then held your hand. “You want to dance?”

You smiled. “I think it’d be fun, but we don’t have to if you don’t want to.”

“We’ll dance.”

You blushed and hugged his arm. “So, should we be worried about the angels?”

“Not at all. I’ll protect you and the others will as well. You’re safe.”

You kissed his cheek. “Thank you, I’ll protect you too.”

His eyes widened, then his gaze softened. “You cute thing.” He stopped on the dancefloor, pulled you close then began dancing slowly to the soft music. “I love you so much.” He pulled your entwined hands to his chest, your bodies pressed close as you swayed slowly.

You looked up to Levi and just smiled at him. “I love you too. I’m so happy.”

“Good, because your happiness means so much to me.”

You bit your lip, then hummed. “So, I have another request.”

He smiled. “I like you asking for things, just remember you are not selfish at all in asking, okay? Don’t feel guilty.”

You nodded and sighed. You looked up at him, then away when you saw Hange and the others. She gave you the thumbs up, Erwin smiled at you, Mike winked, and Vince gave you a heart symbol with his hands. You smiled at them, then looked back at Levi. “I umm…sorry a lot of people are staring.”

He squeezed you. “Ignore them, just pretend it’s me and you in the living room.”

You sighed. “That sounds so nice.”

He hummed, then spun you around making you giggle. You felt cold air around you, then the scenery changed. You and Levi were back at the nice home you were staying at, there was ice lights above you both, snow was lightly falling, and music was softly playing. “This better?”

You looked around. “What about the party?”

“We’ve shown our faces and spoken to Lu, it’s fine.”

You smiled and pressed yourself close to him again. “It’s perfect, you always do such wonderful things for me.”

“I mainly did this because I wanted your happy self all to myself. Plus, I wanted to do something nice for you.”

You blushed. “Thank you.”

“So, what was it you wanted to ask?”

You lowered your head and hummed. “I umm was wondering if I could kiss you?”

He smiled and lifted your head up. “You can kiss me anytime.”

You leaned up, then stopped. “Close your eyes please.”

“I want to see your cute face before you kiss me.”


He sighed and closed his eyes. “Alright.” You pressed your lips together and just admired how beautiful Levi was, it made your heart flutter. The snow landing in his black hair, his horns stood proud, his jaw was defined, and his lashes were long. You were sure that if Levi hadn’t have chosen to be with you, he could have anyone in the world. He was divine, people would fall at his knees and love him easily. Levi opened his eyes. “Brat, I can feel you’re fighting with yourself again. Are you okay?”

You sighed. “I’m great.”

“You know you can’t lie to me.”

You smiled. “I know, I was just thinking how handsome you are and how you could have anyone you wanted. Before me, you probably had loads of lovers.”

He shook his head. “You’re the only woman I’ve ever loved. Plus, in my years of being alive, which are many, I think I’ve only been with two other women during a rut.”

You blushed. “Really?”

He nodded. “Really. When I met you, I felt things I’ve never felt before. Demon love is usually for one partner ever and bonding’s are too. Whoever a demon bonds with and chooses as a mate, it’s for eternity. You are the first and only person I’ve done that with.” He tapped his lips. “Now you said you were going to kiss me.”

You cupped his face and yanked him down, then you kissed him roughly. You were just overwhelmed with happiness and love for this man, you felt special with him. Every time he spoke, all your doubt, worries and self-hate washed away. You licked his bottom lip; he opened his mouth for you and let you take full control of the passionate kiss. You moved your one hand into his hair, as the other wrapped around his shoulders. Levi wrapped his arms around you and slid them up your back. You pulled from his lips, then lightly kissed him. “I love you so much.”

He smiled. “I love you too.”

You blushed a little. “Was it a good kiss?”

He nodded. “The best. All your kisses are the best. You should start our kisses more often, spoil me.”

You giggled and held his hands, then pulled him along inside the room. You sat him on the sofa, then tapped your dress. “Could you change me into something comfy?”

He clicked your fingers, so you were in a shirt of his and underwear, he was in a short-sleeved t-shirt and his pj bottoms. “Better?”

You sat across his lap and nodded, then you traced his horns. “These are still out.”

He hummed. “Because I’m a little turned on.”

You kissed his temple. “So, whenever I see your horns, you’re…”

“Don’t.” You grinned at him, he pointed at you. “I mean it, don’t.”

You leaned closer and whispered in his ear. “Horny.”

He growled and bit your mark hard; you moaned and held his shoulders. “Naughty brat.”

You hummed, then sighed in delight. “Can I kiss you again?”

He pulled his lips from your neck. “I turn you on?”

You panted, then gulped. “Yes. It’s this damn mark on my neck, it’s an instant turn on.”

He smiled. “Then you can kiss me all night long.” You bit your lip, then did exactly as he asked and kissed him. Soon the kisses became heated and eventually, clothes were taken off and you explored each other on the sofa all night.

Chapter Text

You finished serving someone at the bar, it was a quiet day and it was sad to be back after having such romantic and physical time away with Levi. Demons really were on a whole different to humans when it came to sex and romance. You didn’t mind, you liked being loved so much, but you were a little tired even with Hange’s meds. Luckily, you were back at work and so was Levi, so you had a nice break for your body. You did miss him loads when he was on earth making deals, but he did always come back with things for you to make you smile. You missed a lot of things from earth, so he would make sure he’d find those snacks and drinks and get them for you.

You smiled as you saw someone new in the bar, you walked over to the long caramel coloured haired man with golden eyes. “Hi, what can I get you?”

He tilted his head causing his hair to slip near his face, he was very handsome. “White wine please.”

You nodded and poured him a glass, then handed it over. “Not often we get asked for white wine.”

He sipped and hummed. “Not surprised, these people are animals down here.”

You leaned on the bar and smiled. “I rather like the people down here; they’ve shown me such kindness and love.”

He smiled at you. “Well, maybe because of you that they’re no nice, normally they’re vial.” He sighed. “So, what is your demon power?”

You smiled. “I don’t have one.”

He frowned. “You don’t?”

You shook your head. “No, because I’m not a demon.” You stood up and began cleaning the bar.

He watched you, then looked to your neck. “So, you’re not a demon and yet you have a demon bonding mark, which means you are being mated. What are you?”

You smiled. “Human.”

He put his glass to the side, then beckoned you closer. “Come here.” He leaned closer, he cupped your face and looked into your eyes. “Your soul is bright…why are you here?”

“Kitten!” You jumped and turned to see Vince; he looked a little worried. “You should have your break, one of the dancers is on you can’t be around, okay?”

You smiled. “Sure.”

The man grabbed your wrist. “Wait a moment Vince, me and this one are talking.” He smiled at you. “Names Ezekiel.”

You gasped. “Like the angel?”

He chuckled. “I am the angel Ezekiel. What’s your name?”

Vince pulled Ezekiel’s hand off you. “Her names Kitten.” He held your shoulders and smiled down at you. “Go in the back and rest for a bit, you look a little tired. Help yourself to food and drink, okay?”

You nodded. “Okay.”

“I’ll come get you when the dancers are all done.”

You smiled. “Okay.” You walked away, then glanced back at Ezekiel who was smiling at you. You gave him a little smile, then hurried off to the back room. You got yourself some food, then sat down for a bit and had a moment to yourself. You hummed a little tune to yourself, then looked down at your wrist and noticed a handprint where Ezekiel had grabbed you, but it was silvery almost and glittery. You frowned, then rubbed it, but it wouldn’t come off. You went to the bathroom, then tried to scrub it off with water, but it didn’t work. “Odd.”

As you walked out the bathroom, you were practically tackled. You squealed as Levi growled at you, then lifted you up and said your name, then kissed your face all over. “I missed you.”

You hummed a laugh. “I missed you too.”

He sat on the sofa, then hugged you. “You been a good girl?”

You nodded. “I have.”

“How’s today been?”

You sighed and smiled. “We’ve had a quiet night actually.”

He squeezed you close. “Good.” He kissed and nipped your neck. “Anything interesting happen?”

You nodded. “Yeah actually, I met an angel called Ezekiel. He was nice, ordered a wine.” You frowned and traced the print. “He grabbed my wrist and left this print.”

Levi held your wrist and looked at it. “Tch, the fucker marked you.”


He looked up at you. “Meaning, he’s tracking you. He knows where you are, and he can sense who you’re with.” He licked the handprint, then sucked on it making you moan. “There, gone.” He got up and held your hand, then dragged you out to see the male dancer on stage Vince said for you to be careful of. You hid behind Levi as he walked right up to Ezekiel and Vince having a quiet heated conversation. Levi pointed at Ezekiel. “Listen here you light fucking shit, this is my bonded mate, you don’t lay a hand on her and mark her!”

Ezekiel winked at you, then grinned at Levi. “What you gonna do about it, you disgusting demon?”

“I’m gonna rip your fucking.”

You hugged Levi’s arm. “Levi, please.”

He looked to you, then sighed. “Sorry.”

Ezekiel laughed. “She must be special if she has you on a leash.”

You looked sad at Ezekiel. “Why are you being nasty to Levi? He’s been so wonderful to me, Vince as well. I don’t understand. Could we start again? Please?”

He smiled. “You are sweet as candy, aren’t you? I like you.” He held his hand up. “I know Levi, she’s yours.” He sighed. “You know, you two could get into a lot of trouble for her. Her soul is too pure to be here, she shouldn’t be here. If my bosses find out she’s here, you lot and anyone who knows about her will be in trouble. I’m sure Lucifer isn’t happy about this.”

You smiled. “I like Lu, he’s so friendly and nice.”

“Lu huh?” He nodded. “So, you’re all friends down here.”

Vince folded his arms and stood slightly in front of you. “We are, unlike you stuck up angels we care for each other down here and are friends. You want to take her or hurt her? You gonna have to go through a lot of demons and Lu.”

Ezekiel smiled. “You must be one special girl.” He sighed. “You do know you are breaking many rules for her being here though, right? She needs to be a little bit sinful in order to stay here, if she doesn’t then she’s going to show up on the system.”

Levi leaned closer to Ezekiel. “Tch, no she won’t because I own her soul.”

He clenched his jaw, he seemed annoyed. “What?”

“Her boyfriend sold her soul in order to be with another woman, he sold his soul specifically to me, therefore according to demon law I own her, and I can whatever I wish with her.”

He slammed his hand on the bar. “Fucking shit!” He pointed at Levi. “God damn demons, you’re all a bunch of assholes. You always know how to bend the rules, or to work the loopholes. You may have won this round Levi, but at least I didn’t fall from grace.”

You saw how hurt every demon was at hearing those words, not all of them fell. Those who’d been born after in the underworld felt the pain because it was carried through blood from those who did. You looked to Ezekiel. “Are you really an angel?”

He narrowed his eyes at you. “Yes, why?”

You pulled a face. “Well, the angels I knew about and were taught about when I was alive would never talk like this. You’re being very cruel to people who experienced great pain. Since I’ve been here in the underworld, everyone’s been so nice and concerned for me. Yet I’ve only known you for a short time and you’ve been mean, you’ve grabbed me, and you haven’t listened to others. I thought you were supposed to be the good guys.”

He blushed hard. “I-I am.”

You let go of Levi. “I understand that these guys ancestors may have hurt you and your family, but they’re not responsible for it. These people are trying to make the most of the life given to them and they work hard, really hard. They punish bad souls like they’re supposed to and do a good job of it. I know what it’s like to be hurt by people you care about, I was hurt by someone very important to me, he sent me here, so I know the pain the demons went through as well. I think that demons and angels have a lot in common, they should push aside those titles and work together. I mean you reward the good and these punish the bad, it’d run smoother if you communicate better.”

He smiled at you with a blush still on his face. “You’re really something, you know that?” He hummed. “So sweet and perfect.”

You blushed. “I don’t know about that.” You looked to Levi and smiled, then back at Ezekiel. “I’m sorry about the fighting, demons are very emotional and wonderful people. I hope this isn’t rude of me, but could you possibly apologise to my friend and bonded mate?”

Ezekiel saw Levi shiver at you using the term bonded mate, he knew that Levi was hooked to you badly, it was not going to be possible to get you to love anyone else to you to leave Levi. He was fascinated by you though, in fact, he was attracted to you. Ezekiel wasn’t too fond of humans, he thought he was better than them like most angels, but he thought you were divine. He wanted to stay in your good books, especially if he had any chance of having you. So, he smiled at you. “Of course, you’re right I was being rather rude. I’m an angel, I’m supposed to be kind and welcoming. I’d like to extend my sincerest apologies to both you Vince and you Levi, it was rude of me to come down here and spout venom.”

Vince smiled. “Thanks Zee.”

You looked to Levi, he looked down at you. “What?”

You pouted. “Levi.”

He sighed. “Fine. I accept your sorry as well.”

Ezekiel stood up. “Wonderful. Oh, and Vince, it’s Ezekiel, not Zee.”

Vince folded his arms and smirked. “I prefer Zee, so can I get you another drink?”

He shook his head. “One was plenty. Little note to you both, that soul over there on the stage who was dancing you said this one shouldn’t see, I felt his aura. He wants this young lady, this umm…kitten, right?” You nodded. “He wants her bad. I think you need to keep an eye on him for her protection.”

Levi hugged you close. “Noted.”

Vince grinned. “I’ll have a little play with him, don’t worry.”

Ezekiel nodded. “Wonderful, because I’d hate to hear that this sweet thing has been hurt.”

“We have it under control.”

“Sure.” He winked at you. “See you again kitten.”

You waved to him, then looked at Levi and Vince. “I’ll tell you what guys, demons are much nicer than angels.”

Vince shook his head. “She’s so mean.”

Levi nodded. “The meanest.”

You gasped. “What?”

Levi hugged you tightly. “We’re teasing you.”

You sighed. “That’s not very nice of your guys to tease me.”

Levi kissed your cheek. “What do you expect? We’re demons.”

Vince glared at his dancer. “Levi, I hate to break the fun atmosphere, but I do have to deal with this soul. Please, take this one home and keep an eye on her until I let you know that everything is fine and she’s safe to go out and come back to work.”

Levi hugged you tightly. “Got it.” Levi clicked his fingers, so you were both home, he kissed your forehead, then ruffled your hair. “Wait here a moment, I’m going to put protection around this place, okay? It should protect you from anyone breaking in, but promise me this brat, do not answer the door to anyone but me and your friends. I mean it.”

You nodded. “Yes Levi.”


You pouted. “But what happens if you have work?”

He shook his head. “I’m not working while this is going on. I have to be here, for you.”

You smiled. “Thank you, sorry I’m being a bother.”

“You’re not, plus I’ve told you not to say sorry.”

You blushed and giggled. “I forgot.”

He kissed you and hummed. “It’s okay. I’m going to protect our home, alright?”

You nodded and rubbed your eyes. “I’m going to nap, is that okay?”

He nodded, then kissed your forehead. “Perfectly fine. Go rest beautiful.”

“Thank you.” You ran off to the bedroom, you changed into your pjs and climbed into bed. You put something on the tv in Levi’s and your room and watched it, but you found yourself drifting off.

Levi wandered into his bedroom and saw you lying in bed with your arm over Levi’s side, the tv on softly murmuring away. He turned it off, then changed into his pjs and climbed into bed. He dragged your sleepy body against him, then kissed your face loads before drifting off himself into a deep sleep.






You finished texting Vince about your idea to be more sinful, you didn’t want to lose Levi and be taken away from the underworld and all your friends. Even though Levi technically owned you, Vince let you know he was sure that Ezekiel would find a way to grab you, so you needed to work on being sinful. So, your idea was to do a dancing set and possibly involve Vince in one. Vince loved the idea, because the sexy dancing and being in your underwear would be a good thing. There was a chance this could make you a little bit sinful, which was all your needed.

You played Freak by Lana Del Ray, then began dancing to it and practicing what you were going to do. You may have been pure souled, but you knew how to move to music and look sexy as you did. You loved how slow the song was, so you could really move your hips as sensually as possible. You knew Levi was going to love catching you doing this but dislike the fact you had to perform this for other demons. You rather liked the lyrics, because she mentioned cold as ice like Levi and blue eyes like him. You smiled and spun around a few times, but a knock at the door caught your attention. Levi had asked you to open the door to only him, or your friends. You wished Levi was home, but he had to step out for a moment.

You hurried over to the door. “Who is it?”


You smiled. “Oh, hey Vince, let me get the door.” You opened the door and stood behind in. “Come in.” You closed it. “So, I’ve been practicing a dance I was hoping I can run the song by you.”

“Sure.” You jumped and slowly turned to face the soul who was interested in you, he was covered in scars from punishment. He grinned at you and licked his lips. “Show me what you’ve got kitten.” You ran past the island in the kitchen, but he grabbed your hair and yanked you back slamming you against the wall with a thud. You fell to the floor as your scalp hurt so much. “Slippery bitch.” He grabbed a knife from the knife boar, then looked at it. “I’m gonna make sure you don’t move again.” You scrambled across the floor to get away from him, he screamed at you and grabbed your ankle and yanked you closer. “You fucking bitch!”

You screamed and thrashed at him. “NO!” You hit him in the face and kneed him. “STOP!” He punched you in the face a few times making your ears ring and your head go fuzzy. He held your throat tightly then choked you with one hand. You held his wrist. “Stop…please!”

He held his knife up and grinned. “Let’s play bitch.”

You let go of his arm, then held up your arms as his stabbed down through your left arm. Your eyes widened as you saw the tip in front of your eyes, your blood tapped your face. You slammed your leg hard into his nuts as adrenaline coursed through you. He gasped and rolled off you. You crawled backwards across the floor on your right hand, then panted as he coughed and growled at you. He moved closer. You inhaled and screamed as loud as you could. “LEVI!”

You jumped as the man was impaled on an ice shard through the stomach, then another through the chest. You smiled as you heard footsteps, Levi was there along with Hange, Mike, Erwin and Vince. Levi saw the blood on the floor, then he followed it and saw you with your back against the wall holding your arm. He said your name. “Are you?” He saw the blood led to you.

You welled up and sniffed. “You came.”

He ran over and knelt next to you. “I did, are you hurt?”

You nodded, then lifted your left arm up. “I umm…” His eyes widened at seeing the knife still in your arm. “It’s stuck.”

He held your arm, his eyes searched it, then he shouted. “Hange!”

She hurried over. “Oh fuck! Uhhh, my med bay, take her there.” Levi lifted you up into his arms, then clicked his fingers and appeared at Hange’s. He sat you on the bed, then watched Hange as she hurried about. She gave you multiple injections, then held the knife and sighed. “Alright, this is going to feel odd, but I’m hoping it won’t hurt and I’ve injected you enough. Ready?”

You nodded. “Yeah.”

“Okay, let’s do this.” She yanked the knife out, then quickly covered the wound up. “I’m going to try some of my magic to heal you up, oh I never told you, I’m a healing demon, how cool is that?”

You smiled. “The best.”

“I don’t know if this will work well on a human though, you’re my first. Oh well! Let’s give it a shot.” She held your arm, then pressed her fingers into the wound slightly.

You hummed as you felt a weird heat coming from the wound, then you felt sick to your stomach. You grabbed Levi’s arm with your right hand, then turned your head. “Levi.”

He sat next to you. “What’s wrong?”



She pulled her fingers from the wound, then held the outside of the wound. “Last bit, just hold on a little longer.” She pulled away and smiled. “All done. I’d love to fix her neck and face, but I think if she had more of my magic she’ll puke and pass out. It’s best if they heal normally, okay?”

Levi nodded. “Got it.”

“Rest as well, plenty of rest. What I did for her is not normal for a human to experience.”

You looked up at Levi. “Home.”

He ruffled your hair. “I know, but I think you need to stay here for a night. Right Hange?”

She nodded. “Just so I can make sure my healing hasn’t messed you up. Levi can stay with you.”

You smiled, then yawned. “Sleepy.”

Levi lay you back on the bed, then snapped his fingers so you were in pjs. He tucked you into the nice comfy bed, then kissed your forehead. “Sleep beautiful, I’m going to pop out to clean my place and have a chat with the guys about that dirty soul, okay?”

You nodded. “Okay.”

He smiled at you and kissed you. “Hange is going to be right here as you sleep, okay?”

Hange held your hand, then sat down. “Never going to leave you. I’ll be here until Levi gets back, alright? Now sleep.”

You smiled at her, then closed your eyes. You slept for a bit, then woke up to see Hange there and no Levi. You sighed and looked at her. “Hey Hange?”

She looked up at you. “Hey, you’re awake. You should be sleeping.”

You yawned. “I know, but I just wanted to say something to you.”


You nodded and welled up. “I’m sorry about this, all of this.”

She smiled. “It’s not your fault.”

You pouted. “But I let him into the house.”

She leaned over and played with your hair. “You are so sweet. You weren’t to know, right?”

You nodded. “He said he was Vince.”

“Hange.” You both looked over to Levi with gifts. “I’ve got this.”

She kissed your forehead. “Love you.” Then she got up. “Always here for you.”

You smiled. “Thank you for everything.”

She winked at you. “Always here for you.”

Levi walked over and sat down where Hange had been, he let out a long sigh, then tapped his forehead on the bed. “I thought I’d lost you. The pain you felt, I felt it too.” He pulled his sleeve back to show a bruise on his arm where you were stabbed. “Not as strong, but close.”

You reached out at touched it, then you touched his neck where there was a light mark there and another mark on his face where you got hit. “You feel what I feel?”

He nodded and touched the bonding mark. “It’s because of this, we’re linked. I don’t get any damage done to me, just a light bruise though.”

You hummed. “Does that mean if you get hurt, I will have a bruise?”

He leaned closer and kissed you. “Yes. Only for a little while though.”

You slid on the bed, then patted next to you. “Could you lie with me? Please?”

He nodded and clicked his fingers, so he was in appropriate clothes for bed, then he climbed into bed with you and held you. “I love you.”

You snuggled against him. “I love you too.”

“If anything like that happens again, I want you to shout for me right away, got it?” He kissed your forehead. “Scream my name, because I don’t know what I would do if you got hurt again.” He cupped your face. “You’re my world, my life. You’re my bonded mate, my future, my lover and you will be the mother of my children. I’d die if I lost you, I would.”

You welled up, then clung to his shirt and cried. “I’m so sorry.” His eyes widened as he felt a pain in his heart, it was his own pain and your pain mixing together. You sniffed. “He said he was Vince, he sounded like Vince too.”

Levi brushed your tears away with his fingers. “Shhh, shhh, it’s okay, you’re okay. Souls here, the human ones, lie, they lie all the time. All the souls down here are here for a reason, because they lie, cheat, steal, you name it they’ve done it. You’ve seen what souls become when they’re bad, they’re skin gets grey, their teeth sharp and their eyes black because its their true nature. They manipulate others to get what they want, to get what they feel they’re owed. That soul who went after you, he was the worst of Vince’s bunch, but because of his actions he’s being moved to worse punishment and a harsher demon. You’re safe.”

You sniffed. “I love you so much.”

He smiled. “Love you too.”

“I want it all.”


You blushed. “What you said, I want it all too. The future the children.” You held his chest and whined a little. “You’re my bonded mate.” He growled at you and kissed you, he leaned over you a little as his hand squeezed your hip. You let out a little moan, your body began to tingle with delight. He kissed along your jawline, then to your bonding mark. He licked it making you buck, hold onto him and hum. “L-Levi? We can’t.”

He nipped it hard, then pulled back and groaned. “I can’t help myself, sorry. When I heard you wanting everything I want, then calling me your bonded mate I lost control. You’re right though, we can’t here because of Hange.”

You tangled your fingers in his hair and nipped where your little bonding mark on him was. “When we get home, if I’m allowed, I need to remake this mark better.”

He growled. “Promise?”

You nodded. “Promise.”

He kissed you and hummed. “Thank you, now sleep beautiful.”






You looked at the toys on your bed, all cuddly ones you got from Levi and the others as you got better. You gave the little cuddly demon Levi chibi a big squeeze, it was a gift from Mike, he’d gotten it specially made for you. You let out a happy sigh, you were feeling better and missing Levi’s touch. Hange had advised the two of you reframe from anything physical for a few days, mainly because you needed all the energy and strength to recover from fast healing and being attacked. Levi was okay with it, mainly because he was able to dote on you all day and night long, it was perfect for him.

Levi walked into the bedroom with meds and tea for you. “How you feeling?”

You smiled. “Good, better than yesterday. I’m almost back to normal.”

He put the tray down on the bed with your things on. “Great.” He frowned. “So many toys.”

You giggled. “Yes, but they’re so cute.” You lifted up the mini him. “This one is the best one.”

He sat on the bed and took it from you. “Tch, this me?”

“Yep, it’s why it’s my favourite.”

He kissed your cheek. “Cute.”

You hummed. “Can you kiss my cheek again?”

“Sure.” He leaned to kiss your cheek, but you turned your head in time and got him to kiss you on the lips. He smirked at you. “Cheeky brat for tricking me.”

You giggled. “You mad?”

He shook his head. “Not at all.” He lightly kissed you. “If you wanted me to kiss you, you should have just asked.”

You linked your arms around his neck, your lips close to his. “What if I want more than a kiss? What if I want all of you?”

He growled at you as his horns grew, his eyes changed and his ears pointed. “You sure you’re well enough?”

You straddled Levi taking him by surprise, then your pushed him onto his back. You smiled at him and kissed his neck, then you nibbled his earlobe. “I feel great.” You sat up and hummed, then you tapped his shirt as he stared up at you, a shine in his eyes as he admired, loved and adored you. “This has to go, it’s in the way.” He went to click his fingers, but you stopped him. “No, I want to take it off, if I’m allowed?”

He nodded and put his arms up. “All yours.”

You smiled and pushed his shirt up and took it off him, then your ran your hands down his chest. “You’re so handsome.”

He reached up and played with your hair. “Says the most beautiful woman ever.”

You giggled. “Thank you.” You leaned down and kissed his chest all over making him hum in delight. You rocked your hips against him and felt his need grow, you felt pride in your chest, that someone like you could make this demon, this man like this. You licked your old mark on his and felt his shiver under your touch. You kissed the mark, then bit down hard and sucked on his skin. The mark on your skin was permanent, but lucky for Levi you had to keep making temporary ones on him. You went to pull away, but he wrapped his arms around you and held you against his neck, he wanted you to bite him just a little longer.

Levi moaned, then lightly touched the mark on your neck making you shiver. “So perfect, so wonderful and mine, all mine.”

You pulled from his neck, then kissed him. “You’re mine too.” You heard him growl making you giggle. “Control yourself Levi, I want to play with you for a bit, then you can have me.”


You slammed his hands above his head. “Naughty.”

He wiggled a little. “This is…different.”

You bit your lip and worried. “Different good, or different bad?”

“Good. Anything with you is good.” You smiled and let him go, then you rocked your hips against him more. You pulled your shirt off, then threw it. He gulped and eyed your chest. “Can I?”

You nodded and took his hands, then placed them on your boobs. “You can touch them as much as you like.” You hummed and moaned as his skilful hands massaged your chest. You leaned your head back and sighed, your body was buzzing in delight.

Levi called your name making you look down at him. “I want you, need you. Please bonded mate, please.”

You bit your lip and felt a burning need shoot from your mark down to your heat. You nodded. “Yes.” You got off him, then pulled your shorts and underwear off, then you pulled his bottoms and underwear off. You crawled up his body and kissed him as you went. You captured his lips and hummed in delight, he grabbed your hips and squeezed you.

Levi whined a little at you. “Mate, need to mate.”

You knelt up and held his length against your heat, your legs shook with desire. All Levi needed to say was bond or mate, all he needed to do was touch your bonding mark and you were ready for him. You lowered yourself down onto him and hummed in delight, your body was shaking as you were overwhelmed with pleasure. You’d been dying to be with Levi for so long, you’d come back from your getaway and had a break from physical activities, then you were ill, which meant you hadn’t bonded with him for weeks and weeks which was hard on yours and Levi’s bodies. It felt so good, so right to be like this with him. The longer you two were together, the more your whole being desired to be with him. Just being around Levi, brought you comfort. His scent was divine, like it sent an instant soothing sensation to you, but also, it’d set your whole being on fire. The bond between the two of you was growing stronger each time you were physical with each other, who knows how strong it would be if he truly mated with you and you were pregnant.

You held his waist, then smiled at Levi as you moved up and down on him. Your body was on fire, your body buzzed as you had burst after burst of ecstasy. Levi ran his hands up your thighs, then squeezed. He loved this moment, finally being one with you after so much worry that you were too hurt. He’d been sick with worry, he was weaker at seeing you hurt, knowing he wasn’t there to protect you from all the harm done to you. He needed to protect you more, protect you better if he was going to be a worthy mate and father to your children. However, to you, you didn’t think he failed at all, in fact you thought he was so amazing how he came to your rescue, how he saved you and doted on you like the protective mate he was. You loved him, adored him and needed him so badly.

You dug your fingers into his skin more making him growl, then moved harder and faster on him. He bucked up to meet your movements increasing the pleasure for you both. You hummed and closed your eyes a moment, you tried to focus so you didn’t lose control of yourself. You wanted to savour every moment with Levi, but his mark was pushing you to your end. You gripped on him harder, then opened your eyes as he growled and called your name. Levi wanted to see your face, he wanted to watch the moment when you felt your release, he always enjoyed feeling it and seeing it. He bucked into you at a different angle, you cried out and let go of Levi’s sides. You bounced up and down as fast as you could, your desire and need from your bond taking over you. You growled at Levi, like you were consumed. He smiled at you, he approved of your hunger, it meant he was truly bonded and mated to you.

Levi grinded a little and pressed the right spot within you hard. “My mate.” You felt the snap, then your body shivered in delight as bliss ran through every inch of you. You flopped forwards onto his chest, then lightly kissed his skin in praise and thanks for him. You hummed and moved up to his neck, you lightly nipped and sucked. Levi ran his hands up your body, then tangled his fingers in your hair and his other held your back. He shifted his legs, then rocked into you. “Mine.” He kissed you roughly, then bit your lip and deepened the kiss. Your breath was taken away at how passionate, possessive and loving he was being. In a kiss alone Levi showed you how much he loved you, then you add the rest of his body and his words to the mix and you were lost in love. You thought maybe taking control of this passion would make you more sinful, but in fact it was just enhancing your pureness because this wasn’t out of lust, it was pure love and care.

He ran his hands down your body, then held your hips and began moving you up and down on him. You gripped his shoulders, then lifted up from him a little. You smiled at him, then bit your lip as you hummed in pleasure. You slid your hands down his chest a little, then used his pecs as support. You rocked to his movements, but your legs were shaking from the aftereffects of coming undone around him. You dug your nails into his skin, then gazed into his beautiful eyes. You loved it when he became his true self, because it meant he was being who he really was around you, he was being vulnerable with you. He was so beautiful to you, which made you wonder why people for so long feared demons, they were kind and loving people of great beauty. However, it was just possible that you just loved and adored a select few demons, that the others you hadn’t met were terrible.

Levi sat up, then wrapped his arms around you and undid your bra and threw it. He pushed his hands up your body, then tilted you back allowing him to kiss and nip at your chest. He bit down a little hard, then sucked a mark on your skin. He let go, then licked up and eyed your mark. You wrapped your arms around him, fingers tangled in his hair as you moved up and down and brought him closer to your neck. He ran his lips against the mark, he lightly kissed it and smiled as you shivered in delight. He growled against it making you moan, it felt like he was marking you all over again and you wanted it. He kissed around the mark; he wasn’t giving you fully what you wanted. You whined a little at him, your need strong for him to bite, for him to be possessive. You tugged at his hair pulling his head away, then you kissed him roughly trying to spark the mating side of him.

You tapped your forehead against his, then held his horns. “Please bonded mate, please bite your mark.” You pulled at his horns, then showed him your neck. “Remind me that I am yours.”

He eyed the mark, then saw how your lips were parted and you were panting. He growled at you as he felt his need take over. “Mine.” He pounced at your neck and bit hard. You felt an explosion of pleasure as he thrusted into you. You wrapped your arms around him, gripped his back hard, then closed your eyes tightly as you felt another surge and a pop as euphoria ran through your veins to every inch of you. You moaned and cried out as you felt you were truly his. He growled and purred as he bit you sending vibrations through the mark, you shifted and moved on him as you were overwhelmed with pleasure. Your body didn’t know what to do, it was so much to take in, but it felt so good to feel it. You couldn’t imagine what it’d be like if you were a demon like Levi, you’d probably be able to be with him a lot more, you felt bad that you couldn’t, but every time you were together like this it was perfect.

Levi flipped your around, then slammed you against the bed. You welcomed the cold sheets on your hot back, but it also meant you were now at Levi’s demonic mercy. He lapped at your mark, then nuzzled at the crook of your neck and purred at you. You shivered in delight, anticipation and excitement; you couldn’t wait for what Levi had in store next for you. He kissed your neck, then your cheek and finally your lips. He enjoyed and loved all the little noises and moans you made, he felt pride that they were all for him. He gripped the pillow by your head, then moved his other hand up your body and began massaging your breast. You hummed as he dragged his body up and down yours, he brushed perfectly against your bud. The feel of your body against his drove Levi wild, he just kept telling himself over and over you were his and only his. The more he moved with you, the more he touched you, kissed you, looked at you, everything he felt closer and closer to you with his bond and knew that you and him were for eternity.

You gasped as he dragged his nails down your sides, this tongue licked his sharp canine teeth making you shiver. His wings grew from his back, you saw ice form around his horns and face like a beautiful decoration. He gripped your hips, then knelt up as he rocked into you a littler harder and faster. You grabbed the sheets, then arched your back as you hummed and moaned. You gulped and looked at Levi, you smiled at him. “I…love…you…” You gasped and cried out in pleasure as he slammed into you a little harder. “Levi.” Your eyes widened as snow began to flutter down, but it wasn’t cold. You felt your heart throb with love as ice began creating a pattern on his chest. Levi looked so beautiful, so handsome like a prince or a king. You loved him so much it hurt, you focused on that love and saw Levi gasp and moan as he felt your strong love for him burn within.

He slammed his hand against the wall, then dug his nails in and broke it a bit. He growled at you and moved as fast as your body could take. “Love you.” He gasped and panted as he felt himself losing control of himself. “Mine, all mine. My mate.” He leaned over you and dragged his nails down the wall ripping it as he went. “Love you so much.” He gasped and focused as he tried to get you to reach your end before him. He moaned your name, then focused on his love and feelings for you. You welled up as you felt such love like you’ve never felt before, you were overwhelmed by his feelings. Your heart throbbed in your chest for Levi. Your body was on fire, pleasure shot through you as you were close to your end. Levi called your name, you looked him in the eyes and felt the snap. You opened your mouth, but only a silent moan came out. Your body squeezed around him; the pure ecstasy of the moment seemed timeless. Levi grabbed the wall with his other hand, leaned back with his wings spread as the wall broke more from his touch, then was covered in ice as he felt his release shake him.

You panted and hummed as he collapsed against you, his cool breath relaxing you. He whispered words of love into your ear, then against your bond mark. He lightly kissed and nipped at it as his stamina and energy came rushing back, it always impressed you how quick demons were at recovering after something so passionate and tiring. You felt so sleeping, like you needed to sleep for a while after that. Your body was like jelly, but Levi’s doting kisses and words to you kept you away and a fire within you to stay with him. You slowly wrapped your arms around him, then rubbed his back and played with his hair. You smiled as you felt his feelings being pushed across onto you again. You closed your eyes and returned your feelings, which made him smile against your skin.

Levi lifted his head from you, then played with your hair as he gazed into your eyes. “Are you okay? I didn’t push you too much, did I?”

You shook your head. “I’m perfect, maybe a bit tired.”

He smiled and tapped his forehead against yours. “Plenty of sleep then.”

You nodded. “Yeah, with hugs please.”

He kissed you and sighed. “Always.” He looked up when he heard a crack, then he eyed the wall. He pulled from you, moved to your side, then touched it. “Tch, shit.”

You moved onto your tummy, then onto your knees and saw the damage. There were two clear marks on the wall where Levi had grabbed it, then clenched. You saw another one from the first time he grabbed it, then scratch marks down. The wall shimmered with ice; it was rather beautiful to see. “Well…there is a plus side to this damage.”

He looked down at you. “Oh?”

You smiled. “I made you feel so good, you damaged the wall.”

He smiled and hugged you against him. “Tch, silly brat. You always make me feel really good.” He kissed the top of your head. “I just went too demon this time.” He sighed. “It’s because I was remembering you got hurt and I didn’t prevent it, demon bonds make demons a little…well…you can gather from what you see and how I was.”

You kissed his neck making him shiver. “I have no complaints, only major compliments.” You slipped off the bed and wobbled a little. “I’m going for a shower.” You walked to the bathroom door, then smiled at him and bit your lip. “Wanna join?”

He growled at you and jumped off the bed, ran over, then tackled you making your squeal as he cuddled you. “Tch, silly question brat. The answer is always yes. I love you.”

You hummed and smiled. “Love you too.”

Chapter Text

Levi was sat front and centre in the audience as you danced on stage, the whole time you did you kept your eyes on your bonded mate. The two of you had been getting hotter and heavier with each other, always together and always touching each other in some way. You bit your lip as you sank down onto the stage, then you crawled closer to the end of the stage towards Levi. You stopped, then danced on your knees right in front of him. You reached out, pulled on his horns then nipped the air in front of his lips and giggled as he growled at you. Levi looked you deep in your eyes, even though you were dancing and dressed so sinfully, your soul was so pure and sweet. You weren’t dancing for sinful reasons; you were dancing because it was fun and you knew Levi liked it.

You finished your dance, then smiled and bowed as people clapped for you. You bounced up and down, then ran and jumped off the stage into Levi’s arms. He spun you around, then dropped you on your feet. You smiled and giggled at him. “So, how was todays set?”

He cupped your face, then kissed you. “Perfect, but I didn’t like how many people were here this time.”

“Yeah, but I only dance for you.”

He hummed which turned into a growl. “Good to know.”

You held his hand, then pulled him along to the staff room behind the bar. You went to sit, but Vince walked in and gave you a little smile. “Can we talk?”

You frowned. “Sure, is my dancing bad?”

He shook his head. “No, no, your dancing is amazing.” He sighed. “It’s something else.”

Levi sat down on the sofa. “Spit it out.”

Vince gulped. “I want to say sorry. So, sorry.”

You smiled. “Why?”

He shook his head and ruffled his hair. “That soul was my responsibility, I was his punisher, and yet…” He welled up. “You got hurt by a soul I was supposed to keep a tab on. I’m so sorry he hurt you. I don’t know what happened.” He shook his head. “I don’t know how he got to you, I really don’t. It’s all my fault, I should have watched him. Ezekiel warned me about him, I kept an eye on him, but he slipped by…”

Levi clicked his tongue. “Tch, we all know it’s not you, that you care about her. That fucking angel had his dirty hands in this whole mess, everyone knows it.”

You hugged Vince tightly. “Love you Vince, I really do. I know you had nothing to do with it because you care about me.”

Vince hugged you tightly. “Oh kitten, you’re so nice and sweet, but I should have done something more.”

“You were perfect, now please don’t blame yourself or beat yourself up.” You cupped his face, then kissed his forehead. “You’re my wonderful boss and friend.”

He smiled at you, then hugged you tightly. “You’re the best kitten.”

You hummed a laugh. “I’m alright.”

“How is your soul? Is it a little more sinful?” He cupped your face and looked into your eyes. “Damn, it’s still bright and good. Keep trying with the dancing, hopefully it’ll work.”

Levi nodded. “We hope so, but I chatted with Lu and he said that Ezekiel was right, her soul shouldn’t be here if and only if she hadn’t been sold. If she died on earth, then she would be in the upperworld, but because she was sold, she can stay. Demon contracts are binding, once a soul is sold, it belongs to that demon for eternity.” Levi reached forwards, grabbed your hips and pulled you back. You stumbled and fell onto his lap. “So, this one is mine for eternity.”

You smiled. “Really?”

He kissed your cheek. “Really.” He moved you so you sat between his legs, then he clapped his hands in front of you, then opened to show you a mini ice garden in his hands to distract you. He sighed, then looked up at Vince and started talking in a rather beautiful language to him, you were sure it was demonic. You felt very relaxed at hearing it, slightly sleepy too. Levi kissed your neck. “Sorry for speaking our native tongue, it’s just easier sometimes to talk about contracts, souls and angels that way. Our language was made for that sort of thing, but English wasn’t. Does that make sense?”

You nodded. “Yeah, it was rather pretty actually and made me sleepy.”

Vince smiled. “Never heard anyone say that before.”

Levi smiled against your neck. “She’s a charmer, right? I think more so than some demons.” He frowned, then cleared his throat as he felt a little odd. “Anyway, I should get this little one back and fed.”

You giggled as Levi blew cold air on your neck, then closed his hands. You placed your hands on his, then opened them to reveal an ice flower in his hand. Vince watched you with a smile on his face. “She’s such a delight.”

You looked up and hummed. “You two talking about me?”

Levi hugged you tightly. “Say bye to Vince, we’re going home.”

You smiled and waved at Vince. “See you soon!”

Vince waved. “Bye cutie.”

Levi clicked his fingers, then you appeared in his place. He shifted you to sit on the sofa, then he kissed your forehead. “I’m going to start a bath for you, you get changed into your comfy clothes, alright?”

You nodded. “Yes Levi!”

“Thank you.” He watched you get up and run into the bedroom, he felt a little heat in him like before. He shuddered, then went into the bathroom and frowned, he was feeling off and wasn’t sure what it was.

You changed into a big shirt of Levi’s as well as jogging bottoms. You hummed to yourself, then ran into the kitchen and made teas for you and Levi. You put both cups on the coffee table, then grabbed a blanket and wrapped yourself up and watched some cartoons on tv. You heard Levi walk in, but he came to a stop. He was just watching you for a while, he was admiring you and how cute you were. He felt a heat within him, something burned again within him. You looked over at Levi as he stared, you smiled at him making things worse. “You okay handsome?”

He felt the urge to launch at you, but stopped himself. “Fine, bath’s ready.”

You jumped off the sofa, then patted it. “Sit.”

He walked over and sat. “Now what?”

You covered him in a blanket, then you handed him a cup of tea. “Enjoy while I soak in the tub.” You kissed his forehead. “Thank you for running me a bath by the way, really appreciate it.”

“You’ve worked hard today, plus I love taking care of you. Now, run along before I throw you into the bath.”

You giggled. “Yes Levi.” You grabbed your tea, then walked away from him and sunk into the perfect bath. You sipped your tea and let out a long sigh, your body relaxed instantly. You placed your drink on the little table, then closed your eyes for a moment. You woke up and grabbed your tea, but it was cold, which meant you’d slept for a while. You frowned and wondered why Levi hadn’t come to check on you.

You went to shout, but Levi opened the bathroom door saying your name. “You missed me?”

You giggled. “You felt that?”

He nodded and grabbed a chair and sat down next to the bath and sighed. “I did, I feel everything you feel if it’s strong enough.” He played with your hair. “I felt you were relaxed, which meant you were asleep, so I left you to it even though I missed you. However, I felt you strongly missed me, so I had to come here and sooth you.” He lightly touched the bonding mark. “Plus, because of this mark I’m pulled to you always.” He leaned closer and kissed you. “And my love for you makes me always hunt you down. I love you so much.”

You giggled. “I love you too. I love you so, so much. I love you more than words can say. I love and adore you loads.”

He kissed you again, then nipped your lip and deepened the kiss. “I know you do, but I still like you telling me.” He nuzzled against you. “I love you so much, that I live for you.”

You gasped. “That’s lots because you live for eternity.”

He leaned on the edge of the bath and hummed. “Yep.” He kissed you, then played with your hair. “You should get out soon or you’ll prune.”

You giggled. “What if I want to prune?”

He pinched your cheek. “Figured you’d say that you brat.”

“If I didn’t, you’d be disappointed.”

“I would, but you should get out soon because I want to cuddle you.”

You smiled. “Okay!”





You woke up and hummed to find the bed was empty of Levi. You sat up and sighed, then heard the shower was running. You slipped out of bed, yawned and stumbled to the bathroom and opened it to see Levi sat in the shower in his pj bottoms hugging his leg and head hung. “Levi, everything okay?” He flinched at your words, then growled but didn’t say anything. You walked closer and noticed his horns and ears were out. You stopped by the glass door, opened it and felt the water, it was ice cold. “Jeez, this is freezing Levi!” You reached to turn the shower off, but Levi grabbed your wrist. “Levi?”

“Don’t.” You shivered at his husky voice. “Leave it.”

You crouched down and looked at him, you could see his pupils were blown. “Are you okay?”

He shook his head and sighed. “I umm…I’m in a rut. I felt odd yesterday, but I ignored it, then I woke up in the night feeling a little hot. It’s not strong at the moment, but it’s building up, I can feel it. I’m trying to cool it down.” He gulped. “Emphasis on trying.”

You sat on the floor as he let go of your arm. “So, is there anything I can do?”

He shook his head. “It’s best if you stay away, ruts aren’t the best for my kind.” He rubbed his face with his hands. “I guess I could get some meds from Hange, tone down this need and desire before I can’t control myself.”

You played with your hands in your lap. “If I remember what Hange said, wouldn’t us having sex help?”

He looked up at you. “It would help, but the problem is I’d want to keep going and going as much as possible, I wouldn’t be able to stop myself. The demon side of me would completely take over. Ruts and heats happen in order for our kind to mate and have children, so you can guess why it’s not a great idea. You’re human, I’m a demon. Your meds just about keep you okay and safe now with us being physical, so just imagine what’d happen with me even worse.”

You blushed, then nodded. “You’re right.” You pulled a little face. “So, shall I call Hange?”

He nodded. “Yes, it’s for your bodies safety.”

You giggled. “Alright.”

“You should take this more seriously brat.”

You smiled and nodded. “I know, I know, it’s just the whole for my bodies safety thing made me giggle.”

He looked up at you and growled, his eyes were his demon ones. “You take your pills today?”

You frowned in thought, then shook your head. “No, I forgot actually.” He crawled towards you making you gasp. “L-Levi?”

“Mate. My mate.”

“Eep!” You pushed up, then ran to the door and slammed it closed. You grabbed your phone, then called Hange. “Hange! I need you over here asap please.”

She hummed. “I’m just finishing something off.”

You jumped as the bathroom door opened, Levi was stood there with his wings out. He called your name. “Come here mate, let me bond with you.”

You eyed the door to the living room. “Hange, he’s in a rut and I haven’t taken my meds.”

She gasped. “On my way and sending in the troops! Your babymaker is safe for now.”

You moved for the door slowly. “Hange, hurry please.”

“Run around for now, he’ll like it and see it as a game and will give us enough time to get to you.”

“Thank you!”

Levi titled his head and cooed your name; it sent a shiver through you and a heat between your legs to burn. His tone, his look and the way he moved towards you made you want him. You bit your lip as me moved a little closer. “Come here beautiful, let me show you how much I love my mate.” You ran into the living room and heard him chuckle. “Where you going sweet thing? This a game?”

You squealed as he appeared in front of you. “Levi!”

He growled at you. “This is fun.”

You backed up. “Levi, I love you loads but…” You gulped as you fought everything in you not to jump at the man and kiss him, or to feel his hands running over your body. “I haven’t had my pills, so we can’t.”

He stepped closer. “Perfect. Means we can start a family.”

“N-not yet, we sh-should wait.”

He hummed. “I waited.” He flew at you, you squealed and moved back. Your knees hit the back of the sofa, you flopped back and gasped. He crawled over you and slowly pushed your shirt up; he kissed your stomach and all the way up. “I love you so much, my body burns for you.”

You moaned and arched your back, then you blushed and pushed your shirt down. “L-Levi! W-we shouldn’t, I’m not s-strong enough.” He leaned closer and licked your bonding mark, you moaned and hummed in delight. He slipped his hand up your shirt, then massaged your breast. “I need my strength and energy meds so I can keep up with you, right?”

He paused a moment, then pulled away a bit. You were hoping that this reasoning would spare you some time for Hange and the others to get here. He pulled from you. “I’ll get you those two meds, not the third.”

You sat up and smiled. “Thank you.”

He kissed you roughly. “Don’t move.”

You nodded, then watched him walk into the bedroom. You glanced over to the front door as Hange walked in with Mike and Erwin, you let out a sigh. “Hurry, I managed to distract him for a bit. I love that man to death, but he will pounce.” You gasped, then looked up. “Levi.”

He stared at his friends. “Why are you all here?” He growled at them. “She’s mine, my mate. I love her.” He walked over to you and held you against him. “I love her so much.”

Hange smiled. “We know Levi, but you’re in a rut right now and this one is still building her strength back up, remember?”

He hummed and squeezed you. “You’re right…but…but I need her.”

She offered him a cup. “This has meds in, it’ll numb the rut for you so you don’t attack this one and make her so tired and weak from love.”

He pressed his lips to your ear, then whispered your name. “I love you so much.”

You smiled and turned in his arms to face him. “I love you too.”

He squeezed you and groaned. “I lost control for a moment, didn’t I?”

You cupped the side of his face. “It’s okay, you haven’t hurt me.”

He tapped his forehead against yours. “Good. Shit, our bond is so fucking strong, it’s driving me insane at how much I love you and want you”

You lightly kissed him. “I love you Levi, so much.”

He squeezed your upper arms, growled, then clenched his jaw and grabbed the drink. “Give me that.” He downed it, then wretched a little. He shivered and hummed. “Feels bad.”

You hugged him and rubbed his back. “I’m sorry.”

He shook his head. “It’s not your fault, don’t be sorry.”

You held his hands. “Well, it’s because I’m human and you’re a demon, right? If I wasn’t so human and unable to become a little bit sinful, you wouldn’t be forced to drink stuff and numb a natural cycle.”

He cupped your face, then kissed you, he nipped your lip and deepened the kiss. “I love you for everything you are, you’re perfect in every way. Don’t think badly about yourself, don’t…please…I love you so much.”

You welled up and nodded. “I love you too.”

Hange smiled. “Come on Levi, let’s get you to the med bay of my home.”

You nibbled your lip. “Could I visit?”

She nodded. “You should be able to, don’t worry we won’t keep him quarantined from you. You should sleep, alright?”

You hugged Levi tightly. “I’ll miss you.”

He rubbed your back, then leaned down and inhaled your scent and moaned. “Miss you too, my perfect bonded mate.”

Hange pulled him back. “Mike, Erwin we need to move him, seems like I might need to increase the dosage.”

Levi was pulled from you and you felt a tug in your heart, you followed him and the others. “H-how long?”

Hange looked back at you. “What was that sweetie?”

You nibbled your lip. “How long will he be gone?”

“Few days.” She heard you whine. “Don’t worry, he’ll be all yours when I bring him back, promise.”

Mike and Erwin grabbed hold of Levi. Erwin pulled Levi along. “Come on Hange, before the meds get weaker.”

Hange smiled. “I promise he’ll be brought back. Now get some sleep.”

You weakly smiled. “Okay. I love you Levi.”

Levi looked back at you. “I love you too.”






You sat on the floor with the tv on, your body felt weak and your heart hurt. All you could think about was Levi not being there. You’d been away from Levi before, but it seemed like this time was much worse. You reached up and lightly touched your bonding mark, it only brought you some comfort. Your mind and body wanted to be wrapped up in Levi’s arms, you knew just being around him would make you feel so much better than right now.

You hugged your stomach as you felt sick, you got up and hurried to the bathroom, then threw up. You welled up, then began crying as you were sick a few more times. You got up, rinsed your mouth out, then drank some water. You looked at your reflection and saw you looked unwell, like you were drained and pale. You cleaned your face, then went into the bedroom and into the closet and grabbed a shirt of Levi’s. You hugged it your face, then inhaled. You gathered a tone of Levi’s clothes, then made a little nest on the bed and lay in it. You felt better now you were surrounded by his scent and warmth, like you were recharging.

You woke up with a start when you heard the door, your head a little fuzzy. You were surprised you’d managed to sleep during this time, because you were so sad you didn’t want to sleep. You wore Levi’s things, then went to the door and opened it to reveal Mike. You gave him a little smile. “Hi.”

He ruffled your hair. “Hey kitten, you okay?”

You shrugged. “Fine…how’s Levi?”

“Suffering badly, he keeps asking for you, saying you need him and you’re not well.” He played with a bit of your hair. “Mainly saying my mate needs me, my mate is sad, she’s hurting. So, because he was insistent, I came over to check on you.” He gave you a sad smile. “I’m glad I did, you don’t look well.”

You rubbed your eye. “Just tired.”

“Want to play some video games?”

You shook your head. “No sorry, I’m just really tired, I was sleeping when you came over.”

“Oh, sorry I didn’t mean to wake you. Go sleep again, I’ll stay over for a bit and do some house work for you and make some food as well.”

You sighed. “Sure, come on in.” You walked to the bedroom. “Sorry I’m going back to bed, I’m just really tired.”

“That’s fine, just sleep, alright?”

You nodded. “Thanks Mike.” You got into bed, then lay in your pile of Levi’s things and fell into a deep sleep. You woke up and saw Erwin walking around the bedroom, you frowned. “Erwin?”

He jumped and walked over, then sat on the bed. “Hey sleepy, you were out for so long.”

You leaned up. “Where’s Mike?”

“He only stayed for a day.”


“He went home yesterday, said you needed someone here to make sure you were okay.” He placed his hand on your forehead. “Glad I agreed, you’re not well.” He sighed. “Hey, how about you go out for a walk with me? We’ll go see Eren, Mikasa, Armin, Jean, Connie and Sasha, you like those young demons, right?”

You smiled. “I do, but I’m not feeling too good. I think I’m just going to have a drink, some food Mike made then watch some tv.”

He got up. “How about I bring in some food and drink to you, then we chat for a bit?”

You yawned, then nodded. “Okay.” You sat up, then hugged a shirt of Levi’s. You let out a long sigh, then smiled at the mini Levi you’d been gifted.

Erwin came back, then placed a tray on your lap. “Eat as much as you like, don’t push yourself, okay?”

You smiled. “Yeah.” You ate a few things, then put the tray to the side. “I’m tired Erwin, and if I eat more, I’ll be sick again.”

He smiled. “That’s alright, you rest.”

You lay down. “Sorry Erwin.”

“It’s okay, rest up.”

You closed your eyes, then fell asleep really quickly as you hugged Levi’s clothes and the mini him. The longer you were without Levi, the worse you felt. You woke up to see Erwin and Vince chatting, Erwin was on the phone with Hange by the sounds of it. You hummed. “Everything okay?”

Vince smiled at you. “Just fine, I’ve come to check on you. Mind if I look at your soul?”

You shook your head. “I don’t mind.”

“Thank you.” He sat on the bed, then cupped your face and looked into your eyes. “Her soul is pure, still as pure as anything but, her light is rather dim.” He looked up at Erwin as he repeated everything on the phone. “She won’t die or fade, but it could get to the point to where all she does is sleep and unable to function.”

Erwin nodded. “Alright, I’ll let him know. See you in a bit.” He ended the call and put his phone in his pocket. “We have to take her to Hange.”

“Got it.” He smiled at you. “Sorry about this, but I have to pick you up kitten.”

You linked your arms weakly around hi neck. “It’s okay.”

He scooped you up, then sighed. “Now what?”

Erwin led the way. “We’re going to Hange’s, you know where it is right?”

Vince adjusted you and nodded. “I do.” He clicked his fingers, then all three of you were in Hange’s place.

Hange ran over to you. “Here she is, the cute little thing.” She checked you over. “Hmm, you’re right Vince, her soul is pure but her light is dim. She won’t die, but she’s very weak. Best option is to give her to Levi.”

Mike stood up from his seat, then wandered over. “Isn’t he in a rut?”

She nodded. “He is, but seeing his bonded mate in this state will tame the sexual desire and increase the protective loving side. So, get her in the med area.”

Mike walked over to the seats again with Erwin. “If you say so.”

Vince looked down at you, then smiled. “Let’s get you better.” He stopped by the doors. “So, does this need to happen every rut?”

Hange sighed. “I guess what we can do is get her to live here for a bit, so no physical contact, but they can be close.” She opened the door and stepped in first. “Levi, we’ve brought your bonded mate.” Levi appeared in front of her, she held her hand up. “But she’s not well, so you can’t get physical with her. She needs you, needs to feel you next to her.”

Levi stepped around Hange and growled, then he saw you in Vince’s arms with your eyes closed. He called your name, then sniffed the air. “She’s…ill…”

Vince offered you to him. “She needs to be close to you.”

Levi too you into his arms, then called your name. He kissed your forehead. “Wake up.”

You opened your eyes and smiled at Levi; you saw he looked a little sad as if there was something wrong. “You okay?”

He squeezed you close. “You’re unwell.”

You linked your arms around his neck. “I’m fine now I’m back with you.”

He carried you to bed, then lay you down and lay next to you. “Tell me what’s wrong? Why is your light dim?”

You lightly touched Levi’s face. “When you left, I felt so weak and sad, like a part of me was ripped away. I couldn’t eat or drink, all I could do was sleep. I even made a little bed out of your clothes.”

His gaze softened. “You did?”

You nodded. “Yeah. Smelling you brought me comfort. I was sick too.”

His eyes widened. “Sick?” He glanced down. “Are you?”

You shook your head. “No, it was ill sickness.”

He kissed you and hummed. “If you weren’t so ill and weak, I’d want to mate and bond with you.” He nuzzled your mark, then nipped it making you feel a little better. “Let me stay with you, hold you and tell you I love you over and over until you believe it, until you’re all better.”

You clung to him and whined a little. “I love you.”

Levi squeezed you as his body throbbed for you, but Hange was right, Levi’s rut was telling him to protect you, to help you and be there for you. Levi was in full protective overdrive, if anyone dared to get close to you now, he’d attack. He pulled you against his chest, then rested his cheek on top of your head. “I love you always.”






You woke up in your own bed, then felt your heart hurting when you saw the space was empty next to you. You welled up, then sniffed back tears. You heard hurried feet, then Levi appeared in the bedroom doorway. He called your name, then moved over to your bed and sat down next to you. “I’m here, I’m here.” He pulled you into his arms and held you. “I brought you here yesterday.”

You frowned. “Huh?”

“You came over to Hange’s, we held each other for a whole day.” He played with your hair. “Then my rut was okay, I brought you home and you slept in my arms for another day.” He kissed your forehead. “How you feeling now?”

You nuzzled against his neck and hummed. “Better now you’re here.”

He kissed your cheek loads. “Good. Can I look at your soul?”

You lifted your head from him. “Sure.”

He cupped your face, then looked into your eyes. He smiled at you. “Pure as ever and your light is coming back. You just need some more rest, then you should be all better.”

You linked your arms around his neck, then one hand was playing with the back of his hair on the shaven bit. “I love you.”

He hummed and enjoyed your touch. “I love you.” He lightly kissed you. “What would you like to do today?”

You tapped your forehead against his temple. “Hold you.”

“Well, I’d love that. So, where do you want to hold me?”

“All around the house.”

“Lucky me.” He scooped you up, then carried you to the living room. “How about you hold me as I do some paperwork? I have to write up reports on souls.”

You nodded. “Please.”

He sat you down, then sat in front of you. You wrapped your arms around him, then your legs around his waist. You rested the side of your head on his back, then hummed in happiness as you hugged him. You felt yourself getting better by the minute. You let out a long sigh as Levi snapped his fingers, then began writing on papers in front of him. You moved your hands up and down Levi’s chest, just feeling him brought you comfort and him as well. He placed one hand on yours and looked through more papers, but what he really wanted was to snuggle with you on the sofa. He finished up his work as quickly as possible, the pulled your arms off him.

You frowned. “Why can’t I hold you?”

“You can.” He moved away, leaned his back against the arm of the sofa and opened his arms out. “Come here.”

You crawled across the sofa, then lay against his chest and hummed in happiness. “Perfect.”

He wrapped his arms around you, then kissed the top of your head. “Yeah, it is.” He closed his eyes for a moment, then rubbed your back. “You know, in my rut I could feel you were sad, really sad. It drove me nuts how much I could feel your pain. I was pacing back and forth, shouting at Hange, or anyone that talked to me. I wanted you, I needed you so I could make you better. Wanting to sleep with you never entered my mind, it was only the need to be near you and protect you only.”

“So sweet.” You leaned up and kissed him loads. “Do you know what happened to me? Why I was so…consumed by sadness?”

Levi hummed. “I think that the bonding mark is to blame. It’s been on you for…well…six months now, right? We are now truly and fully bonded as mates; the mark has fully infused us together. So, we can feel each other’s feelings, pains and wanted. When we’re far away from each other, its like we’ve lost a part of ourselves. Demon love…bonding marks…they’re dangerous, but they’re also beautiful. You felt sadness because you were away from me, you were no longer connected and next to the very person you love and adore. Your strength and mark are fuelled by the two of us being together.” He blushed a little. “Love is, embarrassingly, the very thing that keeps us both strong and makes us weak.”

You smiled at him. “I think that’s beautiful.” You traced patterns on his chest. “So, this is our life from now on? I get sad and lonely when you’re gone, but when we’re together we’re full of energy.”

He nodded. “Yeah, that’s right.”

You kissed him and hummed. “Really?”

“Really.” He played with your hair. “You’re not scared?”

You shook your head. “No, I’d never be scared because I have you with me always. I love you, every inch and fibre of me loves you.” You sighed. “I don’t mind getting sad over not being with you.”

“You sure? I can remove the bonding mark, or I could get you med suppressors.”


His eyebrows raised as you blushed red. “That was a fast reply.”

You pouted. “Shh.”

He wrapped his arms around you and kissed your cheek loads. “I love you so much.” You giggled at him, but you both stopped messing around when you heard the door. “I’m not expecting anyone, are you?”

You shook your head. “Don’t think so.”

He sighed and moved you off him. “You sit and relax I’ll see who’s annoying us.” He walked over and opened the door to reveal Lucifer. “Lu.”

Lucifer grinned. “Hello Levi, I thought I’d come over to check on kitten.” You referred to the room. “May I?”

Levi nodded and stepped back. “Come in.”

He walked past Levi, then smiled at you. “Hey kitten, you alright? I heard from Hange you were feeling unwell.”

You nodded. “I got sick while Levi was away.”

He sat down in a single seat near you. “Levi was away?” He gasped. “Oh, for his rut. My word, I don’t blame you two for being apart for that.” He tapped his own neck. “Your bonding mark is really strong. Probably explains why he needed to keep away from you, the stronger the bond, the rougher the rut.” He sighed. “It’s a good job you don’t get any heats, right?”

You smiled. “I guess, but I don’t know what they’re like, so I don’t know what to say.”

He leaned closer. “You’d want his body all the time and your body gets very, very hot.”

You hummed. “I guess it is a good thing.”

Levi sat next to you, then put his arm around you. “Drink Lu?”

Lu shook his head. “I was just dropping by. Your soul looks good, your light is a little dimmer than before, but plenty of rest and time with Levi should give you your spark back. This does mean you two need to stay close.”

Levi kissed your neck. “I can do that, can you?”

You nodded. “Yeah.”

Lu smiled, then sighed. “Also, I heard there was a pesky angel down here. Mind telling me about that more?”

You shrugged. “He was being a bit rude to me and the others, he marked my arm but Levi got rid of it. Vince and Levi argued with him, but I got them all to stop and Ezekiel said sorry.”


Levi nodded. “That’s him.”

Lu sighed. “Why did it have to be that fucking asshole?” He ruffled his perfect hair. “Damn shithead. Sorry kitten, Ezekiel is rather full of himself and thinks the light of the upperworld shines out of his fucking ass.” He smiled at you. “Sorry for my foul mouth, I just get rather annoyed at some of those angels. The fact he came down here.”

“Do you think he had anything to do that soul?”

Lu nodded and sat back. “Oh no doubt about it, it has his glitter fingers all over it. I investigated it personally and Vince had nothing to do with it, in fact I feel sorry for him because he blamed himself. He’s a good demon, he really is.” He played with his tie a little. “I’ve sent a message up top, I’ve asked for a rep to come down and chat to me about Ezekiel’s actions.”

Levi held you close. “Thank you.”

“I want you to be part of this investigation Levi, you’ll have to bring this one along for her safety.”  He smiled. “You’ll be staying at my manor, if that’s alright? It’s perfectly safe, safest place in this whole underworld. So?”

Levi looked down to you. “You okay with that?”

You nodded. “I want to know why he allowed a soul to hurt me, what his intentions were. He hurt Levi, not physically, but emotionally.”

“You’re so…”

Lu smiled. “Sweet…”

Levi nodded. “She is, isn’t she?”

Lu laughed. “It’s nice to be close to something so pure.” He stood up. “Take care of her, please. I have a feeling some angels are up to no good and it involves her. I’ll see myself out, take care both of you and I’ll let you know when to come over Levi.”

“Thank you again.”

“You know me Levi, I do anything for my demons and for good souls. Have a nice night.”

You waved to him. “Bye.” You let out a sigh, then cuddled Levi. “We’ll stick together through everything, right?”

He kissed you and hummed. “Always. I’d be willing to experience falling from the upperworld, just so I could be with you.”

You smiled as he tapped his forehead against yours. “That’s strong love.”

“All I know is I love you, always.”

You wrapped your arms around his neck. “I love you too, for all eternity.”