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Little light

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You sat on your sofa, laptop on your lap as you emailed work back to your boss that really, he should be doing, but yet again you were doing something for someone else. Your boyfriend, and your rock in life, had told you to be more selfish and stand up against your boss and do more things for yourself but it was hard. You weren’t naturally selfish, and when you were forced to be you pretended you were being when in fact you were doing what others wanted. So, that’s why on a day off you were stuck doing paperwork all day.

You picked up your phone to see if your boyfriend had texted you back, but still nothing. It didn’t bother you too much, he was a busy business man and you were just an office worker who faded into the background. You didn’t have anyone but your boyfriend Scott, your parents weren’t around anymore and you lacked friends since moving to this city with Scott. He was your only social connection, but when you moved to the city, he wasn’t ready for you to move in with him so you were stuck with a small apartment. Your place wasn’t that bad, well the taps leaked a little and the neighbours were really loud, and you were in a bad area. Apart from all that it was okay, you could deal with it.

You looked up as the power went off, the only light in the room was from your laptop. You got up and grabbed your lighter, then you lit the candles that were ready and waiting. It was normal for the power to go out in the block, as well as the water to go cold. So, you were prepared for anything. You even had blankets at the ready for when the heating gave up. You lit a few candles and smiled, it looked kind of nice like this. Then you turned on your fairy lights, all powered by battery of course. It was perfect for what you had.

You gasped and shivered as a cold air rushed through your apartment, you closed your eyes at how strong it was behind you. You blinked when it stopped, all your candles had been blown out. You pouted at them and went back to lighting them again.

“It’s pointless human.” You jumped at the deep soothing voice behind you, you eyed your side as a hand reached over. Their long fingers pressed on the wick of the candle putting the flame out. “Now I’m here, everything you do is pointless. Turn around and face me so I don’t have to stand around in this disgusting place like I can’t shit for weeks.”

You turned around to face a steel blue eyed man with raven hair and horns on his head, you weren’t scared, in fact you were in awe of his beauty. “Sorry my home is not hospitable.”

The man frowned. “Tch, you’re an odd one brat.” He pulled a face allowing you to see canine teeth. “Most fear me or yell at me.”

You hummed. “That’s odd.” You pointed to your kitchen. “Do you want a cup of tea?”

He tilted his head. “Do I?” He shook his head. “I guess so, we are going to be here a while.”

You trotted over to the kitchen and began making tea. “How do you take it?”

“Black.” He walked over, crossed his arms and leaned his side on the counter to look at you. “Tch, oi brat? Aren’t you afraid? Or do you offer everyone tea who comes into your house?”

You smiled and shrugged. “You appeared in my home with a massive gust of wind, plus you called me human so you must be something none human.” You handed him his tea. “I’ve always been a believer in a lot of things, plus most say I’m pretty calm.”

He stared at you as you giggled, he thought you were weird but really damn cute for a human. In fact, he felt a hunger like never before stir in him. He had never liked anyone before, in fact his fellow kind all slept with different things and people and yet he didn’t. He’d never been in love before either, and yet when he looked at you as you giggled, he felt a weird foreign feeling in his chest that scared him. His kind were not meant to be scared; he was meant to scare others but what you did to him was scary.

You gulped your tea. “Do you want to sit?”


You walked over to your sofa, you closed your laptop and offered him a seat. When he sat, you joined him. “So…”

He sighed. “I am the demon known as Levi and I’ve been offered your soul.”

You put your cup on the coffee table and sat facing Levi. “Okaaay…so…umm…”

“Would you like to know the deal?”

“Do I have to know?”

“I like to inform people why they are being dragged to hell.”

You bit your lip. “Sure, okay.”

“Your situation is…odd. You see most offer me their own souls, then I collect them later.” He elegantly put his empty cup down on the table allowing you to see his nails were black. He pulled at his back blazer of his finely pressed suit, he sat back on the sofa, arm over the back and legs crossed. You looked at his smart shoes as he spoke. “But you are an odd case, but then again it matches you as a person. I’ve never been treated so nicely by a human, especially considering the circumstances of the deal.”

You smiled. “Well, what’s the point in being mean to someone? You’re just doing your job, there’s no point in shooting the messenger right?”

“Right…” He tapped his foot a little. “I suppose you’d want to kill the person who sold your soul.”

You shook your head. “No, why would I do that?”

“Most people want to, even when it’s their own boyfriend who sold their soul.” He licked his lips waiting for you to react like all humans would, with rage.

“Scott sold my soul?”

He tilted his head; he felt the hunger for your sinful wrath to appear in him. “He did, he gave me your soul so he could have another woman as his lover. This woman rejected him because he was with you, so he got rid of you for her.” He hummed. “After everything you’ve done for him…you moved to a new city, you gave up a good job and a home for him and yet he did this to you. He gave your soul up for eternal damnation for another woman.”

You felt a sting in your heart, you were crushed, hurt even because Scott didn’t love you. Levi was right, you really did give up everything just for this man, and he goes ahead and sells your soul for another woman. “May I see the other woman?”

Levi clicked his fingers making a photo appear, then he handed it over. “This is her.”

You took it from him and looked at the woman, she was model level of beauty and clearly had some work done. However, in your mind, if she made him happy then that was good. You smiled at her. “She’s pretty.”

Levi snatched the picture back, he looked at the woman and visibly recoiled. “What picture are you looking at? Tch, she’s not pretty at all. Hell, you are far cuter, prettier and sexier than her. The man is an idiot to trade you in for her. Doesn’t it make you mad? Tch, it disgusts me.”

You shook your head surprising Levi again. “No, not at all. I mean, if she makes him happy then that’s good. All I ever want is for others to be happy, that’s why I work as hard as I do.” You smiled brightly at him, but Levi’s dark demon heart broke at your smile. He could see the real pain and suffering being pushed deep down inside you, it hurt him that someone would hurt such a kind and sweet girl like you. “So, this is okay. I’m fine.”

“Tch, I hate that human phase.” He held his hands up and used them to quote the phrase. “I’m fine.” He looked disgusted. “You never are when you say that.”

You laughed at Levi as you got up and took the cups. “I suppose you’re right, but with me I really am okay.” You washed the cups and put them on the drying rack, you dried your hands and walked back over. “So, what happens now?”

“I take you down to hell or the underworld, whatever you want to call it, your soul gets processed and they determine where you spend all of eternity. So, you either get punished, or you work.” He shrugged. “It depends on your soul.”

“Okay.” You sighed. “I’m ready.”

Levi got up and walked over to you, he put one arm around you and pulled you against his body. You gulped and blushed a little, he was perfectly solid against you. His scent was divine, his heat even better. He just had this soothing and calming effect on you. “Hold onto me, the journey there is a little cold and you can easily get lost as well.”

You hugged Levi. “Okay.”

Levi blushed a little, he usually hated people touching him but he rather liked what you were doing to him. “Let’s get this over with.” He clicked his fingers, you felt a rush of cold air, you gasped then pressed your face against Levi’s chest as the world rushed past you. Levi put a protective arm around you. He looked down at you, all he could feel was this overwhelming need to protect you. “We’re here human.”

You pulled away from him and blushed. “Sorry.”

He stared at you for a moment, then pointed to the desks with ques in front of them. “Simply join a que and your soul will be assessed by a demon, then they’ll tell you what happens.”

You looked at the ques then up to Levi. “Thank you, Levi for getting me here.”

He ruffled the back of his hair. “I’ve never been thanked for this before, it’s odd.”

You laughed and straightened his blazer, then your soothed your hands over it causing him to blush. “Sorry, it needed straightening.” You patted his chest. “So, I guess this is goodbye for good then?”

He placed his hand on yours on his chest. “It is human.” He looked around to make sure no one was around, then he leaned closer to whisper to you. “Take care of yourself.”

You smiled at him and nodded, then you turned and walked to the que. You looked back at Levi and waved to him, he waved back at you. You stood and waited for a while, then it was your turn. You smiled at the demon behind the desk. “Hello, how are you?”

They stopped typing at their computer, frowned and looked at you smiling at them. “I’m alright…how are you?”

“I’m good.”

He referred to the seat in front of his desk. “Umm please sit.”

You sat. “Thank you.”

He stared at you for a while then typed of the computer. “Oookay, so let’s have a look at your souls file.”

“Oh cool.”

He smiled a little at you. “You’re a fun one huh? In all my years I’ve never met anyone as positive as you.”

You giggled. “Really?”


“How long have you been working here?”

He shrugged. “Couple of hundred years.”


“Huh? Oh yeah, well I guess that’s a lot to humans.”

You shuffled in your seat. “So, you like this job?”

He nodded. “Since I was little, I’ve always wanted this post, I mean my father did it. I just like humans.” His smile dropped and he bit his lip in thought. “Okay, so I need to have a look at your soul.”

“Is something wrong?”

He smiled and moved a machine in front of you, it looked like the ones at opticians where you look at a hot air balloon and they look at your eye. “No, no, it’s just I can’t make a choice on your report so, I’m going to look at your current soul instead of your soul report.” He tapped the chin rest. “Just put your chin here and I’ll have a look, okay?”

“Sure.” You put your chin on the rest and looked ahead. “This good?”

He adjusted the machine. “Perfect.” He clicked and twisted a few things. “Hmm…odd, hang on a moment okay? I’m going to get my supervisor. You can sit back and relax.”

You sat back and rubbed your eyes. “Okay, sorry I’m causing trouble.”

He laughed. “No, it’s no trouble at all. Just stay right here.”

You sat there and waited, everyone around you went past and people in your que were moved to others and your line shut down. You looked back when you saw the demon come back with another male demon in a nice suit, you smiled at him. “Hello, sorry for causing trouble.”

He paused and laughed. “Well, my colleague here was right you are an odd one. You are no trouble at all, just different my dear.” He sat down and typed on the computer. “Let’s have a look…” He frowned. “Odd.”

The worked nodded. “Yeah, and take a look at the recording I made of her soul.”

The supervisor did, he watched the screen and his eyes lit up like he’d seen the most beautiful thing in the world. “Beautiful…”

“I know right? Which is why I don’t know what to do.”

The supervisor smiled up at you. “Do you mind coming with me? We’re just going to an office of the demon who runs all these desks, he’ll help us out.” He stood up. “Follow me Miss.”

You got up and followed him, you paused and waved to the man at his desk again. “Sorry and thank you for your time.”

He smiled and waved. “Bye Miss.”

You ran after the supervisor, then slowed down when you’d caught up. He smiled down at you, then opened the office door. “After you.”

“Thank you.” You stepped in and saw a large muscular man with chiselled features, he looked up at you with his red eyes when you walked in. “Hello, sorry for the intrusion.”

He frowned at you with a little smile. “It’s no problem at all.” He stood up and offered his hand, you shook it. “My names Al.”

You introduced yourself. “Pleased to meet you.”

He smirked. “Please sit miss and I’ll explain everything to you.”

You sat down. “Thank you.”

He leaned forward and smiled. “So, we’ve had a look at your soul and well…you’re too good for here.”

You opened and closed your mouth a few times. “So…what does that mean?”

“Well, we have to assess your soul and speak to our higher ups. However, we cannot have you working or punished so, you have to stay somewhere.” He looked up and smiled. “Ah, hello Erwin and Levi, welcome.”

You turned in your seat and smiled at Levi. “Hello again.”

Levi looked at you. “Causing trouble already, I only just let you go.”

You blushed. “Sorry.”

Erwin walked up to you, he crouched and looked into your eyes. “You’re right Al, she is a bright soul, like a little sprite.” He smiled at you. “My name is Erwin, I’m the head of the demon collectors. Basically, my demons are the ones who make deals and collect them when times up, we also are the front line in fights. Now, because we brought you here it means that you are our responsibility.”

“So, what happens to me?”

“You’ll have to live with one of us until we find out what we need to do with you. So, I’m.”

Levi put his hand on your shoulder. “I’ll take her.”

Erwin stood up and looked down at Levi. “I was going to, seeing as I’m the boss and I have to take responsibility for my soldiers.”

“I was the one who made the deal that involved her, and I was also the one who brought her down here. So, I’m responsible for her. I will take her.”

You pulled a face. “Sorry I’m causing trouble.”

Levi brushed some of your hair back delicately. “You’re not at all, do not worry too much brat.” He looked back up to Erwin. “Can I take her?”

Erwin shrugged. “Sure, why not. You know, you rarely if ever volunteer to take people in. You dislike the cadets as well.”

Levi clicked his tongue. “Tch, so what?”

“Alright, take her then. I will bring Hange over someday just to check her, we need to see if her soul is affected being here or there’s any changes.”

Levi nodded. “Got it.” Levi grabbed your arm, he pulled you to your feet and dragged you along. “Come on brat.”

You blushed and looked back at everyone. “Bye! Thank you for your time.”

“Tch, oi brat? Don’t be nice to anyone but me, got it?”

You blushed at him as you walked together. “Oh sorry, is it because they don’t like it?”

He pulled you against and pouted a little. “No, it’s because I don’t like it if you’re nice to everyone. I want you to be this cute, nice and sweet person to me and me alone.”

You gulped and blushed. “Really?”

He leaned closer and growled. “I’m a demon, so I’m possessive and selfish with things that belong to me.”

“I…belong to you?”

He held your body against his. “Yes, Scott sold you to me, therefore I own you. Now hold on.”

You held onto him, he clicked his fingers causing a rush of air, then you appeared in a very large and modern apartment. You stepped away from Levi and marvelled at how sleek and clean the place was, it was like a show apartment. His bathroom was to die for, it was huge and probably never ran out of hot water. The kitchen was dark but modern, it had every useful household goods in there and no junk. The living room was open to the kitchen, but it too was huge and cold in feeling. You walked over to see the view out the window, it wasn’t the best. It showed the underworld so, the sky and flowers you loved so much were no more. He did have a nice view down onto the city where souls, and demons lived.

Levi crossed his arms and stood next to you as he looked out. “The TV I have allows you to have access to any human entertainment created.”

You smiled at him. “Thank you.” You looked around and noticed only one bedroom door. You wandered over, opened it and stared at the massive bed inside. “Umm.”

“I’ve always lived alone, so we’ll share.” He leaned over behind you to whisper in your ear making you shiver. “It means I can keep a close eye on you and hold you tightly.”

You stepped away from him and sat on the bed, then you pressed it down with your hands. “It’s soft, really soft.” You flopped back and giggled. “Much softer than my bed at home...well it’s not my home anymore...”

Levi seemed to glide over to you as he walked, he was a strong man that demanded attention. He sat on the bed next to you at your side with his leg slightly on the bed, his front facing you. He reached out and played with your hair making you pull your hands to your chest. “You really didn’t have much in your world, did you?”

You smiled. “I had enough.”

He traced his fingers down your body and rested it on your waist, he looked back at your cute face and beautiful bright eyes that held secret pain. “Is there anything at all that you desire?”

You gasped then closed your mouth. “I umm.”

“Do not lie to me, I know when humans lie. Now tell me, is there anything you desire?” His eyes searched yours, but found no selfishness just pure kindness and pain. He sighed. “No matter, another time.”

You looked away from him and almost whispered your reply. “Sorry.”

He sighed. “Don’t be sorry, from now on I don’t want you to use that word in this house.”

You looked at him. “Okay.”

“As to regards to your clothes, I’ll get you anything you want. If you can’t choose, then I’ll pick nice clothes for you. I’ll cook and clean for you as well, all I ask for you to do is make that nice tea you made in the human world, it was the best I’ve ever had. Agreed?”

You nodded. “Yes.”

“Good, now you need to rest. I collected you at night time in your world, so sleep.”

You looked down at yourself. “I’m not really dressed for.” He clicked his fingers causing you to be only wearing a long shirt of his and lace underwear, you blushed a little and looked up at him with parted lips. “Thank you.”

Levi felt his black wings want to burst as he shivered in delight, he just wanted to have you then and there, his demon instincts were telling him to ravage you. He growled a little causing his eyes to change into his demon red ones. He turned on the bed to kneel in front of you, you crawled backwards causing the top to drop off your shoulder and reveal more of your thighs. He crawled after you, you gasped at him. Your back pressed against the headboard; you squeaked a little as Levi pressed his long hand onto it right by your head. He leaned closer as he growled more, his lips dragged across your cheek to your ear. He enjoyed your little gasp moan. Levi’s voice was deep as he whispered. “You should go to bed, now, or I’ll end up eating you and not the soul eating kind.” His hand trailed up the inside of your thigh, then he stopped and squeezed. “But the fun kind.”

“Y-yes! I’ll go to bed.”

“Good girl.” He pulled away and grabbed the quilt with him. He sat back and nodded to the bed as you stayed there frozen. “Get in then.”

You blushed. “Sorry! Oh, I’m not supposed say that sorry...oh crap...” You covered your face with your hands and flopped into bed. “Uggh I’m an idiot.”

Levi tucked you in then ran his hand through your hair as you whined a little. “You’re not an idiot, far from it. Now sleep brat, you’ve been through a lot.”

“Okay... thank you, Levi.”

“You don’t need to thank me so much, but you’re welcome.”






Levi stared at Hange, he really didn’t like coming to her for help because she wouldn’t shut up. He liked Hange, he even regarded her as a close friend but she really went off on one. However, he had no choice because he was worried about you. Hange had a massive obsession with humans, so she was the knowledge centre.

He stared at her messy suit; her shirt untucked. He was just irritated by looking at it, he didn’t get why he was friends with such a messy person. He didn’t like that grin she gets either, the kind where she’s expecting something. “Tch, get that shit eating grin off your face, it’s annoying.”

She laughed. “Sorry, it’s just rare you come to me for help. So, what’s wrong?”

He clenched his jaw then sighed as he said your name. “She’s bothering me.”

“If you wanna fuck her, then do it.”

“Tch, fuck no, she deserves more...” He rubbed the back of his head. “That’s the problem though, I keep thinking about her and I get all riled up and want to make her feel I dunno...”

“Loved?” He didn’t answer her, because he didn’t want to admit it. So, she had to come up with something. “When you’re with her, are you trying to make her happy?”


“Do you watch her a lot?”


She leaned forward. “When you’re together, like close to each other do you feel your wings wanting to appear, your eyes change and a weird burning in your chest but it’s addictive?”

He nodded. “Yes.”

“You’re in love then.”

He clenched his jaw and looked down at his lap. “Love huh? What am I supposed to do with that?”

She shrugged. “Act on it, our kind can’t hold back that emotion for very long.”

He sighed. “I can’t do that; I mean I brought her here a few days ago because of her boyfriend selling her. I can imagine it’s still an open wound, well I thought it would be, she’s very calm about it all. I’d love to indulge in her, but I’m concerned about her well-being.”

She tilted her head. “How so?”

“She sleeps a lot, doesn’t eat much and barely smiles or laughs now. She’s quiet and keeps to herself and doesn’t talk much. She also gets this cold distant look in her eyes.”

Hange knew what was wrong, it was a sad illness that affected a few humans. The problem was, you couldn’t die here, so you’d have to suffer with your illness for eternity. “I hate to say it Levi, but she’s depressed.”

He looked up at Hange. “Depressed?”

“Yeah, everything you described are symptoms of it. She probably knows she is as well because of how she’s acting. I’m not surprised really; her life was cut short and the man she gave everything up for sold her soul for another woman.” She tapped on her computer. “No parents, no friends, all she had was him. She gave up a good job, a home and friends for him. He made her live in a shitty apartment all alone and have a crap job only to have him screw her over.” She shrugged. “I’m impressed she’s managed to hold it all in for as long as she has.”

Levi sat forward. “It’s shit what he’s done, I hate it so much and I wanted her to make a deal with me so I can rip him apart.”

“She won’t though, because she’s a good person.”

Levi sighed. “So, how can I make her better?”

Hange grinned. “Talk to her, let her know you are there for her. Comfort her, so plenty of hugs and make sure she eats. Be patient with her, it’s hard for a selfless person to talk about themselves.”

Levi got up and nodded. “Got it.” He paused a moment. “Thank you.”

She smiled at him. “Anytime.”

He clicked his fingers and appeared in his room, he looked around then spotted you sat on the sofa with your legs stretched across it and a blanket around you. You had your head resting on the side, the tv on in the background and you were sweetly napping. He made you a cup of tea, then slice some cake for you. He wandered over to the U square shaped sofa, he placed your things down then sat next to you. He played with your hair, then leaned closer and kissed your forehead.

You hummed and woke up, you smiled at Levi. “Hello.”

“Hello, how are you?”

“I’m fine.”

He pinched your cheek. “You’re lying.” He let go of your cheek allowing you to rub it. “You can talk to me you know. I mean we are spending a long time together. So, talk.” You pulled a little face, you really wanted to talk to Levi, or anyone. You had these strange emotions bottled up and you wanted to let them out, but you were scared. “It’s okay, I won’t judge you, I want to help you and it’s a very rare thing to find a soul as sweet and pure as yours. You don’t have to pour your heart out, maybe a little thing at a time.”

You nodded and looked at your hands on your lap, you brought your knees up and thought. You wanted to talk, you really did and maybe talking to the demon who’d helped you and showed actual concern for you would help. Levi was the only person who’d ever shown concern for you, ever. You couldn’t believe it took you technically dying to find someone. You welled up at that thought, you bit your lip as you tried to fight the tears. “You know, you’re the first person in a long time to care for me. I mean, I don’t care if it turns out fake and a lie, but it’s still…it means so much.”

“Good.” He reached and grabbed your tea. “I made you tea, and I have cake.”

You looked at him with tired eyes and hummed a laugh, you took the cup from him and hugged it with both hands. “Thank you.” You sipped and hummed at it. Levi idly played with your hair and made sure the side of your body was nicely pressed against him. “He never really loved me, did he?” Levi flinched and looked down at you, you were focused on the tv. “I did so much for him and he never loved me…” Levi saw you were shaking. “I’m unlovable.”

Levi watched you cry and fall apart in front of his eyes, he always thought humans were weak, it amused him, but on you it hurt to see. “That man did not deserve your love at all…I can’t wait for him to come down here, because I’m going to personally rip his soul apart over and over.”

You shook your head. “Don’t hurt him, no one deserves to be hurt at all. He just wanted love and he found it with another woman, I just wasn’t her, I wasn’t good enough for him.”

Levi held your upper arms, he snarled as he felt anger. “Why won’t you get mad?”


“Why won’t you hate him?” His canines became sharper, his demon eyes appeared. “Just hate him!”

You gulped. “I can’t.”

He slammed you down onto the sofa, he leaned over you and got closer as he growled. “Curse him, wish him death, say something against him!”

You welled up. “Don’t make me, I can’t.” You voice squeaked at the end, because of the emotion and pain you were in internally.

“He took everything from you, even your own damn life! Just tell me you hate him!”

You cried and covered your face with your hands. “I’m sorry, I’m so, so sorry.”

Levi’s anger slowly ebbed away with each desperate sob that came from you, he did the exact opposite of what Hange had told him to do. “Stop, stop crying please.” You didn’t. “Oi brat? I said stop!” He let go of you and sat up, he arms leaning on his legs as he looked at his hands. “I’m sorry I shouted, but it pains me to see him still hurting you even though you are free of him.”

Your voice was so quiet. “Why do you care so much? Is it because we have to live together?”

“No, you won’t understand, you couldn’t possibly…even I don’t fully.” He sighed and ran his hands through his hair.

You sat up and rubbed your eyes. “Okay.”

He sighed and sat up, then looked to you. “I need to put my demon seal on you, just to make sure no one tries to steal you away.”

“A seal?”

“Yes.” He eyed your body. “Where would you like it? I have an idea of where I want to place it.”

You gulped. “I…I…I…don’t know…”

“You really can’t be selfish, can you?”

“I umm…no…I dunno how to.”

He traced his finger down and between your boobs. “I’ll teach you, after all us demons are very skilled in the ways of being selfish.” He sighed when he saw exactly where he wanted his seal. “How about I give you two choices, just to make it easy on you?”


He tapped your right boob. “Right.” He tapped your left. “Or left?”

You blushed. “I umm…okay…um…left?”

“You sure?”

“Y-yes, if you’re okay with that?”

He licked one of his sharp teeth then growled, he leaned closer to the top of your left breast. “I would have loved either, I just want you to choose a bit more.” You eyed his ears becoming pointed, then long wings grew from his back. You looked to Levi’s black nailed hand as it pulled back your top to reveal your chest more. He licked your skin first, then blew on it. You shivered at how cold his breath was, but when he first appeared, he was cold then.

He nipped the skin then bit down, you gasped and moaned as you felt a cold burning sensation. You felt a rush of energy from yourself surge to where Levi was biting, you felt your head become light. You leaned your head back, your back arched up as your hands trailed to lightly grab some of his hair.

Levi glanced up at you as he felt your tug, he smiled into the bite and began kissing and nibbling the skin more. The mark was on your skin, but he wanted this moment to last a little more. He moved one of his hands to your thigh, he ran his hand up it and pushed your leg up slightly as he nipped hard. He licked a line up towards your collarbone, he dragged his pelvis against yours as he went earning him a little whimpered moan from you.

He kept his demon eyes on you, he also made sure not to push you too far or to be too rough in his touch either. He knew he had to be delicate, he had to be careful and show you how much he loved you. He leaned up and kissed under your jawline, then to your ear. He whispered your name to you and waited.

You opened your eyes and turned your head to him, you gazed into his eyes, tears spilled down your cheeks. You felt like a cheater, like you were betraying Scott by being like this with Levi, but it felt so good and so right. You looked at Levi, blushed, then looked away. “Is this part of marking the seal?

“Yes, I was making sure it was strong enough.”


He tapped his mark on the top of your breast. “The marks done.”

You blushed as you stared at it, it was so bold. “Wow.”

“I’m a strong demon, what did you expect? Plus, I may have indulged a little bit.”

You pouted. “Ass.”

“Now that’s more like it, let that anger out a little more. Plus, I like this pout, it’s very cute.” You pushed your hand against his face, he hummed in amusement.

You bit your lip as you felt your body throb for him, a heat like no other pooled between your legs. You were embarrassed and a little ashamed, but a tiny part of you wanted to throw it all away and just let this demon take you. However, your head won over your body. “Umm, could you?”


You laughed. “I mean could you possibly move? I’m a little squished here under you.”

He pulled back from you, his wings disappeared and his ears were back to normal then finally his canine teeth had retracted a little. “Of course, whatever you like.”

You sat up and adjusted your outfit. “Thank you.” You paused and looked at the mark on your boob more, it was two wings crossed, one over the other. “Wow, that’s not hard to miss. Did it have to be this strong and big?”

Levi hummed. “I must have put too much of my feelings into it, but I won’t apologise if you’re wanting me to because I don’t regret it.” He leaned closer and blew on your ear making you jump at how cold it was.

You looked at him. “H-How come your breath is so cold?”

He pulled away and tilted his head. “All demons have something they use for their power, for me it’s the cold and ice. I could freeze a whole human country within a blink of an eye with minimal effort.”

You blushed at him. “Wow, that’s really strong and beautiful.”


You nodded. “Yes, well minus the killing of people.”

He hummed. “Well, I’m a demon so it’s my job to kill, so I can’t minus that.” He held his hand out causing ice to form a little bunny, it hopped around his hand leaving a trail of ice-cold air and snow. You gasped as you watching it, it was magical and pretty. “I have never had anyone call it beautiful before, but as part of my courting ritual I’m supposed to show my love interest more of my power.”

You giggled and leaned closer to look at the tiny rabbit, it sat back and wiggled its nose. “This is wonderful, I wish I could make things like this. The lady you get with is very lucky.”

He closed his hand getting rid of the bunny, you locked eyes with him and held your breath. “You look so tasty right now.” His hand ran along your cheek. “So tasty.”

Your head became foggy. “L…Levi…”

He looked up just as you passed out, he called your name but you didn’t respond, he called again then sighed. “I think I over did it with the seal.” He picked you up and carried you to the bed, he lay you down then tucked you in. He went back into the living room just as someone knocked, he opened it to reveal Erwin and Hange. “What?”

Erwin smiled. “We need to talk about your little sprite.”

“Fine, come in and keep your voices down, she’s sleeping.”

Hange sniffed the air. “You perv, you marked her didn’t you and pushed her too much, she passed out.”

“Tch, shut up shitty glasses. I marked her because some demons can’t keep their hands off of people.”

“Well, I think you can’t keep your hands off her either.”

“What the hell do you two want?”

Erwin sighed. “Her soul can’t wait around and do nothing, it has to stay active here like all souls. So, we’ve arranged for her to work in a bar, it’s a pretty safe one so don’t worry. It’s with Vince, and before you say she will not be a dancer, she’ll be behind the bar where there’s a protective spell. Vince has assured me she’ll be perfectly safe.”

Levi clenched his jaw in annoyance, he was not happy at all because he knew Vince, he was a tall darkly handsome man. He had muscles, ice cold blue eyes, slicked back blonde hair and a charming voice that made any man or woman want him. He was worried you’d like Vince instead of him. “She’ll be safe?”

“Yes, and if she doesn’t work, she’ll get sick here and barely want to move or do anything.” He smiled at Levi, and folded his arms. “She wouldn’t be able to keep up with any fooling around with you.”

Levi sighed. “Fine, fine, I’ll take her to work with Ivan. When does she start?”


Levi growled. “You two owe me.”

Hange threw him a big tin. “Tea from the human world, your favourite kind as well.”

Levi studied it and sighed. “I’m gonna need more than this.”

Erwin smiled and nodded. “We’ll get you more, just make sure her soul stays active or her light will dim.”

“I got it, that all?”

“I was hoping we could stay for tea.”

“Sit.” He walked into the kitchen. “It’s a good job I’m in a good mood.”