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Let it snow

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"This is the best day of my life." Basile shouts, jumping for joy as Lucas joins them in the courtyard.

''Okay, breathe, man. It's just a trip.'' grumbles Lucas.

Yann gives him the big eyes.

"Stop being such a grouch. This is the trip! Our only trip of the year."

Lucas sighs and shrugs his shoulders. He'd really rather not go, but he won't tell his friends that. They already think he's cranky.

''They're like kids going off to snow class.'' Lucas laughs.

"Exactly," chords Basile, overexcited, "We're going to the mountains to have fun with girls, beer, weed and..."

"Teachers..." cuts Lucas "a curfew, separate dormitories..."

Basiel beckons him to shut up.

"It's just details." Arthur goes on, "I hear the senior class is planning a week of madness!"

Lucas sighs again.

"It's weird, though, their new school trip system."

The boys look at him in amazement.

"On the contrary, it's just too good." Arthur comments, "Asking sophomores and seniors to choose a class trip destination together is still crazy."

Lucas is rolling his eyes.

''Still. Having to go away for a week with the sophomores 3 and the seniors 3, just because we're in the first 3, it's kind of dumb, right? Just because we have the same number."

Yann patted him on the shoulder.

"Oh, I understand...Mr. is cranky because his girlfriend is in second 2."

Lucas pushes Yann's hand away.

"Nonsense. She's not my girlfriend anyway."

Basile puts both hands on his shoulders and shakes him.

"So that's all the more reason. We'll spend 5 days chasing girls!"

The teachers gather round and wave to them. Mr Coutan, the maths teacher stands out from the group. He looks one head taller than the rest of the teachers. He has a harsh voice and an inflexible face. He is the toughest teacher in the school but all the girls literally drool in front of him.
Next to him, the French teacher is talking with the bio teacher while the philosophy teacher is laughing with the sports teacher. Lucas smiles as he looks at him. He's shorter than Lucas, but he's imposing. The students love him, because he is nice, and because he makes sport fun. Plus, he always runs with them when he's teaching, which makes a change from teachers who are addicted to whistles and don't move from their seats the whole session.

Lucas sits next to Yann on the bus. Basile is so excited that it was out of the question for him to sit next to him. He takes out his headphones and plugs them into his phone. He's got a whole week's worth of playlists ready. Enough to keep him waiting while his friends ski. Because there's no way he's going to put his feet up on skis.

Yann stops his hand as he's about to put on his headphones.

''Please, Lu... Try to have fun," he says softly.

Lucas nods his head and opens his mouth to answer, but no words come out. He looks at one of the seniors walking up the aisle. He's never seen him before. He's tall, so tall. His hair comes out of the hood of his sweet orange and he has a perfect smile, not even forced. His eyes are slightly stretched out, so you'd think he's not laughing when he looks at them.

Yann sweeps his hand in front of Lucas' eyes.

"Oh Lucas, are you listening?"

Lucas looks at the guy and it seems like he's repeating his name. Lucas shakes his head, sure he's dreaming and looks at Yann.

''I promise, I'm gonna have a blast. I'm gonna have so much fun, I was begging you not to bring me home on Friday. But right now it's not even 7:00, so I'll just settle down with some music. You want to?"

Yann starts laughing and Lucas puts one of his headphones on to introduce him to a new song.

The mood on the bus is just crazy. The teachers are all at the front, chatting quietly among themselves, without ever looking towards the back of the bus while the youngsters make a crazy noise.

Some are playing cards, others are talking about the parties they are going to organize and the alcohol they have brought in the hold, well hidden under their clothes.

When the bus stops at 9 am at a motorway service area, Lucas watches as the high school students almost run out and rush to the bakery. He almost gets out last, preferring not to be pushed and laughs as he passes the girls lining up to go to the toilet.
The guys offer to have breakfast but Lucas remembers that he didn't take his jacket so he turns around to get his wallet.

He hears Mr. Coutan screaming before he even gets to their bus. It's not really that he wants to listen, but he doesn't really see how he can get into the bus to get his jacket without passing in front of the teacher.

''It's totally irresponsible what you did, Elliot. Your parents were worried sick about you."

''They'll get over it, they're used to it."

The voice is soft and calm, in complete contrast to the teacher's.

''If we could, we'd wait here for them to come and get you. We're only halfway there yet."

''Let me call them. I'll arrange everything."

The voice gets angry and worried. Lucas looks at the time. They're supposed to be back on the bus in 15 minutes. If he wants something to eat, he's gonna have to get his wallet now.
He uses the silence as an opportunity to step forward and walks by without looking at the teacher or student. But he recognizes the brown jacket.

"Eliott" repeats to himself as he walks up the aisle to his seat. He grabs his wallet and is about to leave just as Mr. Coutan taps Eliott's shoulder sternly.

''I'm watching you, Elliot. You're not going anywhere alone. No more bullshit until Friday."

As Lucas gets off the bus, Eliot looks at him and smiles.

''Yes, sir. While I'm waiting to get back on the bus, I'm gonna grab a bite to eat with Lucas. I wouldn't be alone if I was with him. Is that good for you?"

Lucas sees his teacher's gaze fall on him. He tries not to show his panicky face. Why the hell would Eliott want to hang out with him. He clearly doesn't. What if he's just looking for an excuse to get the hell out of there. Would Lucas be blamed for letting the older boy get away?

He reaches the parking lot floor, trying to calm his thoughts when he hears his teacher talking to him.

''Okay. Go get something to eat quickly. I didn't know you two were friends. That's good. Lucas is serious. I trust him."

He turns to Elliot and he says, "I don't trust you at all. You better stop fucking around."

So, Eliott grabs Lucas' wrist and pulls him towards the station. But instead of going in, they sneak sideways between two buses and find themselves hidden by a German bus. Eliott stops and drops him. He turns around to look at him and throws what Lucas thinks is the most beautiful smile he has ever seen.

"Thank you, Lucas, you saved me from the lion's claws."

Lucas watches as Eliott reaches under his hood and pulls a joint out from behind his ear. He laughs, thinking he had it there during the whole teacher chat.

"Do you smoke?"

Lucas nods and reaches out to retrieve the joint after Eliott.

"You don't talk?"

Lucas shrugs his shoulders and pulls a long smoke. He passes the joint to Eliott with a smile on his face.

''You don't even ask me what the fuck I did on a Monday morning at 9:00 a.m., just two hours after I left Paris."

Lucas turns his head to Elliot. He smiles but seems surprised.

"You don't have to tell me, you know."

''Oh, fuck, he's talking.'' Eliott laughs.

''Shut up, Elliot. I'm not a morning person." Lucas laughs.

Elliot looks at his watch.

''It's still 9:25. You ain't a morning person then."

Lucas shrugs his shoulders and grabs the joint.

''My friends will say I'm not noon or afternoon, either, but I'm getting better by the end of the night.''

Eliott looks at him, serious face.

''Well, I can't wait to see you late at night then.''

Lucas is trying to hold back the redness that's trying to get up to his cheeks. He passes the joint to Eliott and tries to change the subject.

"So, why were you getting yelled at so early in the morning?"

"I forged the documents so I could come here this week. My parents didn't want me to come."

Lucas starts laughing.

''And they figured that out already? You're no good at escaping, are you?"

And Elliot laughs with him.

"I'm the king of the escaping. I left them a note to warn them. But I didn't think they'd call the school"

Lucas looks up to the sky.

''Did you think they'd see your note and let you get through the week before they yelled at you on Friday?"

"Yeah," just says Eliott.

He looks at his watch and says they're late. They're sneaking across the buses.

''Why didn't they want you to come?'' asks Lucas softly, looking sideways.

"They're afraid I'll do something stupid," says Eliott, smiling.

His smile provokes Lucas' smile back.

When they arrive in front of their bus, Mr. Coutan is waiting for them in front, impatiently.

''We had said 9:30 a.m. It's 9:35 a.m, Lucas."

Lucas lowers his head and whispers a "Sorry" as Elliot stops in front of the teacher.

"It's my fault."

Mr. Coutan looks up at Elliot and raises his eyes to the sky.

"That I can imagine."

"It's my fault," Lucas corrects Lucas as he comes down a step. "I wanted to get coffee, but it was hot and took me a long time to drink it. Sorry.''...

The teacher looks at them both and pushes them up the stairs.

"Come on, come on, we've got a long way to go."

As is the tradition, since they're late, they're cheered by the entire bus. Lucas turns all red and gets all small as Eliott seems to be enjoying the cheering. He raises his hands to the sky as if he was doing the ola.

Lucas finds his place next to Yann.

''What were you doing, man? We've been looking all over for you?"

Arthur turns to his seat to see Lucas.

"What were you doing with Demaury?"

"Eliott?" Lucas asks. Lucas is surprised Arthur knows him.

"Yeah. He transferred out last month. I hear he misses half the classes and draws in the class when he's around. Apparently he missed his SATs last year."

Lucas looks at him, even more surprised.

"How do you know all this?"

"Emma told me. She found out from Alex. He's standing next to him in French. He doesn't really seem to mingle, but all the girls are trying to hook up with him. It must be the secret side that attracts them."

Lucas gets up from his seat to take off his jacket and sneaks a peek at Eliott. He's sitting next to a girl in her senior year, Mathilde, but looks like he's in what looks like a sketchbook. He is totally turned towards the window, showing that he doesn't want to talk.

Lucas is half hovering the rest of the way. He ends up falling asleep on Yann's shoulder. When they arrive at the shelter, the stream of young people running down from the bus starts again. Once again, Lucas quietly waits in his place for most of the students to get off.

It is only when he finally gets up that he notices that Eliott is still there too, asleep, his head resting on the window.
Lucas looks at the rest of the bus. Some girls are laughing in the front with their jackets on and they are alone in the back.
He approaches Eliott and shakes him gently by the shoulder.

"Elliot, we're here."

Eliott grunts and then opens his eyes and jumps.

"Sorry." excuses Lucas as he backs away, "We're here."

And Eliot leaps up and looks at the rest of the bus.

''Shit. Thank you for waking me up. The teachers would've been happy to leave me here."

Lucas isn't really sure about that, but he's laughing.

As they both get off, they're called by Mr. Coutan right away.

''Okay, Elliot, I tel your parents. They're letting you spend the week with us. Buta lopsided step and they'll come and get you. You'll come to see me every morning to make sure you're taking your medication. In the meantime, you'll give it to me and I'll lock it up."

Lucas turns to Elliot and he turns pale and his face gets all twitchy.

''Lucas. Since you two seem to be getting along so well, you'll be Elliot's tutor."

''Hey,'' says Eliott, ''I'm way older than him. That's totally idiotic."

Mr. Coutan is waving at Eliott to shut up.

''That's what you get for being a dick, kid. So Lucas will be your tutor. He's a serious student. Lucas, I'm counting on you to make sure that Elliot stays clean and doesn't wander off on his own."

Lucas looks at Elliot and then at his teacher.

''But...'' He starts in shock.

''No protest. Get your bags and go to your room."

Elliot goes into the hold grumbling, followed closely by Lucas, who analyses the situation. Eliott grabs his bag, then Lucas' bag, and pulls them up on his back.

''It's my bag.'' Lucas protests.

It makes Eliott laugh.

''I know. Come on, let's go to our room, tutor." he says, still laughing.

He walks into the foyer carrying their two bags. Lucas enters first into the bedroom hallway on the ground floor.

"We're in this one" says Yann from the end of the corridor.

Lucas sighs with relief when he sees that the room has five beds.

"Lucas, you forgot your bag in the hold." remarks Arthur.

At the same time, Eliott comes in and puts their bags on the two bunk beds upstairs, shouting "We'll take the top bunk beds.''

Lucas looks at his buddies who don't even bother to close their mouths slightly ajar.

"I thought we were by class?" Yann asks astonished.

"Sorry, you'll have to put up with me," laughs Eliott, "teacher's orders. It's my punishment... and yours too, I guess. I'm Eliott."

The boys introduce themselves and soon the atmosphere becomes less tense. Eliot explains why the teachers are mad at him and tells them that Lucas is his guardian.

"Oh, poor Eliot" finally says to Basil. "Lucas is so cranky."

"Thanks, man." Grumps Lucas.

''See, that's what I was saying. Lucas is such a killjoy."

Eliott looks at Lucas and smiles at him.

"I never noticed that before."

''Anyway,'' cuts Lucas, ''I'm certainly not a serious student. And I'm not planning on being your chaperone. Let's be clear."

Eliott looks at him, like he's really surprised. He walks up to Lucas and starts ruffling his hair.

He's like, "That must be your angel face cheating on the teachers then."

His friends start laughing with Elliot as Lucas tries to keep his face from turning red.


All five of them are going to lunch. Eliott chats easily with the boys and they laugh a lot. Lucas laughs so much that he doesn't really pay attention to his meal and doesn't eat much. Eliott points out to him but tells him to mind his own business. His friends look at him furiously but make no comments. After the meal, they go to the classroom.
And yes. They have classes. For a week, they will be allowed to ski in the morning, but they will have classes in the afternoon.
Eliott lets the boys go into their assigned classes but holds Lucas by the wrist.

"what if I took this opportunity to run away?" he says with a smile.

''You're over 18, Elliot. And legally, they can't do anything to me if I lose you, so do what you want."

Elliot's face is getting serious. He even looks sad.

"I'm 19...and maybe you'd rather I got out of here after all, huh?"

Lucas looks around and then his cheeks turn red. He starts whispering.

"No. I really hope you'll be here after class."

Eliott lets go of Lucas' wrist and his smile comes back on his face.

''Okay. I'll see you in a two hours then."

''We have four hours of class, Eliot." Call Lucas back.

''We're skipping the last two.'' says Eliott, winking at him.

Lucas pretends to be shocked then starts laughing.

"Very discreet... indeed you're the king of the escape."

Eliott walks out into the hallway raising his eyebrows. "Two o'clock, Lucas."

Lucas is having a hard time concentrating on math class, and it's even worse for French class. He makes up his mind when Mrs Frou, the biology teacher, arrives to teach his class.

''My fucking stomach hurts too much,'' Lucas moans as he squats in his chair. He looks at Yann with a grimace of pain.

Yann looks at him then gets up from his chair.

"Ms, Lucas isn't feeling well."

Lucas squats in his chair and explains that he's often ill after long journeys. The teacher asks him to go straight to his room and lie down for a while. Yann offers to come with him but the teacher starts laughing.

''Do you really think I'm going to say yes? Classes are not optional, Yann."

Lucas gets up, bends in half and walks out of the room standing on the walls. Before going through the door, he looks at Yann and a smile appears on his face in spite of himself.
As soon as he finds himself in the corridor, he straightens up and goes to his room.

Lucas doesn't even know why he's doing this. All he knows is that he finds himself in his room, in front of a surprised Eliott.

"No. Did you do it?"

Lucas looks just as surprised as Eliot. Eliott gets up from Basil's bed, the only non-bunk bed in the room, where he was sitting, and approaches Lucas.

''Why did you do it, Mr. I'm-a-serious-student?''.

Lucas starts laughing and Eliott puts his hand over his mouth.

''Shh. If anyone hears us in the hall, we're gonna get killed."

He takes his hand away and Lucas smiles.

"Then why?"

Lucas shrugs his shoulders.

"Why not? And then I told you I'm not a serious student."

So Elliot climbs up on his bed and sits down and waves to Lucas to join him. "Elliot has to keep his head down and be halfway down so he can stand up without hitting the ceiling, but Lucas doesn't have that problem. Eliott does not fail to point out to him.

''It's still a hell of an advantage to be so small."

''I'm not small.'' Lucas grumbles. ''You look like a giraffe. How tall are you?"

Elliot's thinking.

"6. That's not that tall."

Lucas doesn't tell him he's under 5'5. He's certainly not gonna give him that.

''A baby giraffe.'' Lucas laughs.

''I think of myself more as a raccoon'' Eliott says very seriously.

Lucas is checking him out to see if he's laughing, but Elliot is very serious. He grabs his bag and pulls out the notebook that Lucas saw on the bus.

''I consider him my spirit animal.''

Lucas grabs the notebook that Eliott hands him and opens it. On the first page, a raccoon fights off two wolves. On the second page, he grabs his suitcase and sheds a tear in front of the locked door of his house. On the next page, the raccoon looks sadly out the bus window. Then the raccoon gets very small and faces a lion.

Eliott pulls his notebook out of Lucas' hands, but Lucas gets it back and moves on. The raccoon laughs with a

"I am a hedgehog?" Lucas is surprised.

Eliott retrieves his notebook and puts it away.


Lucas thinks and then kicks Eliott in the ankles.


And Elliot looks up and smiles.

"With your haircut, are you really asking the question?"

Lucas runs his hand through his hair and laughs.

"And then they're so cute" says Eliott.

Lucas looks at Elliot, wondering if he understands what he needs to understand. Is Elliot flirting with him?
He doesn't even have time to smile at her when the bedroom door crashes open.

"Guys, last class is cancelled, we're going to get our skis for tomorrow." Basile says before leaving as quickly as he arrived.

Eliott gets out of bed without using the ladder and looks at Lucas, who doesn't move.

"Are you coming?" he asks quietly.

"I don't ski." Lucas simply answers in a tone that calls for no comment.

''Are you coming?'' Repeats Eliot a little louder.

"I don't ski." Lucas repeats just as loudly.

Eliott climbs up the two rungs of the ladder, and his face is inches away from Lucas'.

"You come to snow school and you don't want to ski?"

''Absolutely,'' confirms Lucas, without looking away from the blue-green eyes that look at him. ''Not like I really have a choice to come, anyway."

"You don't want to ski, or you don't know? "

Eliott's voice is so arrogant, Lucas moans and looks up to the sky.

"It doesn't work for me, Demaury."

And Eliott sighs and comes down the ladder.

''Too bad. If you needed help, I'd have held your hand the whole time."

And he comes out of the room. Lucky, because Lucas feels like his cheeks are totally crimson.

"Damn, Lucas, do you have a fever? "

Imane's voice startled him. She comes into the room and touches his forehead.

"Oh no, you don't sound fever. But you're all red."

Lucas touches his cheeks and breathes softly.

"No, don't worry, I'm fine."

Imane looks behind her and then looks at Lucas again.

"How's it going with Elliot?"

Lucas almost chokes on her own saliva.

"All right, why?"

"Nothing, I know he can be cold and aloof, but he's really nice. I'm sure you two have a lot in common."

Lucas gets out of bed with Elliot and stands in front of Imane...

"Wait, you know him?"

Imane seems to think and then nods his head.

"He was one of my brother's best friends. They went to the same high school last year. But you can't believe the rumors. He's a good guy."

Lucas smiles at him. Imane's a really nice girl, even though she tries not to show it.

"Why was?"

Imane doesn't seem to understand.

"Why was your brother's best friend? Is he not anymore?"

Imane shakes his head.

"No. It seems to be a kissing thing. Guys, always getting angry about girl stuff. But that's all I know. I do not see the point of getting angry over a girl. Especially since Elliot has been in a relationship for 4 years so I don't understand. But maybe it's my brother who wanted to kiss his girlfriend. Frankly, I don't know and I don't want to know. I'm not gonna meddle in my brother's life."

Imane walks out of the room, not even noticing Lucas' sad face. So he imagined everything in his head. Eliott only sees him as a friend. He's already taken. And a long story, too. Lucas gets into bed and lies down, putting his hood over his head.


"Shit, he's asleep."

Lucas isn't asleep, but he's still hiding under his blanket, your head in his hood and hears Yann's voice very well.

''We won't let him sleep. He didn't eat anything this morning and only pecked at lunch. We should"

Eliott's voice sounds worried and Lucas blames himself for imagining all this. To imagine that he could be more than friends with Elliot.

"You know," Arthur cuts him off. "We're used to it. Lucas only eats when he wants. If you don't want to alienate him, you should just leave it alone."

Lucas is smiling into his pillow. His buddies know that food is a sensitive issue for Lucas. That, and sleep. And the scars on his wrists. And his mom... and his dad... Lucas grunts unintentionally. His life is a fucking sensitive issue.

The bedroom door slams shut and Lucas sighs gently with relief.


Lucas turns his head and meets the worried look of Eliott who has climbed back up the ladder to be at his height.

"Lucas, are you coming to eat?"

"I'm not hungry" grunts Lucas as he puts his head back in the pillow.

Eliott puts his hand on Lucas' back.

"Please, little Lu."

Lucas is startled and straightens up in bed.

''Don't call me Little Lu. What kind of a nickname is that, anyway?"

And Elliot shrugs his shoulders and smiles...

"I'll call you that all week if you don't show up for lunch."

Lucas grunts and hesitates. But finally he pushes Elliot and uses the ladder to get out of bed. Eliott smiles happily and Lucas taps his shoulder.

"Never hear that again, okay?"

"Promise." Eliott swears as he drags him into the dining room.

Lucas grabs a tray but leaves it almost untouched. He's about to get up with the guys when Eliott's hand grabs his arm, forcing him to sit still.

"What?" He gets mad watching Elliot.

''Are you kidding, Little Lu? You haven't eaten a thing."

"You promised you wouldn't call me that anymore."

Eliott nods his head towards Lucas' tray.

"I said if you're coming over for lunch... You came here, but you didn't eat anything. So I'm waiting."

Lucas sighs and looks up to the sky.

"You're not going to stand here and watch me eat?"

Elliot nods his head, very serious.

"What if I don't eat?"

And Eliott thinks.

"First I'll call you Little Lu for the rest of your life, and then we'll have to sleep here. Because there's no way you're getting out of here without eating."

Lucas rips his arm out of Elliot's grip and gets mad.

''Why the fuck do you care so much? I'm doing what I want, right?"

Elliot seems to be hurt. He moves closer to Lucas and starts whispering.

''I'm worried about you. Because I care about you, Lucas."

Lucas feels the anger building up inside him. He feels his cheeks turn red and knows he can't hold his words back.

''Why don't you go call your girlfriend, Elliot. She must miss you."

And Elliot leaps to his chair and gets up.

''You know what, suit yourself, Lucas. Shit."

Lucas watches Elliot leave. He might feel happy that he won this fight, but he's feeling sad. He's feeling sad because Elliot's gone. And because he hurt him. He shouldn't have to worry about that. He only told the truth. But he feels really bad now.

He pushes his tray back and walks out, wishing he'd just eaten and laughed with his friends like a normal guy.

Eliott's not there when he gets to the room. The guys explain the plan to him. It's ten past 9:00 p.m. In five minutes, a teacher's going to come in to see if they're in bed. At 9:30 p.m, they head, room after room, to the third floor, where the classrooms are.
Just before Mr Coutan comes to check their room, Eliott walks through the door and jumps under his duvet. Lucas swears he has red eyes but he can't check it because Eliott turns his head in the opposite direction.

At 9.30 pm, Yann is the first to come out of the room. Lucas touches Eliott's arm, who turns towards him surprised.

"Eliott, I"

But Eliott is already rushing down the hall. Of course, the corridors are plunged into darkness. And Lucas hates it. But he clings to Basil's sweetheart walking in front of him and they reach the third floor.

Behind the fireproof, and therefore soundproof, doors, the students laugh, drink and smoke in the window. Lucas grabs a beer and sticks it in his mouth almost straight away. He takes one of Yann's hands, who brings some back for the whole group and silences him when he tells him to take it easy.
Lucas leaves his mates, looking for a more... fruity alcohol. He has a tequila beer and is offered a smirnoff. He's finally starting to feel better.

He finds himself in a classroom where some of the students are dancing and starts dancing with Alexia. His blue hair tickles Lucas' laughing face. He stumbles but catches up with his arm and moves closer to her, more out of necessity to stand up than out of envy. She looks at him surprised and talks to him, but he doesn't hear. She waves him out and he shrugs his shoulders.

"Are you all right?" she whispers in his ear.

He nods his head and raises his thumb. He raises his beer, but it doesn't reach her lips. He looks at her empty, disbelieving hand and realizes that it was Eliott who just stole it from her.

''It's my beer. Find another one."

His tone is bossy, but Eliott doesn't seem impressed at all.

''Come on, Little Lu, enough drinking for tonight. Let's go."

Eliott grabs his arm, but Lucas tries to get out of the way.

''No, Elliot. I'm having fun."

Eliott takes one look at Alexia who looks at them and gets angry.

"By openly hooking up with Romain's girlfriend?"

...and Alexia hits him on the arm.

"Hey. I wasn't hooking him up. I was asking him if he was okay or if he wanted to go out."

And Elliot looks at him and surprises him.

''Shit. I'm sorry. I thought you was".

And Alexia just laughs out loud and stares at him...


And Eliott grabs Lucas's wobbly arm, and this time he lets him pull him out of the room.

In the hallway, a few students are drinking, but it's much quieter.

Lucas smiles stupidly while looking at Eliott.

"What?" he finally asks, annoyed to be stared at like that.

"Are you jealous?" Lucas is half laughing.

And Elliot looks around. He leans over to Lucas and smiles at him.


Lucas pushes him away and frowns.

''All right. That makes two of us."

Lucas starts walking down the hallway and stands on the walls so he doesn't end up on the floor. Eliott joins him and holds him by his waist to help him get to their room.

"I hate you, Elliot."

Lucas has a real drunken voice and Eliott doesn't even try to talk to him.

''I hate you for everything you make me feel, you know."

Eliott looks at him but says nothing. He doesn't want to have that kind of talk with a drunk Lucas.

''How much have you had to drink, Lucas?"

Lucas looks at his right hand and thinks and laughs.

"I don't have enough fingers on one hand."

Elliot sighs as he opens their bedroom door. The guys aren't here yet. He helps Lucas into bed, practically carrying him, and takes off his sweater.

''In my dreams, you're undressing at the same time as me,'' mumbles Lucas as Elliot takes his jeans off. ''Please sleep with me. Please'' Lucas begs.

Eliott pulls up his blankets and strokes his cheek. He puts a gentle kiss on it.

"When you're sober, little Lu."

Lucas grunts angrily and watches as Eliott goes upstairs and lies down in bed opposite his.

"Please" begs Lucas.

Eliott grunts but doesn't move. He feels a blow in his shins and doesn't have time to realize what's happening, that the sound of Lucas falling to the ground makes him jump.

''It's your fault.'' Groans Lucas on the floor.

Eliott jumps out of bed to help him sit up. Their eyes meet and the two boys burst out laughing.

''I just wanted to come to your bed'' admits Lucas between chuckles.

Eliott looks at the space between the two bunk beds and laughs. The distance is really not that great.

''That's the problem with being small... Small and drunk."

Lucas hits Scott's chest, puking his guts out.

''Come back to bed, little hedgehog.'' Eliott says, laughing.


Lucas gets up and climbs up Eliott's bedpost with a defiant look on his face. Eliott climbs up without using the ladder and lies down on Lucas' back, putting his arm around his waist.

"Finally... good night, Eli."

Eliot smiles as Lucas's hair tickles his nose.

"Good night, Little Lu."

Lucas doesn't growl, so Eliot assumes he's already asleep.