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Angelic Pair

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Izuku loved his family’s quirks. Even when he was a child, he admired his father’s broad wings, his mother’s ability to float objects, and his older brother’s wings, which were similar to their father’s. He also loved flying and constantly begged his brother and father to fly him around. 


His brother always obliged him, enjoying the laughter and happiness from his younger brother. Their mother Inko always worried over them whenever his brother, Keigo took Izuku on a flight. Thankfully, their father Hisashi managed to convince Inko that they would be fine.


Speaking of his father, he was The Flying Hero: Eagle. He was the number eight pro hero in Japan. His quirk gave him a pair of chocolate brown wings that allow him to fly. Along with that, he could shoot his feathers out like projectiles. He couldn’t really manipulate them like his son did.


His first son, Keigo Midoriya, inherited his father’s feathery blonde hair, and his winged quirk, but it was a bit of an improvement of it. Unlike his father, he could control each individual feather’s movement and nature. He also developed a sort of echolocation due to feeling the vibrations in the air. Needless to say, Hisashi was proud that his first son’s quirk was an improvement of his.


It could have been because of Inko’s quirk, which was the attraction of small objects. It was a telekinetic quirk that could have merged with Hisashi’s quirk to allow improvements in the base quirk to happen. 


Izuku was really looking forward to the day he got his quirk. And when he was three, he got his first sighting of what it might have been.




The morning came like it always did. He didn’t want to get up, though, causing him to turn over when he found himself waking up. He was only three years old, after all, give the kid a break!


“Oh, Izuku~” Inko’s sing-song voice called as she walked up to his bed.


Izuku groaned, burying his head underneath the blankets. Inko giggled softly as she sat on the bed beside him.


“Come on, Izuku, you need to wake up. I heard Keigo was wanting to take you out on a flight today.” Inko said with a clever smile.


Izuku quickly shot up.


“Fly!” Izuku shouted, running out of his bed only to be caught by his mother.


“Not yet, Izuku. You gotta get out of your pajamas first.” Inko said with an amused smile.


“No!” Izuku tried to squirm out of his mother’s grasp.


Inko had no trouble holding him as she lifted her son’s shirt over his head. She gasped in surprise, causing Izuku’s squirms to stop. He was curious as to what surprised his mother.


“What?” Izuku asked.


“Izuku, you have wings…” Inko said in realization as to what she saw.


On Izuku’s back were two small golden wings that looked to be the size of Izuku’s forearm. Izuku was looking back, causing the wings to tilt away from his head unintentionally as he tried to look at them.


“Honey!” Inko called from the house.


Two sets of footsteps went to Izuku’s room. Keigo slid into view first, curiosity on his face. Hisashi slid into view right after him.


“What is it?” Hisashi voiced the pair’s curiosity.


“Izuku has wings!” Inko said.


“I have wings!” Izuku repeated.


There was silence for a solid five seconds before the two winged men exploded through the doorway and tackled both Inko and Izuku in a celebratory hug.


“He has wings!” Hisashi shouted.


“Nice job, little bro!” Keigo said, ruffling his little brother’s hair.


Izuku giggled, smiling happily at the attention he was given. He couldn’t wait to show his new formed wings to his friends. He’d have to wait until the weekend was over in order to do so.




Izuku couldn’t wait for school once the weekend ended. He woke up extra early in anticipation of meeting his friends and showing them his wings. And he did just that when he was brought to preschool. When he saw his friends, he ran to them.


“Guys! Guys! I got wings!” Izuku shouted in excitement.


“What?” A blonde haired boy who Izuku knew as Katsuki Bakugo questioned.


“I think I’m starting to get my quirk!” Izuku replied.


“Really?” One of his other friends asked.


“Show us!” Another one cheered.


Izuku lifted the back of his shirt and a few of the kids gasped in surprise at the two golden wings on his back. Some touched the small wings while others just looked at them moving around a bit.


“Those are nice and all, but I bet my quirk’s gonna be even better than yours, Izuku!” Bakugo said with a wide grin.


Izuku lowered his shirt over his wings once more and gave his best friend a wide smile in response.


“Nuh-uh! Mine’ll be better, Kacchan!” Izuku replied.


“We’ll see about that!” Bakugo replied, his grin turning challenging.


They were broken from their conversations when the teacher came in to start the day.




As the months went by, Izuku’s wing slowly grew until he wasn’t able to hide them comfortably under his shirt, so his parents had to get him special clothes that allowed his wings to protrude from them, including his school uniform.


At age four, his wings were large enough to wrap around his body as well as carry his weight. It was pretty obvious that he would have a winged quirk, but to make sure that there weren't any other features that came with it, they went to a quirk doctor to see if he was able to tell what else he was able to do.


Keigo was in school at the time they went, so it was just Inko and Hisashi. Keigo made his little brother promise that he would tell him anything new when he got back home. He was really eager to start flying with his little brother, too.


Little did Izuku know, he would be meeting someone very special there.



Izuku was sitting in the back of his father’s car, his wings wrapped around him, enjoying the heat emanating from them as he was brought to the quirk doctor. He was really enjoying the new feature of his quirk.


He discovered it that morning. His wings emitted warmth that wasn’t like his natural body heat. It was actually warmer than his body heat and seemed to emanate just from his wings. He really liked it and knew in winter he wouldn’t have to put on multiple layers of clothes to stay warm.


Inko glanced back at Izuku with a fond smile before looking at her husband, gently taking his free hand.


“He seems to like his quirk.” Inko said sarcastically.


“That new warmth aspect was a surprise. But it could help in soothing people he rescues.” Hisashi said.


“You think so?” Izuku spoke up with an excited smile, causing his two parents to laugh at him.


“I know so, Izuku. You’ll be the best hero out there. You’ll just have to make sure your brother doesn’t beat you.” Hisashi said teasingly.


Sounds of protest from his son caused Hisashi to laugh the rest of the way to the quirk doctor’s office.




Izuku and his parents were told to wait for the doctor in their waiting room, as he was in the middle of another appointment at the time. The waiting room was relatively empty, save for one other family in there. They had a young girl with green, vine-like hair. She looked at Izuku with curiosity, especially when she saw his wings.


Izuku was interested in the girl as well. Her hair looked so interesting and cool and he wanted to know about it. While he wasn’t majorly social, he was comfortable with meeting new people. So as his family waited, he decided to introduce himself.


He walked towards the family and noticed their wide-eyed stare as they looked at him. He didn’t know why they were staring at him like that. They must have just been surprised at his golden wings. He was used to people being surprised at them. When he walked up to the girl, he gave a friendly smile.


“Hello! My name’s Izuku Midoriya! What’s your name?” Izuku asked.


The girl looked surprised that he spoke to her. She spoke back in a nervous voice.


“M-My name’s Ibara… Shiozaki.” The girl replied.


“It’s nice to meet you, Shiozaki!” Izuku said with a smile.




“Your hair looks really cool! Is that your quirk?” Izuku asked.


Shiozaki blushed as she was complimented. It took her a few minutes before she was able to reply.


“Y-Yes…” Shiozaki replied.


“What can you do with it? Can you control them?” Izuku asked with an energetic smile.


Shiozaki was surprised that someone could be so energetic, though she doesn’t really have any friends except for those at church. She was especially surprised that an angel would be that energetic. Whenever she read about them, they were always calm or kind.


“Y-Yes… I can control them…” Shiozaki replied, showing off her control by moving one of her vines on her hair.


He watched her move the vine in awe, a smile on his face.


“Woah! That’s so awesome!” Izuku said.


“Th-Thank you…”


“What else can you do with them?” Izuku asked.


“I-I don’t know… My parents want to know, so we’re on an appointment to a quirk doctor.” Shiozaki replied.


Izuku nodded in understanding. He then brightened up before looking at her again.


“Do you want to be a hero when you get older?” Izuku asked with a smile.


Shiozaki was surprised at the question, but nodded nonetheless. He brightened up even more.


“I do, too! How about we become heroes together?” Izuku suggested.


Shiozaki was once again surprised at his question, but for a different reason. He didn’t even know her but still wanted to become heroes with her. This angel was strange.




“Great! It’s a promise then!” Izuku said with a bright smile, extending his hand for a handshake..


The angel’s smile seemed to transfer to Shiozaki, a small smile forming on her lips as she took his hand.


“It’s a… promise.” Shiozaki said.


Izuku gave her another beaming smile as he drew his hand back.


“Izuku, it’s time to get going.” Inko called.


“Okay, Mom!” Izuku called back.


He turned to Shiozaki and smiled.


“It was really good to meet you! Bye!” Izuku said with a bright smile before turning and running to his parents.


Ibara Shiozaki looked on at the angel that she just talked to. She already missed the warmth she felt when he was with her. She also missed talking with him already. He was so nice, kind, and excitable.


“Our quirk doctor is ready, too, Ibara. Let us get moving.” Ibara’s mother spoke.


“Yes, Mother.” Ibara replied, taking her mother’s hand and walking there.


As she entered the office, she couldn’t help but let her mind drift back to her conversation with the golden winged angel. She really hoped she could meet him again soon.






Just a note that I don't want to constantly have repeating on every chapter. 

I hope you enjoyed the chapter and how I interpreted Ibara. I was trying to make her seem like a more sheltered child not used to human interaction as much as Izuku is. I hope that was clear with what was seen.


Also, thanks Stephano1294 and irmadbro for betaing and editing the chapter!

Chapter Text

“Well, Izuku Midoriya, your quirk is a rather interesting one.” The doctor began.


Izuku was sitting between his parents, having finished the tests the doctor performed on him. Said doctor was holding a clipboard with the results of the tests.


“It is?” Inko asked for Izuku.


“Indeed. It seems that the warmth aspect of it ties to another part of the quirk that remains undiscovered. Perhaps the quirk still has yet to fully develop.” The doctor continued.


“Do you know what that part is?” Hisashi asked.


“Unfortunately, my quirk could not tell me that much. I only know that the heat is a side-effect of that part. He could be able to superheat his wings to temperatures that can melt through anything or he could shoot heatrays. It’s really up in the air at this point.” The doctor explained with a shrug.


Izuku started moving his wings towards him, looking at them closely in wonder at the possibilities he could have with that second part of his quirk.


“Is there anything else that you can tell about it?” Inko questioned.


“Well, I know that, like other wing quirks, they are going to grow as Izuku grows. But unlike other wing quirks, his wings and feathers seem to be much more durable than the others I've seen in the past. I’m actually surprised.”


“Why’s that, doctor?” Hisashi asked.


“The durability of his wings are exponentially stronger. They could probably stop a bullet in its tracks. Not like I want to test the theory, but that’s just an example of how durable they seem.” The doctor explained.


“Woah…” Izuku let out in amazement.


“That’s certainly nice to know.” Hisashi commented.


“Yes, indeed.” Inko nodded in agreement.


“That’s pretty much all that I could gain from my tests.” The doctor spoke.


“Thank you, doctor. This was very helpful.” Hisashi said, standing and shaking the man’s hand.


“Yes, thank you very much.” Inko nodded as she got up with her son.


“It’s my pleasure. You all have a nice day.” The doctor spoke.


“You, too.” Hisashi replied as he left the office with his wife and son.




When they got home and Keigo returned from school, he was told about what was known about Izuku’s quirk. The older brother was excited for the possibilities, causing Izuku to also be excited. Hisashi decided to try and fly the excitement out of them and the three of them went on a flight. Since there was a pro hero supervising them, Izuku and Keigo didn’t get in trouble for using their quirks.


They soared through the sky, flying around Musutafu. Izuku’s flight pattern was the clumsiest due to him just starting to learn to fly. Despite that, flying was the most fun he felt he could ever have, causing him to smile all throughout his flight. His older brother and Hisashi watched with fond smiles as Izuku flew around, enjoying the sounds of awe and excitement coming from the boy.


The rest of the day was spent flying until the sun went down. Izuku was exhausted in the end, allowing him to quickly go to sleep without any coercing from his parents.




The following years yielded some changes for Izuku. The first one was the emergence of his class’ quirks. His best friend, Katsuki Bakugo, had one of the strongest quirks among the class. It allowed him to sweat nitroglycerin and cause the sweat to explode. Immediately, he was heralded as a perfect candidate for a hero. It was both a good thing and a bad thing.


It was good because Izuku knew Bakugo would make a great hero. But it was bad because Bakugo was allowed to get away with anything due to that fact. The blonde boy remained mostly respectful when talking to Izuku. He probably respected Izuku and somewhat feared him due to the nature of his quirk. That didn’t stop him from bullying other students who he deemed weaker than him, though.


Thankfully, Izuku was around to quickly quell Bakugo’s behavior.




It was spring of Izuku’s fifth year. There was a recess period between his fourth and fifth classes. In that time, Izuku usually spent it with a few of his friends. Despite spending time with his friends, he couldn’t help but think about the vine-haired girl Ibara Shiozaki that he met the previous year. He hoped she was doing well and that he could meet her again.


He was brought out of his thoughts when he heard the familiar pop of his best friend’s explosions. He looked to see that Bakugo was pulling his usual scare tactics, exploding the air between him and his target, said target trembling.


Izuku sighed.


“Dang it, Kacchan. You’re not supposed to do that.” Izuku said, breaking away from his group of friends and running to the boy’s rescue.


Another explosion was released and Izuku managed to get there just in time to stop it from going too far, his wings shielding him and Bakugo’s victim. He flapped his wings, clearing the smoke and surprising Bakugo.


“What are you doing, Kacchan?” Izuku asked seriously.


“He thought his quirk was better than mine! I was showing him otherwise.” Bakugo replied.


“Kacchan, that’s not heroic! Don’t you want to be a hero?” Izuku asked.


“Of course I do, Izuku!” Bakugo barked back.


“Then stop attacking your classmate!”


“Or what?”


“Or I’ll stop you.”


Bakugo was surprised at Izuku’s serious look. Despite that, he tried to dissuade his friend. Right before he released an explosion, he noticed a brief flash of light on his friend’s wing before a burning sensation streaked across his palm. He jerked his hand back and held it.


“What was that?”


Izuku looked cluelessly before looking around himself.




“Your wing! It’s just flashed! Now my hand hurts!” Bakugo shot back.


“That happened? Wait! That means I could have unlocked that other part of my quirk!” Izuku said excitedly.


Bakugo couldn’t help but smile in excitement as well. Despite the disagreement they just had, Izuku was still Bakugo’s friend.


“Well, do it again!” Bakugo said with a smile.


“No.” Izuku replied, his tone shifting calm.


“What?” Bakugo asked, shucked.


“I won’t show you unless you promise not to bully any more people.” Izuku said seriously.


Bakugo grit his teeth. On one hand, he had to make sure his quirk was stronger than the other extras. But on the other hand, he really wanted to see his best friend’s quirk. He growled in defeat.


“Fine, I won’t! Now do it again, dang it!” Bakugo said, his grimace replaced with a grin.


Izuku smiled happily before nodding. He then tried to make what happened happen again.




In discovering the other part of his quirk, he learned that what he was able to do was launch beams of light the size of hairs at whatever he was looking at. It was honestly pretty cool in the eyes of his parents, brother, and best friend.


After Izuku first stopped Bakugo from bullying people, Bakugo seemed to calm down slightly. While Bakugo tried reasoning that he was just honoring his promise to his best friend, that wasn’t the case. He still was prickly to everyone and called them extras, but he stopped bullying people except for the occasional insult.


As the years passed, elementary school turned into middle school and Izuku and Bakugo remained friends. The two of them managed to get Hisashi to let them practice their quirks at his agency. At that same time, a certain vine-haired girl was handling her own developments.


Ibara Shiozaki was homeschooled from preschool to middle school. Her parents reasoned that she didn’t want school children to corrupt their little Christian angel. The only people her age that she knew were the ones she met at the church. Even so, she didn’t really consider any of them her friends. They never visited or tried to have play dates with her. It really made her feel alone. 


Every time she did feel alone, though, her mind always drifted to a certain green haired angel with the warm golden wings. The angel she met when she was only four and the angel that made her feel like she made her first real friend.


When the last year of middle school came around, she broke. She needed more human contact than those Sundays at church and her parents. She decided to approach her parents.




Ibara walked into her parents’ library, spotting the both of them sitting beside one another, reading separate books. Both books were about religion.


“Father? Mother?” Ibara spoke, getting their attention.


“Ibara? What is it?” Her father asked.


“I…” She took a deep breath before letting it all out. “I wish to be put into a public school.” Ibara spoke.


Ibara’s father looked at her for a moment before answering.


“No.” He spoke with a neutral expression.


“Why not?” Ibara questioned.


“Why do you wish to go?”


“I feel isolated. I feel… trapped! I feel like you and mother have imprisoned me here. The only human interaction I have is on Sundays at church. I want to be a hero, father. I cannot be a hero without being acquainted with human contact. But as I am right now, I feel like I am some wall decoration…” Ibara ended with a saddened sigh.


“My love…” Ibara’s mother started, getting her husband to look at her. “Our daughter has a point. We haven’t assisted in letting our daughter become used to socializing with others.”


“I do not want my daughter to be corrupted by those public school…” He paused to find the correct word. “Delinquents!”


“Dear, do you not have faith that our daughter won’t let anyone influence her?” 


Ibara watched as her parents talked, hoping they would allow her to go to a public school. They seemed to come to a decision after a while of talking, Ibara patiently standing in front of them as they came to it.


She looked to her father and he looked back at her. He looked displeased but found he couldn’t come up with a valid argument in the eyes of his wife. He took a deep breath before sighing.


“At the end of this school year, we will begin preparations for you to enroll in a public high school.” 


Ibara brightened up, a smile gracing her face.


“Thank you father! I promise you will not regret this!” Ibara promised.




Ibara’s final year of homeschooling seemed to go by slower due to her anticipation for her first year of public school. In the back of her mind, she hoped she would meet the angel once again.


The last year of homeschooling ended after an excruciatingly long year, but it was finally over! She could finally experience what it would be like in a public school! She waited in excitement and when the day finally came, she couldn’t be more excited, yet anxious over what could happen. But little did she know, her first meeting would be the start of something extremely special.




Ibara was pacing in the living room. She woke up extremely early due to anxiety and was currently trying to work it off. She wore her new school’s black uniform and her bag was on the couch. She was broken from her nervous pacing by the soft laughter of her mother.


“Are you rethinking your decision to attend a public school, Ibara?” She asked.


Ibara looked at her mother for a moment before blushing in embarrassment.


“N-No I am not, Mother. I am simply nervous over the day ahead.” Ibara replied.


Soft laughter filled the living room once more as her mother went up and embraced her daughter. 


“I understand your nervousness. This will be the first time you will be interacting with others outside of church. But I know you can do it.” Ibara’s mother said with a smile.


“Thank you for your confidence, Mother.” Ibara said, giving her mother a small smile.


“You are quite welcome, my daughter.”




After talking with her mother for a little bit longer, Ibara had to leave for her new school. She followed the directions her parents gave her and soon she was met with the front gates. She read the name of the school to herself.


“Aldera High School…” Ibara muttered to herself.


She looked inside the gates to see students walking and talking together. She wondered what it would be like to be a part of their conversations. But her thoughts were completely halted when she saw a familiar sight.


Golden wings on the back of a boy with a mop of green hair. Her mind thought back to the first time she met the owner of those wings and hair.


‘The angel… He’s here!’

Chapter Text

Ibara immediately marked that day down as the best day of her life. She met the angel again! And he was in her school!


Much to her disappointment, the angel wasn’t in her class. He was in her class’ sister class. She tried to talk to him during the times between classes but found he was nowhere to be seen. After three attempts to find him in between classes, she finally spotted him when lunch came around.




Ibara was starting to get tired of the suddenly disappearing angel. Part of her thought that her desire to see him caused her to hallucinate. Thankfully, those thoughts were dispelled when she arrived at the lunch room, where she saw the angel she wanted to meet again sitting with the blonde boy she remembered seeing from before.


Before she had a chance to approach him, her stomach growled.


‘Curse you, stomach, for getting in the way of meeting an angel…’ Ibara thought as she went to get food in the lunch line.


It was her first time in a lunch line, but she understood the concept of it. It’s better than people getting in the way of one another. It kept order. She soon took her lunch and walked to the golden winged angel’s table. She sat at it and was instantly glared at by the blonde boy.


“Who the fuck are you? What the fuck are you doing here?” The blonde boy snapped.


“Easy, Kacchan.” The angel replied.


The blonde boy growled before looking away from Ibara. She didn’t know why the person was so callous and why he used such vulgar language. She wasn’t given time to wonder that as the angel spoke up.


“Sorry about him. He’s prickly but he’s friendly when you get to know him.” The angel said as he looked at Ibara.


Ibara noticed a flash of recognition pass through his face.


“It’s you!” Izuku said.


“Huh?” The blonde boy spoke up.


The blonde boy’s words were ignored as the golden winged angel focused on Ibara, drawing a small blush on her cheeks.


“You remember me, right?” He asked with a hopeful smile.


Ibara did remember him. But she was so terrible with names she had to take a moment to remember. Suddenly she remembered his last name.


“Midoriya… Yes?” Ibara asked.


“Yes! Izuku Midoriya. And you’re Ibara Shiozaki.” Izuku said with a bright smile.


Ibara blushed a bit more as he easily remembered her name.


“You remember me…”


“Of course! I made a promise to you, remember?” Izuku asked.


Ibara remembered all too well. She found herself smiling softly, nodding.


“Alright, who the fuck is she? And why the fuck do you know her?” The blonde boy asked.


“Hey, calm down, Kacchan,” Izuku said, finally focusing on the blonde. “Shiozaki and I met when I went to the quirk doctor when I was four.” 


The blonde eyed Ibara for a moment before grunting once more and focusing on his food. Ibara raised an eyebrow in curiosity before looking at Izuku.


“Once again, sorry about him. He’s become somewhat my protector due to what happened last Valentine’s Day.” Izuku said with a sheepish smile.


“Last… Valentine’s Day?” Ibara questioned.


“Every girl in the school chased him around as if he was a dick with legs.” Kacchan spoke in response.




Izuku quickly covered Ibara’s mouth, thinking she was going to repeat what his friend said. Ibara found her face heating up slightly.


“Don’t repeat what Kacchan says.” Izuku said, removing his hand from her mouth.


“Oh? Why not?” Ibara asked.


“He doesn’t say the nicest things. I don’t want his behavior rubbing off on you.” Izuku said with a smile.


Ibara smiled before nodding, ignoring the yells of protest from the blonde boy. She admired the angel before her for the rest of lunch, taking idle bites of her lunch as she did. Eventually, she had to bid the angel goodbye as lunch ended and she had to get back to her class.




The rest of the day, she was wearing a gentle smile on her face. Even when she went home, her smile didn’t waver. She got to meet the angel again! It was amazing! She told her parents and they were equally ecstatic. Her mother because she could tell her daughter liked the angel and her father because he knew an angel will keep her from being corrupted by the rest of the school.


As the weeks went on and turned into months, she was happily accepted into Izuku’s relatively small circle of close friends. She would spend time with him and sometimes the blonde boy who she was told was Katsuki Bakugo before school started and during lunch. They usually conversed together for a little bit longer after school ended before they left.


As she got to know him, she was told that his father was a pro hero, much to her amazement. She also learned he had an older brother who was training to be a pro hero. She found his family to be interesting with all the different wing colors. She liked Izuku’s wings the most, though.


Her parents were happy that Ibara made a friend like the angel they met long ago. Her father specifically had warmed up to the idea of Ibara going to a public school now that his daughter had a friend like the angel. Ibara was glad they were a bit more accepting of her going to the public school.




Izuku knew early on in knowing Ibara that she was a sheltered individual. It was very obvious in some cases, like when Izuku had dozens of love letters that fell out of his locker. Her reaction was innocent curiosity as well as why people would send him love letters.


Wanting to help Ibara, he started trying to help educate her on what she missed out on. There were some that she found interesting while others she found vulgar and “inappropriate in the eyes of the Lord”. It was then that Izuku realized how religious she was.


As Izuku got to know her more, he found out that her view on religion was a set of rules for everyday life. Izuku had to disagree with her views, as he thought that they should instead be a set of guidelines on what to do, not intended to be followed to the letter. He kept his thoughts to himself for the time being.


As the months went on, Ibara was growing to enjoy Izuku’s company even more than before. The two would regularly spend time outside of school together, finding enjoyment in idly talking in parks. She especially liked the parks they went to with large flower gardens. 


Suddenly, one day around the early half of their first year of high school, Izuku got a text that changed his life forever...




Izuku, Ibara, and Bakugo were sitting outside the school building, talking amongst one another before the first bell rang. More accurately, Ibara and Izuku were talking while Bakugo listened. He wouldn’t admit it, but after getting to know her more, he was alright with her hanging around, despite her religiousness, that is.


Izuku paused in speaking when he got a text. A few moments later, Bakugo had a text as well. Izuku read his text and his eyes widened and heart dropped. In his panic, he didn’t say anything as he ran away from the group. 


Ibara watched as Izuku ran away. She was about to question Bakugo about it when he gained a similar panicked look and ran in the same direction as Izuku. She watched their disappearing figures with confusion and worry, knowing they wouldn’t just leave without a good reason.


She decided that sending him a text would be good, thinking he would reply to her when he had time. Maybe it wasn’t so bad. She hoped it wasn’t so bad.




Ibara went through her classes like normal, but her mind couldn’t stop thinking about the panicked look in Izuku’s eyes. The worry and terror. It ebbed at her mind, drawing her thoughts towards it every time she had a minute to think about it.


What continued to make her worry was that Izuku wouldn’t reply to her texts. She even called him a couple times for it to go straight to voicemail. It worried her to no end. Little did she know, when she got home she would be met with something tragic...




Ibara walked inside her home, removing her shoes and moving deeper into the house.


“Mother! I’m home!” Ibara called.


“Welcome home, dear! I’m in the kitchen if you need me!” Ibara’s mother called.


“Okay!” Ibara replied.


She took out her phone for the fiftieth time in the past hour and a half. There was still no messages from Izuku. She looked at her friend’s contact information before breathing a sigh and lowering the phone back into her pocket.


To take her mind off of things, she decided to see what was on the news. The interviews with pro heroes were pretty interesting to watch. She sat on the couch and turned the television on. 


“-agic day for hero kind. Today, the Number Eight Hero, The Flying Hero: Eagle, has lost his life in a villain incident. While the hero board is keeping the majority of the details classified, we do know that-”


Ibara tuned out the rest of the report as she stared on in shock. The remote slipped from her hand and landed on the ground, but she didn’t even notice. She was too focused as everything seemed to connect.


‘Oh no…!’

Chapter Text

Izuku couldn’t have been having a worse day. It started out well enough. He bid his mother and brother goodbye, his father was already at work, and he went to school to meet up with his best friends.


He and Ibara were having a nice conversation about… he couldn’t even remember now. But as soon as he received a text from his mother, his world shattered and his heart sunk.


Mom: Come to the hospital now! It’s your father!


Izuku dropped everything and ran to the hospital. He even took flight to get there faster, quirk laws be damned! He didn’t care about any laws, his father was in the hospital.


He tried looking on the bright side. Maybe he was just lightly injured and his mother was just overreacting. But as soon as he thought of the bright side, he thought of the worst case scenario. His father could be dying as he was rushing there.


He shook those thoughts out of his head as he arrived at the hospital. He quickly landed and ran to the reception desk. Thankfully for him, it didn’t take any time to get directions and head to the hospital room where his family was at.


But when he arrived… It was too late.




Izuku shoved the door open, panting heavily. As soon as the door opened, he heard many things. First was the single tone of a heart flatlining. The second was his mother’s wails of sadness as she held her husband’s limp hand. The third was his big brother yelling and demanding that he got a doctor in the room that could actually do something. 


Izuku stood in shock as he took all the sounds in. His father was dead… It couldn’t be… He couldn’t be dead. It was impossible. He repeated those words in his head as he stared at his father’s lifeless body in the medical bed.


He was broken from his mantra when he saw his big brother in front of him. He had a pained expression as he looked down at Izuku. 


“I’m… I’m sorry, Izuku…” Keigo choked out.


Izuku could tell he was holding back his tears, trying to stay strong. He kept looking at Keigo for a moment before he was pulled into a soft hug by his brother. It was then that reality set in and the fact his father was dead and never coming back. The dam broke and Izuku’s legs weakened as he clutched his brother.


Keigo held his brother up, his heart breaking even more as Izuku muttered that it couldn’t be true. He really wished it wasn’t true as well. But as much as he wished it, it wasn’t possible. He couldn’t bring his father back.


The hospital room that the Midoriyas occupied was filled with tear stained faces as they continued to mourn over Hisashi’s death.




The funeral service was mainly populated by pro heroes. Most of the top ten, minus Endeavor, were in attendance, including All Might. As if the world knew what had happened, it was raining out when the funeral started. Ryukyu was the first to approach the Midoriya brothers and offer her condolences.


“I’m so sorry, you two… If I wasn’t on the other side of Japan, I could have helped…” Ryukyu said, hugging the Midoriya brothers before moving on to Inko.


Ryukyu was a friend of the family and was Hisashi’s closest friend when he got out of UA. She actually helped Inko and Hisashi get together in the first place. If it wasn’t for her, Inko would have never known the love of Hisashi Midoriya.


The next up to offer condolences was, surprisingly, Miruko. She wasn’t one for words, but she did offer the brothers a strong hug. She didn’t know Hisashi personally, but she did know of him. He was one of the only heroes she respected that was lower than her in ranking.


After Miruko, All Might approached the boys.




He pulled back from the hug and moved on to Inko, offering a supportive hand on her shoulder, giving his condolences for her loss as well as telling her how Hisashi had saved him. That caused Inko to cry harder, much to the pain of everyone present.


Next up was the Shield Hero: Crust. Tears were streaming down his face as he pulled the two Midoriya children into a tight hug that lasted a long time, crying on their shoulders. He pulled back and moved on to Inko, the two crying individuals working off each other to cry even more.


Crust was Inko’s older brother, which explained why he was so emotional. He was the first to arrive after Hisashi was declared dead, crying with Inko and offering her comfort at the same time. He had this way with tearful crying that actually made people feel better afterwards.


After Crust was finished, Yoroi Musha came around. He offered silent but supportive hands on the Midoriya brother’s shoulders. He remained silent for a moment before speaking.


“I was close friends with your father. He always used to tell me about you two and your aspirations to become heroes. He was really proud of you two.” Musha spoke evenly.


Even though his calm demeanor was heard, Izuku and Keigo could hear a slight tremble in his voice. Finding even the calm Yoroi Musha choked up in sadness, no matter how little it was, caused the two brothers to let out another wave of tears, nodding and thanking Musha before hugging him tightly, a hug that he gently returned before offering a comforting hug to Inko.


Next up to approach them was Kamui Woods. He had tears streaming down his helmeted face as he gave his condolences to the Midoriya brothers before moving on to Inko. Out of all of the top ten heroes, Kamui was one of the newest ones in the top ten. That explained how little he knew of the family. Despite that, he was respectful and mournful over the loss of one of the people he called a friend.


After Kamui Woods walked away, Edgeshot approached the family. Edgeshot knew Hisashi almost as long as Ryukyu and despite how he tried to be calm and strong for the Midoriya family, as soon as he laid eyes on Keigo and Izuku, he couldn’t help but break his composure. He yanked Izuku and Keigo into a strong hug.


“I’m so sorry… I’m so… Extremely… Sorry…” Edgeshot apologized as tears leaked from his eyes.


The pro hero held on to the two for a few more moments before moving on to Inko, giving her a tight and supportive hug. The two held the hug for a while before Edgeshot released it and stepped away.


The last hero of the top ten was Best Jeanist. In his hero persona, he would have made many fabric based metaphors when speaking, but he instead opted for a more serious way of speaking. He placed a hand on each boy’s shoulder.


“Your father was one of the few heroes that had an air of charisma and confidence rivalling All Might. While I didn’t have the opportunity to know him out of work, during work, he and I got along well. I will miss him greatly.” Best Jeanist spoke.


The two stared up at the gaze of Best Jeanist before nodding. The hero nodded as well before moving on to Inko, speaking to her as well before leaving. 


After the top ten heroes present all said their condolences, Hisashi’s sidekicks came in to give their condolences as well. The last ones who offered their condolences were the Bakugo Family, Katsuki putting an arm around Izuku in a supportive side hug.


The rest of the funeral went by in a flash for Izuku. He remembered All Might, Ryukyu, Edgeshot, Crust, and Yoroi Musha giving eulogies before Hisashi’s body was buried. After Hisashi was buried, Izuku was pulled by Keigo back to the car and Inko drove them home.




After Izuku got home, he seemed to shut down. He locked himself in his room and wrapped himself in his wings, trying to seek some kind, any kind of comfort in them. The only times he left was when he was hungry or had to use the bathroom. And even then, he didn’t stay around much.


The nights were spent crying himself to sleep before waking up and remaining in his bed. The warmth of his wings allowed him to stay above his blankets undisturbed as he mourned the loss of his father. He saw texts from Ibara but he didn’t feel like responding, just wanting to be alone for the time being.


Eventually the week ended, meaning Izuku had to go back to school.




Izuku got out of bed at the first ring of his alarm. He looked up around his room, the various posters of his father in heroic and smiling poses around his room. He stared around the room with dull, baggy eyes for a little bit longer before getting out of bed. He got dressed and went to the kitchen.


Keigo was standing at the door when he was about to leave. He was silently staring at Izuku, who stared back. Both wore blank faces, obviously still broken up about their father dying. The two nodded at one another before they went to their separate schools, Keigo to UA and Izuku to Aldera High School.




Ibara was worried. Izuku had not come to school in a week nor had he answered any of her texts or calls. Bakugo had returned after a couple days, but whenever she asked about him, he wouldn’t answer. It angered her that he wouldn’t answer.


Every day since Izuku ran away, she would wait at the entrance of the school in hopes to see Izuku coming back to school. Thankfully for her, he finally came back after a full week. But what she saw was not something she would expect from an angel like Izuku.


He looked so… dull and broken. His wings were drooped, as was his shoulders, and he didn’t even meet her eyes, only looking at the ground. The bags under his eyes told her he wasn’t sleeping properly and the lack of a smile just hurt her soul.


She approached him, causing him to look up at her. When their eyes met, her heart shattered even more. His eyes looked empty, all the hope she used to see vacant in those eyes.


Wordlessly, she pulled Izuku into a tight hug. And as she did, she felt the dam break inside Izuku. He started trembling and she started to feel wetness on her uniform where his head was. His arms surrounded her back and held her tightly as he sobbed into her.


Ibara’s heart broke at how broken Izuku sounded. She slowly lowered the two of them to the ground, sitting on the ground while still embracing Izuku. She ran her hand softly through his hair as she let him let out all of his sadness.


“It’s okay, Izuku… I’m here for you… I promise…” Ibara said softly, gently rocking side to side as she did.


“Thank you…” Izuku let out, sobbing more as he spoke.


Ibara closed her eyes and hummed softly, slowly calming Izuku’s sobs as she did. Eventually he was completely silent and just enjoying the embrace. After a while longer, the first bell rang, signifying that they needed to get to their class.


Izuku pulled back. His eyes were red from crying but he was wearing a slight smile. Ibara knew he wasn’t completely back to normal, but she promised herself that she would help him get back to his normal self.


“I guess we should get going.” Ibara said softly.


“Yeah… I guess so…” Izuku said, not really wanting to go.

“I’ll see you between classes, okay?”


“Do you promise?” Izuku asked.


Ibara nodded.


“I promise.”


“...Thank you…” Izuku said, hugging her once more before the two of them walked to their classes.




Classes passed quickly for Ibara. And in between each class, she and Izuku would meet back up. No words were said at the beginning. The two only hugged in the beginning, enjoying the closeness of one another and the comfort it brought for the green haired boy.


At the end of it, the two would separate and wish one another luck on their next class. When lunch time came around, the two of them decided to go to a more secluded spot to eat where they would have a bit more privacy.




Izuku and Ibara walked outside of the lunchroom and over to a nearby tree, sitting under it once they arrived. Ibara glanced at Izuku to see his gaze on his food, a downtrodden look on his face. Still inexperienced with social cues and not knowing if he was simply thinking or if he was still sad, she moved over to him and wrapped him in another hug, this time from behind. He looked back to see her with closed eyes and smiling softly. He was about to ask why when she spoke.


“You looked like you needed another. I know you might not wish to talk, but know that I’m here for you whenever you wish to.” Ibara said softly.


Ibara’s hug was broken by Izuku as he turned around to pull Ibara into a tight hug. His wings surrounded them for a bit more emphasis on what he felt.


“Thank you, Ibara… That means so much to me…” Izuku said, his head resting against her shoulder.


Ibara was surprised at the sudden hug, but smiled softly, wrapping her arms around him once more as she returned his hug. Like before, she moved a hand up to run it through his hair in a soft gesture.


“You’re very welcome, Izuku. I’m glad I can help.” Ibara spoke softly.


Izuku remained hugging her for a while longer. What went through his head was how much it meant to him that Ibara was there for him. He was extremely thankful for her presence. And he had a feeling, as time went on, they would only get closer.

Chapter Text

“Where are we going?”


“Somewhere.” Shiozaki replied, a hopeful smile on her face.


It was the weekend and that morning, Shiozaki asked Izuku to spend time with her. Seeing as she was one of his major sources of comfort in the past week, he accepted without much thought into where they’d be going.


They met up at the school and, as soon as they met up, Shiozaki took his hand and started leading him into the city. Izuku was surprised at how excited she seemed to be. Eventually, they arrive at a mall. It was then that he questioned Shiozaki again.




“Please call me Ibara. I feel comfortable with you referring to me by my first name.” Shiozaki said, glancing back at him with a smile that made his chest warm.


“O-Okay…” Izuku said, blushing slightly.


“So, were you wanting to ask me something?” Ibara asked.


“O-Oh… Yeah… What are we doing here?” Izuku asked, his blush disappearing slightly.


“Oh, that’s because there’s this movie I thought we could see together.” Ibara said with an innocent smile.


Izuku blushed as his mind drifted to the implications of what they were doing. He didn’t have time to think much of it when Ibara got his attention once again.


“Oh yeah, since you can call me Ibara, can I call you Izuku?” Ibara questioned, her innocent smile remaining and gaining a curious glint in it.


Izuku’s blush increased, but he couldn’t deny that the thought of Ibara calling him by his first name was nice. He nodded.


“S-Sure…” Izuku said.


“Splendid! Now, let’s go!” Ibara said, pulling him to the mall’s theater.


Izuku let Ibara drag him, finding her innocent excitement to be heartwarming, easily taking his mind off of everything he worried about at the beginning of the day.


The movie Ibara wanted to watch was a fantasy movie about a princess who had her prince taken away from her, causing her to have to go on an adventure to rescue him. The movie was pretty tame, which Izuku understood since Ibara was extremely innocent and sheltered. Even so, the movie did slip in innuendos that Izuku got but Ibara didn’t.


He didn’t really focus on the movie much, as he was too busy watching Ibara’s reactions. He couldn’t help but think some of the reactions she made were really cute, especially when she pouted in what he could assume was annoyance when the prince was taken away at the start of a tender moment.


At the end of the movie, Ibara expressed her enjoyment over the film while Izuku simply agreed with her, not having really focused on it. The two of them decided to grab some lunch after they left the theater.




Izuku and Ibara, hands still locked together, walked to the food court. As they walked, Izuku decided to ask her something.


“So, what do you want for lunch? I’ll pay.” Izuku offered.


“You are so sweet, Izuku. I will graciously accept your offer. As for what I wish to eat, I am not sure. What food do they have?” Ibara questioned.


“Have you not been here before?” Izuku questioned curiously.


“I have not… I do not have many reasons to leave the house, and I do not have many friends aside from you and Bakugo.” Ibara said with a slightly saddened look on her face.


Izuku’s heart clenched at her words. He squeezed her hand once, giving her a happy smile when she looked at him.


“W-Well then how about we make this a regular thing? Just the two of us exploring the city.” Izuku suggested, blushing as he practically asked her out for another date.


“I would love to!” Ibara said with a joyful smile, causing his chest to heat up again.


“G-Good!” Izuku chirped, Ibara’s happiness bleeding through to him.


The two of them soon arrived at the food court and were greeted with the many possible options of fast food. Ibara was very indecisive, but the two of them eventually came up with a decision that both of them liked. Afterwards, they sat down at a table and began to dig into their food.


The two finished a while later and initiated idle chatter while they let their food digest. Eventually, they decided to continue with their day, locking hands once more as if it was natural for them and continuing on with their exploration of the mall.


Ibara made sure to steer clear of the hero stores, knowing how sensitive the subject of heroes were at the moment, specifically Izuku’s father. She wanted him to remain happy and think about other things, not to think about heroes.


As the sun was starting to set, Izuku decided to offer to walk her home, which she took as that meant spending more time with Izuku. She didn’t know why, but she really enjoyed his company, more than she did before. She also felt a bit closer to the green haired angel since he returned to school.




Ibara and Izuku were walking down the street when Izuku had an idea. He stopped, making Ibara curious as to why he stopped. He smiled at her.


“Do you trust me?” Izuku asked.


“Yes, why?” Ibara questioned.


He wrapped his arms around her, drawing a blush from the vine haired girl, and spread his wings.


“Hold on.” Izuku said.


“What? Why?!” Ibara shouted the last word as Izuku took flight.


Ibara held Izuku tight as he flew through the air, eyes clenched shut. As the initial fear and surprise wore off, she opened her eyes to see how high up they were. Surprisingly, she didn’t feel scared.


“You alright?” Izuku’s voice drew her gaze to his face.


Her cheeks heated up as she saw a soft smile on his face. The wind was causing his hair to flow backwards and the sun was in the perfect spot to give him a very angelic look. A very attractive look.


“Y-Yes…” Ibara finally managed to say.


“Sorry for the surprise. I just figured you’d find the view to be very nice.” Izuku said softly.


Ibara looked out at the suburbs below and couldn’t help but agree with Izuku’s statement.


“I do… It’s nice up here.” Ibara said.


“I think so, too. I used to fly every chance I had. Even if it wasn’t really legal to do so. Flying is just so fun and you feel so free. The wind against your face and the feeling that you’re just freely floating in the air. It’s a feeling you can’t get anywhere else but in the sky.” Izuku said with a fond voice.


Ibara listened to him and couldn’t help but feel her heart flutter. His tone of voice was so nice that she just wanted to hear more of it. She was broken from her thoughts as she felt her body descending. She looked to see the ground getting slowly closer until Izuku landed, still holding her. In the back of her mind, she couldn’t help but want him to keep holding her.


“This is your stop.” Izuku said softly.


Ibara looked back at Izuku to see a disappointed look on his face. She patted his arm to get his attention, drawing his gaze to the smile on her face.


“We’ll see each other tomorrow. I have church in the morning, but we can do something in the afternoon if you wish.” Ibara said softly.


Izuku smiled softly in response.


“I’d like that.” Izuku said, finally releasing Ibara.


She immediately missed the contact, but understood it. She watched as Izuku stepped back and smiled, flashing her a slight salute and mimicking it with his wing, causing her to giggle.


“See you tomorrow, then.” Izuku said.

“I will see you tomorrow.” Ibara replied with a nod.


Izuku opened his wings once more and took flight, flying backwards so he could keep looking at her for a bit longer before he turned and flew away. Ibara watched the disappearing figure of Izuku with a smile. As he flew away, she realized something that she remembered reading about.


‘I think I’ve fallen for an angel.’ Ibara thought, smiling softly at the thought.


Ibara quickly twirled once in celebration over the realization before turning and walking into her house.




Izuku flew through the air back to his house, a smile on his face as he flew. His day with Ibara was amazing and with the excitement over seeing her again the next day, it made him barrel roll in the air before doing a backflip. He let out an excited whoop before soaring through the air a bit longer.


He eventually landed and walked the rest of the way back to his house. As he arrived, he noticed two figures at the front door. The first one he recognized as his brother, but the other, a blue skinned girl with dark blue hair in a UA uniform, was unfamiliar to him. He decided to hide and watch what happened, listening to the dialogue.


“You know you can talk to me, right?” The girl said.


“I know… I just… It’s hard…” Keigo replied, looking away.


“Hey…” The girl trailed off, gently placing a blue hand on Keigo’s cheek and directing his attention back to her.


The two shared a gentle kiss. Pulling back, they rested their foreheads against one another.


“I’m not saying it’s not hard, Keigo… But I know that bottling all of this stuff isn’t good for you…” The girl continued.


Keigo’s hand wrapped around the girl’s, the winged boy staring into the girl’s eyes.


“I don’t deserve you, Kaoruko… Even with my stubbornness, you still stay with me…” Keigo said softly.


The girl, now revealed to be Kaoruko, smiled softly.


“It doesn’t help that I’m stubborn as well. I’m not letting you go that easily. I’ll be helping you even after we’re old and grey.” Kaoruko said.


“I don’t think that’s possible in your case.” Keigo joked softly, earning a giggle from Kaoruko.


They both chuckled softly for a bit before silence fell over them once more. The two of them embraced one another, with Keigo wrapping his wings around them to emphasize the hug. They pulled back after a few minutes, smiling at one another.


“See you on Monday?” Kaoruko asked.


“Definitely.” Keigo replied with a nod.


The two shared one last kiss before Kaoruko left. Keigo remained outside, watching her leave with a smile on his face. Izuku decided to make himself known, walking out of his hiding spot and striding up like nothing was wrong.


“Don’t think I didn’t see you.” Keigo said.


“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” Izuku replied, his good mood making him more teasing than normal.


“You better not tell Mom, or else you’ll find out just how strong a wing-noogie will be against your head.” Keigo threatened, a slight flustered blush on his face as he moved his wings in a threatening manner.


Izuku chuckled, putting his hands up in defeat.


“You’re secret’s safe with me, Keigo.” Izuku said.


After a moment of silence, Keigo lowered his wings and smirked. He reached out and ruffled his little brother’s hair.


“Good choice. Now c’mon. I bet Mom’s wondering what’s taking us so long.” Keigo said, wrapping his arm around Izuku’s neck and pulling him inside.




The rest of the night was one of the first positive nights since Hisashi’s death. Inko was smiling and happily spending time with her children while Izuku and Keigo were up to their regular shenanigans.


After dinner, the Midoriyas spent some time on the couch watching old movies for a while before retiring to their bedrooms. Izuku sent Ibara one message of goodnight, getting one back before climbing into bed and falling asleep, his mind unintentionally drifting to thoughts of Ibara, making him dream of her as he slept.

Chapter Text

Their first outing together started an almost daily routine of going out to explore the city. Granted, some days they couldn’t go due to prior arrangements or their parents not wanting them to go out that day, but they always found something new to do every day they'd go exploring together. And almost always, Izuku would fly Ibara back to her house, much to both of their enjoyment.


During their first year, they grew closer to one another, getting to know each other better. It was in that time that Ibara slowly came to the realization that Izuku wasn’t a real angel. That didn’t stop her from liking him, though. During the time they grew closer, Bakugo noticed the change and was happy for his friends.


The end of their first year came and the two of them graduated the top of their class with Bakugo. The three friends moved on to the second year and it was then that Bakugo stepped in, having seen the way both of them look at one another all year and do nothing about it.




Izuku, Ibara, and Bakugo were all put in the same class in their second year, so they wouldn’t need to meet up in the hallways between classes. That said, as the bell for their next class rang, Izuku was held back by Bakugo, causing Ibara to look at them questioningly.


“Go on, Shiozaki. Gotta talk to Izuku about some things.” Bakugo grunted, gesturing with his head for her to get going.


“Very well. I will see you two in class, then.” Ibara said, flashing Izuku a kind smile.


Izuku smiled in return, his chest warm as he observed the kind smile in Ibara’s face. When Ibara left, he turned to Bakugo. 


“What is it?” Izuku asked.


Not one to mince words, Bakugo went straight to the point.


“Ask her out.” Bakugo said, drawing a flustered blush from Izuku.




“I know you like her, so fucking ask her out.” Bakugo repeated.


“I-I don’t know what you’re talking about.”


Bakugo let out a growl-sigh.


“You’ve been pussyfooting around ever since the end of our first year of High School. You better fucking ask her out before this weekend or else I’ll tell her that you like her myself.” Bakugo threatened.


Izuku could see there was no getting around Bakugo and let out a defeated sigh.


“Okay… But how?” Izuku asked.


“It ain’t fuckin’ rocket science! Just go up to her at lunch and ask her out!”


“But what if she doesn’t say yes?”


“Fucker, she will say yes. She has the hots for you just like you do for her!” Bakugo shouted, shaking Izuku back and forth.


“O-Okay! Okay!” Izuku said, causing Bakugo to stop shaking him. “But I’ll ask her after school.”


Bakugo growled for a few moments before huffing.


“Fine. But you better ask her! Or it’s your ass!” Bakugo said, poking Izuku’s forehead once before letting him go.


“I will!”




Ibara noticed something was off when Izuku returned from his talk with Bakugo. His face was red and it seemed to increase in shade whenever he looked at her or whenever their eyes locked onto each other. Since it was a half-day, she decided to ask him about it when they were heading home.


When the time came and they were walking out of the gate, Bakugo said he had to pick up some things for his mother, meaning he wasn’t going to walk home with them. That left the two of them alone on their walk. When she was about to ask Izuku about his strange behavior, he got her attention first.


“U-Uh, Ibara?” Izuku asked.


“Hmm? What is it, Izuku?” Ibara questioned curiously.


“Well… We’ve known one another for a while now and… Well…” Izuku stopped walking, making her stop as well.


Ibara could notice hesitation and doubt in his eyes, but after he took a deep breath, he fixed his eyes on hers, locking their gaze at one another.


“Ibara… Would you like to become my girlfriend and go out on a date with me?” Izuku asked, his face exploding in red after he spoke.


Ibara was stunned. She knew she liked him, but she didn’t expect him to like her the same way, despite the obvious signs. Thinking back, she should have known he would ask her out. As she replayed his question in her head, her heart couldn’t help but flutter. She smiled happily at Izuku.


“Yes.” Ibara said.


Izuku was turning away when she said it, but when her words processed in his mind, he turned to her with wide eyes.



“Yes. I accept your proposal to become boyfriend and girlfriend.” Ibara said softly.


Izuku continued to stare at Ibara, drawing a blush from her. She decided to change the subject to try and get him to speak again.


“So, Izuku, are we going to head home by flight today?” Ibara questioned.


At the question, Izuku shook from his shocked thoughts. He cleared his throat before speaking.


“Y-Yes.” Izuku said softly.


“Very well. I’m ready when you are.” Ibara said, turning around so Izuku can hold her.


“W-Wait, now?”


“Yes. I wish to return home and finally introduce you to my parents.” Ibara said with a smile, glancing back at him.


“O-Oh?” Izuku asked.


“Yes. Do you not wish to meet them?” Ibara questioned curiously.


“N-No, that’s not it I was just… Surprised at the sudden question…” Izuku said shyly.


“Oh, I see. Well, shall we get going?” Ibara questioned, an innocently eager smile on her face.


Izuku couldn’t help but smile at her eagerness. He wrapped his arms around Ibara and spread his wings, flapping off and launching them into the air. They soared through the air, the familiar feeling of flight welcoming them as they went. 


The flight was silent and in the wake of their confession, they held one another closer as they flew. They eventually made it to the Shiozaki household and came in for a landing. He made sure to set down softly when he landed.


Ibara immediately missed Izuku’s touch when he released her after landing. She watched his magnificent golden wings fold up behind him, admiring the shine of the sun that reflected off of his beautiful wings. Her gaze shifted to Izuku and she smiled at him. Reaching out her hand, she grabbed his, drawing a blush from the greenette.


“Shall we start moving?” Ibara asked softly.


Izuku nodded in reply before walking with her to the front door. Ibara was about to open the door when Izuku stopped her, reaching over and grabbing the handle to open it for her. He gestured for her to enter with a smile, the vine-haired girl smiling in reply. She entered first followed by Izuku.


“Mother, I’m home! Is father home yet?” Ibara called.


“Welcome home, dear! Your father isn’t home yet.” The voice of Ibara’s mother called.


“Mother, I would like to introduce you to someone.” Ibara called once Izuku and Ibara took their shoes off and went further into the house.


“Oh? Is it one of your friends?” Ibara’s mother questioned.


“As of today, he is more than just a friend.” Ibara said, a smile on her face and faint blush on her cheeks.


Izuku blushed as well. He was temporarily distracted when he heard the sound of quick footsteps make their way to the two of them. He then saw a woman wearing a protective look on her face and her hair flowing behind her unnaturally. It must have been her quirk.


The defensive look in her eyes melted away to one of shock as she saw Izuku. The look of shock then shifted to one of realization.


“You’re the boy from all those years ago!” The woman said in realization.


“Oh, you remember me?” Izuku asked with an embarrassed sheepish smile, scratching the back of his head.


Ibara watched in silence, smiling in amusement at the look of shock on her face. She remembered she had a similarly surprised expression when meeting him again after so long.


“Yes, I do. You were the angel that my baby told me about meeting again. You are wishing to date my baby?” Ibara’s mother asked.


“Well… With your permission, I would love to have her as my girlfriend.” Izuku said, bowing.


“Oh! No bowing! I should be the one bowing to you!” Ibara’s mother said quickly.


Izuku slowly rose once more, feeling slightly disturbed that his new girlfriend’s mother is thinking he was an angel. While he was used to being thought of as an angel, he slowly was able to convince Ibara that he wasn’t an angel and since then, the only times she called him that were during the very rare times she tried to tease him. It, of course got its intended effect every time.


He was brought out of his thoughts by Ibara’s mother speaking once more.


“As for my permission for dating my baby girl, I would be most honored for you to have Ibara as your girlfriend.” Ibara’s mother replied, bowing.


“T-Thank you, Mrs. Shiozaki.” Izuku said, surprised at the sudden bow.


“No, thank you. Since meeting you again, Ibara has never been happier.” Ibara’s mother said.


“Mother, I would like to give him a tour of our house. Would that be acceptable or do you wish to continue speaking with him?” Ibara asked, finally speaking up after noticing the slightly uncomfortable look on his face.


“Oh, yes of course! I do hope you find the house comfortable.” Her mother finished.


“I’m sure I will. Thank you again for approving of us.” Izuku said softly and respectfully.


Ibara’s mother bowed once more as Izuku was taken around the house by Ibara. Her house was very similar to Izuku’s house, with stylistic differences like the Christian motif in the house. The backyard was similar as well, with the exception of a pool with lawn chairs along one side of it. Ibara ended her tour of her house at her room, showing him the relatively bare room save for a cross on the far wall, a bookshelf, a desk, and a nightstand next to her bed.


“So… What do you think?” Ibara asked curiously.


“I like it. It’s pretty similar to my house, actually.” Izuku replied.


“Good. I’m glad.” Ibara said.


“So, I see you haven’t told them?” Izuku asked.


Ibara’s expression dropped slightly.


“I don’t know if they would approve if they knew you weren’t one… They could accuse you for impersonating one to get to me if we told them.” Ibara said with a sigh.


“I understand… As much as I don’t really like it, I can handle it. As long as we can be together.” Izuku said with a smile.


Ibara found herself letting out a girly giggle that she never knew she was able to do.


“Earlier you weren’t very confident with confessing. Has the flight changed your mind?” Ibara asked in one of the rare moments she was able to tease him.


Izuku blushed slightly.


“I should have never let Bakugo tell you about teasing…” Izuku muttered.


Ibara giggled once more. She was always happy around Izuku. She felt she could be herself instead of having to put on a very formal act like her parents expected from her. 


“Oh, Ibara! Izuku! Could you come to the living room?” Ibara’s mother called.


“We will be there momentarily, mother!” Ibara called.




Ibara’s father was in the living room, having arrived earlier than normal. Needless to say, when he saw Izuku, his eyes practically popped out of his head. And when he found out the two of them were dating, he couldn’t have been happier. His baby girl was dating a real life angel! Her children will be the holiest things to grace the earth since Jesus Christ graced the earth.


Izuku still felt bad that he was lying to the family, but the alternative would have been worse as he thought he wouldn’t have been able to see her again otherwise. He didn’t want that at all. So he decided to grin and bear it for the time being.


At the end of the day, Izuku had to leave the house. When he did, Ibara walked him to the door.


“Where should we go tomorrow?” Ibara questioned curiously, talking about their usual days of exploring.


“On a date, Ibara. How does sushi sound?” Izuku questioned with a soft smile.


Ibara smiled happily, nodding.


“That would be most acceptable!” Ibara beamed.


“Then it’s a date.” Izuku said.


The two of them embraced in a heartwarming hug before Izuku left, flying home in the night sky after one last word of goodbye. As he flew through the air, he couldn’t help but think back to Ibara’s smiling face. He wanted to see more of it. Good thing he would be seeing it more and more as the years went on...

Chapter Text

Izuku woke the day after asking Ibara out with an energetic start. He quickly got out of his bed and went to get dressed. He had to make sure his choice of clothing was good for the date he was about to go on. He stopped when he heard his phone notifying him of a text. After opening his phone, he read the text he received as his face lit up with a bright smile.


Ibara: Good morning, Izuku. When should we meet up?


Izuku thought for a moment before replying.


Izuku: How about we meet up in an hour and we can go to the restaurant together.

Ibara: That sounds good to me! See you in an hour, Izuku!


He put his phone down and ran to the kitchen to get a light snack. Keigo and Inko noticed Izuku’s rush and ever-present smile on his face almost immediately.


“Why is he so energetic?” Inko asked.


“I’m guessing a girl’s involved,” Keigo commented with a smirk.


Inko gasped as she felt her heart skip a beat.


“A girl?” Inko asked.


“And I’m guessing it’s that vine-haired girl we saw at his graduation,” Keigo said with an even wider smirk.


“I think her name was Ibara Shiozaki…” Inko thought aloud before gasping. “My baby’s going on a date with a beautiful girl like her?!”


Inko’s outburst traveled to Izuku’s ears and tripped him up, causing him to fall over when misstepping. The fall was noticed by Keigo, who laughed at him. Izuku got to his feet, his face beet red at having both been found out about his date and Keigo’s laughter.


Before he had any time to explain himself, his mother rushed him and pulled him into a bone-crushing hug.


“MY BABY BOY IS GROWING UP! I’M SO PROUD!” Inko cried, flinging him around in her arms.


“Show no mercy, Mom! Tell him how happy you are!” Keigo encouraged from the sidelines, watching the exchange with an amused expression.


“M-Mo-o-m, I’m-m go-o-on-n-a b-e-e l-a-a-ate-e-e!” Izuku said, his speech slow as Inko kept shaking him around.


“Oh, right! Go! Have fun! I wanna hear about how it went when you get home!” Inko said quickly as Izuku ran to the front door.


“Don’t make a home run on the first date!” Keigo called back, causing Izuku to trip up in embarrassment again.


“KEIGO!” Izuku shouted in embarrassment.


The elder Midoriya brother laughed in response as he heard the door open then close as his younger brother left the house. He turned to look at Inko who was smiling happily. He smiled as well.


“How about we get some breakfast? Then we can see if we can spy on him?” Keigo suggested.


“Keigo! That would be rude! He deserves some privacy!” Inko said.


“Alright, I’ll just get Kaoruko to come with instead,” Keigo said without thinking.


“Kaoruko?” Inko asked.


Keigo cringed. He looked back to see Inko tearing up. He had a strange feeling to not be standing still for some reason. He quickly realized why he had the feeling as he was suddenly crushed in a hug by his mother.




“M-Mom!” Keigo shouted in embarrassment.




Ibara was really excited. So excited, in fact, that she felt she went overboard for preparing herself. She spent a half hour deciding what to wear and even then, it looked simple. She wore a forest green T-shirt and deep blue jeans. Her jeans were men’s jeans, as they had more space to put things in her pockets compared to women’s jeans. She didn’t know why that was.


 Adding on to the over-preparing, she brought her vine-hair into a ponytail that went out the back of her head. She never thought about styling her hair before, but she wanted it to look perfect. She saw a few girls style their hair in a ponytail and thought to try it and hope it worked. Lastly, she put her necklace of the Christian cross around her neck. She felt she looked simple, but she hoped Izuku liked it.


“Mother! I’m going out on a date with Izuku! I won’t return for a while!” Ibara called.


“Have fun, dear!” Ibara’s mother called.


Ibara smiled excitedly before grabbing her phone and wallet and going to the front door to put her shoes on. Finally, she left the house and went to meet up with Izuku. At least, that was the plan. As soon as she closed her door and turned around, Izuku was already there and staring at her with wide eyes and a hint of a blush on his face.


Ibara blushed as he continued to stare at her. She took a calming breath before smiling, hoping to change the subject of her appearance for a moment.


“You couldn’t wait to meet up with me?” Ibara asked softly.


Izuku realized he was staring when she spoke and shook his head, trying to dispel the growing blush on his face. He cleared his throat before responding.


“N-Not really… I was… Excited for today…” Izuku said shyly.


Ibara giggled before walking up to him.


“Me, too. You look good, Izuku,” Ibara said, looking at his appearance.


He wore a green T-shirt a similar shade as her own with lighter blue jeans and his signature red shoes. It was simple, but oh so attractive to the vine-haired girl. She found herself blushing a bit more as she looked at him.


“Th-Thanks, Ibara… You look… Really pretty…” Izuku said shyly.


Ibara blushed even more, her face turning bright red at the compliment. He thought she was pretty! That was great!


“Th-Thank you… Izuku…” Ibara said shyly.


“Y-You’re welcome…” Izuku said, looking away in shyness.


Ibara had to take a few seconds to compose herself. When she did, she decided to get his attention.


“So, Izuku?” Ibara asked.


“H-Hmm?” Izuku asked, his face still red.


“Are we going to fly to the restaurant or will we walk there?” Ibara asked curiously while slipping her hand into his.


Izuku was silent for a moment before he replied.


“I-I was thinking we could walk? W-we could spend more time together that way,” Izuku said shyly.


Ibara smiled happily, gently squeezing his hand once.


“I would love that!” Ibara replied.




“So why are we following Izuku again?” Keigo’s blue skinned girlfriend questioned.


She and Keigo were hiding behind some bushes as they watched Izuku and Ibara walking along the sidewalk to a local sushi restaurant with both indoor and outdoor seating.


“We gotta make sure the little Golden Wing doesn’t get hurt,” Keigo replied with a smile.


“Translation: You want more fuel to tease your brother with later,” Kaoruko clarified flatly.


“Exactly!” Keigo replied.


Kaoruko sighed, smiling fondly at her boyfriend.


“Sometimes I wonder why I let you pull me into these things instead of trying to make you do something else…” Kaoruko muttered.


“They’re getting outdoor seating it looks like. C’mon! Let’s get to a better vantage point!” Keigo whispered.


Kaoruko sighed once more.


“Alright, let’s go.” She said, letting herself get pulled along further into spying on the little brother of her boyfriend.




Izuku and Ibara get brought out to a table outside underneath an umbrella. Izuku pulled a chair out for Ibara to sit in, which she thanks him for as she sits in it. He then sat across from her at the table.


“Can I get you two started with a drink?” The waiter asked.


“I would like water, please,” Ibara said politely.


“Same with me, please,” Izuku added.


“I’ll be right back then.” The waiter nodded.


The waiter walked away, leaving the two in silence. They shared a shy smile as they locked eyes for a moment before looking down at their menus.


“This is on me, Ibara, so don’t worry about paying for it.” Izuku said softly.


“Are you sure? I can pay if I need to.” Ibara looked up at him with concern in her eyes.


Izuku looked up at her, locking eyes with her as he smiled.


“I’m sure. I want to pay.” Izuku said.


The smile he fixed her with made Ibara blush, but she couldn’t look away. Both realized how they were staring at one another and looked away in shyness.


“Thank you… Izuku…” Ibara said shyly.


“Y-You’re welcome…” Izuku muttered.


Thankfully, their shy atmosphere was interrupted by the waiter returning with two glasses of water.


“Have you two decided on what you’ll be ordering today?” The waiter asked.


Izuku was the first to speak, clearing his throat.


“Y-Yes. I’d like to have the bento with the teriyaki chicken and California rolls.”


“Okay. And you, miss?” The waiter asked, turning to Ibara.


“Oh, um… I’d like one order of cucumber rolls, avocado rolls, and fried calamari, please.” Ibara spoke, looking at her menu for the order names.


“Okay, your orders will be out shortly,” the waiter said, taking the menus and leaving the two.


“S-So… Um… What do you want to talk about?” Izuku asked shyly.


“Uh… I’m… Not sure… What do people on dates usually… talk about?” Ibara asked curiously.


“I’m not really sure, to be honest… Never been on a date before…” Izuku said with a sheepish smile.




“Then what do you call all those other times you go out on the town with Ibara?” Keigo asked in a whisper.


“Shh, you don’t want them hearing us,” Kaoruko whispered.






“Me neither. I guess… Maybe get to know each other better?” Ibara suggested.


“I guess… But where to start?” Izuku asked.


Ibara was silent for a moment before suddenly giggling. Izuku raised an eyebrow in curiosity.


“What?” Izuku asked.


“We have no trouble talking to each other when we usually go out to do something in the city, but a date finally prevents us from thinking of what to talk about,” Ibara said before giggling more.


Izuku’s heart fluttered at Ibara’s giggles. He smiled and began chuckling as well, just enjoying the comfortable atmosphere that formed from their humorous laughter.




“Aww, that’s so adorable…” Kaoruko muttered as she heard what was said.


Keigo nodded in agreement.




The two of them descended into comfortable conversation after the ice-breaker that was their laughter. Their food came soon after Ibara said a silent prayer before eating, Izuku simply being silent while she prayed.


The two enjoyed their food and idly talked with one another, smiles gracing their faces. The two people spying on them enjoyed watching the two’s date, happy both of them were finding happiness in one another.


After a while, they decided to go someplace else, Izuku paying the bill before they left the restaurant. Ibara suggested going to a park, which Izuku was more than okay with. With the pair’s experience with the city, they knew just which park to go to, as well.




Izuku and Ibara walked through the park hand in hand, heading to the flower garden portion of it. Ibara was quietly thinking of what to say. Part of her wanted to know his thoughts on religion. She knew some of the things she did made him somewhat uncomfortable, calling him an angel early in their friendship being one of them. She just didn’t want it to seem so sudden. But there was no way to bring it up any other way. She didn’t want to push him away just because of her religion.


“Izuku?” Ibara asked, breaking the hold on his hand and stepping away once.


Izuku brought his attention to Ibara, having missed the touch of her hand against his.


“What is it, Ibara?” Izuku asked.


“Um… Well… Is my religion… making you uncomfortable?” Ibara asked.


Izuku raised an eyebrow in confusion.


“What would make you think that?” Izuku asked.


“Well, when I first called you an angel, you would always seem uncomfortable. And whenever I pray during food, you get silent and serious…” Ibara trailed off, looking insecure.


“I get silent and serious because you’re praying and I don’t think me smiling or doing whatever I was doing before would be respectful for you praying. And you already know that I hated being considered an angel because I wasn’t an angel and didn’t want to feel like I was impersonating one,” Izuku explained in a soft voice.


“I’m sorry for assuming, I just… I don’t want to push you away because of my beliefs… I know some of the people at school think I’m weird for them,” Ibara said in a low voice.


Izuku moved to her, wrapping her in a warm hug. Ibara returned the hug, looking away in silent shame for assuming things.


“You won’t push me away, Ibara. I honestly am fine with your beliefs, even if I don’t agree with them in some cases. But that’s okay. We don’t have to agree on that. They're your beliefs. Don’t let what other people think bring you down. Alright?” Izuku asked softly.


“I know I shouldn’t have worried, but… I just…” Ibara trailed off.


“Wanted this to work, right?” Izuku asked.


Ibara nodded in response. She suddenly noticed the world turn to gold as Izuku’s wings enveloped the two of them.


“I feel the same way. I was actually worried my beliefs would push you away…” Izuku said.


Ibara was surprised. While she did know that early on her tolerance for people who weren't Christian was very low, she started getting more tolerant once she met Izuku and Bakugo. But to think, Izuku was constantly worried that she wouldn’t like what he believed in as much as she was worried he didn’t like what she believed. 


“My goodness… I just feel so foolish now…” Ibara commented, finally looking up at Izuku and smiling slightly.


“Me, too, actually… Let’s make a promise, then. We won’t care about each other’s beliefs. We will love each other for who we are, not what we believe in.” Izuku said softly.


“You… You said love…” Ibara commented with a blush.


Izuku, realizing what he just said, blushed slightly.


“I-I mean… Uh… Well…” Izuku trailed off, looking away in embarrassment.


Ibara reached a hand up and turned him to face her. She was looking at him with a blush on her face.


“Izuku… I don’t know how relationships go, but… I just feel this desire to do this…” Ibara said.


“D-Do what?” Izuku asked.


Ibara wordlessly moved her face closer to his, her eyes locked with his. Izuku didn’t know why, but he wasn’t moving his head back. It was as if he subconsciously wanted what was about to happen. 


Their lips met in a soft and caring kiss, fireworks going off in both their minds as their faces heated up and their chests warmed. To them, it was the most amazing thing they could have felt.




“What are they doing? Can you see?” Keigo asked.


Keigo was currently holding his girlfriend up so she could look over the hedge that walled off the garden area from the rest of the park. She was looking over but due to the wings obscuring her vision, she couldn’t see what was happening.


“I can’t. His wings are in the way,” Kaoruko whispered in reply.


“My little brother is getting his first kiss! I bet that’s what! What else would they be doing in there?”




“I’m gonna pretend I didn’t hear that and just think that they’re kissing.”


“You’re unbelievable…” Kaoruko muttered with a fond sigh.




The two pulled back from their kiss and stared at one another for a moment before looking away in shyness.


“I-I know that might have been fast… And I don’t think you’d want something like-”


“I actually… Did…” Izuku interrupted her with a shy voice.


“You… did?” Ibara asked, looking up at him.


“Yeah… It felt… Amazing… With you,” Izuku said, looking at Ibara once more.


“I… Agree…” Ibara said, blushing even more.


The two smiled shyly at one another. Properly comforted, the two pulled back from the hug after a few minutes, Izuku retracting his wings and showing the afternoon sky. The sun was setting, telling them just how long they had been out of the house for.


“I suppose… We’re going to have to go home soon…” Ibara said, looking down slightly.


“I guess so… But don’t worry.” Izuku fixed her with a smile.


“Why not?”


“We’ll be seeing each other again tomorrow. That is, unless you don’t want to?” Izuku asked.


“O-Of course not! I’d love to see you again! Can we just… Spend a bit more time before going home?” Ibara asked.


Izuku’s smile softened.


“Of course,” Izuku replied with a nod.


Ibara smiled once more.


“Thank you.”




The couple, still unaware of their eavesdroppers, spent a bit more time with one another in the garden, talking about more positive subjects that they both enjoyed. As the sun was about to disappear below the horizon, they decided to head home. Keeping to their tradition, Izuku wrapped his arms around her and flew her home. It wasn’t like previous carries, though. This time, both were hugging each other as they flew instead of Izuku holding her from behind.


Keigo and Kaoruko watched them fly away before focusing on one another, smiling softly.


“He’s definitely in good hands.” Keigo said softly.


“Yes, he is. Now come on, Keigo. I already got the okay from Mom that you can come over.” Kaoruko said softly.


“Let’s go then,” Keigo said before kissing his girlfriend and locking hands with her.


The couple started walking in the opposite direction of where Izuku and Ibara went, soft smiles on their faces.




Izuku landed at Ibara’s house but kept hugging her for a moment. She looked back at the house before up at Izuku. She smiled softly.


“I’ll see you tomorrow.” Ibara said softly.


“Yeah… I’ll see you tomorrow.” Izuku said softly.


The two remained in their hug for a few more moments before separating. As Izuku was about to take off, Ibara stopped him, walking over to him once more and placing her hands on his shoulders. She decided to be a bit more daring and kiss him on the cheek, causing both parties to blush, even when they already had their first kiss.

“Text me when you get home. I don’t want to hear about you getting kidnapped.” Ibara said with genuine worry, knowing how the nights in Japan could get.


“I will.” Izuku nodded.


With that, Ibara removed her hands from Izuku’s shoulders and stepped back, letting him take flight. She waved to him as he flew away. Holding her necklace, she whispered a silent prayer that Izuku get home safe before turning and walking into her house.




Izuku landed at his house and walked in, ready to take the embarrassment that his brother would give him for going on a date but… He wasn’t there. Instead, his mother barreled into him and hugged him, asking him about his date.


Izuku first asked where his brother was before answering. Inko told him that Keigo was at his girlfriend’s house for the night. Izuku gained a smirk upon hearing about it, knowing he was going to tease his brother later for that.


He then proceeded to tell his mother about his date. His mother was very approving and happy about what they did. Izuku made sure to leave out the part where they kissed, knowing she would have flooded the house if he told her. He didn’t want to deal with that at night, especially with how tired he was.


After a light dinner, Izuku bid his mother goodnight and went to his bedroom. He made sure to text Ibara that he got home safely before texting her a goodnight message. With that, he got into his pajamas and went to sleep, his thoughts lingering on the kiss that had happened on the date. Because of those thoughts, his dreams were filled with many more kisses that he hoped would happen soon. 

Chapter Text

When school returned the following week, Bakugo could definitely see a change between his two friends. For one, they were closer than ever before. For two, they were actually holding hands without Izuku looking like a blushing mess. He couldn’t help but smirk, happy his plan to get Izuku to grow a pair and tell her his true feelings worked.


Throughout the day, he spotted them showing affection to one another. A hug in the hallway, a handhold and a smile before sitting together, things like that. He wasn’t expecting what came at lunch, though.




Bakugo had just grabbed his food and left the lunchroom. He walked along the wall of the school building before turning the corner that gave him a straight shot to the tree. As he turned around the corner, his eyes locked onto Izuku and Ibara looking strangely close. It was then that his mind processed their positions. Izuku was hugging Ibara close while his lips were pressed against hers.


Bakugo’s eyes bulged out in surprise at what they were doing. They were kissing! This early in actually going out?!


“WHAT THE FUCK!” Bakugo shouted, startling the two at the tree.


They pulled back and looked in Bakugo's direction. The two blushed as they realized they were caught. Izuku tried to change the subject.


“H-Hey Kacchan. Was the lunchroom crowded?” Izuku asked.


“Don’t ‘Hey Kacchan’ me! How the fuck did you two go from hopelessly in love dorks to hitched and kissing in two days?!” Bakugo asked, more shocked than angry.


“It… Well… It just felt right…” Izuku muttered shyly.


“Yes… It just came so naturally to us… Are you angry?” Ibara questioned shyly.


“I’m more fucking shocked than anything! I told this nerd to ask you out last Friday and you come back and you’re acting like you’ve been dating for fucking years!” Bakugo replied, pinching the bridge of his nose.


The two blushed even more at Bakugo’s statement. Bakugo sighed.


“Also… Good job. You finally grew a spine,” Bakugo said a bit calmer.


“Y-Yeah… I guess I did…” Izuku said, taking Ibara’s hand.


“I suppose I should now tell Shiozaki that if she hurts you, she’ll end up in a shallow grave before she even has time to pray for forgiveness,” Bakugo said with a vicious smile sent Ibara’s way.


The girl seemed offended at Bakugo’s statement.


“I would never hurt him!” Ibara said with conviction that Bakugo respected.


“Good! Then you won’t have to worry about my wrath! Now let's start eating before our food gets cold,” Bakugo said, smirking at the two before getting to eating.




Izuku was still embarrassed that he was caught kissing his girlfriend after lunch ended, but that didn’t stop him from taking Ibara’s hand and squeezing it affectionately before putting his empty lunch tray away.


After the embarrassment Izuku suffered from Bakugo’s outburst, the day calmed down for the three friends. At the end of the day, Izuku and Ibara decided to share a day in the city like they usually did, but instead of their usual exploring, they spent their time in a single place: the park. The peaceful environment became one of their favorite places to go and spend time at.




Eventually, as the months went by, Inko finally demanded to meet Ibara in person rather than only having seen her at graduation. Izuku asked her the day after graduation. Ibara accepted without having to think about it, having been wanting to meet her boyfriend’s mother for a while. 


They scheduled it for the coming weekend and went about the rest of their week normally, kissing, hugging, and showing how much they loved each other like normal. Ibara was looking forward to meeting and getting to know the woman who made such an amazing boy such as her boyfriend.




Ibara was nervous. Extremely nervous. What if Izuku’s mother didn’t like her? Would their relationship still work out even if she wasn’t liked? Should she hide the fact she’s Christian? Or would it be alright to show it? Should she-


“Ibara! Izuku’s arrived!” Ibara’s mother brought her from her thoughts.


“O-Okay! Tell him I shall be out momentarily!” Ibara called.


She was currently staring at her bed which had two different tops. One was a red sundress that would go down to her knees, while the other was a simple white T-shirt. She didn’t want to go too extravagant, but also wanted to look nice. Her eyes quickly darted from one top to the other. She finally bit her lip and chose the sundress, putting it on quickly and straightening the wrinkles out. She then took her cross necklace and put it on before leaving her room.


Ibara made it to the front door to see Izuku conversing with her mother, who was asking what they were planning on doing.


“I was thinking of introducing her to my mother today and spending the day with her at my house.” She heard him say.


“Oh, that’s splendid. I bet your mother is a kind lady.”


“Indeed she is. She’s been looking forward to officially meeting Ibara for a while,” Izuku said.


Ibara cleared her throat, letting the two of them know she was there. She saw a massive blush forming on Izuku’s face as he looked at her appearance. Ibara smiled softly, knowing he thought she looked good. 


“Ibara, honey, you look very beautiful,” her mother said.


“Thank you, Mother,” Ibara said with a nod.


“Oh, I’ll not hold you two up any longer. May the Lord bless your journey.” The woman said before stepping away.


Izuku and Ibara focused on one another, each smiling softly.


“Ready to go?” Izuku asked.


“Yes, I am. Are we going to fly?” Ibara asked.


“Is there any other way to travel?” Izuku replied with a question of his own.


Ibara smiled before moving up to him and pulling him into a gentle hug. Izuku returned her hug and emphasized it with his wings moving around her and resting against her back, making her hum softly in enjoyment.


“You give the greatest hugs, Izuku,” Ibara said softly.


“I think you give them better,” Izuku said softly, smiling lovingly.


“Shall we agree to disagree?” Ibara asked.


“I suppose we shall,” Izuku replied, playing along.


She smiled softly, humming once in acknowledgment before pulling away from the hug, moving to put her shoes on. Once she did, she took his hand and gently pulled him outside so that they could get on with their day.




Izuku landed in front of his house, carrying Ibara bridal style in his arms. Ibara was blushing slightly and her vine hair unintentionally wrapped around his chest when he was flying her over. He looked down to see her looking at the door for a moment before looking up at him. He smiled softly at her.


“You alright?” Izuku asked softly.


“Y-Yes… It was just surprising… Flying like this…” Ibara said shyly, making Izuku’s smile slightly larger. 


His eyes locked with hers and they neared their heads to one another, meeting in a loving kiss. Ibara retracted her vines as she kissed him. Pulling back, they smiled once more at one another.


“Thank you for flying me here. It’s always nice,” Ibara said softly.


“I’m glad you enjoy flying just as much as I do,” Izuku replied.


“What can I say? You convinced me,” Ibara said with a warm smile.


Izuku chuckled softly, with Ibara joining soon after. Their laughter died down after a few moments and they stared at one another once more with smiles on their faces.


“You gonna keep holding her like you just got married or are you gonna bring her inside?” Keigo’s voice interrupted the two’s moment, startling them.


Izuku and Ibara looked to see Keigo and Inko at the door, the elder brother wearing a knowing smirk while Inko wore a teary-eyed smile. The couple blushed brightly at their audience before Izuku let Ibara down. The vine-haired girl straightened her sundress out before standing straight up. 


She was about to step forward when Izuku took her hand. She looked up at him to see him give her a nervous smile, nodding. Ibara nodded in response before the two started walking to the front door. When they arrived, Ibara released Izuku’s hand before bowing.


“My name is Ibara Shiozaki. I am Izuku’s girlfriend. I hope we can get along,” Ibara said before straightening back up again.


Keigo raised an eyebrow before nodding in approval while Inko looked like she couldn’t hold back for much longer. She finally broke after a minute, rushing Ibara and pulling her into a tight hug.


“You’re so beautiful! And so polite! Oh! I’m being impolite! Come in!” Inko cried, taking Ibara’s hand and pulling her inside.


Keigo moved aside to let the two girls inside the house. He turned to Izuku with a smirk.


“Not a word, Keigo. Or else I’ll tell mom that you need more condoms with how many times you visit your girlfriend,” Izuku said threateningly.


Keigo chuckled, raising his hands in defeat.


“Alright. No teasing the rest of the day. Got it,” Keigo said, his smirk still on his face.


“And not tomorrow, either,” Izuku said with a squint.


“Oh? So I can’t tease you about the sinful activities you could be up to on your dates?”


Izuku blushed.






As Izuku and Keigo were at the front door, Ibara was brought to the living room by Inko and sat down on the couch. 


“Would you like some tea?” Inko asked.


Ibara, who was still recovering from the sudden yank into her boyfriend’s house by his mother, only nodded in reply. Inko smiled before turning and entering the kitchen, soon returning with a pot of tea and two cups. She poured the tea before sitting down beside Ibara.


“So, may I call you Ibara?” Inko asked.


“Y-Yes… You may,” Ibara said, 


“Wonderful! And you can call me Inko. I’ve heard a lot about you,” Inko said with a bright smile.


“Y-You have?” Ibara asked with a blush.


“Yeah. Izuku doesn’t give me many details about your dates, but he loves talking about how nice you are. Of course, that’s when Keigo isn’t around. Those two tease each other so much. Izuku always keeps his mouth shut about you around him,” Inko said with an amused giggle.


“I would understand that. From the times I’ve met him, he always teased Izuku,” Ibara nodded in agreement.


“He’s always done that. From the day he was able to talk to now. It’s funny to watch sometimes,” Inko explained. “But enough about that. I want to know about you,” Inko said with a bright smile.


Ibara looked at Inko with a blush before nodding.


“Well… I have a very Christian family. And a very protective family as well. I was never really a part of public schools until the day I met your son again. Speaking of your son, he was actually my first real friend. Back when we first met, I was never really around children my age except for at church, but even then, we never interacted outside of it. I was… really lonely. But Izuku changed that. Even more so when we met once more during school. Ever since I met him, my life has been wonderful,” Ibara explained.


 Inko smiled softly, happy her son had that effect on Ibara’s life.


“I’m happy he has made you happier. And I’m happy you made him happier. Needless to say, I am happy you two are together,” Inko said softly.


“Thank you… I’m glad you accept me,” Ibara said, smiling happily.


“Of course I would accept you. You’re the purest girl I’ve ever met!” Inko beamed, hugging Ibara even tighter upon seeing Ibara smiling.


“So what are some things you like?” Inko asked.


“Well… I really like flying. Izuku helped me enjoy it and I’m quite happy about it. I like reading and watching television as well. My parents have been very selective on what I watch and read, though, so I don’t know much in terms of movies and books,” Ibara replied.


“And of course you like my son as well,” Inko teased, causing Ibara to blush.


“Y-Yes… I do…” Ibara said shyly.


“I’m glad you do. He deserves someone as kind as you in his life. He hasn’t been the same since Hisashi died… But after his first day back, he returned with a smile. I suppose you were the cause of that, correct?”


“Yes, I was… I really wanted to help…” Ibara said.


“You helped him so much since that day, Ibara. And for that I thank you,” Inko said softly, pulling the girl into a hug, a hug Ibara returned.


The two descended into comfortable conversation after pulling back from their hug.




The rest of the evening progressed very well for Ibara. After a while longer talking to Inko, Ibara watched as Inko broke up the tease fight that was happening at the front door. When the two calmed down, Izuku and Keigo were both blushing with embarrassment while side-eyeing each other.


After Inko broke their fight up, Izuku offered to take Ibara on a tour, which she accepted. The tour reminded her of her house, having a similar layout as hers, with the primary difference being the decor of the house. Their tour ended at Izuku’s room, which took a while to get to due to his shyness over showing it. Eventually he had to face the music and show his room.




“Well… Here it is…” Izuku said shyly.


Ibara looked around as she entered Izuku’s bedroom. It was wall to wall hero merchandise, including ones of his late father. When she saw the posters of his father, her heart panged with sorrow, knowing it must have hurt to wake up to them every day. She turned to face him with a smile that seemed to attract the light of the heavens with its beauty.


“It’s a wonderful room, Izuku,” Ibara said softly.


Izuku took one look at Ibara’s face and blushed, hiding his face with his wings in embarrassment.


“It’s too nerdy, though…” Izuku said shyly.


“That’s okay. It’s exactly what I would think your room would be like,” Ibara replied.


“Okay…” Izuku said, his wings moving away and revealing his shy face.


“Izuku, could you come here?” Ibara asked.


The boy nodded, walking up to her, where she turned his head to face hers and placed a gentle kiss on his lips.


“I love this part of you, just like I love the rest of your qualities,” Ibara said softly.


The kiss relaxed Izuku slightly, his arms moving around her in a gentle embrace. She smiled, leaning into the embrace.


“I love you too, Ibara,” Izuku said softly


The vine-haired girl blushed but smiled as she looked up at him. 


“I’m glad you do… Now how about you take me on a tour of your room. These figures look rather interesting,” Ibara said, glancing at one of the shelves.


Izuku brightened up as he released her and started talking about the figures he had on his shelves. He got through only one shelf before the two of them were called for dinner, though. She found it amusing at how much of a hero nerd he was, but it was also cute seeing his excitement over talking about heroes.




Ibara and Izuku went to dinner and spent the rest of the afternoon getting to know the Midoriyas a bit better. Keigo was rambunctious and always had a joke to say to bring the table to laughter. Inko was very motherly, just like how she acted when Ibara was talking with her, asking her children and Ibara how they were doing and if they were liking the food. 


At the end of the day, she had to leave and Izuku offered to fly her home. When they arrived, she and him spent some time a bit away from her house to talk.


“So… What did you think?” Izuku asked curiously.


“Your family is… very refreshing,” Ibara replied.


“Refreshing? What do you mean?” Izuku asked.


“That dinner was filled with fun conversation, kind words, and smiles. Inko asked about our days and Keigo always tried to bring laughter to the table... My family never really had such a thing. My parents are too strict and serious and the silence at dinner was so uncomfortable. The only time we speak is when my father asks me about my studies…” Ibara said, looking down.


“I’m sorry, Ibara… I never knew…” Izuku said softly.


Ibara smiled sadly.


“I never really told you. I didn’t really want to burden you with my familial problems, especially when- No nevermind…” Ibara stopped herself from mentioning Izuku’s father.


“Ibara… You don’t have to hold those problems in. I’m here... And I can help… I want to help…” Izuku said, his arms gently gripping her biceps and squeezing them affectionately.


Ibara looked up at him with a sorrowful smile.


“I’m sorry… Could you forgive me for keeping this from you…?” Ibara asked.


“Of course I will. I understand the desire to hide things from people. Did you know Bakugo wasn’t always the… guy… he is today?” Izuku asked, not knowing how to describe his best friend.


“He wasn’t?”


“No, he wasn’t. Before my quirk fully came in, he used to pass off my quirk as nothing but a pair of wings and considered me useless. Used to verbally bully me. But I kept holding out that my friend was in there. And I kept my family from knowing about the bullying. But when my quirk fully came in, he changed to how he is now. I guess all it took was for someone to challenge him and actually have the ability to back up their challenge. But anyways, my point is that I’ve kept something from my family before. So I understand the wish to not burden others with your problems,” Izuku said softly.


“He… used to bully you?” Ibara asked, surprised.


“Yes, but he’s changed since then. I promise. And I’ve forgiven him since that time.” Izuku said softly.


Ibara looked down once more, feeling she didn’t deserve to have such a forgiving boyfriend. Hiding things from one’s significant other was a sin, after all. Her thoughts about how she didn’t deserve his forgiveness lessened when Izuku pulled her into a comforting hug.


“Why do you forgive others for such things?” Ibara asked, not meeting his eyes.


“Because it’s better to forgive and move on than to linger on it. After all, you’ve shown that you regret it. And Bakugo’s changed from how he previously acted. And hopefully you can tell me next time something happens at your home that you don’t like,” Izuku said softly.


Ibara looked up at Izuku finally, seeing his soft expression. She smiled a bit happier at him.


“Let me help you. Please?” Izuku asked softly.


“Okay… Thank you so much, Izuku… I promise to not hold things in…” Ibara replied with a nod.


Izuku smiled softly.


“Thank you, Ibara. And hey, I will try my best to help you. If you just need to hear my voice, just call. No matter what time it is, I’ll answer.” Izuku said softly.


“Thank you, Izuku. I don’t deserve you…” Ibara said.


Izuku chuckled.


“No, I don’t deserve you,” Izuku said before lowering himself to rest his forehead against hers.


The two didn’t share a kiss, instead staying where they were and enjoying the other’s presence. After a few minutes, they finally locked their lips in a loving kiss. The two pulled back after a few moments, both smiling softly.


“I’ll text you when I get home, alright?” Izuku asked.


“Okay… Would it be possible to… call you after that?” Ibara asked.


“Of course.” Izuku said softly, nodding.


Ibara smiled a bit wider.


“Thank you.”


Izuku and Ibara kissed one last time before releasing from their hug and separating, with Ibara going into her house and Izuku flying back to his. Ibara had bid goodnight to her parents soon after she entered her house, and waited for Izuku to text her. After twenty minutes, Izuku did and she called afterwards.


The two of them didn’t really have a specific subject that they talked about. Ibara was just wanting to hear Izuku’s voice and Izuku was wanting to just talk with her. As the night progressed, Ibara found herself being lulled to sleep by Izuku’s soft voice that he spoke with to make sure his family wasn’t woken up by him. As she got sleepier Izuku tried gently to get her to go to sleep. Ibara proved rather stubborn when tired however, determined to keep speaking to her boyfriend. In the end, Izuku kept talking to her until she fell asleep on the phone, in which he then whispered a goodnight and hung up before going to sleep himself.


Both Ibara and Izuku enjoyed a wonderful sleep, not knowing that something was coming that could change their lives massively...