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Left On Read

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The rain was steady. Like a never ending blanket of pure water coasting down from the skies. Cars zoomed past sending the familiar sound of splashing into the atmosphere. Teens ran with sweaters over their heads, jumping into cars, laughing with friends.



The rain was calming.

It was tranquil, yet full of rage.



Puddles were disturbed by feet making their way to and fro. Hands were held and "hey sweetie"'s were spoken. Everything was as it should be in the early autumn rain. The gray lit sky reflected in the standing water like portals to new worlds waiting to be explored. They shimmered and shook with each falling drop, sending a symphony of sound into the wet world.



3:00 in the afternoon.

School was out.



A girl stood alone under the awning of the school building, her eyes searching for any signs of her family's car. The rain added a new heavy feeling to her chest, her hope of transport was blown away like the fallen leaves that filled the soaked air. She clung to her own body in an attempt to keep warm. The newly found breeze wetting her to the bone. A sigh escaped her lips as she watched kids run and people leave.


One by one cars left the parking lot of the school. One by one the rain soaked streets became more and more empty. The girl stood and waited for her ride to arrive.



Had it really been hours?



The rain was letting up and the sinking feeling had grown to be normal. She had been forgotten.




Street lights were lighting up as she did her best to cover the last remaining dry bits of her body. She prayed her books hadn't been ruined.

Cars drove past, sending rain up with every sharp turn, and creating more noise than the already constant flow of water from the skies. Her non-waterproofed shoes were now all but ruined as she made her way down the street.



Casey had to be home. He just had to be.



The rain cleansed everything in sight as the sky grew darker with the setting sun.

It really had been hours.



A soft knock on a front door. A calming smile. A ten year old girl. "Is Casey home?"

"He's out with April. And I'm not supposed to have anyone over. I'm alone."

A fake smile and real nod. "Thanks anyways."



No doubt they were there. In the place she was not allowed. Hanging with her would be friends. Family.

Her heart sank lower than before, her mascara running the slightest bit from rain water. She trudged along, her face relaxing into the saddest state to match the feelings within her chest. She thought in her mind again what it might look like. The lair. The place everyone could go but her.

"Too many humans already know where it is" Raph had said.



"Too many" meaning everyone but her.



The rain was growing colder, stranger people occupied the sidewalk. Had she known where she was, she might have attempted to get home. A glance at her phone. An hour had passed by. How gone was she?



More walking, less thinking. More regret, less tears. Another glance at her phone. A text. She ducked into a corner to escape the rain.



"Hey. Casey's sister called and said you had stopped by there. I tried your home phone but no one answered. Where are you?"



A small smile, a bit of warmth. His texts always did that. It was warm and lovely knowing someone cared.



"Got forgotten at school. Started walking. I honestly have no idea where I'm going. Just not home lol."



A bubble with three loading dots. A smile. He was responding so quickly.



"Y/n. I've heard rain rushing down here all day. And it hasn't stopped yet. Are you alone in the rain? You'd better say no. I s2g."



A small chuckle left her lips and floated off into the night air.


She was soaked.


She was cold.


It was nearing 7:00 o'clock. Four hours? That's a long time to be alone in the rain......



She had only just know realized how hopeless she was.



A small buzz. "Y/n."



"I don't know."



No more loading dots. Just a read tag. She stared at her screen in dismay. Wonderful. She had scared him off....



Just a read tag.



The night was carrying on. No word from anyone. Let alone her parents. Most likely home sleeping or out and about. She should start heading home. Her heart was falling again.



Alone in the rain.



Dark streets, and even darker thoughts. She imagined April and Casey warm and dry with the boys in the lair. She imagined them all being carefree and smiling talking about everything and anything. Tears were now mixing with rain as she made her way to her empty home. She now hated the rain. All it was was a sad reminder that she was completely alone. The water grew louder. It was rushing in her ears.




A read tag.




"Screw the rain" she thought, trying to make it home without breaking down. This was pointless. What was the point of have these "friends" if she couldn't even spend time with them. It was as though they were scared of her. Not trusting her to know where they resided. Not liking her enough to visit her at her own home.


What was the point of knowing they existed if she never had a chance to see them. April was always there. Was it because she was prettier? Tougher? More loved? Respected? If that was the case, then what was Casey doing there?



Her mind was so far gone she hadn't even noticed the rains sudden falter. The droplets hit a hard surface and rolled out around her.



A buzz in her pocket.



"Look up dork."



Her eyes focused on the words.



She looked up.