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In the Name of Science

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"Sir there is a patient outside-" the nurse hesitated as Zhu Yilong was busy writing the prescription for another patient.


"Send them in," he answered automatically without bothering to look up.


Zhu Yilong internally wondered what was the big deal, getting patients was far from ordinary- "Sir, this patient doesn't have an appointment." This made Zhu Yilong pause and look up. The receptionist bit her lip and Zhu Yilong leaned back on his chair, sighing as he took off his glasses.


"You know the drill. Lin Xia." He spoke gently and calmly, however annoyed he felt. These kinds of situations were like tiny paper cuts on one's finger, small and frequent but extremely annoying. "The newer ones get placed at the back." 


"But Sir, the patient insists that it is pretty urgent." She refused to make eye contact with him and his eyes narrowed for a split second. 


He nodded to the man in front of him, "Here, this is your prescription. I have written down the instructions and the pharmacist will explain it to you. It's pretty simple, you only have to discontinue your previous medication and take the ones I have directed." 


The man looked immensely relieved as he tried to make sense of the hastily written prescription, "so this isn't a permanent thing right?" 


"No, it shouldn't be. Also please come for a follow up a week later and call on the number in the prescription if there is any problem with the medicine. Lin Xia will help you with the appointment."  Zhu Yilong smiled reassuringly at the patient. 


"Thank you so much, doctor." 


He glanced at his watch, "How many are there?" Lin Xia checked her notepad before answering. "There was one more patient but he hasn't shown up yet and then we have the new patient." 


"Send them in, they did say it was urgent." The nurse brightened up considerably at the prospect and left the patient file on his desk meanwhile he watched her leave with raised eyebrows. 


The door opened and a pair of people walked in. When he got a good look at them he understood his nurse a little. One of them was considerably handsome. That explained things.


Zhu Yilong flashed them a smile and opened the file. "So…. Bai Yu?"


The handsome guy who was dressed in plaid and sweatpants answered, "That would be me." Zhu Yilong suppressed a smile because Bai Yu's smile was contagious. Zhu Yilong barely paid attention to the woman beside him. 


"Ah yes, so what is your problem?" He gestured to Bai Yu to sit on the stool beside him so that he could get a proper look at him.


The other woman intervened, almost harshly, "Before we start, I would like you to sign an agreement." The woman began to rummage her bag for something and Zhu Yilong was confused so he turned to Bai Yu for help.


Bai Yu only shrugged his shoulders "It's the Non-disclosure Agreement." 


"You want me to sign the NDA?" 

The paper being shoved at his desk was the only response he got. Zhu Yilong prayed to the deities above to grant him the patience he would require for this patient.


"Yes, as an idol, we cannot put his reputation at stake." The woman answered. "And you are?" Zhu Yilong asked mechanically. 


"His manager." The rude woman responded.


Zhu Yilong uncapped his water bottle and took a sip. Then he scanned the patient details again. Right, it did say he was a singer. Zhu Yilong snorted as he faced them again, "I hope you are aware that patient confidentiality is part of our ethics?" He flashed the manager a tight smile some of his previous annoyance seeping through. 


The manager wasn't fazed, "Your reputation precedes you so we don't expect any less but we cannot have his information falling into wrong hands."


Zhu Yilong barked out a laugh, "If you have done your research then you know, my policies regarding patients are very stringent." He said icily.


"But he is an idol-"


The curve of Zhu Yilong's lips got higher but it still didn't reach his eyes, "My policies never discriminate, so it doesn't matter what he does for a living, the information is always safe with me."


The manager wasn't done apparently, "but your staff-"


Bai Yu probably sensed the atmosphere growing tense because he drew all the attention to himself as he spoke. "Doctor, I have been having problems lately, and I am worried that something is wrong with me!"


Zhu Yilong turned to face him with a stethoscope ready in his hand. " Yes. What sort of problems?" Bai Yu leaned closer to him and whispered conspiratorially. "These past few days, I have been unable to maintain, my you know- " 


"Erections?" Zhu Yilong supplied helpfully.


"Is my dick..uh..b- broken?"


Simultaneously, Zhu Yilong checked his eyes and his throat. Finding no problems, he moved to check the pulse. "Please give me your hand." 


"Not really. But I still have to check."


Bai Yu obliged. He placed his stethoscope on the chest and felt for the radial pulse. 


He vaguely noted that the pulse seemed a little higher but otherwise everything else was normal.


"How long have you had this problem?" Zhu Yilong clicked open his pen shifting back to his desk. "Since a few weeks."


"Has this ever occurred before?" Bai Yu just shook his head. 


"Any other symptoms?" Zhu Yilong was trying to narrow down the problems but it was still vague.


"Mister, I would like you to proceed to the examination bed." He turned to his manager. "And I would like you to step out for a while for the sake of his privacy." 


The manager looked like she wanted to argue but Bai Yu pleaded her with his eyes so she nodded and left.


"Please have a seat and take off your pants." Zhu Yilong instructed putting on his examination gloves. "You move fast doctor." Bai Yu obliged with a teasing grin. Zhu Yilong had grown immune to patients hitting on him here and there so he smiled his professional smile and replied, "Such is the nature of my job." Bai Yu's gaze never faltered from his face even as he got closer, "Can't say that I am complaining." His eyes trailed down appreciatively.


Zhu Yilong couldn't suppress his urge to banter, "Even if you were, I still have a job to do." 


Zhu Yilong scanned his genitals for any injury or inflammation. So far there was nothing.


He gently placed his hand on the penis and Bai Yu shuddered. "You take your job very seriously." But of course he wouldn't shut up so easily. 


"Mhm" Zhu Yilong absently kept checking for any sign but everything seemed to be normal.


"You have very nice hands." 


"I am surprised to know you enjoy the feel of latex. Men usually don’t." Bai Yu laughed in response. Zhu Yilong had to admit he had a nice laugh and eyes that laughed along.


"So how do you feel at the moment?" Zhu Yilong asked with his hand placed carefully on the penis as he searched for signs of tenderness or pain on his patient's face.


"Right now?" Zhu Yilong nodded.


"With you touching me? I'd say pretty good." And his statement was accompanied by a tiny shudder.


"Relax, I am not trying to give you a hand job, just checking." He tried to reassure Bai Yu but he had other plans.


"I wouldn't mind even if you were." Bai Yu winked at him and Zhu Yilong just shot him a withered look.


Zhu Yilong asked several questions relating to his sexual life and the libido seemed normal from the answers he got but he seemed to have problems in maintaining the erection for any satisfactory sexual activity. And definitely stressed which wasn't evidenced by his demeanor but upon a closer look, his lifestyle was definitely stressful.


"Many men experience ED as a side effect of a drug or some other health problem. Any other problems? Like Diabetes, Hypertension-"


"Uh, I take meds for my blood pressure, is that relevant?" 


Zhu Yilong paused for a moment. "Low blood pressure or high?




Zhu Yilong went back to the patient file. "Do you take the medication daily?" 


"That is what my physician told me. Why?"


"How long have you been taking the drug?" 


"For a year now." Bai Yu seemed confused as to why was the doctor hyper focused on his blood pressure medicine. 


"It seems that your current medication is interfering with your sexual function."


Bai Yu had never come across any man who could talk about this stuff so professionally and so eloquently. He felt his insides stirring up a bit so he shifted uncomfortably on the examination table.


"Your libido and sexual desire is still normal and I did not see any other abnormality either." 


Bai Yu wanted to prolong this session with the handsome doctor a little longer so the next question tumbled out without any consultation from his brain.


"Can you explain to me a little more?" 


Doctor Zhu licked his lips seeming a bit surprised, his large eyes wide and ghost of a smile painting his features. Bai Yu tried not to stare but he could not unsee it now and his dick was definitely taking more and more interest.


"You see, the drug that is prescribed for your hypertension is a beta blocker-" Doctor Zhu stopped abruptly. "Is it too much info for you?" 


Bai Yu shifted a little more. "No no, please continue. I am….very interested ." He just carefully left out which part of him was interested.


Doctor Zhu just raised an eyebrow but continued, "Beta blockers are known to cause decrease in blood flow by blocking beta receptors which are responsive to epinephrine which is its signal molecule- hence the name, so naturally they cause decreased blood flow to your penis as well."


The information seemed simple enough but all the blood in his body seemed to be rushing elsewhere and beads of sweat began to roll down his back. 


"-Decreased libido is one of the side effects of Atenolol- your current medication." 


The way Doctor Zhu was talking about the drug and its side effects seemed to be causing a different kind of awakening in him and his rich, clear tone in a low volume was such a turn on that he was actually turned on. What's worse is- that his fancy jargon in his sexy voice was affecting him more than his hands on his dick.


Which also meant that it was his dick doing all the talking now. Good thing the doctor hadn't noticed.


"Can you tell me how my blood pressure is related to all this? Will it cause me problems in the future?" He wanted to applaud himself for the question but his voice seemed huskier than he had intended.


"Well, hypertension is primarily a vascular disease which means all your blood vessels are affected. Although it's very common beyond the age of forty, we do have younger patients coming up with hypertension." 


Bai Yu nodded, signalling him to keep going. Those fancy ass words shaped by that deep voice were hitting all the right spots in his brain. It was a state of achieving a high without using any of those useless drugs.


"Hypertension causes reduction in the abilities of arteries to dilate and contract so lesser blood flows into the penis because your brain has a priority list for organs and how redistribution of blood should occur in case its remains decompensated and you have other complications popping up." 


"So why am I still affected despite the treatment? Are the drugs ineffective?" Bai Yu's forehead was beaded with sweat despite the cool weather.


"Hmm, in your case and in many cases beta blockers tend to dampen the response to nerve impulses which would lead to erection...or maintaining the erection. Maybe your testosterone levels have gone down after the treatment- only blood analysis can tell."


"So do I stop the treatment?" Bai Yu wanted to shut up but he couldn't, it was as hard as pulling out in middle of sex. No wonder those methods of contraception always failed.


"Have you been stressed lately?" Doctor Zhu asked him gently looking up at him with his wide eyes and long lashes; all his weaknesses packed into one man. It made him feel like opening up and going on a lengthy, whiny spiel about his sleepless nights and merciless schedules but his dick gave a throb and his thoughts came crumbling down.


"Yes. Sorta." He bit his lip to distract himself from how hard he was at the moment.


Doctor Zhu shook his head. "Aiyo… stress isn't good for you and beta blockers are making it worse with their depressive action on the central nervous system." His demeanor seemed much kinder than before.


The doctor finally took off his gloves, discarded them and disinfected his hand. "I am changing your drugs to Angiotensin blockers- do you need more inf-" Doctor Zhu finally looked up and realised for the first time that Bai Yu had an erection.


His eyes snapped up to Bai Yu's who just shrugged helplessly. Doctor Zhu gulped and the bob of his adam's apple sent jolts to his dick.


Zhu Yilong looked down hastily, readjusting his grip on his pen, "Angiotensin blockers would not cause this kind of side effect since they only block Angiotensinogen receptors and have no direct effect on beta receptors which line the endothelium and they are pretty effective. Have a talk with your physician and please follow up after a month." Zhu Yilong was flustered and blabbing whatever came to his head.  He said it all in one breath and then thrust the prescription into his hands and called for his manager.


Shit. Shit. Shit. His boner was still very much alive and very much prominent.


Doctor Zhu hurriedly signed a paper which Bai Yu recalled was the NDA and thrust it into his hands.


"I have explained everything I can, now please if you will excuse me, I have an orchiectomy scheduled right about-" Doctor Zhu checked his watch refusing to meet his eyes. "-now."


All Bai Yu could focus on was that the andrologist's ears had turned immeasurably red. That was incredibly cute in his opinion.


He hauled Bai Yu out with a surprising amount of strength that he did not expect with that pretty face of his. 


The door was shut before he could even protest. He banged the door incessantly. "Doctor! Doctor! You have yet to complete your explanation! You are running away from your patient, take responsibility!" There was no response. He still had that embarrassing boner so he pretended to annoy the doctor even more. Because no way in hell was he turning around and giving everyone a show unless they magically turned into Doctor Zhu Yilong.


He knocked some more "Aren't you supposed to take care of your patient?" 


All he got was, "There is a washroom to your right!"

Zhu Yilong frowned when he received a notification from an unknown number. 


[ Thank u for your help that day :) ]

                                   Sent 11:45


It had to be a patient, mostly they are. He sighed and responded


[   You are welcome. ]

            Sent 11:48


The next text barely took any time so Zhu Yilong wondered if this person was waiting for his response with the messaging app open.


[ im sorry for the way my manager treated u ⊙︿⊙ she was rude so i apologise on her behalf m(._.)m ]

                                                                                                                             Sent 11:50    


Zhu Yilong’s furrow got deeper, his mind running thousand miles per minute going through every patient he had seen in the past few days trying to see which one fit the description. And his eyes widened when he remembered that one shameless patient- that idol who had been hitting on him.


And the next text came the same time as his realisation did.


[ its me Bai Yu, i forgot to introduce myself ( ̄▽ ̄)V  ]

                                                                    Sent 11:51


Zhu Yilong squinted, unable to believe what he was seeing. This idol surely had free time to be texting him and from what he could see, he was also the type to overuse the emojis.

[ How did you get my personal number? ]

                                                 Sent 11:51


[ And it’s fine, no need to apologise. ]

                                          Sent 11:52


Zhu Yilong pocketed the phone when the next patient entered almost forgetting about the texts completely, his work keeping him busy till it was lunch time.


His eyebrows rose helplessly when he saw the answer.


[ I winked at the receptionist  (・ωー)~☆ she was really nice uwu ]

                                                                                       Sent 12: 37


He should have expected it really. Zhu Yilong’s cheeks puffed up like a tiny hamster, the food making his cheeks bulge adorably when he kept stuffing it with food without swallowing it. He glared at his phone and wondered what to do with this guy.

He didn’t so he ended up not saying anything, hoping that was the end of their conversation.


It was not.


It soon turned into calls


First it was about how his advice had worked and he seemed okay. Zhu Yilong could only say he was happy for him.


And it became details about his day to day life. 


He grimaced at the finger that twitches involuntarily while writing prescriptions when his phone pinged. Oh god he wasn’t like this ever. What was he so excited for?


And then he had another patient with ED. In all honesty he never had problems before but now? Now his neck and face was cherry red and he was having trouble concentrating on his work. 


“H-here is your prescription- “ he cursed himself mentally for stammering and then almost zoning out. “Please complete your medication and don’t be s-stressed okay!” He wondered why his mind was extra focused on that ordinary event that day. Looking at erections were a part and parcel of his job but why was it affecting him so much?


Maybe because his treacherous mind didn’t forget how his heart had skipped a beat when he realised how exactly he got that erection. When he had searched it up later, he found out that Bai yu was indeed a famous idol. How did he achieve such a feat without even trying? These were the only thoughts in his head as he binged clips after clips of Bai Yu performing onstage.


Which also led to the accidental discovery that his nurse was a huge Bai Yu stan. He still couldn’t forget the cheshire grin on her face when she heard one of Bai Yu’s b-side tracks play on his phone in his break time. That face haunted him sometimes, not that he would admit it. 

Zhu Yilong grit his teeth when his phone pinged continuously and then switched to constant vibration. He was in the middle of diagnosing a patient and he just knew it was Bai Yu because he always left a stream of messages and when Zhu Yilong failed to see any of that he would switch to calling him whenever he had free time. 


Wasn’t Bai Yu supposed to be a busy idol? What was he doing?


Zhu Yilong discarded his gloves with extra force.


“Doctor Zhu, I am so stressed with the preparations, I am unable to get any!” Came Bai Yu’s distressed voice. Zhu Yilong just pinched the bridge of his nose and then signalled the patient to dress up and get back to his seat.


 “Isn’t that normal for you?” Zhu Yilong questioned trying to keep him busy as he dealt with the patient.


Zhu Yilong hastily wrote the prescription and handed it to the patient and gestured towards where Lin Xia- his nurse sat all the while listening to Bai Yu ramble on the phone pretending to be attentive.


“What if I actually have ED this time? Oh my god gege, I am scared…” Zhu Yilong sighed, he had forgotten that Bai Yu had taken to calling him gege now. 


“Did you forget what I told you last time?” Zhu Yilong asked him gently.


Bai Yu hesitated for a while, No! of course not! You told me not to be stressed about it but…” 


Zhu Yilong fired another question, “Are you eating well? Do you get any sleep?”


Bai Yu laughed loudly on the other end, “I do eat! I just forget sometimes-” Zhu Yilong reprimanded him “-Sometimes?” He signaled Lin Xia to wait before she sent in another patient. Bai Yu sighed on the other end, “Okay, not sometimes-”


“-which means you aren’t eating on time!” Zhu Yilong was actually concerned for his health now.


 “I promise you gege, I will remember to eat on time. I will even set reminders! If it makes you feel at ease.” Bai Yu tried to placate him and Zhu Yilong had nothing to say to that. 


“Bai Yu, if you are really worried about ED, just come for a follow up. You were supposed to come anyway.” Zhu Yilong checked his watch. Lin Xia came in with some documents for him to sign and he signaled her to leave it on his desk but she shook her head which meant it was for a surgery. 


“Bai Yu, I really need to go, I have patients waiting-”


“Aiya gege, You really want to get rid of me so quickly?” He was almost whining now.


“Bai Yu-” Zhu Yilong started in a low tone.


“Yes yes, I get it, you are busy, I was just joking.” Was he upset? It was hard to tell.


“Bai Yu, I have heard your manager call you five times now. It’s not just me.”


“Did she?” The actual note of confusion made Zhu Yilong incredulous.  “Gege don’t sigh-I got it I got it, you caught me, I gotta go now.”


“And don’t forget the follow-up in case it's bothering you.”Zhu Yilong face palmed because he hadn’t meant to say this at all. He was gonna remind him about his food.


“Okay, do well at work gege. Mwah!” Zhu Yilong stared at his phone shell shocked. He didn’t know if it was the overload of geges or that kiss at the end but his system really shut down after that one. It only rebooted when Lin Xia coughed. Right! The documents!


Zhu Yilong felt worried about him and it wasn’t because of ED but because the silly kid tended to have a reckless lifestyle, always immersed in composing and practicing. It showed that he was really serious about his work but it also pointed out that he needed someone to take care of him at all times and remind him to eat and sleep on time.


And then his texts became flirty and borderline cute? Zhu Yilong was confused because was this famous idol really hitting on him?


Sometimes the texts had nothing but, “ Do well at work today! Jiayou! \(★^∀^★)/ ” Zhu Yilong’s smile vanished instantly when a patient entered and his facial muscles fought hard to smile whenever he remembered the text. He actually ended up thinking deep about the names of the facial muscles that helped in formation of a smile and that did keep him from smiling unnecessarily throughout the day.


No matter how he looked at it, Bai Yu was definitely flirting with him but god his text messages were him… No! He didn’t just call him cute. But he barely had time to sort out his growing feelings that day or any other day for that matter



Zhu Yilong had honestly forgotten all about the follow up (not the conversation) but since he wasn’t sure if Bai Yu was actually gonna show up, he had filed it away as unimportant. 


But now that the man himself was standing at his doorstep, flashing him a wide smile and all of it was hitting him with full force.


“You must be here for the follow-up. Please have a seat.” Zhu Yilong tried not to glance at him too much or for too long.


“Ah..Yes indeed.” came a response.


“So how have you been feeling lately?” Zhu Yilong occupied himself by flipping his file. He of course remembered all the details by heart. But he frowned when his eyes fell on the weight. It had fallen!


And Bai Yu could tell what his doctor was looking at because he flinched and yelped, “I can explain!”


Zhu Yilong looked back at him, his face having lost all traces of smile from earlier and challenging Bai Yu to explain this with his gaze alone. 


Bai Yu raised his hands in surrender, “Maybe I can’t after all.”


Zhu Yilong nodded stiffly, “Thought so.”


“Is everything okay?” Zhu Yilong asked him calmly although his heartbeat was spiralling out of his control.


Bai Yu hesitated again. Zhu Yilong leaned closer to him before asking him again. “You can tell me if you have a problem. I am here for you aren’t I?”


Bai Yu snapped up to look at him, staring at him with wide eyes. “Ah gege, this is not the kind of problem I should be talking about…”


Zhu Yilong got strangely more persistent, “Is there something more problematic than your erections? If you can give me long details about those then I-”


Bai Yu got flustered for some reason. “Yes there is!”


Zhu Yilong looked like he was trying hard to be patient with this patient. “Will you stop talking in riddles and just say what is your problem?”

Bai Yu looked up at him with a determined gaze, “You want to hear about my problems?” His andrologist nodded sagely. “Then fine!” 


“My problem now is that I no longer have Erectile Dysfunction at all-” Zhu Yilong had his eyebrows raised and seemed to be holding back a knowing smile so Bai Yu held up a hand. “Hear me out gege, before you give me that grin.”


“I am now experiencing uncontrollable boners like I am some kind of damned teenager and it’s all because of you!” Zhu Yilong looked puzzled but since he knew Bai Yu wasn’t finished yet, he didn’t interrupt. 


“Do You know how many random boners I have had because of that day? The way your hand was holding my dick- Shit!” Zhu Yilong’s eyebrows knit together so Bai Yu informed him casually. “I have one right now!” That was the cue for his doctor’s ears to turn red. Very adorably red in fact


“And your voice? Your deep voice talking about my condition in those fancy medical jargon of yours was enough to keep me up at nights; alone and suffering.” 


“Are you done?” Doctor Zhu inquired in a shaky voice, his face having turned completely red but he was desperately trying to feign calmness.


“No!” Bai Yu responded immediately his eyes darting back and forth, trying to read his doctor’s face.


“No?” Doctor Zhu echoed him.


“Yes? I don’t know?” Bai Yu was gripping his sweatpants so hard that the seams were on the verge of tearing apart. 


Doctor Zhu took a deep breath and closed his eyes briefly. “Do you- Do you-” Doctor Zhu was a blushing mess and none of this was helping Bai Yu in the least, if anything it was pushing him one tiny little step closer to orgasm. 


“Do you want me to take a look?” And Bai Yu was shocked by the boldness of that statement.


“Is that okay with you?” Doctor Zhu nodded eagerly and it was very adorable this time.


“And If I do something when you do...Would that be okay as well?” Bai Yu mentally applauded himself for asking the ultimate question. He watched Doctor Zhu gulp and then slowly nod his head in agreement.


Bai Yu proceeded to the examination bed by himself, requiring no instructions whatsoever meanwhile Doctor Zhu busied himself with those darned latex gloves.


Doctor Zhu gestured to his clothes because Bai Yu’s gaze seemed to be stuck on him with a dreamy smile on his face. Zhu Yilong only shook his head with a smile while he fumbled with the gloves. “Ah.. doctor, we won’t be needing that.”


Doctor Zhu looked up with his wide innocent eyes and that went straight to Bai Yu’s dick, making it throb painfully.


“W-why?” Doctor Zhu really looked like a soft fluffy rabbit that was about to be eaten.


“Gege...I want to try something… will you let me?”


“Okay.” That was all the confirmation he needed before Bai Yu jumped down right in front of Doctor Zhu, leaning into his personal space.


“Gege…” Bai Yu spoke very softly and smiled at him widely.


“Will you let me suck you off?” Bai Yu never broke his eye contact as he asked the question because he didn’t want to miss any of the cute reactions that his andrologist might have. 


“I-I-” Doctor Zhu broke the eye contact first, ducking his head in embarrassment. “Yes.” Doctor Zhu breathed out looking at him again.


“On one condition gege.” Bai Yu also had other plans in mind.


“What… condition?” Zhu Yilong responded automatically.


“Gege will have to recite medical definitions when I am sucking gege off. If gege stops, then I will stop as well. Is that alright with you?” Doctor Zhu pursed his lips, mulling it over before nodding again.


“Good. Then let’s begin.”


“Wait… what definitions am I supposed to recite? I seemed to have forgotten everything right n-” Doctor Zhu shuddered when he felt Bai Yu unzipping his trousers and getting down on his knees.


“Don’t worry gege… I will help you…” Bai Yu licked his lips finding his doctor to be sporting a semi. He smiled up at Zhu Yilong all charming and cute. 


“What was that term you used last time… Orc- tomy?” Bai Yu couldn’t honestly care about the pronunciation, he was just providing some initiative because his initiative was currently covered in black briefs. That had to change.


“Orchiectomy?” Zhu Yilong asked shakily when he felt Bai Yu lean forward licking him through his underwear.” 


“Yes… that.” Bai Yu murmured distractedly. 


“Uh… Orchiectomy is a surgical procedure of removal of-'' and In one swift move, his underwear was pulled down exposing him to the cold temperature of his office. Bai Yu wasted no time in taking his erection into his mouth and Zhu Yilong almost wanted to melt down on the floor with relief.


Bai Yu purposely mumbled around his dick, sending jolts of vibration. “O’ wha” He mumbled with his mouth full and his cheeks bulging out. The lewd visuals and the delicious sensations were almost frying Zhu Yilong’s brain to a crisp but he remembered the condition and tried his hardest to continue. 


“- removal of one or b-both the test-es.” Zhu Yilong gasped out in one breath. Bai Yu hissed below him, his hand making urgent movements in his own pants. 


Zhu Yilong was transfixed watching Bai Yu work his magic and also jerk himself off. So Bai Yu pulled out, his saliva trailing after his shiny red lips. “Doctor Zhu? You are supposed to continue.” He almost whined while holding Doctor Zhu’s throbbing dick in his hands. 


“Uh… Doctor Zhu struggled visibly, trying to keep the definitions coming. “ Erection is the state marked by-” Doctor Zhu threw his head back and let out a low moan, his hands scrambled to find purchase but there was nothing close to him so he put his hands on Bai Yu’s head, reluctant to do anything more but then Bai Yu groaned loudly around his dick and he immediately grabbed onto the unruly strands and tried his best to recall where he was.


“-marked by f-irm turgid form and erect or elevated position of a previously flaccid bodily part containing cavernous tis-s-sue.” Doctor Zhu’s voice was sweetly shaky because Bai Yu was sucking on his dick eagerly, swirling his tongue all over it like he couldn’t get enough of it.


 “-when th-at tissue becomes dilated with bl- blood” Doctor Zhu hurriedly completed that definition because he couldn’t bear to hold back his moans any longer. He had a hard time holding back from thrusting inside Bai Yu’s alluring mouth. 


Bai Yu was jerking himself off in the same rhythm he was sucking off his doctor, his tongue making lascivious noises accompanied by small satisfied groans. 


Bai Yu spoke around his dick again which Zhu Yilong vaguely recognised as, “Mo’ gege.”


Bai Yu was in a state of complete bliss. Whenever Doctor Zhu talked in his medical jargon, it gave him a new sense of high that hit harder than any other kind of highs he had experienced before. Sweetly alluring euphoria that he found himself drowning in.


Doctor Zhu was biting his lips hard with his brows furrowed in concentration, sweat beading his forehead. “Erectile Dys-” Bai Yu gave a particularly hard suck, his dick almost reaching the back of his throat. Zhu Yilong knew this was way too simple for Bai Yu so he changed tactics based on his previous observations hoping it would work


“-Dysfunction is treated using sildenafil.” Zhu Yilong harshly sucked in air before continuing. “Sildenaf-fil acts by blocking phosphodiesterase-5- Shit!” Bai Yu lightly grazed his teeth against the sensitive skin of his penis before sucking on it again. 


“Ph-phosphodiesterase-5 is an enzyme that catalyzes the breakdown of cGMP-” Zhu Yilong was very close to cumming but Bai Yu showed no signs of stopping so Zhu Yilong licked his lips and tried to finish his definition again.  “cGMP regulates the blood flow in penis which would help maintain the erection.” Zhu Yilong finished it off in one breath and keened lowly into his throat unable to handle all these sensations any longer.


Zhu Yilong was panting harshly as if this was particularly a strenuous exercise and Bai Yu was insistently lick at the slit continuing to hollow his cheeks which created a suction so delicious that Doctor Zhu almost ended up coming right on the spot. 


But Bai Yu hadn’t come yet so pulled out his erect penis and gave him kittenish licks while holding the base of his dick tightly and increased the speed of his hand on his own dick. Doctor Zhu weakly tried to throw him off and Bai Yu guessed that he was about to come. 


Bai Yu looked up at him through his lashes and Zhu Yilong came on his face without any warning except for a deep guttural moan. His come painted his lips obscenely that Bai Yu tried to get a taste of by lapping it up with his tongue and held Zhu Yilong’s dark gaze, which was enough of a stimulus to get Bai Yu to climax too.


Zhu Yilong almost melted onto the ground if it weren’t for Bai Yu’s arms holding him. They stared at each other and would have continued to do so forgetting that this was Zhu Yilong’s office when Lin Xia knocked insistently.


“Are you done diagnosing the patient doctor?”


This spurred Doctor Zhu into action as he quickly grabbed some tissues and hurriedly cleaned himself off and threw some of it at Bai Yu.


They both cleaned themselves up and fixed their appearances with Bai Yu checking his face and hair in the front camera of his phone. 


Zhu Yilong yelled back, “Please wait for two more minutes! I am almost done here.” 


Bai Yu turned to Doctor Zhu flashing him a languid smile when he noticed that his coat was a bit askew making him look like an adorable mess. Bai Yu smiled helplessly and straightened out his coat and his clothes a little more to match his impeccable appearance from earlier. Bai Yu wasn’t in the mood to let anyone see his gege in that state or even have thoughts about it.


Zhu Yilong watched him in awe and wonderment, disbelief shining in his eyes. 


“Gege, if you are that worried about my health, take me out to dinner sometime.” Bai Yu intended for it to be flirtatious but it came out gently inquisitive instead and his hand lingered on the lapels of his coat almost wanting to reel him in for a kiss so that he could have another taste to catalogue in his brain.


But Bai Yu willed himself to be patient. “You can remind me if I forget to eat next time,” Bai Yu leaned down to whisper the rest of it. “Who knows? I will have you instead.”


Bai Yu was very satisfied with the shade of blush painting his doctor's face and neck so he decided to leave it there. Bai Yu was about to turn the knob when Zhu Yilong's voice stopped him in his tracks


“I will call you!”


This was the first time Doctor Zhu had volunteered to call and that was more than enough for now. 




They both smiled reflexively while looking at each other and Bai Yu shot him a playful wink that made Zhu Yilong chuckle. And that was when Bai Yu decided to finally make his exit and Lin Xia strode in with more patient files which would have Zhu Yilong groaning on any other day. But not today.


The day wasn’t any less busy compared to other days but Zhu Yilong couldn’t wait to call Bai Yu this time.