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Before the Crack of Dawn

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Hawks wakes up to almost too hot fingertips tingling carefully over his abdomen. He can feel Dabi’s front pressing tightly against his back, spooning him fully. There’s the steady change of coolness and warm where Dabi’s breath ghosts over the back of his neck.


Hawks lets out a comfortable sigh as sharp canines graze the skin of his neck in lieu of an answer. Dabi’s hands wander lower, playing a bit with the happy trail beneath his bellybutton as they sneak down, sneakily slipping under the waistband of his boxers to lightly brush over the base of his cock. It throbs in interest and Hawks moans lowly.


He turns his head away and tries to hide it into the pillow, under which Dabi’s other arm beds his head. An equally low chuckle rings next to his ear.


“Good morning, little blackbird. You’re up early,” Dabi breathes into his ears, emphasizing his words with a strong grip around his already fully erect member.


The world is still dark, dawn was yet to come. So it was no wonder that Hawks still felt the lingering aftereffects of the previous evening with every move he makes.


Hawks groans and squirms, but Dabi only scoots closer, holding him in place without any effort.


“Seems like the worm caught the early bird for once,” the taller man whispers with amusement tinging his voice, nibbling and gently biting down Hawks’ neck and shoulder. His hand turns a little warmer as fingertips gingerly dance along the curve of Hawks' cock.


“How… is that supposed… to work….?” Hawks presses out in between gasps, which turn into a helpless chirp when Dabi’s other hand disappears from beneath his pillow, disappearing for a little bit, only to come back to probe at his entrance.


The hero moans loudly when two wet, heated fingers slip into his still stretched out hole. He doesn't even wince at the sudden intrusion. On the contrary, he marvels at how satisfying it feels to be finally filled again. A shiver runs down his spine, shaking him completely, and he groans, deep and throaty.


“Hn…,” Dabi cackles. “Look how loose you still are, still wet and eager for me… taking me so well.” The villain's fingers retreat from his ass, while he still keeps roughly tugging at his cock. Hawks whines at the loss of Dabi’s fingers, but it turns into a pleased mewl when he feels the tip of Dabi’s dick against his rim.


“Such a good birdie. You want this? You want my cock?” Dabi’s voice is a deep growl, the most thrilling thing Hawks has ever heard. He was weak for the way Dabi spoke the dirtiest things with such ease. It made him want to bend down and suck Dabi's pierced dick. In his mind, he could already hear the praises Dabi would use, how he's an obedient slut, putting his mouth to good use.


He chirps and wiggles his backside, feeling the tip slip in slightly, but Dabi draws back right away. A displeased yelp escapes the blonde's throat.


“Ah, ah, ah. Use your words, little bird. Say what you want,” he raven teases.


“God… Fuck me already," Hawks hisses in between gasps. When Dabi's eyebrow rises in curiosity, he breathlessly adds, "... please."


A deep rumble resounds in Hawks ear, when Dabi slams back in without any further ado or restraints. Hawks cries out, but they both know it’s from pure pleasure and want.


However, Dabi stills and waits when he’s bottomed out, having Hawks feel how well he hits that spot inside him. Hawks is panting, drops of sweat trickling down his spine. He feels too warm and so, so full. It’s the best feeling he can imagine. It's been only a few hours, but he had already missed it. Hawks knows he sounds pathetic when he whines Dabi's name, desperate and needy.


Dabi leaves a trail of salvia where he gently bites and kisses Hawks’ neck up to his ear. Where Dabi's heat retreats, it leaves a chilly sensation, a stark contrast to the heat of the villain's body which drives Hawks insane with want.


When Hawks presses his ass backwards against Dabi’s body, searching for more touch, more heat, a scalding hand comes to rest on his hip, keeping him firmly in place. He doesn't cry, but moans as if that was exactly what he needed. It’s so hot, Hawks knows immediately it will leave a mark. Dabi withdraws almost completely, only to thrust back in.


The villain sets a quick, relentless rhythm, mingled with low grunts and faint chirps. Hawks reaches back to hold onto Dabi’s neck, arching his back only to feel him slipping even deeper inside, so deep he almost sees stars. With every thrust, Dabi hits the sweet spot inside him, letting Hawks forget who and where he was. Dabi seems to be everything there ever was, his smell of musk, fire and charcoal, the deep vibrato of his voice echoing in his ear, the perfect heat filling him up and swallowing him whole.


After only a short while, with Hawks’ moans and chirps pitching higher, Dabi fucks him even harder. Hawks hears himself chanting Dabi’s name, but it sounds so distant for him. The rhythm of Dabi’s hand around his dick matches that his hip's thrusts and it doesn’t take Hawks long to tumble over the edge.


He cries out, shaking violently from the impact of his orgasm as Dabi’s hand stills, while he ruthlessly keeps slamming into his ass. Hawks whelps from the overstimulation, trembling and shedding miserable tears. He knows he must look pathetic, just as he knows how much Dabi loves that look on him.


“Hawks…,” the other man grunts so deep, it sends another wave of shivers over Hawks sweaty skin. That seems to do the trick for Dabi, because his hips stutter and he feels Dabi’s cum spilling inside him, some of it soon dripping out from the sheer amount of it.


They both pant, but neither of them lets go. Hawks leans back, while Dabi pulls him a little closer, nuzzling the tender patch of skin right behind his ear. It's an incredibly comforting gesture, so Hawks leans into it, resting his head against Dabi's, exhausted as he is.


“Such a good bird,” Dabi coons and Hawks sighs from the praise and the reassurance it brings.


“It is … a good morning,” Hawks eventually chuckles, half-way gone with the bliss and heat.


He knows these moments are rare, but he relishes them all the more. Here, even before the crack of dawn, it is only the two of them that matter.