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Throughout his life, Bakugou had been forced many times to admit to his mistakes. The first few times he'd been hurtful, it was almost a personal affront that he’d been forced to swallow by bowing his head and promising himself that he would improve as a person and as a hero so as not to commit any new ones.
But at that moment, at that precise moment, Bakugou knew that he was not mistaken, that there was no mistake to reproach, there was only a firm feeling of awareness running through his veins.
He was not wrong: Deku was hitting on him.
It all started a few weeks earlier when, by a fortuitous and strange joke of fate, they found themselves collaborating during a particularly complicated rescue mission.
After graduating from the U.A. each of them had gradually taken different paths, following their own vocations and dreams.
Every now and then he happened to meet his former classmates at various agency meetings, though short and sporadic, or simply around the streets of the city. He knew thanks to Kirishima's insistence that many of them still kept in touch, organizing dinners or outings to which he was initially invited through his friend and promptly refused. After a while, Kirishima himself had simply stopped asking him out. He was fine with it.
Then, the day of that damn joint mission arrived and things slowly begun to fall.
When he saw Deku enter his agency's premises he barely recognized him.
A couple of years had passed since they graduated and since then, he couldn't help but sit still and contemplate him for as long as it took the other person to get closer.
Deku had become big. Here was no other way to describe him. He was no longer the weak child who trotted behind him when they were children, nor the fragile boy who could not control his quirk without breaking a few bones. He had grown up both in height and in size and, as a grown up, became a mountain. Bakugou could see every muscle moving, stretching and flexing under his classic hero outfit, which hasn’t much changed over the years.
Deku's cheerful and barely hoarse voice snatched him from the contemplation of that marble body, lifting his gaze to meet the big, smiling eyes of the other. He was in a hurry to take the last steps that divided them, clearly eager to reach him.


Hi, Kacchan!


Not even his face had changed much. Perhaps it had become a little more defined, more adult, losing that youthful roundness. His haircut was also different: now his hair was shaved on the side of his head and long at the top. It was clearly evident how much he had tried to comb them backwards that morning to make them more presentable than usual, but the results were rather disastrous and several locks cheerfully bounced off his forehead.
«How nice to see you!» exclaimed Deku, finally in front of him, and Bakugou was forced to lift his head slightly to meet his gaze. Deku had really grown up.
Once again, his gaze quickly swept over the other's entire body; he observed his wide shoulders, his sculpted abs, his muscular thighs, and at that moment he wondered if, as he got a little closer, it was possible to see his veins under that tight suit. Then a very small and insignificant part of his brain wondered if he was wearing underwear.
That thought upset and infuriated him at the same time, snapped his tongue in a gesture of disdain. He lifted his chin with pride.
«So you are the hero who was sent to us?» he asked with a hint of contempt in his voice. He would not respond to the greeting and be lost in chatter. Deku had to understand that he was not welcome there and that he only had to do his duty quickly and efficiently before disappearing again into the meanders of the city.
Deku did not seem particularly surprised by his question and nodded vigorously, smiling at him.
«Yes, I was looking forward to working with you, Kacchan.»
«You have to stop calling me that,» barked Bakugou; he needed to keep him away. He didn't want him around too much, especially when his brain sent him strange visions of the immense, sweaty and naked body under the green suit.
Deku sulked, tilting his head slightly.
«But we're not on a mission yet. Why should I use your hero name?»
Bakugou grinded his teeth, relieved that the agency hall was empty at that time.
«My name is Bakugou, not Kacchan. We're not little children anymore.»
At that moment, Deku's eyes flashed and he let slip a strange snort, halfway between a laugh and a moan.
«No...» he murmured as he looked Bakugou straight in the face, pupils now dilated. «I'd say you're no longer little.»
The blonde couldn't help but jerk lightly, not expecting that pungent comment from Deku at all. Even without looking, he knew exactly what he was referring to.
His bloody pectorals had become obscenely puffy and protruding over the last few years. Initially it was nothing abnormal or out of range but, after training every day, they had swollen compared to the rest of his muscles like two balloons, making it clear to anyone - especially when he was wearing his hero suit - how big they were.
That was one of Bakugou's many exposed nerves, and the fact that Deku had decided to poke him right there made his blood instantly flow to the brain.
«Look who's talking!» he hissed, clicking his tongue again and pointing with a rude nod at the sculptural body in front of him. «What, do you have breakfast with rice and steroids?»
Deku looked down and blushed faintly, emphasizing even more the small freckles on his cheeks.
«Oh, yeah... I've changed a lot, haven't I?»
He almost seemed... embarrassed by that muscle mass of his.
Bakugou studied him for a very long time. There was something different about him, and not only on a physical level. Something in his attitude had changed. He seemed more calm, no more fear in his gaze. But something still shone at the bottom of those clear eyes that now escaped his look, something that he was not able to decipher at that moment.
Soon after, with the arrival of the other heroes, the mission officially began. The pleasantries gave way to professionalism and efficiency, and Bakugou filed in a remote corner of his mind all the strange thoughts that had come forward with the reappearance of Deku.
Once the last hostage was freed and the last villain was captured, the mission was over. Bakugou was given the task he hated the most: talking to reporters. He didn't like to interact with that bothering bunch of nosy people, but he tried to suck it up and, without looking anyone in the eyes, he began to recount in detail what had occurred that day, not leaving any of them time to ask him questions. If someone was bold enough to try they were immediately struck by one of his famous glare.
«Ah, there's Deku!» exclaimed a journalist suddenly, visibly relieved to see the other hero approaching the crowd of reporters and cameramen. Bakugou snorted, taking a glance sideways at the him approaching with a smile, standing frighteningly close. He suddenly became aware of the presence of Deku's massive body next to him; he felt every inch of skin close enough to his that if he only moved his weight slightly to the other foot their hips would brush.
Again that cruel and perverse mind of his sent him, like a flash, the image of Deku sweaty and naked under his suit, reminding him that he was, in fact, practically naked and particularly sweaty underneath. He felt a strange heat climbing up to his face and thanked heaven for wearing the mask that concealed him from the sight of others. To blush because of that moron in front of a dozen journalists would have been awfully humiliating.
Once Deku had answered all the questions, thus satisfying the curiosity of the presses, they began to migrate elsewhere, moving to take pictures of the crime scene. They try to interview one of the hostages left unharmed and other heroes still in the area not intent on moving the villains.
«You did well today, Kacchan.»
Deku's voice arrived like a whisper in his ears. Bakugou clenched his jaw and jumped, ready to bark at him that he had to stop with that fucking name, but every word and insult died in his throat when he turned around realized how dangerously close the other guy's face was to his own.
Deku must have lowered himself to whisper in his ear without him noticing, too busy trying to ignore him with all his might.
Bakugou stared at him with dismay, unable to do so due to the excessive proximity of his face.
The other boy smiled and, at that very moment, a breeze of fresh air carried the scent of Deku straight into Bakugou's nostrils. For a moment his sight became blurred.
He had never smelled such a good scent in his life.
It was a mixture of mint and sugar with a hint of sweat that made everything so amazingly... erotic.
He clenched his hands into fists and quickly moved away from that tempting body, gritting his jaw. At that moment he didn't even trust his own voice.
Deku didn't seem to have caught anything strange - no more than normal at least - in his behavior because he simply pulled himself up, smiling joyfully at him.
«I enjoyed working with you. I hope I can do it again soon.»
The blond nodded dryly, giving him his back and pretending to put something in his equipment. Anything to get him away, to try to calm down the boner that was growing in his pants and wishing the other hadn’t spotted it.
«See you soon, Kacchan.»
Again Deku's voice was directly in his ear. He felt those lips dangerously close to his lobe, warm breath caressing his skin. He shuddered, closing his eyes, and hoped the torture would soon end.
If they had been alone, if they had been in an isolated place, he would have liked to beat him up like in the good old days. But now he was a hero and had a public image to preserve. He had to stay calm, he had to contain himself. And at that moment, as he listened to the other person's footsteps moving further and further away, he prayed with all his heart that Deku would never have the misfortune of meeting him alone in some dark alley because then nobody would have saved him.


Since then, Bakugou's life had slowly but inexorably changed. Initially he believed it was just a sequence of unfortunate occurrences, but the longer time went on the more he became aware that none of what had happened, starting with the hostage rescue cooperation, had been by chance.
Deku was pursuing him with the very purpose of seducing him.
His first suspicion came when, one afternoon, he stopped by a coffee shop. It wasn't the sort of place he frequented but that day he was supposed to meet Kirishima and, as usual, the latter was late. Not knowing what to do to kill time, he decided to wait for him inside near the place scheduled for the meeting.
Just as he was waiting to order so he could take a seat, he heard the door open and every muscle in his body instantly tensed. He didn’t turn around, trying to ignore the tingling in the back of his head and the feeling of being scrutinized; but when a massive warm body settled in line behind him, he understood that he wouldn't be able to ignore him for much longer.
Deku's cheerful and low voice forced him to turn his head slightly in his direction, to glare at him and then look straight ahead again.
He greeted him in the most formal way possible, clasping his hands in his coat until they almost bled. He was aware that the other didn’t like to be called by his surname, not since the silly nickname he’d given him as a child became so precious to him. For Bakugou, it was a small rebound against Deku.
However, didn't seem to mind so much, leaning closer - Bakugou had perceived him bending down, as if he had really seen him - in order to whisper in his ear.
«In the last few weeks we've met a lot. I admit it makes me very happy.»
Indeed, in the weeks after their joint task, Bakugou met Deku wherever he went. Even when they didn't spoken or were not aware of each other's presences at first.
But at that moment, hearing that statement, the seed of suspicion seeped into Bakugou.
Was it possible that none of those meetings had been by chance?
«What are you doing here, Midoriya?»
Deku back a bit, making Bakugou both relieved and surprisingly upset.
«To have a mocha latte. You?»
The humor in his tone irritated him. He turned to confront him, pointing a finger at his broad chest and almost swallowing his tongue when he laid eyes on him.
That day Deku wore a black high-necked sweater which sublimely wrapped his torso and military style trousers; it looked more like the kind of clothing Bakugou could have worn. Instead, he was wearing a simple shirt and a pair of dark jeans.
The blonde shook his head imperceptibly to try and stay focused on their conversation.
«Don't use that tone with me. You think I'm stupid?»
Deku slowly shook his head, smiling gently.
«No, Kacchan,» he replied in a placid tone, catching him off guard. «I don't think you're stupid at all.»
Bakugou clicked his tongue and turned around again. There was no longer any sense in arguing with Deku. He seemed to be oblivious of what he was saying, just like when they were kids.
Yet, at that moment, a gnawing suspicion had crept into him. He didn’t want to presume that Deku was stalking him on purpose, but it was becoming even more hard.
They stood in line in silence. When it was Bakugou's turn he paid and withdrew his order - a plain black coffee - and proceeded into the room without bothering to take a look at Deku, searching for a table or a free stool to sit down at.
Luckily, at that time the students were still at school for their afternoon classes, making it easy for him to locate a free table right next to a large window. He could see Kirishima coming.
A few minutes after sitting down, though, the chair facing him moved and Deku's bulky body had occupied his visual field.
«What are you doing?» he asked, taken aback, watching him sit down quite bluntly and place his cup on the table; at that point Bakugou realized that, in addition to wearing a high-necked sweater when it was still relatively hot, Deku also had a pair of black gloves on. For a brief moment he wondered why before the other's voice distracted him.
«I'm sitting down.» He answered by raising an eyebrow, as if it were obvious.
Bakugou grumbled through his teeth and gestured to the rest of the place with a nod.
«There are a lot of empty seats.»
Deku frowned heavily, thoughtfully.
«Why should I sit alone anywhere else when I can sit here with you?»
It was a mere, silly statement, yet Katsuki's over-stimulated brain interpreted it as something deeper and, almost at once, his entire body had reacted in response. His cheeks flushed and the sweating in his palms worsened, just as it always did when he was agitated.
He had quickly brought the cup to his lips in an attempt to conceal the embarrassment dumb Deku managed to cause with foolish words like that. He should have beaten the crap out of him as soon as possible. He should totally have done it.
«Why do you want to sit here with me?» he asked without even realize he was on the verge of asking, the question leaving his lips before his brain even figured it out.
Deku watched him for a very long time, then smiled.
«Because you're my friend, aren't you?»
Deku's eyes dropped to his chest, his visible pupils expanded slightly, and Bakugou was almost certain that he heard him slightly panting. But at that point he couldn't grasped it, not until the other raised his eyes.
«And then,» he continued with a shaking voice, «I'm curious to see if this is the day when those,» pointing with a nod to the blonde's chest, «will finally pierce your clothes and jump out.»
Bakugou looked at him with mouth wide open, too surprised to be able to reply in any way, too shocked by what he just heard to do anything. Deku was still staring at him, his head slightly tilted to the side. The forelock fell on his forehead, a naughty expression on his face.
Bakugou wanted to make him take it back, beat the crap out of him. He stood over the table to grab the collar of his sweater and pull it against him. A whiff of that delicious scent tickled his nostrils, sending blood to his head as well as other more hidden parts.
«What the fuck—»
Kirishima's voice distracted him from pummeling Deku. He turned his head to see the other joining them with a smile on his face.
«You guys warming up without me?» he asked, gazing at Bakugou's hand, still squeezed around the sweater.
«Actually,» replied Deku, unmoving, «he’s the one getting heated up, as always.»
Kirishima smiled, placing his bag near them and announcing he was going to order a drink. Left alone again, Bakugou and Deku began to stare at each other. The latter smiled, slightly raising an eyebrow.
«Not that I'm displeased.»
Bakugou blinked, confused. He loosens his grip on the sweater.
Deku lifted his face, coming dangerously close to his face again and entirely ignoring the grip of the other who, caught unprepared, did nothing to prevent him from doing so.
«I like letting you heat up,» he whispered to him, hot breath brushing his lips. «I'm not sorry at all.»
Bakugou pulled away from him, dropping his grip on the sweater that seemed to burn his skin. His mind working frantically as he tried to understand and to find a suitable answer to that umpteenth provocation. Yet he didn’t manage to do anything besides sit in place and blush like a fool, squeezing his hard-on in an attempt to subdue it.
However, as Kirishima walked back to the table and Deku's naughty expression gave way to a quiet and polite one, Bakugou was convinced that he was trying to seduce him.
But what infuriated him was that he didn't understand if it upset him or not.


«I swear, I'm not making anything up.»
Kirishima looked at him with an eyebrow raised, holding a champagne flûte in his hand. That weekend they were invited to a wedding and, now that the ceremony was over, everyone shifted into the garden with the gazebos. This is where dinner and the after party would be held, allowing Bakugou to freely voice his concerns to his friend.
This whole time, ever since he saw Deku arrive in a dark jacket and tie - nearly causing him a heart attack because he certainly didn't expect him to show up - Deku hadn’t wasted any time trying to tease him. Then again, seeing him wrapped in dark clothes, it turned out, was something he enjoyed very much.
As soon as their eyes met, Deku immediately ran to him to say hi. «Tell me,» he then added with a half smile on his lips, «how did you find a shirt that would fit?»
And before Bakugou could find a comeback, Deku was hauled away by other guests who were thrilled to have him there.
The blond, therefore, approached Kirishima to take his place and swear that during the celebrations he would stay clear of that asshole.
And yet, once dinner was over, with the guests wandering freely around the lawn, Bakugou felt he nearly lost his mind.
No matter where he was or what he was doing that day he felt the other's eyes fixed on him. He knew Deku was nearby, staring at him. When Bakugou got up during dinner to fill his plate at the buffet table he found Deku right behind him. At that moment he could have sworn that he had felt the other man's hand groping his ass, but, when he turned around to check, Deku was already gone.
«Let me get this straight...» Kirishima looked around to find the interested party who, at that moment, was right on the other side of the lawn. «You say Midoriya’s been hitting on you for weeks? And today he groped you?»
Bakugou frowned, glaring at his friend.
«What, don't you believe me?»
Kirishima instantly raised his free hand to wave it in a gesture of denial.
«No, no, no! Please, I believe you. It's just that...» He looked again at Deku who, oblivious to their discussion, was quietly chatting with one of the guests.
«It's hard for me to imagine Midoriya doing such a thing, that's all.»
Bakugou shook his head and walked away from his friend.
«Fine, don't believe me. Suit yourself.»
Kirishima tried to call him back but he ignored him and walked into the crowd, heading for a dark area with few guests. He leaned against a tree and looked at the sight in front of him, seeking that massive, already familiar figure. After a few minutes, he spotted him. Deku moved a little and now he, too, was in the corner of the garden, towards what had been indicated to them as the entrance to the second garden with the roses sometime earlier this afternoon. During the day many guests admired the wonders of that second hidden garden but, now that darkness loomed, no one had the courage to enter it. Bakugou held his small flûte of champagne he’d been holding since he left the table still untouched and stared at Deku’s silhouette standing next to those tall bushes. Their eyes met and, for a very long minute, neither of them did anything. Time seemed to stop abruptly, the rest of the world around them vanishing.
Bakugou gulped, feeling, even at that distance, the heat emanating from the other's body.
Deku grinned and winked at him.
That was the last straw.
With a groan of frustration Bakugou threw his glass to the ground, furious, frightening the few guests near him. He headed with wide steps towards Deku, making his way through the crowd like a battering ram.
He pointed at him foully once he was close. Then grabbing him by the arm and dragging him past the entrance, he takes him into the second garden.
«Come with me, now
Deku stared at him with an expression mixed between amazed and amused, though not resisting and allowing himself to be meekly led into the meanders of the desert garden. Bakugou marched furiously, trying to ignore how hard and warm that bicep between his fingers was and how beautiful it was to finally be able to touch him.
He banished every single thought until they reached the end of the garden, where a small bench had been placed under an arch covered with roses. Around and in front of them there were bushes arranged like a maze among flowers. The sounds of the party reached them, muffled, as if they had landed in a parallel dimension where they alone existed.
Bakugou dropped his grip on Deku's arm and immediately felt regret doing it, forcing himself to stay firmly in place until he was able to dig up the truth from the other. Even if he had to pull it out of him through punches.
«I figured out your game, you know,» he began, his voice trembling with anger and frustration. Deku stared at him, perplexed, as if he had no idea what he was talking about. Bakugou shoved a finger against his chest, sinking it into the flesh.
«You want to seduce me.»
As soon as those words slipped out he resented having said them, but it was too late to take them back now. Deku blinked quickly, surprised and shocked by the statement.
«Why,» he asked in a slightly amused voice, «would I be seducing you?»
Bakugou felt himself flare up and it infuriated him even more. In a fit of anger, he pushed the chest of the other. It was like attempting to move a brick wall.
«Don't try to fuck with me!» he yelled, not caring whether anyone could hear him or not. «You've been hanging around me for weeks and harassing me! You groped my ass!»
Deku grabbed his wrist, pulling him closer. Their chests collided and Bakugou unintentionally let slip a little moan.
«Have you ever thought,» murmured the freckles man, bowing his head and allowing their eyes to be at the same level, «that it could be a mere coincidence? We live in the same city. In the same neighborhood. Did you know that, Bakugou?»
He shook his head. No, he didn't know. Deku smiled sadly.
«In the last two years, do you know how many times I've seen you walk down the street or enter the same places I entered without you noticing me?» He lifted his shoulders. «I lost count.»
Bakugou shone his eyes, trying frantically to recall when he had moved into that neighborhood, when he might have met Deku. However, those last few years were blurred, made only of duty and training. He didn't remember anything else. So did he actually imagine everything?
«You've been teasing me since the first time we met again,» he continued, his voice a bit more uncertain though still determined not to give in. The other laughed again.
«Would you rather I looked at you in fear like I did when we were children? I grew up, Kacchan. I'm not afraid of you anymore. Teasing you seemed like a good way to convey it to you.»
Could it truly have been just for that reason?
«Even all the hints at my chest?» he tried to ask and, in that instant, Deku's pupils darkened terribly.
«Yeah, your chest...» he muttered in an absent tone, hardly focusing on their conversation. «Well...» He recovered with a smile. «Let's say it was a huge target to aim for.»
Bakugou clenched his jaw and, charging all the force he could, kicked Deku hard and caught him by surprise. It was enough to free himself from his grip.
Deku had neither winced nor emitted a noise, possibly expecting the attack. For a person who was used to breaking his bones often since adolescence the kick must have been nothing.
Deku stared at him with his weird, naughty grin.
«Maybe...» he began, crossing his arms over his chest. «Did you think I was seducing you because, deep down, you were the one who wanted it?»
Bakugou’s eyes widened, his breath suddenly shattered.
That was absolutely not a valid option, no. There was no way it could be true. Before he could react in any way, however, Deku approached him again, placing a hand right on his groin.
«What's this?» he asked, hinting at Bakugou’s half boner that now, feeling the warm touch of the other person's hand, began to swell more and more. Bakugou clicked his tongue, annoyed and embarrassed beyond words. He reached out his hand to use his quirk right on the smirking face in front of him but, in the same moment, Deku moved again to bring their lips together. Bakugou moaned, trying effortlessly to free himself from the embrace blocking him, but ended up yielding almost at once to the evident lust he felt for the other man.
Deku's lips shifted over his own, sucking ravenously and nibbling gently. Bakugou's brain was in tilt, unwilling to do anything but indulge in that embrace and continue to return the kiss, savoring in the mouth that tasted of champagne and cream. Feeling particularly daring, he slipped his tongue between their lips half-open, going to meet that of the other who moaned, clutching him more to himself. Not knowing what to do with his hands, Bakugou placed them around Deku’s neck in order to pull him as close as possible and further deepen the exploration of his warm and tempting mouth. His spit dripped down his chin, but he didn't mind. He dueled and caressed Deku's tongue with his own while their breaths and spit melted and their hard-ons rubbed. It was the most erotic experience of his life.
«Kacchan, please,» panted Deku, reluctantly breaking away from the kiss but continuing to move his pelvis, that their boners rubbing off at once.
Bakugou licked his own lips, deeply inhaling his intoxicating scent and observing him.
Deku's face was flushed, his dark freckles perfectly visible even in that half-darkness caused by the feeble light emitting from the only nearby lamppost. His breathing was short and his heartbeat was fast, so very like him.
But at that moment, realizing it was him who had brought the great and mighty Deku into this state made him feel incredibly powerful. A flash of the other's gaze, again directed toward his chest, followed by a long, ecstatic sigh, finally made him aware of the truth.
«You love my chest,» he exclaimed, moving away to look at him in a slightly accusatory way. If possible, Deku's face turned even more red. «You're a rotten pervert,» continued the blond, feeling the excitement rising from the base of his back and shooting up his spine. He didn't get an answer, but he didn't need any further confirmation. The truth was in front of him, panting and aroused. Like a drunk, intoxicated by such a new revelation, Bakugou rose up to lick the open lips of the young man, still trapped in his arms.
«Sit over there, big boy,» he whispered, nodding at the bench nearby.
Deku looked at him with eyes wide open and nodded, pulling away but never breaking the contact between their bodies, continuing to hold him by the hand almost as if he feared that Bakugou was going to run away or fade into thin air.
Just then the blond's legs trembled, feeling his head spinning and leaving him unable to think straight. But he knew he had to do it, he had to keep going, Deku was there and he felt so confident he could do what he desired with him. He belonged to him.
He licked his lips again and Deku caught the movement with his eyes, letting slip a long moan before landing on the bench like a stone, their hands still intertwined. Bakugou grinned, satisfied with the totally wrecked expression on the other's face. And he’d barely begun to play with him. If it was indeed him who misinterpreted Deku’s actions as a continuous attempt as seduction and everything that occurred in the last few weeks was just in his head, then he had no reason to restrain himself. Clearly his subconscious was more kinky than he ever dared to imagine, so he might as well reap the juicy fruits now that he could.
He slid his hand through Deku's smoothed back hair, disrupting the curls. «Good puppy. I'll have to reward your obedience.»
It was a flash, but Deku's eyes shot again at his chest and then went back to his eyes. Bakugou grinned and slowly began to slip off his tie.
«Open your trousers, big guy, and show me what you're hiding under there.»
Bakugou had barely just finished the sentence when the others gloved hands were on the belt of his slacks, struggling to unfasten it frantically without missing the sight of Bakugou slowly undoing his shirt.
His chest was bared at almost the same time as Deku's dick and both boys groaned, looking at each other.
Deku’s cock was long and thick just like it’s owner, seeming already very engorged and close to blowing its load. Before that sight Bakugou felt his salivation increase, wondering what taste it could have, if Deku’s unique scent was coming from there, too. There was only one way to find out.
Without much fuss he moved Deku's legs with his feet, allowing himself to get between them and kneel on the grass, resting his elbows on the other's stretched thighs. He’d never done this before so he was feeling quite ashamed and awkward, but the noise and pants coming from above gave him the confidence to carry on.
He reached out to grab Deku's dick and came to find how hot, stiff, but still smooth it was. It was a strange sensation. He’d never held another boy's sex in his hands and now he was faced with the dripping hard-on of no less than Izuku Midoriya. This made him escape a snort, but didn't stop him from from slowly jerking the dick, leading it, until he managed to squeeze it between his puffy pecs.
«Fuck, Kacchan!»
Deku, having followed the whole operation with his eyes and breathing heavily in suspense, groaned without restraint as he felt his sex lying between those firm and warm cushions, instinctively moving his pelvis forward to sink better between them. Bakugou squashed his pecs more between his hands so he could friction them better around Deku's cock, which he took the throbbing head of in his mouth as he leaned forward.


Fuck, Kacchan!


Deku screamed and began to push his hips faster and faster through that hotness while Bakugou moaned with pleasure. Feeling that big hard-on contained within his pectorals, feeling it rubbing and burying inside his mouth so he could taste its salty and slightly bitter taste, was thrilling beyond all imagination. He felt he could come in his damp trousers with just that.
«Kacchan, I can't hold out—» gasped Deku, trying to make him see that he was about to come in order for him to move away in time; but for that very reason Bakugou increased his friction and suction, the saliva sliding down from the edge of the dick going to his chest and making Deku's thrusts even more slippery and pushy.
The blonde looked up at him for the first time since he bent down between his legs and stared straight into his eyes, his mouth filled with cock. Deku trembled and with a long, guttural verse, poured everything into Bakugou, who licked at and greedily swallowed every drop.
For a few seconds silence ruled supreme, the blonde intent on thoroughly cleaning the now-resting dick of a Deku too sated to try to stop him.
«You've done well, puppy,» Bakugou murmured, standing up, legs shaking from being on his knees for so long. But he had to be strong and self-confident.
Deku smiled languidly, extending a hand to invite him to join him on the bench. The blonde took the opportunity to climb on his knees.
Immediately, Deku was once again alert and attentive to what was happening.
«You’re not gonna be the only one having fun, are you?»
Bakugou held his hand to take off his glove but was quickly stopped by the other one' s solid grip.
«No, please.» Deku seemed reluctant to undress and that sent blood to his head.
«What is it? I'm not even worth taking off your fucking glove?»
He was about to stand but a mighty arm grabbed him at the waist, forcing him to remain sitting on Deku’s legs.
«No!» exclaimed Deku, fearful. «You're worth every effort, Kacchan. It's just that... it's not pretty.»
Bakugou slowly raised Deku's free hand, bringing it to his face. This time, Deku didn’t stop him when he tried to take off his glove and Bakugou removed it easily, able to see the countless scars and dark marks scattered all over his hand.
«I'm sorry,» said Deku, finger-tapping the marks on his flesh, «it's not a pretty sight... My whole body is like this. If this disgusts you and you want to back out, I... I'd understand.»
Bakugou didn't answer. He looked up, meeting Deku’s gaze and, without saying anything, brought the hand to his lips, kissing it. Deku swallowed, visibly moved, turning that hand so Bakugou could kiss each finger. He gently caressed the rim of his mouth until the blond opened it, allowing a couple of his fingers to enter, beginning to suck and greedily lick them. He passed his tongue over every crease, every mark, lubricating them well. Then, when Deku pulled them out of his mouth with an indecent pop, Bakugou grinned, lifting his hips in a blatant invitation.
«Where are those supposed to go? You know that, don't you, big boy?»
With his eyes wide open, Deku nodded vigorously. Bakugou began to unbutton his trousers, finally managing to free his boner from restraint.
Deku gasped and, without waiting, plunged on his lips, engaging him in another breathtaking kiss while he roughly groped a boob with his gloved hand , holding a nipple and making him moan from a kind of pain that, deep down, he didn't dislike so much. The other hand, the bare one, went down quickly to slip between his buttocks, teasing the opening with his wet fingers.
Bakugou had no idea what to do. He wanted to push himself forward and encourage Deku to continue squeezing his sensitive boob and, at the same time, wanted to push himself backwards so that he would stop playing with Bakugou lest he drive him crazy. Meanwhile, their tongues dueled and sucked, exploring and caressing each other.
Kirishima's clear and thundering voice was coming from just around the corner, making them leap in fear. Bakugou instinctively clung to Deku, who had immobilized.
«Bakugou?» Kirishima asked again, his voice drawing closer and closer. «Are you out there?»
Bakugou, concerned, looked at Deku, not knowing what to do. There was no time to stand and get dressed. Kirishima could turn the corner at any moment and find them with their dicks in the air with Bakugou’s shirt open, chest wet from saliva and his nipples erect and sore.
In that instant he wished to have a quirk that could make them invisible, but Deku, unlike himself, didn't seem to have any fear. Suddenly one of his long, thick fingers penetrated him and made him jerk from the shock. He opened his eyes, biting his lip until it bleed and glaring at him. In return he received only an evil grin from Deku who, not alarmed at all, pushed his merciless finger forward until it was completely buried in him. Bakugou opened his mouth in a silent whimper, the hard-on that, upon hearing Kirishima's voice had deflated, was now returning forcefully to throb between their abdomens.
Their situation was senseless, dangerous, and definitely illegal. Yet, despite that, Bakugou felt the arousal mounting in his veins. The knowledge that Kirishima could discover them at any moment made everything so incredibly thrilling that Bakugou was only able to humor Deku, completely lost in his delirious sensations. While he heard his friend’s voice in the distance he moved his pelvis wildly, looking for the satisfaction he knew he couldn't get with a single finger. Almost as if Deku had read his mind, he added a second finger to make a single, slow thrust, starting to fuck him like that, but it wasn't enough yet. Bakugou moaned, disappointed, rubbing his chest against the fabric of the other's shirt. Deku immediately bowed his head to take a nipple between his lips, the other between the fingertips of his free hand.
Bakugou closed his eyes and nibbled the inside of his cheek until he tasted blood. His boner squeezed between their abdomens. Deku's fingers fucking him and the hot mouth licking his hard nipples felt like too much. Bakugou couldn't bear it any longer.
However, when Deku drew his fingers from him, he opened his eyes again, shaken, but the other, in the half-light, showed him a silent half grin.
It was at that moment that Bakugou felt the head of the cock seeking his hole and, with a sigh, moved his hand to guide Deku inside him. It wasn't easy at all, as the preparation had been brief and rushed, but the need to become one was suffocating. Bakugou could bear some pain for this.
Deku relentlessly sank into him until the blond was again sitting in his lap. Then, viciously, he began to hammer him with short, hard thrusts while with his hands, now both free, tortured his nipples. He entangled Bakugou’s mouth in another kiss, swallowing his moans.
Kirishima, meanwhile, after getting dangerously close and calling Bakugou’s name a couple more times, left to return to the party. It left the two finally free to speak.
«You're a fuckwit!» Bakugou whined between thrusts, clinging to Deku's bulky neck as a means push himself and meet the hardened cock that opened and filled him so well, so fucking good that he wouldn't want to separate himself from it anymore.
Deku laughed and bent down to bite his nipple.
«Say you didn't love it, you little bitch
And with those words, it was as though Deku had tossed gasoline over the fire that was Bakugou. He bucked forward, throwing his head back and coming copiously on Deku's chest who, with another pair of powerful thrusts, poured himself in.
The blonde, panting and exhausted, let himself fall on the chest of the other. Giggling, Deku grabbed him with kindness, hugging and pampering him in his arms.
«Do you think he heard us?» asked Bakugou, suddenly sleepy. All the stress and tension of their initial encounter had magically disappeared and now he felt calm and relaxed. He just wanted to fall asleep and be lulled by that wonderful scent.
«I don't think so, but we'll worry later about it. Together. Now rest.»
Deku tenderly kissed his nape and Bakugou, in spite of everything, found himself nodding. Satisfied, the sleep to quickly take over.


Izuku lulled Kacchan's sleeping body for a few more minutes before the cell-phone in his jacket pocket buzzed. He stretched out his hand, careful not to wake Kacchan as he read Shoto's message.
How did it go?
He smiled cunningly, taking a quick look at the neck of the boy who was resting quietly on his chest.
Several seconds later, a new message arrived.
But did he he figure out the truth?
Izuku grinned.
Almost, but I managed to dissuade him.
The friend's answer didn't take long to come.
You're wicked.
Izuku locked the phone and put it back in his pocket. Beaming, he clutched Kacchan closer to himself.
It took him so long to get to this point, to make Bakugou understand what his real feelings were. But now at least no one could possibly take him away.