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Kiss Kiss Fall in Love!

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It was Friday evening and Haru was invited to spend the night in the Tachibana household. He had been sleeping over in Makoto’s house ever since they were kids and nothing changed when they started dating. If not, it even became a routine. Either they stay with the Tachibana’s or in Haru’s house. For more private time, they usually opt for latter since no one could bother them there. But tonight they would be staying with Makoto’s family.

Everyone was delighted when he came over. He was practically part of the family, afterall. Makoto’s parents were glad to have him, not to mention the overjoyed look in the eyes of the twins. Each family member had a warm smile everytime Haru arrived in their house. His heart swelled from the overflowing affection that he felt the moment he stepped inside the house.

Makoto greeted him at the doorway. He had the most pleasant and warm smile of them all. It nearly killed Haru to stop himself from lunging towards Makoto. The way the brown-haired guy looked with so much love written all over his face, Haru knew he was also holding himself back. Better save everything for later. If they ever get the chance.

When dinner was over, the pair, along with the twins, all went to Makoto’s room to play. The high schoolers played video games while the younger ones watched them play. Ran would sit on Makoto’s lap while Ren found a comfortable place in between Haru’s knees. They spent hours playing an RPG game until Makoto’s mother called the twins to go to bed, leaving the pair alone.

Haru was not really a gamer but playing games were a good bonding moment with Makoto, other than swimming. Well, anything that they do together were fun and interesting anyway. What made gaming more engrossing for Haru was of course, Makoto. He looked to his side to catch a glimpse of a serious Makoto who was currently busy fighting a boss battle. He was wearing his glasses again. Haru was thankful that the other guy did not use it when they were outside or it will be bloodbath between him and the girls who were after Makoto. But Haru could not blame them if they get attracted to the taller guy when he looked distractingly hot in those. He never understood the thing with glasses until he saw Makoto wearing one. Behind those glasses, a pair of intense-looking emerald orbs watched the tv screen which a few minutes earlier were nothing but gentle, drooping eyes. Watching Makoto was more interesting than playing that Haru did not bother with his on screen character anymore.

After dinner, Makoto’s parents were kind enough to let Haru use their bath. No one knew that this was one of the things he was looking forward to whenever he came over. Makoto told him that bringing himself was enough so he didn’t bring any, not even spare clothes. The eldest Tachibana would let him use his own shirts. Given Makoto’s built, they would be a little too big for Haru but he did not care. Wearing those shirts felt like Makoto had enveloped him.

He looked down on his shirt. Despite being recently washed, it still strongly smelled of Makoto. He breathed in, taking in a light and fresh smell. It was refreshing and addicting.  It surprised him to act like a pervert when it came to the other guy. Makoto was that special to Haru. Still, sniffing his shirt was not enough. Haru needed more contact.

“Haru are you tired playing? Want to stop?” Makoto had just finished the battle, stretching out a little before continuing to play. Haru decided it was a good time to stop pretending he was interested in playing anymore and put the controllers aside.

“I’m tired. But continue if you still feel like it. I’ll just settle here and watch you,” Haru stood up from the bed and sat between Makoto’s legs who were sitting on the other side. Makoto sat up straight, face looked like it was on fire.

Making himself comfortable, Haru leaned his back on Makoto’s broad chest, resting his head on the other’s shoulder. The brown-haired guy encircled his arms around Haru, leaning his head a bit to his boyfriend’s. Makoto started hitting the buttons again while the other guy watched him play.

Being in those arms, Haru felt all the stress that build up for the day left him. Makoto was really a comforting presence. It made him a little sleepy though. He turned his head and his nose hit the other’s neck. He could smell the scent of his soap. Once again, he breathed it in. Haru closed his eyes, letting the nice scent invade his entire being. If getting drunk meant drinking all of this guy’s scent, he would not mind getting drunk at all.

However, even if he was this close to Makoto, Haru felt lonely. They were finally alone afterall. He wanted all of Makoto’s attention to himself, but said person was busy slaying monsters. When did he become Makoto-deprived? Never would have occurred to him that he was this greedy when it came to Makoto.

Haru peered on Makoto’s face once more. He loved seeing that intense look up close on Makoto’s usually calm and collected face while playing. His boyfriend could look like an angel one minute, then intimidating next (and crazy erotic in bed). The gap never failed to make his heart jump. Just by thinking about it, Haru had the urge to monopolize Makoto’s every reaction. Right, he needed to think of a quick way to distract Makoto in his monster-killing spree.

“Makoto,” he said it low and inviting. When the other turned to his direction, Haru seized the moment and gave a soft peck on the lips. It was brief but before they separate, Haru opened his eyes and accidentally licked Makoto’s bottom lips as he wet his own. The next instant, Haru heard a soft thud on the floor as a hand pulled his head closer for another kiss while the other searched for more skin to touch.

A few minutes later, the sound coming from the game grew more distant as soft moans, groans, and pants filled Haru’s ears.