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All We Need is Six

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Lina sighed as she browsed through the store. She couldn’t believe she’d let Anne, Anna, and Cathy talk her into this, but... well, who could say no to all three of them at once? It was the first year all six of them were together, after all. Now that Kit had regained her memories, the queens could celebrate the major holidays as a unit. 

Which is how Lina ended up in her current predicament. Valentine’s Day was fast approaching and the queens wanted to do gift exchanges for one another. It was Anne’s idea, naturally. Anna and Cathy had joined in on it and now, the queens were looking for the perfect Valentine’s gifts for each other. 

Brushing her fingers over an expensive felt pillow, Lina hummed. She knew the other queens were likely out looking as well, so she’d try to avoid them. The problem at present was wondering what to get them all. Jane, Cathy, Anna, and Anne were all easy. She’d known them for years, so she could think of a few things off the top of her head and narrow it down. Kit would be the real obstacle. Compared to the others, Kit was still new, even more since she was only a year into having recovered her memories. 

Personally, Lina thought it would be a good idea to just ask Kit what sort of things she liked. Unfortunately, that had been shot down by Anna, claiming that it would ruin the fun if everyone knew what they would be getting. So, instead, here Lina was, walking through a store looking for gifts for all of her favorite people. 

This would be so much easier if they were still back in the Renaissance. Back then, she could have picked out a luxurious gift for all of them. Of course, none of them really knew each other back then, not the way they know each other now. As easy as it would have been back then, Lina would never trade their bonds now for anything from the past.

She and Anne had been shaky when Anne regained her memories, but now she couldn’t imagine Anne not being there in the late evenings with a cup of tea. Cathy was a ray of sunshine, even though they’d hardly seen one another in the previous life. Being able to take care of her in this one had been one of the best experiences of either life. Anna was another bright spot, capable of turning almost any situation positive, and helping everyone see the upside. Her optimism had made plenty of things over the years feel a little less stressful. Jane was a massive help in keeping the household in order. The two of them together kept everything running smoothly. If either of them were off their game, the other would pick up so everything stayed on track. And Kit. Kit was an absolute sweetheart, sassy like her older cousin, but with an underlying sweetness that couldn’t be denied. Lina wouldn’t trade her for anything, especially after finding out about her past life.

And because of all that, her queens needed something extravagant. They needed something that showed how much Lina loved them all. In this new life, she couldn’t imagine being without them, even for a short time. They deserved to know that they were worth so much more than what Lina could put into words. 

With a sigh, Lina made to leave the store. Honestly, nothing seemed to really scream out to her, which was irritating. She couldn’t be empty-handed on Valentine’s Day.

Before she could leave, though, something caught her eye. She turned in shock and a small smile bloomed across her lips. Well, perhaps this would be easier than she thought. She couldn’t wait to see the look on their faces when they saw these.