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Sick as a Dog

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A male voice that he definitely doesn’t recognize is talking with his Dad in the kitchen.  “I don’t want to impose on your family, Sheriff.”

“Stiles won’t mind,” Stiles ears perk up hearing this and he trips downstairs as fast as he can.

“I won’t mind what, Dad?!” he says, gripping the side of the doorframe and propelling himself in on just his socks. And wow, does he wish he had made a cooler entrance now that he gets a look at his Dad’s hot guest.

The Sheriff raises one eyebrow at him and shakes his head ruefully. “I told Derek here that we could dog-sit for him while he’s on a work trip.

“Yeah! That sounds awesome!! When is his dog coming? What is your dog’s name? Is it a specific breed? How old is it? Does it like Cheez-Its?!” the questions spill out of the boy one after the other until Stiles realizes what he is doing and claps his hands over his mouth in one big exaggerated movement.

Derek has had a really terrible, no-good, very bad day but there is something about this kid’s spunk that has him cracking a small smile. He snorts, “His name is Shadow. He’s really big and about 4 years old. We don’t know what breed he is because we found him in the woods when he was a puppy, but I think he might be a wolf-hybrid. Don’t worry though, he is well-behaved and is protective of anyone I consider a friend. He basically loves eating people food and probably wouldn’t leave you alone if you fed him Cheez-It’s.”

Derek looks at the Sheriff, “If you are SURE you don’t mind, I thought maybe I could drop him off at the station tonight so you could bring him home after your shift.” He looks back at the boy who is radiating excitement and feels a twinge of something he thought he had tamped so far down it would never come back up again. But he can’t resist, “and if you want to be in charge of making sure he has everything he needs, I’ll pay you $90 a day for watching him. But you have to take very good care of him—he’s kind of a weird dog. And he’s very smart.” The Sheriff opens his mouth to protest but Derek waves him off, saying that he is happy to pay young entrepreneurs fairly for their labor and he has more money than he needs anyway.


Derek goes to Petsmart beforehand and buys a bed, toys, and a dog tag with the name “Shadow”-and his telephone number on it. He even buys some bullshit grain-free dog food (it really does smell better) with a wolf on the front and opens the top so it looks like he has been feeding out of it.  Buying himself a dog collar and leash turns out to be an issue for a few reasons—1. People will look at him weird if he tries it on for size, 2. They all seem bad quality (there are none that are just plain, thick leather) and they look they wouldn’t be comfortable, and 3. He cannot make himself wear neon blue. Why the hell do people think that overly bright colors look good on dogs? Derek hated that he is essentially going to be a kept dog for the foreseeable figure but if he has to be a dog, especially around the Sheriffs cute son, he wants to be a good looking one. Laura would call him a prima Donna if she were alive. So Derek thinks outside the box a little and before heading to the station, he drives a town over and goes to the local sex shop. It isn’t some skeevy chain and is actually very well stocked. He spends some time there flirting with a short, athletic woman before buying a collar and leash for himself. Yes, it’s meant for more hardcore BDSM, but it is good quality black leather and closer to something he would actually put on his dog if he had one.

The “dog drop-off” goes without a hitch. He drives up to the station and loads all of the dog stuff into the Sheriff’s car before driving away and parking his car under the loft. He strips and shifts into his wolf form before taking off for the station and by the time he gets there, John is standing by the cruiser waiting.

“Holy shit!” Stiles exclaims when he first sees Derek. “He’s huge!!”

“Language, Stiles,” the Sheriff reminds him. “Just because you are surprised doesn’t mean you can be crass.”  Stiles’ new friend Erica has not been a good influence on his son’s vocabulary.

“I know, Dad,” Stiles whines. The Sheriff goes to put away his service weapon and that’s when Derek decides to greet Stiles. He walks straight up to him wagging his tail softly and then shoves his face right in the boy’s crotch. Stiles yelps out of surprise and instantly tries to push him away but Derek doesn’t budge and leans in, pulling in the strong scent of frustrated boy directly from the source. He snuffs around with such intensity that Stiles stops trying to push him away, figuring the dog isn’t going to leave before he gets his fill of the smell. And Stiles is right. Derek huffs deeply and even gives the jeans Stiles is wearing a few licks on his thigh, slightly dampening the coarse material. The boy’s face is red as his scent changes from something only embarrassed to something embarrassed and curious and horny. Standing down at his crotch, Derek can almost hear his blood redirecting.

Unfortunately, he also hears the Sheriff on his way back so he sits abruptly and offers Stiles his paw. At first Stiles is a little weary about interacting with him but soon trying to find a trick Derek doesn’t know becomes the boy’s obsession.  The Sheriff laughs until he cries at the antics, mostly because he cannot believe grumpy Derek Hale is willing to play the part of a trained dog, even though Derek had explained that he does when he is in wolf form he doesn’t think or respond like a human. Nothing demonstrated this more to the Sheriff than following commands and within minutes the Sheriff had basically acclimated to having a dog and quit associating Derek with Shadow in his mind.  He doesn’t give it a second thought when Stiles asks to have the dog sleep in the room with him, but asking to have a 34 year old man sleep in the same room as his pubescent son would have elicited a starkly different response.


Stiles is pretty sure that there is something wrong with Derek’s dog. He’s so smart that it is uncanny. He is wasted as a pet—he should be a service dog!  Derek was able to bring his paw down on the door lever and let himself into the backyard to go potty and when Stiles told him to lay down and stay he dropped to the ground instantly and watched with eagle eyes as Stiles put pieces of kibble on his front paws. He didn’t move a muscle until Stiles released him.

Derek noticed that every time he harmlessly behaved a command, Stiles got more and more comfortable with him. That first night, Stiles brought his dog bed into the bedroom and laid it next to his bed. He told Derek that he wasn’t allowed on the bed and Derek obeyed him—for now.

The next few days the family spent getting into a new rhythm. Derek focused on being a normal dog, which entailed a lot more tail wagging and tongue lolling than he is used to. The Sheriff works—a LOT. The boy is practically self sufficient and cooks for both of them most days. The station is sorely under-staffed and Derek soon learned that the Sheriff was mostly working evenings and nights and was home during the day, when Stiles was at school. When John is home, Derek makes sure not to draw his attention too much. He usually just pads after him room to room and then sleeps at the foot of his bed. Derek makes sure that he doesn’t seem like he understands John if he speaks directly to him. 

One day, John reads him a headline from the paper while sitting at the breakfast table, ending with “What do you think about that, Derek?”  Derek started itching his ruff vigorously, and then when John wouldn’t stop looking at him he just started loudly licking his dick. Being able to lick his own cock was definitely a plus of his wolf-form. It instantly embarrasses humans and has the bonus of feeling good, too.  Once the noise of him slobbering all over his dick became too much for John, after telling Derek to stop a few times John snapped, “Shadow, knock it off!” Derek stopped and folded his ears back like he knew he did something wrong and settled, laying down on the linoleum. John never addressed him as Derek again.


Stiles got home one day with energy coming out of his ears. He threw a ball for Derek and Derek watched it disappear into the distance before grabbing his tug toy and drawing Stiles into the game. Stiles wasn’t very strong and his center of gravity was too high, so Derek played gently with him at first to ease him into it. Then he started amping up, leaping into the air for the toy and crowding into Stiles’ personal space. He wasn’t being aggressive but he was definitely being a rude dog. And he wanted more.

Stiles pushed him off and Derek came back with four times the power, slamming into Stiles and tightly wrapping his front legs around Stiles’ thigh. Derek’s back hunches and his hips begin to thrust wildly, his dick rubbing up and down on Stiles’ jeans. Stiles laughs at first, telling him to get down, but Derek isn’t done yet. He hooks in his dewclaws so Stiles cannot twist out of his grip and continues jackhammering, ignoring the boy’s protests. Stiles scent is like a roller coaster (scared, turned-on, angry, humiliated, scared, horny) and Derek’s snout is right by his crotch, allowing him to drink it in. Derek humps Stiles’ leg for about a minute and a half before he is knotting the air and spraying thin jizz all over Stiles’ pant leg. As soon as he comes, Derek releases the protesting boy, walking around in a circle with his back still hunched, humping the air before flopping to the ground to lick himself, trying to get any amount of pressure on his knot. Stiles stands stock still looking at his soaked pant leg in—what? Distaste? Fascination?—before looking over at Derek again. He can see the dogs sheath scrunched down around the bottom of his shaft, revealing a pinkish/blue bulb at the base and a long penis that is much thinner than a humans ending in a lipstick-like taper. Stiles watches Derek for minutes as he continues to lick his knot, getting up and awkwardly walking a few steps before humping the air and sitting down, licking his cock again.  Once the knot goes down, Derek walks over to Stiles and licks his own spend from the boy’s jeans before turning and walking into the other room, leaving the boy there with his heart racing and his underwear sticky and more questions about his sexuality than any kid his age deserves to have.


About a week later, Stiles locks Derek out of his bedroom right after supper. Derek doesn’t know what he is doing but knows he wants to be a part of it. He camps outside of the door, whining and punctuating his displeasure with sharp barks. He keeps this going constantly so he knows that whatever Stiles wants to do, he is not going to get done because he won’t be able to focus completely. At the 20 minute mark Derek is starting to get bored and give himself a headache. He throws back his head and lets out the loudest, most mournful howl he has howled in the last 20 years. His ears prick up as he hears Stiles moving around in his room and he ups the ante, scratching at the door frantically. Within seconds Stiles wrenches open the door yelling at him, “Stop it, Shadow!! Bad dog!! Dad will flip out if you destroy the house!” Derek pins his ears back and tries to look contrite while bulldozing through and laying down on his dog bed.

Stiles looks upset that Derek is in his room but doesn’t try to physically make the giant dog leave. Derek curls up and waits.

“Fine, asshole,” Stiles grumbles, returning to his computer chair and spinning around so his back is to Derek. Derek sees that the page Stiles has pulled up is the AKC’s Guide to Responsible Dog Breeding. Stiles instantly clicks on Section 8 (Mating) and begins to read, quietly whispering the words to himself in an effort to help make him understand. “During breeding, the male mounts the female from the rear and clasps her midsection with his front legs. Rapid pelvic thrusts follow until penetration and ejaculation take place. After the pelvic thrusts cease, the dog and bitch will not separate for 10 to 30 minutes. Known as a tie, this results from a swollen section of the penis called the bulb-us gland-is,” Stiles sounds the unfamiliar words out. “During the tie, the male may move around until he and the bitch are positioned rear to rear. Do not try to separate the dogs during the tie because it can injure either or both animals. After some time, they will part naturally.” Stiles scent goes spicy and he continues to click on breeder websites, going into a wormhole while gathering as much information as he can.

About an hour later, Derek has almost fallen asleep. His eyes are closed and he is listening to the boy’s heavy breathing and luxuriating in the thick, oily smell of arousal that has permeated the entire room.  The tinny sound of bad quality recording equipment breaks through the silence, a woman laughing shrilly, “Look at them, he is trotting around all puffed out like he is trying to impress her!” Derek cracks one eye open only to see that Stiles is watching two dogs circle around each other on YouTube. After some posturing, the male covers the female, biting her scruff and holding on as his hips make quick jabs, finding and entering her immediately. Derek is somewhat impressed, thinking the dog must be an experienced stud if he is able to fuck into his bitch so quickly.

Stiles watches video after video and he starts shifting in his seat, his breathing more and more audible. The sounds of dogs mating coming from the speakers and Stiles’ own soft noises urge Derek to stand up softly, padding over to Stiles. His tongue flicks out and he licks the boy’s hand, which is grasping the armrest tightly. Stiles starts at the contact but then ignores him, going back to the video which is a compilation of dogs fucking.

Derek keeps licking and licking him—between his fingers, the soft skin of his arm, his bony wrist. The clean, slightly salty taste of him brings Derek alive, his bright red dicktip slowly protruding from his sheath. The compilation ends and a video of a very different nature flashes on screen, it hasn’t been flagged or removed by YouTube—yet. It shows a naked woman, down on her knees, with an enormous tan dog over her, pumping away. Stiles groans like he has been wounded and crushes the heel of his palm into his lap, giving his erection some friction. The woman isn’t anything special by her looks. She is probably in her 30’s and of average height and build. The dog, though, looks like an athlete. His hindquarters are so thick and muscular and every movement he makes screams power. The lady under him is pushing back into his thrusts, breasts swinging, vocalizing a mindless “uh...uh...uh...uh” as she is propelled forward. Her sides are scratched and red near where his paws are locked around her and there is even a small drip of blood from one of the his nails catching her a little too deep. Stiles fumbles with his shorts and finally pulls out his dick, palming it briefly before jerking it in time with the dog’s thrusts.  Derek redoubles his efforts and licks as much and as hard as he can, covering Stiles’ arm in slobber before extending his neck and flicking his tongue against Stiles’ little cockhead. Stiles wails, pushing Derek’s head out of his lap and folding over in the chair, keening as he strokes twice more and then explodes all over his own face, and time seems to stop as he stops moving except for brief moments where his entire body tenses like he is in pain.

Derek pushes his way back to the boy’s lap and instantly starts cleaning off his cock with his rough tongue. Stiles is as still as a statue but his dick twitched valiantly, spurting out one last trickle of come. Derek licks and licks and licks until the boy’s penis has softened to the point it is flopping around with the force of his licking. Stiles is keening, like the sensation is too much but he can’t bring himself to stop it. Derek shifts his focus to Stiles’ face and licks the globs of jizz from his forehead, eyebrows and cheeks. He keeps licking down his face until he gets to Stiles’ mouth, which is open, panting from his experience. Derek shoves his tongue in Stiles’ mouth before he can close it, licking as far as he can back into the boy’s throat. Instead of closing his mouth after Derek’s tongue recedes, Stiles keeps his mouth open, presenting himself for more licks. Derek sees this but isn’t done fucking with the boy, so he backs off from Stiles’ lap,  lays on the ground, and promptly begins licking his own dick.

Stiles closes his mouth, humiliated because he was depraved enough to try and make a dog French kiss him—and humiliated that the dog didn’t even seem to give him a second thought.  He watches as Derek cleans off his own dick and then stretches even further back to chew at his asshole. Stiles watches Derek really get in there, nibbling and picking at his dark, leathery anus. Derek grooms himself until the boy is hard again and then flops on his side, gives a big sigh, and goes to sleep. Stiles watches as the dog’s penis slowly retracts into its sheath and then swivels around, back to YouTube.