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Flower Crowns

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They all took little to no time to change clothes and leave the house. Once in the lovely summer night, they all shifted into bats to reach the local gardens quicker. The second they entered the public gate, they returned to their human form.

If he was honest with himself, Viago still felt off, and the call of his coffin back home was still in the back of his mind.

As if sensing this, Vladislav swung an arm around his waist, holding Viago close as they walked through the open field. Spotting a nice free patch, he guided him over, expressing,” This looks like a right spot.”

Viago himself nodded with a hum as he looked over all the different kinds of flowers, “These are some beautiful flowers, this summers been very kind to them.” Reaching out a hand, he caressed one of the many lilies that scattered alongside the path. Grinning, he let Vladislav tug him along.

Nick was busy eyeing what looked to be harmless beehive hidden in-between some bushes to notice the variety of flowers.

Meanwhile, Deacon, on the other hand, seemed to be very antsy. He kept looking at each of the flowers as if they had done something personally wrong to him. Eventually, he poked a set of kowhai flowers and made a face of disgust as he huffed,” They may be pretty, but none of these are right.”

Looking over his shoulder, Viago asked,” What do you mean?”

Resting his hands over his hips, Deacon grumbled,” I can’t use any of these flowers, I guess I’ll have to look for the ones I need.” Before anyone could say a word, he turned into a bat and flew off into the night.

Confused, Viago tried to follow, but Vladislav pulled him back by the back of his pants. “He’s just an ass, don’t worry.” Pointing to a few kanuka flowers, Vladislav requested,” Show me how to make a crown with these.”

With a small frown, Viago nodded but went ahead and helped Vladislav pick enough of the flower to make a decent braid. Nick followed suit with his own choice of a flower so he could learn as well.

For the most part, the lesson was done in silence apart from the minimal quiet instruction Viago gave. Vladislav wasn’t doing that horrible of a job, his skillful painter’s hand showed as he intertwined each vine. The flowers seemed to fall into just the right place as he moved them around.

Nick, however, needed all the help he could get. It was loose, and all over the place, all things said it wasn’t a terrible first attempt, but the site of it did make Viago smile. He even felt a giggle rise out of his chest while he watched Nick attempt to wear it. It hung halfway over his left eye, and when he turned abruptly in any direction, a few of the flowers fell off.

Purring under his breath, Viago leaned over and gave Vladislav a quick kiss catching the other off guard,” Thank you for doing this with me.”

If Vladislav were able to blush, he’d be a ripe tomato as he mumbled,” It’s no trouble.”

They were well into over half an hour into their little crown-making session when Deacon appeared in front of them breathing heavily. He was holding something behind his back, as he took a seat, a grin lit his face.

Vladislav hissed,” Where the hell were you?”

Smirking Deacon beamed,” I needed to find the right flowers,” from behind his back, he pulled out three completed and tightly braided together crowns. He handed one over to Nick, and it was full of a variety of sized pure white daffodils. “These are daffodils; they represent rebirth and new beginnings. I thought it was perfect seeing as you are just starting your new life as a vampire.”

Laughing Nick put it over the one he made, smiling from ear to ear, he thanked Deacon.

Turning to Vladislav Deacon handed over an intricately woven together set of rhododendron flowers. A few were a deep, almost red-pink, while a few others were a light purple. The colors blended well enough with each other it was if they were one. “These are rhododendron, and they are as poisonous as they are beautiful.” Looking away as he spoke, Deacon rubbed the back of his neck,” I thought they fit you cause your both beautiful and deadly at the same time.”

Nodding Vladislav chimed as he put it on,” This is correct, thank you.”

Deacon then adjusted himself, so he faced Viago directly; unlike the other, he shyly handed Viago his.

Viago turned it in his hands; there were several flowers intertwined with each other. Two different shades of roses, one a hot pink, another pale pastel pink. A few white camellias blended in with a couple of yellow dandelions. As he marveled over his crown, Viago whispered,” What do these symbolize?”

Shrugging Deacon looked down, fiddled with his hands,” The hot pink roses represent gratitude, appreciation, and recognition. The pastel pink means gentleness, joy, and happiness. While the white camellias are one of the many flowers that represent,” clearing his throat, he breathed out,” Love.” Scratching the back of his head, he continued,” The dandelions are just there cause well, I couldn’t quite call it your crown unless it had a little dandy in it.”

Met with silence, Deacon looked up from his hands, immediately taken aback. Viago had a few bloody tears streaming down his face, as his shoulders shook slightly. “Shit, sorry, Vi, I didn’t mean to upset you.”

Shaking his head Viago laughed with his whole body. “Nein, I’m not upset.” After putting it on, Viago leaned over until he could pull Deacon into a soft kiss. It only lasted a second, but to Deacon, it felt like an eternity cut short way too soon. “Thank you,” Viago cooed against his lips before pulling away.

Vladislav helped Viago whip away the tears off his face with his sleeve before they all pitched in to make a crown for Petyr. Within half an hour, they had gathered a few hydrangeas and weaved them together with Deacon’s expertise. Before they knew it, they were back home, all walking around proudly wearing crowns.

Petyr’s crown had to be made with purple hydrangeas; Deacon said they were perfect, for they represented a more in-depth understanding.