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Who owns my heart

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Luo Fusheng was one idol, he was a big singer who was invited to every show, he was very charming and talkative.
He had lots of rumors around him like about his past as possible delinquent to some rumors about his love life.
The press wanted the scoop for sell stuff about him.

His company decides to tell Luo Fusheng that his manager Han Chen will be with him almost every time.
They have changed the manager because the last one has kinda break some line with photographer.
And when he meets Han Chen he knew he was fucked because he knew Han Chen from before, they had one thing together, they were like friends with benefits.
And Han Chen was quite the dominant guy while thinking at all of this it's making hot.

"I will take care of you, Luo Fusheng," says Han Chen

So it's all it's begun about their working relationship, he also acted like one Bodyguard, sometimes some people thought he was his Bodyguard.

Han Chen always looked at him with the eyes when they were before together, the look of "I want you and you will be mine"

Luo Fusheng wanted to test one theory and begun to flirt with every girl's or boys with some cheesy lines or pick up line and his big smile that no one could resist and it's worked with Han Chen.
Luo Fusheng thought it's would make react Han Chen but he was very professional.
But what he didn't know is that Han Chen was boiling in his body, he wanted to smack stuff, he was glad he had some boxing at his office and home.
He wanted Luo Fusheng, he wanted him back, he wanted to mark him, show him who is the Dom and that he will own him.
Han Chen was always like a dominant and people liked that about him, Luo Fusheng loved that when they were together.
But they were coward to officialisé something and also younger and dump.
But it's will change soon.
Except he have to do his job well and not let Luo Fusheng do stuff stupid.

Since Luo Fusheng liked to do stuff like jump in the swimming pool while having white clothes and damn Han Chen was just so hot because he saw the body of Luo Fusheng and he was still gorgeous.
Luo Fusheng knew how will react Han Chen, because he knew something was not finished between them.
He still wanted him.
He was the best one he had.

He was doing all of his for have his attention.
Until one day Han Chen push him against one wall and say Han Chen "You need to stay away for doing something stupid"

And Luo Fusheng answer him "If you were with me it's wouldn't be like this, I would be yours" with his tongue out

"You are insupportable why I deal with you"

"Because you like me," says Luo Fusheng with a grin

Luo Fusheng kiss Han Chen and then Han Chen Tell him "You will not do stupid things, you will be always with me"

They make out for a while until they land on the bed of the hôtel room where they made love, this night was not about dom/sub but it's was more reacquaintance the body and see if the passion was still here.
It's was still here

"I missed you," says Luo Fusheng

"I missed you and I will never let you go now" said Han Chen

"I know, when I saw you at the office I knew I wanted to be back with you and that we have do one mistake in the past"

Han Chen after this thought Luo Fusheng would be calm and not do something but he was still charming with everyone, and rumors was still here.
That he had one idea one night

"I have to mark you so you will always think of me before flirting with the other?" said Han Chen with one fierce kiss

"Yes sir, please spank me, and mark me, you know I want that" say Luo Fusheng with his hand near the bar of the bed"

Then Luo Fusheng teasing a little and say "I'm doing this so you can be jealous because I know how you react to this"

Han Chen was so turning on and take some handcuff he have on his bed table and says "You have been one very bad boy"

"You know I like that" say Luo Fusheng with one smirk

Luo Fusheng liked the idea of be marked and be dominated by Han Chen, it's was always one thing that he loved.

When Han Chen began he said "You will be wearing my mark on all your body and also love bites and I don't care that people will see it"

At the end of the session, Luo Fusheng tells Han Chen "You are the only one who matters to me" and they kiss.

The next day he wears some shirt that shows the love bites, he tries to not sit because his ass is hurting from all the spanking.
It's was worth it
During this time Han Chen is thinking to buy maybe some toys for spice it since they are together now.
Like some plug vibrating he could use while Luo Fusheng have one interview or during some event, maybe one cockring so he will always think of him because he would play with the key.

Some months later Luo Fusheng officialisé his relationship to Han Chen and nobody is surprised by this.