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We'll Start again

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Montgomery adjusted the cuffs of his suit. It was scratchy and just a touch too tight for his liking. He’d have to get it adjusted or just replaced.

Oh, the things he did for his missions.

“You’re taking quite the moment in here,” Leo stepped into the bathroom. “You do realize we’re here for a specific reason, right?”

Montgomery only grumbled in response, glancing at himself in the mirror. He straightened his tie and stood straight. He was trying to put on his ‘rich asshole’ persona. 

“Yeah, yeah.” Montgomery finally turned away from the mirror to face his teammate. He moved past him, into the heavily decorated hallway. “How much longer until she arrives?”

“Six minutes,” Leo glanced at the watch at his wrist. “Pony up, pretty boy. Better be ready to work your magic.”

“Oh, fuck off,” Montgomery rolled his eyes. “Shoo, go back to Grace. Have fun. I get to carry the team, like always.”

The two boys lapsed into silence as they walked back into the event room. Montgomery broke off from Leo with a wave, heading closer to the door.

He had to make nice with some of the guests, ensure them that yes, he was to their standards. He didn’t mind playing the rich boy. Hell, he even enjoyed it sometime. But playing it for more than an hour or two? Absolute hell.

“May I please have everyone’s attention?” The host stood up, tapping a spoon against his glass. “I’d like to introduce my daughter. The heiress of the Poenoul fortune!” 

A girl quietly stepped down the tall, marble stairs. She was draped in a soft, pink dress. She smiled at the crowd and gave a small bow as she reached the bottom.

Montgomery exchanged a glance with Leo, who just nodded back.


The man had made a show of introducing his 'daughter' to anyone who showed the tiniest bit of interest. Montgomery wormed his way through the crowd, coming to stop in front of the host. 

"Hello, sir." He smiled politely. He hoped his pretty face would come in handy at this exact moment. "I was wondering if I could have a dance with the heiress?" 

The man appraised him for a moment, eyes roaming his body. Montgomery felt disgust rise in his stomach. He knew what the man was looking for. No, he did not want to think about it.

"Of course!" He practically shoved the girl at him. "Let me know if you two decide to….run off." 

Montgomery caught her, nodded to the host. He had to remind himself that no, he could not punch the man in the nose, no matter how much he wanted to.

He led her away, pulling her into a simple dance.

"Thank you, " She whispered, looking up at him. Her face was turning red. "Please, tell me who you are? Apologies if we've met before."

Montgomery leaned down, lips ghosting over her ear. He could feel the heat radiating off her face. Her arms wound around his neck. For a moment, they were far too wound together.

“I’m Isaac.” He murmured and paused for a moment. He had to slip back into his persona of Isaac Castillo. “I’m the heir to Foley Enterprises.”

He pulled back, watching the girl’s eyes light up in recognition. She remembered the codeword. Good. That means this will be a lot easier, and she'll be more trusting than if he was a stranger.

“I see. I’m Lucy.” She smiled up at him. Her eyes flicked over to the rest of the party before turning back to him. She smiled up at him. “I hope you wouldn’t mind sneaking away? While I enjoy my father’s parties, I’d prefer somewhere a little…quieter.” 

“Of course,” He slipped his arm into hers. “Lead the way.”

Lucy led him through the crowd, eventually allowing them to disappear down a hallway. Montgomery kept his persona up. He couldn’t count on the fact that there wouldn’t be anyone elsewhere in the house. They reached a room, in which Lucy unlocked the door and they both stepped in.

Leo and Grace were standing by the window, already changed into their ‘mission’ clothes. 

“Finally, you took forever,” Leo tossed him a bag. “Suit up, asshole. We have two hours before we’re caught.” 

Montgomery only turned and stripped, putting on the dark clothes on in place of his suit. He throws his suit into the bag and throws it over his shoulder. 

Leo had already fixed their escape route. He tightened the rope tied to the balcony. 

Grace had walked over to Lucy, murmuring the rest of the plan to her. They whispered to each other as if it was a big secret.

In a way, he supposed, it was a secret.

“Hades, you have more strength than me. You’ll have to hold her while you go down.” Grace turned to him. He only gave a thumbs up after slipping on the gloves that he had the foresight to shove into the pockets of his pants. 

“You’re gonna want to wrap your legs and arms around me.” He headed over to the rope, offering a hand to Lucy. She quickly wrapped her arms around his neck and practically attached herself to him.

Montgomery grabbed the rope and started sliding down. Luckily, there were only three stories to the house. Unluckily, he could feel Lucy cutting off blood flow with how tightly she was holding him. He heard the other two coming down after him. He set her down after his feet touched his ground.

“Exfil is only 100 yards away.” Grace nodded north, away from the house. “They don’t have much security, but it’ll be best if we get out of here asap.” 

The other three nodded and they all started towards that way. It took only a few minutes, but it was an agonizing trek through the woods surrounding the estate.

They got to the car, some model that Montgomery didn’t care to know, and slipped inside.

Ten minutes later and they were on the main road, back to the strip where they originally landed. 

Grace pulled out her phone, swiping the screen to call 5. 

“Target acquired.” She’s all business right now. She normally is on missions. “ETA is at three o’clock.” 

The others didn’t hear his response, only watched as she dropped the phone into the cupholder. 

“I’m flying home.” She grumbled and crossed her arms as she leaned back against her seat. “I don’t trust either of you tonight.” 

“Fine with me.” Leo shrugs from his seat at the wheel. Montgomery just grunted in response. He was too tired to do anything else. Lucy had already fallen asleep against his shoulder, and he was considering doing the same.

The drive was short. They loaded the plane back up and started the hour flight back to the island. Lucy stayed close to Montgomery, sitting next to him, leaning on him, and at some point, winding their hands together. 

Montgomery just let her do it. He understood that she needed some comfort, especially after what she’d been through with that... cult

They landed at the base at 3 A.M, with all of them stumbling out of the plane and into the group of agents waiting. 

“Get Miss Sosa to the infirmary.” 5 quickly directed the agents, taking control of the situation with ease. “Team Pantheon, I expect a report on my desk by morning.” 

“Fuck you,” Leo groaned as he leaned against Grace. Grace shushed him and sent an apologetic glance. 

“We’ll get it done,” Grace turned away, trying desperately not to fall under Leo’s weight. Montgomery knew Grace would be taking most of the work.

He only really relaxed once both Grace and Leo have left. The adrenaline that comes with an undercover mission slowly draining from him. His shoulders slumped, his ‘Isaac Castillo’ persona falling, and his confidence quietly withered.

“Montgomery, any unusual reports?” 5 eyed him but was looking at the groupings of holographic screens in front of him.

“Not at the moment. As far as we know, they haven’t discovered our involvement. I’m having Aniya keep us in the loop.” Montgomery combed a hand through his hair. “Once they see Lucy is missing, no doubt they’ll plan another kidnapping.” 

“Correct. I’ll dispatch a team to ensure that we figure out what their target is before they can get there.” 5 paused for a moment. “Go get some rest. You look terrible.”

Montgomery shrugged, rubbing the back of his neck. 

“It’s fine. When will Lucy be getting out of the infirmary?”

“In about two hours.” 

“I’ll go sit down in the waiting room.” Montgomery turned, starting down the hallway before being stopped by 5’s voice.

“You should really get some rest.” He didn’t make it sound like a suggestion. Montgomery paused in the middle of the hallway and tried not to look back. He could feel 5’s stare burning into the back of his head. They stayed like that for a moment, with 5 practically glaring at Montgomery and Montgomery just standing there.

The moment passed.

Montgomery kept moving, strides long and measured.

He needed to go check on Lucy.