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Isolde had always sought to flee from Edda for as long as she could remember, or at least since her mom passed away as a product of everything that was going on in that forsaken community. “There's something sick about this town” she’d cautioned Magne once they got to know each other, telling the new kid about her future plans. Isolde’s aspiration entailed studying abroad after graduating and Berlin seemed like as good a location as any for a fresh start. She had spent the last months of high school searching for places to live, not minding if it would have to come down to sharing an apartment. What she didn’t know was that somewhere in her soon-to-be city was a flat share waiting for her as one of the boys who rented a room in it left to live with his boyfriend.

One night while she was going through facebook’s marketplace tab this ad about an apartment in downtown Berlin popped up. The place seemed cozy, but not too big, which was a bonus since that part of the city wouldn’t be cheap – with four bedrooms, one of which was for renting. It was in better conditions than the countless ones she’d seen before, the previous owner must’ve cherished it. After clicking on the post, Isolde was flooded with more information about the building, the rent and what she could only guessed might be the roommates. At the end there was a simple instructed to get in contact with a person called Linn via messenger, leaving the date when it would be more suitable to swing by.

From Linn, To Matteo (23:19): someone is finally interested in your room

From Matteo, To Linn (00:45): not my room anymore


The sun was breaking through the front window when the door swung open startling Matteo up. He was slouched at the desk barely keeping his eyes open, which meant that the previous night had been gruesome to him. That continually happened when it was his turn to arrive there first, although he’d been volunteering at Greenpeace since the summer after the abiball, he still felt uneasy. So when impromptu visitors would come in Matteo found it unexpected, not that the association didn’t have many members. The boy was just used to this simple routine consisting of spending most of the days in there with only two or three other teens organizing events, projecting social media posts. “Open days” were the ones that brought more attention to them, reaching to a younger audience still growing amongst their community.

“Excuse me? I’m looking for Matteo.”

“And you are?” he fiddled with the sleeve of his sweater.

“Right, sorry... uh, my name’s Isolde and apparently Linn didn’t tell you I was going to come by to talk about your former room. But she said I could find you here” she perused the entire space in awe, bobbing her head distractedly. She could see herself working there. Maybe even becoming friends with this boy that sort of reminded her of Magne, at least the hair or maybe the deep pensive to his expression.

“Fuck, was that today? No, Linn sent me some text saying someone was interested in the room, I must’ve forgotten” Matteo pulled back the hair locks that were covering his eyes, rubbing the back of his neck.

“Dude, you look like I feel so you probably need this more than I do” she grabbed a joint from her backpack “care for a break?”.

It was like she knew him, Matteo would never refuse the offer. That was the moment he realized the search for a new member of the flat share had ended. What were the odds that the first person he interviewed would be the last? Not that he even needed to ask her those stupid questions Hans gave him. There wasn’t going to be anyone else more fitted to have his old room than Isolde.

“Cool hair.”