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Fransweek 2020

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“Is there something ya wanna say to me, kid?”


She tried. She tried so hard not to flinch at the ominous tone in the monster’s voice, but what with how nervous and anxious she was, Frisk was certain that even though she startled only slightly, it was enough for him to notice that she was indeed hiding something from him.


Sans narrowed his eye sockets. Despite being a skeleton, his facial expressions were very present, and it was one of the thing that fascinated Frisk so much about the way works of magic.


However, she didn’t really have the time to dwell on her curiosity for she was very much in trouble, judging by the displeasure edged on Sans’ skull.


“I...I don’t know what you’re t-talking about.” She blurted out, wringing her hands together.


Wow, that was so lame. Way to go, you idiot.


“Kid, do I look like I was born yesterday?” Sans snorted, unamused. “I can see that something’s wrong with you, and lately you’ve been trying to avoid me too. Didn’t take long for me to put two and two together.”


If only she could dig a hole to hide herself in, she thought. Frisk berated herself for ever thinking that she could get away from the monster’s keen, almost eerie awareness of everything.


A few weeks has passed by since Frisk fell down into the Underground. After meeting the lovable skelebros in Snowdin, Frisk has been hesitant to move on. This timeline around, she actually wanted to stay and take her time. She wanted to figure out how to SAVE Asriel rather than just leaving him as Flowey as they all live on the surface.


Naturally, Sans had been against the idea of reliving another loop, but Frisk was insistant as she tried to convince him the need to SAVE the tragic young prince. She wanted a real happy  ending.


Just one last RESET. I have to SAVE him. Please. No more after that."  She had promised the skeleton.


To her utter joy and surprise, Sans had given in to her resolve and decided to trust that she would keep her word, as long as she would let him help. Time and SOUL shenanigans were a messy business to solve, after all.


To which...the outcome did not go as Frisk wanted it to. With both of them spending so much time together now, aside from the secretive serious discussions when Papyrus is absent, Frisk came to realization that her not-so-platonic feelings towards Sans had begun to grow stronger.


Believing that her affection would never be reciprocated, the human had tried to deliberately avoid being in the same room as Sans for any longer than five minutes, eventually eliciting suspicion from the sais skeleton. He had been waiting for the right moment to question her, and that was why she had found herself in this tense and awkward situation.   


“It’’s nothing bad, I promise,” Frisk gulped, speaking as softly and steadily as possible. “I’ve just been having a small problem that needs to be sorted out. I’ve just been distracted. It’s nothing against you, so don’t worry.”


“What kind of problem? Tell me.” Sans insisted, a touch of concern lingering behind his words.


“It’s...personal. I can’t really...I can’t tell you, I’m sorry.”


For a short moment, the unsettling silence that followed troubled Frisk as she fidgeted on her seat, glancing at the skeleton monster beside her briefly, trying to decipher his expression. She felt her heart plummeting down her stomach when something akin to hurt flashed in his white eye lights.


“You don’t trust me. I get it.” He said with a somewhat bitter tone as he attempted to move away from her, but stopped when she abruptly grabbed his arm, a slightly panicked look in her eyes.


“No! No, please don’t misunderstand. I do trust you. You’re my best friend, Sans.”


“Then why won’t you tell me what’s bothering you?” Sans settled back in his spot, this time scooting just a bit closer. His voice suddenly became almost a whisper of doubt and uncertainty as he uttered the next words carefully. “It’s’s not about...that timeline , is it?”


Frisk gulped subtly, knowing entirely what Sans was referring too. She had noticed for a while now that Sans secretly resented himself for killing her so many times when she wasn’t all that much of a good person under the influence of the demon-who-must-not-be-named.


Granted, Frisk had been the one to go down that path out of morbid curiosity in the first place, and Sans’ actions were perfectly justified in her opinion...Still, the skeleton was regretful afterwards and he didn’t need to make that known to Frisk for her to realize.


In any case, it was clear that Frisk did not hold any resentment towards him, and she refused to let him believe otherwise.


“No Sans, it’s not about...that either . It’’s feelings...”


“Your feelings?” Sans asked, confused. “For what exactly?”


Should I really confess?


What if this affects our friendship?


What would he think of me then?


The human’s mind raced with insecure and doubtful thoughts, her hands retreating nervously to her lap. A brilliant shade of red spread across her cheeks as she directed her gaze towards the wooden floor, her voice having reduced to a barely audible whisper.


“...For you.”


For a moment, Sans did not say anything. He seemed speechless, his white eye lights staring at Frisk as though she had grown a second head. If she hadn’t known any better, she would say he didn’t quite believe her confession.


After what seemed like an eternity, he finally spoke.


“...For me?” He gently inquired.


Frisk nodded shyly.


“You d-don’t have to a-accept it or anything,” She quickly added. “I-I’m not asking for an answer o-or anything like that. I...I just wanted you to know-“


She didn’t even get the chance to finish before a blinding blue light flashed next to her, where Sans was previously sitting.


And just like that, he was gone.