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to be owned by him

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Chi Rui’s consciousness floats back to the land of the awake slowly. He groans low, voice still thick with sleep, when he feels a soft tongue lap at his morning erection. The soft pressure slowly turns into warm wet suction when he feels his hard dick being sucked slowly but steadily. 


He opens his eyes and immediately closes them again when the the bright rays of the sunlight pierce his hazy, sleepy state of being. But that one glance is enough to shock him into wakefulness. He opens his eyes again and his gaze focuses on where his newly wedded wife of a week is absolutely intent on pleasuring him. He swallows a groan as his mind and heart rebel against this happening.


He really has nothing against Zhi Xia. She is pretty enough to make any man happy and is skilled at managing the household as well. But she’s not the one in his heart and he regrets that he was too late to tell his grandmother about his true feelings for the one he really loved. So he didn’t complain, when his grandmother told him that he had to marry Zhi Xia, the daughter of one of their partners in trade. He had done worse things to keep their business alive and flourishing.


He catches eyes with Zhi Xia and she smiles at him as she gets up from where she has been kneeling between his legs and travels up his body to his face. She bends down to kiss him but Chi Rui turns his face and the kiss lands on his cheek instead. She breathes out for a second but adjusts herself very quickly and slowly travels down his body again as she climbs over him and slowly lowers herself onto his hard dick. His breath hisses out as she slowly starts riding him using her body to please him.


He lays back in disinterest and lets her take her pleasure from this act, because his heart has never been into this sham of a marriage since the very beginning. But his treacherous flesh is still working in reflex with the stimulations from Zhi Xia’s actions.


His face turns towards the open window which is covered by flimsy curtains and his breath stutters as his eyes lock with Feng Yong standing at the window with his gaze riveted on Chi Rui. Feng Yong, his bodyguard, his closest friend, his trusted confidante. 

Feng Yong, also the love of his life.


Feng Yong keeps his stare fixedly on Chi Rui, not even once straying towards Zhi Xia and Chi Rui’s blood thrums with genuine arousal for the first time since when he first woke up. He wonders if he should raise an alarm effectively putting an end to Zhi Xia’s actions, but he can’t bring himself to open his mouth and raise his voice when he sees the pure unfiltered lust reflected in Feng Yong’s eyes as his bodyguard keeps an eye on him. He doesn’t think why Feng Yong is here so early in the morning or even why is he still standing there and continuing to watch this happen.


Chi Rui’s own gaze is stuck on Feng Yong’s face, greedily devouring his every expression as they flit across his face. He bites his own lip, stifling a groan when he sees Feng Yong’s hand travel downwards out of sight and his thoughts scatter as he wonders if Feng Yong is touching himself watching Chi Rui. He feels himself harden further and hears Zhi Xia let out a soft groan and his attention is once more snatched back to where Zhi Xia is still on top of him. He looks at her and feels sorry for them when he feels not even the tiniest shred of arousal for her.


Her eyes open and she looks down at him. She takes in his face and how his hands are still beside his pillow and how Chi Rui hasn't made a single effort to touch her or reciprocate any of her actions. He's still wearing his shirt which he went to sleep in, not even having made the effort to undress. Her face twists into a sneer as her eyes sparkle with unshed tears as she gets off him in an angry rush, finally realizing his unfeeling behaviour.


She bends down and grabs a robe from the floor and turns back to look at him as Chi Rui grabs the sheet to cover his exposed lower half and throws a quick glance at the window again to find it empty.


"Was this ever going to work out between us?" She finally asks in a quiet voice and Chi Rui doesn't know how to answer her. He never wanted this to happen.


" Why did you even marry me?" She asks again and Chi Rui looks at her and answers her with brutal honesty, "I didn't want to." Her face clouds with anger as she rushes away from the room slamming the door shut behind her. He sighs loudly, but doesn't regret telling her the truth. Honesty is the only thing she can expect from him and he doesn't want her to hold any expectations that will never be fulfilled by him.


He moves on the bed and the sheets rub against his still sensitive and hard dick and he curses under his breath at how he's still aroused just from one glance at Feng Yong. He pulls the sheets off himself, breathing harshly as his own hands find and grab on to his erection. His eyes close on their own accord as his head falls back and his body arches as he slowly starts to pleasure himself with his own hands. He imagines hands that are harsher than his own, stroking him; arms that are stronger than his own, holding him close and lips that are fuller than his own kissing him as he chases his orgasm. He imagines Feng Yong riding him in place of Zhi Xia and his pace stutters as he almost comes from that. But then he feels a warm breath on his fingers around his cock and then feels a tongue lick at his dickhead and his eyes fly open to land on Feng Yong, himself, bending down close to Chi Rui's dick from where he's standing beside the bed.


Chi Rui's eyes widen as he takes in Feng Yong's presence in his room and he reaches out to touch him to feel if he is really here. Feng Yong slowly climbs into the bed and closes in to where Chi Rui has a hand wrapped around himself as Chi Rui's other hand finally touches his face. Feng Yong's eyes close as Chi Rui's fingers touch his cheek, then go up to his temple touching as much as he can to make sure he's not an illusion and then his fingers finally reach his lips. His eyes open and he locks sights with Chi Rui as he slowly takes in a finger in his mouth and sucks on it in a crude imitation of a blow job. Chi Rui’s chest jerks with a sudden breath at the gesture and he pushes his fingers more into Feng Yong’s plush mouth feeling the other man’s tongue lave all over his fingers, saliva pooling and letting it drool out of the corners of his mouth.


He gets up from where he’s laying back and rushes to take Feng Yong in his arms and then they are close to each other, breathing in each other’s breaths as they finally kiss. The kiss is not anything soft and silent, but bruising and punishing instead with their gasps echoing as they try to swallow each other’s noises into their mouths. Chi Rui takes in long needed pull of air as they separate and Feng Yong climbs into his lap as he kisses up to Chi Rui’s neck to his ears as he whispers,


“Haven’t I always taught you to be on your guard?” and bites harshly on Chi Rui’s ear lobe. Chi Rui crushes the other man closer to himself and tilts his head back to look up at him. “Have I ever been in any danger from you?” he whispers back softly staring at the man who holds his heart in hand and protects him fiercely at the same time. "Only your heart." Feng Yong murmurs closing his eyes, " Only my heart." Chi Rui sighs in agreement as he bends forward and kisses Feng Yong right above where his own heart beats.


They kiss again, softer this time, holding the other close enough to feel each other’s pounding heartbeats. Slowly they help each other out of their clothes, treasuring every second, still trading yearning kisses as if their lips are loathe to part from each other. Their lips finally separate and Feng Yong picks up one of Chi Rui’s hands which have been clutching him tight on his waist all this time. He pulls Chi Rui’s fingers into his mouth again, fellating them as he drools all over the fingers in his mouth. Deeming them sufficiently wet, he leads Chi Rui’s hand to his entrance and Chi Rui follows his lead well and slowly enters him with his fingers. Feng Yong’s breath hitches and Chi Rui nibbles at his neck, marking him as his. Always his.

Feng Yong is writhing on Chi Rui’s lap as his fingers find that bundle of nerves inside him unerringly everytime. He’s grinding down on the fingers thrusting inside him as he feels Chi Rui rut against him with his hard dick leaking again. One of his hands drift downwards to his lover’s hard erection and he rubs his thumb over the slit which is glistening with pre come, hearing Chi Rui’s choked off moans.


“ Feng Yong, please I need you..” he hears Chi Rui mumble in a hushed voice and Feng Yong has always been weak for this man who owns him, body and soul. He moves from his spot on Chi Rui’s laps and shivers when he feels him take his fingers out. The emptiness inside him making his heart lurch. He settles back quickly and aligns himself on top of Chi Rui’s hard dick which has been crying for relief for a long time now. Chi Rui breathes in raggedly when he feels Feng Yong’s warm heat sheathe him as he takes him inside. “ You feel so good..” Chi Rui hears Feng Yong groan out and he thrusts up in reflex making him whine in pleasure.


Chi Rui’s lips find Feng Yong’s exposed chest and he licks his nipples, teeth softly pulling at them as Feng Yong bottoms out in his lap. His lover sets his own sharp rhythm and Chi Rui is powerless when faced with Feng Yong like this. He puts his hand on Chi Rui’s shoulder and pushes him down backwards to lay down and Chi Rui is greedy for skin to skin contact with Feng Yong but is weak in front of him and lets himself settle back down on the bed and watch as Feng Yong works them both to a frenzy. One of his hands settle on Feng Yong’s waist and the other reaches out to grasp his dick which is smacking up onto his stomach and leaving wet smears in place. Chi Rui strokes him and Feng Yong keens low in his throat as his pace stutters and Chi Rui takes this opportunity to fuck up into the warm heat of Feng Yong.


Feng Yong’s body arches in a beautiful curve and his head falls back exposing Chi Rui’s marks on his neck as he rides Chi Rui with wild abandon. Chi Rui continues to thrust up matching Feng Yong everytime he grinds downwards and feels his lover shudder each time. Chi Rui knows he’s close now, he’s been burning with arousal for a long time now, but he refuses to let go until he sees Feng Yong break from pleasure in his arms. He sits up again, hears Feng Yong’s breath stop for a moment as his grabs hold of his waist and brings him down harder on his dick.


Their words have started to become incoherent as noises of their love - making echo around the room rendering the world outside pointless. Chi Rui jerks him off in time with Feng Yong’s own pace as he voices out his command,

“ I want to feel you come..” Feng Yong cries out as he comes hard but still keeps riding with unrestrained enthusiasm and Chi Rui fucks up into him harder and then clutches Feng Yong close as he bites onto his shoulder to muffle his shout feeling himself come so hard his vision goes black for a moment.


Feng Yong cards his fingers through Chi Rui’s fine hair at the back of his neck and litters kisses on his hair as Chi Rui himself kisses the bite mark on his lover’s shoulder and winces when he sees how red it is but feels a guilty pleasure knowing it will bruise and leave a mark on his body.


Chi Rui sighs and tilts his head to look into Feng Yong’s eyes and his heart skips a beat when he sees the love he has for him reflected back. “ We can’t keep doing this Rui-er..” Feng Yong tells him softly kissing his lips once..twice to soften the hurt. “ I know, I’ll fix this. I promise. Just stay with me. I only have you. You’ve been the only thing I've ever selfishly wanted to keep for myself. ” Chi Rui murmurs back to him, holding him close, not willing to let Feng Yong get an inch away from him.


“I’m here for you, as long as you need me.” Feng Yong whispers in his ear and Chi Rui mumbles a soft answer “ Forever. I want you forever.” Feng Yong enfolds him in his strong arms and Chi Rui feels safe and protected in them like always and he prays that he can fix his life and make Feng Yong happy before it’s too late for everything.