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Hermione and Krum's letters

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To my dear friend Hermione,

thanks are to God (or whatever) , it's finally summer in northern Europe. Green on a hot day is more flattering than the harsh white of winter. After the Lake thaws, our boat race can begin again.

You can see the boat we took to Hogwarts for the Tri-wizard competition in the enclosed photograph . It's pretty old, but it works just fine.

Karkaroff once said that the ship was under a spell, of course. Otherwise, the sail, which had never been mended, would obviously not have made it suitable for long sea voyages.

As for Karkaroff, he left office not long ago, and no one knows where he is now. Then our vice principal, John Rabe, will take over. (I'd say that's a good thing. KARKAROFF's connivance in black magic and school violence didn't help the school. Many students dropped out during his tenure.)

Rabe is a decent man. He has intervened on several occasions to stop the violence. He is launching an exchange program with other magic schools in Europe to break with the self-styled plan of Durmstrang. I hear Hogwarts is part of the exchange program. I hope you'll participate. I'm sure you'll enjoy the view. But if not, let me know in the comments if you know anyone who's coming to Durmstrang

Your faithfully, Viktor.




Dear Viktor,

thank you for your letter. The scenery in the picture is very beautiful.

Although I am not good at sports, rowing is really fun. When I went to Hogwarts, I took a boat across the lake. Maybe there are some magical creatures in your lake? That would make me more interested.

It is a bit rude to say this, but I have to admit, I don't like Karkaroff either, especially after he gave Harry an unfair point in the game. I heard he was a death eater.

I am glad that your new principal is a good man. As for us, Dumbledore was recently fired by the school board. The new headmaster, Dolores Jane Umbridge, issued a number of bizarre new school rules, such as "boys and girls can not be too close together" , which made me feel like I am in a convent.

Still, the exchange program has not been canceled. I guess that Umbridge needed a bit of a show that she was not idle here.

If you are curious about who is going to Durmstrang, you are probably not going to be one of the people who are going to Hogwarts. Unfortunately, neither am I. But maybe we could meet during the summer.

Before Dumbledore was fired, two teachers and two students had been chosen to participate. One of the students was Yingchun Jia of Ravenclaw. She is a shy girl from China. I often meet her in the library.

The other student is Zabini of Slytherin, a playboy. (Malfoy seems displeased. He claims he should have gone to Durmstrang, but his mother thinks it's too far. Maybe he can pray for next time.)

In addition, the professors who will be heading to Durmstrang are Tom Riddle and Daiyu Lin. Professor Lin teaches an elective course about eastern magic at Hogwarts. (she and Jia, both from China, are said to be related, possibly cousins.)

Professor Riddle may be the youngest defense against the dark arts teacher at Hogwarts. (but he used to be a dark wizard. So I suggest you keep away from him.)

Yours, Hermione Granger.

P.S. Do not make Professor Lin upset. Or Riddle will kill you.