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To Be Or Not To Be (a pet)

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Iason stepped into his condo, handed over his cloak to Cal and then moved to the balcony where his pet was perched on the railing smoking. Unlike other pets, Riki rarely greeted him at the door, but Iason didn't mind this. He loved his mongrel for his challenges as well as his obedience.

As usual Riki was lost in thought as he looked out over the city. Looking towards the slums of Ceres, towards Guy. It had been the only way to get Riki to return to him, the only thing that Riki could not refuse; his old pairing partner. It angered him that Riki still cared about Guy, but he tried not to let it bother him. Riki was here now, was his again and he didn’t care if Riki did it for Guy or even if he thought of Guy while they were having sex, it didn’t matter as long as Riki remained with him.

Iason’s hand curled into a fist, because it did matter damn it. He wanted Riki to forget about Guy. He wanted Riki to love him!
When he spoke, there was no trace of his anger or frustration. "Did you go out today?"

“Yeah, I took a shuttle to Magena and played the slots.”

Iason knew sarcasm when he heard it, especially since Riki could not leave Eos because of his pet ring. Unfortunately he was not well liked or tolerated so rather than suffer the stares or risk causing trouble by beating some tormenting pet to death he just stayed inside all day. Even Iason could admit that would bother him.

“Riki, I know you are frustrated.”

“You don’t know anything.” Riki tossed his cigarette over the edge and hopped down to stare up at Iason. “You have no fucking clue.”

“I wish to speak with you about something important.” When Riki shoved his hands in his pockets and leaned against the railing, rather than reply, he continued. "We have guests coming this week and I need you here with me."

"I am here. I’m always fucking here. Where else would I be?"

"What I mean is I need you to behave properly, Riki. Another Blondie and his pet will be staying with us for a few days and I want you here to attend me as my pet." Not hiding in his room or on the balcony smoking.

Riki grimaced and gritted his teeth. "To show me off?" He hated it when Iason paraded him around like a pet pony. He thought they were beyond all that now.

"In a manner of speaking. The request for the visit has come from Jupiter, Diman is an important Blondie.”

“As important as you?” Riki smirked and lifted his chin defiantly, but it was a rhetorical question, there was no one more important that Iason Mink, not In Eos or anywhere else.

Iason lifted a gloved hand and caressed Riki’s chin, pleased when the mongrel did not flinch away as he once used to. Riki seemed to have accepted his fate, to some extent, since it was his choice to return. He no longer shied away from Iason’s touch, but he never reciprocated it either. “What do you think?”

Riki shrugged.

“At any rate, Diman has requested you be here for it. He wants to meet you" Iason caught Riki's chin between firm fingers. "I expect you to behave, Riki. This is very important."

Riki glared up at Iason. "Why is it important?"

"Because I say it is. I mean it, Riki. Punishment will be severe if you do not do exactly as I tell you while they are here."
"You'd fucking love that, wouldn't you? You love punishing me."

"I don't no, but I will." Iason's free hand settled at Riki's hip and pulled him closer. "It is just for three days, Riki."

“If I behave will you let me go?”

“You are here of your own accord, Riki. You chose to return, remember, and you know what the consequences of your actions would be.”

Riki’s eyes lowered, dejectedly. Yeah, he had chosen this, to save Guy and his crew from Bison, but not only that. He’d realized that he was ruined now, he couldn’t just go back to the slums, he couldn’t be the leader of Bison. All he was capable of was being Iason Mink’s pet. It made him sick.

"Fine. What do I have to do?"

Iason smiled. "Just behave yourself, do as you're told and act as a loving pet. You can do that much can't you?"

"I'm not gonna fawn over you and kiss your feet, Iason."

"I know that.” Iason realized he would be disappointed if Riki did submit that much. “However, you can be nice when you put your mind to it, even obedient."

Riki rolled his eyes. "Whatever." He flinched as Iason's hand moved from his hip to his groin in the skip of a heartbeat and squeezed. GOD! He hated how quickly he responded to the elite's touch, hated that he was conditioned to respond.

"Good boy" Iason licked his way up Riki's neck, and then gently bit the mongrel's ear, reveling in the gentle hiss of desire that Riki released. "I missed you."

Riki didn’t see how that was possible after almost four straight hours of sex the previous evening, Riki was still sore from it. "You had me enough last night..." he protested and started to pull back but found himself suddenly trapped between the concrete barrier of the balcony and an impossibly strong Blondie. "Iason, come on..."

"It's not enough," Iason murmured as his hands reached inside Riki's shirt to play with the brunette's nipples, knowing this was an especially sensitive spot for him. "It's never enough."

"Fucking pervert...." Riki's breath hitched and his eyes closed of their own volition as Iason did what he did best, turned his body into an over sensitized, sex craving toy. "C...come on...ahh...Iason...not...not"

"No one can see us, Riki."

"Not...Not out here..." Riki put his hands on Iason's chest and shoved hard, surprising the blonde enough that Iason actually moved back an inch. "Please. Not here."

Everywhere he went in this apartment was a reminder of sex and the fact that he was Iason's pet. He needed the balcony for his own space, his sanctuary away from all of that.

Because he said please, and Iason could hear the genuine plea in Riki’s voice, Instead of getting angry, he nodded and took Riki’s wrist. “The bedroom then.”