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Constellation of Tears

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Bora Bora, Tahiti

Standing on the deck of his private beach bungalow in Bora Bora, the sun began its descent for the night rapidly approaching. He watched as the stars unfolded. Thousands - no - millions of lights sparkles and shined everywhere in the sky, reminding him of days that were so long ago. Eons have passed since he created those stars, putting every sacred detail. Out of all the places, this part of the world was in his top three with the best view of the stars. Bora Bora gave a clear view of the heavens, a dark yet clear blanket of stars lighting up the night. The Northern Lights in Iceland always showing streams of color and light was a close second.

However, nothing beats the view of seeing the stars from Heaven.

He remembered one particular spot back eons ago. It was an overlook. There was a part of Heaven where he could stand and look at all of the creation before him. Planets, stars, galaxies. He could see it all before him in the heavens; all of its majesty existing because of him. All of this was waiting to be born, and he brought it out.

He was the beginning and the end. He was too big and too broad to be described and boxed into one word. Still, there was one name out of his infinite list most of creation knew him as.


It was still crazy. There was a difference between creating all of his creation and then finally participating and enjoying it. Between the sounds of the water calming lapping against the wood and the warm sea breeze blowing against his vessel’s skin, he had to admit that he’d done some good. Nothing like enjoying a good drink on one of the most beautiful places on Earth.

However, as much as he had done of infinite good, he also made his infinite amount of bad.

God was able to tune out the regret for the most part. With all of his God-Sight and Hearing, he was able to filter it out, shut it out to enjoy whatever he wanted. But there were times when some slipped through. Most of those were from the ones he failed the most.

Some wondering and lost.

“Father please help us. We need you.”

“Why did you leave, Father? What did we do wrong? Please tell us.”

Some full of anger.

“Really, Father? You’ve forsaken me? Your own son?! You want the Devil then? You’ve got it!”

“You son of a bitch...I believed in…”

And some were nothing, but desperate.

“They’re gone. All of them...gone. Father please...I need you.”

“Please, I can’t...I need some help. Please…”

At times when he was at his most vulnerable, the emotions that came within his vessel would begin to build and almost overwhelm him with the monumental amount of regret coming back full force. He knew he was a coward for leaving. He was a bastard for abandoning his children. With his omnipotence, he sees everything. Within the multiple universes he made, his last two were his best.

However, he saw what had happened with the first one. In its of so many years of existence, it would eventually die. It would perish. Earth has been transformed into a barren wasteland littered with the bodies of angels, demons, and humans. This wasn’t the story he had meant to create. He knew he wanted - no. He needed to start over again.

And so he did start over. His final masterpiece. His final story.

When he created the final universe, he knew that there would be fixed points that he could not avoid again. Starting over for a new universe takes time and a lot of energy, and he only had enough for one more try. But fortunately, there was nothing holding him back from making a few “nudges” here and there.

Searching for one of his children’s presence, he knew who he was looking for. God knew their goal and how it worked in the previous universe. It was time to change things just a bit.

Sipping his drink, he finally snapped his fingers. It was done.

And he knew, he’d done something right for once.

Willoughby, Pennsylvania

Stepping into Katherine’s “house” was like stepping into an episode of the Brady Bunch.

The theme of decor throughout the house didn’t scream Katherine’s tastes at all. It was the opposite. Cozy atmosphere, the duvet on the comfy couch, and even a fish tank? All that was missing was the kids, a dog, and Elijah, (which Rebekah still didn’t believe from Katherine’s mouth). She couldn’t wrap her brain around it. She still needed to bleach her brain from imagining her brother and the bitch doing...ugh! That thought still made her want to throw up.

“No sudden moves. No tricks either. No Katherine-ing,” Damon warned, which probably didn’t make a damn dent of difference when it came to Katherine.

Although Katherine had her back to Rebekah, the Original could practically hear the sound of the bitch’s eyes rolling. Yeah, like Damon’s warnings were dangerous.

Rebekah continued to scope the house, taking in the family atmosphere that still felt out of place. Her blue eyes watched the brunette’s every move as she walked over to a safe nestled between some books on a bookshelf, unassumingly putting in the combination to get to the cure. With the cure this close, there was no way in hell that Rebekah was going to lose focus. With it being so close to her reach, she would have no qualms ripping out Katherine’s heart from her chest, snapping Damon’s neck, and taking the cure for herself. She didn’t care about anyone else’s intentions with the cure, no matter how noble they are.

Besides, it was time to do something for her for a change.

She let Damon ramble on, letting him be the talking distraction while the Original can inch her way to the bitch.

“A quilt and a fish aquarium.” He commented, still surprised by Katherine’s sudden change in interior decorating. “Who the hell are you?”

“A very old lady with dreadful taste.” Rebekah answered in disgust.

Of course, some old habits are hard to break.

Her eyes still fixed on Katherine, she watched as the brunette finally opened the door to the safe, her movements freezing and slowing down. Katherine reached almost frantically into the safe, leaving both Rebekah and Damon wondering what the hell was going on.

“It’s gone.”

Oh yes, and then the next thing that’s gonna happen is Rebekah, Katherine, and Elena are going to forget that they hate one another, skip through the meadow, and braid each other’s hair. Rebekah and Damon shot each other the same disbelieving look, fully knowing something was up.

Katherine still remained shocked, frantic panic dropping into her voice. “It was in the safe, but it’s not there.”

“Not falling for it. Where is it, Katherine?”

“I swear it was in the safe!”

“What, just like Elijah's really your boyfriend and this is really your life? And for all we know, this isn't even your house.” Rebekah scoffed, not believing the new act the bitch was playing one bit.

Damon had to agree. “Yeah, it doesn't look like the Katherine I know.”

At this point, both Damon and Rebekah had effectively gotten underneath Katherine’s skin. Rebekah almost smiled seeing the one and only Katherine Pierce bristle with annoyance. “Maybe you don't know Katherine at all. Did it ever occur to you that you have no idea who I really am?”

“Did it ever occur to you that you're not that deep?” Damon sneered, not buying into what she was saying one bit. “This whole small-town girl thing, we all know it's an act.”

Patience wearing thin, Rebekah’s hands itched to take Katherine by the throat, and choke the answer out of her until she needed to breathe. “Where is the cure?” she inquired with almost gritted teeth.

Katherine smirked at her, teasing her with the “I know something you don’t” look. At this point, the Original snapped.

That’s it!

She sped up to the brunette in the blink of an eye before Damon threw his arm out to stop her.

“Whoa, whoa. Hang on. We need her alive. The cure's not here. You check upstairs. I'll check down. I got this.” The last thing Damon and Rebekah needed was for Katherine to bolt with the cure, and for both of them to have to start over again in finding her location. Kat was tricky to find, and she was the master of the cat and mouse game. Running from Klaus for five hundred years would sharpen anyone’s instincts.

Score 1 for Katherine. 0 for Rebekah...for now.

Katherine would stay alive for the moment, but one more passive aggressive look from her, and Rebekah was going to be throwing down. She could see the bitch smiling behind her as Rebekah slowly made her way up the stairs, stopped at the top step and waited. She kept her ears sharp on the conversation below, ready to pounce.

“So if I was a paranoid, distrustful sociopath, where would I keep my most prized possession?”

Katherine chuckled to herself, highly doubting that Damon will ever succeed. “This should be fun.”

“Because I'd want it to be close, but not on me. Accessible but not obvious.” Damon said as he took he scanned the room around him, searching for anything that might spring out as a potential hiding spot. “I'd want to keep it safe, but not so safe that it'd be too difficult to grab and run.”

The brunette watched warily as Damon stopped his searching, his eyes settling on the fishtank before him. Dammit. He’s close.

“Well, that is a fancy little treasure chest-” He stepped down before the glass, the tiny gears in his head adding everything together. “-in a tank with no fish. I think I'm gonna have to check that out.”

‘He’s going to regret that,’ Katherine thought to herself as she watched.

“Aah! Gah!” Damon shouted in pain. “Vervain water. Looks like we have a winner.”

Katherine’s heart hammered in her chest as Damon picked up a large net to scoop out the chest. No. This was her only ticket to freedom. Like hell she was gonna let him take it for his precious Elena. Over her own dead body. Before he could take it, Katherine sprung into action. She sped ahead behind him, slamming his head into the burning vervain water, holding him there for several seconds before she threw him onto the floor. With Damon writhing in pain, she could make a run for it.

Getting the chest out of the water, she beelined for the door, only for Rebekah to block her path.

“Give it to me or you're dead,” the blonde Original growled out meaning business.

Katherine’s eyes shifted between the blonde bitch in front of her and the door. Dammit. This was going to cost her, but she knew she had no chance against Rebekah. She wasn’t stupid enough to have a showdown with her. She’ll have to find another way to get her freedom. “You're gonna kill me anyway. So what's more important to you, huh? Killing me or getting the cure?”

Throwing caution to the wind, the brunette threw the cure behind her, distracting the Original just enough to get the hell out of dodge.

With Rebekah, she caught the cure with ease, but everything around her seemed to stop. Time froze, all of what she heard around her became silent except for her undead heart beating. Her palms began to sweat just thinking about it. It was here. This little bauble seemed to almost pulse in her hand. It was so odd. There in front of her - this small, almost insignificant thing - was the key to everything she wanted. A new life. A new chapter. A brand new everything. It was in her grasp, and like hell if she was going to let this go.

Damon saw the look of awe in her eyes as she gazed at the cure in her hand. It was so close to her now. She had it...and there was little chance left for him to get it for Elena. “Look, Rebekah...Don't even think about it.”

Rebekah stood up finally, still in awe that she finally had the cure.

Damon was still gasping for breath, the sting of the vervain water blistering his skin to the point it was hard for him to speak. He still had trouble trouble getting up, but it didn’t matter. The chance for Elena to get the cure was slipping through his fingers.

“Let's just talk about this, like the two...rational vampires that we are.” He still tried to use his charm even with his circumstances, but his words fell on deaf ears. “Rebekah?”

Rebekah finally broke through her trance, rolling her eyes at his desperation. “Oh, give it a rest. Me taking this cure is the best thing that'll ever happen to you.”

The other vampire gasped out in pain. “Don't do anything stupid.”

“Admit it,” she implored him. “You don't want human-Elena running back to Stefan whilst you're left out in the cold again.”

With that, she had hit the nail on the head. She watched him as he writhed on the floor, turning his head away from her with the silence speaking the truth more than he ever did.

“Go on, Damon. Tell me why you want Elena to have the cure,” she spurred him on again, waiting for a reaction.

But there was none. Nothing.

Her smile was victorious. “That's what I thought.”

Not even hesitating, Rebekah popped the cure open, letting the contents down into her throat. She barely heard Stefan yelling for her and rushing near her as her world darkened around her, falling unconscious onto the couch as the cure’s effect took hold.

There was no going back now.

She was floating.

In her dreamless sleep, the warm darkness comforted her, wrapping around her like a blanket as the cure worked through the arteries and veins. She felt as if a warm and cleansing fire pushed throughout her body, purifying her of everything that wasn’t meant to be there any more.

Her immortality was burned away due to the cleansing fire, encompassing all of her as she slept. The cleansing fire did more than just burned away her immortality. It burned out everything that was impure, allowing what was meant to flow in her veins finally open.

The cure seeped into the deepest part of Rebekah: her soul. Her bright red soul glowed and pulsed; her immortal vampirism forever changed what was human before. However, that would change with the cure. The cleansing fire delved into her soul, burning away the redness of the monster, purging it until the red faded out. With the red taken away, the original blue light of her human soul began to shine through.

The cure finally did its work. The purpose of the cure was done, leaving its mark in her blood.

After ten centuries, Rebekah Mikaelson was finally human.

Rebekah was still unconscious on the sofa with no doubt of the cure doing its work. Stefan couldn’t help, but stare at her as she slept on the couch. It was gone now. All his effort to get the cure for Elena was gone. It was over and done, and there was nothing he could do.

“Did you even try to stop her?” Stefan all, but shouted at his brother.

Damon still pissed off, in pain, and trying to get himself back together, snapped back at him. “You forgot the part where I was bobbing for boxes in vervain water!”

“All you had to do was stall her, Damon!” Stefan argued, his arms waving in the air with frustration. “It shouldn’t have been that damn hard.”

“Sorry. It's Rebekah. I didn't have a pony to distract her, Stefan!” Damon bit back in contempt as he tried to dry himself. He was done with the cure situation. All he wanted to do was go back home.

It was then Stefan’s frustration hit his peak. “You let her take it, didn't you? You were never on my side. Now Elena will be a vampire for the rest of her life just like you wanted.”

“And how is that a problem, Stefan? All this cure has been for everyone has been nothing, but one problem after another!”

“Damon, we-”

“Don’t even start, Stefan. As far as I’m concerned, Klaus’ crazy sister solved a problem and tied up a loose end. In fact, I’m ready to send her a damn fruit basket to thank her. As far as Elena is, as much as I want to make her happy, we need to stop coddling her. She is going to have to suck it up and adjust to being a vampire.”

Stefan’s mouth fell open, trying in vain to argue with him, but his words got blocked. There was no denying with Damon’s argument no matter how callous his words maybe. Everyone had been jumping through all sorts of hoops trying to get the cure for Elena’s sake, even with the risk of waking up an immortal who could bring the end of the world. And Stefan had to admit it too. He was getting tired. Chasing this one stupid thing was getting tiresome, and he wanted it to stop too. Although he thought it, he hadn’t said it out directly.

“What do you propose we do now?” he asked, wondering what would be their next move.

Damon only shrugged. “Thought about killing Rebekah in her sleep, but that would guarantee Klaus coming down on all of our heads. We’re not going to be that crazy after what happened with Kol.”

It was that moment where both vampires could hear it. The loud gasp of air came from Rebekah, finally awaken from the cure-induced slumber. Both brothers came to her, Stefan sitting in front of her on the coffee table while he scanned for anything different or what could be wrong. Damon just stood from a distance, wanting to keep an eye on the situation in case something happened.

Rebekah has sat up on the sofa, breathing deeply to keep her breakneck-paced heart a rest. She didn’t know what to make of it. She seemed better. She felt lighter, even refreshed.

Stefan finally broke the silence. “How do you feel?”

Rebekah couldn’t help the smile lighting up her face. The first genuine smile that the brothers had seen come from the blonde Original in a long time. “I-- I feel good. I...I feel great. I feel alive.”

“Still a slight problem, though.” Damon pointed out. “How do we know if she’s actually cured? Not like there’s a confirmation we can go on.”

Rebekah was taken back. Damon made a good point for once. How did she truly know if the cure worked? There was only one way to find out. Standing up slowly from the couch, she strode over to the kitchen, rummaging through the drawers to find what she needed. Soon enough, she found it: a silver knife. She made her way to the brothers again, taking off her jacket, which left her arms bare.

“Alright, you said we need a confirmation. Let’s confirm it then.”

She brought the silver knife slowly over her arm, grunting against the pain of the knife cutting through the skin. After she finished, all they could do was wait. The blood slowly dripped with little red streaks falling down her arm. Rebekah watched with observant eyes, waiting for the skin to immediately close on its own like it usually did in the past.

This time, it didn’t.

Finally confirming her hopes, she stepped back in shock. Letting the knife go, it fell onto the floor with a distinct clatter. Both vampire brothers too stood there in shock to see what was going on in front of them. One brother was almost distraught that his hope for Elena’s happiness evaporated within Rebekah’s veins. The other brother was happy and almost relieved that their problems would be over.

Rebekah was a vampire no more.

Deep within a part of Heaven that was long forgotten, there was a vault. It had stood there for eons, aging away in a secret part of Heaven that none of the angels knew except for a select few. Unless had the time to explore every nook and cranny the realm had to offer, no one else would find it. But what was inside the vault was the most important.

Inside the vault, there in the center of the room laid a chest. It was rectangular in shape, and it shined in the light with its lapis lazuli blue. The top of the chest had three distinct orbs appearing to orbit around each other like planets or stars. Silvery vines wrapped around the orbs in intricate lines, decorating the chest with delicate details to enhance its beauty. Around all four sides of the chest were carved sigils in Enochian, keeping whatever the chest was meant to contain locked tight.

To some, what the chest contained was precious beyond measure. And furthermore, if opened, it would literally change the foundations of Heaven.

The Enochian sigils around the chest began to glow, bright silver-blue pulses dimming and brightening in a pattern. What caused this action was unknown. Perhaps maybe something unlocked it or someone specifically unlocked it. It’s too soon to tell.

The pulsing faded, the sigils falling back to its dormant state before. However, it wasn’t finished. Three wisps of white-blue smoke began to emerge from the cracks of the chest. Three wisps of bright smoke fluttered and floated into the air, taking the environment around them as if they possessed an intelligence.

Before long, the three little wisps of white smoke dispersed in different directions, working their way through the secret nooks and crannies in Heaven long forgotten. They began to descend to the material plane, leaving Heaven and coming onto the Earth. The three wisps of light began to disperse as they descended through the atmosphere, all in different directions.

One wisp in particular, followed its instincts to the northern hemisphere of the world, particularly towards the eastern coast of the United States. As it got closer towards its goals, its instinct became sharper. It needed to get to its destination.

Finally, it floated to within the general area of its goal. It fluttered and flew over the small town below. Getting closer now than ever before, flying above the houses, the wisp finally narrowed down the location of its goal.

Floating towards an elegant mansion, it whipped around the areas, looking through windows and seeing most of its occupants in bed. Its goal was close. So close now.

Coming across one open window, it passed through the opening, its instinct the sharpest than it had ever been before. There lying in the bed peacefully sleeping was its goal. The occupant in the bed was female. Long blonde waves fanned over the pillow as she slept, her blue eyes closed, and her rosy pouty lips were partially opened. The wisp of light found its home. It had been so long. Too long.

The wisp of white smoke flew the sleeping participant’s partially opened month, finally making its way back home. It would only be the beginning before it would become whole again.

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The morning sunlight streamed through the blinds of her bedroom window, little bright beams hitting her face as the sun rose. And, the cool weather from outside was just right to where all Rebekah wanted to do was curl up under the covers and never leave the warm cocoon she’d wrapped herself in. God, all she wanted to do was sleep more.

But that wouldn’t be the case today.

Her phone protested and chirped loudly with the alarm she set up, interrupting from her blissful sleep. Yawning loudly, she picked up her phone, her eyes squinting at the numbers on the screen.

8:00 AM.

“Why am I getting up so bloody early again?” she grumbled, her voice still groggy from sleep.

She tossed her phone across the room, the phone softly landing on the carpet below. When Rebekah turned over to go back to sleep, that’s when it hit her.

She took the cure! She’s human!

Her eyes widening, she sprinted out of bed heading towards her full length mirror in the corner of her room.

It was still so surreal. She could hardly believe it. Looking into the full-length mirror in the corner, she didn’t look any different. She still looked the same young and beautiful woman that accompanied her for ten centuries. Same wavy blonde hair, light blue eyes, pouty lips and her graceful yet strong figure. Still same ole Rebekah.

However, ever since she took the cure, she definitely took note of the changes within herself.

The first change she noticed was mentally.

Growing up, Rebekah always had deep-rooted emotions. She always felt strongly, keeping her heart on her sleeve for as long as she can remember. When she was forced into being a vampire, her immortality only magnified those feelings. Her initial transformation magnified all of the emotions running through her and over time, those emotions became most of what she felt all the time. Through the constant heartbreak, she became angry, cruel, and aggressive. Not to mention the overwhelming jealousy. A thousand years worth of ingrained habits were complicated enough to break.

But now, that heavy weight that magnified her emotions was lifted from her shoulders. She felt lighter and more in tune with herself. There was a relief of her not going into a complete rampage if she reacted to something badly. While the cure was a tool to help her through this, most of the work was going to have to come from her.

The second change she noticed was physical, which was pretty relevant and easy to scratch off her list.

Going up to the mirror, she peeled back her pouty lips revealing the bright white teeth underneath. Concentrating as hard as she could, she tried to summon her fangs from before. Nothing. During that process, there was also a lack of the blood red eyes that would come when she gave into her vampire instincts. Nothing vampire-like so far…

And just to test it further, Rebekah ran from her mirror to the other side of her bedroom and came back. No vampire speed. Just regular human running.

Another confirmation. This was the real deal. No gimmicks. No tricks.

She was human.

Rebekah almost jumped for joy, but she opted for just a silent fist pump to the air instead. Knowing her brothers, Nik and Elijah were probably “discussing” as civilly as possible about what to do in regards to her situation now. With her being human now, she was pretty sure their reactions were going towards the negative end of the spectrum.

But honestly, she didn’t care.

There was so much she had to do, and she had little time to do it. Getting prepared for the day, she slipped into a pair of dark wash skinny jeans and a creme-colored spaghetti strap top. She added onto her outfit with her light brown leather-moto jacket and her black boots. Finally brushing her hair out, adding little to no makeup on today, she was ready to go and face what she dreaded the most: her brothers.

But before she did that, she had to be prepared.

Knowing fully well of what her brothers could do, she wasn’t going to take the risk of seeing them without being protected. Living with Nik long enough brought the paranoid side of her enough to always have things prepared in case for emergencies. Plus also keeping things hidden from him was always a good skill to have. As paranoid as he was, she had to be careful about where she placed her valuables. He won’t admit it, but he would stoop low enough to look through her belongings.

However, in this case, she wouldn’t have to worry about him snooping. She used the last of her stash, anyway.

Ever since Rebekah came back from her dagger-induced slumber, she made sure to take every inch to take every precaution against her family. Between her crazy mother and her psychotic brood, it was hard enough to leave her family and get the sources she needed to keep herself protected. While their heads were turned, she had been intaking vervain on a basis, increasing her tolerance to it. Although it seemed obsolete, it was a smart move until Pastor Young raided the vervain supply in town when all of the craziness of the cure happened. Then her tolerance went down.

When Rebekah and the group came back from the island, she knew she had to use for last option. She had a secret stash of vervain hidden away in the mansion where no one could find it, but her. She’d been using it sparingly, ingesting it in her food and drink secretly, trying to spread the source over time as much as she could.

She also knew that if she was successful in taking the cure, this smart move would prove to be fruitful. Rebekah also knew that if she ever became human again, she was getting out of Mystic Falls and away from everyone else here.

Coming out of her bedroom, Rebekah made her way downstairs, her boots echoing against the marble. Her hunger peaked, making her stomach rumble, but she ignored the pangs. This was too important to ignore. She walked through the foyer and approached the living room, hearing the raised voice of Niklaus arguing against the voice of reason that was her brother, Elijah.

“She needs to stay here, Elijah,” Nik said flat out, nursing a glass of scotch in his hands, still most likely reeling from the recent news regarding his only sister. There was no room for questioning in his tone.

Elijah had to disagree. “As much as I wanted to believe it was one of Rebekah’s fleeting romantic notions, we cannot do so this time. She’s surprised us all by taking the cure. She told us of her goals and now she’s achieved them. Who are we to tell her what she should do?”

“WE are her family.” Klaus growled out, his stubbornness bleeding through his voice. “WE know what’s best for her. She doesn’t have the experience to know what the real world is like. WE are the constant in her life that makes sure that she is protected, safe, and happy.”

Hearing that, it was then that her own temper went off. “And since when has your protection done anything, but bring me misery, Nik?”

Both of her brothers saw her now, standing in the living room with her arms crossed over her chest with a livid expression. Even as a human now, she didn’t look any less fierce now than she was when she was a vampire. The cure didn’t take away her bad temper.

She was very brave to stand up to Nik, knowing full well of what he could do to her now with her immortality gone.

“I will admit that you haven’t always been the happiest, but that matters little when you were always safe within my care,” he continued, finishing off his scotch in one gulp.

“Just because I was safe doesn’t mean that I was happy!” Rebekah snapped. The old anger from before bubbled and boiled in her blood as she remembered. “Yes, you were the constant factor in my life, but you were also a constant reminder of my misery.”

“Watch your tone,” he warned.

“You are not going to prevent me from telling the truth,” she replied stubbornly.

Before she knew it, Klaus sped across the room, locking her hands in a tight grip. The corners of his lips turned upwards into a smug smirk. “Without the use of your immortality, would you like to test that theory?” he said as his hot breath fanned onto her skin with him so close. His stormy blues met her ocean ones, dilating with the use of his compulsion. “Be silent…”

She could almost feel the pull of the compulsion bringing her in, but she shook her head away, the vervain doing its job. “You’re going to have to be craftier than that if you go with that route.”

Klaus stepped backwards in shock while the other brother put two and two together.

“Vervain…” Elijah guessed correctly. “You’ve been taking vervain? I thought all of Mystic Falls had run out.”

“Not everyone,” she explained, almost smiling. “I had my own secret stash tucked away. Been taking it since we got back from the island, in case I ever got the cure.”

“It doesn’t matter.” Klaus snapped with aggravation. Filled with anger, he still had her arms in a tight grip. She wasn’t going anywhere if he had anything to say about it. He dragged her across the room closer to the fireplace, almost bringing her to her knees as he reached for the knife that sat next to his paints. “All I have to do is drain you of your blood, and the compulsion is not going to be an issue.”

“NIKLAUS, STOP!” Elijah yelled as he sped forward, pushing his brother out of the way and letting Rebekah go free. “This is not what we are going to resort to, brother.”

“Then what do you propose then, Elijah?” Klaus scoffed, trying to get his bearings as he got up from the floor. “Trusting her to actually speak to us and not run off?”

“Where would I run to, Nik?” she asked incredulously. “It’s not like I can get anywhere without you speeding after me.”

“Enough!” Elijah’s voice echoed throughout the living room. Both Rebekah and Klaus froze, shocked by their eldest brother’s outburst. It was rare when Elijah had to raise his voice to them. Whenever he did, it left an unsettling effect. He wasn’t playing around. “If both of you can’t talk like adults then you won’t be treated as such.”

“What in the bloody hell does that suppose to mean?” Klaus scoffed once more, wondering what the hell was going on within his brother’s mind.

“It means I’m going to have to treat you like children.” Elijah explained as he gently guided his sister to the table. “You will sit here while Niklaus…” he pulled out a chair across from Rebekah. “...will sit here as we continue.”

“And what makes you think I’m going to do that?”

“Forget about it, ‘Lijah. He’s not going to listen to matter how many times you try.” Rebekah voiced her doubts, wondering how in the hell any of this conversation was going to be civil. What she didn’t voice was how little his help would do her any good. She was already skeptical about him given her past experience.

“He is going to listen, especially of his recent experience has taught him anything.”

Klaus’ eyes widened. “You didn’t?”

“I did, brother.”

“Can someone please tell me what you’re talking about?” Rebekah asked impatiently.

“Klaus had an unsavory encounter with Silas, and if it weren’t for Ms. Forbes’ effort, I am sure he would have been in a far worse state.”

Now this was news she didn’t expect. “What the hell happened?”

Elijah turned to his brother. “Should I tell her or should you?”

“I can tell her just perfectly well.” Klaus said annoyingly, sending a glare to his brother before turning to Rebekah. It took a long moment before he could speak. Despite how much he didn’t want to admit it, he was still shaken up. “While you were away looking for the cure, Silas came. He spoke of how he wanted the cure and of how he knew that I loathed the thought of the cure being used against me. He thought he could procure a deal with me, but I refused...then he attacked me with the white oak stake.”

Her eyes widened. “How were you even alive after that?!”

“Silas didn’t stake me with it whole. He broke a piece of it, and left it in my back where I was left writhing in pain. Eventually, Caroline came and she...tried to help me. Somehow in all of this mess, she managed to break through. And it was over.” Klaus explained slowly, his anger and shame bubbling to the surface. The last thing he wanted to display was weakness, and God...this messed up his pride. Big time. “He got inside of my head, Rebekah. Me. Like it was easy as breathing. The only thing that broke through his hold was Caroline. Nothing gets past me. Nothing gets past us…”

“Until now…” Rebekah finished, realizing the full weight of the situation in front of her now.

A pregnant pause filled the room, leaving the siblings to stare at the other for a moment. Elijah was surprised at Niklaus, but was proud of him. With the situation as dire as this, it was good to see him being able to come through and drop his pride to at least to explain the situation. Observing him, he could see a mix of anger and shame and the need to lash out at the man who has become the most dangerous enemy to their family. Reaching a hand out to his brother, it clasped on Niklaus’ shoulder. “It was wise of you to do what you did. You did well.”

Klaus scoffed, his usual Original Hybrid mask coming back again. “It wasn’t for you, Elijah, or for anyone else.”

“Will one of you explain to me what you are bloody talking about?”

Rolling his eyes, he gave her the simpler version. “In order for Caroline to help me, she wanted something in return. Her help for Tyler’s freedom and my guarantee that I wouldn’t hunt him down and put his head on a spike.”

Processing this information, she almost let out a shocked gasp. Her brother? Nik? Nik being decent and making a promise not to kill someone? It must be snowing in hell right about now.

“As much as I am shocked, I’ll admit it. Caroline does surprise me.”

“His newfound friendship with Ms. Forbes is definitely noteworthy, but there is still the situation at hand with Silas.” Elijah explained solemnly, pouring himself a glass of scotch before taking a swig. “I applaud you for proving your determination towards your goal. You have accomplished your humanity by taking the cure, but that choice also leaves you vulnerable, which is why I can also see our brother’s point with staying together as the best option.”

While she was glad to be acknowledged for once, it didn’t change her abhorrence of remaining here any longer. All of her life, she always had to obey. Klaus and Elijah always knew what was best, and she had to follow suit for the good of their family. She was disgusted with them, and she was done.

Klaus always had her shackled to him, telling her the excuse of him doing this to protect her. Bullshit. Killing all her lovers was protecting her. Keeping her daggered was protecting her. Keeping her in the bloody darkness for years on end was protecting her. Ruining every chance of happiness for her by protecting her.

It wasn’t protecting her AT ALL!

And Elijah? Oh, let’s not forget. The ultimate savior of their broken family. Always there to save the day - no! It wasn’t to save their family. It was always to save their brother. No matter how many ways he told her, she knew the deep truth. Klaus was the one he was always going to save. Klaus was priority. Her and everyone else were not enough. It was no wonder Kol hated everyone save for his sister just a bit less. (God, it was still hard to think of him.)

Well, the selfish bastard and the white knight could have each other for all she cared. Staying together meant more prison time in this one horse town that she called “hell”.

“As nostalgic and sentimental as that was, brother. I still haven’t changed my mind. I am leaving this place whether I have your approval or not.”

And like that, they were back at the beginning.

Klaus gritted his teeth in frustration. “Why must you always be so bloody stubborn?”

“Look who’s calling the kettle black!” she snapped, her voice rising higher as she slammed her hands on the table. “You are the most stubborn bastard I know!”

Her anger was the only thing keeping her brave as she watched Klaus’ eyes blinked with the wolf anger lingering beneath the surface. He kept it in check, but she knew if she pressed the right buttons, it would come out.

"Stubborn or not, I am your only protector. You are not leaving Mystic Falls even if I have to lock you up in this mansion until Silas is dead."

"I can protect myself! Have you thought that maybe for once in my life that I would be just fine without you hovering over me or blocking any chance of happiness I have?!” Her anger reached a boiling point. “I am in less danger being alone instead with you acting in your paranoia and fear. I’ve had it! I don’t want to be here anymore. I don’t want to be any part of this family. If I am only going to be in a prison then I don’t want to be your sister.”

Like a snap of a twig, Klaus’ anger triggered. His eyes flickered dark. He flashed across the room, and wrapped his hands around his sister’s throat, squeezing the life out of her.

“How dare you…” he growled. “How dare you become ungrateful to me after everything I’ve done for you!”

While it was only a few seconds that passed, it may as well have been a century. Rebekah struggled for breath, black spots appearing in her vision, her breath slowly slipping away. God, it still hurt like a bitch when when Klaus gave into one of his rages as a vampire. It hurt twice as much as a human. There was almost nothing left until a brute force collided into Klaus, hurtling him to the ground. She fell onto her side, gasping and heaving for air back to her lungs before the world around her faded to black.

It has been hours now since Rebekah had been put to bed in her room. Elijah made doubly sure that she would get the utmost care after what happened. She’d been given some blood from him in order to speed up the healing process. Meanwhile during the waiting process, the Original sat down in one of the armchairs in the room, his eyes skimming through a book he wasn’t even reading. His dark hazel eyes observed every detail of his sister’s recovery. He was determined to make up for his brother’s regrettable actions.

He sighed heavily, putting the book aside while having already read it so many times. His eyes fell to Rebekah's neck, trying to keep himself calm after the explosion of anger he experienced earlier. The bruising from Niklaus’ strength was fading away, but the impact of his actions will linger in his sister’s mind. That was for certain. If anything, it only proved more of her point.

Even in their care, she was better off without them.

His heart sank. As he watched his sister sleep, Elijah couldn’t help, but felt as if he was at a fork in the road. He was stuck between two very important people in his life, and he didn’t know where to go. He’d been in too many situations like this in his ten centuries of living. Despite his numerous shortcomings, Niklaus was right. With their family being the most powerful in the world, they would have no problem in protecting their sister. However, Rebekah also spoke valid points. Niklaus and his paranoia about people and their family has always caused them more trouble than it was worth. It was always a mess, and he was always the one to clean it up.

Rebekah got caught in the crossfire, and she was paying for it. She shouldn’t have to. Sighing again in defeat, he knew what he had to do.

His deep musings were interrupted when his sharp hearing caught Rebekah’s breath quickening, her heartbeat speeding out like a bat out of hell. Coming to her aid, he rushed to her bedside and quickly reassured her. “Shh, Rebekah. It’s only me…” he spoke softly.

“Where is he?”

“He’s away,” he explained vaguely, not wanting to upset her.

“Good.” The lack of warmth in her tone didn’t surprise him. Her eyes shifted in different directions around the room, taking in her surroundings. “How long was I out?”

“About four to five hours, give or take.”

That wasn’t enough. She required much more sleep (like maybe twelve more hours) to process everything that happened. Honestly, she wouldn’t mind being asleep forever at this point. Maybe a dagger in the heart wouldn’t be so bad as a temporary nap if it meant not having to repeat her recent trauma.

“Here’s some ibuprofen for the pain and water to drink it down.” Rebekah accepted Elijah’s gift gladly, wanting nothing more for the remnants of her pain to stop. “I also gave you some blood to help with the healing process. You’re going to see the bruises at least.”

“You gave me blood?” she asked surprised.

“Yes. Surely that would be the fastest solution.”

“But I don’t want any vampire blood in me, ‘Lijah. Now when it gives our brother the chance to just kill me and make me turn!” Her voice rose in volume, the high from her emotions indicating she was still affected from before. “I will not be a vampire again. I will not let him take my happiness away! I won’t...I won’t-” Everything within her was building up. Her new vulnerability and the fear of her brother finally hit her like a brick wall. Silent tears began to drip, her hand pressed against her mouth to muffle the crying. She couldn’t be weak. Not now.

Elijah gathered his little sister into his arms, holding her close to him. But as his arms went around her, her body reacted before her mind could take over.

“NO!” She rushed out of her brother’s arms, going towards a corner in her room, her back turned to him with her arms crossed over her chest. Her body shivered, not from the cold, but the fear and trauma pulsing through her veins. The down side of her new vulnerability finally showed itself, and she had to admit, it would be something she would need to get used to.

Logically, she knew it was only Elijah, but her body kept arguing it was Nik out to get her again.

Elijah seeing her there in that state broke his heart. His strong, beautiful, and heart of gold sister, shaking like a leaf, a former shell of the brilliant woman she was. This wasn’t Rebekah. This was someone else. He saw it now. She was right. Their home - this prison - their family had brought her to this state. While Niklaus held the majority of the blame, Elijah couldn’t help but carry the cross now too, not coming to her aid enough with being occupied with Niklaus’ messes.

“I’m sorry,” she whispered. “I...can’t…”

“Don’t be sorry, Rebekah.” He reassured her, walking slowly to her side carefully as if approaching a wild animal. He kept within safe distance in case she needed him. “I should be the one asking for forgiveness.”

“You did what you could, Elijah.” The words came out of her almost like an automatic response. He saw the way she avoided his eyes, trying not to hurt him with the truth.

“You’re wrong, Rebekah.” He said, sighing in defeat. “While I was the one putting all of my efforts in the uphill battle of steering our brother on a better path, it was you who truly was the better sibling. You loved him despite everything he’d done, despite the nightmare he put you through. Instead of coming to your aid, I chose to be blind. And for that, I am deeply sorry.”

Rebekah stood there in silence, not sure what to say about his apology. She wanted acknowledgment for so long, but was denied so she adapted. His words left a surreal effect on her as if they were a balm to one of the deep wounds in her soul, healing her finally after some time.

Becoming more at ease now, she took a deep breath.

“As much damage both you and Nik caused me, please remember it wasn’t you that hurt me the most,” she explained. “The very least you did was apologize to me, showing me that not all of my strife is being ignored.”

“You will not be ignored again, Rebekah.” Elijah spoke with conviction. “Which brings us to more important things.”

Before she could respond, her brother marched over to her closet, bringing out one of her silver-colored suitcases, and placing it on her bed.

“Elijah, what are you doing?” she couldn’t help, but asked confused.

“If we pack quickly enough, you should be able to make it to North Carolina before this evening.” He explained as if Rebekah should have known the answer.

“North Carolina? Why in the world would I be going there?”

“To leave, Rebekah.” His answer was finally in the open now. “To have your freedom.”

It was then that everything came full circle. Fully realizing what he was giving her, the shock of it plus the happiness that bubbled inside her made her heart want to burst. She could feel her eyes prick with happy tears, stubbornly trying to rub them away to keep her brother from seeing.

“I…” she began unsure of herself. “...I don’t know what to say.”

“You don’t have to say anything to me, sweet sister. I can already see the gratitude in your eyes any way.”

He truly had no idea how grateful she truly was for him to do this. He was finally listening. Someone was listening to her.

Finally coming back into a clear mental space, she spoke out. “So, if you are telling me to back now, it means you have our brother away somewhere for only a certain amount of time. Where did you send him off to?”

Elijah nodded, his eyes scanning for some shirts in Rebekah’s closet that he may have some clue as to what she would want to bring. “I am positive that Niklaus is out to run off his rage or going somewhere to lick his wounds. Maybe both,” he explained before reaching for a pair of black leggings, a light white shirt, topped with an old denim jacket, and sneakers. “I know with your new state, you will be wearing less heels and boots and opt for something more comfortable while you are traveling. Will this do?”

Seeing the items of clothing in his hands, her mouth almost dropped.

“God, Elijah. I didn’t know you knew women’s fashion sense.”

He only shrugged. “You pick up a few things or two being a vampire.”

“Come on, Elijah. That’s not from being a vampire. It’s from being around Katherine.”

The mention of her name made Elijah freeze for a moment before resuming his help with packing. “I can assure you that she is not of importance.”

“‘Not of importance?’” Rebekah parroted. “Since when? I may not have believed her story before about this whole relationship between you two, but I can put things together pretty quickly. You wouldn’t have picked those clothes unless you’ve been around a woman a while.”

“Since yesterday.” Elijah answered shortly before forcing to resume the small smile on his face, trying to bring them back to what was more important. “Do I need to tell you again? Hurry up and get packing.”

Not needing to be told another time, Rebekah collaborated with him. Telling him which she things wanted to bring and things she can leave behind. Both of them smiled and laughed through the process, feeling easier with each other for the first time in a while without a dark cloud hanging over their head. However, as they came closer towards the end of finishing up, Rebekah zipped up her suitcase plus a personal bag or two of her own. She was fully dressed and ready to go, prepared for anything.

As much as Elijah wanted to be prepared, he wouldn’t be for the emotional war inside of him because he knew. He knew as soon as Rebekah would be out of the door, she would be gone.

And he highly doubted she would be returning.